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VOICE March 2017 |

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All calendar and newsletter article submissions are due on the first of the month prior to publication (regardless of the day of the week) and should be emailed to with a cc: to Melissa Piotter, Lifestyles Attendant Supervisor, at April submissions are due on Wednesday, March 1st.

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community news


Tyler Heel Community Manager theel@ 877-221-6919

Tree and shrub pruning is an essential part of the landscape management plan at Vitalia. Winter pruning (also called hard pruning) is the practice of removing plant parts, shoots, and branches to improve the vigor and appearance of the next grow season. Winter pruning (from January to early March) helps keep the trees and shrubs in scale with the available space around your homes. It also provides the maintenance needed to prevent the landscape shrubbery from becoming leggy with little foliage at ground level. Winter pruning is needed because of plant selection and placement. In Florida, landscapes are typically installed according to the plants current size with little thought about what the landscape will be like in 5 years. Unfortunately this practice leads to the need for frequent maintenance and annual pruning to help keep the landscapes in proportion to the surrounding structures and other landscape material. Removal of dead, dying or damaged branches and diseased and insect infested plant parts is an effective way to limit the spread of decay, disease and insects to other portions of the plant or to neighboring plants.

Bloom Production While light pruning helps to maintain annual flowering on trees and shrubs, winter pruning on plants that flower, such as crape myrtle, will generally stimulate vegetative growth and produce fewer, but larger flower clusters. Pinching back new growth during the growing season will stimulate growth of lateral shoots which on species that flower terminally (e.g. azalea, cassia, crape myrtle) will increase the number of blossoms produced. Removal of developing seed heads on crape myrtle can promote a second and sometimes a third flower display.

July and the flower display would remove flower buds and reduce the flower display, but should not affect the health of the plant.

Rejuvenation Pruning Sometimes a shrub that is not growing well despite receiving adequate light, water and nutrients, can be invigorated or “shocked” into growing by rejuvenation pruning. Typically, the plant either dies or plants that produce flowers (such as abelia, crape myrtle, and hibiscus) are usually pruned while dormant or just before the spring growth flush. Developing shoots can be pinched to encourage lateral branching, which will enhance the flower display. Moderate to severe pruning may encourage production of fewer but larger blossoms. It is best to prune trees (such as oaks, mahogany, black olives, hickory, and other large shade trees) during the dormant season or just following a growth flush. They can be pruned at other times, but avoid pruning when trees are emerging from dormancy or entering dormancy. Most evergreens (such as podocarpus, jasmines, holly, boxwood, ligustrum, juniper and wax myrtle) can be pruned anytime. Late summer pruning may stimulate an additional flush of shoot growth on species that flush several times each year. Closure of pruning wounds on most trees and shrubs should be rapid if pruning is conducted just before, or immediately following the spring growth flush. This is desirable because a closed wound is more aesthetically pleasing, and insects, diseases and decay organisms are discouraged from entering the plant. Late fall and early winter pruning can stimulate new growth, particularly during a mild period during the winter.

When to Prune

Know Your Documents

In Florida, trees and shrubs can be lightly pruned anytime. Pruning or pinching between the end of the flower display and late spring would not reduce the number of flower buds set. A pinched plant produces many more flowers the following year, than an unpinched plant. Pruning between

13.14 Roofs and Pressure Cleaning. Roofs and/or exterior surfaces and/or pavement, including, but not limited to, walks and drives, shall be pressure cleaned as often as appropriate but in any event within thirty (30) days of notice by the ARC. March 2017 | Vitalia Voice   3  

lifestyles news

Spring is in the Air & There is a lot Bloomin’ at Vitalia!

Leslie Boehlert Lifestyles Director lboehlert@ 772-800-2505

We’re kicking off March with four lifestyle events and Monday night Beginner Line Dancing Class! The Swing Dance Class will begin on April 6th from 6:30pm-7:30pm. We also have some excellent speakers lined up from our Vitalia clubs and local non-profit organizations for our monthly Coffee Talks on the second Monday of each month. Also in the works is our first AARP Smart Driver Course on April 19th. Check out the ad on page 17 for more details! We will also start offering a free breakfast and educational

workshop the third Thursday of each month. The workshops will begin this month, starting with “Ways to Protect Yourself from the Skyrocketing Cost of Healthcare,” on March 16th from 8:30am-10:30am. See the ad on page 5 for more information. This summer we have our ever-popular Friday night summer dance series returning on June 30th! The cost for residents to attend the dance is just $10! See you around the clubhouse!

Come Plan with Us! Submitted by Cathy Powers, EPC Chairperson

Laurie Aldrich Peter & Paulette Appolonia Leonard & Marsha Bierman Alan Bluemke & Marianne Joyce Lewis Bennett & Barbara Bradley Vincent & Helene Capezzano Adolfo & Margarita Catania Peter & Patricia Cathey Anthony & Francine DiLeonardo Nick & Joan Fruscello Barry & Simmy Gans Stanley & Carol Potrzeba Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Frank & Betty Salton

4   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

There is so much to enjoy in Vitalia. Part of that enjoyment are the wonderful events that the Vitalia Event Planning Committee, in conjunction with the Lifestyles Department, plans and conducts throughout the year. If you would like to be part of the planning process, your input and enthusiasm for what comes next is welcome. Each month we plan and solicit ideas that help provide our community with wonderfully engaging and exciting events to make Vitalia a wonderful place to live. Please feel free to join us as we plan the upcoming events for all of our residents. We have monthly meetings held in the clubhouse on the third Friday of each month at 9am. Our next meeting will be Friday, March 17th. We hope to have your input and see you at a future meeting!

Join other Vitalia women for monthly WINE TASTINGS complete with nibbles, information & fun facts all about vino.


Mar 8 • Apr 12 • May 10 5:00 to 7:00 pm held at the Seashell Pavilion – by the Captiva Club pool * $15 per person * moved inside if inclement weather



out & about Lifestyles Free Movie Night - Still Alice Thursday, March 2nd | 7pm | Doors Open 6:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom

No RSVP required. Popcorn provided. Bring your own beverage and snacks and enjoy the show! The movie is Rated PG-13, 99 minutes, and is a drama film starring Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, and Hunter Parrish. Happily married with three grown children, Alice Howland is a renowned linguistics professor at Columbia University who starts to forget words. When she receives the devastating diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s, Alice and her family find their bonds tested.

Women & Wine Wednesday, March 8th | 5pm | Seashell Pavilion | $15

Join other Vitalia women for monthly wine tastings complete with nibbles and information about wine pairing from a local wine representative. This event will take place the second Wednesday of each month at the Seashell Pavilion by the Captiva Club Pool (move inside if it rains). This will be open to residents only; 30 women will be able to participate.

Trivia - On Two Nights! Friday, March 10th OR Saturday, March 18th 7pm | Doors Open 6:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom | $5

Join your friends and neighbors for a friendly game of Trivia. Test your knowledge at a variety of categories. Team captain will be allowed to purchase tickets for the whole table, a total of 8 tickets per team; however, all names must be given when purchased. Reminder…please make sure to give your team members their tickets in advance, as they will be collected at the door. If you are not currently part of a team, you are welcome to buy an individual ticket. The staff at the front desk will help assign you to a table. Residents only please. Bring your favorite beverage. Note: Residents will be required to select a date (3/10 OR 3/18) to attend Trivia. After one week of ticket sales, IF tickets are still available for Trivia on either evening, they will be open for purchase to all.

1910 Fruitgum Company Show Saturday, March 11th | 7pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

The original 1910 Fruitgum Company will be here on 6   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

March 11th! They’re the American bubblegum pop band of the 1960s with over 100 hot hits! There’s nostalgia and good times at every show! Resident tickets are $25 and guest tickets are $30.

Free Movie Night - USS Indianapolis Friday, March 24th | 7pm | Doors Open 6:30pm Grand Treasure Ballroom

No RSVP required. Popcorn provided. Bring your own beverage and snacks and enjoy the show! The movie is Rated R, 129 minutes, and an action film starring Nicholas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Matt Lanter, and Brian Presley. During WWII, the USS Indianapolis was regarded as one of the fastest ships in the US Navy. Commanded by Captain Charles Butler McVay III, the ship’s crew fought in every major US campaign in the Pacific. In 1945, they are given the mission of transporting a new secret weapon to Guam and because of the secrecy, they are not given the usual fleet of destroyers as an escort. After a successful mission, they are on their way to an island for further training when a surprise attack by a Japanese submarine and the ship goes down within twelve minutes. 900 of the 1,200 men onboard survive and wait in the water for their rescue, but by morning they are surrounded by sharks who are killing them one by one. When the ship doesn’t arrive at its destination, it is considered a low priority problem, and as the men’s chance of survival grows more hopeless they have only their will to live to depend on.

LIFESTYLES EVENTS TICKET SALE INFORMATION The main ticket sale for April Lifestyles Events (excluding Trivia) will be Monday, March 6th in the Ballroom from 9am-11am. For your convenience, the Ballroom will be used for waiting. Please pick up a deli ticket when you enter the Ballroom; we will start calling numbers promptly at 9am. Tickets will also be sold at the front desk Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. Payment by check only (made payable to Vitalia HOA). Residents will need to present their Vitalia ID badges in order to purchase a ticket. The first two weeks of sales, tickets will be for Vitalia residents only (unless otherwise specified). If the event is not sold out within this time frame, adult guests are welcome and residents can purchase any remaining tickets.

out & about Fitness Classes Current class schedules are available in the lobby and on the website calendar at All classes are held in the Shoreside Aerobics Studio, unless otherwise specified.

Abs & More!

Group X Toning

Thursdays | 10am

Fridays | 8:30am

30 minutes of abdominal exercise combined with 20 minutes of a different target area each week (i.e.: arms, legs, back). You know you need to exercise your belly, but usually avoid it. So come join this class and check it off of your “to do list.” Core abdominal strength is essential for balance, strength, posture, coordination, and directly supports lower back strength. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor for this class.

Aquacise at Sunset Beach Pool Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays | 11am

An excellent cardio and strength workout for all levels by utilizing water weights, aqua gloves and noodles to achieve a very unique workout. Swimming is not required.

Aqua Zumba at Sunset Beach Pool Fridays | 9:15am

Get your ‘groove on’ as you burn calories with a complete, no-impact workout. This class is for all who enjoy having a blast while getting in an aqua-fantastic workout!

Take your workout to the next level. This class is designed to strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group utilizing hand weights and/or barbells and other equipment. Group exercise provides a motivating atmosphere that is conducive to working out! Any fitness level is welcome.

H20 Pilates at Sunset Beach Pool Tuesdays | 11am

Non-impact strengthening and stretching movements that require precise breathing and muscle control. Practicing Pilates in the water develops trunk stabilization, enhances muscle strength, helps correct posture and relieves stress.

Line Dancing Mondays | 12:15pm Fridays | 10:30am

Line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time.

Beginner Line Dancing


Mondays | 6:30pm

Wednesdays | 5pm

Studies have shown line dancing to be a great help in areas of memory, balance and cardiovascular. Plus it’s fun!

Core Strength Mondays | 10am

A safe yet effective, non-impact exercise class designed to strengthen the CORE muscles of the body while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Improve strength, posture, balance and coordination. A strong foundation is a key component to prevent injury, reduce back pain and enhance your activities of daily living. Modifications will be given to ensure safety and to cater to all levels.

Core & Stretch Fridays | 12pm

A combo class focused on Core Strength and flexibility. Two essential ingredients for a long, happy and healthy life! Build strength and endurance without any negative impact on the body, then top it off with 30 minutes of feel good stretching. All levels are welcome. 8   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

The content of each class is dictated by the bodies that attend it. Want to fix your sciatica; Scoliosis; or Stenosis? Don’t have any injuries and wanna keep it that way? Learn how to stack yourself with integrity (perfect posture) so you can build strength and power wherever you need it.

Sit & Fit Tuesdays | 11:30am | See Online Calendar for Location

Chair exercises effectively assist individuals to exercise and move without putting undo pressure or strain on their bodies. This class builds endurance and develops coordination and balance. A variety of equipment may be used such as bands, balls and other equipment.

Step & Tone Wednesdays | 8am

This is a form of aerobic power distinguished from other types of aerobic exercise by its use of an elevated platform (the step). It helps burn calories, reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and strengthen muscles. Incorporating both



Mark your calendar for these events. March 11 1910 Fruitgum Company The original band from the 1960s

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Dinner & Dance with Harold Seay

March 31 Assisted Living – the Musical A Lyric Theatre special performance

April 8

Rocky and the Rollers Music from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s

May 5

Mark and Clark Dueling Pianos Twin brothers on twin pianos

June 10


Vitalia High School Reunion Featuring The Orange Sunshine Band



These events are organized by Vitalia’s Event Planning Committee. Tickets go on sale the first Monday of the month prior to the event, unless otherwise noted. They may also be available at the front desk.

March 2017 | Vitalia Voice   9  

out & about Fitness Classes upper and lower body movements together will improve your coordination and agility, and the constant push up onto the step will increase leg strength.

Stretch Wednesdays | 10am & 11:15am

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and allow your body the time to relax and rebuild. Relieve joint pain, muscle soreness, and avoid injury. Stretching improves balance, posture and coordination, increases cardiovascular endurance, adds strength for daily activities, and prolongs life. Modifiers will be given for all levels - chairs can be used for assistance.

Yoga Blend Tuesdays & Thursdays | 4pm

The perfect blend of yoga, yin, and balance to relax your mind and soul.

Yoga Saturdays | 8am

This class promotes balance, relaxation, flexibility, and strength through postures and breathing techniques.

Zumba Thursdays | 9am

Incorporates Latin and international music and dance with a blended balance of cardio and muscle toning.

Zumba Gold Tuesdays | 8am

Introduces easy-to-follow choreography focusing on balance, range of motion, and coordination. A modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves at a lower-intensity.

Arts & Crafts Classes Serti Silk Painting March 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st (four class session) 9am-11am | Biscayne Room | $20

The Serti technique is an easy way of painting on silk fabric. It’s actually a dye so it doesn’t alter the texture of the fabric; you will still feel the lovely softness of the silk. When it’s finished you can use it as a scarf, mount it to a canvas to use as wall art, have it made into a beautiful pillow, etc. There are so many ways to use this fabulous art form! All supplies are included. Class size is limited to 8, so sign up quickly. 10   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

Local & Beyond Celebrate! (A Variety Concert) Thursday-Saturday, March 2nd-March 4th | 7pm McAlpin Fine Arts Center at Indian River State College 3209 Virginia Avenue

Join the IRSC “Company” Singers and Jazz ensembles in a celebration of classic big band, Broadway, and pop music! $15 admission ($10 for subscription holders). Visit www. for more information, or contact the IRSC box office at 772-462-4750.

66th Annual Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show Friday-Saturday, March 10th-March 11th | 9am Sunday, March 12th | 10am 3001 Riverside Park Drive, Vero Beach

This is the largest event and fundraiser of the Vero Beach Art Club that gathers over 220 artists from around the nation and beyond to exhibit at this highly respected juried show. Over 80,000 visitors attend this crowd favorite in shady Riverside Park. This is a free event and open to the public. Visit for more information or call 772-231-0303.

9th Annual Hooked on Music Festival Saturday, March 25th | 11am-11pm Downtown Ft. Pierce (2 Avenue A)

This is a free, all day, family-friendly event! Music stages encompass the City Marina Square, with live performances by many popular bands. There is local cuisine, arts and crafts vendors, and a large kids activities area including face painters and animal displays from the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. There is also a VIP area open to sponsors, artists, musicians and anyone who purchases a VIP pass. General admission is free. VIP passes are $75. Visit hookedonmusic. org for more information or call 772-461-0880.

Coffee Talk

Wednesday, March 8th | 1pm Grand Treasure Ballroom Join us in the Ballroom for coffee and meet your Community Property Manager, Tyler Heel. Listen to any updates regarding the Vitalia Community and welcome your new neighbors. In addition, Linda Gausten of the Investment Club and Theresa Woodson of the American Cancer Society will also speak.

out & about Club/Group Meeting & Contact List Club/Group







Art Club

Mondays Wednesdays

1:30pm 9:30am


Ricky Stephens


Basketball Club

Mondays Wednesdays

4:30pm 2pm

Basketball Court

Jim Loughlin



4th Sunday



Helen Penzel Rick Dixon

772-345-4225 -







Book Club Chapters: More Than a Book Club Mystery Book Club Vitalia Book Club

4th Thursday 1st Thursday 2nd Tuesday

10am 4pm 9:30am


Janet Taylor Susan O’Dell Adrian Goetz

941-209-2948 860-462-7211 772-345-2294




SuperPlay USA

Ronda Sadowsky


Bridge Club




Cindy Loney



2nd Sunday



Sue Ann Goldman






Mara Dembo Joanna White


Car Club




Greg Chris

732-539-9110 772-345-2304

Club Amici




Carol Ritz


Co-Ed Dart Club

Mondays & Wednesdays



Brian Stadtler


Cook’s Corner






Cornhole Club

3rd Sunday



Gail Gwodz Milly Katzenbach


Dart Club




Mike Mamo



Dogs & Cats Forever




Kathy Pachuta


Friends and Neighbors of Education Club




Cathy Powers


Genealogy Club

2nd Friday



Flo Giltman


Good News Club Bible Study




Kathy Simon


Gun Club

1st Thursday



Jerry Mastrov


Hand & Foot




Bob Goldman



2nd Thursday



Carla Mansfield Shelley Deixler


Investment Club

3rd Tuesday



Linda Gausten


Knit One, Crochet Too




Marjorie Weiss


Ladies of Vitalia (LOVe) Hadassah

1st Tuesday



Ruth Webster


Mahjong Club




Shelley Deixler


Men’s 8 Ball League of Vitalia

Wednesdays & Thursdays



Jerry Warrener Bill Sheehan

610-283-1534 302-841-8664

Men’s Golf




Steve Tuckman


Men’s Water Volleyball

T, W & Sat.



Phil Savader


Music Lovers Club




Mark Rosenbaum Lynette Polo

631-796-7651 -

To be included on this list or update your club’s information, email | See monthly calendar for Room Key

March 2017 | Vitalia Voice   11  

out & about Club/Group Meeting & Contact List Club/Group








Tuesdays Wednesdays

9am 5pm

Courts Courts



Pickleball Club




Jim Nelson


Pilates Club

Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays

5:30pm 5:30pm 9:30am


Deb D’Andrea


Ping Pong Club

Wednesdays Fridays

7pm 1pm


Jim Follin






Bob Goldman


Red Hot Seasons




Sue Ann Goldman


Single’s Club

1st Saturday



Susan O’Dell


Sports Fans Club




Ron Shandler






Phil Savader


Sunset Beach Tiki Bar Group




Joseph Veight


Sunshine Club




Susan O’Dell


Tennis Club - Open Play Men’s League

M, W, F, Sat. Sundays Tues./Thurs. M-F Thursdays

7:30am 8am/4pm 7am/8am 8am 4pm

Courts Courts Courts Courts Courts

Bob Memis Gayle Deighan

772-345-5857 561-512-5101

TLC Women’s Bible Study




Diane Harrington


Travel Club of Vitalia




Carolyn Fedor


Veterans Club

3rd Friday



Dave Martin


Women’s League Women’s Open Play

To be included on this list or update your club’s information, email | See monthly calendar for Room Key

Art Club Wednesdays | 9:30am-12:30pm | Biscayne Room

We are a group that enjoys being creative. Many of us have never painted before, while some have years of experience. Either way we have fun, make new friends, and learn from each other. We welcome everyone from experienced artists to the beginner. We each work independently in all mediums and help each other to learn or improve on what we already know. There is no instructor and you bring your own supplies. Painting in watercolors is occasionally demonstrated. If you wish to be on our mailing list, please contact Ricky Stephens at or 239682-6532. You will be sent updates and club information.

fee). You just need to bring the item you want to mosaic. If you wish to share your knowledge of a craft, please let us know and we will schedule a teaching session. If you would like to learn a new craft, let us know. We’ll work on getting an instructor. So bring your favorite project and join in or just drop in to see what we’re all about. For questions, contact Polly Lasher at 772-345-9228 or Ricky Stephens at 239-682-6532.

Craft Day Mondays | 1:30pm-5:30pm | Biscayne Room

Please join us to create a craft project. You bring your project, such as jewelry, crafts, mosaics, etc. We have all the supplies you need to do a mosaics project (there is a small 12   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

Art Club

out & about Club / Group Basketball Club Mondays at 4:30pm | Wednesdays at 2pm | Basketball Court

As days become longer, the Basketball Club will be moving its Monday shoot around back to 5pm. We also play on Wednesdays at 2pm. Come join us for HORSE, 21, and even some 3-on-3. Look for details on an event on March 15th - the Ides of March. To join our email list, contact the Commish, Jim Loughlin at

Bingo Sunday, March 26th | 7pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

The Captiva Club will be filled with hopeful BINGO winners. Come join in on the fun from 7pm to 9pm. No reservation or tickets are needed, just pay $5 per person at the door for the evening. As usual, we will have coffee, tea and snacks, but you are always welcome to bring your own snacks as well. Be there or be square!

Bocce/Petanque Bocce: Saturdays | 9am Petanque: Tuesdays at 9am | Wednesdays at 5pm

Bocce is an Italian game played between 2 teams of 4 players max and with 8 large balls and 1 small target ball. Petanque is a French game played between 2 teams of various size and with metal balls and 1 small ball. The object of both games is to get as close to the small ball as possible. Bocce is played on Saturdays at 9am and Petanque on Tuesdays at 9am and Wednesdays at 5pm at the courts. Newcomers/beginners are welcome on Fridays at 3pm. Contact Greg at get300zx@aol. com or 772-345-9267 for Bocce and Christine at cbianchin@ or 508-816-4632 for Petanque.

Book Club Chapters

More Than a Book Club Thursday, March 23rd | 10am | Augustine Room

This month’s book is Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. Book synopsis: Set against the majestic landscape of early 20th century Africa, this powerful tale reveals the extraordinary adventures of a woman before her time, the exhilaration of freedom and its cost, and the tenacity of the human spirit. Upcoming Book: April - Behind Closed Doors, a Psychological Thriller by B.A. Paris. Contact Janet Taylor at jct6619@

Mystery Book Club Thursday, March 2nd | 4pm | Augustine Room

Do you love mysteries? Can’t wait until the end of a book to find out “who did it?” Then this club is for you! Contact

Susan O’Dell at The book this month is Brotherhood in Death by JD Robb. The book for April will be What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan.

Vitalia Book Club Tuesday, March 14th | 9:30am | Augustine Room

This month the book is Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. Book synopsis: Brought to Kenya from England as a child and then abandoned by her mother, Beryl is raised by both her father and the native Kipsigis tribe who share his estate. Her unconventional upbringing transforms Beryl into a bold woman with a fierce love of all things wild and an inherent understanding of nature’s delicate balance. Even the wild child must grow up, and when everything Beryl knows and trusts dissolves, she is catapulted into a string of disastrous relationships. Upcoming Books: April - The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden; May - The Secret Life of Ceecee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlai. Contact Adrian Goetz at 772345-2294 or

Bridge Club Thursdays | 1pm-4pm | Augustine Room

Bridge players... join us for Co-ed Party Bridge on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm at the Captiva Club. All levels are welcome! For more information or questions, contact Cindy Loney at 772-345-4333 or

Bunco Sunday, March 12th | 6:45pm-9pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Join us for a fun night of rolling 3 dice. We are a friendly group of people who like a fun night out. The cost is $5 per person and Publix gift cards are awarded to winners. We collect the 1st Monday of each month in the Clubhouse from 9am-10am. If writing a check, please make check out to cash. We serve coffee and water. Bring snacks if you like. Each month different players provide desserts. Please contact Sue Ann at 772-345-2460 or

Canasta Club Tuesdays | 1pm-4pm | Biscayne Room

Open to beginners and open play. For more information, contact Mara Dembo at or Joanna White at

Car Club The Vitalia Car Club is open to all residents of Vitalia. Those who have vehicles of interest, all makes and models, or anyone that is interested in joining other residents to March 2017 | Vitalia Voice   13  

out & about Club / Group participate in car related events, can participate in the activities of the club. In addition to car related events, we’ll be going to and participating in Car Shows.

Club Amici

Lucie. So, gather your neighbors to perform as a group or if you prefer, sing a solo, or just come to have a good time! For more information, please contact Cathy Powers at 772-3452486 or

Saturday, March 4th | 6pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Club Amici will celebrate 5 years of success! Once again a SELL OUT and not limited to those with Italian heritage. The club was started by Linda Dixon and Carol Ritz to recognize the Italian culture. It is the event most residents look forward to attending. Hope to see you!

Cook’s Corner Monday, March 20th | 6pm

The Dine Around will be at Louronzo’s Italian Fusion in Stuart. The menu will consist of your choice of House Salad or Pasta Fagioli; a Choice of Entrée: Lamb Shank, Chicken Parmesan, or Pasta with Shrimp, Mushroom and Tomato; and dessert will be your choice of Crème Brulee or Gelato. The cost is $40; checks made payable to Cooks Corner. A cash bar will be available. RSVP to cookscornervitalia@ and please give your choice of entrée.

Dogs & Cats Forever: Country Western Hoedown Fundraiser Saturday, April 1st | 6pm-9pm | Grand Treasure Ballroom

Join fellow animal lovers for a fun and feisty evening with pulled pork, chicken and all the fixins’ (BYOB) as well as musical entertainment and plenty of photo ops. Be sure to bring lots of cash for your chances at a gift basket full of gift cards and goodies from local vendors, a bucket full of Fool’s Gold and to bail your neighbors out of the hoosegow! Tickets (residents: $30 and guests: $35) will be sold on March 6th at the clubhouse. Proceeds will go to the local no kill animal shelter in Fort Pierce, Dogs & Cats Forever Animal Sanctuary. For more information, contact Kathy Pachuta at or 772-345-2311.

FAN Club Karaoke Night Sunday, March 5th | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Ballroom

The price is just $5 at the door. With thousands of songs to choose from, this night is tons of fun. The dance floor is also open. BYOB. Open table seating. All proceeds from karaoke night support early literacy for young children in Port St. 14   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

Genealogy Club Friday, March 10th | 1pm | Augustine Room

The club’s focus is on the study of families and the tracing of lineages and history utilizing historical records, oral information, genetic analysis, computer based tools and software. We assist each other and those new to Genealogy on how to begin their search. Come join us in carving out a place for one’s family in the larger historical picture. Meetings are held the second Friday of every month. If you’re interested in joining or would like information, contact Flo Giltman at

Good News Bible Study Wednesdays | 11am-12pm | Augustine Room

We’re an interactive Bible-based group studying the Old and New Testaments. Lessons are from Scripture, DVD series, and current events. All are welcome regardless of faith or background. For more information, please contact Kathy Simon at 352-238-5472 or or Doug Farrone at 954-214-2591 or

Hand & Foot Thursdays | 1pm-4pm | Biscayne Room

Join us for a fun afternoon. Beginners and experienced players are welcome. Please contact Bob Goldman at 772345-2460 or

Investment Club Tuesday, March 21st | 3pm | Biscayne Room

The Investment Club at Vitalia is a peer-to-peer discussion forum for residents who invest, or are interested in investing, in the stock market. Meetings include discussions on risk, portfolio construction, asset classes, performance, wealth management, annuities, reverse mortgages, and a general analysis and discussion of individual stocks and the economy. You don’t have to be an expert to be part of this

out & about Club / Group club. All Vitalia residents are welcome. Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm. For more information, contact Linda Gausten at

Juliets Thursday, March 9th | 1pm Hokkaido’s Hibachi Restaurant in St. Lucie West

Get ready Juliets for another spectacular luncheon this month. You will enjoy the Hibachi chef as he performs his culinary magic around the Hibachi’s seating area. Please invite Vitalia ladies to join us for the afternoon. RSVP to Carla Mansfield at 772-345-1460. Hope to see you all there!

Knit One, Crochet Too Club Thursdays | 7pm-8pm | Augustine Room

Anyone who knits, crochets, or does other handcrafts is welcome to join us any week or those who want to learn. We teach people and are there to support you along the way. Conversation is always enjoyable and we learn techniques from seeing each other’s projects. There are also opportunities to make things for charity.

Ladies of Vitalia (LOVe) Hadassah The chapter, as a result of the members and the community participation in our Game Day event, started 2017 with a financial and social success. Thank you for your continued support. For additional information, flyers, and more, visit our website at Movie Day: Tuesday, March 7th | 10am-1pm Grand Treasure Ballroom

With the burden of proof placed on the accused, Deborah E. Lipstadt and her legal team fight to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred in the film, Denial, which is based on the book, History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier. Suggested donation for the event is $5. Contact Ronni Reed at 732-740-9082 for more information. 3rd Annual Fashion Show & Luncheon Tuesday, March 21st | 11:30am-3pm St. Lucie Trail Golf Club, 951 Country Club Drive, St. Lucie West

A three-course lunch with beverage will be provided. Fashions are courtesy of Patchington and Lane Bryant. Put

your table together and join us. Cost: $36 per person. RSVP to Renee Katz, 772-345-2644 or Helene Paiva, 772-345-4225. Women’s Seder: Tuesday, April 4th | 10am-1pm Grand Treasure Ballroom

Join us as we celebrate biblical women accomplishments and all women up to the present and beyond. We will be serving seder plate food and wine plus gefilte fish, chopped liver, dessert, and beverage. RSVP to Sue Ann Goldman at 772-345-2460 by April 1st. Cost: $7 per person. Save the date, April 10th for our Second Night Passover Seder. For more information, contact Ruth Webster at 772-345-0464.

Pickleball Club Open Play Daily | 6am & 4pm Ladies Only on Monday, Thursday & Saturday | 8am

Newbie clinics are held the first two Tuesdays of each month. Check out and click on Newbie Classes to register. Club dues are only $10 per person, per year. Free private lessons are available from Kevin Schuler, 772-345-6216, or LJ Miller, 772-345-2111. You can become a member and be added to the club mailing list by contacting Dore Handy at 772-345-6221 or

Pilates Club Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30pm | Saturdays at 9:30am

The purpose of the club is to further wellness and camaraderie between like-minded residents. Pilates helps develop strength, flexibility, posture and enhances mental awareness. Deb D’Andrea, the Club Chairperson, has been active in the Pilates community for 20+ years. For more information, contact Deb at

Ping Pong Club Wednesdays at 7pm | Fridays at 1pm | Ballroom

We’ll have our annual meeting on Wednesday, March 8th at 7pm in the Ballroom. If you’re interested in table tennis, this is a good time to meet other like-minded people. The annual election will also be conducted, so please attend if you are currently a member. The meeting will be short and there will be table tennis afterwords. The Club meets twice a week for singles and doubles play. All levels are welcome!

Pinochle Fridays | 6pm | Demo Kitchen

Join both beginner and experienced players for an evening out playing Pinochle! Contact Bob Goldman at 772-3452460 or for further information. March 2017 | Vitalia Voice   15  

out & about Club / Group Red Hot Seasons - Vitalia’s Red Hat Group A Red Hot Seasons Lady is a woman who wants to have fun and enjoy friendship with other women. Ladies dress in purple and wear red hats. Dues are $10 per year to cover costs of birthday cards and flowers. If there is money left in the treasury at the end of the year, we use it for our Holiday Party. For information, contact Helen Penzel, 772-345-4225. Wednesday, March 15th | 10:15am-2:30pm Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens and Lunch at Shindigs

Contact persons are Pat Agricola at 631-521-4050 or Carolyn DeMaria at 407-314-9454. We’ll meet in the parking lot at 10:15am to car pool. We need volunteers to drive who have not driven before. We’ll be at the Gardens from 11am-12pm and we’ll be collecting $2.50 for the tour. Then we’ll head to Shindigs for lunch. Even though it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day our colors are still purple tops and red hats unless it is your birthday (then it’s switched). Please let Pat or Carolyn know if you need to borrow a purple hat.

Single’s Club Farmers Market in Ft. Pierce: Saturday, March 4th | 9am

Meet at the clubhouse by the mailboxes at 9am. RSVP to Marianne Patala at by March 2nd. Dinner: Friday, March 10th | 5:30pm

Join us for dinner at Pawnbroker in Stuart. RSVP by March 5th to Susan O’Dell at for reservation purposes. Game Night: Wednesday, March 15th | 7pm

Bring your favorite game or cards to the Grand Treasure Ballroom and join other singles for a night of fun. RSVP to Marianne Patala at Happy Hour at Shuckers: Saturday, March 19th | 3pm

Meet at the clubhouse at 3pm by the mailbox to carpool. RSVP to Marianne Patala at

Sports Fans of Vitalia Monday, March 13th | 4:30pm | Augustine Room

The meeting will either be our annual fantasy baseball league draft or a planning meeting for a future draft date. March talk will also center on spring training, March Madness and more. Coming up: Marlins-Cubs bus trip (June 25th). No matter what sports or teams you follow, join us for our monthly discussion group. Contact Ron Shandler at for more information. 16   Vitalia Voice | March 2017

Sunshine Club The club’s year runs from July 1st to June 30th and gives support to people that have had a death in the family, hospitalization, etc. Even if one isn’t a member, the club would still send an appropriate card. Please let Susan O’Dell know of any instances where a card(s) should be sent at The membership fee is $10 per household, or if someone lives alone, they ONLY pay $5. Pick up a membership form on the wall next to the check-in desk. All the pertinent information is listed on the form.

Tennis Club Check Weekly Calendar in Vitalia Voice For Open Play Times

The Tennis Club continues to welcome new players to our group. These new residents have been actively participating in the open play as well as set games for the men and women. Our monthly Social Tennis events have been well attended and enjoyed by all. We held a Color Wars Round Robin on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th. The teams wore RED for the Atlanta Falcons and BLUE for the New England Patriots. We are planning something in March to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. If you have any questions or want to join our club, contact Bob Memis at 772-345-5857 or or Gayle Deighan at 561-512-5101 or

TLC Women’s Bible Study Touching Ladies for Christ Thursdays | 10:30am | Augustine Room

You’re welcome to join this non-denominational/interdenominational Bible Study. This group of amazing and loving women are seeking to learn about God, why He created us, and how we can have an awesome personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. Through studying His Word we discover truths that encourage, comfort, and give hope and clear direction for our lives. We also have fun socials planned throughout the year. For more information, please contact Diane Harrington at, 772-345-9054 (home), or 404-578-0437 (cell).

Veterans Club Friday, March 17th | 2pm | Biscayne Room

The purpose of our club is to promote patriotic events, provide guidance and assistance to veterans in this community, and assist in obtaining needed social and medical attention from proper veteran agencies. We meet on the third Friday of the month. Contact David Martin at for more information.

Vitalia Website On get access to: • Set up your profile and receive weekly email updates; • View the calendar and upcoming events; • Home Owner Account (CINC) and view your HOA dues, make payments; • View committee minutes; • View governing documents (CDD, HOA & Master); Landscape Request; and • So much more, including fun pictures!



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Vitalia Voice | March 2017  
Vitalia Voice | March 2017