Rushmore Shadows

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23680 Busted Five Court Rapid City, SD 57702 Pennington County (605) 348-3361 2023 Guest Guides
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Rowdy Rules

Let’s all have a really awesome vacation!


All Campers must register! Check-in is 4:00 pm. Check-out is 11:00 am - please check out with the office.

GENERAL Speed limit is 10 mph.

Quiet hours are 10:00 pm - 7:00 am. Please keep music off or volume low so that others cannot hear it. During these hours, children must be at their campsites.

Clotheslines must be neat and orderly, kept out of sight and not use any property of the Resort (trees, poles, etc.).

Please dispose of all garbage in the containers provided. Smoking is not allowed in any enclosed building or rental accommodation. Please refrain from smoking in or near public facilities.

If you are in sites 319-363, please make sure to use leveling gear on concrete pad or place blocks down if using leveling gear on blacktop.

Sealed sewer connections must be used on ALL sewer sites. All Wastes (grey water and holding tanks) must be dumped at the dump station and not on the campsite. (Does not apply to sites with a sewer hookup!)

You may wash your RV using buckets; no hoses.

Conserve electricity! If you are going to be gone, turn air conditioner off.

Cabin keys must be brought to the front desk or dropped in drop box located outside of our office front door. Possession of firearms or other weapons is prohibited. All guests use all facilities and occupy the resort at their own risk. Not responsible for injury or loss.


Burn it where you buy it! Firewood may not be brought in from another location. Firewood is available for sale at the front desk. Do not use our trees or shrubs in your fire!

Campfires are permitted in the designated fire rings ONLY. Please do not move fire rings.

Fireworks are not permitted within the Resort or on roadways. Please check with office staff for local firework displays.


Wi-Fi is available in select locations. Access Point: MOR RushmoreShadows. No password is needed.


Pool hours are posted at the pool and the front desk. Please remember there is No Lifeguard on Duty. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No food or glass in the pool area.

DRONES are prohibited.

PETS must be leashed and picked up after at all times. Say “Cheese!”

All Guests of the Resort are advised that their photo may be taken for future marketing, Facebook, web and other promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed please advise the photographer in attendance or use of the Resort will imply consent.

Severe Weather Safety Tips

The NOAA weather radio will notify you when a Severe Storm Warning has been issued , including hail, heavy thunderstorms, flash flooding, and tornadoes. The radio will emit a siren-like wail to notify you of important weather information. The wail is loud enough to wake most people from sound sleep. The information broadcast is current and direct from the National Weather Service.

Thunderstorm Safety

At signs of an approaching storm - towering thunderheads, darkening skies, lightning, increased wind - tune into your portable or vehicle radio and listen for the latest weather information. When severe weather threatens, seek shelter inside a home, secure building, designated shelter, or an automobile. Avoid using the telephone (landlines only) except for emergencies if you are caught outside.

• Do not stand under a tall, isolated tree or telephone pole.

• Avoid silhouetting yourself above the surrounding landscape (don’t stand on a hilltop).

• In an open area, go to a low area like a ravine, gully, or valley.

• On a golf course, remove metal spiked shoes, put down clubs, and avoid electric carts.

• Stay away from metal fences, clotheslines, metal pipes and metal rails.

• Get off or away from open water, wet sand, tractors, metal equipment, batting cages, or small metal vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, etc.

• If you are caught away from shelter and feel your hair stand on end, lightning may be about to strike. Drop to your knees and bend forward, putting your hands on your knees. Do not lie flat on the ground.

Tornado Safety

Tornadoes are violent storms that can cause major devastation and loss of life. They can strike without warning and even with warning are very unpredictable. Whenever a tornado warning has been issued, go to the nearest designated safety shelter immedately. At Rushmore Shadows these areas are the Clubhouse and the North Shower House.

In Homes and Structures:

• Seek shelter in the basement and get under heavy furniture if possible.

• In homes without basements, seek shelter in the central part of the house, in a small room on the lowest floor like a bathroom, closet or hallway.

• Keep away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris.

In Resorts/Travel Trailers:

• Travel Trailers are particularly vulnerable and should be evacuated.

• If there is no shelter nearby, leave and take cover on low, protected ground.

• Travel trailer residents are encouraged to preplan for emergency evacuation and shelter with friends, neighbors, or family. Do not wait until the last minute to evacuate. Allow sufficient time to leave your travel trailer and arrive at your shelter area.

In Vehicles:

• Leave and move away from your vehicle, seek shelter in a nearby building.

• If shelter in a building is unavailable, lie flat in a nearby ditch, ravine or gully.

In Open Country:

• Seek shelter in a nearby ditch, ravine or gully. Cover your head and be aware of possible rising water from the heavy rains that often accompany a tornado.

Flash Flood Safety

Flash flood waters move at incredible speed; can roll boulders, tear out trees and destroy buildings, roads, and bridges. Walls of water can reach 10 to 20 feet in height very quickly and without warning. The moment a flash flood is issued for your area or when you first realize that a flash flood is imminent, act quickly to save yourself. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately as you may have only seconds.

• Go to high ground immediately.

• Get out of dips, canyons, valleys and other low lying areas.

• Avoid areas where water is already flowing heavily. Do not attempt to cross a stream if the water is above your knees or is flowing swiftly.

• Do not drive through flooded areas. Flood water can wash a vehicle from the roadway, and the road under the water may no longer be intact.

• If your vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Rising flood water may engulf and sweep it away.

• Do not place your vehicle, camper, or tent along streams, creeks, or washes.

• When water threatens your campsite, leave immediately, Do not attempt to save your camper, tent, clothing, or personal belongings.

In the Event of Severe Weather...

We are located in Central Pennington County, South Dakota. For further weather information, please call: Weather Information (605) 341-7531 Road Conditions 511

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All Seasons Pet Care 605-787-9505

Dakota Hills Vet Clinic 605-342-7498 Safe Haven Pet Resort 605-415-4123

605-342-2084 Safe Haven Pet Grooming

605-415-4123 T & Bonnie’s Grooming 605-348-2065 Barks & Bubbles 605-719-9025

Mountain View Animal Hospital 605-343-8050

Black Hills Animal Hospital 605-343-6066

Autumn Hills Vet Clinic 605-348-3439

Dakota Hills Vet Clinic..................... 605-342-7498

Animal Clinic of Rapid City ........... 605-415-4990

Pets are welcome as long as they remain leashed. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Please look for the nearest mutt mitt station for bags! If your pet is left unattended at your unit please leave your cell phone number at the front desk in case your pet needs you.

TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA We’ve all seen litter scattered alongside a roadway. Do you know how long it will take to decompose to non-recognizable form? “Please Don’t Litter!” Styrofoam Never Aluminum 80-100 yrs Plastic bags 10-20 yrs Plastic coated cartons 5 yrs Plastic containers 50-80 yrs Cigarette butts 10-12 yrs Orange peels up to 6 mo Paper containers 2-5 mo Pet Information Rushmore Shadows Resort Services & Store Local Churches Area Information HD TV Channels Satellite Info Area Pet
& Sitting
Pet Groomers D-Tails Pet Salon 605-716-0835 All Fours Grooming 605-787-5431 Brass Hydrant
Area Veterinarians
• Office hours are posted on the office doors.
Message boards are located by the Front Office and Clubhouse. Only Emergency messages are delivered to sites.
Lost and Found is located at the Front Desk.
Incoming Mail can be picked up at the Front Desk. Mailing Address: 23680 Busted Five Ct. • Rapid City, SD 57702 Convenience Store: Groceries, clothing, novelty items and more! Golf Cart Rentals: Rent at the Front Desk. First Christian Church 8th Street & Quincy 342-5707 First Baptist Church 8th Street & St. Patrick 343-0342 First Congregational Church 1200 Clark 342-5787 First Methodist Church 7th Street & Kansas City 342-4498 Cathedral Catholic Church 520 Cathedral Drive 342-0507 County: Pennington Area Code: 605 Elevation: 4,313 Ft. GPS: Latitude 43.973670 Longitude 103.327243 Time Zone: Mountain 3-1 ABC 7-1 FOX 11-2 RTN 15-1 CBS 9-1 PBS 21-1 NBC 21-2 CW 21-3 MYTV ELEV. AZIM. ELEV. AZIM. DSS 39º 167º DISH 37º 191º
SPRING CREEK RD LOWER SPRING CREEK RD OLD FOLSOM RD LOWER SPRING CREEK RD PEACEFUL PINES RD LEISURE LN RECREATIONAL DR DEADWOOD AVE ERICKSON RANCH RD OLD FOLSOM RD ANTELOPE CREEK RD S CANYON RD W MAIN ST E MAIN ST E ST JOSEPH ST E FAIRMONT BL VD CAMBELL ST NEMO RD NEMO RD VANOCKER CANYON RD NORRIS PEAK RD W CHICAGO ST W OMAHA ST PLANT ST OMAHA ST ELK VALE RD SILVER CITY RD STURG I S RD BYP 16 BYP 16 BYP 16 HAINESAV E 16 385 385 44 44 79 79 79 44 44 79 87 36 40 79 79 90 90 231 445 190 RAPID CITY HERMOSA HISEGA SILVER CITY PACTOLA LAKE TO BUFFALO GAP & MAVERICK JUNCTION TO DEADWOOD TO STURGIS TO SIOUX FALLS TO BADLANDS, WALL & KADOKA TO BADLANDS, & SCENIC THESE BUSINESSES ARE RECOMMENDED BY YOUR HOST. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE STAYING AT RUSHMORE SHADOWS 3 6 7 Desserts & Pastries All made in house by our Pastry Chef! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 2315 Mt. Rushmore Rd. • Rapid City, SD 57701 (605) 342-4640 Alpine Inn On Main Street in the historic Harney Peak Hotel featuring special luncheon menu with a European flair. Evening Menu | Closed on Sundays 6oz $13.95 or 9oz $15.95 served with baked potato, Texas toast & salad Reasonably Pr ic ed • Homemade Pastr ies • Fine Desser ts Hotel Lodging 11 am to 2:30 pm lu ncheon www.alpineinnhillc FI LET M IGNON Veranda Dining Open: Monday - Saturday CLOSED SUNDAYS 133 Main St, Hill City South Dakota, 57745 605.574.2749 Dinner 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm ! 7 8 9 10 Page 5
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