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Vitalia Committees

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All residents are welcome to attend any Vitalia Committee Meeting listed below.

Driver’s License Department


Vitalia Advisory Committee

Florida Power and Light


Home Town Cable Plus


Lawnwood Regional Medical Center


NUI City Gas


Meet 3rd Wednesday at 11am in Demo Kitchen

Port St. Lucie Police Dept.


Event Planning Committee

Port St. Lucie Utilities


(Emergency After Hours)

Port St. Lucie Utilities


Medical Center

Meet the 4th Friday at 10:30am in Demo Kitchen

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Meet 3rd Monday at 1:30pm in Augustine Room

Financial Committee

Landscaping Committee

Meet 1st Tuesday at 9am in Augustine Room 800-772-1213

St. Lucie County

Architectural Review Committee

Meet on 5/9, 8/8 and 11/14 at 9am in Demo Kitchen

(Set Up)

Social Security Administration

Meet 2nd Wednesday at 10am in Ballroom




Port St. Lucie Fire Department


Port St. Lucie West Library


Tradition Medical Center


Waste Pro/Recycle

772-595-9390 Tradition CDD District 5 (Vitalia) Board Members •

Cathy Powers:

Rick Dixon:

Chris King:

Frank Webster:

Storm Preparedness Committee

Meet 4th Wednesday at 10am in Ballroom

Welcome Committee Meet as needed

Wellness Committee Meet as needed

Newsletter Deadlines All calendar and newsletter submissions (100 words or less) are due on the first of the month prior to publication (regardless of the day of the week) and should be emailed to with a cc: to Leslie Boehlert, Lifestyles Director, at June submissions are due on Tuesday, May 1st.

community news

Using Mulch Around Ornamentals

Andrea Bull Community Manager abull@ 877-221-6919

This month, NativeGreen Pest Control & Fertilization wanted to share some information and tips on using mulch. Applying mulch around ornamentals is a common practice in most urban landscapes. Mulch can improve plant growth, enhance landscape appearance, prevent plant damage, reduce maintenance time (weed control), and decrease water demands. Common mulch materials include bark, wood chips, peat moss, lava rocks, pine straw, limestone chips, and washed gravel.

appearance. Proper mulch emphasizes the ornamental plantings.

Types of Mulch

Plastic or Fiber Mats Used Under Mulch – These materials restrict the movement of water, air, gases, and nutrients in and out of the soil, which is detrimental to root growth.

Various types of mulch materials are available. Tree bark, wood chips, or peat moss mulches provide the greatest benefits to ornamentals. These materials also provide a pleasing color upon weathering. Avoid the use of polyethylene mulch (plastic), either alone or under other mulch materials.

Precautions When Mulching Too Deep of a Mulch Layer – Maintain mulch at a 1-3 inch thickness. A layer greater than 3 inches will increase water retention, decrease air and gas exchange, and cause shallow roots. Keep mulch away from the base of trees and shrubs because it provides an ideal place for insects, disease pathogens, and rodents.

Rocks & Gravel Mulch – Light colored mulches such as gravel and rock can reflect large amounts of light and heat. They are not recommended for sunny locations or where heat may be a problem.

Advantages of Mulch Weed & Grass Free Area – Mulch reduces competition between weeds or grass and the ornamental plants. A grass free area also protects plants from potential injury during mowing, weeding and trimming. This is especially beneficial to young transplants.

Introduced Weed Seeds – Some organic mulch (wheat, straw, corn cobs, etc) may introduce weed seeds and/or provide an ideal media for weed seed germination.

Conserves Water - Mulch reduces water loss from evaporation.

Increased Fertilizer Demand - Some organic mulch, such as sawdust, tie up nitrogen in the soil as they decompose. Additional fertility is needed for adequate plant growth.

Moderation of Soil Temperature – The soil under mulch is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can improve root activity in the summer and help extend root growth through the fall and winter.

Mulch Can Be Dislodged into Turf – Certain types of mulch (large bark chips, rocks, etc.) can be dislodged from the mulch areas. This creates a maintenance problem and may damage mowing equipment.

Reduces Soil Erosion & Water Loss - Mulch helps prevent soil movement and water run-off. Improved Soil Structure - Organic mulch improves soil structure. Aeration and biological activity also increase. Enhances Landscape Appearance - Plants and planting beds with mulch have a cleaner

Coffee Talk

Wednesday, May 9th | 1pm Join us for coffee in the Ballroom and meet your Community Manager, Andrea Bull. Listen to updates and welcome new residents to the neighborhood! May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   3  

lifestyles news

Alligators It is alligator moving and mating season for Florida’s estimated 1.3 million alligators, so you may see more alligators in the community at this time of year.

Leslie Boehlert Lifestyles Director lboehlert@ 772-800-2505

Courtship typically is in April, followed by mating in May and June, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. To attract females, males display themselves by head-slapping the water and producing a deep rumbling below. Once a male-female pair is formed, they will swim together, touch each other’s snouts, and blow bubbles. Mating takes place in the water and when completed, the male will depart and the female is left to search for a place to build her nest. Female alligators construct nests by mounding up vegetation, sticks, leaves, and mud in a sheltered spot in or near water. Females use their whole bodies during nest construction—body and tail to clear an area, jaws to gather and drag vegetation, and hind legs to dig the hole in the mound for the eggs. After completing the nest, the female will deposit all of her eggs (ranging between 20 and 50) at once and cover them up

with more vegetation for incubation. She may move vegetation around to keep the eggs at a fairly constant temperature. Females stay near the nest during incubation and actively defend it from predators like raccoons. Females may also be aggressive toward humans, often hissing and charging at intruders, so alligator nests should never be approached.

During this time alligators will be on the move and may be more aggressive. Please give them a wide berth and respect their territory during this time of year.

Storm Preparedness Committee The all-volunteer StormPrep committee was formed to assist residents in preparing for storm season in Florida. It is still in the early stages, so more volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities. In the meantime, you can access most of the necessary emergency preparedness information under the Neighborhood tab on For more information, contact John Hunter at 860-989-2285 or

Storm Readiness Presentation by the Division of Emergency Management

Hurricane Preparedness Expo by the City of Port St. Lucie

Wednesday, May 23rd | 10am | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Saturday, June 2nd | 10am-2pm | PSL Civic Center 9221 SE Civic Center Place in Port St. Lucie

Joe Mercurio of the City of Port St. Lucie will present a seminar on Storm Readiness (previously done in March). Learn about what to do before, during and after a severe weather event as well as available resources. 4   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

View educational presentations and connect with emergency services providers on the Treasure Coast. FREE and open to the public. For more information, call 772-871-7340 or visit

May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   5  

out & about Lifestyles Residents may bring their own beverage to any event. If the seating is theatre style ALL beverages must be in a closed container with a lid.

Trivia - On Two Nights! Tickets On Sale Now at the Front Desk Friday, May 11th OR Saturday, May 26th 7pm | Doors Open 6:30pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom | $5

Test your knowledge at a variety of categories. Team captain will be allowed to purchase tickets for the whole table, a total of 8 tickets per team; however, all names must be given when purchased. Please make sure to give your team members their tickets in advance, as they will be collected at the door. If you are not currently part of a team, you are welcome to buy an individual ticket. The staff at the front desk will help assign you to a table. Residents only please. Note: Residents will be required to select a date (5/11 OR 5/26) to attend Trivia. After one week of ticket sales, IF tickets are still available for Trivia on either evening, they will be open for purchase to all.

*Annual Meeting for All Vitalia Club Chairs* Thursday, May 17th | 3pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Club chairs may invite two board members, and or volunteers, from their club. This annual meeting is very important as Lifestyles events grow and new clubs are being formed. Please plan on attending and RSVP to Leslie by May 11th at

Movie Night - LBJ Friday, May 18th | 7pm | Doors Open at 6:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom | FREE | No RSVP Required

Popcorn provided. Bring your own beverage and snacks and enjoy the show! The movie is rated R, 98 minutes, and is a biography/drama starring Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Richard Jenkins, Bill Pullman, and Jeffrey Donovan. This first-rate biopic of Lyndon B. Johnson chronicles his time as the Senate majority leader, his ascension to the presidency following the assassination of JFK, and his efforts to pass the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 over the objection of Southern Democrats.

Sounds of Soul Tickets On Sale Now at the Front Desk Saturday, May 19th | 8pm-9:30pm | Doors Open at 7:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom (Theatre-Style Seating) $20 for Residents | $25 for Guests

Get ready to relive the hits of Motown and beyond, as this exciting, high energy group unleashes superior vocals and 6   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

slick dance moves powered by pure soul! Soak in the hits of The Temptations, The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, The Supremes, Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Barry White, and more with the Sounds of Soul.

Memorial Day Cook Out & DJ Tickets On Sale Now at the Front Desk Monday, May 28th | 12:30pm-3:30pm | Doors Open at 12pm Grand Treasure Ballroom (Open Tables) $15 for Residents | $20 for Guests

Join us on Memorial Day for a good ‘ol American cook-out with burgers, hot dogs and sides catered by PABBQ Grill. DJ Lenny C will be playing all your favorite music!

The Friday Night Summer Dance Series Tickets On Sale Now at the Front Desk Friday, June 29th | 7pm-9:30pm | Doors Open at 6:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom (Open Tables) $10 for Residents & Guests

Our Friday Night Summer Dance Series goes from JuneSeptember and will be starting off with a BOOM! The ShaBoom band, featuring John, Madeline, Frankie’D and Sal, will be “Keep’n the ‘50s and ‘60s alive!”

4th of July Anniversary Celebration Tickets Go On Sale May 7th at 9am Wednesday, July 4th | 12:30pm-3:30pm | Doors Open at 12pm Grand Treasure Ballroom & Sunset Beach Pool (Open Tables) $18 for Residents | $23 for Guests

BBQ will be served with sides. Steel drums will entertain with lots of fun games pool side and in Ballroom.

LIFESTYLES TICKET SALE INFORMATION Lifestyles will sell tickets to events two months in advance (unless a change needs to be made at the Lifestyle Director’s discretion). The main ticket sale for July Lifestyles events (excluding Trivia) will be Monday, May 7th in the Ballroom from 9am-11am. *NEW* - If you arrive BEFORE 9am, you may pick up a ticket from the lifestyles representative at the front desk. One resident, in person, per table to purchase tickets. One resident may not purchase more than one table’s worth of tickets. Starting at 9am you may get your deli ticket when you enter the Ballroom. Numbers will start being called promptly at 9am. Payment can be made by check (made payable to Vitalia HOA) OR credit card.

out & about Residents please bring your Vitalia ID badges in order to purchase a ticket. The first two weeks of ticket sales will be for Vitalia residents only (unless otherwise specified). If the event is not sold out within this time frame, residents may purchase tickets for adult guests.

Arts & Crafts Classes Art Class with Instructors from Three Legged Wildebeest Art Studio Sign Up at the Front Desk Today Monday, May 21st | 1:30pm-3:30pm | Ballroom $28 Per Person (all-inclusive)

The lead instructor Zoey, will guide you through a landscape acrylic painting using two techniques: dry brush and stippling. This class will be open to 25 participants, so please sign up asap! Everything you need to complete your project will be included in the cost of the class: canvas, picture, paint, brushes, and instruction.

Fitness Classes Current class schedules are available in the lobby and on All classes are held in the Shoreside Aerobics Studio, unless otherwise specified.

Abs & More! Thursdays | 10am

30 minutes of abdominal exercise with 20 minutes of a different target area each week (i.e., arms, legs, back). Abdominal strength is essential for balance, posture, coordination, and directly supports lower back strength. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor.

Aquacise at Sunset Beach Pool Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays | 10am

An excellent cardio and strength workout for all levels by utilizing water weights, aqua gloves and noodles to achieve a very unique workout. Swimming is not required.

Beginner Line Dancing Mondays | 6:30pm

Studies have shown line dancing to be a great help in areas of memory, balance and cardiovascular. Plus it’s fun!

Core Strength Mondays | 10am

A safe yet effective, non-impact exercise class designed

Fitness Classes to strengthen the CORE muscles of the body while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Improve posture, balance and coordination. A strong foundation is key to prevent injury, reduce back pain and enhance activities. Modifications will be given to ensure safety and cater to all.

Core & Stretch Fridays | 12pm

A combo class focused on core strength and flexibility. Build strength and endurance without any negative impact on the body, then top it off with 30 minutes of feel good stretching. All levels are welcome.

Group X Toning Fridays | 8am

Take your workout to the next level. This class is designed to strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group utilizing hand weights and/or barbells and other equipment. Group exercise provides a motivating atmosphere that is conducive to working out! Any fitness level is welcome.

H20 Pilates at Sunset Beach Pool Tuesdays | 10am

Non-impact strengthening and stretching movements that require precise breathing and muscle control. Practicing Pilates in the water develops trunk stabilization, enhances muscle strength, helps correct posture and relieves stress.

Line Dancing Mondays at 12:15pm | Fridays at 10:30am

Line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time.

Pilates & Core Harmony Tuesdays | 12pm

This class will focus on engaging your core (recognizing how this can be achieved effectively) and breathing techniques. All will be given a simple worksheet to share with the instructor their personal objectives and target areas to work on. Will include use of foam rollers and balls.

Sit & Fit Tuesdays & Thursdays | 11:30am | Ballroom

Chair exercises effectively assist individuals to exercise and move without putting undo pressure or strain on their bodies. This class builds endurance and develops May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   7  

out & about Fitness Classes coordination and balance. A variety of equipment may be used such as bands, balls and other equipment.

Step & Tone Wednesdays | 8am

This is a form of aerobic power distinguished by its use of an elevated platform (the step). It helps burn calories, reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and strengthen muscles. Incorporating both upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase leg strength.

Strength Challenge Mondays | 8am

This class will help strengthen your knees, hips, legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core. This will help you maintain healthy bone mass and prevent age related muscle loss.

avoid injury. Stretching improves balance, posture and coordination, increases cardiovascular endurance, and adds strength. Modifiers will be given for all - chairs can be used.

Yoga Tuesdays at 4pm | Fridays at 9:15am

Perfect blend of yoga, yin, and balance to relax mind and soul.

Yoga Saturdays | 8am

This class promotes balance, relaxation, flexibility, and strength through postures and breathing techniques.

Zumba Thursdays | 9am

Incorporates Latin and international music and dance with a blended balance of cardio and muscle toning.


Zumba Gold

Wednesdays | 10am & 11:15am

Tuesdays | 8am

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and allow your body the time to relax and rebuild. Relieve joint pain, muscle soreness, and

8   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

Introduces easy-to-follow choreography focusing on balance, range of motion, and coordination. Modified Zumba that recreates original moves at a lower-intensity.

Vitalia Club and Lifestyle Events FITNESS CLASS













Welcome Home New Neighbors! Arthur & Janice Blake Modesto Bravo Alan & Ronny Charin Carlos & Sonia Cortes Domingo & Gloria Echevarria Thomas & Lori Gioia

James & Nancy Jaffer Will & Sonia Jansen Richard Coonan & Sandy Jin Alan & Susan Lapkin Arthur & Mary Maull

Olga Nicolau Raymond & Goldie Steele Weston (David) & MUSIC LOVERS CLUB’STemel HOLIDAY PARTY Cornelia (Corey) Raymond & Linda Valentine Hugh & Susan Williams

May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   9  

out & about Club/Group Meeting & Contact List Club/Group







Art Club

Mondays Wednesdays

1:30pm 9:30am


Ricky Stephens


Basketball Club




Rob Budinsky



4th Sunday



Helen Penzel Rick Dixon

772-345-4225 -







Book Club Chapters: More Than a Book Club Mystery Book Club Vitalia Book Club

4th Thursday 1st Thursday 2nd Tuesday

10am 4pm 9:30am


Janet Taylor Susan O’Dell Adrian Goetz

941-209-2948 860-462-7211 772-345-2294




SuperPlay USA

Ronda Sadowsky






Cindy Loney






Sue Ann Goldman


Gregory Trentacoste Richard Clinton

732-539-9110 240-876-1990

Car Club

3rd Wednesday


Clubhouse Parking Lot

Club Amici




Carol Ritz


305-588-8908 772-345-3559 703-965-4858


Club Sabor!

3rd Tuesday



Peter de la Concepcion Nella Lutrin Jean Delgado

Co-Ed Dart Club

Mon & Wed



Brian Stadtler


Co-Ed Water Volleyball




Linda Wood


Cook’s Corner






Corn Hole Club

3rd Sunday






Dart Club




Mike Mamo



Disc Golf Club

Wed. & Fri.



Celso Fernandez Jim Follin


Dogs & Cats Forever




Kathy Pachuta


FAN Club




Cathy Powers


Genealogy Club

2nd Friday



Janet Taylor


Good News Bible Study




Kathy Simon


Hand & Foot




Bob Goldman




2nd Thursday



Carla Mansfield Shelley Deixler

Knit One, Crochet Too




Marjorie Weiss


LOVe Hadassah

1st Tuesday (brd mtg)



Ruth Webster


M&P Club




Rita Atlas


MahJong Club




Shelley Deixler


Men’s 8 Ball League of Vitalia

Wednesdays & Thursdays



Jerry Warrener Bill Sheehan

610-283-1534 302-841-8664

Men’s Golf




Steve Tuckman


Men’s Water Volleyball

T, W & Sat.



Phil Savader


Music Lovers Club




Mark Rosenbaum Lynette Polo

631-796-7651 -


Mon. & Wed. Tuesdays

5pm 9am

Courts Courts

Steve Serafino


Pickleball Club




Ted Donaldson


To be included on this list or update your club’s information, email | See monthly calendar for Room Key

10   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

out & about Club/Group Meeting & Contact List Club/Group







Pilates Club

Tuesday Thursday Saturdays

5:30pm 4pm 9:30am


Deb D’Andrea


Ping Pong Club




Jim Follin






Bob Goldman


Red Hot Seasons




Sue Ann Goldman


Rummikub Club




Dianne Trivers


Samba Club

Tuesdays Saturdays

6:30pm 12:30pm


Marie Ferrazzano Kathleen Primavera



Mon & Fri






Single’s Club

varies 2nd Wednesday

varies 5pm

off sight DK

Susan O’Dell


Sports Fans Club

2nd Monday



Ron Shandler






Phil Savader


Sunset Beach Tiki Hut




Tricia Buonomo


Sunshine Club




Sue Ann Goldman


Tennis Club - Open Play Men’s Doubles Women’s Doubles Women’s Open Play

M, W, F Saturdays Sundays Tues./Thurs. M, Th, F Sundays

8am 8:30am 8am 8am/9am 8:30am 8:30am

Courts Courts Courts Courts Courts Courts

Bob Memis Gayle Deighan

772-345-5857 772-521-1084

TLC Women’s Bible Study




Diane Harrington


Travel Club of Vitalia




Carolyn Fedor


Veterans Club

3rd Saturday



Richard Clinton


Vitalia Players Club

1st Monday



Marcia Buck



Phil Saia Amado Delgado Jean Delgado

630-204-5511 703-915-6520 703-965-4858


Vitalia Sharpshooters

3rd Tuesday


To be included on this list or update your club’s information, email | See monthly calendar for Room Key

Art Club Mosaics & Crafts: Mondays | 1:30pm | Biscayne Room

We show you how to mosaic your item. We have the supplies you will need to complete your item. It’s also a day to do your favorite craft. You bring your project and supplies. Contact Polly Lasher at 772-345-9228 or or Ricky Stephens at 239-682-6532 or Wednesdays | 9:30am | Biscayne Room

Create your artwork with your friends. On Wednesdays you bring your own supplies to create your art. Bring your favorite medium and work at your own pace. Occasionally there are watercolor classes. Contact Ricky for details at 239-682-6532 or

Bingo Sunday, May 27th | 7pm-9pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Come on down to the Captiva Club for a fun evening of bingo. No reservation or tickets are needed; simply pay at

the door, $5 per person. We’ll serve coffee, tea and snacks, but you’re always welcome to bring your own snacks as well.

Bocce/Petanque Bocce: Saturdays at 9am | Petanque: Mondays at 5pm, Tuesdays at 9am, Wednesdays at 5pm

Bocce is an Italian game played between 2 teams of 4 players max with 8 large balls and 1 small target ball. Petanque is a French game played with metal balls and 1 small ball. The object of both games is to get as close to the small ball as possible. Maximum number of players: 8 per court. Contacts: Greg at or 772-345-9267 for Bocce and Steve Serafino at or 772-345-9185 for Petanque.

Book Club Chapters

More Than a Book Club Thursday, May 24th | 10am | Biscayne Room

This month we’ll be discussing Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   11  

out & about Club / Group Reeling from uncovered family secrets, and anger at her mother and aunt for keeping them from her, Joy runs away to Shanghai to find her birth father. She throws herself into the New Society of Red China, heedless of the dangers in the communist regime. Devastated and terrified for her safety, Pearl is determined to save her daughter. Even as their separate journeys converge, one of the most tragic in China’s history threatens their very lives. The book for the June 28th meeting is Beneath A Marble Sky by John Shors. Contact: Janet Taylor at

Mystery Book Club Thursday, May 3rd | 4pm | Augustine Room

Do you love mysteries? Can’t wait until the end of a book to find out “who did it?” Then this club is for you! Join the Mystery Book Club! For more information, contact Susan O’Dell at The book this month is Dust by Patricia Cornwell. The book for the June 7th meeting is A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark.

from 1pm-4pm. Meet in the lobby of the clubhouse. All levels are welcome! For more information, contact Cindy Loney at 772-345-4333 or

Bunco Questions: Sue Ann at 772-345-2460 or

Car Club Wednesday, May 16th | 8:30am

The Vitalia Car Club is open to all residents. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for either a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting. Those who have vehicles of interest, all makes and models, or anyone that is interested in joining other residents to participate in car related events, can participate. In addition, we’ll be going and participating in car shows. For more information, contact Greg Trentacoste at or 732-539-9110 or Rich Clinton at or 240-876-1990. Check our email blasts or Facebook Group Vitalia Car Club for events.

Vitalia Book Club

Club Amici’s Annual Pizza Party

Tuesday, May 8th | 9:30am | Augustine Room

Friday, May 4th | 6pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

This month is A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor. In 1912, twenty-year-old Tilly Harper leaves the peace and beauty of her native Lake District for London, to become assistant housemother at Mr. Shaw’s Home for Watercress and Flower Girls. Tilly discovers a diary written by an orphan named Florrie—a young Irish flower girl who died of a broken heart after she and her sister, Rosie, were separated. Moved by Florrie’s pain and all she endured in her brief life, Tilly sets out to discover what happened to Rosie. Upcoming: June 12th - The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan and July 10th - The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes. Contact: Adrian Goetz at 772345-2294 or

Bowling Club Tuesdays | 1:30pm Superplay USA, 1600 NW Courtyard Cir., Port St. Lucie

Residents meet at the bowling alley to enjoy 1-3 games. The ball and shoes are included in the $2 per game price (cash). Just look for your neighbors and join the fun. We do not have teams and novice to experienced are all welcome.

Bridge Club Wednesdays | 1pm-4pm | Augustine Room

Bridge players join us for co-ed party bridge on Wednesdays 12   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

Your table receives two pizzas, Italian salad, and homemade Italian cookies! The cost is only $12 per person for the complete meal. BYOB! Added excitement is the beautiful Daniela Martina for dancing and singing. For ticket information, email We need volunteers for Amici’s Hospitality Committee; contact

Club Sabor! Cinco de Mayo Saturday, May 12th | 6pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Cinco de Mayo has sold out! If you have tickets you cannot use, please contact us as we have a waiting list. For those planning to attend, you have until May 2nd to get us your photos for the mom matching game. Send in one photo of mom and one recent photo of you. Digital photos preferred, or make copies of the photos (no larger than 4” x 6”) – no originals please as they’ll be discarded after the event. Label BOTH photos with your name and send to or drop them in the box at 10145 SW Cypress Wood Court.

Cooks Corner If you’re interested in cooking or just enjoy watching a chef prepare a delicious meal then the Cooks Corner is the

out & about Club / Group club for you. There is a one-time fee of $10. On Tuesday, May 8th at 5:30pm is Paella in our demo kitchen (class is full), while our guest chef prepares and we taste for $20. On Wednesday, May 30th at 5:30pm, join the group and we will we dine at East Ocean Grill for $20 (tax and tip included). For more information, email Susan O’Dell at

information, genetic analysis, computer based tools and software. We assist each other and those new to Genealogy on how to begin their search. Come join us in carving out a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture. Meetings are held the second Friday of every month. If you’re interested in joining or would like information, contact Janet Taylor at

Disc Golf Club

Good News Bible Study

Wednesdays & Fridays | 8:30am

Wednesdays | 11am-12pm | Augustine Room

Our club has grown and expanded. Members play on Wednesday and Friday mornings and have visited disc golf courses from Melbourne to West Palm Beach. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs; however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee®. A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target which is the “hole.” Beginners are welcome and lessons will be provided. If you can throw a Frisbee®, you can play disc golf.

Dogs & Cats Forever Club Interested in helping our furry friends? The club plans events throughout the year that benefit the Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Animal Shelter in Fort Pierce. From food and supply drives to fundraisers to partnering with animalloving businesses in the area, our goal is to help support our local shelter. You can always donate clothing, household items, etc. to the Dogs & Cats Forever Thrift Store at 1762 SW Bayshore Boulevard in PSL or you can volunteer at the shelter. If you are interested in joining the club, contact Kathy Pachuta at 772-345-2311 or

Friends and Neighbors of Education (FAN) Club Karaoke/Dance Night Sunday, June 3rd | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Join us for a night of fun friendly competition between all groups, clubs, or solo artists. Get your club, neighbors, or friends to join the first Competition Night! Which one of the competitors will win? Come out and support your group. Join DJ Dona Adler for this terrific night of singing and dancing. Only $5 per person! BYOB. Pot of Gold! The FAN Club hosts this night with all proceeds supporting early childhood literacy in Port St. Lucie. For more information, contact Cathy at 772-345-2486 or

Genealogy Club Friday, May 11th | 1pm | Augustine Room

We’re an interactive Bible-based group studying the Old and New Testaments. Lessons are from Scripture, DVD series, and current events. All are welcome regardless of faith or background. For more information, please contact Kathy Simon at 352-238-5472 or or Al Castaldo at 631-455-3777 or

Hand & Foot Thursdays | 1pm-4pm | Biscayne Room

Join us for a fun afternoon. Beginners and experienced players are welcome. Please contact Bob Goldman at 772345-2460 or

Juliets Thursday, May 10th | 1pm | Shucker’s Restaurant

Come join the Juliet’s for a wonderful experience on the beach. The Shucker’s Restaurant, “Best on the Beach,” is located in the Island Beach Resort! The spicy, the sweet, the sublime. Savor deliciously inventive cuisine that takes the contemporary to the extraordinary. Bold flavors, inspired techniques and the freshest ingredients make every meal a must. Take in the scene while lunching amidst the breeze. RSVP to Shelley Deixler at or text a message to 954-546-7696.

Knit One, Crochet Too Club Thursdays | 7pm-8pm | Augustine Room

We recently presented a representative for the Sexual Assault Assistance Program with 14 shawls to be given to women in the ER who have been assaulted. The shawls help keep them warm after surrendering their clothes as evidence as well as give comfort. All are welcome to our meetings bringing along a project including other hand crafts such as embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, and quilting. We teach people to knit and crochet. Contact: Margie at or 561-876-5568.

The club’s focus is on the study of families and the tracing of lineages and history utilizing historical records, oral May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   13  

out & about Club / Group LOVe Hadassah, Sue Ann Goldman Chapter Hadassah’s Ladies of Vitalia (LOVe) Chapter will have an Alzheimer’s Presentation and General Meeting on Tuesday, May 1st at the Captiva Club at 10:30am. On Tuesday, June 12th at 10:30am, we invite you to “Come Bake Challah with Nan” at the clubhouse. Please visit our website at www. for more information. We thank all of our friends and neighbors who attended our fun functions this past season, and we look forward to seeing you all in the future! Thank you for your friendship and support.

Men’s 8-Ball League Wednesdays & Thursdays | 6:30pm-10pm

At present we cannot take on more players, but if you are interested in being part of the club, we can have a meeting with all interested Pool Shooters and create another day and time for all to play. Anyone interested, please email Jerry,; Bill,; or Mike, Please include your name, email address, and phone number.

Pickleball Club Open Play Daily | 6am & 4pm

Come out for great fun and exercise on our beautiful pickleball courts! You’ll find players of all levels both morning and afternoon. If you’re new to the game and would like a free private lesson, contact Kevin Schuler at 772-345-6216. For further information, contact Dore Handy at

Pilates Club Tuesdays - 5:30pm | Thursdays - 4pm | Saturdays - 9:30am

The purpose of the Pilates Club is to further wellness and camaraderie between like-minded residents. Pilates helps develop strength, flexibility, posture and enhances mental awareness. The use of hand weights and/or the Pilates Rings is optional. Weights are supplied by Vitalia; rings are purchased personally. Deb D’Andrea, the Club Chairperson, is a certified Pilates instructor. For more information on the club, please contact Deb at

Ping Pong Club Wednesdays at 7pm | Fridays at 1pm | Ballroom

We meet in the Ballroom every Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 1pm for open play of all levels. We have three tables for all levels of play. We also play against other communities, such as our March competition against the Savanna Club (we won 4 to 1). Check out the photo on 14   Vitalia Voice | May 2018

page 7. If you want more information, contact Jim Follin at or just stop by!

Pinochle Fridays | 6pm | Demo Kitchen

Join both beginner and experienced players for an evening out playing Pinochle! Contact Bob Goldman at 772-3452460 or for further information.

Rummikub Club Tuesdays | 7pm-10pm | Biscayne Room

All are invited to join us for lively games, even new players; no RSVP is needed. If you have a game set, please bring it. An easy game to learn, Rummikub is played with tiles, but is similar to the card game Rummy. It’s fun and different every time it’s played; combining luck and strategy, it changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. The object is to be the first to play every tile on your rack. It’s a great game to bring people together, with plenty of opportunities for talking, chatting, and competition if desired. Contact Dianne Trivers: 772-345-3826.

Samba Club Tuesdays | 6:30pm-9:30pm | Augustine Room Saturdays | 12:30pm-3:30pm | Augustine Room

If it’s Tuesday, it’s SAMBA at 6:30pm in the Augustine Room. We teach the card game - it’s not a dance! All new comers are welcome to come play as well as those who wish to learn. FUN FUN FUN! Contact Marie Ferrazzano at for more information.

Shuffleboard Club Mondays & Fridays | 9am

Maximum number of players is 12 per day. Presently we’re taking a wait list for Mondays, but on Fridays we still have openings. If we get enough requests perhaps we will start another day depending on the demand. If you are new and need game instructions, they will be provided. Please contact Dave at 484-905-2431.

Single’s Club Dinner Out: May 5th | 5:30pm | Panariello’s, Port St. Lucie Potluck Dinner: May 9th | 5:30pm | Demo Kitchen

Join the Single’s Club for monthly activities and make new friends. The goal of the club is for singles to meet, make friends and participate in clubhouse activities and events outside. Join us for dinner. RSVP to Susan O’Dell at for reservation purposes.

out & about Club / Group Sports Fans of Vitalia Monday, May 14th | 4:30pm | Augustine Room

The May talk will focus on the Yankees, Mets, Braves, Red Sox and other early baseball results. We’ll schedule group outings to St. Lucie Mets games. No matter what sports or teams you follow, join us for our monthly discussion group. Please contact Ron Shandler at for more information.

Sunset Beach Tiki Hut Group Sundays | 1pm | Sunset Beach Pool

Join us at 1pm every Sunday at the Tiki Hut by the Sunset Beach Pool. It’s a fun way to socialize with your neighbors and welcome new residents. Membership is $5 per person for the calendar year. Each member brings either food or a beverage to share. Contact Tricia Buonomo at tbbuonomo@ for more information.

Sunshine Club The Sunshine Club membership forms are located in the clubhouse by the receptionist. Contact Sue Ann Goldman at with any hospitalizations, or any deaths of neighbors, or family of neighbors. The club sends out cards to residents in those instances mentioned above.

Tennis Club Check the Sports Bulletin Board for Weekly Court Assignments and Availability

The Tennis Club was formed with the following objectives: 1) To promote the enjoyment of tennis to all residents; 2) To make recommendations regarding facilities, conditions, accommodations and maintenance for tennis; 3) To make available means for improving tennis skills; 4) To arrange for tournaments, outings and socials within Vitalia and at other local tennis facilities. We have a Friday Tennis Social on the first Friday of each month with a 4:30pm start time. All men and women players are welcome to join in the fun. Questions or want to join our club, contact Bob Memis at 772-345-5857 or Gayle Deighan at 772-521-1084.

TLC Women’s Bible Study Touching Ladies for Christ Thursdays | 10:30am | Augustine Room

You’re welcome to join this non-denominational/interdenominational Bible Study. This group of women are seeking to learn about God, why He created us, and how

we can have an awesome personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Through studying His Word we discover truths that encourage, comfort, and give hope and clear direction for our lives. We also have fun socials planned. Contact: Diane Harrington at, or call 772-345-9054 (home) or 404-578-0437 (cell).

Veterans Club Saturday, May 19th | 8:30am | Augustine Room

We’re searching for new members - all veterans welcome! The purpose of our club is to promote patriotic events, provide guidance and assistance to veterans in this community, and assist in obtaining needed social and medical attention from proper veteran agencies. We meet on the third Saturday of the month. Contact Richard Clinton at 240-876-1990 or

Vitalia Players Theatre Club Wednesday, May 16th | 2pm-4:30pm | Doors Open at 1:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom

Tickets for our First Annual High Tea and Fashion Show are going fast! Yummy delicacies, lovely fashions, raffles and prizes (and tea!) create an elegant, fun afternoon for you. For tickets, contact Michele Hogan at pond58@yahoo. com or buy at Club Sales on May 14th. Our 2018 play, the hilarious and “spirited” farce, Drinking Habits involves secret vintners at the convent - nuns, priests, and journalists - who are either bamboozled or in cahoots. Make new friends and learn new skills by working in front and behind the scenes. Meetings are the first Monday of month! Contact Marcia Buck at or 772-345-6070.

Vitalia Sharpshooters Tuesday, May 15th | 9am | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Looking for an active gun club that promotes firearm ownership? Then we’re the club for you! Each month we’ll meet to discuss subjects relevant to firearm ownership, safe gun handling, and the shooting sports. Videos, tips from a resident gunsmith, presentations by members, group trips to the range, and outside speakers too. Check us out at 9am on the third Tuesday of each month. Contacts: Phil Saia at 630204-5511; Amado Delgado at 703-915-6520; or Jean Delgado at 703-965-4858. All are welcome.

Club Reminder Club articles should be 100 words or less and are due on the first of the month prior to publication. May 2018 | Vitalia Voice   15  

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