The Collegiate Black Male Network Strategic Plan - L.E.S. is More (2022-2025)

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Table of Contents Introduction Strategic Planning Process Mission Statement Vision Statement Core Values Strategic Theme 1 Strategic Theme 2 Strategic Theme 3

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Committed to Changing the Narrative The Collegiate Black Male Network was founded at the start of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the organization has risen to answer the call to provide perspective, opportunity, and service to all constituents dedicated to the success of collegiate Black men. Upon initial inception, the organization implemented its inaugural strategic plan, Operation 2030, which featured critical initiatives focused on sustainable growth and financial stability. While the goals of Operation 2030 were strong, a shift was needed to reflect the internal organizational changes. To that end, deciding to develop a new strategic plan was a no-brainer. As we prepare for the next five years, there is much work to do, and we know this strategic plan places us in a stronger position to facilitate change. As the research shows, Black men have the lowest college completion rates among all racial and

gender demographics. The CBM Network firmly believes that the low completion rates are not due to a lack of intelligence, inability to compete, or lack of desire to graduate but a disparity in providing equitable support to meet the needs of collegiate Black men. Leading with this ideology, members of The CBM Network are committed to changing the narrative. With the 2022-2025 strategic plan guiding the work, the organization strives to show the work how steadfast and unwavering commitment can change the trajectory of a student's life.

L.E.S. is More

The Strategic Planning Process The Collegiate Black Male Network's 2022-2025 strategic plan, 'L.E.S. is More', is an intentionally redesigned strategic plan focused on three significant goals rooted in Learning, Execution, and Support. This strategic plan will position The Collegiate Black Male Network as a leading organization in increasing collegiate AfricanAmerican men's persistence and graduation rates. The organization's co-founders initiated the strategic plan process and focused on the student experience, donor experience, and the organization's holistic value. Upon the development and completion of the initial draft, the strategic plan was presented to the leadership team for review and feedback. Specifically, the Board of Directors members shared their perspectives during the quarterly board meeting held in March 2022. From there, the co-founders made revisions as needed. In April 2022, during the all-staff meeting, the strategic plan was presented to the remaining members of the team to share their input. From there, changes were made to capture the essence of what The CBM Network strives to accomplish. Upon approval of the strategic plan, it will go into effect at the start of the new fiscal year.

Mission Statement The mission of The Collegiate Black Male Network is to increase the persistence and graduation rates of collegiate Black males.

Vision Statement The Collegiate Black Male Network will become the leading organization in increasing the persistence and graduation rates of Collegiate Black Males.

Core Values The Collegiate Black Male Network holds steadfast to its core values. These core values represent the beliefs of all staff and board members, alike. The core values display what is important to us as an organization and guides the daily practice of our work. The core values are as follows: 1. Commitment - We value a commitment to advance ourselves despite adversity. 2. Community - We value the opportunity to create and maintain diverse student-centered spaces. 3. Diversity - We value and appreciate the varied backgrounds and perspectives of others. 4. Education - We value a commitment to learning in and out of the classroom. 5. Integrity - We value an inter code of honor by doing the right thing.

Strategic Goal #1

Increase # of individuals engaged with The CBM Network To ensure a healthy and sustainable organization, The CBM Network will continue networking with individual and corporate donors, program participants, and other key stakeholders to keep them engaged with the organization. Additionally, The CBM Network strives to diversify and expand its network of supporters to increase overall organizational impact.

Strategic Goal #1 Sub Goal 1A: Increase # of students enrolled and engaged in Onyx 25. Objective 1A.1: Develop and implement recruitment strategy for new cohorts. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will revisit marketing strategies and application criteria. 2. The CBM Network will provide direct service to 30 collegiate Black men. Objective 1A.2: Design curriculum that offers leadership and professional development for cohorts. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will develop an interactive workbook for cohorts. Sub Goal 1B: Increase Donor Retention Objective 1B.1: Develop relationships with current (and previous) donors. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will develop targeted communication strategies to engage donors. Objective 1B.2: Implement a strategic fundraising plan. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will raise a minimum of $5k per year. 2. The CBM Network will increase recurring donors by 10 individuals per fiscal year

Strategic Goal #2

The CBM Network will establish itself as a model for collegiate Black male student success. The CBM Network's commitment to the work sets itself apart from other(similar) organizations. The organization will continue to implement high-impact practices to provide direct service to students. Additionally, The CBM Network will serve as a model network of collaboration, innovation, and strategy to support colleges/universities, nonprofits, and other corporations engaged in supporting this population of students.

Strategic Goal #2 Sub Goal 2A.: Demonstrate organizational value to stakeholders and supporters Objective 2A.1: Establish an annual conference on Black male students' success. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will establish an ONYX25 summit to connect current and previous cohorts together providing continued professional, personal, and leadership development. Objective 2A.2: Design a strategic marketing plan. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will create a 12-month social media marketing calendar. 2. The CBM Network will create a portfolio of marketing materials for major programs and initiatives.

Sub Goal 2B.: Assist our peers in supporting collegiate Black males across the country. Objective 2B.1: Provide training, development, and strategy session opportunities for colleges/universities, nonprofit organizations, and other corporate entities. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will establish a 'Network of Experts' from a variety of disciplines. 2. The CBM Network will facilitate a minimum of 5 training, development, and/or strategy sessions.

Strategic Goal #3

Provide continuous education and support for Collegiate Black Men. The Collegiate Black Male Network positions itself as a resource for collegiate Black males matriculating towards degree completion. Providing continuous coaching and support beyond the traditional four years is essential to the success of Black men. With education as a core value, The CBM Network values learning in and outside the classroom.

Strategic Goal #3 Sub Goal 3A.: Implement an alumni coaching support program for Onyx 25. Objective 3A.1: Design a strategy to recruit support an Alumni Support Coordinator . Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will create a recruitment video rooted in student-centeredness. 2. The CBM Network will design a coaching manual. 3. 3. The CBM Network will hire an Alumni Support Coordinator.

Sub Goal 3B.: Expand opportunities to remove barriers that impact student persistence. Objective 3B.1: Implement the Project Tech initiative. Measure of Success: 1. The CBM Network will establish a fundraising strategy for technology.


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