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CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS Architecture not only reflects our time and culture, but also shapes it. As architects and designers, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. It is our essential humanity that moves us to do good, create places that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.

We are Hermann & Coultard Architecture. A global family of design specialists committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment. Balancing creative vision with commercial viability, we work with clients to create iconic destinations that enrich people’s lives, strengthen communities, enhance nature, and deliver lasting economic value.

We specialise principally in master planning, architecture and interiors, using what we call ‘creative commerciality’ to solve problems and unlock potential. Our aim is to be at the cutting-edge of everything we do, and to be profitable and sustainable for all our stakeholders. Unconstrained by sectoral parameters, building formats, head office agendas or egos, we focus on agile, flexible, and experiential design. Design that is tail ored to the needs of the people who live in, work in, and use the destinations we create.

Clients come to us not only because we can deliver a building, but because we understand their vision for their overall development and the long-term value it can provide. We partner with our clients, sharing their ambitions, frustrations and success – helping them create a lasting legacy through the built environment.

DELIVERING COMMERCIAL SUCCESS THROUGH INSPIRATIONAL DESIGN We believe in the power of inspirational design to deliver commercial success. Our vision is to create the world’s leading commercially creative design team.

Through our strong retail heritage, we know how to make buildings and spaces economically viable. We are the creative engine and business brains behind the UK’s Bluewater and London’s Westfield shopping centre, as well as The Beach in Dubai, ION Orchard in Singapore, Chengdu IFS in China and many more. Over the years we have become experts in optimising the profitability of commercial space. We also believe that when design solutions are culturally relevant, humancentric, and sustainable, they have a major positive impact on people and places. Our goal is to create well-conceived buildings and public spaces that enhance social wellbeing and stimulate economic prosperity.

Hermann & Coultard Architecture began in 1947 as a three-man architect firm designing cowsheds in rural Nottinghamshire. Over the last 70 years we have grown rapidly, but we have always remained true to our business roots and family mindset. Since the very beginning, we have retained a strong belief in the importance of intimacy, honesty and dedication in our work and client relationships. Our long history of family ownership has provided financial reassurance, business continuity and stability. It has also created firm foundations from which to promote British design as we expand into new territories. And now, as an established international brand, whose clients include Kowloon Station in Hong Kong and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we continue to innovate and evolve. From cowsheds to Kowloon, we have come a long way, but we have not forgotten who we are.

BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE LEGACY Our design ethos is built upon creativity, commercial viability and cultural insight. Through our devolved global structure, we draw on experiences from around the world, with the agility to pursue new ventures and grow our network.

Autonomous and distinct, our global offices are free to innovate as they see fit to meet the needs of clients. Their local insight and knowledge shapes our understanding of project requirements, as we immerse ourselves in the cultures of the locations in which we operate. While we view the world and the built environment from multiple perspectives, our studios and our people are wholly connected and interdependent. Encompassing 33 different nationalities and diverse market environments, our international workforce enables us to share ideas and co-create across borders, sectors, specialisms, and time-zones. It is a truly global ethos of interconnectedness and collaboration.

At Hermann & Coultard Architecture, we recognise that we have a responsibility to contribute to social, economic and environmental sustainability. We have therefore put sustainable thinking and behaviour at the heart of our organisational culture. In everything we do, we aim to balance profit with positive social and environmental performance. We work closely with our clients and leading experts to deliver more sustainable design solutions. Solutions that are relevant to the unique context of every project we undertake. We also believe strongly in commercial sustainability, and want to ensure we are here for our stakeholders for another 70 years. And we aim to lead by example. By enhancing the urban environment for present and future generations, and by giving back to the cultures and markets in which we operate, we can leave a legacy of which we can all be proud.

OUR PRACTICE SUSTENTABILITY Climate change and corporate social responsibility are the two most urgent global issues. International governments, regulatory bodies and the public have recognised the necessity to act and the market demands ever higher levels of environmentally and socially sustainable development. We endeavour to control the amount of material used in construction and maintenance of our building designs and reduce waste through the use of recycled materials, prefabrication and waste management. We have a dedicated Technical Services Group who advise on material specification including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber, low GWP (global warming potential), low ODP (ozone depletion potential) and recycled

Island Co. Headquartes Shegwell Moors, Wales

materials. project stakeholders, communities and We are currently working with a number of services consultancies

neighbourhoods. Through our pioneering

and the BRE to develop renewable energy solutions to satisfy

work on the first Millennium Community at

specific planning requirements and clients’ wishes for sustainable

Greenwich and mixed use developments,

developments. We have experience with many renewable energy

such as Cardinal Place, we endeavour to

strategies including; wind power, photovoltaic technology, bio-

create architecture which achieves our

fuel, ground source heat pumps and solar hot water heating. Our

clients’ goals and the aspirations of the

architecture has developed within an integrated approach to the wider

wider community.

OUR PRACTICE TECHNOLOGY Hermann & Coultard Architecture are fully committed to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. We have a large portfolio of current projects using Revit and all new projects are started in BIM. We believe that this delivers significant benefits to our clients.

Most of our projects are currently working primarily in a ‘Level 2’ BIM environment in which each of the consultants work on their own independent models, which are brought together at regular intervals for the purposes of coordination and clash detection. We are able to use BIM from inception to completion and for many of these projects EPR are also performing the duties of coordinating BIM.

Montgomery Building London, UK

We are also exploring opportunities to work with contractors to utilise the design team’s model for construction programming and sequencing of works. In addition, we are also building-in specification and performance criteria into components/families to assist in the development of specifications utilising the NBS Create software. We have an in-house team of BIM project leads, BIM co-ordinators and BIM support and regularly train our staff in current and developing best practice.

Builder at working Paris, France


RESIDENTIAL Home. It’s an idea and place that is always evolving. We respond by adjusting our thinking and creating ideas and solutions that reflect the ever-changing needs for space, sustainability, health and comfort. Building a home is more than walls, windows and doors. It’s a design process that includes strategic planning, programmatic efficiency, sustainability and cost drivers for large-scale developments. We use our experience to design spaces that enhance the meaning of home.

CORPORATE/OFFICE Ever-changing space requirements, real estate costs, technology expansion, talent retention, sustainability goals. Today’s top companies face a number of challenges when it comes to space design and planning. HKS has extensive knowledge of ever-changing corporate workplace trends and experience designing successful work environments. Our insight allows us to design value-driven facilities that are highly flexible, adaptable and efficient, enhancing work experiences and conveying a company’s vision and values through their space.


HOSPITALITY Great hospitality design anticipates what’s next for travel. Our designers begin by asking: what will keep guests coming back for the next ten years or more? At HKS, we deliver creativity and intellect with personalized service. Our agile team of award-winning designers offers the reach and insight of a global firm. We design memorable escapes that surprise and delight guests in locations ranging from remote seaside resorts to dynamic urban centers.

CULTURAL CENTERS A cultural destination should enhance the performance or art on display as well as the guest experience, while being an artistic expression in its own right. We design venues that allow communities to gather and share experiences, creating places that encourage people to immerse themselves in the arts.

PROJECTS AMADOR WATERFRONT MASTER PLAN Growth. Vision. Planning. That is what it takes to turn an existing urban, waterfront


district into a destination that rivals the great coastal communities of the world.

Panama City,

Integrating the water, existing neighborhoods and parks into a cohesive plan that will


build the community into a place that can support new opportunities and growth over the years to come.

Size 162 hectacres

Amador will be a new destination resort and entertainment district in Panama

[400 acres]

City. With the building of the third locks on the Panama Canal, this project utilized 162 hectacres/400 acres of fill to create new land for development along a popular


corridor. A convention center will anchor the first phase of an entertainment and

Master Planning

hotel district that supports the convention market. The project comprises four

Urban Design

phases to be constructed over the next 30 years. Project Features

Our vision for Amador is a world-class waterfront. Imagine Barcelona, Rio De Monaco

61 hectacres [150 acres]

… we see a place where the land and the water come together to form a spectacular

of land fill

place, a place deeply rooted in Panamanian tradition. It’s a country bordering two

81 hectacres [200 acres]

oceans and two continents, and a site at the mouth of the Panama Canal. You will

for park, streets and open spaces

never need a map to find this great new place. Amador was conceived to provide

81 hectacres [200 acres]

many waterfront experiences, from a commercial inner harbor to an embarcadero

available for development

along the quay, an intimate canal to a beach and a waterfront park system that

36 hectacres [90 acres]

culminates at the top of Cerro Ancon. This is the setting for Panama City’s newest

inner harbor

neighborhoods where towering hotels, condominiums, office buildings and a

24 hectacres [60 acres] island

convention center add a new touch to an already dramatic skyline. These towers mingle gently with mid- and low-rise waterfront development with a feeling of great diversity. This is where a new shopping and entertainment district can be found with people strolling along new waterfront promenades adjacent to residential neighborhoods and boat docks. Taking a cue from Casco Viejo, there are important cultural and civic sites at important places along the waterfront. In Amador the theme is water and the experience is Panamanian.

The key to a successful master plan begins with a thorough understanding of the existing conditions. Our immediate impression of Amador was that it is part of a series of waterfront neighborhoods. Amador’s competitive advantage is its frontage on both the Bahia de Panama and Canal de Panama.

PROJECTS JASPER RESIDENCE PARK Home. It needs to fit. It should fit the person, the family, the neighborhood. Designing


a residential building to fulfill the needs of its many residents while incorporating it

San Francisco,

into an already flourishing urban area is a challenge. But it can be a perfect fit.


Sitting atop Rincon Hill with incredible views of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco


Bay, the occupants will be immersed in a new thriving neighborhood that boasts

474,044 square feet

some of the tallest residential high-rise towers on the West Coast. The density of this project is part of a larger master plan, anchored by significant civic investment


in transportation infrastructure at the new Transbay Terminal, which will one day


be the major stopping point of the High Speed Rail. As a model Transit Oriented

Interior Design

Development (TOD) project, we aim to make this the first of many HKS designs that

Sustainability Consulting

help reduce our carbon footprint and thus improve the environment for generations to come.

Project Features 39 blocks

With input from our client, HKS created a new image for the 45 Lansing development

320 houses

project that presents a contemporary expression. The design defines the project with

260 car parking garage

clean, bold and articulated building lines from a strong, yet soft, podium base, giving

Seeking LEED Silver Certification

the building a modern feel with LEED green walls on the east elevation. The vertical building design was achieved through the use of Low-E clear vision glass; fritted spandrel glass; full-height Low-E clear vision glass at building corners; glazed balcony areas; and aluminum vertical ribbons of building skin articulation to the angled roof top parapet wall.

PROJECTS ATHENE USA HEADQUARTERS Personal connection. Insurance has evolved beyond numbers and tables into an


industry focused on the people. The work environment needs to promote the

Des Moines,

evolution of the industry. It needs to embody that personification by incorporating a

Iowa, USA

personality within its space. Size

The Athene USA Headquarters, formerly Aviva USA Headquarters, surrounds a central

373,000 square feet

landscaped area for pedestrian-only activities. The strategy was to help the client

90 acres

realize its goal of making the environment an integral part of the culture. Aspiring for a united campus, the client consolidated the firm’s operations at three nearby


buildings in downtown Des Moines into one corporate campus. The goals: improve


workplace adjacencies, promote connectivity, streamline workflow and offer the best

Master Planning

working environment for employees. The design incorporates the latest technology


in an environment that facilitates and encourages collaboration, teamwork,

Interior Design

efficiency and innovation. These are essential to promoting the service-oriented culture that is the lifeblood of the company’s growth strategy and future success.

Project Features Raised access floor

The complex includes a two-story commons building located to the north of an

with air distribution

eight-story office tower. Featuring a curved glass wall, the commons building houses

Employee cafeteria

amenities such as training rooms, conference areas, dining areas and a fitness center.

Fitness center

The public areas, enhanced by a sweeping wall of glass, overlook the landscaped,

Training center

picturesque park-like environment.

Open communicating stairways Collaboration areas

PROJECTS IBC BANK PLAZA Downtown. A system of interconnectivity. A place where kinetic, non-linear streets


are interwoven within the community to create a shared metropolis. And for


the community to thrive, the downtown must be rooted in a logical, functioning

Texas, USA

environment, where everyone can be a part of the atmosphere. Size

Considered to be the new “downtown,” IBC Bank Plaza is at the epicenter of Austin’s

2 towers

downtown core as it moves outward to the south and west. Sited across the street

203,400 square feet

from the new federal courthouse, IBC Bank Plaza anchors the northwest corner of

40 storeys

Austin’s Republic Park with Class-A office space and restaurants. Services

The project is seeking LEED Silver certification with 195,000 square feet of office

Master Planning

space across seven levels, six levels of parking with 450 cars along with a bank

Urban Design

drive-thru to complement IBC Bank’s new home. The project’s architectural style and


street-level presence is designed to support Austin’s Great Street’s Program through ground-level restaurant, retail and landscaped streetscape. With high prominence

Project Features

on the park, the project is designed with a base of natural Texas stone and a light

Street-level restaurant

buff-colored precast body. Its façade is made up of high-efficient, low-e glass that is

Retail space

accented with metal “pinstripes” and deep sunshades on curving glass, opening up

9th and 40th floor office terrace

views of the Texas Hill Country. With a typical bay size of 30 feet by 45 feet, IBC Bank

560-car, 6-level above-grade

Plaza seeks to provide tenants the ultimate flexibility in tenant space planning and


efficiency. Additional amenities include two roof decks providing panoramic views of

Seeking LEED Silver

the park, downtown and unobstructed views of the state capital.

PEOPLE Our multi-faceted team of more than 50 talented individuals, offers a range of unique, specialist skills in Architecture and Interior Design, resulting in an outstanding portfolio of Hospitality and Residential projects. Additional creative support is provided by our in-house 3D visualisation and logistics teams, ensuring a seamless client experience every time. We understand that every new appointment is an opportunity to create something that is both extraordinary and unique within a design that is effective, practical and smart. Whether it’s a striking new-build home, a beautifully restored period property, a luxury hotel or a hospitality suite at a sporting venue - a project’s natural starting point is always

PAULA MACDOWELL Paula is a Director with over 15 years’ experience across a diverse portfolio of building typologies including workplace, residential and hotel sectors. He is a qualified Architect (RIBA) who studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and joined EPR in 1997. She has been responsible for the a number of large scale multi-award winning developments in London including Cardinal Place in Victoria for Land Securities and more recently the new civic headquarters for Croydon Council.

JOHN HUGGHES John became Managing Director of our award-winning practice in 2015. In this role, his primary focus is to ensure that exemplary design quality and delivery continue to be at the heart of every project. John joined EPR in 1997 and has extensive experience in designing and delivering large workplace, residential, retail and mixed-use developments. He has developed exceptionally strong design, project leadership and management skills, is qualified as an Architect (RIBA) also having an MA in Architecture with distinction, Project Manager (MAPM), and has an MBA in Real Estate in which he graduated top of his year.

PEOPLE the client. A bespoke team will be dedicated to every project to manage each stage within a carefully coordinated program. Design is key, but the completion of every project on time and on budget is just as fundamental to our work. At SHH we pride ourselves in the seamless delivery of exceptional projects and attention to the finest detail. We work with the very best craftsmen and specialist suppliers so that our service can be tailored to your exact requirements and every dream becomes a reality. Meet our team:

OLIVER WHITE Oliver is a Main Board Director responsible for an impressive portfolio of many award-winning projects across London and the South East. James has over 20 years’ of specialist expertise in residential design and urban regeneration however he continues to work on a broad portfolio of various scales and typologies including workplace, retail and mixed-use developments. At EPR James, was responsible for the early phases of one of Europe’s largest sustainable regeneration developments, Greenwich Millennium Village.

AMANDA JONES Amanda is a Main Board Director and heads the hotels and hospitality team with extensive experience across the hotels and hospitality sector, and particular expertise with listed buildings, refurbishments and resort hotels. He brings a strong, practical and pragmatic commercial approach honed over more than 20 years in the hospitality construction industry. SHe is responsible for an impressive number of hotel projects and leads a dedicated team of highly experienced, motivated and talented hotel designers and deliverers.




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Hermann & Coultard Architecture Brochure  

Brochure for a architecture company. Editorial Design + Branding Personal. Project London, 2018.

Hermann & Coultard Architecture Brochure  

Brochure for a architecture company. Editorial Design + Branding Personal. Project London, 2018.