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NoStreek Glass & Silver Polish


104-ABSORBRET 6.49

66-44280 66-44284

10.5 oz Dehumidifier 42 oz Refill

5.89 7.49

Kleer Lens Restorer Kit Trailer Glitter™ brings back the luster to those dull exteriors and cleans all the surfaces in your RV –– metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass, paint–– with just one product. Compact moisture absorber works to remove dampness from the air, helping to reduce mildew, mold and musty odors. Each. 66-44195 Cleans, brightens and protects headlight and taillight lenses. Increases illumination and night visibility. Enhances the overall appearance of your RV. Renews cloudy lenses and restores them to their original brilliance.


66-40603 66-40608

32 oz 1 gallon

6.29 19.89

15-KL2 30.89

Green Hornet Cleaner/Degreaser Eliminate the need for single purpose cleaning products with this industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. Green Hornet acts as a rubber roof cleaner, awning cleaner and black streak remover in one easy super-concentrate. Biodegradable. 64 oz bottle. Each.


64 oz Bottle


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Full Timer’s Choice™ Trailer Glitter™

Mini Dehumidifier



8 oz

Exodor odor eliminator is a gel product with a charcoal layer that absorbs and eliminates strong odors including smoke, mold and mildew, pets, garbage, bathroom and more. Fresh lavender Scent. Each.

Removes moisture from the air and traps it, reducing humidity in confined areas. Absorbs up to 3x its weight in moisture. Lavender-scented fragrance beads leave the air smelling fresh. Easy and safe to empty. Refill container over and over again.


Professional grade polish that contains silicone and protects like a wax. Easy two step process - just wipe it on, allow to dry to a haze and polish it off. The cleaners work aggressively on hard water spots and tough residue. Beads water and leaves behind a protective coating. Cleans the residue on the inside of your windshield from smoke, cooking residue and more. Each. 15-NS8


Odor Absorber - Lavender

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