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The all-new MPL-60 Integrated Wrecker – the hard-hitting solution for medium-duty challenges. With a powerful 6,000 lb. underlift, a 24,000 lb. recovery boom, and a sleek, modular aluminum body, it maximizes storage and deck space. Engineered strength and stability, the hydraulic rear spades ensure your medium-duty recoveries are handled with precision. Conquer challenges confidently with the new MPL-60 – where toughness meets innovation.


Retracted 24,000 lbs.

Extended 8,000 lbs.


The fully proportional Electro-Hydraulic controls enhance smooth multifunctional operation.


The Hydraulic rear spades with a multi-position, ground compacting foot design help improve stability when winching and recovering vehicles.

JERRDAN.COM Some optional features shown
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Insights from GAO on Enhancing Awareness of Move Over Laws

When it comes to road safety, knowledge is power.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a comprehensive report last month shedding light on the state of Move Over Laws across the United States. These laws, present in all fifty states and the District of Columbia, mandate specific actions for drivers when approaching vehicles stopped on the roadside with flashing warning lights. The aim is to protect vulnerable roadside workers and mitigate risks posed by passing vehicles.

Move Over laws vary from state to state, encompassing a range of vehicle types beyond just first responders. These include fleet vehicles operated by highway construction crews, utility workers, waste management workers and/or disabled passenger vehicles. States employ diverse strategies to promote their Move Over laws, including public awareness events, social media campaigns, targeted law

enforcement initiatives, and road signs. However, challenges persist. There are limited resources for safety awareness campaigns, leaving road users at-risk and searching for enhanced solutions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) plays a crucial role in supporting states’ efforts to promote Move Over laws by providing funding, conducting research, and developing public awareness materials.

However, the GAO report highlights a gap: NHTSA’s materials predominantly focus on first responders, overlooking the broader scope of vehicles covered by state-specific Move Over laws. In it’s report, GAO recommended that NHTSA update its public awareness materials on states’ Move Over laws to accurately portray the range of vehicles covered by these laws, such as tow operators, highway construction, disabled passenger vehicles, and utilities workers.

The findings underscore the importance of comprehensive and uniform promotion of Move Over laws nationwide. As roadside incidents continue to pose significant risks to road users, prioritizing awareness and adherence to these laws is crucial. Over time, federal and state policymakers have recognized that move-over enforcement and educational campaigns yield greater effectiveness when complemented with preventative measures in the field, including collision prevention technology. It remains evident that despite these educational efforts, move-over laws continue to be violated at alarming rates. The challenge still lies in bridging the gap between awareness and actual compliance on the roads.

As HAAS CEO Cory aptly stated, “enforcement and education aren’t the same as prevention…”

At HAAS Alert, we believe digital alerts are a critically needed and highly effective tool for notifying motorists of a stationary vehicle on the road ahead. This ensures that drivers have plenty of time to slow down and move over.

As a champion of safer roads for all, HAAS Alert stands in solidarity with the call for aligning federal resources with state-specific laws and leveraging targeted educational campaigns to keep roadway users safe.

Carrier CSTH ACQUIRES DYNAMIC TOWING We have trucks in stock, ready to ship and nationwide parts support. Slide-In-Unit 755 1-800-831-9299 • Dynamic Towing Equipment & Manufacturing - 1120 E Brambleton Ave Norfolk, VA 2350 A Commercial Specialty Truck Holdings, LLC Company.

Servicing Your Own Vehicles? Kits help Tow Operators Save Time and Money and Get Their Trucks Back on The Road Fast

ProMAXX Tool’s Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel EGR Tube and Fuel Injector Broken Bolt Repair ProKit (PMXPST505PRO) can save up to 35-plus hours of repair time.

By integrating the shared tooling in this made-in-America combo kit, tow operators who service their own vehicles can easily drill out broken EGR and fuel injector bolts.

The precision guide plates, proprietary bushings and superior, machine-shop grade drill bit tooling work every time if the kit’s instructions are followed.

Don’t spend eight hours removing the intake, turbocharger, and exhaust manifold only to replace it. The EGR Kit takes about 45 minutes to make the repair. And...Fix the cylinder head in about 60 minutes instead of spending more than 28 hours to remove the cab and send the head to a machine shop for repair.

The GM 6.6L Duramax Exhaust Manifold Repair Master Kit (PMXT300MSTR) is the latest innovation in fast and easy exhaust manifold repair.

The kit includes all the tooling necessary to complete the broken bolt repair without removing the cylinder head, allowing for the most accurate and efficient repair. This gets the truck back on the road ASAP.

Plus, the kit is designed to be completely Extractorless™, leading to unrivaled consistency to your operation.

There are three variations of the GM 6.6L Kit:

• Master Kit (8mm - 10mm) Compatible with Duramax Diesel Models 2004 - Current

• Prokit (8mm Only) Compatible with GM Duramax L5 Diesel V8 2016-Current

• Prokit (10mm Only) Compatible with GM Duramax L5 Diesel V8 2004-2016

Revolutionize fuel injector removal with the Air Hammer-Assisted PowerPull Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector Puller Kit (PMXPWP200PROP).

A version is also available for the GM 6.6L Duramax (PMXPWP220PROP).

Fastest: These are the only injector pullers that do not require unnecessary time bolting and unbolting from the cylinder head.

Powerful: These kits are the first on the market to incorporate an 8mm dimple on the fork, which accommodates an air-hammer-assisted 11-inch punch. This significantly increases the power, precision, and versatility of the PowerPull Fuel Injector Puller.

A 6-inch slide hammer that delivers POWER by attaching directly to the fuel line port, inline with the injector is also available for both GM and Ford models.

Bullit Adaptable Broken Bolt Extractor Any In-Line Pattern Including Diesel

The Bullit Adaptable Bolt Extractor kit is engineered to address broken bolts, including exhaust manifold bolts, in almost any engine. From 4, 6, 8, 10, and even up to 12-cylinder engines. From oil pans, water pumps, intake manifolds and more, BULLIT is adaptable to fit any linear bolt pattern perfectly. The Guide plate features a 15 7/16” - Center-to-Center Span.

The Bullit’s adjustable carriages allow it to configure to the exact bolt pattern of just about any linear bolt pattern, eliminating machine tolerances. Why? Bullit copies the bolt pattern exactly. How? The Kit comes with three fasteners which allow the jig to match the bolt pattern. Locking the sliding carriages down replicates the bolt pattern precisely. Enhancement kit options adapt to other in-line bolt sizes, even on classic cars.

GM 6.6L Duramax Exhaust Manifold Broken Bolt Repair ProKit
Combo PowerPull Fuel Injector Pullers for Ford 6.7L & GM 6.6L Engines
Ford 6.7L EGR
Injector Broken Bolt Repair

SafeAll expands product line to include chains, straps and more | Zip’s 360

When you think of SafeAll Products, you think of innovation and safety. For several years already, the company has been improving the lives of tow operators. Now they’ve launched new products to benefit other industries as well. As detailed in these Zip’s 360 videos, we look at their recently expanded product line, including chains, straps, slings and other rigging essentials for towing, transportation, and industrial applications.

SafeAll Traffic Commander Item # SA-TC20

Distracted driving is a danger tow operators face everyday. Get drivers to pay attention with this incredibly effective variable message sign from SafeAll. At 62” wide, this truck-mounted board meets federal regulations for roadside signage and serves as a three-in-one traffic advisor: a message board with 18” block lettering, an 18 LED light bar and an animated arrow stick. Messages are legible from 1,000 feet and visible from 3,000 feet, giving drivers traveling at highway speeds more than 30 seconds to respond. The board rises from the stowed position in less than three seconds, and in the full upright position, it can be read from a 30-degree angle in any direction. The weatherproof unit is controlled by an included operator tablet, and the LED brick panels won’t fade, fog or discolor like other sign boards on the market.

Order Item # SA-TC20 at today.

Zip’s HD Underreach Towing System

Item # ZP-2211

This versatile towing system from Zip’s provides heavy-duty tow operators the convenience and functionality to tow a variety of trailers and bobtail semi tractors with their underreach. The multi-purpose kit includes a crossbar adapter and three trailer connections: a gooseneck bracket with 2-5/16” ball, a pintle hook attachment and a fifth-wheel plate adapter. A kingpin attachment is also included for rear picks on bobtail semi tractors All mounting hardware comes with the kit. When installed properly, the attachments sit proud of any obstructions on the adapter and allow for a wide turning radius, which makes for better cornering and improved maneuvering in traffic or when exiting a scene. Welded loops on the crossbar adapter improve handling, and all powder-coated components store easily in a side storage compartment.

Order Item # ZP-2211 at today.


A Heavy Duty Trailer Skate for Heavy Duty Jobs

The Trailer Jack Skate is used when loading or moving trailers. Place the trailer jack pedestal shoe or wheel into the pocket of the skate. The slick surface of the skate allows for more easily moving a trailer by hand - without having to lift the tongue of the trailer off the ground. It also protects parking lots, driveways and warehouse floors from damage or marring. You can utilize this skate when loading a disabled vehicle with a trailer hitch, too! As the vehicle makes the approach up the incline of a trailer or car carrier, this skate can be placed below the hitch to prevent the hitch from gouging the road surface or parking lot, causing unnecessary damage. The slick surface of the skate makes moving objects easy! The Trailer Jack Skate is made from a unique recycled material which provides the most durable and longest lasting performance versus competitive products. ITI skates are manufactured in the USA.

Key Features:

• Made from extruded recycled plastic

• Stronger than wood

• Open box design

• Dimensions: 12”L x 5.375W” x 2.75”H

• Sold individually

Order Item # ITSSS at today.



Is your company / organization in need of consistent, standardized training, contact our team at to inquire about our Trainthe-Trainer program lead by Shane Coleman, National Director of Training

Safety through Training & Advocacy

The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America (ERSCA) was formed in 2012, originally titled the United Coalition for Motor Club Safety (“The Coalition”), created by a group of tow company owners.

Schedule of Programs

Sacramento CA 95834

We have additional events pending date confirmations over the next few months so stay tuned to the


Saturday, April 6, 2024 Van Nuys CA - Essentials of Light Duty Towing & Recovery Saturday, April 13, 2024 San Luis Obispo CAEssentials of Light Duty Towing & Recovery Tuesday,
16, 2024 Essentials of Light Duty Towing & Recovery - Online 041624 Saturday,
2024 Heavy Duty Winching & RiggingCastaic, CA
June 1, | Office 916.617.2882 | Fax 916.414.3708 643 West Stadium Lane,
training calendar

I Loved the Florida Tow Show

Towers from all over the world descended on the Florida Tow Show last week. That show is the largest international show of the year as thousands of towers from across the United States and plenty from outside of the good ole USA arrived there. We always had towers from the UK and S. Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. This year we added Japan and China, along with a large group from Spain. So, we’re reaching all corners of the world. Each of those countries had a member of their group that spoke English. So, they had their own interpreters with them.



Jerr Dan put on a wonderful “Kickoff” Party. The exhibit Halls were opened Friday morning. I set up the Tow Professional Magazine booth the day before with the help of a few different towers.

Ron Pullen from RP Recovery Consulting, all of you know Ron, the guy that represents Sonetics Headsets. Remember, to avoid mistakes it’s a must to know Ron. He’s a great guy who has been sick. He has had lots of people praying for him, and yes, he had lost some weight, but he had his scooter to get him around the show. He looked great, and it was so good to see him again.

Frank Toms of Auto Data Direct came by too while he was trying to set up his booth. Oh yes, our friend Tim Smith from Azuga also walked by as I was getting the booth ready for Friday and Saturday. Azuga is a great company, and of course, Tow Book had a large group as always in front of their booth. That kind of presence is normal for them.

Robert Young and his daughter came by too. They are such wonderful people. Robert has always been so kind to me, and really, I appreciate it.

Jim Shellhaas from Ranger SST had a booth, located 3 booths down from us. It was a privilege to hear Jim speak

every morning doing a class on Private Property Parking Reimagined. If you have not heard Jim speak, learn more about what he is doing because it makes lots of sense. If you are in a major market, you should investigate it. You’ll make some serious money.

At Energy Security Agency, the people who know all about electrical vehicle fires and how to prevent a fire at your place were just behind our booth. They had a class there about Energy Vehicle Challenges & Solutions for Towing Professionals. It’s no doubt that you learned some good stuff in that class too.

My friends at were there also. Ruthie Landau from Fryer’s Towing Service had a fantastic women’s luncheon. It was reported to me that it was better than ever. Additionally, lots of gifts and prizes were given away at that luncheon. You got more than you expected for the $20 donation for Only Women of the PWOF, Women’s Division. Many of the ladies that attended it will be back next year on April 10th – 13th, 2025. They will not miss it.

I finally met, in person, Michelle Griffen of Griffen & Griffen Towing of Columbus, GA. We had them on our Tow Professional podcast, and they were awesome. Michelle came by the booth and introduced herself to Darian and

me. Darian Weaver is the President and Publisher of this great magazine and host of the Tow Professional podcast. Folks, Michelle was just like she sounds. A truly professional leader! She’s upfront and straight to the point. I was asked to bring Michelle to Gay Rochester’s house for dinner that night. I did, along with 30-36 more people. We as usual had a great meal, wonderful wine, and lots of discussions between towers from all over the U.S. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bender from the Midwest Tow Show Saturday sat next to me at dinner. Connie my favorite person from that show was also there. Mr. and Mrs. George Connally were sitting across the table from me.

Let me not forget Bill. Bill Johnson, the new President of TRAA, was at the show, and we had lunch together with Cindy Martineau.

Bill Giorgis came by and said hi. What a dear friend he has been to me over the years. Also, no show would be the same without Chad and Dale Yarbrough. We became friends in Baltimore a few years back, and those two guys have become dear friends and people that I enjoy being around. There were so many more towers there at the show than I can report here because I’m running out of room.

Please tune in each week for the Tow Professional podcast. It has, as guests, lots of key people within our industry that share their time and information to an ever-growing podcast family. And that’s what we really are. Family! I’m sending my love to the family who attended the Florida Tow Show. Put into action what you learned this year and make the industry proud.

See you next time as you read the magazine or on the next podcast.


The Most Trusted Towing Software, Period.

Welcome to Towbook!

in McDonald’s dining areas, elated at breaking 100 accounts, to leading the way in cutting-edge software and serving thousands of companies worldwide. Our collective vision has and always will be to do things to our own beat, listening to the community that we serve, being honest, humble, and doing everything we can to make the daily lives of towing, roadside, and transport heroes more efficient, less stressful, and safer.

If you are already using our software – you are part of the family. We see you and value you as an important piece to the vast network we have the pleasure of serving. We want to encourage you and build with you as your business grows.

If you have yet to try us, we’re going to give you an honest look at what we do and who we are.


dispatchers can dispatch jobs from a web browser or mobile app to drivers who are then able to quickly act and provide service to the customer. The mobile apps assist the drivers in easily accessing information, taking photos or video, capturing signatures and much more. When photos are taken, they are always geo-location and time stamped to help demonstrate proof of completed work. Recording expenses can also be done on the mobile apps, giving an easy alternative to remembering where printed receipts are.


Additional precautions can be taken by creating Vehicle Damage Forms if there is pre-existing damage to the vehicle prior to servicing it. The driver can create a report on scene, take photos of the vehicle, indicate anywhere there is damage, and have the customer sign off on the damage form. This will always be saved for future reference and can even be emailed or sent via text to the customer with their receipt.

Mapping and GPS. You can get turnby-turn directions to your destination from in the app with just a few taps!

If you aren’t currently using a 3rd party GPS solution, Towbook is equipped with built-in GPS tracking which will automatically update the drivers’ location according to their app settings.

Towbook is also integrated with leading GPS companies like: AT&T Fleet Complete, Azuga, Driver Locate, Samsara, US Fleet Tracking, Verizon Connect, and Webfleet Solutions;

allowing you to send calls directly to the GPS unit in your truck. Drivers can use the GPS unit to navigate to the service location. Your Towbook app can use the GPS location from your trucks and display that on the map in Towbook. We have recently integrated with Azuga, partnering as their exclusive towing software integration; Azuga has allowed us to offer our mutual clients with some amazing features!

Our mission is to:

• Evoke the public conscious to understand they are the most powerful source to define life and death on our Nation’s highways.

• To educate and make them aware they need to make a life change so first responders can live theirs!

• To unite all common industry first responders to train, educate and motivate the public we serve to just



Impound Management.

Our impound management features allow you to manage your impounds from anywhere. You can impound a vehicle, have the storage calculate out for you and release when needed from the computer or mobile app!

We’ve implemented an option to save you and your team time on the phone and reduce confusion in the release process; Vehicle Lookup creates a web portal for customers, police departments or private properties to search a plate number. This allows them to confirm if you have the vehicle and if so, the address of the lot and any pertinent information related to release procedures.

An important time saver and often an option that helps keep drivers safe is our On Scene Call Creation option. This option circumvents the normal required fields needed for call creation, allowing whoever is creating the call to simply take a quick picture of the car and move forward. When managing nonconsensual tows or unsafe situations, this allows for a much faster alternative for your driver to use.

Accountability Features. If you

want your team to inspect their trucks and other equipment before (or after) every shift, they can do that easily using the Towbook mobile apps and our Equipment Inspection tool. Each inspection report is time stamped, and managers will receive an email alert any time there is a failure.

Completed inspections are also available to open/view on mobile apps, so if drivers need to present a completed pre-trip inspection to a law enforcement officer they can do so right from their

Our “User Check-In” feature allows drivers to check-in and out for work directly from their mobile application. This allows managers and dispatchers to know who is currently available to

We know that being able to see drivers’ routes is an important part of running an efficient and reliable business. Because of this, we offer Call Replay. This allows you to go back and review movement on a specific call or play back a time frame for a specific driver. Whether for coaching on better routes to take or holding drivers accountable, this gives you concise visuals for both!

Confirming that you have been paid and physically have the funds can be a struggle sometimes. Whether it’s late payments or less than ideal payment plans or payments that get stuffed in the wrong drawer, we know it can be stressful. The Payment Verification Report helps give you clarity and visual cues on what you have confirmed is in hand or in your bank account. It allows you to review all payments applied to verify the validity, giving you an additional layer of confidence that your books are balanced.

The Towbook Promise

We value creating what brings your business value, supporting you in ways that make you feel uniquely important and standing out in our field. We value openness and honesty. We know that this industry is built on our word being the bond and in times where we have let someone down, we do everything we can do to make it right. As we reflect on being one of the last remaining

companies who take pride in their independent roots, there are a few acknowledgements we want to make. We created Towbook for the towing and roadside community, with all focus being on developing a software to best help an industry sorely in need of cutting edge, flexible software to make their businesses more efficient. This vision is and will always be a foundational one. We will never become more worried about our bottom line than what worries you. We will always work to implement options that make you as a business owner as self-sufficient as possible. The journey of building any business from a dream to reality does not end with popularity or a specific number hit. It grows and matures as you see parts of it flourishes.

We would not be who, or where, we are without the community of fiercely independent towing and roadside companies that we have the honor of serving. We hold firm to hearing what is needed, acknowledging when we need to make things right, and working tirelessly to deliver an innovative product to everyone who tries it.



Warrior Winches, a brand founded on family values, commits to donating 1% of all website sales to the Survivor’s Fund at the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum, upholding our belief in making a positive impact on society and supporting our local community. | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 19 Trusted by Professionals, Built for Everyone!

The Top 10 Most Important Features of Digital Dispatching

Still haven’t made the switch from pen and paper to towing software? Maybe we can help nudge you in the right direction. Here are the Top 10 most important features of digital dispatching that empower tow truck companies to operate more efficiently, deliver superior services to their customers, be more profitable, and stay competitive in the overall towing industry landscape.

on factors like proximity, capacity, and specialty requirements, eliminating manual allocation and reducing response times.

2Real-time GPS Tracking: Allows dispatchers to track the location of tow trucks in real-time, enabling them to assign the nearest available vehicle to a job, reducing response times, and optimizing routes.

Automatically assigns incoming jobs to available tow trucks based

1Automated Job Assignments:

3Integrated Communication: Enables seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers through in-app messaging, ensuring clear instructions and updates on job statuses.

4Digital Job Management: Provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of towing jobs, including job details, customer information, service history, and billing, reducing paperwork and administrative tasks.

5Customer Notifications: Sends automated notifications to customers regarding job status


updates, estimated arrival times, and completion confirmations, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.


Electronic Documentation: Allows for the digital capture and storage of essential documents such as invoices, receipts, and towing authorizations, improving recordkeeping accuracy and accessibility.


Reporting and Analytics: Generates comprehensive reports and analytics on key performance metrics such as response times, job completion rates, and driver productivity, enabling data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring.


Robust Integration Capabilities: Integrates with other systems such as lien processing software, auction management software, even motor

clubs, to streamline workflow processes and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Mobile Accessibility: Provides mobile access for dispatchers and drivers, allowing them to manage jobs, communicate, and access information from anywhere, anytime, improving responsiveness and flexibility.


Credit Card Processing: Allows towers to accept payments on the road or in the office in a convenient and secure way, as well as manage accounts, issue refunds, have access to credit card and ACH payments, and manage payouts all on one account.

Come Experience the TRAXERO Difference

This is where we come in. We offer all of the above and more on our fully-

integrated towing software that helps towers get a complete overview of every part of their business to increase efficiency and profits.

Our reliable support team responds quickly and is always here to help you get set up and answer any questions about how it all works. You never have to go it alone.

To learn more about how you can start using TRAXERO’s tools to start improving your towing business, please visit or give us a call at 1-800-428-4715. | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 21

IBeyond Visibility: TowMate’s High-Tech Answer to Roadside Hazards

n the still of the night, when shadows blend into the asphalt and danger lurks with every passing vehicle, the safety of roadside workers hangs precariously in the balance. It’s not just roadside workers, but the safety of everyone on the road. The towing industry is one that is unique when it comes to these challenges. Operators work near fastmoving traffic, often in poor lighting conditions, making them particularly vulnerable. With that in mind, TowMate has dedicated a significant portion of its research and development efforts to

crafting safety solutions that address these challenges head-on. Among their pioneering advancements, the Lifesaver cone-mounted warning light system and the creative use of non-visible light technology are the latest benchmarks in roadside safety technology.

Shadowed Highways

One cannot overstate the hazards faced by tow truck operators and other roadside workers at night. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), tow truck drivers are over 15 times more likely to

be killed on the job than other private industry workers. This jaw-dropping statistic brings to light the immediate need for improved safety measures. The lack of visibility on the roadside is one of the primary culprits in most of these incidents. Traditional reflective vests and vehicle-mounted warning lights have been the standard, but as technology evolves, so too do the methods of enhancing worker visibility.

TowMate’s Commitment to Safety

In the past several years, TowMate,


a leader in wireless tow lights and roadside safety solutions based in Rogers, Arkansas, has been at the forefront of creating additional layers of safety on the roadside, day or night, and truly, the proof is in the pudding. The introduction of the Lifesaver conemounted warning light system has been a testament to this innovative spirit. This system, which flashes red and blue lights with the ability to flash amber and white lights, offers the benefits of emergency vehicle lighting to tow truck operators, without violating federal regulations that restrict the use of such colors when in motion or mounted on vehicles. Since it is used in a stationary position, the Lifesaver can change the landscape in terms of roadside safety and is a real game changer when it comes to ‘work-zone awareness’ and the safety of workers within them.

The Evolution to Non-Visible Light

More recently, TowMate has spearheaded the development of the patented HINVII (High-Intensity Non-Visible Intelligent Illumination) technology



with its inclusion in their SS470UVA light head and TM-LS-UVA portable cone-mounted warning light system (part of the expanding Lifesaver line of products). This new and breakthrough approach uses non-visible UV light to illuminate safety vests and select roadside markers. In turn, this creates a distinct presence that is highly visible to passing motorists but is largely invisible to the workers themselves which, in turn, prevents any distraction or impairment of night vision.

This is the true genius of the TMLS-UVA and SS470UVA. The ability to use UV light to make safety vests glow intensely provides a level of visibility that is both unparalleled and non-distracting. This method addresses a critical challenge in roadside safety: how to make workers highly visible without impairing their ability to see or distract them with intense visible light. These two items highlight TowMate’s commitment to leveraging technology for safety.

TowMate’s Impact on Roadside Safety

There is a profound potential reach of this technology to create safer workspaces the world over. TowMate’s latest products not only create greater visibility of roadside workers but also pave the way for new safety standards across industries. The SS470UVA and TM-LS-UVA set a precedent for the use of non-visible light as a viable and effective means of ensuring worker safety in low-light conditions.


Wireless Tow Light Advancements: The TM22XR

It should come as no surprise that TowMate has been working on advancing other sides of its business in addition to the non-visible safety lighting products. Take, for instance, their release of the TM22XR series of wireless tow lights. These represent the economical way to get the benefits of lithium-powered wireless tow lights (i.e. lighter weight, 60+ hours of use on a charge, ‘up to 10 years’ of life out of the lithium battery) without breaking the bank. Further, TowMate underscores the fact that their product always holds value in their development of an upgrade module that will be plug-andplay with all older model TM22’s and

bring all the benefits of the XR series with it.

TowMate’s Role in Shaping the Future of Roadside Safety

TowMate’s latest releases, from the Lifesaver system to the groundbreaking TM-LS-UVA and SS470UVA to the XR series wireless tow lights, highlight the company as a key player in the evolution of roadside safety technology. Not to be dismissed, the adoption of these technologies has the potential to dramatically reduce the number of accidents and fatalities among roadside workers. As awareness of these solutions grows, and as they become more widely adopted, the hope is that we begin to see the statistics

change and the number of casualties decline.

In Summary

In closing, it is forward-thinking approaches like that of TowMate that will hopefully, in time, begin to lower the harm done on our roadsides. However, developing the products is just one part of the equation. To truly make the impact that all signs point towards being possible, these solutions must be adopted. Again, there is no ‘end-all’ that will bring risk down to zero. However, with each additional layer of safety put in place, the risks begin to be mitigated to a more palatable level and the likelihood of returning home at the end of the day, every day, goes up.


Powerful, Compact Light Towers

Heights up to 15 ft.

Up to 220,000 Lumens

360° of light in 15 seconds

Flashlights, Search Lights, Hazard Lights, and more

Sequential Smart Flares

20+ hour runtime Orange, blue, and red flares Available in 6 and 10 packs

Portable, Rechargeable LED Lighting BE SEEN BE SAFE


It is dark, you cannot see far in front of you without a flashlight, but you need two hands to hook up the vehicle. What do you do?


a. Hold the flashlight with your mouth.

b. Place the flashlight on the truck pointing in the direction you need but it keeps rolling.

c. Deploy a light tower and see even more than what a flashlight could shine on.

When deploying a light tower, you can aim the light where you need it most without moving the tow truck. The Night Scan HDT light tower deploys in less time than it takes to watch a TikTok video and once the light tower is set in place, you are free to move about your work scene.

Adjusting the light tower is as easy as a push of a button to rotate and tilt the light fixture and The Night Scan Powerlite HDT allows for 360° of scene illumination with dual tilt capabilities. A wireless remote is also available to keep with you as you are moving about the area, so you do not have to return to the truck to adjust lighting.


Another advantage to having a light tower is to bring scene lighting from above and not have the light in your direct line of sight. The light tower allows for maximum visibility over your entire workspace by concentrating light in the work area without you being blinded by it. While adding visibility,

The Night Scan HDT also aids in warning oncoming traffic, reducing the risk of other drivers not seeing you. Continuing to add on top of all these features, Will-Burt light towers can be integrated with cameras and DVRs to record activity from above for billing and insurance purposes. | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 29 WILL-BURT

Pi-Lit Smart Sequential LED Road Flares

One of the many hazards of towing is the risk of other drivers not seeing you. A new way to warn oncoming traffic includes the Pi-Lit LED Smart Flares

that can be placed on the ground or atop cones which bring attention to drivers by flashing in sync and inline by order of placement. The flares are packed in a carry case that recharges them and can be stored easily under a seat if needed.

As soon as a flare is removed from the carry case, it turns on and begins to flash with the light pattern chosen from the last deployment with a mode memory feature. As a second flare is removed from the case it automatically synchronizes with the first.

Pi-Lit Smart Sequential Road Flares can guide other vehicles around your work area by flashing in a line to direct traffic. Smart flares can also be placed away from your vehicle as well to assist in warning oncoming traffic around curves, hills, and freeways or to alert traffic of the upcoming scene.

New laws from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have allowed Pi-Lit Smart Flares to be used in place of fuses or liquid-burning flares as they achieve the level of safety equivalent to or greater to the level of safety provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Pi-Lit Smart Flares have also been deemed more environmentally friendly since liquidburning or fuse flares can create a significant fire hazard, pollute water runoff, generate health hazards related to smoke inhalation, and cannot be used in spills of flammable materials.



If you need portable lighting, NightSearcher rechargeable lighting products are trusted to get the job done. Most products are powered by no maintenance lithium-ion batteries providing longevity and reliability in temperatures from -4° to 140°F, as well as containing a battery management system to protect against overcharging. Along with dependability in extreme temperatures, these portable lights are designed to operate in other harsh environments including rain and snow. NightSearcher portable lights are quick and easy to set up and require small storage space on a truck.

The WorkStar Connect has an adjustable base to angle light as you need it. Featuring four magnetic feet, a hanging hook, and a fold flat design, the WorkStar Connect is extremely versatile in applications. Power tool adapters are included to use rechargeable batteries you already have from brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Stanley, Bosch, and Makita.

The Light Wave 520 headlamp can be turned on and off by the wave of a hand, has options for spot or flood beams, and includes clips to become mountable on a safety helmet if needed.

Tradeshows we will be attending this year include the Work Truck Show, Florida Tow Show, American Towman Showplace, American Towman Tow

Expo, and American Towman Expo. For more lighting products or to schedule a demo, visit our website at | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 31 WILL-BURT

Advantages & Benefits of Lite It Wireless Bars

We are pleased to reveal some new features in this article. The first things you must have on your wireless light bar are LED lights. There are many advantages to having LED lights compared to incandescent lights. Some obvious reasons are that LED lights are brighter. They last longer and pull less amperage from

your battery than incandescent lights. Less known facts about LED lights are that the life span is up to six times longer with unsurpassed reliability, and they have better tolerance to extreme weather, vibration, and shock. No longer are there fragile wire filaments in each light. Instead, they have light, emitting diodes (LED) that illuminate the products.

The corded tow bar options are available with LED lights and a polyethylene case. They’re made from the exact material of our wireless bars. You can see availability of all styles and sizes of website, The most recent, updated technology is in the wireless bars.


The newest improvement introduced in the Lite It Wireless light bars is an external battery option now available. Recently, Custer Products launched a new line of wireless bars with an external 20-volt battery mounted on the bottom of the bar. This lithium battery option can be a game changer, especially for longer hauls, across state tows, and added hours of operation during the winter months. The battery slides into the battery plate and power


restored! You can keep additional batteries charged without having to get inside the light bar. Simply slide off the discharged battery and put a freshly charged battery on the bottom of the bar. You are ready again, with minimal time lost.

Our new external battery plate is designed to use Custer Products 20 volt or the Milwaukee M18 and DeWalt style batteries. You may order our 36”, 48”, or 60” wireless light bars with or without the battery and charger. If you have your own, maybe from a power tool, etc., you can use it on our bars. It can save some money. The abovementioned bars also have additional strobe or flasher options available.

So, you have one (or more) of our wireless light bars and want to know, “Can I convert my wireless bar to the external battery bar?” The answer is YES. Our LIW Team can convert your internal battery bar to an external battery bar. The cost is fair, and the upgrade is great. The bar you want to convert will have to be registered with Custer Products, or proof of purchase required. Our customer service team is ready to direct and help you with this process, give us a call today.


We require that all wireless light bars are registered by filling in the paperwork included with every LIW purchase and forward to our office. If you do not have the form to send in, you can download one from our website. It is important that the serial number on the bar gets documented for 2 reasons. First, this ensures that you can get warranty work done if needed within the terms of the warranty policy. Secondly, if you lose your bar, or someone finds it, you will be protected from someone else purchasing a transmitter to operate that bar. Our bars do not operate like the “other” bars, so the transmitters are not interchangeable. The independent programming prevents cross-talk with other bars on the same frequency which is another benefit of Lite It Wireless. When your bar is registered with us, there is an advantage to having a warranty available to you from Custer Products. Since we manufacture the bars right here in our warehouse, we

can assess and fix all problems quickly. After you’ve registered your light bar with us, we can perform warranty work for you at no charge or even with a minimal charge. If the serialized bar is within the proper warranty timeframe, we will do our best to fix any problems, replace broken parts, and get the bar back to you as quickly as possible.

As always, the customer service team is ready to process your order, answer questions, or send you more information so you can order the products that best meet your needs. You can place orders through our website, become a dealer, receive the monthly newsletter, or join our Facebook page for updates.

So, let’s get connected!

battery is mounted externally and there is no longer the need to change the 2 batteries from inside the case. You simply take the discharged battery off the battery plate and replace it with a fresh battery. Designed to accept both M18 and DeWalt style batteries. These new wireless lightbars have the same great warranty and customer service included with every purchase.

You may purchase the external battery light bars without the battery and charger and use your own.

Now available in 36”, 48”, 60” wireless LED light bar.

Add flashers or strobes. 7-pin transmitter, external 20-volt battery and charger included.

Upgrade your Wireless Light Bar to External Batteries!

We will convert your current light bar with a great upgrade for a fair price! Call us for information! | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 33 CUSTER PRODUCTS
WWW.CUSTERPRODUCTS.COM 1-800-490-3158 Lite It Wireless Introduces …. External 20-volt Battery and Charger for your wireless light bar Are you ready to make the switch?
Custer Products 20-volt Battery and Charger

Three sizes of inflatable LED light towers make up the AirLight series. From our ultra-portable AirLight to our incredibly powerful AirLight Pro Max, there is a light tower to meet your area lighting needs. For more information, or call: 315-730-6566

RP Recovery Consulting AirLight Series

10ft Airlight

Height: 9 feet 9 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

Wattage: 336 Watts

Light output: 36,000 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 20” x 20” x 18” tall


Operators and riggers talk to each other in real-time, hands-free. Deliver instructions clearly and answer questions directly while work caries on. No need to shout or use hand signals – clear communication helps get the job done faster.

AirLight Pro

Height: 12 feet

Weight: 64 pounds

Wattage: 860 Watts

Light output: 74,400 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall


There’s no communication breakdown between operators and riggers. On-scene precision and performance goes up as you reduce errors and avoid costly mistakes.

Advanced Technology That’s Easy to Use Full-duplex Communication

Hands-free simultaneous two-way conversation. No more shouting – easily talk and work at the same time with your entire team.


Far-side operators, talk with your riggers regardless of whether you can see them or not.


Sonetics Listen-Through Technology lets you mix in outside sound to get the right level of hearing protection and situational awareness.


2 feet to 1,600. You can depend on the range – no matter what the incident requires

For more information, or call: 315-730-6566.

AirLight Pro Max

Height: 14 feet

Weight: 72 pounds

Wattage: 1,100 Watts

Light output: 111,000 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Footprint: 28” x 28” x 24” tall


Instant communication allows for timely warnings, alerts, and instructions to the crew. Avoid job hazards and mitigate the risk of injuries and mistakes. | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 35 RP RECOVERY CONSULTING
Wireless Headsets

Warrior Winches (Bimson Power Group)

Warrior Winches, part of the Bimson Power Group, provides Winches that have unmatched value, quality and reliability. Trusted as one of the leading Winch providers in the UK, Europe and USA, our premium winches are designed to deliver dependable and long-lasting performance. Whatever your requirements Warrior Winches has everything you need to get the job done.

Over the past 20 years we’ve developed winches to support all types of businesses from trailer manufacturers and towing to industrial and military-grade winches, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

For more information, visit

Will-Burt: Night Scan HDT

The Night Scan HDT as been developed to meet the unique needs of the Recovery and Towing industry. Heavy wreckers and rotators benefit from the maximum height and light output of the Night Scan HDT Powerlite. The Powerlite version is available as a surface-mount folding version when there is sufficient space or a vertically-mounted model that requires only a 12” x 12” space for installation. Both are 15’ tall when extended, have dual-tilt light heads that cast 120,000 lumens of LED light in all directions to insure you don’t miss a thing. The height of the six Night Scan XL200 LED lights turns night into day and will not blind your crew.

Oncoming traffic will be alerted to the scene from a safe distance. Night Scan HDT comes with everything needed for installation. The major truck manufacturers can install the light tower during a new build or the light tower can be installed by dealer or upfitter. They can even be installed on older equipment by your own shop. Best of all, no generator is needed to power the light tower – the efficient Night Scan XL200 LED lamps operate from your truck’s power system. Night Scan HDT is available in smaller sizes for rollbacks and tow trucks, and we also offer a full range of specialized LED lighting for every vehicle.

For more information, visit











OUR Customers have been asking for a unit that would:

• Lift faster & higher

• Provide better weight transfer

• Have the sleek appearance of the Lightning Body design

• Have large tool boxes and easy access to hydraulics.

For more infomation, visit or | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 37
Dynamic “Python”
The change in our business finances was unbelievable and what was more amazing was the passion that I had lost for the business had returned. It was fun again to go to work because we were seeing the fruit of all our hard labor. If you haven’t been to the class, just go it will be some of the best money you have spent for your business. — Joe’s Towing & Recovery Upcoming Seminars | 508-763-5474 | Visit Us on Facebook Tennessee Tow Show: Sept 26 Baltimore Tow Show: Nov 22 & 23 Register Now!
Building the Proper Tow Business Foundation
Documenting the Scene from Start to Finish
Drafting the Documentation Packet to Send to Payer
How to Get Paid on Various Types of Insurances: property damage liability, homeowners, claims with and without collision
How to respond to “sorry, that’s not covered” and “we never pay that”
Laws that towers need to know
Guest speakers: Expert towing & recovery attorney and insurance executive
So much more... You’ll Learn: Join our elite network of thousands of tower owners and managers who’ve taken the course! UNLOCK 40+ YEARS OF BILLING, CLAIMS, AND OPS EXPERIENCE IN AN 8 HOUR SEMINAR

Our Mission.

It is our mission to create a marketplace for transportation equipment, providing the services necessary for its purchase, maintenance and disposition.

It is our goal to raise the quality of life of those in the towing, hauling and service industries by helping to implement innovations and technological advances through “World Class” service, workmanship and support.

What We Do.

We specialize in the sale and financing of automotive towing equipment, industrial hauling solutions and service bodies, including a wide variety of new and used tow trucks, wreckers, industrial and car carriers, multicar haulers, industrial trailers and related equipment. Based in New Hampton, Iowa — Zip’s AW Direct has a modern 95,000 square foot facility consisting of warehousing, shop area, sales offices, retail parts department, large enclosed blast room and four environmentallyapproved downdraft paint rooms.

We opened a second branch in Taylor, Michigan (by the Detroit Metro Airport) in March 2012. This location features a complete parts and accessory showroom, body upfit service department, in-stock new and used equipment, and in-house financing.

We provide quality truck body installation, paint and repair of hydraulic, mechanical or electrical systems. We have the ability and the know-how to match the right body with the right chassis and assemble and paint the unit to the highest quality standards.

For more information, visit 800-222-6047


Hazardous Materials Technician Course

Hrnt-1001 Course Description

This 40 hour program was developed to provide the tow/recovery professional with the specific knowledge and skills needed to participate in the mitigation and clean-up of incidents involving hazardous materials.

Classroom presentations and intensive field exercises to provide participants with the opportunity to demonstrate newly acquired skills in real world conditions. This course meets the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 (q) (6) (iii). No prerequisites are necessary.


• Scene safety for roadway hazardous materials incidents

• Regulatory requirements (OSHA/EPA/DOT/STATE)

• Incident command and management

• Hazard identification and analysis

• Hazardous materials chemistry and toxicology

• Personal protective equipment

• Chemical protective clothing

• Respiratory protection/Self-contained breathing apparatus

• Air sampling and detection instruments

• Decontamination

• Spill control (confinement, containment & recovery)

• Soil testing and documentation

• Cost recovery

• Incident documentation

Basic Supplies For Clean Up Response

Absorbants, Absorbant Pads, Socks, Booms, Patch & Plug Kits, Bales of Straw, Chicken Wire, 3 or 4 feet in width, Grass Seed, Seed Spreader, T-Barb Post, 50 Gallon Poly Bags, Air Transfer Pump 1’’ or 1 1//2’’, Vac and Discharge Hoses, Catch Pools, Pressure Washer — 3300 psi, Generator — 7500 watts, Lights, Shovels, Rakes, Spark Resistant Hand Tools, Overpack Drum — 95 Gallon, 2/ 55 Gallon Closed Lid Steel Drums, Soil Test Kit, First Aid Kit, PPE Safety Glasses, Splash Suits, Particle Mask, Respirator, Overboots, Eye Wash, Reflective Clothing, Hard Hat, Gloves, Authorization Forms for Clean Ups signed by responsible party.

For more information, visit | (877) 356-9767

Funding Group (AFG), was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest privately held equipment finance companies in the U.S. Having funded over $2 billion in equipment, we can offer complete credit and asset flexibility. New and used No blanket liens Not on personal credit 100% tax write-off No age restrictions 603-422-6608 Jeremy Taskiris | Rates
low as ½ a point under prime!

Austin Insurance

Austin Insurance is a family-owned, independent insurance agency that keeps your best interests in mind. They know how important it is to provide clients with the best possible insurance coverage at the most competitive rates available.

(270) 444-6818

Mike Keith Insurance

Hal Kresser Agency

Are you in the towing services business? They have over 30 years of experience in the towing insurance industry so they understand how tricky towing services can be.


Originally established in 1950, our agency remained a small family-owned operation until 1966 when Mike Keith joined the organization. In 1978, we became Mike Keith Insurance when Mike became sole owner and operator. (800) 748-7985

Weiss Insurance

Progressive Commercial

Small businesses like yours choose Progressive Commercial every day because of our full range of business insurance products, great rates and first-class service. (888) 806-9598

At Weiss Insurance Agency, we’re committed to keeping your business protected – so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. And with the right insurance plan, your business will be covered from top to bottom.

(636) 534-7226

XInsurance With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t.. (877) 585-2853 | Ask us about the new coverage option Communicable Disease Liability for a free custom insurance quote or Contact 877.585.2853 XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE is a DBA of EIB, which is domiciled in and has its principal place of business in Sandy, Utah. This insurance product is offered by an unlicensed surplus lines insurer. The NPN for EIB is 5464658 Custom Insurance Solutions for the Towing & Repossession Industry With XINSURANCE, You Get… > All-in-one approach Available in most states > Limits up to $10MM with excess available > Flexible underwriting > Risk management expertise > 24/7 claims hotline
> Agent friendly
52 Tow Professional | Volume 7 Issue 9 | Originally established in 1950, Mike Keith Insurance has four Missouri locations offering a broad range of insurance products and services. Throughout these years, we have taken pride in helping our customers understand and select the right balance between affordability and quality of coverage. MKI focuses on keeping the interest of our client’s first and all employees strive to exceed customer expectations on every level. A niche agency, MKI has been successful in the Towing & Recovery Industry by partnering with major Tow & Recovery carriers and fostering these relationships to be able to offer our insureds the best prices and the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. With a growing base of “A” rated carriers, we are able to offer coverage in most states with no radius restrictions. Our team of Towing & Recovery specialists includes Curtis Cooper, CPCU, Amy Berry, CIC, Amy Sockwell, CISR, Jamie Harrelson, CISR, and our claims coordinator, Susan Evanoff, all of which are dedicated to our Towing & Recovery customers. This team offers timely service, on-time renewal quotes, quick new business quotes and the knowledge and expertise required to make sure your operation has the proper coverage while not breaking the bank. Virtually available 7 days a week, this team will impress you with their speed, knowledge and friendliness. Mike Keith Insurance has become the agency of choice in the Midwest and is quickly reaching beyond as we expand our services to all areas of the map. Let us utilize our 60+ years of Insurance experience to show you what we have to offer in the arena of Auto Liability, Auto Physical Damage, Garagekeepers Liability, On-Hook/Cargo, Property, Workers Compensation and more. As your full-service agency, we look forward to speaking with you soon regarding your Towing & Recovery Insurance needs. Insurance Cindy Horn, Janice LaVitte, and Bryan Westfall are a unit at Weiss Insurance that specializes in various transportation risks. They design your insurance policy to fit your insurance needs. Not all risks are identical; years in business, your own loss experience, driver experience, and type of business will affect your insurance cost. They understand your business and your business needs. They wear many hats as independent agents, representing various insurance companies, which allow them to “design” a policy for you. Towing, Transportation, Repossession, Cargo, Excess Cargo, Garage and or Repair Facilities, and Auto Sales are some of the types of business that they write. They have markets for worker’s compensation, group health, property, general liability, and personal insurance. TP_V7i9.qxp_Tow Professional 12/16/18 8:48 PM Page 52

Alliance Funding Group (AFG)

AFG has funded over $2 Billion dollars in equipment loans, leases, and working capital to over 25,000 customers. Ranked as one of the fastest-growing independent leasing companies in the US. (800) 978-8817

Jerr-Dan Financial Solutions

Whether you own one truck or a fleet, you can count on JDFS for the same innovative approach and customer service you expect form Jerr-Dan. (800) 926-9666

sidekick for our everyday heroes!

you for choosing for you.Azuga

From our offices around the world, the Azuga team is dedicated to giving our customers whatever they need to track and manage their fleets. Azuga takes a hands-on team approach and is always available to provide our customers with assistance. (330) 682-7015

LIGHTEST in weight, yet GREATEST towing capacity - relief for both you and your customers

Easier and safer loading in ALL-WEATHER and ALL-TERRAIN

Increased serviceability SAVES repair costs

Go the EXTRA mile

Ascentium Capital

Ascentium Capital is an award-winning commercial lender providing equipment and technology financing solutions. Our unique finance platform, combined with exceptional customer service, paves the way for fast, flexible financing for virtually any business need. (866) 722-8500

Collins Dollies

Collins Hi-Speed Dolly

Collins Manufacturing Corporation, has been the industry leader for more than 45 years. Because we go where you go, rain, snow, gravel, or highways, you don’t get to choose the job location and neither do we. (800) 332-9220

Custer Products

Custer Products manufactures and distributes LED lights, tow lights, and other related lighting products to the trucking, towing, agricultural, off-road, and safety industries through a network of distributors. (800) 490-3158 | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 41 REF 404-24-11 Generate more REVenue with SafeAll’s new portable EV charger. It’s compatible with all makes and models of EVs. Ready to work right out of the box. Charge numerous vehicles per shift. Lowest cost solution on the market.
Alliance Funding Group (AFG), was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest privately held equipment finance companies in the U.S. Having funded over $2 billion in equipment, we can offer complete credit and asset flexibility. New and used No blanket liens Not on personal credit 100% tax write-off No age restrictions 603-422-6608 Jeremy
Taskiris |



Austin Hinds Motors, Inc.

Let Austin Hinds Motors show you how easy it is to buy a quality new or used car in Arab . We believe fair prices, superior service, and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers. (256) 586-8161

Custer Products

Curbside SOS

Curbside SOS brings multiple quotes from roadside assistance partners across the United States. When you submit a roadside assistance request we look for all available roadside assistance providers near you.

Custer Products manufactures and distributes LED lights, tow lights, and other related lighting products to the trucking, towing, agricultural, off-road, and safety industries through a network of distributors. (800) 490-3158

CSTH llc

200 Ladish Rd Cynthiana, KY 41031

Dynamic created the Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift that has become the most sought after technology in the towing industry. 859-234-1100


The Emergency Road Service Coalition of America was formed in 2012, originally titled the united coalition for motor club safety (“The Coalition”), created by a group of California tow company owners in their desire to improve working conditions for towing and recovery companies.

Custom Built

Custom Built Manufacturing was founded by Derek Dangelo, owner of Dangelo’s Auto Body and Repairs.. Custom Built opened with a focus on manufacturing the highest quality, custom heavy duty wreckers for the towing industry. (800) 540-5151 |


Your safety and the safety of your communities are our number one priority. The emerging Energy Revolution is here to stay and responders must be prepared to properly handle incidents related to Electric Vehicles and Fixed Energy Storage Systems. (614) 321-5135 | info@


FlowStop, a revolutionary new system engineered to handle both emergency truck spills and routine maintenance of storm drain and sewer line pipes. (877)356-9767


Golight, Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company nestled in the heartland of the United States. In December of 1992, the idea of the remote control spotlight was born. The first Golight was available for sale in the summer of 1994. (800) 557-0098 |

Haas Alert

HAAS Alert’s digital alerting solution Safety Cloud is a breakthrough evolution in emergency alerting, bringing critical real-time connectivity to roads and transforming emergency alerting for a new century. (833) 433-HAAS |


Hazmat Responder Network

Our 40 hour hazardous materials technician course was developed to provide the tow professional with the specific knowledge and skills needed to participate in the mitigation and clean-up of incidents involving hazardous materials. (877) 356-9767


Hide-A-Lift was established in 1998 in a small town in the Northwest corner of Iowa. Needing a way to tow cars from place to place, then owner and now salesman Lee Bomgaars came up with an idea for the first underlift and things took off from there. (800) 634-9340

Hino Trucks

Our corporate mission is “to make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go—safely and economically—while focusing on sustainable development”. ( 248) 699-9300

INA Towing Network

To meet the growing need for elevated incident management, INA Towing Network (“INA”) has developed a comprehensive towing and recovery program for truck fleets. (866) 853-2125 | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 43
• Evoke the public conscious to understand they are the most powerful source to define life and death on our Nation’s highways. • To educate and make them aware they need to make a life change so first responders can live theirs! • To unite all common industry first responders to train, educate and motivate the public we serve to just Our mission is to:
LIVE FROM THE TOW PROFESSIONAL STUDIO “Pro’s that need to know and are On The Go!” Your voice for the Towing Industry Find us everywhere podcasts are available. Find us on or Bringing the latest in technology, products and services. Giving you the information needed to grow your Business!! New episodes weekly! SPONSORED BY:




Headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland, we proudly manufacture our vehicles in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Jerr-Dan believes there are few professions that can match the heart and soul of a tow owner/operator. (800) 926-9666 |

Robert Young’s Trucks

Robert Young’s Auto & Truck, Inc. is a family owned & operated business based out of Roanoke, VA. Robert R. Young of Robert Young’s started the company in 1982. He began his vison with basically one man and his tow truck!. (540) 982-3809


Traxero is the leading provider of innovative solutions within the towing and roadside industry. By bringing together the most trusted software providers in the market, Traxero delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions that help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. (800) 428-4715

McMahon Truck Centers of Columbus

Is your full-service headquarters for commercial truck solutions. We offer an extensive inventory for commercial truck sales, leasing and rentals, as well as comprehensive parts, maintenance solutions, and financing options to ensure the best selection, repair and service experience.

Steck Manufacturing

Steck Manufacturing Company was started as Steck’s Paint & Body Shop by George Steck in 1946. George went into manufacturing in the late forties when he and a partner developed a fastener used to install rear fenders. (800) 227-8325 |


Towbook is the unquestioned leader for cloud-based towing software. Our towing, roadside and impound software is your all-encompassing solution for Private Property, Police Calls, Transport, Local Calls, Motor Clubs, and more! (810) 320-5063 |


The worlds first wireless emergency, transport, recovery and recreational lighting manufacture since 1985. TowMate began with just one product and has since grown to offer more than 50 wireless and emergency lighting systems. (800) 680-4455 |

Warrior Winches

Is part of the Bimson Power Group, provides winches that have unmatched value, quality and reliability. Trusted as one of the leading winch providers in the UK, Europe and USA, to deliver dependable and long-lasting performance.


Introduced in 1990, the TruHitch™ System was developed to solve the weight distribution problem in the heavy towing industry. The Tru Hitch™ is by far the safest heavy duty towing devicein the transportation industry (860) 379-7772 |


WEBFLEET Solutions

• Attaches in minutes

Track your company vehicles and save like a Pro . WEBFLEET is a leading company for vehicle tracking & fleet management software in the cloud. (866) 224-9451

• No Permanent Connections

• 32K Lift Capability

• Safely Tows Up To 140K GCWR

• Distributes Weight Properly

• Scales When Others Can’t

• Economical To Operate

Tru-Hitch Inc. 16 W. West Hill Road Barkhamsted, Ct. 06063 Toll Free 1-800-450-8659


Worldwide Equipment Sales

Worldwide Equipment Sales is the leading dealer of new and used tow trucks, high quality self-loader wreckers, flatbed car carriers, and equipment trailers. (815) 725-4400


Will-Burt Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts, towers, trailer systems, and pan and tilt positioners. We offer virtually every mobile payload elevation solution and full integration services for first responders. (330) 682-7015

WRecker Rentals

Rent a wrecker from Wrecker Rentals and keep your business in business while your asset is down. Wrecker Rentals can deliver a wrecker or carrier to your location in a matter of hours so that you have limited service interruption. (770) 898-1200


Specialize in automotive towing equipment, industrial hauling solutions and service bodies, including new and used tow trucks, wreckers, car carriers, and related equipment. (800) 222-6047 | Q1 | TOW PROFESSIONAL 45


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FEATURED SUPPLIERS & DIRECTORY 2021 FEATURED SUPPLIER’S DIRECTORY McMahon Truck Centers of Columbus Is your full-service headquarters for an extensive inventory for commercial truck sales, leasing and rentals, as well as comprehensive Custom Built of Dangelo’s Auto Body and Repairs.. Custom Built opened with a focus on manufacturing the highest quality, custom heavy duty wreckers for the towing industry. (800) 540-5151 TP Q2 ROTATORS, HEAVY EQUIPMENT, WHEEL LIFT & REPO EQUIPMENT Rick’s Truck & Equipment Rick’sTruck and Equipment offers wide selection of competitively-priced vehicles as well as parts and service. Call us today and let our professional staff help you nd what you’re looking for. (800) 639-4537 Austin Hinds Motors, Inc. or used car in Arab We believe fair prices, superior service, and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers. (256) 586-8161 PREMIUM SUPPLIERS JERR-DAN Headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland, we proudly manufacture our vehicles in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Jerr-Dan believes there are few professions that can match the heart and soul of a tow owner/operator. (800) 926-9666 Dynamic Towing Equipment Manufacturing Dynamic created the Original (757) 624-1360 Q2 Tow Professional Quarterly Digital Edition Featured Supplier Directory • 25-30 Word Company Description • Company Logo • Phone Number • Contact Email Link • Website Link Tow Professional Quarterly Digital Edition Featured Products • 60-65 Word Product Description • Product or Service Image • Contact Email Link • Website Link 38 Tow Professional Q2 21 FEATURED PRODUCTS 2 2021 FEATURED PRODUCTS WHEEL LIFTS & REPO EQUIPMENT TP Q2 8000LBTOW RATING OPTIONS PLASTIC POLY FENDER WHICH ARE LIGHTER,YET 8000LB RAMSEY WINCH STAINLESS STEEL PYLON OUR Customers have been asking for a unit that would: Lift faster & higher Provide better weight transfer Have the sleek appearance of the Lightning Body design Have large tool boxes and easy access to hydraulics. DYNAMIC “PYTHON” WWW.TOWPROFESSIONAL.COM Tow Professional is proud to announce our new Digital Interactive Quarterly! Now your Editorial and Advertising can become interactive with links & videos combined with the convenience of mobility! Editorial Coverage QUARTER 1 Towing Software and Lighting QUARTER 2
Wheel Attachments, Wheel-Lifts
Insurance and Financing QUARTER 4 Hazmat,
Lock-out Equipment, GPS
Telematics Cost For Full Year FULL PAGE Specs: Price: $
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editorial must
links to websites
videos. Be sure to ask about how to become a part of our Suppliers Directory and Feature Product Editorial. Call 205-223-4548 or email, Darian Weaver at
Rotators, Heavy
and Repo Equipment QUARTER 3
Spill Control,
$ 2,000
and this includes


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