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M A G A Z I N E Volum e 2 I issu e 1

charm & adventure Attention day trippers: get your fill of wine country, aquatic attractions.

amuse bouche Niagara’s culinary treats, from brunch to late nights eats.

plus A glimpse into the life of Alanna Frewin: the woman behind the magic.

AUTHENTIC CHINESE DISHES FOR AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE Expe r ience the r ich cult u ra l ta s te s of Ch i n a pre pa re d wi th on l y th e f inest ing redient s i n a n un for ge tta bl e a tm os ph e re.


VOL.2 • ISSUE 1 • 2019

G R A N D N I AGA R A G O L F C L U B Ranked as the best golf course in the Niagara Region, Grand Niagara is a captivating and prestigious 18-hole course that sprawls a meticulous 320 acres, designed by world-renowned golf architect, Rees Jones.

Please call the Golf Shop at 1 - 8 6 6 - 6 0 7 - 4 6 5 2 to book your tea time. 2

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

G R A N D N I A G A R A G O L F . C O M 3 3

REVEAL REVEAL Niagara Niagara Leisure Leisure Magazine Magazine • Volume - Summer 2 Issue 20191 • 2019

note from the


e all have an adventurous side; that naturally inquisitive nature that sends us out exploring the world beyond our doorstep. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because everyone has a different interpretation of what they find beautiful. Referencing the word ‘adventure’ is no different, as we all seek out different forms of exploration. Some seek thrilling and uncharted exploits; others plan itineraries and check off their bucket list experiences. Whomever you are, we know that Niagara has the type of adventure that you seek. Being surrounded by water, with a vast landscape of green space to enjoy we find ourselves favourably positioned to deliver your perfect visit. We have such a bountiful offering of sustainable conservation areas, parks, hiking trails and more. We continue focus on striking a strong balance between celebrating our natural elements that we have been blessed with, while also providing new and unique experiences and attractions for all types of travelers and locals to enjoy. Of course, all that exploration leaves your body needed to be refueled. Niagara’s continuously flourishing food culture is undeniable, inviting you to indulge in mouth-watering experiences of all kinds. Once you’re fueled up and looking for a little downtime, you can wander through our ever-growing arts & culture scene or take a seat at a waterside concert. We hope you enjoy what our team has put together in this issue, and that whether you are here for a visit or you call Niagara your home, that it inspires you to head out and take on a new adventure. We hope you love Niagara as much as we do, and that you share a little of your travels with us online. #RevealNiagara

Rowe & Brandy 4

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

our team





Volume 2 • Issue 1

PUBLISHERS Rowe Prudente Brandy Henderson

Creators & collaborators come together to showcase what we have to offer beyond the iconic Niagara Falls. We proudly call this region our home and invite you to explore with us.

CREATIVE TEAM Tina Lanzillotta Megan Pasche ACCOUNT MANAGERS Jackie Agnew Tricia Isaak Candace LeBlanc DIGITAL CO-ORDINATOR Paradigm Ventures Niagara PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRIBUTORS Michael Burns First Ontario Performing Arts Centre Anthony Gallaccio Lauren Garbutt Tina Lanzillotta Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Megan Pasche Barry Smith WRITERS Stephanie Bonetta Darren Clarke Justin Downes Lauren Garbutt Brandy Henderson Alex Kazam Erin King Tina Lanzillotta Megan Pasche CONNECT WITH US GET IN TOUCH 289-501-0090 4551 Zimmerman Ave. Niagara Falls, ON Canada, L2E 3M5

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REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019




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61 eat & drink

day tripping



AMUSE BOUCHE F oodie experiences in and around Niagara:

12 But First Brunch

14 Gourmet Goodies

18 Wingin’ It

16 Farm to your table

18 Tapas & Oysters

20 The Sweet Life

A look at one of Niagara’s newest wineries: Queenston Mile.


25 Summer Pasta

26 Cloudnine Truffles

27 Berrynana Granola

Check out some of Niagara’s best experiences for summertime.



A visit to “Niagara’s Sonoma Valley”.


The Niagara Pensinsula Conservation Authority highlights some of their nature sites.


Between the outdoor concerts, natural areas and the best pizza in the might be time to explore Welland again.

cover feature 52 BEHIND THE MAGIC

We get up close and personal with Alanna Frewin, and see what life is like behind the scenes of the world famous magic show.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


77 67 64

58 health & beauty

arts & culture



For the ultimate in summer relaxation, why not get your outdoor om on?


This year the trend is to dig deep and make your wedding an authentic experience. It’s less about getting it perfect and more about getting it to resonate as genuine for you and for

A look at some of Niagara’s best outdoor art!




your guests. With this in mind we are sharing some bridal trends that we’re personally in love with.


While the idea of Ecotourism isn’t new, the need for it in Niagara has never been greater.


At the Fort Erie Race Track, it’s much more than horse racing. Farmer’s Markets, live concerts and even dog’s all at the Fort Erie Race Track.


This summer, the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, Kakekalanicks and the City of St. Catharines are teaming-up again, to host another three-day gathering of Indigenous Arts, Culture and Tradition.


Whether or not Niagara is destined to become a ‘Cannabis Wonderland’ is up for debate, but it is imperative that everyone is encouraged to remain informed and accurately educated about all cannabis related activities.


A look ahead at what’s coming up in Niagara in the wintertime. REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

food & drink

Amuse Bouche

The growth of the wine industry paired with the unique microclimate that nutures a healthy agricultural community renowned for it’s tender fruit, lay the groundwork for a flourishing food culture in Niagara. It’s impossible to reveal all that Niagara has to offer in just one issue - but we’ve highlighted a few offerings on the following pages. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

. . t s r i F But


It is often debated exactly where the concept of brunch originated, England or the United States. All we know is, either way, we are glad it originated somewhere. Something about brunch just feels so luxurious and leisurely, and there are some great brunch spots right here in Niagara. Here is a short list of some places you may want to indulge in during your time here.

Bistro Mirepoix ( at 64 Court Street in St. Catharines. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

The Yellow Pear ( at 526 Lake Street. Open Friday to Monday, 9am to 2pm. Reservations recommended.

Trius Winery Restaurant ( at 1249 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Offers a 3 course brunch on Sundays.

Diner House 29 ( at 341 Welland Ave in St. Catharines. Open Tuesday to and Sunday, 8am to 2pm.

Revalee Brunch Cafe ( at 109-4100 Victoria Ave, Vineland. Open 8 to 3 everyday.

Paris Crepes Cafe ( at 4613 Queen Street Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Gourmet Goodies Niagara continues to bring street food to new heights, proving once again that food trucks are way more than French fries and ice cream (even though we still love French fries and ice cream).


Do not let their mobile nature fool you – most of the food trucks in Niagara are dishing out some incredibly impressive culinary fare. As a result, the food truck scene is picking up in trendiness and the inventive chefs are serving up new and exciting dishes like its an art form, of the edible kind.

decadent, creative and flavourful dishes that are mouth-watering as well as Instagram-worthy.

Beloved by locals and visitors alike, gourmet food trucks are being followed across Niagara as they make stops at supper markets, festivals, outlet malls, wineries and concerts. Continuous line-ups of hungry patrons await to indulge in

Karma Kameleon, Niagara’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, The Yellow Pear, Avella’s Wood Fired Oven, Ello Gov’na, Itty Bitty Pie Company, Smokin’ Buddha, Jerk Brothers, Moksha Indian Bistro, Schnitzels & Strudels and Beavertails.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

There are different options popping up all the time, so be sure to hop online to see what’s fresh but here are a few notable experiences that are worth hunting down:

Wingin’ it! everyone has a favourite -

do you like the drums, or do go for the flats? No matter what side of the fence you’re on, most people love a good wing night, but not all of us can recreate our favorites in the comfort of our own home. Whether heading out for pizza and wings, a pint and a pound, or a plain old “eat as many as you can” feast, there are plenty of places around town to get some of the best wings for a deal. Mondays you can head to Bugsy’s in St. Catharines for all day wing specials or visit Ye Olde Quire in Welland for a pint and a pound. Have a craving to fulfill on a Tuesday night? Be sure to stop in at Southsides Patio Bar & Grill in Fort Erie for their wing night, or Grand Central Bar & Grill in Niagara Falls. Wednesday night is a popular wing night across Niagara, but we will call out Trailside Bar & Grill in Ridgeway, Fort Erie and the Kilt & Clover in Port Dalhousie.

As you gear up for the weekend, Thursday night wing specials can be found at Big Marcos in St. Catharines, who also host specials on Tuesdays. Friday night specials tend to be like uncommitted relationships, popping up throughout various sports seasons luring you in to catch a game with friends. You’ll have to keep your ears close to the ground for this one. For a Saturday night adventure, one of our personal favourites is Teddy’s Sports Bar in Grimsby, who have been the reigning Readers Choice champion 15 years in a row for good reason. They also do their special wing night on Thursdays if you’re looking for a mid-week tasting. We love heading to Yanks Bar & Grill in Niagara Falls for perfect wings any day of the week, and if you do check them out be sure to order the Mexican cheesecake. You will not be disappointed (and no, its not a dessert!).

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Farm to

your table


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

Niagara is renowned for more than just its famous waterfall. It is a source of local pride that due to the region’s unique microclimate and dedication from many local farmers to agricultural innovation and best practices that it bears some of the best tasting produce. The Niagara Region is revered for the quality of its tender fruits and vegetables present at numerous local markets with offerings of fresh produce, meats, eggs, honey and baked goods throughout all four seasons. If you are nostalgic for a familiar communal vibe, you will find it amongst the many friendly faces of not only the local vendors but also among the locals that support it. Here are just 5 of the reasons why you should visit the Niagara markets whether you are passing through or a local.


Freshness In many cases, what you purchase at a local market has come from a farm within 100 kilometres of where you stand, with the produce being picked as recently as that morning. Short of growing your produce personally, you can’t get fresher than that. This also allows for produce to be picked at the peak of its ripeness, providing the greatest taste but also the best nutrition possible.


Overall Value Fresh produce tends to last longer at home because it doesn’t have to travel as far before reaching you. Local markets also typically provide more affordable access to organic fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs and local honey. In addition to the upfront savings to your pocket book, the higher nutritional value in local products will likely save you money in the long-term because of an overall happier and healthier you.



Seasonal availability

Local Economics

Preparing meals based upon seasonal availability saves you money because what’s in season is always cheaper than what is not. Nutritionists also boast that eating seasonally available foods is better for your body; consuming lighter fruits and vegetables in the spring and summer, and heartier vegetables like squash and parsnips that provide sustenance for the cooler fall and winter months.

Supporting local family farms gives them valuable capital needed to operate and invest in providing consumers a necessary alternative to mass-produced foods. Local farms also return the favour of supporting the local economy by not only offering employment opportunities to their community but locally source their necessary supplies and equipment.


Environment Sustainable agriculture provides a bunch of obvious benefits to the environment, but one not-so-obvious is how hard it is on the land. Industrial farming uses monocultures, where a single field is used only to grow one type of produce, zapping the soil of essential nutrients, leaving it more susceptible to disease and pests. Additionally, making local purchases indirectly reduces the use of fossil fuels, because local produce does not require refrigerated trucks and rail cars to travel thousands of kilometres.

For a list of farmer’s markets in the Niagara Region, visit and check out the “local food” page.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Tapas & Oysters


The origin of an oyster has a big effect on its taste, and after giving it some thought the reasons seem obvious. An oyster feeds off and filters water, so it stands to reason that river oysters for example, give a more earthy taste while those found at sea have a brinier, sharper taste. Pacific oysters tend to be small and sweet, described to us once as tasting like honey dew melon. For a more pickled taste, you can source Malpeque oysters that give off the perfect balance of sweetness, brine, and pickle-like liveliness. Some of the tastiest oysters tend to come from less-

than-glamorous locations so don’t be shy in exploring ones from different homes. When it comes to pairing, some see oysters as a luxury food that should be served up with a glass of bubbly, but a crisp chardonnay will never disappoint. You can also explore a viognier, as the fruity undertones will give off a different kick in flavour, especially if you’re topping your oysters with a scotch bonnet. A pairing that goes back nearly 200 years is a firm stout, so consider pouring yourself a tall glass of Guinness to accompany your oysters next time.

Enjoying tapas has evolved beyond the need to eat; it’s become a social event. These delicious small bites are perfect to enjoy with friend while sipping on drinks, listening to live music or lounging on a patio or backyard deck. In some cultures, serving and enjoying tapas is a way of living. Spain – Middle Eastern snacks called mezze. Tapas in Spain are little bites that pair with a drink, often served while standing at the bar on small plates while sharing and talking with friends. Similarly, the mezestyle spread is common throughout the

Mediterranean and Middle East. In Niagara, there is no shortage of venues that offer all sorts of appetizers and tapas. Some are meant to be shared, others are made as small individual dishes with their own cutlery when you want something smaller than what you would have for a complete meal. Throughout the summer and fall, you can find several restaurants that have tapas events perfect for luring you onto their patio and pairing your favourite snackables with a pint or a cocktail.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

Coffee Enthusiast Filled with a warm and generous aroma, local cafés and coffee shops serve up a unique vibe that varies from one to the next. Some of them greet you with the pleasant feeling that you’re visiting a friend’s home, welcomed with open arms. These spaces are meant to be relaxing and comfortable, inviting you to catch up on some work, have a small business meeting or just simply hang out with friends. When you visit a local café, you can quickly feel as though you’re part of the community and gain insights about the surrounding areas. From locally roasted specialty blends, to flavourful fairtrade coffee, and the literally mouth-watering menus that are often inspired by and sourced locally, you can be rest assured that the experiences in cafés across Niagara will not disappoint. Kyle, an impressive young entrepreneur from Backcountry Coffee Company, at 16-years of age, has one of the most insightful appreciations of a good cup of joe. “To me, coffee is a beverage that motivates people to achieve amazing goals every day. I’m flattered when I see people genuinely appreciate and enjoy the coffee I have personally roasted. It gives me satisfaction knowing that the hard work I put in sincerely made a positive impact on that person’s day.”

Kyle’s coffee beans are purchased green and sourced from all over the world. Some from Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, India and even Ethiopia. The Arabica coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures until the desired roast is reached. After this, the coffee is cooled and packaged in their specialty 340-gram bags and delivered worldwide or served at festivals to amazing people everywhere. Every café delivers a different experience, uniquely representing their own passion and persona from the physical architecture and design of their space, to the carefully selected options they provide to their customers. Everyone sees coffee differently, some as a necessity to wake up and others as a quiet place to take a break from it all. Sometimes when you’re travelling, a little slice of home is needed so if you’d like to frequent a more familiar coffee house and order your favourite daily beverage, Niagara has plenty of Starbucks’, Tim Hortons, McCafé’s, Coffee Cultures’ and Second Cups’ that are ready to serve you. For that specialty experience, our locals have a few recommendations for you as you roam around Niagara. You won’t be disappointed, and we’d love if you popped in and snapped a photo of your delicious treats. Be sure to use #RevealNiagara and spread the word.

• Crystal Beach, Fort Erie: Crystal Ball Café • Town of Grimsby: Station 1 Coffee House • Town of Lincoln: Conversations Café • City of Niagara Falls: Vincenzo’s Cafe • Town of Pelham: Nature’s Corner • City of Port Colborne: The Green Apple Coffee House • City of St. Catharines: Café Gatti

local favourites

• City of Thorold: Biscotti Café • Town of Virgil: The Pie Plate • City of Welland: Black Sheep Lounge REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Niagara has no shortage of places to go when you have a sugar craving. From vegan doughnuts at Beechwood to decadant cool treats at Gelato Village, we’ve compiled a sweet list to satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth.

There’s no sugar coating on these recommendations. Try them out for yourself…


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019




Avondale Dairy Bar

461 Stewart Road, NOTL

Talk to anyone who grew up in Niagara, and guaranteed they will have a story about dropping their ice cream cone while try out the swingset at this well loved establishment. It’s out in the country on a large plot of land, so you get your ice cream inside then sit on one of the many picnic tables outside (or the swings if you like to live dangerously) and enjoy!

Gelato Village 1417-19 Pelham Street, Fonthill

The independently owned Gelato Village was born out of passion for a dessert that is a source of pride for Italians. Although they are a relatively new business in Niagara their commitment to serving authentic Italian gelato has already cemented them as a favourite local summer hotspot. It is worth mentioning that their Affogato (a shot of espresso served with a scoop of gelato) is pure bliss.

Chocolates Etc

Nina Gelateria & Pastry Shop

100 Welland Ave, St. Catharines

37 Queen Street, NOTL

Not only does this place have delicious authentic gelato, but an array of other chocolates and pastries. Visit during the summertime and you can relax on their cute little patio, and maybe even catch some live music if you’re lucky!

The Pie Plate 1516 Niagara Stone Road, Virgil

This little out of the way shop is a great place to stop and grab lunch and a slice of pie. Or just pie! The pie creations are always inspired by whatever is currently in season in Niagara.

Betty’s Restaurant 8921 Sodom Road, Niagara Falls

Betty’s Restaurant may be a bit out of the way (it’s in a little village that’s part of Niagara Falls called Chippawa), but they have some of the best pies in all of Niagara. We recommend the coconut or banana cream!

This European inspired shop has some of the best gelato around, as well as tons of different pastries, many in bite sized portions, so you can try an assortment and they are easy to eat while touring the old town.

Beechwood Doughnuts 165 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines

This place is pretty famous now, I mean, even the Prime Minister made a point to stop by when he was in town. But, it is well deserved! The doughnuts are delicious, with a rotating menu of flavours. Even better? They pay their staff a living wage. Just one more reason to support this great local business.

Willow Cakes 242 Mary Street, NOTL

This little shop located just outside the old town of NOTL is the perfect place to go for some decadent treats.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


EXPOSÉ: An exclusive service review by Reveal Niagara Magazine

In This Issue:

Queenston Mile Vineyard

963 Queenston Road Niagara-on-the-Lake. PHOTOGRAPHY ON LOCATION: by Tina Lanzillotta


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


rivileged to explore and experience the best of what Niagara has to offer on a daily basis, we are always pleased to share our most exceptional reviews of service excellence with our readers. No longer Niagara’s best kept secret, the wine industry has continued to thrive and prosper, and with more than 100 properties to choose from, seeking out that perfect experience is an exciting adventure. This season, we have become particularly fond of one of the newest wineries that has opened to the public. Queenston Mile Vineyards has provided us and our guests with excellent experiences well worth raving about. When we approached the winery for the first time, the sun glistening and the warm breeze against our face, we entered the property and followed the long country road as it guided us through the vineyard to the main entrance. That ride was quite memorable. Maybe it was

the extra few minutes taking in the luscious green vineyard views, or maybe it was the feeling as though we were leaving everything behind to embark on a new and exciting journey. Regardless, driving up that mile-long road is part of the experience at Queenston Mile Vineyard, and the name of the winery confirms its intention. “Upscale has never felt so down-to-earth.” This tagline that proudly adorns the welcome page of the website is nothing short of the truth. With every detail looked after, from the urban open-air ambiance to the warm and inviting seating available both indoors and out, it’s truly a beautiful place. When we entered the winery for the first time, and for each subsequent visit since then, we were greeted warmly – as if we were expected guests in their home. The staff at Queenston Mile is exceptionally attentive to your needs

without causing interruption or following you around. They are thoughtful and kind, and very knowledgeable. Of course, all wineries encourage tastings, and this one is no exception; however, the traditional tasting bar is not the only place to soak in all the action. If you’re comfortable stepping away from the classic porch, you’ll be pleased to know that this winery encourages you to relax, enjoy the space and take your time. This atmosphere was so comfortable and welcoming that it made us want to experiment new blends – and the staff was more than delighted to bring our tastings out on the patio for us to savour. While Queenston Mile might be one of the new kids on the block, the team responsible for this recent addition to the winery scene is nothing short of experienced. Also responsible for Creekside Winery located in Jordan, Ontario, they’ve been serving up excellence since 1997.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Aprons On! This issue’s recipe book features some great healthy snack ideas from Stephanie Bonetta and a delicious summer pasta from Chef Justin Downes.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


4 servings


1 shallot, julienned ¼ lb chantrelle mushrooms – brushed to clean ½ lemon, juiced and zested ¼ lb seasonal vegetables, cut into bitesized pieces thyme, parsley, chives, all chopped salt & pepper white wine 1L 35% cream 2 cups smoked chicken, shredded 2 cups pasta, cooked to desired tenderness 2 cups Monforte Toscano, shaved (hard, aged sheep’s milk cheese) 8 egg yolks

30 min


Saute shallots in a large pan with a pinch of salt. Add chantrelle mushrooms, a pinch of thyme, a pinch of lemon zest, and sauté for another minute. Deglaze with white wine. Add fresh seasonal vegetables, smoked chicken and enough cream to cover. Allow to simmer, incorporating all flavours for a few minutes or until desired thickness. Add cooked pasta and simmer for another couple of minutes to infuse flavor. Season with salt and pepper. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of parsley and a pinch of chives. Divide pasta mixture equally among eight bowls, and finish with shaved Monforte Toscano. Complete the dish by adding a small farm fresh egg yolk to the top for garnish so that you can mix it into your pasta for a twist on Pasta Carbonara.

Chef Justin Downes grew up in the small town of Vineland in Lincoln, Ontario. His dreams of becoming a chef came at a very young age, as he followed his mother, a pastry chef, around fine dining kitchens across Niagara. Well known for his most recent time as the Executive Chef at Vineland Estates Winery, he is a major supporter of producing regionally sourced culinary dishes and maintains strong relationships with local farmers and purveyors. REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



18 truffles


18 pitted dried prunes ½ cup fresh wild Canadian blueberries ¼ cup coconut butter (or you can use melted cacao butter) 1/2 cup cacao powder 3-4 drops lavender essential oil 1 tbsp whole chia seeds 1 tbsp unpasteurized wildflower honey 2 tsp pure vanilla extract (alcohol-free) ¼ tsp sea salt ½ cup cacao nibs for rolling balls (optional)

Recipes by Stephanie Bonetta


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

20 min


These rich chocolatey truffles have a delicate lavender flavor are so deliciously dreamy, so naturally, I had to name them “Cloudnine”. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber and plant-based fat and protein – a balanced healthy indulgence and nutritionist approved! Place dried prunes in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped, you will have to scrape down the sides a few times. Add the coconut butter, wild blueberries, lavender oil, honey, vanilla and sea salt. Pulse until blended. Lastly, add the cacao powder and pulse a few times until it’s all incorporated. Roll into 1 tbsp balls and roll the balls in cacao nibs or cacao powder if you wish. Place in a sealed container and leave in fridge until ready to eat and enjoy. Will keep in fridge for up to 3 weeks or place in freezer for up to 2 months.


9 cups 4 cups oats 1 cup quinoa flakes 1 cup sunflower seeds ½ cup pumpkin seeds ¼ cup hemp seeds 1 tbsp molasse 3 tbsp coconut oil 1 orange rind and freshly squeezed juice ½ tbsp vanilla 2 tsp cinnamon ½ tbsp sea salt 2/3 cup dried cranberries ½ cup dried blueberries* 1/3 cup dried gojiberries*


30 min


Unlike other granola recipes, this one is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and mineral goodness, naturally sweetened and low in fat. What’s even more amazing is that your children can enjoy it with yogurt and take it to school as a super healthy and delicious nut-free snack! In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients and set aside. In a medium sized, bowl mix wet ingredients and pour into dry ingredients making sure to coat evenly. If the mixture seems dry, add more water. Spread evenly on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and cook on 325F for 25-30 min, stirring mixture at halfway point. Granola should be golden brown when ready. Allow to cool before adding dried fruit and then transfer to a sealed glass container or jar. Will keep on shelf for up to 4 weeks. *these dried berries can be very expensive, so I use fresh blueberries and raspberries instead when serving.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Live. Love. Jazz. Social icon

Circle Only use blue and/or white. For more details check out our Brand Guidelines.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

In its sixth year, the TD Niagara Jazz Festival is dedicated to celebrating the art form of jazz all throughout the year in Niagara. From large annual festivals to mini musical series all year round, there is always access to incredible talent, in both live music and education. Live Learn Jazz Series Truly for all ages, this music series provides you with the opportunity to learn and love jazz on a new level, while exploring various picturesque venues such as wineries and parks all across Niagara. Twilight Jazz Series Celebrating many talented musicians of Niagara and beyond, features best local and touring ensembles runs from November to June every year. The Music of a Charlie Brown Christmas Takes you on a nostalgic journey of one most beloved holiday experiences. Performed by the Peter Shea Trio and an incredible cast of local youth performers, the show provides a wonderful tradition to delight the entire family.

Funded in part by:


3 29

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine - Summer 20191 • 2019


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

day tripping

Top 8 things to do in

Niagara this season There is no doubt that the landscape across Niagara through the summer and fall months is stunning, from the glistening beaches and waterways to the luscious greenery that transforms into warm fall colors. Niagara is an exciting place to be, so make sure you book yourself enough time when visiting to take in the sights, explore the natural assets and sneak in some down time. Here is our list of what to consider when building that perfect itinerary:

Watersports The enjoyment of watersports is endless in Niagara, where we have multiple locations inviting you to use your own equipment or providing you with rentals for just about every water sport possible. We have it all - kayaking, paddle boarding, paddle boating, wind surfing, fly boarding, jet skiing, tubing, jet boating, canoeing, and not to mention Ontario’s largest inflatable waterpark located in the Jordan Harbour. One of the most popular water attractions in Niagara is the thrilling rides on the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours, exploring the famous Niagara Whirlpool and speeding through the Class 5 ‘Devil’s

Hole’ rapids. If you want a new experience, be sure to visit a company called Border Pass Canada located at the Sugarloaf Marina in Port Colborne for Cable Wakeboarding. Like boat wakeboarding, the rider is pulled by an electric-powered cable system for an exhilarating and affordable experience. If you are looking to try out some water sports while you are here, check out Welland Boat Rental Program, Paddle Niagara (located in Niagara-on-the-Lake), 905 Rentals (located in Wainfleet) or Niagara Kayak Rentals (located in Niagaraon-the-Lake). >> REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Wineries, Craft Breweries & Distilleries There is no denying it, the sheer amount of wineries, breweries and distilleries guarantee that there is never a shortage of access to some of the greatest craft beverages you’ll ever enjoy. The Niagara Peninsula is home to over 100 wineries, known for its lakeside vineyards, and a world of character in its wines. There is an abundance of classic cool-climate varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc that just flourish here. More than 14 breweries proudly represent their own personality, signature processing methods and offer unique locations and architecture well worth the exploration.



Surrounded by lakes, we know that a day at the beach is a Niagara staple. Whether you’re on a staycation, traveling solo or enjoying a family expedition, one of our beaches will be the perfect spot for you to hunker down for the day and soak up some sun and sand.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

We have many beaches throughout the region, each offering different levels of privacy and amenities. You can explore a mile of white sand at Nickel Beach in Port Colborne. Of course, Crystal Beach continues to be an institution, with bustling crowds, local shops and an incredible waterfront to explore. Sunset Beach in St. Catharines offers a delightful playground for families with young children and a free boat launch for small crafts during the season.

For a full listing of beaches to explore, along with available amenities and critical information about water levels and accessibility please visit beaches/

Live Music

There is an abundance of musical talent in Niagara, and all throughout the season you can catch all sorts of live music at various indoor and outdoor venues, including floating stages and waterfront concerts. Our live talents cross every genre from pop to country. In addition to our impressive convention centres and performing arts centres, several our vineyards offer incredible concert series, often attracting international talent as well. Annual festivals and music series like the TD Niagara Jazz Festival, Music Niagara, and Bravo! Niagara and all serve up highly talented musicians at various venues.

Photo provided by First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, photographed by Lauren Garbutt

Some local favourites are the Coca Cola Concert Series in Niagara Falls, the Sunset Music Series in Jordan, and the floating stage at Merritt Park in Welland.

Cycling & Hiking From far and wide, people travel to Niagara to enjoy our incredible selection of bicycle routes and trails, and some may argue that we draw in just as many visitors for cycling as we do for wine. From early spring to late fall, cyclists arrive solo and in group to explore the many kilometres of off-road paved trails as well as significant on-road infrastructure. Complete with signed bike routes, maps and smart phone apps, Niagara does its best to keep our cyclists enjoying all Niagara has to offer. For updated routes, maps and tips to plan your excursion, visit For hiking, Niagara is home to Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath. Stretching from Niagara to Tobermory, the Bruce Trail provides you with 900 kilometres of exploration along the escarpment. REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Ziplining & Tree Trekking

What could be more thrilling than riding 220 feet above the majestic Niagara Falls on a sensational zipline excursion. Feel the incredible force of nature as you soar along 670 metres (2,200 feet) of breathtaking views reaching speeds of 70+ kph (40+ mph).

For those as young as five years of age, you can explore the aerial adventure course with varying levels of obstacle courses looking down upon the world-famous whirlpool and Niagara gorge. The courses include dozens of climb-

ing, ziplining, jumping, and swinging aerial games and are fun for the whole family.

Just on the outskirts of Niagara, within the natural bounties of Binbrook Conservation Area, you can trek from tree to tree on suspended bridges, swinging logs, ziplines and cable traverses.

Catch a Game Sports fans are always able to catch a live game in Niagara, with every season presenting a number of options. During baseball season, the Welland Jackfish are a treat to see at the Welland Stadium; a 2500 seat spectator friendly ballpark. Playing out of the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines, The Niagara River Lions put on an impressive basketball season and hockey fans are sure to enjoy watching the Niagara IceDogs compete in the OHL.

Fall Fun

Coming to Niagara in the Fall? Some of the local’s favorite excursions take place when the leaves turn color and the weather cools down. Sugar bushes, pumpkin patches, hay rides, mazes and even haunted mansions are open for business and offer fun for the entire family.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

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Convenient pickup at your hotel . • We offer private chauffeur sedan and SUV service. • Executive mini-coaches 14 - 24 also available. • Courteous, professional drivers and guides.

Niagara Falls Daily Tour Come with us

TWENTY VALLEY WINE TOUR Finest Niagara Region Wine Tour to these Wineries

Creekside Estate

and enjoy this wonder of the world !

Cave Spring

• Enjoy a scenic drive along the beautiful Niagara Parkway

Inn On The Twenty

and a thrilling up-close ride to the Falls aboard a Hornblower Cruise boat ! Lunch at Fallsview Restaurant and free time in Niagara-on-the-Lake!

Kacaba Vineyards

Come taste award-winning

Wines with us !

Leave the touring to us... sit back and relax ! Call your travel agent or (24 hrs)


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Voted one of the TOP TEN Theatres in Ontario for the third year in a row! The Foster Festival is the only Canadian theatre festival to celebrate the work of a living playwright. Norm Foster is the most produced playwright in Canadian history, and this year we’ll be presenting his 60th World Premiere plus a World Premiere musical as part of our 4th season of sparkling comedies. Join us before and after the show in our beautiful licensed FORE & AFT LOUNGE featuring free audience talkbacks with Norm and the actors. Enjoy the relaxed hospitality at the Foster Festival!

Tickets on sale now @ THE WRITER Norm Foster’s 60th World Premiere June 19 – July 5 The Writer tells the story of Donald Wellner a renowned playwright and his son Blake - a travel writer with commitment issues. Full of Foster’s trademark Humour with Heart, The Writer explores this delightfully complex bond between Father and Son with touching clarity and a surprise ending that will leave you breathless!

HILDA’S YARD – A Greatest Hit starring Norm Foster and Artistic Director Patricia Vanstone July 10 – 26 Hilda and Sam Fluck are finally on their own after their grown children leave the nest. As they look forward to rekindling their romance in their “Golden Years”, their love nest suddenly becomes a bit crowded with the unexpected return of their children and some very exotic visitors. Set in 1956, this delightful comedy is Norm Foster’s self-professed favourite. Holy Toot! You’re gonna love it too!

BESIDE MYSELF a World Premiere MUSICAL by Norm Foster and Steve Thomas July 31 – August 17 Paula and Sam have finally decided to pack it in as a couple. As they divvy up their possessions, they discover a forgotten wedding gift that magically allows them to hit the “re-set button” when they are transported back to their college days and a hilarious attempt to re-write their courtship. Reuniting Foster and Thomas, co-creators of perennial crowd-pleaser Jasper Station, Beside Myself is a sweet musical examination of love lost…and found!

If you love the theatre or just love to laugh, you can confidently attend The Foster Festival for an afternoon or evening’s entertainment. Why not make it a full St. Catharines’ experience with a meal at one of the many great restaurants within easy walking distance of the Performing Arts Centre? There are options at every price point and parking is plentiful! To learn more, please visit


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A Trip to the Valley

“Often described as Niagara’s Sonoma Valley. It is Niagara’s hidden gem; it’s unpretentious, high quality, down to earth and friendly.” Twenty Valley, which just so happens to be Ontario’s largest wine region, is a

picturesque area positioned along the Niagara Escarpment stretching from Grimsby to St. Catharines, including the enchanting communities belonging to the Town of Lincoln; Beamsville, Vineland, and Jordan.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


#shopthisway The perfect gift awaits. For a truly authentic experience, all you need to do is go shopping in the valley. Nestled in the heart of the valley you will find Jordan Village, a whimsical place chalked full of quaint boutiques offering clothing, luxury goods, home furnishings, jewelry, and local goods like olive oils, artisan cheeses and hand-milled soaps. Whether you’re looking for something to spoil yourself with or seeking a gift for a friend or a loved one, you will find it here. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted warmly by the shop owners and artisans themselves, as well as travelers from various parts of the world.

Stretching across the southern part of the province, our vineyards are located near Lake Ontario, with some of the lying flat on former seabed areas, and others atop hills and benches that originally formed and ancient shoreline.

The dining experiences range from local pub fare, to chic patio experiences and of course, gourmet fine dining at several restaurants, some of which are situated on the sprawling vineyards themselves. Blending the old with the new, visitors can find anything from wineries, restaurants, historical landmarks, luxury spas, gorgeous places to stay and a plethora of regional parks for outdoor adventure. Home to eclectic art galleries and shops, beautiful hiking trails, craft breweries, artisan cheese shops and a dynamic event and festival community. Whether visiting for a wine tasting, a romantic weekend, spa treatment, or exploring the trails with your family, Twenty Valley offers something for all ages to enjoy.

Signature Events

Wrapped Up in the Valley November 2019

Winter WineFest January 2020

Get Fresh in the Valley Twenty April 2020


Many of the restaurants pride themselves on offering farm-to-table dining with ingredients from their very own bountiful gardens as well as the local farmers. Visitors and locals alike discover something new each time they venture out in Twenty Valley, from repeat favourites, to off-the-beaten-path local hot spots. What you find in Twenty Valley, you just can’t find anywhere else.

This lends to endlessly stunning views from all vantage points, inviting you to explore as many of the 50+ wineries as possible during your visit. A cool climate wine region, it is said that the wineries in Niagara produce the most elegant of wines, rich in aromatics and lighter in body, providing refreshment and good aging potential. This cool climate region also lends to excellent farming conditions, providing the perfect culinary opportunity to compliment our world class wines. “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

– Michael Broadbent

While visiting Twenty Valley, you can hike on the Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest footpath, or explore Balls Falls Conservation Area where you’ll find a waterfall two-thirds the height of Niagara Falls. Of course, traveling by foot doesn’t always cut it. For those looking to spice up their day with a little excitement can enjoy a cycling tour throughout Twenty Valleys’ outstanding bike trails, whether you decide to peddle from one winery to the next or take the scenic routes to soak in the breathtaking landscapes. Located less than an hour from Toronto by car, Twenty Valley plays host to the perfect day trip or a blissful weekend getaway.

Sip. Taste. Explore. Welcome to Niagara’s Wine Country.

Our regional (VQA) appellations, Niagara Escarpment and Niagara Peninsula, and our sub appellations – Beamsville Bench, Short Hills Bench, Twenty Mile Bench, Lincoln Lakeshore and Creek Shores – produce Ontario wines recognized and celebrated across Canada and the world. Our tastes are born from our location: The mighty Niagara Escarpment at our back, magnificent Lake Ontario at our front and in between, soil churned and made complex by grinding glaciers eons ago. Plus, a little magic called the Lake Effect – constantly circulating breezes between the Lake and the Escarpment that moderate temperatures.

This unique combination of earth and climate are what make Niagara’s Twenty Valley an extraordinary place to grow fruit and craft wines, luring artisans dedicated to creating their own vision of perfection in a glass. Feel the passion as you are welcomed by a winemaker, a grower, or a chef at the heart of our unique agricultural climate. Indulge in fresh produce from our local growers, or pick your very own. Browse unique boutique shops in the historic Jordan Village shopping district. Treat yourself for the weekend, or for a beautiful day trip only minutes away. To find out more please visit

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



Cabin Fever

A luxury, family-friendly resort awaits you at Great Wolf Lodge, offering a picturesque oasis that is sure to wow you, the kids, and the extended family. This paradise offers all the benefits of a secluded resort worthy to call home for a few days, while also providing you with breathtaking views as it’s nestled along the scenic, winding routes of the Niagara gorge leading out from the majestic Falls.

Spas. Arcades. Restaurants. Bars. This luxury resort is more than child’s play. Family vacations require a certain amount of activity to keep the entire family engaged, and Great Wolf Lodge meets those needs at an outstanding level. If you’re looking for family adventures, combined with delicious meals, teenage-friendly activity, and some adult pampering and relaxation, then look no further.

For Kids:

Not exactly a secret, Great Wolf Lodge is one of the most sought-after destinations for the kids. It’s home to a sprawling 100 thousand square feet of indoor, world class waterpark amenities including 13 thrilling water slides. Accessible only to guests, you never have to worry about spending your day in long lines or lounging in over-crowded pools that span both the indoor and outdoor space inviting your family to enjoy the tropical wonderland all year round Adorned in their cutest PJs, your young ones are invited to a nightly Story Time event, famously captivating the entire lobby and completing their day on a perfect note.

For Teens:


Of particular interest to the teens, the casino style Northern Lights Arcade is open 24 hours making it the perfect meeting place for those seeking some independence while being safely nestled in the heart of the building. The spa facilities offer specialized teen services that include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and full packages designed to soften those adolescent edges, while upping Mom and Dad’s serenity factor. For the young athletes in the family, they don’t have to miss a day of their work out with the Iron Horse Fitness Centre close at hand with selection of cardio and weight training equipment, flat-screen TVs, and towel service. REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019




Stay 2 nights and up to 25% Promo Code: CLF Valid: 11/26/2018 t 3/31/2019


Promo Code: REVEAL Valid: 5/1/2019 – 12/19/2019

For Adults:

At Element’s Spa there are always RMT’s on site ready to massage away any stress that may have followed you in; and all massage therapists are licensed and registered professionals. If mom is looking for a little pampering herself, there is everything from a quick mani/pedi to full 2-hour indulgence packages with choices that include massage, facial, and mani/pedi in many tranquil combinations. If Dad is looking for serenity without entering a spa facility, the water park has its very own Grizzly Rob’s Bar so he can be available for the kids while kicking back and enjoying a cold beverage in amongst the tropical surroundings - ideally while mom is out getting her spa treatment.

new timber wolf cottages:

Welcoming the newest addition to the property, Great Wolf Lodge now offers cottage accommodations that can sleep up to 20 guests, catering to large or multi-family vacations without compensating privacy in any way. With plenty of space, you can be rest assured that your ideal family getaway will remain a delightful memory well beyond the trip has concluded. In addition to its bountiful sleeping quarters and loft spaces, each cottage houses a 2-story fireplace and a full kitchen to conveniently fuel those hungry bodies, with access to an impressive central courtyard with a bonfire pit and barbecue area. For more information, please visit

Offer valid only at Niagara Falls, ON location, and only on dates listed above. Multiple night minimum stay may be required. Valid per night, must be mentioned at time of reservation and based on 2019 standard rates. Limited number of rooms available for each date. May not be valid during holiday and blackout periods or combined with any other discount or promotional offers. REVEAL REVEAL Niagara Niagara Leisure Leisure Magazine Magazine • Volume - Summer Issue 20191per • room 2019 and may be Must stay by date listed above for offer to apply. Offer based on 4 2 guests terminated at any time without notice. Must have one individual 21 years of age or older staying in each room. Offer is not redeemable for cash.

5 41


Niagara attracts millions of annual visitors, with a typical excursion including a stop at the majestic Niagara Falls, followed by an exploratory journey through the sprawling wine country. Niagara has grown tremendously, and continues to open its doors to a road less traveled…

With growing urban centers and shrinking green space, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s (NPCA) 42 Conservation Areas are poised to deliver a new perspective on the future of exploration in the Niagara Peninsula.

the future is wide open… After 60 years, the NPCA remains committed to conserving the Niagara Peninsula Watershed. Mandated by the Conservation Authorities Act, the NPCA is responsible for watershed management. The Niagara Peninsula Watershed is home to more than 22,000 different species of plants and animals, many of them at risk due to issues like urban sprawl, climate change, and pollution. The work of the NPCA strives to minimize the impact of human activity and growth on the watershed, to keep it safe for future generations to enjoy. This involves anything from advising the public on water level status to keep people and property safe from flooding and erosion, reviewing planning applications that could cause environmental hazards, and playing a lead role in the protection of drinking water source. All year-round, the NPCA works hard to monitor water quality. Water resource technicians work tirelessly every month to sample and test the water at various wells and stations across the peninsula, looking for pollutants and impurities. They also monitor other factors like rainfall patterns and dam operations to ensure that the watershed will not be degraded in any way.




REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Chippawa Creek

BINBROOK CONSERVATION AREA… Fishing, Hiking Trails, Wakeboarding, FunSplash Sports Park, and Treetop Trekking Zipline Adventure. Binbrook Conservation Area

Ball's Falls Conservation Area

Jordan Harbour Conservation Area

Binbrook is home to Lake Niapenco, also known a Binbrook Reservoir, the largest inland lake in the Niagara Watershed. Lake Niapenco formed after the completion of the Binbrook Dam in 1971. The purpose of the Binbrook Dam is to provide seasonal flood control and increase the summer water flow in the Welland River. Lake Niapenco is surrounded by open meadows, hardwood forests, and reforested areas; yet it also offers a fine-sand swimming beach, which makes Binbrook Conservation Area perfect for “staycations”! Guests can enjoy a variety of family recreational water and onland adventures and activities such as children’s splash pad, picnic facilities, nature trails for hiking, observation platforms, and play areas. Guests can also bring or rent a rowboat, paddle boat, or canoe, and experience the scenic Binbrook from the water. With plenty to see and do, either on land or in the water, the whole family will find fun activities at this newly discovered “cottage country”. Binbrook Conservation Area houses the Boarder Pass Canada Wakeboarding, Staycation Beach & Boat Rentals, FunSplash Sports Park, Treetop Trekking, and various nature trails. The exciting Wakeboarding attraction by Boarder Pass Canada is a two-tower cable wakeboarding system that provides guests with the ultimate wakeboarding experience. Enjoy this unique aquatic attraction open to all ages and levels, from the young to the young at heart. Staycation Beach & Boat Rentals offers more options to get water-active. From standup paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, turbo tubes,

beach sports, yoga, and more, there are plenty of exciting new ways to enjoy the beach and lake without the need to travel far or lug heavy equipment. FunSplash offers a new experience for all guests over four years of age. Players can physically and mentally challenge themselves in a friendly and safe outdoor environment. The FunSplash is the ultimate playground, encouraging teamwork and problem solving while promoting overall health and wellness. Binbrook Conservation Area's newest addition is Treetop Trekking, featuring a FiveCourse, 80-Element Zip Line & Aerial Game Park for guests ages nine years and up. Guests can climb from tree to tree in the forest canopy on a series of bridges, walkways, and zip lines. There are Two Discovery Courses for guests ages five years old and up, where they can experience a ton of fun as young explorers; and Treewalk Village, accessible to all ages, which includes a network of ten colourful tree houses, connected by enclosed walkways and bridges. Also located in Binbrook Conservation Area, you will find the Tyneside Trail, Reflection Trail, Gatehouse Trail, Dam Trail, Meadow Trail and Campgroubd Loop Trail. Each trail offers a clear peek into the beautiful scenery of Binbrook with various bird and wildlife sightings. Well known as a “ Wildlife Hot Spot”, Binbrook Conservation Area is perfect for fishing northern pike, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white and black crappie, yellow perch, rock bass, and carp among other species. This conservation area also hosts winter & spring annual fishing derbies.


ecotourism, the future of niagara… EXPERIENCES THAT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO STAY LONGER Tourism and recreation play another significant role in the NPCA’s mandate. As the caretaker of 42 Conservation Areas across Niagara, Haldimand, and Hamilton, the NPCA marries nature, culture, and adventure to create limitless opportunities for discovery. Outdoor adventures can include natural history, astonishing views, unique trails, fascinating rock formations, sparkling water and abundant wildlife. These areas include Ball’s Falls, Jordan Harbour, and Binbrook Conservation Areas — lands that are held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation, and education. Each park has its own unique feature, allowing visitors to learn and connect with nature no matter what destination they choose.


BALL’S FALLS CONSERVATION AREA… 19th Century Hamlet, Indigenous History, Outdoor Education, Two Remarkable Waterfalls Located in the breathtaking Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area offers a mix of education at its Centre for Conservation, with the opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery and natural beauty. Upon arrival to this Conservation Area, visitors will be beautifully greeted by interactive exhibits and displays, with a strong focus on nature, conservation, and culture. They will experience the area’s rich history, the charm of Niagara Escarpment, and the watershed fortitude. They will soon discover that Ball’s Falls has been lovingly maintained to its early mid-19th century industrial hamlet— featuring the original Ball family home, an operating grist mill, a lime

kiln, a church, a blacksmith shop, carriage shed, and more. Photographers, nature lovers and brides and grooms alike will love the incredible view of the majestic Twenty Mile Creek as it plummets over the escarpment with two majestic falls at the site. The flow of water tumbles delightfully over high cliffs and can be viewed up close from above or below the waterfall. The character of these beautiful waterfalls changes dramatically with the seasons from a raging torrent in the spring, to a thin veil in late summer. Visitors can also take a serene hike or stroll along the Cataract Trail aside the banks of Twenty Mile Creek, with easy access to the Bruce Trail.

JORDAN HARBOUR CONSERVATION AREA… Picnicking, Hiking, Water Sports, Ecology and Natural Heritage Just up the road from Ball’s Falls, deep in the heart of Twenty Valley Wine Country, is Jordan Harbour Conservation Area. This provincially significant wetland can be found at the south shore of Lake Ontario at Twenty Mile Creek. A kilometre-wide, Jordan Harbour is a drowned river mouth with unique geologic features. It is protected as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) and contains a variety of unique wildlife and tree species that are rarely seen elsewhere in the peninsula. Aside from being an ideal place to go for a hike, picnic, or to adore the shoreline view from a parked vehicle, Jordan Harbour Conservation Area is also a wonderful place to enjoy a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard ride, and

is home to Niagara Rowing School & Paddlesports Centre. Visitors can kayak along the picturesque shoreline, around the reed islands, all while leisurely snapping photographs of various wildlife such as geese, swans, ducks, and turtles, with occasional sightings of bald eagles, golden eagles, beavers, and more. As the only access area, this site offers plenty of opportunity for people to explore some of the extensive marsh habitat of the Harbour and Twenty Mile Creek. In addition to recreational opportunities and natural beauty, the site has a rich history as it was the former Campbell’s Marina, the place which played a vital role in the development of the Vineland and Jordan areas.


Y don’t

miss out, join us!

EARLY FEBRUARY Binbrook Hard Water Crappie Derby EASTER MONDAY Beamer Memorial Hawkwatch Open House FOURTH SATURDAY in APRIL St. Johns Pond Opening MAY Binbrook Annual Panfish Derby Hosted by Glanbrook Conservation Committee

JULY Chippawa Creek Douglas Elliott Memorial Annual Bass Derby Ball’s Falls Heritage Day AUGUST Binbrook Outdoor Family Movie Night


THANKSGIVING WEEKEND - FRIDAY to MONDAY Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival


Get Mobile with your mobile

Discover Welland’s waterway and trails, events, places of interest, history, and more. The Recreation Corridor takes you on a journey through the heart of the city, challenges you with adventure, and introduces you to a variety of opportunities. 46

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

It’s time to take a closer look at

Canadian Tire Welland Float Fest 2018 Photo: Anthony Gallaccio

WELLAND Known as the

Flatwater Capital of Canada, this active and friendly community in the heart of the Niagara Region holds a Guinness World Record and a deep love of pizza.

Picking the right location to visit can make all the difference, and with so much of the world to see it can be hard to choose that perfect destination. Considering your budget, the season you wish to travel, and of course what kind of activities you want to enjoy, the task can sometimes seem daunting. Millions of visitors make the choice to visit Niagara every year, finding themselves within a stones’ throw of the mighty Niagara Falls. While this is definitely a trip that should remain on everyone’s bucket list, the surrounding cities and towns are gaining more attention for their own unique assets. Welland, Ontario is certainly one of those worthwhile adventures. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Sports, water & that Guiness World Record

Canadian Tire Welland Float Fest 2018 Photo: Anthony Gallaccio

Known as the Flatwater Capital of Canada, Welland is home to an international sporting audience. The Welland International Flatwater Center (WIFC) presents 272 acres of water and 411 acres of parkland, and the facility of choice for many elite championships because of its stunning infrastructure that exceeds international standards. The waterway is also accessible to public swimming and floating, and the Welland Boat Rental Program provides access to pedal boats, canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Aside from watersports, the Sports Complex is home to the Welland Jackfish, members of the

Intercounty Baseball League, an independent baseball league established in 1919. The facility is a stateof-the-art baseball stadium with seating for 3,000 spectators and a ball field that meets the requirements for major league play. In addition to the sporting scene, Welland offers a full calendar of year-round events that include concerts on the canal, fireworks over the bridge, festivals of every culture and flavor, and of course the annual Welland Floatfest. This event is perfect for families to spend a day on the water, floating around with friends, catching live music and eating the day away. Attracting over 1800 participants, the event holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Longest line of water inflatables at a massive 165.74m.

Hospitable & Friendly With plenty of open community spaces like parks, waterfront access and outdoor recreational trails, Welland plays host to a bevy of festivals, concert series, and street markets. With many events being town-sponsored, there is a clear sense of community here, leaving you with a friendly neighborhood vibe as you explore your destination and enjoy your excursions away from home.

Photo: Anthony Gallaccio

Nearby Adventures

As one of twelve municipalities that make up the Niagara region, extending your stay to explore a little further is another worthwhile consideration, offering a multitude of nearby experiences that you cannot recreate anywhere else in the world. The bustling scene in Niagara Falls, the wineries and boutiques of Niagara-on-the-Lake and Twenty Valley and the Greater Niagara Circle Route are just a few of the surrounding adventures you should check out.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

Accessible & Affordable Accommodations

Welland is easy enough to get to arriving by car, plane bus or train. Within close proximity are two international airports (Buffalo, USA and Toronto, Canada), making your arrival and departure hassle free. Welland also offers full-service hotel accommodations, a variety of bed and breakfast locations and from May to August the College offers hotel-like services to groups and individuals at their residence location.

a slice of Welland Locals have long attested to the superior quality and choices of pizza offerings in this small town. Everyone has a favourite pizza place that they are loyal to and will defend it to the last slice. Some notable restaurants to try out and that are in the top running are The Rex Hotel, Rose City Pizza, Volcano’s and Fonthill’s Mossimo’s Pizza & Subs.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


behind the magic Ladies and gentlemen, now presenting – the woman behind the magic show – the incredible Alanna Frewin!


cover feature ADVERTORIAL


he Vegas-style show Wild Magic is breath-taking and hyper-visual. It features Alanna’s husband and multiaward-winning magician, Greg Frewin; alongside live tigers, exotic birds, and a cast of incredibly talented dancers. Greg, you can readily see, on-stage and across multiple digital platforms. If you haven’t seen him, or the show, you can easily look either up. Yet Alanna you don’t see as much least not on-stage. Even so, of all the secrets Alanna keeps, the most interesting and little-known one is that she’s always ready to appear. Although it may not necessarily be on-stage in the way you might imagine; she’s not floating, transposing, vanishing, or engaging in other feats that seem to defy space and time. However, without any props, cues, or preparation - she’s ready and able to appear when necessary, wherever necessary. Amazingly and in spite of herself: she greatly, yet gently, yields her abilities to help guide the success of the show, and the theatre. In order to paint the incredible picture of her presence, let’s visit some of the colours that make up her past. Alanna was born in North Bay, Ontario and grew up in a small village about a half hour from there, called South River. As a child, she had a huge love for animals, rode horses and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. This dream never made it to reality due to high school biology. “The theory was manageable, but the practical side did me in...It takes a really special person to be a vet,” she reminisced. After high school, she moved south. By the age of 28, she worked as a

staff accountant for a large bus transportation company. It was at this time she was invited to a neighbour’s Halloween party, where she first met Greg. “He told me he was a magician, I laughed at him!” she smiled. “The first time I went to see Greg perform on-stage, was at Mohawk College. I remember sitting as far back as I could. There was no way he was bringing me up there, and if he was really bad I could easily leave. But I was pleasantly surprised, he was good!” In fact, it wasn’t long after seeing that show that Alanna was helping move props, queuing music, and opening curtains. Eventually, Greg won highly acclaimed magic competitions in North America. Consequently, he was invited to compete in the prestigious F.I.S.M contest, the latter is widely considered the “Olympics” of magic competitions, which he won! Due to the continued effort and accolades, Greg started getting offered contracts. One of the first and noteworthy ones meant he’d be gone for 6 months. He needed an assistant to go with him. Alanna found the courage to say, “Well what about me?” Considering that she never aspired to be in the public eye, that wasn’t an easy thing for her to ask. Luckily, her love was greater than her fear. “I was a mess, I was terrified...I knew nothing about the world of magic” she added. Alanna gained performance experience, as the two started traveling and working together. Within three years of meeting, the two were married. “I’ve seen the hardware stores of the world!” she laughed, remarking that any-

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Alanna’s daughter Megan

time something broke, or got damaged in transit, she’d be off with Greg to find a store that had the supplies to fix it. In time, they became parents to Benjamin and Megan. The family made Niagara their home, and the theatre opened its doors in May 2005. It must be remembered that somewhere, somehow, along this awe-inspiring journey, she was able to raise two children, who have already celebrated incredible successes of their own. Today, the theatre is in its 15th year of operations, the Frewin team consists of approximately 50 employees, and Alanna oversees the operation. She has lent her abilities, which she’ll shyly claim don’t really exist, to make sure everything is working like, well...magic. Owing to her prior experience, both on-stage and off, Alanna is used to wearing many different hats. She understands the working and the rhythm of Greg’s show. She can grasp the way her husband thinks and creates. This is infinitely helpful when you’re suddenly in-charge of things

like marketing and management. She also happens to love it, which makes it even better. Greg can now focus his expertise on finding and mentoring talent, reworking various beats in his show, etc. While Alanna can comfortably hold the reins in terms of production and business. Similarly, to never having imagined herself on-stage in front of large audiences, Alanna never aspired to be running the place. In many ways, she still doesn’t want to be seen that way. Yet, it seems her introverted and grounded nature compliments the fast-moving and high-pressure realm of the entertainment industry nicely. “The people in here (Greg Frewin Theatre) are almost like family.” Her voice became even warmer, and more inviting as she continued, “It makes coming to work really nice...It’s a group effort, and everyone has something to put forward. I usually get to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’, but by that point we’ve explored the various options and decided, together, what the best path to take is moving forward.”

In addition to Wild Magic, the theatre now hosts a line-up of shows, corporate events and functions. For example, Linus Hand Productions has rejoined the facility, mounting an upcoming run of Beauty and the Beast this summer, Mamma Mia in the fall, and Matilda in December. As a result, Alanna hopes to soon be able to take more time to spend with Greg, the kids, and their pets. Aside from the exotic animals, the Frewin family has dogs, cats, and a handful of horses. They recently moved onto a small farm in Pelham. Altogether, Alanna starts her day with an hour of meditation to music. When asked how she unwinds after a particularly high-pressure day: “Sometimes I just have to go home and hug a horse,” she responded. Her motto is “Be the light. Be the love.” She added that it may not be easy to embody that daily. When challenges come up, usually so do our personal defences. But she feels it’s worth remembering to just breathe, let the dust settle and hold one’s horses.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a favourite "failure" of yours? The biggest lesson that I've learned and am still really has taken because of being an introvert, it's finding the other side of it. It's very easy for an introvert to let everyone walk all over them. To just say yes to everything. Doesn't matter what. To assume that every person in the world is good. Not every person in the world is good. You must take your blinders off, get your head out of the sand and realize that some people, will take advantage of you: if you let them. Learn how to say no. There have been a lot of lessons along the way where I ask myself, 'Why didn't I just stand up for myself? Okay next time.' There's a lot of good people in the world. But you know what, there are a lot of bad people too. We have to recognize that and say no, you know what, thanks, but no thanks.


with Alanna Frewin

When people find out what Greg does for a living; he probably hears things like: "Do a trick!" or "Can you make my wife disappear?" What do you get the most? The biggest one I think I usually get is, “Is he like that at home?” No, he's not. “Is he always showing you tricks at home?” No, he can leave it at the door. There are other times, like if he's developing something, then yes, he'll share what's he working on. But no, it's not the theatre at home. It's not the show at home. Home is typical. It's two kids, dogs, cats, dirty dishes. What's for dinner? It's everybody's life. What advice would you give young people today? Get your head out of the literal 'cloud'. Get your head out of the 'instant now'. Because you're missing so much depth. If you don't find the depth, if you stay superficial, it's going to catch up to you in the end. When you do hit a roadblock, or a problem, you're not going to find the inner strength to deal with it. Getting my kids on the farm, getting them outside with the horses. It's so important. Go outside. Go for a walk. Hug a tree. Ground yourself. If you don't find a way to do that, and to find that depth: the crash and burn will be so much greater. You're not going to be able to handle it. Get out of the superficial. Find something that has real meaning for you.

Alanna with her daughter Megan

Has it been a fun ride overall? I don't know that I'd use the word 'fun'. It hasn't been a bad experience. There have been a lot of fun moments. It's been fulfilling. It's challenging, at times. You work your way through it. You get to the next plateau. You develop a lot of friendships...the only constant in life is change. Everything is always growing and evolving. Everything is always RnD (research & development). We're constantly trying new things, moving, adapting. REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine - Summer 2019



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

health & beauty

Outdoor Om Take your yoga practice outdoors and enjoy the benefits…

As the weather warms up, consider taking your yoga practice outside, to the best views possible—beaches, parks, mountaintops or simply your own backyard! All you really need is your dedication, your yoga mat and a bottle of filtered water or electrolyte-rich coconut water. You’ll enjoy walking along varying types of terrain, a change from your regular routine, and all the surprises Mother Nature has in store for you. Go solo or gather your friends for a weekly outdoor yoga routine or even a day retreat, and enjoy a wide range of physical, spiritual and emotional benefits. >> REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

The world is your oyster

You’ve probably experienced it more than once—the challenge of trying to find a good spot in the yoga studio. When you go outside, you can use as much space as you wish. You can even dip your feet in the sand or water. Experiencing all of what nature offers us with all of our senses can help relieve stress. You will also benefit from “grounding” yourself, which occurs when you have direct, electrical contact with the earth’s rock, sand and grass, particularly with bare feet.

Nature is naturally what it’s all about

Exercising outdoors can boost your self-esteem, and soaking up vitamin D from the sun has been shown to decrease the risk of depression. You don’t need to sit directly in the sun to reap the benefits (this can cause dehydration). Practicing mediation and yoga in the shade (or partial shade) can be good for you too. I recommend wearing a layer of toxin-free sunscreen, such as this Canadian natural skincare company: products/natural-sunscreen for when you are outside during peak hours of 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm.

Connect with your local community

Practicing yoga in an outdoor space in your part of town, or even taking a one day yoga retreat to a different area will help you gain a deeper appreciation for everything and everyone around you—the people, animals, plants and businesses. Depending on where you practice (in a park near local businesses or beside a running track), you might find others will want to join you. This can lead to new relationships, a deeper sense of community and a greater respect for where you live. You might even want to consider taking a Sunday or a well-deserved “day off ” and go on a day yoga retreat.

Enjoy a feast for the eyes

Many yoga studios aim to create a beautiful space, however, interior design can never compare to a stunning view of the natural world that surrounds us. The sheer beauty of wildlife around you can help inspire your yoga practice. Breathe it all in, and mindfully notice something visually different every time. Each day you practice yoga outdoors is a new adventure which helps us adapt better to change and find beauty in every pose and transition.

Stephanie Bonetta is a holistic health practitioner and yoga instructor. Visit for information on Yogaventure Wellness Retreats in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Fully-guided jet boat tour in Niagara Falls, Canada & USA



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

This year, we 're

taking it personally Every year, wedding trends are getting

harder and harder to pin down. This year however, it really seems as if anything goes. There is no obvious colour scheme,

and everything old is new again as the

cycle usually goes. The overall feeling is that it’s less about getting it perfect

and more about being genuine and

creating an authentic experience for you and your guests. With this in mind we are sharing some bridal trends that

we have personally fallen in love with over the years. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


welcome to the dark side


Floral are going to the dark side. Moody muted hues are making a bold statement paired with light accents of accents. Think dark blues, rich reds and dark greens paired with pops of muted lightness of peach, white and even lavender.

the sweet life


We are so excited to see the statement cake finally – finally making a comeback. Yes, yes we all know about the naked cake - but more and more, couples are trending back towards splurging on the iconic statement wedding cake. And it’s high time that it got the attention it deserves.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS! Grooms are no longer tied to tradition when it comes to formal wear. Men are increasingly tapping into their inner fashionistas and aren’t afraid to show their true colours - or patterns for that matter. We are loving the floral bow tie and the softly textured tweed suits. Photo:

CAPE HIS BREATH AWAY This trend has been on everyone’s radar for well over a year now and one that we are hoping will stay. Whether it’s sheer, satin, embroidered – nothing adds drama like a cape.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


ALL THAT GLITTERS This year, yellow gold is on the rise with celebrities like Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski proudly sporting gold engagement rings. This classic metal works beautifully in both vintage and modern ring settings. Table arrangements are getting the midas touch as well with the resurgence of brass and gold silverware and candlesticks.

THE GETAWAY End on a high note - taking a page out of their parent’s wedding album - couples are no longer staying til the lights come on. Leave your guests on a high note and have them see you off in style – your style - whether it’s with a sparkler send off or waving them off in a classic getaway car.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

girls getaway girls getaway • Packages start at $199 (Based on Double Occupancy) • Packages start at $199 (Based on Double Occupancy) • 1 Night Stay in a Standard within2aDouble Beds • 1 Double Night Stay Standard (Larger Suites also available) Double with 2 Double Beds •

• • •

• •

(Larger Suites also available) • $35 Voucher for Bogey’s or Panorama $35 Voucher Restaurant for Bogey’s &or Wine BarRestaurant & Panorama Wine Bar • Wine Country Breakfast for Two the next morning Wine Country Breakfast for Two the next morning • Two $25 Spa Vouchers for $25 Elipsis Spa Two SpaDay Vouchers for Elipsis Day Spa • Wine Tasting Voucher for Wine Tasting Voucher Inniskillin Winery andfor Inniskillin JacksonWinery Triggs and Estate Jackson Triggs Estate • Indoor Pool, Hot Tub & Indoor Pool, Hot Tub & 24 Hour Fitness Centre 24 Hour Fitness Centre • Complimentary Parking & Complimentary Parking & Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

4 Windward Drive 4 Grimsby, WindwardOntario Drive Grimsby, Ontario 1-877-446-5746 1-877-446-5746

At Cigar Experience, you have access to the largest premium selection in Niagara. We deliver authentic specialty products and an exceptional experience every time.


C I G A R S N I A G A R A . C O M REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2019 63 4536 QUEEN ST. NIAGARA FALLS, ON • 2 Issue TEL:1 • 289-296-5779

A r t i n t h e O p e n S e r i e s : Pa r t Two

Mural - 2016 Garden Park Street, St. Catharines L2R 3M6 IS THIS MODERN SOCIETY? by Barcelona-based muralist Jupiterfab There are over 250+ art pieces throughout Niagara comprised of Monuments, Murals, Totems, Sculptures, Statues and Installations.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

Self-guided tours are made easy by using the interactive map on the art in the open website @ You can serach by theme or type.

arts & culture

MURAL, MURAL O N T H E WA L L by: Megan Pasche I Photography: Megan Pasche


ince people have been on this Earth, there has been murals on walls. Scratched, etched, burned, and eventually painted, they have always existed as a way to tell a story. The mediums have changed, but the intent hasn’t really. Whether it’s cave paintings or paintings on the walls of an excavated building in Pompeii, murals reflect history and give insight into a culture’s way of life. During the Renaissance period, where a lot of the most famous murals originated (think the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or “The Last Supper’), many of the murals were comissioned by the Catholic Church. As time went on and humanity

moved into a more humanist approach to life, the church was no longer the centre of all things. Through the years, murals have been used as statements. The Mexican Mural Movement which featured the art of Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozio and David Alfonso Siqueiros was part of an attempt to unify a country after a revolution, and it paved the way for similar movements around the world. Through this and other projects such as the Community Mural Movement in the 1960’s, murals gained huge popularity as a way to send political and social messages. Here is Niagara we have no shortage of murals, and

Art in the Open ( is a great way to discover them all! The mural pictured on the opposite page is part of a project by Jupiterfab, an artist based in Barcelona and Mexico. His series “Is The Modern Society” is a project comprised of several pieces around the world that all examine the rate at which human beings are coming addicted and attached to their mobile devices. Jupiterfab painted the mural during the Niagara International Mural Festival. While you are here, make sure to wander down Graffiti Alley, a cool little place where some pretty great local graffiti artists are featured!



Artists from across Canada were commissioned by the City of Welland to paint murals all throughout the city. Currently, there are 30 murals, with the number growing every year. The city is quickly gaining a reputation for being the largest open air art gallery in the world. The murals are quite large, with some reaching up to 25 metres long and three stories high. If you want to see all the murals, you’ll have to drive, but the majority of them are located in the downtown area, so you are able to stroll around and appreciate the art.

The goal was to depict Thorold’s history in the form of a series of murals, and they have done just that! These murals are located along the Welland Canal Parkway Trail, between Locks Six and Seven. There currently are 12 murals completed. There are several other murals scattered throughout Niagara, so make sure to check out the Art in the Open site referenced above, and discover them all!

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



Celebrate every season at Canada’s largest wine festivals!


Niagara Wine Festivals

Three times each year, our festivals reflect appreciation for the vines and the wines in the region with fantastic events and exclusive experiences.

DISCOVERY PASS Enjoy eight VQA wine & culinary pairings crafted by some of the most talented people in Niagara!


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


MONTEBELLO PARK EXPERIENCE September 20–22 & 27–29, 2019


Niagara, A Sustainable Adventure

By: Darren Clarke While the term, “Ecotourism,” sounds like it was conceived during a particularly dreary moment in naming College elective courses, what the term lacks in catchiness is made up for in virtue of purpose. Simply, Ecotourism seeks to steer tourist endeavours towards exotic, often threatened, natural environments in order to provide a framework to preserve these vital elements of the community. The concept is not all that new to the Niagara Region given the Niagara Parks Commission was created in 1885 as a selfsustaining entity in control of the sprawling lands and buildings around the Horseshoe Falls. While the idea of Ecotourism isn’t new, the need for it in Niagara has never been greater given the increasingly heightened levels of development ongoing in one of the most biologically diverse and rarefied ecosystems in Canada. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Preserving n a t u r a l diversity in Niagara means that Ecotourism provides a wide variety of options for tourists and locals. Hikers, photographers and connoisseurs alike can find paths out of the urban centers and into some level of wilderness through options like the sprawling Niagara Escarpment (recognized as a Wonder of the World and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve), rare Carolinian Forests, exotic birds and wildlife, sustainable vineyards, the Niagara River and of course, Niagara Falls itself. The benefits of Ecotourism run from the profound to the practical. We have long known that cultivating an individual relationship with nature offers each of us a wide variety of payoffs in terms of mental and physical health. What drives the healing is open for interpretation - the wilderness as a counterpoint to the modern world of technical domestication, the physical impact of removing yourself from artificial noise and delivering yourself to the liveliness of nature, the jolt in perspective created in being fully dialed into the moment. Maybe it’s poetry, maybe it’s philosophy, maybe it’s physiology. Likely a combination of all things. Whatever it is exactly that nature provides us with there is no mistaking that the impact is real and positive. For residents of Niagara it’s easy to take the abundance of natural riches we reside within for granted. I know because I have. One summer long ago I was employed as a parking lot attendant by the Niagara Parks Commission working across the street from the Falls. Being young and jaded I affected a cool and detached perspective on the Wonder of the World, “It’s water going over a cliff. What’s the big deal?” The posturing of my nineteen-year-old self though was no match for the Falls ability to suddenly reveal its majesty. The Falls stunned me on more than a few occasions, mostly when I wasn’t looking for it. It could be dramatic, like the time I was sitting in the grass that lay between Victoria Park Restaurant and River Road as the day approached sunset. I was absently gazing across the street when I began to tune into what was happening beyond the


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

assembly l i n e movement of people and cars. The setting sun had begun to colour the furthest reaches of the horizon in pastels, turquoise and pink, while the remaining rays of sunlight played with encroaching shadows amongst the wet earth and rock of the Niagara gorge. It was vivid, it was gorgeous, it was thousands of tons of blue water surging over the cliff to its dramatic 188-foot drop. That was the big deal. The impact could not be avoided, particularly first thing in the morning, strolling out to my post. I was accompanied by the low rumble of the Falls as quiet sunlight wandered in and out of the trees, across the lawns and into the burgeoning cloud of mist drifting up from Falls, filling it with gold. In such a diverse ecosystem like Niagara, what Ecotourism offers to the community is vital. The impact on employment is obvious given almost 20% of Niagara’s work force functions within the tourism industry. Less obvious but no less important is the fact that many of the areas embraced in Ecotourism function as important environmental checks including providing natural reservoirs for excessive rainfall as well functioning as natural filtration for the air we breathe and the water we drink. The benefits of Ecotourism also deliver one of its’ core elements - Education. Whether you are walking along a particularly robust bit of the Niagara River, hiking a trail through the Fenwick countryside, or simply sipping a glass of wine at a local vineyard, ecotourism is, by design, an educational opportunity. As noted, it’s a rather ingloriously named educational opportunity but the chances for exploration that lay within offer unique experiences for the many, not just the few. Ecotourism provides to those that explore seeking history or moments to capture with their camera, to those that explore for the act itself, to those that explore to get back in touch with the living world around them, to those that explore to get back in touch with themselves. Ecotourism, you can’t pick the name, but you can pick the experience.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



Niagara OF


Signature Event - Prince of Wales Stakes

FULL SERVE SELF SERVE NIAGARA FALLS Thorold Stone Rd. at Montrose Rd. Thorold Stone Rd. at St. Peter Ave. Drummond Rd. at Scott St. Stanley Ave. at Valley Way Lundy’s Lane at Carlton St. Bridge St. at Victoria Ave. Portage Rd. at Norton St.

Since 1959, the Second Jewel in the Canadian Triple Crown has called the Fort Erie Race Track home. Soaking in the excitement are crowds of people assembled upon the Border Oval anxiously awaiting to witness Canada’s premier horses compete for one of racing’s most highly acclaimed trophies.

Live Racing In it’s 122nd season, live races take place on Tuesdays & Sundays. Both streaming and replay options are available online so that you can enjoy the excitement of the track even when you can’t make it out. All live post times, streaming and replays are available on

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE York Road Niagara Stone Rd. at Creek Rd.

FORT ERIE Gilmore Rd.

ST. CATHARINES St. Paul St. West at Louth St. Ontario St. at GM Plant Welland Ave. at Francis St. Martindale Rd. at Hannover St.

THOROLD Collier Rd. at Confederation


OWNED & OP E RATED Photos on this page: Michael Burns


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



or those who grew up around horse racing or at the track itself, it’s easy to understand the excitement of watching the horse you’re rooting for make a run for the lead around the final turn and into the home stretch. That moment when you become a fan, and look forward to Sundays at the track, is typically a charming memory that keeps you coming back well into your later years. If you do not already possess a love for races, the Fort Erie Race Track has become an open playground, inviting people of all ages and interests to experience an unforgettable event. In its 2nd annual season, the Wiener Dog Races will make another unforgettable appearance in August, followed by the first annual showing of the Basset Hound Races in September. These races are a delightful antidote to anything that ails you; a sweet little pick-meup, guaranteed to put a smile on your face! A family favourite that kids truly love. Visitors and locals are also encouraged to participate.

You can download the rules and information, race programs, and full event details directly from the Fort Erie Race Track website. Looking beyond the traditional races, heading to the race track offers you the opportunity to have timeless experiences that can be shared amongst friends and family. The track offers traditional concessions and beverages, with the option to dine in style at the Turfside Dining Room, without missing any of the action. The menu is eclectic and affordable with everything from crab cakes to standard pub fare and a great selection of desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. The view from the restaurant is spectacular, so reservations are certainly recommended. For the freshest of foods, the Sunday Farmers Market is well worth the visit even if you can’t take in a race. Vendors include local farmers, chocolatiers, artisans, and your favourite brands such as Avon. You can grab something fresh to take home for dinner,

indulge in a handmade sweet, find unique decor items, or just buy something you love a quick gift! All summer long, live music at the Tiki Bar kicks off after the races every Tuesday night, typically around 7:30pm. Performances occur rain or shine! If the weather is uncooperative, the show will continue on inside. Fort Erie Race Track offers various viewing perspectives. When attending major sporting events, your vantage point is typically from a single location—sitting and interacting amongst the people you came with, or perhaps the conversation extends to people sitting two or three seats away from you. At Fort Erie Race Track, you will find yourself wandering between multiple viewing areas like the infield, the grandstands, the paddock, or the rails, enjoying the ability to mix and mingle with a uniquely diverse audience of locals and visitors alike.

For more information, please visit REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



Reviving Our Roots By Alex Kazam

This summer don’t miss the Celebration of Nations is taking place on September 6th to 8th at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines. It is a three-day gathering of Indigenous Arts, Culture, and Tradition. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Just Be

Have you ever been told to stay present? Perhaps you’ve been told to “be in the now” and “enjoy the moment...” Advice like this can be helpful and even more impactful, if we acknowledge the abundance of moments that came before us. Exploring the deep and rich chronicles of our past allows us the privilege to celebrate our “now” with a more rooted sense of gratitude and delight. If you were born in Canada or the United States you’ve likely described your “Canadian” or “American” heritage at some point. Whether it was in the beginning moments of your first encounter with a new friend, or while getting to know an old one. Because let’s face it, no matter how much these melting pots feel like unified and peaceful homes, at some level, we still feel their unrelenting heterogeneous roots. You might be “from here” - but no matter who you are, phrasing it that way, has a huge depth of implications.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

Are You From Here...Really?

In the first place, there was a time when Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous people lived on separate continents and knew nothing of one another. Following the years of first contact, delicate relations of peace and rough equality were given the force of law in treaties. Next, power tilted heavily toward non-indigenous people and their governments. Indigenous Peoples were moved off most of their land, and began being “civilized”, forcibly being taught European ways. Today, Canada enjoys its reputation as a special place. A place where human rights and dignity are guaranteed, where liberal democratic rules are established and respected, where diversity among people is celebrated. However, many would argue this reputation represents, at best, a half-truth. Upon careful study of our country’s history, it’s plain to see that Canada was founded on a series of bargains with Indigenous Peoples. Most of those bar-

gains have never been fully honoured. Initial treaties formed between aboriginal and non-aboriginal governments were agreements to share the land. They were replaced by policies that removed Indigenous Peoples from their land, suppressed their governments, undermined their cultures, and stifled aboriginal identity.

What it Is...Isn’t What it Was

A point, often overlooked, is that many know little about the peaceful and cooperative relationship that matured between the First Peoples and the first European visitors in the early years of contact. Even fewer know about how that relationship changed over the centuries, into something less peaceful, less honourable. Mix in some poorly structured headlines from mainstream media and the result is a lot of misunderstanding. But the damage is not beyond repair, in fact, Indigenous Peoples living standards have improved over the last 70 years. The key has been reversing the assumptions of assimilation, not offering pity, handouts, or other band-aid solutions. To put it another way, Canadians need to understand that Indigenous Peoples are nations. They are political and cultural groups with values distinct from those of other Canadians. To be clear, this doesn’t mean they are nation-states seeking independence from Canada.

Moving Forward

Thus, maintaining a mutual recognition of the fact that Indigenous Peoples are the original inhabitants and caretakers of this land is paramount. This means on-going renewals and renegotiations. It means respecting a climate of positive mutual regard among people. Respect for the unique rights and status of Indigenous Peoples, each Indigenous Person as an individual with a valuable culture and heritage. We could look at recognition and respect as understanding, which leads to a clearer ability of sharing. After all, sharing is at the heart of Canada’s very foundation! Imagine if Indigenous Peoples had been unwilling to share what they had and what they knew about the land. Obviously, many of the newcomers would not have lived to prosper. Sharing is central to the possibility of real equality among the people of Canada now and in the future. Maintaining these treaties, which at their core, means keeping promises that involves an on-going responsibility. The latter is at the root of any mature relationship.

Expanding Understanding

Hence, continuing to build as an inter-cultural society is exciting! In this case, it means promoting a sense of deeper understanding and respect for all nations, though a mutual exchange of ideas and cultural norms. In this manner, nobody is left unchanged because everyone learns from one another and grow together as a result. All in all, hopefully this leaves you with some new insight and even curiosity. If so, consider immersing yourself further. This summer, the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, Kakekalanicks and the City of St. Catharines are teaming-up again, to host another 3-day Gathering of Indigenous Arts, Culture, and Tradition: Celebration of Nations. To find out more, visit

hot ticket season

SLOAN SLOAN 54 54• •40 40







THE NEXT GENERATION LEAHY JIM WITTER TOOPY & BINOO DAN MANGAN + MORE! TOOPY & BINOO DAN MANGAN + MORE! All tickets go on sale to the public on All tickets go on sale to the public on THURS 5 SEPT at 10am. THURS 5 SEPT at 10am. Or become a member to purchase advance Or become a member to purchase advance & discounted tickets TODAY! & discounted tickets TODAY!

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REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019



Where The Locals Go



Just minutes from the Falls


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

On The WEGO Redline

CANNABIS WONDERLAND The legalization of Cannabis in Canada is opening doors for economic growth and opportunities in Niagara. As the laws relax and the industry matures amongst growers, manufacturers and retailers, so does the conversation.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Canada could eventually generate as much as $2 Billion in annual tourism revenue related to the Cannabis Industry but it will take time to ramp up.” –, stats by Shaman Ferraro


egal cannabis is here to stay, with Canada being one of the two sovereign states that have fully legalized both the sale and consumption of recreational cannabis nationwide. As the laws relax and the industry matures amongst growers, manufacturers and retailers, so does the conversation. Canada, and more specifically, Niagara, has been a large tourist destination for more than a century because of its stunning natural resources. With or without the addition of legalized marijuana, Niagara would maintain its standing as a strong destination to the global market, however, many individuals and associations are now asking if it holds the potential to become the next Amsterdam. While the legalization is still in its infancy, the infrastructure to support the cannabis tourism market will take time to


develop. As laws expand to include edibles, infused beverages or consumption venues (like the popular Amsterdam ‘coffee shops’), the consumer market may be provided a wider range of what is accessible and how it can be enjoyed. The production of edible products is very enticing to the consumer market, especially as social standards are evolving around what type of activities people are more comfortable engaging in. With the craft beverage industry also growing rapidly in Niagara, it stands to reason there is substantial research and development taking place that involves infused beverages, with some discussion around providing a safer more controlled experience through edibles and beverages because of the consistent doses that can be applied within the product manufacturing. With additional retail stores opening

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

across Ontario, tour companies are already positioning themselves strongly to cater to the cannabis tourism market. With laws differing by province, education is critical, and while there are still heavy limitations with cannabis, there are more businesses willing to innovate and provide creative and informed opportunities to the industry. In an industry report released by CIBC in 2018, it was noted that the legal market for adult-use cannabis will approach $6.5 billion in retail sales by 2020. To add context to that forecast, the report confirms that out paces the sale of spirits in Canada. Whether Niagara is destined to become a ‘Cannabis Wonderland’ or not is still up for debate, it is imperative that everyone is encouraged to remain informed and accurately educated about all cannabis related activities, experiences and legalities.

#1 Rated thing to do in Canada for “Fun and Games”





can you

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Welcome to Creekside Estate, where dogs are welcome, the BBQ’s always ready, and if you want to go on a tour, you better bring your boots.


By reservation. Open Monday to Sunday from Noon - 11 pm 1-844-ROOMESC (766 6372) BOOK NOW AT ONE OF TWO LOCATIONS:



H O M E O F O N TA R I O ’ S B E S T R E D W I N E


4541 Queen Street

283 Duke St. W. Unit 102 REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


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REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine - Summer 20191 • 2019

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iagara has long been known as a summer hot spot, as many locals recount those ‘magic 100 days’ that stretch from May 24 weekend to Labour Day weekend when the hotels, attractions and streets swarmed with visitors from all across the globe. It was a bustling time, as everyone enjoyed gazing at the magnificent Niagara Falls and taking in as many adventures as they could before ultimately retreating to that familiar place called home. Those 100 days, while still a very attractive and enjoyable time to visit Niagara, are no longer the only times to seek out adventure. Niagara has flourished well beyond the famous falls, with the surrounding communities uniting together to create an enchanting destination that serves all four seasons. Coming up next is old man winter, and if you have yet to visit Niagara during the chilly season then you are missing out. The


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astonishing views of the mighty Niagara Falls draped with a scenic coating of ice and snow are reason enough. Anyone who has seen it firsthand will confirm that anything less than a personal visit does not do it justice. If you’ve already checked Niagara Falls off your bucket list, you’ll just have to come again. After taking in the extraordinary views and snapping up the insta-worthy photography, you can, believe it or not, warm up in wine country. The well-known wine region of Niagara also specializes in ice wine, proudly producing more than 90% of the entire world’s authentic production of this sweet dessert beverage. Visiting Niagara in January is a sweet treat, as the region celebrates their ice wine production all month long through various galas and festivals. Described as a winter wonderland throughout this entire occasion, many of Ni-

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019

agara’s municipalities are all decked up both indoors and outdoors to provide you with an experience like no other. Running from November to January, you can also experience Canada’s largest lights festival. The Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights attracts over one million visitors annually and features a beautifully decorated eight-kilometre long lighting route travelling along the Niagara Parkway, through Dufferin Islands and surrounding areas in Niagara Falls. You’ve also never enjoyed an outdoor ice-skating experience until you’ve done so on a glistening rink looking out over a vineyard. Choosing Niagara in the winter doesn’t mean you have to give up on enjoying the summer activities – many of the most popular attractions, events and shows are open all year round for you and your family to enjoy.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


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