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AP 42


Single Bulb Seal w/Wiper

C-10 Flow Seal Caulk

72-018-1138 379.49

AP EK Cap w/Wall Jamb Seal




Sikaflex-221 Sealant Premium quality single bulb seal with wiper. 1-1/8” x 2-1/8” x 35’. Each.

Premium quality 1.375” black EK cap with 1.5” black (wall jamb). 4-3/8” x 2-5/8” x 84”. Each.

New self-leveling caulk made with Dupont Hypalon® Rubber specifically for the Mobile Home/ RV Industry. Extremely weather resistant (may be applied at -30º to 150º), will not surface harden or crack, can be painted, resists mildew and dries exceptionally fast. Can be applied on horizontal surfaces. A true liquid rubber seal. 31-C10GT 31-C10IT 31-C10WT

Tube, Grey Tube, Ivory Tube, White

12.79 12.79 12.79

Replace Sikaflex-221 is the most well known brand of one complnent polyurethane sealant adhesive in the world. This fast curing product provides permanent elastic adhesion to a number of surfaces. Weather resistant, sandable and paintable. 10.1 oz cartridge. Each. 72-017-90891 72-017-90892 72-017-90893 72-017-106449

White Alum Gray Black Col. White

11.99 11.99 11.99 11.99


Tub ‘N’ Tile Caulk Sikaflex-715 RV Roof Sealant

100% acrylic tub ‘n’ tile caulk forms a watertight seal around tubs, showers, tiles, backsplashes and sinks. Excellent adhesion and flowability. 5.5 oz. Each.

72-018-1470-84 139.89

AP P Seal w/Tape Premium quality black P seal with tape. 2-1/2” x 7/8” x 100’. Each.

110-36251 White 110-36255 Almond

5.89 5.89

Unlike other roofing sealants, Sikaflex-715 has very low VOC’s and won’t crack under the most extreme conditions. Sikaflex-715 is a chemical curing flexible, elastic and durable roof sealant with a highly elastic internal strength not found in traditional RV roof sealants. 10.1 oz cartridge. Each. 72-017-187690

72-018-607 894.79



BOSS 100% Silicone Sealants

Remains flexible and lasts for years under extreme temperature changes, moisture, weathering, vibration, expansion and contraction. Bonds to metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, fiberglass, many plastics and more. 10.1 oz. Each.

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110-37800 Clear 110-37801 White 110-37802 Black 110-38005 Almond

9.49 9.49 9.49 9.49

Sikaflex-505 UV Sealant

Sikaflex-505 UV is a one-compound silane terminated polymer (STP) sealant containing no solvents or isocyanates with excellent UV and weathering resistance with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates with little or no surface treatment. Excellent tooling characteristics and non-yellowing. Not intended for sealing EPDM or TPO. 10.1 oz cartridge. Each. 72-017-415763

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