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‘For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews' spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings. ‘(NIV) Romans 15:27 The long, dark winter months are now with us and once again our teams will continue to work throughout our vast operational areas in the former Soviet Union visiting Jewish families, many of whom live in remote and hazardous regions. The picture featured on the front cover of the winter Bulletin was taken by one of our volunteers working in Kazakhstan when the temperature was minus 30 degrees C. These are conditions that we in the West find difficult to imagine, but our abiding desire is to be obedient to the call to go and ‘“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” Says your God’ (Isaiah 40:1, NKJV). We could not do this work apart from your prayers and financial support and we are so grateful for every gift that we receive from those who understand God’s heart for His people. The Jewish Agency is now predicting that aliyah from the former Soviet Union (fSU) will rise in the coming months. In September Ebenezer – Operation Exodus helped 576 Jewish people make aliyah from the fSU – the highest month this year – and we have seen from our own figures a 12 per cent overall increase to September against the same period in 2008. In our latest Bulletin you will read more stories of Jewish people living in difficult circumstances that we have been able to help, through your generosity, to obtain their papers and ‘return’ to the Promised Land. May the Lord bless you as you read these stories, and see how your support has transformed their lives. Our latest statistics show that to date this year we have visited over 10,000 Jewish families to bring the message of aliyah from God’s Word, and to comfort and encourage them. We have helped more than 800 Jewish families visit the consuls, to apply for their documents to enable them to make aliyah. Often these journeys are difficult and dangerous, and some have to make the same journey two or even three times before satisfying the consul that they have the Right of Return. Our volunteers stand with these families, encouraging them to persevere, and providing the support they need. Our teams have also distributed over 2500 food parcels, and from the West we have transported 83 tons of humanitarian aid. As we approach this season of Hanukkah and Advent – the time we associate with the giving and receiving of gifts – I would ask you to prayerfully reflect how the Lord would ask you to respond to the needs of the Jewish people in Russia and the countries of former Soviet Union in which we are working. In 2010 we will require $1,500,000 USD to maintain our operational work in the fSU at the current level. We recognise that it is the Lord Himself who is ‘whistling’ for His people (Zechariah 10:8), and drawing them home; nevertheless He has chosen us to be His instruments to accomplish His purposes. It is a privilege to serve Him in this task and your prayers and giving are fulfilling this high calling. Thank you once again for standing with us; your dedicated prayers, faithful commitment and sacrificial giving are valued greatly. Alan Field International Coordinator Bournemouth



▪ ▪

Thank you for your prayers concerning the registration of the Moscow Fund. The process is not yet completed, but it is going well. ▪ Please pray for: ▪ a satisfactory completion to the final steps to be taken, as papers are forwarded to ▪ the Tax Inspection for the issuing of a tax paying number ▪ ▪ fSU Leaders, Operational & Church office staff, for protection, strengthening & the Lord’s guidance day by day ▪ the work in the churches to flourish & for aliyah to increase Signs of the Times Vadim sent the following information: 1. The First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Moscow left Russia on 1 October due to “putting too much effort in offering Russian citizens immigration to Israel”. Officially he was not announced to be “persona non grata” but rather he left Russia “by his own will”. 2. The Russian authorities closed down immigration departments in S Petersburg and Novosibirsk Israeli Consulate Departments. At the present time the Israeli Consul is staying in Novosibirsk, but he is not allowed to obtain Israeli immigration visas. At the time of preparation of this Prayer Alert, we have not heard the reaction by Israeli authorities to these moves, please pray that: ▪ they will have wisdom how to make effective protest Please pray for: ▪ wisdom & discernment for Operation Exodus leadership to understand the meaning of these events & how to go forward in the Lord’s way & timing for a present & future resolution to be put in place, which will provide the best aliyah route/s for the olim The Chairman of the Church Advisory Board attended the EEFI Meetings in Bournemouth 19-22 October. He shared that in Central Asia and in Belarus the situation is worse now than in Soviet times. Please pray for: ▪ believers & the Jewish people to have special protection & know the Lord’s leading

great wisdom for Church pastors & leaders of the Jewish communities visas to be granted to all Ebenezer personnel, who are required by the Lord to visit these regions the Church in these regions to be alerted & respond to God’s call to help the Jewish people to go home the Jewish people to make the decision to return to Israel urgently bring the authority of the Lord over all attempts of the enemy to close the borders prematurely


Humanitarian Aid Praise the Lord for successful distribution of the H/A consignment from Ebenezer Germany in Ukraine. Though it was a first time for our dear coworkers in Germany, they arranged everything to a high level. The aid was distributed in western Ukraine. At that particular time the Jewish Charity Hesed in Khmelnitskiy town were celebrating a 10year anniversary, so our aid was a very nice gift for them. We give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful opportunity not only to bless Jewish children in Kiev (Jewish Charity Beiteinu) with special gifts (food parcels) for Rosh-ha-Shana, but to visit their families and share with them God's plan for their future in Israel. Some of the families have already turned to us for additional information regarding the preparation of their documents for making aliyah. Thanksgiving to the Lord for providing the funds for our very new project - winter shoes for the children from needy Jewish families in Ural and Siberia area. Praise the Lord for the successful arrival of the lorry with H/A from UK to Ukraine. The consignment has passed customs clearance and been off-loaded in Dnepropetrovsk. Please pray for: ▪ God's wisdom & guidance for the success of the new H/A project - winter shoes for children from needy Jewish families in Ural & Siberia area (The project means very close connection with fishing, as we will call the Jewish families to come back to the land of their forefathers) ▪ upcoming aid project - food parcels for Hanukkah celebration, which will be held in early December 2009 (It always has been


a wonderful opportunity to bless God's chosen ones & to share His love with them. We will carry out these projects in Ukraine, Moldova & Pyatigorsk) protection for all our vehicles & drivers especially when we bring Olim to the airports & distribute aid to Jewish people

make aliyah. Please ask the: ▪ Lord to bless & establish all those who have recently made aliyah & to heal their wounds

The head of the Jewish Agency in Georgia, resigned in August, as his term of office expired. We had enjoyed a warm and friendly relationship, as well as close cooperation in helping Jewish people. Please OTHER REPUBLICS pray that: Insights into Moldova to aid us in our prayers ▪ a good relationship will be formed with the new head Alison heard from friends of the grave difficulties facing citizens of Moldova, and this caused her to approach Pavel and Lina for confirmation so that we On a recent visit the Israeli consul met with many are better able to pray for our brothers and sisters, people from Georgia and Armenia. We assisted the Jewish people, and for the country itself. They approx 40 people from Armenia to receive visas. We confirmed that people in Moldova are struggling to also assisted a family from Kutaisi to be able to survive unless they have means to earn money come to meet the consul. The former consul did not abroad by working very hard. One particular point of grant them a visa and they had lost all hope, but vulnerability is the fact that medicines are very after our encouragement they were inspired and expensive and the cost of treatment is often went to the Embassy one more time. It was a joy for unaffordable even for those who work. For example everyone involved to hear that they got a “green the cost of a prescription for a child with flu ($55) is light”. They now have to obtain international the same as the monthly pension allowance for an passports, so that on the next visit to the consul elderly person. With the cold season approaching they can get the visas stamped into the passports. the increasing struggle to pay for utilities is added Please pray for: pressure. There is also serious political instability. ▪ final preparations, for each of those granted visas to proceed smoothly & May we please exalt: the name & the word of efficiently the Lord over this situation & take the scripture that heads up this section (Lk 4:1819) asking the Holy Spirit to lead us as we CENTRAL ASIA base our prayers on these words fulfilled in the life & ministry of the Lord Jesus. ‘“The Kyrgyzstan Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, because He has There are a number of families waiting to leave anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; Kyrgyzstan and Efim asks for our prayers for regular He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to consular visits. Amongst those waiting to see the proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery consul is a family whose child was born before the of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those husband and wife registered their marriage. The who are oppressed [downtrodden]; to consul is asking for an adoption paper even though proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”’ the birth certificate states his father’s name and child has his father’s name. Other families are poor Georgia & Armenia and some members are sick. There are also elderly Praise the Lord for 97 olim from Georgia and 2 pensioners, some with relatives in Israel who are from Armenia who recently made aliyah. We willing to take them in and take care of them continue to give thanks to God for the steady flow of financially. All families need to receive their visas olim from Georgia as aliyah continues and more and before the end of 2009. Please pray for: more Jewish people make the decision to return to ▪ the Consul to visit Kyrgyzstan to meet all Israel. One of the families we helped (Irina, her the families who are eager to make aliyah husband and son) were from the town of Gory. ▪ him to come ASAP, so that the flight will Their house was destroyed by bombing during the not be in the depth of winter, which makes military action in 2008. At that time we helped them travelling so much more difficult with a food parcel, mattresses, warm blankets and ▪ the families to gain all their documents & pillows. They were thankful to our fund for all the that the adoption paper will be quickly help they received and also for the assistance to obtained for the child 3

‫קשר המנורה‬

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‘Then shall they know, understand and realise positively that I am the LORD their God, because I sent them into captivity and exile among the nations, and then gathered them to their own land. I will leave none of them remaining among the nations any more [in the latter days].’ Ezekiel 39:28 (AMP) A plate of supper is welcome to share on our celebration night, and an offering will be donated to Ebenezer for ‘Aliyah’ to help Jewish people return to Israel.

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‘You will bring them in and plant them in the mountain of Your inheritance, In the place, O LORD, which You have made For Your own dwelling, The sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established. “The LORD shall reign forever and ever.”’ Exod 15:17-18 (NKJV)

Prayer Tour to follow: 1st – 6th Feb For more information & invitations please contact Sonia at

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