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Written by Youth for Youth Emirati Rapper Khalifa Al Romaithi tells us what it’s like to be part of the local music scene and open for Snoop Dogg

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Editor’s Letter

WHAT A SUMMER! The one8one offices came alive with interns this month: lots of laughter, songs and crazy ideas I can’t wait to share with you. We had our meetings on bean bags, played pranks on each other, wrote on our walls and stuffed ourselves with gelato, pizza and cupcakes till we couldn’t breathe. Loads of dancing, singing and Japanese sword fighting (p. 46) all took care of the extra sugar and calorie consumption at the office. Guess what! We’ve even recorded a song for one8one so keep checking our 181youth Facebook page if you want to hear it - the team has amazing talent. A wonderful Emirati rapper had something to do with it as well. Check him out on page 36. We’re all back from vacation; the worst of the summer heat is over and there is so much to look forward to this coming semester. I always love September: it’s like beginning a new chapter of a great book, and I can’t wait to see what I will create this term. There is an old saying that states, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done… you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!” What do you want that you didn’t have? What are you going to do about it?


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Mazamil Majeed: You guys are going places. Bravo! Ricola Furtado: I applaud the initiative...Keep up the good work! Elisar Sasso: Got a sneak peek of the website and I gotta say it is looking amazing!!! Can’t wait for its launch in September :)

@Miralyahh - Miral Bushnaq I just wrote a sick, sick article for the @181youth magazine. You need to pick one up as soon as possible. @krisfade – Kris Fade Thanks to the Youth team who came in today. Well done @seaonnah @GYEM @ayesha_Akbar @181youth @Mariarousan. @iva74 – Ivana A Awesome photo shoot !!! Big THANKS to @One8oneMagazine love you guys:)

Amanda Jewell I’m the careers adviser at Jumeirah College, I’ve just read your magazine and it’s really very professional and well put together. Moustafa Gabriel I want to thank you for the GBK voucher, it was delicious even though we spent a bit more that night. Hahaha! :) Karim Saleh Soliman I would really like to say that you have done a great job in the style of your magazine. You have kept it simple and eye catching. Your magazine gets distributed at my school and I have to admit that I really enjoy reading it. It’s exactly what teens need. Frances Kirton. I really enjoyed reading the latest edition of your magazine. I find the philosophy of one eight one a really interesting and exciting concept to be involved in.

Elisar Sasso There is one word I would use to describe my time at the one8one magazine: inspirational. I have never worked with such a dedicated, passionate team and I feel privileged to have had an opportunity like this. I immediately contacted the magazine and before I knew it, I was behind that desk doing what I love to do…write. During my time interning at one8one, I have not only gained important skills, such as writing techniques, layout design and how to conduct an interview independently, but I have also met an amazing team who have made me laugh at least a hundred times a day. For once in my life, I actually looked forward to those early morning wakes. I was given the freedom to write about what I wanted and interview who I wanted. I have learnt a lot and I will never forget my productive, enjoyable time at the one8one.


Summer Interns

When I was handed a copy of the first one8one issue, I took a few seconds just to look at it. From a design point of view, it was classy, modern and unlike anything I had come across. A friend who worked at the magazine recommended that I become an intern with them for the summer with the graphic designers. Just looking at the magazine made me want to be involved with it and I have gained experience in different software. Only once I got there did I get what this magazine was about and how it really is a youth-fuelled movement all the way from the editor to the interns.

Although my internship at one8one was short, it was the best experience that I have ever had of a real job. I immediately found that I had something to do and settled in straight away. It was wonderful to work with others of my age rather than constantly being told what to do; I could make my own choices and give suggestions. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding experience. Thank you so much Maria. You have been very inspirational and I look forward to the upcoming events!

Hiba Ganta

Shalyn Wilkins

This summer six young people had the opportunity to intern for one8one. Here is how much fun we had... If you’re able to eat five cupcakes and a whole pizza in ten minutes, make five best friends in one day and write a good article then you are eligible to apply for an internship at one8one. Write to us at and tell us why you would like to intern and what you hope to experience.

Gareth K. Warren Heinrich Taute

Dina Hassan

If the ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity, then being a part of the team at one8one gets you halfway to the top. The only prerequisites are crazy ideas and an open mind. The magazine gives everyone the opportunity to see their work transform from scribbling on a notepad to a doublepage spread in the magazine. Your staple diet will include donuts, cupcakes, pizza and burgers and your first taste of a boardroom meeting will be on beanbags. I have had the opportunity to interact with several quirky personalities, namely Heinrich, whose image can be found somewhere on this page. Please feel free to draw funny stuff across his face with a permanent marker. The experience was definitely second to none and I would encourage anyone interested to join us.

To even begin to describe how this past month has impacted me is impossible. The opportunity to learn, grow, write and have fun was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. Coming in every day from 9 to 5 and sometimes even longer, along with my duties as deputy editor, has helped me become sure that this is the career path I want to follow. The endless inside jokes, and the rotation of interns that kept coming in every two weeks was an experience that was more fun than I had ever expected it to be. I will never forget my full workdays at the one8one and how I, as a member of the youth, got to contribute to something bigger than myself.

I saw the one8one internship offer on the back of their second issue that was distributed throughout my school, Dubai American Academy. I thought it would be interesting and something fun to do during the summer. I started interning at one8one in June and although I could only intern for a month, there was so much to do. I started writing small articles the moment I got in. The experience was so different because we could write about whatever we wanted and it would then be included in the magazine. The work atmosphere was awesome. Everyone was happy and full of energy, ready to work and bursting with ideas. Maria was a constant motivational driving force behind us and she always encouraged us to try new things and develop new ideas. It was an amazing experience that will open up so many doors for me in the future.

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University Orientation Sep 4-7

Dubai International Dance Festival, First Group Theatre, Dubai 1-4

Eid E Milan concert, Dubai World Trade Centre

Sat University of Wollongong Turkey trip Sep 3-8

Aloft charity run, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Intro to digital photography workshop, DUCTAC

Digital photography workshop, Dubai Knowledge Village

Grand Gala Ballet, First Group Theatre, Madinat Jumeirah, Sep 15-17

Salsa dance classes, DUCTAC Beginning of winter term

Bram Stoker’s Dracula DUCTAC Sep 15-17

Virgin Megastore Music Festival Sep 15 - Oct 7 Malika

Laughter Ke Phatke comedy show Indian High School, Dubai

Digital photography workshop, Dubai Knowledge Village Beady Eye live Flash Forum, Yas Island David Craig

Introduction to Photoshop Sheikh Zayed University, Dubai Media City


Enzo Mirak Digital photography workshop Dubai KnowledgeVillage



The Music of Queen by Joseph Clark First Group Theatre, Madinat Jumeirah, Sep 27 – Oct 1 Mr. Shef Codes


Noosh Like Sploosh

Traknotz + Ashna


Ash Hamman

Intermediate acting workshop for adults DUCTAC

DJ Bliss

Life coach Joseph McClendonAntony Robbins Dubai Knowledge Village 2011 World Robot Olympiad, ADNEC Abu Dhabi, Sep 28-29 Smoking Groove


Hamdan Al Abri

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Gareth K. Warren

The Big Start winner On 26 June 2011, Al Tamimi Investments (ATI) announced the winner of its student entrepreneur competition, The Big Start. Stefanie Ost’s idea for a professional modelling school and agency representing top female talent in the UAE took top honours in the competition and she is set to receive full funding and support to establish her business idea in partnership with ATI. “Making it into the final two of the competition was one of my proudest moments. To actually become the winner is an absolute dream come true,” said Ost.

That’s one fashionable graduation Esmod Dubai, the leading French fashion school in the region, celebrated the graduation of the latest batch of students by staging Dubai’s biggest private fashion show at the main atrium of Wafi City mall on June 23. This year, the graduation show saw particular emphasis on Arabic calligraphy, cyborgs, Islamic architecture and cabaret. Tamara Hostal, director and founder of Esmod Dubai, said, “The impressive fashion show at Wafi Mall was a perfect platform to showcase the creativity and talent of the young, ‘Made in UAE’ fashion designers of Esmod, who have the potential to make a mark in the international fashion scene.

West Side Story

Acquiring culinary skills

The unforgettable musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliette, West Side story, hit the DUCTAC theatre on the July 19, and Dubai’s talented students had a chance to perform alongside some of the UK’s leading musical actors. West Side Story, originally created by the most talented people in the business - Arthur Laurents (book), Leonard Bernstein (score) and Stephen Sondheim (lyrics) - has often been seen as a new kind of musical theatre, and the DUCTAC performance enhanced this once again. Despite a few technical difficulties on the opening night, the performance wowed the audience. Respect to Julian Essex-Spurrier, who played the Jets’ leader, Riff, for getting through the evening with a defective microphone. Shone White, who played the fiery, Puerto Rican Anita, the leader of the Sharks’ “Barnardo” girlfriend, blew us away with a jazzy and blazing performance, especially with old time favourites such as “America”. Unblemished vocals also came from the protagonists Maria and Tony, played by Michael Rouse and Elisa Doughy, creating a wonderful on-set romance. The supporting roles played by Dubai’s youth are more than worthy to mention: dedication and talent ruled among the young singers, actors and dancers who all performed delightfully and evidently enjoyed every moment of it.

From picking the ingredients to rolling out the dough, the handson-approach of Itzza Pizza staff was appreciated by GYEM members who decided to host a team-building workshop during which they made their own pizzas. They got to see what it takes to run a pizzeria and go behind the seamless facade behind which a professional restaurant operates. Many were surprised at the hands-on approach which they decided made the whole experience much more meaningful and enjoyable. GYEM got to see the outcome of a work ethic that entails respect and a love of the craft resulting in an efficient and energetic team. Overall, it was a very successful and productive workshop complete with flour messes, delicious pizzas and the busy chatter of happy students.



Shalyn Wilkins

Siobhan Fraile

photo by Sarah Martin for

Aerospace engineering anyone? Amity University in Dubai will open its doors to students in September and offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in nuclear science, aerospace engineering, and solar and alternative energy. Amity University boasts four world-class universities and five international branches across London, Singapore, New York, California and Mauritius.

Is Dubai an education hub? Dubai is on the right path in its academic journey, according to Hussam Al Atab, HR business partner at Dell Middle East. Al Atab’s comments came during a panel discussion titled “Is Dubai an education hub?” at the inaugural Education Forum. “The Forum focuses on strengthening the learning process and knowledge exchange among the key stakeholders of the academic sector while contributing to the creation of a knowledge economy in the UAE and the region.”

The Social Side of Google After a failed attempt with Google Buzz to join the online social networking world, Google has recently developed a new platform for people to socialise, called Google+. It was opened for very limited field-testing on June 28 to a small number of people who subscribed to the service beforehand.

+ Instant Upload

For now there are a few and limited functions available for users. In terms of user friendliness, the platform is easy to navigate and the icons are basic and very comprehensible. After a few minutes of exploring, I quickly got the hang of it. Again, Google+ is not working as the finished product yet, and it seems more features and details will be added later on. To sign up for Google+, an invite from an existing user is required. Here are a few of the core Google+ features: Google+ Circles This makes adding your friends or finding them much easier. Instead of having a dropdown list like Facebook or Twitter, in Circles you can simply select and drag a friend into different groups or ‘circles’. The feature is innovative as you can make your own circles and control what content you want to share with them. One can have small groups such as a circle for your family and close relatives, where you can share pictures of your vacation that no one else can see except the people in that circle. You can also decide to customise your personal profile information for your circles.

+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts This is one of the more innovative concepts of Google+, and a cool approach to getting users to accept group video chat. The camera-switching feature (it changes who’s on camera based on who’s talking) is far superior to having multiple video feeds open at the same time. If Google+ gains traction, Hangouts will be a killer feature. This feature could also potentially rival Skype. Google+ Sparks: This is a collection of articles, videos, photos and other content grouped by user interest. For example, the “Movies” spark will have a listing of recent and relevant content for that topic. The system is based on an algorithmic background as it relies on information from other Google products (e.g. Google Search) as well as what is being shared via Google+ and through +1 buttons. The idea is to make it very easy to search and find relevant results. Overall, Google+ has not yet been fully developed, the final product will roll out in stages. Google wants to be included in the social media aspect of the internet and after the Google Buzz failure, the company has realised its mistakes. Hence, starting off fresh this time with Google+, we may have a contender for a Facebook rival, but only time will tell. by

Zapaer Alip

+ + Circles



The brand new Google+ in its beta phase has a promising future. From the registration page that puts you at ease, to viewing and editing photos online, Google+ exhibits charming features. Google’s idea for social networking isn’t to make it a standalone product, but rather a feature, and that’s exactly what Google+ is. Basically, what it is trying to achieve is a mixture of Twitter and Facebook in one package, giving it a crisp tinge of distinction stream. As Vic Gondutra, senior vice-president of Social at Google, said in an interview, “We think connecting with other people is a basic human need. We do it all the time in real life, but our online tools are rigid. They force us into buckets, or into being completely public”. What was constantly demanded by Facebook chat users is video chat, which a request that is being followed up. Yes, Google+ does support that feature and it can handle up to 10 people at a time. It allows you to join or invite people to a hangout, it also allows you to share a YouTube video and watch it with the people in that hangout session. Simple, organised and fun. by Sameer Abeidoh

+ + Huddle

Teens 4 Positive Actions A LIFE EXPERIENCE by Dina Hassan


“Ethical dilemmas are a major part of our world today - they shape who we are, and how we deal with them affects the people and the world around us. One of these is the treatment of those with special needs, down’s syndrome, etc. In society today, a preconceived notion has evolved to display inequality among the treatment of other humans as a result of their genetic make up.

At the age of twelve, my parents relocated our family to Dubai from Geneva, Switzerland. I had never stayed in one country long enough to form strong bonds with other people, and when I arrived in Dubai and enrolled in Dubai American Academy, I had hoped it would be the last time I would be introduced to a new school. A few weeks into school, I had already made friends and was getting along well with others within the community. A friend had come to me grieving about events that had been occurring frequently. This person had a younger sibling named Omar who had Down’s syndrome and was worried that some of the younger boys in their housing complex had been bullying and mistreating his brother. Outraged by this, I sought to take action and I returned home with my friend to help ease the situation and confront the bullies. I sat the young boys down and educated them on the treatment of people with special needs, telling them how they are no different from ourselves, and that their bullying of him was rude and obnoxious. I then told them to respect Omar just as they would any other friend. This event allowed me to reflect upon myself. Knowing that I had succeeded in doing something morally and ethically right, it gave me hope of spreading awareness of this

cause. I was quite proud of my actions, but was also distressed by the actions that the boys had taken, and therefore decided to take a stand and attempt to pass the lesson onto others. I did research for such opportunities and found a group called “Teens For Positive Actions” (also known as Teens 4 PA). Teens 4 Positive Action is a non-profit volunteer group of teenagers in Dubai. The volunteers offer help in a variety of areas with groups such as the elderly, individuals with disabilities and children with special needs in the UAE It had just begun the week before and I was adamant that I join. A few weeks later, the group had been locally established and we had our first meeting, during which we were introduced to several specialneeds teenagers and adults. That was the first time I met and interacted with more than one

The group started having scheduled meetings once every Saturday for two hours to spend time with our “Teen Scheme� (the name of the group of special needs people) friends. Our activities ranged from bowling, to a variety of games, sports and outings, all of which the Teen Scheme members are extremely fond of. We have found jobs for many of our members and have become extremely good friends with all of them - we have become solid figures within their lives. If I could forever eliminate the discrimination set against these people, to stop them from being disregarded from society and not being offered the same opportunities as others, I would do so immediately, and our group has taken this initiative.

person with special needs or disabilities. I had already had some experience with people with special needs from a very young age because my mother’s best friend had a daughter with special needs and I had grown up interacting with her and reading her stories - one of the catalysts that fuelled my passion for books and stories. With her, in the beginning, I had been a little uneasy in the sense that I had not understood what were the appropriate things to say or how to interact with her, but I had eventually come to see the purity in her and understood that there really was no significant difference between us - we became friends and still are today. Not withstanding my experience, the first meeting for Teens 4 PA had been a completely new and positively overwhelming experience. I had never encountered more than one special-needs person at a time and it was heart-warming when I saw that others shared the same notions - that these were people who were disregarded from society all because they had an abnormality in their genetic make-up, and they deserved to be treated with respect.

I then became the senior volunteer of Teens 4 PA in my last year of high school, and it could not have been more fulfilling. Joining the group has helped me understand how the world can sometimes be quite cruel, especially to those undeserving of cruelty - and beginning with this group, we intended to change this. Teens 4 PA has helped mould me into a person I am proud to be, because through this I have not only learned to accept and respect people with differences, no matter what that difference may be, but I have also learned how to respect myself and believe in my ability to change things that others see as stigmatic. Teens 4 PA has given me the opportunity to grow and I am glad that I am able to be part of having others see these qualities within themselves as well as making new friends - no matter what their basic genetic make-up may be.



From Dust Dubbed the spiritual successor to the game Populous, From Dust is a strategy game in the vein of Black and White, where the player takes control of a primitive tribe and guides it to prosperity. The player controls various forms of matter, mainly water, soil and lava. And through those powers, the player has to protect his tribe from the environment and natural disasters, as well as build a suitable environment for the tribe to prosper within. Like Bastion, this is another indie game that has developed a large fanbase due to this innovative gameplay and beautiful artwork.

Captain America: Super Soldier The Captain America film has proved to be one the better comic book films released this year, and the makers have decided to see if they can replicate the film’s success in video game format. Needless to say, it is always fun to play a super heroes in a game. This time you get to be Captain America, and the game’s controls do their best to replicate the powers and abilities of the hero, leading to a fun, stylised gameplay experience. Most of the film’s cast, including Chris Evans, return to voice their respective characters.

NCAA Football 12 BASTION Any sports games fan knows the name EA Sports and their many top-notch franchises. NCAA Football is another EA Franchise that has a long history of success while still going strong with modern audiences.

After making waves at E3, Bastion, an Action RPG Indie game, was finally released to Xbox Live Arcade for download. Many were taken by the game’s unique art style, wonderful story, beautiful sound effects and distinctive fantasy setting. This game has proved itself to be one of the most innovative, unique games of the year, and should not be missed by serious gamers.

NCAA Football 12 is the latest entry in the series. It introduces new mechanics to the game to add a dose of realism, as well as create new depths to the game’s various modes

UFC: Personal SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4: Trainer Arcade Edition UFC: Personal Trainer comes to join a long line of fitness games for motion controls. This is not a game to provide you with a fun gameplay experience; it is about exercise and fitness. It will push your body to its limits and make sure that you are exercising well and properly, and acts like a personal trainer.

The Street Fighter fighting game franchise is still going strong after its resurrection in 2009 in the form of Street Fighter 4. The last addition to the series is subtitled Arcade Edition and includes four new characters: Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun and Yang. The addition is available in the form of DLC or standalone package. The DLC is for those who already have Super Street Fighter 4, and thus they can download the addition instead of buying a separate game.


Midway by

dina hassan

17 8

Starting a band in any place is difficult, finding the right people who mesh together to produce music is not an easy task. These guys are in a sense bipolar; they are cool, down-to-earth, laid back funny guys one minute, and the next they are serious musicians. They have managed to mix in their differences to become Midway - a great melodic hardcore band based out of Dubai. Talking to these guys, one8one got an inside look into the band and a glimpse of how they’re taking the UAE by storm. So how did you guys form your group? What’s your history? Mychal: Well we wanted to put together a hardcore band so Bruno and I made a band called Amongst Skyscrapers with a few others. Then George and I had another punk band with other people. George: Midway came after both those bands. When Amongst Skyscrapers finished, Mychal and Bruno still wanted to play hardcore, and Public Refuse had just finished, so they got me on guitar, Kim on bass and A Blessed Aftermath was formed, since then, Kim left to university and we have Keaton on bass, and we changed the name to Midway. Who does what in the band? Bruno – Vocals George- Guitar Joel- Guitar Keaton- Bass Mychal- Drums What’s behind the name Midway? Where did that come from? George: There’s not really a meaning for Midway; I just started looking up then names of battles and cool words online. We wanted something nonassociative - something that flows off the tongue and not linked to a genre. Joel: And something that’s easy to remember. How does making the music work with you guys? Mychal: Joel - he’ll usually be sitting at home. Joel: I’ll just sit for a few hours, pick something up and keep working on it. George: Then he’ll bring it to practice and we’ll adjust it into a full song.

What would you say has been your best experience so far as a band? Mychal: When we were recording demos - “Easy Mac” week. We just had practice for a full week and all we ate was mac and cheese. We came out with a couple good songs that week. Joel: I remember going home the next day wanting to eat steak and it didn’t taste cheesy enough. What is your greatest achievement so far? George: I would say the Annihilation show last Thursday was one of our most memorable experiences. We had a big turnout despite the new name and people knew our songs, so that was pretty awesome. When you get positive feedback from the crowd after the effort you put in, it’s a great achievement by itself.

How often do you guys rehearse? Joel: Twice a week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When is your next gig? What are you up to now? George: Getting ready for our EP release this September.

What is the message behind your music? George: We don’t write negative, depressing lyrics like most heavy bands; we try to stay as positive as we can. Joel: Heavy, uplifting music.

Do you plan on pursuing this as a full time career? What are your future prospects? Mychal: We’ll see where it takes us. If we get to do this full time, then awesome! Joel: Hoping for the best.

Which musicians would you say influence you the most? Mychal: Parkway Drive. They used to be a huge musical influence, but we’ve moved on from that sound now, but they still set an example to us through their perseverance and work ethic when they were in the same position as us. Heart and Hand is a big musical influence and just other general melodic hardcore bands as well.

When you’re not playing your instruments, what are you guys doing? Mychal: Cuddling [Laughs]. Just kidding - half of the time we’re surfing, the other half working. George: Some of us doing both. Who are your biggest supporters? George: Monster Energy Drinks is our main sponsor, they’ve been amazing, and really supported us. Joel: And shout out to our street team who always have our backs.

Big Rossi Priti Malik Priti was born and raised in NYC to Indian-born parents. Growing up was a balanced mix of Bollywood films and the Backstreet Boys. She originally wanted to be a lawyer, but one fine day when she was in high school, Priti decided to pay a visit to the MTV studios to watch a taping of Total Request Live. While watching VJ Hilarie Burton do a few links, she realised that this was definitely more her vibe! So she decided to go with Broadcast Journalism and never looked back. Priti’s been working in radio & TV since she was 17. Whether it was a promotions intern for a radio station, working on stories for Diane Sawyer at ABC or running her own morning show at her college radio station, Priti has always kept herself in the industry. After graduating, Priti came across the Arabian Radio Network here in Dubai and decided to give it a shot. So in 2008, she moved to Dubai to work as a news presenter for Virgin Radio. Now, she’s the co-host on The Kris Fade Show. We consider doing the news to playing Priti on the Floor to be an upgrade! If I wasn’t workin’ at Virgin Radio Dubai I’d be...

Still hosting a Punjabilanguage TV show in New York. My celebrity crush is...

I bet you didn’t know I could...

Dance like a Bollywood queen. My favourite DVD in my collection is...

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Jay Sean – marry me please? The ultimate TV show is...

Big Rossi was born into music. No, seriously, his mum had David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” as birthing music. Rossi’s been behind the decks entertaining crowds since the tender age of 18, when he was packed off and sent to work in Corfu by his mother, with a plastic bag of CDs and a dream. Since that day in August 2000, he has spun for TV celebrities, supported a national radio station’s tour of the universities in the UK, performed at the country’s biggest dance music festivals and has entertained in some of the UK’s biggest nightclubs. Aside from the DJ gig, he is the producer of “The Kris Fade Show”. Rossi is in charge of ensuring that the show runs smoothly and to make sure that Kris Fade receives a compliment every hour. Most of the time Rossi’s the brunt of the team’s jokes because he says the silliest things. Rossi has had every type of job you can think of, including “dressing up as the Worlds Biggest Elf” to promoting for a radio station. If I wasn’t workin’ at Virgin Radio Dubai I’d be...

A paparazzi photographer - because sitting outside someone’s house eating full packets of biscuits is my ideal job. My celebrity crush is...

Beyonce - what a woman, WHAT A WOMAN!

The song that best describes me is...


The song that best describes me is...

Empire State of Mind – NYC baby!

I hate it when…

I have a fear/phobia of...

The cats try to attack me outside our office.

Firestarter by The Prodigy (I’m not a very good cook).

Everything! Cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, birds, heights, bugs, rollercoasters…. If I could have dinner with one person, it would be ...

Amitabh Bachchan.

My favourite place to eat in Dubai is...

PF Changs.

I bet you didn’t know I could...

Finish a whole box of Coco Pops in two servings. My favourite DVD in my collection is...

The Office (UK Version). The ultimate TV show is...

Alan Partridge, by Steve Coogan. A comedy sitcom about a hopeless radio presenter. I hate it when…

People are rude - manners don’t cost a thing.

I have a fear/phobia of...

Being hungry.

My favourite place to eat in Dubai is...

If I could have dinner with one person, it would be ...

Anywhere and everywhere!

John Lennon.


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Install this... ANDROID: ALARM DROID

You get what’s required from an alarm clock app and much more. It has a feature called ‘flip-and-snooze’, which activates the snooze mode by turning the phone over, as well as a speaking alarm option that announces the local time and weather as soon as you wake.


For those of you who didn’t know, Dubai Mall has an iPhone app. We can now browse through the listings and a detailed map of the entire mall, marking your favourite shops along the way.


While we wait for RIM to release a few more apps, here is one that we definitely need. Ever wonder why and how your pocket money keeps disappearing? Now keep track of it with simple entries under the apps dedicated expenses tab.

Watch this... LET ME IN

A 12-year-old boy named Owen comes from a broken home and is emotionally tortured by bullies. One day, when he tries to take out his anger on a tree, he meets neighbour Abby, who seems to keep a dark secret. They become good friends even though she tries to keep a distance. Once Owen begins to suspect that his new friend is far from human, it seems to Abby that she could use a good friend after all.


A claustrophobic’s nightmare. A man named Paul is a truck driver who has been contracted to work in Iraq, and while delivering items for a humanitarian aid program, he’s captured, put into a box and buried with only a lighter and a cell phone. Paul tries contacting people and with limited air supply his chances of survival seem to slip further away with each passing minute.


Staring Natalie Portman as Nina, a ballerina in a New York City Ballet, who finds herself competing with a new rival at the company. She lives with her mother, also a former ballerina, who supports her dancing career. When the artistic director decides to replace a prima ballerina for the opening of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is chosen for the role. But Nina has competition and the rivalry between her and Lily turns into a twisted friendship and teaches Nina to get in touch with her dark side.

Top 10 Hits Last Friday Night (T.G. I.F.)

Katy Perry

Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

Moves Like Jagger

Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera

Super Bass Nicki Minaj


Bad Meets Evil Featuring Bruno Mars

How to Love

Lil Wayne

Give Me Everything

Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People

I Wana Go Britney Spears

Good Life OneRepublic


Album S’ cool stuff Reviews by Rob adair

Dropkick Murphys Chase & Status

Mumford & Sons




Thankfully the title Going Out In Style is not an indication of the future for the Dropkick Murphys, who have produced another masterstroke. Released back in March, Going Out In Style marks the end of a long wait for fans, with the Massachusetts band’s last album coming four years ago. But much like its highly acclaimed predecessor, Going Out In Style doesn’t fail to disappoint, with the band maintaining the deafening passion that has gathered them such a following. Aiming to tell the life story of fictional Irish immigrant Cornelius Larkin, they blend traditional Irish folk music with a fiery punk style, ensuring every song on the album has a story to tell. From the unrestrained rowdiness of The Hardest Mile and Going Out In Style, it is plain to see that the Dropkick Murphys have yet to lose their touch when it comes to simply firing up an audience that just wants to party. Whereas songs like the emotion-filled Cruel shows that the band manages to create a chilled atmosphere, without compromising a sense of genuine meaning. It would seem good things come to those who wait, and after four years, this album will make you glad the Dropkick Murphys aren’t literally going out in style.

Dubstep duo Chase & Status have ensured the bass of our speakers will be given a thorough workout with their second album, No More Idols. The Londoners released their start-studded album on the January 31 and it has already proved an international hit. Featuring acts such as UK grime giants Tempa T in Hypest Hype, and Tinie Tempah in Hitz, ensures the album has some undeniable lyrical flair making the heavy beats take a back seat. At first glance, it would be reasonable to dismiss the album as just another hour of commercialised, mind-numbing electronic beats, but Chase & Status have revealed a different side of their music with the inclusion of some extremely chilled pieces. Songs such as Embrace, featuring White Lies, and Time with the up-andcoming singer, Delilah, gives the album a whole new dimension. Their relaxing tone gives you some dance music to chill to. The backdrop of other big names, such as Cee Lo Green, Plan B and Dizzee Rascal, shows the amount of effort that has gone into the album and signals a statement of intent from Chase & Status that they are the next big thing in the dubstep/drum & bass world.

Grammy award-nominated folk rock band Mumford & Sons have hit the ground running with their Brit Award winning album Sigh No More. Released in October 2009, the West London band’s debut album has taken the UK music scene by storm after receiving an unprecedentedly large number of positive critical reviews. The revival of the folk rock genre is most clearly noticeable in the unmistakable sound of Winston Marshall’s banjo alongside Marcus Mumford’s passion-inducing voice in their chart-topping single Little Lion Man and The Cave. Meanwhile, the relaxing tunes of Awake My Soul and Winter Winds show that Mumford & Sons have a song to suit all tastes. The band has also set a benchmark when it comes to inspiration and producing songs with both literary and social significance, as songs such as Sigh No More contain heavily derived overtones from Shakespeare, while Timshel and Dust Bowl Dance draw from the award-winning works of John Steinbeck. The overall style of having so many vocalists in a band alongside traditional folk instruments like the banjo, accordion and mandolin gives the whole album a very enjoyable, homely feel and looks sure to make Mumford & Sons stand out in a crowd of pop and rock.

the highly addictive multiplayer word game with a difference.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Available on the

App Store

Kalimat is the brainchild of Fares Fayad, a Lebanese entrepreneur based in Dubai. Kalimat is coded by Piranha Byte and is funded and published by AppsArabia.

Pac-Man Game or a Moral? by Dania Chatila

Many people take advantage of games like Pac-Man, but have you ever thought about the lessons you could learn from them? You might be thinking, “It’s a game! Why would we learn anything from it?!” We learn a lot of things from our teachers, the only question is, can we learn anything as valuable from Pac-Man?

Don’t let resources go to waste

“Why can’t Pac-Man just forget about all those pellets and just go onto the next level?” This is lesson number one: Pac-Man just can’t stand the thought of leaving the pellets to rot away, even with four frightening ghosts and a cobra commander chasing after him. He’d rather spend his time going through a maze than wasting pellets. This is something teens can relate to. For example, rather than leaving that last bit of crust left on your pizza, use your resources and finish it! Even though it puts poor Pac-Man in danger, it’s a noble thing to do. So don’t waste your resources or the ghosts will get you!

Think before you speak

Many have their own opinion as to why the ghosts are out to attack Pac-Man, however the fact is that Pac-Man must’ve done something to annoy or harm them. So lesson number two is: before doing anything that isn’t necessarily nice, THINK ABOUT IT! Basically it’s karma and Pac-Man deserved it, but luckily his gamers are with him throughout it all. So even if you’re not a gamer, why tempt fate? You might end up like Pac-man!

To succeed you need focus

In almost everything you do in life, focus is very important - even when playing Pac-Man. Many of you have learnt that the second you take your eye off the prize (in this case the pellets) you get reminded that it was a huge mistake. If you think about it, the chances of Pac-Man, the small yellow ball, winning are quite slim but with the right amount of focus, he’s sure to pass the level. The right balance is the key.

Everyone needs a break once in a while

Quick fact: Pac-Man was the first game to have character interactions in between levels. These were made for small breaks between levels after nonstop gaming. Now you may be thinking, “What does this have to do with me?” Without a break, stress levels and pressure would eventually build up in a gamer, causing them to lose. Everybody needs a break once in a while; it’s what keeps us humans from stressing out on each other. You must admit, they can be quite relieving, especially if you’ve been running away from ghosts for the past hour.

Take a risk and face your fears

You can say what you want about PacMan, but for a little yellow guy, he’s got guts. Not many people can say they faced their fears in a maze with a couple of snacks and won. That’s one of the great things about Pac-Man; he can face his fears even if it’s one against four. Pac-Man gives us hope that if we stay positive and believe in ourselves, we can all face our fears. The only thing is, the ghosts are only gone for a couple of seconds and then reappear on the next level stronger. But let’s not focus on the negative.

So, after all the lessons you’ve learnt from Pac-Man, it’s fair to say that the game can also be interpreted as a moral lesson. This means that not all important things come from the mouths of parents or teachers; even a small yellow ball can teach us something just as valuable. So think outside the box and even you can start learning things from games or cartoon characters.


Concert photos & writing by

Gareth warren

Armin Van Buuren Voted the world’s number one DJ in DJ Magazines top 100 DJs for four consecutive years, Armin Van Buuren brought his music to the UAE and performed in front of a packed crowd at the Flash Forum on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Guest DJ Jochen Miller had the crowds excited a long time before Armin got on the stage. The opportunity provided by the one8one to get up close and take the pictures was unbelievable. The crowd was absolutely amazing and Armin took time out of his performance to personally greet the eager fans that had camped out all night in the front row. Sponsored by Du Live and hosted by Think Flash, the event was a night to remember. This was not AVB’s first trip to the region, having previously performed in Dubai, but it definitely was a performance that should not have been missed.

Want to go to the next concert? Submit your work to and you may be chosen to receive media passes and represent us at an event or concert within the UAE. A professional camera will be provided to you and a friend to take photos at the event. All writing and photos become property of one8one and will be published in any medium.

Back to cool Whatever it takes Over 600 leaders in the worlds of fashion, film, television, music and sport have donated their original artwork and signed messages of hope for the future to join Whatever It Takes - a unique artwork campaign launched by 21st Century Leaders Foundation. Visit their website to learn more about the causes they support. Gabriela Barcia wears Shirt / H&M Sweater / Zara Shawl / Koton Watch / Whatever it takes Skirt / Forever21 Bag / Whatever It Takes Hair done by / Beauty Connection

Andy ramos Repton School

photo by location

Vincent Busselot wears T-shirt / New Look Jeans / Zara

Abeer Abeidoh wears Shirt / H&M Skirt and tie / Repton uniform Folders / Whatever it Takes Mukesh N. Chandwani wears Shirt / H&M Bag / Whatever it takes Pants / Forever21 Hair done by / Beauty Connection

Ricola Furtado wears Shirt / H&M Skirt / Koton Bag / Whatever it takes Sameer Abeidoh wears Jacket and tie / Repton uniform Shirt / Koton Pants / Forever21

Ricola Furtado wears Shirt / H&M Sweater / Forever21 Watch / Whatever it takes Folders / Whatever it Takes Skirt / Forever21 Hair done by / Beauty Connection

Want to be a model? We are looking for all shapes and sizes. If you know how to smile and want to try modelling email us your photo and tell us why you would like to be a model. Write to us at

Gabriella Barcia wears T-shirt / Whatever it takes Bag / Whatever it takes Hair done by / Beauty Connection


Girls by Elisar Sasso

Keep it simple

Braid it up

September is the time to show off that summer glow you have been working on for the past few months. We all look and feel fresh after summer, but now there are those early-morning alarms you dread everyday. Don’t panic; if you are worried about those dark circles under your eyes there is a magic wand to fix exactly that. Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent is well known worldwide to erase any dark circles with just a few strokes, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. Let’s be realistic here, school isn’t a fashion show. Nobody wants to have the same look they have at school when they are out all dressed up on the weekends. So ladies, remember, when it comes to make-up at school, less is definitely more.

There are plenty of quick practical hairstyles to experiment with every morning before school. Whether you feel like decorating your head with a colourful ribbon or just throwing it in a bun, there is a style to suit all. Most styles this season have a very effortless approach, such as the half-upbraided hair and the double hair knot. A stylish hairstyle in less than 10 minutes, so no more running around fixing your hair whilst eating your cereal.

Spice up your feet A bag of style The one accessory which you can never have too many of when it comes to school are bags. Any colour, any print, any shape - the possibilities are endless. Some may consider having a plain uniform as an advantage because that way any colour or style will match. This season is all about those big, structured day bags and crossover bags. Those delicate long chain straps embody that feminine look and they are perfect to squeeze in all of your books and still have the ability to look stylish.

Just because school is back doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to those fashionable items. If you are dreading the thought of wearing that dull uniform again then here’s the solution. Spice up your school days by spicing up your feet. School is the time to give your feet a rest after all of those summer sandals but that doesn’t mean that heels are out of the question. Just remember that you are walking around all day long so give your ankles a breather to get ready for the weekend.

Summer doesn’t end in September Let’s be honest here: we all wear them, even indoors. Sunglasses are a musthave, especially in a country like the UAE where it is always sunny. Whether you are chilling on your school field or just strolling through the basketball courts, protect your eyes in style. Ray-Ban is expanding their collection and it seems that the ‘Wayfarer’ is becoming more and more popular especially with all of the new colours.


Guys by Elisar Sasso

Murses are in!

Bizarre watches

For some reason guys tend to have such big schoolbags yet they always seem to be empty. Or in some cases, guys have that mindset that bags are too feminine. It’s not true! The world has murses and manbags in a wide variety of colors! You can still stick to the good old East Pack or Nike backpacks but there are alternatives. Go for a classic black or army colour, or, if you are really daring and fancy making a fashion statement at school, then go for a bold red or yellow.

No need to wait in anticipation for that school bell to ring anymore: dive into a new year at school in style with the latest watches. They say the watch you wear can say a lot about a person’s personality and there are some very interesting watches out there. Can you believe that there is such a thing as a holographic watch? There are even watches like Diesel’s ‘Multi Display’ which tells the time for five different cities, so you don’t have to reset your watch when travelling. Come on, the new generation is not that lazy!

It’s all about the shoes, guys! Time to get those leather shoes out, boys, because school is back. No more colourful converses or flip-flops everyday. You need to smarten up and get ready for a new year at school so the last thing you want is uncomfortable shoes. It’s your turn now to drag your friends around the shops, so have a look in places like Clarks or Zara for that extra soft leather and stylish shine.

My true best friend It’s true when they say that music can be your best friend. We all need some space and timeout from the world once in a while and that is when our iPods become our other half. Whatever colour you like, there is a headphone to suit your style. Whether you like skulls or flames, there is a perfect match out there for you. But remember: try not to superglue those headphones to your ears…especially during classes!

It’s sun time! You should feel lucky living in such a sunny country because that means you can wear sunglasses all year round. Go for a pair of classic Oakley’s, or if you really want to stand out in the fashion crowd, splash out and go for brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.


Bookshelf by Dina Hassan

THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Mysteriously sent flowers, awkward tattooed girls, private estates, computer hacking, skinny old men - all suitable ingredients for a great mystery,and all of them having a place in Stieg Larsson’s novel. A long book with at times tedious details, but they are details pertinent to the plot. The story is set in modern day Sweden, and is completely plausible - one of those stories that you could imagine actually happening, rather than a story that would come out of a blockbuster movie at the cinemas. The novel follows the story of a journalist who is framed by a large financial company and sent to jail. Upon his release, he is acquisitioned by an extremely wealthy man to find about his relative’s mysterious disappearance. An incredible and captivating story that you won’t be able to put down.

DRUMS, GIRLS AND DANGEROUS PIE Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie is a fictitious novel told in the sarcasmlaced voice of the main character, Steven. Steven is a typical 13 year old who has a crush on a cheerleader and has to deal with his family whom he feels are a constant nuisance. The novel circles around Steven and his reaction to his little brother Jeffy’s diagnosis of leukaemia and how others react as well. A breath of fresh air from the over-used plot line in novels associated with cancer patients, this book brings honesty and purity into the picture of the emotions of a young boy and his dealings with life.

CIRQUE DU FREAK: A LIVING NIGHTMARE Unlike the movie, this book allows the imagination to run free, making everything seem more thrilling than it actually is written on the page. The story revolves around a young boy Darren (yes the author used his own name), who becomes a vampire’s assistant in order to save his best friend Steve’s life. The cause of this is Darren’s unusual obsession with spiders, so when the Cirque du Freak arrives in the boys’ town with a large spider, Madam Octa, belonging to the vampire Mr Crepsley, Darren is fascinated and steals the spider that ends up paralysing Steve. A twisted tale about two boys and the lengths to which friendship can be strained, this fantasy novel provides a great opportunity to delve into the world of fiction away from reality. Read a book lately? Want to share it with us? Tell us about at


A Cup Cake Experience

SO YUM WE CAN’T BREATHE …. The one8one team, along with professional taster Kawthar Al Shamsi, sat down to a table full of cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery, Kitsch Cupcakes and Sugar Daddy’s to determine which store had the best cupcakes according to certain criteria.

Aim To determine the most appealing cupcake store in the UAE. Hypothesis We believe that it will be difficult to stuff our faces with all the cupcakes and will be hard to determine which is the best because all will be exceptionally good. Materials Our taste buds Empty stomachs Water Our fingers and assorted cutlery Method Each subject was given the same flavour of cupcake from each store and assessed it according to the criteria set out. Each person was then blindfolded and asked to taste each cupcake and rate the most appealing to the least, without knowing where each one was from. Results were recorded. Everyone binged on the leftovers. Data Processing and Analysis The team’s favourites were: Magnolia’s Banana, Sugar Daddy’s Red Velvet and Kitsch’s Triple Chocolate. Conclusion:


Sugar Daddy’s takes the gold, but that does not mean that the other cupcake stores were lagging far behind. All were exceptionally good cupcakes - so incredibly delicious that everyone needed a nap after they tasted them. Further research is required and the one8one team is therefore asking its readers to help with this questget on our 181youth Facebook page to help us decide by voting for your favourite cupcake store. Evaluation Subjects should have drunk more water throughout the whole process as well as not had anything else to eat because bellies were about to explode after eating so many cupcakes.

Khalifa Al Romaithi “ I felt like I could do it, this is what I like to do and this is what I can do.�

photo by

Andy ramos

37 8

photo provided by twofour54

When and why did you start performing? Actually I‘ve always wanted to be a musician and perform. I started it off as a hobby and did it just for fun. I’ve wanted to rap since 2005, but started it in the beginning of 2008. This is what I like to do and this is what I can do and have been getting a lot of positive responses from people. So I asked myself: why don’t I take being a musician as a career? Do you have someone in particular that you link your inspiration to? Tupac would be my inspiration as a rapper.

Khalifa Al Romaithi has chosen to look towards all the perks that his home has given him by becoming a unique and positive representation of his culture. Khalifa or ‘Kmulti’ (Khalifa’s stage name), is a local Emirati rapper based out of Abu Dhabi who has released two singles: “Ana Emarati” (I Am Emarati) and a collaboration with another budding artist, Manal Al Ahli, called “The World”. Having performed solo as well as opening for Snoop Dogg, Khalifa is a new artist stepping up to the plate to show everyone how respect for one’s culture is very important. Moving up in the world of music, Khalifa gives his opinion on the world we are living in through his music, and gives one8one a first-hand rendition of his opinion outside of his lyrics. He is truly an Emarati - represent.

Scan this tag to watch his videos on youtube

What was the first rap you learned? I began by listening to pop and R&B, mostly Sisqo. Rap started off when I was 15 or 16 and I used to listen to Puff Daddy, or P Diddy as he’s called today. Later on, I found Tupac and I liked his style. At first, I didn’t understand what he was saying or what the point of what he was saying was, but then I came to understand that he was rapping about life and how it keeps throwing things at you and how you learn from life itself. People enjoy listening to Tupac because he raps about those kinds of things, even though it’s not good to mention it using very bad language or in a very violent way, but you get to understand it. When I understood it, I liked it and he really inspired me.

How did you get the name ‘Kmulti’ from Khalifa? Eight years ago, they called me Coolio; they told me I looked like him. I gave up the name Coolio because it wasn’t my own name - it was another rapper’s name - and I had to find my own. So I used ‘K’ because it’s the first letter of my name from ‘Khalifa’. The M in ‘Multi’ stands for my second name, Mohammad, which is also my dad’s name. ‘Multi’ because it’s multilingual; I rap in English, I rap in Arabic, I sing in English and Arabic.

Do your family support you and your talent? Well at first they did - kind of. But now they fully support me.

“just imagine that you were dreaming about something you really wanted to achieve and one day it just came to you”

What are your fondest musical memories so far? Other than opening for Snoop Dogg in Abu Dhabi, one of my favourite experiences performing would be at my brother’s wedding; it was a happy day when I performed.

Do you listen to other local rappers here in the UAE? I used to listen to the underground rappers through other people, but after hearing them I realised that it’s not the type of music for me, so I stopped listening to them. I listen to Desert Heat, they’re doing their own thing very well, in a very respectful way, and they also keep in mind their own culture and their own traditions. I also really like that they don’t disrespect culture, and this is something I respect a lot. I hope that Desert Heat will achieve something big, somewhere, one day. Other rappers like The Recipe are a very talented group. I met with them at Snoop Dogg’s performance and they were really beautiful people.


As a new performer, how do you feel you perform in public? It’s not really the first time I’ve performed in public. I’ve performed many times before but this is the first time I’ve performed in front of a huge group of people. It felt great, because I never get nervous while performing in front of a big crowd - it’s exactly the opposite direction in terms of the way I feel. I feel very excited and don’t want to get off the stage. At Snoop Dogg’s concert they gave me 10 minutes and I was like “What?! Only 10 minutes? … Ok.”


photo provided by twofour54

How does your writing process work? Mostly it all depends on my feelings. Other than that it depends on the beat itself and on the instruments. If the music is slow and very romantic, I can write a love song on that, or sometimes not even a love song - it could be a love song blaming the person, like why are you doing this to me? Sometimes I can talk about that horrible feeling that you get, when you say, “Why am I feeling this way?” It’s not because people make you feel that way, but rather because it’s the way you’re feeling. Also in times of crisis, like what’s happened in Tunisia and the other countries, I can write about that easily. Right now I feel that it’s not the right time for me to write and timing is really important to me. Like the Ana Emarati song, it had perfect timing. It wasn’t started by me because I’m not the one who had the idea to record it. I wrote the song a long time ago, over one-and-a-

half years ago. Then twofour54 came up to me and gave me the opportunity to record and the National Day was near, so we made the song. That’s the day that I first believed in timing. Timing’s the most important thing, and the writing depends on the way I feel, the way I see how events are going on, the way I remember the things that I’ve been through. I would like to share this experience with other people. How do you balance your music with other obligations, such as your studies? I give each thing its own time. I started my career and got involved in music while I was in my last year in college. I had difficulties coming back to my studies; I was a bit lazy and I didn’t catch up with my studies very well, because I had been concentrating on the music. Just imagine that you were dreaming about something

photo provided by twofour54

you really wanted to achieve and one day it just came to you and you’re at a point where you really need to finish your college studies but you can’t finish because your dream has come true. I tried to decide between the dream or studies, but I wanted to choose my dream. Alhamdulliah, my family and my friends supported me and pushed me to finish my last semester and focus on finishing college. I finally focused and finished my studies, and now I’m going to do my music.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? My father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. You recently recorded and performed your new single, ‘The World’. How was that experience different than ‘Ana Emarati’. Ana Emarati was an appreciation song in a fun way. The World’s purpose was to educate people, and make them aware of what’s going on and how we are destroying

our world. But nobody’s feeling this because everybody’s living in their own fantasy world, they don’t see the world as it is. You don’t know why the temperature is rising each and every year? Don’t know why we are lacking water? The song helped me help people understand and share this knowledge with them. At this point right now, who would be the artist you would want to collaborate with the most? Eminem because he is unbelievable. What are your plans for the near future? Do you have anything new coming up? Yes, I will have maybe two videos by November and a lot of singles. Probably an album as well by the beginning of next year. What advice would you give a budding artist who wanted be like you? Be yourself. To a local person, when I say be yourself, I mean you have to respect your traditions, respect your culture and don’t take from other people, because of what you see on TV from the Western world. They have their own gangster thug thing, which we don’t have here. We have something different; we have a Bedouin thing or something similar. So don’t try to be a gangster, don’t try to be a thug. If you want to be something at least be yourself, then you can proceed with respect, because if you respect yourself, people will respect you. That’s the most important thing, that’s what our culture teaches us. by Dina Hassan

photo provided by twofour54


Gizmos & Gadgets by

Anton Rodinov

It’s been a fantastic summer: product launches, corporate acquisitions, disappointments and more. I am not gonna cover them all, but will pinpoint some juicy stuff.

BLACKBERRY 9900 First and foremost, The Bold has just gotten bolder! Yep, RIM (Research In Motion) has finally blessed/cursed us with it’s new flagship Blackberry 9900. It’s got all the muscle you think you’d need in 2011, but has it got the brain? First, hardware: it is by far the best-built Blackberry to date - it is thin (10.5 mm), packs 1.2-GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM, a touchscreen as well as the ability to shoot 720p HD video through it’s 5 MP camera. On the software side we got a problem. You see, Blackberry OS 7 is pretty much the bloatware of all bloatwares there is - yes RIM claims that the new “Liquid Graphics” will make the phone smooth and snappy , however is it all we need in our day and age - in the age of dual-core, Android, monster-super-phones that can do your homework and the simple, extremely polished iDevices that will book your date for dinner while you sleep? The fact that BBM is the only thing RIM has got their die-hard fans hanging on for should ring all the bells and whistles. However, what many don’t know is that RIM knows BB OS is done; more importantly, it is preparing to release a range of new devices that run QNX ( powering BB Playbook) right about 2012. This phone is the swansong for Blackberry OS, but does it matter any more? By all means, this phone should have been released last year - with the meat and the OS it packs, it would be THE competitor to all the BIG releases of 2010. This year should be the year of QNX for RIM! So coming to the conclusion, the handset is for hardcore RIM fans, however for the platform switchers and those who just wanna try the BB, I say Hang on for QNX, it’s not that far away! After all, who likes to bite their own elbows?



Next , I want to discuss what Microsoft has been cooking - they call it Windows 8. This is the most radical change Microsoft has brought to their Windows platform since the 90s. If you’ve seen Windows Phone 7, you then have seen the new Windows 8. The user interface relies heavily on tiles, and seems to be perfectly optimised for the touch input devices, but don’t you worry, MS made sure to stress that the system will work seamlessly on tablets as well as desktops. You might wonder about the legacy apps and how they’ll look... Well, let me tell you , they won’t change much. And that is where it gets a bit ugly. Windows 8 utilises the new tile-like design as it’s core; however if you fancy some Excel or Word, you will end up with the screen switching to what a normal Windows 7 would look like. Both UIs are so different that they just don’t match. But let’s leave that to the folks at Redmond to worry about; in the meantime, enjoy the picture.

Moving on, let me introduce you to Googarola! It is a newborn and it’s fresh outta the oven. Google has made a decision to acquire Motorola Mobility for, wait for it, $12.5 bn! In the midst of all the patent wars involving Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC, Google decided to grab good ol’ Moto along with it’s portfolio of 17,000 patents. Now that’s some artillery! The question is , what is going to happen to Google Android manufacturing partners HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG? Only time will tell, but I bet Nokia is having a jolly laugh at this one.

MAC OSX LION Last but not least, have you heard the beast roar, or was it barely a “meow”? Mac OSX Lion has finally hit the downloads and here is what I got to say. I got mine on the second day after the release and after using it for over a month now, it is clear the OS was made for a trackpad. If you want to experience Lion at its prime, you gotta ditch that mouse of yours and use your fingers. Apple has heavily invested into their multitouch technology and Lion shows it like no other. Among the multitude of gestures and tweaks, there is probably only one that will drive you up the wall, if you don’t like change - natural scrolling , or as I call it, scrolling in reverse. It makes sense on the iDevices , because you are TOUCHING the screen, however on a Mac we normally use trackpads/mice/a cursor, and that’s where it gets confusing because everything is the other way round. Thankfully for many, this option can be turned off, however I gotta say it took me a couple of days to get used to it, and now it is, to me, as natural as it claims to be. That aside, the OS is beautiful: Mission Control is like Expose, but better; the full-screen apps are cool, however my favourite is the new Mail app - it is beautiful, functional and supercool (you can preview the weblinks without leaving the app). All in all it’s worth to upgrade, but be ready for some bumps along the way. Then again, the Lion is the most temperamental of cats, that is until you get to know it. Oh and one more thing, are you on Google+ yet? It’s out and about, so go ahead and try it. Just remember to do it properly this time, I hope you’ve learned from Facebook.


Win! have got loads of premiere tickets to all sorts of movies, so log on to their website, enter and win.


After the negative reaction that the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes received, the series is being rebooted. This time, it starts right at the top, showing us how the apes revolted against their erstwhile human masters. From the film’s reviews, it looks like it will be one of the year’s best films


Cast: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving

Cast: Jason Momoa, Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang

When Steve Rogers is refused into the US Army in World War II, he joins Project Rebirth, a government programme which transforms him into a super soldier - Captain America. While the notion of Captain America does sound quite dated, the character is still thriving within comic books, and with good reviews for this film, and could just as well find success in film form.

When his father is murdered and his entire village is destroyed by an evil warlord, Conan ventures on, travelling across the continent looking for the warlord responsible for the destruction of his village. Despite how much we all love Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role, the character, created by writer Robert E Howard, deserves a more faithful adaptation. Let’s hope that this film will be it.

SMURFS IN 3D RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, APES Jayma Mays, Kat Perry Cast: James Franco, Frieda Pinto, Andy Serkis


The little blue creatures from our childhood memories return in a film that should be suitable for young and old alike. The Smurfs leave their village and stumble into the real world, where they make friends with a New York couple. Unfortunately for them, they find out that Gargamel is in the real world too, and is coming after them.



Cast: Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilder

Cast: Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, Emma Stone

Set in the American Old West, an Alien Spaceship attacks the town of Absolution, and the key to defeating the Aliens may lie with the mysterious stranger who came into their town recently. We could always use a summer blockbuster directed by Jon Favreau, director of the Iron Man films, and the strong cast makes things look a lot brighter.

Featuring a series of intertwining love stories dealing with love, marriage, divorce and young love, this film follows in the footsteps of romantic comedies like Valentines Day and Love Actually. What this film may lack in originality makes up for in its strong cast and sweet, stylish approach.


TV Shows by

Heinrich Taute / Elisar Sasso

HOUSE M.D Everyone’s favourite vicodin addict isn’t going anywhere. House M.D. was officially renewed for its 8th season but strangely with the absence of Dr Lisa Cuddy. Lisa Edelstein has indeed resigned from the part of Cuddy, which leaves viewers with the serious question, “Who is going to take care of House?” For those who follow the show intently, the previous season ended in an interesting cliffhanger that left a tropical island one vicodin addict richer. We are going to have to wait and be patient because there isn’t even a clear release date for the new season. It better get here fast though because everyone is dying to know how House is going to return to work and exactly what is going to happen to the now damaged home of Cuddy.

GOSSIP GIRL MERLIN The great sorcerer Merlin had to start somewhere, right? Shine Television has offered viewers with a brilliant, simple and comedic answer. The childhood/teenage story of how Merlin came into his powers as a teen has become a hit worldwide. The uncanny relationship between him and Arthur provides endless amounts of good humour, while the original legend provides viewers with intense anticipation. Although the show did not end in a cliffhanger, it left its viewers in dire anticipation of the next season. There were minor delays in rolling Merlin’s fourth season off the production belts but it is currently set to air in late fall. Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin, has confirmed that the fourth series will not be 10 episodes but the usual standard 13. Hopefully everything will be well in Camelot when we return.

Your favourite Upper East Siders are back and let’s just say season five has a lot of sly games in store. New York’s queen bee, Blair Waldorf, experiences some obstacles when planning her dream royal wedding, but of course, Miss Waldorf always ends up getting what she wants. A familiar face returns and let’s just say she possesses a sneaky vengeance towards the Van Der Woodsen family. Will Chuck Bass really let his beloved Blair go? Who will be the new lucky lady in Nate Archibald’s life? Find out all of the juicy gossip this autumn but for now you will just have to wait.



We all miss the gorgeous Salvatore brothers but don’t fear because they are back and are hotter than ever. The love triangle between Damon, Elena and Stefan gets even tougher, especially now that Damon and Stefan have swapped roles. We are all dying to find out more about the indestructible Klaus and what exactly he intends to do with poor Stefan. Season three is full of the usual vampires and werewolves, but keep a special eye out for the ghosts of Jeremy’s past. There will be several full moons this September, and the supernatural are ready to come out and play.

A suave, sneaky and extremely resourceful art thief and professional con-man who now works for the FBI? Eyebrows were definitely raised when this show was announced but its humour and everchanging plot have kept viewers coming back for more. White Collar has been confirmed for a third season and began airing in June. Matt Bomer, who plays the notorious thief Neal Caffrey, has proven himself to be a very successful actor. With girls around the world simultaneously holding their breath every time he takes off his shirt, his looks haven’t harmed his success at all. For those die-hard fans, you are reminded that at the cliffhanger of season two, we saw Neil’s accomplice successfully steal millions of dollars worth of Nazi art, gold and jewels; the twist being of course that Neil had no idea.

THE MENTALIST Everyone’s favourite childish murder detective is coming back for a fourth season as CBS confirms it is indeed renewing The Mentalist. Patrick Jane returns with Teresa Lisbon and the show will definitely be taking several turns now the infamous case of “Red John” has seemingly been closed. The show has only been running for three seasons and has already beaten out extremely popular shows like House and Criminal Minds for several awards. From installing fake security footage to stealing a priceless carpet for fun, it’s easy to see why he’s loved. Let’s all hope that Patrick will stay on with the CBI to continue another beautiful season of tricks, traps and clever manipulation to catch a killer.

Abeer Abeidoh The Artist

45 8

Passion, creativity and ingenuity are being uncovered at younger ages all the time in today’s world. These three words are perfect descriptions for Abeer Nasser Abeidoh, a young artist with skill and charisma that completely contradict her physical size. Pieces of art that are worthy of being hung up anywhere, this 16 year old has had her artwork displayed in several competitions and continuously seems to impress those who view her work. “As a kid, I had a really wild imagination, well…all kids do, but I never tried to put boundaries on it. Now try mixing that with moral idealism; it’s a weird combination to inspire someone, but it works for me!” When asked about the origin of her talent, Abeer answered: “I was drawing before I could even write. It started with me when I gave my mother my first scribble and saw her happy face expression, so I kept on drawing and giving her any outcome of my work, until now - my first piece was a drawing of my mother pushing me on a swing; we were both illustrated as [stick men].” Never having had a teacher or lessons before, her education in the field was purely based off of what she saw from her surroundings and the energy she put into drawing what she saw. The young artist describes it as a “monkey see, monkey do” dynamic. According to her, she is that monkey: “My own imagination got in the way and then my work just flowed with it, letting me have my own kind of way of painting.”

Depending on the canvas and what kind of colours she uses - though oil takes the longest - Abeer finishes her average piece within a day, but her speed does not take away from the purpose of her art. On the subject of whether or not she has a general message behind her artwork, she exclaims, “I don’t always have a message; sometimes it’s to express myself through the painting, and the viewer’s opinion. There doesn’t have to be a certain message to stick to; their own point of view can work too. At other times, just like we like a song or a piece of music and we just feel like singing or playing it, I feel the need to draw an image that I personally think is beautiful, like right now I’m working on a sketch of a pond and swans.”

water colours and oil. “I even used to burn tooth picks when I was young to give my drawings that charcoal effect. Any material is good enough.” She uses mediums other than paint - her favourite tool is the pencil other than coal for sketching, pastel colors and several programs she uses on her PC. The usual subjects portrayed within her paintings are any signs of life: plants, trees, flowers, anything that concerns music, faces of salvation, being set free, anything abstract and a mixture of designs. Abeer observes other art forms as well: “My favourites are abstract and vector. I think that everyone should have his or her own technique. All vector art is somehow alike, so yes, it does directly influence some of my work.”

Versatility is not often a common trait among artists, but this young artist uses anything to create her art. From acrylic to

An inspiration to young people, Abeer is a spokesperson for how imagination is a tool to be cultivated and used to create beauty.


Hana Hassanbek

47 8

Dina Hassan

Kendo meaning “Way of The Sword” Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sport-like physical elements. After the Second World War, Kendo was banned by the American forces as they wanted to encourage Buddhism, so Japanese people practiced in secret in their back gardens and kept it alive until it was made legal again in the 1960s.

OUR EXPERIENCE We arrived at Emirates International School expecting the unexpected; not knowing what was lying ahead of us but ready to meet it head on. At 4pm, all five of us beginners watched the professionals do their warm ups and we all thought the same: what have we got ourselves into? Gradually during the session, the pace and intensity of the training increased. Sweat, aches and pains were all present within the first 20 minutes of a two hour session. At the beginning, it didn’t look physically hard or mentally challenging, however by the end it was both. This sport tests your endurance, mental willpower and yourself as a person; it was a unique and different experience that is available to anyone willing to try something new.

The experience was definitely different and entertaining. It was an opportunity to experience the sword fighting that you see in all those old-school Japanese movies. Aside from breaking my sword, the strength, concentration and dedication needed to pursue Kendo is great, but also a lot of fun.

Hana Hassanbek Kendo is a different and fun activity to participate in and offers something for everyone. Japanese sword fighting is about inner self as well as physical activity, which is what made it such a unique experience. It is unique because it depends on how hard you push yourself and you don’t need to be fit or have lots of spare cash. But it does require one thing: determination. Over time, you can perform Kendo to a high level. It is also considered to be the safest type of martial arts and appeals to many individuals. We all had an amazing time and enjoyed every second of it.


Alice Ashwell Japanese sword fighting was a completely different activity to take part in. It was interesting to see the professionals do Kendo as we could learn from them, and we were taught that Kendo involved three things: your mind, your voice and the sword. We learnt that Kendo was great way to get fit and - at first we didn’t believe this as it looked so simple. But the intricate technique and power needed made us sweat in the first five minutes and that was only basic moves!

Jack Iredale It was a fun and unique experience; we all had a great time and learnt lots of new things. Watching professional kendo taking place was the highlight of the session for me as it showed the skill that they possessed. Also, it’s really affordable - being just Dh30 for children and Dh50 for adults makes it all that more enjoyable.


Felix Freitag The difficulty and entertainment of attempting to become Japanese sword fighters is something to be in awe of. Along with getting to try a foreign art and having a little workout, we also meditated and learnt about a foreign culture, and respect is important. Know of a cool sport you’d like to try out? Let us know what it is at

Scan this tag to join Kendo Dubai facebook group. Contact Ian Dawson at 050 264 8683


Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

It’s against the law to fly over the Antarctic because penguins will fall on their backs when looking at a plane flying over them.

Winston Churchill was born in a women’s toilet.

The Yo-Yo originated as a weapon in the Philippine Islands during the sixteenth century.

The longest word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicros copicsilicovolcanokoniosis.

If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

Hippopotamus milk is pink.

Cats can hear ultrasound. Elephants can’t jump.

Coca-Cola was originally green.


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for ‘Live Dolphin and Seal’ show.

Question: Do dolphins sleep? Send your answers to or post them on Dubai Dolphinarium’s Facebook page Dolphinarium The winner will be notified by an e-mail and will be also posted on Facebook.

Winners of Wild Wadi Competition The winners of the funniest splash face -Wild Wadi competition are

Gabriela and Sancho Barcia

Prize: 2 passes (4 tickets each) to Wild Wadi Water Park. It pays off to splash your little sister and her friends. Have fun at Wild Wadi!

Photography The winner of this month’s photography contest is Aaron D’cruz

Everyone knows the connection boys have with their toys. After more than a year since I had last taken my bike out, I cleaned her up and got some maintenance work done at the nearby bike store. Although I had to wear that fluorescent orange jacket and helmet (because of the new laws), it didn’t hinder the feeling that I had not had in a while. I was out for a couple of hours, exploring the neighbourhood I had just moved into a few months earlier. When I got back home, I thought to myself that I owed her something after a year of neglect (I could say that I blame it on my AS Levels, but who am I kidding?). I thought to myself that I needed to give her some new lights. And so I did… Literally! I used Light Art to express what I had in mind. Simply a DSLR camera mounted on a tripod, with the camera set to shutter priority mode for 30 seconds. I played around with a LED flash light for a while and finally got a result that I didn’t even expect. It looked Great! I’m sure by now she’s forgiven me. She’s been treating me well after that, that’s for sure. This is a great example of how a simple technique and object can be exploited to make a really beautiful piece of art. Ideas, perspective and action. That’s all it takes! Art is simple. As simple as a bike with some extra lights.

Aaron D’cruz

Hi Bambi / Dina Hassan

Sheikh Zayed Mosque / Mareena Khawar

Moustafa Gabriel

Kevin Sebastian Send us your best art and photos and we’ll share them with the world. Please make sure they are high resolution. Send them to

Letters to a Coach

Get advice from our life coach Maria Chatila. Write to her at All writing will remain anonymous. Maria Chatila holds a Bachelor of Arts with a dual Major in Child Studies and Sociology from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Sunderland University in the

United Kingdom and is a certified and credentialed life coach, holding a diploma in Management Coaching & Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership & Management in the UK. Maria Chatila is dedicated to creating powerful individuals, teams and relationships by inspiring them to achieve their full potential. She is passionate about motivating individuals of any age group by her ability to create a safe and empowering space for coaching.

Overanalyzing degrees? Wow, I can feel the weight of this decision process on you. What you have described to me is a concern that students across the globe share with you. The future is a scary place for most people but especially for students like yourself. My advice for you is to breathe and take 10 steps backwards.

Q. It is so hard to choose a degree at

university. How would we know what we want to do after three or four years? What if I enrol at a certain university and study a certain programme now and end up disliking the university or the programme after a year or so? How do we choose what we’re passionate about because at this stage in life everything seems the same. I have tried online tests and career advice web sites but they don’t seem to work. Please let me know what to do or if I am over analysing things?

First, as with any decision you will ever have to make in your life, all you can do is trust that you are making the best decision you can with the information and knowledge that you have. Therefore, I suggest that before you enrol at any university, do some research. The internet is a magnificent resource. Use it to learn as much as you can about the university. Try to connect with students who attend there presently and others who have graduated already. Ask them about the quality of education as well as their quality of life as a student. Do/did they feel supported by the university? What are/were the strengths and the challenges for them as students. Remember, ask them pertinent questions that will help you resolve your dilemma. This process will help you to clarify if the institution is one that serves your educational purpose. I strongly suggest that you sit down with a career coach before you apply to university. The coach will take you through different exercises that will help you discover what your strengths are. Following on from this, you will then be able to go through the career lists and find one that both supports your strengths and that lights your enthusiasm. Another recommendation is that you then connect with people in the career that you are interested in. Find a mentor who can help you along this path of discovery. Your mentor will be someone who has achieved what you are hoping to achieve and they can help guide you by using their own experiences. There is a wealth of information out there. Remember, life is a process and this is part of the journey. Have fun and remember to wear your seat belt because the road ahead is thrilling, fast and bumpy at times!

Where do I go? What do I do? Q. Why should my parents get to choose

where I study, its my education, not theirs. My parents want me to study in the UK but I feel like i’d fit in better in the US. How do I get them to understand that something different is not necessarily a bad thing? They think I’m being difficult and spoiled, but I know I want, and I’m willing to work hard for it. How do i reason with them in a mature way?

I want to start by thanking you for sharing this with us. I am sure your letter is a concern among many of the readers. I recommend that you and your parents sit down and agree to be both attentive and curious about each other’s views. I also suggest that you both have the opportunity to share your views on the country to study. Listening to each other without judgement is very important. This exercise is great for learning more about the other person’s point of view. As for your question about reasoning in a mature way, I suggest that you remember to monitor your tone of voice, try to be open to their views and try to walk in their shoes. Ask your parents pertinent questions like, “What are your worries about me studying in the US?” or, “What do you hope for me if I study in the UK?”

Bored Yes, it can be challenging to be in a circle of friends and feel unheard. However, rather than waiting to snap, try to sit your friends down and let them know how you feel. It is important to appreciate the fun places that you all hang out at but also request that the group try doing new activities like paintballing. Remember, you all get to have a voice in this friendship and if you still feel that they are not flexible, then perhaps you can join another group of friends who participate in the activities that you enjoy while still having a friendship with your circle of friends too. Putting that to the side, I recommend that you do some inner work with yourself too. Have a really long think about what it is that is frustrating you. Although you may overcome this challenge with your friends, the real challenge lies within you. The feeling of wanting to snap is a signal that you are at your limit and asking for help with this tells me that you are not comfortable feeling this way. Doing this inner work will serve you in leaps and bounds!

Q. Every weekend, my group of friends

end up going to the same places and doing the same things. They never take my suggestions of doing something new, such as paint balling. I’m getting bored of this and really frustrated. One of these days, I am going to snap! Is there a way I can get them to be more flexible?

Flintstones are extinct Most parents are nostalgic about the way things were for them when they were growing up. Believe it or not, you may be uttering those same words to your children one day. I suggest that you sit down with your parents and share what you are expressing to me with them. Ask them about their youth and offer them nonjudgemental comparisons to how things are for young people today. Try to listen with the intent to get more curious rather than for the intent of proving your rightness. I also suggest that you create a partnership with your parents. Invite them to co-create some new rules with you that fit your lifestyles and that feels right for your household. I caution you to remember not to bring blame and defensiveness in your time creating the partnership because doing so will stop your ability to agree on the rules together.

Q. My parents still hold me to the rules

that were imposed on them when they were growing up. It’s not that they’re strict; they just don’t try to adapt to this day and age. For example, “when I was your age, I didn’t stay indoors. I played sports, not hang out at malls.”

Smokin’ Friends What a wonderful letter to read. What you have written is expressed by many people of many age groups so know that your query is very normal. I believe that friends come into our lives for a reason. Perhaps the reason for you is to learn more about yourself. I recommend that you be transparent with your friends about how you feel like you stand out when they smoke shisha. You may be surprised: they may just not be noticing. Most times, we are so focused on ourselves and we assume that everyone else is too. As for your concern about not having other friends and staying home by yourself: what does that mean for you? What is at the root of being alone that is unattractive to you? Take some time to reflect over these suggestions. Being a young adolescent is challenging sometimes because you are still discovering many new facets of your personality. Rest assured, this is part of the process of “who you will become”. I would love to hear more about your journey. Please write back to tell me about your new awareness.

Q. My friends have recently started going

out to shisha cafes and smoking shisha. I really can’t stand it and don’t smoke myself. I’m quite a reserved person; I don’t socialise a lot and don’t have other friends, so if I don’t hang out with them there is nothing else left to do other than stay at home by myself. What do I do? Should I give up meeting them? I have tried talking to them about the dangers of smoking shisha and it didn’t work. Would you have any ideas that would make my life easier?

po is cou n and g et

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t th Cu

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tudent discoun t

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Energy Drinks by Stephanie Karl

ENERGY VS. HEALTH with other ergogenic aids, studies suggest that taurine supplementation may improve athletic performance boosting its appeal in many energy drinks. Other claims suggest that taurine and caffeine act together to improve athletic and mental performance, although this is anecdotal rather than scientific. Up to 3,000 milligrams of supplemental taurine a day is considered safe and excess amounts are simply excreted by the kidneys. The truth is that we don’t really know what kind of effects these ingredients can have due to little research available. However high amounts of caffeine or sugar are known to be harmful.

Caffeine stoked and sugar loaded, energy drinks are a booming market. They are not only popular with young people but they have their own web pages, bloggers and spawn urban legends. Kids have grown up watching their parents quietly sip exotic drinks and now they have their own brands, wildly trendy and legal with a buzz. The competition between the hundreds of brands is fierce as companies “ratchet up” their image with taboo names and ingredients little known. Nutritionists warn that drinks high in caffeine and sugar hook kids on an unhealthy jolt and crash cycle. The caffeine comes from a range of sources, supplemented with vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts. Caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone and guarana are all labelled but don’t deliver any facts. Caffeine and taurine are not similar substances. Caffeine is a stimulant, and taurine is an amino acid, a building block of proteins. Taurine supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood, as well as possibly having antioxidant properties. It is found naturally in meat, fish and breast milk, and can be taken as a dietary supplement although in a varied protein diet, it is generally not deficient. Along

The drinks on their own consumed in large quantities have been blamed for an increase in numbers of people visiting emergency clinics with caffeine poisoning, and in Ireland and Sweden a small number of deaths may have occurred after people consumed four cans. The Swedish government studied energy drinks and recommended that they not be used to quench thirst or replenish fluid after exercising. One marketing consultant responded to these results by claiming that danger only adds to the appeal.

Caffeine could be classified as a drug as it is addictive and mind altering. There is little doubt that it is an effective “ergogenic aid” (enhances physical performance) and an aid to cognitive performance as it stimulates cardiac output and the central nervous system. Due to this, the International Olympic Committee has banned its use above a certain level (as detected in the athlete’s urine). Guarana is usually present in these drinks as the main source of caffeine but it does not specify its contribution. Caffeine is there as a “stimulant”, that is, to give a stimulus to both physical and cognitive (i.e. mental) performance. But a stimulant can be a “double-edged sword”. Excessive stimulation due to caffeine can have a detrimental effect not only on physical performance, but also on aspects of metabolism that influence health (such as blood pressure and heart rate). Although served in cans two-thirds the size of a regular soda, they contain two to four times the amount of caffeine as CocaCola. Some energy drinks have moved to bigger cans and others have raised the caffeine content to gain a competitive edge. But the biggest worry is how these drinks are being used and in what quantities. They do come with a warning as not recommended for children under 12 years and during pregnancy.

As with any food, the message is moderation and don’t make a can part of your daily routine but view it as a treat. To ensure peak performance, don’t depend on energy drinks and supplements. Instead, focus on a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, include physical activity in your daily routine and get enough sleep.

Astro September 2011


(21 March – 19 April) Health and work. Those are your focus point this month. Saturn, your career planet has arrived and is not going, anywhere for the next four months so take those risks and aim for the jackpot. At the same time though, relax, there’s no need for the anxiousness you’re feeling. Hang with your friends and even make new ones! Not only will this help with your health but your work as well so just go with the flow of things. This month is looking pretty good.





(20 April – 20 May) The timing this month couldn’t be more beautiful. Right after summer your planets are basically yelling, “Go have fun!” So let loose and enjoy your life because soon enough the work will start to weigh in. Socially there will definitely be a few challenges, so you need the good graces of others and will need to rely on your likability rather than your personal merit. In essence, make sure you’re especially nice to people: it’ll get you places.

(21 May – 20 June) You are going to meet new people but won’t be sure of their intentions and how you fit in their lives just yet. But this is a period of recreation, leisure and fun. Enjoy life so you’ll be taking risks and enjoying yourself. As for your relationship with those people whose intentions are unclear, let it develop naturally; it will be slow but successful. Be yourself and all will be well.

(21 June – 22 July) Dynamic - That is what you are. Personal charisma, independence and energy are all a part of your personality. You want your way and tend to get it. However, stress is pertinent this month so rest and relax as much as you can. Do your best every day then let it go, because the small, unimportant things won’t matter tomorrow. Stay focused and all of your dynamic self will shine through.




(23 September – 22 October) It’s time to work on yourself now, to clear your mind and set yourself some goals. Self-improvement is your primary goal: when you are comfortable in your own skin, others will be more comfortable around you. And you will achieve this goal - there’s no doubt about that because your personal charisma is exciting, so once you’ve become at one with yourself, others will come flooding into your life.

(23 October – 21 November) Everyone’s on your side, even if it doesn’t seem like it to you. Misunderstandings will occur aplenty this month so be wary and think before you speak and make sure you understand what other people are saying. Also, all the hard work you’ve been doing is finally going to pay off, either by ending or by getting you the results you had been working for. So this month be wary on the social front and content on the work front.

(23 July – 22 August) Slow. Slow. Slow. Everything is going to be slow in your world this month. Great! The planets have slowed time down for you, so you now have the time to pursue whatever you wish: voice your opinion, learn something new. At one point you will get fed up but don’t worry, use the time for something productive and you will definitely benefit from it. So avoid the TV and binge eating and focus on work and social relations.

(23 August – 22 September) To the world you project an image of seeming ambition, but in reality you’re less ambitious than you seem. Your energy levels are increasing so your focus is decreasing, therefore work and learning are taking a back seat. You’re like the Energizer bunny: too much energy but you’re just running around in circles. Time to slow it down a bit and concentrate on where you’re going and what you want. The more control you have the happier you will be.





(22 November – 21 December) Adaptation is what you have been doing to the conditions you are in right now. But you are not one who usually adapts to outside influences; they usually adapt around yo, so what happened? Why have you let this happen? Take back your life, be the driving force you are known to be, be the one that everyone and everything adapts around and you will feel much better than you have been of late.

(22 December- 19 January) Stop working so hard! Let others help you, create a rhythm for yourself where you can work and play equally and still be in your most productive. Your name and reputation will be tossed around quite a bit right now so be aware of your actions. This month is important for you on so many levels, so remember: think before you act and you’ll get what you want.

(20 January- 18 February) Right now your need for perfection will become destructive, so coming into this month you need to be wary of your word choice and actions. If the pencil on your desk is slightly out of place on the table, leave it! The world will not end. Take a breath and ignore it. Take this and apply it to everything in life and you will become more relaxed.

(19 February- 20 March) Your biggest enemy is yourself at the moment. But don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember the way you feel when you wake up in the morning will determine your state, and therefore your behaviour for the rest of the day. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a big “no-no” for you this month. Stay positive and whatever you do, the outcomes should be positive as well.






4 Sung in a Church 6 Another Name for Earth 7 Twelve bar_____ 9 Bob Marley 10 Improvisation with brass instrument 11 _____, Paper, Scissors 16 Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem 18 Heavy Metal infused with electronica 19 Party town in India 20 Popular British genre from the 90s

1 Independent 2 Precursor to rocksteady 3 A place where people live 5 Goes well with tortillachips 8 Linkin Park made this “Nu� 12 Michael Jackson was the king of this 13 Polular among Marilyn Manson fans 14 Popular in the Southern States 15 Bass-heavy electronics style 17 Essence of a living thing




RIDDLE I Am 7 Letters Long My 1st, 2nd and 3rd Are A liquid. My 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Are A pain. My 5th, 6th and 7th Is A Woman. My 6th and 7th Is A Hospital Ward. Altogether I Help Young Ones Learn. Who am I?

Answers from May issue





Matchstick Puzzle




S’ cool Wor-Itude stuff

WHAT KIND OF WORK ETHIC DO YOU FOLLOW? Tick the answers in the quiz to find out what kind of worker bee you are: creative, goal oriented or a free spirit.

1: Which of these words describes you best?

a: Practicality b: Diversity c: Harmony

Points 1: a – 3, b – 2, c – 1 3: a – 2, b – 3, c – 1 5: a – 1, b – 3, c – 2 7: a – 2, b – 3, c – 1

2: a – 3, b – 2, c – 1 4: a – 2, b – 3, c – 1 6: a – 3, b – 1, c – 2 8: a – 3, b – 1, c – 2

2: Which of these do you dislike the most?

a: A lack of structure in your work b: Repetitive, menial tasks c: A strict and rigid plan

3: What do your friends appreciate the most about you?

a: You help them to be the best they can be b: You are good at solving problems c: You are fun to be around

4: Would you describe your interests as…

a: Artistic b: Academic c: Anything cool

5: In your spare time, would you rather…

a: Chill out and do nothing b: Carry on working through the night c: Do something creative

6: Who would you rather aspire to be?

a: Bill Gates b: Paris Hilton c: Alicia Keys

7: What is your favourite hobby?

a: Expressing myself artistically b: Reading c: Just hanging out with friends

8: What do you think is most important?

a: Earning loads of money b: Having good relationships with the people around me c: Proving to everyone how successful I can be


You’re a free spirit, meaning that, for the moment at least, you don’t really care about the kind of work that you do. If it pays the bills and allows you to hang out with friends, then you’re fine. You’d like a job that you can go to and then forget about when you leave, so anything that involves homework is a no-no. Working at a shop or as a receptionist would suit you.


You’re bursting with creativity, and you’re looking for ways in which you can turn your talents into paid work. Though your dreams of being a famous musician or writer might seem far off, there are plenty of other applications for your skills. People like you thrive in the creative departments of advertising agencies, or else you could become a journalist or designer. The most important thing for you is that you’re creating something.


You’re an academic through and through, and have the potential to be a top-level scientist or expert within your chosen field. If that doesn’t take your fancy, then you could easily spend the rest of your days teaching, or as a senior lecturer at a university. Either way, you’ll constantly be feeding your insatiable desire to learn.

How to Submit to one8one

Remember that we completely depend on you, young people, to send in your writing and make creative contributions.

You can submit your work in three different ways: Through your school: Written work and art/photos may be submitted directly through your school. Provide your work to your teacher and he/she will be able to guide you. Through email: You can also send us your work by email, but please make sure you’ve read the guidelines before you do. All written work and videos should be sent through email. Email us at Through direct mail: You can send your work through direct mail. Please make sure your work is neatly written or typed and do not forget to include your details. Send your work directly to: one8one, P.O. Box 117890, Dubai, UAE

Submission Guidelines: Please include the following:

1. Name 2. Date of birth (year) 3. Address (area you live in) 4. Telephone number 5. E-mail address 6. Name of school you attend There is no word limit to the writing you submit, but keep in mind that most published pieces are fewer than 1,500 words. The work you submit may be published in one8one monthly magazine, in our books or/and on our web site. Submissions will not be returned, so please keep a copy for yourself if you need to. Label all your work interview, poetry, art, article, fiction, non-fiction‌ etc. You can e-mail your art or photography as an e-mail attachment. Scan items as greyscale line art or a colour file of at least 300 dpi and smaller than 10mb when saved. Do not scan as a halftone. Save all items as a TIFF (.tif), PICT or JPEG file, before sending as an attachment. You can e-mail a video (no longer than 5 minutes) to us in the following formats: MOV, .AVI, MPEG, and .WMV.

For you to know There are no deadlines to when you submit your work. We accept your submissions all year long. However if the work you send in is specifically for an event or occasion, please try and send it in at least one month prior to the date. At the end of your work please include the following originality statement to confirm that this is your original work. Please include your full name: “I, FILL IN WITH FULL NAME certify that the above and/or attached work is entirely original.” You will be able to request anonymity. If for any reason you do not want your name to be published, your request will be respected, but you must include your name and all the above mentioned information.

-We reserve the right to publish our edited version without your prior approval. -We may not print your name on personal articles and in some cases may change the names to protect other people’s identities. -All material submitted to us becomes the property of one8one. By submitting your work to one8one magazine you are giving us the nonexclusive right to publish your work in any format, including all print, electronic and online media. -Our editorial staff will review all the submissions. Each one is read by

two editorial staff members and the best is picked out for each section of the magazine, website and books. -If your work was not published and you ask about it, there is no way that we can find it as we receive a large number of submissions each year. If chosen, your article will get published within 5 months of your submission date. -Ideas for creative categories would be: School News, Art, Poetry, Fiction, Opinion, Community Service, Culture, Travel, Jokes, How things work, Sports, Health and Fitness, Interview, Review, Technology, College Essays, Real Life Experiences. -You can submit scanned or photocopied prints of artwork but please make sure it is of high quality. And remember that we will not return them. -Anyone can send photos. Take pictures of your friends or any chosen topic and send it through to us and we will publish them either on the website or in our magazine. -If you are published you will receive a letter from us as well as a copy of the magazine issue or book which includes your work. If you are published on our website you will receive an email notification with the link to your work.

!!! The one8one will print 10,000 copies of the magazine, which means that over 30,000 people will be able to view your work. Our website will be open to general public as well, so anyone can see it.



Lipstick A number of middle school girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.

The other side

Every night, the maintenance man would remove them and the next day, the girls would put them back. Finally the principal decided that something had to be done. She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance man. She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the maintenance man who had to clean the mirrors every night.

Once upon a time, there was a river. On one side of the river lived the rabbit, and on the other side lived the bear. One fine day, the bear was sitting on a stump, enjoying his breakfast of berries. Then he heard someone yelling at him. It was the rabbit.

To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, she asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required. He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it. Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

“Not now! I’m eating.”

Years later The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture. “Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, ‘There’s Jennifer, she’s a lawyer,’ or ‘that’s Michael, he’s a doctor.’” A small voice at the back of the room rang out, “And there’s the teacher. She’s dead.”

“Hey! Hey, Teddy, get your butt over here. I’ve got something to show you!”

“Oh come on!” said the rabbit. “It’s really important.” “No way.” “Please. It’s urgent.” So the bear decided to go all the way over the wide river. It took him all day and all night to get over to the other side. He nearly drowned. And when he finally got there he was groaning and panting, and wheezing for air. “Well, rabbit,” he panted. “What did you want to tell me?” “Hey, Teddy,” the rabbit began, “Look how many berries are on the other side of the river.”

The vampire bat A vampire bat came flapping in from the night covered in fresh blood, and parked himself on the roof of the cave to get some sleep. Pretty soon all the other bats smelled the blood and began hassling him about where he got it. He told them to go away and let him get some sleep, but they persisted until finally he gave in. “OK, follow me” he said and flew out of the cave with hundreds of bats behind him. Down through the valley they went, across a river and into a forest full of trees. Finally he slowed down and all the other bats excitedly milled around him. “Now, do you see that tree over there?” he asked. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” the bats all screamed in a frenzy. “Good” said the bat, “Because I sure as hell didn’t!”

Editor in Cheif Maria Rousan

How does this work?

Deputy Editor Dina Hassan

You send in your articles, we read them, choose the best ones and publish them in the magazine. If you get published, you have a chance to win loads of cool stuff and represent The one8one at major concerts happening in the UAE. You will get media passes to the events and an amazing camera to take pictures. You’ll have a blast at the concert then write about it for The one8one. Which concert did you say you’ve always wanted to go to? Log on to to read our writing guidelines and send your work in to Only the crème de la crème of the work we’re sent makes it on to the pages of our magazine so put your best foot forward and get writing.

Sports Editor Hana Hassanbek Art Director Alessandro Zanchetta Fashion Art Director/ Stylist Ivana Arsenikevic Marcia Lima Love to write? Whether it’s poems, book reviews, game reviews, fiction or nonfiction: if you write, we want to read. Like Fashion? No matter what shape or size you are, we’re looking for character. If you’ve got what it takes to be in front of the camera we want you in our photoshoot. Play an instrument? Let us hear about it! Read a book lately? Send us a review and give others the chance to read it or leave it. Love sports? Write to us so we can let everyone else know how much fun your sport is and how they can join in. Play video games? We want to know what the best and most disappointing games are that you’ve played. You never know what you might win just by giving us your opinion. Like jokes? Knock knock on our email and make us laugh! Are you an art lover? Show us what you can do. Beautiful things are meant to be seen. Love your camera? Pick it up and send us your best photos to be published. Know of a cool event? Let us know and we’ll be there to take pictures. Do you like to act? Young thespians, show us what you can do. Watch movies? Tell us all about the latest movies you’ve seen so everyone else can know if it’s worth watching or not. Listen to music? What’s your favourite band? Write about them so everyone can have a listen.

Graphic Design/ Production Chris Lleses Photographer Andy Ramos Contributors Maria Chatila- Life Coach Stephanie Karl- Nutritionist Youth contributors Aaron D’cruz Abeer Abeidoh Anton Rodionov Dania Chatila Dina Hassan Elisar Sasso Gabriella Barcia Gareth Kurt Warren Hana Hassanbek Heinrich Taute Hiba Ganta Kevin Sebastian Mareena Khawar Moustafa Gabriel Mukesh Chandwani Ricola Furtado Rob Adair Shalyn Wilkins Siobhan Fraile Vincent Busselot Advertising 050-5501412 Publishing Black Iris Publishing FZ LLE Printers Raidy Printing Group

WANTED University & School Reporters

Interested in working for one8one as a reporter? We are looking for reporters to report, write and shoot photos for the news section of one8one.



The news section of one8one operates as a news bureau, with two reporters for each university or school and a news editor that would oversee the team. Stories consist of news features about events, activities and people at the school or university.

email us at: with the following information:

What’s in it for you? _Your work gets published and credited to you _You get to demonstrate your writing abilities. _Get credit for your work at university or school. _Your publications will get you credit when applying to university or for a job.

_Full name _Email _Contact number _School/Uni you attend _Age _Why you would be the perfect reporter

Deadline email us by midnight Thursday, Sept. 29. Our news editor will schedule interviews.



Any student aged 13- 23 that can write. Applicants should also be good photographers as several photos are required per story. Reporters must meet deadlines and have a willingness to work with the news editor to improve and polish their work.

email us at: with

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