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Rules & Regulations 1. Check-In/Check-Out: Noon. Early check-in and late check-out fees will be applied. All units older than 10 years are subject to visual inspection upon arrival. 2. Quiet Hours: 10 pm to 7 am. Please be considerate of your neighbors. 3. Reservations: 24 hour advance cancellation notice required. Reservations are held when secured by your first night’s camping fee. Failure to keep reservation will result in 1 day charge. Full charge of stay will be required for special events at the time of making the reservation. 4. All visitors must stop at office before going to site, including guests and visitors. 5. One camping unit per site. Additional vehicles must be approved by management. No parking on empty sites or grass. We do not allow on-site outside storage. No large rugs or mats on sites. Please keep all your utility hoses and wires on the gravel as the mowers are not responsible for damaged hoses, lines or wires. WE ALLOW SMALL ANTENNAS ON YOUR SITE, NOT YOUR NEIGHBOR’S. 6. Pets (includes cats) must be on leash (6 feet max) and are NOT TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED OUTSIDE AT ANY TIME. PROTECTIVE BREEDS OR ANIMALS SHOWING AGGRESSION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PICKING UP YOUR PET’S DROPPINGS. Please keep your pets out of buildings, playground area and pool. Management reserves the right to limit size and quantity of animals (2 max). We do not allow Dog Kennels/Fences on the site. We provide dog runs located throughout the park. Pets are NOT to be tied to water pipes, electrical boxes or trees at any time. 7. $50.00 lot cleanup fee may apply.

8. No lifeguard on duty. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. No glass containers allowed in pool area. THE POOL IS FOR REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY. Swimsuits only. Pool is closed during the winter. No persons of diaper age allowed in pool at any time. Ask for kiddie pool in office. No diaper changing in pool area. 9. Sewer hoses must be fastened tightly with a threaded connection / 90º rigid elbow (State Law). Please replace cap on sewer when you leave. 10. Generators, firearms or fireworks are not permitted. Only self-contained, off-ground fire pits allowed. 11. Washing Vehicles: Please ask at office before washing due to water restrictions in area. 12. Please deposit trash in cans provided throughout the park. Do not leave on site. Dumpster use must be approved by office personnel. 13. All persons under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult. 14. No Clotheslines. We have 3 laundry facilities which have dryers and ironing boards available. 15. RV storage is available. Ask at office for rates. 16. NO SMOKING IN THE RALLY ROOM, LAUNDRY AREAS OR BATHROOMS. 17. This is private property. Violation of these rules or general antisocial behavior not covered herein may result in you being asked to leave the premises. We reserve the right to enforce our rules and refuse to register undesirable guests. 18. You are not registered at Cowtown RV Park under a landlord/tenant agreement and can be asked to vacate the premises at any time due to failure to abide by the rules. There is NO REFUND.

Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injury or loss from any cause. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cable TV Channels

MAKE SURE your antenna booster is turned off and your TV is set to RG6 CABLE or CATV (instead of antenna). You may have to run channel search through your remote to receive all channels.

2 �������������CBS-KTVT 3 ������������ ION-KPXD 4 �����������FOX-KDFW 5 ������������NBC-KXAS 6 �������������PBS-KERA 7 ����������� ABC-WFAA 8 ��������������������Weather 9 ������������������������ CNN

10 �����������������Fox News 11 ���������������NAT GEO 12 ��������������������������TBS 13 ������������������������� TNT 14 ������������������������� USA 15 ������Comedy Central 16 ��������������������������Syfy 17 ������������������������� A&E

18 ������������������������ AMC 19 ����������������� Hallmark 20 ��������������������� Science 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . RFD 22 ���������������������History 23 ���������������� Discovery 24 ���������Food Network 25 ����������������������� Travel

26 ����������������������HGTV 27 ��������������������������TLC 28 ������� INV Discovery 29 �������������������� Oxygen 30 ������������������� Lifetime 31 ������Lifetime Movies 32 ��������� Animal Planet 33 �������������Nickelodeon

34 ����������������������Disney 35 �������������� Disney XD 36 �������������� Boomerang 37 . . . . . . . . . . . . . GSN 38 ����������������������Encore 39 ���� Encore Westerns 40 ���� Inspiration NET. 41 ���������������������������� Up

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