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Love Niagara A letter from Canada's best kept secret


VOL.1 • ISSUE 1 • 2018

Standing near this famous waterfall, you will be drawn to its immensity; you will feel its undeniable power and might that will fill your entire body. With over 3,100 tons of water flowing over the Falls each second, it is surprising that it brings forth a sense of stillness. A truly natural wonder of the world that must be witnessed first hand. This incredible wonder draws in over 16 million visitors a year, and the equally beautiful landscape wrapped around it is the reason so many return. Over 447,000 residents choose to call Niagara home, and we invite you to explore everything that Niagara has to offer. The powerful thunder of Niagara Falls represents the heartbeat of this growing community. We only hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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“ From the locals' perspective. “ First, let us begin by welcoming you to our inaugural edition of Reveal Niagara, our newest magazine designed specifically for those visiting or looking to enjoy what Niagara has to offer. This magazine is for readers who want to know how to get the most out of their time here. Let us be your all in one guide to where to eat, drink, shop, explore and relax. We have had the pleasure of traveling the world, but there is something wonderful about this place we choose to call our home. We have some of the most incredible vineyards in the world, and we sure know how to host a wine festival (or two, or three….). But we also have breathtaking golf courses, hiking trails, waterfront parks and beaches and we even have skydiving and parasailing adventures. Our team aims to be entertaining and informative, but above all useful. Inside you’ll find a mixture of engaging articles, listings, visual guides, tips and tricks and a little bit of history and culture. We hope you enjoy checking out this first issue and, please be sure to check us out online for updated content monthly. We also encourage you to interact with us and our community, by using #revealniagara in your favorite shots or by dropping us a line and letting us know what you’d like to see included in a future issue. Thank you for choosing Niagara, a place we love to call home. We wish you the greatest explorations and welcome you back again and again.

Rowe & Brandy



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VOLUME 1 | APR 2018 - MAR 2019

C O N T E N T S VOLUME 1: 2018 - 2019

LIFE 12 Downtown District...In the heart of the Region is the entertainment district found in downtown St. Catharines 14 The Falls District...Our guide to enjoying the nightlife and club scene in Niagara Falls

16 Unusual Question Startles Bartender...An entertaining story about a question us locals used to hear often

18 It’s More than Music...A simple reminder that catching live music while in Niagara is a must 20 Before & After: Clifton Hill...The well-known street of fun wasn’t always bright lights and attractions 51 Homegrown Superfood in Niagara...Check out how to boost your visit with local superfoods all year round 66 Nautical Niagara...Water? In Niagara? Who knew! A guide to our marinas leaves you with no excuse to get out on the water 70 Roam Free...Niagara is made up of multiple municipalities all offering something unique; 73 Live Out Your Bucket List... A little encouragement to scratch off some of those thrilling adventures while here in Niagara


NIAGARA FESTIVALS...A collection of festival celebrations all year round, from wine to music to extravagant light shows

34 LOVE, NIAGARA...A passionate letter written from a very powerful wonder of the world

61 A GLIMPSE BEHIND THE RUNWAY...We share one of the selfmade fashion designers hiding out in Niagara

LOCAL INSIDER 42 Views to Dine For...Where to dine alongside a spectacular view 44 Wineries: The Pride of Niagara... Favourite winery taking the spotlight 49 Reveal Niagara’s Top 5...Highlighting Niagara’s top breweries 54 Golf is Like a Love Affair...A perfect place for any avid golfer 57 Spa Niagara...A reminder of why & where you should indulge 64 Stylist Picks... Hand-picked pieces that are perfect for you


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Roam Free

Places to go. Things to do.



Alex Kazam

Tasneem Motola

Annie Pasquariello

10 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

Alex is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur and entertainer. He has performed over 3,000 live shows and has made multiple appearances on radio and national television. He has performed for various celebrities and media personalities, including: Paul Shaffer, Chriss Angel, David Suzuki, Shawn Desman & Nicole Holness.

Tasneem is a Brock University graduate with a BA in English and Classical Civilization before finishing the Publishing Book, Magazine, and Electronic post-grad program at Centennial College. She is the Founder and Creative Director of KROS Magazine. She hopes to one day design book covers and publish her very own novel.

Annie is a Niagara native and a Niagara College graduate. She loves engaging with people and learning their stories and viewpoints. She is a passionate writer with experience in community newspapers and travel blogs If you were to ask Annie about her favorite things she would say writing, travel, music and lipstick.


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Coming to Niagara couldn’t be easier, with convenient cross-border access to and from the United States or by arriving at more than 3 airports within a 90 minute radius of the heart of Niagara. Travelling to your destination from any of our nearby airports is quick, convenient and easy to navigate. Depending on where you are coming from, you can also arrive comfortably by car, bus or train.

GETTING AROUND However you choose to arrive, Niagara has plenty to offer while you are here and a multitude of ways to get around and explore. Keep your carbon footprint down by cycling and seeing the sites or hiking the many trails and paths that have been beautifuly carved throughout the Region. Looking for a more direct method of transportation? You can hop on the WEGO, a bus system connecting accomodations and tourism attractions throughout the city of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks, or you can hail a taxi or order an Uber to get around quickly and comfortably. Be sure to always ask your concierge desk for any shuttle or tour information that is available as well, espeially if you are looking to indulge in a little wine country while here. Getting around is certainly not an issue, but with so much to offer and explore, choosing what to do will prove to be the real challenge.

niagara Rises

By: Chris McCooey Photography

a C . t S

s e n i r tha


If you are in Niagara for any length of time, visiting Downtown St. Catharines is an absolute must. This is one of the best entertainment districts of the region, with its tight cluster of stadiums, theatres, restaurants, pubs and nightlife offerings.


hese streets are riddled with some of the best food that we promise you cannot get at home. From the most delectable vegan menu we’ve ever experienced at Rise Above (be sure to try the mac n cheese) to the exquisite farm to table cuisine at Wellington Court, your pallette will not be disappointed.

If entertainment is what you‘re after then you must seek out the ongoing calendar of festivals, shows and films found at the Performing Arts Centre and Meridian Centre, situated right downtown. After your show you can take a stroll to one of the many venues offering live music, or maybe you feel like dancing the night away. Whatever you fancy, there is plenty of entertainment to be had right here. Be sure to pop into one of the pubs or craft breweries and enjoy some spirits while deciding what to do next.

These streets really do come alive....and actually you can even head out for a full moon ghost walk and hear about what lurking spirits and haunted tales surround you.

REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 15



16 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019




k, we know, with the ever so popular culture of “Netflix and Chill” you might be considering a more relaxing evening. But we would be doing a disservice if we did not at least mention the tantalizing prospect of heading out for a night on the town. If you love to dance, or maybe haven’t been out in a while then we urge you to check out one or all of what Niagara Falls has waiting for you. Now go get ready ... Unique surroundings & interesting architecture can be found at Club Se7en, where a brick and beam loft space housed in an original 1920’s warehousehas been renovated to bring you an industrial, New York feel. Or head over to Dragonfly, entering through the massive 14foot iron clad doors borrowed from the ancient forbidden city and explore 12,000 square feet of Asian inspired glamour. Like mojito’s? You might want to make a pit stop for one at Mojito House Bar & Restaurant, or stay awhile and dance all night. Either way, try their signature drink, you won’t regret it. A full night of dancing can often work up a sweat, so you might want to head to a place with access to the refreshing outdoors. Designed to depict the essence of Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, Club Mardi Gras brings the rod iron balcony to what is Niagaras largest outdoor licencsed, heated patio. Or head to the Hard Rock Club on Falls Avenue, where 60’s plush velvet lounge meets 21st century digital media and of course, large garage doors that open up wide to let the fresh air in. If a later night or after-hours spot is what you are looking for, then we have just the place for you. Brooklyn offers extended hours of nightlife, with the crowd going strong until 3:00 am on Thursday nights and 5:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 17


t was a Friday night, I was bartending at a restaurant that filled nightly. Tourists came from all over the world, not because I was a particularly great bartender, but because the place had a great view of the Bridal Veil Falls (one of three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls). I had just placed a dessert on the bar in front of the lovely couple I’d been serving for about an hour. One of them looked up at me and asked: “What time do they shut the water off?”.

I looked at him, tilted my head, squinted my eyes and raised one of my eyebrows. “Pardon me?” I said, as I glanced from him, to his partner, and back to him. I was so confused. He pointed at the big window behind me. I looked behind me. I didn’t see anything that helped me understand the context of the question. My look of puzzlement grew, my heart-started to beat a little faster. Was I missing something? “Behind you silly!” They continued, pointing behind me.

“What time do they turn the waterfalls off?”

UNUSUAL QUESTION STARTLES BARTENDER BY ALEX KAZAM I looked behind me again. Through the large glass window, I could see what I got to marvel at every night I was at work. Having long been considered the 8th Wonder of the World. Every minute, about six million cubic feet (168,000 m3) of water gushes over their crest. They have appeared on television shows and movies. Created by the Wisconsin glaciation about 10,000 years ago: Niagara Falls.

Now, realizing there was very little I could do to avoid seeming demeaning, I explained nervously: “They are not mechanical. There is no tap with which we can turn them ON or OFF. They run all night. Every night.” Saying it out loud, made me realize just how amazing it really was. Humans not having to get involved with them, or at least, only involving ourselves to the extent that we use this wondrous natural occurrence to It was the first time someone had our benefit (hydroelectricity). gotten me this good in a long time. I was bent-over the bar, As I finished explaining all this, laughing, struggling to catch my dreading an uncomfortable breath. “You two just made my silence, I tried to offer a night” I bellowed out. I wiped compliment along with a followa couple tears that had formed up thought to change the from the silliness. By the time I subject. “I like that you two ask looked up at my guests, the ill- so many good questions. I love feeling confusion relieved by my asking serving staff for their laughter, returned faster than favourite, little-known treasures I was able to stomach. Both or destinations as a fun way to of them sat there, completely come up with an itinerary when stone-faced. I’m exploring a new area.”

18 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

Accordingly, the couple asked if there was anything I particularly recommended. I proceeded with a long spiel about my favourite restaurants, wineries and live entertainment events in the Niagara area. (Many of which fill the pages of the magazine you have in front of you.) Eventually, they finished up their dessert, paid their bill, we shook hands. They were smiling when they walked out the doors. So I think it was all okay. Namely because they left me a generous tip, and I didn’t get any bad reviews with my name attached in the following days. This was the first of many similar instances. In spite of the amount of times people genuinely asked this question. Be it of myself, or fellow servers and bartenders in Niagara. It had never dawned on me to actually research where this question might have originated. I must confess that in all my years as a bartender, I lied unknowingly to a lot of people. I’d like to set the record straight.


On the whole, the truth is the falls can be turned off. Rather more accurately: de-watered. In 1969, U.S. engineers diverted water away from the American falls for several months. They strengthened faults in the falls’ foundation to prevent erosion. So with this in mind, if you ever have a plumber giving you a hard time just say:

Wherever the night takes you, we suggest capping it off just like the locals. Take a stroll through Fallsview Casino and enjoy last call at 365 Club, then finish up at the Noodle Bar. Or maybe you closed down the club, then you must end the night with an order of wonton soup at Country Fresh Donuts on Victoria Avenue (seriously).

“If they can turn off Niagara Falls, you can fix my tub!”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alex Kazam is an award-winning blogger & entertainer residing in St. Catharines, Ontario. You can find him performing regularly across venues all over the Niagara region. For more about him visit: thealexkazam.com REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 19

IT'S MORE THAN MUSIC It's not about what you hear, it's about how it makes you feel...


ven the most isolated places around the world celebrate through music in various forms, and all cultures have enjoyed music since well before any recorded history. Live music especially delivers a much deeper connection and emotional experience. No matter your musical tastes and preferences, a live performance is one of the most satisfying things to do on a regular basis. Niagara is home to some exceptionally talented musicians, and even attracts world class musicians for several festivals, concerts and shows that occur throughout the year. All throughout the Region there is a host of locations highlighting different bands and solo artists on a regular rotation in just about every musical genre you can think of. The calendar is always being updated with new events and different venues, so we always encourage our visitors and locals to hop online and search what’s happening.

20 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

And catching a show at a local venue isn’t the only way to soak in the music. There is a robust circuit of music festivals all throughout the year to check out as well. From the Piano Jazz Series in the winter, to the different outdoor and canal-side concerts all summer long, to the festivals in the vineyards in the Fall.

We invite you to check out revealmags.com and Reveal Niagara Facebook page for our weekly recommendations on what’s taking place.

brooklynniagara.com REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 21

Before & After: Clifton Hill It wasn’t always arcades and mini-golf!

by: Tasneem Motala


hile some of the highlights of Clifton Hill’s tourism options, like the Maid of the Mist and Journey Behind the Falls, have been here since the 1800s, it hasn’t always been bright lights and loud music. It’s certainly hard to imagine anything on Clifton Hill other than the current zany attractions like Dino Golf, the Niagara Skywheel, and the mainstay Great Canadian Midway arcade, but it was once a British settlement founded and named by Captain Ogden Creighton back in 1782. It became a tourist hub in 1812, and by the 1820’s there were three hotels that visitors could stay at just to see the Falls. Captain Creighton even built his own residence up on Clifton Hill. He aptly named it Clifton Cottage, and it stood where the Great Canadian Midway is now. Nowadays, a chunk of Clifton Hill is owned by Charlie Burland, president of the Niagara Clifton Group. Back in 1925, his grandfather bought the property that is now the Travelodge on Clifton Hill. At first, it was run as a campground, but it evolved into cottages, and then a motel, before finally becoming the Travelodge it’s known as today. Burland’s parents took over when his grandfather passed away, and added more motels, gift stores, restaurants, and retail stops to the growing tourist area. When Burland took over the Niagara Clifton Group in the 90’s, he also took over all the attractions his family started building in the late 70’s. That includes the Fun House, the Haunted House, the Guinness World Records Museum, and the Mystery Maze, along with some others.

The other chunk of Clifton Hill is owned by Harry Oakes, president of Hoco Limited. The Oakes family played a huge part in Niagara Falls’ growing tourism sector, since they’ve been here since the 1920’s. Oakes’ grandfather, Sir Harry Oakes, moved to Niagara and built a mansion, now known as the Oak Hall, overlooking Dufferin Islands. He also contributed Oakes Garden Theatre, which opened up in 1937. It is located right where the hotels from Captain Creighton’s time used to stand. Now, the Oakes family continues to contribute to Clifton Hill in the form of Canadian restaurants like Tim Hortons, Kelsey’s, and Boston Pizza, as well as attractions like the Great Canadian Midway complex, home to a giant arcade, the XD Theatre, and a bowling alley. But whether then or now, Niagara Falls has always been known as a tourist hub to see a wonder of the world, with or without the bright lights and casinos.



music throughout the year AWARDED THE BEST NEW FESTIVAL IN ONTARIO 2017 - FESTIVALS & EVENTS ONTARIO the festival inspires, educates, & develops future jazz audiences for generations to come.

THE 5TH ANNUAL TD niagara jazz festival is a new & exciting festival dedicated to celebrating THE ART OF JAZZ in the region.

live. learn. jazz. Twilight Piano Jazz Series January to March LIVE LEARN JAZZ Series April to July SUMMER JAZZ FESTIVAL incl. 3 FREE Stages last 2 weeks in july Big Band Jazz Event october Twilight Jazz Series october to july The Music of a Charlie Brown Christmas december

1 - 844 - L I V - J A Z Z (1 - 844 - 548 - 5299 ) www.niagarajazzfestival.com follow us @jazzniagara

image provided by: DAN brown

tickets available


Jazz it up A Jazz musician creates art each time they pick up an instrument and play.The same piece of music will sound different every time it is played, even by the same musician that has rehearsed it one thousand times. There is a feeling that comes along with jazz music that pumps into the brain, works down through your body and enters your soul. Like many musical artforms, there is a transformation that occurs when you hear a piece of music that you connect with. That release that takes place, followed by an innate connection to an experience that will forever be formed in your memory.

Niagara Loves Jazz All throughout Niagara at various points on the calendar, the TD Niagara Jazz Festival offers a series of live experiences that will allow you to immerse yourself in a pre-existing love for jazz, or dare we say, deliver you a new love and passion for something you were unaware of previously. Live.Love.Jazz. has become a way of life here in Niagara. We celebrate music, life and art and as often as possible come together as a community to share this love.

image provided by: DAN brown

funded in part by:

The Niagara Wine Festivals

2018 - 2019 28 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019


ne of Canada’s most cherished products is our Ontario Icewine, which is celebrated each year over the course of three weekends in January at the Niagara Icewine Festival. Niagara is transformed into a spectacular winter wonderland, and amongst all the events is the glamorous Icewine Gala hosted at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

If you are visiting in June, be sure to make an appearance at the Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival, which is one of the most unique wine and food events. Over 30 wineries come together for an incredible tailgate party which is a must attend event, in addition to the farm-to-table culinary offerings and live music. The largest wine festival & street parade in all of Canada, Niagara Grape and Wine Festival is hosted at the historic Montebello Park in St. Catharines. Be sure to investigate our Discovery Passes for different packages and cost savings before planning the event of your choice. All the details can be found online at niagarawinefestival.com and since we take our wine very seriously here in Niagara, we also have Grape & Wine TV on YouTube so check out the newest updates

REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 29

30 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

40 Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival TH ANNUAL

August 3 – 6, 2018

For those with a taste for adventure, this year’s 40th Annual Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival offers activities and attractions to enliven the senses. Vessels gather in Port Colborne each Civic holiday weekend, for a four-day celebration of history and heritage. Explore the decks, try your hand at the wheel, or feel the spray as you cruise Lake Erie on the Empire Sandy, E.M. Cotter Fire Boat and the US Brigg Niagara, or feel the spray as you cruise Lake Erie on the Empire Sandy. Nestled at the junction of the Welland Canal and the Lake Erie north shore, Port Colborne is a working marine community, with rich nautical history and welcoming hospitality. At the height of summer, the entire city takes time to celebrate the reasons why our picturesque city has grown and prospered. Canal Days encompasses the entire community, with activities at a dozen different venues: The Marina is host to the Lighthouse Tours and H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park hosts the Canal Days Concert Series featuring top-notch entertainment. The Seaway Park children’s area has live pony rides, inflatables, kid’s activities and you can ride the train across the bridge. At the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum, the history of the Welland Canal is on display and heritage artisans can be seen working their trades. Festival guests can ride the free Canal Days shuttle to the Vale Health & Wellness Centre for an indoor craft show, or the Garden Swing Jazz event at the Roselawn Centre. Festival food and shopping kiosks fill downtown. An ever changing roster of activities has repeatedly redefined Canal Days, and as the festival moves into its fourth decade, that growth will continue as the festival sails forward. A source of great community pride, Canal Days is Port Colborne’s signature event. The countless local volunteers who work tirelessly over foue days make this event Niagara’s premier summer festival.



For more information about Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival, Call 1 - 8 8 8 - P O R T - F U N or visit c a n a l d a y s . c a


Canadian Fishing Championship

H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park & Sugarloaf Marina August 10 & 11, 2018

Berkley B1 is a Bilingual Tournament that attracts a host of professional anglers for 5-10 days from different provinces that includes Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta and Ontario to name a few. Limited to 150 anglers. The purse for this tournament brings a top dollar value of a combined $100,000.00, a brand new bass boat, tournament rings and trophies. Berkley B1 prides itself on being a 100% live release tournament. For more information contact Ben Woo


portcolborne.ca REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 31

The Winter Festival of Lights (WFOL) is Canada’s most iconic lighting festival taking place in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Established in 1982 the WFOL is entering its 36th season of creating wintertime memories for families and couples alike. The upcoming Festival season will run for ninety days starting on November 3rd and ending on January 31, 2019. 32 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

The WFOL features an illumination route that is over eight kilometres long with over two million lights, the route travels through Clifton Hill, the Niagara Parks, past the mighty falls, through Dufferin Islands and surrounding tourist districts like the Fallsview Boulevard. There is no admission charge to tour the 8km long lighting route but volunteers at Dufferin Islands accept voluntary donations which go towards lighting maintenance and improvements.

This winter the WFOL will be featuring interactive light displays including Prismatica a field of 25 colourful prisms, the Passage an 84 foot long tunnel of light, Impulse illuminated see-saws & the Loop an illuminated cylinder that visitors can sit in and activate a fairy-tale story.

With over 1.65 million visits last winter, the WFOL is a winter tradition for people throughout southern Ontario. The WFOL hosts special events throughout its season including: Opening Ceremonies, Deck the Falls walking tour, Fallsview Sound & Light Show, weekly fireworks and Sparkle Lighting Awards.

Make It Your Winter Tradition! For more information about the Winter Festival of Lights and its events please visit wfol.com REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 33

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34 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

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Love, Niagara A Letter from Canada’s Best Kept Secret

Author: Alex Kazam Photography: Chris McCooey Reveal Magazine, Ownera Media

By Chris McCooey Photography


Rose By Any Other Name

I have been called many things in my day. Some nice, others not so much. Certain people still call me the Honeymoon Capital of the World. I appreciate the sentiment, considering that prestigious title was inspired by some highprofile friends visiting me back in the early 1800’s. Unless you’re a time traveler, you didn’t get to meet Theodosia Burr (former U.S. Vice-President Aaron Burr’s daughter). She visited me with husband Joseph Alston, soon after they got hitched in 1801. Not to mention, I still remember Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother Jerome visiting me with his bride. She always had the most beautiful smile on her face, what a lovely couple. But I digress, and I needn’t age myself anymore than I have. Of course, tradition tends to speak louder than statistics on this matter. I’m honoured to have so many people still aware of my romantic inclinations. Though this may be true, when Canada was founded, (1867) we chatted. Together, with the influence of a lot of historical events, entrepreneurial and personal efforts: we decided it would be wise to expand my reach beyond that of just hosting couples in love.

Turning a New Leaf Comparatively, many of you are probably also aware of my abilities to provide a safe-haven to your Grandma, Nana, Nona, Grandpa, Opa, or maybe even your Papi. Additionally, some of you might know I’ve supported an enormous automobile industry, and a lot of its employees. It has been a pleasure, and an honour to be here in all these different ways. In the event that you aren’t planning on honeymooning, retiring or beginning a career as a factory worker anytime soon: I’m here to tell you that I’ve made some really exciting steps into new directions and have gone through a lot of changes you may not know about. For those of you who are convinced you know me well, it is my hope that you’ll be able to see me in a new light. For those of you who may not know much about me, I look forward to getting to know you.

By Chris McCooey Photography 40 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019

The Stranger Sees Only What He Knows If you saw my good-looking friends on the cover of this magazine, you might be convinced they’re models we hired from some bigger metropolis. Paid to plaster on big smiles, and exude superficial joy for the purpose of the photoshoot. Just a well-orchestrated veneer? Nothing could be further from the truth. This group of lovelies is a perfect representation of something I see every day. Something I’m extremely proud of, and can’t wait to tell you about. From time to time, people visiting Canada use the word multicultural to describe some part of their on-going experience. They’re usually referring to the vast array of ethnicities visible when travelling through most cities. Defined by their noticeably eclectic collection of languages, their different religious practices or maybe their individual traditions. It certainly is a wonderfully Canadian thing, and it is my second favourite thing . To clarify, my favourite Canadian thing, is also what I’m most proud of. Being multicultural is well and fine, but it doesn’t mean much if nobody makes an effort to effectively negotiate their differences to achieve a greater good. The result of crosscultural dialogue, and challenging self-segregating tendencies within cultures leaves a wonderful idea behind: Interculturalism.

There are many different insights and lessons you can gleam from this. Being grateful for every hour you have in health. Being more vigilant of motorcycles on the road. From my perspective, it was so exciting to see an intercultural community work so flawlessly. At one point there was a Libyan doctor, then a Chinese one. Once, it was a nurse born in the same hospital he was now working in, teaching an international student who came to me from Venezuela. What a beautiful collection of people united by their respect and understanding of each other’s differences and similarities.

Do the Thing On the whole, I hope you can see that I am rich in culture. That my diversity does not equate to a lack of unity. Some have started calling me the new “it” spot for frazzled city folk. So come see everything I have to offer. Treat yourself, and enjoy your get-away. There are nearly 100 wineries, more festivals than days in the year, and some internationally-acclaimed artists excitedly call me home. Some incredible people gather in my award-winning restaurants, bars and cafés. Each of them help in creating an attractive, vibrant and friendly community. If you’re considering making me your home, I welcome you with open...roads. If you’re stuck in traffic reading this, I’m really sorry, my timing sucks sometimes.

A young couple that have called me home for most of their life, were taking a leisurely ride on their motorcycle when a car struck them going 60 kilometres per hour (40 miles per Love, hour). In the beginning, it wasn’t certain if one of the victims of this horrific accident was going to survive. He was stabilized at one of my hospitals, before being airlifted to another one. Though stable, a leg-amputation was being considered as the extent of the damage done was so severe. Teams of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff worked as quickly and precisely as they could. Today, that young couple is married, grateful for their precious gift of life. No amputation was necessary, and through a multitude of surgeries and devotion to rehabilitative regimens and healthful life practices, they are not only alive, they thrive. From walking, to working, to weight-training at a local gym. They celebrate every day, and their story has inspired anyone who knows it.

Niagara Alex Kazam / Reveal Niagara



Your Better Bridge to Niagara As a true Niagara native, Lori believes in the community lifestyle that Niagara has to offer.   Her experience and love of the area in conjunction with the competitive advantage that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate offer; exceptional service and experience, make Lori a trusted source for all real estate needs.

Lori Bambridge Real Estate Sales Representative





VIEWS TO D   i ne F  R savour every moment and every taste





t really doesn’t matter what your dining style preferences are, we bet that an evening with an incredible view of the water is not something many would turn down.



Starting with one of our personal favorites is a place alongside the canal nestled right in the heart of the region, and conveniently located In Niagara we have a long list near the highway. Regardless of of incredible venues offering where you are staying in Niagara, beautiful views of the Falls, you can likely get to George’s Greek the various lakes and canals Village in less than 15 minutes and and both indoor or outdoor we promise it’s worth the stop. experiences are available depending on the season. You can enjoy fabulous Greek cuisine all year round at George’s, With so many options to and no matter the season there is a choose from it could be beautiful view of the canal. difficult to decide, but we have a couple favorites that we feel This spot is a local favorite to just you must visit. about everyone in Niagara not only because of its food but also for its impeccable service. And if you are staying in one of the nearby hotels, you can have a quick dine-in experience or enjoy their take-out/ delivery options.



On a clear day with bright blue skies, you will have a crystal-clear view of the Toronto skyline from the prestigious patio at The Lakehouse.

Another breath-taking view of Lake Ontario can be enjoyed from Panorama’s 8th floor Restaurant and Wine Bar, located atop the Casablanca Winery Inn right off the highway in Grimsby.

Perched directly on the water in Vineland, the views of Lake Ontario are so stunning that you may even forget that you originally came here for something to eat. But do not fret, the dining experience itself is also rather unforgettable, offering Sometimes it isn’t quite a full a full service Mediterranean menu meal you are after. Maybe all you that will leave you wanting to return need after a day of adventure is a even if it means booking another beautiful view with a few glasses of trip to Niagara. wine on the deck. This is certainly one of our favorite ways to spend an evening before calling it a night.

Surrounded by glass, you can enjoy this view all year round while your meal is cooking in the open-hearth grill in the center of the restaurant. The food reviews are nothing short of mouth watering especially amongst the steak and seafood dishes they have become well known for.


Wineries The Pride of Niagara

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NIAGARA ON-THE-LAKE WINERIES TWENTY VALLEY WINERIES Of the 80+ wineries located in the Region, more than 40 of them are found in within the Niagara Escarpment and Niagara Peninsula appellations,and the sub appellations known as Beamsville Bench, Short Hills Bench, Twenty Mile Bench, Lincoln Lakeshore and Creek Shores. Existing right between Lake Ontario and the Escarpment, the views on either side are breathtaking, whether you’re gazing at the rolling hills, rugged country side or stunning views of the lake, this is the perfect place to spend the day wine trailing.

This close-knit community is home to more than 20 wineries, from large estates to smaller boutique wineries, all bordered by Lake Ontario and the Niagara River directly below the Niagara Escarpment. Each winery has its own distinct story and personality, but the commonality between them is their ability to produce award-winning, enticing, and internationally recognized wines.

NIAGARA FALLS WINERY The closest winery to the core Niagara area is Lundy Manor, the first and only estate winery in Niagara Falls, located less than 10 minutes from the Falls on Lundy’s Lane. The chateau is beautiful, and they of course offer wine tours and tastings but also encourage visitors to come by for a short visit and enjoy some wine on one of the two patios or inside the chateau.

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s you can tell, Niagara’s wine country spans a lot further than one might imagine. And just southeast of Jordan Village is where you will find our feature favourite, Flat Rock Cellars. Nestled within the Twenty Mile Bench it is home to a collection of truly exceptional wines, but it also offers one of the most impressive views of Lake Ontario, the Toronto skyline and the rolling countryside of west Niagara.

Since opening in 2005, Flat Rock Cellars focus has been clear and simple - make the best Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling they can from their 80 rolling acres of prime vineyards. To produce these high-quality wines through sustainable agricultural practices, a five-level, state-of the-art gravity-flow winemaking process is used and of course, great attention to detail. This cutting edge, gravity-fed winery ensures the very best terroir is expressed in all their excellent wines including, Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling, consistently one of the very best in the country. Flat Rock Cellars is also a certified Sustainable Winemaking Ontario winery.

2727 Seventh Ave, Jordan Station

flatrockcellars.com The true success of this winery comes directly from the land they own and ensuring that investing and preserving the natural eco-system is a responsibility they take quite seriously. That famous green leaf logo guarantees that these wineries adhere to a sustainable “soil to shelf” path throughout the entire winemaking process. The motto here is quite simple as well; TO CREATE WINE THAT TRULY COMPETES ON THE WORLD STAGE AND TO BE SURE TO ENJOY MAKING IT ALONG THE WAY.

Flat Rock Cellars offers one of the most impressive views of Lake Ontario, the Toronto skyline and the rolling countryside of west Niagara

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With new breweries continuing to pop up all over Niagara, so be sure to hop onto our digital issue for the most up to date listings. And check back often for continuous contributions to the Top 5.


SUPERFOOD IN NIAGARA We’ve got that extra nutrition in our backyard! by: Tasneem Motala

At this point in the game, we’ve all heard about the benefits of superfoods in our daily diets, but did you know that a handful of them are grown right here in Niagara? We’re not only known for our plethora of wineries, but also our farmers markets that sell locally-grown produce. From apples to tomatoes, Niagara hides all of its superfoods in broad daylight. Most superfoods are known to pack a nutritious punch with vitamins and other nutrients. However, superfoods can do so much more. Detoxifying your system, preventing signs of aging, and fighting cancer are all on the to-do lists of superfoods grown in Niagara. Tailoring your diet to what you need most is easy when you know what to look for in our farmers markets. An Apple (or Some Grapes) a Day... Detoxes have always been around, but you don’t need to go big when you can go daily. Apples are a great source of antioxidants, and the skin contains way more of the good stuff than the inside. Chopped up with peanut butter or sprinkled over salads, there’s tons of ways to incorporate this tasty fruit into your daily

routine. Grapes and blueberries are also excellent for those in need of a detox, and make great snack foods while you’re on the go, seeing the sites, or in a rush out of your hotel room . And for those who want their dinners or desserts with a side of healthy detoxing, look no further than Niagara-grown asparagus and pumpkins! With a little oil, salt, and pepper, asparagus keeps your main dish company on the dinner table, and pumpkin pie is always a tasty treat whether it’s fall or not! Anti-Aging Without the Face Creams Boost your skincare regime with cherries and peaches! When these two juicy fruits are in season, don’t forget

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to load your cart up. Cherries are loaded with amino acids that help protect your skin from UV rays, making them your sunscreen’s daily assistant, while peaches are known for their high concentrations of Vitamin C, which is a must for healthy skin.Vitamin C is known to help repair and regenerate tissues, so if you’ve been suffering from acne scars or unusually dry skin, it can lend a helping hand to the body’s natural healing process. Cherries are great in pies or as a snack all their own. Peaches are also great in pies, cobblers, salads, and by themselves. Summertime skin care has never been so yummy!

Our Secret Weapons Strawberries and tomatoes look innocent on the outside, but on the inside they pack the biggest nutritional punches in Niagara. These red fruits are hidden gems in terms of healthy benefits. Strawberries are multi-taskers, loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and so many other nutritious vitamins and minerals that it’s almost a shocker they’re so tasty. Whether you’re pairing them with chocolate fondue, shortcake, or your morning toast, strawberries are always a treat. Meanwhile, tomatoes are just as full of nutrients. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents heart disease. They also have healthy doses of vitamins A, C, and E, which are all known to help fight off cancer. With so many recipes that call for tomatoes, whether it’s spaghetti, pizza, or a salad, it’s easy to indulge on the disease-fighting benefits of tomatoes.


GRAND NIAGARA GOLF CLUB Ranked as the best golf course in the Niagara Region, Grand Niagara is a captivating and prestigious 18-hole course that sprawls a meticulous 320 acres, designed by world- renowned golf architect Rees Jones. Please call the Golf Shop at 1 grandniagaragolf.com


to book your tee time.


The course at Grand Niagara presents each golfer with the feeling as though they are at the Masters. A truly exquisite and classic design by world renowned Rees Jones.


like to think of golf as a very intimate and complex relationship. Arthur Daley once said “Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.” These words could not be truer and if you have golfed, even just once, I would bet you felt it too. There is a personal criticality that you place on your golf game, with the smallest of details having such severe impact on your performance whether positive or negative. I have yet to know a golfer that does not rate a course based upon those fine details that make it worth playing or not. From the design and architecture of the course, the ability to be challenged from one hole to the next, and of course the professional and courteous service are all critical components.


Grand Niagara offers you that perfect blend of beautiful rolling fairways, immaculate greens, and a captivating yet challenging course, all making for the perfect day. Designed by world-renowned golf architect Rees Jones, Grand Niagara is ranked as the best public golf course in the Niagara region. Bob Culig, head professional (PGA) at Grand Niagara says he is lucky to be working at a top golf facility. “We are so fortunate to be just minutes away from Niagara Falls and located in a world’s destination. We are also so close to the US border and are happy to host guests and clients from all over the world.” If you are looking to make the most of your stay, Grand Niagara also offers stay and play packages with nearby hotels and resorts offering the best deals in accommodations, tee times and amenities. Grand Niagara Golf Club is located at 8537 Grassy Brook Rd., Niagara Falls, ON or can be reached at 1-866-607-4653. You can also visit their website at grandniagaragolf.com

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Peter is a top producing realtor with over 30 years experience here in Niagara. He has also been involved in real estate in Germany as both investor and consultant. This is where the ideal and the vision for Engel & Volkers Niagara originated from. As a licensed partner & Broker of Engel & Volkers Niagara, Peter brings many years of experience with him to serve all your real estate needs with competence, integrity and passion.

Peter Fischer License Partner, Broker of Record 905.324.7288


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visit to the spa, which once upon a time was considered a luxury, is now often seen as an essential part of one’s routine to remain happy and healthy. To combat busy schedules and lifestyles, it’s imperative that we all take a moment for ourselves every now and again. Not only does going to the spa make you feel a little pampered, but it also reduces stress and hormone levels, keeps your immune system boosted and acts as a pain reliever by decreasing physical tension in your body that often leads to other forms of pain. Not to mention, releasing a little extra serotonin only makes you feel even better.

If you are visiting Niagara for a vacation, then it is an absolute requirement to spend even just a portion of your itinerary detoxifying and replenishing Being an experience that finds your body and soul at one of our itself on only the female itinerary fabulous facilities. is also a thing of the past. Today’s men have become very Depending upon where you health conscious, wanting to live are staying, you might have the longer and expel some stress on perfect spa right where you a regular basis. Most spas have are in your hotel or resort. Or seen an increase in male traffic maybe you want to venture out over the past few years, whether of your hotel and make a day of it be for a one-hour treatment or it, but whatever you choose to do we have quite an impressive a full day visit. selection to choose from.

Now that we’ve made it quite clear that you’ll be booking a treatment, let us highlight just a few of our favorite places to consider as you peruse through different locations and service offerings.

SPA 124 ON QUEEN, Niagara-on-the-Lake 100 FOUNTAIN SPA, Niagara-on-the-Lake SPA ON THE TWENTY, Jordan Village CHRISTIENNE FALLSVIEW SPA, Niagara Falls THE SPA AT WHITE OAKS, Niagara-on-the-Lake STERLING INN & SPA, Niagara Falls

As a final tip, if this will be your first spa visit, be sure to familiarize yourself with some basic spa etiquette to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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Emerge Transformed

Spa at 124 is a tranquil, full service health and wellness spa. Located in the heart of Niagara on the Lake, we offer a peaceful escape from the bustling town around you. Our mission is to provide our guests with uplifting services that envelop your senses, using some of natures finest ingredients.

We have sourced the best natural and organic skincare companies and are proud to feature Eminence and Spa Ritual. Both environmentally aware companies are renowned for their holistic approach to skincare and known for their conscientious choice of ingredients. Our fabulous Spa Boutique offers a range of these luxury items for those wishing to indulge and continue their spa journeys at home. See our full-service guide and online booking site at 124queen. com or contact our Spa reservation specialists they can help you toll-free at 1-855-988-4552, or via email to spa@ 124queen.com

124 Queen Street NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE

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A GLIMPSE BEHIND THE RUNWAY New Yorkers have long complained about fashion shows, since the early 1900s when the Ehrich Brothers brought the Paris-born “fashion parade” to the United States. The rest of us, however, see a world of glamour, bright lights and authenticity. An elite affair that we can only dream of participating in, so instead we fantasize from afar. But for a fashion designer looking to make their mark, being a part of Fashion Week in New York City is not something they complain nor dream about. Instead, it is one of the most sought-after milestones of their career. For Milly Lawrence-Tamssot, the goal was no different. Originally from Grenada in the Caribbean, her family made Ottawa their home when coming to Canada in 1976. Milly’s love of fashion continued to burn inside her, and she began setting personal goals to share her designs on the runways.

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A Glimpse Behind the Runway

Milly started working for a local fur company which ultimately led her to Toronto with her husband to pursue an opportunity to create specialty pieces and fur coats for The Four Seasons Fur label. While working and designing for The Four Seasons, she also began creating and marketing her own personal designs and booking private clients. She then began her private label, Hot Needle Designs, and was drawn to creating exceptional evening wear. Her favorite designers are among Carolina Herrera for her gorgeous gowns and Stella McCartney for her impeccable tailoring.

As one would imagine, making a name for yourself in the fashion industry takes a lot of guts, perseverance and determination and of course making certain that your work is truly unique and inspiring.

“I was patient and just let the work speak for itself. Sometimes it was as simple as word of mouth and one celebrity tells another and people got to know my work.”

– Carolina Herrera, Designer

This comes as no surprise, as each time her daughter has come up in conversation her eyes sparkle. And when we look to the future of fashion, Milly sees a bright one, especially for new designers who are breaking into the industry.

“Young designers are participating in more shows and I would encourage As we look around her studio at them to just go with it and continue to her home in Niagara, we find do what they like to do - always go with ourselves gazing at the sketches, your gut because that is your style.”

the stunning pieces in progress and the photo collections that hint at what must be some great celebrity stories we only wish she could share. We can clearly see “All of my pieces are individual and that not only does she continue one-of-a-kind,” she says while showing to work very hard, but her efforts her signature lining in her women’s over the years have certainly suits. paid off.

“I don’t get my inspiration from books or a painting. I get it from the women I meet.”

“She is my inspiration for everything.”

Milly’s designs have been coveted by celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Drake and James Earl Jones to name only a few and her work has even been featured in the Resident Evil movies. She also shows no signs of slowing down at 66 years old, still creating and designing for New York fashion shows such as Le Coiffeur while still servicing private clients. Her work is also on display at the IBED exhibition at LivArt Museum in Montreal. So, what keeps her going after such a rewarding career in fashion? When we asked where her inspiration comes from, her answer was similar to that of Carolina Herrera, who once stated “I don’t get my inspiration from books or a painting. I get it from the women I meet.” Without hesitation, she responded that her 28-year-old daughter is the true source of it all.

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While it doesn’t appear as though Milly has any free time, she still manages to find ways to enjoy the landscape here in Niagara. Since relocating just two short years ago, she is pleased to call it home, with special enjoyment throughout the wine trails and fresh markets.

“I love it here. I love the weather and the farms here. I make jams from all the fresh fruit and we’ve had more visitors than ever before.”

Milly Lawrence-Tamssot Hot Needle Design Fashion Designer (with her Daughter, Jennifer)


1. Hat in braided paper straw. Faux suede band with metal decoration by H&M; hm.com 2. New flat lens metal Prada style is a rimless interpretation of the best-selling PR 53SS Cinema Evolution. Polarized lenses and expertly crafted, stunning style. Exclusive to Sunglass Hut; sunglasshut.com/ca 3. Kali Belted Bikini in Burgundy Stripe Italian lycra. Bandeau bikini top with detachable shoulder straps, high waist pant with elasticated belt. From Zimmermann Resort 18 Collection; zimmermannwear.com 4. Malibu Tote is 100% woven natural straw with with gold-tone hardware, leather handles and linen-lined interior. A signature lock charm for your next island escade by Michael Kors; michaelkors.ca





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1. Skinny Zero Gravity Light Wash Ankle Jean - light bluec. Skinny Zero Gravity Light Wash Ankle Jean; bananarepublic.gapcanada.com 2. Super-Stretch Bubble-Sleeve Top with Tie at Waist - White or black Semi-fitted with room through the chest, arms and waist., Long sleeves, Hits at the hip.; bananarepublic. gapcanada.com 3. Blaze open-toe ankle boots are detailed with sleek cutouts and double ankle straps. Wear yours on the weekend with a flirty dress and oversized denim jacket.; michaelkors.ca 4. An exciting interpretation of Peretti's famous heart design. Earrings in 18k rose gold. 10 mm wide. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.; tiffany.ca





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Bring out your inner sailor! If you are visiting Niagara, it is highly probable that the reason for your visit was to see the magnificient Niagara Falls first hand. With all that water flowing over, you have to assume that the rest of the Region is, well, surrounded by bodies of water that offer different forms of nautical adventure.

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“ I dare you while there is still time, to have a MAGNIFICENT obsession” - William Danforth

MARINAS IN NIAGARA Foran’s Marina, Grimsby Lakecourt Marina, Grimsby Beacon Harbourside Yacht Club, Jordan Station St. Catharines Marina, Port Weller Port Dalhousie Pier Marina St. Catharines Morden’s Marina, St. Catharines Miller’s Creek Marina, Fort Erie Sugarloaf Marina, Port Colborne West Shore Marine, Port Colborne Port Maitland Marina, Dunnville

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The Royal Canadian Henley Regatta is in its 136th year. Over 2,800 international athletes arrive each year to compete for the Henley Gold in one of the largest professional rowing tournaments in North America. The event attracts over 150 individual rowing clubs to participate in this nearly week long event. Opening day typically falls in early August, and the streams of visitors spill out through Port Dalhousie and surrounding St. Catharines areas.

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If you are looking to engage in rowing activities, Niagara offers a wide variety of options for you throughout the summer months. From spectator events to leisurely activities, you can access just about any form of activity and a number of facilities even provide the opportunity to learn while you are here. Of course, if water activities is what you are into, you can also secure rentals for kayaking, paddle boats or paddle boards, and even fly boards and seadoos for speedier types.

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Roam Free Places to go. Things to do.

Town of Grimsby

Rich in both history and small-town charm, Grimsby knows how to recreate. With two marinas in town, there is no excuse not to get out on the water. They are also home to the beautiful Bruce Trail, and several pristine golf courses.

Town of Lincoln

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln is one of the most charming places to visit in Niagara. Jordan Village is timeless. While you may intend to visit for the afternoon to shop in its beautiful downtown area, you might find yourself spending the night to enjoy an evening at the winery or a morning at the spa.

Town of Pelham

That offer plenty of action late into the night. Whether Home of what might be known as Canada’s oldest sugar maple tree (we hear it might be 500 years old), this part of our region is a little more attractive to the nature enthusiast. Of course, in the winter months you will absolutely have to stop by one of the sugar bush farms for the greatest maple experience you’ll ever have.

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Town of Fort Erie

City of Thorold

Town of NOTL

Niagara-On-The-Lake; If you are coming to Niagara for any length of time, you will likely find yourself visiting one of the most picturesque places in Ontario. If the shopping does not draw you in, the wineries, restaurants or The Shaw Festival will. There are different events hosted all throughout the year, so no matter when you are in town you will have plenty to enjoy.

Tucked right between Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, downtown Thorold offers a fabulous shopping district. Our favorite place to pop in while you are here is The Post Office by Shannon Passero, located within the revitalized firehall downtown, offering unique mix of ethically produced clothing and accessories.

Offering one of the most convenient access portals to the United States and only a short drive from the Buffalo airport, Fort Erie is highly accessible. While it is rich in history, often known for its Crystal Beach Amusement Park that closed down in the 80’s, it is also pushing forward with a vibrant and every growing community with access to some of the nicest beaches and waterfronts in Niagara.

City of Port Colborne

City of Welland

Have you ever enjoyed a live concert on the canal? Or had the opportunity to join 1500 of your closest friends for an inflatable float fest? Welland is also home to 140 kilometres of mostly paved, off-road trails alongside the waterfront, ourtesy of the Welland Canals Parkway Trail.

Are you on a trip with the family and growing tired of the waterparks, arcades and attractions? In Niagara, you can have all those things and still get down to the waterfront and enjoy some outdoor downtime. H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park is situated right by Sugarloaf Marina and is a full-service destination spot. With a sprawling park, splash pad, zipline and food stations you can enjoy the entire day here.

Township of Wainfleet

After you get your skydiving in, our favorite thing to do in Wainfleet is to relax along the water. You can spend a day, a weekend or even the entire summer at Long Beach Conservation area and soak in Lake Erie. REVEAL MAGAZINE | @revealniagara 73




L I V E O U T Y O U R .......

Consider these adventures while in Niagara


aybe you have it written down, or maybe there is a laundry list of things you’ve always wanted to do or see floating around in your head. Whatever form it is in, you have your own personal “bucket list” and we would bet there are a few things you have yet to experience that you can take care of right here in Niagara. So where shall we begin? “I’ve always wanted to go skydiving.” “I want to jump out of a plane.” “I want to conquer my fear of heights.”

One of these always seems to come up whenever this subject strikes a conversation, even if you aren’t part of the original conversation. I’ve personally found myself interjecting these statements while enjoying a cocktail next to a group of friends discussing this exact thing. They did not seem overly offended by my mild interruption, as we had a few more cocktails together, exchanged contact information which led to me receiving several daredevil photos a few days later. No, back on topic – if skydiving is something you have yet to try then we are happy to inform you that there are several facilities here in Niagara just waiting to shove you off their plane. Before we send you over, let’s share a couple tips from our friends who have gone many times (not because we are terrified of heights).

No flip flops; and yes, if it must be said it’s because many people continue to try, so we urge you not to be that person Sensitive to motion sickness? Take something before you go, because you’ll have similar sensations. And who wants that priceless moment to be remembered THAT way. Plan to spend half your day and bring some water and snacks in case they don’t have food to purchase. I would imagine no one likes to jump out of a plane on an empty, possibly nervous stomach.

If you are ready to take the plunge, we recommend heading over to our friends at Skydive Burnaby, where you’ll experience top notch service and breathtaking views of the surrounding bodies of water. They can be found in Wainfleet, and you can book online or find more information at skydiveburnaby.com. 76 REVEALMAGS.COM | vol. 1 Apr 2018 - Mar 2019



ince we’re already talking about feeling the wind beneath you let’s skip right over to paragliding, which we feel we should mention is not the same as hang-gliding or parasailing just in case your bucket list is very specific. If you can book your reservation before arriving in Niagara, we encourage you to do so, but you can check availability online and see if you can get a lastminute spot by anytime visiting the website at poweredparaglidingontario.com/tandem-flight/



ow if skydiving and paragliding are a little too adventurous, or you are looking for something thrilling for your entire family, you can still take flight by soaring 2,200 feet in the air towards the Falls by taking a ride on the Mistrider Zipline. This adventure is sure to please the entire crowd and is age appropriate for 7yrs and up. We will mention again though, please do not wear flip flops.

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HORSEBACK RIDING W ith all that talk about flight, let’s get back down to earth, preferably by horseback across some of the most beautiful trails around. While you might assume that just about everyone has had the opportunity to go horseback riding, it seems that not as many of us have gone. Whether you are part of the crowd that already loves horseback riding or if this may be your first time, you will not regret you’re the experience of a beautiful ride along the beaches of Lake Erie.

If you are a first-time rider, we have only two recommendations. First, be sure to get plenty of hydration because even the most relaxing trail ride works up a sweat. And second, if the season is right then stop reading this article and book your ride now. Just skip over to the website horseplayniagara.com and make your reservation.


efore we head under water we have one last adventure to be had on land, and like anything else in the Niagara Region, there is still plenty of water around you. Whether cycling is on your bucket list or not, it’s a mustdo activity if you are looking to get out in the open. Even if you aren’t an existing or experienced cyclist, taking some time to soak in the sights along the Greater Niagara Circle Route will have you fall in love with Canada. For those more experienced, we encourage you to visit all the different maps and routes online to pick the option that suits your style best, from relaxing wine trail cycling to more advanced mountain bike treks. You can find all the details you need at niagaracyclingtourism.com to make your personalized plan.

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SCUBA DIVING S ince we’re surrounded by water here in Niagara, we may as well finish up by helping you scratch off one of your underwater bucket list items. We offer several great places to go snorkelling, including the beautiful self-contained quarry at Windmill Point Park in Fort Erie, making it the perfect place to spend the day with your family.

SNORKLING S ome of the coolest under water experiences will unfortunately require PADI training, like visiting some under water wrecks or heading out for a charter with Dan’s Dive Shop. Some of these excursions might be worth planning and taking a course before you arrive, and since PADI is recognized all around the world you will have limitless opportunities to dive in the future. Whatever you choose to do while here in Niagara, we want to hear about what you have crossed off your bucket list. So be sure to share your experiences with us by tagging @revealniagara or using the hashtag #revealniagara.

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Reveal Niagara - Leisure Magazine - Volume 1 | Issue 1  

Your guide to exploring all of Niagara.

Reveal Niagara - Leisure Magazine - Volume 1 | Issue 1  

Your guide to exploring all of Niagara.