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Sad Friend

Hello friend, hello friend How are you? Hello friend, hello friend Why are you sad? Hello friend, hello friend Today is a happy day. Hello friend, hello friend Today we are happy. Hello friend, hello friend Be happy with us. Hello friend, hello friend Let’s be happy together.

A Smile

If you have a bad day, A smile will make it OK.

And don’t be upset, Because a bad day is what you sometimes get.


It was cold and it was snowing And it was terrible. It was snowing And it was a good snow.

It was wet and it was raining And it was bad. It was raining And it was a good rain.

It was quiet and it was sunny And it was fresh. It was sunny And it was the end.

Our Star

I’m watching a star. It’s our star. I hope you’re watching it too. ‘Cause I love you.

I’m watching a star. It belongs to us. I love you. But I hate the distance.

Little Thoughts

I know your every thought I feel every breath you take I hear your heartbeat I know your every feeling When you and I surrender When you become a part of me And I become a part of you There’s no limit We fly on the wings

Drawing your eyes is The highest I get, when I’m on the floor.

I Need You

I need you. I want you. You are my love. Do you need me? Do you want me? I need you. I want you. Because I love you.

Yesterday with You

It was raining yesterday, The day was sour. And I asked you yesterday, ‘Are you crazy?’

I was so happy yesterday I don’t know why But it felt so good.

I listen to music and I smell your flowers.


Happy or sad. Awful or great. Exciting or boring. Young or old. Big or small.

That is the colour of life.

I Don’t Care

If I cared, I would Be in the corner of my Room right now.

It’s better not to. When I care, I’m angry And sad, but when I Forget, I’m happy.

I don’t want to care! I just want to be lazy!


When the radio is sad, It makes a sour noise. And that’s when you’re surprised.

If the radio is tired, It doesn’t work. It makes a squeak. Perhaps it’s just too dry.

When it plays your favourite music, You give it flowers, something nice And bright, like tiger lilies.


Time is time. Time doesn’t wait for you. Time is not your friend, Because it runs fast.


Ducks aren’t like swans. They glide on the water But they rule the world. They are almost as powerful, and yet much much more so, as Harry Potter.

So be afraid of the ducks, unless you are a gladiator, For they will hunt you down, no matter if you’re Hogwarts or Matterhorn. Just give them Their bread, and they might spare your life.

But if you can tame just one mighty duck, You shall raise an army of ducks and name yourself: “President Head General of the Duck Army, Chuck Norris.”

Hey Friend

Hey friend, hey friend The sky is falling Down on you, my best friend.

Hey friend, hey friend It is a friendship game and You are my best friend.

Hey friend, hey friend Do you still believe in us Dear friend, dear friend?

I Sometimes Feel

I sometimes feel good. I sometimes feel awful. And sometimes

You don’t understand me. I don’t understand you. Because you are a boy And I am a girl.

Everybody likes me. Nobody likes you. Because your are Rich.


Life is sometimes great And sometimes awful. But life is only one. So don’t worry, Be happy!

My Poem

good. great. ok? how am I? excellent. just like walking on cookies. terrible. when I hear a horse. like flowers.

When I Touch

When I touch the sky With my hand I sometimes want To land I hate this It’s peace

A Rainbow

Rainbow is long and colourful like a song. And it’s in the sky, especially in May. It’s in the sky and it’s red, orange, yellow, green and blue. And it doesn’t fall down because it’s stuck on it with glue.

Short Poems

1 I hear a strange sound - it’s Blub, blub, blub and blub. I look up and see Sour lemons … raining And I’m like, ‘What?’

2 It’s Sunday! I’m bored and unhappy. I go out and I see white ground. I step on it and I hear something Breaking. I look down and I see thin, broken ice.

3 I’m happiest when somebody says, ‘It’s Saturday’ and It’s spring. I go outside and I smell the flowers.

Sunday In Spring

Blop, blop, blop. In my dream the raindrops are sour. So what?! It’s Sunday and I’m bored. I must get up. I go downstairs. Slowly. Like this: Flop, flop, flop. I feel weird. I want to sleep.

When It’s Spring

It’s loud It’s sour I’m good I’m happy It’s quiet It’s beautiful Yes I’m happy I’m good

The Winter

Now it is winter. White snowflakes are falling.

Children are happy and they are smiling. Everyone likes to ski.

Everyone loves making a snowman.

The sun is shining. The snow is gone.

Spring is coming. Love is in the air.

I Want You

It’s Valentine’s day, you are so beautiful and I love you. I want you. You are beautiful. I love you. You are beautiful. I want you.

In Love

she has a quiet voice, sour look, soft lips and her eyes are full of gentleness and warmth.

when she looks at me I get confused, and I don’t know what to do so I turn around and go away.

at night I think about her again and I can’t wait for tomorrow because I meet her at school again and because …

Beautiful Love

Beautiful love is like The greatest smile in the world. But sometimes it is sour Like a lemon.

It is a surprise, like A gift from someone. It smells like The best flower in the world.

Beautiful love is soft, Good and happy. Just like children.


It’s Monday morning A school day I’m sleepy and I want to be at home

My alarm clock is ringing My toast is burning Oh no, I’m late again

School is boring We only write But I want to play With my kite.

I Love You

How do you do? I love you. Very well. Thank you.

And when I go to sleep, You can read this poem.

This poem says I love you. How do you do?

The Dream

I can’t see, I can’t feel But I can hear someone steal I don’t know who is that I don’t know if he’s thin or fat

I can’t feel, I can’t hear But I can see someone changing into a bear I don’t know how that’s possible But I think it’s beautiful.

I can’t hear, I can’t see But I can feel the sea I don’t know how it came here I don’t know what is a year

Now I can see, I can feel and hear

I’m sitting on my chair Now I know everything And I was dreaming Bye!

A Collection of Poems by 7A and 7B Students  

Tone Pavček Primary School, Slovenia