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Cutesy dinosaur parties are a thing of the past. Young paleontologists want a real dino adventure. Party guests will jump right in to the action as they travel back through time in a prehistoric treasure hunt that all leads to a fantastic bone dig. Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything, from making the bones to finding the tools to hiding the clues. After the dig, hungry fossil hunters will have worked up a giganti-saurus appetite. We’ve laid out a full lunch spread, perfect for carnivores and herbivores alike. And after the party is over, you’ll send your guests home with their own dino-mite surprise. It’s a Jurassic journey your birthday boy won’t forget!

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but our favorite thing about parties is teaching you how to re-create every party that we do. Our parties have been photographed in great detail to show you our process so that you can have this same party yourself. We’ve done all of the hard work already so you can pull off a show-stopper with minimal effort. Feel free to use our party ideas, but remember to play nice. This PDF is for personal use only. Design & styling by Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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The invitations and thank you cards for this dinosaur party are printed on bright white matte photo or brochure paper from an office supply store. Please be sure to use the highest quality printing settings on your printer (we can’t stress this enough). To tie in the party colors use green, grey, kraft or orange colored envelopes. The dinosaur stamps are from The World of Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric Animals collections via the U. S. postal service (but you can search for them on eBay). For a cool invite that can be hand delivered, fill kraft colored jewelry boxes with sand and add a plaster bone. Just fold and tuck an invitation inside the box and tie it up with some ribbon. Feel free to add one of the party tags included in the printables section to the box. Your party guest’s excitement will begin the moment their invitation arrives.

Forget those cheesy dinosaur shaped cakes. A simple cake, roughly frosted with chocolate frosting, gives this party an earthy feel. Embellish with a chocolate frosting border at the bottom and add candy rocks, jelly beans, and green chocolate candies. Place a toy dinosaur by the cake just for fun. This is a 10� cake on a 13� cake stand.

Every paleontologist needs a good brush to carefully uncover fossils and bones. Paint the brushes green to make them more interesting and add an orange ribbon for contrast. Supplies: green spray paint, 2� paintbrushes, masking tape, ribbon. 1. Carefully lift the bag covering the bristles until it’s above the handle and on the metal.Using masking tape, tape the bag to the metal, covering the metal completely but not covering the wooden handle. 2. Spray paint the wooden handle. If you have time, do two coats. We suggest one side per day for four days. 3. Remove the tape and bag and tie the handle with a contrasting ribbon, if desired.

Some excited kids will find the bones very quickly. Feel free to re-bury the bones as many times as you’d like to have party guests dig for them again.

Dinosaur Party  
Dinosaur Party  

A sneak peek at our Dinosaur Party.