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Holding Tank

Toilet Flush Valve Prop


The only plastic tank wand that has a POWER NOZZLE, creating one of the most powerful tank cleaning products on the market. 1 per pkg. 66-40075 9.29

Holding Tank Rinser Kit 66-40113 23.79 Rinser only 66-40103 9.89 Faucet Adapter only 66-40083 7.99

Easily makes 90º turns under the toilet, enabling you to ‘snake’ it through to the tank. Tapered power nozzle eliminates “hang ups” at pipe joints.

The easy way to keep your holding tank clean. High pressure spray flushes waste left in holding tank after dumping. Johnny Chock holds toilet valve open for easier rinsing.

With Shut-off Valves dislodge and flush stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles remaining after holding tank is emptied.

45-A01-0187VP 37-17-0115 37-17-0120

Johnny Chock Johnny Rinse


Flexible Tank Wand

Johnny Rinse/ Johnny Chock RV Swivel Stik®



9.89 9.89


Flexible Swivel Stik®

Has corrosion proof spring and flexible 571⁄2” reach for basement holding tanks. 66-40074


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Fits directly on your tank rinser and props open the toilet valve during rinsing. The prop has a tapered splash guard to keep spray in check. Helps prevent toilet valve from being damaged during cleaning. Hardware included. Easy to install. 1 per pkg.

Its easy-grip handle and quarter-turn pressure-sealed valve give you complete control of water flow. To eliminate the need to drag a garden hose into your RV, we also offer the Holding Tank Rinser Kit, which includes holding tank rinser plus a 8’ hose and faucet adapter.



Master Blaster Tank Wand

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