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explores the history, development and achievements of many of the strongest brands in the Philippines and the world, augmented by the expert insights of the Philippines Superbrands Councils - some of the respected people in Philippines media, marketing and communications industries.

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Harry Tambuatco President & CEO SMI Congratulations to the Superbrands Programme participants for Volume VII. Our programme parameters remain clear: a singular Volume and a specific time frame. Our goal is to give participants a clear path towards growth, identifying their destinies on the freeway of branding success. Being the best is not easy, but being with the best in the industry somehow makes the slope just a bit less slippery. In Volume VII, we celebrate “Philippines’ Choice”. Superbrands pays tribute not only to the participating brands, but addresses concerns in more ways than ever with the introduction of brand consulting activities. With the launch for Volume VIII, celebrated brands will cement their status and participate in activities with a media campaign to complement events and their individual successes to celebrate their Superbrand status. The “Philippines Choice” describes your brand. Superbrands is the only global arbiter. Your Superbrand badge proves you have what it takes!


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  Here are some fascinating brand facts: • A Bonné — Leading South East Asia supplier of health products such as body lotions and soap from the land of smiles. • Aquahealth — Pure drinking water refilling company servicing consumers with the healthiest alkaline ionized water through quality purification processes. • Asahi — The most innovative and popular fan manufacturer now spanning out to other kitchen and household equipment. • Burlington — Men’s, ladies and children’s Burlington, Puma and Bally. Burlington Socks, your comfort sportswear for all occasions. • Business World — The country’s leading business newspaper represents four decades of professional economic journalism. • Cherubin — Enjoys close to 95% of the balloon manufacturing and sales in the Philippines making them the Number One without a doubt. • Columbia — Columbia is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and applies international manufacturing processes using advanced formulations acquired from all over the world. Under the stewardship of its President, Mr. Reynaldo Go, the company is now recognized a key player in the market, producing world-class confections, snacks and beverages. • Eng Bee Tin — well known for its traditional Chinese delicacies, such as hopia, tikoy and glutinous balls. • Fern Inc. — Fern-C, Fern-Coffee and Fern I-Flex; “We bring prosperity to every home by tapping the entrepreneur in every Filipino.” We assure our customers’ patronage by offering the widest array of best value, world-class quality products and services. • Fortress Admixtures — Attention to detail and workability. The finest adhesive in the Philippines. • First Philippine Scales, Inc. — First Philippine Scales, Inc. (FPSI) is the country’s leading, multi-awarded and most innovative manufacturer of weighing devices - Fuji Weighing Scales. • GT Stoneworks — Is the premier producers of manufactured stone wall claddings based in Manila, growing at a torrid pace as customers and importers bank on consistent quality. • Health News — The HealthNews cover always boasts a celebrity who advocates a healthy lifestyle. • — is the site for the Filipina professional, with everything she could possibly need and want, and more. It offers a refreshing mix of intelligent, interesting articles in one convenient stop. • Jaka — The Jaka Group is a progressive business conglomerate with diverse business interests in the fields of Food Manufacturing & Services; Product Distribution, Marketing & Logistics; Forest Plantation Management; Safety Match Manufacturing; Property Management and Development; Information Technology Services; Security Services & Financial Services. • Ligo — A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. The development and sale of new canned fish and meat products, Ligo Sardines, Mackerel variants, Ligo Squid and Corned Beef. • Manila Bulletin — MB publishes the Manila Bulletin, the oldest daily newspaper in the Philippines operating for over 100 years. • MeThathione — Is often referred to as Master Anti-oxidant in the body. a “small molecule made up of linked amino acids and anti-oxidant naturally produced in the body. It has been widely heralded for its importance for good health and long life, “the greater the exposure to toxins, the faster the body uses up its supply of glutathione. • Miss World — The world’s leading and oldest beauty pageant where the countries most beautiful young ladies are featured. • My|Phone — My|Phone, Philippine mobile phone company, has proven to be a definitive contender in the Philippine mobile phone landscape, consistently averaging significant sales figures. The response has driven My|Phone to continuously strive to develop better phones at much affordable prices. • Orocan — Best Quality plastic items for every household. • Philippine Graphics — Pretty much, this is a place where almost everything under the sun is tackled. So reader, would you dare? • Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Corporation — Your life, Our passion, Our commitment! The Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippine Prudential) is a leader in innovation and growth in the life insurance industry in the country. • Red Fox — The leading pure Filipno computer company, RedFox was developed to meet the drive like no other computer brand can—cunning, bold, fierce, and smart allowing man to freely live out his needs and wants. • Royale Business Club — The highest quality health and wellness products, micro-financed and food cart business in the Philippines created for entrepreneurs. • Salem Bed — Salem Oceanic Industries Corporation; Throughout the years “The Salem Bed, And Hari Ng Tibay” have been synonymous to superior, world-class products. • Shop TV — HSN, Home Shop Network; quality TV shopping with the best price at your convenience. • Solignum — Solignum derives from the Latin words “Sol” meaning sun and “ignum” meaning timber. • The Manila Times — Today, on The Manila Times’ 112th birthday anniversary, we Filipinos are lifted up by hopes of looking forward to better things • Timezone — Leisure & Allied Industries Phils. Inc. (Timezone) is a joint undertaking between the Ayala Land Inc. and the Australian-based Leisure and Allied Industries, Pte. • Yakult — Lactobacillus casei Shirota, they’re named after Dr Shirota who cultivated this unique strain that is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive. The other few ingredients that make up the fermented milk drink help this bacteria stay alive. You see, with Yakult, it’s all about the bacteria. • Zuni — Fine 5 star Dining at Greenbelt V with International Cuisine offered daily.

The Council


David Nye Broadcast Journalist Gil Santos Professor, International Studies Lyceum of the Philippines University Broadcast Journalist and Political Analyst Dr. John Teope Academe CIRD, MBA, MPS, PhD, EdD, DSD, DES Larry Brouhard English Language Professional over 25 years in IT PR Business Solutions Development

Nick Quiason Brand Specialist Print Broadsheet Supplements Rudolf Kotik Branding Franchise Expert Atty. Sara Suguitan Legal Council Intellectual Property and Licensing background Dieter Brueckner Professional consumer marketing Services distribution and marketing background formerly with Zuellig Pharma

Rubber Corporation



The main section of the daily publication consists of both local and foreign news gathered from various news outfits and a wide network of news correspondents. Other daily features include business, opinion, entertainment (including movies and comics), lifestyle and sports. Weekly lifestyle articles are also provided to increase the network of readership. Among these are features on well being, home and garden, real estate, motoring, information technology, parenting, travel, trends and fashion. Aside from the features provided by the daily write-ups, weekly magazine inserts are also included like Panorama, which comes out every Sunday, and Style Weekend, which is released every Friday of the week. There is also a Travel Magazine that comes out every second The Manila Times’ personnel were all Americans The Manila Times is available nationwide and in Thursday of the month and a Digital Magazine before Filipino journalists joined in 1918. several major capitals in the world.which Its international is available every quarter of the year. This Among prominent journalists who distribution was made possible through its tie-up gives the readers something the to look forward Filipino to became a parttopics of The Times were Maria with three multinational print associates basedhighlight as these inserts specific thatManila are Kalaw-Katigbak, Jose P. Bautista, Jose Luna Castro, in Europe and North America. Though they’re of great interest to regular readers. Serrano, Benjamin Osias, Jose L. Guevara, located outside the Philippines, TheSpecial Manila Times magazinesLuis have also been a part Estrella Alfon, Trinidad, Consuelo and is distributed on the same day itof isManila distributed Bulletin’s line-up. Out Cita fits like Aquino Jr.Sense & in Manila. Agriculture, AnimalBenigno Scene, Cruising, Style and Sports Digest are utilized to support the company’s move to penetrate specific ACHIEVEMENTS market niches. Survey results show how The Manila Times has While magazines such as Liwayway, Bannawag and Hiligaynon started to pick up since Mr. Ang revived itBisaya, in and information technology. cater among to the general 2001. At present, itThe ranksbroad fourth place the reading public and establish sheet also provides insert magazines like the a readership base across the region. leading newspapers in the Philippines. It even Panorama, Style Weekend, Travel Magazine, landed third in the Visayas region according to and Digital Magazine.(ad special sections like HISTORY ACHIEVEMENTS A.C. 2008 survey. broadsheet’s picture perfect, etc.) Nielsen’s -- Many products that The On February 2, 1900 the Daily Bulletin appeared The Manila Bulletin has come a long way from success has been pinpointed to its independent, ts beginning as a two-page shipping document suit the varied taste and persuasion of the for the first time in the Philippines, an issue job reliable and hard-hitting stance that appealed to aProgreso from No.10 Carriedo printed by El where early readership was centered among Filipino reader. THE Quiapo, MARKET lot ofsuccessful new readers. One of the most and steadfast Street, Manila. raders and businessmen. The publishing Someone saidinitially that established shopping its is cheaper the paper notable standards – the country, the has Manila The Manilaonce Bulletin ompany eventually began a section devoted broad sheets in Indeed, for circulation its columnsof andidentity special report robust daily than aaspsychiatrist. justtoabout everybody a paper cateringAnd primarily business: olely for classified advertisements and which Bulletin has a particularly Sundays). It the contents – +thatonit earned most-coveted recognitions stock business developments and secretly has grown to be the number one venue over 350,000 (400,000 likes to market, shop. Even some of the guys to reach out to its It received frommoves prestigious organizations. a Jaime analysis, business columns, and commercial or entrepreneurs to make their businesses has also taken bold like it. The other guys would rather watch a branches in news stories.and The focus on business and industry Tknown Ongpin more Awardthan for15 Excellence Journalism to A the public , career hunting and other markets by establishing HE M RKET basketball game In on TV.PRODUCTS With Home nationwide. Theanother publication continues cater consequently became itsTHE secret to success asfamily theShopping business ventures. award from thetoPhilippine Press Institute, May 1945, the of Don Alejandro THE MARKET he latter THE MARKET THE PRODUCTS to a wide range of market segments from class Network, Inc., shopping for a rich selection of and was paper regularly came out with breaking and rt The classifiedpa advertising section still remains Royalè started with three Times products, The oflatter of the previous to name a few. Roces, Sr.late revived The Manila thepartpart itnprominent pr essed thesection ev The latter of the previous millennium io A to broad C markets as these constitute more us themill Royalè started with three products, gradually relevant industry and economic news. more so on weekdays gradually throughout the years, theas millennium witnessed birth and stuff is possible from the comfort of your own Because the paper has considerably attained bi later relegated to Joaquin “Chino” Roces its en rth ni um anthe d other bu ellness itprod witnessed birth and burgeoning era active of thereadership base that the company rg on the eo The Paper’s longevity has enabled it to record throughout the years, the company where outpaces all broadsheets ni company introduced more products to theintroduced burgeoning era of the wellness products. THE MARKET THE PRODUCTS ng excellence in the field of Journalism, newsif two publisher. Fortunately, again era of the THE MARKET THE PRODUCTS uc home.theAnd TVs are available,thethepaper guysonce ts. As MARKET PRODUCTS thlatter aims to penetrate. wellness products. As the awareness and focus e aw important events THE in the country’s history-ift more products to three the market. Currently, Royalè n the ed country. market. Currently, Royalè carries more AsTHE the awareness and shifted from The latter part offocus the previous millennium ar T en from cu Royalè started with products, gradually organization reckoned to share this excellence The part of the previous millennium H dominated the industry until the late President es E Royalè started with three products, gradually s an P can watch the game while the ladies shop— reThe Rthan d fo latter partbirth ofprevention, the and previous millennium O toto Along withthe these, Manila Bulletin articles from the rivalry between D Royalè started with three products, gradually cu shifted tobirth adollar multi-billion Quezon and Osmeña, pr sera Inra move to cater to afrom wider range old carries more 30U product lines that are categoevcure C than 30 product lines that are witnessed the and cure prevention, en T lla throughout the years, the company introduced witnessed the andburgeoning era ofof the Scategorized tio through curriculums at The Manilawithout Times College throughout the years, the company introduced Marcos imposed Martial Law in September n,aofmulti-billion industr aunfolded Rotwo witnessed thepaper birth andm burgeoning era of the ulburgeoning ydollar ya areon also available online. This strengthens the the throughout the years, the introduced having to drop. lèdivisions: eventual ascendancy of Quezon to take hiscompany industry was swept an wa biand merging Filipino readers, the expanded lli swellness rized into two divisions: the Royalè Wellness sta wellness products. As awareness and focus into the Wellness industry unfolded and swept an products. Asthe thetiawareness and focus unwas rte more products to Currently, Royalè more products to thethe market. Currently, Royalè fo dmarket. ld (formerly The Manila Times School of Journalism) more er 1972 suppressed and shut down several and wiRoyalè ed for ging glob th wellness products. As the awareness and focus anby ththat products toBeauty. the market. Currently, Royalè company’s capacity to disseminate information, dprevention, re ththat place as the first Commonwealth president, thelines eare ro global market surprise. sw ts range ofalemerging offerings suitable every shifted from cure aan ug pr Home Shopping Network products are m and Royalè ep emerging global market by surprise. Royalè Beauty. shifted from curetoto prevention, a multi-billion multi-billion od ar ho carries more than 30 product lines categot carries more than 30 product that are categoke uc ut t by th which is recognized by the Commission on Higher media organizations. epost su shifted from cure to prevention, aand multi-billion yelines rp carries more than 30 product catego-and ts, gradually ar ris as it isswept able reach more readers overseas. s,that e. beginnings of World Warm II, the early member of the family. Currently, aside from thare dollar industry was dollar industry was unfolded unfolded and swepttoan an The increased awareness of wellness eoptimistic rized into two divisions: Royalè Wellness ortwo rized into divisions: thethe Royalè Wellness and co eto spreadundergo across several categories, including THE MARKET m pr pany od But the Roces family on introdu dollar industry was unfolded and swept an Education (CHED). Here, the students uc ts the rized into two divisions: Royalè and toremained war period under the independent government increasedThe the mWellness emerging market by emerging global market bysurprise. surprise. theglobal daily sections The increased awareness of wellness products ced products toppled the balance of supply Royalè Beauty. Royalè Beauty. ar ca ke rri Manila Times was the industry leader as it t. aw es emerging global market by surprise. Entertainment (DVDs, speakers, and the like); Cu on-the-job training from day one,ofanManuel experience aren the potentials of Times and revived it ly, Beauty.m rrent orThe es eneeds THE thManila Roxas. Royalè Recognizing the an of ofThe toppled thesfeaturing balance ofbusiness, supply and demand. The and demand. young and the old, thePRODUCT Royalè led the bawas 30 product lln es number one inwe circulation, advertising and rizon se npr ed lan which they would not get in any other Journalism lin again February 5, 1986, in time for President in ce od Food and Home (gadgets for the home and es to The increased awareness of wellness products As an established beacon of truth and accuracy uc the times, the one time business newspaper of th The increased awareness of wellness products tw e n t e r t a i n m t , ts at su o divisions famous and people from all are categoyoung and theotherwise, old, thePhilippines famous and otherwise, pp lyin ng and theeditorial an Thetoppled increased awareness of wellness products d content the for over a : de th Ro school. Another salient advantage is that the school Marcos’ following msupply e Royalè W the balance supply andnew demand. The industry, the Manila Bulletin yaouster an in the print media evolved into a general newspaper toppled the balance ofof and demand. The ol lè Bethe d. sports anddrawn lifestyle, d,toppled food preparation); Fitness and Healthday. (food Th walks life were towere these thAt people from all walks of drawn to these aupublished edemand. eof the ty.tycoon fa the balance of life supply and The a d m i n i s t r a t i o n mheight ou le from allcentury. of its success, at otherwise, home s old, young old, the famous and an In 1989, business and John and Gokongwei Jr.ellness and continues massive readership 7supplements, young and thethe the famous and days a week. fitness dbe theand publication ot he wa products perceived to afamous shield from a otherwise, new products perceived berw a ise shield fromtoa provide lk equipment more); sthe and the old, theto and otherwise, of ,drawn lif epolluted people from all walks life were tothese these is sales. and seemingly inyoung region, itre was shut when the we products pe composed people from all walks ofnofdown life were drawn tolate and advertising Veering ofaway from showedflourished, interest in adding buying the paper from the The Manila Bulletin also engages inwere dr aw environment. seemingly polluted environment. to people from all walks of life drawn to these rc th eiv Beauty and Beyond (products for the skin and es ed new products perceived aeshield shieldLaw from aa,professional Ferdinand Marcos imposed Martial tofeaturing products perceived totobebe asensasionalism from it has deliberately in 1968, and mediaand slowly Panorama, a weekly magazine Roces family. be perceived articles ingly pollu President Itnew isseemingly believed products athat shwellness products bem a shield from a iel d tofro ted polluted environment. ennew hair, products enhance self-worth viliterally seemingly polluted environment. in 1972. itself in cterms paper subsequently alives thethat tabloid Tempo inthe1982, ronmonen real t i t its i oofninception, ehow r s . the Mr. During earlyand partboost of then President saving thousands ofre-invented t. health, polluted environment. Itare isseemingly believed that wellness products are literally p r aFrom Ricardo S. Castañeda, and its are presented, sold and aconfidence). handily carried and readyou version As the thousands newestate, millennium came, Dante A. other Angtoproducts environment, Whether wantofEstrada’s tothehide your The College has an Joseph administration, worldwide, resulting to an exponential saving of lives worldwide, resulting Royalè’s Founder, Chairman and CEO and its It is believedthat thatwellness wellnessproducts productsare areliterally literally From to its be inception, Mr. S.S. Castañeda, elieved that It new is believed From its inception, Mr. Ricardo Ricardo Castañeda, distributed. It continues innovative in broadsheet, and recently added the Tagalog agriculture, food, brought life, new hope and new vigor to the we exchange student market growth. Some businessmen saw The Manila Times published a story Itllnissaving that wellness products areresulting literallyto From its inception, Mr. Ricardo S.CEO Castañeda, skin blemishes esbelieved oflives livesworldwide, worldwide, Royalè’s Founder, and and itsits or buy a gift for a friend, Home an exponential market Some businessmen s thousands President and COO,Chairman Mr. Juluis Allan Nolasco, prthousands od saving ofgrowth. resulting to thousandsbroadsheet ucacquired Royalè’s Founder, Chairman and CEOG. and presenting information without breaking away tabloid Balita in July of 2005. And as early as tsmarket motoring, students when iterinallAugust 2001. eopportunity this not just a he business but with theChairman saving thousands of ar lives worldwide, resulting toa agreement lit about an alleged fraudulent deal Royalè’s Founder, and CEO andand its ofsaw an exponential growth. Some businessmen President and COO, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, liv this not just a business opportunity but also Shopping Network, Inc. is the place to go. y envisioned Royalè as a major player the es wo an exponential market growth. Some businessmen President and COO, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, rldnot from itsFr heritage ofPresident truth andUniversity accuracy. 1999 the Manila Bulletin also came up with onential mar wiserve om and campuses, de also a means to mankind. an exponential market growth. Some businessmen Today, The Manila Times has been among the , its and COO, Mr. Juluis Allan G. Nolasco, re Goethe that implicated him. The saw this just a business opportunity but also a envisioned Royalè as a major player and the sulting in ception, in ke means tothis serve trend-setter industry. t gr to saw just a business opportunity but also a envisioned Royalè as a major player and the It’s true that housewives or homemakers ow Mthe th notmankind. r. wellness

Never before has our country been in an nvironment where access to information and ommunication is so abundant and relatively nexpensive. The internet, 24/7 satellite TV, mobile news and information applications , treaming online news broadcasts and other echnology has made live and “on demand” newsfeeds as easy and fast to get as a cup of offee. Decades ago, doomsayers say that the dvent of technology will erode the newspaper’s udience, from the internet’s inception o the CNN era, they pointed out that the disadvantages that newspapers have in terms distribution, production cost and technology will eventually kill it. Today, newspapers have not only survived but has a good chance to hrive, assuming that they re-invent itself to a hanging and broader market. With the internet only penetrating around 30% of the total(and potential) market there is mple room for print media to expand. With n adult literacy rate of 92.6% the Philippines has been a country that values the importance of reading. A fact that is directly proportional o the success of print media industry in the ountry. With our population crossing over he 90 million mark, print media remains to be a strong source of news and information. Then there are the intangible reasons why Filipinos still find the physical nature and value of the printed paper so alluring.

Trusted Since 1898

R o Royalè y a Royalèlè

late businessman and philanthropist, Daniel products followe The family is still the most important unit of L. Mercado Sr. It is now among the Top 15 of funds to pay Philippine society. Providing loved ones with life insurance companies in the country, and Other financial c Laoag Angeles life isCagayan Top 5 Filipino-owned insurance Singapore protection of incom a decent and comfortable a must De for Oroamong theDagupan Naga life companies in the country. Our affordable p Filipinos. Financial Manila Doha Dubai security Baguio is therefore Taip Olongapo Tacloban Cebu a top Davao Gregorio D. Mercado, the founder’s priority in many households. Abu DhabiSingapore Emergencies and Iloilo Dagupan Cagayan De OroGeneral Santos Laoag Angeles Calamba Naga Baliuag Zamboa Santiago Singapore Dagupan Singapore Dagupan Cagayan De Oro grandson, presently serves as President and Laoag Cagayan De Oro Angeles Laoag Angelesenables individuals and their Life insurance Gold (a variant of Naga Naga Ang Manila Doha Dubai Baguio eles for Taipei Olongapo Cebu Manila Davao Officer. Tacloban Taipei Chief Executive Known in the industry Doha Dubai Manila chosen beneficiaries financially prepare Doha Dubai designed to ensure Cag Baguio Olongapo Baguio toCebu Olongapo Cebu Davao ayan DeAbu Davao Tacloban Tacloban Taipei D Dhabi Iloilo u General Santos b ai O Calamba ro as “George”, Mr. Mercado is the concurrently Baliuag events Zamboanga Abu Dhabi unfortunate and circumstances. It is meant B Iloilo General Santos Santiago accessible to thos Abu Dhabi ag Iloilo General Santos Calamba D u Calamba ag io Baliuag u Zamboanga panLife Baliuag Zamboanga Santiago Santiago Ceb the President (2012) u M to provide financial B stability anilaof theDPhilippine for but aliuag and protection Naginsurance Lao a C ag o al h am a Insurance Association (PLIA), where he has b during times of sudden need, particularly when a protection. HELP General San D av ao to been an active member since 1999, and has s death or a debilitating accident occurs. Olon year and provides Iloilo Abu Dhabi o Beauty. Health. Opportunity.Wealth. Wealth. In the Philippines, one of the most trusted served as Director, Past President (2008) and dismemberment Beauty.Health. Health.Opportunity. Opportunity. Beauty. and reputable life insurance companies is Vice President (2011). He is also presently the It also has a medic Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Vice Chairman of the Insurance Institute for Asia up to Php 5,000 fo Company, Inc. (Philippine Prudential). The and the Pacific (IIAP), Director of the Pacific accident. HELP Go 100% Filipino-owned Company has steadily Insurance Conference (2011), a Chief Delegate ambulatory servic grown in size, continuously expanding its of the East Asian Insurance Congress (2008- personal accident reach across the country. It is regulated by the 2010), former Vice President and Director of benefits. These ma Insurance Commission and guided by the the Payroll Deduction Insurance Association Marketing channe Insurance Code, which safeguards the margin (2004) and a member of the Philippine major malls in Me of solvency, security fund, and asset values, as Insurer’s Club. the provinces. Philippine Prudential’s total assets have well as restricts its investments. Another market-r grown to more than P833 Million by the end of Philippine Prudent 2011. In recent years, the Company has seen a ACHIEVEMENTS products for the mi w w w .significant r o y a l e bjump u s i in n eits s sGross c l u bPremium . c o m Income, The capability to serve overw w1.8 million bureau of jail per ww . wr o s b i nu es si sn ce l su sb c. lc uo bm. c o m w y. a r ol ey ba ul e which grew to P1.012 Billion in 2011—a 614% w w w . r o y a l e b u s i n e s s c l u b . c o m policyholders and their families remains one of PROMOTION family members. record growth from 2006. Philippine Prudential’s main accomplishments. PROMOTION Veering away from traditional modes of product distribuPROMOTION as low as Php 1 PROMOTION Currently, total investments are recorded Veering away from traditional modes of product distribution, Royalè is using direct selling and person-to-person This is a testament to the Company’sVeering financial Veering away from traditional modes of product distribufromdirect traditional modes of product distribube paidClub throu Royalècan Business tion, Royalèaway is using selling and person-to-person product distribution schemes. Thesetotal modesRoyalè of productBusiness at P439 million and claims paid in 2011 tion, Royalè is using direct selling and person-to-person Club .toSo Roalso stability, Meanwhile, due mostly to the massive growth and sawbroadsheets this not just business opportunity but a sin Frankfurt. Ri envisioned as ca a rd major player and the tion, Royalè is using directThese sellingmodes and person-to-person s not just aleading yaitlè’ means serve mmankind. proof it has what trend-setterRoyalè in the wellness industry. product distribution schemes. of product e–amankind. President retaliated, bu oindustry. Royalè Business Club sinesthat Fo S.predominate the same things happened overseas, distribution areThese superior in ofnature because of their unde means toserve servemankind. trend-setter inthe thewellness wellness product distribution schemes. modes product products provide P Ca bu means smen International Inc. stañeda, as customers. Fitness buffs, both Royalè Business Club r,inception, Ch are recorded at over P135 million. Legal to s op trend-setter in industry. product distribution schemes. These modes of product From its Mr. Ricardo S. Castañeda, air Meanwhile, the same things happened overseas, distribution are superior in nature because of their Pr po m takessin toes return to rtu its ni former splendor. It is now at es an particularly on the International Inc. o serve man ident anWhen expansion itthehas inoverseas, recent years. With andwere ty but also Royalè’s products in the Royalistas inundergone Taiwan, Republic of China, also swelled in are are personalized theyofaretheir Meanwhile, same things happened overseas, distribution superior inapproach; nature because ofstrategies their considered atInternational Inc. dWhen Olaunched COO, kiwith nd. the leading newspapers Meanwhile, theand same things happened superior nature because anand Royalè’s products wereCE launched the in Taiwan, Republic of China, also swelled in gaining adistribution favorable percentage of people Infomercials on Royalistas imported Philippinepersonalized approach; they areinstrategies considered atwho Royalè’s Founder, Chairman and CEO life insurance a dinand male female, also watch in largepart numbers. M International Inc. its r. Ju par outaof more where he was Policy Reserves reached P405 million by the enthan lu visioneHISTORY When Royalè’s products were launched in the Royalistas in Taiwan, Republic of China, also swelled in personalized approach; they are strategies considered at is Philippine market, the response was overwhelmnumber, and to serve their needs, Royalè Taiwan, owned par, if not better than the conventional tri-media Al lanJuluis ditsWhen more sales offices all over country, were launched the Royalistas in Republic of China, swelled in the approach; they conventional are strategies considered Philippine market, the response wasNo overwhelmnumber, and to Taiwan, serve their needs,opening Royalè Taiwan, owned Ro par,personalized if notshop better than the tri-media at G. President and products COO, Mr. Allan G. yaRoyalè’s lèstood do not usually through TV. made products are particularly effective inalso lasinco 25 dailies in the country. Seven of these tre dailies as Shoppers Shopping as “unwitting English businessman medical reimburse Philippine market, the response wasoverwhelmoverwhelm,are number, and to serve their needs, Royalè Taiwan, par, if innot better than the tri-media aan ing. ItGowan, tall among competitors, inwho termsdrawn to the Home labelled and operated by Royalè International Co. Ltd.; advertisement inconventional several ways. Moreover, anybody, m nd-setteThomas ajo end of 2011. market, the response number, andstrong to their needs, Royalè Taiwan, owned par, if this not better than the conventional tri-media ing. stood tall among competitors, in terms and operated byserve Royalè International Co. Ltd.; thisowned ritsits advertisement several ways. Moreover, anybody, plas Nolasco, envisioned Royalè awas major r Philippine ay ining. er six distribution channels performing theItIttowe an use the English language as a medium. godfather” of sparking the dinplayer stood tall among its competitors, in and operated by Royalè International Ltd.; advertisement in several Moreover, anybody, and status in shoppers’and interest, asbywas are live product decided migrate to the its Philippines, put up The llntall Network, the brands products are thterms ofof quality, packaging and over-all Royalè subsidiary was inaugurated on this November ofways. age, educational es e Inc.,Twobecause Two its earned accolade samong optimum quality, packaging and over-all Royalè subsidiary inaugurated on November regardless of20, age, educational background and status inbackground ing. stood competitors, terms and operated Royalè International Co. Co. Ltd.;20, this advertisement in regardless several ways. 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Its office is atisTaipei No. 17, Lane Shuang Cheng St., St., lifeanother may bebeginning engaged inTHE this. won the FINAT Europe International Label international market, thethe Kojic Papaya Soap which won the FINAT 2009 Europe International Label od e s s c l Christmas, bring gaining special on-air bargains and ucts the Philippine market, the response momentum as18,Taipei it heads towards From aROC. humble of only 20 products, products that really matter in2009 their daily routine Philiwho wethe Chung Shan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC. ppine Itin re Two of its brands earned accolade in the u won the FINAT 2009 Europe International Label b lau entrepreneurs and decision-makers in society Royalè’s compensation and incentive packages in their against the paper. In response, . Chung Shan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC. was the time when Paris Peace Conference nc m competition on June 12, 2009 at Antaly, Turkey, Royalè’s compensation and incentive packages in their ar won the FINAT 2009 Europe International Label he life insura o m on June 12, 2009 at Antaly, Turkey,deals. Home Shopping Network, Inc. ke damong HISTORY Philippine Prudential is committed to serve cprovides t, the responIt stood tall was overwhelming. infrom HISTORY double theits it being Home Shopping Network Inc. now boasts oftheir apart acompetition bonafide and genuine. Royalè’s compensation and incentive packages in international market, the Kojic Papaya Soap competition June 12, 2009 at Antaly, Turkey, major milestone — its Golden Anniversary in g. Itasstood Direct Selling and Person-to-Person product distribution O sewas while the L-Gluta Power Soap won the 1st Place Royalè’s compensation incentive packages belong to the middle-income families asinwell the paper’s management HISTORY MinOtheir was just convened to deliberate on transition competition onon June 12, 2009 atSoap Antaly, Turkey, wa Directand Selling and PR Person-to-Person product slocated Royalè’s first office located inthe 389 Quezon TI while the L-Gluta Power won the 1st Place HISTORY ov tal competitors, terms of optimum quality, O er l am N distribution wh Royalè’s first office was in 389 Direct Selling and Person-to-Person product distribution elm on the Filipinos by making available products and hospital inco something for everyone more than the L-Gluta Power Soap won 1st Place which won the FINAT 2009 Europe International ginits schemes are revolutionary. The are cash bonuses of distribution Royalè -Quezon 150 revolutionary items procured for inwhile the 32nd Annual Tag &Soap Label of optimum Direct Selling andschemes Person-to-Person product Royalè’s first office was located in389 389 Quezon while L-Gluta Power won thethe 1stManufacturer's Place co issued an apology, though the Class “A” bracket. Its market reach continues treaty between the Spanish and American m Avenue corner West 6th St., West Triangle, Quezon revolutionary. The cash bonuses of Royalè Ve February 2013. The company’s major interest is tooffers create pe inthe the 32nd Annual Tag &Manufacturer's Label eri Royalè’s first office was located inthe Quezon THE MARKET packaging and over-all product value. tit ng or aw s, Avenue corner West 6th St., West Triangle, Quezon schemes are revolutionary. The cash bonuses of Royalè qu ay in in the 32nd Annual Tag & Label Manufacturer's are among the highest in the industry. ali fro Label competition on June 12, 2009 at Antaly, ter Competition held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on ty, schemes are The bonuses of top Royalè m traditionpriorities. mQuezon a block time for and introduced the 32ndwe Annual Tag Ermin & Scottsdale, Label Manufacturer's Avenue corner West 6th WestTriangle, Triangle, sof this pa to revolutionary. the Philippine market. Most that serve their financial Studies term. At the end City 1104 Philippines. However, because its is in Garcia, Jr., who was to expand to other demographics, pr including ck on theag Philippines’ sovereignty. 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At Tw ed isov is composed of both and group iwUnited rson-to-person its bution sch an phenomenal growth, the company transferred explained it was A and B-income brackets. The appealing factors: forces , ers The same can be said ofindividual Arab Emirates in the Since 2009, Royalè is giving itstridistributors international butBldg., alsooffice a great majority ofsoon people would Re br Royalè’s first was located in 389 Quezon likewise open business opportunities ea pu Today wellness is an ever increasing, whether And you must not forget that an s, The same can be said of United Arab Emirates in the Since 2009, Royalè is giving its distributors international Middle East. Royalistas in this area posted incredible travel incentives to premium travel destinations not only bli enjoys with satisfied customers ds nu em As the company continued its drive for distinction, c to JR 1520 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. At mb es. The same can be said of er, United Arab Emirates in the ofSince 2009, Royalè isof givingFilipinos its distributors international eaheld distribu Ch Manufacturer's Competition in Scottsdale, rn These mo is access to health insurance i.e, life and accide JRBldg., Bldg.,1520 1520Quezon Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. the start, Royalè occupied the Quezon ground and theAtint HISTORYeagerly ina an ernatiAs ed d , tio toto JR Avenue, City. At als to ac on n ser o “not a retraction”. co Middle East. Royalistas in this area posted incredible al travel incentives to premium travel destinations not only de sw The Manila Times’ fair and incisive presentation are await any news from Paris. Avenue corner West 6th St., West Triangle, ve lad m thelearning company continued drive forthat distinction, s of to everyits person benefits the policyholders. ofthe the throughout individual growth necessitating the opening Royalè Dubai Asia but to ell places like the travel glamorous Europe not only Middle East. 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This book is dedicated to the men and women who build and protect Philippines' greatest brand assets.

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A BonnĂŠ Star Asia Corporation Trade Star Asia #74 Valencia St., Brgy. Valencia, New Manila, Quezon City

my|phone Mytel Mobility Solutions, Inc. My|Phone Bldg. 2000 East Service Rd., Bicutan, Paranaque City

Aquahealth Aquahealth Pure Drinking Water, Inc. Room 1103 OMM Citra Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Orocan Ashlar Industrial Corporation 143 Darlucio Compound, Panghulo, Malabon City

Asahi Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation 117 P. Parada St., Brgy. Sta Lucia, San Juan City

Philippine Graphics Philippine Graphic Publications, Inc. 3/F Dominga Bldg. III, 2113 Chino Roces Ave., cor. Dela Rosa St., Makati City

Burlington Burlington Industries Philippines, Inc. 7375 Bakawan St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co., Inc. AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, ADB Ave., Cor. Garnet & Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Business World Business World Publishing Corporation Raul L. Locsin Building I, 95 Balete Drive Extension, New Manila, Quezon City

Philflex Philips Wire and Cable Company 407 Dasmarinas St., Binondo, Manila

Cherubin Rubber Corporation CRC Bldg., Central Ave., Sterling Industrial Park, Iba, Meycauayan, Bulacan (Manufacturing Plant) 352 MACL Bldg., M.H. Del Pilar St., Gracepark, Caloocan City Columbia Columbia International Food Products, Inc. 128 J.L. Escoda St., Navotas, Metro Manila Columbia Centre 100 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City Eng Bee Tin Hopia King Bakery 628 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila FERN-C, FERN coffee, FERN i-flex Fern Inc. 3/F FERN Corporate Center, J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Fortress Admixtures Stone Pro Trading Corporation 176 H Tandang Sora Ave., Quezon City Fuji Scales First Philippine Scales, Inc. 33 Araneta Avenue, Potrero, Malabon City GT Stoneworks Stone Pro Trading Corporation 176 H Tandang Sora Ave., Quezon City Jaka Jaka Investments Corporation Jaka Center Bldg., 2111 Chino Roces Ave. Makati City Ligo A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation 19 Golden Road Caloocan Industrial Subdivision, Brgy. Kaybiga, Caloocan City Manila Bulletin Muralla cor. Recoletos, Intramuros, Manila Met Tathione White Beauty Corporation Unit 1102 11th Floor The Taipan Place, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City Miss World Philippines Miss World Philippines 2011 Suite 318 Secretariat Bldg. Philippine International Convention Center CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City, Philippines 1300

Red Fox Asian Technologies Computer Sales Corporation #26 Dona Hemady Ave., New Manila, Quezon City Royalè Royale Business Club International, Inc. G/F Mezzanine & 3/F JR Bldg., 1520 Quezon Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City Salem Bed Salem Oceanic Industries Corporation 659 T. Santiago St., Lingunan, Valenzuela City San-Yang Furniture San Yang Intertrade Corporation #12 Mars St., E & E Compound F. Santiago, Parada Valenzuela City Shop TV Home Shopping Network, Inc. 2F KLG Bldg., Delbros Ave., cor. Venecia De Leon St., Bo. Ibayo, Paranaque City Upper Basement Solar Century Tower. Tordesillas St., cor. HV Dela Costa Salcedo Village, Makati City Solignum Jardine Distribution ,Inc. 2/F Jardine Building, JM Compound, Faraday cor. Osmena Highway, 1234 Makati City, Philippines The Manila Times 2/F Sitio Grande Building, 409 A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila Timezone Leisure & Allied Industries Philippines, Inc. 93 P. Antonio St., Barrio Ugong , Pasig City Victory Global Victory Global Unlimited Systems, Inc. G/F Victoria 1 Bldg., South Triangle, Quezon Ave., Quezon City Yakult Yakult Philippines, Inc. 1461 Agoncillo cor. Escoda Sts., Ermita Manila

FOREWORD Branding is all about the integrity born out of the consistent delivery of a promise, be it for a product or a service. And unless there is consistency delivered in every product promise, only then can a brand become a Superbrand. Identifying the many brands that have entered the market can be confusing, as there are easily 20- to 30,000 new brand entrants into the market annually. How does a brand get identified? A brand as defined is a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers." Branding began as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. The key word is “distinct.� This is what separates one title from another. The perception generated is identified as a brand. The essences of truths are but a consequence of the perceptions generated. Karl Mclean Brand consultants who pacify brand Chairman custodians with strategic platforms like advertising and PR are positions generated for the singular objective of competing in the marketplace. Other sensitivities include distribution, packaging, pricing, promotions and the target markets, which are all marketing disciplines. With branding, the equity is all about the integrity that needs to generated, perceived, accepted and first in mind. A successful brand stands the test of time and survives adversarial attempts to bring down its positioning. Branding is about integrity. Branding is about deliverables. Branding is all about Superbranding. Celebrity endorsements can be volatile, leaving one vulnerable to the actions or inactions of the celebrity. A third party endorsement like that from a friend or relative in most cases strengthens the recommendation. An award endorsement should be from an award-giving body with genuine integrity. If it is not, you are opening your brand to vulnerability that can damage your position in the marketplace. With Superbrands, our international presence allows for a global affiliation that generates uncontested integrity enjoyed the world over. Are you a Superbrand?

WHAT MAKES A GREAT BRAND? by the Philippine Brands Council

Larry Brouhard

English Language Professional over 25 years in IT PR Business Solutions Development

My dream has been to work with the best companies in the Philippines. Superbrands, the only international award giving company in the country, has given me the chance to do just that. What could be more exciting or fulfilling than helping great companies become even greater? Superbrands is more than just awards, however. Our yearly academy provides continuing education to brand custodians and SPRI keeps a brand foremost in the public’s mind with thoughtful, effective public relations activities. Beyond that, we are always looking for new ways to help the best be better. Each Volume improves and this is the best yet. We are proud of every company presented here and look forward to the day that another of our Superbrands achieves global Superbrand status. Every entry you see here has what it takes to be a Superbrand and they all proudly display the Superbrands Seal.

Dieter Brückner

Professional consumer marketing Services distribution and marketing background formerly with Zuellig Pharma

Branding is a journey. Strategies and directions are core corporate decisions but the implementation of marketing plans and actions are in the hands of marketers, Product Managers and field personnel. Demographics show that lower income groups grow faster than higher income groups. It is a matter of time until Corporations will discover the need to address also the consumerism and societal needs of these nowadays unattended sectors. While the Corporation still considers active engagements in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs as voluntary, it is only a matter of time until it becomes “a lifeline for business survival” The challenge of today is to embrace voluntarily such activities and become truly an entrepreneur by communicating that brand x is not only promoting the benefits and quality of their brands but has societal programs in place benefitting non-consumers as well.

Rudolf Kotik

President & Founder FIFA/ Filipino International Franchise Association

Rudolf Kotik, an Austrian and permanent resident in the Philippines, founded RK Franchise Consultancy 1996 for the purpose of providing excellent Franchise Development at affordable rates to Companies wanting to expand their business through Franchising. RK offers full service Franchise Development and became market leader with 400+ clients alone in the Philippines. RK provides also Franchise Marketing and International Franchising services. Through FIFA Filipino International Franchise Association RK offers Seminars nationwide, Expos in Cebu and Mindanao and specific industry oriented assistance to more than 200 member companies.

David Nye Broadcast Journalist

The importance of branding has taken on a whole new dimension especially in our Information Age—an age which bombards us with thousands of diverse messages every single day. For people to sift through this labyrinth successful branding requires understanding the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It's important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without.

Atty. Sara Suguitan

Partner, Suguitan Law Office Trademark Law Expert

10,000. 11,000. 12,000. Superbrands, the global brand arbiter based in London, has now awarded 12,012 brands in 88 countries worldwide over the past 18 years. In the Philippines, Superbrands has brought brand etiquette and best practices to boost the country’s successful brands that propel the economy towards prosperity. Consumers seek out the Superbrands award seal knowing that it is a reference for excellence. Another measure of success is imitation. I’ll give you an example. Not only has the Superbrand seal been pirated and illegally used by the lighting company, Akari, on its products, the latter also misled and deceived the public into thinking that it was a Superbrand! Going by this success indicator, many bogus award-winning bodies have also been going around on the take, with no credibility to match their criteria. Don’t be fooled. The only qualified judge in the country is the only international brand arbiter in the Philippines. That can only be Superbrands. Enough said.

Nick Quiason Brand Specialist Print Broadsheet Supplements

Surely brands can be made overnight. But most are made over many years. But the question is how does one sustain the brand? Staying there is just as hard as getting there, in many cases even more difficult. Branding is all about an emotional connection with consumers. It is this that differentiates one product from its competitors. The goal is to make your brand the most recognizable by the consumer. And this usually is built over time – with integrity and consistency of deliverables. Branding gives our product character. Having the Superbrands Seal in your products says that you have arrived. Goodwill has been achieved.

Dr. John Teope Academe CIRD, MBA, MPS, PhD, EdD, DSD, DES

Super is defines as at high degree or above and beyond anything, while brand refers to a commodity or service offered by a certain entity. Ergo, Superbrand is defined as a product offered by an identity that is of high degree and above the standards of any other product is the market. The concept of Superbrand is a way of clearly highlighting what makes your offer different to, and more desirable than, anyone else’s. Superbrand membership elevates a product or organization from being just one commodity amongst many identical commodities, to become something with a unique character and promise. It can create an emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and pragmatic judgements. That is why, don’t thing twice of having a Superbrand Seal, for the reason that it would really make a brand more marketable and more reliable.

Gil Santos

Professor, International Studies Lyceum of the Philippines University Broadcast Journalist and Political Analyst

Branding in commerce and industry is a major factor that spells the difference between profit and loss. It makes or breaks a product, depending of course on the brand and product promotion and management. Enterprises, big, medium or small, invest in protecting and propagating/promoting their product brands because it helps a lot in maintaining their market shares--and even rankings-- in the industry's sector. And it is most vital to the promotion and protection of the brands that these are certified as compliant with the international industry standards set by certifying entities, like Superbrand Marketing International Inc. It is recognized worldwide as the top organization whose stamp of approval carries global recognition of integrity and excellence.

Angelo Valenton Managing Director, Connect Consulting Group

Brands have gone bad. In the most common business models in our time now, the shareholder is king – no longer the customer. Enterprises have taken greed to atmospheric levels… and brands have gone bad. In the long run, however, businesses and their brands will only thrive when they reverse that order of their usual business models – and start putting customer and community first, if they learn how to court the community that cares about cost and is light on consumption - no more rat races, if they start standing for something right - not just something lucrative, if they build wholesome and meaningful relationships with customers, raise moral standards, uplift lives, offer assurance, deliver on the assurance, build friendships and make employees genuinely proud. If such a brand exists now, then that to me a superbrand.


“I long to see the day, when every Filipino uses A Bonne, for that day, beauty is at its best!” - Rungtip Prasert, Managing Director of A Bonne’. “And that goes for metro-sexual men as well.” Our personal appearance can be crucial, so many of us want to ensure that our skin and hair look and feel just right. But how many of us want to pay the hidden price of these efforts? Those with sensitive skin—particularly pregnant women—often react badly to ordinary skin and hair care products with additives such as chemical fragrances and botanical extracts. Hair and skin care company A Bonne’ Thai successfully addresses this concern with its milk products, which are far from ordinary, allowing men and women of all ages to benefit from the moisturizing richness of farm-fresh milk. Washing is no longer just a way to get clean. It’s a ritual that lets us uplift ourselves. Discerning consumers know that A Bonne’ quality products are an innovative way to keep their skin and hair looking and feeling healthy. A Bonne’ all-natural products are made for individuals with sensitive skin and are safe for everyone, including pregnant women. All A Bonne’ skin care, facial care and hair care products are developed to high standards and have been clinically tested by dermatologists. A Bonne’ has established an excellent reputation among consumers from varied walks of life. Generally, consumers of A Bonne’ products are modern, educated, conscious of their image and health, and rational buyers. Around 70 percent are female, including students, career women and housewives. A Bonne’ products also appeal to metro-sexuals, trendy men who include students and professionals. And their appeal is spreading to a growing range of consumers. Consumers have kept their trust in the A Bonne’ brand for more than ten years, rejecting a number of other brands that tried and failed to imitate A Bonne’. These would-be imitators used ineffective formulas and low-quality production technology. As a result, they eventually

retreated from the market, leaving A Bonne’ as the established marked leader with its Spa Milk Salt Scrub.


A Bonne’ Thai takes pride in the loyalty of the many consumers who have validated its welldeserved reputation for quality. The outstanding reputation of the A Bonne’ range earned it recognition in 2000 by the Department of Export Promotion of the Royal Thai Government’s Ministry of Commerce as a Thailand Brand with quality products suitable for export. Beyond that, A Bonne’ Thai has proudly displayed the Superbrands seal of excellence since 2010.


A Bonne’ Thai began making its own bath and body products in 1999, when the company discovered the holistic solutions of milk. Its very


first product, Spa Milk Salt Scrub, was quickly recognized by consumers and soon became the best-selling salt scrub in Thailand. The company began expanding in 2005, building on the success of A Bonne’ Spa Milk Salt Scrub and eventually extending its range to include other skin care, hair care and facial care products. All are made to the same standard of excellence as the original Spa Milk Salt Scrub. To keep pace with the keen demand for its products, in 2006 the company opened a new factory and warehouse in the Bueng Klo Industrial Operation Zone in Thailand.


A Bonne’ products are based on the philosophy that milk is an important and effective element for promoting inner and outer health and beauty. They combine natural ingredients and the latest of innovations. A Bonne’ offers a wide range of products infused with natural herbs and vitamins to restore and protect all skin types. The range includes exfoliating products such as spa milk salt and fruit yogurt; skin care products such as milk power lightening lotion, intensive white lotion, white and slim shower cream, and spa yogurt milk soap; and hair products such as milk power hair serum vitamin, milk power hair treatment spray, milk power hair treatment wax and hair spa treatment. The gentle benefits of fresh milk combined with the moisturizing properties of collagen and allantoin are featured in a unique line of skin care products from A Bonne’. These products benefit from the most effective formulas of active ingredients and high-standard processes, ensuring excellent quality. A Bonne’ Spas are defined as products that provide a portable power solution for all spa

cosmetics. They are convenient, easy to use and provide a power source for enjoyment (sight/ skin) and security (health/safety). The company’s newest product is the A Bonne Miracle Spa- a powerful whitening line with three major ingredients; Nano White Glutathione, Lycopene, and Kojic Acid. A Bonne Miracle Spa is available in lotion, body scrubs, shower gel, and facial wash

and exhibition stands, and through the company’s own sales representatives. The company regularly takes part in exhibitions at home and abroad, in conjunction with the Thai Department of the Export Promotion. The company also promotes the brand by sponsoring prominent events in the industry.

though the company has grown over the years, A Bonne’ Thai still makes its products the same way it did at the outset—in small batches, with strict attention to quality. The company takes extra care to ensure the good health and safety of its customers. The A Bonne’ collection uses only natural, functional

A B o n n e ’ T h a i ’s m a i n w e b s i t e ( offers tips on skin care and beauty to help customers achieve soft, radiant and young-looking skin. The website also allows customers to see details of the A Bonne’ product line and easily contact the company.

ingredients, with minimal preservatives to keep the products farm fresh. A Bonne’ products are dermatologically tested to ensure they are safe and friendly to your skin. A Bonne’ Thai takes seriously its responsibility to keep the planet a safe and pleasant place to live. The company offers only earthfriendly products containing no harsh ingredients that could pollute the environment or harm the ozone layer. That’s why A Bonne’ Thai is a Superbrand..


With the exceptional leadership of Ms. Rungtip Prasert, Managing Director of A Bonne, the brand swept into the global market by expanding in several countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, U.A.E, Egypt and Australia. There are 12 more countries in the process of negotiation for expansion. These are Japan, Korea, China, Hongkong, Srilanka, Irag, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and some countries in Africa. A Bonne’ products are approved by the Philippine Food & Drug Authority each countries.


A Bonne’ products are available in many East Asian countries—including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam— and in the Middle East. A Bonne’ Spa Milk Salt Scrub is now the top-selling salt scrub product in all distribution channels in the Philippines. A Bonne’ consumers are walking advertisements for A Bonne’ products because of the health and appearance of their skin or hair. The gentle action of A Bonne’ products make consumers more than happy to share thesecret of their healthy and attractive skin and hair with anybody who compliments them—and they do receive plenty of compliments. While A Bonne’ is already a household name in hair and skin care, the company continues to build brand recognition by distributing pointof-sale promotional materials like brochures, premium tee shirts and gift sets through trade channels such as beauty shops, wholesalers


A Bonne’ Thai strives to satisfy its customers by making products that meet global standards. And it succeeds fabulously. Market surveys show that consumers regard A Bonne’ as a high-quality reliable and effective brand.


 The A Bonne’ collection uses pure milk.

Milk improves the appearance and condition of your skin by eliminating dead skin cells and adding essential moisture. Milk contains vitamins A and D, which soften and strengthen the skin. The lactic acid in milk has natural beta hydroxyl acids, which not only exfoliate your skin but also soothe it. Milk is beneficial to hair because it seals up the small scales on your hair follicles that can cause hair to look dull.  A Bonne’ products range from 90 percent to 100 percent natural. They are not tested on animals.  The salt in the A Bonne’ Spa Milk Salt is so uniquely fine that it is used as is, with no grinding needed.



Water is, indeed, important for survival. But to many people, it is not enough to drink just any kind of water. They need to be sure that their drinking water is clean, pure, safe, and yes, even healthy. That is the need that AquaHealth fills. As a water refilling company, AquaHealth is known for having a strong water purification process. AquaHealth is always committed to research and the continuous development of the latest water treatment technology. AquaHealth is a pioneer in the alkaline ionized water business. Its clients, who are numerous and are found nationwide, are consumers from residential and commercial areas who value the quality of the water they drink over the price. They are health conscious individuals who believe that drinking alkaline ionized water will make them healthier. AquaHealth provides safe drinking water to thousands of households nationwide. The company uses an improved process that retains all the healthy minerals found in water, yet removes the harmful contaminants. AquaHealth’s customers attest that alkaline ionized water tastes better than other types of purified or distilled drinking water. The price is very reasonable, too. More important, consumers get healthful benefits in drinking alkaline ionized water. Growth in the alkaline ionized water business is very promising. This type of water can eventually move stealthily into the market share of regular purified water vendors as more consumers become health conscious and aware of the quality of the water they drink.

franchise network sales volumes. AquaHealth maintains an active membership with the following organizations: • Water Quality Association of the Philippines • Association of Water Refilling Entrepreneurs • Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers Aquahealth Inc. has also remained debt-free and has grown primarily through internally-generated funds. Its commitment to provide superior water and customer satisfaction has been the compelling force behind its success.


The first AquaHealth water refilling station was opened in St. Francis Village, Cainta, Rizal in October 1997. Through Mr. Roderick S. Agustin’s creative innovations and competence in the water purification technology, and through his wife Mrs. Annalou P. Agustin’s business acumen, AquaHealth gained a significant presence in the water refilling industry and has expanded to a current total of branches nationwide, mostly operated by franchisees. From 1997 to 2002, AquaHealth branches were mostly found in the areas of Rizal such as Cainta, Antipolo and Taytay. In 2003, the company focused its expansion efforts in the NCR area, including Quezon City, Manila, Makati, Marikina, and Pasig. Beginning 2004, it opened branches in provincial areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. AquaHealth offered its customers Mineral Water in 1997, and then started to sell Alkaline ionized Water in 2001. The Japanese and Koreans started the production of alkaline water. However, AquaHealth did not simply import


Since it came into existence in October 1997, Aquahealth Inc. has exhibited profitable operations and excellent growth in sales, due mainly to consistent franchise royalties and franchise sales. Growth in revenue averages at 38.4% per annum and is consistent with the growth of its 12

the equipment. They looked at foreign technology, studied and researched some more, and then put up their own fabrication facility to develop original machines that will produce alkaline water of the same quality as its foreign counterparts. The business itself is driven by the vision of providing water that will promote good health among Filipinos, and of helping the government by providing clean potable water in communities. The main business drivers of AquaHealth are the growth in water volume sold, growth in the franchise network, and the capacity to keep abreast with the latest water purification technology innovations.


AquaHealth produces alkaline water. It is the healthy kind of water because it helps flush out toxins from the body and eliminates acid buildup that causes aging and disease. AquaHealth uses a modern water treatment technology that converts ordinary water to alkaline water. This end product is great tasting water that’s not “overkilled”— meaning, all the healthful minerals remain in the water while all harmful contaminants are removed. The pH level of AquaHealth alkaline ionized water is above 7, which makes it alkaline. The pH level of other commercially-available water is below 6, which makes the water acidic. We all know that too much acid in the body is not good for the health. AquaHealth alkaline ionized water has: • minerals essential to good health, like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium • been proven to have a disinfecting effect • the capability to boost your immune system • a distinctive good taste

• been proven to neutralize harmful acid in the body • anti-aging power • been proven to be safe even for babies • excellent, natural anti-oxidant that scavenges free radicals before they oxidize cell tissues Aside from being healthy, the water is also clean, refreshing, affordable and conveniently available. AquaHealth is the only franchisor in the water refilling industry that gives free technology upgrades and full warranty on selected spare parts within the whole duration of the franchise period. Aside from this, the company also extends free maintenance service, free monthly water analysis, and yearly physical chemical water analysis to franchisees. The company uses a water purification system that is easy to operate and maintain. This technology is environment-friendly and costefficient because it does not waste water. Franchisees will get 99% recovery of water production.


Beginning year 2012, Aquahealth has been aggressively expanding its franchised outlets in the following provinces such as; Leyte, Tuguegarao and Quezon not to mention some parts of the NCR. On October 10, 2012, Aquahealth shall be celebrating its 15th year anniversary and in line with this special occasion, the company shall be launching its nationwide marketing campaign dubbed as “15th year of continuous stream of Health at Aquahealth” which the company shall be giving away Apple I pad 2, Nokia cell phones, desk fans and other awesome prizes to its lucky winners. Promo period starts from August 1, 2012 until September 30, 2012. Raffle draw shall be held on October 10, 2012 at the Head Office.


AquaHealth uses both print and online media to promote its product and company. Its advertisements have appeared on broadsheets and other print materials, as well as popular websites like and

More recently, from 2011 to 2012, AquaHealth bought spots on local TV shows like Happy Yipee Yehey, I Dare You, Pinoy Explorer, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, Urban Zone, Umagang Kay Ganda, and Rated K. But more than print, online or TV placements, AquaHealth puts more value in the quality of its product and service, because that is truly the best promotion available for any brand. BRAND VALUES Most people think of a brand as a tool for communicating who they are and what they do. AquaHealth, however, goes one step further. It thinks of its brand as a promise. The company believes that a promise does more than define the company. A promise indicates to its partners — whether they are a customer, business partner or employee — what they can expect from the company in exchange for their money and time. AquaHealth is guided by a strong philosophy, strong values and high ethical standards that are applied in its daily operations. In everything that it does, the company strives to help people live healthier lives. AquaHealth assures its customers that the alkaline ionized water available in all AquaHealth water refilling stations has passed the stringent standards of the Department of Health in terms of water quality, and has also been certified clean and pure by the company’s accredited laboratories. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AQUAHEALTH

 The founders of AquaHealth, Inc.

give back to the community by donating a portion of their company’s monthly income to the medical and dental missions that benefit the poor. They founded a charitable institution called Tabitha Helpinghand Foundation, which exhibits the true spirit of volunteerism and relies on the selflessness of many medical professionals and corporate partners. The Agustins give their support by donating additional funding to sustain the operational activities of the foundation.



What better place to sell electric fans than in the Philippines? In a land with two seasons— dry and wet, both of which are warm— fans are a joy, quietly whispering the gentle breezes that keep us cool and comfortable. And with the rising cost of electricity, air conditioners are shrinking and being supplemented by Asahi fans, whose comprehensive offering continues to make our lives just that much more comfortable.


Asahi products are Philippine-made and have been recognized with the PS Mark logo, which signifies that Asahi products adhere to the quality guidelines set forth by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry. High quality has also won Asahi awards from prestigious and national consumer groups. The company was recognized as the Outstanding Manufacturer of Electric Fans by the Consumers’ Union of the Philippines for five consecutive years from 2003 to 2007. This achievement alone made Asahi a Hall of Famer in the Philippines. These accolades result from Asahi’s aggressive quality control and its long time loyalty to the company’s motor supplier of 30 years. Loyalty and attention to detail have achieved a .0003 warranty claim rate. Fans are assembled both in the Philippines and in China, with 10 to 20 of every thousand fans assembled in China completely knocked down to make sure they meet Asahi’s exacting standards. Thanks to many years of continuous growth in quality, Asahi has again been awarded the Superbrand seal for 2012-2013. Asahi won its first Superbrand seal of excellence in 2005.


Mike Chokee Sy gathered a few local and foreign business partners in 1982 to establish Asahi Electrical Manufacturing Corporation. The goal was to give Filipino consumers an alternative choice in home appliances, especially electric fans. Three or four brands dominated the market at the time and their prices were high. Mr Sy, Asahi’s president and chairman, thought consumers deserved something better — something they could afford. So he and his associates started with one product, the Spiro Aire electric fan. Spiro Aire soon attracted consumers as a one-fan-fits-all solution. It worked as a floor

fan, desk fan, wall fan and ceiling fan. With its louvered front, giving the appearance of a box fan, Spiro Aire captured the market, boasting convertibility, ease of use, durability and, of course, affordability. Asahi prospered in its first two years but, as with the rest of the country, it faced frenzy and instability during the People Power Revolution in 1986. Downsizing and belt tightening were the order of the day and the company offices were moved to the residence of one of the owners. This problem was complicated by the plunge in the Peso exchange rate. Asahi’s investors, local and foreign, opted to drop out and sell their shares to Mr Sy. The company had to start all over again. But even faced with these difficulties, Asahi never faltered, adding new products to meet demand in the market for small appliances. The company operated on a small scale for several years, working out of a three-storey building in San Juan. Business was steady, but to allow growth, Asahi moved its plant to Pasig City in 1992, which afforded ample warehousing and greater space. The company’s workforce grew from only four employees in the beginning to over 100, producing more than 1,500 home appliances daily. The company now has 300 employees and is still growing. In 1996, to cater to growing demand in the Visayas, the company set up a depot in Cebu City. A similar warehouse has also been set up in Davao City. Asahi is a 100 percent Filipino-owned family corporation, which has become a market leader in the small appliance industry, with the focus on electric fans. Growth has been steady, averaging 10 percent per annum for several years. Just as when it started out, Asahi continues to produce consistently high-quality home appliances at affordable prices. Prices are affordable, but low price is not the main aim. High quality is where Asahi chooses to compete, exhibiting superior workmanship and garnering extraordinarily few warranty claims. High quality and worry-free use justify the higher cost with loyal Asahi customers.


Asahi sells more than 700,000 appliances a year. Its range of products is wide, with the focus on fans. Every fan and 14

other appliance from Asahi is manufactured in strict compliance with government and international specifications. All efforts are concentrated on meeting established standards for quality and safety. With Spiro Aire leading the way as the company’s flagship product, Asahi produces more than 40 models of electric fans. Asahi fans are not ordinary. Many boast unique high-tech features. Customers choose Asahi fans for their bright colors and user-friendly designs. And, more important, customers come back to Asahi fans for their next purchase because of the faultless, silent performance delivered by its aluminum motors. Featuring Japanese-quality magnetic wire windings, a carbon steel shaft, brass bushings and carbon steel rotor and stator, an Asahi motor delivers safe, worry-free performance for many years. It is no surprise that Asahi motors carry a five-year warranty. Other makers guarantee five years for selected models. With Asahi, it’s all models.

Outstanding quality and socially responsible features come to mind when discussing Asahi fans and the company’s other appliances. Asahi was the first company to introduce the Ionizer electric fan, answering demand for products that promote health and wellness. The Ionizer fan produces ions, which fight pollution with elements that combat airborne allergens. These anti-pollution elements help prevent allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. Laboratory tests reveal that ionizers are effective in converting stagnant air into the fresh air we enjoy in a morning breeze or by a waterfall. And we don’t even have to get off the couch to enjoy it. Ordinary fans merely blow dirty air around. Ionizer fans remove the dirt and blow clean air. Another first for Asahi was the introduction of an ice and water cooling fan. It is not an air conditioner, as it has no compressor, but it lowers room temperature by one to two degrees centigrade. It does this simply with water and ice. Electricity is expensive and Asahi is keen to help its customers use less of it. To this end, the company improved the timer feature in highend, remotely controlled electric fans. Ordinary timers merely switch off the fan at a specified time. Asahi’s programmable timer does more. Yes, it switches off at a specified time, but it also can be set to switch on at a specified time. With this feature, consumers can coordinate times for air conditioning to switch off and the Asahi fan to switch on. And it all happens while they sleep.


A significant innovation found in Asahi high-end fans is an artificial intelligence function. Based on a built-in LED temperature sensor, this function causes the fan to spin faster or slower, depending on the ambient temperature. And Asahi motors, with their aluminum h o u s ing, run cool—48 hours continuously and longer. Innovation never ends at Asahi. The company rolled out a Tower Fan in 2008 with three oscillating motions, one that covers 360 degrees. The three selections are left and right, up and down, and infinite oscillation that combines the first two selections. The following year, 2009, was also a banner year for innovative products, one of which became the company’s best seller. This industrial stand fan features plastic banana-shaped blades and became a consumer favorite. Another new Asahi product in 2009 was an allstainless-steel rice cooker, which answered modern consumer demand for appliances that are attractive and easy to clean. More new products appeared in 2010, all with especially designed features. The company also has Twingo, a double-headed

stand fan, a desk fan with double blades, and a cooling fan that produces refreshingly cool air without the need for water or ice. Beyond fans, Asahi also has a new Mosquito Killer that zaps dengue mosquitoes after attracting them with ultra-violet light, then sucking them in with a fan to be zapped by grills. It is unique in the industry. Stay tuned. There will always be more.


Asahi lets its products speak for themselves. The quality, reliability and affordability of Asahi fans are the best advertisement the company can have. And the reputation Asahi fans enjoy among people that use them is priceless. Customers just keep on coming back for more. And they bring in new buyers through wordof-mouth testimonials: “You want a fan,buy Asahi?” Even so, not every consumer can keep up with the pace of innovation in Asahi products, so the company likes to keep the public informed. One way it does this is by using its large stable of “promodisers” assigned to large appliance stores across the country. (“Promodiser” is a contrived word used in the Philippines. It combines “promo” with “advertiser”, so you can guess what a promodiser does.)


Asahi is a Japanese word that means Rising Sun. The name represents the optimism and growth that characterizes the company’s vision. The Asahi brand has become a byword for growth of the home appliance industry. The name symbolizes the company’s forward-looking approach and the need to continually look for new ways to improve. Indeed, Asahi is widely recognized to be synonymous with high technology, and to be associated with efforts to introduce the latest know-how and methods in home appliance manufacturing. 15

Asahi also lives to serve, with an after-sales service program that is continuously being updated and improved. Asahi parts and service centers can be found far beyond Metro Manila, covering Luzon, the Visayas and major cities in Mindanao. Things rarely go wrong with Asahi appliances, but when they do, technicians are on call and parts are available to put things right. Parts are replaced and units are repaired and returned as good as new, as soon as possible. It is no wonder that so many Filipinos are dedicated fans of Asahi fans. It is, after all, a Superbrand.


 Having achieved a warranty claims rate

as low as 0.0003 percent, the company’s Quality Assurance Department still works double time to improve quality and meet all objectives.

 Asahi also offers many other home

appliances. These include LPG stoves, electric stoves, rice cookers, hotdog waffle makers, oven toasters, electric kettles, blenders and flat irons. The company even makes weighing scales and pressure cookers. And don’t forget the dengue mosquito killer.



“True love is like a pair of socks: you gotta have two and they’ve gotta match – Oscar Wilde” We rarely think of our feet unless they feel uncomfortable and painful. We don’t give much attention to the crucial role that our socks play. At the most basic level, they prevent shoes from chafing the foot. With this in mind, socks should be comfortable, hygienic and also look good. Burlington socks play this role to perfection, ensuring that feet are protected, dry, clean and fresh—all day long. They also give wearers confidence that they are fashionably clad, whether on the sports field or the dance floor. Truly high-quality socks must combine all essentials: protection, comfort, hygiene and fashion. Most makers sell socks that can protect and give comfort to our feet. But only a handful has mastered the art of science combining quality, comfort, effectiveness and innovation into hosiery. Only a few can weave together all the essentials of excellent quality into the socks they produce. Among them is Burlington. Different circumstances require different kinds of socks, and there is a Burlington pair for every occasion: from sporty and casual socks to sophisticated and fashion socks, from school socks to work socks – for men, women and children. The company has taken antimicrobial protection for the feet to a higher level with the introduction of its BioFresh Flexgel and Burlington Sofigel products. Burlington expects its product lines to expand even further as it strives to satisfy the modern generation of students and sports enthusiasts, and today’s fast-growing legion of health-conscious individuals. Burlington is the trusted trademark owner of three Philippine brands of socks: Burlington Performance Socks, BioFresh Antimicrobial Socks, and Camp Socks. Puma Sports Socks and Bally Dress Socks are two international brands acquired by the company. This range makes Burlington a veritable one-stop hosiery shop and gives it every right to call itself The Socks Authority.

The company’s meticulous approach to weaving high quality into every pair of socks is reflected in the array of accolades it has garnered over the years. In 2004, Burlington reaped two honors, one in the 19th Annual Parangal ng Bayan and the other in the National Consumer Excellence Awards. In 2009 and 2011, the BioFresh line bagged the Seal of Excellence Award in the best foot care products category. BioFresh Antimicrobial Socks went on to win the Consumer’s Quality Award for the best antimicrobial socks for that year. Recently, Burlington Socks is the Official Socks of 2012 Vertical Marathon; Official Socks of the Pilipinas Akyathlon: The Philippine Sky Race; Official Socks of 2012 Air Asia Philippine Patriots and the Official Socks of Philippine Water Run - testimony that Burlington is not only The Socks Authority but also The Sports Socks Authority of the Philippines.


When Mil-Oro Manufacturing Corporation, the forerunner of the present company, was incorporated in 1967, the owners envisaged a business that would lead the socks industry. Patiently and diligently, they laid the foundations of a company that would thrive over the years. In 1992, the company began putting into action plans intended to expand its business. It started by changing its name to Burlington Industries Philippines Inc. This was followed by a comprehensive modernization programme, including the automation of its manufacturing processes. The company now operates fully computerized Italian-made machineries. The company’s research and development team also has its market antennas finely tuned to detect everchanging consumer preferences. The team’s finely honed skills enable the company to respond to such changes by developing products to satisfy the ever-changing market.


Burlington prides itself in offering the widest range of hosiery and foot care products:


Burlington Performance Socks, Burlington Shock XT, Burlington Soft socks, Burlington stockings, BioFresh socks and accessories, BioFresh FlexGel, Burlington Sofigel, Puma Dri+ Socks, Camp and Bally Socks. The Burlington Shock XT line comprises impact-absorbing sport socks designed to prevent foot injuries when training on hard surfaces. The socks have extra thick but lightweight pads that cushion and protect the feet, heels and backs of knees against bruising and other effects of impact. The yarn used in these socks and its special weaving pattern help to prevent abrasion and blisters. BioFresh Socks pioneered the use of antimicrobial technology in hosiery. They have established a reputation as the number one antimicrobial socks in the industry. BioFresh Socks are treated with an antimicrobial (or germicidal) technology that kills 99.9 percent of microbes, keeping feet fresh and odorless all day. The BioFresh range includes other products treated with an antimicrobial technology: BioFresh stockings and BioFresh underwear. Puma Dri+ socks, a well known sports brand, are the athlete’s first choice. It boasts of its latest innovation injecting moisture transport solution to its superior cotton. Its Dri+ technology wicks away moisture from your feet, absorbing sweat & keeps feet dry, clean & comfortable. Camp socks are the company’s everyday socks for men, women and children. They have outstanding value, offering quality, design, style and comfort at affordable prices. BioFresh FlexGel offers foot care products that solve problems such as flat feet, high arches, calluses and foot odor. They are suitable for diabetics and other health conscious people. They have properties similar to human soft tissue and are non-sticky and naturally comfortable. The products are designed to relieve foot stress, bunion and heel pain. They also pre-

vent callus growth and foot deformities. BioFresh FlexGel includes a full line of foot care solutions. Burlington Sofigel is a foot-support shoe insole with an ultra-slim design suitable for all kinds of footwear. It is self-adhesive, reusable and easy to use. Sofigel provides a long lasting cushioning effect.


In its 45th year of making excellent quality hosiery and accessories, Burlington has extended its product line to meet the demands of evermore trendy items. BioFresh underwear collection has now introduced new sets of designs that perfectly fit consumers who want to feel clean and fresh within. The brand is the first and only underwear in the market treated with antimicrobial technology. The latest scientific studies of antimicrobial technology show the technology used in BioFresh Socks to be the safest of all, for people and the environment alike. The technology complies with EU BPD and US EPA regulations. Burlington never stops in creating and innovating new products that customers will definitely love, that’s why Burlington Soft Socks was created; it is highly recommended for everyday use. The unique contours of the socks make it easier for the wearer to stand and walk for long periods of time. It’s a pair of socks that definitely massages your feet while you walk. Another innovation from Puma socks is the Puma Flux. Extra padding are only present in areas where you need them the most allowing maximum performance which makes it a good choice for light outdoor activities like biking and badminton. Its striking, lively, unique colors keep the wearer in fashion whether for sports activities or casual wear. Due to the evolution of digital media nowadays, Burlington, Biofresh and Puma launched their new website integrated with an online store. This way, online shoppers can now avail the latest collections anytime, anywhere. They also provide free shipping for a minimum purchase and features discounts and freebies.

joins in the promotion of sports at all levels, from the highest pinnacles down to the grass roots of society. In celebration of its 45th year in business, Burlington supported the 2nd Vertical Marathon last February 12, 2012 at Mckinley Hill, Taguig City in its objective to prevent global warming and for the benefit of 2012 Earth Hour. Burlington believes that having a clean and fresh environment will lead to a healthy life. They continually support organizations who assert the same beliefs and values like the Philippine Water Runs, which aim to provide safe and clean water to all Filipinos.


The rare combination of softness and strength typifies a pair of Burlington socks. In harmony with the company slogan, Burlington makes socks that “stay longer better”, weaving quality into every pair it makes. Burlington socks are the embodiment of principles highly valued by the company. These principles include commitment to the development of human resources and constant innovation. Burlington invests in the training and development of its personnel to be able to better serve the demand for perfect quality. The

company uses advanced equipment to manufacture socks in large quantities and employs modern technologies to maintain superior quality. The BioFresh “Keep ‘em Fresh” logo expresses Burlington’s objective to teach its customers the importance of caring for the feet. The company wants to remind consumers of the big role our feet play. Burlington bears its fair share of corporate social responsibility. The company supports various youth and sports programmes by providing financial aid through scholarships, holding sports clinics, and helping people take care for their feet with Burlington socks. All in all, Burlington’s claim to be The Socks Authority cannot be contested. Looking at its homegrown range of Burlington socks, Burlington is definitely 100 percent world class and the Superbrand of socks. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BURLINGTON

 There are Burlington Stores throughout the Philippines, from Cagayan in the north to Zamboanga in the south, from Palawan in the west to Samar in the east.

 Burlington is ISO 9001:2008 certified,

indicating that it has established itself as a company that applies a computerized management quality system for the manufacture and distribution of socks and stockings.

 The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it is able to produce over 1 US pint (0.47l) of perspiration per day. Burlington socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate perspiration.

 Burlington created a fun online commu-

nity such as Facebook fan pages (www., Twitter account (@burlington67) and joined online forums to get in touched more with their loyal customers.


One facet of modern life is the increasing enthusiasm for sports as people seek a healthy way of spending their leisure time and an outlet for their energy. Burlington supports them and 17



“A day without newspapers is like walking around without your pants on.” It is hard to disagree. How could we have come so far without the printed word, and where would be tomorrow without online publications, especially in business? BusinessWorld makes sure that we are never walking around without our pants. BusinessWorld’s gives you a quick look at business making the news. Who is merging, who is selling, the budget deficit and who is upbeat? For details on the economy, you need only flip to the Economy section, or go online. You will also find everything in the Finance section. A quick look at Corporate News will tell you what industry leaders are doing. Or you can always pore over the Stock Market page. BusinessWorld caters to C-level and top to mid-level executives — the movers and shakers — and other decision-makers in leading corporations. Beyond providing accurate and relevant business news,BusinessWorld offers in-depth analysis in its articles that cannot be found in other newspapers. BusinessWorld is not static: it will continue to grow. When saturated with the corporate market, we began targeting sectors that it believes will benefit from its business publication. They are entrepreneurs and college or graduate school students who will become the country’s executives and business owners of the future.

BusinessWorld began as just a newspaper. It then expanded its product range to include, among others, the Top 1000 Corporations annual, the Anniversary Report, and HighLife magazine. It also has an online version. It has always strived for excellence, gaining recognition in many circles at home and abroad. Most important, BusinessWorld has achieved a national circulation of 66,000 copies while its online version has unique visitors of 180,000. The publishers are especially proud that about 85 percent of the newspaper’s sales are to subscribers. It is not sold at street stalls but in selected outlets frequented by their target market. A readership survey conducted by an independent research group revealed: subscribers pass their copies on to an average of five other persons — testament to the newspaper’s excellent news coverage and style of reporting. The subscribers are trendsetters and decisionmakers — leaders of business, industry and government, both here and abroad. BusinessWorld fills the needs of all who want to keep up with what is going on in the Philippines and the world. BusinessWorld also proudly displays the Superbrands logo, awarded to the newspaper for 2010, 2011 and 2012. This international award will help it promote the news even more vigorously.


Not all business newspapers are created equal. BusinessWorld inherited its excellence from its predecessor, BusinessDay, incorporated 43 years before. The first edition of BusinessDay came off the press on February 27, 1967. In its maiden issue, the paper pledged “competent and responsible reporting of the news.” The newspaper expanded its operations in the years that followed to keep in step with the growing business community, eventually making BusinessDay Southeast Asia’s first business daily. BusinessDay was considered a paragon of fairness, credibility and integrity in the journalistic world. The principles behind the newspaper were closely adhered to by its publisher, president and editor-in-chief, Raul L. Locsin, who is also a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts. BusinessWorld was first published on July 27, 1987, with Raul L. Locsin at the helm. Unlike its predecessor, the new newspaper had to compete from the very start with other business dailies and several other newspapers with expanded business sections. Nevertheless, BusinessWorld managed to position itself comfortably in the overcrowded market. Aside from the newspaper, the annual BusinessWorld Top 500 Corporations in the Philippines 18

was launched in September 1987. It has since become one of BusinessWorld’s most anticipated annual publications, now known as the Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines. In 1988, the publishers added the BusinessWorld Anniversary Report to their roster of publications. The online version of BusinessWorld, which is also the first online newspaper in the Philippines, started in 1995. They also began publishing the award-winning luxury HighLife magazine for high-end consumers in April 2005.


BusinessWorld is the first and leading business newspaper in the Philippines and the first newspaper in the country to have an online version. The online version, at, continues the tradition of journalistic excellence on the web by providing credible, relevant and timely content to the global internet readership.


BusinessWorld has added CODEX, the most comprehensive source of Philippine business news and information. It is an archive of BusinessWorld articles since 1994. Another innovation is EntrepreNEWS, an online section on entrepreneurship that is included in the main newspaper once a month. To cater to the growing number of readers using smartphones to access BusinessWorld, in 2011, BusinessWorld’s mobile site (m.bworldonline. com) was launched during the BusinessWorld’s 24th anniversary party.

In the advent of social media, BusinessWorld also found its space in different social mediums to reach out to its readers. Last July 27, 2012, BusinessWorld first published the redesigned version of its newspaper. It also celebrated its 25th anniversary with the theme: “Twenty-five years of sterling integrity” via a party with clients and partners at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Manila. It also launched the BusinessWorld special coffee table book titled “Looking back, Moving Forward: 25 Years of BusinessWorld.”


BusinessWorld promotes itself by forging strong partnerships and other relationships with various business organizations in the Philippines. It increases awareness of its products with tri-media, in-house or sponsored events. It also takes part in school activities and business expositions. BusinessWorld keeps itself in the public eye by holding a variety of events. These include the BusinessWorld Best Practices Forum series, the BusinessWorld Entrepreneurs Forum series, Ladies Who Lunch (the BusinessWorld women’s forum series), Marketing Rescue (an advocacy project in partnership with Mansmith and Fielders), the BusinessWorld Student Forum series (which tours campuses) and the BusinessWorld Cup, an annual golf tournament.


BusinessWorld strives incessantly to live up to its reputation for integrity and authority in the realm of economic journalism. The new masthead consists of the newspaper’s title in color green and black accompanied by its tagline “A newspaper is a public trust.” The publishers have been flexible enough to introduce new sections to meet the market’s rapidly changing needs. Meeting these needs has been their foremost objective, but they never forget the cornerstone of their beliefs: that indeed, a newspaper is a public trust. As BusinessWorld celebrates its 25 years in the media industry, it is proud to have gained the respect and trust of its readers, advertisers, partners and the public it serves.

In 2001, the first pages of HerWord. com were put online, offering advice on health, training the spotlight on Filipina achievers and letting readers know the latest in entertainment, food and travel. It recruited experts as columnists and encouraged readers to participate in creating a website that truly spoke to the Filipina. Everyday, women with everyday concerns wrote in to give a piece of their mind on issues of the day. With each update of the page, a clearer picture of what is on the Filipina’s mind became clearer. They want to be inspired. Putting a face to are the many extraordinary Filipinas that have been featured on the site. Women who have made it to the top of the corporate world, women who pioneer social enterprises, trailblazers in art, women trying to make a difference in politics and society—they all find a place in through the Workbook section. They want help. The most popular sections of offer practical advice and useful information on the business of life. Readers log in to the Healthdesk section to get health advice on everything from how to deal with post-partum depression to the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery. They educate themselves about women’s rights, and some find comfort in knowing that they are not alone or helpless when it comes to domestic violence and spousal abuse through the Her Rights section. They want to make themselves better. With the increased number of Filipino women in the In 1995, BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation saw the potential of the Internet. As a pioneer in online newspaper publishing in the Philippines, it cast its lot in what was then uncharted territory. But while the potential of the Internet may have been apparent to matters of business and the economy, how the Internet would affect the everyday lifestyles and concerns of people was not yet obvious. In spite of all these preconceived notions people had of this strange new medium, BusinessWorld launched websites that catered to specific subjects. was born thanks to that foresight. That the Internet would be something that would touch the lives of the Filipina became apparent early on. The response was overwhelmingly positive and clearly, opened a new avenue for both the Internet and for Filipino women.

workforce, coupled with their traditional role of keeping the purse of the family, financial advice has never been as relevant. supplies a steady stream of practical financial advice through Her Money, a section dedicated to personal finance. In addition, HerWord. com also keeps its readers updated with select features on entertainment, leisure, fashion and food—all the little things that make life a little more interesting — through sections Living, Pantry, Tester, Unwind and Her-o-scope. They want to be heard. Understanding women begins with listening to what they have to say. engages readers to participate in the website through essays posted on the Her Words section to comments boxes, and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, where they voice out their opinions or share their personal stories. They want to reach out. Even from its inception, saw the importance of connecting with its community. Over the last 10 years, it has organized events and fora documented on the website’s Forum section that aimed to stimulate discussion on the issues that matter to the Filipina, be it health, career, or relationships. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS WORLD

 Ladies Who Lunch is an invitation-only

luncheon forum for a variety of women, including, business women, "household chief executives," and academics. Participants share their insights on topics of importance to the empowerment of women. Most recently, the forum entitled "Make It with Makeup" busted makeup myths by teaching different tricks and techniques that professional makeup artists have developed to make applying makeup easier.

 BusinessWorld recently started doing

online live feeds of events such as the BusinessWorld Practices Forum series and other forums that it holds.



Cherubin Rubber Corporation (CRC) is the first and exclusive rubber balloon company in the Philippines. The company, through time, has been able to specialize in producing party balloons in various sizes and colors. Cherubin Rubber Corporation’s customers are throughout the archipelago. As Filipinos are fond of parties and celebrations. Small to medium enterprises and even large commercial establishments from Luzon to Mindanao sell, distribute and/or use Cherubin Balloons. Our balloons even reach our Filipino communities abroad, from the Middle East to America, through balikbayan boxes. Quality has always been an important factor for Cherubin Rubber Corporation in manufacturing balloons that our customers are drawn to be loyal to, support and patronize. In addition, the company focuses on customer concerns, inquiries and recommendations, to improve the product and our services, and to create strong customer relationships. Cherubin Rubber Corporation is continuing to improve its manpower and machineries as there is still room for growth in the market through reaching other areas or provinces in the country and exporting to other countries. Usage of party balloons has always expanded through the creative minds of the user, from the birth of a child, to birthday celebrations, debut and weddings. Balloons are even being used in various experiments and movies, such as trying to fly a house through the use of party balloons. There is abundant room for an entrepreneur to enter and start a balloon business.


In 2011, Cherubin Rubber Corporation celebrated its 25th year in manufacturing rubber balloons. It started as simple plant with a makeshift store in Malabon with distribution of balloons to customers in Divisoria, Manila for them to try and sell. The company now has a wide range of customers, distribution channels and customers throughout the country. Cherubin Rubber Corporation follows and is certified by the International Organization for Standardization for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008). It is also proud to have earned Superbrand status (Volume VII). as a Seal of Excellence in the Industry.


The company started as a backyard industry with family members (LEE-BARRANDA) as incorporators. CRC is spearheaded by Mr. Allan B. Lee, a Mechanical Engineer Graduate with a Masteral Degree in Business Administration. He is a businessman and manufacturer of plastic toys. He initiated this business venture as a personal challenge to his late father, Mr. Dai Yew Lee (D.Y. Lee), who dreamt of owning a balloon factory as a legacy to his children. CRC started in Malabon in an old rented warehouse with a small cubicle serving as the makeshift laboratory. After several years, CRC transferred to Grace Park, Caloocan to increase production. The first seven years of the company’s operation was filled with hardships and sacrifices, but passion and faith motivated the family and its employees to persevere. In 1998, CRC transferred to its new site in Meycauayan City, Bulacan to again cope with the increasing demand for the product and to be globally competitive. CRC then acquired automated machines despite the economic crisis that plagued the country at that time. The company grew slowly but surely. In 2007, CRC expanded its operations with a second plant located opposite its first one to further cater to the increasing demand for balloons in the country. Quality balloons have been the sole product that led to the success of the CRC business. Further, the commitment to use quality raw materials has earned CRC recognition as one of the leading party balloon manufacturers in the country. What the company has achieved results from the combined effort of each individual in the 20

organization who were working toward common objectives, led by its President and CEO, Mr. Allan B. Lee and inspired by its honorary Chairman Mr. D.Y. Lee. In its continual quest for quality, CRC has developed and implemented Quality Management System (QMS) to standardize company procedures, continually improve product quality and customer satisfaction, prevent nonconformance, and improve profitability. In recognition of the company’s compliance with the standards of the QMS, it was recently certified with ISO 9001:2008 by Certification International Philippines in December 2010. The Certification affirms and validates the Company’s unwavering commitment to our customers and partners as a responsible leader in the balloon manufacturing industry that delivers quality balloons.

In addition, Cherubin Rubber Corporation is not only for financial gain, but also responsible for the good of the society where we share our blessings and concern for safety and the betterment of the environment through various Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


Cherubin Rubber Corporation offers a wide variety of Balloon color and sizes fit for all occasions. The variety includes: Size 10 (10 inches in Diameter), Size 5, Size 16, Heart Shaped, Long Balloon and Multi-colored Balloon. They are available in Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink and Purple for both Regular and Transparent shades. Size 10 balloons are the balloons regularly seen during parties, placed on sticks or on a string with printing. Size 5 balloons are commonly used on balloon centerpieces or floor balloons to spur up the party. Size 16 balloons or Mother Balloons are used on balloon bursting events. Heart shaped balloons are the perfect alternative for flowers on Valentines day. Long balloons are used at sporting events and in balloon crafting to make animals, flowers, etc. Multi-colored balloons are balloons that are unique because of their colorful appearance. Balloons are packed in hundreds (100s) and fifties (50s), and can be on solid (one bag per color) or in assorted colors. Cherubin balloons have been the preferred brand for balloon decorations, from Balloon Arc, Pillars and even Table Centerpieces.


Cherubin Rubber Corporation is proud to have established its Quality Management System (QMS) and was awarded by Certification International Philippines (CIP) ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The commitment of CRC for continual improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction in producing quality balloons throughout these years has been through the effort of all the men and women of Cherubin Rubber Corporation. CRC is continually upgrading its machinery to be globally competitive and ensure that it is using quality assured raw materials.


An important feature of Cherubin balloons is that they can be used for both indoor and outdoors events, because of their Quality and durability, allowing them to last last for several days.

Cherubin Rubber Corporation has varied advertising campaigns that it pursues in television, newspapers, and magazines, on the Internet and through Social networking media such as Facebook. In addition, flyers, streamers and tarps are also distributed and placed all over the country, especially to our customers as their tools to guarantee their Customers that they are using “Quality balloons from Cherubin Rubber Corporation.” Cherubin Rubber Corporation regularly conducts a seminar entitled “Learn the Business and Basic Training of Balloon Craft for FREE” to aspiring Entrepreneurs who would like to start a balloon business. Basic balloon decorations, guide and start-up procedures are taught during the Seminar. 21


Cherubin Rubber Corporation has always been known for producing Premium Quality Balloons, as well as harmonious relationships with its stakeholders (customers, suppliers and employees). Cherubin balloons, together with its logo of a Smiling Angel, has become a household name when talking about balloons. The values of Humility, United, Belief, Excellence and Social Responsibility form the foundation of the company’s Management philosophy. Cherubin Rubber Corporation, through its Balloons, will continue to bring joy and light, or be the centerpiece of every party. We are, after all, a Superbrand. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CHERUBIN RUBBER CORPORATION

 Cherubin Rubber Corporation is the first

and exclusive rubber balloon manufacturing company in the Philippines.

 Cherubin Rubber Corporation conducts

training or seminars on the balloon business FREE for aspiring entrepreneurs.

 Cherubin Rubber Corporation is a

partner of various non-government organizations like the Philippine Red Cross, and it supports various community projects through donations to schools and other institutions, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Consumers’ needs and preferences are continuously changing as a result of modern trade, however; the demand for quality and affordable goods still holds true. It is in this regard that Columbia International Food Products, Inc.’s (CIFPI) confectionery, snacks, and beverage creations appeal to both the Filipino consumers’ taste and budget. Filipinos’ love and attraction for all things sweet are undeniable which is why the company continues to explore and develop new treats to excite consumers’ palates. The company’s diverse product-line effortlessly caters to the whole family and across different market class. Consumers from all walks of life equally enjoy the delectable products of Columbia. With the remarkable success of Columbia’s confectionery line, the company has later expanded its business to producing beverage and snack products. Being a family-owned business throughout gives the company the advantage to manage and

maintain its high level of product quality and sincere commitment to uplifting the lifestyle of the Filipinos. It is said that several generations of Filipinos grew up with their Columbia candy & snack favorites. The company’s commitment to producing world-class quality treats at a price affordable to Filipinos translates to consumers’ continued patronage. The company shall continue to thrive with its innovative and creative marketing strategies, as well as its continuing product research and development here and abroad. It will stay true to its commitment in making daily life more enjoyable for millions of Filipinos and in providing the best for generations to come.


In a country where majority of consumers have a strong fascination for foreign brands, it is a

challenge for local brands to be recognized. However, this did not prevent Columbia from winning the hearts of the Filipino consumers. Indeed, Columbia has become a household name and a brand that Filipinos have come to love and trust. Since its debut in 1937, the company has developed into a corporation that caters to a broad and diverse market segment and is now the largest local confectionery company in the Philippines. From its humble beginnings selling only candies and gums, Columbia today manufactures and markets more than 30 product-types; ranging from chewy candies, hard candies, gummy candies, lollipops, beverages, and biscuits. It has produced over 90 SKU s (Stock Keeping Unit) of candies, and as it being the primary product sold by the company, consumers can only count on the number to grow even further. For over 75 years, Columbia has made sure that consumers get no less than the best ingredients, taste, and value; hence, the company has received numerous awards from several reputable institutions, such as Superbrands. The company is grateful for its achievements and recognitions, but more importantly for the trust and loyalty of the Filipino people to the brand.


Columbia was established in 1937, founded by Don Go Peng Kuan. The founder himself personally produced candies and sold them in different parts of the country. From such inauspicious beginnings, Filipinos soon developed a love for Columbia’s quality sweets, resulting in the company’s 22

steady growth. Today, Columbia invests in state-of-the-art equipment and applies international manufacturing processes using advanced formulations acquired from all over the world, which are also constantly being upgraded. Under the stewardship of its President, Mr. Reynaldo Go, the company is now recognized as a key player in the market producing worldclass confections, snacks and beverages. The president himself travels around the globe to observe market trends and conduct substantial research in order to find the finest ingredients and the tastiest treats to develop locally and offer at a more reasonable cost.


The company at present has more than 100 product variants, all meticulously created to meet global standards. Brands like Potchi, VFresh, iCool (Gum and Chewy), Yakee, Pintoora, Mon’ami, Frutos, Frooty, and Champi have won the trust and respect of satisfied consumers in the country. Likewise, the company’s more recent beverage (Chocquik and My Juiz) and biscuit (So Lucky, Otso, Bida, Kokola, and So Waffy) brands have equally received a warm reception and support from consumers.


Columbia’s biscuit-line is the company’s most recent venture and in less than a year, it has already made quite an impression in the market. Consumers are starting to discover and love Columbia’s delicious & healthy biscuit products such as: So Lucky (soda cracker), available in plain or with chocolate, butter, or lemon filling; Otso chocolate sandwich cookie with cream filling (chocolate/vanilla/hazelnut); Bida cracker, plain or sandwich with cream filling (peanut butter/cheese); Kokola cream-filled biscuits, available in chocolate, strawberry, & queso de bola; and So Waffy wafer sandwich with thick chocolate/hazelnut filling and rice crispies. With expansion plans, another major milestone is the inauguration of its new office, the Columbia Centre in Pasay City; a privately owned building of Columbia.

then later moved to GMA 7. The show won special citation for Best Children & Youth Program in the recent 33rd Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA). It was also nominated as Best Children Show in the 25th PMPC Star Awards for TV. So Lucky “Hating Kaibigan, Hating Kapatid” – originally a short film produced by GMA 7 in cooperation with Columbia as part of GMA 7’s mini-Christmas series, later, converted to 30-seconder commercials for the brand, So Lucky. The short film made it as finalist in the 2012 Ad Stars International Advertising Festival and will compete for the Ad Stars Grand Prix at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center in Haeunday, in South Korea on August 23 to 25, 2012. Similar to the previous ad campaigns of Columbia, the So Lucky ad material promotes good values such as compassion and sensitivity for the less fortunate.


Quality and value for money are what comes to mind when you mention Columbia. Consumers have come to trust the brand for its capability to provide affordable quality treats. Hence, whenever people see the Columbia red and white logo, they automatically think of the delicious sweets that they grew up with. Consumers can’t help but feel proud, for it is a brand which they consider their own, a truly Pinoy brand. It is an honor to once again receive the Superbrands award. This achievement will serve as a driving force for the company to advance further for product excellence and consumer satisfaction. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS • 2005 National Shopper’s Choice Annual Awards: No.1 Confectionery Company (National) • Parangal sa Pamilyang Pilipino Family Products and Services Excellence Awards: Best Family-Oriented Confectionery Products Manufacturer • 2005 Philippine Business Excellence Awards: No. 1 Candy Manufacturer • 2005 Philippine Business Achievers Award: Most Outstanding Confectionery Company • 2004 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards: Most Outstanding Confectionery Company (National Awards) • 2005 National Product Quality Excellence Awards: CHOCQUIK, Best Instant Choco Malt Drink (National Awards) • 2005 National Product Quality Excellence Awards: iCOOL MINT BUBBLE GUM, Best Mentholated Gum (National Awards) • 2005 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards: CHOCQUIK, No.1 Instant Choco Malt Drink (Natonal)

• • • • •

2005 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards: FRUTOS. No.1 Chewy Candy (National) 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards: CHOCQUIK, Most Outstanding Choco Malt Drink (National Awards) Superbrands Status 2005/2006 Certificate: FRUTOS Chewy Candy September 27, 2005 2004 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards: FRUTOS, Most Outstanding Chewy Candy (National Awards) 2004 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards: iCOOL MINT BUBBLE GUM, Most Outstanding Mentholated Gum (National Awards)


 Columbia’s first factory covering an area


of 1,000 square meters, was located at Bilbao Street Tondo, Manila. Today, the company’s plant in Navotas is 21,500 square meters in size.  Columbia’s first machine-operated candy wrapping machines produced 150 pieces a minute. Today, the company’s advanced machinery produces over 1,000 pieces per minute

Columbia has been consistently aggressive in both mainstream and below-the-line approaches to introduce and promote its various brands like VFresh, iCool, Potchi, Frooty, and Chocquik among others. Some of the more recent promotions are: • Tropang Potchi – an educational game and variety show for kids which was originally being aired on QTV11 23

United States, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Hawaii, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Asian countries. Eng Bee Tin was awarded the Best Consumers Choice Award and National Shoppers Choice Award for providing outstanding goods and services to Filipino consumers. And because of its overall achievements, it has been awarded the Superbrandseal of excellence. Today’s Eng Bee Tin is run by a third-generation Chua, living proof of the brand’s resiliency and great success in the ever competitive modern business.



Food is taken to sustain life. Hopia is taken to enrich life. No trip to Philippine Chinatown would be complete without a stop at an Eng Bee Tin store for a pack or two of hopia, a deliciously baked, sweet mung bean-filled Chinese pastry. For 100 years, Eng Bee Tin has reigned as the premier maker of the most delectable Chinese treats in the country. Its signature product, hopia ube, is a healthy, flavorful, premium pastry with pure purple yam filling. Cooked in corn oil, the Eng Bee Tin hopia is the all-time favorite treat for Filipinos, here and abroad. Loved by both Chinese and non-Chinese alike, Eng Bee Tin hopias scrumptious, satisfying, affordable and readily available. Over the years, Eng Bee Tin has churned out more hopia varieties and a wider product line than all competitors, capturing a market encompassing all social segments. The company continues to innovate, improve on and introduce a wide variety of products, always giving its patrons something new to look forward to every time they visit an Eng Bee Tin outlet.

The Eng Bee Tin story started in Binondo in 1912 when Chua Chiu Hong, a Chinese immigrant, decided to make and sell hopiang Hapon, a pastry of soft dough filled with sweetened red mung beans (monggo). Using only empty steel drum containers and charcoal, he moved on to make hopiang monggo and hopiangbaboy, which would later become the bakery’s staple products. Chua was hard-working, but he was also disposed to gambling. Consequently, the business never took off. None of his six children were interested in the business, so it fell upon his youngest son, Benito, to continue the hopia bakery. Benito knew little about hopia-making and even less about running a business. Eng Bee Tin eventually lost to the competition. Its hopia


For 100 years, Eng Bee Tin has mastered the art of creating the most delectable hopia in the Philippines. Merely the mention of Eng Bee Tin hopia conjures up an image of this delicious, flaky delicacy. Eng Bee Tin, which began as a plain hopia maker, now offers other premium and equally delicious Chinese snacks and native delicacies in various forms—frozen, ready-to-eat, bottled and vacuum-packed—all exquisitely prepared from the finest ingredients. From its original stall in the heart of downtown Binondo in Manila, Eng Bee Tin has added three branches in Chinatown and nine outlets in malls around Metro Manila. Eng Bee Tin hopia is also found through dealers in mainland 24

was forgettable, lacking in flavor and hard as a rock. And to make matters worse, suppliers and staff slipped away when Benito could no longer pay them. Gerry, the eldest of Menito’s children, saved Eng Bee Tin. At 16, Gerry set out to make Eng Bee Tin hopia delicious, soft and different. He was able to develop an Eng Bee Tin unique hopia with the help of a Taiwanese teacher, but it did not click at the time. Gerry’s inspiration to make hopia ube (purple yam) came from a casual conversation with a grocery saleslady. She told him that the most sought after ice cream flavor was ube. Before long, he found himself in Pampanga learning from the experts on how to cook the ideal balayan gube (purple yam jam) as filling for his hopia. Success didn’t come easy. Eng Bee Tin was a one-man show, with Gerry buying the ingredients, cooking and selling hopia topublic markets in Manila. He traveled as far as Laguna and Cavite to sell his hopiang ube. Gerry even took his hopia, along with fried siopao, to cock fighting arenas in Manila. Hopia sales remained rather poor, but with a strong belief in the superiority of his own products, Gerry aspired to export them. He approached a US-based Chinese-Filipino exporter to help him market Eng Bee Tin hopia in the land of milk and honey. Gerry’s offer was initially turned down because Eng Bee Tin was unknown. His persistence and

willingness to offer his hopia for free, however, helped bring the first 20 packs of Eng Bee Tin hopia to US shores. A few years later, Gerry was tending his store when a lady came by with an empty Eng Bee Tin hopia ube wrapper. She asked if it came from his store. Gerry said yes and asked the lady where the wrapper was from. She said it was sent from the US. It was then that Gerry knew that Eng Bee Tin hopia had tickled taste buds in America. Eng Bee Tin remained a struggling business but, through it all, Gerry remained confident. He knew that, given the taste and quality of his Hopia Ube, it was only a matter of time before success came his way. The turning point for Eng Bee Tin came in 1988 when it was featured on the television travel show Citiline, hosted by Cory Quirino. The feature was Cory’s show of gratitude to Gerry for patiently guiding her and her crew for a shoot in Chinatown weeks earlier. The TV exposure for Eng Bee Tin Hopia Ube marked the beginning of its extraordinary popularity in the country. Gerry’s innate altruism, coupled with his ingenuity, thrust Eng Bee Tin to unexpected heights. The company now reigns supreme in the highly competitive hopia-making industry.


The ever-expanding Eng Bee Tin line of products is led by its specialty hopi aube, a melt-inthe-mouth pastry whose creamy, tasty, purple yam filling is far thicker than its crust. Each Eng Bee Tin hopia boasts premium ingredients that blend perfectly to tantalize the taste buds of the most discerning hopia connoisseur .

tikoy, with such flavors as corn, pandan, strawberry, ube, peanut, mocha and banana. Now an international brand with a growing customer base, Eng Bee Tin assures quality with modern manufacturing practices. Beyond a state-of-the-art food X-ray machine, it has in place a 5S and HACCP-compliant operation system to guarantee consistently wholesome and safe food products.


In 2007, Eng Bee Tin launched its combi hopia, which combines two flavors in a single piece, hence the name. Pioneer combi flavors included ube-langka (purple yam-jackfruit), ube-keso (purple yam-cheese), buko-pandan and ube-pastillas (purple yam-milk). In 2008, Eng Bee Tin introduced avant-garde but equally tempting flavors such as mocha-chino and choco-peanut. A recent product offering from the popular hopia maker is Ube Pao, a steamed, violet-colored bun with Eng Bee Tin’s signature ube filling. The company has also come up with Honey Spicy Roast Pork Pao, loaded with flavorful and succulent roast pork, which is both nutritious and satisfying.


Eng Bee Tin is a year-round participant at major trade fairs in the country. To showcase its products, Eng Bee Tin offers hopia and tikoy at no cost in medical missions, at alumni homecomings and during the observance of Holy Week.

The company also advertises through newspapers, magazines, television and social media. Eng Bee Tin has, for many years, operated a text brigade to update customers on products and promos through short messaging service (SMS). In the last quarter of 2008, Eng Bee Tin launched its first ever VIP Card to reward loyal patrons. With the VIP Card, accumulated points earned from each purchase allow customers to buy more Eng Bee Tin products, get discounts and freebies from partner establishments and receive free email alerts on in-store promotions and events.


Its unending pursuit of excellence and innovation has made Eng Bee Tin the most trusted, trend-setting hopia brand in the Philippines. Upholding its slogan, “Quality you can taste,” the hopia company has left no stone unturned to ensure extraordinary products. Testimony to success, Filipinos go out of their way just to sample authentic Eng Bee Tin hopiain the heart of Chinatown, even at a premium price. Through perseverance, creativity, clear understanding of the Filipino customer’s taste and good will, Eng Bee Tin has rightfully earned its place as a globally recognized Superbrand. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT ENG BEE TIN

 Eng Bee Tin means Ever Beauty Precious in Chinese.

 Eng Bee Tin’s Hopia ube became popular in the US before it was recognized in the Philippines.

 Eng Bee Tin is the only hopia maker in

the country to use a food X-ray machine to ensure its hopia products are free of impurities.

Other much-loved products, which add pride to the Eng Bee Tin brand, are hopia mongo, hopia baboy, hopi aube dice and tikoy, a sweet, sticky delicacy made from glutinous rice. Eng Bee Tin also makes choice Chinese breads and cakes, frozen and ready-to-eat fried meat and seafood products, crackers and flakes, and other Filipino native delicacies. The significant appeal of Eng Bee Tin products is their innovativeness and variety. Take Eng Bee Tin tikoy, for example, which also comes in plain white, brown, sugar-free, whole, rolls and balls. Never failing to surprise and delight its customers, Eng Bee Tin concocted

 The brightly lit Eng Bee Tin stall on

Ongpin Street in Binondo stands on the same soil as the original stall in 1912.

 Gerry Chua created a tradition when he

donated seven purple-colored fire trucks, symbolizing the color of Eng Bee Tin’s popular hopia, exhibiting the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

 With the success of hopiaube, Gerry

Chua is now also called Mr. Ube— coincidently the name of his rice and noodle house.



In today’s fast-paced world, nutrition has become a priority for many. The focus on health is now higher than ever, as it is essential for maintaining quality of life. Good health is also needed to continue our daily activities such as work and school, as well as spend time with our loved ones. People constantly look for ways to supplement their daily food intake with essential vitamins and minerals in order to boost their immune system. FERN-C Studies prove that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for a healthy life. Everybody needs protection from the elements, and this vitamin does just that. It strengthens the immune system and helps prevent us from catching diseases. It also hastens the healing of wounds and damaged cells. However, due to its acidic nature, excessive ascorbic acid may be harmful. Overdosing on ascorbic acid can lead to gastric irritation, bloating, and intestinal bleeding. FERN-C addresses this problem since it is the first non-acidic vitamin c to be introduced to the Philippine market. FERN-C is sodium ascorbate, and may be taken in large doses without the aforementioned dangers. FERN-C is in capsule form, thereby eliminating the need for starch binders that reduce absorption and the efficacy of vitamins.

FERN i-flex Joint pain is a common ailment experienced globally. One of the most common causes of this condition is Osteoarthritis (OA). In the Philippines alone, there are 6 million individuals diagnosed with this disease. As the population ages, prevalence of OA also increases. Joint pain is not confined to only those with OA. Even simple, everyday activities such as walking up a flight of stairs or twisting doorknobs eventually damage joints and can lead to discomfort in the future. FERN i-flex is made from 100% pure rosehip powder, effective in preventing joint pain and reducing joint wear and tear. FERNCoffee In today’s modern world, more Filipinos are inclined to work harder and and work longer. Coffee, with its power to perk, has become a

necessity for many. Next to water, coffee is now the second most consumed beverage in the world. The consumption of coffee, however, leads to a deficiency in calcium. Thus there is FERNCoffee, a healthy beverage that doesn’t just keep you up, but is also loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Calcium and Zinc, among others. Thus, when you take FERNCoffee, the natural calcium depleted by coffee gets replaced.

MIMS Since 2007, FERN-C was entered into the Master Index of Medical Specialties or MIMS. This comprehensive prescribing guide provides doctors key information about medical products. Superbrands In recognition of a brand that embodies market dominance and market acceptance, among other strengths, FERN-C was awarded as a “Superbrand” from 2008-2012.


FERNCoffee and FERN i-flex attained “Superbrands” status in 2012. Others In recognition of his (and FERN’s) commitment to spreading Prosperity through Entrepreneurship, FERN, Inc.’s President and CEO, MR. TOMMANNY TAN is one of PLDT SME Nation’s MVP Bossing Awardees for 2012.

DSM: Quality for Life seal FERN-C and FERNCoffee carry DSM’s “Quality for Life” seal, which guarantee peace of mind for consumers. The DSM “Quali-brand” speaks of trusted QUALITY, TRACEABILITY, and supply RELIABILITY worldwide. DSM assures of premium QUALITY (ISO 9001: 2000) in all forms vitamin c, including that found in FERN-C, FERNCoffee, and FERN i-flex. DSM maintains Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure a safe, controlled environment. BFAD/FDA Certified Having passed the highest requirements and standards of registration for pharmaceutical products, FERN-C has been issued the Food and Drug (FDA) Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) No. DRHR-1009. FERNCoffee and FERN i-flex, meanwhile, have been issued FDA Registration (FR) No. 86849 and 89599, respectively. Halal In 2008, FERN-C was given the Halal Seal by the Office on Muslim Affairs. This certifies that the processes and ingredients used in producing FERN-C follows the strict practices and beliefs of Islamic Law. The Official Vitamin of the PBA FERN-C has been the Official Vitamin of the Philippine Basketball ssociation (PBA) since 2009. 26


In 2010, FERN, Inc, launched its 3rd product, FERNCoffee. Known as the “Coffee Blend with More Perks”, the brand is the only instant coffee blend with eight vitamins and minerals, and bears the Quali-Blends trademark by DSM. In 2011, FERN added a fourth product, FERN i-flex. A joint health supplement made from 100% rosehip powder, FERN i-flex is a safe, all-natural alternative to common pain relievers and supplements. Through these products, FERN Inc. offers every Filipino a potentially rewarding busi-

ness. FERN-C, FERN-Slim, FERNCoffee, and FERN i-flex are at the core of a business that provides both prosperity and health. With the help of the Network Development Program (NDP), FERN, Inc trains its members in doing the business correctly and provides them with the sufficient knowledge, adequate skills and right attitude to succeed in the networking business. Achieving the goal and mission to bring Prosperity to every Filipino is now within reach. Executive Profile: TOMMANNY TAN, President & CEO Mr. Tan always shares his business knowledge, success, and experiences with the FERN community. As President and CEO, he leads a dedicated and dynamic team focused on achieving the FERN Vision: “Prosperity through Entrepreneurship.” He has been featured in one of the country’s leading business publications, Entrepreneur Magazine; and is a recipient of PLDT SME Nation’s MVP Bossing Award for 2012

FERN i-flex FERN i-flex is a natural, effective and fastacting joint health dietary supplement. Only FERN i-flex contains an exclusive patented rosehip powder proven to soothe joints in 4 out of every 5 people. FERN i-flex has a unique, 100% natural, safe ingredient which has been used in Europe for over 10 years. It has been found to improve overall joint mobility and quality of life. Multiple published research results have not revealed any side effects related to supplementation. FERN i-flex contains high amounts of bioflavonoids, and has high levels of Vitamin C. These two components are highly regarded for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


FERN-C is pharmaceutical-grade sodium ascorbate (as Vitamin C), which strengthens the body’s resistance against illnesses such as the common cold, cough, fever, and flu. FERN-C also helps fight the effects of free radicals, and boosts the immune system as well. In the market since 2003, FERN-C is vitamin C in SODIUM ASCORBATE form. It is made from materials that confirm to the Quali-C standards set by DSM Switzerland. FERNCoffee FERN-Coffee is the only coffee mix in the country to contain 8 vitamins and minerals! FERNCoffee is made with ingredients from DSM’s Quali-Blends. Based in Singapore, the company excels in manufacturing premixes and the fortification of food products, beverages and dietary supplements. The “Quali-Blends” brand associated with FERNCoffee provides the safest and most flexible nutritional solutions. FERNCoffee boasts of having the QualiBlends trademark which assures that the consumers are getting the best ingredients from DSM.

Unlike Glucosamine, Chondroitin and other pain relievers, FERN i-flex is all-natural, and not known to have any adverse side-effects. FERN products are exclusively sold by FERN Authorized Distributors located all over the country, and soon worldwide . RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Global FERN August 7, 2012 was an important date for the company, as i-fern was launched to the public. This set a milestone for FERN as it officially expanded its reach outside Philippine borders. i-fern brings the opportunity provided by FERN, Inc on a global scale, as the company introduces new products and a revolutionary, hybrid marketing plan which will provide yet even more financial gains for FERN Members. Green FERN In May, 2012, as part of FERN, Inc’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), FERN employees, accompanied by their friends and families, traveled to Botolan, Zambales for “Luntiang Gubat (Green Forest): A ‘Rainforestation’ Program”. “Luntiang Gubat” is a tree-planting activity which filled a hectare of land with not just any kind of tree: what was planted were trees which were endemic and natural to the area. The objective of this activity is to rehabilitate the land destroyed by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption 20 years ago, and restore the flora and fauna that it once had. 27

As part of promoting the FERN Business, FERN, Inc has partnered with and sponsored active lifestyle events such as basketball, dragonboat competition, fitness (fun runs and marathons), and motorsports. A partnership with the Philipine OsteoArthritis Research Society (POARS), through the efforts of its president Dr. Rene Catan, MD was also established. POARS shares the benefits of FERN i-flex to the public, as well as provides seminars on joint health and pain management caused by osteoarthritis. As an MLM company, FERN’s promotional activities are geared towards sharing its profitable business.

BRAND VALUES FERN Inc. is a no-frills company that believes in a strikingly simple but effective concept: Improving and maintaining good health while creating lucrative and stable business opportunities for FERN members. This philosophy has made quality health products accessible to thousands of individuals. Now, a vast portion of the market is reaping the benefits of a healthy body while also financially earning from a generous business plan. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FERN, INC.

 You can follow FERN, Inc’s activities online. Follow the company on Facebook (Search for “ Fern, Inc. - Official”); and on Twitter, @FERNincOfficial. You can also visit the company website:

 i-fern’s Compensation Plan is a hybrid

plan, wherein the best marketing practices of the industry were compiled and combined for maximum income for members.

 Anyone with PHP 750 can reach their dreams within a remarkably short time by starting and doing the FERN Business.

 As part of its corporate social responsibility, FERN, Inc. donated to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Department of Health (DoH) some 800 boxes or P600,000 worth of FERN-C for dengue victims, especially those in public hospitals and in poor communities where there are alarming incidences of the virus.



With the booming residential realty market, builders are always looking for quality materials to make sure their products can withstand the test of time. Often overlook as an alternative to ordinary cement, Tile and Stone Adhesive has become popular among developers and home builders for the performance they give in fastening tiles and stone panels in reliable fashion. “With emphasis on green and natural products, we have seen resurgence in the use of natural stones in commercial and residential applications. Since natural stones are denser, harder and heavier than ceramic or porcelain tiles, you would need a stronger adhesive than just plain cement to anchor the stone to the surface. Fortress Stone adhesives tackle that problem with excellent bonding strength and exceptional elasticity for walls and floors. Just use Fortress Stone Adhesive to fasten properly your finishing materials onto the surface. You will have a happy and contented client,” adds Engr. Castilo.


Stone and tiles are often the basic building blocks for the finishing of your dream home. Adhesives became popular when it was found out that they perform much better that ordinary cement. “You will need the right adhesives when you are installing your tiles”, says Raul, “cement hardens over time and when you have walls that micro shifts and moves, the cement you use cracks which results in poor adhesion and loose tiles. Installed for both walls and floors, these normal occurrences are often associated with poor workmanship as “kapak”, or loose fillings and air gaps underneath the tiles. When tested, they usually give a hollow sound when tapped. “When cement hardens, all the water inside the mix migrates to the nearest opening, usually; these are the edge of the tile installed. If grouted too early, the excess water cannot escape and is left inside between the tile and 28

the cement mix, loosening the adhesion. With Adhesives, the mix remains flexible enough to carry the excess moisture without allowing for hardness to set it. Elasticity is also necessary when walls and floors micro shifts during the span of the super structure”, adds Raul, “adhesives have the properties to protect the tiles from movement and loss of adhesion.” “It is an honor and privilege for us to be awarded ‘Superbrands’ status, a recognition that is admired and accepted both by local consumers and recognized by the international community. It goes to show that we are on the right track when it comes to providing consumers only the best quality and value-for-money products available,” states FortressMarketing Manager Engineer. Raul Castilo. Being a SUPERBRAND, Fortress is able to gain entry in accreditation and acceptance by local builders, contractors, architects and specifiers. “The technology and formulations used by our products are updated and are designed to save money for the installers”, adds Engineer Raul, “with improved bonding strength, increased elasticity and low shrinkage, our tile adhesives line protects the surface throughout its lifespan. The quality of our product gives assurance to the consumer that they are buying the right materials for their installation works. As a “SUPERBRAND”, we have proven the reliability and consistency of our products.”


FORTRESS Admixtures offers admixtures such as tile and stone adhesive, skim coat and jointing compounds to save you time and money for all your masonry installations and projects. Formulated to give you total control for all instal-

lations, Fortress admixtures are manufactured using premium binders, natural sand fillers and chemical additives. Fortress Tile and Stone adhesives are used to fasten ceramic, porcelain, granite and all different kinds of stones onto floors and walls. “We recommend to use Fortress Tile Adhesive on floor installations”, says Engineer Raul, “with a thin bed application, you will need less materials and you will still get good prevention of tile-bond failure and tile cracks because our adhesives are more flexible when there is movement in the flooring.” “For vertical installations, especially large tiles and stones, we highly recommend to use Fortress Stone Adhesives”, adds Raul, “the stone adhesives offer heavy duty adhesive strength needed to fasten tiles. With its one step application, you just need to mix the water and you are ready to use. Contractors and builders find our adhesives to be reliable especially if the tiles they are installing are expensive and cannot be damaged.”


Fortress Skim Coats and Jointing Compounds, on the other hand, are new products designed for the finishing masonry industry. Skim coats are used to smooth the cement walls and cover pinholes, cracks and chipping. Fortress Skim Coat actually reduces your painting costs since its white finish hides the gray cement finish completely. “In fact”, says Raul, “we have builders who use our skim coat as a painting alternative. Its very durable and can be used inside and outside as well. They use it on housing projects so the finish of the walls is white and smooth and the end user can just top it off with a color of their choice.” 29

Jointing Compounds are used on Fiber Cement and Gypsum boards. They are used to fill, smoothen and cover the joints between boards. Fortress Jointing Compounds also provide elasticity that minimizes cracks caused by movements of the ceiling and wall boards. They also offer a higher bonding strength, fast setting and low shrinkage. Fortress Jointing Compounds are preferred by developers and constructors because of their reliability and ease of use.


With an image of a strong, impenetrable and dependable barrier, the Fortress Admixture is becoming accepted in the local market as one of the premier suppliers of quality tile and stone adhesives. Readily available in many areas throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Fortress Admixtures gives added protection and assurance to contractors and homeowners alike to make sure that their tile and stone installations will last for a long, long time. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FORTRESS ADMIXTURE

 Previously, ordinary cement was used for

all types of tiles. However, we now know that using cement to fasten tiles is not enough. With the advent of technology and advance chemical additives, Fortress offers increased performance in their adhesives due to superior adhesion and elasticity.


Weighing, in one way or another, have been part of our daily lives. You might not notice it, but weighing actually perforates in different scenarios like in monitoring our health, ensuring fair trade, monitoring quality, verifying physical laws, ensuring safety or even in saving money. Just imagine… A child was rushed to the hospital due to wrong dosage in medicine… What you thought was a gold bar turned out to be fake, after checking its density… A truck full of goods approximately 20 tons crossed a bridge with a capacity of only 10 tons, being charged for baggage overweight by an airline. Ultimately, these kinds of scenarios can be prevented when the right weigh is achieved. This is what First Philippine Scales Inc. (FPSI) have been accomplishing for the past 34 years, as they have the complete facilities to design, develop, manufacture and assemble most types of scales and even customized scales and weighing systems.

Philippines for Business Excellence Awards. Meanwhile FUJI Weighing Scales bagged two more local awards namely in the following categories: Best Weighing Scale Brand in the 32nd Annual Seal of Excellence & People’s Choice Awards, and No. 1 Weighing Scale in the Philippines in the 20th Asia Pacific Excellence & Asian Achiever Awards. Furthermore, Fuji Weighing Scales have been consistently awarded Superbrands status since 2007. FPSI completed the ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management System and was certified for its compliance to demonstrate consistency in providing customer requirement and enhance customer service through effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement and assuring the conformity to customer statutory and regulatory requirements.


First Philippine Scales Inc. have been successfully supplying FUJI brand weighing scales to all sectors of commerce throughout the country. Each scale produced by FPSI goes through a stringent quality control process to ensure that all of its features are properly working, and will last for a long time. With the advancement of technology, FPSI managed to develop special features when customizing their scales, designed specifically to meet the requirements of their customers. Such features help the customer to use the scales with ease. It is the company’s commitment to uphold the high quality standards in their products and provide consumers with first-rate services. As a result, numerous citations and awards were bestowed to FPSI and Fuji Scales, which includes International Awards for Best Trade Name (Madrid, Spain) and International Trophy for Quality (France). More than a hundred local awards have been given to FPSI like: The Philippine Experimental Educational Research Society, Inc. - Dangal ng Bayan Award for Best in Quality Product; and National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards for its excellence in product quality, company reputation, brand recognition and consumer services. In 2012, FPSI garnered the Best Quality Weighing Device (National Awardee) in Star Brand

International Award for Best Trade Name (Spain)

International Trophy for Quality (France)

Best Weighing Scale Brand


FPSI President and founder Mrs. Amparo Policarpio has been the driving force and cornerstone of what started as a vision and now being one of the leading successful manufacturing companies in the Philippines. The virtue of perseverance was innate to Mrs. Policarpio long before she was able to establish her company, as her previous experiences had taught her well to be resilient. This was tested when fire gutted their humble home. Determined to help her parents, Mrs. Policarpio strived to become a teacher. After getting married, she continued teaching in Manila. Aside

No. 1 Weighing Scale in the Philippines

Best Quality Weighing Device


Superbrands Philippines

from teaching, she also tried her hand at various endeavour, trying to make ends meet and for a better life. Such endeavour includes re-packing squash seeds; selling popcorn, face powder, ceramic crockery bought from Chinese traders; wholesaling rice. In addition, she exerted a lot of time and effort in tutoring, offering board and lodging (to her fellow kababayans), sewing blouses and selling in her hometown. Mrs. Policarpio was able to widely grasp cognitive ideas from these experiences, which she later put into actual practice when she began a trading firm that imports various types of weighing scales from Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Eventually when the Taiwan dollar depreciated in 1974 and orders placed prior to this depreciation were not served on time, she decided to be independent and manufacture her own scales. She started the said company under the name Philippine Scales Industry. Of course, predicaments came pouring but Mrs. Policaprio at any point did not even try to quit. Instead, she found herself focusing more into bringing solutions. Because of this, she came up with the idea of manufacturing other products in order to financially support the production of scales. These other products ranged from washers, bottle openers, window hinges, folding beds, relaxable and kiddie chairs, strollers, walkers and foldable stool. In 1983, the company became First Philippine Scales Industry, transferring from Caloocan to Malabon City, to better and more efficiently cater to the demands of their clients. In 1989, the company became First Philippine Scales Incorporated. As FPSI continues to expand, the company opened its doors to provincial customers via branches in Davao City (2000), General Santos and Cagayan de Oro (2011).


FPSI never ceases in persevering to conceptualize and manufacture high quality weighing scales. During the first half of the year, the company was able to introduce new products such as the FUJI-WM Wet Market Scale. This digital, price-computing scale is ideal for wet market vendors. The scale is waterproof making it very convenient when weighing Seafoods, Poultry, Vegetables and Processed Foods.

Another new product is the Fuji-DM High Precision Weighing Scale. This versatile, electronic scale contains Weighing, Checkweighing, Counting, Percentage and Animal Weighing Functions. The scale has a high resolution, which can pass OIML standards at a good price. Truck scales, which are large scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation that is used to weigh entire vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated. FPSI have recently made capital expenditure in enhancing their truck scale manufacturing. There are a lot of cheap, low quality truck scales in the market that after months of use results to deformity. So FPSI expanded to truck scale to serve customers demand for high quality, reliable truck scales that can stand the test of time.


FPSI’s complete list of available products and services is best viewed through their website: Aside from Fuji Weighing Scales, the company also carry other famous international brands like: Ishida (Japan), Tru-test (New Zealand), Virtual Measurements & Control (USA), Vibra (Japan) and Tanita (Japan), The company’s products are available in Mechanical and Electronic type, fit for various applications and scenarios, common types are: Table and Hanging scales, Hog & Cow scales, Load bars & Load cells, Analytical & Precision Balances, Waterproof Indicators, Household Scales, Truck Scale and Axle Weigher. All FUJI Weighing Scales comes with a one-year warran-

ty for parts and services. FPSI also provides Service and Repair of all types of scales; Conversion from Mechanical to Electronic Scale; Automation, Systems Integration and Software Development. What sets FPSI apart is the fact that it have its own in-house ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration laboratory for weights, balances and belt weigher, to always ensure the company’s goal of producing accurate weighing devices and its commitment to total quality is achieved. FPSI’s calibration facility is traceable to PTBDKD Germany, which is further traceable to the prototype Kilogram in BIPM, France. Giving privilege to be the scale manufacturing company in the country with accredited calibration laboratory granted by the Philippine Accreditation Office. Furthermore, FPSI is accredited by the Department of Public Works and Highways, Bureau of Research and Standards (BRS) to undertake calibration / verification of balances and weighing scales like batching plants that supplies materials for constructions of roads and bridges. FPSI is currently exporting its manufactured weighing scales to international customers including Mauritius, Japan and New Zealand.


FPSI products do not need a lot of marketing as word of mouth from satisfied users are the best marketing tool one can have. Although, FPSI have consistently been promoting its line of products and services through line up of marketing activities. The company receives exposure by advertising through print ads and article releases, giving interviews on radio and television. FPSI actively participates in exhibitions; conventions and road shows organized by private entities and local government units. Aside from their regular exhibits such as the annual Asia Food Expo (AFEX), Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink Exhibition, the company also takes

part in events with a potential for long-term business transactions. Being committed to quality and dependability, FPSI also works hand-in-hand with government agencies such as the Department of Health for Ming weighing scales, which monitors the health of children throughout the country. The company also works with the Timbangan ng Bayan (national weighing scale) project, which endeavors to guarantee consumers accurate measurement of everything they purchase.


First Philippine Scales, Inc. is the preferred supplier of accurate, dependable and economical weighing systems & related products. The company fully intends to keep up with this status through continuously improving and innovating their processes & line of products using applicable technology to fit customers application; Improving teamwork, creativity, accountability and reliability for quality, efficiency and productivity; Developing strong alliance with business partners; and complying to national standards & regulations. The company is determined to provide more top-quality weighing devices, enhance its manufacturing capabilities and continue rendering its first rate services to their customers. Quality products and customer service are the company’s primary objectives, and these attributes are synonymous with the Fuji Scales brand. FPSI’s core values: Integrity, Loyalty, Humility, Professionalism and Teamwork are considered integral part in First Philippine Scales success. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FIRST PHILIPPINE SCALES

 FPSI have equipments that can

consistently detect the weight of a strand of hair, a grain of sand or even an ANT. FPSI is an ADVANCED & VERTICAL


of the manufacturing process is done in-house - FPSI is on top of each process to ensure the high quality of its products.


hotels became popular. Becoming easily available, builders and architects were now able to design and execute beautiful facades within budget and deadline. With the backlog of housing units for low, medium and high end market still growing, the demand and popularity for decorative stones has been increasing.



The Filipino’s home is his castle. He has worked long and hard and often has to travel all over the world in search of his career to fulfill a lifelong dream: to own his own house. As one aspires to have bigger and better things in life,

so has the selection of choices of homes and dwellings. No longer contented with just the normal four walls and simple finishes, the Filipino’s home today is a product of their experiences and increasing sophistication in the ever changing world. One such product that determines the beauty and essence of a home is the façade. From the front, you will see how form and function intertwines to reveal the inspiration each homeowner gets when he sees his dream home. An important material used to complement the façade is natural stones. Previously, the choices and colors of these stones were limited only to beige, off white, green and rust and to such material as marble, mactan stone, araal, adobe and woodstone. These stones were often crudely cut and hard to install owing to their heavy weight and irregular sizes. Thankfully, engineered stones came along that replicated the various profiles of natural stone and the colors became more exciting and complimented the mood of the façade it. S l o w l y, c o m m e r c i a l applications of stones for stores, buildings, resorts and 32

GT Stoneworks, one of the leading producers of engineered stone wall claddings and decorative concrete stamping has a host of products that would brighten any bleak façade and bring life to any dreary wall and floor. “Stones are versatile building materials that speak a rich visual language of texture, color, and pattern. It evokes strength, performance, and endurance not found in other materials,” explains Marketing Manager Architect Kirdwin C. Cu. GT Stoneworks has been manufacturing stonewall claddings and through the years have accumulated fifty different profiles in unlimited colors designed to suit the needs for indoor and outdoor stone wall finishing. Using natural clay products, hardened with lightweight aggregates and a ceramic binder, the company does not deplete sources of natural stones by resorting to quarrying. The finished products are used in residential and commercial applications and have been featured as one of the most innovative product lines in Southeast Asia. THE growing popularity of engineered stone is entirely understandable. Engineered stones offer qualities that not many natural stones could match.

Aside from being durable, lightweight and easily installed, engineered stones can be manufactured in many different unique colors and patterns. “Moreover, engineered stones have no fissures, veins or other imperfections that may compromise the strength of natural stones. Also, engineered stones no longer make it hard for installers to match seams or slab edges,” explained GT Stoneworks marketing manager Kirdwin Cu. GT Stoneworks has been a popular choice among home builders because their engineered stone products possess color and design consistency that few real stones could offer.


GT Stoneworks products include Engineer Stone Wall Claddings, Decorative Concrete Stamping System, Paving Blocks System and our newest product; All-Weather Outdoor Furniture.


For floors, GT Stoneworks offers the Concrete Stamping System. Acquiring the manufacturing and distribution rights for the South East Asian Territories of Matcrete USA products, a North American company that specializes in Decorative Concrete Stamping for the past 30 years, GT Stoneworks has found the right partner who can supply the right materials and technology for their Floor Stamping Operations. Decorative concrete is an attractive and economical alternative to paving blocks or plain poured concrete. Different colors and profiles of natural stones can be achieved by using GT Stoneworks superior color hardeners, release agents and texture mats. Durability and variety of colors and profiles are often cited as reasons for using Concrete Stamping on many commercial and residential projects. “Concrete Stamping adds value to any project”, adds Kris, “its vibrant colors and natural stone patterns makes any concrete floors

come alive. With emphasis now on natural landscapes, concrete stamping business is growing in the U.S. as well as in Asia. “We have been conducting seminars and orientations to many construction companies and developers who wish to learn about our Concrete Stamping System,” says Kirdwin, “ most of them are surprised to learn that the material and installation works comes out cheaper and more durable than other finishes such as natural stone, paving blocks and tiles.” GT SToneworks has launched their newest product lines, GT Designworks. Offering all weather outdoor furniture in modern designs, our furniture is made with high grade lightweight aluminum bars and weatherproof plastic fibers. Inspired by master craftsmen and weavers from Cebu City, our modern designs are available at all Wilcon supply and depot outlets nationwide. With emphasis towards supplying homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts with the right outdoor furniture, GT Stoneworks is offering quality pieces at reasonable prices. “Our designs are world-class and the workmanship is comparable to any pieces you will find in European and American furniture stores,” says Kirdwin, “ In fact, we export to countries such as Australia, Spain, Canada, Greece and Portugal, and they are aware that Philippine made furniture are among the best in the world.”


GT Stoneworks is one of the most recognizable brands in the engineered stone category for the construction finishing industry. The brand represents quality, consistency, reliability for decorative stone and concrete products. GT Stoneworks prides itself in continuously developing and innovating new profiles, colors and product lines to give the Filipino homeowner more choices for their dream homes. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT GT STONEWORKS

 GT Stoneworks is a product proudly

made in the Philippines. Although the profiles and colors looks imported, all are designed, developed and manufactured here. It is a testament to the creativity of our Designers who share a common passion to creating new stone profiles for the local market.



Doing one thing perfectly is wonderful, but doing lots of things excellently is better. So it was with Steve Allen, an American entertainer who was an accomplished actor, comedian, writer, composer and television personality, and so it is with the JAKA Group (JAKA), a progressive business conglomerate with diverse business interests in the fields of Food Manufacturing & Processing; Product Distribution, Marketing & Logistics; Forest Plantation Management; Safety Match Manufacturing; Property Management and Development; Security Services; Information Technology Services; and Investment Management. JAKA has been a part of every Filipino home for generations. Safety matches like Royal, Guitar and EMI, produced by the JAKA Equities Corporation (JEC), are household staples in the Philippines. People have also come to trust cotton brands like Charm, Angel Soft, Softwhite as well as the mosquito coil brand EMI Katol, all of which are marketed and distributed by JAKA Distribution Incorporated (JDI). Brands under the JAKA Food Group, such as Delimondo and Sunripe, are well known both locally and abroad. Delimondo Food Specialties retails a line of products that include deli meats, sausages, pasta sauces, drizzling oils, cooked food, marinades, pate, canned meats, dips

and spreads. Delimondo is the JAKA Food Processing Corp’s flagship business in the food industry. Sunripe, under Pacific Royale Basic Foods Inc. (PRBFI), is the preferred desiccated coconut partner by food industry giants in the US and Europe.


By the mid 1990s to the year 2000, JEC’s offering of match products held a 70 percent market share. In 2003, with the introduction of Fuego, a water resistant safety match, JEC continues to dominate the market. Delimondo is available at Rustan’s, Shopwise, Landmark, Cash & Carry, Robinson’s, SNR, Salcedo weekend market, Metro, and other select outlets. The complete line is being offered at Petra and Pilar Restaurant at Pasong Tamo, Makati. In 2007, JAKA Distribution, Inc. was awarded the National Consumers Quality Awards, Organization for Peace and ProgressiveOriented, Inc., as well as the National Consumers Affairs for providing excellent inhouse packaged paper, cotton, and numerous personal care products. Unwavering passion to deliver quality and excellence in product and services is the JAKA Group’s driving force to keep pace with the dynamic state of global business. And it is this


passion and dedication to excellence that led Superbrands Inc. to award the Superbrands seal of excellence to the JAKA Group.


The JAKA Group started with the creation of the JAKA Investments Corporation (JIC) in 1974, a privately held investment management company responsible for overseeing and managing the diversified interests of the JAKA. Its first move was to acquire a matchmaking plant in 1977. As a result, the JAKA Empire is built on matches. JEC was JAKA’s first business venture and it produces the country’s most popular brands of water-resistant and safety matches. Built on its success in the match industry, JAKA ventured into other areas. JAKA’s Food Group is one of its popular ventures, comprising Pacific Royal Basic Foods, Incorporated (PRBFI) and Delimondo. PRBFI was established in 1986 to operate a newly rehabilitated desiccated coconut factory in Candelaria, Quezon. It began exporting desiccated coconut products directly to consumers in North America and Europe. Delimondo was launched November 13, 2006 and its delicacies were first introduced in the Petra & Pilar restaurant (also a JAKA Affiliate under the food group). JAKA is also a major player in the distribution and logistics industry. JAKA Distribution, Inc.

(JDI) offers contract marketing and a distribution network for in-house and third party products. It was started as a distribution firm in 1991.

an affordable, quality cotton product made from high-grade cotton fibers. Mosquito Coils JDI also distributes mosquito coils, one of which is Royal, a premium quality mosquito coil that can last up to nine hours. Royal is also the pioneer in scented mosquito coils, available in Regular and Scented (Citronella). EMI is a high-quality mosquito coil that can last up to eleven hours, available in Regular and Scented (Lavender). Tissue Paper Then add tissue paper. Beyond all that, JDI also distributes JEC and Delimondo products.


By producing high quality products with competitive prices and superior service, the JAKA has been awarded the Superbrands Seal of Excellence, specifically, to four affiliate companies: JAKA Distribution Incorporated (JDI); JAKA Equities Corporation (JEC); Delimondo, under the JAKA Foods Processing Corporation (JFPC); and Pacific Royal Basic Food Corporation (PRBFI). JAKA Equities Corporation (JEC) JEC, under the JAKA Lights & Woods Group, oversees the operation of a safety match manufacturing facility in Agusan del Norte, which manufactures the country’s most popular brands of water resistant and safety matches, such as: Royal, Royal Flame, Guitar, EMI, and Baby Star. JEC also introduced a new line, using new technology, Fuego, water resistant matches. It is popularly used in camping areas, at the seaside, and other wet places—no more fear of soggy, useless matches. They are distributed nationwide, particularly in coastal towns and provinces. Delimondo Delimondo is a line of high-quality, specialized products covering deli meats, bottled cooked food, and canned meats. JAKA Food’s flagship brand, Delimondo caters to the premium market and is widely distributed in

major supermarkets. Its top-grade meat products have made Delimondo the brand of choice. Offerings include: Corned Beef—made from 100 percent shredded cattle beef, cured and seasoned to perfection to bring out the meat’s rich flavors. This bestselling product comes in Ranch Style, and Garlic and Chili variants. Luncheon Meat—a combination of select pork and beef meats that are cured and seasoned with a special blend of spices. Comes in Original, Cheese and Pimiento, and Spicy flavors. Deli Meats—features products that include different kinds of bacon and pastrami. Dips and Spreads—gourmet products that are perfect on bread or in a dish. Come in Dulong


in Olive Oil, Tomato Eggplant Pate, and Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce. Drizzling Oils—flavor infused gourmet drizzling oils that can be used for pasta. Marinades—gourmet mixtures that infuse rich and exquisite flavors into any kind of meat. Come in Iberian Chicken Mix, Guava Jelly and Coffee Lamb Marinade, and Universal Sauce. Paté—comes in Chicken Liver and Batido de Sardinas varieties. Pasta Sauces—come in Bolognese, Puttanesca, and Pesto. Cooked Food—comes in a wide variety of traditional gourmet Spanish recipes with a twist. Sausages—made from ground meat of beef, pork or chicken, cured in spices and smoked for extra flavor. Delimondo has a wide range of sausages, from Kielbasa and Hungarian sausages to local favorites like Longanisa and Chorizo Bilbao. Pacific Royal Basic Food Incorporated (PRBFI) PRBFI, makers of the Sunripe desiccated coconut products, likewise made the Food Group one of the dominant suppliers of desiccated coconut products in the world. Sunripe is widely distributed and marketed through Desico International Incorporated in the US, and Sunripe Europe Limited in Europe. Sunripe desiccated coconut products come in various cuts: Fine, Medium, Flakes, Chips, Shreds, and Tenderized. JAKA Distribution Incorporated (JDI) JDI, with both distribution and logistics services, offers nationwide warehousing and forwarding of more than 40 consumer product lines. The company’s initial success was in the distribution and marketing of JAKA’s brand of safety matches through such varied trade channels as supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, wholesalers, distributors, market stalls, sari-sari stores, drug stores, warehouse clubs and other retailers. Soon, other JAKA products became part of the product line. Cotton These include cotton, which comprise Softwhite, Softips and Angelsoft. Cotton Softwhite is premium quality cotton made from high-grade cotton fibers and Cotton Softips are soft, gentle buds for personal use. Angelsoft is 35

All JAKA products must be able to penetrate the market through extensive promotional activities via print, TV and radio ads. Delimondo conducts sampling sessions at supermarkets and actively participates in food trade shows. In the past two years it has seen expansion in distribution and visibility, specifically in select supermarkets in Metro Manila. JAKA Equities Corp. in partnership with JAKA Distribution Inc. distribute all products nationwide.


JAKA Equities safety matches are perceived as the leading brand for safety matches. In addition, our other products are known as the better alternative to leading brands. Delimondo is perceived as a premium corned beef brand, on par with the best-imported brands. All of our products are known for high quality and convenience. The JAKA logo elicits instant recognition and Delimondo’s predominantly white packaging with the Delimondo logo in black grabs attention on supermarket shelves. The JAKA Group strives to offer the highest quality items that people can buy. We take pride in what we do, and push to be at par with and exceed global standards for quality and excellence. That’s why we are a Superbrand.


 All wood and veneer materials used

in making JEC’s safety matches and packaging are produced from the Casilayan Softwood Plantation. A JAKA affiliate company, the Casilayan Softwoods Development Corporation (CSDC), supplies wood harvested from denuded forests that are converted into tree plantations. CSDC works with the national government to acquire idle and non-productive forests and rehabilitate them into tree plantations through sound silvicultural and sustainable forest management practices.  Delimondo is the brainchild of JAKA’s President and CEO, Ms. Katrina Ponce Enrile. After acquiring a meat processing plant in 1995, she saw it as a creative outlet to recreate the good ol’ American style corned beef that her father, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, enjoyed in his youth.


“Hard to call it a party without sardines,” said Brandon Mull in The Candy Shop War. But sardines are not limited to parties. Canned sardines in the more populous regions of the world have come to be known as the staple, affordable food. Canned sardines, once perceived to be food for the poor, have overcome the perception, delivering a brand promise for taste, quality and safe nutrition. Even with the range of products available today, like canapé’s or finger-foods, sardines remain the favorite. With their exquisite taste, sardines are now consumed at mealtime, merienda and, yes, cocktail parties. They are no longer just food for the poor. And Ligo is to thank for paving the way to respectability across all markets. Corned beef, on the other hand, perceived as superior and unaffordable, is now available to the masses—thanks to Ligo, all can enjoy its beefy taste. The “chunkiness” and composition of pure corned beef was made popular—again by Ligo—innovating with its recipes to produce quality beef and flavors now a favorite for the sophisticated and masses alike. Ligo’s status as the industry pioneer and its reputation of consistently delivering quality first has earned unwavering loyalty from its far-reaching customer base. The company is poised to meet growing market demands brought on by economic difficulties, with its

lineup of inexpensive canned fish and meat. Quality and taste are no longer expensive or unaffordable with Ligo products the consumer’s choice in the Philippines.


Ligo has been a market leader in the Philippines for 58 years, cornering the canned fish and canned beef markets. Following are but a few examples of the many awards resulting from the company’s continual pursuit of excellence: •

• • • •

Top Canned Sardines Brand 2003— National Consumers Quality Award accorded by the prestigious National Consumer Affairs Foundation and the People’s Choice Awards Committee Most Outstanding Canned Corned Beef 2004—Consumer’s Choice Award by The Consumer’s League of the Philippines Foundation (CONPHIL), Inc. Most Outstanding Corned Beef 2004— Philippine Marketing Excellence Award by the Philippine Marketing Association Number One National Corned Beef 2005—by the National Shopper’s Choice Annual Award Advertiser of the Year, 19th Philippine Advertising Congress, Cebu City, November 2005 Superbrand Seal of Excellence for Ligo Quality Products from 2005 by Superbrands Philippines


Founded by Gregory Tung Sr., A. Tung, Chingco Manufacturing Corporation has been the exclusive distributor of Ligo products since 1954. The strategic association between A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation and Liberty Gold Fruit Company of California, USA, made Ligo the market leader of the canned fish industry. In 1988, the company buttressed Ligo’s dominance of the market by erecting its own local manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand for its products. By the mid 1990’s, with son Gregory Tung Jr. at the helm, the company strengthened its marketing operations by venturing into meat products. This was closely followed by the development and launch of new canned Ligo fish and meat products, comprising numerous sardine variants, squid, corned beef and carne norte. Today, Ligo’s wide range of products, manufactured at two facilities (Zamboanga City and Metro Manila), are not limited to the Philippines.They have become favorites in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Israel and many Pacific Rim Countries. The future will be in the hands of Mikko Tung, currently Vice President of Production. When asked about the future of third-generation Ligo, he replies, “My grand36

father pioneered canned sardines, my father expanded the offerings with meat products and is still enhancing those offerings. I started on the production floor. And as I look, listen and learn, I hope to continue expanding the variety of our products. It seems unlimited. I take our motto ‘Quality First’ seriously. My goal is to make it ‘Quality Forever’ across all markets. And maybe just a little spicier.”


A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation launched Ligo products into eventual prominence with a canned sardines line more than 58 years ago. As a stalwart of the canned food industry, however, it has since expanded its offerings to a wide array of canned fish and meat products. To cater to individualized needs of the consumer, many of Ligo’s impressive scope of Ligo canned fish and meat products are available in different portioned sizes: 155 grams, 200 grams, and 425 grams. Ligo mackerel and sardines come with tomato sauce and chili sauce added, with sardines also being available in vegetable oil. In addition to canned squid, a virtual smorgasbord of sardine variants tailor-made to gratify the Filipino palate are widely available in Gata, Spanish, Afritada, Kaldereta, Tausy, Tinapa and Curry flavors. Ligo’s meat category is dominated by its corned beef and carne norte lines, which are simultaneously of consistent quality and affordable to a wide segment of the Philippine population.


Innovation and dynamism in its never ending quest for product excellence has been the driving force of A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation with its popular Ligo brand. The brand has always delivered on its promises and has never wavered over the decades, delivering with consistency and thereby generating the integrity it enjoys today—the Ligo brand. In 2005, Ligo introduced its gold label sardines, epitomizing sustained excellence. Available both in tomato sauce and with chili added, this gold label line is canned only from graded, imported fish caught in cold-water environments scientifically proven to yield higher Omega-3 health benefits. Their taste, drain weights and health benefitting qualities are superior to locally canned sardines. Following are Ligo’s newest offerings, led by Mackerel Flakes as an alternative to expensive tuna and increased meat products to provide variety. And don’t forget the Spiced Ham— compare it to Spam. • • • • • • • • • • •

Ligo Mackerel Flakes with Laing Ligo Mackerel Flakes in Spaghetti Sauce Ligo Premium Sardines in Tomato Sauce Extra Hot Ligo Premium Mackerel in Tomato Sauce Ligo Spiced Ham Ligo Luncheon Meat Ligo Meat Loaf Ligo Meat Loaf- Hot & Spicy Ligo Meat Loaf – Garlic Ligo Meat Loaf- Black Pepper Ligo Beef Loaf

There are also other tangible recent developments. The company is now the number one exporter in its industry, propelled by the company’s upgrading sanitation and automating its facilities. The result has been prestigious accreditations by the department of health, BFAD, HACCP and the European Union (EU), allowing the company to significantly increase its exports.


A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation’s confidence in the consistent taste and quality of its product line is why the company strategically employs direct selling on a widespread basis. The objective is to reinforce Ligo’s compelling quality to its loyal consumers and prospective first time purchasers as well. Nonstop tasting sessions and economical price incentives are available at many outlets: Uni-Mart, Makro, SM, Landmark, Rustan’s and Robinson’s supermarkets. These continually remind purchasers, both wholesalers and retailers alike, of the consummate value of Ligo products. The company is likewise resolute in its commitment to keep the Ligo brand indelibly in the minds of the Filipino people through TV and endorsements from stars and personalities like Jolina Magdangal and Ariel and Maverick, the popular TV comedians. A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation employs a clever blend of promotional tools to keep Ligo products in the public eye. A promotional mix capitalizes on an established track record of delivering popular products and continually developing a product line that features ever-evolving quality.


Nothing is as memorable in the consumer world as a pioneering brand that, since its inception 67 years ago, has maintained impeccable quality in the delivery of its goods. Such is Ligo’s adherence to its motto, “Quality First.” The Ligo brand has for decades been number one in product recall as well as instant recognition, not merely in the Philippines, but also on an everexpanding international front. Steadfast consistency and quality are the underlying reasons for Ligo’s success, and so established is the company’s operational and manufacturing prowess that the future of the consumer’s trust and loyalty towards the brand Ligo is certain. The Ligo brand will remain the generic term for canned sardines. Ligo is, after all, a Superbrand. 37


 In mid 2005, Ligo inaugurated its Gold

Label sardines in both tomato sauce and with chili added. Ultimately superior in quality, it is canned exclusively from graded, imported fish that are caught in cold-water environments scientifically proven to yield higher Omega 3 health benefits. Their taste, drain weight and health benefiting qualities are thus unmatched against those of locally caught varieties.

 Ligo canned sardines were the first to be sold at Costco in the US.

 Join in facebook at LIGO SARDINES



Never before has our country been in an environment where access to information and communication is so abundant and relatively inexpensive. The internet, 24/7 satellite TV, mobile news and information applications , streaming online news broadcasts and other technology has made live and “on demand” newsfeeds as easy and fast to get as a cup of coffee. Decades ago, doomsayers say that the advent of technology will erode the newspaper’s audience, from the internet’s inception to the CNN era, they pointed out that the disadvantages that newspapers have in terms distribution, production cost and technology will eventually kill it. Today, newspapers have not only survived but has a good chance to thrive, assuming that they reinvent itself to a changing and broader market. With the internet only penetrating around 30% of the total (and potential) market there is ample room for print media to expand. With an adult literacy rate of 92.6% the Philippines has been a country that values the importance of reading. A fact that is directly proportional to the success of print media industry in the country. With our population crossing over the 90 million mark, print media remains to be a strong source of news and information. Then there are the intangible reasons why Filipinos still find the physical nature and value of the printed paper so alluring.


The Manila Bulletin has come a long way from its beginning as a two-page shipping document where early readership was centered among traders and businessmen. The publishing company eventually began a section devoted solely for classified advertisements and which has grown to be the number one venue for entrepreneurs to make their businesses known to the public , career hunting and other business ventures. The classified advertising section still remains a prominent section more so on weekdays where it outpaces all other broadsheets in the country. In a move to cater to a wider range of old and emerging Filipino readers, the paper expanded its range of offerings suitable for every member of the family. Currently, aside from the daily sections featuring business, entertainment, sports and lifestyle, the publication also engages in featuring articles on health, real estate, environment, agriculture, food, motoring, students and campuses, and information technology. The broad sheet also provides insert mag-

from various news outfits and a wide network of news correspondents. Other daily features include business, opinion, entertainment (including movies and comics), lifestyle and sports. Weekly lifestyle articles are also provided to increase the network of readership. Among these are features on well being, home and garden, real estate, motoring, information technology, parenting, travel, trends and fashion. Aside from the features provided by the daily write-ups, weekly magazine inserts are also included like Panorama, which comes out every Sunday, and Style Weekend, which is released every Friday of the week. There is also a Travel Magazine that comes out every second Thursday of the month and a Digital Magazine which is available every quarter of the year. This gives the readers something to look forward to as these inserts highlight specific topics that are of great interest to regular readers. Special magazines have also been a part of Manila Bulletin’s line-up. Out fits like Agriculture, Animal Scene, Cruising, Sense & Style and Sports Digest are utilized to support the company’s move to penetrate specific market niches. While magazines such as Liwayway, Bisaya, Bannawag and Hiligaynon cater to the general reading public and establish a readership base across the region. azines like the Panorama, Style Weekend, Travel Magazine, and Digital Magazine.(ad special sections like picture perfect, etc.) -- Many products that suit the varied taste and persuasion of the Filipino reader. One of the most successful and steadfast broad sheets in the country, the Manila Bulletin has a robust daily circulation of over 350,000 (400,000 + on Sundays). It has also taken bold moves to reach out to its markets by establishing more than 15 branches nationwide. The publication continues to cater to a wide range of market segments from class A to broad C markets as these constitute more on the active readership base that the company aims to penetrate. Along with these, Manila Bulletin articles are also available online. This strengthens the company’s capacity to disseminate information, as it is able to reach more readers overseas.


As an established beacon of truth and accuracy in the print media industry, the Manila Bulletin continues to provide massive readership and advertising sales. Veering away from sensasionalism , it has deliberately and slowly re-invented itself in terms of how the paper and its other products are presented, sold and distributed. It continues to be innovative in presenting information without breaking away from its heritage of truth and accuracy. The main section of the daily publication consists of both local and foreign news gathered 38


On February 2, 1900 the Daily Bulletin appeared for the first time in the Philippines, an issue job printed by El Progreso from No.10 Carriedo Street, Quiapo, Manila. The Manila Bulletin initially established its identity as a paper catering primarily to business: the stock market, business developments and analysis, business columns, and commercial news stories. The focus on business and industry consequently became its secret to success as the paper regularly came out with late breaking and relevant industry and economic news. The Paper’s longevity has enabled it to record important events in the country’s history-from the rivalry between Quezon and Osmeña, the eventual ascendancy of Quezon to take his place as the first Commonwealth president, the beginnings of World War II, to the early post war period under the independent government of Manuel Roxas. Recognizing the needs of the times, the one time business newspaper evolved into a general newspaper published 7 days a week. The Manila Bulletin flourished, adding Panorama, a weekly magazine in 1968, and subsequently the tabloid Tempo in 1982, a handily carried and read version of the broadsheet, and recently added the Tagalog tabloid Balita in July of 2005. And as early as 1999 the Manila Bulletin also came up with various magazines that catered to the diverse interests of the Filipino readers.

The Leadership of the Manila Bulletin was transferred chairman Emilio T. Yap, when its previous helmsman General Hans Menzi, passed away in 1984. Chairman Yap’s evenhanded and dynamic management through the years has brought the Manila Bulletin to its present, prestigious status.


The Manila Bulletin marked its 112 Anniversary on February 2, 2012 renewing its time honored mandate of delivering accurate and unbiased information. The Manila Bulletin continues to respond to the dynamics of the market . It was the first broadsheet to establish its website (www. and in 2009, launched the ePaper a new way to experience the Manila Bulletin anywhere in the world through a PC. Today the Manila Bulletin E-paper establishes itself as one of the most patronized online broadsheet. Targeting our OFW’s, the ePaper has been an indispensible venue for our OFW’s to be kept updated on the latest local news. In the last 2010 elections, our overseas countrymen were informed of the progress and results of the polls in “real time.” This year saw new treatments to the paper’s “There is Good News Here.” Advertising campaign. Intended to market the paper as a medium that has a positive outlook on things despite all the problems facing the nation. Reiterating its traditional mandate, the “Good News Camth

paign” offers the audience a fair share of good news, news that inspire and develop hope.


Over the years, the Manila Bulletin logo has acquired a distinct characteristic that symbolizes the long history behind the publication. It carries a reputation of a company with a relentless commitment to providing truth, accuracy and steadfast service. Although influenced by the constantly changing market trends, the Manila Bulletin still does not fail to adhere to the time tested journalistic values which is key to the company’s long lasting success. As one of the major information providers in the country, The Manila Bulletin has instilled in itself the responsibility of bringing about national progress and development and improving lives along the way. Through influence and massive readership the newspaper is capable of rising through this challenge and uniting the Filipino towards one goal. For 112 years, the Manila Bulletin has been a part of everyday Filipino lives. From morning conversations, to corporate meetings, to as simple as a cup of coffee, The Manila Bulletin has been there, dependable and uncompromising. The brand has also established itself as a good corporate citizen through the numerous job fairs, support for schools and the youth and other philanthropic endeavors 39


 The original name of Manila Bulletin was Manila Daily Bulletin..

 MANILA BULLETIN is the second

oldest English newspaper in the Far East.

 The PANORAMA, an English magazine inserted every Sunday in the Manila Bulletin newspaper was first published in 1968.


publication carries one broadsheet, 2 tabloids, 4 vernacular magazines and 5 general interest magazines catering to different lifestyles.

 Since1900 up to March 1965 the Ma-

nila Bulletin published was Monday to Saturday only but in April 1965, the MANILA BULLETIN marked a further improvement in its offering to readers by publishing a Sunday issue.

 A rare model of a 15th Century press is

displayed in the main office of Manila Bulletin.


Times have changed and so did our market. We are now living in a new era - where the market has become more demanding and discriminating. It is not enough that a product delivers a singular benefit. It should be able to consistently provide multiple values to the consumer for it to remain relevant. And this is exactly how Met Tathione continue to dominate its industry. As people’s concern with looking and feeling healthier becomes greater, the demand for a product that can answer both concerns has never been higher as it is today. It is in this environment that Met Tathione, a more potent kind of glutathione, has come ahead of the pack; offering antioxidants and skin whitening in equal measure. People are now more aware of the positive effects of antioxidants on health, and the market has hurried to fill this need. With antioxidants becoming more and more present in food products, vitamin supplements, and even cosmetics. Interestingly, it is not only the disease preventing effects of antioxidants that attract people to Met Tathione products, but also its evident whitening properties that does so. Today, though the market enjoys a never before seen number of choices in glutathione supplements, it also recognizes the multiple values, reliability and quality that Met Tathione delivers. It is most trusted not only by women, but also by men; not only by the more matured market, but also by the younger demographics. All have found the value of an antioxidant that can make one’s skin fairer – a value that Met Tathione delivers astonishingly.


Met Tathione’s dominance in the skin whitening category is often challenged yet remains unmatched. It has been so successful that it has reaped recognition from various award-giving bodies. In 2004, the year it was introduced to the Philippine market, Met Tathione was already recognized as it won the National Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for The Most Outstanding Whitening Pill. Consistently, in both 2006 and 2007, Met Tathione has also won the Waston’s HWB Awards for the Cosmeceutical Brand of the Year and Most Improved Sales Performance in the health category. Again in 2008, Watson’s HWB awarded Met Tathione for Most Improved Sales Performance and the Best in Service Level award for the health category. It was also in 2008 and 2009 that Met Tathione was awarded the Superbrand Status and has been proudly displaying the Superbrand logo ever since 2010 – up to today. Adding to these overwhelming recognitions are the glowing endorsements given by some of Philippines’ top celebrities; with Maricar Reyes being its latest brand ambassador.


The Met Tathione brand is the creation of White Beauty Corporation, formerly known as White Beauty Philippines Company, a distribution company dealing in skin care products and food supplements. Their flagship product was Met Tathione, a dietary supplement to whiten and even out skin tone and to counter the undesirable effects of aging on the skin. 40

During its first year, Met Tathione won a Philippine Marketing Excellence Award, and since then they have always looked forward and continues to grow immensely.


The idea behind Met Tathione is simple: offer the benefit of good health and good looks with only one supplement. Apart from strengthening the body’s resistance to diseases with its antioxidant properties, Met Tathione also satisfies the desire for physical beauty. Met Tathione is 100% premium grade, reduced glutathione supplement imported from Japan. All the raw materials that go into manufacturing it are also made in Japan; the most trusted and advanced source of supplemental glutathione in the world today. Before Met Tathione product are shipped to the Philippines, they undergo strict testing by the Japanese Health Ministry to determine that they do, in fact, contain the correct dosage per capsule as the label claims. This test is complemented by a thorough microbial examination to determine that the products meet the strictest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. When the capsules reach the Philippines, they are again examined by White Beauty Corporation to confirm that the ingredients are pure and in the correct quantities. The exhaustive testing procedures carried out both in Japan and in the Philippines ensure that Filipino customers get the highest quality supplement possible. Each capsule of Met Tathione contains 250 milligrams of reduced glutathione, 25 milligrams of alpha lipoic acid (a moisturizer), and

125 milligrams of sodium ascorbate (natural vitamin C). Together they help cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system, delay aging, boost sexual potency and prevent skin allergies and stress-related diseases. Above all, Met Tathione evenly whitens the skin and gives it a healthy glow by decreasing the production of melanin. Another product that has become a staple among women is Met Tathione Premium Skin Whitening Soap. It contains five potent whitening agents including Alpha Arbutin, which has been ranked as the number one external skinwhitening agent in Japan. It is an all-in-one soap that moisturizes, eliminating fine lines as it whitens and protects the skin from the sun. This multi-faceted approach to skin whitening dramatically out-performs the competition who simply use only one or two bleaching ingredients.

This coupled with real life testimonials of everyday Filipinos who credit the brand with the transformations they have experienced. Beyond the big media campaigns that the brand is known for, Met Tathione has also tried to reach out the consumers through in-store promotions made possible through tie-ups with Mercury Drug and Watsons.


With the astounding success that Met Tathione accomplished in its 8 years in the market, the distributor, White Beauty Corporation, wants to share this to the rest of the world. Using the latest avenues such as social media (http://www., Met Tathione is able to reach more people who desire healthy body and skin. To stay one top, Met Tathione needs to make their consumers’ welfare a top priority. In regular market research, they discovered the need to provide a smaller SKU. Thus in 2008. They launched a new soft pack containing 30 capsules. To enhance the efficacy of taking Met Tathione, they introduced a sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) which is also made in Japan. Met Tathione has a new addition to its line of highly regarded celebrities as their brand ambassador, Ms. Maricar Reyes.


Met Tathione has been regularly promoting the brand by having a veritable media blitz that highlight the glowing endorsements that celebrities give for its equally glowing products.


 Met Tathione’s market dominance is evi-


Met Tathione seeks to maintain its position as the dominant glutathione skin whitener in the market through the continuous pursuit of perfection, quality, and integrity. Met Tathione will continue to be a household name and will be known as a brand that inspires Filipino men and women to care for their health and skin through the daily intake of Met Tathione capsules and the regular use of Met Tathione soap. 41

dent in the fact that it accounts for the 80 percent of the glutathione supplement consumption in the Philippines. Meaning, 8 out of 10 glutathione pills taken everyday is Met Tathione.

 Aside from high-profile celebrity en-

dorsers, it is by word-of-mouth that regular people quickly knew about Met Tathione. It is the personal testimonials of users with great results that contributed to the brand’s success (http://www.

The Miss World Organization: Beauty With A Purpose Miss World 2010 Coronation Night The President of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley, coined the phrase 'Beauty With A Purpose' more than 35 years ago and since then more than $400 million USD have been raised in its name in support of children's charities across the globe, bringing help and hope to hundreds of thousands in need. Among the many recipients of this outstanding fund-generating activity has been the Nelson Mandela Trust, Canada’s Cops For Cancer, Variety Clubs International, Operation Hunger, and the SOS Children’s Villages which cares for orphaned and abandoned children in 132 countries.

Today, Beauty with a Purpose is also the name of a special annual award Programme that singles out and recognizes the Miss World contestant who is shown, through charitable works, to have made a real difference to people in need in her homeland. Charity work is integral to the Miss World ethos and part of the brief to contenders in each country is that they volunteer their time or fundraise for charity. All of the money raised goes to the nominated cause and the entrants’ records are credited with details of their personal contribution. Their hard work, dedication and above all, results, are what puts them in the running for the Beauty with a Purpose award. Beauty with a Purpose is staged as part of the festivities just prior to the pageant itself and since 2005 the winner has automatically been awarded a place in the Miss World semifinals. Without question, it is the enduring popularity of the Miss World pageant that has helped spread the word and encouraged young women to get involved as part of their bid for the title in activities that really can only make the world a better place.

highest standards set by Miss World for over 60 years. 2011 marks the beginning of a new history for Miss World in our country simply because, for the very first time a Miss World Philippines will be crowned. She will become our Ambassadress of Goodwill to all nations the moment she steps onto the stage of the World Pageant. The Filipina who wins this coveted crown will be a shining example of the heart and soul of Filipino womanhood. Inspired by the slogan of Miss World Limited - "Beauty with a Purpose," we are adopting in the Philippines the theme "Beauty in Giving." And this is why, our winner and her court will put her beauty to good use by caring for the marginalized women and children of the Philippines through various charities, namely, Tuloy Streetchildren Village and the PGH Medical Foundation.

Miss World Philippines: Beauty in Giving

Julia Morley President, Miss World Organization

Hello friends of Miss World Philippines! If you are a believer in beauty, especially one with a purposeful reason for being, then you are most welcome in our world. It is with honor and privilege that I have accepted the Exclusive License awarded to me by Mrs. Julia Morley, Chair and CEO of Miss World Limited last January 25, 2011 . This acceptance marks my commitment to the cause of Miss World and the high expectations that come with the title. I am determined to rise up to the challenge of excellence, a tradition of the 42

Cory Quirino Director, Miss World PHILIPPINES

CQGlobal Quest Inc. will manage the Miss World Philippines Pageant and through its activities, earmark funds for the betterment of the lives of countless streetchildren as well as the medical care of thousands of charity patients in the Indigent Wing of the Philippine General Hospital. It is time for the world to see and to behold the beauty, the goodness and the brilliance of the Filipina and through her, the wondrous beauty that is the Philippines. You can become a part of this noble crusade by seeking her out, this outstanding candidate she who will become Miss World - Philippines. And by God's grace, possibly win the title of Miss World. Beyond words of gratitude, I thank and bless you all. Cory Quirino Director, Miss World PHILIPPINES

on fire on the Pageant Night gaining 40 points (she ranked 2nd, next to Miss Venezuela). Because of her strong will and focus, the whole Philippines is rejoicing in her accomplishment, as the Miss World 2011 1st Princess!

Letter from the Office of the President Office of the President of the Philippines

Your CQ Global Quest family is so proud of you Gwen! CONGRATULATIONS!

My warmest greetings to the organizers and candidates of Miss World Philippines 2011 on your Maiden Pageant and Coronation Night. I commend you on this milestone event that celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Filipino woman. By weaving philanthropy into the heart of the pageant festivities, you elevate the nature of the competition beyond glitz and glamour. That you qualities are matched by compassion and kindness is indeed admirable, and your chosen charities are fortunate to have your talents in support of their cause. Throughout history, Filipino women have wielded key roles in shaping our nation’s destiny, and in this era of daylight and hope, will continue to play a vital part in the greater project of social transformation. May you continue to serve as paragons of beauty and character to our countrymen here and abroad, and carry on with your endeavors to uplift the quality of life of your respective communities. Congratulations and good luck!

Gwendoline Ruais is Miss World 1st Princess 2011!

The first-ever Miss World Philippines - Gwendoline Ruais left last October 19 for London to compete for the Miss World 2011 Finals. After participating in the fast track events and other activities of MW, Gwen was crowned the 1st Princess last November 6, 2011 during the Miss World Pageant Night held at the Earls Court in London. Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos was crowned Miss World 2011 while Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez won 2nd Princess. It has been 16 years since Miss Philippines last placed in the Miss World Pageant (Ms. Ruffa Guttierez won MW 2nd Princess 1993). But it has been more than 3 decades since Miss Philippines was crowned 1st Princess (Ms. Evangeline Pascual, MW 1973), and now, Gwen brought back the Philippines as a front runner in the biggest and most prestigious pageant - Miss World. Gwen was able to make it to 3 out of 5 fast track events of Miss World. Winners or top finalists for each fast track are given equivalent points which will be very beneficial to their chances of placing in the top 15. Miss Philippines ranked 5th in the Beauty With a Purpose category, gaining 25 points and ranking 5th. In the Top Model event, she ranked 3rd gaining 17 points. While in the Beach Body event, she ranked 21st gaining extra 5 points. Her humility, bright personality and determination showed throughout the pageant since Day 1 in London which gained her high points with a total of 176, 9th overall in the preliminaries. She was



Miss World Philippines 2012


 First Miss World was in 1951 and was

initially a part of the Festival of Britain and the large audience guaranteed future success

 First Miss World was Swedish Miss Kiki Haakanson and she was the first and last winner to be crowned in a two piece swim suit

 In 1959 Miss Loretta Powell from the USA arrived in a Stetson hat and cowgirl outfit including guns, which were taken off her as they are illegal in the UK

 Bob Hope hosted Miss World in the 1970’ s surrounded by feminists

 By 1979 over 500million people were watching Miss World

1994 winner Miss Aishwarya Rai from India went on to become a famous Bollywood actress

 Miss World operates in over 130 countries and fundraising tops US$450 million


of 300,000 units sold per month. This was after logging record sales of 565,000 units in December 2011. First to introduce Dual SIM phone in the Philippines back in 2007, MyPhone was also the first local mobile phone brand in the country. It was also the first local mobile phone brand to sell to Globe Telecoms, a major telecommunications service provider, with the S21 model. A slider phone with camera, the S21 retailed at below Php 2000. Over 100,000 units were sold. MyPhone is a company of many firsts:


With more than 100 million Filipinos spread all over the country’s seven thousand islands, Filipinos for the past many years now are among the heaviest users of mobile phones and text messaging in the world. With a robust economy and an astounding growth potential, it was just a matter of time when a Filipino brand will appear and catch the mobile phone industry by storm. Enter MyPhone. MyPhone is the leading local phone brand that piloted and popularized Dual SIM phones in the Philippines. And to enable the free interchange of ideas between and amongst us all, MyPhone offers Filipino mobile phones and other devices at a price within reach by all. MyPhone was the first to offer the working class a phone worth their hard-earned money, and one that would exceed their expectations given a limited budget. There will always be room for growth in this industry and the technology will continue to improve. MyPhone will maintain its position at the leading edge of advancements and always strive meet the demands of this ever-changing industry. And the company will always do so with the user experience first in mind.

First to create and develop a customized phone for Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

First to launch a music album phone (MAP) showcasing albums of Sarah Geronimo, Freestyle, Rivermaya, Jenalyn Mercado, and others.

First to develop and launch a phone (B88 Duo) with anti-fake money detector in support of Bangko Central advocacy for Anti-Counterfeiting.


David S. Lim is the CEO of Solid Group Inc., a group of companies that has been operating for over 50 years. Starting with 15 dealers, under his leadership, MyPhone has managed to increase its number to 250 dealers nationwide, with 162 concept stores and kiosks, the most for any cellphone brand in the country. MyPhone is also sold through over 900 multibrandstores nationwide.


MyPhone started in 2007 with only 3 models to sell. This number has grown to approximately 20 models in the market. Starting with 15 dealers, the company has managed to increase its number to 250 dealers nationwide, supplemented by 162 concept stores and kiosks. This is the highest number of stores for any cellphone brand in he country. MyPhone is also sold through over 900 multibrand stores nationwide. After starting with sales of only 1280 units in its first month, five years later in 2012, MyPhone hit an average 44


MyPhone offers an extraordinary range of mobile phones that deliver superb quality with prices ranging from Php 799 to Php 7000. Basic Phones priced as low as Php 799 compromise neither features nor quality. And all MyPhone handsets to-date are DUAL SIM, can take pictures and can even play your favorite MP3 songs. TV Phones start at Php 1199, with each model featuring wireless FM radio as well. WiFi phones that start at Php 2199 allow users to connect to their favorite websites and social network applications. And Android phones start as low as Php 3599. These phones allow users to download thousands of applications that can be used for education, work and leisure. And they do it at a price far lower than the industry giants. MyPhone is the first and only mobile phone in the world that has what we call a Pinoy App, a patented feature that carries Filipino traditions, values and more. Filipinos are believed to carry the three “Ms”: Masayahin, Madasalin at Makabayan. The Pinoy App covers all that with

its Prayers (both audio and text files), Filipino History (both audio and text files), Bugtong (both audio and text files), and the Complete books of the Bible (text files). Also included are directories to hotels, restaurants, emergency contacts, hospitals and the like (text files), not to mention a gamut of other instructive and entertaining information that shouts what the country is all about. This feature was introduced as early as October 2009 through a major concert held at the Araneta Coliseum, dubbed Pinoy Ako. The concert featured Filipino artists like Ogie Alcasid, Kuh Ledesma, Jed Madela, Rachel Ann Go, Yeng Constantino, and Geneva Cruz.


MyPhone first gained recognition for its dual SIM bar phone. It has come a long way since then and is now covering the market with its Android phones at a price point that gives other phone companies a run for the money. MyPad was introduced in 2012, a full touch screen tablet with a seven-inch screen. This tablet phone runs on the Android operating system and doubles as a mobile phone.

The company has tied up with leading social networks that are pre-loaded on MyPhone Android Models. MyPhone is also catering Digital TV and other compelling and exciting mobile contents with the result that Filipinos love Myphone even more.


Heavy on nationalism, the MyPhone brand is based on homegrown talents, showcasing what the country can offer. The company casts local endorsers to proudly promote proudly Filipino handsets. Today’s MyPhone campaign is strong in youth empowerment, with the belief that youth greatly influences nation building. Twenty one teen stars the country is rooting for, from two strong television networks, have been gathered to create an even bigger impact. The recent “MyPhone Online” campaign was heavy on above-the-line and below-the-line advertisements, including TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, events and promos.

company stands for: love for the nation. The brand has been built solely for love of nation and its people, with the hope of uplifting local brands and gaining the confidence and trust of the people to choose local over international products. MyPhone’s goal is to be a brand proud to be “Pinoy,” serving its fellow citizens with phones that deliver excellent quality at a price that all Filipinos can afford. Consumers have branded MyPhone to be just that, which makes the company an accomplished Superbrand.


The MyPhone logo, with the Philippine flag inside a heart, decisively depicts what the


 With the Corporate Social Responsibil-

ity (CSR) campaign of youth empowerment, MyPhone is donating one school per month—yes, that is a whole school per month—for five years through MyHouse, a modular steel technology housing technology.

 Donating one school per month for

five years enables the company to uphold its dependence on Filipino youth as tomorrow’s leader in hopes they will extend the beauty of the country globally.


ers, insulated products, and dish organizers. In 1997, the company launched its CAHA DE ORO line of drawers and cabinets. The company now makes flexi-boxes or organizer boxes as well.


The OROCAN brand was officially developed in 1984 by Mr. Ko Hu Que, the founder, and Ramon Go, who has been the President and General Manager since foundation. In the beginning, there was no factory, just design and sales activities. In 1994, the company rented its first factory and introduced its KOOLIT insulated products, DIMPLE PITCHERS, DISHGARD, AND RICE GARD. In 1996, operations moved to a new factory, this time owned by OROCON. Beyond that, machines were doubled from seven to fourteen, greatly increasing manufacturing capability. CAHA DE ORO DRAWERS joined the family in 2008, followed by the CAHA DE ORO MAJESTIQUE Multiple Cabinet in 2010. All expansions were implemented to find creative solutions to the daily problems we all face.



Don’t throw away an old bucket unless you know whether the new one holds water. Swedish people live by this proverb and OROCAN lives up to its advice. As a maker of Plastic Houseware, OROCAN makes sure your pails, basins, and pitchers hold water or any other liquid you might put in them. The company also makes organizer boxes, drawers, cabinets, dish drainers and insulated products like cooler jugs. OROCAN solves your basic household problems— pails for transport or collection of water, basins to wash clothes, drawers and cabinets to organize your bedrooms, organizer boxes to keep your homes uncluttered, pitchers for your drinks, and dish organizers for the kitchen. All these products are produced with an emphasis on originality and quality. Beyond being functional, OROCAN’s innovative designs also please our aesthetic preferences. As homes get smaller, needs increase for the solutions we provide, so our market continues

to grow. OROCAN space saving products not only achieve their purpose, but improve the aesthetics of the home. They are designed to look nice as well as be functional. Our latest product, the MAJESTIQUE, is a full sized cabinet made to hold clothes that need to be hung together with garments that are best folded. We design products to fit the modern lifestyle, which guarantees continued growth. Helping people solve their space problems remains a viable and growing business.


The brand name was coined in 1984. ORO, which is gold in Spanish, signifies value or something precious. CAN, which is English for container, refers to the company’s beginnings as a maker of pails and plastic drums. The Brand OROCAN comes from the combination of these words, which describes a line of products that are valuable to own. A direct translation would be GOLD CAN or GOLD CONTAINER. OROCAN started out by making pails and basins to address the omnipresent water crises in cities. It then introduced other household items like pitch46

OROCAN is proud of its innovative approaches to product design, with unique functionalities designed into individual wares: The DIMPLE PITCHER, introduced in the 90s, boasts a handle design that allows it to be shipped efficiently while providing ergonomic properties to the shape of the product. The open-ended handle design enabled us to nest the pitchers together into a tube for shipping, saving at least 30 to 40 percent in shipping costs. This, of course, translates to cost effective pricing for consumers. The DISHGARD provides consumers with a modern rendition of a dish drainer. The CAHA DE ORO ROYALE was designed for the cabinet and drawers to be placed side by side, offering the consumer multiple ways to store all their clothes in one space. There is also the CAHA de ORO IMAGE DRESSER with locks & keys, clock and vanity mirror. We also have CAHA de ORO KIDSTUFF Chest & Drawers with locks and keys, and even CAHA de ORO BAMBINO for your new addition to the family. These are all original OROCAN concepts and designs. The MAJESTIQUE is another original concept and design of OROCAN that puts ergonomics in the storage and retrieval of clothes. It has a small cabinet with a shelf on top to put folded clothes and a full hanging cabinet at the bottom. The idea is to remove the need to crouch down to the bottom drawer to retrieve or store clothes. Consumers can select their garments from the top cabinet while standing with their collection in full view. And to access their hanging wardrobe, they need only bend slightly. Fewer motions and less stress in storing and retrieving clothes is the welcome result.

OROCON also produces PLASTIC RIGID MATTING, which is ideal for poultry and canine cages. And then there are CONVEE POULTRY CRATES and CONVEE EGG CRATES. And here’s a surprise, SUPER FOOD KEEPERS and OASIS pitchers with faucet and ladle included. OROCON fills household needs for plastic ware with products designed to be rugged and long lasting—longer lasting than those of our competitors.


Most recently we launched the CAHA DE ORO ROYALE and MAJESTIQUE lines. And more variants are in the works. We continue to advertise on Radio and now cable TV, creating sustainable awareness of our brand. Current conditions do not allow us to do major campaigns, but we do have small campaigns like Bombo Radyo and Cat TV. We also have point of sales billboards to enhance our brand image.


We are perceived as a maker of good and durable plastic products, although not cheap. The OROCAN name is now a local colloquialism, equating the brand with quality and innovation. We continually improve our offerings, and while we may not have the entire spectrum of products the market needs, we are the best in the categories we are in. In our latest product, the MAJESTIQUE, we have introduced into the Philippines the first cabinet with an intrinsically pleasing scent. This adds the dimension of Smell to household wares, adding to the existing dimensions of Form and Feel. We lead the industry and are proud to be awarded the right to display the Superbrand seal of excellence. We are, after all, a Superbrand.


 OROCAN is coined from two words:

ORO for Gold and CAN for container. OROCAN the “goldcan”, the precious container. OROCAN is already an existing word in the Filipino colloquial dictionary.



There is no doubt that the use of wires in general, be it for residential or industrial is now a commonality for electric power requirements. With wires, there is no conduction to allow electricity to power up your house, your office, our streets, etc. Wires today play a significant role, not necessarily for convenience but a requirement we all need to attend to. Through the ubiquitous plain-looking, covered threads of wires which powers up gadgets and appliances, living in this ultra-modern world has become so conveniently possible. All communities require wire and cable to power up for electricity and today telecommunications. Enter PHILFLEX This home-grown famous brand known for world-class wires and cables have played a major role in accelerating the country’s economic and technological growth. Now over its fourth decade of service to the country, PHILFLEX has made life convenient and more progressive for residential and industry use. We have been serving the power, construction, electronics, electrical and the telecommunication sectors for the local and even the international markets. A wire for every need compliment of

its high standard with the many variants on necessity has allowed our consumers to trust in our brand. PHILFLEX has delivered its promise of not only for durability, innovation and safety with a firm resolve to do this consistently to

achieve an integrity, now a brand trusted by the Filipino people and today the world over. Through its strategic alliances with world renowned Japanese technological providers, PHILFLEX rightfully earned the reputation of being the country’s leading provider of firstrate wires and cables. This responsibility to lead has made PHILFLEX sensitive to the demands of a growing community with innovations never ceasing to stay at the forefront of your requirements.


PHILFLEX started in 1969 to stay at the forefront of the wire and cable manufacturing industry after a string of triumphant innovations throughout the decades. Our variants made available to the market have allowed our consumers for residential and commercial, industrial and technological use to enjoy the delivery of our products. Our unrelenting pursuit to excellence has led to the fruition of our feats! The cutting-edge manufacturing facility established initially in Cavite and now also in China has allowed our growth with a prudent expanse to ensure that quality and service to the people come first and foremost over capital growth. Through the decades our unprecedented growth has only made us sensitive to our customer’s needs and always striving to serve customer first. PHILFLEX has endured the many business and economic challenges by staying the course over the decades in spite of the lure to transfer elsewhere to go on the cheap.


PHILFLEX was organized and launched in 1969 by the joint families of the Sia and Que after the purchase of a small bankrupt wire factory. The two families endured to buy more machines to repro48

duce the wire and cables. The venture proved viable with the stable customer base coming from the provinces. The loyal customer base proved invaluable over the decades prompting the families to invest heavily on innovations and technology to satisfy not only their initial consumers but an expanded customer base. The immense drive and aspirations of the Sia and Que families to succeed was relentless over the decades so much so that the technological alliance with the Kuhara Seishakusko Co. Ltd. of Japan came to fruition. The quantum leap was the introduction of its magnet wires in 1971 with competitive pricing just as demand was on the rise. In no time did PHILFLEX dominate the market! Never settling for sheer leadership, in 1972 PHILFLEX introduced the flatcords and the portable cords for pumps and heavier appliances. Also in the same decade the introduction of power cables and aluminum became the crowning glory. Telecommunications at the time was well on the rise with the increased demand for the small telephony wires to drop wires which PHILFLEX accommodated. Calling this “serendipity” the up-grade of its facilities coupled with the introduction to the Taiyo Electric Wire and Cable Company of Japan brought about rigorous training and technology sharing for the Philippine manufacturing company allowing PHILFLEX to pass all the stringent Certifications of the Japanese ministry of Trade and Investment enabling PHILFLEX to parallel its production lines with world-class standards. Our foothold on the growth of the telecoms industry allowed us to build the manu-

facturing facility in Cavite by 1994. Boasting of this modern facility, today the plant can yield over 3,000 tons of copper per month. In 2003 PHILFLEX launched its China factory in its quest to tap the vast and robust demands of the Chinese economy. PHILFLEX now exports to Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, the Middle East and even the USA. Most importantly, through its success and expansion, the dynamic collaboration of the entire PHILFLEX team has inevitably pushed the company forward and beyond all its achievements towards nation building.


PHILFLEX offers the widest range of wires and cables addressing the growing demands of virtually all essential industries in the Philippines today. The roster of products includes build-

ing wires, telecommunication cables, power cables as well as aluminum wires and cables. The variants are expansive to the industries requirements coming in multiple sizes, power voltage sensitivity comprising automotive, networking, marine, construction, heating and the electronics industry. Truly a Nation Builder PHILFLEX stands proud to be Filipino. All our products are 100% grade virgin copper, which gives 100% conductibility and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that are lead-free, cadmium-free, low in smoke and toxic-free. Today PHILFLEX has invested in world-class machines origination the world over; made in Europe, the USA and Japan. The PHILFLEX brand of products are known to comply with the most rigorous electrical, mechanical, physical and performance requirements of international quality standards such as the Australian standard (AS), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the British Standard (BS), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), th4e Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), the Philippine National Standards (PNS) and he Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) while implementing the ISO 9001 series of quality Standards. Passing all demanding industry specifications has allowed PHILFLEX to produce

extremely high-performance and practically defect-free products.


In 2006, PHILFLEX introduced the fiber-optic telecommunications cables using lightwave or soundwave used in todays most sophisticated transmission of voice, video and data over longer and wider distances thru the internet and call mobile services now in use all over the country. We also manufacture the local area networking (LAN) cables. We are the only company offering the widest range of products for computer networking cables now supplying the growth of the Business Process Outsourcing companies commonly known as the call centers.


PHILFLEX actively participates in the multiple trade fairs offering its products to the industries. The delivery of the brand promise is complete with a consistency to generate an integrity called the PHILFLEX brand. We stand proud on our product deliveries, our successes and our commitment to Nation Building. PHILFLEX has participated once again in 2012 in the International renowned branding forum proud to be known as the: “Philippines’ Choice” with Superbrands.


Product quality with extreme high standards adhering to international quality standards have been our brand values over the decades. PHILFLEX is relentless in delivering its positive brand values together with our CSR and our attention and sensitivity of our management team, the staff and production team pursuing growth and stability in our effort towards Nation Building.


 PHILFLEX product are all subjected to

rigid fire testing using the vertical flame and smoke chamber testing facilities. Wires and cables exposed to extreme heat and fire for up to 20-minutes. This rating requires cables to self-extinguish prior reaching the top of 8 feet trays to prevent fire from spreading thru cables. A UL building try rated cable must meet the test.

 Certified 100% electromagnetic field (EMF) shielded chamber for testing high voltage cables.

 PHILFLEX produces a wire thinner than a single strand of human hair.

 PHILFLEX insulating machine can insulate wires at a speed of 2400 meters per minute (fastest in the industry).

 100% Filipino owned with an added manufacturing the country.



 We developed the Co-Axial Cable used for your Televisions cable interconnection 100% shielded providing us with crystal clear viewing enjoyment

 PHILFLEX copper wires are sought

after as craft wire for wire sculpture, wire jewelry and wire basketry because of its ductility, strength and resistance to corrosion.


world of information that appeals to a younger yet wider demographic, while retaining the interest of mature readers.



Rebecca West said that journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space. Not so with the Philippines Graphic, a newsweekly publication that offers up-to-the-minute news analysis and contextual journalism. The collective experience of its present crop of editors and pool of writers spans more than three decades of journalism and literature. The various sections of the magazine feature everything from breaking news to light articles on travel, literature and the arts, fiction and poetry, health, motoring, creative non-fiction essays, political analysis and socio-political perspectives, investigative news, tributes and exclusive interviews. As a newsweekly publication much in line with its perceived foreign counterparts Newsweek, TIME, and New Yorker, the Philippines Graphic caters to a wide readership base, which includes decision-makers in business and government, as well as art enthusiasts, literary buffs, yuppies, the academe and students. Readers start at 18 and go beyond 70. The Graphic has carefully planned editorial output based on the long experience of its editors, writers and the movement of current events. Its highly anticipated pieces offer not merely breaking news but a clever and unbiased weaving of information that gives sense to what is otherwise bric-a-brac data. This effort gives the news the context needed to be understood in light of the bigger picture. In the past, the Philippines Graphic has been the key reading material for members and officials of government, and corporate executives who wish to be kept abreast of the goings-on in commerce and governance. In recent years, however, the Graphic has adjusted its style of writing and news analysis to fit both the old and the young, opening up a

Throughout the decades, the Philippines Graphic has been the journalistic and literary storehouse of the best in Philippine journalism and literature. Editorial excellence is unparalleled, starting with the literary editorship of Filipino novelist Agustin C. Fabian in 1932 to the editorial team in the 1990s that comprised National Artist for Literature and editor-in-chief Nick Joaquin, award-winning authors Jose “Pete” Lacaba and fictionist Greg Brillantes, respected journalists Manuel Almario and Adrian Cristobal. Beyond that, we have the more recent crop of young editors and esteemed writers that includes Jaime V. Ongpin recipient for Investigative Journalism Inday Espina-Varona, Butch del Castillo, Carlos Conde, Monica Feria, Bayani San Diego, Edwin Tolentino, Emmie Velarde, Ahmed Toledo, Marian Carandang and Rowena Carranza Paraan. Our columnists have included esteemed writers like National Artist F. Sionil Jose, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, Gawad Balagtas awardee and Philippine STAR columnist Alfred Yuson, Sylvia Mayuga, Susan Lara, seasoned commentators Emil Jurado, Nelson Navarro and Atty. Marie Yuvienco, among others.

In the early days, an equally sterling cast of writers wrote for the Graphic: NVM Gonzales, Teodoro Berbano, Luis Beltran, Marra PL Lanot, Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Antonio Hidalgo, Ophelia San Juan, Andres Cristobal Cruz, Blas Ople, Elvira Mata, OD Fabian, Johnny Alegre, Jun Prado and Jullie Yap Daza. The current editorial team headed by writer, critic and journalist of 24 years, Joel Pablo Salud, with managing editor Psyche-Roxas Mendoza and associate editors Jaime Ongpin awardee Fil V. Elefante and Palanca winner and judge Alma Anonas-Carpio takes the helm of a new and more vibrant Philippines Graphic. The articles and stories now fit a much younger demographic, with better aesthetic sensibilities and visual savvy. In that vein, the 50

publishers and editors have also decided to reformat the magazine design. As a publication, the evolution of the magazine was, and still is, marked distinctly by the growth of its readership base as well as the seasoned editors and writers who have been a key part in the magazine’s evolution. As of 2011, the magazine is available nationwide in National Bookstore and other select outlets. The publication has gone through many hands in its 83 years, from Ramon Roces to Antonio Araneta to the present publisher, T. Anthony C. Cabangon, the son of Ambassador and Philippines Graphic Publications, Inc. chairman emeritus Antonio L. Cabangon Chua.


The franchise title Graphic, as an English magazine, was born 85 years ago under the auspices of publisher Ramon Roces, the same publisher who put out the magazine in the vernacular, Liwayway in 1923. The Graphic, published July 15, 1927, is one of the first English publications at a time when the American cultural and political scene was fast becoming a major influence in Philippine corporate life and political affairs. From Graphic, it evolved to become KislapGraphic, an amalgamation of English articles

readership base. Our writing style is modern, simple, creatively literary and lyrical, more in tune with the way the public today would like articles to be written, but without sacrificing integrity and accuracy in content. The Philippines Graphic’s key editorial principle is to put everything in context, as set under the bigger scheme of things. This has proven to be a flagship principle in the magazine’s evolution.

we have the pleasure of working and training. The Philippines Graphic: Intelligent Minds Gather Here. That’s what makes and keeps us a Superbrand.


and Tagalog news pieces aimed at introducing a wider array of reading materials. But it was short-lived. As the magazine changed hands from Roces to Antonio Araneta, it soon took the name Weekly Graphic—an allEnglish publication that also included the best of Philippine literature and investigative news, with entertainment articles as well. In 1972, upon the declaration of Martial Law, along with many other publications, the Weekly Graphic was shut down;it was resurrected and reengineered 18 years later in July 1990. The name was Philippines Graphic, under the Antonio l. Cabangon Chua Group of Publications. Originally a newsprint format, the Philippines Graphic took the form of a glossy full-color publication, resembling TIME and Newsweek. The first Editor-in-Chief, National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin, continued to uphold journalistic integrity of the original Graphic, reintroducing the magazine’s historical legacy of being a stalwart of Philippine literature.


Competition within the arena of newsweekly publications in the Philippines is fairly small. Only one other publication carries the same traditional newsweekly format until the same folded in its print edition 2012 and went solely online. Today, the Philippines Graphic is the only magazine of its kind in print in the country. What puts Philippines Graphic a few notches above every other magazine is the way it approaches a story, our key to expanding our

The Philippines Graphic uses both traditional and out-of-the-box ways to promote the magazine. The Graphic’s presence on various social networking sites has greatly enhanced the image of the magazine in the public eye. Making the magazine available in 24-hour convenience stores has also helped boost sales. Our online awareness campaign—using social networking sites is the first major step towards reintroducing the new Philippines Graphic. The incumbent editor-in-chief, Joel Pablo Salud, regularly moves through journalism and literary circles to reintroduce the magazine to a younger but discriminating audience. Face to face, after all, is still one of the best ways to reach your readers. The Graphic also supports other endeavors as a way to promote the magazine, including the Adrian Cristobal Lecture Series, spearheaded by the Cristobal family. The editor-inchief also linked key organizations with the Graphic, such as the Unyon ng Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL) under the leadership of former president and author Vim Nadera and current president and award winning writer Abdon Balde Jr and Philippine Center for International PEN. Through Salud’s efforts, the Graphic also works hand-in-hand with the Manila Critics Circle and the National Book Development Board to promote, through in-depth reviews, the critical reading of Philippine literature, which the National Commission of Culture and the Arts recognized in 2010. In 2010, having supported and worked closely with the poetry organization of National Artist for Literature Virgilio S. Almario—the Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo (LIRA)—the Graphic was recognized for its support in promoting the Filipino language in literature during the group’s 25-year anniversary.


 According to Mario Gia Samonte, well-

known Filipino movie director and scriptwriter, his first published short story in the 1965 issue of the Graphic titled “Forest of the Heart” eventually became the foundation for the critically-acclaimed screenplay for the Celso Ad Castillo film, “Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw,” starring Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon.

 Internationally-acclaimed Filipina nov-

elist Ninotchka Rosca, after graduating from the University of the Philippines, worked as Managing Editor of the Graphic.

 Esteemed Filipino poet NVM Gonzales saw his first published poem in the Graphic in 1934.

 The Philippines Graphic, under ed-

itor-in-chief Inday Espina-Varona, was the first to uncover a story titled “Leyte Sea Roils from Rape of World War II Ships.” This investigative story won for the Graphic and Varona the much-coveted Jaime Ongpin Award for Investigative Journalism.

 The History Channel, in its special docu-

mentary piece on the Ampatuan Massacre, has used Philippines Graphic’s reports to beef up their reportage. No other magazine was tapped for this project. As a running tradition and tale told


The public perceives the magazine as the Philippine counterpart of TIME, Newsweek and New Yorker magazines. Among seasoned journalists, it is the magazine where credibility is of utmost importance. Any contribution by writers and journalists to the magazine is viewed with a sense of honor and accomplishment, as they join the long list of esteemed writers and editors who have made a name in Philippine letters. The magazine has been the primary venue for literary enthusiasts to contribute their works— from short fiction pieces and poetry to syndicated novels and non-fiction works. In numerous schools, like the University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines and Ateneo University, the Philippines Graphic has played a key role in the development of young authors, and is required reading for students of journalism, literature and the arts. That vision gave birth to our motto, which we boldly display in the newsroom and explain to every young journalist or writer with whom 51

 and retold in the Philippines Graphic

newsroom, it is said that the magazine’s weekly output is, by all intents and purposes, a miracle based on an unwavering fulfillment of a promise. Ambassador Antonio Cabangon Chua,

 owner of the Philippines Graphic after it was resurrected in 1990, promised his close friend National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin that “As long as I am alive, in honor of our friendship, I will not let the Graphic fold.”

This promise has been kept for more

 than 20 years. After two decades of

operations through hell and high water, the Philippines Graphic continues in its evolving format, ever the fresh venue for current events, credible reportage, investigative news and the best in Philippine literature that money can buy.


The family is still the most important unit of Philippine society. Ask any Filipino why he or she works tirelessly day in and day out, and the most likely answer is to provide their loved ones with a decent and comfortable life. Financial security, therefore, is a top priority in Philippine households. Life insurance is a product that enables individuals and their chosen beneficiaries to financially prepare for unfortunate events and circumstances. It is meant to provide financial stability and protection during times of sudden need, particularly when death or a debilitating accident occurs. In the Philippines, one of the most trusted and reputable life insurance companies is Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippine Prudential). Established in 1963, the 100% Filipino-owned Company has steadily grown in size each year, continuously expanding its reach across the country. It is regulated by the Insurance Commission and guided by the Insurance Code, which safeguards the margin of solvency, security fund, and asset values, as well as restricts the Company’s investments.


The capability to serve over 1.8 million policyholders and their families remains one of Philippine Prudential’s main accomplishments. This is a testament to the Company’s financial stability, due mostly to the massive growth and expansion it has undergone in recent years. With more sales offices opening all over the country, and six strong distribution channels performing at optimal levels, Philippine Prudential is rapidly gaining momentum as it heads towards another major milestone when it celebrates its Golden Anniversary in February 2013.

Philippine Prudential’s growing clientele is composed of both individual and group policyholders. Most of the individual accounts are acquired through the Company’s telemarketing and retail channels, which now collectively total 21 sales offices nationwide. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Company’s group clients come from its partnerships with rural banks. A firm supporter of the low-income sector, Philippine Prudential has also been active in building a network within the Microinsurance industry. In 2011, the Company paid more than P22,000,000—or more than 600 individual claims—to its microinsurance partners and members. For its valuable contributions and efforts in the field of Microinsurance, the Company received a special recognition during the “Gabi ng Parangal at Pasasalamat sa mga Tagapagtaguyod ng Microinsurance” in early 2012.


The Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. was founded in 1963 by the late businessman and philanthropist, Daniel L. Mercado Sr. It is now among the Top 15 life insurance companies in the country, and among the Top 5 Filipino-owned life insurance companies in the country. Gregorio D. Mercado, the founder’s grandson, presently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. Known in the industry as “George”, Mr. Mercado is the concurrently the President (2012) of the Philippine Life Insurance Association (PLIA), where he has been an active member since 1999, and has served as Director, Past President (2008) and Vice President (2011). He is also presently the Vice Chairman of the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific (IIAP), Director of the Pacific Insurance Conference (2011), a Chief Delegate of the East


Asian Insurance Congress (2008-2010), former Vice President and Director of the Payroll Deduction Insurance Association (2004) and a member of the Philippine Insurer’s Club. Philippine Prudential’s total assets have grown from just under P500,000.00 in 1963 to more than P833 Million by the end of 2011. In recent years, the Company has seen a significant jump in its Gross Premium Income, which grew to P1.012 Billion in 2011—a 614% record growth from 2006. Currently, total investments are recorded at P439 million and total claims paid in 2011 are recorded at over P135 million. Legal Policy Reserves reached P405 million by the end of 2011. The Legal Policy Reserves is the funds maintained by the Company as a financial safeguard to ensure that the Company will have sufficient assets to pay its claims and other commitments as they fall due in the future. These reserves are kept intact for payment of living and death benefits to the policyholders or its beneficiaries.


Philippine Prudential is committed to serve the Filipinos by making available products that serve their top financial priorities. Studies show that the number one financial concern of Filipinos is access to health insurance products followed closely by availability of fund to pay their children’s education. Other financial concerns are retirement and protection of income. Our affordable plans, called HELP (Hospital Emergencies and Life Protection), HELP Gold (a variant of HELP) and AksiDental, are designed to ensure that basic protection is made accessible to those who have limited budget for insurance but are in need of some level of protection. HELP covers the insured for one year and provides lump sum amount in case of dismemberment or death caused by accident. It also has a medical reimbursement facility of up to Php 5,000 for hospital confinement due to accident. HELP Gold is a variant of HELP with ambulatory services. AksiDental is another personal accident product bundled with dental benefits. These may be availed from our Retail Marketing channel, which may be found in major malls in Metro Manila and key cities in the provinces. Another market-responsive product line from Philippine Prudential is composed of protection products for the military, police, firefighters and bureau of jail personnel and their immediate family members. These may be availed for as low as Php 125 a month! Moreover, it can be paid through salary deduction. These products provide Php 50,000 up to Php 200,000 life insurance and accident benefits plus medical reimbursements. The Money Guarantee is a flagship product of our Direct Marketing channel. This product provides life insurance, accidental death, burial

and hospital income benefits over a 10-year term. At the end of the coverage period, it guarantees return of premium of the basic plan i.e, life and accident. Philippine Prudential is expected to come out with innovative products this year that will cater to the needs of the B,C and D market. They aim to make life insurance protection easy to understand, access and pay ― a true testament of the company’s commitment to serve.


Philippine Prudential is constantly looking for ways to innovate and grow. As its 50th Anniversary nears, the Company is even more ardent in pursuing opportunities that would drive the business forward and, more importantly, improve its service to its valued Filipino clientele. In 2011, the Company partnered with CQGQI, led by renowned wellness expert Cory Quirino, for the first-ever Miss World Philippines. The partnership proved worthwhile, as it not only led to heightened media exposure for the Company, but a widened business network as well. Philippine Prudential’s ties with Miss World Philippines were renewed in 2012, and it produced truly winning results, with Queneerich “Queenie” Rehman, hailed Miss Philippine Prudential, bagging the title of Miss World Philippines 2012. To bring quality life insurance products closer to Filipinos outside of Metro Manila, Philippine Prudential opened more Telemarketing sales offices in key provinces around the country, namely Bacoor, Naga and Marilao. Sales offices for the recently launched Agency force are also expected to increase in number as recruitment moves along at a rapid rate. In the area of efficiency and productivity, Philippine Prudential acquired an award-winning information management system that will serve to simplify processes and reduce risks for the Company, resulting in shorter response time and easier transactions. The exciting changes that Philippine Prudential has recently undergone have not taken focus away from the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which it considers another form of extending service to Filipino families everywhere. In 2011, Philippine Prudential strengthened its ties with the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. (GKCDFI) by pledging 24 houses for the first Philippine Prudential – AMPAPP GK Village in Camarin, Caloocan City. The village celebrated its first anniversary on July 27, 2012 with a special

event that involved employees and policyholders alike. The policyholders who volunteered were joined by families and friends. This was the Company’s first time to organize a building activity with clients, and it yielded rewarding results for all who participated. The ultimate goal for the village is to have 50 homes built in time for the Company’s 50th year. The Philippine Prudential – AMPAPP GK Village also serves as venue for employees and agents to carry out their volunteerism activities. Aiming to ignite the same spirit of bayanihan among its growing workforce, Philippine Prudential has implemented a unique volunteer leave system that grants every employee three paid volunteer leaves a year, to be spent at the Camarin community. Beyond its ties with GK, the Company participated in various relief operations for the benefit of victims who suffered the devastation left behind by Typhoon Sendong.


Pushing the envelope further, Philippine Prudential eagerly embarked on a rebranding campaign in mid-2012, supporting it with full-scale print advertising and PR efforts in major broadsheets and tabloids. A significant part of the campaign was the creation of a new Corporate

Logo that boasts of several definitive features, each of which signifies what the institution represents as a life insurance provider. Three spontaneous strokes signify both the Company’s three main businesses—Life Insurance, Group Insurance, Medical Insurance—as well as who it has committed to protect—the Filipino family. A curve is another main element of the logo, and graphically represents an embrace, a fitting symbol for the caring and protective character of the company. The Company has also stepped up its efforts towards maximizing online presence, allowing customers timelier updates and easier access to important information. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have helped enhanced the way Philippine Prudential communicates with its clients, especially when it comes to responding to customer concerns and queries.


Just as it was in 1963, Philippine Prudential remains steadfast in its commitment to protect the Filipino. During its 48th Anniversary in February 2011, Philippine Prudential launched its new Company Vision, Mission and Values (VMV). Moving forward, the revitalized Company, guided by the VMV, strives to set the bar even higher in all areas of its business, with strong emphasis on Customer Service and Care. Philippine Prudential’s actions are motivated by the desire to provide its policyholders and partners with the best financial advice and a diversified set of products, coursed through its multiple and accessible distribution channels. All these are supported by the Company Values of Integrity, Trustworthiness, Customer Delight, Prudence, Teamwork, Accountability and being God-Fearing. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL

 Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippine Prudential) has no filial or business relationship whatsoever with Prudentialife Plans, Inc. (PPI), a pre-need company, nor is it related to any other Prudential companies.


sion of the brand’s target market and extension of its focus from functionality to lifestyle. Progress doesn’t stop there, though, as REDFOX continues to satisfy unmet needs and strive for ceaseless innovation.



Isaac Asimov once said, “I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.” Personal computers have been everyone’s standard in data processing and communication for the last two decades. In almost every institution and corporation, PCs are essential to operations and young people rely on PCs and the internet for their study and research. REDFOX foresaw the ability of the thenemerging technology industry to meet the needs of various markets. From being a mere distributor of PC components under the management of Asian Technologies Computer Corporation (AsianTech), REDFOX transformed itself into the first Filipino manufacturer of full PC systems, with a range that caters to broad segments of the market.

In 2012, REDFOX entered the record books as the first Filipino-owned IT company to take part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Considering the significance of CES and how it has been dominated by multinationals since 1967, REDFOX’s inclusion was certainly a welcome development that could possibly pave the way for other Filipino IT companies future participation. REDFOX now produces PC systems for gamers, corporate employees, government and educational institutions. REDFOX computers are also for homes. For the on-the-go market, notebooks, netbooks and tablets comprise part of the REDFOX family of products. In 2010, REDFOX began pursuing even more innovative, cost-effective solutions, indicating expan-

The story of REDFOX in the Philippine setting is tied to the history of AsianTech, its exclusive local distributor. From the company’s inception in 1993, it pursued an aggressive marketing strategy, looking to achieve a national reputation as the computer company that provides high-quality hardware and solutions, all genuine and revolutionary. The entry of REDFOX into the Philippine market began in 1998. By 2004, REDFOX’s reputation in the local IT industry was burnished when AsianTech won the coveted Annual Year-Ender Excellence Award for Top Computer Distributor in the Philippines. The following year the company captured other national accolades, including the National Shopper’s Choice Award, People’s Choice Award, Asian Star Brand award, Phil Star Brand award and the Philippine National Quality Excellence Award. REDFOX, AsianTech’s flagship brand, has also won various awards. Among REDFOX’s star products, the Vengeance64 Power Workstation collected a Silver Award from Hardwarezone and the Best Gaming Setup accolade in the 2005 Gadgets of the Year awards. The REDFOX Wizbook was given Five Star status by T3 Magazine in 2008. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, REDFOX was again recognized as a Superbrand, capping AsianTech’s 17 years of providing top-quality computer products and exceptional service that continue to achieve the company’s vision of being a pacesetter in the IT industry.


When AsianTech opened in 1993, its founders—Andy Te, Benson Abella and Ric Sitosta—envisaged an IT leader with high-quality products backed up by dependable technical support and reliable customer service. The REDFOX brand was introduced in the Philippines in 1998, eventually catapulting AsianTech to the forefront of the local IT industry. Starting with the distribution of REDFOX motherboards, video cards, small form factor PCs, PC accessories, UPSs and monitors, and other computer assemblies, AsianTech began offering complete REDFOX PC systems running on AMD processors. These products provided dependable PCs to 54

people from all walks of life. In 2008, REDFOX launched a new product line boasting the REDFOX Wizbook, a 10-inch notebook, and the REDFOX Wizbook800, an eight-inch laptop. These products embody just the right combination of specifications that end users crave. Apart from customary retail channels, systems integrators and corporate resellers, REDFOX was able to penetrate specialized consumer electronics channels, such as Robinsons Appliance and SM Appliance Center outlets. October 2008 saw the launch of the REDFOX Wizbook 1020i, the first Intel offering from REDFOX. This was followed by the Wizbook 8001x with its AMD-based processor for the netbook market. Beyond products and services, the pioneers of the company were resolute in reaching their goal of continuously expanding and developing the company’s marketing efforts in a globally competitive market.


The need for brilliant solutions to customer needs is what drives REDFOX in providing products and computer solutions that cater to tech-driven lifestyles. The offering includes PC systems that sport a stylish look and intense colors, slim and smart notebooks and netbooks, and a new range of lifestyle gadgets and innovative solutions. These include tablet PCs, ebook readers and multi-point PC systems. REDFOX creates products specifically directed at the end-user. All REDFOX PCs are customized to carry a mixture of features and product specifications for particular purposes, such as gaming, home use or business use. The company also carries laptops and gadgets of assorted colors and sizes tailored to individual customer tastes and requirements. REDFOX is a brand that gives importance to cost effectiveness, allowing both first-time PC users and business enterprises to get the best value for their budget. For one, the REDFOX Multi-learner station uses one CPU for five to 10 workstations, saving on energy, licenses and overall cost. REDFOX also uses LED monitors for a number of its PC systems; these consume less energy than regular LCD screens. In 2010, REDFOX offered a new range of innovative solutions. Apart from the usual PC systems and lap-

tops, this range included the first Filipino brand of e-book reader, an all-in-one PC, and even a tablet PC. REDFOX launched its latest products in June 2012 at Computex, held in Taiwan. Featured were the Razor Line of laptops and the Multi-User Solution. The Razor Ultrabook distinguishes itself from the competition by being elite yet accessible. It delivers the experience of owning an incredibly light and truly mobile laptop packed with the latest features (such as an Intel Core processor) minus the unreasonable price tag. REDFOX proudly launched it as the Philippine’s first Ultrabook.

Aligning itself with the education sector focusing on interactive classroom learning, REDFOX introduced the MultiLearner Station, which features several PC workstations with just one central processing unit powered by the Microsoft Multipoint Server OS. Another innovation is the REDFOX IQBoard with its touch recognition feature bundled with interactive learning software. With this innovation, teachers or lecturers can easily demonstrate applications while students are working independently. The company recently featured its latest products at the Ms. Philippines Earth 2012 beauty pageant.

Razor Ultralite rises above other laptops with its edgy yet light form factor (weighing 1.3 kg), while Razor Defianz breaks the rules with its ultrathin casing and large capacity hard disk drive. The Multi-User Solution, which extends the power of one desktop to 7 stations, reduces the total cost of investment by 50%.

Other innovative solutions include the REDFOX Interactive Whiteboard, the e-book reader WizLib, the WizPad tablet PC, the REDFOX eVolve all-in-one PC, the Wizview Pocket Projector and the low-cost iCitizen PC and notebook.


In line with the emergence of new PCs and laptops from REDFOX, the brand continues to increase awareness among Filipino and even foreign customers. It has participated in several campus and mall events, and in dealer product updates and seminars. REDFOX opened its doors to the general market with the inauguration of its two concept stores at the SM Marikina and SM North EDSA Cyberzones. These concept stores showcase all REDFOX products for the mall-goers to see and try for themselves. The opening of these stores helped boost sales of REDFOX products and increase the number of partner retailers. In the third quarter of 2010, REDFOX prepared innovative technology solutions set to amaze the public. The soft launch was held at the InnoTech lab of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology on the University of the Philippines Diliman campus.


REDFOX believes that the best form of promotion is to let customers experience the products hands-on. Present and future products are displayed freely at concept stores and showrooms, and at seminars, training sessions and other events. REDFOX also advertises in technology and lifestyle magazines and engages in strategic alliances. The REDFOX website showcases its products and solutions. It is linked through online channels such as social networking sites, blogs and advertisements.

The company has a REDFOX fan page on Facebook, which has gained over 8,000 fans. The fan page continues to pull in customers and offers loyalty rewards through contests such as the REDFOX Moment, Shout Out for REDFOX and Blog About REDFOX. Naturally, winners of these online competitions receive REDFOX gadgets as prizes. REDFOX uses its distribution channels sensibly by maximizing resources. Beyond engaging in road shows and events, it also enters into partnerships with government institutions to promote tech solutions. Press launches are done regularly to keep the company’s media partners 55

in the know about new products. Demonstration units are lent to media partners for product reviews and press releases. The company also works with strategic partners who are aligned with the REDFOX vision. Broadband providers relay their preference for REDFOX products in meeting various PC requirements.


REDFOX is one of today’s fastest-growing PC vendors. It strives always to stay ahead of the competition. It is a Filipino brand that can participate in the international arena because it always ensures the delivery of high-quality and innovative computer products, the availability of technical support and a good relationship that comes from attentive customer service and strong ties with all those involved in the business. The fox was chosen to represent the brand because the fox is clever and bold, and exudes an attractive aura of mystery. REDFOX products are designed to embody the characteristics of their fox logo. The company believes that when people use a product they trust, they identify with it. The company wants its users to be like the REDFOX—clever, bold and attractively mysterious—in the face of any challenge. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT REDFOX

 Gaming tournaments are also part of

REDFOX’s marketing strategy. In line with REDFOX’s penetration of the online gaming industry, the company released the first Filipino branded motionsensor gadget, called Wizbar. REDFOX also produced the first gaming PC with USB 3.0.

 REDFOX honored the country’s unsung

heroes through the Teachers Laptop Project in 2012. TLP equips teachers with affordable REDFOX Optima laptops with content especially developed and geared towards education and classroom management. TLP laptops contain Digital Learning Resources through OpenDesk, which offers new ways of teaching standard subjects to students. Its variety of digital content covers multiple subjects on different grade levels—from basic reading and writing to calculus and physics.

 REDFOX, a Filipino brand, is now glob-

al as it pushes expansion into the Southeast Asian market. It currently has concept stores in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. RedFox concept stores are available in Mall CE in Singapore, and China IT mall in Changping. The company also started distributing gaming gadgets in Malaysia.


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This reputation was y IN it gave credence to its products and the a S A o rst omezzanine T mezzanine floors of the building, but as the frenzy over Royalè spread like wildfire, and people it gave credence to its products and the a mezzanine floors of the building, but as the frenzy p 2 As the company continued its drive for 0 which ff 0 9 ic floors of the building, but as the frenzy eofwitsasphenomenal uro comRoyalè pThis growth, the company Avenue corn because e reputation further in 2010, when Royalè pRoyalè Brand, inEgeneral. This reputation In Brand, in general. reputation was was etiRoyalè castreets ternagained tioreinforced tedlike literally linedlo the outside Royalè, itand became Brand, in general. This was n over Royalè spread like wildfire, people over Royalè spread like wildfire, and people ti in o o distinction, it gave credence to its products and n n 3 esoon over Royalè spread wildfire, and people a J rW 8 u l 9 nofeinthe estransferred Qufourth abel 12010, t 6thlined 2in ezQuezon JR Bldg., 1520 the Independent , World's on floors. wthe 2when further reinforced gainedL further reinforced 2010, Royalè gained Stot.the 0when hilfurther 09reputation City 1104 necessary third Royalè, and , occupy eRoyalè 2010, Royalè gained Wto awhen thaccreditation literally the outside Royalè, became tRoyalè estreets literally lined the streets outside Royalè, it became e reinforced st Tthe AnRoyalè Brand, in in general. This was L lined streets outside it itbecame -G ta ri ly a lu PhAvenue, n , g ta T le illiterally Arbiter on Branding, the "Superbrands". u ip Quezon City. At the start, Royalè P , rk Q o p the accreditation of the World's Independent w ey, in u e the accreditation World's Independent erof es. toHto zfourth the World's Independent onfloors. infurther Sothe necessary occupy the third and fourth floors. ththe phenomena apRoyalè necessary too occupy the third and floors. e 3accreditation necessary occupy the third and fourth w inof 2010, when w eitsveoperations 2reinforced on gained nitson r, d th waves banner with pride as"Superbrands". it joins other brands A b e e l goccupied n the ground and the mezzanine floors 1 c n Arbiter on Branding, the Royalè a s u rowRoyalè started with a handful of t u a s P l Arbiter Branding, the "Superbrands". Royalè e Arbiter on Branding, the "Superbrands". Royalè la th, the com TagWorld's of its ce & LabIndependent Cothe accreditation ofwith the mawarded to JR Bldg., of the pwaves etiwaves status. pits e itM anas tiits yoperations oits building, over Royalè pride as it joins other nwith anbrands Royalè distributors, aptly called Royalistas. Veryof waves sthe oonfrenzy hbanner ubrands banner with pride aspride it joins eSuperbrands fa 1520Royalè ld its banner with aslother joins other brands Royalè startedbut with ahandful handful tr c tu in a n started its operations with a of re Q s S fe r' c u Royalè started its operations with a handful of o s Arbiter on Branding, the "Superbrands". Royalè e rr tt z ed lined Oct. awarded onwildfire, sdstatus. ale,status. the start, Avenuswelled 2awarded like people literally soon, Royalistas in number not onlyVery in 0, awarded Superbrands Arizona, U 200with Superbrands status. eand , aptly Q Royalè distributors, called Royalistas. 9with with Superbrands . u Royspread Royalè distributors, aptly called Royalistas. Very e z o a S n lè Royalè distributors, aptly called Royalistas. Very A waves its banner with pride as it joins other C it o o ynecessary n ccuRoyalistas .A Metro Manila but in the itwhole country as RECENT DEVELOPMENTS poutside tonly thesoon, streets Royalè, ied th mezzanine soon, number not eswelled Royalistas swelled number not in brands grouinnindbecame flooto soon, Royalistas swelled in number notonly only in Royalè’s awarded with Superbrands status. rs a continued growth marked the need to expand o n f d occupy the third and fourth floors. th th e A e b s RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Metro Manila but in the whole country as well. uildbut over Roya thRECENT Metro Manila country as well. e coRECENT inbut gin mitspaoperations ,operations binthe DEVELOPMENTS Manila country as well. ubonuses nyDEVELOPMENTS tthe lè spRoyalè The were further nationwide. Soon, branches in awhole s whole congrowth ththe started itssales azyhandful ewith reMetro ti frRoyalistas nuemarked ad tremendous e Royalè’s continued growth marked need to expand n Royalè’s continued the to expand dOlongapo, it li its dmarked k literally lin e g a w v rithe e vneed il RECENT DEVELOPMENTS receiving became sensational news and this e fothe d Royalè’s continued growth Dagupan, Santiago, Laoag, Baliuag, Naga fi c re re r d , ed thof dneed Royalè distributors, aptly called Royalistas. e istiinnto n a n c The tremendous sales bonuses the Royalistas were further its operations nationwide. Soon, branches e d e cintiexpand The tremendous sales bonuses the Royalistas were further its operations nationwide. Soon, branches s p on, in to tr eoRoyalistas eetremendous ptrend. ts ouRoyalistas Rwere le Their oyRoyalè’s inspired many others to join inthe the necessary andBfurther Calamba Cities wereitsnationwide. established in Luzon. continued growth marked the need a ts p The sales bonuses lè its operations Soon, branches ro id d e u Very soon, swelled number not R ra c o ts n receiving became became sensational sensational news and this y d Dagupan, Santiago, Laoag, Olongapo, Baliuag, Naga to occureceiving a news and this , Dagupan, Santiago, Laoag, Olongapo, Baliuag, Naga lè a in n , d it geits thNaga psatisfaction nera camtrend. on the manner thebemanagement was yinth e further operations nationwide. furtthis l. established ecountry receiving became sensational and e th Dagupan, Santiago, Laoag, Baliuag, Testablished htoeand hisOlongapo, only Metro injoin the whole irManila r expand dothers inspired many to join thenews Their reCalamba and Calamba Cities were inLuzon. Luzon. inspired to the trend. re aothers Cities were in ndbut pinuLaoag, forc ta fo ti e u o d handlingmany the corporate affairs was evident inTheir their rt Iloilo and Tacloban Branches were inaugurated to n h in w fl Soon, branches in Dagupan, Santiago, 2 a o inspired many others to join the trend. Their 0 s and Calamba Cities were established in Luzon. o 10, when R rs. thwas assatisfaction well. e accover satisfaction themanner mannerthe themanagement management Royalè sta ononthe was credoperations increased loyalty. oyaCities itatiBaliuag, Visayas region. Subsequently, rted itsThe lè gtoain oTacloban n inoftheBranches Olongapo, Naga and Calamba satisfaction on the manner the management was tremendous sales bonuses the Royalistas o handling the corporate affairs was evident in their th Iloilo and Branches were inaugurated toed p handling the corporate affairs was evident in their Iloilo and Tacloban were inaugurated e e Cagayan A ra Ricardo S. Castañeda Juluis G. Nolasco rb W ti RoAllan it o o e n y rl farther south in Mindanao, de Oro, General r s a d lè o 's w n it d B h In istributowere ra were established in Luzon. Chairman/CEO President/COO d a n einaugurated handling the corporate affairs was evident in their p d h Iloilo and Tacloban Branches were e in a receiving became sensational news and increased loyalty. cover operations in the Visayas region. Subsequently, increased loyalty. n n cover operations in the Visayas region. Subsequently, g d d rs , ent to fu , th l a e p The year 2008 necessitated the opening of a branch w o Santos and Zamboanga branches were also tl "Supwere f aves Iloilo y cloyalty. oAllan onG. alled others e it rb , G.R s RicardoS.S.Castañeda Castañeda JuluissAllan Nolasco Ricardo Juluis Nolasco ra b and Tacloban Branches inaugurated a oyalistas this n R n d increased o n cover operations in the Visayas region. Subsequently, s inspired many to join the trend. Their farther south in Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro, General y farther south in Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro, General e " a r . listasIn wit Royalè City in Mindanao. two more established. In 2012, branches were opened: h primore swinellDavao . V2009, Chairman/CEO President/COO Chairman/CEO President/COO eryofof dine athe awardtoeSantos eyear d 2008 M sbranches in2008 Ricardo S. Castañeda Juluis Allan itbranches etrG.o Nolasco cover operations Visayas region. jo dAngeles, nthe Theyear the opening a was branch The necessitated the opening a branch unecessitated in Santos and Zamboanga were and Zamboanga alsoalsoGeneral witfarther ACHIEVEMENTS satisfaction on the management mmanner south in Mindanao, Cagayan der bOro, M s owere ber nthe h th were opened: Cebu and Baguio City S Pagadian, Batangas Cities as well as Alabang e u p o e t Chairman/CEO President/COO anila but inbranches rands rb o ra nIn ly nZamboanga dsmore th inevident s e the Subsequently, farther south in Mindanao, ta in Davao in Mindanao. In 2009, two more in Davao in Mindanao. 2009, two more established. In 2012, more branches were opened: established. In 2012, branches were opened: wCity tu affairs was in The year 2008 necessitated the opening of a branch hCity In 2006, Royalè was registered as a Philippine-based handling Santos and branches were also s ocorporate . Branches. le in Metro Manila. c o u n tr y ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS aCebu s wand Cagayan de Oro, General Santos and opened: branches opened: the Baguio City branches were opened: theCebu City Angeles, Pagadian, Batangas Cities as branches well as Alabang Angeles, Pagadian, Batangas Cities as well as Alabang ll2009, corporation with a primary Tobjective their increased loyalty. . Baguio in Davaowere City in Mindanao. Ineand two more established. In 2012, more were he tremofenproviding R ECEZamboanga In registered asasaaPhilippine-based us saleThe ACHIEVEMENTS TMetro In 2006, 2006, Royalè Royalè was registered Philippine-based Branches. in Metro Branches. ACHIEVEMENTS in Manila. branches were established. DManila. quality health,was wellness and re beauty Behind Ethese necessitated the employees. opening ofVery a CityN The started withthe a dozen Through branches, thealso company toas Alabang sbranches V were opened: Cebu and Baguio Angeles, Pagadian, Batangas Citiesisasable wellIn boyear E ncompany LOP use2008 c e s iv R th M in o e y g E corporation with a primary objective of providing a R corporation with a primary objective of providing lè N In 2006, Royalè was registered as a Philippineo ’s y theRoyalè company industryas leaders with byears ecamofebranch T 2012, more branches were opened: Angeles, a c soon hundreds of staffs were hired to sustain the li closely monitor the quality of service, product S o in Davao City in Mindanao. In 2009, s n In 2006, waswere registered a Philippine-based ta ti Branches. nuMetro s were in Manila. ed gro sencompany scompany ationaloperations inspir wbranches, th Cities quality health, beauty products. quality health, and beauty products. mand The started a dozen Very eof Through branches, company is expertise the fields of finance and The started a dozen employees. arkthe dmarketing rtVery based corporation withand a primary objective ofwho two Throughthese these the company isable ableto to Philippine as well employees. as the fu Royalè her itPagadian, newere availability, training Batangas Alabang eas maBehind dRoyalè’s wwith more branches opened: the Cebu and thwell corporation within wellness awellness primary objective providing nBehind swith s y e neas o a p o n e eddedication th d ra e ti toproduct rs th o e n is the company were leaders with years of x s to thewere company were industry leaders with years of pand soon hundreds of staffs were hired to sustain the s n closely monitor the quality of service, inquality search ofindustry a meaningful business endeavor. a soon hundreds of staffs were hired to sustain the a closely monitor the quality of service, product ti jo subsidiaries overseas. ti to excellence. providing health, wellness and beauty s o in fa D n in Metro Manila. wide. Soothe ction Behind City Branches. agupVery th quality health, wellness and beauty products. e trewith The company started aT dozen employees. an, availability, these branches, is able to onwho Savailability, nas n, company antiThrough the Baguio d.well expertise inin the ofof finance and marketing b a ra expertiseBehind the fields fields finance and marketing who Philippine operations as as the Royalè m g training and Royalè’s dedication h n o Philippine operations well as the Royalè a e training and Royalè’s dedication c , n ir h L n e products. the company were industry a h e s o Through these branches, the company is r a a in product The company started with a dozen employees. n g th d , li a e the were company were industry leaders with years of O n n d lo m soon hundreds of staffs were hired to sustain the g closely monitor the quality of service, n a da th C gapo, Baliu nagement eendeavor. alam ofof aa meaningful business endeavor. coofrporaVery subsidiaries overseas. were in in search search meaningful business tob excellence. Juluis A subsidiaries overseas. a to excellence. C te w a it leaders with years of expertise in the fields g ie able to closely monitor the quality of service, a , ll a soon hundreds of staffs were hired to s s ff N a incand n Gin airs waoperations weretraining expertise a reamarketing . Nthe Philippine well as the Royalè availability, Royalè’s agdedication olafields sed loyaltwho establiand s evident as sco of finance Pre sheand sident/Cand d inRoyalè’s in their finance who were in search of ya. sustain availability, training the Philippine operations as well as the productto excellence. OO marketing L were in search of a meaningful business endeavor. u z subsidiaries overseas. o n . Iloilo anddedication to excellence. meaningful business endeavor. Royalè subsidiaries overseas. Tacloban B T ra h e year 2008 nches were cover opera TS necessitate inaugurated tions in the d the openin in Davao C V to is a fa y rt a s h e re r g so g o56 ity in Min io u registered a n th in Minda f a branch . Subsequen danao. In s a Philippin branches w n tl a y o , , Santos an Cagayan de 2009, two e-based ere open rimar d Or

Singapore Dagupan Cagayan De Oro Laoag Angeles Naga Manila Doha Dubai Baguio Taipei Olongapo Tacloban Cebu Davao Abu Dhabi Iloilo General Santos Calamba Baliuag Angeles Santiago Singapore Zamboanga Dagupan Cagayan De Oro Laoag Naga Manila Doha Dubai Baguio Taipei Olongapo Tacloban Cebu Davao Abu Dhabi Iloilo General Santos Calamba Baliuag Zamboanga Santiago

w w w. r o y a l e b u s i n e s s c l u b . c o m


w w PROMOTION w. r o y a l e b u s i n e s s c l u b . c o m Veering away from traditional modes of product distribuVeering away fromdirect traditional modes of product tion, Royalè is using selling and person-to-person distribution, Royalè is using direct selling and PROMOTION product distribution schemes. These modes of product person-to-person product distribution schemes. Meanwhile, the the same same things things happened happened overseas, distribution nature becausedistribuof their Veering away are fromsuperior traditionalinmodes of product Meanwhile, These modes of product distribution are superior Royalistas in Taiwan, Republic of China, also swelled in personalized approach; they are strategies considered at tion, Royalè is using direct selling and person-to-person overseas, Royalistas in Taiwan, Republic of in nature because of their personalized approach; product modes of product number, and to serve their needs, Royalè Taiwan, owned par, if distribution not betterschemes. than theThese conventional tri-media China, also swelled in number, and to serve they are strategies considered at par, if not better Meanwhile, the Royalè same International things happened overseas, distribution are insuperior natureMoreover, because ofanybody, their and operated by Co. Ltd.; this advertisement severalinways. their needs,inRoyalè Taiwan,ofowned and operated than the conventional Royalistas Taiwan, China, also swelled20, in personalized they tri-media are background strategiesadvertisement considered at in Royalè subsidiary wasRepublic inaugurated on November regardless ofapproach; age, educational and status bynumber, Royalè Co. Ltd.;Taiwan, this Royalè and International toisserve their owned par, if not better Moreover, than the conventional tri-media in ways. anybody, regardless 2011. Its office at No. 17,needs, Lane Royalè 18, Shuang Cheng St., lifeseveral may be engaged in this. subsidiary was on November 20, advertisement and operated by inaugurated Royalè Ltd.; this in severalbackground ways. Moreover, of age, educational and anybody, status in Chung Shan District, Taipei International City, Taiwan, Co. ROC. 2011. office iswas at inaugurated No. 17, Lane 18, Shuang RoyalèItssubsidiary on November 20, regardless of age, educational background and status in life may compensation be engaged and in this. Royalè’s incentive packages in their Cheng Chung District, Taipei 2011. ItsSt., office is at No.Shan 17, Lane 18, Shuang ChengCity, St., life maySelling be engaged in this. and incentive Direct and Person-to-Person product distribution Royalè’s compensation packages Taiwan, ROC. Chung Shan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC. schemes revolutionary. cashPerson-to-Person bonuses of Royalè in their are Direct SellingThe and Royalè’s compensation and packages in their are among the highest in theincentive industry. product distribution schemes are revolutionary. Direct Selling and Person-to-Person product distribution The cash bonuses of Royalè are among the schemes are revolutionary. Theitscash bonuses international of Royalè The same can be said of United Arab Emirates in the Since 2009, Royalè is giving distributors highest in the industry. are among the highest in the industry. Middle East. Royalistas in this area posted incredible travel incentives premium destinations not only Since 2009, to Royalè is travel giving its distributors growth necessitating the opening of Royalè Dubai throughout Asia but to places like the glamorous Europe international travel incentives to premium The same can be said of United Arab Emirates in the Since 2009, Royalè is giving its distributors international Branch in December It isUnited owned Arab and operated by – Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and travel destinations not only Asia The same be 2011. saidinof Emirates Middle East.can Royalistas this area posted incredible travel incentives to premium travelthroughout destinations not onlybut yet another Royalè subsidiary, the Royalistas many others. Royalistas were also awarded a relaxing to placesAsia likebutthe glamorous Europe –Europe Spain, ingrowth the Middle East. Royalistas area posted necessitating the openinginofthis Royalè Dubai throughout to places like the glamorous International General Trading and invigorating trip to Brazil inItaly, South America. Another Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and incredible growth necessitating of –France, Branch in December 2011. ItLLC. is ownedthe andopening operated by Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and destinations inRoyalistas yetRoyalistas another continents are theawarded many others. were also yet another the Royalistas others. were also awarded amagnificent relaxing a Royalè DubaiRoyalè Branchsubsidiary, in December 2011. It many Royalè DubaiGeneral Office LLC. to serve the South Africa thetoUnited States America. relaxing andand invigorating trip of toAmerica. BrazilAnother in South International Trading invigorating trip Brazil in South is owned andBranch operated bywas yetaimed another Royalè and Royalistas in the area, both the OFWs as well as other destinations in yet another continents are in magnificent yet another subsidiary, the Royalistas International General America. Another destinations the nationals residing in the area, Royalè BRAND VALUES Royalè Dubai South Africa and the States of America. continents are theUnited magnificent South Africa and Trading LLC.Branch Office was aimed to serve the Dubai was an instant success that in a matter of Royalè as aStates Brand of is America. synonymous with innovation RoyalistasDubai in the area, both the OFWs was as well asweeks, otherto the United Royalè Branch Office aimed the sales of the branch skyrocketed exceeded all and modern. From the packaging to the over-all nationals residing the and area, serve the Royalistas ininthe area, both the Royalè OFWs BRAND VALUES expectations. Immediately on March 2012, impeccable quality service, Royalè products are Dubai was an instant success that in a30, matter of another weeks, Royalè as a VALUES Brand isand synonymous with innovation as well asinaugurated other nationals residing in the area, BRAND office was of accommodate the growing superlative all aspects. Its successtointhe theover-all local and the sales the branchtoskyrocketed and exceeded all and modern.inFrom the packaging Royalè as a Brand is synonymous with Royalè was an Ainstant success that number ofDubai Dubai Royalistas. branch, the capital of international markets is a Royalè glaringproducts declaration expectations. Immediately on March 30,in2012, another impeccable quality and service, are and modern. From the packaging in a matter of isweeks, the sales of the the growing branch innovation UAE, set to to open soon. officeAbu wasDhabi inaugurated accommodate of this all aspects. Its success in the local and superlative to the over-all impeccable quality and service, skyrocketed and exceeded all in expectations. number of Dubai Royalistas. A branch, the capital of international markets is a glaring declaration Royalè products superlative aspects. Immediately on March 30, 2012, another office UAE, Abu setting Dhabi isthe settrend, to open soon. is poised to further of thisbusiness feat. Continually Royalè The modelare of Royalè is nowin theall benchmark Its success in the local and international markets was inaugurated to accommodate the growing expand its international operations. Next is Royalè of Filipino-owned corporations who want to expand is a business glaring declaration of is this feat. number of Dubai in key the The Continually theRoyalistas. trend, and Royalè is branch, poised to further model of Royalè now the benchmark Singapore andsetting Royalè Qatar in A many more in their operations worldwide. This pursuit requires The business model of Royalè the capital ofitsUAE, Abu Dhabi is setNext to open soon. of expand international operations. is Royalè Filipino-owned corporations whoit want expand more than hard work, but rather, callsisto fornow continucities worldwide will be opened. benchmark of Filipino-owned corporations who Continually the trend, is poised Singapore and setting Royalè Qatar and in Royalè many more in key their operations worldwide. This pursuit requires ous dedication to excellence and a pragmatic underwant to expand theirbut operations worldwide. This to further expand itsopened. international operations. more than hard work, rather, it calls for operations. continuworldwide will be standing of large-scale multi-national Incities its desire to consolidate its growing operations, the ous dedication to excellence and a pragmatic underpursuit requires more than hard work, but rather, Next is Royalè Singapore and Royalè Qatar More importantly, a management with keen business company is now in its final stages of constructing its own standing of continuous large-scale multi-national In its tomore consolidate itscities growing operations, the itsense, calls for dedication excellence and in desire many in in key worldwide will acumen and diligence of tooperations. the highest building. Standing proud Quezon Avenue in Quezon More importantly, a management with keen business company is now in its final stages of constructing its own and a pragmatic understanding of large-scale be opened. level is required. City, the 6-storey building will be the center of Royalè’s sense, acumen operations. and diligence of importantly, the highest a building. Standing proud in Quezon Avenue ingrowing Quezon multi-national More In its to consolidate local and desire international operations to its become the level is required. City, the 6-storey building will be centerinof its Royalè’s with keen business sense, acumen operations, company isthenow final management This is headquarter of the Royalistas worldwide. local of andconstructing international itsoperations to become the and diligence of the highest level is required. stages own building. Standing headquarter of Royalistas worldwide. proud in Quezon Avenue in Quezon City, the This is

6-storey building will be the center of Royalè’s local and international operations to become the headquarter of Royalistas worldwide.

Royalè Royalè

This is


Beauty. Health. Opportunity. Wealth.


The latter part of the previous millennium witnessed the birth and burgeoning era of the wellness products. As the awareness and focus shifted from cure to prevention, a multi-billion dollar industry was unfolded and swept an emerging global market by surprise.



Royalè started with three products, gradually throughout the years, the company introduced more products to the market. Currently, Royalè carries more than 30 product lines that are categorized into two divisions: the Royalè Wellness and Royalè Beauty.

Royalè Business Club International Inc. Royalè Business Club International Inc.


Company the DIDN’T Philippines to acquire THINGS in YOU KNOW ABOUTits Royalè the first ROYALÈ Multi-Level Marketing own isbuilding. The sprawling Royale Company in the isPhilippines acquire its Headquarters a 6-storeyto building in the own building. The sprawling Royale heart of Quezon City with a total floor area of the first Multi-Level  Royalè is isa 6-storey Headquarters building considered in the almost 10,000 square meters, Marketing Company in the Philippines heart Quezon in Cityitswith a total floor of theof It isarea designed tobiggest acquire its industry. own building. The almost 10,000 square meters, considered to sprawling be the center of Royale’s national isand Royale Headquarters a theinternational biggest in its industry. It is designed operations. 6-storey building in the heart of Quezon to be the center of Royale’s national and City with a total floor area of almost international operations. The10,000 building offersmeters, variousconsidered amenities the for square Royalè Distributors; various seminar rooms, biggest in its industry. It is designed The building offers various amenities for to business center, convention beDistributors; thelounge, center lifestyle of Royale’s national Royalè various seminar rooms, and hall, a restaurant operations. as well as a fitness center. international business lounge, lifestyle center, convention hall, restaurant as well as avarious fitness center.  aThe building offers amenities

for Royalè Distributors; various seminar rooms, business lounge, lifestyle center, convention hall, a restaurant as well as a fitness center.

Singapore Dagupan Cagayan De Oro Laoag Angeles Naga Manila Doha Dubai Baguio Taipei Olongapo Tacloban Cebu Davao Abu Dhabi Iloilo General Santos Calamba Zamboanga Santiago



Such is our history that we invent things that are brought about by necessity and from there we take into a form of luxury and into what we can call masterpieces. This holds true even for the mattress. An integral part of our homes’ bedrooms that we either overlook or tediously pay attention to. After all, we use it for something we covet in our daily lives-sleep. Sleep is essential and either we see it as a chore to acquire or, we are addicted to it and there are who people may list it as a “hobby”. It is sound and healthy medical advice to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

The mattress is an invention as early as we decided to put importance to slumber. Initially intended to give the sleeper height so as to keep pests and dirt away, it has now evolved into something that is to give comfort to the sleeper through effective means of support. The more support the mattress gives the sleeper, the less tension they have and an easier trip to dream land it becomes. “Salem beds” the Philippines’ premier brand of mattresses has done just that; created a reputation for designing and manufacturing mattresses that are not only comfortable, but, extremely durable and affordable.


Salem started 46 years ago by Mr. Tiu Kim Chuan manufacturing mattresses stuffed with “Kapok” and has since moved into Spring and foam beds as of this writing. They started their Business in La Loma, and then, moved on to Binondo district, also known as Manila’s China Town. As tradition would dictate it, Mr. Tiu passed the reigns on to his eldest son and, since 1998, is being operated by his youngest. The Company’s first manufacturing plant was opened in Karuhatan, Bulacan and then another followed to operate in Canumay, Valenzuela City. Now, they currently also operate with satellite plants in Visayas particularly in Cebu and Ilo-ilo and Mindanao in Cagayan De Oro. As a testament of Salem’s superior quality and strength, it has received numerous awards from prestigious award-giving bodies that many consumer brands aspire to reach. These are: • Most Outstanding Bed Manufacturer - 7th 8th 9th Annual Consumers Choice Awards by Consumers Union of the Philippines (CUP) • International Recognition of Efficiency, International Gold Star for Quality by Business Initiative Directions (BID) Texas USA • Outstanding Bed Brand 2003 - by the Family and Consumers Choice Awards • Outstanding Manufacturer of Beds 2004 – National Consumers Excellence Annual Awards by the Parangal ng Bayan Foundation Inc.

Mr. Benjamin S. Tiu President / CEO


• Most Outstanding Value Elegant Bed, Hidensity Foam Manufactured and Top of the Line Mattress Bed 2004 – by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards • No.1 Knitted Mattress (National) and No.1 Hi-density Foam Manufacturer (Metro Manila) 2004 - and by the National Shoppers Choice Annual Awards • No.1 Affordable Fine Quality Bed National 2005 – by the National Shoppers Choice Annual Awards

• Best Luxury Bed Brand National Awards 2005 – by the National Product Quality Excellence • Most Outstanding Manufacturer of Bed 2006 – Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence by the Philippine Business World – Quality Class • Most Outstanding Manufacturer of Bed and Most Outstanding Manufacturer of Foam 2006 – by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards • Most Outstanding Bed Manufacturer 2009 – by the Peoples Choice Seal of Excellence Awards • Most Outstanding Bed Brand 2009 – by the Dangal ng Bayan Awards • Most Outstanding Bed Manufacturer (Consumers Choice Awardee) 2009 – by

• • • •

the Consumers League of the Philippines Foundation (CONPHIL) No.1 Knitted Mattress (National) and No.1 Manufacturer of Beds (National) 2009 by the National Shoppers Choice Annual Awards Most Outstanding Bed Manufacturer and Most Outstanding Foam Manufacturer 2009 – 28th Annual Consumers Quality Awards and Dangal ng Bayan Awards by the National Consumers Affairs Foundation and Consumers Quality awards (CQA) Most Outstanding Bed Manufacturer 2010 – by the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards committee and the Asia Pacific Awards Council (APAC) Gold Brands – The Philippines Most Powerful and Admired Brands Readers Digest Trusted Brand Gold Philippines 2010, 2011, 2012 – The Ultimate Seal of Consumers Approval ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED Superbrands – The Only International Award-giving body on Marketing/Branding in the Philippines, SALEM BED is The First and The Only Bed Brand in the Philippines awarded Superbrands


Salem will be announcing the launch of four fantastic lines of pocketed spring beds this year guided by the vision of “A Salem Bed in every Filipino home!” The beds, whether spring or foam, is a result of painstaking research and development to keep up with ever changing trends in

the world of bed making. However, the company sticks to the soul of the Filipino by sourcing local materials like abaca and coco fiber. One may choose from a wide variety of beds depending on their specific tastes and budgets assisted by a task oriented Sales and After Sales Department with a guaranteed ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Designer, Developer and Manufacturer of beds and Mattresses.


Due to company aspirations of expansion, they too, have been acquiring the best machines to meet the ever-increasing demand of the market in anticipation for exponential growth and protect raw materials in the best way possible. One need not rattle their brains to witness first hand the products of Salem as they have different locations for the Life So Easy Retail Showroom, which is located in the Canumay Factory, SM South Mall, MC Depot-Taguig, MC Depot-Ortigas, Pacific Center Mall- Binondo, Farmers’ Plaza-Cubao, and Limketkai MallCagayan de Oro City. This year will be the year of new beginnings and growth as Salem opens its 8th Life So Easy Retail Outlet Showroom to the public in Iloilo City. Within the various offerings are easy to carry, lightweight products available in most leading department stores and retailers.


One activity that evokes nostalgia and one that holds to tried and tested methods of marketing is Salem’s participation in Road Shows where they add a personal touch by reaching out to the public and giving them first hand experience to see for themselves the beauty,

elegance, styling and functionality that is a Salem Bed. Such Shows in the past were held at the SMX Convention Center in the SM Mall of Asia and the World trade Center. TV ads and features in TV shows were also venues as Salem was featured in Studio 23 “ Generation Rx “ and ABS CBN’s “Rated K” hosted by Korina Sanchez.


Since the now being phased slogan, “Hari ng Tibay”, which, first aired in the nineteen eighties, Salem has been able to live up to the reputation. It’s not just another catchy slogan mind you! Salem does build beds to last. Plenty of our customers remark that they would want a new bed but the Salem is still intact and virtually feels the same since the day it was bought. A flattering statement that sure keeps Mr. Tiu and everybody in the company smiling, knowing that they have accomplished their primary mission. So, being the only bed brand in the Philippines to be awarded a “SUPERBRANDS” stamp is just icing on the cake, so to speak. Doing things the right way from the first step is necessary to achieve things in a grand manner later on. This is why Salem is n the right track. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT SALEM

 The company believes that blessings are to

be given back and that is why they sponsor giving beds to less fortunate members of our society as attested in GMA 7’s program “Wish ko lang!” where Salem did just that.

 Remember the ultimate test of letting a real

Indian Elephant use one of their beds as a toy? Why do you think Salem’s logo, for the longest time, was that of an elephant lying on a mattress? It’s because, they did have one play, trample and lay on an actual Salem Bed. All this shot in the kingdom of Thailand.



It is such a good feeling knowing one can go home and immediately lie down in a soft and comfortable sofa after the long day's work — this setting is what everyone wants to experi-

In 2012, the company is awarded Superbrand status in recognition of its excellence in its particular industry and commitment to quality product and service to its customers.


It was the year 1996 that marked the humble beginnings of this furniture company.It was then called AAA Commercial, which started with mini closets and small plastic drawers as product lines. It was after three years in business that the company saw the need to respond to the growing demand for plastic products. In 1999, it diversified into importation of knock-down furniture, which includes cabinets, bookshelves, and wardrobes. After some time, the company eventually brought to the country high-end pieces from Southeast Asian countries and China. These top-of-theline pieces include dining set, living room and entertainment sets and also bedroom furniture. ence. The thought of being able to invest your needs is pleasurable! But the truth of knowing these things are obtainable is even more astounding! San-yang Furniture has long-been existing and providing consumers affordable yet quality furniture. It is a brand silently helping people build their dream houses with memories to be kept forever. One might not know, he has San-Yang in his house! San-Yang Intertrade Corporation is a proud pioneer of knock-down furniture. The company takes pride in its wide-array of house and office furniture that cater to the middle-income market. The first clientele of the brand started with homeowners that needed simple but sturdy and functional home furniture. Over the years it eventually grew to include early nesters that need an entire bedroom, living room and dining room set for their newly bought house; and corporate offices that look for cost efficient items. Currently the company includes interior designers, student-designers and property managers among its growing patrons.


From its humble beginnings, San-Yang Furniture's market reach now expands to all corners of the country. Its steadfast determination has brought the company to a lot of open doors. Transactions were pulled through due to ardent persistence to make the brand prevalent. San-yang eventually grew through concession setups in department stores and supermarkets. Major clients include SM, Puregold, Robinsons, Abenson Homeplus and Gaisano. The company also opened its own stores at Market Market, Uniwide, Festival Alabang and Limketkai Cagayan. The purpose of making it nationwide was abruptly attained. All of these are result of ambitious and aggressive faith of making it big in the furniture business. 60

It was in 2001 that the name San-Yang Intertrade Corporation was born. Spearheaded by business partners Mr. Tomas Cua and Mr. Tony Sy, the company established its commitment of providing customer satisfaction through quality and affordable furniture products. The leaders remained driven and steadfast to their commitment throughout the years. The strong leadership supported by a motivated workforce was the key to the undeniable success of the company.


San-Yang Furniture is a product that fills in the typical Filipino home. It aims to provide furniture without spending too much. The promise of affordability however does not compromise quality. Affordability plus quality is the success formula of San-Yang. It firmly believes that these two canensure customer satisfaction, which the company value the most.

San-Yang to offer only good and functional pieces.


Today, the brand offers diverse types of furniture for your living room – the simple but

elegant beach-type sala set, normally made of solid wood with foam for the back and seat while arms are left naked; dining room – the classic simple curves, subtle yet appealing dining set which is perfectly versatile for any type of home interior; bedroom – the clean-cut wooden bed frame, which was popular during the 90’s. From classic to modern, from simple to sophisticated, the brand definitely adheres to your need and taste. San-Yang perceives and understands its consumers. Hence, you can expect

San-Yang Furniture is continuously expanding. New stores have opened and there are more possible concessions being studied and reviewed. The company is responding to the growing needs of the market. Hence, investing for new equipment to better its service is what it focuses at this point in time. San-yang's delivery team was invested with additional trucks. The demand for warehouses was up as the newly purchased knock-down items reached the country. The company ensures it is never lost in giving innovative and suitable furniture pieces. Hence, new items were introduced.

Recently, the number of employees grew tremendously due to the increasing demands of new store concessions. Trainings are consistent to give the best service possible.


In the event of its 16th year this 2012, the company decided to be more aggressive in promoting its brand and secured Ms. Jennylyn Mercado and her son, Alex Jazz Mercado, as its celebrity endorsers. Ms. Jennylyn Mercado’s strong filial love and values endeared her to millions of fans and is an eloquent ambassador for the qualities that San-Yang Furniture stands for. Consistent with this thrust, in the same year the company also partnered with local television outfit TV5 as one of the partner-sponsors of its reality TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Philippines). The brand supported the program’s orientation toward helping deserving but less fortunate individuals in Tomas Cua (President) and Tony Sy (General Manager) of achieving their dream home. SAN-YANG Intertrade Corporation 61

Ms. Mercado and son now grace the marketing collaterals and all advertising campaigns of the brand to bring to the fore San-Yang Furniture’s mark in the Philippine furniture industry as officially a Superbrand in its own right.


High-end Living without the High Cost is the catch phrase for San-Yang Furniture. As a household item, this promise can be seen and tested on the flexibility of the furniture to be dressed up or dressed down; to be part of the bedroom or the sala; depending on the aesthetic or functional demand of the time. As a brand, San-Yang Furniture’s commitment is shown on its craftsmanship and affordability. Owning a San-Yang furniture will not cost you an arm nor a leg yet it gives beauty, quality and convenience at a price that makes you smile. Perhaps of all the qualities that make the brand enduring all these years and more competitive in the market is its commitment to quality service, during and after sales. San-Yang Furniture personnel are always ready to assist the customer

in their choices, deliveries and special arrangements extending the company’s commitment to value from product to service. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT SAN-YANG FURNITURE

 If you have a knock-down furniture

at home, there’s a huge chance it’s San-Yang

 Most of San-Yang’s products are made

of particle board, also known as engineered wood; particle board is made of small pieces of wood particles (wood chips, shavings, and/or sawdust) and a synthetic resin; it is marketed as an eco-friendly wood, manufactured mainly in Thailand and Malaysia

 San-Yang stands for “three ocean”; it is a name depicting the three huge bodies of water bordering the Philippines; the name plotted the company’s vision, which is to be available in the whole archipelago


Someone once said that shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. And just about everybody likes to shop. Even some of the guys secretly like it. The other guys would rather watch a basketball game on TV. With Home Shopping Network, Inc., shopping for a rich selection of stuff is possible from the comfort of your own home. And if two TVs are available, the guys can watch the game while the ladies shop— without having to drop. Home Shopping Network products are spread across several categories, including Entertainment (DVDs, speakers, and the like); Food and Home (gadgets for the home and food preparation); Fitness and Health (food supplements, fitness equipment and more); and Beauty and Beyond (products for the skin and hair, products that enhance self-worth and boost confidence). Whether you want to hide your skin blemishes or buy a gift for a friend, Home Shopping Network, Inc. is the place to go. It’s true that housewives or homemakers predominate as customers. Fitness buffs, both male and female, also watch in large numbers. Shoppers are drawn to the Home Shopping Network, Inc., because the products are innovative, unique, effective and easy to use—products that really matter in their daily routine apart from it being a bonafide and genuine.

Infomercials on imported and Philippinemade products are particularly effective in sparking shoppers’ interest, as are live product demonstrations. Everybody’s favourite holiday, Christmas, bring special on-air bargains and double deals. Home Shopping Network, Inc. offers something for everyone including a block time for Business and Leisure. And you must not forget that products sold by Home Shopping Network, Inc. are not easily available in any ordinary retail stores. The company has been an exclusive distributor of original licensed products from suppliers all over the world. HSNi’s fully operated specialty stores offer specialty products as seen on TV. Comprehensive after-sales service and product warranties are also applied to gain further customer confidence. Additionally HSN is just about the only company in the industry that provides product liability insurance for all products it markets, promotes, and sells. New products are introduced monthly, making Home Shopping Network, Inc. a formidable brand and Shop TV a formidable channel. Shop TV is currently carried by as many as 280 cable TV operators nationwide. Its continuous expansion will eventually reach every nook and cranny of the Philippines. The company is also steadily 62

gaining a favorable percentage of people who do not usually shop through TV.


From a humble beginning of only 20 products, Home Shopping Network Inc. now boasts of more than 150 revolutionary items procured for and introduced to the Philippine market. Most significant is the repeat business the company enjoys with satisfied customers Since 2009, Home Shopping Network, Inc. has been a Superbrands awardee. It proudly displays the Superbrand seal of excellence. This recognition affirms that Home Shopping Network, Inc. has reached what has been its goal from the beginning: to change the way you shop by providing a wide range of innovative products that can be had with one call from the comfort of your own home. This accolade also spurs the company to expand its services even further. For starters, the company boasts of its own studio where locally-produced shows are being shot. Home Shopping Network, Inc. also churns out programs showcasing local inventors, serving as a springboard for locally-made products to create awareness at international markets. The Superbrand award is testament to Home Shopping Network’s unwavering consistency. Home Shopping Network delivers. And very likely, it will garner another such coveted award in the future. The company is excited and ready to embark on a new endeavor middle of the year, this time redefining online shopping.


Home Shopping Network, Inc. was founded by the Tieng family together with Ismail Zaini. Soon after its inception in October 15, 2003, all

the essential departments were in place and full operations began; with the main objective of running a 24-hour shopping channel. In November 15, 2005, Shop TV was launched and went on-air for 12 hours in a day. And in August 2006, the channel became the country’s only 24-hour shopping channel. By 2008, Home Shopping Network, Inc. opened a retail outlet at the SM Mall of Asia. The company introduces no less than 25 new products every year, driving expansion by working to change the format and perception of TV shopping. Past practices in the trade created misconceptions and caused lack of confidence in TV shopping in the Philippines. Home Shopping Network, Inc was able to change the popular perception, and feedback has been positive, with increased sales—proof positive that the company has set its sights on continually exceeding expec-tations. It has done this by delivering the best quality service at competitive prices. And it has done so while constantly improving service, with the customers’ welfare in mind.


Home Shopping Network, Inc. allows a complete hassle free shopping. Now, one can opt to skip the process of going to the store, staying in line to pay for the product purchased, and find ways to bring the product home. With Shop TV, the caller only has to pick up the phone to order one of the revolutionary products viewed on TV; setting into motion a complete range of services that extend all the way to after-sales service. And it is all seamless. Products sold are delivered nationwide within 24 hours from your order being placed. The logistics are exceptionally smooth, ensuring the customer will experience only delight upon sighting the product. Need to replace a part? The instructional CD won’t play? What about setting it up? All you have to do is call and an amiable Home

Shopping Network, Inc. customer service agent will guide you, making sure you get the most from your purchase. Based from sales reports, products that are presently hot on the market, among others, include the Ceramic Core, Gymform Dual Shaper, Paint Zoom, Smart Pen, and X-Hose.


To move ahead, Home Shopping Network, Inc. continuously keeps in the public eye by talking the talk and walking the walk. The company promotes itself through television, print advertisements and presentations to advertising agencies and direct customers. Home Shopping Network, Inc. has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and looks for ways to better the lives of Filipinos. Home Shopping Network, Inc. has been a regular sponsor of the annual PCTA Convention and FICAP Convention since 2006. It sponsored the Philippine Gourmet Team, which competed in Hong Kong in 2008. Exhibiting extraordinary culinary expertise, the Philippine team won the major gourmet team competition.

To garner further public awareness, Home Shopping Network, Inc. promotes itself directly through television, Shop TV, and with block times from sister company Solar Entertainment’s channels (2nd Avenue, Solar TV, BTV, Solar Sports, Diva Universe, and Jack TV). Home Shopping Network, Inc. print ads run in major broadsheets and home magazines across the nation.


Home Shopping Network, Inc. is recognised as the leading TV shopping channel in the Philippines, with unique and reliable high-end and exceptional products. Customers immediately recognise the Home Shopping Network, Inc. rooftop with signal rays and the color bars of the Shop TV logo. One glance and they know top quality is in store— top quality in service, in products, and in follow-on after sales service parts and support. Home Shopping Network, Inc. is virtually synonymous with innovative and revolutionary products. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so goes the saying. Home Shopping Network, Inc. has its imitators—and why not? What better brand to imitate than a Superbrand? THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT HOME SHOPPING NETWORK

 It is possible to buy products sold by

Home Shopping Network over the counter—but only over the counter at stores run by Home Shopping Network. Beware fully aware of other retailers copying imitating and counterfeiting products similar and even claiming to be HSN’s product range.

 While Home Shopping Network works

to deliver products within 24 hours of an order being placed, in some cases delivery is made within the day of placing an order.



I-SOLIGNUM MO! This is a very familiar phrase that you will hear from carpenters, engineers, architects or even homeowners when they encounter termite and wood pest problems. This is because Solignum is their first brand of choice when it comes to wood preservation. It is a solid partner of Filipinos in preserving their homes and cultural heritage. Solignum has been serving the Philippine market for over 50 years and is synonymous with quality wood pres-

ervation. That is why, Solignum has become a generic term that one would easily quip, “I-Solignum mo.”


TRIED. TESTED. TRUSTED. Even after 50 years, Solignum continues to strengthen its mark as a leading brand in the country with more than a 90% market share. Many other brands and products have tried to compete with Solignum, but failed to capture the trust and confidence of the market. This is a testament that Filipinos choose only Solignum for wood preservation— the tried, tested, and trusted brand. Solignum wood preservative is also the only wood preservative allowed by the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) to claim termite protection. Internationally, Solignum is also acclaimed with a UK Royal Seal Award— a royal proof of excellence and product quality. Although alternative building materials have become available over the years, Solignum still enjoys continual growth in sales year after year. This is achieved also with the continuous improvement in the product— specifically in making sure of the safety of the user and the environment.


For us Filipinos, nothing counts so much as family. And Filipinos value family, so it comes as no surprise that an ultimate Filipino 64

dream is to own a house, where memories of a lifetime will be shared with loved ones. Whether building a dream house or repairing and renovating it, Filipino homeowners have made Solignum a part of this dream for more than 50 years.

Solignum colourless and brown variants were the first products made available in the Philippines. In 2010, Solignum scored another breakthrough by introducing Solignum Colourless AZ Aerosol. Another breakthrough is the expansion of the Solignum line with the introduction of the wood decor products called Solignum Timbertone and Solignum Deck Stain.


Solignum Wood Preservative is a UK-brand distributed by Jardine Distribution, Inc. in the Philippines. The product has been a global leader for 100 years. In the Philippines, it can be found just about everywhere. Solignum Colourless AZ is used for exposed wood that can be painted such as decks, eaves, floor boards, and wood ceilings. Solignum Brown, on the other hand, is used for wood

that does not need to be painted such as fascia, trusses, and wall frames. All Solignum products ensure maximum protection. They do not swell or distort wood, nor is there need for long drying period. TOTAL TERMITE SOLUTION To complete Solignum’s anti-termite campaign, the company introduced Soilguard, its soil termiticide brand, to the market in 2009. Solignum and Soilguard complete the company’s Total Termite Protection campaign, which educates the market on the importance of protecting homes from termites, inside and out. Another breakthrough and first in the market was the launch of Solignum Colourless AZ Aerosol variant. This product features the same tried, tested and trusted Solignum wood preservative—packaged as a ready to use spray that offers extraordinary convenience. Solignum Colourless AZ Aerosol is ideal for homeowners who want to do the job themselves, and for wood that requires less application like cabinets, doors, furniture, and hard to reach areas. PRODUCT EXPANSION With the growing need of the market for quality products, Solignum being a genuine wood protection and preservation product continue to provide the market with innovations that will surely make wood last longer. Recently, it launched its wood decor products called Solignum Timbertone and Solignum Deck Stain. Solignum Timbertone and Deck Stain are both wood decors that do not only beautify and enhance the color of the wood but also give protection from UV light, moulds, scuffing and flaking. Both Timbertone and Deck Stain are in microporous formulation allowing the timber to breathe, therefore, preventing flaking which makes the natural beauty of wood last longer. Timbertone is suitable for both Internal and external- timber furniture, joinery, windows and doors while Deck Stain is suitable for outdoor application or to wood that are exposed to weather such as deck and fences. Deck Stain additional feature is its water repellent protection. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Solignum is exclusively distributed by Jardine Distribution, Inc., a giant in marketing and distribution in the Philippines. Jardine has extensive market knowledge and expertise in the

construction and agriculture industries. Brands distributed by Jardine Distribution lead the market segments they serve. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Jardine and Solignum work with the National Historical Institute to preserve and restore historical sites like the Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite and the Mabini Shrine, now located in the PUP Sta. Mesa Manila campus.


Solignum as a brand represents quality, reliability, credibility and trustworthy solution to termite problems, wood borers and fungi. Solignum has built this image over its many years of serving the Filipino homeowners. The bold, red letters of the Solignum logo identify its products as the only leading wood preservative in the market that is truly tried, tested, and trusted. The brand has created a life of its own and has become the generic term for wood preservative. Such is the impact Solignum has made. Who could be more deserving of the Superbrand award?


 Solignum derives from the Latin words “Sol” meaning sun and “ignum” meaning timber.

 Solignum supports the National His-

torical Institute in preserving Philippine heritage by partnering with it in renovating and maintaining our heroes’ shrines, such as the Aguinaldo and the Mabini Shrines.

 Solignum’s recent product development

is the launch of its wood decor Solignum Timbertone and Deck Stain that protects and enhances the natural beauty of wood.


Trusted Since 1898

The Manila Times is available nationwide and in several major capitals in the world. Its international distribution was made possible through its tieup with three multinational print associates based in Europe and North America. Though they’re located outside the Philippines, The Manila Times is distributed on the same day it is distributed in Manila.

The Manila Times’ personnel were all Americans before Filipino journalists joined in 1918. Among the prominent Filipino journalists who became a part of The Manila Times were Maria KalawKatigbak, Jose P. Bautista, Jose Luna Castro,Luis Serrano, Benjamin Osias, Jose L. Guevara, Estrella Alfon, Cita Trinidad, Consuelo and Benigno Aquino Jr.



The Manila Times was the industry leader as it was number one in circulation, advertising and editorial content in the Philippines for over a century. At the height of its success, at home and in the region, it was shut down when the late President Ferdinand Marcos imposed Martial Law in 1972. As the new millennium came, Dante A. Ang brought new life, new hope and new vigor to the broadsheet when he acquired it in August 2001. Today, The Manila Times has been among the leading broadsheets – proof that it has what it takes to return to its former splendor. It is now at par with the leading newspapers out of more than 25 dailies in the country. Seven of these dailies use the English language as a medium. The Manila Times has a large following mostly from the young professional sector, the entrepreneurs and decision-makers in society who belong to the middle-income families as well as the Class “A” bracket. Its market reach continues to expand to other demographics, including women aged 40 and beyond who belong to the A and B-income brackets. The appealing factors: The Manila Times’ fair and incisive presentation of news, fresh editorial content and services to its readers. In fact, even the country’s business and government leaders rely on The Manila Times for quality data, journalistic information and in-depth analyses that are helpful in their decision-making.

Survey results show how The Manila Times has started to pick up since Mr. Ang revived it in 2001. At present, it ranks fourth place among the leading newspapers in the Philippines. It even landed third in the Visayas region according to A.C. Nielsen’s 2008 survey. The broadsheet’s success has been pinpointed to its independent, reliable and hard-hitting stance that appealed to a lot of new readers. Indeed, the paper has notable standards – particularly for its columns and special report contents – that it earned most-coveted recognitions from prestigious organizations. It received a Jaime Ongpin Award for Excellence in Journalism and another award from the Philippine Press Institute, to name a few. Because the paper has considerably attained excellence in the field of Journalism, the news organization reckoned to share this excellence through curriculums at The Manila Times College (formerly The Manila Times School of Journalism) which is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Here, the students undergo on-the-job training from day one, an experience which they would not get in any other Journalism school. Another salient advantage is that the school administration is composed of professional media practitioners. The College has an exchange student agreement with the Goethe University in Frankfurt.


Thomas Gowan, an English businessman who decided to migrate to the Philippines, put up The Manila Times on October 11, 1898 to meet the demand for an American newspaper in Manila. It was the time when the Paris Peace Conference was just convened to deliberate on the transition treaty between the Spanish and the American government on the Philippines’ sovereignty. Gowan had foreseen that not only the American forces but also a great majority of people would eagerly await any news from Paris. That same year, Gowan sold The Manila Times to the paper’s business manager George Sellner. In 1902, Sellner sold it to a group of American businessmen but bought it back in 1905. In 1907, Sellner sold it again, this time, to Thomas C. Kinney who incorporated the Times Co. 66

In May 1945, the family of Don Alejandro Roces, Sr. revived The Manila Times and was later relegated to Joaquin “Chino” Roces as its publisher. Fortunately, the paper once again dominated the industry until the late President Marcos imposed Martial Law in September 1972 that suppressed and shut down several media organizations. But the Roces family remained optimistic on the potentials of The Manila Times and revived it again on February 5, 1986, in time for President Marcos’ ouster the following day. In 1989, business tycoon John Gokongwei Jr. showed interest in buying the paper from the Roces family. During the early part of then President Joseph Estrada’s administration, The Manila Times published a story about an alleged fraudulent deal that implicated him. The President retaliated, particularly on the part where he was labelled as “unwitting godfather” of the said deal. He filed a P101million libel suit against the paper. In response, the paper’s management issued an apology, though Ermin Garcia, Jr., who was then the paper’s publisher, explained that it was “not a retraction”. Nonetheless, Gokongwei had to shut down the paper on July 24, 1999. Fortunately, another savior came to redeem the glory of The Manila Times. On August 8, 2001, the broadsheet had a

fresh new start and greeted its avid followers with Mr. Ang’s pledge. “Our mission then is to inform clearly and accurately, to reflect on great decisions and events, to arouse the intellect, to excite curiosity and wonder, to honor the past and pave the way to the future, but always with the aim of sharing with our readers and advertisers the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the defeats that are the stuff of our daily lives,” Mr. Ang averred. He regarded The Manila Times as “a window on the past and a door to the future.” Mr. Ang also has been optimistic that The Manila Times will be able to return to its former status as the industry’s leader despite all odds. “Recording, storing, perpetuating the national memory was the principal vocation of the old Manila Times. We intend to regain that distinction,” Mr. Ang vowed. And so The Manila Times has indeed regained its momentum with Mr. Ang’s expert management style.


The Manila Times is a daily broadsheet that contains news, opinion, business, sports and lifestyle sections. It also has sections which appear weekly – the Sunday Times Magazine, Tech Times (Mondays) and Fast Times (Tuesdays). The business section gives updates on local and foreign economic news and includes the indispensable classified ads as well. The Lifestyle section features arts, culture, glamour and glitz and the “finer things in life.” The readers could find practical tips on home improvement, health and medical care, parenting and positive outlook and dispositions for the young generation. The business and lifestyle sections are highly-regarded for their well-written stories and specialized approach to presenting information and issues of the day. The Times Sports section features comprehensive coverage of local and international sports events. The Opinion Page publishes analyses of major news events, incisive columns by opinion writers and comments from readers. The Motoring section offers a rich source of information on automobile trends, while Tech Times presents IT issues and information on the latest technologies primarily for those who formulate IT strategies and make buying decisions for their companies.

The Manila Times is the flagship of The Manila Times Publishing Corporation. It also publishes HealthNews, a weekly supplement magazine on medical science, health, fitness and beauty.


For over a century, The Manila Times had been the number one broadsheet in the Philippines. It would have remained on its status if not for the proclamation of Martial Law in 1972 that forced

the paper and other media organizations to shut down. But because of its exemplary service to the people, it was re-launched when the Marcos administration toppled in 1986.

people in leadership positions in business and government grew up reading The Manila Times. Surveys have projected that The Manila Times will remain having a special place in the Filipinos’ homes, schools, government and business offices because majority of its readers at present belong to the new generation of business leaders. Dedication, talent and hard work of the people behind The Manila Times are the strength of the brand. The broadsheet’s list of alumni includes prominent individuals who excel in the fields of journalism and even in socio-political-history. The current pool of editors and writers are veterans in the industry. The section editors and reporters are

The Manila Times rebounded when Mr. Dante Ang took the helm and – apparently undaunted – invested money and expertise out of his reverence for the paper. Mr. Ang brought with him his brilliant, highly-educated and management-expert son, Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd, who is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Editor of The Manila Times.

As a matter of fact, The Manila Times is formulating marketing strategies that include improved layout and editorial contents, and active promotions and advertising campaigns. The Manila Times also holds the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)-Manila Times Equity Challenge, an online stock-trading tournament that has honed the stock market skills of students by exposing them to a real-world trading experience. The event is a nationwide inter-collegiate level competition that has become widely popular since it was launched a few years ago. The 2008 edition was participated by 400 teams (or 2,000 individuals) from 35 colleges and universities in the Philippines. Former student-participants are now successful and outstanding players in the equities market. In another event, Mr. Ang launched in 2002 the Search for the Most Outstanding “Tsinoys” (Filipinos of Chinese descent) which is now being held annually. The winners are given the Dr. Jose P. Rizal Awards for Excellence in the fields of Art, Literature and Culture, Business and Entrepreneurship, Community Service, Education, Journalism, Management and Finance, Medicine, Public Service, Science and Technology, Sports and other professions. A nationwide essay writing competition is also being regularly organized by The Manila Times and co-sponsored by The Manila Times College. This competition aims to encourage the youth to hone their English writing skills. The Manila Times also builds and strengthens networks and linkages with business and government leaders. It conducts regular round-table interviews with CEOs, Cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and other newsmakers of the day. The round-table discussions are reported as news and features.


The Manila Times is among those brand names that are most recognizable in the Philippines. Most 67

professionals in the business. The news section offers comprehensive, nuance and objective stories while analyses, outspoken editorials and incisive opinion essays reflect on the meaning of the news and their impact on national life. The Manila Times College exemplifies the broadsheet’s staunch support to the education industry. It has produced the cream of the crops who are already practising their acquired knowledge and skills in the media industry. The Manila Times is among the few broadsheets in the country that led in the development of their own Internet edition. The paper’s website— — is currently on the top two most visited local newspaper websites. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE MANILA TIMES

 Being launched on October 11, 1898,

The Manila Times is the longest-running English-language broadsheet in the Philippines.  The late President Manuel Quezon and his Filipino businessmen-partners became the broadsheet’s owners in 1917 until 1921. The paper was bought by George H. Fairchild, formerly a Hawaiian senator, who sojourned in the Philippines to invest in the sugar industry; he was later known as one of the most influential American businessmen in  the country. Among the prominent writers of The Manila Times were Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, the first president of the United Nations General Assembly, who was also an editor for the paper; and the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino who covered the Korean War in his younger days and  before he became a staunch senator. The Manila Times is published in several major cities in different countries on the same day it is printed in Manila, which is made possible through its partnership with three multinational press associates  based in Europe and North America. The Manila Times Chairman Dante A. Ang’s grandfather was a typesetter for La Vanguardia, the broadsheet’s Spanish-language sister publication.

Australia, establishing Leisure and Allied Industries Philippines, Inc. (LAIP). By January 1998, the Philippines’ first Timezone opened at the Ayala Center in Cebu. This was quickly followed by Timezone’s first flagship FEC in Glorietta 4, Ayala Center offering a wide array of simulator games, family and adult redemption games, and kiddie rides. Between 1999 and 2010, Timezone established more centers in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and Bohol, including Timezone’s second flagship store in SM Megamall, third flagship store in SM Mall of Asia and fourth flagship store in TriNoma Mall, cementing Timezone’s leadership position as the nation’s premiere FEC. In 2011, Timezone continued its expansion in the provinces as it opened in SM Marilao in Bulacan, Abreeza Mall in Davao and SM Iloilo. For 2012, Timezone opened two centers in Harbor Point Mall in Subic and is expected to open in Centrio Mall in Cagayan De Oro by yearend.


Timezone managed by Leisure and Allied Industries Philippines, Inc. (LAI) is the country’s leading Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with over 50 outlets nationwide. There is simply no other local brand in the country’s FEC industry that elicits as much appeal, recognition and countrywide draw as Timezone. The word “Family” as contained in the acronym FEC constitutes Timezone’s primary market catering to the Filipino family’s needs which include seeking entertainment venues for bonding and creating collective, happy memories. A strong secondary market sector consists of upwardly mobile, working young adults and couples who enjoy Timezone as a stressrelieving setting to meet colleagues and friends alike. Lastly, for teenagers, Timezone is a safe rendezvous where good friends meet and new friendships are formed within a wholesome, dynamic and competitive environment. The extremely popular phenomenon of “malling” nationwide plays an important role as well for Timezone. Malls are where Filipinos go to shop, eat and entertain themselves in a seamless blend of toddlers, kids, teens and

adult family members relishing leisure time together. As such, most of Timezone’s outlets are strategically located in the country’s leading malls.


Timezone’s greatest achievement to date is unquestionably the total transformation of Philippine video parlors of yore. In those early days, video arcades had negative reputations as dingy, dark and smoke-filled hang-outs for school drop-outs and other social misfits. Timezone revolutionized this stereotypical way of thinking by locating its friendlier staffed venues in decent, wholesome, cleaner and brighter mainstream areas. No doubt this has been a major factor in the exponential growth of Timezone outlets. In just fourteen years, 42 main centers and 12 satellite locations have opened in the metro cities of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In the process, LAI Philippines Inc. has kept pace with the latest innovations in the industry by acquiring the latest games and operating systems for its Timezone outlets. Through the trailblazing Powercard® System for instance, Timezone has altered the industry forever by eliminating old fashioned, bulky and unhygienic tokens and converting these into plastic Powercards® — a convenient cashless debit card that customers use to play games, rides and attractions.


Leisure and Allied Industries, Pty. (LAI Australia) was founded in 1958 and presently operates over 250 FECs under the brand name Timezone in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Vietnam. In late 1997, Ayala Land Inc. entered into a joint venture with LAI 68

Timezone offers the widest array of simulator, redemption, park rides and kiddie rides – from shoot them up, race them, battle and conquer them, throw at them, ride them, punch them, bowl them, attempt baskets – name it, Timezone probably has it. What’s more, Timezone takes pride in being first-to-market, holding

the distinction of being the first to introduce the extremely popular Dance Dance Revolution in 1999, during its time dubbed by the media as “the hottest entertainment machine in the country.” In terms of popular games, the past year has seen the arrival of the following brand new machines: • Maximum Tune 3 DX+ – The fifth generation of the Maximum Tune series will surely give all the street racing thrills the game aficionados have come to expect from this arcade game. This latest installment features a bevy of customization options, new car models and more dress up parts as well as an intense fast paced racing experience. • Tekken Tag 2 – This latest of the Tekken series delivers cutting edge graphics and sounds in a truly high technology game cabinet thereby promising an exciting and incomparable game experience. It also features internet online connection as players are able to view their ranking worldwide in the game.

DJ Max Technika 3 – This latest version of the hottest music game challenge has instantly become a favorite game as it features upgraded user interface, more songs to play especially with its internet online connection facility as all players try to create and re-create a tune like a DJ. Fun Rider 5D – A Five-Dimensional simulation machine that allows customers to experience state-of-the-art technology and effects that give extreme thrill and excitement. It stimulates senses and lets customers feel external factors come to life with additional special effect such as smoke, mist, bubbles, wind and snow.

another innovation of Timezone that allows the system to link the branches and hence giving the customers access to their Powercard® load from different stores. Dual Ticket Program As Timezone offers several exciting ticket vending machines, the brand has made winning tickets more flexible and convenient to customers with the Dual Ticket Program. The Dual Ticket Program allows the customers to choose between winning actual paper tickets or via the more eco-friendly option of electronic tickets where tickets are saved in the Powercard® directly.


Timezone is determined and dynamic in its multi-pronged promotional thrusts. Consider a select few: Movie-based promotions — Successful joint promotions with family-oriented hit movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Ratatouille, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wall-E, High School Musical 3, UP, Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 capture the excitement of blockbuster releases and make Timezone the ideal brand to promote new movie releases. Co-promotions with top brands – Timezone has become a sought after promotional partner for other key brands like Pepsi, Sustagen, Gardenia and Wrigley who recognize Timezone as a brand that appeals to their core market. Top Machine-Based Competitions – At least twice a year, tournaments for Timezone’s hit and most popular games such as the Maximum Tune racing game, Tekken fighting game and DJ Max Technika music games are being held. These are done to further promote these machines that have a consistently strong following. Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR is part of Timezone’s regular program where company-wide and individual contributions are given to various cause oriented institutions like the Children’s Hour fund and La Mesa Watershed “Trees for Life” project. Timezone also has a regular program to invite disadvantaged children being supported by organizations like Virlanie Foundation, Inc., World Vision Philippines,

GMA-7’s Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Foundation, Make a Wish Philippines, Inc., White Cross and kid cancer patients from Child Haus to a day of fun and games at Timezone stores.


“Time for Fun” is a catchphrase that deftly captures the heart and spirit of Timezone. This is a brand that represents a fun, entertainment venue where customers venture into another dimension, or “Timezone”. There is simply no other local brand name in the country’s FEC industry that elicits as much appeal, recognition and countrywide draw. To illustrate, in various recent popular Filipino films, Timezone was alluded to in the context of representing the industry genre itself. In effect, the brand Timezone is fast becoming, if not already has become, the very definition and equivalence of such entertainment centers as a whole – the mark of a superlative Superbrand four years in a row!


 Timezone entertains over 2.0 million customers a month across all its stores.

 Timezone has exclusive rights to sev-


eral internet connected games like DJ Max Technika 3, Tekken Tag 2, ReRave and SnapShot.

Timezone distinguishes itself from its competition by constantly applying innovative concepts. Timezone Link Powercard® System Timezone has recently launched the Link Powercard® System that enables customer to use their load in any connected Timezone Powercard® center. The Link Powercard® is

 Two leading US based FEC industry

consultants have cited Timezone in the Philippines as “…one of the best FEC operators in the world.” Now that’s a Superbrand.



Live life with victory, this is the spirit we share to the people. Today wellness is an ever increasing, whether it means practicing healthy choices or learning new habits to create a more balanced lifestyle. It is said to be a trillion dollar industry and becoming one of the trend in global markets. As an advocate of bringing Filipino product to the world, Victory Global provides superior product and services of high quality, unique, safe and effective and at reasonable price. Thus, we want every distributor gets more benefits and satisfaction.

The company’s major interest is to create seamless channel of distributions for its products and service around the globe likewise open business opportunities to every person that benefits the products and services. Our objective is to market the product to everyone in all walks of life,

Victory Global will exist in the market to provide wellness. reaching all levels of social status locally and internationally. Our market is not limited to sick people alone, everyone is a potential market because the world today demands for natural product that will help them to be more healthy. The uniqueness of VG products has impacted the lives of our valued customers even the first time users they testifies for its effectiveness resulting to recover from sickness. Not only that after they experienced the product

Victory Global is a Mission and Vision Driven company founded firmly and passionately on the wealth of determination to be one of the best in the Leverage Marketing Industry by a group of entrepreneurs, business analysts who pledge to build and grow the company with their expertise in financial service, corporate management, organizational management, sales and marketing in tandem with their knowledge in human development trainings. Founders of Victory Global are also experienced market researchers in global marketing environment. They are now synergistically working together exploring, expanding and moving the company forward likewise taking wellness and business to the world.


President/CEO Victory Global Unlimited Systems, Inc.

many has become the product of our products because of that they also become ambassador to share it to others as distributor. With regards to our service we provide not only good health products but also a livelihood and opportunity to earn profit using Victory Global marketing system. In the past years of the company many has become millionaires in all walks of life and it continues up to present. As soon as there is poverty and unhealthy environment, 70


From a humble beginning of the company there is a man behind Victory Global Unlimited Systems Inc., who shows his compassion and proved that he who started its mission and vision shall be achieved. Now, the company receives many prestigious awards and recognitions. In 2009 the company handed the awards from National Consumers Affairs Foundation (NCAP) the “Best Health Herbal Coffee, Most Outstanding Nutritional Supplements, Best Health Marketing Company, and Best Nutritional Health Supplement.” and at the same year, Global Excellence Awards gave the Outstanding Health Business Opportunity Company. In 2010, National Consumers Affair gave another award for the “Best Network Marketing Company” We have the growing numbers of distributor, who are now attaining financial success and healthy lifestyle. We are also receiving more testimonials from different people who recover from bad health conditions. The all around success of the company from the management, products and its distributors creates a milestone and remarkable events. Most of the products were awarded as SUPERBRANDS status this year, 2012.


Victory Global is a Filipino-Owned Corporation, established in August 08, 2008 by a Team of Industry Leaders with expertise in the Fields of Finance and Marketing. Founded by Mr. Jaime “Butz” Buteng a very young entrepreneur whose passion and dedication is to become one of the most Leading Leverage Marketing Company, Taking Wellness to the World! It started in Baguio City known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. A year after, on 2009 the company launches its Central Office in Metro Manila, Philippines while maintaining its Baguio office as Headquarters for Northern Luzon. The company became the premier among the foremost MLM in the Philippines and has

grown exponentially with more than four (4) Company branches in Bacolod, Pangasinan, Baguio and Manila. It has 11 Mega Stockists, 52 Centers Stockists and 297 Mobile Stockists. In addition, Victory Global created more than 100,000.00 distributors nationwide and its growth expanded beyond Philippines shore resulting to open a new International Branch in Hongkong earlier this 2012. Aside from global expansion Victory Global also launches a new powerful products in the market place which is reasonable and affordable. VG caps was known to be the banner product, two additional products in 2010 were launched VG Coffee and Cura –C and lastly on 2012 more than 5 new products has been added. Victory Global is now unstoppable in taking wellness to bring Filipino products globally and to be known as one of the leading leverage marketing in the world. The main objective is to help ordinary people become global entrepreneurs applying a systematic approach tomarketing to become its driving force.


VG Caps is a comprehensive formula of multiple anti-oxidants, rich in nutrient and minerals; it has strong anti-oxidant potency synergistically formulated in capsule form. It helps the body neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals to effectively combat illness and aging process. VG Caps is an alkalizing supplement or alkaline producing supplements, its ingredients are safe and natural, with no preservatives that kills potency of nutrients and deliver the way nature is intended to be. It represents all in one nutritional food supplement in the market that prevents the attack of illness. It repairs body damages and enhance regeneration of cells. Every capsule contains 500mg each with

250mg mixture of native vegetables such as Malunggay, Ampalaya, Saluyot, Siling Labuyo, Papaya, Taro Leaves and Camote Leaves it is the Philippine 7 most powerful herb plus 250mg Minerals that promotes body alkalinity and serve as escort in binding nutrition into trillion cells of the body. It prevents and helps people achieve wellness from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart diseases, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, High Blood Pressures, Rheumatism, Lung problems, Ulcer, Hemorrhoids, Weak eyesight, Dyspepsia, Cataract, Post Menopausal problem, Dysmenorrhea, Mental problem and degenerative diseases. CURA-C is a Vitamin C in Calcium Ascorbic with Chlorella and Zinc. Calcium Ascorbic is the most popular form of Vitamin C in the United States and Europe today, because of its Non-Sodium and Non-Acidic properties. Also the Benefits of Zinc, Vitamin B1, B6, B12 and Chlorella those are present in Cura-C. Unlike other brand Cura C is all in one multi- vitamins Mangosteen Coffee with Malunggay Mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants and natural chemicals that can help boost the immune system. This natural chemical compounds were proven to possess a variety of potent medicinal properties. Malunggay on the other hand, is known as highly nutritious vegetable with many health benefits.

one who advertise the products by constantly passing of information. This is very powerful weapon in making market. Every individual are committed to share and use the products. Aside from this, we also conduct health education and awareness to promote wellness. We are providing free medical checkup not only to the distributor but also to everyone and we use the power of social media as part of our worldwide promotion.


Every product is formulated with its specialty and strength to give proper nutrition to our body thus it will increase the immune system that can stop the root cause of the deceases. You can get the right nutrition in every product and benefits the result of having good health condition. We ensure value for money for every product and excellent service. We created unique products that identify us in the market place known to be victorious in providing healthy and wealthy lifestyle. Amazing and quality products is one of the reasons why our distributors is experiencing a victorious life.


Victory Global remains dedicated to fulfill its vision to be the best MLM Company with its commitment to provide high quality products at reasonable price and excellent services. The Company continues to grow worldwide reaching Asia and has the potential to expand in first world country in the next three to five years. The company is determined to develop more reasonable product to supply the demand of immerging global market.


The Company takes pride of its breakthrough products as well as our states of the art technology in facilitating business transaction for national and international operations. Corporate philosophy is to CARE because caring is like lending a hand to ensure continuous bonding for every distributor, with caring there’s always push them from behind for continuous organization growth and providing a corporate platform to SHARE prosperity. Since we are network marketing, Victory Global is committed to protect our distributor and our investors. The strength of our business is simply sharing the story. Our loyal customers and distributor is the 71


 Victory Global supports the Philippine

Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, otherwise known as Republic Act No. 10068, thus endorses two (2) new organic agriculture products: FULL HARVEST Microbial Inoculant (A Bio-fertilizer and Multi-Purpose Soil Conditioner) and FULL HARVEST Root and Leaf Fertilizer (A Pro-Organic Basal and Foliar Liquid Fertilizer), and is now available in VG Distribution Centers nationwide.

 Victory Global is now being global as

it targets international market. Currently, it has new international distribution centers in Hongkong, Macau, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and The United States of America.


He who has health has hope and he who has hope, has everything. Yakult’s cultured milk has been delivering on this proverb, providing enhanced healthy lifestyle since the 1930s in Japan and since 1978 in the Philippines. The keyword here is healthy lifestyle. Yakult works on the tenet of Prevention Above Cure, opting for the principles of preventive medicine rather than taking medicine when sick. And with the continued growth in public interest in wellness, the market will continue to grow. By the year 2000, the demands of the market had enabled the corporation to grow beyond all expectations. Paid-up capital grew 30 fold by 2000 and doubled again in 2003, reaching P600 Million. And today the growth continues. Daily production, which had grown to 1.6 million bottles in 2009, was boosted to 2 million bottles by mid 2010. After 34 years serving the Philippines, the company is solidly positioned to promote health throughout the archipelago, both in good times and bad. Please update the numbers here for the 2012 book.


Our greatest achievement in operations covering 26 Provincial Dealers, 102 Centers in Provincial areas and 38 Sales Centers in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, and 34 years of continued growth is in delivering good health to Filipinos with Yakult Cultured Milk. Dr. Minoru Shirota, the company’s founder, dreamt of contributing to the health of as many people as possible. Success in the Philippine market has helped further his dream. Please update the number of centers if it has changed. Over the years, the company has received many awards, including the Cleanest Plant Award in 1989, the Outstanding Industrial Plant Factory in 1999, the Most Outstanding Health Drink in 2002, the Top Health Drink Brand in 2003, and the Most Outstanding Family Health Drink. In 2006, it was voted the Most Outstanding Family Health Drink, the Best Cultured Milk Brand, the Most Outstanding Nutritional Cultured Milk Drink, and the Golden Cart Award. And in 2011, Yakult was again awarded the Superbrands seal of excellence. We will continue to proudly display this seal as we serve the Filipino people with good health based on Shirotaism and probiotics — preventive medicine through a healthy intestinal tract.


The Yakult story began when Dr. Shirota studied the use of intestinal lactobacilli to prevent disease at a time that curative medicine represented the mainstream approach in medical research. Microbiology had yet to be accepted by the scientific community. Dr. Shirota succeeded in culturing the fortified strain 27 years after Dr. Metchnikoff, a Russian Nobel Prize Laureate, revealed his theory that yogurt was the key to perennial youth and long life. Dr. Shirota emphasized preventive medicine and a healthy intestinal tract. He wanted people to build healthy bodies that would avoid disease in the first place. Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. of Japan was founded on Dr. Shirota’s philosophy in the 1930s and, in 1977, Yakult Philippines Inc. (YPI) and Yakult Marketing Corp. (YMC) were established in the Philippines. Construction of the Yakult plant in Bo, Makiling, Calamba City began that year and operations started the following year with a daily output of 11,500 bottles. Dr. Shirota visited Yakult Philippines in 1978 and the provincial dealership in Cebu began operations, followed by another in Iloilo City in 1980. The 1980s saw many implementations and expansions, with centers, supermarkets, and distributors launching throughout the country. Daily production capacity reached 215 thousand bottles. The 1990s were also a busy time, with marketing enhancements and the dissemination of scientific information through films shown at barangays, schools, and public institutions. New Shrink Pack packaging and two-colored bottles were also introduced. The plant production project of 1993 boosted daily production to 310 thousand bottles a day. Production capacity was increased again in 1998 to 400 thousand bottles a day. In 2000, production capacity was again boosted to one million bottles a day. The company also partnered with the Department of Health that year to fight “poliomyelitis”. Other significant events in the 2000’s include a production capacity expansion in 2002 to 1.6 million 72

bottles a day and various ad series and social promotions to continue developing the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Yakult Cultured Milk is the product, preventive medicine and good health are the goals. The product is based on Dr. Shirota’s discovery of the Lactobacilis Casei Shirota Strain. This live lactic acid bacteria, which can survive in the intestinal tract, promotes well being and good health with as many as 8 billion of the strain. Here’s how it works. Microorganisms have to conquer various physiological barriers if they are to remain alive in the human intestinal tract. These barriers—gastric juice and bile—are strongly bactericidal and kill most of the microorganisms that invade the human intestinal tract. The Lactobacilli in Yakult, however, is resistant to gastric acid and bile, and is able to reach the intestines alive. Once in the intestines, they act to exert various beneficial activities, which retain and promote intestinal health. More than one hundred million of these beneficial intestinal lactic acid bacteria, L. casei, are maintained alive in as little as one milliliter of Yakult. Sold as individual bottles and in five-packs, this healthful drink maintains intestinal health and helps prevent disorders. It is favored by the young and old alike, as it contains beneficial bacteria that may prevent aging. The Cultured Milk is distributed and sold throughout the Philippines by the company itself and through twenty-five exclusive provincial distributors. Yakult Marketing Corporation is the biggest marketing arm of YPI, covering Metro Manila and the suburbs, while the other distributors cover the provinces with wellplanned territorial jurisdictions. They implement the successful Yakult Lady System as a primary selling strategy to closely propagate the product’s healthful features to direct consumers. Direct Selling to big store outlets is a secondary sales strategy to reach consumers not covered by the Yakult Ladies.


Yakult Philippines continues to build on the success of its recent advertising campaigns, which have led to increases in both sales and production. The “Ok ka ba Tiyan?” series that began in 2002 is now answered in the affirmative with “Sigurado Ka Tiyan!”. With materials such as “Kasal”, “Hula”, and “Santa”, this campaign speaks directly to the uniquely Filipino sense of wit. And by connecting with the previous series, “Sigurado Ka Tiyan!”, it further reinforces both brand recall and serves as a down-to-earth reminder of the importance of maintaining good digestive health. A tactical campaign was also conceived to respond to the common belief that Yakult was a drink meant only for children, which is the general perception in the Philippines when it comes to milk-related products. The advertisements “Parent” and “Butas” helped explain to adults how they would benefit from the inclusion of Yakult as a regular part of their diet. In keeping with the slogan “Bringing good health to everyone who longs for it, at an affordable cost comparable to the price of a postcard,” the company also focuses on public elementary schools. The programs allow students to experience Yakult in multiple ways. Yakult has also produced a study workbook for integration into the student curriculum, putting just as much emphasis on high standards and quality for the

workbook as it does on the product itself. It is no wonder, then, that the Department of Education has three times given the workbook the distinction of Best Teaching Material. The company also promotes public school tours and student interaction through skit and play performances. Yakult programs have

proved so successful that the number of participating schools has increased more than six-fold since its pilot year of 2004. From an initial set of nine schools, the number of participants now totals more than sixty public schools, with plans for continued expansion already in place.


The Yakult Brand, for more than 30 years in the Philippines, has been synonymous with good health at an affordable price. To maintain this hard won image, the company strives to increase public awareness and understanding of Probiotic and preventive medicine, knowing full-well that this knowledge will lead to the changes in lifestyle that lead to better health. The Yakult Lady System remains the key component of distribution and most powerful advertising tool for the company. It has been so since the first Yakult Ladies in the Philippines were trained in 1979. More than 3000 Yakult Ladies now deliver Yakult door-to-door as far as Ilocos Norte in the north and Zamboanga City in the south. For Yakult customers, the Yakult Lady’s daily visit competes in popularity with that first cup of coffee for the caffeine addicted. If it’s not there, it is sorely missed. Yakult will continue to strengthen the health of the entire nation, one Filipino body at a time. We are, after all, a Superbrand. THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YAKULT Roles of Lactobacillus Casei Shirota Strain

 Maintains or increases the level of

Bifidobacterium, another beneficial member of the intestinal bacteria

 Suppresses the intestinal putrefactive fermentation in the intestine

 Absorbs potent mutagens and suppresses mutagenesis

 Known to exhibit anti-tumor activity  Protects against infections  Protects against systemic listeria infection in the liver and spleen

 Protects using lipoteichoic acid derived from the Yakult Strain


SuperBrands Volume VII  

Superbrands is in eighty eight countries worldwide. We have awarded over 10,000 brands over the past 18 years. Superbrands do not categorize...

SuperBrands Volume VII  

Superbrands is in eighty eight countries worldwide. We have awarded over 10,000 brands over the past 18 years. Superbrands do not categorize...