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Creating Beautiful Interiors that Inspire and Refresh Who’s your clientele? We have a large client base and

their spaces range from small to very large homes, condos,

apartments and vacation homes.

We also design wall finishes for

Mon-Fri 9-6, and Sat 10-2 12123 Emmet Street • 402-498-8777

commercial spaces. Our finishes are applied not only to walls but furniture, columns, front doors,

railings, light medallions and more…

just about every surface imaginable.

Describe your approach to your work. Nothing excites me more than a

fresh raw space and possibilities! From the first consultation I

really try to get into my client’s head and see what she has that represents her, her passions

and likes - what car she drives, what handbag she carries, what

color she is wearing, etc. Small things add up. I encourage her

to gather photos from magazines of rooms she likes even if she

cannot pinpoint what she likes in particular. Eventually a common

thread will show itself. Tying all these things together is what

jump starts the creative process, and I am then equipped with the

information I need to help empower my clients to make appropriate

informed choices for their spaces. But I address more than walls. Furniture and its arrangement,

art, accessories and lighting all

play a huge part in overall design. Involving the client in this way

makes it exciting and makes the

final outcome a reflection of their personality, not mine.

Your home...your builder.

Exceptional. Selecting a builder is as much an expression of taste as it is a statement of confidence. No one understands this better than Curt Hofer & Associates. As one of the area’s most respected custom homebuilders, we provide a one-ofa-kind experience in creating your once-in-a-lifetime home. Your wants, your needs, your style, your preferences – everything we do at Curt Hofer & Associates is advanced with the thought of you in mind. The result? Your home...your builder. Exceptional.




Your home...your builder. Exceptional.

2332 Bob Boozer Drive Omaha, NE 68130 Phone: 402.758.0440 n


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may/june | 2011


Profile for Omaha Magazine

May/June 2011 Omaha HOME by Omaha Magazine  

May/June 2011 Omaha HOME by Omaha Magazine

May/June 2011 Omaha HOME by Omaha Magazine  

May/June 2011 Omaha HOME by Omaha Magazine