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Mayor Jean Stothert FACE OF OMAHA

Omaha makes a great first impression, I hear it all the time! People visiting Omaha for the first time experiencing one of our great attractions, watch a Men’s College World Series game or go to a concert at Steelhouse Omaha, tell me they can’t wait to come back!

We are proud of our great quality of life for our citizens, a thriving business environment, and our growing reputation as a sports competition and entertainment destination for visitors.

Omaha has a strong foundation, focused on public safety, employment and business growth, investment in our urban core and historic neighborhoods, and strong financial management.

We are on the right track to make Omaha an even safer city,

On track to rebuild our urban core, bring new businesses, jobs, and housing to downtown and midtown,

On track to open a state of the art central library,

On track with new riverfront parks and venues for education, entertainment, and recreation, all connected with a modern streetcar.

Working with our great business, philanthropic, and civic partners, we have a record of progress, determination, and success, and together, we have the momentum to build Omaha into a city for the future.


1819 Farnam St., Suite 300 Omaha, NE 68183



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When you think of Omaha, we hope you think of a city with unprecedented momentum. A city that is constantly building, grinding, breaking new ground, and rebuilding to grow. A city deeply influenced by the visionary actions of its business, government, philanthropic leaders. These individuals all play crucial roles in shaping the economic and social landscape of the community.

Here at the Greater Omaha Chamber, we are proud to bring together Omaha’s business leaders and facilitate our region’s work of driving economic growth and sustainability. By investing in new ventures and expanding established operations, Omaha businesses are creating job opportunities and stimulating economic activities that benefit the entire community.

To maintain Omaha’s momentum and growth, our business community remains very active in collaborating with government officials to develop policies that support business growth. By participating in policy-making processes, advocating for legislation, and sometimes challenging regulatory barriers, the Greater Omaha Chamber ensures that the business community’s needs are considered in government decisions.

A point of pride within Omaha’s business community is the longstanding commitment to cultivating the next generation of leaders. Through leadership development programs like the Chamber’s Leadership Omaha to business leadership initiatives like the Business Ethics Alliance to involvement in local non-profits and civic organizations, Omaha’s business leaders are generous in passing on their knowledge and skills.

Here at the Greater Omaha Chamber, we know that our members and Omaha’s business leaders are more than just the backbone of the economy; they are catalysts for change and growth in the community. Their influence extends beyond their companies, driving economic development, shaping public policy, fostering leadership, and ensuring talent sustainability. As these leaders continue to innovate and advocate, they reinforce Omaha’s position as a dynamic and prosperous city.


7500 Mercy Road, Suite 1300 Omaha, NE 68124



2 || Faces of Omaha 2024

Omaha is a vibrant place in which businesses thrive. Year after year, national and international publications rank our city as one of the top places in the U.S., economically, and Greater Omaha produces more than $52 billion in goods and services annually.

Each industry in our metro has a “face,” or expert, who represents a top tier company with which to conduct business. Highlighting those experts is the purpose of this premier magazine by Omaha Publications. Our ninth edition of FACES of Omaha showcases more than 80 companies, and the featured enterprises represent the pinnacles of their fields for manifold reasons. One might exemplify teamwork; another has emerged as the innovator in their industry. Yet another has established itself as the business leader to whom the public has turned for years of exceptional service.

The team at Omaha Publications has curated each page in FACES of Omaha through a collaborative effort—the salespeople assessed the categories and assisted clients, the photographers captured the faces behind the businesses, the writers and editors created the copy, and the designers combined images and text to create a visually elegant compendium that compellingly tells the story of Omaha’s business leaders.

The end result is a tribute to our industry leaders and their high standards of excellence.

The Staff MAGAZINE PUBLISHING OMAHA PUBLICATIONS OMAHA PUBLICATIONS 5921 S. 118th Circle, Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68137 402.884.2000 omahamagazine.com
Faces of Omaha 2024 || 3

From the


maha is home, and I have always thought it is the best place in the world both to live and work. In the mid-2010s, I saw similar, even larger, city publications producing sections of native content to be part of their regular magazines. I knew Omaha would need more than a special section—that there are so many talented, innovative, and expert industries in this city we needed a separate book to introduce all the “faces” of our local experts.

We published our first edition of FACES of Omaha in 2016, and this publication remains special to me and to the business community. The honor of being named a “face” is reserved for one company per business category, and each company represented in this compendium is here by invitation. My sales team and I carefully curated the list to ensure that the companies represented produce the highest quality, most professional work in their industry. Each feature in this publication tells the story of one of Omaha’s first-rate businesses.

The search is on for FACES of Omaha 2025. I encourage the entire business community, as well as the public, to let us know the “face” of any company worthy of this honor. Any member of my team can be reached by calling 402.884.2000.

Todd Lemke, Publisher Omaha Publications

01 City of Omaha 02 Greater Omaha Chamber 03 Omaha Publications 06 Accessbank 07 Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center 08 The Aesthetics Academy 09 Aksarben Cinema 10 Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, P.C. 11 Arbor Aesthetics 12 Bark Avenue 13 Batten Trailer Leasing 14 Bespoke 15 Bishop Business 16 Blackford Law, LLC 17 Blazek Law Group 18 Braddock Finnegan Helget Dermatology 19 Buoyant Family Services Counseling 20-21 Bridges Trust 22 Carly Urbach Photography 23 Catch Intelligence 24-25 Burton A/C, Heating, Plumbing & More 26 Catering Creations 27 Chartrand Orthodontics 28 Clare Services Senior Advisers
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29 Constellation Collective 30-31 Childrens Nebraska 32-33 CKF 34 C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy & Sports Performance 35 Counseling Connections & Associates 36 Country Sampler 37 Curt Hofer & Associates 38 Custom Closets and Garage 39 Custom Diesel Drivers Training 40-41 Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa 42 Dingman’s Mechanical Repair 43 Dingman’s Collision Center 44 Dino’s Storage 45 Egan Supply 46 Elite Cheer 47 ENT Specialists, P.C. 48 Eye Candy Tattoo 49 Fireplace Stone & Patio 50 Fitzpatrick Law 51 Garage Living of Omaha 52 Gatekeepers Security 53 General Fire & Safety 54 Goldsmith Silversmith 55 Good Life Sports Bar & Grill 56 Groundscapes Inc. 57 Harrison Financial Services 58 Hayes & Associates, LLC 59 Heartland Lawns 60 Hearts & Fire 61 Highway Signing 62-63 High & Younes 64 The Hills Montessori 65 iFixOmaha 66 InfiNet Solutions 67 Interiors Joan and Associates 68 Isla Del Mar 69 Jani-King 70 Jensen Retaining Walls 71 Jet Linx 72 JJT Transportation & Logistics 73 Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone 74 Limitless Male Medical Clinic 75 Trillion Health & Hormone 76 Modern Vision Centers 77 LincTrack GPS 78 Ralph Marasco Real Estate Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate 79 Marsh Creek Concrete, Inc. 80 Max I. Walker 81 McCoy Roofing 82 MD West ONE 83 MediaSpark 84 Merrymakers Association 85 Nebraska Cancer Specialists 86 The Olson Group 87 Omaha Primary EyeCare 88 Parsons House on Eagle Run 89 Patera Landscaping 90 Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew 91 Rachel D. Fox 92 Roeder Mortuary 93 RTG Medical 94 Run Payments 95 Safari Cigars and Lounge 96 Scott Conference Center 97 SecretPenguin 98 Sol’s Jewelry & Loan 99 Status 100 T. Hurt Construction 101 Ted & Wally’s 102 Todd Smith Fitness 103 Valo Wellness Spa 104 Westfield Plastic Surgery Center Faces of Omaha 2024 || 5


Since the day we opened our doors in 2007, we’ve become Omaha’s premier community-focused bank, earning the trust of thousands of businesses and consumers, growing to seven locations, and employing over 130 staff members. ACCESSbank has earned 11 B2B Magazine “Best Bank” designations, five Greater Omaha Chamber Excellence Awards, and a “Best Bank to Work For in 2023” honor from American Banker.

“As a community bank, our Midwestern values can be seen throughout our organization. Our leadership team and employees are proud of the close relationships we’ve built with our clients,” President Tom Corrigan said. “We work hard to guard our clients’ best interests

each and every day. Further, the deposits that come into ACCESSbank are re-deployed into our community, propelling our local economy forward.”

ACCESSBANK 8712 West Dodge Road Omaha, NE 68114 402.763.6000 accessbank.com
6 || Faces of Omaha 2024

Dr. Melissa Sheets SLEEP HEALTH

Trouble falling and staying asleep or struggling to get adequate sleep is unfortunately common, said Dr. Melissa Sheets, owner of Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center. However, poor sleep and the problems that can accompany it— like frequent headaches, snoring, and exhaustion—don’t have to be your everyday experience.

Improving “sleep hygiene” is always worth a try, Sheets said. This includes sticking to a sleep schedule; avoiding big meals, alcohol, and caffeine late in the day; and using the bed only for sleep rather than activities like studying, eating, or watching TV.

“If you’re doing these things and still not sleeping well, it’s a great idea to get a sleep test to assess whether or not you have a sleep disorder contributing to your poor sleep,” Sheets said.

A sleep study can be done in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Sleep medicine doctors educate the patient on findings and discuss treatment options from there.

“We are limited to treating snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliances, but we guide you in the direction that will best fit and meet your unique needs, whether that’s with an oral appliance, a CPAP, or something else. We love helping people sleep and feel better!” Sheets said.

Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center 11919 Grant St. Suite 140 Omaha, NE 68164 402.493.4175 whywesnore.com
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Courtney Vacanti-Birnstihl ESTHETICS EDUCATION


The Aesthetics Academy in Rockbrook Village, led by owner Courtney Vacanti Birnstihl, offers a state-mandated high-intensity 600-hour esthetics program. Under the watchful eye of licensed and experienced instructors, highly-trained esthetic students provide luxurious spa services to the public using state-of-the-art equipment at a modified price.

Vacanti Birnstihl’s extensive 30-year experience in the beauty industry enriches the curriculum. “We empower students beyond their technical skills. Our students not only receive training on entrepreneurial success, we also teach them life skills.”

Her passion extends to her CXC Skincare and CXC Cosmetics lines, formulated with premium ingredients. “These products are clean, proven, and perfect for enhancing skin health.”

The Academy’s maxim, “Beauty is our passion. Education is our mission,” reflects her dedication to students as they embark on their esthetics careers. “Esthetics is deeply personal and impactful. Healthy selfcare can make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. It’s my mission to raise the standards and performance of those who make it their vocation.”

Ultimately, Courtney Vacanti Birnsithl makes people glow inside and out.


T HE AESTHETICS ACADEMY 11020 Prairie Brook Rd. Omaha, NE 68144 402.999.9600
8 || Faces of Omaha 2024

It’s a hit so far for the business that began with a movie theater and became a preeminent hospitality and entertainment company, said Bill Barstow, co-founder of Main Street Theatres, Inc.

“We currently own and operate 53 screens in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio on the theater side; and then we have freestanding restaurants Backlot Pizza + Kitchen and Backlot Taphouse—both featuring our Detroit-style pizza—in Omaha, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati,” Barstow explained. “We also have a ‘UK with a Midwestern twist’ restaurant concept called Buchanan’s in Milwaukee. Lastly, we have a cocktail concept called Inkwell in the West Loop district in Chicago. We like to have our restaurants co-located or in close proximity to our theaters.”

The establishments are well-liked by patrons, and the business is well-respected by industry peers. The Barstows’ footprint extends beyond Omaha, and Colleen Barstow serves the National Association of Theater Owners as Chair of Independent Theater Owners Committee representing over 7,000 North American Screens as well as the only woman elected to the governing executive committee of NATO (The other NATO). Their children have also played important roles.

“We are truly a family enterprise,” Barstow said.

Aksarben cinema 2110 S. 67th St. Omaha, NE 68106 402.502.1914 ACX Cinema 12+ 6200 South 205th Plaza Elkhorn, NE 68022 402.979.8153 acxcinemas.com

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 9

Dr. James Tracy ALLERGY & ASTHMA

Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates was founded in 1975 in Lincoln, and nearly 50 years later the practice provides comprehensive allergy care in offices in Omaha and Lincoln, serving patients at more than 20 clinic locations across Nebraska and Iowa.

“Access and quality of care is our emphasis,” said Dr. James Tracy, a senior partner for the practice, as well as the president-elect of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Reflecting that emphasis, the team is still growing, he said, with Dr. Robert Szalewski, Dr. Mitchell M. Pitlick, and Physician Assistant Sarah E. Peters joining the practice in recent years

P ractitioners diagnose and treat allergies, asthma, and immune

deficiencies in both children and adults, seeing patients with conditions from common to rare and mildly bothersome to potentially lifethreatening. Dr. Tracy said patients unable to find relief in the past—or who find the effectiveness of their current treatments to have waned— should consider an appointment for reevaluation.

“ For new options and a fresh look,” he explained. “Because allergies change over time.”

Immunology Associates, P.C. 2808 S. 80th Ave. Suite 210 Omaha, NE 68124 402.391.1800 allergynebraska.com
Asthma &

Arbor Aesthetics’ core purpose—or maybe “roots” would be a more apt term—is meaningful growth for people as well as trees. As part of that long-term commitment, founders Jeff and Amy Grewe, who started the business in 2005, offer company-sponsored life coaching to support their team’s leadership.

“We encourage that and make the connection…Amy and I live it every day,” Jeff said. “Our company benefits from having people living a richer, more self-aware life.”

Long-term is also the approach of the company’s certified arborists, whose work considers multigenerational impact, Amy added.

"There’s an art and a science to tree care,” she explained. “We are focusing not on serving as many people as possible, but on serving as well as possible and creating as much value as we can. By developing lifelong relationships with clients, we can ensure the longevity of their trees and that they are fulfilling their greatest potential impact on our community and environment."

Arbor Aesthetics 6724 Irvington Road Omaha, NE 68122 402.408.5600 arboraesthetics.com Faces of Omaha 2024 || 11

Meghan Wilke DOG DAYCARE


With playtime, nap time, and educational and enrichment activities on the schedule, daycare for dogs is remarkably like daycare for children, said Bark Avenue CEO and owner Meghan Wilke, who continues to evolve the services the company is offering.

“The benefits of enrichment daycare are greater than what you get with dogs who only do group play. As a second-generation owner of this longstanding Omaha business [founded in 2000 by her motherin-law Suzanne Wilke], I’m proud to be taking the company to this next level,” Wilke said.

“The crazy play is fun but should be balanced with other activities that get them thinking. We’re working on stimulating them more by teaching them tricks and cues and practicing their recall. Our team wants to be known for having Omaha’s best dogs.”

In addition to dog daycare, Bark Avenue offers overnight stays and grooming.

Bark Avenue 13706 C Street Omaha, NE 68144 402.933.4007 barkavenueomaha.com
12 || Faces of Omaha 2024


Batten Trailer Leasing President Barry Kubat is proud to serve the commercial and mobile storage business, which was founded in 1984 and maintains headquarters in Omaha. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and an extensive fleet, Batten understands the diverse needs of their customers to offer a comprehensive range of rental and leasing solutions, ranging from commercial vans to flatbeds, step decks, and ramp trailers.

“We’ve taken an already strong, existing foundation of a business, and we’re spring-boarding off it. We’re able to take and drive momentum in the supply chain area, where we offer other services that are valuable to our clients, as well as expand the trailer leasing,” Kubat said. “A sister company, Kubat Transport, works with Batten to offer ancillary services in addition to providing trailers…We also offer small trailers, jump trailers, car haulers, even (live)stock trailers for people

to move animals; we’re moving into that, and it’s evolving.”

Kubat said he’s proud of Batten Trailer Leasing’s positive work environment, nodding to the company’s Midwestern roots. “The strategic location of Omaha both in supply chain and the culture are big, strong factors in why we will continue to base in Omaha and continue to develop and evolve from Omaha,” he said. “Omaha’s been good to us.”

BATTEN TRAILER LEASING 4511 S. 67th St. Omaha, NE 68117 402.339.1429 battentl.com

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 13


Well-travelled and always well-dressed, Nick Moore, haberdasher at Bespoke, brings an international aesthetic to his hometown. With two decades of experience in menswear, his passion and expertise thrive in the surging market of custom men’s clothing.

A s the face of Bespoke since 2023, Moore and his Countryside Village location have experienced unprecedented growth resulting from high customer demand without high-pressure sales.

“I could teach a cat to measure someone for a suit,” Moore said. “However, it’s experience, unbridled enthusiasm, and an innate sense of aesthetics that set a Bespoke clothier apart.”

He explained how, “the difference between custom and off-the-rack isn’t just about selecting fabric or having your name embroidered ; it’s about fit!” No matter the client’s build, Bespoke’s unique fitting process combines old-world techniques with modern technology, ensuring an impeccable fit while the company’s vertical integration provides unparalleled value.

T he advantage of “working by appointment is giving the one-onone attention clients deserve and building long-lasting relationships,” he said. For weddings, the office, a night out, or a post-pandemic refresh, Moore seamlessly guides first-time buyers and connoisseurs alike through the process of building a uniquely Bespoke wardrobe.


8728 Countryside Plaza Omaha, NE 68114



14 || Faces of Omaha 2024

Bi shop Business is a premier office equipment company providing copiers, printers, and software solutions to local businesses. In operation for 70 years, Bishop is a proud Omaha-owned business, with five locations and growing in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Central Nebraska, and Lawrence, Kansas.

" Our culture is all about providing exceptional customer service," Chris Bell, President of Bishop Business said. Service requests are handled promptly. “If you call our service department, you’ll get a live person on the phone after about two rings,” Bell noted, “and the service tech will call you back within an hour to let you know exactly when they’ll be there.”

In addition to selling and servicing printers and copiers, Bishop Business installs software that helps companies save time and money by creating

internal workflows and electronic filing systems “With the content management platform Laserfiche, you scan something in, you index it, and you can search for that document and find it in one second,” Bell explained. Sixty school districts in Nebraska use Laserfiche to store and retrieve student records and HR files, and corporations increasingly rely on Laserfiche to streamline workflow.

BISHOP BUSINESS 4125 S. 94th St. Omaha, NE, 68127 402.537.8000 info@bbec.com www.bbec.com


Attorney Brian J. Blackford has dedicated his career to advocating for the rights of immigrants.

“ We want to help as many people as possible from all over the world realize the American dream and either be able to stay with or be reunited with their families here,” Blackford said. “We continue to keep up -to - date on policy changes that affect immigration law and legal interpretations of existing laws and implement them into strategies that help our clients ”

“ Blackford Law clients can expect to be treated with respect ,” Blackford said. His team is considerate of cultural differences, offers services in multiple languages, and practices high ethical standards.

“ We put a premium on being honest with our clients and maintaining open lines of communication. If people don’t feel heard, we can’t provide the best services for them,” he said.

T he practice celebrates 10 years this fall.

“ We’re appreciative that we’ve been able to help so many people and families over the years,” Blackford said. “We hope to be able to assist many more people in the years to come.”

B lackford Law LLC 1 1711 Arbor St., Suite 220 Omaha, NE 68144 402.933.4090 blackfordlawllc.com Brian J. Blackford IMMIGRATION LAW BLACKFORD LAW, LLC || 16 ||



Attorney Molly Blazek is a local expert in guardianship and conservatorship by profession. She not only serves on the Nebraska Supreme Court’s Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships, but she also makes it the focus of her law firm.

“As far as I know, we’re the only firm that specializes in guardianship and conservatorship,” she said.

But there is a personal connection, too.

“I am a guardian and a conservator,” Blazek said. “That lends to the uniqueness of what I can provide for my clients, because I not only know the legal side of being a guardian, but I also know their side, having navigated it.”

“Guardianship and conservatorship are important responsibilities,” Blazek said, “and the firm has developed resources to help meet families where they are in guardianship.”

“We have created the Nebraska Guardianship DIY guide,” she explained. “This year we’re really focusing on amplifying that guide and helping people with their guardianship journey in a number of multifaceted ways: helping them do it themselves through limited scope representation or in traditional full-service support.”

BLAZEK LAW GROUP 444 Regency Parkway Dr. Ste. 308 Omaha, NE 68114




Faces of Omaha 2024 || 17

Dermatology is a broad area of medicine, encompassing the treatment of conditions affecting hair and nails as well as skin, said Dr. Mary Finnegan, who leads Braddock Finnegan Helget Dermatology in partnership with Dr. Blake Helget. The busy practice brought in another provider this year to expand its schedule, and the team keeps abreast of evolving treatments that provide new options even for people who have struggled to find solutions in the past.

“ There continue to be new breakthroughs in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and hair loss. There are new classes of drugs that have come out for some very common skin diseases,” Finnegan said. “And a lot of new products have come to the market for volumizing, smoothing, and hydration.”

Patients can also seek services before problems arise, Finnegan added.

“ Our practice is also focused on prevention of skin aging and cancer in both our recommended treatments and products we offer. Skin cancer continues to be the number one type of cancer in America. We recommend regular exams if you’re a high-risk patient,” she said.

Braddock Finnegan Helget Dermatology 7911 West Center Road Omaha, NE 68124 402.390.0333 braddockfinneganhelget.com
Dr. Mary T. Finnegan & Dr. Blake M. Helget DERMATOLOGY BRADDOCK FINNEGAN HELGET DERMATOLOGY 18 || Faces of Omaha 2024

Native Kenyan Dr. Betty Kola founded Buoyant Family Services Counseling and Consulting in 2017 with the goal of providing immigrants with mental health services from a compassionate practitioner who could also relate to many of their experiences. The ongoing mission of the practice is to promote and provide effective, strength-based, co-occurring, integrated services; embrace multiculturalism, efficiency, and empowerment; and be responsive to community needs, Kola said.

Buoyant offers a wide spectrum of psychiatric services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families seeking diagnosis or treatment. These include counseling, psychotherapy, mental status evaluations, intensive outpatient treatment, substance abuse therapy and co-occurring evaluations for patients with both a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorders, and supervised visitations for noncustodial parents

who support both child safety and parent/child relationships.

Kola specializes in treating patients who have experienced trauma. She encourages people not to let fear or stigma keep them from seeking services and emphasizes that all clients can expect to be treated with respect.

“ We are accredited,” Kola said. “We work with the highest standards possible.”

Buoyant Family Services Counseling 1941 S 42nd St Suite 106 Omaha, NE 68105 402.933.7577 bfscounseling.com Dr. Betty Kola MENTAL HEALTH BUOYANT FAMILY SERVICES COUNSELING Faces of Omaha 2024 || 19


Tracing its roots back nearly 80 years, Bridges Trust works diligently to earn high respect in the marketplace and appears to show no signs of slowing down. Even as this multigenerational business moves towards a new era of leadership, it is believed that the enduring success of Bridges Trust can be linked to its range of services offered, commitment to personalized strategies, and intentions to serve clients for generations to come.

B ridges Trust offers services in investment management, trust and estate planning, philanthropy, and family office support. This array of services is designed to help meet the needs of ultra-high net-worth individuals, families, and foundations looking for a combination of discretion, customized strategy, and wealth preservation across generations.

B ridges Trust operates on a foundational philosophy that effective wealth management

requires a deep understanding and alignment with the distinct ambitions of each family member. This approach has helped foster enduring and trusted relationships for the firm.

To elevate this commitment, Bridges Trust offers Philanthropy Services, supported by the Philanthropy Consulting team , and the knowledge of six Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy®. These professionals offer guidance to clients on navigating the complexities of making a

significant societal impact through strategic philanthropy efforts. Their collective experience includes the administration of charitable trusts and family foundations, in addition to managing assets for trusts, foundations, and endowments.

B y offering these services, Bridges Trust seeks to seamlessly integrate wealth management with impactful community giving, enabling clients to establish legacies that go beyond financial wealth. The firm’s philanthropy services are designed to guide clients across all stages of their philanthropic endeavors— from selecting causes that align with personal values and devising effective giving strategies, to setting up charitable foundations.

20 || Faces of Omaha 2024


T he team’s approach is personalized and built to suit, focusing on immediate goals while considering the long-term impacts of philanthropic activities. This includes a commitment to educating subsequent generations on the principles of meaningful philanthropy.

W ith an eye on the evolving landscape of philanthropy, Bridges Trust strives to stay informed, helping to maintain its status as a trusted advisor in charitable efforts. In doing so, Bridges Trust seeks to equip its clients with the ability to make lasting impacts on the causes they are passionate about, bridging wealth management with the noble objective of enriching communities.


TRUST 13333 California St., Ste. 500 Omaha, NE 68154



DISCLOSURE: “Bridges Trust” and its logo reference independent services offered by Bridges Trust Company (“BTC”), a trust company chartered through the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance; Bridges Trust Company of South Dakota (“BTC-SD”), a trust company chartered through the South Dakota Division of Banking; and Bridges Investment Management, Inc. (“BIM”), an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser.

CAP® and Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® are registered trademarks owned by the American College of Financial Services.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 21



Despite the proliferation of camera phones and editing software, there’s still something special about the image quality and creative composition of professional photography.

“That doesn’t ever lose its value over time,” Carly Urbach of Carly Urbach Photography said. “There is definitely a difference.”

It’s important to put young subjects— and their parents—at ease, Urbach said. Her Dundee studio, which she expanded last year, boasts natural lighting and numerous options for seasonal, creative, and traditional backgrounds for every subject and any occasion. The studio is petfriendly, so four-legged family members can be included in portraits. Urbach encourages multiple outfits

to maximize a session, and children are welcome to bring favorite toys and other props that tell a story about their interests.

“It makes their experience better,” Urbach said.

Urbach said she is always willing to try new ideas and fun trends like recreating old family photos with adult siblings or photographing children in the same or similar outfits worn by a parent or grandparent in a treasured photo for inclusion in a side-by-side display.



Dodge St.
NE 68132
22 || Faces of Omaha 2024


CATCH Intelligence would like to recognize Janet Tschudin, Vice President of Organizational Development, for her outstanding leadership and years of dedicated service to coaching our people. CATCH Intelligence regularly recognizes key employees for their outstanding service through a gift of our most prized “Goliath Award.”

“ Thank you, Janet, for your outstanding service!” CEO Mark Floersch said.

CATCH Intelligence is dedicated to helping customers “Lead by Knowing” and use actionable intelligence to become more data driven.

T he company is proud to be headquartered in Nebraska, and for 22 years, it has been helping customers turn their data into gold to improve their business performance and results. The CATCH Brand Promise is to deliver the world’s best and most

cost-effective data management and analytics systems while providing the greatest value to customers.

Services extend across industries, offering limitless potential in AI, ML, data science, and GenAI. Notably, CATCH Intelligence has been combatting fraud in government during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting state organizations, and aiding in fund recovery.

“ We are so excited to help our customers use Data Analytics to make a positive difference in the world,” Floersch said.

CATCH INTELLIGENCE 402-715-5800 catchintelligence.com
Mark Floersch & Janet



Ahome’s or commercial building’s utility equipment tucked away in a basement or mechanical room or closet can be easy to forget, but with Burton A/C, Heating, Plumbing & More, you never have to worry about remembering.

Burton technicians respond to plenty of urgent service calls throughout the year, but the company also emphasizes maintenance and working with customers to schedule regular equipment inspections. For instance, to prevent leaks that can cause water damage potentially costing thousands of dollars, an annual safety check would be recommended for an aging water heater.

Burton’s highly trained technicians examine and evaluate everything from anode rods and steel parts to the overall condition of water heaters before making the changes they need to so those parts don’t fail. Technicians also advise when it’s time for replacement, possibly preventing catastrophe. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s being proactive instead of reactive. To this end,

Burton is launching a preventive maintenance membership program this year, details for which can be found on their website.

Heating and air conditioning systems also need regular maintenance and inspections to catch problems early— before those taxing Midwestern extreme temperature days—and possibly extend the life of the equipment. Homeowners or building managers can also receive guidance for maximizing systems or making simple adjustments so every room is

24 || Faces of Omaha 2024
comfortable year-round. Burton techs also check IAQ (indoor air quality) and recommend solutions like state-of-theart filtration or sanitizing UV light for HVAC systems. Year after year, Burton has been voted Best of Omaha because Burton always puts their customers first. It’s the little things they do without being expected to, with the best products and warranties to back them up. BURTON A/C, HEATING, PLUMBING & MORE 5010 F St. Omaha, NE 68117 402.343.0011 justcallburton.com Faces of Omaha 2024 || 25


Are you lucky enough to work for a company that provides lunch to its staff? If so, this popular “perk” is likely prepared and delivered by Catering Creations.

Founded in 2002 by owner Jennifer Snow and her husband, Jeff, Catering Creations has received First Place in Best of Omaha every year since 2010. Their work is evenly divided between weddings and corporate events as an approved caterer at most of the finest venues in Omaha and its surrounding areas.

“We do everything from start to finish because we want our clients to be guests at their own events,” Jennifer explained. “Of course, we prepare and serve delicious and beautiful food, but our services also include licensed bar service, floor plans, coordinating rental items, and timelines.”

In addition to being a woman-owned company, Catering Creations is Omaha’s only zero-waste caterer. “We recycle fiber, glass, plastic, metal, and we also recycle food by donating to Saving Grace perishable food rescue as well as composting. It’s more expensive and more work to be a zero-waste caterer, but when I look at our recycling cans I think, ‘Thank goodness we’re doing this!’”

Over the years Catering Creations has expanded its services by adding in concession services, venue management, and workplace food programs for corporate cafeteria replacement.

Catering Creations 1915 Jackson St. Omaha, NE 68102 402.558.3202
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Chartrand Orthodontics, formerly Igel Orthodontics, has implemented streamlined processes to improve efficiency without compromising on the quality of care. Through the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, they provide even more precise and comfortable treatments. Despite these changes, they prioritize creating a warm and welcoming environment for their patients.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is witnessing the transformation in my patients' lives as they achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. I take immense joy in being a part of their orthodontic journey, from the initial consultation to the moment they see their final results,” said Daniel Chartrand, DMD.

“Building meaningful connections with my patients and contributing to their confidence and well-being is

incredibly rewarding. Staying at the forefront of orthodontic advancements allows me to continuously learn and grow in my profession, keeping each day exciting and fulfilling. Finally, I love my team. I enjoy learning and growing with them personally and professionally. I want people to know that our practice is not just a dental office; it's a place where smiles are crafted, and confidence is built,” added Chartrand.

Chartrand Orthodontics 10801 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68154 402.330.1152
Daniel Chartrand, DMD


Throughout my 18+ year career in senior living, I’ve had the opportunity to serve countless older adults in their search for the right senior living community to meet their needs. Many have said they waited too long to make the move, but none have said they moved to o soon,” Nolan Clare, Founder and President of Clare Senior Advisors, said.

Nolan and his team of Senior Living/ Health Advisors are dedicated to helping older adults choose the right senior living community or in-home care company to meet their needs. Their commitment is backed by experience; everyone on the team has spent more than 10 years working in senior healthcare. “No other company can match our

level of professional experience,” Nolan mentioned. “The people on our team are professionals who have been caring for and advising older adults and their families for a very long time,” Nolan added. “We’re really good at helping our clients and their families pinpoint what is important to them and then cater our referrals to meet their unique needs ”



Clare Senior Advisors 11205 Wright Circle, Suite 110 Omaha, NE 68144-4719
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CEO Wendy Wiseman describes Constellation Collective as “a fullservice marketing partner that builds brands and businesses,” neatly encapsulating a suite of services from an expert team with a handle on the complex and dynamic nature of marketing.

“We make it our business to know our clients’ businesses like the back of our hands,” she said. “We go to great lengths to understand their goals, where they are in the marketplace, and their competitors. We build strategic marketing campaigns around that with an emphasis on whom they want to reach and what they want that target to know, think, and feel about their brand.”

Wiseman said she’s proud of being part of a woman-founded and owned company that’s successfully evolved over 35 years without losing sight of the fundamentals.

“We work really hard to bring what we know about the core tenets of marketing to the market,” she said. “It’s changing every day, and we keep our finger on the pulse, but there are still these core tenets. It’s a successful recipe no matter how the channels change.”

Constellation Collective 3555 Farnam St., Ste. 103 Omaha, NE 68131



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Adil Shah, M.D.,

Patrick Thomas, M.D., Kathy Schall, M.D.,

Abdalla Zarroug, M.D.,

Megan Fuller, M.D.,

Robert Cusick, M.D.,

Melissa Suh, M.D.

Not pictured: Angela Hanna, M.D.



Trust is everything when it comes to placing your child’s health in the hands of a surgeon. Children’s Nebraska’s pediatric surgeons understand this deeply, offering unmatched expertise and compassionate, comprehensive care for children and families. Numbering eight strong after doubling in size in 2023, the newly expanded team is the largest and most experienced in the region dedicated solely to pediatrics.

“Children are best cared for when their unique medical and psychosocial needs are treated by experts with special training in pediatric medicine,” said Abdalla Zarroug, M.D., division chief of Pediatric Surgery and surgeon-inchief. “Our team is equipped with both expertise and experience, and we are proud to offer the region’s most robust

surgical program. Our mission is to improve the lives of children with the most advanced surgical care, research, and education.”

Children’s Pediatric Surgery division continues to grow and innovate to meet the needs of children and families. Dr. Zarroug works alongside surgeons

Robert Cusick, M.D., Megan Fuller, M.D., Angela Hanna, M.D., Kathy Schall, M.D., Adil Shah, M.D., Melissa Suh, M.D., and Patrick Thomas, M.D. Together, they collaborate and embrace innovation to stay on the leading edge, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to deliver optimal care for pediatric patients.

Headquartered in Children’s state-ofthe-art Hubbard Center for Children, which opened in 2021, the surgical team provides an exceptional, familycentered experience. Its world-class surgical suites are equipped to support more minimally-invasive surgical

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interventions, advanced robot-assisted technologies, and techniques that promote faster recovery and healing, less pain, lower rates of infection, and fewer complications.

With more than 100 years of experience combined, the Pediatric Surgery team shares a commitment to keeping each child safe and comfortable through their entire surgical journey, from clinic consultation to the operating room and recovery process. Children’s offers surgical treatments for a wide variety of medical conditions, with specialized expertise in bariatrics and chest wall deformities, as well as colorectal, hernia, oncology, and thyroid procedures.

“There is no greater privilege than caring for a sick child,” said Dr. Cusick. “Education and research allow us to improve the health of children into the future, but nothing matters more to our team than caring for and healing our patients today. Patients and their families deserve the best in surgical skills, compassion, and a trusting relationship.”

CHILDREN’S NEBRASKA 8200 Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68114 402.955.7400 ChildrensNebraska.org Faces of Omaha 2024 || 31


CKF has been in business for over a century, but the company— headquartered in Omaha with locations in Lincoln, Kansas City, Des Moines, and now Cedar Rapids—is at the leading edge of what’s trending in countertop and surface design. This includes natural and manufactured surfaces in the latest colors and designs, as well as unique applications such as full-height backsplashes, showers, fireplace surrounds, outdoor surfaces, and exterior building facades just to name a few. The showroom features full size displays of kitchens, baths, and other spaces, as well as an expansive slab gallery showcasing a wide range of price tiers to serve both residential and commercial clients.

The CKF design and sales teams are ready to help guide customers through showroom visits and decision-making processes, followed by skilled technicians taking precise measurements and professional installers carrying the project through to the client’s home or

office. CKF takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and making sure the client’s experience is positive from start to finish and even works to “make it right” if any challenges arise with materials or products.

CKF 10325 J St. Omaha, NE 68127 402.331.0500 ckfco.com
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CKF’s showroom features an impressive selection of cabinetry suited for a variety of spaces including kitchens, home offices, garages, recreation rooms, and more in product lines that fit every budget. Whether a customer’s taste is classic stained wood with time-honored hardware or modern finishes with sleek hardware, CKF cabinetry is a great choice for for both remodels and new builds.

CKF’s experienced team guides the customer through the process of selecting the design and material of their cabinets and hardware to the interior features like dividers, rollouts, and pullouts that enhance the efficiency of an entire space. CKF also offers customized storage solutions for residential clients and commercial clients who need to create storage for offices, common areas, displays, conference rooms, and other spaces. Everything is backed by professional installation.

An introduction to the range of cabinetry options can be found on the CKF website.

Customers are also welcome to visit the showroom in person when they’re ready to launch a project or even in the pre-planning stage when they’re simply looking for inspiration.

CKF 10325 J St. Omaha, NE 68127 402.331.0500
CKF Team
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Drs. Claire and Mark Rathjen PHYSICAL THERAPY


Now in its tenth year, C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy & Sports Performance (C.O.R.E. stands for Conditioning, Orthopedics, Rehab, and Exercise) provides the latest research-based and cutting-edge treatment programs and interventions for physical therapy. The practice, owned by Drs. Claire and Mark Rathjen, is housed in a 6,000-square-foot facility and provides highly individualized services to patients of all ages and fitness levels. Some clients even discover the clinic after an unsatisfactory experience with past treatment elsewhere, Dr. Claire Rathjen said.

“People always get the choice of where they are getting their health care,” Dr. Rathjen explained. “We don’t take it for granted that people are seeking us out and choosing us.”

C.O.R.E. offers one-on-one sessions with the same therapist every visit, meaning the practice does not use techs or assistants. Another physical therapist

was added this year, reflecting ongoing growth, Dr. Rathjen said, and the team is willing to introduce or adapt services in response to the needs of clientele. For example, the clinic is developing a golf program.

“ We are constantly looking at what clients want,” she said.

PHYSICAL THERAPY & SPORTS PERFORMANCE 17660 Wright Street, Stes. 9/10/11 Omaha, NE 68130

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402.933.4027 coreomaha.com

Dr. Kristi Tackett-Newburg COUNSELING


Counseling Connections & Associates (CCA), a premier mental health practice, combines modern elegance with treatments that are grounded in the latest scientific research.

CCA’s owner, Dr. Kristi Tackett-Newburg, has cultivated an environment where comfort and science intertwine. The moment you step foot into CCA, you are greeted by beautifully designed offices that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but intentionally created to foster a sense of peace and readiness for growth.

CCA’s commitment to excellence is complemented by innovative technologies, upgrading the client experience from beginning to end. “At CCA, we want to ensure that each individual’s journey is both informed and supported,” Dr. Tackett-Newburg said.

CCA’s skilled clinicians offer a wide range of treatment options, including counseling, medication services, EMDR therapy, workshops/intensives, leadership development, and performance/ executive coaching services. “Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of a person’s well-being are addressed, fostering an environment where breakthroughs and growth are not just possible but expected,” said Dr. Tackett-Newburg.

With a focus on modern mental wellness, CCA embodies a forward-thinking approach to mental health care, offering a journey of transformation and empowerment for all who seek their support.


9802 Nicholas Street, Unit 350 Omaha, NE 68114



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Country Sampler owner Deb Cox has a sign in the shop that says, “This is my happy place.” It perfectly describes the ambiance she’s established for the business she’s owned for three years.

“It’s comfortable. My employees are helpful and friendly; I call them my ‘sampler sisters,’” Cox said. “Women come in here just to walk around and get inspired…I want to make sure they leave in a great mood.”

The business, which serves the quilting and needlework community, offers a wide selection of fabric along with supplies from patterns and kits to notions and books. Country Sampler also offers classes for every skill level, Cox said.

Cox was both a longtime customer and a part-time employee of Country Sampler, founded by Deb Cizek in 1991. She’s putting her own stamp on the business while at the same time respecting the establishment that’s served a loyal niche for more than three decades, she said. She expects a few changes ahead, such as expanded classroom space and new classes offered.

“I have a lot of ideas,” Cox said.

11928 West Center Rd. Omaha, NE 68144 402.333.6131 countrysampler.com
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Curt Hofer & Associates President Steve Huber said the high-end custom home builder’s experienced team—which includes a group dedicated to renovation and additions—is ready to meet the needs of homeowners for whatever project they envision.

“There’s still a lot of interest in building new homes and also in remodeling or additions,” Huber said.

The company regularly sees repeat business from clients who want to accommodate a new stage of life. This has inspired Sanctuary Ridge, a new development in the works at 230th and Center Streets, which will feature 14 new homes geared toward empty-nesters. The mostly ranch-style home plans will include

features for aging in place and will be designed for the client who no longer has the space demands of a growing family and wants to reduce maintenance needs, but still desires quality finishes and a touch of luxury.

“They can downscale and still have a high-end home,” Huber said, adding that the company is also in the early development stages of other projects expected to be announced throughout the year.

Curt Hofer & Associates 16820 Frances



St., Ste. 102
Steve Huber
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Josh Eriksen



n business locally for over 20 years, Josh Eriksen and Custom Closets and Garage specialize in tailor-made storage solutions to fit every budget.

“Every closet and storage area is different. We work closely with our clients to custom design solutions to satisfy their specific needs.” Eriksen explained. “No project is too big or too small.”

“Our clients’ lives have never been busier, and having well thought out spaces for their ‘stuff’ is very important to them. Our systems offer convertible components to address ever evolving storage needs.”

We offer free estimates and a professionally-trained design and installation team—and we back it all with a lifetime warranty. Storage is all that we do, so it allows us to focus on one component of the home or business and deliver a product to our clients that they will continue to enjoy for years to come.

If it needs to be stored, we can help find a solution.

GARAGE 20580 Elkhorn Drive Elkhorn, NE, 68022
402.213.9698 yourcustomcloset.com
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Alot of people think truckers have to go over the road and be gone from their families and their homes,” said Ken Walker, owner of Custom Diesel Drivers Training. “The truth is that they can be home every night while earning way above average income.” Local jobs are available at food and beverage, sanitation, concrete, and road construction companies.

Operators of heavy equipment need a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Custom Diesel Drivers Training is a private post-secondary school that trains people to operate heavy equipment.

“We focus on our clients, and after they complete the program, we help them get placed into a job if they want some assistance,” Ken explained.

The CDL requires 160 hours of training. The full-day training program takes five weeks, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Part-time training takes eight weeks, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Night classes (two and a half hours) meet in the evening for 16 weeks.

All of the classroom training takes place in Gretna.


20227 Husker Dr. Gretna, NE 68028



Ken Walker
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People tell us they never feel rushed here,” commented Erynn Watermeier, spa manager for Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa. “They enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.”

L ocated on the second floor of the building, the spa offers a peaceful waiting area where clients can relax while sipping cucumber water, citrus water, or bottled water. The Himalayan salt room can be booked for 20-minute sessions that benefit breathing, skin conditions, aging, bronchitis, and sinus issues.

“ We offer an 80-minute facial, and a lot of other salons don’t,” Watermeier mentioned. Other services include HydraFacials, LED for acne, wrinkles, and other skin conditions, microdermabrasion to rejuvenate

skin, and Dermaplane exfoliation to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Clients can also schedule waxing, lash perms and tinting, and brow tinting.

I n addition to benefitting from the services provided, clients appreciate the spa’s harmonious atmosphere.

“ We take care of each other and make sure everyone is doing okay and has what they need,” Watermeier said. “Clients say they feel that family vibe when they come in , and they love it.”

CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN SALON & SPA 12025 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68154 402.330.5660 creativehairdesign.com
CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN SALON & SPA “ 40 || Faces of Omaha 2024

We’ve been doing extensions for at least 12 years,” said John Mangiameli, founder of Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa. Demand has increased rapidly among clients of all ages, and eight staff members specialize in extensions.

Reasons for choosing extensions include adding length and volume as well as addressing hair loss caused by medical conditions or head trauma. The salon offers tape-in, sewn-in, bonded, and halo options. Depending on the type of extension chosen, they last three to five months.

“During the initial consultation, we go through all the details, including the best type to use, maintenance, care, and cost. Then the client signs a contract and decides on hair type and length,” Mangiameli explained.

Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa keeps up with the latest styling techniques by bringing in guest artists and sending staff members to out-of-town events. Younger employees attend weekly classes taught by experienced designers.

Since the salon opened in 1981, it has grown from three employees to 85. Locally owned and operated, it has received top rankings from readers of Omaha Magazine and the Omaha World-Herald

CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN SALON & SPA 12025 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68154 402.330.5660 creativehairdesign.com
John Mangiameli
CREATIVE HAIR DESIGN SALON & SPA “ Faces of Omaha 2024 || 41

Boyd Dingman & Todd Thompson


The Dingman name has long been associated with quality auto body repair. Since 2017, the company also provides automotive mechanical repair services at Dingman’s Mechanical Repair located near 120th Street and West Maple Road.

“ We’re locally owned, we’re in the community, and it means a lot to earn the trust of our vehicle owners. We’d spent a lot of years on the collision side, and we wanted to expand to the mechanical side so we could carry that trust over to a different facet of automotive repair,” said Travis Dingman, son of company founder Boyd Dingman. “I think it’s worked out well.”

D ingman said while the business supports body shop repair customers

with post-collision repair, it also offers comprehensive automotive repair services to the general public.

“ It’s a standalone retail mechanical facility for the community,” he said. “When you get information from a mechanic, you want to make sure you’re getting the best options and the best guidance on how you’re going to invest your dollars into your vehicle. You want to get the best advice you can.”


42 || Faces of Omaha 2024
D INGMAN’S MECHANICAL REPAIR 12020 Emmet St. Omaha, NE 68164 402.991.2848

Darcie Dingman & Travis Dingman AUTO BODY REPAIR

Since the company’s 1996 founding, the Dingman’s Collision Center team has always focused on high quality auto body repair and superb customer service, said Travis Dingman, who’s in the second generation of leadership of the family-owned business.

“In one way, it’s always the same and in another, it’s always new,” he explained. “What we focus on never changes, but what always changes is the vehicles, and we stay on top of that. Every vehicle that’s in a collision—any make and model—has systems that need to be attended to, and having the know-how and the equipment to do so is imperative. We’re dedicated to investing our time, resources, and training in the latest technology and systems. This means when you get your vehicle back from us, you can trust that it’s been repaired correctly and it’s safer than ever before.”

Dingman’s provides auto body repair at four facilities to serve customers throughout the community. The work is always backed by a 100% guarantee and lifetime warranties, assuring not only safety for drivers and passengers, but also supporting future resale value of the vehicle.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 43
DINGMAN’S COLLISION CENTER 1419 S. Saddle Creek Rd. Omaha, NE 68106 | 402.558.3500 3402 N. 120th St. Omaha, NE 68164 | 402.502.5511 3510 S. 144th St. Omaha, NE 68144 | 402.502.8757 307 S. Washington St. Papillion, NE 68046 402.933.9400 dingmans.com



Dino’s Storage serves customers at 16 metro locations with modern selfstorage facilities including indoor and climate-controlled bays and outdoor vehicle space. Property managers guide tenants to the right storage solutions for the volume and makeup of their belongings, owner Lisa Paladino said. After all, those items are being kept for a reason.

“When someone needs a storage unit, a lot of times there’s something happening: they’re moving, school’s going to be starting, things like that. So, we want to be more personable with the tenant than having just a machine or a kiosk,” she said. “It’s one of our differentiators from businesses where you open the door and get the key and never have to see

a person. Well, we don’t want to do that. We’re the opposite of that. We want people to have someone they can come in and talk to.”

Dino’s is also known for its local involvement in youth sports and other activities.

“We want to engage in the community,” Paladino said. “We want to be a part of the community as a whole.”

D INO’S STORAGE 16 metro-area locations 402.916.4015 dinosstorage.com
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Egan Supply Company has put quality first since it was founded in 1966. Today, the company boasts an extensive product inventory of janitorial supplies, floor maintenance, and cleaning products from the best manufacturers, said Matt Egan, whose grandfather founded the still family-owned enterprise. Egan Supply also provides expert mobile and in-house maintenance and repair services for commercial cleaning equipment. The company even expanded into a unique niche: sport court and gym floor services, from annual re-coating, tearout, and reinstallation to floor graphics and lighting.

“We’re still growing,” Egan said.

The commercial cleaning sector continues to evolve in the area of labor-saving technologies, he added, and the company is on the leading edge of helping clients find the right combination of equipment, techniques, and products for the lowest total-cost solution.

“It is definitely a challenge to staff positions in the cleaning industry. We work with our customers—like school districts, municipalities, and building service contractors—to find the most efficient way to make use of the labor they have and make everything as easy as possible for them.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 45
EGAN SUPPLY COMPANY 13838 Industrial Rd. Omaha, NE 68137 402.346.0597 egansupply.net

Kevin Hooker and Lance Stoltenberg



When Kevin Hooker and Lance Stoltenberg started Elite Cheer in 1995, they could not have imagined that their company would eventually work with more than 10,000 people. In addition to helping young athletes excel in the physical aspects of cheerleading, tumbling, gymnastics, and martial arts, Elite Cheer emphasizes the importance of supporting the community.

E lite Cheer has been in the allstar cheer industry for over 30 years. “From globing at Worlds to winning NCA titles to performing at Majors–our most profound performances ha ve been in helping the community like showcasing at Cheersport Friday Night Live in Atlanta , Georgia , a fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital ,” s a id Stoltenberg “Yes , w e are a community - based program that focuses on teaching life skills through our passion of what we train here. From confidence,

tenacity, respect, and integrity to discipline, responsibility, friendship, and dignity,” Hooker added .

E lite Cheer’s goal is to build athletes into high functioning adults who support their communit ies and positively impact everyone around them. Their mission is to teach every person who walks through their facility how to shape those life lessons into adulthood and to use those challenges to thrive throughout life

T he athletes who train at Elite Cheer come from all over the metro, including Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Elkhorn, Bellevue, Gretna, Valley, and Council Bluffs, as well as many small towns in Iowa. Today, former students are bringing their own kids to Elite Cheer as a second generation. “We call them l egacies,” Hooker sa id

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CHEER 3405 Oakview Drive
NE 68144 402.537.0855 elitecheer.com


Dr. Jason Talmadge is the newest member of the medical team of ENT Specialists PC, a practice that continues to grow in response to demand for care from treating ear infections and providing audiology services to diagnosing sinus problems to assessing enlarged tonsils for surgical removal. The practice sees patients of all ages.

“We see a lot of people with sinus infections…tonsils, nasal/sinus issues, and ear problems like hearing loss or ear infections,” Dr. Talmadge said. “I think everybody could probably relate to one of those at some point in their lives or their children’s lives. ENT is a strikingly small medical specialty, but a lot of people would benefit from seeing an ENT specialist.”

The practice has also grown its scope of services along with its team. “We’re

starting to perform more in-office procedures for people so they can get care and relief without having much downtime,” Dr. Talmadge said. “We’re expanding our outreach as well. The partners even go out into greater Nebraska and see patients in clinics in smaller communities that don’t have access to an ENT.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 47
ENT SPECIALISTS, P.C. 720 N 129 St. Omaha, NE 68154 402.397.0670 omahaent.com

I’ve been tattooing since 1999,” said Brian Webb, owner of Eye Candy Tattoo. The range of people who get tattoos has broadened over the years. “I have doctors, lawyers, police officers…I can’t imagine somebody of any kind of job title I don’t tattoo.” Eye Candy Tattoo has six tattoo artists with each of them specializing in certain styles.

“ For the several genres or styles of tattooing, we’ve got somebody who can do it,” Webb remarked. “Most of my clients get large tattoos like sleeves, leg pieces, and back pieces. Depending on the size and type of tattoo they want, there can be multiple sessions involved. Tattoos often commemorate significant life events. After getting a divorce, a lot

eyecandytattoowest.com of women want phoenixes because it’s like a rebirth. Parents often put in stuff for their kids, like a teddy bear or a pacifier. I need to know all the details they want so I can create an image that fits and flows well with their body and looks good and cohesive as a design.”

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EYE CANDY TATTOO 14465 W. Center Road Omaha, NE 68144 402.916.9147
Brian Webb TATTOOS

When people visit our showroom for the first time, they’re surprised by the scope of what we provide,” Jeff Funk, President of Fireplace Stone & Patio, said. “We offer everything from paver materials to motorized solar shades, louvered-roof aluminum pergolas for the backyard, fire pits and patio furniture, and outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces. Not everyone knows that we can put all those things together for them.

“We can refresh and reface an old fireplace in a home that was built decades earlier so that it becomes a beautiful focal point of the home,” Funk continued. “If you have an old wood-burning fireplace that’s drafty and cold, we can either tear it out and put in a new one that has a whole new look, or we can put in an insert that gives you the efficiency and

warmth you didn’t have before. We work hard to stay on top of current trends and innovations in the market, so that our customers always have a fresh design palette

“ Our business is made up of new construction, retail, landscape , and commercial contractors , and roughly 80% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 49 Fireplace Stone & Patio 13709 Industrial Road Omaha, NE 68137 402.884.8600 fireplacestonepatio.com

Michael J. Fitzpatrick CRIMINAL LAW

We do things differently here,” attorney Michael J. Fitzpatrick explained.

“I’m very selective on the clients and the cases I take. If I don’t think I can help somebody, I’m not interested in representing them.”

He is uniquely qualified to practice criminal law, having worked as a police officer, public defender, city prosecutor, and county attorney. Fitzpatrick takes cases from all over the state of Nebraska and has a reputation for excellence.

“I help people get out of trouble before it even starts. If a client is being investigated by law enforcement, I have no problem going to the police and talking straight up. Most other lawyers won’t do that,” Fitzpatrick said.

His competitive spirit became apparent in high school. In fact, he has held the record for single season wins in South Omaha Legion Baseball history since 1989. He was also a scholarship pitcher at Peru State College.

Fitzpatrick enjoys the competitive aspects of practicing law. He takes big cases and loves the challenge of the big stage, most recently winning a murder trial in Lincoln in 2022.

50 || Faces of Omaha 2024
FITZPATRICK LAW 1905 Harney St Omaha, NE 68102 402.346.9140

Agarage doesn’t have to be the afterthought of a home. Garage Living, the fastest growing garage renovation company in North America, transforms garage interiors into clean, functional, and organized spaces for cars, storage, home gyms, recreation, and more. Chad and Theresa Nelson, who’ve been the franchise owners of Garage Living of Omaha for five years, said they can convert garage interiors into pretty much whatever an owner wants to do with the space. They encourage potential clients to peruse the website or visit the Omaha showroom to explore the range of options available for—as the company’s tagline says: “Garages Made for Living.”

“ We can accommodate just about anybody,” Chad said. “It’s 100% customizable.”

G arage Living can carry out targeted projects or complete renovations considering multiple custom elements like flooring, cabinets, wall storage, specialty storage racks, and even automobile lifts.

“ Everything is per piece,” Theresa said. “You’re not buying a set and trying to figure out how it’s going to fit in your space. We’re taking your space and fitting it.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 51 Garage Living of OMaha 20115 Oak St. Omaha, NE 68130 402.506.6601
Chad and Theresa Nelson GARAGE ORGANIZATION


John Hood, the company’s founder, is highly selective in choosing new members of his team: “I look for somebody that’s genuine—not arrogant or militant in their style. In the executive protection field, deploying appropriate tactics and safety is my top priority. You have to be flexible and consider people’s feelings and what’s going on in their worlds and in their lives.”

To be effective, a bodyguard must be attentive to facial expressions and signs of tension in clients’ bodies,

John explained. “We need to be able to read somebody’s subtle differences from across a room, because we never want to be up in their business. We try to stay close enough to do what we do, but far enough away that our clients don’t have to introduce us to the people they’re talking with.

“ I like doing what I do,” John added, “and I feel so fortunate to be able to provide this for clients for the past 20-some years.”

52 || Faces of Omaha 2024
GATEKEEPERS SECURITY 24725 Greenview Road Council Bluffs, IA 51503-5725 402.689.1101 gatekeepersll.com P r ominent members of the Omaha community rely on Gatekeepers Security to protect themselves and their families.

General Fire & Safety prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service as a cornerstone of its business philosophy. Committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction, General Fire & Safety ensures that every interaction, from initial request to post-installation support, is handled with professionalism, expertise, and a focus on exceeding expectations. Their customer service teams are highly trained to address inquiries promptly and courteously, providing clear and comprehensive information to clients.

Whether it’s offering expert advice on fire safety solutions, coordinating installation schedules, or responding swiftly to inspection or repair requests, General Fire & Safety goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for every customer. By fostering strong relationships built on trust, reliability, and responsiveness, General Fire & Safety establishes itself as a trusted partner in fire safety, dedicated to the peace of mind and protection of its clients. “Our number one thing is

our customer service,” owner Jason McDonald said, noting that they always answer the phone and provide licensed and certified technicians who pride themselves on doing a thorough, correct job.

The full-line fire protection provider services, repairs, maintains, and installs fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and fire extinguishers. Whatever the need, all it takes is one phone call. General Manager

and Director of Operations Heath Koontz noted that the company is Nebraska-owned and has more than 50 service technicians available 24 hours a day to take care of any fire protection needs.

McDonald echoed the sentiment, stating, “At the end of the day, life is all about our family and friends and making sure we stay safe.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 53
SAFETY 13002 I St Omaha, NE 68137 402.556.6100 gfsomaha.com

Dwaine Ferguson CUSTOM JEWELRY

It hink the big reason we’re still here is our customer service. I want my customer to walk out happy and with a piece of jewelry they can enjoy for many years. That’s always been our goal, and I think we do a pretty good job of it.”

G rowing up in tiny Brewster, Nebraska, Dwaine Ferguson was always good with his hands and had an eye for detail. Walking in San Francisco in 1968, he saw artists hawking handmade jewelry and trinkets and thought, “I can do that.”

A fter acquiring the applicable education, Ferguson’s infatuation with jewelry smithing led him to take over Goldsmith Silversmith in

Omaha’s Old Market in 1974. Today, Ferguson is known for his fine custom jewelry and restoration, drawing happy customers from all over to his little Howard Street shop.

“ Trust is a big deal in the jewelry world because there’s thousands of dollars in jewelry around,” Ferguson said. “Customers want to trust you’ll take care of [their jewelry]... it’s part of why they come here.”


54 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Goldsmith Silversmith 1019 Howard St. Omaha, NE 68102 402.342.1737

Si nce taking over in 2021, Lori Heimann and her Partner Group have remained steadfast in their commitment to serving families and communities with top-notch service while introducing fresh ideas. With 80% of the recipes hand crafted from scratch in-house, Good Life continues to prioritize quality and authenticity.

A s a family-friendly establishment, Good Life prides itself on offering great food, cold beers, and exceptional customer service. Good Life operates from 10 am to 2 am daily, with extended hours on Saturdays and Sundays, opening at 9 am to serve brunch. Additionally, Good Life offers reverse happy hour from 9 pm to 2 am daily, ensuring patrons can enjoy special deals late into the night.

C urrently thriving in Omaha, Elkhorn, Papillion, Gretna, and Millard, Good Life is thrilled to announce its upcoming winter 2024 opening in Scottsdale, A rizona . This expansion reflects the dedication to spreading the Good Life experience to new communities while upholding the standards that have made it the go to destination in every location. Good Life offers daily specials, ensuring there’s always something special happening at Good Life!

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 55 Good Life sports Bar & Grill 1203 S 180th St. Omaha, NE 68130 402.933.2947 20231 Manderson St. Elkhorn, NE 68022 531.365.3199 14110 S St. Omaha, NE 68137 11336 S 96th St. #109 Papillion, NE 68046 402.315.9007 10520
204th St. Gretna,
68028 402.281.4021 goodlifebars.com


Elevating outdoor l iving for o ver t wo decades, o wners Nick and Lori Heimann have made Groundscapes the epitome of excellence in landscape and hardscape design, construction, and maintenance. Specializing in crafting luxurious outdoor living spaces, they have continuously raised the bar in creating environments that seamlessly blend nature with modern living.

R ecently, Groundscapes took their commitment to innovation to new heights with the unveiling of their expansive 6 , 000 - square -foot outdoor showroom. This showcase of lifestyle elements boasts an array of features designed to inspire and delight, including elegant patio furniture, floating boat docks, inviting fire pits, fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, rejuvenating hot tubs and spas, and stylish pergolas and outdoor living room structures.

Moreover, their indoor showroom complements this outdoor extravaganza, offering a curated selection of additional patio furniture, lake and pool toys, and more, catering to every facet of outdoor leisure.

Groundscapes continues to redefine outdoor living, setting the standard for luxury and functionality, ensuring that every space they touch becomes a haven of beauty and relaxation.

56 || Faces of Omaha 2024
GROUNDSCAPES INC. 6065 N. 261st Circle Valley, NE 68064 402.397.5930 groundscapes.com


Harrison Financial Services (HFS) was a solo venture when Tim Harrison launched it 30 years ago. Today, he oversees a team of credentialed professionals who provide across-the-board financial planning and wealth management services to a diverse group of clients. HFS is also a Private Client Group firm with Northwestern Mutual, making it one of the national Fortune 2 00 company’s top teams.

T here’s still room for evolution, Harrison said. For instance, a stronger emphasis on exit planning and liquidity event planning has emerged in recent years.

“ We ’ve become a dominant go-to for liquidity events with business owners, senior executives, and other decision-makers as the approach transitioning into and living in postsale or post-retirement,” he said.

O ne thing that remains a core focus for the team , Harrison said, is delivering on the firm’s purpose statement: “Helping families build a better life, legacy, and community.”

“ I feel like we deliver a very concierge level of planning and service to our clients,” he explained. “ Our team is also really engaged in the community, a nd we have a very strong culture.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 57 Harrison Financial Services 9300 Underwood Ave., Suite 500 Omaha, NE 68114 402.891.2302 hfs.nm.com
Tim Harrison
Members of Harrison Financial Services use Harrison Financial Services as a marketing name for doing business as representatives of Northwestern Mutual. Harrison Financial Services is not a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, insurance agency, federal savings bank or other legal entity. Investment advisory services provided as Advisors of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company® (NMWMC), Milwaukee, WI, a subsidiary of NM and federal savings bank. Investment brokerage services provided as Registered Representatives of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS), a subsidiary of NM, registered investment adviser, broker-dealer and member FINRA (finra.org) and SIPC (sipc.org). To view detailed disclosures regarding individual representatives, view their information at hfs.nm.com. HFS CLIENT FACING TEAM



Si nce 1983, Hayes & Associates has been providing comprehensive accounting services with a commitment to ethical business practices, innovation, continuing education, and exceptional service.

“ Clients trust us,” said Gregory Johnson, who, along with Bryan Broekemier and founder Frank Hayes, is one of the firm’s shareholders. “We develop relationships with them. We become part of their team.”

Broekemier said Hayes & Associates also has a deep commitment to serving the community.

“ Our team members believe in the firm’s value of giving back through their time, knowledge, and financial resources and truly being part of the community in which we live and work,” he said.

T hat commitment has deepened further. Earlier this year, the firm received a prestigious Entrepreneurship & Innovation Grant through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s North And South Omaha Recovery Grant Program.

“ Part of that grant is going to allow us to meet the needs of a number of entrepreneurs and startups,” Johnson said. “A lot of small businesses will be able to come to us for services.”

58 || Faces of Omaha 2024
HAYES & ASSOCIATES Relocating in 2024 402.390-2480 hayes.cpa


In the words of our founder, Dan Setlak, “Our lawns speak for themselves.” At Heartland Lawns, our journey is guided by faith, fueled by a dedication to caring for both your home and your family, and enriched by a spirit of service that echoes through generations.

From the outset, our Six-Step Turf Wellness Program is more than a service; it’s a testament to our commitment to nurturing your outdoor sanctuary. Crafted with the heartland in mind, our program blends expert techniques with organic fertilizer, ensuring that your lawn flourishes under our care.

But it’s not just about the products; it’s about the people behind them. Our team isn’t merely skilled; they’re driven by a deep-rooted sense of care and compassion. As Scott Hazuka, our General Manager, put it, “We’re not just

in the lawn care business servicing people; we’re in the people business servicing their lawn and landscape.”

Every member of our family shares a common bond—a dedication to serving you with integrity and kindness. Our faith doesn’t end with the workday. It’s woven into the fabric of who we are, inspiring us to give back to our community. From volunteering at the Open Door Mission and Salvation Army to supporting Habitat for Humanity, service is at the heart of our mission.

Since our founding in 1990, Heartland Lawns has been more than a business; we’re a family. Proudly serving Omaha and the surrounding community, we’ve built lasting relationships grounded in trust and respect.

HEARTLAND LAWNS 14124 Industrial Road Omaha, NE 68144



Faces of Omaha 2024 || 59

Lori Kirkpatrick and Tahnee Chedel CUSTOM DESIGN FURNITURE HEARTS &


At custom furniture boutique Hearts & Fire, memories are made and favorite spaces become the settings for the conversations, celebrations, and even silent moments of reflection. “Your style is your story, and it speaks to where you’ve been as much as it does to where you’re heading. With services from Hearts & Fire, your surroundings will speak of a life well lived,” said Lori Kirkpatrick, who owns the business with her daughter, Tahnee Chedel.

T he mother-daughter duo make s ordering furniture an experience that begins the moment clients step through the door. Offering a warm greeting and a glass of cold champagne, they make the process easy, but with a twist of fun. “There is much to consider beyond quality and comfortability when it comes to updating your furniture, and our job is to simplify that process and

provide our best recommendations for each individual’s personal space, preferences, and personality,” Chedel said.

W hether you want to refresh a room or furnish from the infancy of a project, inviting Kirkpatrick and Chedel into your home for a consultation is a great starting point. “With 20 years of experience, we

understand how to help you capture your individual style when it comes to design.” With all customization options in-house, you can sit, relax, sip champagne , and let Hearts & Fire be your guide.

L ocated in the heart of Rockbrook Village


60 || Faces of Omaha 2024
11015 Elm Street Omaha, NE 68144 402.884.1106

Highway Signing is the premier partner for traffic control in Omaha and Council Bluffs. They create well-marked, efficient, and safe roadways for all drivers. Their comprehensive services include signage installation, road marking, pavement marking, and guardrail installation. Embracing cutting-edge technology, Highway Signing prioritizes safety in all operations. The team undergoes rigorous training, emphasizing precision in these tasks.

Highway Signing has an exceptional team that is the driving force behind the company’s success. With an entrepreneurial spirit and strong teamwork, this dedicated team delivers tailored solutions and actively engages with communities through outreach programs. As a trusted partner in shaping the region’s highways, Highway Signing sets the standard for effective traffic control solutions.

“I love what I do because of the incredible team I work with daily,” Chief Executive Officer Shelly Jochim said. “The collaboration with our customers and industry experts adds a dynamic touch, making each day fulfilling and exciting. Together, we create meaningful and innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 61
HIGHWAY SIGNING 3250 16th Ave. Council Bluffs, IA 51501 402.457.6810 highwaysigning.com

Frank Younes & AJ Hernandez



In a split second, your life could be changed forever. If you are severely injured through the actions or negligence of others, you will need a law firm that has in-depth experience with personal injury cases.

B efore joining High & Younes, attorney AJ Hernandez spent five years working for a law firm that defended insurance companies. The knowledge he gained over these years makes him highly effective in helping victims. He explained, “We know how the other side is evaluating the case, and we can use that information to help our clients.”

T he most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits are truck accidents, motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, product liability, and wrongful death. “We do cases where people are seriously hurt,” Frank Younes said. “We invest time and effort to help them get the money they need to put their lives back together. A lot of people come to us without insurance and without medical providers, and we help connect them with the medical providers and support systems they need to move forward.” HIGH & YOUNES PERSONAL INJURY LAW



With two decades of experience in workers’ compensation law, Sara Lamme is well-equipped to help clients of High & Younes obtain the benefits they need after being injured at work. “Spending almost 15 years on the defense side means that I can often anticipate issues with insurance companies before they come up,” Lamme explained. “We work extremely hard for our clients and go above and beyond what other lawyers do.”

Frank Younes added, “Instead of just sending a letter to the doctor, we call the doctor first. We get more experts on board and provide more customized and detailed reports so we can maximize the dollars to our client.”

“ We listen to our clients to find out what their needs are, and we think outside the box to help them obtain

benefits that other lawyers might not think about,” Lamme said. “For example, they might need home health care or modifications to their home to improve the quality of their lives.”

T he attorneys at High & Younes practice in Nebraska and Iowa, helping clients throughout both states.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 63
HIGH & YOUNES WORKER’S COMPENSATION LAW 6919 Dodge St Omaha, NE 68132 402.933.3345 HYattorneys.com
Dodge St Omaha, NE 68132 402.933.3345 HYattorneys.com



In 1907, visionary Italian physician Maria Montessori launched a revolutionary education and childcare model when she established her first “Children’s House” in Rome. Also exemplifying progressive education and childcare, The Hills Montessori was founded over a century later and more than 5,000 miles away in Omaha.

I nspired by Dr. Montessori’s insights into childhood development, particularly a child’s inherent drive for knowledge and autonomy, The Hills Montessori offers a transformative learning experience. The original Montessori at 107th & Military Streets was so well received by the community that it is now accompanied by a newly opened center in Elkhorn.

A t both locations, passionate and expertly trained staff meticulously

prepare child-centered environments designed to stimulate curiosity and foster independence. Utilizing specialized materials and guided by Montessori principles, children from infancy to age 6 embark on a journey of discovery, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. From mastering practical life skills to delving into academic pursuits, every aspect of the Montessori experience at The Hills is tailored to nurture the unique potential within each child.

THE HILLS MONTESSORI 6210 N 107th Street Omaha, NE 68134

660 S 193rd Street Elkhorn, NE 68022

64 || Faces of Omaha 2024


Since 2011, iFixOmaha, led by founder Jason DeWater, has evolved from a phone repair startup into a multi-faceted hub for technology repair services. The company serves individuals, businesses, and educational institutions, establishing itself as the premier destination for a wide range of tech solutions from routine maintenance to complex hardware issues.

iFixOmaha’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated through its strategic partnerships with Metropolitan Community College and the pioneering iFixAmerica program. These initiatives are dedicated to developing a skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of modern tech repair. The training provided at MCC’s Reboot Central, a part of this joint effort, offers comprehensive education in everything from basic repairs to advanced troubleshooting, adhering to the highest industry standards. Graduates of this program are well-equipped to deliver exceptional service, contributing significantly to the local economy and tech community.

iFixOmaha sets the industry standard for innovation, training, and customer satisfaction. The team, comprised of iFixAmerica Academy graduates and seasoned master technicians, upholds a tradition of excellence. Each repair, whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, is performed with meticulous precision, backed by a lifetime warranty. The company’s commitment to rapid service and competitive pricing ensures that every customer receives the best value, reaffirming iFixOmaha’s role as the region’s leader in comprehensive device care.


Cass Court 7637 Cass Street, Omaha 76th Ave and Cass Street


11425 S. 72nd Street, Papillion NE Corner of 72nd St & Hwy 370

Reboot Central

Inside Digital Express, Building 10 MCC Fort Omaha Campus

Downtown 1307 Leavenworth Street 13th St and Leavenworth

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 65
402.218.4651 ifixomaha.com
Jason DeWater

Steve Johnson, Chris Breci, Jareth Mara, Chris Walters, Mark Schultz, Hristiana Kapatos MANAGED IT SERVICE INFINET SOLUTIONS

For 25 years, InfiNet Solutions has provided support and strategy for local businesses with full IT support , including cloud services, phone services, backup, O ffice365 , training and implementation.

InfiNet works closely with clients to develop a customized IT strategy that addresses their specific challenges and supports their long-term growth. InfiNet’s guaranteed onsite visits allow their IT professionals a firsthand understanding of the client’s environment and infrastructure.

InfiNet can enhance clients’ security and provide security audits and keep them safe in this ever-challenging environment. As times are getting more challenging to keep networks safe and be compliant with industry standards, InfiNet can solve these security challenges.

T he real difference is their people. “We’ve built a very strong culture, and we like to have fun. We hire r elationship builders that are passionate about what they do. We also want to make sure our clients enjoy who they are working with, so we work hard to maintain this with our employees and our

Our people have more personality than your average IT person,” said Steve Johnson, owner of InfiNet.


66 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Infinet SOlutions 6430 S 84th St. Omaha, NE 68127 402.895.5777

With 15 designers and two showrooms, Interiors Joan and Associates has grown tremendously since the company was founded in October 1963. Originally called “Interiors by Joan” after founder Joan Sorensen, the firm’s current name reflects the contributions of every member of the team.

T he award-winning design firm is family owned by Kris Patton. Kris is a third-generation interior designer, following the examples set by her mother, former owner, Diane Gernstein, former partner Nancy Pesavento, and her grandmother Joan Sorensen.

“As designers, we take inspiration from everything we do. The knowledge of many different styles keeps our designers fresh and distinctive. We listen to our clients and figure out what they want for their space. There is a lot of psychology involved,” said Patton.

“ We show them things they can’t do themselves. We take them outside of their comfort zones and show them things that are unique to them. The relationships grow as the designers get to know the individual. Our designers aren’t just pushing a trend or their personal style–they help the clients find what they want,” added Patton.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 67
INTERIORS JOAN AND ASSOCIATES 13130 W Dodge Rd. Omaha, NE 68154 402.330.0685
The Team



When Ismara Gonzalez opened Isla Del Mar on South 20th St. in 2017, an enthusiastic customer named Jerry Gordman encouraged her to move to South 36th St. in 2019 and open a second restaurant near 132nd and Center in 2023. Gordman owned both buildings as well as many other Omaha properties, and he died in 2023. “I will always be thankful to him because he believed in me,” Gonzalez said. “He was my mentor, and he helped me a lot.”

Isla Del Mar is unique among Mexican restaurants in multiple ways. “At other restaurants, mainly you’ll see tacos and what you’re used to. I wanted to share another side of Mexico.” Gonzalez’s restaurants are known for their high-quality, fresh seafood. Both restaurants have the same menu, and the west Omaha restaurant also has a fresh seafood market and bakery.

Gonzalez’s family moved to Omaha from Mexico when she was 10 years old, and her mother, brother, and two sisters work at Isla Del Mar. “The most important thing about this business is bringing my family together,” Gonzalez said.


South Omaha: 5101 S. 36th St., Omaha, NE 68107


West Omaha: 2502 S. 133rd Plaza, Omaha, NE 68144



68 || Faces of Omaha 2024

As the global leader in the commercial cleaning industry, Jani-King’s success has stemmed from their steadfast commitment to their customers. They are proud to deliver unrivaled cleaning services every day.

Jani-King is driven by a clear mission defined by an underlying set of core values that drives how they act and influences the expectations of their customers. These core values are not subject to changes in the business environment or dictated by trends in management. They are fundamental and deeply held. All business associates, employees, and Authorized Franchise Owners act according to the core ideology. “Through times of growth and change, our core values provide continuity and a moral compass, communicating our beliefs and guiding our behavior,” said Debbie Sinopoli, President of Jani-King for the Midwest.

S uccess like Jani-King ’s has experienced doesn’t come quickly. Sinopoli advises new entrepreneurs to give their businesses time. “You must be patient. Overnight success is a huge joke. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but very few people have the patience and stamina to make it a reality,” said Sinopoli.

“ What I like most about my job is seeing the franchise owners succeed and create a better future for themselves, their fami lies , and their communities ,” she added.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 69
JANI-KING 5885 S 118th Cir. Omaha, NE 68137 402.932.0514 janiking.com


Craftsmanship and integrity are central to Jensen Retaining Walls, according to owner David Jensen, who treats every job as if it were for his own property when working with clients.

“Retaining walls is an industry with an array of designs for both residential and commercial projects,” Jensen said. “We’ve expanded to include hardscaping in our services provided, in addition to driveways and retaining walls. This includes outdoor fireplaces, patios, and more.”

This expansion is part of the reason so many customers select Jensen Retaining Walls over the competition. Customers also value the company’s experience and the positive reviews the company receives. “We

also retail and install 6 x 6 x 8 new ground-treated timbers that are great for retaining walls,” Jensen added.

The company is always willing to change with the times and update its styles. Jensen Retaining Walls works with customers to bring their visions to reality.

“I’m grateful for my customers in the city of Omaha for whom we build these walls with both beauty and function,” Jensen said.


70 || Faces of Omaha 2024
1504 Saddle Creek Road Omaha, NE 68106 402.932.8444

Brent Wouters



Brent Wouters, President and CEO of Jet Linx, began his career as an aerospace engineer building the software for commercial flight simulators. He also built the software for the inventory management system for the F-22 fighter jet at Lockhe e d Martin.

Wouters is a business growth specialist who has spent most of his career in the aviation and luxury automobile industr ies . While at Cirrus Aircraft, a technologically- advanced aircraft manufacturer, he took the company from a small domestic startup to the best-selling aircraft in 60 countries.

I n July of 2023, Wouters became the President and CEO of Jet Linx. He’s new to Omaha, but grew up in Iowa, and has lived in 13 cities in the US and i nternationally. “We have a great team at Jet Linx. It’s a testament to the Midwest culture. We have been successful because of our values. We care about our clients,” Wouters said.

Jet Linx, headquartered in Omaha for 25 years, is a privately owned aircraft management and jet card company that manages 110 different jets in 22 cities across the U.S. with 500 employees. Jet Linx manages private airplanes for owners of those airplanes, and they use those airplanes to fly passengers privately.

In 2023 Jet Linx celebrated its WYVERN Wingman PRO certification, adding to existing IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum Elite top safety ratings, making Jet Linx the first and only operator in the aviation industry to receive elite ratings from all three major third-party auditors.

Wouters is excited to be part of Jet Linx. “I’m the guy that turns around and improves underperforming companies with highly engineered global products. My specialty is to grow things quickly and fix things that aren’t working well,” Wouters said.

“ I love big challenges. The people at Jet Linx are great. I like the challenge of trying to grow to the next level. I’m a nut for airplanes but am also a disciplined business guy,” said Wouters.


13030 Pierce St, Ste. 100 Omaha, NE 68144



Faces of Omaha 2024 || 71



JJT Transportation & Logistics is a family-owned, asset-based trucking and brokerage company established in Wathena, Kansas, with the main office in Omaha. JJT began Omaha operations in 2012 to provide a full range of trucking and brokerage services. That diversification has been a big part of the company’s continued success and steady growth, including recent expansion to a third Omaha location.

“ 2024 JJT will have a strong emphasis on growth with our power-only division. This year we’ll be investing in our employees,” JJT President Becki Cloyed said.

“ Because we have vans, reefers, and flatbeds , we are more diversified, and this allows us to have a lot of different solutions for our customers.”

JJT’s capacity spans from hot-shot trailers for small loads to customized

heavy hauls and everything in between. They also have full brokerage capabilities and conscientious service from an experienced staff to ensure customized solutions that meet their customers’ broad variety of needs 24/7.

“ We are everywhere in the United States moving any and all types of freight, and we treat every load as a gift,” Cloyed said.


72 || Faces of Omaha 2024
J JT Transportation & Logistics 7006 J St. Omaha, NE 68117 402.614.4777


Many of my clients are entrepreneurs in the startup and growth phases of running their businesses,” explained attorney Angela Forss Schmit, partner at Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone. Angela helps new businesses start off on the right foot and works with existing businesses that have encountered problems with clients, vendors, employees, or contractors.

“I work with clients to build a strong legal foundation in their business to prevent a lawsuit,” Angela explained, “but I usually tell people, ‘As your business grows, it’s not if you’ll get sued, but when you’ll get sued, so let’s make sure you’re in legal compliance and engaging in best business practices so that you and your business are protected in the event of a dispute.”

As an experienced business and employment attorney, Angela works with business owners in a variety of fields, with a focus on helping creative service providers. “I have many clients in personal and professional development, including life coaches, business coaches, and health coaches. They provide unique and impactful services, whether it’s one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or retreats, and each one of those warrants a

different type of agreement to make sure all parties understand the expectations and boundaries. My goal is to be the go-to attorney in the coaching and consulting industry and to continue to build my legal practice to encompass other areas of interest, including Entertainment Law and Adoption.” Koukol Johnson Schmit & Milone

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 73
3839 South 148th Street, #160 Omaha, NE 68144 402.934.9499 lifelonglawyers.com

Tr ansforming Men’s Health with Dan Molloy at the h elm

At Limitless Male Medical, we address overlooked men’s health issues like low energy, weight gain, and sexual performance. Dan Molloy, our founder, said about our mission: “We’ve created an environment where men are excited to receive weekly treatments. This enthusiasm in healthcare is unprecedented.”

We ’ve experienced significant growth since opening in May 2016, expanding to 13 clinics across five states. Our commitment to personalized care and innovative therapies draws thousands of men to our doors, seeking not just treatment but transformation.

“O ur approach enhances lives, not just through therapies but by elevating overall vitality,” Molloy sa id “ By closely monitoring and adjusting our treatments, we ensure each patient achieves and maintains his optimal health levels safely. Witnessing how this revitalizes a man’s whole life— that’s the true reward of our work.”

Ou r clinics are more than medical facilities; they are gateways to renewed energy and vitality. As dedicated champions of men’s health, our patient loyalty and ongoing growth attest to our effective approach.

Un der Molloy’s leadership, Limitless Male Medical Clinic sets new industry standards, offering advanced solutions and a supportive community for men’s health. Experience how our personalized care can redefine your life.

Limitless Male Medical Clinic HQ 12020 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68154 402.614.4969 LimitlessMale.com Dan Molloy MEN’S HEALTH LIMITLESS MALE MEDICAL CLINIC || 74 ||



Hormone imbalances have a domino effect,” explained Hanah Molloy, CEO of Trillion Health & Hormone. “If something is off, it can affect a lot of things. And if there are new ways to address problems, then we will be on the cutting edge of those therapies.”

A mong the newer treatments available at Trillion are customized peptide therapies that are designed to optimize weight management, energy levels, and sexual health. Trillion has been using peptide therapies to help patients for more than four years.

Molloy chose the name Trillion to symbolize the power and beauty that women possess. “ Trillion is a specific cut of a diamond For women who have medical issues that don’t a llow them to be fully them selves, they are a little bit l ike diamonds in the rough. There’s s omething inside of them that’s not being shone to the world , and Trillion can help them shine.”

Trillion Health & Hormone is an insurance-based clinic that provides gynecological services, hormone therapies, peptide therapies, and medical aesthetic services to women of all ages. Twelve medical providers treat patients in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk , and Grand Island

& Hormone

trillion Health
12002 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68154 402.201.2373 trillionhh.com
“ || 75 ||


Innovation meets excellence in eye care at Modern Vision Centers (MVC). Their distinguished union comprises three pillars of excellence: Kugler Vision, ilumin Eye Care Center, and Modern Vision Solutions (MVS).

Their mission is to provide unparalleled vision correction and comprehensive eye care.

W ith a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, the team of specialists is proud to offer a diverse range of seven modern vision correction procedures. Whether you ’re considering LASIK, EVO-ICL, or any other advanced technique, the skilled professionals at Kugler Vision, ilumin, and MVS will guide you through the process and tailor the approach to suit your unique needs.

“ Kugler Vision’s collaboration with ilumin and MVS represents a perfect union of long-established vision experts committed to enhancing eye care. By working together, we enable patients to access the highest standards in vision correction and eye health,” said Lance Kugler, MD.

A t Modern Vision Centers, your vision is their priority. Whether you’re seeking vision correction, routine eye care, or medical services, the MVC team is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of your eye health journey and to connecting you with the right care

76 || Faces of Omaha 2024 at the right time. Experience the future of eye care at a Modern Vision Center s —where modernity meets
clear vision for
tomorrow. Modern Vision Centers Kugler Vision 402.558.2211 KuglerVision.com ilumin 402.933.6600 ilumineyes.com Modern Vision Solutions 833.586.2020 MVSvision.com
Kugler Vision, ilumin Eye Care Center, Modern Vision Solutions


LincTrack GPS is a trailblazer in vehicle GPS tracking and dash camera solutions, transforming the service industry since 2011. Their mission is clear: empower businesses through cutting-edge technology and unwavering customer support.

Specializing in AI-integrated vehicle tracking and dash cameras, LincTrack offers real-time insights into employee locations, job durations, and driving behavior. What sets them apart is a local, hands-on approach. Backed by experts and lifetime hardware warranties, LincTrack ensures seamless integration tailored to clients’ needs.

C EO Kelly Jensen brings 15 years of industry experience, making LincTrack GPS the Midwest’s largest reseller. The reason to choose them? LincTrack GPS stands out as a steadfast partner for streamlined fleet management, guiding clients towards efficiency, cost savings, and optimized operations.

Clients will be delighted to experience fleet management reimagined with LincTrack GPS.

LincTrack GPS 1050 N. Sixth Road Palmyra, NE 68418



GPS || 77 ||

Nico Marasco


Realtor Nico Marasco is committed to guiding individuals through property sales with a focus on minimizing stress and inconvenience for his clients. His success is evident in the results with a significant portion of his business originating from referrals and positive online reviews.

U nderstanding the pivotal role client satisfaction plays in the decision-making process of buying or selling a home, whether it’s a residential resale or new construction, Marasco effectively manages both aspects. His prosperous career is a testament to his ability to uphold his clients’ trust as a licensed professional with a keen understanding of the local market.

C ontinuing a family tradition started by his father, Ralph Marasco, a prominent figure in Omaha’s

real estate scene, Nico Marasco embodies a legacy of excellence and personalized service.

“ My commitment to preserving my family’s legacy is something I hold dear, and I strive to represent this through every interaction with my clients. I believe in offering Omaha residents more than just a house; I aim to create a space they can truly call their forever home,” said Marasco.

78 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Ralph Marasco Real Estate Group at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Ambassador Real Estate 331 Village Pointe Plaza Omaha, NE 68118 402.677.7777

Marsh Creek Concrete Inc. (MCCI) has achieved much over the company’s more than two decades completing major construction projects and raising the bar for commercial and industrial concrete contracting citywide. Under the leadership of owner Ryan Petersen, the company has grown from a five-man crew to a thriving business numbering 150 employees.

T he o wners have much respect and dedication toward the industry and appreciation of the value of those that provide the services, both mental and physical , behind this very skilled trade. Three integral parts play a key role in the success of the company and are marked by the field team who endures rain, shine , and all elements in between, the shop whose mechanical know - how keeps operations running and equipment firing on all cylinders , and finally,

the office team who handles estimating, project management, accounting , and customer service with professionalism.

C rushin-IT, a producer in recycled aggregate, was introduced to the family in 2018 and has a second location, open and operating in downtown Omaha with a third location opening late in 2024 in south Bellevue. Along with the hauling division operating as Marsh Creek Carriers, I nc . there are plenty

of roles for new hires as well as industry veterans to explore and play a role in the success of MCCI!

Marsh Creek Concrete Inc. 20308 Patton St. Gretna, NE 68028



Faces of Omaha 2024 || 79

Max I. Walker has achieved some impressive milestones: The company has been in business for over a century, and its uniform rental service division is celebrating 50 years this year. It’s now into the fifth generation of Walker family leadership and has expanded beyond its Omaha stores into a regional footprint. T he company has remained on the leading edge of best practices and improvements in technology, from greener garment cleaning processes to upgraded RFID chips for uniform rentals and delivery. Max I. Walker has also built a longstanding reputation for excellent—and local—customer service.

“ We really pride ourselves on not only human beings answering the phone, but someone who works in our office, lives in Omaha, and can walk down the hall and get you to the exact person who’s going to get you answers as soon as possible,” Chris Walker said.

“ People want to choose local and do business local,” Casey Walker added. “We’re big enough to serve you and do whatever needs to be done, but small enough to care.”

80 || Faces of Omaha 2024
Max I. Walker 4320 S. 94th St. Omaha, NE 68127 402.344.7488 maxiwalkeruniform.com

Lee McCoy & Landon Wrinkle

McCoy Roofing co-owners Lee McCoy and Landon Wrinkle are excited to announce that the company will soon be among the first area roofing companies to offer energy-generating solar shingles.

“ It’s all integrated into the roof, not like some of the solar panels you see,” Wrinkle said, adding that McCoy Roofing earned the privilege of introducing solar shingles due to their positive relationship with the manufacturer. “It’s because we’re a ‘master elite’ contractor, which is the highest certification you can get with GAF Energy.”

W hile being an innovator is important, McCoy Roofing’s positive online reviews and dedicated employees are due to

longstanding practices of providing superior work and service to clients and great support to its team, Wrinkle said.

“ The longevity of people who have worked for us is kind of unique in our industry,” he said. “Our purpose statement is: ‘We help people live better lives.’ It just goes into everything we do and what we’re about. We treat people like family; that incorporates our customer s and the people who work for us and our subcontractors, our suppliers—everybody.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 81 McCoy Roofing 11308 Q St. Omaha, NE 68137 402.616.7304 mccoyroofing.com

Creighton University has named MD West ONE the official orthopedic team doctors of Creighton Athletics, providing student-athletes with direct access to MD West ONE’s orthopedic, sports medicine, neurosurgery, and spine care. MD West ONE has always seen a lot of athletes, said Justin Makovicka, MD, who specializes in sports medicine and orthopedics with special expertise in knee injury treatment and surgery.

“ It’s athletes of all ages and walks of life: adaptive sports athletes, Division I basketball players, and everything in between. We can address a range of concerns,” he said.

M D West ONE also has a partnership to serve as Methodist Physicians’ orthopedic and neurosurgery providers, Makovicka said. The practice is now the largest locally owned orthopedic and neurosurgery

practice in the region, he added, with

“ People appreciate that local, hometown feel…we reflect the

he said. “As we’ve

82 || Faces of Omaha 2024 ORTHO, NEURO, AND SPINE SURGEONS MD
MD West ONE 8005 Farnam Dr., Suite 305 Omaha, NE 68114 402.390.4111 mdwestone.com Orthopedic & Spine Urgent Care 222 N. 192nd St. Elkhorn, NE 68022 402.390.4110 mdwestone.com/urgent
extensive network of subspecialized head-to-toe care.
and attributes our
look for,”
grown, we still offer sub-speciality
We can refer people immediately instead of having to send them to another practice.”

As their name states, MediaSpark specializes in media planning, buying , and optimization a nd has since 2015. This experienced team of media traders, strategists , and artists works to ensure every message and pixel placed moves audiences to action, delivering results for local, regiona l, and national clients. One of their sweet spots is home services.

H aving increased Burton’s growth fivefold in six years, they coupled their learnings with marketing data and industry expertise and created a lead gen program to support home services clients. They call it HomeBoost.

HomeBoost is designed to assist with media, creative , and fractional CMO services, providing a strategic way to find and serve more customers. MediaSpark works alongside the client, guiding, planning , and actively listening.

C hief marketing strategist Amanda Green has been invaluable to this effort. “It all begins with a solid, thoughtful plan; I help them determine marketing budgets that align with their goals and costeffective ways to execute.”

I f you’re a home services company, nonprofit , or business looking to optimize , spend , and secure leads, connect with MediaSpark a nd fire things up.


Faces of Omaha 2024 || 83
MEDIA SPARK 14707 California St, Suite 3 Omaha, NE 68154 402.505.5433


Those in Nebraska’s senior care communities enjoy having quality music, memories, laughter, and fun brought to them by Merrymakers—and singer, songwriter, and producer Billy Troy is happy to provide that fun.

“ It’s really become obvious that they are enjoying [ what ] I bring to them,” said Troy, one of Merrymakers’ contracted musicians.

Troy has a personal connection to many of the songwriters whose work he performs. He essentially grew up on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and worked with many notable musicians, including a group originally from Nebraska known as Tompall & the Glaser Brothers.

“ Marty Robbins hired these three boys from Spaulding,” said Troy,

who is himself Grammy-nominated. “I was there the first time they were at the Opry.”

Troy performs everything from B luegrass to the Beatles, and it’s his personal relationships with the artists that make a Billy Troy show so much fun for seniors, many of whom danced at their prom s or wedding s to the songs Troy performs

“ He ’s great—he gets requested over and over,” said Merrymakers Executive Director Sandy Lemke.

MerryMakers Association 12020 Shamrock Plaza, Ste. 200 Omaha, NE 68154


84 || Faces of Omaha 2024


At Nebraska Cancer Specialists (NCS), we are dedicated to delivering a customized patient experience to meet individual needs. We believe in taking care of the whole person, supporting mind , body, and spirit during and after a cancer diagnosis. In addition to diagnosis and treating a patient’s cancer, we offer on-site occupational therapy, nutrition services, mental health counseling, imaging, pharmacy, genetic testing, palliative care, fitness classes, and survivorship programs, all in a convenient outpatient community setting.

NCS is proud to have the region’s largest community oncology research program offering early phase through phase IV trials. On average, patients have access to more than 150 active clinical trials, more than any other facility in Nebraska. These trials offer patients innovative treatments that may not be available outside the trial thus providing access to cutting edge treatment options with an added layer of service and support.

E stablished in 1992 by doctors Margaret Block and Robert Langdon, NCS currently has 20 practicing physicians, 22 advanced practice providers, and more than 300 employees, delivering care in 13 locations across Nebraska and Iowa.


Faces of Omaha 2024 || 85
The Physicians of NCS CANCER CARE


More than ever, expert guidance is essential when it comes to employee benefits, said Julie Nelson, The Olson Group Chief Executive Officer.

“As a firm, we’re seeing so much complexity in regulatory requirements,” she explained. “It generally starts with the insurance company, but it also a ffects the employers and the plan sponsor s . We’re very proactive, we’re constantly keeping employers informed of what’s on the landscape, and direct impacts to their plan.”

T he Olson Group works with companies to develop customized group insurance and retirement planning benefits using a strategic trademarked process called

BenefitsEdge™. The Olson Group’s mission statement to inform, educate and empower is a testament to their commitment to helping clients navigate the ever-changing world of benefits.

“ We educate employers about what’s trending. We then ensure team members understand their benefits and how to best utilize them,” Nelson said. “Our team is dedicated to creating benefit packages that resonate with employees, meeting their needs.”

86 || Faces of Omaha 2024 The Olson Group 16820 Frances St., Suite 202 Omaha, NE 68130 402.289.1046 theolsongroup.com

For over 25 years , Omaha Primary Eye Care has been a trusted name in providing top-notch eye care. The practice’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their mission to deliver award-winning patient care extends from dedicated doctors to customer-focused staff, ensuring an unparalleled patient experience. Omaha Primary Eye Care has been recognized as one of the city’s best optometric practices by Omaha Magazine since 2011.

T he practice’s latest cutting-edge technology includes Neurolens, which begins with a virtual reality headset to precisely diagnose misalignment issues and provides tailored eyewear to address the accompanying symptoms. OptiLight IPL and LipiFlow thermal pulsation are among the cutting-edge treatments available to provide relief from dry eye syndrome.

T he practice even serves the youngest members of the community

by participating in InfantSEE and SeeToLearn programs offering free vision assessments for 6- to 12-month-old babies and 3-year-olds.

O maha Primary Eye Care continues to evolve, ensuring that the community receives the highest quality eye care and celebrates many years of excellence, innovation, and a commitment to patients’ vision and eye health. Your eyes are worth it.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 87 Omaha Primary Eye Care 1011 S. 180th St. Elkhorn, NE 68022 402.330.3000
Dr. Lexy Bruegman, Dr. Marsha Kubica, Dr. Kristen Johnson, Dr. Corey Langford OPTOMETRY OMAHA PRIMARY EYE CARE



The back of our business card has three words on it: Love, Local, and Lifestyle,” said Heather Herzberg, executive director of Parsons House on Eagle Run, which is Omaha’s leading A ssisted L iving and Memory Care community, nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Champion’s Run. “Love means taking care of our staff and residents, some of our staff have been here longer than 10 years.

O ur recently renovated dining room overlooks Champions Run Golf Course, and many of our residents have spent a lot of years golfing. We have a day spa, a tavern, and a bistro that offers specialty coffees, sandwiches, and salads. There’s an opportunity to do as much—or as little—as they want.

“ Local means Parsons House is privately owned,” Herzberg continued, stressing that the primary focus is on compassion, quality care,

and living life to the fullest. “We are a generational care community— we’re now seeing children of former residents,” added Julie Grady-Potts, assistant executive director, who has been working at Parsons House for more than 20 years. Our professional and experienced staff is the heart and core of our community.

“ Lifestyle means that we cater to residents’ likes and dislikes,” Herzberg mentioned, stressing that Parsons House is uniquely designed

to create a warm and inviting home atmosphere. The landscaped and secured courtyards provide a peaceful setting for residents to enjoy a walk or visit with friends and family, they truly feel a sense of home.

Parsons House on Eagle Run 14325 Eagle Run Drive Omaha, NE 68164



88 || Faces of Omaha 2024

Jeff & Ryan Patera

Patera Landscaping is a familyowned business that has been serving the Omaha area for over 20 years. Started by brothers Ryan and Jeff, today they have blossomed into a premier residential landscaping and commercial maintenance company, making Patera a great choice for homeowners and businesses looking to create the perfect outdoor area.

Quality is important to Patera. “We have better communication and followthroughs on our installations than everyone else. And, we stand behind our products we install,” Ryan said. He added that the entire team has high expectations for every Patera Perfect project. “We install award-winning, inspiring landscapes and care for some of the largest commercial properties in town.”

Patera is a multi-year Best of Omaha winner. This recognition, along with word-of-mouth and repeat business, has helped the company grow to the premier landscape company that it is today. Whether you’re looking to create a custom outdoor space or need help maintaining your commercial property, every face of Patera Landscaping has the expertise and experience to get the job done right.

Patera Landscaping

17511 Storage Rd. Omaha,
402.706.5679 pateralandscaping.com



Founded in 2010, locally-owned and independently-operated Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew has been putting its best foot forward, serving the Omaha area with professional residential cleaning services. “Our mission is to provide a level of customer care that is unparalleled in the service industry,” explained Zach Stephens, President of Pink Shoe. “We want our customers to feel great about each interaction and service.”

S tephens and his dedicated management team diligently work to find new ways to better serve their customers every day. Their approach is that you have to continue to earn your customers’ business each time you interact with them. Their customers are the focal point of their service, and their mission is to provide a level of customer care that is exceptional. Customers often highlight Pink Shoe’s consistent and clear communication, follow-ups to any needs, and how organized the company and its services are overall.

F ocusing on recurring house cleanings rather than one-time appointments, Pink Shoe’s model ensures that the focus is on the customers who depend on them most. From ceiling corners to baseboards, cabinet fronts to countertops, the friendly and welltrained cleaning teams are delighted to help keep each home in top shape.

10002 S 148th Street, Ste B Omaha, NE 68138

90 || Faces of Omaha 2024
Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew


Rachel D. Fox has been speaking in front of audiences for about 20 years. She treats it like a conversational experience where she can share something specific with those who choose to meet her in that moment.

Fox speaks about her story of overcoming life’s challenges, being a working mom, imposter syndrome and confidence, sisterhood, equity, being a caregiver, and leadership.

A ll speakers have a unique voice. The same message is spoken differently because they have different life experiences. Fox’s ability to share genuinely with her audience makes her different. “I thrive in spaces that invite me to bring my authenticity to the stage so I will get comfortable, take off my heels, and sit down if that’s what I am led to do. I want people to feel like we’ve been friends forever and that I have a message for them,” Fox said.

“ To whomever is reading this now, understand that whatever you have or are going through in life can be overcome. You will see beautiful things after the storm , and I’m living proof,” Fox added.

Rachel D. Fox

|| 91 ||



After a brief stint in college, Brian Roeder served his country for six years as fire controlman in the U.S. Navy. After completing his service, Roeder earned his degree before joining the family business in 2003.

“As far as I know, we are the only veteran-owned funeral home in Omaha,” he noted. Roeder provides discounts to veterans, helps with veterans’ programs, and assists veterans in getting seats on honor flights and free tickets to special events.

Founded in 1912, Roeder Mortuary serves the Omaha community from three locations: 108th and Maple, 50th and Ames, and Gretna.

In recent years, the business has seen increased rates of pre-need funeral planning. Parents often make their own arrangements in order to alleviate the burden on their children.

Another recent trend is a rising interest in green funerals.

“My main question would be: ‘What do you consider a green funeral?’” Roeder said. “The end result of cremation is green, but it takes a lot of energy to get to that point. A direct burial can be green if you choose a non-sealing casket and a non-sealing outer container. If you do that, you’ll go right back to the earth.”

In addition to green burials, Roeder Mortuary provides a variety of funeral services, including: traditional and memorial burials, cremation, veteran services and discounts, preneed arrangements, and payment plans.


2727 N 108th St Omaha, NE 68164-3705



|| 92 ||


RTG Medical’s Mandy Hileman is the driving force behind the company’s groundbreaking Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. Under her leadership, RTG Medical’s MSP program is revolutionizing how healthcare facilities approach and manage their temporary staffing requirements.

T he MSP program stands out by offering a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating dedicated support teams, state-of-the-art software, and robust reporting— all consolidated within a single agreement. This approach simplifies the administrative process for healthcare facilities and enhances the overall client experience.

“At RTG Medical, we provide clients with the highest quality experience in healthcare staffing, and our MSP takes that experience to the next level. We bring RTG Medical and a

rtgmedical.com network of other staffing agencies to the facility, all managed under one agreement. We can fill the requisitions faster and still maintain RTG’s high-quality standards,” Hileman said.

T he MSP program focuses on efficiency and exemplifies RTG Medical’s dedication to providing exceptional service and results, showcasing their commitment to being a true partner in healthcare staffing solutions.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 93 RTG Medical 4611
22nd St. Fremont, NE 68025


It’s all about helping people,” explained Dan “Rowdy” Rau, area vice president of Run Payments. “My favorite one-liner in ‘Jerry Maguire’ is ‘Who’s coming with me?’ And my friends and clients and partners know I’ve got their back.

C ollecting payments from customers can be nerve-racking for any business owner. Fortunately, Rowdy makes this task much simpler through his technology and service

“ One of the biggest things we do is software integration,” Rowdy explained. “A lot of people have a point-of-sale system in place, and they don’t want to rip it out. We can go in there, change nothing on the front end, plug a different part on the back end, and save them thousands

of dollars. We don’t change the way they do things, but we’re able to put money back in their pocket s .”

Rowdy prefers to use his nickname with colleagues and clients because “nobody remembers Dan, but nobody forgets Rowdy.” On social media, his hashtag is #RunningWithRowdy. He says his faith in Jesus strengthens him to love and serve others.

94 || Faces of Omaha 2024
RUN PAYMENTS rowdy@runpayments.io 402.630.3472 runpayments.io

Jeff and Mari Doll CIGAR BARS


Experience the Midwest’s premier cigar lounge at Safari Cigars and Lounge. For over 10 years, Safari has stood as a welcoming destination, offering luxury with accessibility to both friends and strangers alike. As t he metro area’s largest and best-stocked humidor, it features an expansive variety of fine cigars and is the sole purveyor of handmade Davidoff cigars in Nebraska.

O wners Jeff and Mari Doll, along with General Manager John Vanmeeteren, take pride in offering a sophisticated environment adorned in rich mahogany, teak , and leather, providing a luxurious retreat for cigar enthusiasts. The bar offers an array of spirits, along with signature cocktails designed to please even non-smokers.

“ Every guest is treated as if they’re visiting our own home,” Jeff added. “Mari and I are devoted to fostering strong relationships with all our

guests and eagerly anticipate meeting new people regularly. Come in as a stranger, leave as a friend.”

L ocals and visitors to Omaha alike consistently rank Safari among the top 10 cigar experiences in the country. As Mari puts it, “Great service, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging all contribute to keeping cigar afficionados returning. Our staff strives to ensure every customer feels welcomed during their visit.”


Faces of Omaha 2024 || 95 Safari Cigars and Lounge 13110 Birch Drive Suite 108 Omaha, NE 68164



The Scott Conference Center keeps seeing the annual number of guests grow. There are many reasons for this, from delicious food options on premier catering menus, to the versatility of the event space for any occasion, to top-notch audiovisual capabilities, Sales Director Amanda Hooper shared. It’s no wonder the facility has been repeatedly recognized as Best Corporate Meeting Venue by B2B Magazine

“ The great thing about our location is that we’re adaptable,” Hooper said. The facility can accommodate up to 500 guests for formal dining or 700 for theater-style seating, but also hosts smaller meetings and even hybrid meetings with both in-person and virtual attendees.

S ervice is paramount, Hooper continued. The center is celebrating its 25th year in 2025, and several

staff members have been with the center since the early years. A dozen have served more than a decade.

“ Our staff is such an integral part of our conference center, and a big part of why guests return year after year,” Hooper said. “It’s fun to see clients come back who recognize our staff— and our staff recognizes them.”

96 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Scott Conference Center 6450 Pine St. Omaha, NE 68106 402.778.6313
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: LuAnn Thomsen, Mary Van Sant, Carol Potter, Robyn McGrath, Sue Johnson, Erin Wilson Amanda Hooper, Chris Sheridan, Lily Matychuk, Robb Moeller, Jerrica Babb


We create and refine brands to stand out,” said Dave Nelson, owner of branding agency SecretPenguin. Founded in 2000, Nelson’s firm stands out from the competition in its focus, structure, and winning process.

R ather than roll out advertising campaigns, SecretPenguin explores how customers interact with a brand. “If you have a bad experience, you’re not going to come back because their logo looks good or because they have a great advertisement,” Nelson noted. “Our clients rarely pay for advertising; most of it is through word of mouth.”

S ecretPenguin’s 10-member team is collaborative, and the organizational chart is level. “We support one another, not report to one another,” Nelson said. “We have a lead account person


1200 N. 12th St. Ste. 190 Omaha, NE 68102


secretpenguin.com and a lead creative person on each project, and everyone follows their lead. It’s a really fun way to work.”

T he fun also extends to SecretPenguin’s process with clients, from mom-and-pops to industry giants. “We’ve created and/ or refined over 250 brands using our process, The Iceberg Build, with a 99% success rate,” Nelson continued. “We aim to eliminate the frustration many brands face when working with agencies —no need for endless revisions, no big egos making design choices over our clients’ vision.”

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 97


Sol’s Jewelry & Loan General Manager John Dineen sees some incredible, unique pieces come through his store, from newer or vintage highend jewelry and accessories to in-demand designer handbags. Sol’s works with sellers who’ve inherited items, private collectors ready to part with valuable pieces, and buyers who want statement jewelry that has been refinished, cleaned, and inspected. Many buyers simply want a wonderful alternative to full retail price plus full ownership.

“ We have such great deals to offer on designer and name-brand items,” Dineen said. “We’re a place where people can save money but still get amazing products.”

S ol’s, which has been family-owned and operated for more than 40 years, serves both buyers and sellers at six metro locations , including the newly relocated downtown store now at 22nd and Harney Streets. At

every location, Sol’s has developed a reputation for outstanding service to leave customers informed, confident, and satisfied. Dineen said his team even has the expertise to track down coveted items. The company also provides appraisal services and jewelry repair.

98 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Sol’s Jewelry Six Metro Locations 402.333.7657 solsomaha.com

Christi Ballard


When Christi Ballard started her company in 2020, she named it “Status” as a tribute to her late father, who used to touch base with Christi and her siblings by inquiring, “What’s your status? How are things going?” Her dad surely would have been proud of the success of Status: Pre-Loved Luxury Handbags. In addition to doing business online, Christi opened her shop at Aksarben Village in 2021 and doubled its size in 2023.

A lifelong lover of designer luxury handbags, Christi enjoys helping customers find pre-loved luxury handbags that fit their lifestyle while supporting sustainability. “We’re able to source items for guests, so if there is a particular item they are in search of, nine times out of 10 we have the reach to obtain that item,” Ballard advised.

Status: Pre-Loved Luxury Handbags offers twice-yearly consignment services as well as cleaning and repair services. The store houses luxury items created by Omaha entrepreneurs, including hand-poured soy candles, fragrances, custom jewelry, and designer handbags. Status also supports Omaha nonprofits by donating items for silent auctions.

Status 1917 S 67th St, Suite 145 Omaha, NE 68106 402.915.0262 mystatuslux.com
STATUS || 99 ||



It takes special expertise to remodel homes constructed in eras past, from preserving classic details to bringing systems up to modern standards, T. Hurt Construction owner Andy Hearn said.

“ We like to specialize in old and historic homes,” Hearn said. “We’re really good at it , and we enjoy it.”

Named for its founder, the company dates back to 1994, with Hearn serving as owner for nearly a decade. The team has amassed unique experience working with historic homes, but also handles remodels for more contemporary houses and owners who want to freshen up a dated design or improve a home’s functionality or flow. They’ve completed both singleroom makeovers and entire home

thurtconstruction.com renovations. No matter the scope of a project, T. Hurt Construction attends to the details so the homeowner doesn’t have to.

“ The word’s out that our work is good and that we work very closely with you through the end of the project. You’re never alone; you’re never dealing with subs [subcontractors] ,” Hearn said. “You don’t have to tell us anything except what you want.”

100 || Faces of Omaha 2024 T. Hurt Construction 2530 N 85th St. Omaha, NE 68134 402.510.9585

Nothing says quality like premium high-butterfat ice cream made the old-fashioned way with real cream , s ugar, and eggs. Ted & Wally’s, owned by brother-and-sister team Joe and Jeanne Pittack, even uses vintage freezers and primarily locally-sourced ingredients to create a wide spectrum of unique flavors available at two locations.

“ We do everything from scratch,” Jeanne said. “There are a lot of chain places, and there is a lot of factory ice cream at the grocery stores. We do something special, something different.”

I n a modern twist, Ted & Wally’s has created vegan and keto-friendly options. Patrons can also enjoy Cajun fare from A Taste of New Orleans via its food truck at the downtown location or in their shared restaurant at the Benson location.

Ted & Wally’s originated at the downtown location in 1984 and thrives nearly 40 years later, especially with the re-opening of the Gene Leahy Mall, Joe said. Both locations continue to enjoy brisk business, serving both longtime patrons and new generations of ice cream lovers.

Faces of Omaha 2024 || 101 Ted & Wally’s Old Market: 1120 Jackson St. Omaha, NE 68102 402.341.5827 Benson: 6023 Maple St. Omaha, NE 68104 402.551.4420 tedandwallys.com
and Jeanne Pittack ICE CREAM TED & WALLY’S



At Todd Smith Fitness, the most valuable tool used during a client assessment is their ability to listen. “Of course, we ask questions,” Smith said. “But the most crucial element is our ability to hear what our clients have to say during their assessments.”

Understanding exactly how each person’s body feels is of the utmost importance. Each body is unique and has a unique set of circumstances, and Todd Smith Fitness helps people become pain free by teaching them to engage dormant muscle groups by training them to achieve total muscular activation.

Todd Smith Fitness focuses on the neurological pathway between the mind and the target muscle as opposed to counting sets and reps. “Who cares

how much weight someone can lift or how many reps they can do if all they are doing is moving weight? Smith said. “We use the weight as a tool to properly engage the muscle and to achieve maximum muscle activation.

L ook your best! Feel your best! Be strong, and live long at Todd Smith Fitness.

102 || Faces of Omaha 2024 Todd Smith Fitness 434 N 76th St. 402.932.5841

It’s not just women who can benefit from relaxing and recharging with a world-class spa experience,” VALO Wellness Spa founder and owner Kelly Davis said. The spa also welcomes men with features like a male locker room and services tailored to address men’s specific skin care needs with specially formulated products just for them. The spa also sees teens, especially for skin care targeted to reduce acne, and provides services for athletes needing muscle recovery and relaxation.

“We tailor every wellness experience to each individual client,” Davis explained. “We help them find the wellness lifestyle that fits their individual needs.”

VA LO’s Wellness Playground provides the latest in 20 - to 30-minute low touch wellness experiences on comfortable zero-gravity loungers that feature options from guided meditations to vibration and compression therapy.

VALO also offers a full array of traditional spa services like massage and facials, plus holistic health services like yoga and Myofacial release therapy, workshops, and even an organic tea bar. Valo is now the home of 180 Chiropractic and offers chiropractic services as well as dry needling and cupping. Clients can book individual services or sign up for a membership, and packages include complementary services between the Wellness Playground and spa.

“Between the Wellness Playground and the spa, we really have something for everyone,” Davis said.


Faces of Omaha 2024 || 103
120 Regency Pkwy Omaha, NE 68114 402.885.8256 valowellnessspa.com Kelly Davis LUXURY WELLNESS DAY SPA VALO WELLNESS SPA “


Westfield Plastic Surgery Center patients have voted the practice “Best of Omaha” in multiple categories year after year, reflecting their satisfaction both with the results of their treatments or procedures and the caring service they experience as patients. This recognition reflects the practice’s dedication to excellence under the leadership of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nagi T. Ayoub.

“We’ve been updating a lot of our technologies, and our commitment to innovation has been at the forefront of this last year,” Dr. Ayoub said. “We’re continuing to reinvest into our operation.”

Another testament to outstanding patient experience is the number of people who refer their friends and loved ones to the practice, which has been in the community over 20 years, Dr. Ayoub said. Westfield PSC also sees repeat business from patients who, some years after a procedure, decide on additional noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments or another cosmetic surgery. Dr. Ayoub said he credits that loyalty to the practice’s exceptional staff, innovation and technology, and patient education.

“Patients trust us,” Dr. Ayoub said. “That’s been very rewarding.”

WESTFIELD PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER 9900 Nicholas St, Suite 300 402.578.0706

|| 104 ||
Nagi T. Ayoub M.D. FACS
westfieldpsc.com westfieldmedispa.com

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