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Volume 13 • Issue 4 • 2024 SERVICE & MAINTENANCE A REAL AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY PAGE 56 WINCHES & ACCESSORIES SPECIAL ISSUE: Women OF TOWING Professional Your Resource for Towing & Recovery TM


The all-new MPL-60 Integrated Wrecker – the hard-hitting solution for medium-duty challenges. With a powerful 6,000 lb. underlift, a 24,000 lb. recovery boom, and a sleek, modular aluminum body, it maximizes storage and deck space. Engineered strength and stability, the hydraulic rear spades ensure your medium-duty recoveries are handled with precision. Conquer challenges confidently with the new MPL-60 – where toughness meets innovation.


Retracted 24,000 lbs.

Extended 8,000 lbs.


The fully proportional Electro-Hydraulic controls enhance smooth multifunctional operation.


The Hydraulic rear spades with a multi-position, ground compacting foot design help improve stability when winching and recovering vehicles.

JERRDAN.COM Some optional features shown
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Also in this issue, we look at winch maintenance, wire and synthetic rope, and the latest products from our friends at Bimson Power. Service is key for every owner when it comes to keeping the business moving. ProMAXX has the solutions for broken studs, saving time and money and getting your money maker back on the road!

We also look at “Dispatching’ in this issue. Holly’s Towing Service explains how their service can give you free time back and relax your stress by leaving the dispatching to them!

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PUBLISHER’S LETTER Volume 13 • Issue 4 WWW.TOWPROFESSIONAL.COM Professional Your Resource for Towing & Recovery TM PUBLISHER

How One Woman Found Her Dream Job in Asset Recovery

When Brittany Packard pulls up in her Ford F-450 fitted with a Jerr-Dan MPL-NGS integrated wrecker and jumps down from the cab, she knows that she is not what bystanders expected to see. In her own words, she is a “little bitty 5-foot 4-inch single mom of two that weighs maybe 125 pounds soaking wet.” But when it comes to recoveries, none of those things matter. She’s more than capable of doing the job.

Packard works for National Asset

Recovery of Denver, North Carolina. Her story, by itself, is fascinating and inspirational. But more importantly for the industry, her story opens a window into the next generation of towing and recovery operators. It is safe to say that if one is not part of that new generation, one needs to understand that generation better—and this is especially true of owners and managers.

Brittany’s Story

Packard has worked in the asset recovery business for about four years

6 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

now, but her desire to be in the cab goes back a lot further.

“My childhood dream was to be a repossession agent,” she said. “At least as far back as I can remember, I’ve been around people in this line of work. First it was my brother and his friends, and then later on, some of my own friends were in the recovery and towing business. I rode along with them. I got to see the job up close, and I knew that I wanted to do it myself.”

She finally got the chance to work for a recovery company, starting her career in a spotter car, also known as a camera car. Cameras in the car linked to a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system scan every plate they pass, searching for plates of vehicles that are scheduled for recovery. If such a plate is recognized by the LPR, it sends a notification to the recovery company, and the company then dispatches a truck to make the retrieval.

Packard knew that her job in the camera car was an important step in her training, but she wanted to repossess

vehicles, not just locate them. As she says, “I wanted to pick them up put them down.”

However, she was told that a career behind the wheel of an actual recovery truck was out of the question. The job was just too physically demanding and too dangerous for a woman.

After a break for COVID, Packard applied for the position of recovery agent at every repossession company she could think of, but no one seemed to be interested. Finally, she went to work for National Asset Recovery in March of 2021. Again, she started in a camera car. She still wanted to drive the repossession truck, but she

admits that all the earlier rejection had discouraged her.

She recalls her feelings at the time. “I just kind of shut down my desire to do the job I’d always wanted to do. I felt like, hey, nobody’s gonna give me that opportunity because I’m a female. As bad as it sounds, I would just have to get used to it. I just gave up that hope. I’m a single mom with two kids, I have to take whatever job is available.”

But when she began to make friends at NAR, and they heard about her dream to drive the truck, they asked if she’d ever broached the subject with management. She told them she didn’t want to get her hopes up and then be

8 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

rejected. Again. But her new friends informed her that NAR had had a female in a truck a few years previously, and she had turned out to be a top performer.

“I told them—shut up! For real?”

Yes, for real.

“So, I went to the manager and told him that driving a snatch truck was my dream job. He wasn’t sure at first that I was serious, but on the other hand, he didn’t take that much convincing. For him, the question wasn’t whether I was male or female, it was, can I do the job?”

Marcus Potter, the owner of NAR, remembers it this way: “Frankly, I’m of the opinion that if you can do the job, you can do the job. If you can’t, you can’t. There are some physical challenges around the job of driving a tow truck, picking up dollies, crawling under vehicles and so on. So, we ran her through a battery of tests, and she was physically able to do those jobs. There were some skills she needed to improve, like any person new to a position, but I couldn’t see one reason why we shouldn’t give her a chance to prove herself. I think I can say that philosophy has worked for me. Right now, we have a fleet of 16 repossession trucks and four rollbacks, and three of the trucks used for recoveries have female drivers.”

Packard herself remembers a few very interesting practical details of that process.

“He told me, okay let’s see what you can do. Let’s go out here and get the dollies off the truck. He showed me how to get them off the truck, which for the most part I already knew how to do, just not at a professional level. And so, I took them off the truck and I struggled a

little bit because like I say, I’m not what you’d call a big person.”

After she proved to her boss that she could physically do the job, he gave her some advice. “Go home,” he said, “but on your way home I want you to go to Walmart and pick up some 25-pound dumbbells. I want you to do curls every night until we start training.”

Packard wanted to increase her strength, as she knew it would be an asset in her new role, so she did as Potter suggested. She started her new strength-training regimen that same night. “That was in March,” she remembers, “and I think I was on the camera car for two months. After that I trained for a month and then by the end of June, I was in a truck on my own.”

Packard was not only in a truck doing the job she loved, but she also found herself in a truck that significantly enhanced her job satisfaction. “That Jerr-Dan MPL-NGS, that’s my baby. She came to me brand new,” Packard said. “I will not drive anything else. The job is hard enough and the equipment can make it easier or harder. My truck is easy for an operator of any size to use. That obviously means a lot to me. The smooth operation and great design of the Jerr-Dan bed is something else I really like. And the remote is very easy to use and handle, it’s not clumsy like

10 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

some I’ve had to use.”

Potter buys his trucks from Atlanta Wrecker Sales of Chesnee, South Carolina. Packard sings the praises of the distributor for their response time when she needs parts or components. She also likes to accessorize her wrecker with pink whenever she can. Atlanta Wrecker Sales has responded with pink straps and other accessories whenever possible. “They are just a pleasure to work with,” Packard says.

Packard couldn’t be happier with her dream job. She works in an industry that provides the flexibility she craved as a single mom. She is provided with stateof-the-art equipment that she uses each day. In her private life, she had always driven cars and SUVs for personal transportation, even though she’d always wanted a pick-up truck of her own. Her new job made it possible for her to buy her first truck, a 2015 Nissan Titan. To top it all off, she was able to buy a new house for her family of three in December of 2022.

She is frank in her assessment of her employer. “Literally, if it wasn’t for Marcus none of this would have been possible at all. He wasn’t scared to give me the opportunity to succeed.”

Potter has his own thoughts about Packard’s progress and success.

“Brittany was a sponge, just trying to absorb everything. And she was smart enough to see the potential of the industry from a monetary standpoint. She really wanted to learn and had a

great work ethic—still does. She had the ability to do the job and she is just such a go-getter. Once she got her feet wet, got some training under her belt and started doing the job, she became a top producer.”

“I admit that I am ecstatic about her

success and that I was able to give her an opportunity but make no mistake about it. She is the one who did the work. So, she’s the one who gets all the credit.”

No Two Days the Same

Like many of her peers, Packard loves the variety and challenges of every workday. No two days are the same. And there are some people, like Packard, who struggle when faced with monotony.

“I might be at an apartment complex looking for a 2014 Chevy Malibu, and while I’m there my camera may get a hit on a 2017 F-150 that’s also on the list,” she said, describing a typical day. “And then I look at my map and see that my next pick-up is a jet ski a few miles away, and then a little bitty 50 cc dirt bike way out in the boonies. And when I get out to repo the little dirt bike, the woman in the house has to wheel it out of the kitchen.”

Packard is based out of a garage pretty much on the NC/SC state line and

12 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
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does recoveries in both Carolinas. She has city and rural territory to cover, and some of the rural areas are very remote.

“We have some places in remote areas where people meet you in their driveway with a shotgun regardless of your reason for being there. There are definitely areas that I won’t visit after dark, for safety reasons—no repo is worth your life. But sure, I’ve had a gun pulled on me. I’ve had a debtor put their hands on me.”

One important tool that helps Packard feel safer is the network of cameras she has in and on her truck, some pointed in the cab, others pointing out at various angles. And she is looking forward to the addition of body cameras soon. It is true that people act differently when they know that their actions and words are being recorded and are available for law enforcement review at any time.

But she will be the first to say that de-escalation is always her best tool for dealing with the high emotions that her very presence can cause. She is grateful to her trainer for his patience and advice in this area.

“He’s not working with us now, but he was my mentor in the field when I was in training,” Packard says. “I’m sure he’s why I’m still alive. He taught me that it’s all in how you de-escalate the situation. You have got to be able to use your words effectively and not lose your own cool. But there’s more to it than just staying calm yourself. You need to try to say the right thing for a

me for my patience with them, and for helping to calm them down.”

certain situation. Sometimes you’ll say, ‘it’s okay, calm down,’ and that’s going to be the worst thing you can say to that person. They may be the type that shoots right back with ‘don’t tell me to calm down!’’

“I try to just talk with them in a mild, soothing voice. You know, ‘let’s discuss this. Let’s talk about it.’ I might say ‘the vehicle’s not going to be gone forever. There are options to get the vehicle back once you make a plan with the lienholder. Let’s talk about it. I’m not gonna rush off, you know? Go ahead and get some clothes on, it’s cold out here. We’ll talk about it.’ And once they see that you’re not some horrible, evil person and that you’re just there to do your job, most of the time, people cool down.”

“There is that 10% of humanity who will never be reasonable, of course. I had an elderly gentleman start yelling at me that he was a retired police officer who knew his rights and said that what I was doing was completely illegal. I just told him, ‘No, sir, everything that I’m doing is legal.’ In those situations, I have to apply a lesson that I’ve learned from my own life experience. And that is that you must have some steel and firmness underneath whatever you say, so they know they can’t just bulldoze over you.”

“But most of the time, even the feisty ones will cool down at the end, and a lot of times I have people apologize for getting so mad. They will even thank

Packard also credits the extra training she and her co-workers have received, thanks to NAR and Potter’s focus on training and professionalism, from RecoveryMasters in Memphis, Tennessee. The training includes analysis of standard practices and safety, as well as legal guidelines particular to their own states.

What’s Next?

Albert Schweitzer, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952, once said “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” For her part, Packard certainly achieved happiness first—once she was given the opportunity to work in her chosen field. Hard work in that field led to the professional success she enjoys now.

Given that Packard is only 33 years old, she has a wide-open window to continue working hard, surprising bystanders every time she jumps down out of her pink trimmed Jerr-Dan wrecker. If the recent past is any guide, she will continue to reap the rewards of success and happiness.

Matthew C. Fueston is a writer and editor in the B2B space and has been writing for almost 15 years about “big iron” equipment and the men and women who rely on it. From towing and recovery, to construction, mining, and oil and water drill rigs, he puts the story of the real people in the field first and foremost. He may be reached at

14 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
JIM GRAHAM BUILDING | 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC The NC Tow Truck and Trade Show is an event designed for professionals engaged in the towing and recovery business. Attendees will be able to see the latest designs of towing equipment and accessories SAVE - THE - DATE To be the first to get information about exhibiting at the Show, please contact: JOIN US FOR A 2-DAY INDOOR SHOW FEATURING: SILENT AUCTION REVERSE RAFFLE TOW TRUCK BEAUTY CONTEST TRAINING ...AND MORE! TOWING AND RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL OF NC P.O. Box 49661 | Greensboro, NC 27419 | (919) 921-8194 2024 MID ATLANTIC TOW SHOW SEPTEMBER 5TH-7TH, 2024 TPRNC

Hiring the Right Employees for the Job!

Job opportunities seem to be available at every turn, at least that’s what we see in Ohio. Being able to employ the right people, who will stay with the company can be challenging. Custer Products has been blessed to be able to accomplish both. We have a committed crew of adults who perform manufacturing tasks that help us meet our customers’ needs. We value all our employees and what they contribute to Custer Products. Each one has a gift or talent that they are willing to share, and they all work together as a team.

Since the early days of the business, owner Brad Custer, has offered employment to adults with disabilities. While working with all the state and county requirements, Custer invited several agencies to be a part of the work environment at his warehouse. These partnerships have continued for 30 plus years. These wonderful folks are such an important part of our “family”.

Throughout the years, the job responsibilities have varied with different products and our “Custer Crew” embraces every one of these changes and challenges. They learn about the new part and what it takes to make that item complete and ready to ship. They always make sure the work they produce is quality work, which is something to be proud of every day.

We have a saying at Custer Products, “If you aren’t proud of it, don’t ship it”. There are 3 banners located throughout the warehouse that reinforce this policy. One employee, told me, “I read that banner all the time and follow it.”

Sometimes, the crew manufactures part of our LED tow lights, and sometimes they are packaging other lighting products. Did you know that the HF18-PHD lights have been ranked in the top 5 products sold by Custer Products for over 15 years?

16 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
(Left to Right) Jessica and Eddy

led-magnetic-safety-flasher/. These safety flashers are exclusively a “Lite It” product and are received at the warehouse with no magnets. Our Crew attaches the strong magnets and then packages the light into a clam shell. Then, they label and box up the lights into cases which are ready for shipping. These heavy-duty packaged lights are sold by the pallets at Custer and the Crew produces each and every one of them. They are, by far, better than anything on the market that is similar because of the extra effort it takes to make them.

No matter what day of the week it is, or the time of year it is, you can depend on this group to be here! They travel together every day back and forth to work. They have a job coach, from Weaver Industries, who instructs them and helps determine their work load for the day or week. She oversees the product packaging, manufacturing, and the assembling of kits. She is an important part of the team. She ultimately keeps our crew safe and working. We wouldn’t be able to do it without her. Thanks Jessica! By the way, Jessica has 21 grandchildren.

The member of the Custer Crew who has worked for Custer Products the longest is Ed G. He joined us in 2005. We call him Eddy around here since there are 2 men named Ed. He assembles tow lights and is a key part of that product line. His job performance is outstanding! We appreciate him and all he does! One of Eddy’s favorite hobbies outside of work is fishing. He has caught some pretty big catfish over the years, and we love to hear his fishing stories.

Another gentleman named Ed S., has been a part of our team since we moved to our location in Massillon, OH. He does so many extra duties around the warehouse, like emptying the trash, moving heavy boxes, and he makes sure there is fresh coffee made for everyone. He will do anything you ask and learns very quickly. He loves wearing Star Wars shirts and collecting anything Star Wars. We are glad Ed joined our company. Thanks for all the extra things you do!

One of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet is Robin. She works very hard for Custer as a part of the Custer

Crew. She makes kits, packages, and also manages everyone’s birthdays. She makes sure each employee has a handsigned personal birthday card. She may have been here the shortest amount of time, but she fits in as if she has been here for decades. We appreciate all her hard work and for taking on extra duties.

Robin likes to read vampire books. She has many nieces and nephews and enjoys spending time with the kids. There have been dozens of “Custer Crew” members in 30 years of business. All of them have brought something special to Custer Products. Many have moved on to other job opportunities but | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 17
(Left to Right) Robin, Eddy and Ed
Custer Products donates to many charities and is involved in several community events like the “Massillon Fun Fest”, where we provide safety information and safety products for the community.

leave us with great memories of their time here.

Custer Products donates to many charities and is involved in several community events like the “Massillon Fun Fest”, where we provide safety information and safety products for the community. We also collect items for “A Community Christmas in Stark County”, which could include monetary

donations, personal items and hygiene, or Toys for Tots. Brad Custer is also a member of the Massillon Lions Club and is helping to provide eye exams for children plus many other projects that help the community. It is this selfless attitude of giving to others that makes Custer Products a unique and great place to work. It is the ability to reach out to others, to offer employment to

adults with disabilities, and to provide a safe environment with a “part of the family” attitude that sets Brad Custer and his employees apart from others.

Maybe your company can find a group of employees, like we have, that can become an integral part of your success. It is most rewarding to open your heart to others, and watch your company grow.

• Evoke the public conscious to understand they are the most powerful source to define life and death on our Nation’s highways.

• To educate and make them aware they need to make a life change so first responders can live theirs!

• To unite all common industry first responders to train, educate and motivate the public we serve to just

18 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

Condor Motorcycle Loader for Flatbeds

Anywhere and by anyone, the CONDOR Motorcycle Loader for Flat Beds is great at quickly and easily loading a motorcycle onto the back of a carrier. This versatile loader works on pavement, concrete, dirt, sand and gravel. This makes it easy to load a motorcycle no matter where you’re at. On top of that, it can be loaded with only one person. As a result, it’s a quick and safe solution to loading motorcycles.

You can pick one up at Item #: CD-MTR

SafeAll Driveline Pro

RimSling Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle

Upgrade to RimSling’s Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle

Soft, synthetic shackles from RimSling are easier to use than traditional metal shackles. They are lighter, cleaner and simpler to open and close.  They won’t scratch surfaces, and the best part is there are no metal parts to rust and no threads to corrode and seize. Available in two colors and 10 sizes, RimSling’s Extreme Synthetic Soft Shackle features a 3/4-length braided protective guard. This upgrade extends the life of your soft shackle by preventing cuts and abrasions.

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Take a load off with SafeAll’s Driveline Pro

Let SafeAll’s Driveline Pro do the heavy lifting the next time you need to remove a commercial truck’s driveshaft and secure it for towing. The tool’s hanger bar and cinch straps will save your back from lifting the heavy driveline out of the way and loading it into your tow truck. Secured to the truck’s frame, this lightweight system will prevent unnecessary injury from a falling driveshaft by cradling it during removal from the yoke. It is also a great tool for truck mechanics in the shop when servicing a rear differential or driveline. No tools required for installation.

Order Item # DLP100 at

ITI Heavy Duty Ramp Stand

Improve underreach clearance with ITI’s Heavy Duty Ramp Stand

ITI’s new Heavy Duty Ramp Stand is a safer alternative to wood cribbing when setting up a front tow on commercial trucks and buses. The concave platform cradles the steer tires and raises the front axle nearly three inches to eliminate the need for a double pick. Simply winch the front tires onto the 36”L stand and then extend your underreach and forks under the front axle. Like all ITI products, this 8-lb. stand is made from lightweight plastic material and is resistant to oil, moisture and rot.

Order Item# ITHDRS at | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 19




This will be a new event for us this year on Thursday evening of the show. (September 12, 2024)

Join us at 5:30 pm at an event to celebrate the lives of Towers who have passed on before us. (Anyone that has passed of natural causes or in the line of



Is your company / organization in need of consistent, standardized training, contact our team at to inquire about our Train-the-Trainer program lead by Shane Coleman, National Director of Training

Safety through Training & Advocacy

The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) was formed in 2012, originally titled the United Coalition for Motor Club Safety (“The Coalition”), created by a group of tow company owners.

Schedule of Programs

August 8-11

Train-the-Trainer for the Essentials of Standard Duty courses

Hosted by Interstate Delaware & South Towing – Indianapolis, IN Email – for more information

August 9-10

Essentials of Standard Duty Towing & Recovery class

Hosted by Interstate Delaware & South Towing – Indianapolis, IN Register –

September 12-16

Train-the-Trainer for the Essentials of Heavy Duty courses

Hosted by Interstate Towing – Chicopee, MA Email – for more information

September 13-15

Essentials of Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery class

Hosted by Interstate Towing – Chicopee, MA Register –

We have additional events pending date confirmations over the next few months so stay tuned to the training calendar at | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 21 | Office 916.617.2882 | Fax 916.414.3708 643 West Stadium Lane, Sacramento CA 95834

duty.) We will have a parade, food, and games to celebrate their lives and the time they invested in our great Industry. We encourage you to participate in this parade with tow trucks leading the way and personal vehicles to follow. Please make up poster boards or banners with the names of those that you want to remember, and we will parade those names from Robert’s Centre, through the town of

22 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

Wilmington and back.

I will reach out to the Police, Fire and EMS as well as news media to gain support. Once we get back to the Robert’s Centre, we will have pork, sides, drinks, and games, such as cornhole, etc.... Let’s celebrate these lives with honor!!

We would love to see you there Sept 12th Wilmington, Ohio at the Campground next to Robert’s Centre. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 23 Trusted by Professionals, Built for Everyone! At Warrior Winches, we’re committed to having a full range of hydraulic and electric winches in stock. We guarantee high quality products, timely 2-7 day delivery, full parts support and unbeatable aftersales service. You can trust Warrior Winches to help get the job done.

NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH: Raising Measures and Laws Awareness

For towers and roadside assistance professionals, safety isn’t just something they think about for one month out of the year. It’s a state of mind that they should have all year long. At the end of the day, every day, they just want to make it home to see their families. And many of their decisions revolve around safety.

Despite their essential services, tow operators face significant risks while working on busy roadsides. To mitigate these dangers, a combination of safety measures and enforced laws has been established, of which many may not be aware. These provisions aim to protect towing and roadside assistance professionals, increasing the probability they can perform their duties without undue risk, 24/7/365.

Safety Measures

1. High-Visibility Apparel: One of the fundamental safety measures is the requirement for towers and roadside assistance professionals to wear highvisibility clothing. These garments, typically bright orange or yellow with reflective strips, make workers easily noticeable to oncoming traffic, even in low-light conditions. This simple yet effective measure significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

2. Proper Training: Comprehensive training programs are crucial. These programs educate workers on safe practices, such as the correct placement of safety cones, flares, and warning triangles. Training also covers the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper procedures for working in various weather conditions and at different times of day.

3. Vehicle Lighting and Signage: Assistance vehicles are often equipped with bright, flashing lights to alert drivers to their presence. Additionally, these vehicles usually have clear signage indicating a roadside service is in progress. These visual alerts are crucial in prompting drivers to slow down and proceed with caution.

“In terms of safety, it depends on states’ regulations. Some states allow red and blue lights for towers; for others, only amber,” said Devon Banks, Director of Emergency Roadside Services and Private Fleets for HAAS Alert. “But overall, there is definitely always a focus on the safety of the people working on the roadways, all the way from DOT down to private

fleets like tow operators.”

4. Communication Tools: Modern technology has introduced advanced communication tools that significantly enhance safety. GPS devices, two-way radios, and mobile apps allow for constant communication between the roadside professional and their dispatch center. This connectivity ensures that help can be quickly dispatched in case of an emergency.

Enforced Laws

1. Move Over Laws: Many jurisdictions have enacted “Move Over” laws. These laws require drivers to change lanes or slow down when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle, including tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles. The rationale behind these laws is to create a safer space for workers operating on the roadside. Violations of Move Over laws can result in hefty fines and points on the driver’s license.

“The Slow Down and Move Over Law is enforced in all 50 states with different variations on the rules. For example, how much you need to slow

24 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

down and when exactly you need to move over creates confusion among drivers,” said Banks. “Specifically for the towing industry, people don’t see the work that they do on the side of the road. They don’t really realize how they’re keeping the economy moving, so it’s a really good time just to be appreciative of the work they do and remind your friends and family who are in the motoring public to slow down, move over, and pay attention.”

2. Speed Limits In Work Zones: Sometimes tow operators have to report to work zones in the incidence of a cleanup job. In areas where roadside assistance is being provided, temporary speed limits are often enforced. These reduced speed limits are clearly posted and aim to protect both the workers and drivers by minimizing the risk of high-speed collisions.

“In terms of calling attention to National Safety Awareness Month, we’d like to take this as an opportunity to help promote safety within the general motoring public, because they often have a lot on their mind and they’re driving around distracted without even realizing it, and can sometimes just forget the basics,” Banks explained.

3. Work Zone Safety Regulations: Specific regulations govern the

setup of work zones where roadside assistance is provided. These regulations dictate the placement of cones, signs, and barriers to ensure the area is safe for both the workers and passing motorists. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory and is enforced by local and state authorities.

4. Liability Laws: To further protect towers and roadside assistance professionals, liability laws have been put in place. These laws hold drivers accountable for any harm caused to workers due to negligence or failure to adhere to safety protocols. This legal framework ensures that there are consequences for reckless behavior, thereby encouraging safer driving practices around towing and roadside assistance operations.

In Closing

For owners and operators in the towing industry, it’s of utmost importance to stay diligent and encourage their staff to adopt and learn about new safety measures, products, and technologies. This way, tow companies ensure they equip all their vehicles with the latest and greatest safety gadgets.

“In terms of safety in the towing industry, it’s always going to be changing and evolving and growing,”

said Banks. “What worked 10 and 20 years ago isn’t going to work today, and what works today might not work 10 or 20 years from now. So, we need to also evolve as an industry to cater to the motoring public who’s using the roads.”

Come Experience the TRAXERO Difference

We at TRAXERO are not only advocates for raising National Safety Month awareness, but we also understand the liability and danger involved with the unpredictability of the towing industry.

While we can’t prevent the tragedies that occur on the roadways, the least we can do is bring the industry’s most essential and updated towing software solutions together. These include, but are not limited to digital dispatching and telematics, which contribute to the improved efficiency and communication necessary to ensure everyone is able to do their jobs as safely as possible.

Our reliable support team also responds quickly and is always here to help you get set up and partner with you to answer any questions about how it all works going forward. You never have to go it alone.

To learn more about how you can start using TRAXERO’s tools to start improving your towing business, please visit or call us at 1-800-428-4715. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 25

Hino Trucks Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Tern Trucks

Recently at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Hino Trucks proudly announced they are the exclusive distributor for Tern, a dedicated zero-emission truck brand along with their inaugural truck model, the RC8, a groundbreaking battery electric Class 8 tractor tailored for the U.S. market.

The Tern RC8 is built on Hino’s proven XL Series 4x2 chassis and integrates Hexagon Purus’ cutting-edge zero-emission technology. The RC8 boasts innovative features including proprietary battery systems, auxiliary modules, and power modules. The vehicle leverages a U.S.-assembled Hino chassis, Dana’s Zero-8 e-Axle for optimum efficiency, and battery cells supplied and manufactured by Panasonic Energy initially in Japan, before transitioning to De Soto, Kansas from 2026 onwards, ensuring reliability, American sourcing and top-tier performance.

Tern trucks will be exclusively available through select qualifying dealers comprising the Tern dealer network, leveraging Hino Trucks’ infrastructure ensuring total support. Serial production for the Tern RC8 is scheduled for late 2024.

This launch aligns with California’s Advanced Clean Fleets regulation, offering fleets a compelling option to decarbonize their fleet, particularly in target applications like metro-regional routes, food & beverage logistics and similar routes where the tight turning radius and popular 4x2 chassis provide practical benefits.

Glenn Ellis, President and CEO of Hino Trucks, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our

collaboration with Hexagon Purus introduces a highly reliable Class 8, 4x2 tractor option into the electric truck market, catering to a wide range of applications. We are excited to be the exclusive distributor for Tern with an initial distribution focus in California, where fleet electrification is imperative.”

Rodney Shaffer, Vice President of National Accounts and Zero Emission Vehicles of Hino Trucks added: “We are eager to work with Tern dealers to build a strong sales distribution and service support network for customers of this exciting and innovative new product.”

Key features of the Tern RC8 include:

• A 100% battery-electric platform with an industry-leading short wheelbase of 165 inches

• A gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 68,000 lbs.

• Dual Hexagon Purus Gen3 269 kWh battery packs in a 750-volt, 538kWh configuration, providing substantial power and range for most duty cycles

• Recharge rate of 241 kW, allowing 80 percent charge in a little under 2 hours

• Peak/continuous horsepower of 680hp/494hp

Morten Holum, CEO of Hexagon Purus highlighted the practicality and performance of the Tern RC8: “Tern RC8 delivers the comfort, reliability and safety that drivers and fleets want, and it’s purpose-built to be a practical truck for operators integrating zeroemission trucks into their fleets.” The introduction of the Tern brand signifies a transformative step for both companies and the commercial trucking industry, driving towards a zero-emission future without compromising on power or performance.

About Hino Trucks

Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, manufactures, distributes, and services a lineup of Class 4-8 commercial trucks in the United States. Hino Trucks has a product lineup that offers fully connected vehicles with a low total cost of ownership, unmatched reliability, maneuverability, and the most comprehensive bundle of standard features in the market. Hino continues to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future with its evolving electric vehicle lineup. Headquartered in


Novi, Michigan, Hino has a nationwide network of dealers committed to achieving excellence in the ultimate ownership experience. Learn more about Hino Trucks at http://www. or follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, X, and YouTube.

About Tern

Tern is a new zero-emission Class 8 truck nameplate born in collaboration between Hexagon Purus, a world leading manufacturer of zero-emission mobility and infrastructure solutions,

and Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company. Tern is specifically focused on electrifying practical commercial vehicle applications that yield the most significant benefits to drivers while minimizing or eliminating operational adaptations required by our fleet customers. Learn more at www. and follow @terntrucks on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

About Hexagon Purus ASA Hexagon Purus enables zero emission mobility for a cleaner energy future.

The company is a world leading provider of hydrogen Type 4 highpressure cylinders and systems, battery systems and vehicle integration solutions for fuel cell electric and battery electric vehicles. Hexagon Purus’ products are used in a variety of applications including light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, buses, ground storage, distribution, refueling, maritime, rail and aerospace. Learn more at and follow @HexagonPurus on LinkedIn and X. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 27

Warrior’s RV Hydraulic Winches

Introducing our RV Series hydraulic winches, meticulously engineered to meet the stringent SAEJ-706 standard, ensuring quality and performance. With a robust Drum to Rope Ratio of 10:1, these winches deliver optimal efficiency, providing the power you need for challenging commercial and industrial applications. Safety is our priority, and as such the Wire Rope boasts a 2:1 Safety Factor, whilst the Rope Fixing feature

guarantees a robust 2.5 times rated load capacity offering an additional layer of reliability in demanding scenarios.

Equipped with a Hydraulic Full Load Holding Brake, these winches provide precise control, enhancing safety and operational stability during load handling.

The RV Series is available in a range of capacities, spanning from 10,000lbs to 18,000lbs, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for your specific

needs. Whether you’re dealing with intense industrial tasks or demanding commercial projects, our hydraulic winches offer the reliability and strength required to get the job done efficiently.

Choose the RV Series for a hydraulic winch that not only meets industry standards but exceeds expectations in durability, safety, and performance, making it the ideal solution for your toughest applications.

28 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

Tow Community Pays Tribute To Keagan Spencer

Family and friends of 25-year-old Keagan Spencer honored his life, filling a parking lot with tow trucks in Hastings, Michigan.

Spencer was killed after he was hit by a car while trying to help a dog running loose on the highway. His vehicle was parked in the median.

Matthew Spencer said his son Keagan was at work and driving his tow truck when he pulled over.

“All he was doing was going to work today, and he’s not going home to his family,” Spencer said.

Family and loved ones said Spencer was a great friend, someone they could always count on.

“It didn’t matter what you needed,” said Blake Garver, a close friend. “What the circumstances were, what the situation was, if you called him. He

Source: and

would drop anything to help anybody.”

Spencer’s father, who owns Legacy Automotive and Towing, said becoming a tow truck driver was always in his son’s future.

“Keagan was a third-generation tower,” Spencer said. “My dad was a tower, myself, and Keagan were in a tow truck from the moment he was born… he just got this in his blood.”

That afternoon, Spencer brought along his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Nora, along for a ride.

“Keagan packed her bag, got her bottles around, had her all set up through that car seat in the tow truck and they headed out,” his mother said.

Matt added, “He would always honk his horns. He was big into air horns, you know? I shot him a text. I go, ‘Was that you that just honked?’” | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 29


Balancing Multiple Hats and Raising a Family

In the towing industry, women often find themselves wearing multiple hats, juggling the demands of their profession with the responsibilities of raising a family. This balancing act becomes even more challenging during the summer months when school is out, and children are home full-time. Yet, these women rise to the occasion, redefining priorities and meeting the expectations of employees, customers, and peers.

The Many Hats Women Wear in Towing

Women in the towing industry often play multifaceted roles. They might own/manage the business operations, handle customer service, coordinate logistics, and oversee financials, all while providing leadership and support to their teams. This is in addition to their roles as mothers, wives, and community members. The ability to switch between these roles seamlessly is a testament to their resilience and adaptability.

Summer Challenges:

No School, No Problem

During the summer months, the absence of school routines can disrupt the delicate balance women maintain throughout the year. With children at home, the demands on their time and attention increase significantly. Finding ways to keep children engaged and cared for while managing a towing business requires creativity and meticulous planning.

Many women rely on a network of support, including family members, friends, and professional childcare services. It takes a village! They might also involve their children in the business, teaching them the ropes and

instilling a sense of responsibility and work ethic. This not only helps manage the workload but also provides valuable life lessons for the next generation. Involving children in the towing business can provide numerous benefits for both the family and the business. It offers children lessons in responsibility, work ethic, and problem-solving, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the family enterprise. For business, it means cultivating a future generation of knowledgeable and skilled individuals who understand the industry from a young age. This involvement also strengthens family bonds, as children feel included in their parents’ professional lives, creating a shared sense of purpose and teamwork.

Shifting Priorities and Meeting Expectations

Balancing multiple roles necessitates a constant re-evaluation of priorities. During the summer, the focus might shift more towards family activities, flexible work schedules, and finding innovative solutions to keep the business running smoothly. This could mean delegating tasks more frequently, adopting new technologies for better efficiency, or even adjusting business hours to accommodate family needs. Despite these adjustments, meeting the expectations of employees, customers, and peers remains a top priority. Clear communication and transparency become crucial. By setting realistic expectations and maintaining open lines of communication, women

30 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | Women OF TOWING

Do you know a towing lady who deserves recognition?

Please send Michelle Sukow or Tow Professional a message. We would love to share her story! (

can manage both their professional and personal responsibilities effectively.

Strategies for Success

1. Time Management: Efficient time management is key. Prioritizing tasks, setting clear goals, and maintaining a structured schedule can help in balancing the demands of the business and family.

2. Support Systems: Building a strong support system, both at work and at home, is essential. This includes relying on trusted employees, seeking help from family and friends, and leveraging community resources.

3. Self-Care: Taking time for selfcare is crucial to avoid burnout. This might include regular exercise, hobbies, or simply taking a break to recharge.

4. Flexibility: Being adaptable and flexible in approach help in navigating the unpredictability that comes with both the towing business and parenting.

5. Delegation: Trusting employees and delegating responsibilities can alleviate the pressure and allow for better focus on critical areas.

Women in the towing industry exemplify strength and versatility. Their ability to balance multiple roles, especially during the challenging summer months, is inspiring. By shifting priorities and employing strategic planning, they continue to meet and exceed the expectations of their employees, customers, and peers. These women are not just towing industry professionals; they are role models for resilience, dedication, and the art of balancing life’s many hats. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 31


was thinking the other day, I’m currently in a business that I started just after I sold my tow company. I’m 76 years old and I wondered what kind of shape would I be in health wise if I sold all my businesses and retired. My wife and I have owned our own businesses for over 30 years. We had our ups and downs, but there were rewards that came with it. As a business owner here are a few things that can create stress for you:

1. Financial Pressures – Managing your cash flow so you can cover all your expenses and show a profit,

2. Time Management – As the owner you wear many hats, some of which you may not have a lot of experience in. You have to find time for your customers, your employees and most of all your wife.

3. Employee Management –When I ran my business I always worried about my employees. Your

employees run your business, so you have to find good employees, and believe me in today’s world that can be difficult. Once you have them you have to train them. There are many positions you will have that need training to cover that responsibilities of the job they will be doing.

4. Customer Satisfaction – Your business needs to make sure they are meeting the customer expectations, and handling

32 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

complaints when there are problems.

5. Your Competition – As you know towing is a tough business, and you need to be ready for change when your competition makes changes to meet the customer’s needs.

6. Compliance – There are always regulatory changes taking place in our industry. You state association tries to stay on top of the changes, but you can bet there will always be regulatory changes that you will have to address.

7. Decision Making – There are many issues you will have to address and decide on how to handle the issue. It could be employee issues, Customer issues, or truck issues all of which will require different ways to address the issues.

8. The Unknown – There will always be the unexpected problem that hits

you at the worse time and will need your attention.

I often wondered as I faced these problems what effect this had on my health. I knew I needed an outlet to get away from the day-to-day problems, so I took up golf. I was never very good at it but it got me out of the office and


away from all the stress. I was fortunate that I had a good manager that took care of the business when I was gone. After 30 years in the business, I have to take pills that address blood pressure and any heart issues. They are a part of getting old and I’m sure a lot of people take the same pills that are not in towing. When you have stress from the business it can sneak up on you and create issues you are not ready for. There are ways to offload some of the stress by using your employees. As I mentioned I had a good manager and when he was in charge he would tell our 35 employees that the were not to call me for anything. I’m sure he took care of some problems I was unaware of and to this day I still don’t know some of the major issues he took care of.

When I was on the training circuit at trade shows I talked about a tow companies number one asset, “Their

Employees.” I told them they could go out on the floor and buy trucks, software, and other stuff that supported their business, but the only thing that made them different than their competitor was their employees.

When I got into towing, I knew nothing about the towing business or the industry. Using the business my business 101 principle, I surrounded myself with people smarter than me. If I did not have the right person I would go out and find them. I was lucky and only needed one additional person. I used dispatchers, drivers, and other employees as needed.

If you think about it, your employees were a direct line to your customer. I educated them on how I wanted them to deal with our customers. They loved their new roles because it made them feel needed and a part of the company. Why are good employees important:

1. Productivity and Efficiency –

When you have skilled employees, they will perform their job more effectively leading to an increase in productivity.

2. Quality – Skilled employees will produce a high quality of work which helps maintain the company’s reputation, which provides customer satisfaction.

3. Innovation – Trained employees bring fresh new ideas and perspectives and better ways to perform their job. This allowed my company to stay competitive in the industry.

4. Customer Satisfaction –

Employees who provide excellent service will enhance the customer experience. Good customer service leads to customer loyalty and tell others about your service.

5. Team Environment – Good

“Skilled employees will produce a high quality of work which helps maintain the company’s reputation, which provides customer satisfaction.”

employees create a good work environment, and everyone will contribute more to you success.

6. Reduce Turnover – I ran my company for 7 years with 35 employees and only lost one employee. All my competitors’ employees want to come and work for me. This was attributed to a good working environment created by my employees. As you know a lot of stress is created by your employees. With a good working environment, you have less stress.

7. Company Growth – When I started the business, I had no customers and

1 truck. Seven years later I had over 1,000 customers, 17 trucks and 35 employees. This again was because of my employees’ contributions and dedication.

I was teaching a class in Baltimore and after the class a owner came up to me and told me that his drivers hated him and he hated his drivers. I told him to sell his trucks and open up a pizza joint. I told him the value of his employees and he should work to build a relationship with all his employees. I also told him he has to take the first step because he is the owner.

Creating a good working environment can relieve 50% of your stress in the business. I wrote a book that can help you address your problems. It sells for $25 dollars, so please end me an e-mail to and I will get you a copy. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 35

Want to Have a Successful Trade Show Booth?

Ihave witnessed some very successful trade show booths but have also seen some unsuccessful ones too. Certainly, there are differences between them, so let’s discuss what those are so you can be better prepared for your next trade show booth. Recently, I went to a trade show and the show manager admitted, “We should give a class on how to be successful at a

trade show.” His statement was browraising, but I followed with, “Why?” He had a person take a booth that did nothing to attract people to his booth but then complained it was useless to go. So, being the fixer that I am, I took it upon myself to go by that booth. Yes, he had two people in that booth. That’s a good sign. So, take 1st base. Both had sunglasses on while

they were indoors, and they weren’t wearing any company signage on their shirts. It’s a foul ball, and they’ve committed Strike 1. They sat behind their table without looking people in the face after approaching their booth. They had meniscal handouts. Strike 2. The lady was talking on her cellphone and wasn’t wearing comfortable shoes. High heels look great in certain

36 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

settings, but at trade shows? Always wear the most comfortable shoes. Doesn’t matter if they’re tennis shoes, because you are on your feet constantly at a trade show. To make matters worse, this booth didn’t speak to me first. I had to start the conversation myself. Strike 3 and you’re out! It’s so hard to come back from a strike out at a trade show. You’ve got to WOW

each person you see after that.

Ask yourself these questions. What process does your company use to attract trade show attendees to your booth? What’s your lead in question to have conversation with them? What’s your final comment when they’re leaving your booth?

Now back to that trade show booth. This ill-prepared guy in the booth

• Easy Wedge offers controlled opening of the door

• Lock Knob Lifter raises traditional & late model knobs at the top of the door

Universal Tow Eye

• Fits threaded holes with diameters from 1/2" up to 1-1/4"

• Certified to pull 1,500 lbs.

• Temporarily fixes wheel alignment for easy loading and unloading

• Versatile tool that can be used in various automotive makes | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 37
For More Information Visit WWW.STECKMFG.COM
Lockout Operations Create
Reliable Connection
BigEasy GLO with Case
Tie Rod Coupler
STC71490 I-Bolt
Disabled Vehicles Faster STC32955DLX


started in on his memorized sales pitch without asking me one question. He never took off his sunglasses. He sat there while I was standing and wasn’t looking up. I know because I was looking down at him. At that moment, the lady got off her phone and said, “What state are you from?” Oh, a

question. There weren’t any handouts to give me and certainly not any trade show giveaways, like pens or pads. They did not tie into the theme of the trade show either. So, this leads me to believe that they had no clue as to their business’ theme. They weren’t prepared.

I wanted to tell these two, clueless people to “get out into the hallway in front of your table.” Meet the attendee up front. Listen intently to them first and see what your firm has that could help them. When they say what their problem is, don’t stop them in the middle of their sentence. Listen, be

38 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

approachable but be a diagnostician.

One trade show had a treasure hunt theme. I came dressed as Captain Hook. I have given out candy bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups just to tie into the theme created by the show. Be prepared to answer questions and give helpful tips to anyone that comes by the booth.

At another trade show, a booth mailed out 4 thousand keys ahead of time. Attendees were told to come by the booth to see if their key unlocked the treasure chest of rewards. Then, at another one, people came to try their luck at winning their giveaway by using any four-digit code. The line was 5 to 10 minutes long throughout the day because everyone hoped their combination would work. They used birthdates and anniversary dates continuously. They would try 3 or 4 times, hoping it would work. By the time they finished, we had time to talk to them about sales training back at their dealership. The giveaway was unlocked at the end of the show in front of 700 people. The opening code was 7654.

Other helpful tips: Dress right, smile and act like you are having fun. Be there early each morning and be the last to leave at night. Give away food or drinks, like at the Florida Tow Show. That booth was always packed.

As I stated before, always have two people in your booth. Here’s why. When I first started with Uniroyal, my wife and I worked at the booth together. I have had neighbors help

me too when she couldn’t help. Thank God, my neighbor wore my size, because I already had a shirt for him to wear. He would make small talk until I could jump into the conversation and

introduce myself as the Uniroyal rep. I rented a tiger costume and always brought it to the trade show. I used it in my booth to help explain the “Tiger Paw” Tires promotion. People loved it. Today, I’m the Tow Doctor. I wear my doctor outfit, sign books, and pass out bookmarks. But when you come by to say hi, I too have a smile on my face and am always glad to see you. When they leave my booth, I say, “It is better to be seen than to be viewed.” Let that sink in a little. It’s catchy, but true.

Come by the Tow Professional booth anytime, at any show, whether in Florida, North Carolina, or Midwest Tow Show. Darian Weaver the Publisher, and CEO of the Podcast will be happy to give you a free copy of the most recent magazine published by Tow Professional magazine. You will hear us talk about this great industry because we are passionate about it.

See you at the next Tow Show, and I will see you on our next podcast. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 39
Alliance Funding Group (AFG), was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest privately held equipment finance companies in the U.S. Having funded over $2 billion in equipment, we can offer complete credit and asset flexibility. Rates as low as ½ a point under prime! New and used No blanket liens Not on personal credit 100% tax write-off No age restrictions 603-422-6608 Jeremy Taskiris |

Warrior Winches

Europe’s leading winch brand is now firmly established in the North American market.

Starting as a family business over 20 years ago, to becoming an internationally recognized brand, Warrior Winches has always upheld its values of honesty, understanding, and commitment to longterm partnerships.

Owned by the US corporation BPE Solutions North America, the best in UK design and engineering is now accessible throughout the USA and Canada, offering a diverse range of Hydraulic and Electric Winches, all rigorously tested and certified to meet industry standards.

Warrior Winches are readily stocked and distributed in the USA, ensuring prompt delivery within 2-7 days. Their dedication to customers goes beyond the sale, with an extensive network of service and warranty centers staffed by

“We believe we have the products, quality and performance to support any application and we remain focused on the user to ensure they have everything they need to get the job done.”
— Group CEO Jeff Bimson

knowledgeable experts ready to assist you.

Group CEO Jeff Bimson says, ‘We believe we have the products, quality and performance to support any application. The Towing industry in North America continues to suffer with the lack of product availability and after-sales service, we believe we are the answer to these problems. We remain focused on the user to ensure they have everything they need to get the job done.’

For more information on the market-leading Brand please visit You can also check out their products up close at the American Towman TowXpo, Tennessee Tow Show and American Towman Exposition where staff will be available to showcase the product and answer questions.

40 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

Switching from Wire Rope to Synthetic

5 Things You Need to Know

Synthetic rope has come a long way and is fast becoming the preferred choice for many operators in the heavy duty world because of its lightweight and easy handling characteristics. This doesn’t mean it is perfect, nothing is perfect for the harsh environments that most tow trucks operate in, but it is a viable solution to some common problems faced with traditional steel wire rope used on all types of tow trucks and carriers today.


Never mix synthetic rope with components also used with steel rope. If you are using synthetic rope you should have dedicated snatch blocks that have never had steel rope run through them and have replaced, or at least filed down any burrs, blemishes and rough spots on your sheave wheels (boom heads) and winch drums. Even the tiniest of blemish will slice through the synthetic rope with ease, risking failure at a critical time that may result in injury or death.

#2Synthetic rope will not spool up neatly like wire rope does, and it doesn’t have to! Say goodbye to the headaches of birds

nested cable, damaging flat spots and hard to undo tangles from improper wire rope tension and handling. Synthetic rope is not prone to crushing damage nor does it hold a “memory” like steel rope, so it doesn’t have to spool up in perfectly flat layers on the winch drum. No more damaged tensioners or worrying about keeping the rope tight every second it is deployed.

#3Synthetic rope is every bit as strong as its steel counterpart when used correctly. Where failures with synthetic rope happen there usually are signs of misuse or abuse, same as with wire rope. Synthetic is very

unforgiving when exposed to sharp edges, including being pulled into the sheave heads or rope guides at the boom head, or drug across debris/allowed to touch the casualty vehicle’s body or frame. Chemical exposure is also a concern with synthetic rope, so due caution must be taken to avoid exposure


to battery acids, oils and other potential contaminants that could cause the fibers to break down.


Synthetic rope floats, which is a good thing if you do a lot of water recoveries. Working in water or wet environments has long been detrimental to steel wire rope due to the increased corrosion from water getting trapped between the individual wires that make up the rope. While synthetic still has individual fibers, they are not nearly as vulnerable to water intrusion damage. Synthetic rope also does not require periodic lubrication like steel rope does, saving on the headache and mess of applying wire rope lube.


When synthetic rope fails it usually falls to the ground without as much of the dangerous recoil that is found in steel rope. While we all strive to avoid cable failures, they still happen on occasion, especially

HD Dolly

• Rated at 37,500 pounds

• Severe duty spindles rated at 45.000 pounds total

• Towing eyes for bus pins on the front of the unit

• Multiple chain slots for endless tie down options

• Ultra low profile for six inch height at the center of wheels

• Rated at 5000 pounds per coaster/ 10,000 pounds combined

• Open platform for use with any size tire

with shared trucks. Synthetic rope is less likely to result in a violent release of the kinetic energy stored within the rope when a failure occurs due to the elastic properties of the rope. This also means that synthetic rope stretches more than steel rope, something you need to get accustomed to when first using it, however this elastic property also contributes to the safe release of stored energy which is a huge plus for safety.

So, is synthetic rope right for your company? If you do a lot of complicated winching and are tired of lugging around heavy steel cable, then you might want to give it a try. Same with your light duty carriers, if you are tired of replacing winch lines every few weeks because they keep getting birds nested or crushed, give synthetic a try. Just remember to clean all the burrs and blemishes off the winch drum and replace your snatch block with a brand new one before installing the synthetic rope to avoid premature failure.


• All Winchboxes are built on the same frame with a locking fold-down safety screen, reinforced tie back points, and integrated chain and rigging rack.

• HDRU30 features a 30k Pierce Bison winch with 180 Ft of 5/8 wire rope, manual or air free spool with onboard air provided by an ARB air compressor

• HDRU20 features a Pierce PSHV18 winch with 200 Ft of 1/2 wire rope,manual free spool, and manualtensioner

• Optional light kits, wireless remote packages, custom powder coating, and CNC designs are available

• Allows easy loading of electric vehicles, casualties with broken suspension, and machinery or containers lacking it’s own wheels

free | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 43
to contact us at ULTRABUILT@YAHOO.COM or give us a call at (405)313-4948 |


Maintaining Your Winch

Winches pull a lot of weight in the towing industry. They’re essential to a lot of our operations, so we should do what we can to maintain them. With proper care, a good winch can offer you years of use. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to properly maintain a winch.

The first step in maintaining your winch is simple: know how to use it. Winches differ from brand-to-brand and model-to-model, so knowing what it’s capable of, the proper procedure to use

it and the care your specific winch needs will extend its lifespan. By reading your owner’s manual, you can learn the ins and outs of your specific winch. This understanding lets you use it the way it was intended to be used.

Next, you need to check the fasteners to make sure they are tight and have the proper torque. By ensuring they are tight and ready to use, you can significantly lower the chances of a significant failure while the winch is in use. While you’re at it, be sure to check your mounting bolts to ensure they stay secure. Making

sure the winch base is secured is just as important. Be sure to replace any damaged bolts or fasteners before using the winch.

Third, check your connections. Be sure to verify that all wiring is correct and that the connections are tight. Check for exposed or bare wires or terminals while also checking for cable insulation damage. If you find any, make sure to cover exposures with terminal boots and repair or replace all damaged electrical cables. This helps prevent electrical issues from faulty wiring. If the winch

44 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

is hydraulic, check the hoses and connections for cracks and leaks. Ensure that both your hydraulic and electrical connections are secure.

Fourth, be sure to check the winch line for damage. While winch line maintenance could be its own editorial, you should be sure that your winch ropes are not creased, worn down, or damaged in any way. Replace them if they are. Additionally, you want to lubricate your wire ropes with winch lubricant to help prevent wear and corrosion. Be sure to store them in the

proper condition to prevent damage to them. You should also power wrap your winch line periodically to keep the rope tight to the drum.

Finally, you want to ensure that the gears fully re-engage when taking the winch from the free spool. It is best once the free spool locks in to run it out and then back in to ensure proper engagement. If they don’t fully reengage, there is a risk that they could let go, causing whatever load you have on the wire rope to be released. This leads to more damage and danger that

can easily be avoided.

Performing basic maintenance is an easy way to keep your equipment in top shape. This helps it stay working for as long as possible while also preventing unnecessary damage and costs. You can find a new winch, winch lines or the parts to fix issues with your existing winch at | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 45


Are you currently relying on an answering service to dispatch your after-hour and weekend calls? Are you answering and dispatching yourself? How is that working for you? Do the operators understand the importance of never missing a police call, immediately

46 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
The Leader in


getting in touch with your driver or just how important those police and motor club contracts are? Years ago, we recognized that it was nearly impossible to combine towing companies with doctors, property managers, and any other industry who typically employ an answering service. At that point, we chose to solely serve the towing, recovery and roadside industry and became Holly’s Towing Dispatch.

At Holly’s Towing Dispatch we solely answer and dispatch for Towing & Recovery professionals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year. We only focus on your field, train employees solely in towing dispatch and understand the importance of getting every call out immediately. We go above and beyond what you will get at a typical answering service, and we know this because we started as one. Granted, not everyone uses an answering service. Most commonly, business owners who cannot justify

48 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 49 The change in our business finances was unbelievable and what was more amazing was the passion that I had lost for the business had returned. It was fun again to go to work because we were seeing the fruit of all our hard labor. If you haven’t been to the class, just go it will be some of the best money you have spent for your business. — Joe’s Towing & Recovery Upcoming Seminars | 508-763-5474 | Visit Us on Facebook Tennessee Tow Show: Sept 26 Baltimore Tow Show: Nov 22 & 23 Register Now!
Building the Proper Tow Business Foundation
Documenting the Scene from Start to Finish
Drafting the Documentation Packet to Send to Payer
How to Get Paid on Various Types of Insurances: property damage liability, homeowners, claims with and without collision
How to respond to “sorry, that’s not covered” and “we never pay that”
Laws that towers need to know
Guest speakers: Expert towing & recovery attorney and insurance executive
So much more... You’ll Learn: Join our elite network of thousands of tower owners and managers who’ve taken the course! UNLOCK 40+ YEARS OF BILLING, CLAIMS, AND OPS EXPERIENCE IN AN 8 HOUR SEMINAR


paying an in-house dispatcher to sit and wait for the phone to ring will forward all calls to their cell phones or directly to their drivers working the overnight. When the owner grows tired of never getting a full night’s sleep, missing

another holiday with their family, or missing a call, that is when they call us! When a driver is picking and choosing what calls to take, losing the owner revenue, completing cash calls with no documentation, or just too busy

50 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

towing to do the job of two people, that is when they call us!

Many of our customers wrestled with the idea of hiring an outside source to dispatch their calls well before they began using our services. Whether they were seeking relief for one night a week, 7 days a week, or just on Sundays, the idea of “giving up their phones” was a real struggle. Prior to beginning service with Holly’s Towing Dispatch, we ask you to provide as much information as you can about how you run your business. We are in Connecticut but dispatch for companies across the country. Knowing your coverage area and providing a list of zip codes or town names, especially for motor clubs, allows us to only accept calls that you want! We pride ourselves on customizing each of our customers’ accounts. You run your business the way that suits you best, and Holly’s Towing Dispatch aims to assist you in keeping it running at the times when you aren’t available.

Making the decision to seek an “offsite” dispatch service can be difficult. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Whether it is has been one year or forty years, giving up your phones can be terrifying. I encourage

you to call and talk about it. You’re not alone and there is a way to get relief all while your drivers are out working for you, your PD calls are getting immediate response and your motor club ratings are not suffering.

Don’t go another day of missing out on sleep or being with those you love. Let Holly’s Towing Dispatch

work for you while you work on your business. Make sure you can attend the next family birthday party or take your significant other out on a date. We will make sure you are covered. Please call 1-800-730-3909 or visit Kathleen would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

More lift. Safer work.

ITI’s NEW Heavy Duty Ramp Stand is safer & more stable than typical wood cribbing on front tows.

Eliminates double picking | Improves steer axle clearance | Recessed design secures wheel in place Three straps for safe handling | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 51


Drilling with Accuracy Works 100% of the Time.

Nowadays, many modern tow services maintain and repair their own fleet vehicles in addition to offering general vehicle repair services to their customers.

They deal with the consequences of heavy loads on tow and commercial vehicles repeatedly running over long distances, making engines cherry-red hot. This causes exhaust manifold bolts and other studs on engines like the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke, the GM 6.6L Duramax, and the Dodge 6.4L HEMI to break and become almost impossible to remove. The same is true with wreckers and larger tow vehicles with Class 8 diesel engines.


Of course, there are several methods to remove stubborn broken exhaust manifold bolts. But only one method, if done correctly, works every time.

52 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

Using a precision guide plate to position a bushing for drilling dead-center over the broken bolt hole saves tow providers time and money by eliminating the need to remove the cylinder head and send it to machine out the broken bolt.

With an experienced tech, this onthe-truck repair may take as little as 15 minutes per broken bolt. And, if the worst-case scenario of a broken extractor inside the bolt appears, there are solutions from a company like ProMAXX Tool that make the nightmare job manageable.


Chas Grimpe started wrenching more than 20 years ago as a self-described “country-boy, backyard mechanic.” Now, thanks to years of experience turning tough broken bolt repairs into quick fixes, his fellow technicians at ABC Transit, an auto repair shop in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, refer to him as “The Extractor King.”

“I’m really good at looking at a fractured fastener and figuring out how long it’ll take me to get it out and make the repair,” Grimpe said. “And, thanks to the right tool kits and my time-tested techniques, I’ve never been beaten by a broken bolt.”

explained how he rescued a botched exhaust manifold repair job on a salt truck/snowplow for a local school district during the worst part of a Northern winter. The district only has two trucks and there were school bus parking lots that needed plowed and salted to clear the ice and slush.

His work began on a 2011 Ford F-550 Triton engine with every exhaust manifold bolt broken except one. Grimpe completed the job using the ProMAXX Tool Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit for Ford 4.6L/5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 engines. The kit includes a low-profile, machine-grade jig. Its precision design delivers 100 percent, dead-center drilling accuracy. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 53
Grimpe The Bullit has adjustable carriages that configure to just about any linear bolt pattern.


Because there was one unbroken bolt that came out cleanly, it allowed the ProMAXX ProPlate to precisely fasten to the cylinder head. Moving one by one to each bolt hole, he drilled out the remnants of each wrecked stud. Then, he used the ProMAXX Tool Thread Repair Kit to complete the job and return the threads to factory new specifications.


According to Grimpe, it only took him an hour and a half to drill out and repair every one of the broken bolts. Without the ProMAXX Tool kit, it would have taken him at least a couple of days. He said it probably saved 15 hours of work or more.

“Sometimes, other technicians kid me about using a kit to drill out broken studs,” Grimpe said. “Sure, you could try using a MIG welder on some jobs But, if you mess up and it doesn’t work, you’ve just made your job a lot harder. I know from experience that the kit always works. There is no guesswork, I’ll get it done right every single time.”


What happens when there is a broken bolt on a heavy-duty vehicle with Mac, Cummins, Detroit Diesel or other Class

8 engines? These heavy-duty trucks are used to tow broken down big-rigs and other equipment. The longer the vehicle is in the service bay, the less it is out on the road where it belongs.

Thanks to the Bullit—ProMAXX Tool’s adaptable broken bolt repair kit, an experienced diesel tech quickly fixed a broken exhaust manifold bolt on a commercial dump truck and got it back on the road making money for his customer.

“I was working on a Peterbilt 386

54 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

3-axle dump truck with a Cummins ISX-15 engine with a busted exhaust manifold bolt on cylinder six. It was causing a significant exhaust leak and impaired the engine’s performance,” said veteran diesel tech Basil Frew.


For the Cummins repair, Frew turned to ProMAXX Tool’s adaptable Bullit broken bolt repair kit. It has adjustable carriages that allow the tool to configure to just about any linear bolt pattern, eliminating machine tolerances. It comes with fasteners which lock the sliding carriages down, replicating the bolt pattern precisely.

“This was my first time using a specific tool for bolt extraction, so it took a bit longer to set up and get the hang of it,” he said. “But the whole job was done in about 30 minutes. I’m sure with more experience, it could be even quicker…maybe around 20 minutes.”

Basil used the Bullit and reduced his repair time. He boasts “This tool saved at a minimum 15 minutes and possibly up to 25 minutes to repair one bolt. Keep in mind, that’s cutting the repair time in half while delivering a better and more accurate end result.”


There are several variations of the Bullit that allow the tool to work on a variety of bolt sizes including the popular 10 mm x 150 mm, 12 mm x 125 mm and a 3/8-inch version for classic engines. There is even a Cummins ISX 10 mm x 150 mm version with special carriages that lift the ProPlate clear of obstructions.

“This tool seems like it works with about the same accuracy as if you

brought the part to a machine shop and had it machined out and re-tapped,” Frew said. “Once again this is one of the best quality tools I have, and it shows!

ProMAXX Tool has a wide selection of kits that allow technicians to quickly remove a variety of broken bolts on Power Stroke EGR Tubes and Fuel Injector Hold Down Bolts as well

as exhaust manifold bolts and more on many makes and models. Visit to see a collection of tools that represent quality, precision, and increased productivity. ProMAXX Tool is part of the Milton Industries Specialty Tool Group along with LTI Tools and Steck Manufacturing, a solution provider to Tow Professionals.

This battery is mounted externally and there is no longer the need to change the 2 batteries from inside the case. You simply take the discharged battery off the battery plate and replace it with a fresh battery. Designed to accept both M18 and DeWalt style batteries. These new wireless lightbars have the same great warranty and customer service included with every purchase.

Add flashers or strobes. 7-pin transmitter, external 20-volt battery and charger

Upgrade your Wireless Light Bar to External Batteries!

will convert your current light bar with a great upgrade for a fair price! Call us for information! | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 55
WWW.CUSTERPRODUCTS.COM 1-800-490-3158 Lite It Wireless Introduces …. External 20-volt Battery and Charger for your wireless light bar Are you ready to make the switch?
You may purchase the external battery
Custer Products 20-volt Battery and Charger Now available in 36”, 48”, 60” wireless LED light bar.
light bars without the battery and charger and use your own.

A Real Success Story

How one woman used technology and a complete focus on the customer experience to build a wildly successful operation in record time.

It has been said that in America if you are willing to take a risk, work hard and do the right thing you can be successful. Roadside Services Inc. is owned by Jessica and Ryan Ward, and they are the perfect example of this dynamic.

Jessica Ward is the epitome of a successful, woman business owner. Being the owner and president of a towing company operating 82 vehicles is hard enough but try doing it as a female in a male dominated industry. Now, balance all that with being a loving wife and the attentive mother of two cool,

young boys, Bentley and Maverick. Where does she find the time?

Let me tell you about their business. Roadside services LLC was founded by Jessica and Ryan Ward on April 9th, 2018. Jessica had come from a teaching career where she did technical training and taught IT (Information Technology) for 12 years. Ryan Ward had a single repo truck he purchased in 2010 and worked in the repossession field for a few years. He ended up going to work for another towing company in Northwest Arkansas (NWA) and in 2016 did his first AAA call. He was hooked.

After doing the sometimes-thankless work of repossession, going on a call where the customer is happy to see you is awesome. Of course, you also get the satisfaction of helping them from a tough situation. It’s a totally different experience. In 2017, they joined with a different towing company there in NWA started specializing in AAA call, and it didn’t take long to realize that this was their calling. So, in 2018, they took the plunge and Roadside Services was born. Jessica and Ryan, started with a couple of truck, and 6 years later they are 82 trucks strong, doing business in

56 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
Jessica Ward

not only NWA but also, Kansas City and St. Louis markets. They now do AAA, police, heavy services, Agero, Allstate and many other types of calls but still focus on giving the AAA type of service every time.

I went to their corporate office and sat down with Jessica & Ryan to learn more about them and how they do it. I was welcomed into an office covered with Trans-AM miniatures all over the walls and asked the first thing that hit my mind. How did you do this? Jessica’s answer was simple, “Ryan’s knowledge and hardworking attitude, my understanding of business and technology and our joint vision of giving every customer that AAA, gold standard type of experience.” So, I asked, “How does that experience look to the customer?” Jessica said, “We show up quickly in clean, well-organized trucks with a smile. Our drivers are in neat matching uniforms with name tags and are tasked by us to deliver outstanding service on each call.”

My next hard-hitting question? What is up with all these Trans-Ams all over the walls? I immediately saw Ryan’s eyes light up, and I knew a story and field trip was in order. Luckily, the field trip was only out to the shop, and the story was simple. When he was young, Camaro’s were very popular, and it felt like everybody had one. He saw someone drive in a good looking TransAm, and he was in love. He felt like he would be a success if he had one of them, so he started collecting matchbox cars, models and other stuff related to them. And now? He has a few of them!

Now that my curiosity was satisfied, Jess took me over to the dedicated call center where the “magic happens.” Here they set member expectations, focus on meeting ETA’s and providing driver support. This is where Jessica explained the technology nerd in her and gets to come out and play. Operating a business that does so much motor club work, it is essential that they are efficient as

possible on every call and that they constantly know how much it costs to operate every truck in their fleet. She knows this means always being mindful of the margins. | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 57 XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE is a DBA of EIB, which is domiciled in and has its principal place of business in Sandy, Utah. This insurance product is offered by an unlicensed surplus lines insurer. The NPN for EIB is 5464658 and CA license number is 0H93938. Ask us about TRU Umbrella Scan the QR code to get a free quote or contact 877.585.2853 Custom Insurance Solutions for the Towing & Repossession Industry > All-in-one policy approach > Limits up to $10MM, excess available
Available in most states
Flexible underwriting
Risk management expertise
24/7 claims
Agent friendly
hotline >

She said, “We use a combination of Towbook for our operational software and Azuga for telematics and camera systems. These systems talk and work well together which allows us to have

consistent locations, accurate ETA times, knowledge of when the trucks are on scene, finished and available, as well as video that allows us to quickly and easily see the entire service process to

ensure the quality we demand.”

“Our call center uses Towbook, which is pulling in the Azuga location. Because the systems are linked, our Towbook map and all the notifications come in 4 times faster than normal. Specifically, every 30 seconds rather than 2 minutes.”

According to the team, that is what allows them to get the accurate ETA times to set the expectation and to make sure they dispatch the correct truck to the correct job. In Towbook, they can provide a consistent service experience for the client. “Uber-like experience, so the customer is expecting that specific truck and driver, the driver can take photos, update the status and even do the payment.”

Azuga’s system allows me to see all the data I could ever want on the backend. Driving behavior, PTO engagements and it even integrates with our fuel card. Their maintenance program also allows us to keep up with all preventative and one-off

58 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |

maintenance activities, as well as parts lists and all the associated costs. It alerts us when an oil change or tire rotation is in order and anytime one of our trucks is throwing a code by knowing our exact fuel expenses, when our drivers are the issue and every penny we put into maintenance. I always know what each truck is costing us to operate. Then the cameras allow us to view in real-time what is going on, retrieve any event video and even fight bumper claims with their rearfacing cameras if needed.

We strolled around a little more, and I got to see some of Ryan’s other toys and meet some of the great people there at the office. Trey is the NWA driver manager and James is over all fleet maintenance. Brian manages the call center and specializes in the motor club side of the business, and Jermey is a GM at one of their other sites. Ryan showed me the beaten, side by side that Jessica decided to try herself. She took

“Evil Knievel” over a jump at full speed and took it airborne like 40 feet, which just closed the loop for me. However, the lady doesn’t do anything halfway!

I loved my visit to Northwest Arkansas to visit the Wards. I came away thoroughly impressed with

Jessica, Ryan and their entire team. There is a reason why this company continues to grow and succeed. They are proof that the American Dream is still possible for those willing to take a risk, do business the right way and work hard!
THE UNDERLIFT THAT HANDLES LIKE A SEMI-TRAILER • Attaches in minutes • No Permanent Connections • 32K Lift Capability • Safely Tows Up To 140K GCWR • Distributes Weight Properly • Scales When Others Can’t • Economical To Operate Tru-Hitch Inc. 16 W. West Hill Road Barkhamsted, Ct. 06063 Toll Free 1-800-450-8659 WHY WE ARE THE BEST VALUE IN THE INDUSTRY: The Best Way to Sell Your Abandoned Vehicles! | 888-903-4678 Low Bidder Fees and Free to Sellers Easy Bidding on Any Device from Anywhere Eliminates On-Premise Auction Costs Easy Online Showroom Setup at RE VALU Register Today! “Our sales prices have risen substantially and increased our overall auction revenue!” Donna Robards, Twisted Hook LLC,Griffin, GA
60 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | DEALERS PLACE Has your truck gone down due to mechanical issues or a collision? Don’t lose your customers and your livelihood by being unable to answer the call. Rent a wrecker from Wrecker Rentals and keep your business in business while your asset is down. Wrecker Rentals can deliver a wrecker or carrier to your location in a matter of hours so that you have limited service interruption. 770.898.1200 • FOR RENT JUST BECAUSE YOUR TRUCK IS OUT OF SERVICE DOESN’T MEAN YOUR COMPANY IS TOO WHEN IT HAS TO START High performance lithium jump starter built to deliver jump after jump even in the harshest environments. JNC325 Extra-long 68” cable reach makes easy work of the most difficult starting tasks. Adds dual USB outlets and an LED work light JNC770R Towing operations that employ Jump-N-Carry jump starters know that no starting task is too daunting. They know from experience that every aspect of a Jump-N-Carry is designed to deliver extreme jump starting power, from the battery to the heavy-duty cables. Jump-N-Carry is all about power delivery. Trusted by professionals the world around as their go-to jump starter, the JNC660 will not disappoint. JNC660
NEW & PRE-OWNED INVENTORY • FINANCING AVAILABLE #3168 #2996 #3189 #3161 #3163 #3256 #3081 #3006
62 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | DEALERS PLACE Stock # P4156 - 2023 Peterbilt 567, ISX15 Cummins, 28ft Jerr-Dan 15-ton Industrial Carrier Stock # P7298 - 2021 Peterbilt 337, PX9, Swaploader SL240 Hook Lift, Tarp System Stock # U3575 - 2022 Ford F450, Powerstroke, 4x4, Jerr-Dan MPL40 Twin Line Stock # L3001 - 2022 Landoll 440B-50 Traveling Axle Trailer Stock # D5364 - 2022 Dodge 4500, Cummins, 4x4, Jerr-Dan MPL-NGS Self Loader Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc is the oldest active Jerr-Dan Corp distributor in the nation and we also proudly offer the Landoll line of transportation products, trailers tough enough to move the world. Since 1969. We have one of the largest inventories of new and used tow trucks, carriers, and trailers in the nation and a full parts and service facility. Financing is available, and the process is easy. 13401 US 70 Business Hwy West Clayton, NC 27520 • 919-553-4038 INVENTORY PICTURED SUBJECT TO CHANGE NEW AND USED TRUCKS ARRIVING DAILY PROUD LANDOLL, JERR-DAN AND SWAPLOADER DISTRIBUTOR PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS!
Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc Eastern Wrecker Sales Inc | Volume 13 • Issue 4 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 63 MARKET PLACE IF YOU HAD TAKEN THIS SPACE, YOUR AD WOULD NOW BE BEING LOOKED AT BY OVER 37,000 OWNERS AND WOULD ALSO BE AVAILABLE TO MILLIONS MORE ONLINE. Transportation Lawyers • Business Interruption Claims • Wrecker Accidents • Insurance Claims • Loss of Use/Lost Income 1-800-DOWNTIME NATIONWIDE DOWNTIME & PROPERTY DAMAGE RECOVERY WANT TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR TOWING BUSINESS? George is the only national business broker specializing in towing companies. He is experienced at selling towing companies to the private equity groups that are popping up. His experience will make you money. Call George Metos for a confidential conversation at 801-440-3176 Email: See his profile on

The Wichert Difference

Wichert Insurance is one of the largest tow agencies in the Midwest with over 30 years of experience working with towing, recovery, and garage operations Our knowledgeable staff are current on industry issues and are experts in the coverages your operation requires. Our relationships with multiple AM Best "A - Excellent" rated carriers allow us to offer competitive rates and interest-free monthly pay plans As active members of state associations, we are industry advocates and a reliable resource

Our team's experience allows us to create custom programs to meet your needs From service trucks to extra heavy equipment, single location to multi-state operations, we will craft a program to meet your risk appetite at the most competitive rates. In addition, we act as your advocate when a claim occurs to ensure timely and fair outcomes

offer in-house

Clients who engage in our

programs benefit from lower


and reduced


and claims. See more at or contact us today at: 740-654-0532

64 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 13 • Issue 4 |
loss control specialists
additional cost
to control
reduce risks
insurance premiums,
accidents, injuries,
Alliance Funding 39 Austin Hinds Motors 62 Austin Insurance 48 AZUGA 5 Bimson Power 23 Clore Automotive 60 Collins Dollies IBC Custer Products 55 Custom Built 33 CW Mill Equipment 63 Dynamic Mfg 54 Eastern Wrecker Sales 62 Eckert & Associates 63 ERSCA 21 ESA 7 Flow Stop 47 GM Consultants 63 Go Light 45 HAAS Alert 9 Hal Kresser 63 Hide-a-Lift 63 Hino BC Holly’s Towing Dispatch 48 INA Towing Network 18 Intl Towing Hall of Fame Museum 41 ITI 51 Jerr-Dan IFC Lodar 35 Marking Pen Depot 63 MCS Mobile Control Systems 44 Museum Survivor Fund 50 59 58 Prime Insurance / Xinsurance 57 Recovery Billing 49 Recovery Consulting Services 22 Robert Young 62 RV Wheel 63 Steck Mfg 37 The Wilburt Company 58 Towbook 3 Towmate 1 TRAO 13 Traxero 47 TRPNC 15 Tru-Hitch 59 Ultra Built MFG 43 Water’s Truck 63 Weiss Ins 63 Wichert 63 Worldwide Equipment 11 Wrecker Rentals 60 Zendex 44 COMPANY PG# COMPANY PG# COMPANY PG# Professional Your Resource for Towing & Recovery TM ADVERTISERINDEX
at no
to identify ways
loss control



Forty years ago, we arrived in America with a laser focus on one thing, and one thing only… To be the best medium-duty truck for the hardworking men and women in America. We stayed focused. Grew faster than anyone. Put more trucks on the road, doing hard work for hardworking people. Eventually becoming the fastest growing medium-duty truck company in the U.S. We’ve been doing that for 40 years and slowing down is not an option. FORT Y YEARS,

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