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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a superhero party! You don’t need super

powers for this party—just a few super skills. Start everything off with a bang, 3D invitations that you can print yourself. Next, transform a simple cake in a snap. It’s easier than you think. Once the action begins, lead party guests through their own superhero training. There are six activities that will test even the most seasoned sidekicks. Young heroes will be hungry after a day of fighting crime so serve them up some yummy snacks that increase elasticity and boost invisibility. As the fun is winding down send everyone off with their own cape so they can continue to stop crime at home. This party is action packed so pull out those old comic books and let’s go up up and away!

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but our favorite thing about parties is teaching you how to re-create every detail. This party has been photographed to show you our process so that you can have this same party yourself. But more than that, we believe parties are all about building memories. Most tutorials are kid friendly, so don’t be afraid to involve your child in creating this party. Because after all, we think children should be celebrated everyday.

Feel free to use our party ideas, but remember to play nice. This PDF is for personal use only. Design & styling by Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

party overview introduction printing invitations wow! what a cake sweet sugar cookies comic book banner city skyline terrific t-shirts decorating cookies leap tall buildings in a single bound stomp out crime bad guy blast super strength speed & agility up up and away official superhero certification sew it yourself capes wonder dogs party tips a super surprise resource guide

printing invitations

We recommend printing the Superhero invitations

on bright white matte photo or brochure paper from an office supply store. Be sure to use the highest quality settings on your printer. These invitations fit an A7 size envelope and the thank you’s fit an A2 size envelope. If you’d like stamps to match this theme, try searching eBay for the DC Comics Superhero and the Marvel Comics Superhero Collections from the US Postal Service.

For a cool invitation, show off your super skills with 3D invites. They are clear and easy to read with or without 3D glasses, but your party guests are sure to go crazy if you include a pair in the mailing envelope. 3D glasses are available at party supply stores.

wow! what a cake To make an ordinary cake fit for a Super Kid, just add a little zap! Print these cake toppers from the printables section, cut out, and tape to 6” sucker sticks. You can add your own embellishments as well, like this star centerpiece spray from a local party supply store. Add candies in a coordinating color to the base of the cake for extra pop. Place it all on top of a 12” cake stand in bonnie blue milk glass, and pow--it’s party time.

comic book banner Purchase new comic books or look for old ones at thrift stores and antiques shops. These should only cost a few dollars.

Supplies: a few comic books, a ruler & exacto knife (or paper trimmer), red extra wide double fold bias tape, a sewing machine

Directions: Carefully tear pages out of the comic books. Using an exacto knife and ruler (or paper trimmer) cut comic book pages from the 2 top corners to the center bottom to create a triangle. Using a straight stitch on a sewing machine, tuck the triangles in between the bias tape fold and sew them in. Leave a space at both ends for tying.


wonder dogs

Every superhero needs a sidekick and the best kind is a ‘Wonder

Dog.’ Grill up some hot dogs and serve with a variety of fruits and vegetables that will get kids excited about eating healthy. These snacks will boost their hero powers, improve their laser vision, enhance agility, increase elasticity and more! Print and cut out food labels (from the printables section), tape onto sucker sticks, and place in bowls.

thanks to our heroes the city is safe again!

s e k a c p u c y l ho tman! ba ! y t r a p a t a h w

Superhero Party  

A sneak peek of our Superhero Party.

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