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MAY / JUNE 2012

Housing Summit May 23 INSIDE THIS ISSUE From the President..................... 2 From the EO............................... 3 Impact Fees on the Rise.............. 5 Spring Membership Drive........... 8

Who are the REX Award Winners? See page 8 for details.

The 2012 Housing Summit will be held on Wednesday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club. This is the third year Olympia Master Builders (OMB) has put on the Housing Summit and year two of the successful partnership with the Thurston County Realtors® Association to grow this event.

B. Local Issues Speakers: Richard “Mick” Phillips, Phillips Wesch Burgess, PLLC Angelia Wesch, Phillips Wesch Burgess, PLLC

Featured topics and speakers include: Current Issues Affecting the Housing Industry A. National/State Issues Speakers: Art Castle, Executive Vice President, Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) Jan Himbaugh, BIAW Government Affairs Director Nathan Gorton, Government Affairs Director, Washington Realtors®

Housing Forecast Speaker: Suzanne Britsch, New Home Trends Regulations and Economy What’s Affecting Business Today Speakers: A panel of industry professionals

See “Summit”

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June 9 Auction

Down to the Wire Five Counties Strong


Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Pacific & Mason Counties

BUILDING STRONG COMMUNITIES ONE HOME AT A TIME. 1211 State Avenue NE Olympia, WA 98569 360-754-0912 800-456-6473

The 2012 Olympia Master Builders (OMB) Auction is just around the bend! On Saturday, June 9, OMB will hold its 26th Annual Auction at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. This year’s theme is “Triple Crown!”, so expect to see some big, fancy hats, jockey silks, and other surprises. Get ready to bid! - Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store at the auction: One week’s stay at condo on Sugar Beach at the Keihi Sands in Maui - P&P Investments.

Tickets to the Seattle Sounders FC, plus a signed jersey from Kasey Keller! J&I Power Equipment. Cruise the Chehalis River on Captain Harv on his 23’ Steam Launch William Frederick Harv Lillegard, Lillegard Construction. A day of fun, by land or by sea: choose a day on the boat, or a day at “Fun-Villa”! Stuart Drebick, Adroit Contractors, Inc. See “Auction”

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From the President

Membership Expectations, Membership Voice By James Peterson President

Every person or business that joins Olympia Master Builders (OMB) joins with a certain expectation. They may be expecting to grow their business through the networking opportunities. They may be expecting to save money through the Return on Industrial Insurance Select Program, Health Insurance Program, Verizon Program, Staples Program and the list goes on. They may be expecting to become educated on the latest issues and trends in the industry. When I joined OMB back in 2007 MA_4.25X5.5Ads_2011:Layout 1

it was because I wanted to get involved in the industry and learn from those who had more experience than I did. My expectations have been met. Today, I definitely am involved in the industry and I have learned a lot from many of you.

has anything to do with the home building industry in our area. I have a business to run. I don’t have time to attend endless city and county meetings, hearings, workgroups, etc. But if my voice is not being heard in these meetings, I soon will not have a business to run. I will be out of business.

What I didn’t expect was that the most valuable OMB member benefit for me would end up being OMB’s Government Affairs Program. As I have become more aware of all the issues affecting the home building industry, I have realized the value I am receiving individually from the work OMB members and staff collectively does on my behalf and on behalf of every business that 3/21/11

2:45 PM

In addition, if I have a concern about a particular issue – fire sprinklers, shoreline management program updates, critical areas ordinance updates, Mazama pocket gopher listing, design review standards, impact fees, comprehensive plan updates, and the list goes on, and on, and on – and I call my elected official or one of their staff, I am just one voice and probably won’t make much of an impact.

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However, when OMB staff and members call elected officials and their staff on behalf of the entire industry, they have a louder voice and all of us OMB members benefit from that collective voice. There is strength in numbers and the greater our numbers the stronger our voice can be for everyone in this industry. May is National Membership Month and we have some great “membership specials” to celebrate! (For more information go to I encourage you during May to reach out to anyone you do business with who is not a member of OMB. Tell them about all the benefits of belonging to OMB. And then ask them to join OMB and become part of our collective voice.

National Association of Home Builders

Scan this code, link to and you’ll be up to date on OMB events, news and educational information.

Put your membership to work now. Money-saving discounts that benefit your business, your employees, and your family



It’s not too late to register for the Housing Summit. The event is open to anyone interested in attending. The cost to attend is $35 for non-members and $25 for members; lunch is included. Guests are welcome to come for individual sessions.

for these and other participating companies.

To register call the OMB office at 360754-0912 or go to

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line


Thank you to the following sponsors: Main EventPuget Sound Energy; Mark Kita-

continued from page 1 bayashi (Team Mark). Additional Sponsors- Phillips Wesch Burgess, PLLC, Lanza Construction, Hydro Physics Video Pipeline Inspection, Imagine REAL EstateKathy Cross, CRS, GRI, and Thurston County Realtors®.

May/June 2012

From the Executive Officer

It’s Our Money! By Laura Worf, Executive Officer

vehicles I see in the Olympia Master Builders (OMB) parking lot when our members are here for meetings and in the parking lots when I am out at chapter meetings.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to go to Romania on a mission trip. One day I asked our Romanian interpreter what it had been like growing up under Communist rule. She told me her father had worked for the government so they had been very comfortable. She went on to say that her husband’s family had not fared so well – his father had not worked for the government.

I have reflected back on that conversation many times over the past few months when I read stories in the newspaper about the thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars being handed out by yet another government organization to other government organizations or companies to do things the private sector is either already doing or should have the opportunity to do.

I have reflected back on that conversation many times over the past few months when I see all of the brand new, expensive vehicles many of our local government organizations are driving compared with the aging

My guess is no OMB member had the luxury of receiving a million dollars to start a business with no expectation to make a profit and no expectation to ever return that money. Yet, that is happening in


I remember many years ago realizing that when, as a society, we reach the point where there are more people earning a living from government jobs, contracts, etc. than people earning a living from private businesses, we as a society are going to be in big trouble because it’s easy for people to compromise their beliefs in exchange for their pocketbooks. They will vote for candidates and issues that they are philosophically opposed to because they are afraid of how it will affect their jobs and/or their finances. This is the time of year, when OMB’s political action committee, The Affordable Housing Council (TAHC) endorses candidates and gets involved in local elections. Why

Salish Lodge & Spa Rejuvenation PackageHeritage Bank Tickets to a concert at The Gorge Northwest Cascade/ Honey Buckets Party at Mark Shaffer’s house on Summit Lake… guys only! Mark Shaffer No discrimination intended, party at Karen Shaffer’s house on Summit Lake… ladies only!! Karen Shaffer Plus more trips! More Dinners! More Sporting Events! More vacation getaway opportunities! And lots more GREAT STUFF! -

May/June 2012

our communities and that money has to come from somewhere – it comes from you and me!

Olympia Master Builders Members and Friends

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Asay also wanted to thank all the sponsors supporting this event: Asher Remodeling, Chicago Title, Crescent Lighting, J.A. Goldstein Law O f f i c e P L LC , Olympia Overhead Doors, Pardiman Productions and Sterling Bank.

Thanks to Auction Committee Chair Kim Asay of Sterling Bank, and her great team of committee members for all their hard work on procurement! They are: Kathi Daly, Joyce Galligan and Carol Goodman of Crescent Lighting Supply, Inc., Sarah Huffer of KGY Radio, Karen McClennen of The Olympian, John McKinlay of Olympia Overhead Doors, and Heidi Persson of KGY Radio. Asay commented that, “we’re looking forward to a great auction. The committee has done an incredible job of procuring items, and the Auction is always a special night for this Association where members band together to support the cause.”

TAHC carefully selects candidates to support who understand the important role the home building industry provides in our community – the jobs you create, and the taxes you pay. If you are interested in becoming a TAHC Trustee, please contact me ( or 360-754-0912). We need your support!

Wake Up & NETWORK! 4th Wednesday of each month 7:00 a.m.

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar 4219 6th Avenue SE, Lacey

No Cost To Attend. Network and have your 30 second commercial ready! Bring a guest, business cards, and a door prize if you would like to further promote your business.

Cost to attend the Auction is $75 per person, or $600 for a table of eight. RSVP’s must be received by Monday, June 4. You don’t want to this one! 3

do they do this? To support candidates who understand that the money they have in their budgets comes from you and shouldn’t be needlessly spent on unnecessary grants. To support candidates who understand the role of government is not to try to fix every problem that comes along, but instead it is to foster an environment where the private sector can thrive and in turn will alleviate a lot of the problems.

Contact Regina at or 360-754-0912 for more information.

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

Government Affairs Report - The Latest Highlights Olympia Master Builders (OMB) is currently working on and/or monitoring several issues related to the building industry. Visit to see a list of issues. Below are a few recent highlights which include links to further information. To easily access these links go to the online version of Chalk Line at


REGIONAL Thurston Regional Planning Council/Population and Employment Forecast Advisory Committee

Thurston County Critical Areas Ordinance The Thurston County Planning Commission has finished their work on the draft rewrite of the Critical Areas Ordinance. It has now been passed on to the County Commissioners for review. There will be a public hearing set by the County Commissioners.

TRPC is updating their Population and Employment Forecast and has invited OMB staff to participate on the Advisory Committee because of the buildable lands component. The advisory committee will be looking at the county-wide forecast to update it based on state forecasts of employment and migration patterns, and working on local allocation to cities, towns, tribes, school districts, etc. for both population and employment.

Visit to review all the comments submitted by OMB.

For more information about any of these issues, contact OMB’s Government Affairs Director, Angela White at 360-754-0912 or email

Mason County Shoreline Master Program Mason County is in the process of updating their Shoreline Master Program. The City has organized a Citizen’s Advisory Committee to help review and evaluate the SMP. Paul Muldoon, Mason County Resident and OMB member representative has been appointed to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

OMB Awards Two Scholarships

Olympia Shoreline Master Program Update The City of Olympia’s Planning Commission has passed the draft version of the Shoreline Master Program on to the City Council for approval. On June 19th the City Council is meeting with the Planning Commission members to discuss the SMP update. OMB has been monitoring progress, has made comment and will continue to participate in the public process.

The Olympia Master Builders (OMB) scholarship program was established in 1991 and is funded with the money earned through donations received throughout the year by OMB members, but mainly through the OMB Auction’s Funda-Need.

Shelton Shoreline Master Program

In April the OMB Scholarship Committee, which includes Chair Tim Dickey of Dickey’s Remodel and Repair, Chris Terry of C.T. Building, Inc., Linda Mosier-Vaudt of ProBuild, and Scott Bergford of Scott Homes, Inc. reviewed 27 scholarship applications and selected the top two.

The City of Shelton is in the process of updating their Shoreline Master Program. They have organized a Citizen’s Advisory Committee. OMB staff has been appointed to the citizen’s advisory committee.

Tumwater Shoreline Master Program The City of Tumwater Planning Commission is wrapping up their draft update of the Shoreline Master Program. They held a Public Hearing on April 10th. OMB staff testified at the public hearing. The draft is available for review on the City of Tumwater website:

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

This year’s applicants were planning careers in architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, welding technology, construction management, and carpentry. It was a difficult decision selecting the two winners. 4

Jared Bradshaw (right) was awarded the $2,500 Ken Donohue Scholarship. B r a d s h aw, of W.F. West High School in Chehalis, plans to study Architecture at Washington State University or Portland State University. Joseph Kelly, (left) of Centralia High School, was awarded a $1,500 scholarship. Kelly plans to study Construction Management at South Puget Sound Community College.

May/June 2012

Government Affairs Report

Bad Timing for Impact Fees in Thurston County By Angela White, Government Affairs Director

As most of you have noticed many local jurisdictions have been making significant cuts in public service and programs over the past few years due to revenue loss from the recession. A large amount of those losses are directly correlated with the downturn in the construction and real estate industry. Many local jurisdictions depend on impact fees and declare it is growth paying its own way. Impact fees began in earnest in the 1970s in Florida and California, areas which at the time were facing high growth under restrictive tax systems with a decline of available Federal and State grants. These circumstances led to governments charging impact fees as an easy, but not so reliable, way for private development to fund public infrastructure. The national, state and local home building industry organizations and their memberships have always questioned the validity of impact fees. Now more than ever, impact fees have proven to be an unreliable and inequitable source of funding. This has been shown by the struggles of the housing industry drastically affecting local government budgets. In the midst of the struggle in the housing industry, the Thurston County Commissioners decided to hire consultants to help them prepare to put impact fees in place. The fees proposed range from $7,500 per single family home built in the Urban Growth Area (UGA) to $2,697 per single family home in the northwest portion of the county.

May/June 2012

or purchases a pre-owned home, even if they come from outside of the area.

Just to be clear, these fees will be paid for every home built, not just for large developments. If a citizen purchases a lot in the Tumwater UGA and wants to build a single family residence there will be an additional $7,500 cost if this proposal is passed. And for the larger builders and developers this may seem like a cheaper route than State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) mitigation. However, during a recent briefing for the county Commissioners the consultant pointed out, after being asked by Commissioner Romero, the county can charge both SEPA and impact fees -- they just can’t use both for the same portion of a public infrastructure project.

Another reality of impact fees: they are more expensive the closer you get to urban centers. No matter how you feel about the Growth Management Act (GMA), this is contradictory to the community planning done under GMA which encourages growth in cities and their UGAs. One fact I did not hear discussed at the recent County Commissioners briefing -- impact fees price potential homebuyers out of the new home market. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2008 Impact Fee Handbook, every $1000 worth of impact fees prices about 265,000 households nationwide out of the new home market.

During the briefing mentioned above I more than once heard a Commissioner say that growth should pay their fair share. I translate this to mean that citizens purchasing new homes should shoulder an additional portion of the cost of new and improved public infrastructure in their community. When I say additional, I mean additional to the property taxes they will pay like all citizens owning property, sales tax they paid on materials, permit fees etc. Even though impact fees are legal, I feel they are fundamentally inequitable. The reality of impact fees is that they are a tax placed on a small segment of the population - the segment purchasing new homes.

Another fact that I did not hear discussed; new development (and even remodeling) contribute more to the local economy than almost any other industry. New housing development and remodeling provides economic contributions to the community beyond the property tax revenues considered in certain impact fee calculations. A 2008 NAHB study estimated that building an average new single family

home created 3.05 jobs. The same study listed that $100,000 spent on residential remodeling created 1.11 jobs. In addition, home building and remodeling generate other revenue for federal, state, and local governments. These revenues include Social Security taxes paid on wages, sales tax on building material and permits and fees builders pay local jurisdictions. The 2008 NAHB study estimated that for an average new single- family home $89,216 is paid in taxes and fees and for every $100,000 in residential remodeling $30,217 is paid. I will say to Thurston County; this is terrible timing. You should be looking at ways to boost the housing industry to improve the economic conditions in your communities and, in turn, your county budget. OMB recently sent letters to the rest of our local governments that have impact fees in place requesting they suspend or decrease them to help bring the home building and remodeling industry and the economic engine it represents into recovery. OMB believes doing so would also make homes more affordable in your community and encourage citizens to build, live, shop, play and pay taxes in your city.

What is an Impact Fee?

Many people who purchase new homes are simply relocating within the same community, creating no additional growth or impact. Many people purchasing a new home do not have school age children but they pay a school impact fee and so on. The same burden is not placed upon a family that rents

A fee charged by government entities on builders and developers to cover the cost of infrastructure and related services. A fee can be charged for Parks, Traffic, Schools and Fire. 5

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

REX Award Winners Announced at OMB Trade Show The 2012 Remodeling Excellence (REX) Awards were presented at the May 1 OMB Trade Show held at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club. Since the 1990s the REX Awards have honored innovative and exceptional projects completed by remodeler members of Olympia Master Builders (OMB). This year fourteen entries representing eleven categories were received by OMB. All entries must adhere to strict entry rules and impartial judges from outside the OMB area judge the entries. This year’s judges were: Matt Rock of MR Construction, Gordon Neu of Neu Construction and Duke York of York Enterprises. The presentation included an overview of the entries along with before and after photos of each award winning project. Ross Iwin of Cabinets by Trivonna was the emcee of the program. There were eleven awards presented in the following categories:

Residential Bath Under $25,000 John Erwin Remodeling, Inc. Residential Bath $25,000 to $75,000 Olympia Construction, Inc. Residential Kitchen Under $30,000 Kuster Homes and Remodeling, LLC

Pictured from left: Bob Clark of Home Resource Company, Inc., James Peterson of Lanza Construction, LLC, Jeff Kuster of Kuster Homes and Remodeling, LLC, Diane Gassman of Interior Dimensions, LLC, Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction, Inc., John Erwin of John Erwin Remodeling, Inc., Greg Switzer of John Erwin Remodeling, Inc. and Emcee Ross Irwin of Cabinets by Trivonna.

Residential Kitchen $30,000 to $60,000 John Erwin Remodeling, Inc. Residential Kitchen $60,000 to $125,000 Home Resource Company, Inc. Residential Whole House $75,000 to $150,000 Home Resource Company, Inc. Residential Addition $75,000 to $150,000 John Erwin Remodeling, Inc.

Commercial Under $100,000 Lanza Construction, LLC

Overall Design ExcellenceHistoric Renovation/Restoration John Erwin Remodeling, Inc.

Overall Design ExcellenceOutdoor Living Lanza Construction, LLC

Overall Design ExcellenceUniversal Design John Erwin Remodeling, Inc.




Vast Inventory Design Center Engineered Wood Products Job Packaging Jobsite Delivery

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

AT PROBUILD, our dedicated team of professionals offer superior customer service at every level of home construction. Rely on our qualified staff and our full service facilities to bring your project to life. ProBuild



1830 Black Lake Blvd. SW Olympia, WA 98501 Hours: M–F: 7am–5pm (360) 754-0300

114 E Cedar St. Shelton, WA 98584 Hours: M–F: 7am–6pm, Sa: 8–6, Su: 9–5 (360) 426-2611

N150 Lake Cushman Rd. Hoodsport, WA 98548 Hours: M–Sa: 8am–5pm (360) 877-6881


May/June 2012

OMB Member Spotlight Throughout 2012 each issue of Chalk Line will be featuring both a builder and an associate member company who have been OMB members for over 25 years.

Builder Member

William Childress


BUILDING & DESIGN, LLC Member Since 1975

Associate Member

Rich James

Member Since 1983

Home building has been in William Childress’ family for generations. It was only natural for him to start his own business once he came home from the service, since he had worked with his dad throughout his teen years learning the skills it takes to build a home with his hands and his mind. Trivia Tidbits: 1. What has kept you an OMB member for so many years? Membership in Olympia Master Builders was important for me early on; I could see the need for a group effort to deal with the changes coming to the industry even in the early 1970s. In today’s world, this alliance is more critical. Many regulatory agencies have attracted soldiers who would destroy free enterprise under the mantra of consumerism, environmentalism and other seemingly worthy causes. 2. What one thing do you want others to know about your company? Homebuilding is more than a way to make a living; it is a way to make a difference for a family and for communities. But the there is a paradigm shift on the horizon. My sons, who have followed the traditions of our family, face a very different set of challenges where building a home is a smaller part of the task. 4711 176th Ave SW, Rochester, WA 98579, (360) 481-5000 Olympia Fireplace & Spa opened in 1976 and specializes in the sales, installation and service of fireplace, spa and patio products. Rich James has been involved in sales for 15 years and was recruited by a friend eight years ago who worked for Olympia Fireplace. Trivia Tidbits: 1. What has kept you an OMB member for so many years? Our commitment to the local contractors, building industry and the relationships we have developed has kept us a member for almost 30 years. 2. Who or what inspires you? Everyday when I come into work I see our staff go out and serve our customers as best we can. That commitment inspires me to do the best I possibly can everyday. 3. What is your best business practice? We strive as a company to give the highest quality of customer service in the business. 4. What one thing do you want others to know about your company? We offer more than just fireplaces. We have been a long time retailer of spas, barbeques, awnings, firepits and a host of other items for your home. 506 East 4th Ave, Olympia, WA 98501, 360 352-4328

August 18, 19 & 25, 26 OMB is currently seeking new and remodeled homes for this event. For more information contact the OMB office at 360754-0912 or May/June 2012


Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

Membership Report

Spring Membership Drive Offers Great Incentives By Regina Greer, Membership/Marketing Coordinator

The Olympia Master Builders (OMB) Spring Membership Drive is still in full swing. The Membership Committee is offering over $400 worth of FREE incentives (see box below) to all new members who join through May 31. Current members who recruit new


members in May earn TRIPLE Spike credits. You can become a Spike by recruiting only two new members in May, and then you will be able to attend the annual Spike Party in the fall. Spike Chair, Doug Karman, is planning a fun evening that may include a murderous twist or two!

in 2012 and earn a trip for two to Las Vegas. Just ask Scott Nolan, who recruited 15 new members last year. He and John McKinlay are neck and neck so far this year. Don’t let them be the only ones living it up in Vegas. If you know anyone who should be an OMB member, let them know about the incentives and sign them up so they can enjoy the benefits

Plus recruiters earn great prizes for introducing new members to OMB. Recruit just twelve new members


of OMB membership that you are enjoying. Remember, we love to do business with members and keep looking for that OMB logo before you do business! Contact me at or 360-754-0912 if you would like some leads to start working or if you would like me to send membership information to your leads.

Top 2012 Recruiters


6 New Members John McKinlay Scott Nolan

Fill in your name & address below. Pass the notes out to all your friends. When they get their carpets cleaning & turn in the noted, we will mail you a coupon to get 5% off your next residential carpet cleaning. Coupons can be combined!

3 New Members Carmen Rowe

A Steve’s Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

2 New Members Ross Irwin

“A referral is the best compliment a customer can give.”

Thank You

1 New Member Tina Allen William Childress John Erwin Andy Gruhn Harv Lillegard Scott Oliver Rusty Ruiz Mark Shaffer BarbWhitlow


My Frie

Membership Drive 2012

New Member Free Incentives Must join OMB by May 31, 2012

• 6 months of advertising on the OMB website (tier one button-sized ad) - $210 value.

t Me Sen

• 3 months worth of button ads in OMB’s weekly email, Chalk Talk - $150 value.

Turn in this referral note to your carpet cleaning technician at time of service and your friend will receive 5% off their next residential carpet cleaning.

• FREE additional Product & Services category listing on the OMB website - $15 value. • FREE dinner at a general membership meeting ($25 value) or 1 FREE OMB Auction ticket ($65 value).

CALL NOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT! 360-701-9544 * 253-691-3150 For more referral notes, find us on Facebook!

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

• FREE OMB membership list - PRICELESS. 8

May/June 2012

Good Leads Found at Home & Remodel Show

Class Schedule

Mastering the WSU Component Performance Worksheet: Friday, June 1 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The Lewis County Home & Remodel Show was held April 28 and 29 at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds. “We had a nice, steady flow of traffic all weekend which resulted in a lot of great quality leads,” commented 2012 Home Show Chair, Rich James of Olympia Fireplace & Spa.

OSHA 10 Course: Tuesday and Wednesday, June 12 and 13 from 7:00 a.m. to noon each day. Lien Law & Public Works/Construction Contracts: Thursday, September 13 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CAPS I Marketing and Communications Strategies: Thursday, November 1 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The show featured local contractors and suppliers who were on hand to provide information to attendees regarding their home building, remodeling and other building related project questions.

CAPS II Design Build Solutions for Aging in Place: Friday, November 2, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Reading & Understanding Construction Drawings: Thursday, November 29 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Ross Irwin, Cabinets by Trivonna, (left) chats with two customers during the show.

Thanks to MDK Construction, Inc., Main Event sponsor and Twin Star Credit Union, Silver sponsor and Lexar Homes, Goodie Bag sponsor.

Business Management for Building Professionals: Thursday, December 6 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Classes are held at the OMB office. To register call the Building Industry Association of Washington 360-352-7800. 48 hour cancellation policy - no shows will be invoiced.

Thanks also to the Lewis County Home & Remodel Show Committee: Rich James, Olympia Fireplace & Spa; Scott Nolan, MDK Construction, Inc.; Rick Borovec, Twin Star Credit Union; and David Danton, Lexar Homes.

For more information on each class go to:

Good attendance during the show brought many leads to vendors.

LEW RENTS - Equipment -






Proud OMB Associate Member Since 1988 “Helping to Support Our Local Community Builders Since 1928” OLYMPIA 360-357-7731 2216 East 4th Avenue May/June 2012 9

WESTSIDE 360-357-3314 405 McPhee Road SW Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line

Chapter Reports Lewis County

It was a packed house when Washington State Senator Dan Swecker and Pam Peiper from US Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Buetler’s office gave a legislative update at the

with about the next meeting? If you were not at the meeting, why not check us out? Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at Ramblin Jacks Rib Eye in Napavine at 6:00 p.m. Go to www. for complete details.

Lewis County Master Builders April 18 meeting. Blakely & Hout generously donated a Black & Decker laser level as a builder member door prize and Olympia Overhead Doors generously donated a can of garage door lubricant and a gift card to Ramblin Jacks Rib Eye for the associate members.

Twin Harbors

The Twin Harbors Chapter will meet on Thursday, June 7 at 6:00 PM at Bridges Restaurant in Aberdeen.

After the meeting the 38 members in attendance lingered to network and exchange ideas. If you were Pam Peiper, from the office of US Congressat the meeting, you know woman Jamie Herrera Buetler’s office, speaks what a great meeting it was. to the Lewis County Chapter members. Why not tell others you work

The guest speaker will be Aberdeen City Council Member Kathy Hoder, who will update members on the status of the failing bridges in the city, and the limited weight load restrictions put upon them.

South Pacific

The South Pacific Chapter will meet on the second Thursday of each month at El Compadre in Long Beach as a Networking / Round Table event for members and their guests.

Mason County

Ross Irwin of Cabinets By Trivonna lead a energetic discussion surrounding Networking and Marketing during the May Chapter Meeting. The Mason County Chapter voted not to hold Chapter meetings over the summer. The next meeting will be September 11, 2012.

Thank You to these renewing members For March and April 2012

40+ Years

Olympia Lighting Center

31-37 Years

Childress Building & Design, LLC Heritage Bank Pro-Build at Shelton Sunset Air, Inc.

26-30 Years

ABC Printing, Inc. D K Boos Glass, Inc. Olympia Fireplace and Spa

20-25 Years

Alpine Sand & Gravel, Inc. Auseth Construction, Inc. Boulton Insulation Company Bracy & Thomas, Inc. Construct, Inc. Crawford Construction, Inc. J.W. Morrissette & Associates Kelly-Moore Paints Lakeside Industries Mark’s Drywall, Inc. Mutual Materials Pacific West Landscape, LLC Rainier Valley Construction, Inc.

15-19 Years

Actionaire, Inc. B.T. Wilson Const. Inc. Boistfort Valley Water Chicago Title Insurance Co. Chimney Techniques, Inc.

ServiceMaster 1st Choice Skyline Pump & Machine Co. The Housing Mart, Inc. Tru Truss, Inc. Tupper’s Floor Covering & Interiors, Inc. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Everson Asphalt Paving, Inc. F & L Pacific, Inc. Kamco Construction Moerke & Sons Pump & Drill Northwest Heating & Cooling Pascher Construction Precision Pipe Fabricators Specialty Steel Fabricators The Roof Doctor Timberland Bank Turbo Mechanical

5-9 Years

94.5 ROXY - Olympia Broadcasters Al’s Welding & Steel Fabrication, Inc. Buck Electric, Inc. Cabinets by Trivonna CVM Machine, Inc. Diamond Finish Construction Fireside of Washington Fox Head Construction, LLC HiLine Homes Interior Wood Products, LLC Karen Jerome McClennen Ketola/Targus Painting, Inc. McFarland Cascade Mud Bay Manufacturing, LLC Mudslingers, Inc. Northwest Family Homes, Inc. OSG Dozing, LLC P.U.D. #1 of Lewis County Plumb Line Plumbing Railworks Track Systems, Inc. Reliable Electric, Inc. Schneider Homes, Inc. SoundBuilt NW, LLC South Puget Sound Habitat for

10-14 Years

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Air Handlers, Inc. Bailey General Contractors, LLC Black Diamond Roofing, Inc. Bonney’s B.J.& R. Const, Inc. Capital Heating & Cooling Capitol Floors & Interiors Controlled Rain, LLC FASTSIGNS G & G Heating Industrial Electric Service Co. K D & S Environmental, Inc. L.G. Isaacson Company Lacey Roofing, LLC Levee Lumber, Inc. Lillegard Construction Mixx 96.1 KXXO Pro-Tech Commercial Landscape Maintence Quality Rock Products Retail Services of America, LLC Robbins’ Air, Inc.

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line


Humanity-ReStore Trail Excavation

2-4 Years

ABSI Builders, Inc. Accessible Living Concepts Active Enterprise, Inc. Advanced Heating & Air, Inc. Airtech West, Inc. Americool Heating and A/C Berglund, Schmidt & Assoc. C.T. Building, Inc. Canyon Creek Cabinet Company Custom Source Woodworking Diamond Technologies, Inc. Great Wolf Lodge Kuster Homes and Remodeling Laupen Homes, LLC LeMay Enterprises, Inc. McMains Roofing, Inc. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney R L Smith Logging, Inc. Reliant Builders, LLC RK Electric, LLC Sterling Bank Swanson Law Firm, PLLC T & S Cleaning, Inc Washington Health Insurance Agency

1 Year

Shea Homes, Inc. Worf Electric, Inc. Yelm Plumbing & Pumps

May/June 2012

Welcome New Members Clear View Auto and Window Glass Assoc-OMB John Pazar 4500 Pacific Ave SE Suite E Lacey WA 98503 P: (360) 539-5909 F: (360) 539-1739 E: Sponsor: John McKinlay

Scatter Creek Construction, LLC Bldr-OMB Jake Childress 4840 176th Ave. SW Rochester WA 98579 P: (360) 556-3038 E: scattercreekconstruction@comcast. net Sponsor: William Childress

EuroCraft Painting LLC Assoc-OMB Bert Jansson 3346 Mercedes Dr. NE Lacey WA 98516 P: (360) 529-1410 E: Sponsor: Ross Irwin

Sturgeon Quality Construction LLC Bldr-Twin Harbors Rhonda Sturgeon 349 Duck Lake Drive SE Ocean Shores WA 98569 P: (360) 289-2593 E: Sponsor: Rusty Ruiz

Gorman Roofing Services, Inc. Assoc-OMB Daniel Gorman 2229 E. University Drive Phoenix AZ 85034 P: (602) 262-2423 F: (602) 262-2405 E: Sponsor: Carmen Rowe

Thurston Talk Assoc-OMB Martin McElliott 724 Columbia St N Olympia WA 98501 P: (360) 482-1671 E: Sponsor: John Erwin

Harbin Construction Bldr-OMB Pat Harbin 1808 Capitol Way S. Olympia WA 98501 P: (360) 413-3820 F: (360) 705-0501 E: Sponsor: Ross Irwin Kitchens Complete Inc. Assoc-Lewis James Jones Denny Wiley 2557 Jackson Hwy Chehalis WA 98532 P: (360) 740-9144 F: (360) 740-9154 E: Sponsor: Harv Lillegard


President..............................James Peterson First Vice Pres.................... John McKinlay Treasurer.................................. Scott Nolan Assoc. Vice Pres.............. Blake Knoblauch Second Assoc. VP.......................Ross Irwin Secretary.................................... Tina Allen Immed. Past Pres....................Janine Ezzell Builder at Large......................Ron Deering Bldrs. Council Chair.......... John McKinlay

Builder Directors

Jim Asher Andy Gruhn Harv Lillegard

Associate Directors

Kim Asay Rusty Ruiz

This year’s Las Vegas theme prom-

May/June 2012

Rich James Holly Constantine

Legal Counsel Jay Goldstein

Lewis County Master Builders

President...................................Scott Nolan First Vice Pres....................... Jason Reimer Assoc. Vice Pres........................Rich James Secretary............................... Rick Borovec Immed. Past Pres...................... Scott Nolan Builder Directors.................... Don Koidahl Dave Danton, Dustin Westfall Associate Directors.................. Emma Ball, Becky Rieger, A.J. Treleven

Mason County Master Builders

President.................................Aaron Nester First Vice Pres....................... Rob McGuire Assoc. Vice Pres....................Todd McPhee Secretary..................................... Bob Love Immed. Past Pres................... Rob McGuire

National Directors

Daimon Doyle James Peterson

TNT Electric Assoc-OMB John Danzer 8000 Meridian Rd SE Olympia WA 98513 P: (360) 584-7456 E: Sponsor: John McKinlay

Linda Mosier-Vaudt

South Pacific County Master Builders

State Directors

Tina Allen Ron Deering Harv Lillegard Don Koidahl Karen McClennen Paul Muldoon Scott Nolan Kellene Richards Jim Simmons

Washington State Kitchen & Bath Bldr-OMB George Atwater 13619 Mukilteo SpeedwayD5 #314 Lynnwood WA 98087 P: (800) 935-5524 F: (425) 357-6905 E: Sponsor: John McKinlay

Tim Dickey Janine Ezzell. Blake Knoblauch. Rhonda Locke. John McKinlay. Aaron Nester. James Peterson. Carmen Rowe. Lori Wirkkala

Life Directors

Jack Anderson Debbi Boyd William Childress Michael Cornforth Daimon Doyle Peter Fluetsch Don Koidahl Mason Manning Linda Mosier-Vaudt Brian Panush Tommy Poplin Mark Shaffer Andrew Spear

Practice that Swing-It’s Time to Golf! The 2012 Olympia Master Builders (OMB) Golf Tournament will be held at the Links Course at Hawks Prairie Golf Course with an 8:00 a.m. shotgun start. Cost to play is $85 per player or $320 per team of four through Friday, May 25. When the “Early Birdie Special” is over the cost to play increases to $100 per player.

Scott Bergford John Kaufman Walt Robertson

Life Members

George King Mary Gordon, Honorary Douglas DeForest, Honorary

Rick Borovec Clark Burkheimer Patrick Connor Merrilee DeForest Stuart Drebick Bob Kagy Bob Love Karen McClennen Al Mullins Bill Peters Rob Rice Greg Stevens Brad Wilson

President................................Lori Wirkkala First Vice Pres.......................... Ray Bonnie Immed. Past Pres...................... Glen Trusty

Twin Harbors Master Builders President.............................. Harv Lillegard First Vice Pres..................................... TBD Assoc. Vice Pres........................ Rusty Ruiz Secretary....................................Bob Smith Immed. Past Pres........................ Mike Foss

Association Staff Executive Officer......................Laura Worf Dir. Member Services......Stacey Genzlinger Govt. Affairs Director................Angela White Bookkeeper............................Sally Darrow Mbr. Marketing Coordinator. ...Regina Greer

Chalk Line is the official publication of the Olympia Master Builders, an affiliate of the Building Industry Association of Washington and the National Association of Home Builders. The Olympia Master Builders can be contacted at 1211 State Avenue NE, Olympia, WA 985064234. Telephone 360-754-0912 or 800-456-6473. Fax 360-754-7448. Visit our web page at

ises to bring extra excitement to the event. Come and see if you can win the new car from All Star Ford in our Hole-in-One contest! OMB had a Hole-in-One winner in our 2010 tournament. The odds are in your favor.

Protective Coatings Group, Putting Green Sponsor, Parr Lumber, Cigar Sponsors, and Hole Sponsors: First Investors Corporation, Olympia Federal Savings, Sierra Pacific Windows, Thurston County

Thank you to our sponsors: Main Event Sponsor, Pro-Build, Cart Sponsor, Heritage Bank, Goodie Bag Sponsor and Golf Cart Sponsor, 11

Chamber, and Tradesmen International, Inc. There are still other sponsorships available. Visit or call Regina at 360-754-0912 to register to play or sponsor.

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line




1211 STATE AVE. NE OLYMPIA, WA 98506 $1.25 per copy 360-754-0912 800-456-6473

Printing is more than Ink on Paper... 7009 Martin Way PO Box 3309 Lacey, WA 98509 (360) 456-4545 It’s the quality in craftsmanship that goes into every job we print.

Olympia Master Builders / Chalk Line


May/June 2012

Chalk Line  

May June Issue

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