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Sewer Hose Fitting Gaskets

Standard Sewer Hoses

SUPERKIT 20’ Sewer Kit

Get an odor tight connection every time with fitting gaskets. Works with all Camco elbow and bayonet fittings. Includes two bayonet and two elbow gaskets. Sewer fittings sold separately. Pkg. 66-39834 4.59

SUPERKIT includes two 10’ 18mil super heavy duty sewer hoses with pre-attached 360° swivel fittings, 4-in-1 adapter, clear extender, plus 2 bayonet and 2 lug end caps for storage. Hoses and fittings compress for storage and fit easily in 4” square bumpers when 4-in-1 adapter is removed. 66-39659 66-39662 66-39663

Sewer Kit 5’ Ext. Hose 10’ Ext. Hose

52.89 18.39 24.69

Black hose is 12 mils of HTS™ vinyl, created for the occasional RVer who camps infrequently. (Boxed) 66-39601 10’ 66-39611 20’

8.79 16.99

Heavy Duty Sewer Hoses Revolution Swivel Sewer Kit

RhinoFLEX Locking Rings

Reusable locking rings work with new and original RhinoFLEX products allowing fittings to be moved to a new RhinoFLEX hose, providing an odor tight fit. 2 per pkg. 66-39803


RhinoFLEX Storage Caps No runs, no drips and no errors with RhinoFLEX storage caps. Set of two includes one cap with bayonet fitting and one cap for elbow fittings. 66-39753

Brown hose is 15 mils of HTS™ vinyl, created for the seasonal RVer who makes weekend trips during the summer camping season. (Boxed).

This complete sewer kit comes assembled with everything you’ll need for a quick, reliable sewer hook-up. Features new 360 degree swivel fittings. Includes two 10’ heavy duty vinyl sewer hoses with pre-attached swivel fittings and one swivel bayonet sewer hose elbow with 4-in-1 adapter.

66-39621 10’ 66-39631 20’ 66-39661 15’

66-39625 Sewer Kit 43.99 Revolution Swivel Fittings also sold separately. 66-39471 Elbow w/4-in-1 Adapter 15.79 66-39481 Bayonet Ftg w/Clamp 12.39 66-39491 Lug Ftg w/Clamp 12.39 66-39623 10’ Extension Hose 21.89

Super Heavy Duty Sewer Hoses

Gray hose is 18 mils of HTS™ vinyl, created for the full-timer RVer who lives on the road. (Boxed)

Revolution Wye Fitting


Allows two hoses with lug fittings to be connected to the same dump station. Each.

Sewer Hose Storage Caps Seals both ends of your sewer hose before storing. Forms an odor tight connection with your sewer hose. Fits Rhino, Revolution and Easy Slip sewer hose fittings. Includes one bayonet cap and 1 lug cap.

12.99 25.69 19.49

66-39641 10’ 66-39651 20’

23.79 45.69

Heavy Duty Sewer Hose w/Fitting 66-39629 19.49

Superior heavy-duty sewer hose with 15 mil HTS vinyl with pre-attached bayonet fitting. 1 per box.

66-39752 6.59 66-39691

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