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Chalk Line March/April 2016


2015 Membership Appreciation Night

2015 BIG Home & Garden Show

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UPCOMING OMB EVENTS PAGE 8-9 Pros and Cons of Low Impact Development PAGE 14-15 Special Section: R.O.I.I.® Select Program -From BIAW’s latest Return On Industrial Insurance, Better Outcomes for All: Members, Workers and the Group brochure. For a full version, contact OMB at (360) 754-0912 or





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Chalk Line

Interested in sharing your expertise, opinions or comments with Chalk Line readers? Please contact Angela White at or (360) 754-0912 to discuss the opportunity to write content for Chalk Line.

March/April 2016

Looking Ahead-Meetings and Events March 2 at 6:00 pm - Grays Harbor Chapter meeting Mazatlan Restaurant in Aberdeen

March 17 at 11:30 am - General Membership Luncheon River’s Edge in Tumwater

April 19 at 4:00 pm - Remodelers Council meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

March 4 at 8:00 am - First Aid/CPR Class Olympia Master Builders Office

March 23 at 8:00 am - Housing Summit Lacey Community Center in Lacey

March 8 at 4:00 pm - Executive Committee meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

March 25 at 4:30 pm - Lewis County Membership Party! Dick’s Brewing Company in Centralia

April 19 at 5:30 pm - Quarterly Mason County Chapter meeting El Sarape in Shelton

March 8 at 4:30 pm - Board of Directors meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

April 6-8 at 8:00 am-Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) class Friday is re-certification. Contact BIAW at (360) 352-7800 to register. Olympia Master Builders Office

March 9 at 8:00 am - Project Management class Olympia Master Builders Office March 10 at 4:00 pm - Beer With a Builder TBA

April 12 at 4:00 pm - Executive Committee meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

March 15 at 12:30 pm - Associates Council meeting (this committee sets policy for OMB events) Olympia Master Builders Office

April 12 at 4:30 pm - Board of Directors Meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

March 15 at 4:00 pm - Remodelers Council meeting Olympia Master Builders Office March 16 at 6:00 pm - Lewis County Chapter meeting Legends Sports Bar & Grill in Centralia

April 16 & 17 - BIG Home & Garden Show St. Martins University- Marcus Pavilion April 19 at 12:30 pm - Associates Council meeting Olympia Master Builders Office

April 20 at 6:00 pm - Lewis County Chapter meeting Legends Sports Bar & Grill in Centralia April 21 at 11:30 am - General Membership Luncheon River’s Edge in Tumwater April 26 at 8:00 am - Significant Code Changes class Olympia Master Builders Office April 28 at 12:00 pm - Quarterly Building Officials meeting Olympia Master Builders Office April 29 at 4:00 pm - Government Affairs Committee meeting Olympia Master Builders Office Meetings and Events are subject to change. For more details on these upcoming OMB events, go to

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No Whining, People! A

Mike Auderer PRESIDENT

t some point, each and every one of you have probably complained when a decision was made in the local government arena that negatively affected your life, family, community, and business. I know that I have. Especially since we work in an industry that is required to adhere to so many different codes, regulations and laws that affect how we do business, and ultimately how we make a living. Lately I have started thinking to myself, okay that (insert local government regulation) was not favorable, but what are you doing about it, Mike? Do you have the right to complain when you haven’t attempted to take part in the process? Of course this is America, you are free to complain all you want, but personally, I am committing to get involved and earning my right to complain.

What does this mean? To me, it means lots of things. Getting “This will be a big election year involved can look many different ways and can be locally, and your dollars can talk tailored to your own life, but even if you don’t feel like you you also have to be willing to have a voice.” give a little. Let me tell you the ways I have been putting my money and time where my mouth is:


For help getting involved in TAHC, or any other arena, contact OMB’s Executive Officer, Troy Nichols at or (360) 754-0912 or myself at mike@olyconstruction. com or (360) 451-3191.

4 • Chalk Line

Most obviously, I joined my local building association, putting myself ahead of my counterparts that aren’t members. I’ve put my dollars towards an association committed to “providing affordable housing for all segments of society.” Paying attention to Chalk Line magazine, Chalk Talk, Issues & Actions and other notices from OMB and the Building Association of Washington (BIAW) is instrumental to getting involved. Educate yourself! Share what you learn! I attend Government Affairs Committee meetings, Quarterly Building Officials meetings, General Membership meetings, Beer with a Builder and other OMB events. I am part of the conversation. I give input in my areas of expertise, and I listen to others who know more than I do on other issues. I am constantly learning!

Being a part of OMB and attending local city and county meetings has also helped me get to know those in elected positions. I am learning which elected officials appreciate input from local business and understand the economic value that our industry brings to the community, and which ones really have no interest in an opinion outside their own. I am also a voting member of The Affordable Housing Council (TAHC) and will be attending meetings this year. For $125 a year, you can be a voting member of a group that makes decisions about which elections to get involved in within our five county area and help us find and support candidates that appreciate our mission to make housing more affordable. This will be a big election year locally, and your dollars can talk even if you don’t feel like you have a voice. I would love to have more of you joining me as voting members at TAHC meetings, but if that’s not in the cards, I strongly suggest donating anyway. This year, to really earn my right to complain, I have put my name in the hat for a couple of Olympia City advisory committees. If chosen, an advisory committee will be a way for me, as a citizen and a local business owner, to share my perspective with the City Council on issues that affect me personally, my business and our industry. I will keep you posted on how this works out! Doing all of these things is giving me knowledge on which I base my personal opinions, business decisions, and ultimately my voting decisions. By the way, despite doing all this, I still have a life and am still able to run my business. In fact, by being this involved, I am hoping to be better at both. And if nothing else, I can knowledgably whine about it all. Can you say the same? What are your plans to get involved?

Chalk Line Official Publication of the Olympia Master Builders 1211 State Avenue NE, Olympia WA 98506 Phone: (360) 754-0912

OMB Offers Scholarships. SPREAD THE WORD!

Each year the Olympia Master Builders (OMB) and its chapters in Lewis, Grays Harbor, Pacific and Mason counties offer scholarships to graduating seniors: a Vocational Scholarship, a Collegiate Scholarship and a Ken Donohue scholarship to college or vocational/technical school-bound students.

The Olympia Master Builders is a professional trade association representing 450 member companies located in Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason and Pacific Counties. Our members come from all sectors of the building trades and are committed to “building strong communities, one home at a time.”

Executive Committee

President Mike Auderer First Vice President Ron Deering Treasurer Stuart Drebick Associate Vice President Debbi Boyd Second Associate Vice President Kim Asay Secretary Jon Jones Immediate Past President John McKinlay Builder at Large Karen McClennen

Builder Directors Scott Bergford, Janine Ezzell, Andy Gruhn, Erik Jensen, John Johnson, Jennifer McDonald

Associate Directors

2015 Scholarship winner, Ethan Boughal, visiting with Executive Officer Troy Nichols and President Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction, Inc.

Students intending to pursue studies leading to a career in the building industry such as: engineering, architecture, drafting, industrial design, carpentry, construction management, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Holly Constantine, Jeff Klingburg, Becky Rieger, Rusty Ruiz

Legal Counsel Jay Goldstein

National Directors Mike Auderer, Bob Kagy, Karen McClennen

State Directors Tina Allen, Mike Auderer, Debbi Boyd, Ron Deering, Stuart Drebick, Janine Ezzell, Karen McClennen, John McKinlay, Bob Kagy, Becky Rieger

Grays Harbor Chapter

President Harv Lillegard Associate Vice President Rusty Ruiz Secretary Bob Smith

Applicants must reside within Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Pacific or Grays Harbor counties and be a US citizen. Visit for an application!

Cornerstone Partners

Cornerstone Partners recognizes member companies whose financial support have made our association programs possible. Contact Amanda Cassman at or (360) 754-0912 for information on this program.

Lewis County Chapter

GRANITE LEVEL-$5,000 Investment

Mason County Chapter

QUARTZ LEVEL-$3,000 Investment

President Erik Jensen First Vice President John Johnson Assoc. Vice President Becky Rieger Secretary Rick Borovec Builder Director Patrick Toby Associate Directors Jason Kunz

President Andrew Spear Associate Vice President Julie Nichols Secretary/Treasurer Patty Tupper

South Pacific County Chapter President Steve Waltemate

Association Staff

Executive Officer Troy Nichols Communications DIrector Angela White Membership Marketing Coordinator Amanda Cassman Events Director Brianna Bedell Government Affairs Director Joshua Deal

MARBLE LEVEL-$1,000 Investment Chicago Title Insurance Co. • Duncan and Associates • Johnson Custom Homes, LLC • Olympia Construction, Inc. • Phillips Burgess, PLLC • Scott Homes, Inc. • Sunset Insurance Agency, LLC • Twin Star Credit Union • Umpqua Bank • Washington Business Bank • Williams Onsite, LLC Chalk Line • 5

St. Martin’s University-Marcus Pavilion 5300 Pacific Avenue SE, Lacey

SATURDAY, APRIL 16 SUNDAY APRIL 17 10 am to 5 pm

There are still booth spaces and sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Amanda at amanda@ or (360) 754-0912 or visit for additional informaton.

SAVE THE DATE! SAVE THE DATE! Join industry experts and community leaders in the housing conversation. Wednesday March 23 8 am-noon

Lacey Community Center Co-hosted by:

Keynote Speaker:


Mr. Luis is the author of Century 21 City: Seattle’s Fifty Year Journey from World’s Fair to World Stage, and former Mayor and City Councilmember of Medina, WA. For 16 years, Mr. Luis also operated a public affairs and communications consulting practice that focused on housing and economic development. $20 for members and $30 for non-members. BREAKFAST INCLUDED!

For additional information call (360) 754-0912 or visit

Saturday, June 4 6:00 pm




Save the Date! 2016 AUCTION

Established in 1959

Affordable Housing for all Segments of Society.

It’s All Greek to Me! 2016 Auction

Donating to the Auction is a great way to promote your product or service to the OMB members! Contact your Auction Co-Chairs, Debbi Boyd of Naberly, Inc. or Janine Ezzell of Chicago Title or OMB Events Director Brianna Bedell at to donate!

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Government AffairsGet Involved! S Troy Nichols EXECUTIVE OFFICER

pringtime is one of my favorite times of the year! Not for the reasons you might think – warmer weather, less rain, new leaves on the trees – it’s a great season for government affairs! Think about it – new local elected officials have just been sworn in, the next election is months, if not years, away, and hope for new and better policy for the business climate in your local community remains!

that have a direct impact on the local business climate, and their own personal businesses.

So as the season turns, OMB shifts its focus to government affairs and public policy. You’ve heard me say it before – government is the business partner you didn’t ask for, but can’t get rid of, especially at the local level. Also, the old cliché is very true – if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu, so please, get involved!

Here in Thurston County, we do have our challenges – you’ve probably heard about our litigation against the county’s interim permitting process regarding the Mazama Pocket Gopher – but things are slowly changing. We finally have a reasonable and balanced member of the county commission – Commissioner Bud Blake – and we have the opportunity this fall to elect two additional pro-responsible development and pro-business county commissioners into office. Imagine what we could do in Thurston County with three commissioners working with us instead of against responsible economic development in our community!

2016 OMB President Mike Auderer has made it his personal priority to get OMB members to partic“Also, the old cliché is very on volunteer local govtrue – if you’re not at the table, ipate ernment boards, commissions, you’re probably on the menu, and advisory committees, while also imploring them to show up so please, get involved!” and provide testimony at city council and county commission meetings. (see Mike’s column on page 4) I couldn’t agree more! If we’re not showing up at the venues where public policy is made, the no-growth, anti-business crowd is the only voice that gets heard. Our recent history has demonstrated that when OMB gets involved in an issue, we get results. Our political action committee – The Affordable Housing Council – helped elect a pro-business majority to the Shelton City Commission. Now, OMB staff is meeting with Shelton city officials regularly to help draft a city ordinance that reduces permitting fees by upwards of 60 percent, which will hopefully lead to increased building and economic activity in a community that desperately needs it! In Lewis County, local officials regularly attend our monthly chapter meetings. As a result, OMB members have a direct line of communication with the folks

We also have good regional attendance at our Quarterly Building Official meetings, where OMB members have the opportunity to share candid remarks with city and county staff, and they even are able to shake loose the occasional stymied building permit!

So the best way to kick start this springtime government affairs season is to attend our Housing Summit at 8:00AM on March 23rd at the Lacey Community Center! Every year we partner with our good friends at the Thurston County Realtors® Association to bring you this half-day event, where local movers and shakers come to present the latest developments on the issues that matter most to you. We also invite all local elected officials to attend. And we serve a hot breakfast! Please be sure to mark your calendars and show up to the Housing Summit. Get educated on the issues, meet and interact with like-minded members of your community, and most important of all, share your stories and experience with the policy makers in your area. Politics is definitely not a spectator sport, so please, get involved!

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The Pros and Cons of Low Impact Development


hen you hear the phrase Low Impact Development or LID, it is easy to think about extreme environmentalists who would rather see no development whatsoever in order to leave nature completely untouched. These people are out there. In one of the Thurston County LID meetings, one stakeholder boldly suggested that in order to allow County roads to be one foot narrower, fire trucks should drive without their side mirrors. However, this is not the mindset of LID. LID is a compromise between environmental preservation and the necessity of development. It is a comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach with a goal of maintaining and enhancing the pre-development hydrologic regime of urban and developing watersheds. Essentially, working to allow stormwater runoff absorption into the ground Joshua Bruce Deal in as similar as possible way to how it would occur if no GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS development took place. This DIRECTOR is accomplished by limiting the amount of area that can be paved “Builders are not afraid of or built upon regulations that change the nonpertype of home they build; they (called meable surfaces), are afraid that regulations reducing grading will push them to build homes that disturbs soil, that nobody wants to pay for.” and increasing native vegetation and 8 • Chalk Line

WSU Puyallup Research Rain Gardens Photo Source: Dr. Rita L. Hummel Associate Professor/Associate Scientist/Extension Horticulturist WSU - Puyallup Extension & Research Center

nature-simulating stormwater systems called raingardens and swales. You may have heard a lot about LID lately, and that is because Washington is in the middle of a massive rollout process. Although the timelines are different depending on geographic location, population, and other factors, implementation of LID standards will be required for nearly all Washington municipalities by the end of this year (a small few have until the end of next year). Under the federal Clean Water Act, a wastewater discharge permit is required for disposal of waste material into “waters of the state,” which include rivers, lakes, streams, and all underground waters and aquifers. To obtain this permit (called a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit), municipalities must comply with the Department of Ecology’s Stormwater Management Manual for either Western or Eastern Washington. The LID changes are coming through changes to these manuals. These changes are broad, and the impacts can be

difficult to grasp and will vary slightly depending on each jurisdiction’s implementation, but here are some clear pros and cons to the standards:

CON – INCREASED COST & DECREASED DEMAND Builders are not afraid of regulations that change the type of home they build; they are afraid that regulations will push them to build homes that nobody wants to pay for. Consumers may not want to pay for permeable concrete, which can cost more than regular concrete to purchase, install and continue to maintain so that it drains effectively. They also may not want to install and maintain drainage ponds, swells, or raingardens. While these have been available options for several years, the vast majority of new homeowners have chosen not to pursue them. These things add to the cost of a home, and the market has clearly indicated this is not a priority for consumers. New homeowners may choose not to pursue home ownership in certain areas if these elements are required there.

PRO MORE SUSTAINABLE STORMWATER MANAGEMENT. Stormwater management practices are the core of LID. When implemented properly, LID standards increase filtration of groundwater and make it more available for the long term. Additionally, by locating swales and drainage ponds onto individual lots, space is managed more efficiently and, in some cases, more lots can be made out of a single development.

CON - DECREASED FLEXIBLITY One of the greatest problems these standards pose to homebuilding is flexibility. For example, if a lot is significantly sloped, the grading restrictions could leave very few, if any, options for building a home there. If only a small percentage of a lot can be used for impervious surfaces (such as buildings and driveways), the options available on the site might be incredibly limited. These restrictions seriously inhibit the choices of future residents, while current homeowners have no such obligation. Additionally, property previously viable for development may become unsuitable under these regulations and lose its value.

PRO - ATTRACTIVENESS & LONGEVITY Requiring planters in the center of roundabouts, cul-de-sacs, and as street medians makes for attractive streetscapes that often raise property values. With lower stormwater runoff rates on site, the erosion on the area is reduced, decreasing the need for extreme maintenance in the long term. This is great news for future homeowners.

CON - UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES These regulations are more strict in urban areas. If the overall goal is environmental preservation, then why are the strictest standards being implemented in dense urban areas where homes have less of an impact on the environment? Such tight restrictions may incentivize rural development that contradicts the very goal LID stands for. Striving toward environmental preservation is an admirable goal, but putting such restrictions on city infill lots is counterproductive to keeping development within designated growth areas rather than in natural, rural areas. All pros and cons aside, these standards are coming. It is important to note that local municipalities will have a variety of options to choose from as they go through this process. For the municipalities who want to go above and beyond the stormwater manual standards, it would be better to use an incentive system, such as property tax savings on homes with permeable concrete driveways, rather than adding strict standards for new development. In addition to avoiding unfairly burdening new homeowners, such a system would allow current homes to contribute to the LID of a given area. As these standards are rolled out, OMB staff will work to make sure they are implemented with care as they move through the City Councils and County Commissions in our area. We also want you, members of the industry, to weigh in on the conversation to share how LID affects your business. Stay tuned to our Issues and Actions E-Newsletter and email me at if you have any questions.


• No more than 50% of any development site nor any area within 100 feet of an adjacent parcel shall be altered in excess of four feet. • A grading permit is required for more than ten or more yards of soil (less than one dump truck.) • All grading is subject to the discretion of the building official.


• A single family residential driveway maximum allowed width is reduced from 24 to 20 feet. • Impervious Surfaces – all areas where rainwater cannot get through to the ground, such as the structure and driveway. • On lots 0.25 acre or less, only 45% of the lot can be impervious surface. • On lots 0.26 acres or more, only 40% of the lot can be impervious surface. • Hard Surfaces – all impervious surfaces plus pervious concrete • On lots 0.25 acre or less, only 55% of the lot can be hard surfaces. • On lots 0.26 acres or more, only 50% of the lot can be hard surfaces. The difference in these requirements basically means that if you use pervious pavement, you can build on 10% more of the lot.


• Stormwater drainage ponds and swales and other stormwater facilities shall be located where they will not unreasonably impede pedestrian access to or between buildings. They shall be attractively landscaped with native, well-adapted and/or drought-tolerant plants and integrated into the site design.


• A minimum density of 30 tree units per acre is required on the buildable area of each site. If the site does not meet this minimum, replacement tree planting and soil and understory mitigation shall be required. • Some trees do not qualify as appropriate for preservation. • The standard is higher for low quality soils and areas with invasive species. • All tree removals require a permit. • For multi-family developments of five units or more, a minimum of 50% of the required minimum tree density shall be met in Soil and Vegetation Protection Area, a separate tract of land specifically set aside for the preservation of healthy soil and the preservation or planting of existing and/or native vegetation, including trees.

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Government Affairs


Olympia Master Builders (OMB) is currently working on and/or monitoring many issues related to the building industry.


City of Shelton Shelton Building & Impact Fee Reduction – The City of

Shelton is considering a one year reduction on all building and impact fees within city limits in order to attract both builders and future residents to build in Shelton. While the exact language of the measure is still being developed, it is estimated that the cost savings will be over $10,000 per new home. Needless to say, this is great for the local building industry and the recovery of Shelton’s local economy. Building and impact fees add significantly to the cost of any construction project and can be the deciding factor for where a project is constructed, or if it even moves forward at all. OMB staff and members have testified in support of the measure on several occasions and will continue to monitor its progress.

Thurston County Thurston County Commissioners Discuss HCP Financing – With the Mazama Pocket Gopher listed as a

threatened species, Thurston County officials are working on a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to guide future development within the County and plan for mitigation in order to allow developers to comply with federal law. In addition to guiding future development, the mitigation required by the HCP is going to be incredibly expensive: $151,079,077 over the next 30 years, roughly $5.1 million dollars per year. A portion of this money will come from taxing future development. OMB staff are active in stakeholder meetings to discuss the financing plan and the broader HCP, communicating issues with our members, and providing feedback to Thurston County.

Lewis County

Changes to the housing element include several positive new goals, including: • • •

“Work to enhance the existing housing stock.” “Collaborate with local jurisdictions, non-profits, private developers and other agencies to provide and maintain affordable housing.” “Work to remove unnecessary regulatory barriers and permitting processes that discourage housing construction.”

OMB has submitted written comments in support of the proposed changes to the Lewis County Planning Commission and plans to testify in support of the draft changes if they are brought to a public hearing. To get more involved in the OMB Government Affairs Program, contact Joshua Deal at or (360) 754-0912. Be sure to check out for future Government Affairs Meetings and the upcoming Housing Summit!

Local People Local Decisions! …for Custom Construction and Commercial Financing. Home Mortgage and Home Equity, too.

Lewis County Comprehensive Plan Housing Element Changes – As part of the Comprehensive Plan update,

Lewis County is required to amend the Housing Element of its Comprehensive Plan. This amendment is required to include several elements including current housing inventory, plans for future growth, and means for the preservation, improvement, and development of housing. Required by state law, local Comprehensive Plans guide housing regulations in order to keep them in line with a broader strategy for long term growth of the area.


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Welcome New Members Thank You Renewing Members Joined December 2015-January 2016

Renewed December 2015-January 2016



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Are you an Olympia Master Builders member who doesn’t qualify for the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) Health Insurance Program? so, If B ce i OM Cho h eet t l a ! He can m eeds n r you

25+Years: Hatton Godat Pantier Puget Sound Energy ProBuild Hoel Construction Sunset Insurance Agency, LLC

For a free quote or plan comparison contact: Olympia Master Builders 360.754.0912

OMB is not a licensed insurance agency and cannot provide benefit details or advice on which health plan will meet our members needs the best. All insurance plans offered through the OMB Health Choice program are provided through a licensed agent.

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Have You Looked at the Benefits of Membership Recently? Member Benefits “Building strong communities, one home at a time.” Olympia Master Builders (OMB) is a professional trade association representing companies located in Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason and Pacific Counties. OMB’s primary goal is to provide affordable housing for all segments of society. This is achieved by improving the construction industry and the business climate in which our members operate. We do this through:


Providing a voice before government.


Developing a professional building industry.


Marketing member services.

R.O.I.I.® Select can help you LOWER your workers’ comp premiums and build a better, safer company in the process by: • • • • • •

Rewarding improvements in workplace safety with financial incentives through a performance-based refund model. Offering a full suite of program benefits to help you maximize your return. Improving the quality of your workforce through better hiring practices. Providing workers’ comp claims assistance, loss control and safety services, of which the number one priority is to get injured workers back on the job. The average R.O.I.I. member’s workers’ comp premium rebate for the past two program years has been 39%! The average rebate check received by OMB R.O.I.I.® Select participants in 2014 (for plan year 2012-13) was $2,435!

See pages 14-15 for a special insert on the R.O.I.I.® Select Program.

OMB's Yearly Dues=$585

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Lowe’s ProServices offers all OMB members a 2% discount

off of any purchase along with free delivery for any purchase over $500! If you have a Lowe’s business card you receive an extra 5% discount off of all orders! *Based off $1,900 in total purchase you save $133, and you also receive free delivery with your 7% discount with Lowe’s!

Wireless discount offers members an average of 35% savings on their

wireless service as well as additional benefits. The providers you can receive this discount through are T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. There must be a 5 line minimum but hot spots and tablets are included in your 5 lines. *Based on an average 5 line family plan members could save $33 dollars a month, that’s a yearly savings of $396! 1211 State Ave NE Olympia, WA 98506 360.754.0912 12 • Chalk Line

The Education Program offers around 18 up- to- date, informative, training

courses throughout the year! Many classes help members work towards professional designations. *If a member took advantage of just one class a year there would be a $56 savings. If a member takes advantage of all 18 classes there is a $900 savings!

The Benefits Just Keep Going... General Motors offers OMB members $500 toward the purchase or lease of most new GM vehicles and $1,000 towards the purchase or lease of most new GM fleet deliveries.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW) is providing you with the most comprehensive

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BIAW Health Insurance Program is a non-profit health insurance benefit program created for members of local building associations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Purchasing power, excellent benefits and rate stability are the cornerstones of the success of the BIAW Health Insurance program. The BIAW Program offers group medical, dental, vision, life and disability plans. Over 20 custom plan designs are available including Health Savings Accounts and voluntary dental plans, with a wide range of benefit and deductible levels! Visit for a quote request form!

OMB Health Choice is available to all OMB members who do not qualify for the BIAW Health Insurance Program. OMB Health Choice offers Individual and group plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursements Arrangements (HRA) and more! Our broker can provide you with quotes from all major health insurance carriers in the state, and you can select the insurance plan that best meets your needs, and your budget! Visit for a quote request form!

Government Affairs Program

OMB’S Government Affairs program has a proven track record of successfully working with elected officials and staff in local jurisdictions to defend your industry!


OMB members receive a 20% discount on OMB advertising. This includes the website, Buyer’s Guide, Chalk Line Magazine, and our electronic newsletter! Advertising is a great way to reach out to other OMB members, as well as the local community!

Builder/Remodeler Exclusive Benefits: BIAW’s Building Industry Insurance Program (BiiP), is an exclusive member benefit giving OMB

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BIAW Rebate Program is a FREE member benefit


Throughout the year OMB provides events where you can network, grow your business and advertise to OMB members as well as the public. Some of these events include home shows, Tour of Homes™ and general membership meetings.

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As a successful business owner, you know the importance of doing things right the first time. If you rush to get a job done, inevitably you will be called back to fix a mistake. A job done poorly will cost you time and money—things you may not have— and even worse, it may result in an unhappy customer and that’s just bad for business. Speaking of money…what are some of your major expenses? If you said payroll, then apart from actual wages, your workers’ compensation insurance costs are probably your second most expensive line item. How would you like to have some of the hard earned money you pay to L&I back? If you answered, “Yes!,” the Building Industry Association of Washington’s (BIAW) Return on Industrial Insurance (R.O.I.I.®) Select program may be right for you. R.O.I.I.® Select is a group insurance program offered by BIAW to its members that creates financial rewards for companies who reduce the frequency of injuries and the severity of their cost. ®


The idea behind retro is simple: eliminate workplace injuries through improvements in work place safety and preventive strategies. If an employee is injured, help them get better quicker by offering a successful return to work experience. Accomplish this and your business is rewarded with lower L&I premiums from an improved experience factor, and if you are a participant in a retro program, you may also earn a refund. As one of the oldest and largest retro groups in the state, BIAW’s R.O.I.I.® Select program has returned over $500 million in refunds to construction-related companies that have participated since 1982. In addition to returning millions of dollars to local businesses throughout the state, R.O.I.I.® Select is committed to partnering with our member participants to help them navigate L&I’s workers’ comp system, building more successful ® companies in the process. R.O.I.I. Select and our team of experts are focused on better outcomes: better outcomes for employers, better outcomes for injured workers, better outcomes for the system, and better outcomes for our retro group. When the goal is a better outcome for all parties involved in a claim, everyone wins.

You can’t be an expert at everything and you shouldn’t have to.



If you’d like to hire the experts at R.O.I.I. Select or have questions about the program, please contact us:

(360) 352-7800 ENROLL@BIAW.COM BIAW.COM 111 21st Avenue SW | Olympia, WA 98501



There are a variety of retro programs to choose from so hiring the right one is an important decision. It’s imperative to do a thorough job finding a program that will bring with it a unique set of qualities and expertise that will contribute to the overall success of your business. Think of R.O.I.I.® Select as your workers’ compensation subcontractor. In the construction industry, subcontractors are hired to perform a specialized job as part of a larger project. Subcontractors are experts in their fields and their expertise is essential to the successful completion of the larger project. ® The R.O.I.I. Select team are the experts in the field of workers’ comp. Our experience and expertise is crucial to companies who want help controlling claim costs when they do occur and, more importantly, identifying preventive measures to stop claims from happening in the first place…because the best claim is no claim at all. R.O.I.I.® Select’s outcome-based claims and prevention strategy, cutting-edge return-to-work options and made-to-order personalized approach to workers’ comp solutions are why we’re different.





R.O.I.I.® Select requires membership in a BIAW-affiliated local home builders association (annual dues range from $300-$645). This includes BIAW ($90 value) and National Association of Home Builders annual membership fees.


n  Outcome-based Claims Assistance n  Retraining Assistance Program n  Return-to-Work Options Program n  Kept-on-Salary Program n  Risk Management Services n  L&I Audit Assistance n  Safety Services n  Claim Investigations and Litigation








The cost to operate R.O.I.I.® Select’s in-house claims services is currently 3% of premium. We collect 1.5% up front in the form of an enrollment fee and collect the additional 1.5% from the group’s refund from L&I.

Annual up-front enrollment fee is based on total premium paid to L&I, or $150, whichever is greater.






After the claims services costs have been deducted from the group’s refund from L&I, BIAW receives 10% of the overall refund and an additional 10% is divided between BIAW-affiliated local associations as a marketing assistance fee. MAFs support continuing education, government affairs, legal affairs, and other programs that impact and support the building industry at the local and state level.


While some association retro programs may not charge a marketing assistance fee, there are often similar costs hidden in their Claims Assistance Fees, charged by the claims administrator or third party administrators (TPA). These fees become bottom-line profits for the TPAs and do nothing to help improve the state’s small business climate or support the building industry as a whole.

Let Let the experts at R.O.I.I.® SELECT start working for you today.

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Chalk Line Magazine March/April 2016 Edition  
Chalk Line Magazine March/April 2016 Edition