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Pastor Tim Kelley M-F 9:20am

Herman Cain

M-F 12pm-3pm


Pete O’Shea

M-F 3pm-6pm

ABOUT US “WTIS is the oldest Christian station in the Tampa Bay area celebrating 39 years in that format in 2015.” HISTORY Inspiration AM 1110 WTIS was first FCC-licensed as WALT in 1946. Its clear channel signal of 10,000 watts was Tampa Bay’s first Top 40s station, ranking number one in Tampa in 1958 with a format change in 1965. Beginning in 1970, WALT 1110 AM became the AM counterpart to the legendary WQYK FM in Tampa booming its top-rated country programming to 8 counties in the Tampa Bay area. The station underwent a format change in 1976 by its local owners to its current focus on faith, families, and freedom in the Christian perspective. WTIS is celebrating 70 years on air in 2016 as your neighborhood inspiration station and is known by its large faithful audience who have tuned in to talk faith, family, and freedom issues with its local and national program hosts

WHO WE ARE Our programming offers our community of Tampa Bay families information and empowerment to address matters affecting their spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial health. We are innovators in the Christian lifestyle format, both live and local. WTIS is a powerful 10,000 watt day-time signal. Our signal that covers Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, Manatee, and Hardee counties gathers the community of loyal listeners both on air and online at www.wtis1110. com where our programs stream live and archive there as well.

In January 2015, we celebrated 69 years on air and 39 years of Christian lifestyle!

Whether you have used radio before or you are now ready to take the first step, WTIS offers long form programming, short form features, and commercial advertising produced in our cutting edge studios with the ability to take live calls. We invite you to let the WTIS team show you how we can help your message touch hearts and reach a receptive loyal local audience.


WTIS Radio offers listener loyalty, lower cost, and higher responses with unparalleled coverage in the Tampa Bay market!

MULTIMEDIA MARKETING A weekly or daily radio broadcast that includes a web presence with online streaming and on-demand archives along with social media (Facebook and Twitter) is a cost effective multimedia marketing plan. Radio remains the most listened form of media and coupled with online and social media is an amazing opportunity to become a trusted part of listeners’ family. Listeners who hear you on a regular basis come to know and trust you. Multimedia means they will hear you everywhere. With the programs of over 25 local hosts and the community created by a live morning and weekday noon-time program, WTIS uses social media to cross promote your message to the audiences of those programs. The WTIS mobile app on our Android or IPhone makes your program available to an even wider audience. Discover how radio can help you dominate your ITunes category. Inspiration AM 1110 seeks to glorify Him by serving the Tampa Bay community. Let us show you how the tools of on air, online, and social media can be used to inspire your audience and help them stay connected. On air Inspiration AM 1110 reaches six counties. We hear from radio listeners in Europe

- honest! WTIS online and through social media reaches around the globe with your message.

YOUR PROGRAM’S FORMAT We can create a program with you to air weekly or air daily right here on Inspiration AM 1110 with the ability, if desired, to take live calls on air or a shortform feature. Or, you may choose to sponsor a program like one of our long-term ministries Pastor J. Vernon McGee and Joyce Meyer, among others, the news, traffic, or a short form feature that airs on WTIS. Another option is to tape a program in our state of the art studios with produced features like an opening, closing, and commercial spots during the broadcast.

COMMERCIALS/PROMOTIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS We can produce and air :30 and :60 second spots or public service announcements professionally produced in WTIS studios. We offer original production with voices, music, and copy writing highlighting your message to loyal audiences of Pete O’Shea, Herman Cain, and our local hosts.



PROGRAMS & SHOWS THE HERMAN CAIN SHOW The nationally syndicated Herman Cain Show airs exclusively on Inspiration AM 1110 weekday afternoons 12 noon to 3. Herman disseminates the headlines factually to Tampa Bay listeners - with humor, with passion, and with heart. His lifetime of business experience and leadership parlays into engaging, interactive radio. Herman Cain has a compelling story to share with his listeners. Inspired by the work ethic and character of his parents, Herman earned a master’s degree from Purdue University while working for the Department of the Navy. His experience at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, and then a successful turn-around at Godfather’s Pizza give him creditability as he discusses the ruling class with listeners who work each day to serve God and their families. He understands living within one’s means and speaks with callers with a variety of opinions with grace and humor. The Herman Cain Show is well-produced, engaging, and a proven audience-pleaser. His listeners are passionate about the Hermanator taking on the day’s headlines educating and empowering each of us. Herman urges his listeners each Thursday during the Guilding Principles of Success (GPS) feature that success is a journey, and Herman is there to help you navigate it!. Herman urges listeners to email their questions regarding education, business, personal success, or leadership. On Thursdays at the bottom of the second hour Herman shares his advice to help YOU achieve YOUR version of the American Dream!

THE PETE O’SHEA SHOW The Pete O’Shea Show, heard each weekday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm, is Tampa’s daily dose of local guests, topics, and issues all to the glory of our Savior. Host Pete O’Shea is a veteran broadcaster, stand-up comedian, and local Tampa Bay Youth Minister. During his daily show, The Pete O’Shea Show, Pete is a galvanizing presence in our Ecumenical community and a firm believer in the mindset of bringing everyone together through Jesus to be one strong and vibrant faith based community here in Tampa Bay. Pete shines a light on the people, churches and ministries that are making a positive impact on our area. He is starting a “Love Revolution” with everyone he encounters, commissioning every man, woman and child to repeat his mantra to each other, “I Love You and I Love Jesus!” Tune in each weekday to hear what Pete will do next to inspire and uplift, with the hope of making this an even better place to live, work and worship and fill the community with prayers for those in need. Pete also gets out in the Tampa Bay community, motivating and preaching the Gospels at revivals, conferences and any special event were Christians gather. Ask him to come and speak to your group or call him about bringing your group to join him on air.

PROGRAMS & SHOWS NEIGHBORHOOD HOSTS Since 1946 Your Neighborbood Inspiration Station WTIS has been part of the Tampa Bay community. In addition to the national news and syndicated hosts that include Dr. Charles Stanley, Herman Cain, Pat Boone, Charles Capps, Joyce Meyer, among others, WTIS has consistently offered local residents the chance to be the voice behind the microphone. The Neighborhood Hosts on WTIS include Pastor Tim Kelley who over

Charles Boxsley

Dr. Pat Clarke

many years has built a local congregation from his daily Grace Thoughts message on air. Pastor Kelley’s transparency reaches each of our hearts. Charles Boxsley teaches us Sunday mornings about God’s plan of abundance for each of our lives and our pocket books. Dr. Pat Clarke brings an impassioned message of salvation through knowing His word and how He leads each of us to grow our faith. There are many more from Jesse and Clifford on Hour of Blessing, Jennifer Alden on One JAM Nation, Lynn Barber and Susan Haddock of The Hillsborough County Extension Service each



Saturday morning on Garden Talk, Jan Natoli each Saturday afternoon on Midnight Cry who are our neighbors and yours here in the Tampa Bay area. Radio reaches people’s hearts and can change their lives. The listeners know the hearts of these Neighborhood Hosts by hearing them on a regular basis on air. We know Pastor Kelley routs for the Patriots and Katrina Madewell of Tampa Home Talk is passionate about your home. Radio can educate, empower, and entertain the listeners of WTIS here in the Tampa Bay area. It can build medical, vet, counseling, and many other professional

Jennifer Alden

Pastor Anthony Jones

service practices. It can tell the community what you offer in your business and as importantly, tell your story in a way that no print ad, television spot, or sixty-second commercial can do. Our hosts have been on the air with Your Neighborhood Inspiration Station AM 1110 for decades. Many of our listeners tell us they turn and now their children and grandchildren do, too. Do you have a message to bring to local listeners of WTIS? Ask us how you can become one of our Neighborhood Hosts today.

Lynn Barber

Susan Haddock


“ “ “ “

DEBRA EVANS, Real Women Doing Real Life Mondays at 11:30am on WTIS AM 1110 “Right away, the very first week I was on the air at WTIS, the phone started to ring and I have been averaging ten more women a week coming to my weekly service. WTIS is reaching the body of Christ!” DR. TRACIE LEONHARDT, Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center Wednesdays at 11:30am on WTIS AM 1110 “WTIS has helped me build my practice over the past year and I submitted my interviews with Pete O’Shea to the Dr. Oz television show and now I am a preferred provider and an on-air contributor to that national television show. WTIS is a great way for me to get new patients and educate the public about the cutting edge type of medicine that I practice.” JASON WHITE, His Call Mondays at 11:15am on WTIS AM 1110 “I am starting a new ministry. It is growing much faster than I expected because of my weekly involvement with WTIS. I can reach more people than I ever thought was possible.” DR. CHRIS HOOD, Hood Family Chiropractic – Original Health Tuesdays at 11:30am on WTIS AM 1110 “I absolutely love WTIS. It is the perfect media outlet for my concept, Original Health. My passion is to get people back to the original health that God designed for their bodies and WTIS helps me do that in a big way.” PASTOR TIM KELLEY, Grace Connection Church “For the past 20 years, Grace Connection Church has built its congregation from Grace Thoughts heard every weekday morning on Inspiration AM 1110 Tampa. Thank you.”



Those of Christian lifestyle and seekers both listen Advertising on a radio format that includes spiritual to radio with a spiritual message and are family programming and talk programs is known for its oriented. They tend to drive larger vehicles, buy unusually high results. The reason is the loyalty of the more food and clothes, and travel frequently. WTIS listening audience. This format has more female listeners than any other radio format. There WHO is a considerable audience in YOUR COMMERCIAL LISTENS TO An amazing 95% of drivers the 25-54 age group and over CHRISTIAN RADIO? are listening to their car 80% of listeners are married radios. In fact, Tampa Bay’s and have children. Did you know that there are over 1,300 busy roads sets the stage Christian Radio stations in America? for the average listener In the latter part of the 1980’s, and spending over three hours continuing today, Christian Radio is the Those who listen to radio each day to radio. Your fastest growing radio format in the that airs a spiritual message message on Inspiration and talk programs pay AM 1110 is heard on WTIS’ United States. More Christian format closer attention and listen powerful 10,000 watt signal stations went on the air than Rock longer to the on-air message throughout the Tampa Bay and Roll or Country Music! than any other radio format. listening area.


LISTENER PROFILE LISTENER AGE RANGE Under 18 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65 & Up


< 1%

9% Never Married 5% Widowed 5% Divorced

< 1%

Married 81%


5% Separated

29% 20% 15% 12%



MALE 54%



36% 21% 6%



High School Trade/Tech School

Attend Worship Service


Attend Sunday School


Attend Small Group


Teach Sunday School


Church Leadership


Lead Small Group



Some College


College Graduate Post Graduate

98% 4%



RATE CARD WTIS Commercial Spot Rates 60 Second Spot $49 ROS* 30 Second Spot $38 ROS*

WTIS Program Air Time Rates 52 Minute Program $199* 26 Minute Program $149* Rates Effective January 1, 2015 *Consideration for long term commitment.

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WTIS | Media Kit 2015  

WTIS | Media Kit 2015