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Magnetic Bumper Cap

Plumbing – Sanitation

306 Rubber Bumper Plugs

AquaDrain Flush Hose Gray water drain hose to flush your waste water. Non-drinking water safe. Each.

36-208 36-208-A 36-329 36-329-A

4” Plug w/ Tabs, bulk 6.99 4” Plug w/ Tabs, 2/bag 14.29 4-1/4” Plug w/ Tabs, bulk 7.69 4-1/2” Plug w/ Tabs, Pkg. 14.39

Access your sewer hose easily by attaching it to this magnetic bumper cap. Bayonet lugs attach to your sewer hose. High strength magnets keep cap in place. Fits most metal 4” bumpers. 66-40310 set includes 1) magnetic bumper cap w/bayonet lugs and 1) No-Insect bumper cap. 66-40310 66-40311

Bumper Cap Set Magnetic Cap w/Lugs

1/2” x 25’ 5/8” x 25’

12.39 14.79

13.69 11.59

RV Bumper Plug

Gray Water Flushing Hoses

Vented hole for air circulation and easy removal. Durable black rubber construction will last a lifetime.


49-728VR-25 49-828VR-25

Designed for nondrinking water usage including flushing devices that clean waste tanks or use as a gray water drainage hose. The gray color easily distinguishes it from white drinking water hose.

Bumper Cap

Bumper Caps, 2/pack 6.99

45-W01-4180 45-W01-4300

1/2” x 15’ Gray 1/2” x 25’ Gray

13.89 17.69

No-Insect Bumper Cap w/Saver 4” Bumper cap with hinged door. Includes clips. 1 per pkg. 18-E490 5.39

Tank Wand Hose Kit No-insect RV bumper cap features vent holes to keep insects out and squeeze grip for easy installation and removal. Includes saver clip and wire to prevent losing plug. 1 per pkg. 66-40324



Stop dragging your garden hose through your rig. Now simply connect your tank wand to your bathroom faucet with Valterra’s Tank Wand Hose Kit. Enables the use of hot water for better cleaning action. Includes: 1/2” x 5’ hose and bathroom faucet-to-hose adapter.

RhinoFLEX Grey/Black Water Hose

No-Insect Bumper Caps


No-insect RV bumper cap features vent holes to keep insects out and squeeze grip for easy installation and removal. 2 per pkg.


Ideal for flushing black water, grey water or tote tanks. Bright orange color helps prevent hose mix-ups. Standard garden hose ends. Each. 66-22990

5/8” x 25’


66-40325 6.79

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