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This is our story

In 2011, my dear friend Rosita and I found ourselves pondering over cups of tea at Starbucks, feeling incredibly blessed with our lives. Rosita expressed a deep desire to give back meaningfully, eager to use her gift of speaking to uplift other women and raise funds for charity. Thus began our journey, fueled by her dream which soon became ours. Joined later by Carolyne, Zahra, and Jessica, we collectively formed Women With Passion and Purpose.

Years of planning culminated in the launch of our inaugural conference in 2016, aimed at empowering women through the art of storytelling. Reflecting on our varied backgrounds, shaped by experiences of poverty and personal loss, we came to value the importance of giving back and cherishing our familial and communal ties. Our parents, especially our mothers, instilled in us resilience, positivity, and the power of unconditional love. My own father’s visionary outlook left an indelible mark, teaching me the value of faith and perseverance.

Acknowledging our strengths in building connections and empathizing with others, we also recognize our imperfections—impatience and perfectionism among them. Yet, armed with these lessons and leveraging our diverse experiences, we strive to make a positive impact in our community. We aspire to be remembered as advocates, connectors, and motivators who left a lasting imprint on those around us.

Encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness and pursue change, we emphasize the transformative power of dreaming big and taking action.

Our message is simple yet profound: love deeply, forge connections, find joy in laughter, and above all, make a difference—no effort is too small when fueled by passion and purpose.

Eileen Baggs

On behalf of Women With Passion & Purpose

Eileen Baggs, Rosita Hall, Zahra Karamy, Jessica Opoku, & Carolyne Rashford

Editor Sue Boychuk • Assistant Editor Eileen Baggs • Public Relations Rosita Hall • Cver Photography provided by Sarah Nurse • Connect with us to reserve your magazine placement sponsorship for the next issue. Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024 Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 3 www.womenwithpassionandpurpose.com

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With 25+ years in investments, Francesca empowers clients to secure their financial futures. Holding prestigious Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) professional designations, she specializes in personalized tax, risk, and estate planning strategies. Renowned for her client-centric approach, she prioritizes wealth preservation and growth to uphold desired lifestyles.

Beyond finance, Francesca is deeply committed to financial education, teaching courses and engaging with organizations like the Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association and more. She supports children’s and women’s charities and participates in community initiatives, reflecting her dedication to a positive impact beyond finance.

In her leisure time, Francesca finds joy in family, golf, and reading, balancing her well-rounded pursuit of passion and purpose.

Table of Contents It’s today! We gather once again to celebrate Our Mistress of Ceremonies 06 Welcome! The 6th Annual Footprints of Faith Conference 2024, 6 Claire’s Special Story, The Colour of Light, 6 Agenda, 9 The Charity of Choice, 10 Charity of Choice Past Recipients, 11 Footprints of Faith Award Nominees, 13 Footprints of Faith Award Winners 2022, 14 Footprints of Faith Award Nomination Guide, 14 On the Cover Sarah Nurse 15 Professional Hockey Player, Fashion-forward Entrepreneur On Stage Caroline Wiles 18 Music that’s enjoyable and uplifting Meg SoperKeynote Speaker 20 Our Speakers Brandy Henderson 19 Love, Light, & Leadership Maria Onilla 19 The Light I Carry Our Keynote Meg Soper 20 Professional Speaker & Humourist Marketplace Shop While You’re Here 22 Vendors Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024 4 . 27 . 2024
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The 6th Annual Footprints of Faith Conference

The Colour of DoLight. seeyouwhat I see?

SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2024 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Introducing Our Mistress of Ceremonies: CAROLYNE RASHFORD

With a background as a police officer, working mother, and first-generation immigrant, Carolyne brings a unique perspective to her role.

For the past fifteen years, she’s pursued her dream of motivating and inspiring others, drawing from her diverse experiences. Passionate about selfempowerment and self-care, Carolyne shares lessons learned from her mother’s examples of strength and perseverance.

She believes in the power of each individual’s unique gifts, urging others to discover, master, and share them with the world.

Get ready to learn, live, and share as Carolyne leads us on an empowering journey!

Today we celebrate our success but more importantly, we celebrate your contributions to making our dream a success.”

Women With Passion & Purpose

Claire's Special Story


When Claire Densmore died in 1881 at the tender age of 5 months, her light affected and continues to affect many people and their families across an ocean and two continents and demonstrates the kindness and goodness of ordinary people.

Claire’s father, Robert F. Densmore of Maitland Nova Scotia was the captain of the “Gloaming”, a large sailing cargo ship that travelled around the world. Many trips could take a year or more, so captains would often take their families with them on these voyages.

In the summer of 1881, Captain Densmore had taken his wife Abbie, and their children including a baby daughter Claire. Their baby daughter died abroad the ship off

the north coast of Germany. Rather than burying her at sea, they decided to go to the Port of Nordenham, Germany to bury her with dignity.

Her final resting place, in the Atens cemetery, directly next to the tower of St. Mary’s Church, is entwined with a touching family history.

In August 2011, my husband, Doug, received a letter from Theda and Thomas, members of a parish in the town of Nordenham, Germany. It indicated that they had conducted an online search and asked if Doug was the great-grandson of Robert and Abbie Densmore of Nova Scotia. Indeed, he is.

The letter explained Claire’s death and that members of her parish and town had been looking after Claire’s grave at Atens and sent photos. From that, a bond of friendship developed.

Doug and I travelled to Nordenham in 2022. In a ceremony at the church, there were a few words from the pastor, the background story was told, and we learned that over the years the young children of the parish would often bring flowers to baby Claire’s grave so that she never felt alone in a strange land.

“We’re happy to be here now,” Doug said. We were very impressed and deeply grateful that Claire’s grave had been so lovingly cared for over 140 years. This human togetherness

is a sign of “optimism and hope,” especially in these times of war and crisis.

We went outside and stood beside the grave. It was a moving moment for everyone. In a sense, our physical journey was over, however, this story of enduring light, love, kindness, and others like it, will continue to be told.

This is one example of the Colour of Light - a light that lives inside all of us and reaches across cultures, nations, race, and religions to shine brightly with loving kindness.

Do you see what I see?

Below: On this photograph, the gravestone bears the inscription:

Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024
Background Image: Nordenham, Germany
4 . 27 . 2024 Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024
“In memory of Claire, died at sea, August 15th 1881, aged 5 months. Daughter of Captain Robert F. and Abbie Densmore of Maitland Nova Scotia.”

It’s today!

We gather once again to celebrate

4.27. 2024

Welcome to the 6th Annual Women With Passion and Purpose Footprints of Faith Conference 2024, themed “The Colour of Light”!

It is with great joy that we gather once again to celebrate the radiant brilliance and resilience of women from all walks of life. Like beams of light, each of us brings a unique hue to this collective tapestry of empowerment and inspiration.

Throughout the day, we’ll explore the spectrum of possibilities, illuminating pathways to personal and professional growth, guided by the luminous spirit of sisterhood and solidarity.

Together, let us shine brightly, casting out shadows of doubt and uncertainty, and embracing the transformative power of our collective light. Thank you for joining us on this illuminating journey of empowerment and discovery.

www.womenwi thpassionandpurpose.com Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 7 >>
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It’s today!

9:00 AM


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Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024

The Charity of Choice

We are proud to announce that the Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre is this year’s Charity of Choice

For more than 25 years, “The Core” has been addressing health inequities such as poverty, racism, discrimination, unemployment & homelessness, faced by community members, neighbors, friends, and families in Hamilton’s city core.


Stronger core, healthier lives.


A Strong, innovative leader where marginalized people are first in the inner city.


The Core provides primary healthcare, community health and harm reduction services as well as mental health and addiction counseling, meal programs, and more.


Programs support clients to prevent disease and to manage chronic illness through a holistic approach to care.


Collaboration with community partners is essential to address health inequities by supporting access to high-quality care.

Black Health Program:

Responding to systemic inequities in access to appropriate and timely health care, a need for access to mental health services and other issues facing black youth, in 2022 Hamilton

Urban Core launched the Black Health Program, staffed by a manager, case manager, two social workers and administrative staff. The program provides an Africentric, youthfocused, non-judgmental, anti-oppressive, antiracist, harm reduction, intersectional, feminist, strength-based, and healing-centered lens to support black youth and their families and caregivers to address their mental health and/or substance use concerns.


Improve mental wellness of black youth and their support systems, including family and caregivers, by providing culturally safe, accessible and effective communitybased services and supports through an Africentric lens.


Black youth have equitable access to Mental Health and substance use services and supports when and where needed.

2024 Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 10
It’s today! Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024 4 . 27 . 2024

Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth (SAPACCY):

Implemented in partnership with CAMH and seven community agencies across the province, the program provides support and services to black youth aged 12-29, that are experiencing stress, low mood, unwellness, and other challenges. The services are also extended to their families and/or caregivers.

SAPPACCY was developed to improve access to mental health services for black youth, produce models of culturally appropriate secondary and tertiary care, accelerate pathways to care, and reduce wait times while providing services to black youth that are culturally safe and grounded in an Africentric therapeutic theories and practices to improve mental health and wellness.

The Core participated in the weeklong Africa Day Health Fair along with other key community agencies and during Black History Month, offered programs for youth and their families including “When the brothers speak”, where Black talked about their health and other issues. , the Black Youth Talent Show, Black Youth Game Night and a Sista to Sista event. encouraging those who selfidentify as women to do self-care.


Since April 2022, proactively the team has engaged nine agencies that provide services to black youth in Hamilton in a series of presentations and discussions and has developed partnerships with the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, You Thrive, and the Hamilton Black Health Leaders Forum to ensure programs and services are shaped by community input and delivered where communities are.

On-going Programs:

For black youth, discussions revolve around stereotypes, stigmas, microaggressions, racism, intergenerational trauma, and the everyday issues associated with black bodies.


For black youth, the focus is on addressing the impact of mental health challenges and exploring coping mechanisms. This provides an opportunity to share experiences with mental health issues at school, work, and in our community, as well as sharing effective tools and coping skills.


For black youth seeking to enhance their mental wellness through music, dance, and health promotion activities.

Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 11 www.womenwithpassionandpurpose.com
Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 11 © 2024 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FRANKEL LAW Barristers and Solicitors Tel: 905-522-3972 Fax: 905-528-2767 Email: stephan@frankellaw.ca 105 Main Street East ,Suite 1001, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G6 AS AN ADDED VALUE SERVICE, WE ARE OFFERING FREE WILLS WHEN WE COMPLETE YOUR SERVICE, SALE, OR REFINANCE (A VALUE WORTH UP TO $1,000.00) *Free consultation on any other legal matter* Stephan M. Frankel AREAS OF PRACTICE | Real Estate | Criminal | Personal Injury | | Business/Corporate | Wills & Estate | Family | www.frankellaw.ca Charity of Choice Past Recipients 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020-2022 541 Eatery $1,645.00 Liberty for Youth $4,453.00 Native Women’s Centre $6,632.50 Thrive Group $4,453.00 Diabetes Camp for ChildrenDiabetes Canada $12,000.00
via email at blackhealth@hucchc.com or call 905-522-3233, ext. 113. You may also visit us in person at 430 Cannon St. E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2C8 or online at www.hucchc.com.

Strengthening our community through the power of collective giving 11 Years > 42 Charities > $350,000+ Raised >

Ready to be part of the 100 women who care movement? Join us for our summer meeting!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 ----- 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

@ C Hotel by Castelli Group ----- 1530 Stone Church Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8W 3P9

Become One of the 100? AWARENESS: Learn about the real needs of HamiltonWentworth & charities servicing our community EDUCATION: Be inspired by the stories of change, resilience, & hope fueled by our collective generosity Be the change you want to see in the community! What Sets Us Apart? VOLUNTEER-DRIVE: No administrative costs & membership fees POWER IN NUMBERS: 100 Women LOCAL IMPACT: 100% direct disbursement of contribution to the winning charity NO TIME CONSUMING COMMITMENTS: Attend just 4 one-hour meetings a year 100 WOMEN 1 HOUR MEETINGS 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS LOCAL IMPACT

Footprints of Faith Award Nominees

Jane Allison worships at the altar of the written and spoken word, constantly juggling her library haul and her purchased stack of books, with audio books thrown in for good measure. Jane read so many books as a kid growing up in Burlington that she was convinced that Nancy Drew was nearby, knowing that every old house was hiding some kind of mystery, and that Madeline really did live in Paris. Her career is based on words, too. An awardwinning community advocate and communications professional for organizations such as The Hamilton Spectator and the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, she is the principal and owner of Dovetail Community, a firm devoted to counselling, connecting and mentoring organizations about community impact and development.

One of Jane’s missions in life is to build community and support mentorship. Sometimes the trail can be blazed alone...and sometimes a tour guide is needed. Having a mentor can be so pivotal. So much can be learned by seeing others. This sounds passive but it really is quite powerful. Tuning into the lessons that resonate is so helpful in carving a path.

Anyone who knows Jane will be QUITE aware of her ongoing passion for Bruce Springsteen. While many assume this love is about his music or his overall Bruce-ness - and part of it is - the truth is that he acts as a mentor for Jane in many ways. Bruce cites that discovering music and performing allowed him to feel capable, smart and that he belonged somewhere for the first time in his life. He strives to create community with his fans and his colleagues. This model has become a mantra for Jane as well… building community, crafting connections, and expanding possibilities – all performed with grace, purpose, strength, passion, compassion and a true love of people and supporting their success.

Vanh Kalong came to Canada on August 13,1985 – a day she will never forget. Her family had fled the communist regime in Laos and spent 5 years in a Thai refugee camp before entering Canada. With little to no English, she went to high school and then to Mohawk College. Education was very important to her to my family as, until they came to Canada, none of them had any formal schooling.

At a very young age, even when living in the refugee camp, she had the dream of owning my own business, but of course was unsure of what, when, and how.

In 2001 Vanh opened My-Thai in downtown Hamilton. She was determined to fulfill her dream, and to share Thai food and culture with Hamiltonians. The struggles were real - sometimes sleeping on the kitchen floor, but she kept building and creating and with the power of positive thinking and hard work, hoped and prayed that something would happen.

And something did happen! My-Thai grew to eight locations and employed over 120. Many of the My-Thai “family” were newcomers: it was their first job in Canada, first job after school, first job before starting university. My-Thai was a place where many felt they belonged, including Vanh.

While My-Thai is re-grouping, their continued goal two-fold: to create opportunities for newcomers so they can care for themselves and to support charities that raise precious funds to meet community needs.

“The support and generosity our community showed me is the reason why I give back in any way I can. I am forever grateful to this land of opportunities and the country I call home (Canada). I will continue to give back in any way I can - after all we are all here to serve.” Vanh Kalong

Madeleine Dwyer is a career community builder. She began her work in Tlokweng, Botswana and then moved on to work with Hamilton’s Citizen Action Group as well as teach in Hamilton’s north end. She has also worked with international school boards in Rotterdam and Antwerp, with a particular focus on community outreach.

Family is Madeleine’s pride and inspiration. She and her husband Ted have been married for 38 years and have three wonderful children. Madeleine is also a perpetually injured runner, an aspiring gardener who finds joy in her Carolinian weeds, and … she is a world travel enthusiast.

Living out the philosophy of giving with a warm hand, Madeleine now manages her family’s informal foundation, TEAMM, as part of her work portfolio. ‘Give when you can … while you can, as much as you can, in whatever way you can’ is her motto. TEAMM has given Madeleine a greater window into the needs of the community and has involved her with the work of local organizations as the Hamilton Friends of Refugees, the Welcome Inn Community Centre, the Doctor Bob Kemp Hospice, the Good Shepherd and Hamilton Victory Gardens, to name a few.

What is truly special, is that TEAMM believes in hands-on help. Where possible, they roll up their sleeves and volunteer and have first-hand experiences with the organizations and the people they serve.

Madeleine currently has the pleasure and privilege of working with the local giving circle One Hundred Women Who Care. She is energized by the caring, committed and strong women she has met through this community!

Madeleine congratulates Women With Passion and Purpose and their great work, rallying together, building upon and sharing the strengths of women! https://100womenhamilton-wentworth.com. See 100 Women Who Care ad for more information.

Nancy McMillan has been fundraising to support causes she is passionate about since she was six years old, from hot dog sales in Grade 1 to buy gym equipment, through to the present-day BRIGHT Run walk/run supporting local breast cancer research.

“Do what you can with what you have” is her mantra and the results are what “puts fuel in (her) tank” to keep going. It is no coincidence that she and the Energizer Bunny share an affinity for the colour pink!

In 2007, Nancy, a private banker of 33 years (now retired), was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the night of Oct. 4, she woke from a dream. In her dream, she remembers seeing a pink ribbon. She placed her hand on her right breast and there it was – a lump. And so the next chapter of her life began. She remembers saying to herself “I wonder why breast cancer chose me? Well, I guess I’m going to find out!”

Find out she did. So did the Hamilton area breast cancer community, which she now lovingly refers to as her BRIGHT Run family.

At the same time Nancy was diagnosed, a small group of dedicated medical professionals at the Juravinski Cancer Centre (JCC) was brainstorming and putting together a plan to hold a fundraising walk/run in Hamilton. Their patients could then support local breast cancer research, instead of venturing down the highway.

In 2008, Nancy participated (bald) in the first BRIGHT Run, which took place at Dundas Valley Conservation Area. She hasn’t looked back.

Sixteen years later, $5.5 million has been raised. The event is 100% organized and hosted by more than 250 volunteers. Every dollar raised by participants supports research. Very generous community partners cover all related costs.

Seventeen studies have been funded, a breast cancer research chair endowed at McMaster University and the PYNK Program recently opened at JCC for young people diagnosed with breast cancer. Nancy’s advice is simple – do what you can, where you are, with what you have. And never put off anything. DO IT NOW!

Nancy McMillan is in her 11th year as BRIGHT Run Event Chair. www.brightrun.ca

Cecilia Tripp views life as both a gift to share and an opportunity to help others while facing challenges head-on with joy and gratitude. She cameto Canada from her home in Mexico to study, and lucky for us, she decided to stay.

As a publisher with Best Version Media, a company that focuses on producing private, family-oriented neighbourhood-specific magazines, Cecilia thrives in getting to hear people’s stories, connect with people and share inspiring stories in her publications.

In the role of 2023/24 president of the Ancaster Rotary Club, she oversees numerous activities that support important Hamilton-area charities including Dr. Davey School where members serve lunch to students every month. The smiles from the children is the greatest reward.

Cecilia exudes positive energy and loves to share her enthusiasm. She kicks off each 7:30 am Rotary meeting with an energetic dance to raise everyone’s spirits.

Belonging to Rotary provides an opportunity to feed her determination to overcome barriers and challenges to help the most vulnerable in her community - and make a difference.

Cecilia believes that true empathy, respect, and effective communication are keys to success.

A successful battle with breast cancer changed her life. “I am thankful for every sunrise, for everything, I don’t take life for granted. Every day is a miracle and an opportunity to start again and be a better human being. I want to give and help the most vulnerable (animals or humans). I feel that is my call: to protect, to create awareness. I do believe I can change the world around me.”

As someone who focuses on her strengths rather than her weaknesses and on positivity in the face of adversity, Cecilia shines as a community builder that is eager to learn more about what’s happening around her, meet new people and build long-term mutually supportive relationships in her “world”.

“I love being upbeat and including and accepting others,” she says. “I believe personal growth is ongoing, no matter how challenging the situation, and for me, discovering and utilizing my strengths to help others is of utmost importance.”

Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024 Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 13 www.womenwithpassionandpurpose.com
>> It’s today! #womenwpp
Jane Vanh Madeleine Nancy Cecilia

Footprints of Faith Award



If yes, kindly submit a brief summary (400 words or less) to Carolyne Rashford at carolynerashford@gmail.com by November 30, 2024.

Whether the nominee embodies characteristics such as faith, compassion, courage, respect, forgiveness, generosity, perseverance, and positive self-regard.

Whether they’ve motivated others to make a difference.

Whether they exhibit a servant’s heart and passion for a cause greater than themselves.

Enjoy the benefits of being a valued participant of the Scotiabank Women Initiative.

Participant incentives:

• Free to join

• Access to our client newsletter

• Invitations to attend events (at no cost to you!)

• Exclusive offers from our partners

• Network/connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs

• Hear success stories from leading women experts

Please contact: Keith Dieroff, Small Business Development Manager, for an introduction to your local Small Business Advisor keith.dieroff@scotiabank.com

Congratulation to our 2022 Award Winners
W1hether they’ve positively impacted their community, home, or workplace.
* * It’s today! Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024
OF FAITH AWARD NOMINATION GUIDE Michelle Vesprini Eileen Baggs


Sarah Nurse


Sarah Nurse takes great pride in her roots in Hamilton, where her journey in hockey began. From the age of three, she first stepped onto the ice to skate, and by five, she was playing hockey on her home turf at Lawfield Arena. Between 2010 and 2013, she honed her skills with the Stoney Creek Sabres, culminating in a remarkable achievement as the leading goal scorer in her final year.

Now, at the age of 29, Sarah stands as a professional hockey player, representing both the Canadian Women’s National Team and the recently established PWHL Toronto Franchise. Her position as one of the pioneering female hockey players is not only unique but also groundbreaking, marking a significant milestone in her career.

On the Cover! >>
Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024
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The trajectory from her humble beginnings as a novice skater to her current status in the PWHL has been an extraordinary journey. Sarah’s list of accomplishments is impressive, including being a two-time Olympian, earning both Olympic Gold and Silver medals, and holding the Olympic record for most points and assists in a single women’s tournament.


Beyond her on-ice achievements, Sarah is actively involved in advancing the status of women’s hockey. As a founding member of the Professional Women’s Hockey Player Association (PWHPA), she played a crucial role in negotiating the first collective bargaining agreement and strives to develop a sustainable professional women’s ice hockey league in North America.

Off the rink, Sarah is an entrepreneur with a keen interest in fashion and beauty, but her most significant source of pride lies in her advocacy work. As a self-described “biracial-black” woman, she has been a leading voice in promoting diversity and inclusion within the predominantly male-dominated sport of hockey.

Sarah’s impact extends beyond the realm of sports, garnering recognition from various platforms. Her appearance on the cover of Elle Canada and being featured in EA Sports NHL as the first woman in November 2023 are just a few examples of her growing influence.

Her ultimate aspiration is to pave the way for the next generation of female hockey players, ensuring that doors are open, trails are blazed, and the sport evolves for the better. Sarah’s relentless dedication, both on and off the ice, serves as a continuous source of inspiration for her admirers and supporters.

In 2020, Mattel honoured Sarah as part of their “You Can Be Anything” program by releasing a limited-edition “Sarah Nurse” Barbie, aimed at inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams.

Leaving a
ISSUE 4 • 2024 Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 17 www.womenwithpassionandpurpose.com
the Cover!

On Stage!

Music that’s enjoyable and uplifting

Caroline Wiles

“Wiles is a strong singersongwriter who has the added blessing of a killer voice, emotive and rich. A voice you want to hear. Her material is lyrically strong, straight to the point, emotional and empowering.”
Bob Mersereau, 2021 Canadian Arts Journalist, CBC

Caroline Wiles is one of Canada’s best-kept musical secrets at the height of her powers. She creates a unique blend of thoughtfully moving lyrics, delivered with intimate and endearing warm vocals, and timeless Folk Rock songcraft.

In 2021, Gordon Lightfoot said: “Caroline’s new record Grateful has a lot of strong material and wonderful vocals and harmonies.”

A lifetime songwriter and storyteller, Caroline has recorded five albums of her music with world–renowned, awardwinning producer Bob Doidge at legendary Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton.

Her stunning songs have been recognized by the Ontario Council of Folk Festival, Billboard Awards, John Lennon Awards, Hamilton Music Awards and Unisong Awards.

Caroline’s live performances are powerful, inviting and captivating. She has performed on multiple television, radio commercials and major stages in the GTHA, and has shared the stage with many Canadian treasures including Ian Thomas, Tom Cochrane, David Bradstreet, Tom Wilson, Steve Strongman, Harrison Kennedy and Rick Fines.

To place your order for CDs, please contact carolinewiles66@gmail.com

Footprints of Faith CONFERENCE 2024 Leaving a Footprint ISSUE 4 • 2024 18 4 . 27 . 2024

Brandy Henderson

As a Founder & Exec. VP of Ownera Group Inc. and COO of ULI Inc., Brandy boasts nearly 2 decades in global marketing and operations. Her leadership fosters accountability and results in every project.

With certified lean six sigma expertise, she drives major performance turnarounds and operational efficiency, managing highperforming teams across borders.

Brandy’s dedication extends to her community through volunteer work with charities and business associations. She actively mentors entrepreneurs, particularly women, through various programs and speaking engagements, fostering education and networking opportunities.

Love, Light, & Leadership in Action The Light I Carry

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Maria Onilla

Maria Onilla, a visionary entrepreneur, initially established Incareof Inc. as a nanny agency, but pivoted to healthcare services during the pandemic. Driven by a commitment to community and exceptional care, Maria leads her team to adapt and make a profound impact in healthcare.

Her goal is to transform Incareof Inc. into a specialized agency, offering skilled professionals to hospitals, nursing homes, and individuals. Services now include trained nurses and certified assistants. Maria advocates for caregiver rights and healthcare accessibility, collaborating locally and internationally. Despite post-pandemic challenges, Maria persists in her mission to positively reshape healthcare, offering hope to those in need.

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Working on the frontlines of healthcare as an operating room nurse for more than 25 years has allowed me to observe the impact of stress on our behavior from a firsthand perspective. Pursuing Stand-up Comedy for years also taught me the importance of looking for laughter in everyday situations. The benefit of these diverse career experiences has led me to believe that how we are impacted and how we respond when we are stressed is unique to each of us and involves a conscious choice – if we choose to be mindful about our choices!

Today, as a motivational humourist, I have the privilege of travelling throughout North America to connect with a diverse range of clients and audiences across healthcare, union, government, and corporate sectors. I get a huge “lift” from sharing insights on life balance, humour, mindfulness, and maintaining a

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positive mindset to enhance our self-esteem and boost the quality of relationships at home and at the workplace. My work has kept me engaged and filled my tank.

Then March 2020 rolled around.

The days and months that followed made it feel like we were in our own version of the movie “Groundhog Day”- where every day felt like Blurs Day. The challenges we faced as a society were beyond disruptive. But, despite all the months of isolation and non-stop negative news we rose to the challenge and made it through - so congratulations and well done! It sure wasn’t easy.

Which brings me to brain science. Brain science tells us that how we allocate our attention depends on the interaction between our older reptilian brain and our more recently evolved neo-cortex. Our reptilian brain evolved to ensure survival and is wired to trigger an adrenalin surge when we perceive a threat –whether imagined or real. The circuitry in this part of the brain remains much the same as it was for our ancestors. It is involuntary, and reactive. It is powerful, and seductive. There are moments when this part of our brain can dominate our thinking. So, beware!

Meanwhile, the more recently evolved upper brain layer is the source of our voluntary attention. It enables us to avoid distraction, focus on a task, and to innovate and think. Using this part of the brain comes down to a choice and requires discipline. Good stuff happens here. This is where we want to spend as much time as possible. We can practice techniques to help us be mindful of where we spend our mental energy and ensure that this is our ‘Go To’ area of the brain when things get dodgy.

The pandemic taught us some valuable lessons, and it truly shone a light on the importance of our health, family, and relationships – and being mindful of how we direct our mental energy. I believe that now more than ever, people are ready to laugh and connect with one another.

Laughter feeds our soul. So, now that we can gather in the same room, share positive energy face to face, I am excited to be back on the road to watch people lean in, share some “brain boosting techniques” and laugh together. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Meg Soper is a Registered Nurse, humourist, and professional speaker. She combines her experience as a stand-up comedian, operating room nurse and mother of two millennials to motivate audiences with humorous anecdotes and stress-busting strategies for personal resilience and teamwork. Soper believes that laughter is truly the best medicine available to deal with the day-to-day stress in our lives

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