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MARCH 2014

TRUNKLINE President’s message Helloooo ORWF!!!  

I  am  so  sorry  that  you  did  not  get  a  newsletter  for  

February.  My  husband  and  I  went  on  a  wonderful   vacation  and  came  home  just  in  time  for  the  birth  of  our   ;irst  grandchild.    I  am  afraid  I  played  catch  up  all  month.  A   huge  thank  you  to  Susan  Custer  and  all  of  the  amazing   ORWF  Board  for  doing  all  things  ORWF  while  I  was  away,   including  running  the  February  luncheon  meeting.  Here  it   is  March  already  and  it  is  an  election  year  with  June   elections  looming  in  just  a  couple  of  months.  Time  to  roll   up  our  sleeves  and  get  to  work.  What  does  it  mean  to  be  a  Republican  in  this  era  of  the   left?    I  was  watching  Russia’s  march  into  the  Crimean   Peninsula  and  the  response  of  the  world.  It  occurred  to   me  that  after  WWII  as  the  free  nations  of  the  west  picked   themselves  up  and  licked  their  wounds;  they  took  their   newly  won  freedom  and  moved  steadily  to  the  political   left.    All  of  the  so  called  free  world  governments  are  either   extremely  left  leaning,  socialist,  or  want  to  be   communists;  including  unfortunately,  the  United  States.   The  only  entity  standing  between  complete  leftist  control,   the  last  beacon  of  conservative  thought  and  possibly  a   conservative  government  is  the  American  Republican   Party.  The  only  thing  standing  inside  the  Republican   Party  keeping  it  strong  are  conservatives.  I  am  watching  the  frustration  with  some  in  our  party,  I   am  seeing  postings  on  Facebook  encouraging  people  to   re-­‐register”  Decline  to  State,”  show  those  Republicans   that  they  can’t  mess  with  social  conservatives,  take  your   ball  and  go  home.  My  answer  as  a  social  conservative;  this   is  not  the  time  to  split  the  only  entity  that  has  a  chance  of   winning  the  battle  for  free  market  capitalism  and   traditional  values.   Has  the  Republican  Party  been  in<iltrated  by   progressives?    Of  course:  there  are  a  few.  In  this  world  of   leftist  domination  of  thought  it  is  amazing  to  me  that  we   have  anyone  left  who  will  still  stand  up  for  conservative   principles.  However,the  answer  to  this  is  not  to  re-­‐ register  as  a  Decline  to  State.  When  you  register  as  a   “Decline  to  State”  you  are  thrown  into  the  same  soup   broth  as  all  of  the  liberal  Decline  to  States  and  both   parties  assume  you  are  liberal.  All  you  do  is  pull  the  


Republicans further  to  the   left  because  they  think  that  is  where  the  votes  have  gone.     This  is  the  time  to  ;ight,  to  hold  our  Republicans  strong.     The  next  generation  of  Americans  will  not  have  the   bene;it  of  anything  but  liberal  training.  Because  of  the   in;iltration  into  our  schools  by  the  left  through  Common   Core  and  the  Teachers  unions,  we  may  be  the  last   generation  who  will  stand  for  capitalism,  free  markets   and  conservative  principles.  At  this  moment  Big   government  is  failing  everywhere  you  look,  now  is  the   time  for  those  of  us  with  solutions  based  on  individual   freedom  to  stand  up.    Join  us.    Prop  up  Republicans  and   ;ight  big  government  with  the  evidence  of  its  failings.   Learn  about  Smart  Growth  and  Common  Core.  Talk  to   your  children  and  grandchildren.  We  cannot  allow  the   Democrat  agenda  of  big  government  to  have  power  over   every  aspect  of  our  lives.  There  is  still  time  to  save  the   future.  This  is  an  important  election  year.    We  can  identify   the  races  across  the  country  where  we  can  help.  We  have   local  city  council  races,  they  need  our  help.  We  are  also   losing  our  freedom  through  regional  planning  boards  and   ORWF  is  training  activists  to  be  able  to  understand  the   language  and  the  impact  of  these  unelected   bureaucracies.  We  can  still  make  a  difference. We  are  here  at  this  moment  for  a  reason.    

Join ORWF,  join  other  conservative  women  in  our   ;ight  for  America. You  and  I  have  a  rendezvous  with  destiny.  We  will   preserve  for  our  children  this,  the  last  best  hope  of   man  on  earth,  or  we  will  sentence  them  to  take  the  <irst   step  into  a  thousand  years  of  darkness.  If  we  fail,  at   least  let  our  children  and  our  children’s  children  say  of   us  we  justi<ied  our  brief  moment  here.  We  did  all  that   could  be  done  —  Ronald  Reagan God  bless  you  all, Saundra  Waecker



MARCH 2014

Good Bye Sandy Faulkner

we are hearing that the memorial service and celebration of her life will be held Saturday, March 29; I will send out a notice as soon as I know for sure




Ways and Means

MARCH 2014

Calendar for March

From Candi Candi Szabo 3rd Vice President Ways & Means

March 10, 2014

San Diego County RWF Luncheon Bahia, San Diego March 10, 2014

Central Committee meeting , Rancho Bernardo March 12, 2014

ORWF Luncheon meeting El Camino Country Club, Oceanside


We will be having another Women on Target, Wednesday, May 21st. That is our very popular women-only event where we go out to a beautiful outdoor shooting range in Escondido and are taught how to safely use firearms. Lunch is served and it’s a very informative and entertaining day. We will have the sign up sheets at our March 12th luncheon, there’s only room for 25 ladies, so sign up early. AMAZING BIRTHDAY CANDLES

March 29, 2014

Politics 101, could be cancelled if Sandy Faulkner’s memorial is scheduled for that day. TBA March 25, 2014

ORWF Board Meeting April 2, 2014, CFRW, Southern Division meeting, coming to Carlsbad

Women on Target Join us Wednesday, May 21,2014

We still have birthday candles for sale. They were a great hit of a fundraiser last year and brought in lots of money. They make a fun gift as well as putting one on your favorite person’s cake. I’ll have them out on the back table every month, but if you find you need one in between, call me and you can come by and pick one up anytime. They are $7.00 for one, or 3 for $20.




Common Core

MARCH 2014

Our speaker and our program presented by

First Vice President, Programs, Susan Custer

Darcy Brandon


Darcy Brandon is an award-winning landscape architect who has been practicing in Southern California for over 20 years. She has developed landscape plans for homeowners, developers and builders and has seen the impact of government regulations, policies and fees affect the building industry at large, as well as, individual homeowners. She has spent countless hours researching Sustainable Development and, most recently, Common Core State Standards. After 2008, Darcy became politically active with local candidates, elections and speaking to local groups about the impact government regulations were having on property rights and development. She is a member of the Carlsbad Republican Women Federated, San Diego/Orange County Chapter of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, Stop Taxing Us, and California Eagle Forum and a life-long Republican.

What is Common Core Come and find out? Politics 101 March 29, Cathy Hamilton’s home Veterans of North County fundraiser and military teddy bears for sale call Kathy Clark or Joan Parro 760-439-1378

Darcy has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona and an Agricultural degree from South Dakota State University. She lives in Carlsbad with her husband of 23 years; has a daughter who will be graduating from college in May and her son is a junior at La Costa Canyon High School

Join us for our luncheon Speakers Meeting

Where: El Camino country Club, 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside When: Wednesday March 12, 2014 11:00 am: Meet and Greet 11:30 am: Meeting called to order 12:00 pm: Lunch is served, Chicken Parmesan, Cobb salad or fish 12:30 pm Guest Speaker, Darcy Brandon, Common Core

RSVP for lunch: Doris Garrison 760-439-8148 !



MARCH 2014

Article by Mary Baker

The Birth of Smart Growth Sustainable development is the precursor to smart growth and it has become the international blueprint for living in the 21st Century. In 1992, at the Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Earth Summit, Agenda 21* was introduced as the comprehensive global plan that would eradicate the communal threats of social, economic and environmental injustice. The plan was adopted by more than 178 governments including the United States of America. President George H. W. Bush pledged, on behalf of the American people, to commit to a plan of action that would be implemented in every area in which humans have an impact on the environment. To ensure “effective follow-up of UNCED,” and to provide assistance, the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was created “to monitor and report on implementation of the agreements at the local, national, regional and international levels.” In 1993, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order No. 12852 and created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. In addition to working with ‘Captains of Industry’, he contracted with the American Planning Association (APA,) an independent, non-profit educational organization that “provides leadership in the development of vital communities”, to create a blueprint for sustainable development and implementation strategies. The subsequent manual was !

called: Growing Smart and incorporated President Clinton’s request to develop “bold, new approaches to achieve our economic, environmental, and equity goals.” The blueprint which took seven years to complete became the legislative guidebook for local governments and was named: Sustainable America: The New Consensus.  By 1999, President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore had the framework they needed to address the “increasing public interest in “sprawl” and other land policy challenges.” With the support of the Clinton Administration, Al Gore spearheaded the Livability Agenda and the Lands Legacy Initiative. These new U.S. initiatives promoted the concept of Smart Growth. “The aim of the agenda [was] to help communities across America grow in ways that ensure[d] a high quality of life and strong, sustainable growth.” In 2001, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) generated a report stating that man was responsible for global warming. The IPCC is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. It was established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of knowledge in climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic impacts. The UN General Assembly endorsed the action by WMO and UNEP in jointly establishing the IPCC. (Continued on Page 8) PAGE 5

OCEANSIDE REPUBLICAN WOMEN FEDERATED! (Continued from Page 7) In June 2001, President George W. Bush requested the U.S. National Research Council to research and report on the societal and ecological impacts of global warming on America. “President Bush made a policy statement on June 11, 2001, following release of the NRC report and completion of a cabinetlevel review of climate change options. In that statement, the President acknowledged that the world has warmed and that greenhouse gases have increased, largely due to human activity, but emphasized that the magnitude and rate of future warming are unknown. The President then outlined the U.S. approach as rejecting the Kyoto Protocol and favoring voluntary actions, increased scientific research, better technology, and market mechanisms.” Despite Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, numerous congressional acts were proposed and many approved that would support the treaties greenhouse gases reduction targets. On June 8, 2001, Senator Byrd proposed S. 1008 which amended the “Energy Policy Act of 1992 to develop the U.S. Climate Change Response Strategy, with the goals of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, minimizing adverse short-term and longterm economic and social impacts, aligning the Strategy with U.S. energy policy, promoting sound national environmental policy, establishing a research and development program that focuses on bold technological breakthroughs that contribute significantly toward greenhouse gas stabilization, establishing a National Office of Climate Change Response within the Executive Office of the President, and for other purposes.”


MARCH 2014

The act was approved by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on August 2, 2001. Since then, with the renewed support of the Obama Administration most federal agencies including the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), and numerous non-profit organizations such as Smart Growth Network, Smart Growth America, Local Government Commission, Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy and the National Association of REALTORS have used smart growth principles and the threat of global warming to influence local and state governments to adopt progressive paradigms for change. *A comment on Agenda 21~The U.S. Congress never ratified Agenda 21 so there is no direct mandate coming from the United Nations or loss of American sovereignty. Growth management is not a new idea and many planners and US cities were adopting these schemes prior to the Rio Summit in 1992. The topic of Agenda 21 often becomes a distraction when smart growth’ers’ debate pro-growth’ers’ on land use, transportation and environmental issues. But let us not be naïve and ignore the supreme influence the principles of sustainable development had on the American Planning Association and President Clinton when he approved Sustainable America: the new consensus back in the 90s. It is also difficult to ignore the fact that the US reports to the UN on its progress implementing sustainable development in America. (Go here.) This is the reason why I mention Agenda 21 when I describe the birth of smart growth in the US.



MARCH 2014

ORWF Executive Board 2014 President Saundra Waecker 2275 Oceanview Rd. Oceanside, Ca. 92056 (H) 1-760-492-1774 B'day: Jan. 28

1st V.P. Program Susan Custer 390 Mainsail Rd Oceanside, Ca92056 760-672-1954 B day ?

2nd V.P. Membership: Pat Berry 5086 Milos Way Oceanside, Ca. 92056 (H) 1-760- 216-6254 Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;day: Oct. 8

3rd V.P. Ways & Means Candi Szabo 372 Islander St. Oceanside, CA 92054 760-439-3530 B day Aug. 28zabo

Recording Secretary Colleen Vogel 4692 Barcelona Way Oceanside, 92056 colleen B day Sept. 18 Corresponding Secretary Doris Garrison 226 Walsh St. Oceanside, Ca. 92054 No Email (H) 1-760- 439-8148 B day Jan. 7


Treasurer Mary Azevedo 1783 Woodbine Place Oceanside, Ca. 92054 760-439-5979 office 760-505-6566 cell B day March 9

Advisor Joan Parro 3328 Malta Way Oceanside, Ca. 92056 (H) 1-760-967-4346 (C) 1-760-208-8506 B day June 27

Parliamentarian Kathy Clark 3395 Corsica Way Oceanside, Ca.92056 (H) 1-760-439-1378 B-day Oct-27


Joan (Kelly) Pelekis 3685 Vista Campana N. Unit 6 Oceanside, Ca.92057 (H) 760-754-1472 (I) B day Oct -4

Hedge committee: Cathy Hamilton Pam Chambers Pam Connolly

Congratulations ! January Mary Azevedo our Volunteer of the Month February Katherine Ballinger our Volunteer of the Month. Hurray!!! Janie Booth; Our new Chaplain. Welcome aboard and God bless you, we need you. We Still need Volunteers! Positions open and hoping to be filled:.... Campaign and Precinct Voter Registration Legislation Scholarships Caring for America If you see yourself in any of these positions or in anything we are involved in call me Saundra Waecker. 760-492-1774 New Member, A big welcome to Paula Yokoyama I have attached a new member form along with the newsletter, if you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t renewed, please do and if you have,find one other person and sign them up. PAGE 7

Orwf newsletter march2014  
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