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Special report by CowTV1 and FarM Radio


e have great news. The scientific institute of Mirna Peč has presented a new way of torturing. The inventor Astronaut has been working on this project for many years and now he has finally succeeded. ‘I have experimented on my pupils and many experiments have gone bad and the pupils got away with a good mark. But not anymore.’ says the Astronaut happily. The Astronaut has ‘Gone Alien’, as the Astronaut named his new torturing design which punishes pupils so bad that they never get a good mark again. A lot of homework, nonstop oral grading and testing are now the most popular methods of torture. You can buy the book ‘Astronaut Gone Alien’ on this website: t happened on a beautiful rainy day. Everything was OK, but Skinny was kind of unhappy and nervous... He was silent until he lost his nerves. He ran to the nearest store and bought two packs of cigarettes. Then he ran home and shaved his ass. Now he is as he is. Don’t ask us why. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! he Cough Machine has built a new airport on the roof of her house! Now, she has a new garage too; it’s for three helicopters. She can’t drive a car, but she is able to fly a helicopter. he Big Boss bought a new cigarette machine an hour ago! It was full when it arrived, now it’s empty! All thanks goes to Skinny and his mother. arbie Cop picked up a piece of trash for the first time! She almost broke her nails, but now she is proud of losing fear of the trash. he musician has started a new band! It’s just bad that that the band was finished the next day. Some people say that he had to tune the strings of another member’s guitar. Unfortunately all the strings snapped and the member left the band. So the band broke up. Really sad for such a talent! r Behind-the-Drava has appeared in front the Drava for the first time. All the citizens of the city of Dravograd were happy to see him, but he was, surprisingly, drinking Laško and wearing Maribor’s scarf.





Editorial Board: Mitja Avgustincic, Klemen Barbo, and Luka Zagar Mirna Pec Primary School, June 2009


ARNING – SPECIAL REPORT! The citizens of Mirna Peč were very confused last night when suddenly a strange light surrounded them. We came to know that Bakery H2O fell in the river Temenica and H2O + C6H12O6 + trinitrotoluene + NaCl made a big SPLAASH! So, don’t go near Mirna Peč Primary School! You can be seriously injured. onroe opened a new store called New Worker! At the beginning it looked like no one would come to buy anything, but as people heard how nice the employees there were, a big group of people came waiting for the store to open the next day. It looks like this store is the new and better New Yorker. nother terrible news. Black Coffee has decided to have an extra large coffee. The problem was that coffee was so extra large that the kitchen at Mirna Peč Primary School has ran out of it. This is a big problem because Black Coffee goes on a coffee instead of oil like other teachers. No one knows what will happen next. nother tragedy in Mirna Peč. This 567890'9876589076548 tragedy occured yesterday to the Hairless Christian. He was coaching his team and he wanted to whistle but he forgot he can’t do that. So, he swallowed his tongue. The injured has been taken to the hospital immediately. Now he is in the hospital, eating Čokolino and reading the Holy Bible. He is in our prayers. he computer guy is now known as the all-computer-knowing machine. His knowledge about the computers is so big that even the books about computers could learn from him. Respect!





irna Peč is a nice little town with a great primary school. Like almost every primary school it has a basketball team. I am one of the players in the team. Our coach is Boštjan Srovin. his year our team competed in the national primary school championships. In the qualifications, we managed the third place and progressed to the next round. Our team leader, Matic Krevs was really good.



There were fifteen girls standing in front of the gym in Koper. It was the end of the competition and we were on the bus. The funny thing there was that every single member of the team, every player wanted to see what they looked like so we all ended up on the right side of the bus, where those girls were standing. Now, believe it or not, the bus was angled for about 20o on right.’

by Luka Zagar

BASKETBALL IS MY FRIEND by Mitja Avgustincic


n Wednesday, January 28, there was a quarterfinal tournament in Zadobrova, in Ljubljana. The Zadobrova Primary School team was too good, they had taller and stronger players than us, so they beat us. But we didn’t give up and we broke the revolt of the Škofljica Primary School. We took second place and progressed to the semifinals. hey were held in Koper. There, we met the Koper and the Luis Adamič Primary School. Both teams were too strong, and they beat us. In the semifinals, we ended our tournament. Nevertheless, we brought home the second biggest achievement in our school history when it comes to basketball competitions. ll the credit for that goes to the team. First in line, there is our coach. Boštjan Srovin is great coach, he supported us in all the competitions and during our training. Then, there was Matic Krevs. He was our team leader with great skills and made an awesome playmaker. Next there were Mitja Avguštinčič, also known as “ČiČ”, and Jan Kopač. Mitja played in the center/playmaker position. With Jan, they were the best. The other players were: Jaka Kastelic, Nejc Kastelic, Luka Žagar (that’s me), Jure Pust, Simon Brezovar, Maj Jaklič, Blaž Krivec, Damjan Šuštar, Klemen Barbo.



am sure we all have already played basketball. Some people liked it and they are still playing it and some people didn’t, so they have chosen some other sport for their hobby. But basketball is more than a sport. Someone who is terrible at playing basketball can’t play for teams, but this is not the reason why you should give up and stop playing basketball. n my case, basketball helps me to get over my problems. In my free time I often go to the playground where I play the game and think. Besides that, basketball calms me down and I feel relaxed (so I don’t think about the thousand and one thought like I do at home when I am alone). Basketball is good for making friends, too. Imagine you are at the seaside in a foreign country. There are no friends, no TV, no computer and it is boring. What would you do? Take my advice and go to the basketball court. I am 100% sure there will be someone there you can be friends with. I did this during the summer holidays and now I know a lot of Lithuanian, French, Italian, Croatian and Austrian people. I enjoyed the summer a lot with these friends. If there is no other reason, think about this. Outside it is warm, the sun is shinning …, but on TV there is nothing to watch, except cartoons and action films. What is better? To watch TV or to play


basketball? Basketball! No doubt. It is a lot healthier than TV, plus you will always be in good shape. That can help you in school, too. You can get a better grade at Games if you play basketball for grades. So don’t you just sit there and read this! Go and play some basketball! o, basketball is good for health, relaxation and making friends. Only one little sport can be a big help for people with keeping fit, reducing stress and problems making friends.



e all have noticed that there is a new teacher at our school. I think there aren't two pupils in our school that could tell more about her than her name and surname. So, we decided to interview her and get to know more about her. I think we will all feel more relaxed if we know more about Miss Veronika Tambolaš. Q: What exactly are you doing at our school? A: I'm an intern. My mentor is Miss Mateja Ancelj. Q: How long have you been a teacher? A: I graduated in Social pedagogics in 2007. Since then I've been studying Sociology. So, this is my first real job. But as a student I worked in different kindergartens and schools.

by Mitja Avgustincic, Klemen Barbo, and Luka Zagar

Q: What bothers you the most at our school? Why? A: In general, there's nothing I could say that really bothers me. Q: What is your opinion of Klemen Kramar? And without swear words, please! A: I've known him nearly all my life: we went to kindergarten together and we were schoolmates at primary school. So I know that there's really nothing bad to say about him. I think he is a very good and hard-working teacher. Q: What was your favorite subject at school? A: Primary and secondary school – Art and English. Faculty – Psychology. Q: What did you do after primary school? A: I went to secondary school ;).

ID Age – I just turned 27. Astrological sign - Aries. Favourite colour – Green. Favourite number – I don't believe in numbers. Well, maybe in fairy numbers, like seven. The latest book you’ve read – »Za vedno mladi? Socialna psihologija odraščanja« by my teacher Mirjana Ule. The latest movie you’ve seen – (1) Paris, je t'aime or (2) August Rush (I'm not sure.) The latest CD you’ve listened to – »Rolling Stone Original« by Gavin Degraw.

Q: You have taught English for a while. What do you remember the most? A: I mostly remember the little good things that I also value the most. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know different classes. Q: What was your favorite class? A: I enjoy(ed) working with all the classes, especially with younger children.

Cats or dogs? – If I have to choose between cats and dogs, I choose dogs. Q: What does your ideal school look like? A: I think that an ideal school does not exist. Nothing is ideal. Can you imagine a world/a school without the »X-factor«?

Goals in life – The biggest goal is to be true to myself. Everything else follows that. Napoleon once said: »When I want to consider a particular problem, I open a certain drawer. When I have settled the matter in my mind, I close that drawer and open another. When I desire to sleep, I close all the drawers.« The goal is to follow Napoleon's words.


he book is written by Stephenie Meyer and it is a sequel to her Twilight book. sabella ''Bella'' Swan celebrates her 18 birthday with her boyfriend's family, the Cullens. They're all "vegetarian" vampires and one of them, Edward, is her boyfriend. When Bella wants to open her gift, she cuts finger. Edward's "brother" Jasper, despite his efforts of trying not to drink human blood, attacks her immediately, but the others save Bella from early death. After that night Edward breaks up with Bella because he is afraid that he or his family would hurt her. He leaves the town of Forks. ella wants to kill herself because of that, by jumping off the cliff, but her good friend, Jacob Black, saves her. After that, Bella and Jacob spend a lot of time together. Bella finds out that adrenalin makes her hearing Edward’s voice. She also discovers that Jacob is a werewolf. o a herd of werewolves wants to protect her from the woman by the name of Victoria (who is a vampire too, but not a vegetarian), and who wants to avenge for the death of her friend James killed by the Cullens family. t the same time Alice, Edward's sister, has a vision in which she sees Bella jumping off the cliff. She thinks that Bella is dead and she goes back to Forks, Washington, to comfort Charlie, Bella's father. But at the same time Edward calls Charlie at home and there is Jacob who tells him that Charlie has gone on a funeral. Edward thinks that the funeral is because of Bella, so he goes to Italy to ask Volturi, another vampire, to kill him because his life without Bella is worthless. ella and Alice go quick to Italy to save Edward from his death and they make it in time. But before they all leave Italy together, Volturi wants that Bella becomes a vampire or she dies, only because she knows about vampires. Alice promises him that she would become a vampire. At the end Edward begs Bella to forgive him and she does. Later, the Cullens family all agree to make Bella a vampire after her graduation.





by Masa Gabrijel


think that the book is great. I loved the first book, too (Twilight), but this one is much better because Bella’s thoughts are more sensitive and deep and now she understands how life without a person she loves looks like. I like her personality and how she expresses her feelings into words. like Jacob a lot. He really loves Bella and he would do anything to make her happy and safe. He also fights for her later, in next book. I like how he shows real love. don't have any favourite parts, because the whole book is special and awesome, so I recommend it to all you book lovers. You will enjoy it.;)



by Mitja Avgustincic



think the film was absolutely fantastic. The scenes are really realistic and it seems like you are in the past, watching how it all happens. I liked the actors; Brad Pitt plays this character so carefully that you believe he really has this ‘illness’. It’s interesting when you can watch people through the ages, from a young child to the man lying in his grave. I liked that the most in this film. I suggest you to watch this movie, it is great!


he Curious Case of Benjamin Button talks about a man called Benjamin who was born 89 years old and instead of getting older and older, Benjamin is getting younger and younger. His mother died after she give birth to him, and his father, the owner of Button’s buttons, thinks that Benjamin is a monster and he leaves Benjamin together with 18 dollars in front of an old people’s home. There Benjamin is found by nurse Queeny. She believes that it is God’s decision to make Benjamin like that so she takes him and raises him. Everyone, even the doctor says that Benjamin would die soon, but only Queeny doesn’t want to believe that. Benjamin grows up surrounded by old people. He thinks at first that he is like the others. He feels good in the ‘company of old people’. He says that the old people’s home is a good place for raising a child. At the age of five, on a sunny Sunday (when families come visit their grandpas and grandmas) he meets a girl called Daisy. Benjamin falls in love. One day he is sitting with his old friend on the doc when a guy named Mike searches for a worker on a tug boat. Benjamin accepts the job and leaves ‘his mum Quenny’ and Daisy in New Orleans. He travels almost the whole world with Captain Mike. Mike shows Benjamin how to behave outside the house full of old people (night pubs, restaurants, hotels, women,…) During World War II, a German submarine destroys the tug boat and all the crew except Benjamin are killed. He survives and goes back home. Now, he looks like a man in his fifties. He helps at home, finds out who his real dad is and meets Daisy again (who is a professional ballet dancer). Daisy goes to Paris to dance and Benjamin travels to Paris to find her. He sees that Daisy has a boyfriend and a life he doesn’t like (parties all nights…). He goes home and works at the old people’s home until he gets a letter that Daisy has been hit by a car and she isn’t be able to dance anymore. Benjamin goes to Paris again, but Daisy doesn’t want him in her life. After 5 years Daisy comes back to New Orleans and lives the ‘old life’. She and Benjamin fall in love and they have a daughter. Because Benjamin is getting younger and younger, he decides to leave his daughter and Daisy (he doesn’t want Daisy to look after him when he would be a child, too). Daisy finds a new husband and after a while she finds Benjamin as a child in the old people’s home. Benjamin dies in Daisy’s arms.

First Steps 2009  

Glasilo OŠ Mirna Peč.

First Steps 2009  

Glasilo OŠ Mirna Peč.