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We put heart into everything we do. “Magnet is a national award that recognizes strength and quality in the delivery of patient care. Ours was the first hospital in Nebraska to achieve Magnet status. As a nurse in the Methodist Cardiac & Vascular Center, I know how our efforts to maintain the Magnet designation impact our heart patients. First and foremost, it assures them of highly skilled and compassionate care. Our cardiac and vascular surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians—working together as a team—focus on the best course of treatment for each individual. We are committed to staying current with the latest advancements in cardiac and vascular technology. And every day I’m on the job, I’m involved in making decisions that positively impact the healing process. As a hospital, we consistently rank above the national standards for comprehensive, quality care in heart services. I think we’re able to accomplish that by putting the needs of our patients first—always.” Tour the comprehensive services of Methodist Cardiac & Vascular Center with our doctors at

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Denise Willett in her store, House of J.

Bring the Harvest Home

Autumn accents lend warmth to any décor The chilly October air and colorful fall leaves are sure signs that autumn is upon us, and thoughts of family and friends gathered to enjoy harvest-time treats like apple pie, pumpkin treats and butternut squash come to mind. What better way to greet your guests than with a home decorated with the bounty of the harvest? Here are some simple, easy ideas for your fall décor that even the most craft-challenged reader can pull off! Indoors, a fireplace mantle is a popular area to highlight at holiday time. “Weaving garland made with faux fall leaves, sunflowers or berries among your photo frames and candlesticks is one easy way to enhance the look,” said Denise Willett, owner of House of J, a home décor and gift store in Montclair on Center. “Decorative glass or beautiful handmade fabric pumpkins and fall fruit can also be worked into the presentation.” If framed artwork is hung above the mantle, Willett recommends switching out the photo or painting with another artwork featuring fall trees, a harvest table, or another seasonal scene. “So many homes these days are decorated with fall colors like reds, oranges, golds, greens…the [autumn] décor coordinates really well.” Tabletops in the foyer, dining room or living room are easy to dress up simply by arranging a grouping of “fireballs” – ornamental

balls decorated with cotton pods and all-natural materials – and displaying them on a metallic tray or in a woven bowl. “The fireballs and fruits have a lot of texture and interest, and they come in reds and many beautiful colors,” Willett said. New items for fall featured at House of J include LED-lit twigs and flowers. The glowing twigs are soft to the touch and create a warm, yellow hue, Willett said. “They can be put in a container in an entryway, porch, bathroom, or mixed with other greens and florals. And they lend a soft ambiance to any room.” Also popular in foyers and on door fronts are fabric wall banners, Willett said. “They’re typically made of a vinyl-like fabric and screen-printed with fall themes and greetings, and they’re practical because they stand up to weather well.” Both inside the home and out, chrysanthemums make a great fall accent. A grouping of gold, crimson, deep purple or burnt orange mums in a foyer, or a single potted plant nestled amongst bare twigs, mini pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn on a side table or front-porch step lends a warm “hello” to anyone who enters. Another quick idea is to add curly willow branches to any potted plant, said Scott Farrington, owner of Indian Creek Nursery. “The



stems have a spiral look to them and stand above the foliage and give it an interesting dimension.” Farrington said bittersweet or bright orange berries on a vine also work well to add interest to any plant or display. While mums may be front-and-center at all the nurseries this time of year, Farrington said don’t forget about coldhardy ornamental kale. “Ornamental kale looks like cabbage and as the weather cools, it starts to color up to a bright white, pink or red in the center of the plant. It’s a bit smaller than mums, and looks great if planted in groupings.” Pansies, often viewed as a spring flower, also should not be overlooked. “Pansies take the cool well, which make them great for fall, and they’re great to dress up containers tired from the summer heat,” Farrington said. “They can sometimes survive the winter and bloom again in the spring.” Strewing twigs through an outdoor light fixture, or creating a twig swag to hang above a doorway or on a porch column are two simple décor ideas. Farrington said creating a swag is easy: Combine twigs with twine as the swag base, and then use wire or twine to wind in Indian corn, gourds and small pumpkins to make it decorative. Another quick idea is to hang a wooden country shelf, and line the shelf with small pumpkins and/or gourds. Then hang Indian corn strung up with twine from the pegs below. Still stumped for an idea for a spot in your home? Here are a few more quick, easy ideas from falldecorating. • Line your fence with mini pumpkins staked into the posts. • “Bookend” your entryway with topiaries dressed up with sunflowers or berry garland. • Replace candles in votive holder displays with mini pumpkins. • Place a fall-color pillar candle in the center of a large glass plate; encircle the candle with acorns or pinecones. • Set out a bowl filled with Granny Smith apples; accent with maple or oak leaves from your backyard.

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Why Try Yoga? Instructors say benefits go well beyond fitness Yoga classes. Yoga DVDs. Yoga clothing, mats and gear on shelves everywhere young women shop. Yoga may be the hip exercise craze of the day, but by no means is it a passing trend. Rooted in Indian civilizations thousands of years old, the ancient physical and mental disciplines of yoga (Karma, Bhaki, Hatha, to name a few) have proven their worth, and are simply seeing a resurgence of popularity among the 20- to 40-set. But why? Those in the field say it’s due in part to women’s desperate quest to find relief—relief from the overstressed, high-demand lifestyles so many of us women lead every day. The meditative practices of yoga fit the bill. Many have found that yoga also provides benefits beyond general fitness, including help with weight loss (an obsession for many young women) and an easier pregnancy, labor and delivery. Like most people, Theresa Murphy said she began doing yoga for the typical reasons – “For a fun fitness activity…for the challenge and increased flexibility.” But more than 20 years later, Murphy—now a veteran instructor and co-owner of One Tree Yoga—said the meditative practice has done so much more than improve her physical being. It’s changed her down to her core. 8 HER • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • WWW.READONLINENOW.COM

“[Yoga] has a way of seeping into your tissues, and helping you discover your philosophical side,” she said. “It teaches you a list of principles to live by, and a way of being in the world consciously. “It’s made me a much nicer, patient person. I connect better with people, share more deeply with them, and am able to receive and give love easier.” There’s no denying that yoga has had a significant impact on Murphy’s physical wellbeing as well. “It’s definitely reduced the stress in my life, reduced the tension in my physical body, and when the mind is looser, the body is looser. My body is able to do everything with less effort—digest food, sleep, eliminate waste…Even your circulation improves. There’s definitely a mind/ body connection.” Murphy says she hears daily from yoga students at her studio about how their yoga has positively affected their lives—made them a better parent, saved their marriage, made them happier… “People seem At left: a yoga class in session at One Tree surprised by these Yoga. Inset: Theresa Murphy in meditation. results, but I’m not. When the body opens up, it’s truly beautiful,” she said. Studies have shown that one of the effects of too much stress on the body is weight gain. Again, yoga can be a part of the solution, explained Carly Cummings, an instructor and part owner of Omaha Yoga School. “If the body is stressed out, or perceived to be in a state of emergency, it retains more fat. On the other hand, if it’s calm and centered, the body metabolizes fat better, which leads to gradual weight loss.” Cummings’ studio offers Hyp-Yoga, classes which combine elements of hypnosis and yoga to help students change their thoughts and behaviors as well as their bodies. “Hyp classes give a

lot of instruction on loving exercises for the body, general relaxation techniques, how to meditate…We give [students] a set of tools to help them reduce their stress, change their thinking, and see their goals as achievable.” Cummings said Hyp-Yoga is especially helpful with weight loss. “We’ve had students who’ve lost more than 100 pounds and kept it off. It’s not just a fad diet. It’s about making life changes to your mind and body, that change how you treat and see yourself.” Michelle Keller was one of the first Hyp-Yoga students at Omaha Yoga School, and “I was hooked from the very first time,” she said. “It’s a gentle yoga class that combines strength and flexibility poses, and [one] that a beginner to advanced can benefit from.” Keller was able to lose 30 pounds with the help of Hyp-Yoga and has kept if off for more than three years. “I’ve become a Hyp-Yoga instructor because I so believe in the program,” she added. Mary Clare Sweet, owner and director of Lotus House of Yoga, said their prenatal yoga course—OM Mama Prenatal Flow—is drawing a lot of new mothers to her studio. “Yoga is about taking care of the whole body, a holistic package, and for pregnant women, this is very important,” she said. As women advance through their pregnancy, they may experience loss of balance, back problems, reduced energy levels, and eventually the pains of labor, among other issues. “Yoga is great for the mom looking for body movement that won’t cause them to be exhausted. And the stress relief factor is huge. “And finding a yoga pose that prepares the body for giving birth, such as hip-opening exercises, can be really helpful. Of course, the breathing elements of yoga are helpful too. Learning to breathe and stay in the moment …. so that when you do go into labor, you’re prepared.” Sweet said it’s important that expectant mothers be in the presence of a professional when practicing yoga, not home alone. “Pregnancy hormones may cause your ligaments to stretch a bit more than a non-pregnant person. And arteries, major valves in the heart, the lower back and circulatory system can be affected. If there’s pressure too long, it can restrict blood flow. Some twisting postures are not suited well to pregnancy. “Our OM Mama instructor, Carole Westerman, modifies the classes and poses to meet the needs of each class and student, and is always there to monitor students.” While it may be the exercise that brings students to try yoga, it’s often other factors that keep them coming back week after week, said Cummings of Omaha Yoga School. “Some people are intimidated by yoga, but a lot of our classes our beginner-friendly, and our instructors are very helpful. And the yoga community in Omaha very open… we treat each other like family.” The fun factor is also at play, said Sweet. “[At Lotus House], we use a lot of music in our classes, which sets us apart. We even have Hip-Hop Yoga class on Friday nights,” said Sweet. “We strive to create an upbeat atmosphere in our studio. When someone comes in, we greet them with a smile, and let them know it’s playtime!” Sweet said her studio also takes yoga classes “on the road,” to parks, outdoor music events, even the Joslyn’s Sculpture Garden, to keep it interesting. “We really try to stretch beyond the four walls of our West Omaha studio.”



At left, Deb Gray. On right, Tammee Marie and Susan Bishop. A combination of daily weight training, a high-protein / low-carb diet, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle have helped all three women excel in body building competitions. “When I work out really hard, I feel a sense of accomplishment,” said Bishop.

Extreme Fitness

For some women, when it comes to diet and exercise, it’s “go big or go home.” Getting rock-hard abs, and thighs you can bounce a quarter off, may be easier than most women realize. Sure it takes determination and hard work, but if you’re to believe the people who participate in fitness competitions, it’s not immpossible. Anyone can achieve greatness. While Jillian Michaels and the gang on “The Biggest Loser” spend hours screaming and entire workdays in the gym, most fitness competitors spend less than two hours working out each day. It’s the food that makes a difference, and to get real abs of steel you need to pay lots of attention to another body part—your mouth. Turns out a low-carb, high-protein diet really works. Tammee Marie, 33, is a busy working mom with two young daughters who considers being called skinny a slap in the face. She works hard at being fit, and prefers to be called strong. Since 2004, with a year off to have a baby, Marie has competed in the Fitness category of Body Building shows. Being a Fitness competitor means that in addition to the traditional muscle posing, she also does a high-energy, twominute routine showcasing gymnastic and aerobic-type dance moves. Marie grew up











as a gymnast and has a competitive athletic background, but what drew her to the sport was extra baby weight. Like many new moms, she ended up with a few extra pounds after pregnancy and was looking for a way to get back in shape. After doing a little research, she decided to jump in and train for a competition. “I was blown away at how lean I got, how muscular I got,” says Marie. She had been in and out of the gym for years, but once she got the diet in check, she reduced her body fat from 25 percent to 12 percent—without a trainer. While actively training for a show, the diet gets pretty intense. Marie will typically eat two clean carbohydrates in the morning, like oatmeal or half a sweet potato. Then after that, it’s all about protein— chicken, fish, eggs, tuna. She also eats all the green vegetables she wants with every meal. No sugar and no extra fat. Her advice to women wanting to lose a few pounds is simple—eat five meals the size of your hand every day, drink absolutely no soda of any kind (sorry, that includes diet), and load up on the water. Deb Gray, 41, is another example of a mom who knows how to get attention. A former high school athlete who got a volleyball scholarship to UNO, and was Mrs. Nebraska back in 2001, Gray is no stranger to performing in front of Back in 2004, Marie was a newbie, dipping her toe in the water. Now a crowd. Yet like Marie, this former personal she is a full-on force of nature. Marie was able to quit her day job and trainer found herself a little out of shape after make her passion her profession, too. After making her own bedazzled gaining 55 pounds with her first pregnancy, competition suit, other competitors started begging her to sell them. and 70 with her second. It was not until she Now Marie has three employees and sells the suits to competitors sat in the audience at the 2007 Bluffs Classic here in the U.S. and internationally. Suits are custom made and range in Council Bluffs that she really thought about in price from $250 all the way to $1,000. In June, Marie earned her weight training and competition as an option. IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) Pro Card, Gray says she thought it looked fun and she making her one of only 90 Fitness pros in the world. Gray was also liked the idea of having something to train able to parlay her interest in fitness and weight loss into a paying gig. for. Gray was impressed that the women in the She’s currently a spokesperson for Complete Nutrition and appears Fitness and Figure categories were strong but in print ads, and on KMTV’s Morning Blend with the supplement and feminine, not skinny or overly muscular. So she nutrition company. signed up for the Figure category of the Bluffs Classic a year later in 2008. meniscus and was told to quit running, she came to the sport at “I used to be more of a cardio person, thinking the recommendation of her acupuncturist, Dr. David Yoo. While that is what would change my body,” says Gray, “but doing weights treating her for the injury, Dr. Yoo noticed she had great muscle is what did it.” Gray went from a size 12-14 to a size 4—and lost tone, and suggested she try weight training. Bishop says she has over 30 pounds. She admits most people give up because they can’t always been an athlete and very disciplined with exercise and diet, handle the diet, but says with a laugh, “I always say to women, if but says that training for a show pushes discipline to an extreme. you can eliminate the bad stuff for nine months during pregnancy, Yet even with the grueling workouts and strict diet, Bishop says, eight to 12 weeks for a show is nothing.” Her motto for being fit “When I work out really hard, I feel a sense of accomplishment. and feeling fabulous is as easy as ABC—A: attitude, B: believing When I feel sore and tired, to me that feels great.” Bishop adds, in yourself and knowing God is with you, C: consistency. “It’s a way to stay young. I feel like I’m 25. I feel great.” Perhaps the best part of Fitness competitions is you don’t In the end it’s all about balance. These are strong, dedicated women— have to be 20 to be a contender. Susan Bishop did her first show and if you are willing to cut those carbs, you can be too. back in August at the age of 47. A former runner who tore her WWW.READONLINENOW.COM • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • HER



One. Love. Revolution It started with this question to her friends: “Do you want to make a difference in the world?” The answer was a resounding “yes!” And so One.Love.Revolution, a non-profit organization, began in Omaha. Launched by Kristina Lee on Facebook at the end of June, the members jumped on board. “Within two hours of posting the group there were 75-plus members,” said Lee. As of Sept. 1, that number was close to 1,200. The mission: “I don’t care what I’m doing or where I’m doing it, as long as it’s bettering the world or helping out someone in need, I’ll be there…” Lee, the only child of Korean parents, was born in Lincoln and grew up in Hastings. She lived with both her parents and her grandmother. After graduating from Hastings High School, she moved to Omaha and went to Capitol Beauty School for cosmetology, eventually completing the instructor’s program. Lee currently works at Fringes Salon on 156 th and Dodge streets and teaches one night a week at Capitol Beauty School. Many stylists have joined the cause with Lee. When members were asked how and what they would like to do, the answers ranged from helping people in need, to protecting animals, to preserving the environment. “I want others to embrace the mission statement 12 HER • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • WWW.READONLINENOW.COM

and make it their own. One.Love.Revolution is not only a volunteer group, it’s a movement.” “My goals are simple, but can lead to unbelievable accomplishments,” said Lee. Currently, the biggest challenge is funding. “When there is more funding and there are more sponsors, we would love to contribute by funding a portion of the events. I know this is new and will take a while to grow. I have faith in it all! Everything will happen with time.” Lee said that for as long as she can remember, she always felt best when giving. “It just seems like the right thing to do, the right thing to be. One thing I have noticed in the past few years is the lack of participation of my generation.” Lee is in her mid-twenties. “Maybe it’s just me, but I feel some people just need a new push. People do not realize the power of their voice.” Lee encourages grade-school and highschool students to become involved in the movement. “They are the people who have to keep everything going. Volunteering and helping the world is a ‘cool’ thing to do. We

want to inspire and motivate.” Lee said she wants to go to schools and get teens involved and let them know they can make a difference. She’s been asked to visit a school in Colorado to talk with the students about One.Love.Revolution. Josh Soden has been involved in the movement since the beginning and Lee refers to him as her “right hand” for this project. “We were talking one night and I shared my vision with him, and he wanted to know more. There was a sincere amount of interest from him. He told me if this was something that I was going to do and follow through with to contact him.” It was in June that Lee put her vision on paper. “I knew this was something I could not take on alone, so I contacted him and ever since he has been helping me.” One.Love.Revolution helped with the ALS Walk to benefit those with Lou Gehrig ’s disease. This cause was personal for Lee, as a co-worker lost her husband to ALS last year. Her group was recruited to set up on the day of the walk, offer support to the walkers, and help with the clean up. On Nov. 20 th, Lee is having a fundraiser

Nebraska Organ Recovery System Give the most precious gift of all... Life!

Need a Speaker for your next event? Nebraska Organ Recovery System welcomes the opportunity to come and speak to your school, service group, or community organization about the benefits and opportunities of organ and tissue donation.

to launch One.Love.Revolution. The location will be announced on their Facebook page. General tickets are $5.00 and VIP tickets are $25.00. The VIP seating will be for the first row surrounding the catwalk. “This is going to be a classy event. We’re going to have a red carpet, hair show, fashion show, live music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.” Lee also plans to have a contest between selected Omaha designers. There will be raffles and drawings, too. I asked Lee to tell me three things about herself that most people don’t know: “I’m a vegetarian, I’m a third-degree Taekwondo black belt, and I speak fluent Korean.” Lee said she looks forward to the day she buys her own home. “When I can afford to buy a home, my parents will move in and live with me forever. It is part of the Korean culture to take care of your parents.” If you want to join the movement, or find out more about the launch party, visit their Facebook page. We Are The Change: One.Love.Revolution, or e-mail Lee at Share the Love!

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Omaha Icons

Jo Anderson/Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Jo Anderson is delighted with her office—her first in 38 years as a gallerist. It’s cool and contemporary, and looks out onto Jackson Street in the Old Market. A few very selective pieces from her inventory, including work by Mary Zicafoose and Pamela Adger, exude a sense of the strength, beauty and wisdom that also defines Anderson herself. At a time when more art galleries close than expand, Anderson has made continuous progress by combining business sensibility, a keen eye, and a personal GPS powered by intuition. An exhibition was being installed in the gallery during this interview. Similarly, the story of Anderson O’Brien Fine Art is defined by key pieces. Anderson launched her business career with a Crabtree & Evelyn franchise, but her admiration of Native craft and beadwork led to her first gallery, the American Indian Store and Plains Gallery. Imagine a Sioux dress of soft buckskin beaded in traditional patterns and colors. Anderson had been drawn to Native craftwork since childhood, and as an adult welcomed every opportunity to learn about Native culture and to collect the objects she loved. She saw a need for a place to buy and sell both finished craft and the various materials needed for regalia, artwork and jewelry, and opened the shop/gallery in 1972.

Anderson O’Brien Fine Art 8724 Pacific Street and 1108 Jackson Street Special event ® Wearable Art: Tim Harding + Vitamin Oct. 5 – 7

Sharon O’Brien’s framing expertise was the perfect complement to Anderson’s market sense, and the two friends formed a partnership. It soon included the 76th Street Gallery, which sold art posters and décor. A favorite was Michel Delacroix, whose carefree cyclists wheel through Parisian neighborhoods. But events demanded change. Businesses, including Plains Gallery, were sold, and Anderson, going through a divorce, faced life as a single mother. She recalls, “Sharon and I sat in the station wagon and said, ‘Now what do we do?’” It was at that moment that a space opened up on the back row of Countryside Village. Anderson O’Brien Fine Art opened in 1980 with a stock of posters, some frame samples, and determined owners. One client bought 15-20 framed posters and they were on their way. “Posters of art from MOMA were popular,” says Anderson. Institutions like the Museum of Modern Art in New York sold good quality reproductions, which were set off by O’Brien’s custom frames. “So much depends on presentation,” says Anderson. Her expertise, acquired through a lifetime appreciation for and sensitivity to art, materials and cultural expression, continued to grow. She has always immersed herself in opportunities to learn from people and situations, and is a perennial auditor of university classes.



It was about this time that she began to familiarize herself with university art departments and exhibitions. “We bought work by faculty and some exceptional BFA work. We still represent some of those artists today—Dan Howard, Signe Stuart, Tom Majeski, Sharon Booma…” says Anderson. “The focus is on renowned regional artists.” From that first shop in the Village, AOB moved to one that opened onto the center lane, then expanded to fill the adjoining space facing Pacific Street. In 1990, Anderson bought O’Brien’s share and continues to run the business single-handedly. Her daughters, who grew up in the gallery, are assets. Wendy brings her marketing skills to the business and Amy offers legal advice. In August, Anderson opened her Old Market location at 1108 Jackson Street (formerly occupied by Jackson Artworks). Besides having space for larger work, the facilities (which include a full kitchen) work well for events like boutique lunches or corporate dinners. “It’s a whole different environment,” Anderson says. “It provides more exposure and a wider audience.” Her dark brown eyes sparkle with anticipation. “I often wake up thinking about the gallery and wondering, ‘What’s next?’” Enter the gallery today and find a tantalizing mix of media and styles: paintings, pottery, wall hangings, jewelry and sculpture. She produces, with image consultant Anne Fenner, a wearable art show three times annually; advises private and corporate collectors; and is a recognized dealer in Native American art and jewelry. Mary Zicafoose, a local weaver with a global reputation, refers to Anderson and her gallery as “Omaha icons.” She says, “For almost three decades, Jo Anderson has consistently created a beautiful world within the Anderson O’Brien Gallery, supported by the work of a fantastic stable of regional and national artists.” Countryside Village or Old Market, come to an opening, meet Jo, and discover for yourself what makes AOB so special.

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Photography: Christian Behr, Story By: John Gawley

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. All carry-on items should be stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin, and be certain your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright and locked position.”

If you’ve flown a commercial flight in the past couple of years, you’ve heard this in some form. And you’ve felt the exhilaration that pumps through your chest just as you take flight. We’ve felt that too at this year’s Omaha Fashion Week. As the models taxied down the runway at Fashion Week, you could feel the designers taking flight in a world of fashion, growing stronger every year in Omaha. “Please insert the metal fittings, one into the other, and tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap.” We’re about to take you on a trip into the fashion world, looking to the horizons to see how you can stay stylish with local designers without making a trip to New York or Paris.

ON THE COVER: Model Stephanie slips into a modern yet vintage vest, keeping warm in the cool fall days. Designer Emma Erickson lifts off the runway with this wardrobe embodying a style seen in Paris’ designed by Stella McCartney. Location: Hangar One, Inc., Millard Airport. On the TABLE OF CONTENTS: Model Sarah in piece with a high waist, showing Erickson isn’t afraid of a 12-hour flight to Paris, where Louis Vuitton showcases unique patterns similar to those sewn by this local fashion designer. Location: JetLinx, Eppley Airfield. Emma Erickson: Photographer: Christian Behr, Producer: John Gawley, Fashion Editor: Shenna Sarachman, Hair Stylist: Trina Ware, Owner, Rave Salon & Spa Retreat, Makeup: Melanie Smith, Production Assistant: Taylor Jackson, Casting Assistant: Kyle Behr, Accessories: Nouvelle Eve, Jackets: Younkers, Transportation: VIP Limo, Locations: Hangar One, Inc., Millard Airport, JetLinx, Eppley Airfield


Travel in style this fall in a stunning vest by ONE.11.59, pinstripe pants from Jennifer Pool, and a zip-front jacket by Nine West®, worn by model Jasmine. One.11.59 by Mr. E., an emerging designer, gains velocity and lift with colors and patchwork similar to that of Chanel. Jennifer Pool has her eye on the sky, reminiscent of Chloé and the classical cuts seen taxiing down the runway in Paris. ONE.11.59 by Mr.E: Jennifer Pool: www.facebook. com/JenniferPoolDesigns.




There is no doubt that Zara Gonzalez has logged some hours in fashion flight school. Model Tori wears this beautiful floral pattern with a single shoulder wrap that brings to mind designs by Dolce & Gabbana seen in Milan. Zara Gonzalez:


The Donna Karan Collection seen in New York features mostly black with little splashes of color. Model Chalone directs your attention to take off with more color. Designer Buf Reynolds shows she too can create organic flow to a dress with unique cuts, making classic blacktie cocktail attire beautiful, elegant, and anything but black. Buf Reynolds:




Turbulence is always unexpected. Model Unity prepares for the unexpected, wearing designer Shamina Wiek’s dress matched perfectly with a blackberry coat from London Fog®. Similar colors and unexpected patterns can be found in Paris by designer Emanuel Ungaro. Shamina Wiek:




There is no doubt this designer knows his flight plan, and model Kenzie has the map to take us there. ONE.11.59 by Mr.E brings a look from Paris, encompassing beautiful prints similar to those of Roberto Cavalli. ONE.11.59 by Mr.E:



Required to log 40 hours of flight time to become a pilot, Christian Behr, designer of Sk!nny B!tch Swimwear, is very close to earning his wings. Originally from Omaha, Behr has worked out of Miami for 10 years. You can’t compare model Taylor in Sk!nny B!tch Swimwear to anything else, but if you look hard enough at the horizons, you might spot his swimwear in Miami, New York, L.A., Brussels, Madrid and Moscow. Sk!nny B!tch Swimwear:




The devil may wear Prada, but this red devil dress feels more like Valentino. Designer Zara Gonzalez uses fabric layered to create a unique jet-set style. You won’t find cover model Stephanie in Paris wearing Valentino, you’ll find her in Omaha wearing Zara Gonzalez. Zara Gonzalez:



Let us give YOU something to Rave about.

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Jeffrey A. Passer, MD | Tina Ridgway, APRN 4239 Farnam St., Suite 809, Omaha, NE Areas available to board certified physicians. *Results based on a random sample of 58 men and 61 women on our medically prescribed diet. Results may vary by center. Programs available for 18 years and older.




Hair Repair

Keratin treatments, the new slick trick for smooth hair

Many salons are now offering keratin treatments—a semipermanent process recommended for all types of hair. Keratin is a protein substance found naturally in the hair and is “depleted from daily damage and coloring/perming,” says Shannon Stickman, owner of Seven Salon. What kind of hair benefits from a keratin treatment? “Any type of hair,” said Stickman. “A client will see even better results on more damaged or compromised hair since it is a ‘repairative’ treatment …you are a prime candidate for a keratin treatment if you need intense frizz control and/or curl reduction, need to control an unruly cowlick, have severely damaged hair, or need help keeping high fashion colors from fading.” Depending on the strength of the formula used, results can last from six weeks to six to eight months. Stickman added, “Clients that receive the strongest of the formulas generally see regrowth before they notice the reduction of the benefits of the treatment.” Beauty takes effort and time! The treatment is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Keratin treatments can cost $100/hour. “Depending on the length, thickness and density of the hair, it can take anywhere from an hour to four hours or more. Again,

depending on the formula used, the treatment needs to stay in the hair for 24-72 hours before shampooing out, and the hair cannot be put up, pinned back, or have any type of tension applied to it during this ‘curing’ time,” said Stickman. As a salon owner, Stickman sees clients with all types of hair and has seen the results. It looks like keratin treatments will only become more popular. “Keratin treatments will eliminate frizz from any texture of hair, can reduce curl, reduce blow dry time, and make the hair more manageable. If hair is damaged, keratin treatments will seal down the hair shaft to prevent further damage from styling and chemical treatments. Clients who have received this amazing and cutting-edge service have said it is literally LIFE-changing. Just as perming revolutionized hair in the 80s, flat irons in the 90s, and extensions in the early 2000s, this product is changing the way we do and look at hair. People who look in the mirror on a rainy day and worry about how much their hair has changed or reverted don’t have to worry about it anymore. We have done numerous clients now, and have specialized in this cutting-edge service. There is more than one treatment out there, and we have tried several to find the one with which we can get the best results.”




This look works best with a square scarf, “fabulous if the scarf has fringe,” said Carrico. STEP 1: Start by folding the scarf in half, making it a triangle shape. Lay it over your shoulders as shown in the photo.


Learn to tie one on

Scarves can be intimidating fashion accessories to the uninitiated. Boutiques have so many fabulous fabrics and sizes, with fringe, without – square, oblong. They add pizzazz to an otherwise everyday outfit. It’s a fashion crime to not own at least a few. Becky Carrico from Christel’s shows us, step by step, how to tie two basic looks. “There is no right or wrong way to wear scarves. The coolest looks come from doing it your own way and just playing with them,” said Carrico.

STEP 2: Cross the ends in the back.

BONUS TIPS: Don’t forget about scarves’ other uses. Large scarves can be used as a stylish wrap, as a sarong on vacation, or as a modesty shield when nursing. Skinny scarves can be used as a belt, a headband or hairtie, a purse accent – the possibilities end only with your imagination! 26 HER • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • WWW.READONLINENOW.COM

STEP 3: Pull ends forward, tucking underneath the front triangle.


This look works best with a longer scarf, either thin or bulky.


is the new black.

No hazardous chemicals. Safe®for our water, Fashion Cleaner’s GreenEarth cleaning processsoil usesand no air. harsh chemicals, leaves no odors and is gentler on your clothing.

STEP 1: Twist the scarf, leaving one side longer.

Clean green.

Visit to learn more.

STEP 2: Wrap the long side around your neck.

STEP 3: Pull the long side through the loop. WWW.READONLINENOW.COM • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • HER


Omaha’s leader In Full Spectrum Yoga/Meditation

Downtown Old Market • Riverfront



ERYT (500) International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists (402) 551-0500



Since 1984

Nirvana is open year-round! Also- Dundee/Online/We travel!

Private Rooms Catering & Delivery 330-0440 fax:330-5433

Pick up a copy of The Encounter at downtown retailers to find out what’s happening in Omaha’s Old Market, Downtown and Riverfront. VISIT To subscribe go to:

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For advertising information call: (402) 884-2000 28 HER • OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2010 • WWW.READONLINENOW.COM

2420 s. 156th circle 333-2420



Breast Cancer Treatment Keeps Improving What to expect after you’ve been diagnosed You’ve just been told the four words every woman hopes she will never hear: “You have breast cancer.” What now, you think? You imagine the worst—will you lose your breasts? will you die? will your life ever be the same? The fear and emotional distress that follows the diagnosis can be overwhelming. But despite the many misconceptions about the disease, breast cancer today is a very treatable disease. “The typical woman today is diagnosed earlier with disease that is very responsive to treatment,” says Janet Grange, MD, a surgeon specializing in breast cancer who practices at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Alegent Health and the Nebraska Medical Center. “Women with early breast cancer have a greater than 90 percent survival rate with treatment.”

“One the first things I do when I meet with women is to dispel the misconception that even if they undergo treatment, the cancer will inevitably come back and they will die. That’s just not the case. For the majority of women, breast cancer is a once-in-a-lifetime event.” So what can you expect after a diagnosis? Do you have options? Are you at your doctor’s mercy? After a diagnosis, a breast MRI is often performed to more clearly define the extent of disease in the affected breast, and make sure there is no disease in the opposite breast in order to plan the best surgery. The next step is to sit down with your oncologist or surgeon and have a thorough discussion about your options. “It is more important to have a well-thought-out surgery than a fast surgery,” says Grange. “Women have many treatment options. continued on page 31



Proud Sponsor of the


Sunday, October 3rd • 2010

Member American Society of Breast Surgeons Certified by the American Board of Surgery

For more information please call

(402) 934-9323 Midlands Two Professional Center • 401 E Gold Coast Rd, Ste 329 Papillion, NE 68046 •

Our goal is to assist clients in maintaining independence while living at home with assistance from Primary Home Health Care.

Our services include:

• No minimum hour required • Individualized treatment plans • • Skilled nursing • Certified home health aides • • Homemaker services • Physician coordination • • Client and care-giver education • Wound care / post surgical care • • Diabetic care / education • Well baby visits •

(402) 345-1350 •

Breast Reduction

Large breasts are often portrayed as a desirable female feature, but often there are physical and emotional complications that accompany a huge cup-size. Women who have large, heavy breasts may experience upper back, shoulder and neck pain; skin irritation from bra straps; posture and spine issues; embarrassment about breast size; inability to participate in physical activities; and difficulty finding clothing that fits. For women experiencing these side effects, surgery may offer a solution. Breast reduction, also called reduction mammoplasty or gyneomastia, is an outpatient procedure performed in a hospital or surgical center using general anesthesia. During the 3 to 5-hour surgery, a new size and position for the nipple and areola are chosen, and the excess tissue and skin from the breasts are removed. After the remaining breast is reshaped and repositioned, a small tube may be left in place for several days to drain blood and fluid. Immediately after surgery, gauze is placed over the incisions, and the breasts are wrapped in bandages or supported with a surgical bra. Stitches may be removed after a week or two. Most women have some breast pain after the surgery and then milder discomfort for a few weeks. Wearing a surgical bra can help reduce swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Most normal activities can resume within a month. Scars from the surgery are hidden in the crease under the breast and below the areola and usually fade with time. Dr. Nagi Ayoub, a plastic surgeon at Alegent Health Clinic, says that women who have Ds, DDs, and larger (typically postchild), are the perfect candidates for breast reduction. Pain is the primary concern motivating breast reduction, he said. He also adds that breast reduction has a 99 percent satisfaction rate for patients. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, consult with a cosmetic surgeon to see if you’re a good candidate, and learn about the associated risks.


HEALTHfocus Her doctor will define what is medically safe, but each woman must decide which treatment approach fits best with her values and lifestyle, and provides her the greatest sense of well-being.” While the primary treatment for breast cancer is surgery, what type of surgery and the type of therapies that will accompany the

“It is more important to have a wellthought-out surgery than a fast surgery. Women have many treatment options.” surgery is dependent on an individual woman’s disease. Twenty or 30 years ago, nearly all women underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. That trend began to change during the 1980s. Now more than 80 percent of women today have a lumpectomy—an option that has been proven to be just as effective as mastectomy and provides the same survival rates. “This is very liberating for women because for some, having their breast removed is almost worse than the disease itself,” says Grange. Lumpectomy is a viable option for the majority of women, even those with the genetic mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2. Women with these mutations have up to an 80 percent risk of developing breast cancer and a 60 percent risk of developing a second breast cancer. continued on next page


— Dr. Grange

Janet Grange, MD, a surgeon specializing in breast cancer who practices at Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Alegent Health and the Nebraska Medical Center.

no more pAin. no VAricoSe VeinS.

Free Vein Screening! 877.413.veiN (a $100 value)

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800 Mercy Drive, Suite 120, Council Bluffs, ia 51503

offer expires November 30, 2010. No walk-ins please. offer valid at Alegent mercy office only. All screenings and procedures are done in council Bluffs.

A proud pArt of iowA HeArt center



HEALTHfocus While a double mastectomy can reduce their risk of having a second breast cancer by 90 percent, some women are still reluctant to have a double mastectomy, says Margaret Block, MD, medical oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists. Breast MRI, which provides greater detail than mammography, allows us to watch these women more closely, giving this group of women the option to preserve their breast, she says. Another option for women with larger lumps who don’t want to undergo a mastectomy is to undergo chemotherapy before the

“Radiation treatment allows us to take a minimal amount of tissue.”


— Dr. Block

Margaret Block, MD, medical oncologist with Nebraska Cancer Specialists.

surgery. This helps shrink the lump, allowing for a smaller surgery procedure. Surgery generally takes place within two to four weeks after diagnosis. Women who choose a lumpectomy will usually require an overnight stay in the hospital following surgery and a two-week recovery period. This is almost always followed by a six-week, five-day-a-week regimen of radiation approximately one month after recovery. “Radiation treatment allows us to take a minimal amount of

Read my story at NebRAskA CANCeR speCiAlists is the region’s leading comprehensive cancer treatment facility with five locations throughout the Omaha Metro, and in Fremont, Columbus and West Point, Nebraska. NatioNal award wiNNer for clinical trials’ participation – ASCO 2009 Margaret Block, M.D. M. Salman Haroon, M.D. Ralph J. Hauke, M.D. David Hsu, M.D. Robert M. Langdon, Jr., M.D.

Kirsten M. Leu, M.D. Patrick J. McKenna, M.D. Luke T. Nordquist, M.D. Geetha Palaniappan, M.D. David A. Silverberg, M.D.

Gamini S. Soori, M.D. Yungpo Bernard Su, M.D. Stefano R. Tarantolo, M.D. Stephan D. Thomé, M.D. Peter M. Townley, M.D.

Alegent Health Cancer Center - Bergan 393-3110 Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center 354-8124

Midwest Cancer Center Papillion 593-3141 Midwest Cancer Center Legacy 334-4773

West Dodge Medical Plaza 445-8010 Plus, Fremont, Columbus and West Point


tissue,” says Block. The good news is that radiation doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t make you sick, and it doesn’t take a lot of time, notes Grange. In addition, high-dose radiation treatment for breast cancer has not been shown to increase a woman’s risk of getting other cancers, she says. Women who choose mastectomy should expect a four- to sixweek recovery period and in most cases, will not require radiation therapy follow-up unless the disease is fairly advanced. The next step is to determine which women are candidates for chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or both. Information about genes and the makeup of cancerous tumors is allowing physicians to customize treatments tailored to the individual tumor instead of treating all women uniformly, says Dr. Block. Ten years ago, nearly all women received chemotherapy, but that’s not the case anymore. It is now known that the genetic makeup of the tumor is more important than the size in determining the need for chemotherapy. A fairly new test called the Oncotype DX test examines the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumor to determine the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence, the degree of aggressiveness, and whether a patient will respond to chemotherapy. This information can be extremely valuable to a patient, considering that 96 percent of stage 1 breast cancer patients do not benefit from chemotherapy. Based on the results of this test, a woman may be recommended for chemotherapy or newer forms of hormone therapies called targeted therapies, which may be used alone or in combination with traditional chemotherapy treatments. Targeted therapies respond to specific cancers and attack tumors by attaching to receptors that are more prevalent in the cancer. Chemotherapy and targeted therapies may be taken anywhere from two to six months. While side effects due to chemotherapy have been greatly reduced, most women undergoing chemotherapy will still lose their hair. Other side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, have been minimized and in some women, never occur at all. “The typical comment I receive from women is, ‘it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be’,” says Grange. Another consideration for women who choose mastectomy is whether to have breast reconstructive surgery. This is a decision that should occur before your surgery so the surgeon and reconstructive surgeon can coordinate your treatment plan. “Breast reconstructive surgery is being chosen more frequently, is more refined, is providing better results, and is fully covered by insurance,” says John Edney, MD, a plastic surgeon at Nebraska Methodist Hospital who specializes in cosmetic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. “The overwhelming number of women are very pleased. Breast reconstructive surgery provides a sense of wholeness and restores a woman’s sense of femininity. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see breast cancer anymore.” Women who choose breast reconstructive surgery may choose artificial implants or autologous breast reconstructive surgery, which involves using a women’s own fat and muscle to reconstruct the breast. The breast implant surgery is a staged surgery usually requiring two to three surgeries to complete the reconstruction and can be performed using silicone or saline implants. The first stage of the procedure involves the placement of a tissue expander with a port. This is done at the same time as the continued on next page

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John Edney, MD, a plastic surgeon at Nebraska Methodist Hospital who specializes in cosmetic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

mastectomy surgery. Every week for three to six months, saline is injected through the port to stretch the skin. The expander is then removed and replaced with the implants. The last surgery involves reconstruction of the nipple. In addition, there may be some reconstruction of the other breast if needed, as the goal is to establish symmetry, says Edney. “This is a great thing for women who know they want it,” says

“Breast reconstructive surgery provides a sense of wholeness and

9637 Giles Road, LaVista, NE 68128 597-8691 •

Miss Me Jeans d n a s k n a p S em! Big Star Jeans, 0% on single it ply

J’Amour Boutique, located inside JB’s Salon and Day Spa



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nts ap no other discou

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restores a woman’s sense of femininity. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see breast cancer anymore.” — Dr. Edney Edney. “If you are not sure, you should wait and you can always have it done later if you decide you’d like it.” “The field of cancer is changing fairly rapidly,” says Block. “We are continuing to find things on a sub-molecular level that are allowing us to refine and customize our treatments. This is still a young field and treatment will continue to become more fine-tuned as we learn more.”


One in eight women will develop breast cancer.

Early detection is the best way to beat it. Schedule your annual mammogram by calling 1-800-ALEGENT.

1-800-ALEGENT 1-800-253-4368

Bergan Mercy • Immanuel • Lakeside • Mercy/Council Bluffs • Midlands/Papillion Community Memorial/Missouri Valley • Memorial/Schuyler • Mercy/Corning • Alegent Health Clinic/44 Locations Alegent Health is a faith-based health ministry sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives and Immanuel.

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Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

Forging a New Path for Girl Scouts As Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) approaches its 100year anniversary in two years, this well-known and beloved organization is revitalizing and reenergizing its brand and its programming to reach a new generation of girls. After extensive research and development, Girl Scouts debuted a long-term brand campaign that is designed to reacquaint the country with the iconic organization, communicate the power girls have to change the world, and let people know about all the exciting things girls do every day as Girl Scouts. “This initiative will reposition Girl Scouts with a message that is relevant to girls and the lives they lead today,” said Laurel Richie, Chief Marketing Officer, GSUSA. “We think we have the right message at the right time.” Girls learn about conservation while on a hike at a Girl Scout program in northwestern Nebraska. With one of the most recognizable logos in the benefit from our enriching programs.” United States, GSUSA felt In 2008, GSUSA created the Girl Scout it was important to keep elements of Leadership Experience—which features the previous brand while updating to a series of 15 outcomes—that for the first a more contemporary look. This brand time in the organization’s history will allow transformation is composed of a new staff and adult volunteers to measure how visual identity that includes a revised well the program is working in terms of color palette and refreshed logo that developing leadership skills in girls. was originally created in the 1970s by “Our promise is that Girl Scouts will give legendary designer, Saul Bass. every girl access to life-changing “A revitalized and energized brand is experiences that will inspire her to do essential for us and our future growth,” something big,” said Fran Marshall, CEO, said Kathy Cloninger, Chief Executive Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska. “Girls have Officer, GSUSA. “The Girl Scout the power to change the world and you Leadership Experience builds girls of don’t have to look farther than the borders courage, confidence, and character and of our state to find evidence of that.” we are reaching out to all girls who can EVERY ISSUE, HER MAGAZINE BRINGS YOU AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE GIRL SCOUTS SPIRIT OF NEBRASKA. YOU CAN HELP, GET INVOLVED!


message from

Natalia J. Peart, PhD Chief Executive Officer

YWCA Omaha

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118TH • 5921 S.


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PRSRT STD e U.S. Postag PAID OMAHA LTD Magazine,

in their mission by assisting in program services, fundraising and community awareness. The Board of the YWCA is the policy-making body of the organization. The Guild is under the Board and is, more or less, a working arm of the organization.” This year, the YW Guild is taking on a new challenge of creating a signature fundraising event Nov. 11 for the YWCA called tgif. Honorary Chairs Mary Jo and Bob Langdon and Sandy and Dave Parker preside over the event, which includes, food, games and oral and live auctions. “Because the Guild Board consists of so many young women, we wanted a casual, fun and not too expensive event. Erin Pogge and Allyson Sloboski, our event chairs, are doing a phenomenal job of organizing the event and involving many new volunteers for the YWCA,” Deardorff said. “Personally, I have been involved in volunteer work for the last 20 years. Most of my close friends are people who I have worked with on events and organizations. Besides the rewards of helping others, the networking and friendships are tops,” Deardorff said. Those who are interested in enriching their life by volunteering in the community can find many ways to get involved. Start by asking yourself what you are interested in and passionate about. Next think about your skills and talents and how they can apply to a non-profit organization. Doing a little research online or by asking co-workers and family what types of things they do can give you a variety of ideas for volunteering. Some people prefer to use their business and organizational skills by serving on boards and yes, guilds. You benefit from gaining leadership experience and from building networks with other people. Organizations like the YWCA benefit from the support of volunteers who help them fulfill their mission.

Cures foFever Cabin

118th • 5921 S.

Community service plays a vital role in supporting non-profit organizations. When an individual shares his/her skills and talents, he/she supports the local culture of service and responsibility. Non-profit organizations can tap into that pool of talent and volunteerism to extend the ability to provide needed services in the community. This becomes a mutually beneficial relationship between the volunteer and the organization. Although the national economy has suffered, volunteerism appears to be strong. The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that the national volunteer rate went up to 26.8 percent in 2009, with 63.4 million volunteers donating approximately 8.1 billion hours of service in local communities. This marks the largest increase in service since 2003. In Nebraska, approximately 493,000 volunteers contributed 62.5 million hours of service in 2009. Nebraska also ranks fourth among the top five states in terms of volunteer rates. The YWCA relies on its volunteers in many ways. Together with our volunteers, in 2009, the YWCA answered 10,830 unique Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault (DVSA) Hotline calls. Volunteers staff our Career Clothing Closet, help with building maintenance, help with miscellaneous non-confidential office work, assist with grant research and writing, re-program donated phones, and much more. One area of volunteerism is the YW Guild, which is now in its third year. In 2007, the Board of Directors of the YWCA asked several of its Board members to explore the possibility of a Guild. Amy Deardorff, one of the original four and now YW Guild President, recruited 35 volunteers the first year. Today, the YW Guild has nearly 100 members and 38 Board members. Deardorff said, “The primary purpose for starting the Guild was to support the YWCA

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1:25 P

FOODwith flair


Catching Up With Friends With fall comes the beginning of the holiday season, when we gather with friends and family to talk about summer vacations, football, and the lovely autumn weather (and our hopes that it sticks around a while!) To go along with these conversations, I came up with a few new recipes, including a crab and avocado wrap I found wonderful! Mixing canned crabmeat with imitation crab really cut the expense of making it, and I was surprised to find the canned crab worked deliciously in this recipe. Scallops are still in vogue, and I loved them with the drizzle of lime jalapeño jelly I found at the farmer’s market this summer. Don’t despair if you cannot find the lime jelly. Use plain jalapeño jelly and squeeze a zest of lime juice into the jelly. Let me know what you’re cooking up as we go into the holiday season. Just send me an e-mail at

Crab and Avocado Wrap Servings: 8

4 1/4 ounces crabmeat, lump canned 8 ounces imitation crab 2 stalks celery, diced 1 Tablespoon chopped parsley 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon horseradish 1 each carrot, julienned 1/4 each cucumber, julienned 1 large avocado 2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar 4 medium whole-wheat tortillas Mix crabmeat, celery, parsley, mayonnaise and horseradish together. Place layer of crab salad 1/4 up from the end of tortilla. Place one roll of cucumber and carrot along the crab, scoop avocado and place a layer of across the crab. Sprinkle with rice wine vinegar over the top. Roll tortilla tightly and wrap foil around it. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Slice on the angle and serve. Per Serving 260 Calories; 17g Fat ; 9g Protein; 19g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 24mg Cholesterol; 572mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 1 1/2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.

Seared Sea Scallops w/ Lime Jalapeño Jelly Servings: 4

1 pound sea scallops 2 teaspoons unsalted butter 2 Tablespoons grapeseed oil sea salt black pepper cayenne pepper 3/4 cup lime jalapeño jelly Remove the small side muscle from the scallops, rinse with cold water and thoroughly pat dry. Add the butter and oil to a 12 to 14-inch sauté pan on high heat. Salt and pepper the scallops. Once the fat begins to smoke, gently add the scallops, clockwise, making sure they are not touching each other. Sear the scallops for 1 1/2 to 3 minutes on each side. The scallops should have a golden crust on each side while still being translucent in the center. Place scallops on a serving plate. Put jalapeño jelly in the pan and heat, then drizzle over scallops. Serve immediately. Per Serving: 332 Calories; 10g Fat (25.7% calories from fat); 19g Protein; 43g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; 43mg Cholesterol; 204mg Sodium. Exchanges: 2 1/2 Lean Meat; 1 1/2 Fat; 2 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.


Luxury Homes CoLLeCtion 5505 N 230 Street, Elkhorn


14025 Lafayette Street


12219 N 179th Circle


Spectacular gated retreat with a stone/ brick home sitting on 13.05 acres w/ add’l 84.71 acres included in price. 5 fpls, theatre rm, wine cellar. Includes 2 story kennel/wkshp w/living qtrs above. Vanishing edge pool & poolhouse.

Incredible architecture! Gorgeous entry with circular stairway, exquisite kitchen/hearthroom. Breathtaking dining room, fabulous master w/sitting area, FP, elegant new bath area. Cherry paneled office w/FP. Game & exercise rms, kit in LL.

Allow yourself a little luxury! Waterfront ranch home is simply amazing. Runco movie theater room, sunken bar, 2 laundry rooms are just a few extras. There is a cozy outside living area, firepit and the pool overlooks the lake.

Nancy Kehrli • 690.1099

Marvin & Fike • 689.2380

Jeff Rensch • 391.5333

12730 Dutch Hall Road


Grand entry with curved staircase, dream kitchen, main flr utility, walk-in auto lit closets. 2200 sqft dream shop with laundry, bath, heat, and air! Also matching out building. No covenants - horses, motocross, or your desire.


Beautiful 2-story custom built in Silverleaf Estates. Quality craftsmanship & state of the art amenities. 6 bedrooms/6 baths, ultimate gourmet kitchen, hearthroom with fireplace. Extra large bedrooms each with bath access.

Roxanne Dooley • 319.9678

22833 Rifle Ridge Terrace


Backs up to 33 acres of private reserve w/ natural trails. Executive home nestled in all of natures glory! Kitchen w/granite & SS appls, wet bar & newer heat pumps. Hearth rm, screened-in porch, walkout LL, & 5 BR on main flr. Minutes from 180th & W Center Rd.

Deb Hopkins • 659.7200


Wonderful location in Regency that overlooks parkway. Great for family living and entertaining. Huge Master Suite, new bath area. Circular drive and wonderful water feature in back. Location convenient to all desired services, schools and interstate.

Marvin & Fike • 689.2380

Scott Momsen • 677.0540

1412 N 189 Street, Elkhorn

9629 Harney Parkway So.

4001 S 173rd Circle

21253 Ashwood Lane, Council Bluffs


One of a kind acreage just outside of town. 40 acres with stocked pond. 40x40 outbuilding with apartment, office space, and workshop area. Large patio with stone waterfall perfect for entertaining! Great views from every window!

Cory Gordon • 690.7500


13642 Burt Street


Stunning Baywood home. Private cul-de-sac backs to Zorinsky Nature Preserve. Panoramic views, tiered waterfall & inground pool! Moldings, marble, granite, soaring ceilings, built-ins & amenities galore. Walk out LL.

Simply elegant! 14ft ceilings from entry to main living area. Master suite with his/hers closets. Relaxing deck with waterfall and double sided FP. LL wet bar, custom built cabinetry, FP, 4 flat screen TVs/surround sound.

Susie Knox • 968.6950

Mike Story • 706.0076

1418 N 191st Avenue


19900 Lindale Drive, Gretna


Incredible 6 BR, 5 BA custom built ranch in Silverleaf Estates! Nearly 5000 sq ft of living space to enjoy. Extra large, open living areas and kitchen. Maintenance free, saltwater underground pool. This is a home you don’t want to miss.

Outstanding country acreage. 5 acres with easy access to everything! 2 story entrance, full front porch. 5 br, 3 ba, kitchen w/ hardwood floors, granite countertops, pella windows, FP. 24x40 outbuilding and lush landscaping, fruit trees.

Lawrence Pete • 598.0848

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Oct/Nov 2010 Limited Edition Her Omaha Magazine  
Oct/Nov 2010 Limited Edition Her Omaha Magazine  

Oct/Nov 2010 Limited Edition Her Omaha Magazine