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welcome to your art party on easle


An average art party takes on a sophisticated air when you turn the party guests’

creations into a gallery showing. Timed just right for both making their art and exhibiting their art, the party guests get a chance to become true artists as they create and later show off their work to special guests. And who better to attend this exclusive artists’ event than their parents? When parents arrive to pick up their children they are greeted with fabulous paintings and sculptures. They have time to ooh and ahh over their children’s masterpieces while snacking on treats such as cheese & crackers, sliced fruit, colorful cookies, and sparkling apple cider. Don’t forget to include a stunning rainbow cake and colorful cupcakes. There’s enough for everyone to enjoy while perusing this art gallery party.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but our favorite thing about parties is teaching you

how to re-create every party that we do. Our parties have been photographed in great detail to show you our process so that you can have this same party yourself. We’ve done all of the hard work already so you can pull off a showstopper with minimal effort. Feel free to use our party ideas, but remember to play nice. This PDF is for personal use only.

Design & styling by Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

party overview introduction printing invitations and thank you’s rainbow cake cupcakes and cupcake toppers paper chains name tags station 1: artist profile station 2: watercolors quick quide to flowers arranging the centerpiece station 3: sculpting cornstarch playdough recipe station 4: swirlart station 5: facepainting picture frame photo-op the gallery show the food menu

big picture of art project

printing invitations and thank you’s

This party incorporates the colors in the color wheel. We used all colors across the

spectrum with a huge dose of white to keep everything bright and crisp. These art invitations and thank you cards are printed on bright white matte brochure paper from an office supply store. Be sure to use the highest quality settings on your printer. The envelopes are from Paper Source and we suggest using a rainbow of colors or picking your child’s favorite color. The stamps we used show paintings from famous artists and are from the Abstract Expressionists U.S. Postal series (look for these stamps on eBay or your local stamp shop). For a cool invite that can be hand delivered, include an apron or some art supplies with the invitation. Party guests can even bring these items with them to the party.

picture of invitations and envelopes

cupcakes and cupcake toppers

This party definitely needs artistic cupcake toppers. We call these our Jackson Pollock

toppers after the artist who was know for his paint splattering paintings.

Melt a colored bag of candy melts in a glass bowl in the microwave. Check and stir the

candy melts frequently and remove the bowl from the microwave as soon as they are melted. Spoon the melted candy melts into a disposable frosting bag. Repeat for any other colors you would like to use. Cut the tip of the disposable frosting bag a tiny bit to allow the melted candy melts to get out. Make random paint splatters onto a sheet of wax paper. Let the splatters cool. Place on top of your cupcakes when ready. Instant art!

Make a creative name tag holder. Using a regular sized hole punch, punch a hole and slip it onto a crayon. Viola!

arranging the centerpiece

Avoid keeping the flowers out of water for long periods of time. Work in a cool place,

but do not keep flowers in a refrigerator.

Arrange flower in smaller bundle and secure with floral wire or a rubberband.

Remember you can tweak as you go. Don’t be discouraged because flowers are a great medium and can be worked until you get it just right. Be brave and have fun creating!

“Let each day ( and party ) be your masterpiece.�

Art Gallery Party  

A sneak peek of our Art Gallery Party.