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Style & attitude for Bad Girls & Bad Boys in Second Life Issue 16 - Jan 2009

BAD or GOOD? Politically correct & incorrect in SL

Translation team: Roddrigo Rossi and Lucrecia Slade

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Alyne Dagger

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Issue 16 - January 2009

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Uncivilized opinions will be investigated, photographed and joyfully mocked in the next issue. X-D

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BG Magazine is independent and it does not publish conflicting opinions with the ideal of the magazine nor even for all Lindens in the world. When we speak well, we are good. When we speak ill of, we are the best!

Editorial Unlike most people think, make jokes about skin color or ethnicity isn’t an attitude politically incorrect. It is only racism. And it isn’tt also politically incorrect burp on table and fart in the middle of the room. It is just impolite. The movie Borat is politically incorrect, but the main character is just nonsense. Spit on Jack Bauer’s face is not politically incorrect, is just stupid. Call penis as dick and vulva as twat is more than politically incorrect, is shoot the shit. Laugh at homosexuals it is only politically incorrect if you also laugh about yourself, your straight square loser. And such as thinking right mint as a hype slang is something from a century ago, your behavior, politically correct or not, being conservative or progressive – we decide to work on this issue to take off this strange value judgments impression, so common in SL. And I will not apologize myself for the use of bad words – this would be politically correct, but hugely incoherent.

Aline Dagger Content Manager and nuts for good Lucrecia’s P.S.: Dirty mouth!

A lot of people keep asking me about buying copied clothing, not copied clothing (but looking like with the clothing from that other famous store), that one made by a creative fashion designer, or made by a not so much creative fashion designer, asking about what to do with freebies or dollarbies, asking about where I get things so cheap and etc. Then I say: information is everything. Try to know who, how, when, where and, most of all, why. Even because SL is so plentiful with clothing and accessories that not so difficult to know exactly what is it. The great current frisson are not the copybots (nevertheless they still be responsible for a huge headache for creators), but those who do pretty, super different things and charges cheap. Well, you will say, that is sweet! For whom is used to make easy money, with expensive charges, the party is over folks. For you, they are the light side. For fashion designers still thinking on SL dinosaur era, they are the dark side. As you can see, in the fashion world, be politically correct or incorrect is just a matter of knowing which side of the counter you are...

Lucrecia Slade Style and uncontrolled fashion Editor P.S. from Alyne: Go be cocky like this in Botucatu. :P

Happy Happenings

Being strange is an art!

Sixty performers, one purpose: to confront the paranoia for beauty in the current world with the bizarre, the weird, the absurd. The gathering of people from different nations, with different sights as much on the beauty as on the weird results in one of the most impressive and peculiarly different artistic events seem in Second Life.

Happy Happenings/Freak Showroom

“...Made inhuman by his look, the Freak man comes down toward a Nightmare. Because he’s alone, because he’s unique, because he’s tremendously original. And this idea could be useful for us too, cause through this project we can put ourselves in a virtual Elephant Man’s shoes and think about how the concept of Beauty brakes our wishes, how it carnally and mentally blocks ourselves into a state of Social Paranoia encompassed in a ecomonic scheme that pressures us to do what someone else thinks it’s better for everyone...” Freak showroom idea and concept by Loglady Loon

The Freak Show Room was open to visitation until February 17 Address: ModaSL (125, 75, 1143)

Happy Happenings

Gata Garota Rock Club

Rock ‘n roll all

l night!

Leoa Piek (above) is the main planner and owner of the bigger and the best Brazilian rock club in activity on SL at the moment. We went to celebrate the opening and we saw the joy of the rock gang there, such as Vitor Schnyder (at side).

Happy Happenings/Gata Garota Rock Club

Chromium Praga Xhentai Kurka

Akita Landar

McNaught Romano

Rayza Baxton

Bad Girls Interview/ Morris Ceawlin

Shoot the bastard!* “Hi, I Am German(y) ... And I’ll Stay SL-Pornographer In 2009” with these words, MORRIS CEAWLIN “kick it” his works on Flickr this year, regardless all complains received from RL and SL moralists about the pictures – which contents are clearly and surely pornographic. By E-mail, Morris answers 10 questions that turned him on the heat – but not like the way he is used to be by other avatars – and he went fine.As he said on his reply E-mail: Short, but honest ... *Morris published a photo with this title in his stream after a polemic about his photos.

Morris Ceawlin selfportraied

In your profile you say your work is not art. With no jugdements or prejudice in this question, how do you qualify it and what is your motivation?

BG Magazine:

My first motivation was - and still is - to entertain and make people think. Perhaps this is an element of “art”, too, but I saw so many awesome works on flickr that I would never ever say my work might be art, compared with them. Nevertheless, as I know now, there is a strong influence of so called “pornography” in all periods of art. I leave the decision to the visitor, may they judge if what they see contains art, too. But it’s not my claim.

Morris Ceawlin :

Some people doesn’t want to be called “pornographers”. Don’t you think there is a taboo involving the word “pornography”? Do you mind to be called this way? BG Magazine:

Morris Ceawlin : No,

I don’t mind at all. Some people don’t want to be called salesman even if this is exactly what they do every day. They order business cards where they are called “Key accounter” ;-). Perhaps it’s a question of self confidence or a question of provocation or just a state of mind. After a few months I know - and that was indeed surprising - that a lot of people have no problem with “pornography” at all. Why don’t call something with the suitable name? That’s the sense of language.

BG Magazine: We

observed that some issues can be called taboo in RL and not in SL (or the contrary). In your case, this kind of considerations happens?

Morris Ceawlin : Of

course. There’s a sometimes thin, but strict line between SL and RL and whatever most people might accept inworld,

Captions from “The Secretary”, “Loves knows no gender” and “Revenge” series, taken and edited by Morris

they possibly have completely different opinions or limits in RL. I think, this is one of the most attractive possibilities in Secondlife, checking your limits, trying things that - why ever - are not possible in RL. I have strict limits in “both lifes”. BG Magazine: Looking to your Flickr stream, it is

clear your captions started in another way, becoming hardcore along the time. How did you decide to be a SL pornographer? Was it planned or it just happened? Morris Ceawlin : It

just happened. One day I realized that I was just bored by the 1000 sunset and 2000 cuddle and 3000 hair- and 4000 shoe-picture. If you are inworld long enough you cannot avoid to meet people who’s daily “target” is virtual sex - and this topic includes great possibilities for pictures. Sometimes we meet people, sometimes we just remember happenings in our first life, sometimes we see a

movie or read a book and create pictures with our mind - it’s great to “use” SL to realize that. BG Magazine: Honestly:

Did you really believe you could put your captions in your Flickr stream free of people complaining or you really wanted to make something to tease the moralists?

Morris Ceawlin : I

don’t care for moralists. They bore me. I cannot understand that someone is so close-minded to think, that “morality” might be a solution against violence or abusement or for a better life. I had several discussions with some people who call themselves moral and all I heard in the end was, that masturbation makes you blind and sex before marriage leads directly to purgatory. This is MY flickr-stream, I am the owner and everyone else can block me or watch my pictures silent or loud - it doesn’t matter, this is - still - a free world most of the time.

BG Magazine: O

What pisses you more: the people claiming against your photos or the stupid questions like “Do you rape people in your RL”? Morris Ceawlin : Second.

I was always open for discussions, that shows that people think about what they see. I like passion and if someone says what he or she is thinking. But I won’t accept if someone forgets the “existing” limits - and RL is the ultimate limit for everyone who is active in Secondlife.

BG Magazine: About

your picture choices, why don’t you put some girls looking happy in your group sex photos? Isn’t it a way to be a little machist, like if women could not appreciate group sex? Morris Ceawlin : Mmh

... I really think that I am more feminist than many women ;-). A few photosets just included no joy at all, it was just rough sex, each picture on its own and the complete set as “work”. Additional: I don’t picture my complete SL-time, usually it’s a special situation and until now there was mostly no place for joy.

BG Magazine: Can

a woman be a pornographer, in your opinion? Do you know female pornographers?

Morris Ceawlin : Damn

:-) – dozends! Believe it or not, I so often have to cough when I see what women produce, they are bold, naughty, shameless, funny, surprising, creative.

BG Magazine: Who

are the people who make the photos with you? They can be identificaded or is it a mistery? Morris Ceawlin : That’s

not important. The pictures, including the angle, colors, scene, headline are my work. A few pics are influenced by the partner, but usually - and that happens very often - two or more people do there own pictures during a photoshooting. It’s my decision to publish these pics, sometimes the other one does this on another picture platform or keeps the pictures for his own on his harddisk.

BG Magazine: “Pleasure”

is a word that walks along with the word “pornography”. What is your greatest pleasure concerning your photo work? Morris Ceawlin : The

work itself. As much as I like favorites or comments, I do this work for me. Sure, i’m always glad when I entertain people or know, that I influence others to act more brave and leave the sunsets behind, but first of all I like to take phoos. Virtual pictures. Morris Ceawlin stream on flickr:

Internet Movie Database

I’m the “bad guy”? The two sides of the same coin in politically correct or incorrect attitudes in SL. by Alyne Dagger


This article opening line was said the first time in a movie, which in its release time, 1993, was praised as an icon of political incorrectness: “Falling Down” – WB, 1993, directed by Joel Schumacher. However, throughout time the critics themselves began to find at the script facts showing that cannot ever rent space in someone’s head. D-fens, the main character, is helped by a black boy in a crucial moment at the movie (no, I won’t call him afro-descendant, with or without orthographically reforming), Dfens doesn’t show any particular antipathetic for blacks – even doesn’t spare a Latin gang and, at the movie beginning, looks like racist dealing with a Korean immigrant. Further on the movie, the character, which has an ultra-conservative profile, make us wonder that hardly will accept homosexuality in a good mood, it really annoys him when a Nazi considers himself like him telling both them hate “the bunch of niggers and faggots” (sic). Watching it now, “Falling Down” make us notice the main character contestable attitude actually is more a reaction to the excesses than to the politically incorrect

philosophy itself. Because, be really politically incorrect, in life or in second life, is a journey more complicated than looks like from the start. The first thing to say about political correction is that good intentions can rot in Inferno (that supernatural land full with LAG). However, we can’t say that a politically correct attitude is necessarily naive, fool or stupid: it’s important to understand the facts that drive to the creation of this philosophy before judge it and to know that is not required to choose a side. After the 50’s and 60’s, when the fight for women and black rights get strength, the “normality notion” itself had been changing. Not more natural than offer goods for women highlighting their house working skills or even make racist jokes. Desires for equality and respect had been, little by little, bringing light to several minorities, and make fun became even more difficult: first thing, couldn’t laugh at physical flaws; right then, had been banished jokes about blacks and Jews; further, the physical humor itself started to be limited: Some broadcasts quit Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle and Al St. John: ready to film another priceless and pretty incorrect scene.

movies, he used to be beat down always in his movies – in one of them, they kicked his ass as he wearing black paint all over his face pretending to be black; then, became annoying make jokes about foreigners, hillbillies... Anyone who could be offended or discriminated, though.

It is true, respect is very important, but at the moment this regulation get off from humor field and went to communication in general, trough controlled vocabulary, people began to upset because some particular “renames” became ridiculous. In the middle 90’s, a controlled vocabulary suggested by an important news agency dropped pearls of wisdom such as “gifted with an alternate body image” to illustrate uglies, “big in size” for fats and “vertically loss” for short people (I am short. Vertically loss is the... never mind).

What make this ridiculous is that the same communication medias doesn’t stop to deal with uglies, fats and shorts in a shameful prejudice way. And for you who read it so far thinking: OK, but where is the SL in it? The world doesn’t became necessarily fairer with the politically correct arising, the worries with the statement doesn’t translate a concern about attitude. And now we begin to talk about Second Life. I once read in a blog, that I don’t want to identify, the follow mistake: “The environment in Second Life is the most democratic possible, where everyone do whatever they want and think”. It does not. Never was. Probably never will. If it was like Linden Lab swears it is, the SL would be the virtual equivalent nearest an anarchy – the regime where each one really does whatever he want and think, unlike democracy, where the majority will rules. But, like the way it is, SL reminds more a kind of a lawless Third World country, where the rich ones rule, the smart asses goes fine and poor (economic loss, note that) get screwed. I won’t cry loud against copybots here, because them aren’t a problem bigger than what cause them: the regime ruling the metaverse. In addiction, they only are a symptom of that hypocrite misgovernment that places OpenSpaces to sell and then

Cover outrageous rise tiers; forbids child avatars in their birthday celebrations telling as excuse that is for people protection against pedophilia; and shut eyes to reports about racism which are “analyzed with care” but resulting in nothing. When we talk about users, is important to say many of them wants to look modern and hype, and they talk about Goreans and sadomasochists such as talking about Mr. John from the groceries, but let’s be right and straight: Only in Second Life and with stupid reality shows tasks it is ordinary a person walking by with 5 people in chains. But in SL due to the amount of people doing this, is politically incorrect be shocked by it. Once, I was in a haircut store when arrives a Gorean “lord” chained with two slaves. Then a noobie tells: oh my God, what is it? She were cut up not by the Gorean or the slaves, but actually by a non-noobie friend, who said that is an ordinary thing. In another occasion, by chance also in a hair store, two baby avatars were baby talking for fun and telling they want a family, when a female avatar gets she were pointed to have sex and started the drama. Actually, poor things, those two only want to be adopted. It is hilarious to watch: In SL is easier to be abused acting like a child than like a sadomasochist.

Not concerns about prejudice with chained people, but is almost funny people see more malice in an adult who wants to pretend be a child than a person, whoever he or she are in RL, who likes to play submission in SL. The both reasons are the same, but maybe, in a virtual environment, would be more politically incorrect be righteous than pretend to be ultra-sexy, to be an admitted ugly than a fake handsome. Everyone has the right to create an avatar as wish, but is hugely annoying note some RL patterns, which cause so much pain, be admitted as higher values in SL than the truly identity of the avatar, the person behind the doll. Deadly Danielle, one of several avatars out of pattern made by Cutea Benelli, fashion student in RL.

So, it is more politically incorrect, if we can measure that, looks above the weight in SL than walk carrying a gun. Khitten Kurka is one of these anti-conventional people. With a great taste and love for fashion, this impressive resident show her pictures by Flickr, these just are screen shots from her, she looks like a Diva from golden years wearing glamorous clothes, standing on beautiful lands. It is an interesting fashion work, and should be a reference, but a lot of people don’t have the capacity to understand it that way. I recently asked her if she was victim of prejudice in any moment, her answer was short: yes, I do! This is a proof that people can be fool and have straight minds. Be rude with someone just because this person has a well built but not standard

Khitten Kurka in one of her pictures

top model avatar is the proof not for political incorrectness, but for pure ignorance, and both attitudes must not be misunderstand. But Khitten is just herself and doesn’t care: a few months ago, a fun series of photographs from herself “ruthade” showed Khitten outraged, because she lost her curves due to LAG. Another non conventional avatar is our Good Guy, from the last issue, Hio Taringa. Hio is a photographer in SL, has a very personalistic work and we could say his pictures are a really example of political incorrectness: With his green skin, usually carrying guns, always smoking and many times naked, he presents an attitude practically wild which was several times imitated. About Morris Cewalin, one of ours interviewees in this issue, he says kidding: “Hey! I made Morris as a pornographer!” and still even more in a joking way he says that is true, sure his photographs and his attitude already had offended a lot of people, but he doesn’t care. And he doesn’t care at all, not even for the attempts to offend him, according to him, thousands times (yes, he is an exaggerative person in everything), so that, he posted a picture of himself naked a few months ago, subtitled: “Hi, I’m Italian, pornographer... sex right now?” Such picture received many answers, many avatars imitated it, varying the subtitle: “Hi, I’m French, I’m pornographer...”; “Hi, I’m American...” and so on. Hio is the example for the “good” politically incorrect, despite

his attitude, he is fun and make friends and has a good relationship network in SL, so that everything he does is imitated, replicated, nothing passes by.

Hio Taringa in picture edited by himself.

And after that gathering of facts, what we can call politically correct/incorrect in metaverse can still be very confuse, and isn’t really possible to make a perfect value judgment about what is wrong or right – starting from the use of words like correct and incorrect, this use makes a double mistake in the value judgment: as if one or another could be the right attitude and as if was possible to follow only one path. Nothing more equivocated, especially in SL. There is no sin in SL, but if there is no sin, there is no mercy. Don’t use the term “politically correct” as an excuse for hypocrisy or even to look more cool than

Art by Hio Taringa

And he is connected with Maitreya Graves, Jero Cazalet and some more avatars from several countries in a project that represents that politically incorrect attitude: the Freak Showroom exhibition, an idea just conceived from the exhaustion of that “fair-fair-fair” template. The proposal is to confront the bizarre and the beauty paranoia: each artist was invited to make a weird avatar but this must looks like a regular person (no ogres or fantasy monsters) and participate in a cathartic experimentation to accomplish what they call the “digital opera”. For sure an unprecedented thing in SL, which can be seen in February 2 to 17. You just need to type “freak show” on the SL search engine.

you really are; nor even say that is “politically incorrect” as an excuse for stupid attitudes such as racism, discrimination, to disrespect people in any way, to be rude. There is nothing more politically incorrect in a bad way than use the euphemism “he is extremely individualist” referring to a selfish person. If you are not “extremely individualist” you will know that the limit between politically correct and incorrect in attitudes is the pavement for the path of reason: the good sense. Finally, for those who are asking what Obama and Amy Winehouse are doing on the cover and on the illustrations: We chose two charismatic and popular figures with extremely opposite attitudes to prove that as playing on the A side or as the B side, the music can be good, since it doesn’t go out of tune. Note: For those who enjoy the avatars illustrating this issue – the Obama can be found, complete, at Tutty Skins & Shapes store; the Amy Winehouse is a collective creation of Alyne Dagger (skin and some parts of the shape) and Lucrecia Slade (shape definition and styling) and not, not is for sale; the Deadly Danielle has shape, skin and boots from Grim Bros., hair from Blonde, shirt from Gemini and short from Alyne Dagger’s Hippie Market. And the pink flamingo is full perms.

Marian Wildcat is a synthesis of several SL taboos. She is a female avatar with male genitals which accepted talk about her life and experience in Second Life. Her journey is documented by strong photographs and with a sadomasochist thematic which can be seen at her Flickr: http:// Firstly, a ‘shemale’ (certainly in SL terms) is simply a female avatar with male genetalia.. When I joined SL way back 2006, my then partner had accidentally set up two females for our respective accounts. Now, I know that sounds odd, but it is perfectly true. I surprisingly found it intriguing and great fun to use this avatar in SL, learning how a female was treated by other members there, both male and female — sorta seeing how the opposite gender lived. :) After discovering the D/s aspect of SL, and having very submissive tendancies, I felt it would be unfair to ‘hide’ behind the female avvie as a RL male. It must be said at this point, that I have female tendancies in RL, so I arrived at a personal compromise, and the shemale Marian Wildcat was created. This way, neither male nor female players could complain that I was being dishonest.

Personally, I dont mind what people call me, so long as it isnt too early in the morning. Sure, there is a social taboo surrounding porn, but in some societies there are social yaboos surrounding religion, homosexuality, status and freedom of speech. So who cares?? LOL! I am a free spirit and I will express myself in whatever way I see fit, so long as it is within the law, If folk see my freedom of expression as bad, let them look within their own repressed souls. Someplace in the Bible, Jesus says “Let he who is within sin cast the first stone!” I am open to criticism of course. Basically, I am s submissive, and I play that role in SL. By the way, Masters tend to love the shemale aspect of my submission!! Of course, they IM me first with the line “Err. I am not gay, but....” That cracks me up big time!! LOL.

I am only a rebel if someone pushes my limits too far. Then I rebel and the person in question runs! No, I dont see myself as a rebel, to be honest. I just see myself as someone comfortable with the way they live their SL. :) Believe it or not, in RL I am a Dominant, and have had personal slaves. I guess to folk outside the BDSM or D/s Communities, I might seem to be a bit of an oddball, but I dont inflict my kinks or opinions on folk who dont wish to hear them, or on folk who dont care for or understand the lifestyle. In SL of course, iti s a different matter. D/s is after all such a massive community there. Take Gor and Roissy for example. There are many Gorean Sims, all doing very well and beautifully designed. Roissy has almost 3,000 members who adore the “Story of O” BDSM theme. Sorta speaks for itself really. :) Taboos? F**king bastards who involve themselves in child pornography! I would gladly do jail time to get my hands around one of their necks! Also, I feel that child avvies and ageplay are closely related — a sort of subtle way of sneaking in paedophilic behaviour, so thats a big no-no with me. Some folk like scat, medical play, dolcett and bathroom play. I dont like that sort of stuff myself, but its not illegal. Therefore, if its good for someone, and they are not harming anyone, then thats fine. If we were all the same, the place would be rather boring. Concerning my photos, to be honest, I misread how to hide some of the stuff from view, and got caught napping. I was simply not tagging the pictures correctly. However, there is always an interfering asshole waiting just around the next

bend, hoping to cause trouble for someone, so I wasnt really surprised. I just bet they had a good look and downloaded a few pictures for their pleasure BEFORE they complained. LOL. :) I simply try to portray the beauty, excitement and sexuallly consensual cruelty of D/s in my photostream. Where possible, I try to make it a bit artistic, but this doesnt always happen. I have no political motivation in any of this, just simply to hopefully give a bit of pleasure to likeminded folk. :) Most submissives will state that the most delicious part of a punishment is the actual waiting,. They find themselves in a heightened state of anticipatory arousal whilst bound under the threat of punishment or attention. It is a definite fact that this time of meditation allows a sub to get considerable more in touch with their inherent submissive side than any other activity — in other words, reach the ‘sub zone’. Of course a woman can be a pornographer! After all, hasn’t everyone got desires and fantasies? Many of the female artists in SL are capable of portraying a greater sense of pornography and eroticism in their creations t han any male. Some of the more established SL bondage toy shops alone are owned by genuine females. My partner in Roissy was female (Megan Fabre - my actual RL slave), and it was her who thought up its concept, and worked tirelessly on the design of the sims themselves. I believe pornography is not exclusive to the minds and designs of males. After all, wouldnt it be sexist of me if I were to say otherwise??!!?? *wink* Many thanks for hearing my diverse views, and for allowing me space in your wonderful magazine!!

Alyne Dagger Choices All story has two versions. This month, to show two completely different sides of SL, we visit polite places, but not exactly square ones and other places completely, how we say, “unconventional�. At the gallery, the charm of the forever cover girl, the Canadian top model, Anessa Stine meets the enfant terrible French, Jero Cazalet. A selection to illustrate better the two sides of the same coin!

AD Choices - Unbeliavable Places

Side A, side B

Churches beautifully built where religious people can search for spiritual enlightenment, a Buddhist temple with the same purpose and a social project with a gorgeous fundamental, all in contrast with a blood RPG land; a BDSM farm and a university to learn how to be submissive.

Profession of Faith An avatar belonging to a priest (Pater Holmer) celebrates Mass at 3 little churches at German SIMs. Regardless the religious valor, it is worth to pass by and see the beauty of each one, built on the typical style of the correspondent host SIM, and also for those who wants to watch a Mass celebrate in German, it worths to get the SLT schedules for each ceremony.

Altstadt (81, 212, 24), alte Fabrik (25, 57, 22), Apfelland Stadt 3 (40, 231, 26), NORDDEUTSCHLAND (77, 100, 21)

Zen Experience p If you are looking for the silence within you, you must know the Buddha Center. A place where everything is towards to diffuse the Buddhist philosophy and to search for internal acknowledgment. Buddha Center Buddhism (159,122,22)

SL for Africa

An international NGO with headquarters on Africa, the UTHANGO GROUP discloses, diffuses and gets financial support for projects using a huge SIM made of 4 islands based upon the nature and rustic architecture of the continent. For those who wants to make a difference! Uthango Projects - Virtual Africa (200,134,75)

Reign of Darkness

If you have the guts to adventure on BEYOND THE DARKNESS, you will find a RPG based on LARPS system (the most modern system in use on SL) inspirited by the Victorian Age and a beautiful SIM, regardless for the dismal environment. Right on the entrance, the visitor is warned to get in by his/her own risk in an environment of extreme violence. Beyond Darknes Isle of Legacies (77,105,1002)

Old Mac Donald had a slave Right, I also don’t know why they choose the farm background, but the BONDAGE RANCH is a meeting place for that group which loves to be on a leash. You can go just for curiosity or to hang out, but do not think the silence on chat is strange: a considerable amount of the people there shares confidences only by IM.. Bondage Ranch (34,134,306)

Yes, master A lot of people is using SL to educational purposes, but only at University of Submission there are courses for masters and slaves and, for most bizarre it can looks like, all this is taken very seriously. Disturbing... University of submission UOS(113,118,23)

AD Choices - Gallery

Anessa Stine My reason for doing photography in SL grew out of a love of expressing myself creatively. I find the ability to manipulate lighting and control almost ever aspect of the image an exciting challenge. I do very little post editing in my photography from Second Life, I see that that is the trend lately... working images to the point where you can barely recognize they are from SL... and while I appreciate the talent it takes to accomplish that, I find that sometimes a soft touch is best. We are afterall avatars, and I think avys and some of the amazing places in SL are visually appealing without hours of retouching.

AD Choices - Gallery

Jero Cazalet I have ideas in mind (sometimes silly) and SL allows me to concretize them with pict. It is a way of expressing myself for the Fun, sharing my mood , my mind or a place with SL/flickr community and to laugh and make laugh... I do not consider as an artist, i edit snaps to add details and shadows.. and voilĂ ! Last words, enjoy your life, do what you want and.. keep the smile ! :)


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Check out the agenda of the places and sites that support BG Mag.

caos comunicação Caos Village, Tsering (187, 34, 94)

Caos Comunicação and Alt Mídia Alternativa, agencies from South of Brazil, announce the launching of the project Ilha Serra Gaúcha Brasil. The project has already defined its touristic places and natural beauties that will be represented in the virtual universe, showing the culture and attractions of the mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul in Second Life. Besides, there will be special projects for the public of metaverse that will include culture, information and entertainment.

cineclube alexandria

Ponta da Praia (121, 171, 24) Join the group of people who like animation movies and watch the best productions of the world. Always a film from the newest animation studios of the world!

universidade brasil virtual Vestibular Brasil W (223, 210, 22)

It’s a University space for art, culture, RPG, games, design and much more. The space dedicated to Design, in a skybox, was opened with the beginning of the first courses. A space for music was opened and the lovers of jazz and good music will be delighted with a beautiful jam session in a very pleasant place. Go there! AVATAR JAZZ LOUNGE, Fortes Perez Cultural (212, 125, 31)

a.c. store

Glox City (78, 118, 23) Ethereal Sanctuary (180, 68, 24) North Halsted (235, 68, 22) Kmadd Enterprise (130, 91, 26) Village Brasil Shopping (102, 136, 33) Design, creativity, daring and extreme quality — this is a.C. Store by CheerNo Destiny. Join the store group and be updated about the new releases.

hippie market Sled (182, 73, 93)

Clothes, jeans, skins and colorful accessories of the 70’s!

samba brazil

Ponta da Praia (59, 47, 22) The Brazilian Carnival and folk store has clothes and accessories for Brazilian traditional parties and not so traditional occasions‌ XD

tribo brasil

Tribo Brasil (127, 90, 511) It’s a place for a post apocalyptical RPG where humans, lycans, vampires, supernaturals, nekos, angels and demons fight for the supremacy. Besides, you can rent your store in an island with an excellent traffic. Join the group and live great adventures!

happy clam

Happy Clam Island (127, 127, 32) Sustainability, modernity, creativity — this is the less to describe the delicious Happy Clam Island, where live presentations, expositions, stores and the most acclaimed techno parties happens.

Injected Cutea Benelli Fashion creator and photographer

Foto e edição por Cutea Benelli

Bad Girl do mês

Good Guy do mĂŞs

Direct to the point Albertt Olkhovsky Photographer and creator

The blogs and the group: Bonita and Morena shows the path to the freebies

Freebies or not freebies? by Lucrecia Slade

Lucrecia goes shopping

The SL fashion, since 2 years ago, have been growing with a remarkable haste, as much in quality as in amount, in addition of the management and organization of the sector. Magazines, fashionistas, customers, store owners, malls, shopping malls advanced in a way which the specialized press calls “market saturation”. The amount affects a weighty fashion industry content: the price. Everybody knows the most important brands charges a price considered fair for their creations and the amount of goods available already blown the market necessity up. And then come the freebies. The market supplies freebies and dollarbies to attract customers, but that become a doubled-edged sword. If you offer a bad quality freebie, the audience probably will not return to the store. But, place a high quality freebie makes a lot of creators complain, because to manufacture that there is a incorporated cost. Despite of the virtual world is plentiful of freebies.

On the other hand, the market doesn’t speak only English anymore. The Brazilian, Japanese and German communities are the greater ones off-USA nowadays, even Linden Lab is calling volunteers to translate the texts. Especially the Japanese community, it has a culture of megacreative goods, with an amazing quality and low prices. And these manufacturers – which are not pirates and doesn’t have the use to copybot – are driven the older fashionistas into madness. The customer, following their steps, now demands high quality and low price, and this troubles the profit. In Brazil, one of the most known blogs deal exactly with freebies. Owned by Bonita Loon and Morena Mayo, the Bonita Blog daily chases treasure hunts, freebies and dollarbies for the readers, sending an amount around 20 notices by day. With a well organized staff and also accepting contributions from the group members. BG had ask some questions to the blog’s owners and here we have a sample from things ongoing in SLBR.

How long the blog exists, how it works and how many residents it achieves? The Blog lasts for more than an year now, and achieves more than 1,300 residents. I cannot precise values, because all the time new members arrive. The Brazilians, in the big picture, like to “take advantage”. Good price and great quality is the preference, such as off-country, or it is more like “the only thing that matters is being free”. That’s right, unfortunately the Brazilian taken advantage idea is cultural. The first concern in the group policy is place quality at first. And, thank God, many store owners provide quality along good price. Even the free have been with great quality. By the acquisition of Xstreet and OnRez by Linden Lab, do you think freebies will be more regulated in the fight against piracy and copybots? We hope it will, because for a group such ours, piracy and copybots just bring loss before ll. We are vulnerable. It’s up to LL that regulation. When you find piracy, what is the blog policy regarding that? We can’t bear it. We don’t admit notices with copybots. We just can’t answer for the members, unfortunately. Do you think the market is saturated or it is just another period in the SL fashion? The saturation is there, but like RL, always

happen to arise people with new ideas. So, I rather believe it is just a period. We know you go after a lot of places, but point the top 5 you visit recently. Harder and yet embarrassing to do it, in respect for the other places that provide and supply frees, dollarbies and offerings for residents in SL. And finally, which tip to be a good “freebie chaser” on duty (besides be a Bonita Blog’s member)? Explore new places, always! Don’t be attached only at big brands and stores. Small stores offer rares opportunities. As this issue subject is the politically correct and incorrect, I had visit some stores which are controversial or not. You will decide.

Lucrecia goes shopping

Those who are convicted smokers are customers of this shop. Specialized in smoke particles emission, very soon evolved to tobacco and cigarettes, cigars, lighters scripts and everything else that came along with the smoke practice. FOXY’S SMOKE SHOP - Best Cigaret, MANHATTAN BEACH (84, 25, 272)

This store already appear at the last issue, but it worth to repeat it due to the nice initiative: cute and well made, the Newbie’s Pack is for those who are beginning and have lots of questions. :: SugarCube MainStore - Clothing for sugary girls ~ Blumfield (205, 77, 27)

Lucrecia goes shopping

This island is strength mature. Hardcore porn stars avatars, many sexual items for ALL tastes and a club in which the customers know for sure what happen. But don’t be afraid – no one will do anything with you if you don’t want to. ^^ Abbey Island Dance & Sex Club ~ , Abbey Island (75, 76, 25)

A very cute and mega organized Sweden village, with a grip of dollarbies and freebies. Separated by men, women, accessories, objects and gestures sections, and etc, this place is one of the newbies heaven. It have a modest camp and it recommended that your English to be in sharp. A basic German is also handy... XD SWISS VILLAGE - The original!, Swiss Park (111, 87, 22)

Lucrecia photographs

Unbeatable Styles by Lucrecia Slade

This section have been a long missing, because I used to shoot hype, well dressed and fun avatars from SL parties and events. This issue couldn’t left to show some of them, those who attract the attention of my lens or Alyne’s.

OK, a lot of people doesn’t like furries, but this tiny bunny is really sweet and cute! Look the little sandal matching the skirt and the lace!

CheerNo Destiny

atillas Joszpe

When the party is ruled by the fashion magician CheerNo Destiny, there is place for no one else. Unbeatable style, fun, beautiful people and a lot, a lot of joy is the minimum you will find at his parties.

FeFu Shelman

Deko Vought

Fastolph Fredriksson e Alyne Dagger

Taken Kandr

Justin Denver

Wakko Streeter

Avatar that makes!

Perfil fabinho33 Aeon fabinho33 Aeon have been in metaverse since 2007, but only in 2008 has consolidated his work among the SL evangelic community. In the first place trough SL Cristo radio broadcast and then with a temple for prayers; he is one of the avatars more solicited in Brazil when the subject is spiritual orientation.

What exactly is to be a minister in SL? Help people with no biblical acknowledgement. Do you believe God assign you in SL for this purpose? Yes, I do believe that if isn’t for Him I couldn’t be a minister in SL. It is possible to take a Christian life in a mundane environment such as Second Life? Yes, it is possible, because the second life is much like as the first. Then, we can make a

difference and show to people that we can walk accordingly there too, with respect.

are very blessed and touched by the Ghost of God trough the Lord Jesus.

A Christian avatar can have virtual sex?

Following the same logic: Do you celebrate marriages in Second Life? Do you believe they can have the same value as a real sacrament?

I don’t agree with sexual relationship among avatars; being Christian or not Christian, virtual sex and off marriage sex is wrong and the Bible tells us they are sins. Regarding the copybots and illegal products, do you give some orientation against them? Yes, I think that is wrong because you’re supporting piracy – a completely wrong thing. Did you do any conversion so far? Yes, many friends in SL heard the Word and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Nowadays they are frequenting churches in real life and the beauty I see in it is Second Life like a radio broadcasting: they hear the Voice from God and join in the Body of Christ, which are the members from the Second Life church. This take many people to look at Christ. Is really beautiful indeed. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” Mt 18, 20 – There is reasons to believe that an avatar’s gathering is a ‘real’ gathering? Yes, there is many reasons and one of them that is none avatars would listen the Word of God, but, actually, the people controlling them. They

First thing, I don’t celebrate marriages in Second Life, due to me they have no value at all. The SL marriage is complicate because I had saw many people hurt by them, men marrying two women, lesbians marrying, men and women married in real life marrying other people in Second Life... So, for me, marriage in SL is out of game, is totally misplace... Linden Lab gives to residents creation tools. There is some divinity on virtual Creation, regarding the generation of several avatars, “lives” so to speak? I think it is great all the resources we have. This is great, but I don’t think it is divine, just a nice performance. How do you face the virtual baby conception? Look, I think it as a play, but I don’t dig it, though. Many Churches pray that technology as a satanic tool. The Internet is from God or from Devil? Can be from both, depending the person using it. You decide use it for good or for evil.

Bad Girls Present

MORE portug foreigner SPEAKER

E aí, noobies? (hey, noobies!). Do you know there are expressions that if you translate literally makes no sense? Yep, like in any language and it can mess you up. This month we will show you only three of them, but expect to learn more with us soon. As we are not ideas’ copyboters, we have the obligation to say that is not our idea: expressions are adapted from the book “The cow went to the swamp”, from genious Brazilian humour writter Millôr Fernandes. If it is avaiable in your country, buy it immediately: you will learn no Portuguese, but will laugh out loud.

Ai, meu Deus... vaca foi pro brejo1

Coitadinha, que tragédia!2



“Oh my God! The cow went to the swamp!” “Poor her, what a tragedy!” Does it make any sense to say the cow commited suicide throwing itself in a swamp? No? You use this expression when you want to say the things are really messed up. Like when you see you SL crashed just when your letter came up in a Lucky chair, for example. ;) 1 2

uese LESSONS for RS in Brazilian SIMs Yay! Botamos as manguinhas de fora!5

Botei o bloco na rua!!! Não era isso que você queria?3

O povo vai achar que somos doidas... 6

Não, sua anta! Você não manja nada mesmo!!!4

I put the block on the street, it was not you were asking? 4 No you tapir! You really don’t know anything! First: Block is a concrete block or a group of person doing samba noises, many of them drunk. If you say you are going to put the block on the street you mean you will make some noise to get something. Like people pissed off because of SL Openspaces recent case did in their blogs and everybody wants to do when LL makes any crap in SL. 3

“Yay! We put outside the little mangos!” “People will think we are nuts...” This is nonsense, isn’t it? But it makes more clear when you discover the word “manga” in portuguese means both “mango” and “cuff”. When you say this expression, you are saying someone shown what was hidden in the cuffs of the coat, like a magician does. Like when you discover the person you are chating or dating SL is nothing... that he or she’s saying 5 6

Alyne Dagger comments


o non-nerds and ordinary people, this who watches Fantástico Sunday night, RPG, some time ago, only was the name for a gymnastic only for those who suffers spine problems. But then, everything changed: News about that subject appeared at Jornal Nacional; the Igreja Universal pronounce on those who plays it will go to Hell and all the crowd crunked up to find the fun in “Role Playing Games”. And remains for Second Life, which is kind of a no man’s land of the video games. For those who doesn’t understand yet what that is all about, this month we’ll make-believe (a-ha!) that we want to tell a story using the RPG dynamics from Second Life. Therefore, read by your own risk the story of...

King Arthur and the Knights of the Full Perms Table ...or Freaking out Camelot or even Camelot goes nonsense . (freely inspired upon Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

To understand... Anything that came after the character’s name had been said in game. Anything that came after the word (off) had been said off-game. [Anything between brackets had been said using voice chat] Anything that have the IM acronym had been said by instant message. ((anything between double parenthesis, had been heard on voice in a suspicious way)). What is written in italic typing is DCS stuff - combat system from SL too diďŹ cult to explain. Well, after this arrangement, we can begin the story, after all, RPG is more or less like Viagra: twelve hours waiting for 5 minutes of action.

Personagens: ReiArthur Beck–

(this is only a fiction RPG – if you look like one of the characters, bad luck!) Guinevere Lane– Queen, actress,

and lawyer from São


model and one of the less smart

Paulo, 36 years old.


readers of “The Mists of Avalon”

Married (RL and SL)

- anything new about it. Married

and cuckold (only

with King Arthur in SL and

in SL, at least, for

looking for the real love in RL.

awhile) Lancelote Pintens – Wandering knight and

From Botucatu, São Paulo. Percival Writer MorganaDasFadas

photographer (RL and SL). From

GossipGirl – Witch and

– Knight, from

Rio de Janeiro, he has four

astrology student (SL and

Rio Grande do Sul

children, he is 46 years old,

RL), is 21 years old, single,

and a 18 years old

he fronts to be hot

lives at Barra da Tijuca and

excess baggage.

stuff and mack daddy

thinks she has loads of cash.

He thinks he is a

(especially after make

King Arthur’s sister, only in

Hacker and a SL

out with king’s wife).

the RPG and does not like it

myth hunter.

Wizard and Bahia shaman (don’t ask...)

Tristan McMillan -

Galahad Watanabe – Knight and he is a 40 years

Knight, from Minas Gerais,

old virgin. From Botucatu, São Paulo (there is really

he is 25 years old, former

many people from Botucatu, doesn’t?)

seminarist, former evangelist,

And more... many

former FAB cadet, former engineering student, nowadays he’s a telemarketing attendant and computer science student.

Isolda Rau – of the court,

other avatars and

noobie, crybaby and Percival’s

bizarre creatures

older sister, she is 22 years old

that will help or

(and have a 12 years old mind). trouble the story.

Day 1 – The great Kingdom foundation. Chronicle: And then, the King Arthur take the sword off the stone and became king. After he takes the sword off the stone and became king, he gathers his knights. After takes the sword off the stone, became king and gathers his knights, he went to TioAndré Beck store to look for a round table costing less than a L$ 100. And after all this, he begins his enthusiastic speech towards the knights. IM from Morgana to Lancelote: Who wrote this mediocre, terrible and pathetic chronicle? Lancelote’s IM: I wrote it, why babe? Didn’t you like it? Morgana’s IM: Ah. Well, it is cute... King Arthur: Oh! My noble and eternal knights, we gathering on this ventruous night at this blessed castle to celebrate the foundation of the kingdom of Camelot and the coronation of Arthur Pendragon Beck at the kingdom of Camelot. Guinevere: Oh! My beloved sovereign. I think we are here to celebrate our marriage!

King Arthur: (off) sorry Gui. I forgot that, well, dude, is hard 2 think 2 talk, isnt? Morgana: (off) Arthur, for the God sake, you don’t even know how to write in actual English even less in Medieval English... Is TO think TO talk, isn’t! And it is VENTUROUS and not VENTRUOUS. Lancelote: (off) Babe, I’m just saying, but the English is archaic, not medieval... Morgana: (off) Geez, Lance, I keep forgetting how educated you are... Lancelote: (off) Don’t say it, babe... it is just life experience, see... Percival: Oh! noble knights, could you, please, abide the important ceremony we all dressed up and daparted our weapons? Morgana: (off) What a hell means “daparted”? Wouldn’t be “departed”? Mago Merlin: Oh! my King... I don’t came here to celebrate the marriage? Aff... this is taking too long and bothering me to be here in front of this computer... King Arthur: Then, let’s Begin the Kingdom of Camelot! Then, 20 applause gestures and other chat boring

stuff has follow plus a marriage celebrate by a person from Bahia, what’s mean, LONG. Morgana: Great. Now, my King, you are qualified, married and sited at the head of the table. It is not time to give a quest to your knights? King Arthur: Well thought my honorablenessess sister! Morgana: Yes, and the quest is...? King Arthur: I did’t thought about it yet! Morgana: ¬¬!

Guinevere: [May I speak, guys?] Lancelote: [Sure, my queen!] Percival: (off) guys, it is on voice or in chat? Morgana: [Quit boring, Percival! Let Lance talk! Lancelote: [But, who asked to speak was my queen!] Guinevere: [((sigh)) I kind hired a DJ, guys...] Morgana: [DJ? For a RPG party?] Lancelote: [Great idea!] Morgana: [As am I!]

DJTôFrito: Righteous, guys... to start this nice evening here at the castle of Camels... Let’s play an electro house... IM from Percival to Arthur: Arthur... electro house? The RPG is medieval! Arthur’s IM: Crap, Perci, if he plays Enia, everybody will run to CitybyDbay... Could be that or the Rio de Janeiro funk, what do you prefer? Percival’s IM: Shit. I’ll go play Toxian, y’know? At least I can train some vampire slaying...

Day 2 – The “lose” of Holy Grail Chronicle: “And happens the Holy Grail be lost. When they looked for, it is not there anymore, and probably who loses it won’t assume it, but there is great chances to believe that this one could be the same person who asked me to write this chronicle because this person doesn’t have the CAPACITY to imagine his own stories. Now, look, he told me yet to imagine a story for the “lose” of the Grail. And this moron doesn’t even know the right word is LOST!” IM from Morgana to Lancelote: The chronicle was written by you, doesn’t it? IM from Morgana to Lancelote: Well, Lance, how do you know? Lancelote’s IM: It is just like you. And Arthur gave you any hint about where the Grail could be? Morgana’s IM: And you really think he knows where it is? At castle: Tristan : (OFF) LAG Percival: (off) Great. We’ll not even start the

quest because no one can move... Mago Merlin: Aff... Someone send me an IM when this annoying hell lag goes off... I’m here on the hammock, but if plays that plin I’ll hear... Morgana: Arthur, you have to do something! Isolda: ((crying on voice)) [Someone could explain me how to attach this thing... I don’t know how to put the DCS on, guys] Percival: (off) Isolda, wear the fuck dcs, you moron!

Guinevere: My beloved husband, I think we are having problems, Lancelote cannot TP to the island... Morgana: And he actually asked TP for YOU? Isolda: [What is this, Perci?] Isolda attacks King Arthur King Arthur is bleeding King Arthur: Oh! noble lady, this is the DCS and you shouldn’t attack your king. Now, I have lost points on my dcs. Percival: (off) Stupid girl.

Percival attacks Morgana Morgana is bleeding Morgana: Oh! moron, what do you think you are doing? Percival: Sorry, Morg, I wanna to attack my stupid sister. Morgana: Morg? Who do you think are you talking to? Morgana attacks Percival Percival is bleeding. Percival: Is that it, you bitch?

Percival attacks Morgana Arthur attacks Morgana Morgana attacks Arthur Isolda attacks Guinevere Guinevere: Hey, I didn’t do anything! Isolda: Sorry, Queen, it must be the Lag! Percival attacks Isolda Percival: Aha! Finally I hit! Tristan : Oh, no, such cowardly for the poor Isolda, Percival! Tristan attacks Percival Percival attacks Tristan Tristan attacks Mago Merlin Mago Merlin is away and not in the combat mode Two hours later... All dead Lancelote and Galahad finally arrived by a TP and they doesn’t understand nothing. Lancelote: I miss something? King Arthur: After I relog I’ll explain...


Day 3 – Still the Holy Grail Chronicle: “After arduous training and tough battle, finally we manage to gather all the brave fighters at a no lag field.” IM from Morgana to Percival: It is a real chronicle? Percival’s IM: Complains for your sweetie, Lancelote, it was wrote by him. Morgana’s IM: Objective, isn’t? King Arthur: Now we are all here, would be possible depart to our quest, knights? Lancelote: Sure... But before it, I want to suggest another quest. King Arthur: What quest? Lancelote: For the God sake, let’s find a date for Galahad. Galahad: Damn, Lancelot, that again? Lancelote: I can’t conform myself, guys, he doesn’t even have an attachment. Percival: No attachment? Not even a freebie? Nothing? Zero? Galahad: It doesn’t like that... it is just, I see no need for that...

Morgana: Are you gay? Galahad: No, from where did you get that thought? Morgana: So, are you a psychopath? Galahad: It doesn’t like that... is just... sex in sl, I don’t know... to me, doesn’t look like... comfortable, you know? Guinevere: Poor thing... Galahad: Let’s talk about anything else, please? Tistão: Let’s take Galahad to a party! King Arthur: Guys... but... the Holy Grail... IM from Lancelote to Arthur: We are at SexyLife. Want TP? IM from Percival to Lancelote: Why you didn’t send me TP?

IM from Lancelote to Morgana: TP for Percival? IM from Morgana to Galahad: TP for Percival? IM from Galahad to Tristan : TP for Percival? IM from Tristan to Isolda: TP for Percival? IM from Isolda to Percival: No one wants to send you TP. Well done, who told you to be so annoying! Percival’s conference: I’d be found the Holy Grail by the time you guys arrived here and I’ll rule everyone!!! Morgana’s answer: We are scared to death here.

IM from Galahad to Lancelot: What should I do? IM from Lancelot to Galahad: Hit on somebody. IM from Galahad to Lucrecia Slade: Hi. Lucrecia’s IM: Hi. Galahad’s IM: Do you come here often? Lucrecia’s IM: No, thank God. Only when my boyfriend came here to play. Galahad’s IM: Ah, OK. Do you have a boyfriend? Lucrecia’s IM: Well, sweet, let’s start a lesson of logic. If I said that I only came here when my boyfriend plays and I am here, so... Galahad’s IM: I don’t get it, but it is fine... let’s tri it again? Lucrecia’s IM: No, we are finishing. Galahad’s IM: OK, sorry... Do you have any friend? Lucrecia’s IM: I do. Galahad’s IM: Would you introduce me? Lucrecia’s IM: No. IM from Galahad to Morgana: It didn’t ork. Morgana’s IM: Why not? With all this chat expertise of yours... Try another one.

IM from Galahad to Alyne Dagger: Hi. Everything fine? Alyne Dagger’s IM: No. Galahad’s IM: Why? Alyne Dagger’s IM: My rheumatism attacked today. Galahad’s IM: How old are you? Alyne’s IM: Eighty. Galahad’s IM: You can’t be serious. Alyne’s IM: Some elderly prejudice? Galahad’s IM: No... Do you have any friend? Alyne’s IM: No, besides octogenarian, I am anti-social too. IM from Alyne to Lucrecia: Yup. He tried hit on me too. ¬¬ Lucrecia’s IM: You owe me ten lindens. Galahad’s Conference: If you don’t stop all this date story, I will quit the game! Mago Merlin’s answer: Aff... this knight will die virgin. My brother, why you don’t try go hit on a noobie? IM from Galahad to not identified Noobie: Hi. Not identified Noobie’s IM: Hi. Could you get me a job? Galahad’s IM: Do you want to play RPG with me?

Not identified Noobie’s IM: Would I like it? Galahad’s IM: Fo’ sho’! Two hours later... Group conference started by Lancelote: Guys. Don’t count on Galahad. He borrows Percival’s attachment and he is with a noobie at my place. Morgana’s answer: Percival, you attachment is full perms, is it? Percival’s answer: I’ll show you the full perms right now! King Arthur’s answer: Guys... can we now look for the Grail? Trsitão’s answer: At 2 o’clock in the morning? Oh no my fellows, I have to work tomorrow... .

Day 4 – The new knight Chronicle: “As the knight Galahad withdraw from the kingdom to do quests on far lands, the King has wished a new knight to take the missing place. Few was those who wants to adventure to assume so distinct position as the defender of the kingdom...” IM from Percival to Morgana: Since when make out with a noobie at Lancelotes’ place

became a quest on far lands? Morgana’s IM: Since when the stupid Arthur has persisted the RPG is defective and he believes would burn Galahad out to say that is because he has lost his purity. Percival’s IM: huaheuaheuahe! Lost his purity? Morgana, do you marry me? Morgana’s IM: Not even if you were the owner of second life... King Arthur: My knights, allow me introduce you to our new co-kinsman! RIQUELME Andel: Hola, amigos brasileños! ¿Aceptan un argentino en esto rpg? Me gusta mucho el RPG y más de fútbol. Todos saben que el mejor jugador de futbol del mundo es Maradona, brillante y genial argentino! Lancelote: [Arthur, what the fuck is this! Did you bring an Argentinian who says that Maradona is better than Pelé to RPG?] King Arthur: [Guys, he was the only one down for this... So, now... let’s look for the...] ((Paulo Roberto! Leave this fucking computer right now!)) Morgana: [Guys, what is it?]

King Arthur: [Talk low, Jupira!] ((Talk low is the &**#$%@! I work all day man, I come home and I have to wash your clothes, make your dinner, just because the hot stuff here only do plays little king? Geez man, I can’t stand it!)) Lancelote: [Is Arthur’s name Paulo Roberto?] Morgana: [And his wife is Jupira!] Guinevere: [Guys, what we suppose to do?] ((And you think that I don’t know that you stand here as a moron on these balls man? I’ll get a computer for myself too, you jerk!)) King Arthur: Juju, sweet, calm down... ((Fuck your calm down man, turn this crap off and come here, there is dishes to wash! If Junior wakes up would be a hell worst!)) King Arthur: [Guys... I have to turn off, OK?] Morgana: [Go, great King, but beware, don’t let the Cabocla Jupira kills you...] Percival: [Morgana, you are so mean!] Morgana: [Don’t follow me through Percival, I’m not a soap opera...] Percival: [Geez... I love that...] RIQUELME: ¿Hermanos, que pasa? Lancelote: Hum... nothing, hermano. Are you

DCS on? Riquelme: ¿DCS? Tengo, si. ¿Es una pelea? Lancelote: Is training. Turn it on. Guys... let’s take care of the hermano here. Mago Merlin: Oh! poor hermano... I don’t want to see this RIQUELME DCS system on Lancelote: There, guys... have no mercy. Argentinian thinks Maradona is better than Pelé. Percival attacks RIQUELME Lancelote attacks RIQUELME Morgana attacks RIQUELME

Tristan attacks RIQUELME Percival attacks RIQUELME RIQUELME: Hermanos, piedad, hermanos! Pele es mejor, Pele es mejor! Isolda attacks RIQUELME Morgana attacks RIQUELME Percival: Again Morgana? Morgana: Do you want me to rip you a new asshole too? Percival: I’ll fall in love! Lancelote attacks RIQUELME Mago Merlin attacks RIQUELME Lancelote: Finally, don’t?

Mago Merlin: Ya know, I caaaaan’t be bothered turn this thing on... RIQUELME is dead Lancelote: Take this! Morgana: Guinevere. Just you don’t attack him, damn! Guinevere: I felt pity for him! Lancelote: So cute! Morgana: ¬¬ IM from Percival to Morgana: You lost, Morgana. Morgana’s IM: Go hell! Percival’s IM: Let’s? I heard there are some great BDSM balls! Morgana attacks Percival

Day 5 – Some kings are blind... “And after defeat the foreigner invader, the noble knights tried to leave again in search for the Holy Grail...” Morgana’s im: Finally, a decent chronicle. Percival’s IM: I wrote it! Morgana’s IM: Second thought, it is a crap! King Arthur: Noble knights and brothers

in arms... I would like to begin, but where is Lancelote and Guinevere? Morgana: I send an IM to Lancelote and he doesn’t answered, he is busy. King Arthur: Busy? He is off line to me... Mago Merlin: Must be the lag, my king... Percival: Lag, isn’t it? Where is the queen? She didn’t shows up yet. King Arthur: She is also off line to me. Tristan : She is on line, Arthur. Morgana: She also is for me as well. Percival: Send an IM to her, if she is busy, we’ll be certain about what is going on... Isolda: Percival, you really don’t get it! Maybe she is away. Morgana: There, she’s also busy, I’ll kill that skank! Arthur: I understand nothing! Mago Merlin: Some kings are blind... Percival: I have the Lancelote’s place landmark... But I doubt they are there. Morgana: Give me this land right now... Percival: Why are you more upset than the cucko... I mean, than the king? Morgana: Shut up Percival!

IM from Morgana to Lancelote: Lance, where are you?? Everybody is looking for you! Busy mode response: Sorry guys, I’m sorting some no postponed issues out. Call me later. Morgana’s IM: Lance, dear, are you with Guinevere? Up to a mènage? I do... Lancelote’s IM: Are you serious? Morgana’s IM: What you want me to wear, baby?

TP from Lancelote: Come babe! IM from Morgana to Arthur: I have found them. Arthur’s IM: Oh my God, is she cheating on me, Morgana? Morgana’s IM: A lot of!!! TP from Morgana: Only because you are my brother. Arthur: Lancelote, Guinevere, I can’t believe it!

Lancelote: Calm down Arthur, it is nothing like you thinking! Morgana: Isn’t it for sure, you are not naked or wearing your attachment and she’s not even on her knees. It is all lag, isn’t it, Lance? Guinevere: Jealous bitch! Morgana: You are the bitch, you slut! Guinevere: What was Arthur thinking? He never told me he was married in RL! Arthur: But darling, to me all this was only in sl... Guinevere: You jerk! You fooled me! Arthur: Sorry sweetie! Morgana: Sweetie? Arthur, she was cuckolding you! And you Lancelote, will you tell nothing? Lancelote: I will tell yes, you are the most Judas, Morgana! Morgana attacks Lancelote Morgana: You get on King’s wife and I am the Judas? IM from Percival to Morgana: How’s the beef going? Guinevere: That is it, it’s over, I won’t to be the queen anymore! I want to be with Lancelote! We’ll marry in SL and date in RL! Lancelote: What the heck? I won’t marry no

one for sure! Morgana: I told you she is crazy. The next step is a baby Prim. Guinevere: You told me you love me! Arthur: I wanna die! Arthur is off line. Morgana: See? If he kills himself in RL is the both blame. Lancelote: Morgana, taking advantage for the fact he is off line... Don’t you want to realize that earlier proposal about mènage, don’t you? Morgana attacks Lancelote

Day 6 – The end of the Kingdom. “And happens to be the last time the round table had gathered, there was no more queen and the King was depressed” IM FROM MORGANA TO ARTHUR: WHAT THE MEANING OF A CHRONICLE IF THE RPG WILL END? Arthur’s IM: Morgana, go hell. You are a bitch! Morgana’s IM: OK, I’ll go for sure. Better there than here full with all this bunch of assholes!

Arthur: Merlin, Isolda, Tristan , Percival... you are all of have left from my kingdom... Mago Merlin: Don’t be like this, my king... It lasting fun... Lancelote: There is a place for me? Percival: Heck, you dump Guinevere? Lancelote: No, she dumped me, she’s dating DjTôFrito. That girl is a slut, Arthur.

Arthur: Nothing more cares. Percival: How’s that? Here, look: I FOUND the Holy Grail, OK? While you were stay there fighting for a bitch, I went search for it and find where it was. I only thought it could be better, y’know? This is just a freebie cup. Arthur: The reason for that is because I spent all my lindens building the kingdom! And that will end now. Morgana: What you mean about end? Camelot

cannot end for sure! Percival: didn’t I said she would back? Morgana: It was here or bust a nut to be accepted in Lendas Urbanas. I was banished from all the others. Percival: Why that...? Arthur: No, dears, you didn’t understand... the island is open space and the tier is now 95 dollars. Unless you help me to pay it, will not be possible to go on. Lancelote: Well, it was nice to meet you guys, but I don’t really dig for RPG anymore... Tristan : I’ll take Isolda to take a walk... Mago Merlin: Damn... I think my connection is crashing... it is too slow... Morgana: Well, well... I think I’ll try to be accepted in Lendas Urbanas... Percival: I’ll go with you, I know everyone there.

Morgana: Who told you I want your companion, you baggage? Percival: This really turns me on... Didn’t you notice there is a whole unfinished sexual tension between us? Morgana attacks Percival ((Paulo Roberto, turn this computer off immediately!)) Percival: Ack... King Arthur is off line. Morgana: Just us left, Percival? Percival: Yes. Morgana: So, let’s back to my place. I want to see if your attachment is really full perms. “Morgana and Percival does not marry, but she puts him in a leash, started to call him slave and then they live happily after ever until the Goreans became old-fashioned.”

The End.

Alyne Dagger


This month, in addition of friends, kisses for the new members of the staff, increased and improved, of BG Magazine!

A big big kiss for him, my, yours, ours Marcello Winston, who is doing a kick-ass job on our business department! See how much happy he is with Chuchu, my little pet dog!

For the celebration of Sharana Watanabe’s birthday, I send to her a kiss, a hug, and everything nice! This amazing person is always bumping around and is always busy on RPGs here and there, that is the reason we barely see each other. It is a shame, because I LOOOVE her!

And for Alessa Glass (the blonde with me on the picture), also a great employee on advertising and design field, our super linden!

For our new translator, Roddrigo Rossini, who helped to take a huge delay off the international issue, a super Linden! And for the best partner of the metaverse, my linden then, now and always! Luuuuu, look, another picture to mess up with our reputation – yes, I’m giving an award to ourselves XD

For the Lucrecia’s favorite excess baggage, GeorgeI Writer, who will start, from the next month, a new column on BG. I just don’t send him a kiss because I don’t want to mess up with my reputation!

The DJ of the month is this gorgeous American girl who works at the club Dance for Life of the New York SIM. Unlike most males, she thrills not begging for tips. Congrats, DJ Laurie for your awesome work!!

Regardless the shameful noobie face, I saw at her profile she is a 2 years old avatar in SL, besides it is ridiculous, she pretended to be a griefer in a party. Busted, she was banish from the SIM.

Alyne Dagger


BEHOLD ALL OF YOU, the first lag shot in 2009: a mix between the good and old muscle monkey shape with the monkey face skin, a street sweeper shorts, a pair of noobie sneakers and thaaaaat kooky haircut, i can’t stand it!

After the Watermelon Woman, the Cherry-Woman, the Jackfruit Woman and the Rotation Barbecue Restaurant Woman, SL brings to all of us, exclusive... THE VIENNA SAUSAGE WOMAN!!! Tell me if she doesn’t looks like a hot dog stuffing wearing these red clothes? Take it easy people, take it easy...

Regarding the snake, which I particularly consider ridiculous, this avatar clothing isn’t one of the worst clothing, but take a look at the guy’s bipolar AO. I’m cool, I’m bent, I’m cool, I’m bent... To roll on floor laughing! Look this creepy avatar’s psycho face... note that neck, what is that people???

If I didn’t know Cher is still alive and with good health, I’d say she died and reincarnated in this SL avatar, who reminds me also a kind of Elvira, the queen of darkness in a blond version!

And seeing from away, by Lucrecia’s camera.... NOOBIES DROPPING POSE BEDS ON THE REZ PUBLIC AREA, TO “BEAT” A LITTLE :-P

BG Magazine # 16 - International  

Are you correct or incorrect politically talking? Interview with Morris Ceawlin, the profile of priest fabinho33 Aeon, the Good Guy, the Bad...