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Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel, 2009 Gala Keynote Speaker, tells a full auditorium what her time at Olds College has meant to her.

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Apr 2009

Fueled for the future The Olds College School of Innovation (OCSI) is now poised for a new period of important research, thanks to $3.1 Million in new funding. Officially announced in February as part of their College and Community Innovation program (CCI), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has committed $2.3 Million to OCSI’s Biodiesel Production, Alternative Feedstocks and Commercial Adoption program. An additional $800,000 in funding and in-kind commitments has been pledged by key industry contributors. “The success of the proposal that precipitated this announcement is a function of the phenomenal work of the outstanding people associated with OCSI,” says Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson, President and CEO of Olds College. “We are extremely proud of their dedication in addressing the bigger societal and scientific needs related to our environment.” This five-year funding builds upon previous investments of $1.275 Million from Alberta Energy for a nearly-completed biofuel pilot plant on campus that will serve industry needs for R&D, technology incubation and lab analysis of fuel and feedstock. In February that particular work, in conjunction with other numerous community and industry supported research projects, led the Alberta Biodiesel Association to award the OCSI with a plaque of recognition “for establishing the first Alberta-based integrated biodiesel applied research centre.” “This new project will focus on increasing biodiesel production for research purposes, initiating oilseed trials and investigating process optimization,” says Dr. Abimbola Abiola, OCSI Chair. “In the near future we hope to quadruple the number of students and double the amount of faculty involvement as we investigate exciting new methods of fuel production and usage.” OCSI provides small and medium businesses with access to expertise and facilities for problem solving. It is one of the first recipients of the CCI award in Canada, the only Albertan institution among the eight Canadian schools named. This new initiative supports Olds College’s ongoing renewable energy role in Alberta by creating capacity to address industry needs in a practical and sustainable manner.

New Alumni Chapter Initiative Recently joining the Olds College Office of Advancement as an Alumni Officer, Brett Humphries is already rolling up his sleeves and working on the development of alumni chapters for the college. “There are already groups of Olds College alumni who associate with each other and share common interests,” says Humphries. “We can help them with a formal alumni chapter structure and support network to make it easier for them to organize around their interests and the things they do together.” Already, plans for a chapter in the Eckville area are under way and initial meetings to discuss formation of an Athletics chapter have begun as well. Humphries says, “We want to establish chapters throughout Alberta and wherever else alumni may be and we expect to see the interest in forming additional chapters grow as more alumni discover what chapters have to offer.” Alumni Chapters are Olds College alumni who organize themselves based on geographic or academic affinities, or common interests, and function as subgroups of the larger alumni body, with the goal of promoting the specific interests of chapter members. Chapter members may simply live near one another or share an interest in athletics, students groups, or particular academic programs. Chapter members contribute their time and expertise to developing activities and events to engage alumni through social and networking opportunities, continuing education, or other areas of interest through which chapter members can continue to benefit from lifelong connections with their classmates, alumni, faculty, and the Olds College community. “We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in getting involved in nearly any capacity,” says Humphries. “Alumni Chapters are a great way to stay connected to Olds College and to other alumni.”

To learn more about the Alumni Chapter initiative or to start an Alumni Chapter in your region or for your area of interest, contact Brett Humphries at

2 Apr 2009

Volume 3, Number 1 Publication mail agreement: 40010029 Submissions may be edited for content and length. Olds College Horizons is published four times per year by the Office of Advancement. We welcome comments, letters and suggestions for stories. Please email Rick Overwater fax 403-556-4704 or write 4500-50 Street, Olds, Alberta, T4H 1R6 Editor: Rick Overwater, Communications Coordinator Publisher: Shannon Northey, Manager of Development & Corporate Communications Design: Myriah Barr, Graphic Design and Multimedia Coordinator Print: Calgary Colorpress

Ope n House 2009

Our Open House hundreds of visitors

was a great success! On April 4, came through our doors to look, learn and listen.

Shelley Watt giving a tour to young interested minds.

Olds College was wide open to the public on April 4, and by all accounts it was a highly successful day.

Board Chairman Bill Quinney and his wife Shelley help Grandkids Kaylee and Tara decorate flower pots at the Little Sprouts.

Spread across over 2000 acres, with a fully-functional farm, cuttingedge fashion program, nationally-renowned bio-diesel research facility, technology-driven province-wide e-learning centre and much, much more, it was obvious that Olds College’s campus is like no other. With all the range of sights, events and educational opportunities that makes the college unique, visitors could be overheard commenting that taking it all in during a single day was a daunting task. Numerous prospective students signed up to tour the campus and the afternoon fashion show, a popular event every year, filled the Fine Arts and Multimedia Centre’s TransCanada Theater to capacity. Local radio station Rock 104 did live broadcasts from the Learning Resource Centre, interviewing nearly a dozen faculty and staff members about activities happening that day. As well, 40 prospective athletes signed up for the Olds College Broncos Volleyball Talent Identification Camp. “Open House was a tremendous opportunity for people to explore what is happening at Olds College” says Jeff Suderman, Director, Student Recruitment. “Whether you were a local community member, alumni or a prospective student, there was something exceptionally interesting for you to do.”

Some of the many events and presentations included: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fashion Show Extravaganza Meet the Instructors Parent and child activities Plant Sales Meat Sales Olds Art Club Spring Show Equestrian Demos Horse and Wagon Rides Rodeo Club Timed Event Jackpot Tree Climbing Demos Campus and Farm Tours Antique Tractor Display

Terry Mckay presenting a new way to process berries.

Fantastic colorful dress ready to spring to life.

AHT student showing off the lambs from this years flock.

Carien Vandenberg demostrated how to create solar, wind and hydrogen energy. At Open House the OCSI showcased some renewable fuel programs, alternative crops and testing on hemp, mustard, and camelina.

Apr 2009


Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel, 2009 Gala keynote speaker

Alum Leonard Haney (first ever Olds College Donor) and Norma Dunn

Minister Luke Ouellette, Minister of Transportation, and Jan Tremblay

Logan and Sarah Wray, interviewed as part of an “alumni portrait.”

Gala 2009

Henry and Joan Heuver place a bid at the silent auction

Netting approximately $47,000 for student program and facility enhancements, Olds College’s 2009 Gala was an unqualified success. “We were especially pleased on a couple of different fronts,” says Jordan Cleland, Vice President, Advancement. “On one hand it was fantastic to see our staff, faculty, alumni and many current students pull together to make Gala the signature event that it was. We were also extremely gratified by the way our regional, provincial and national stakeholders turned out to show their support of Olds College.” Guests were greeted by 2009 Gala Student Ambassadors Echo Davidson and James Papineau. With Country 105 FM’s Scott Phillips acting as MC, the night kicked off with cocktails and a relaxed viewing of silent auction items in the temporarily-redecorated Learning Resource Centre. Highlights of the evening included an inspiring address from alumnus Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel. As well, speeches by Board of Governors Chairman, Bill Quinney and college President Dr. Tom Thompson who noted that the entire alumni body, named Olds College’s 2009 Partner of the Year, was one of the greatest partners any institution could ask for. Among the 340 guests that night were several representatives of the provincial government including two provincial cabinet ministers, four more MLAs, two Deputy Ministers and an Assistant Deputy Minister, two Members of Parliament, a Canadian Senator, and local leaders of Town, County and the Chinook’s Edge School Board.

4 Apr 2009

James Papineau, Echo Davidson, Shelley and Bill Quinney (Olds College Board of Governers Chair), Joyce and H. J. (Tom) Thompson (President and CEO of Olds College)

Blake Richards (MP Wildrose) and Tara Richards

Ian Taylor (Board of Education Chair, Chinook’s Edge School Division) Don Day and Richard Marz (MLA Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills)

Olds College faculty, staff, and students pitch in for Gala When preparation for Gala requires certain areas of expertise, much of it can be found right on Olds College’s campus and this year was no different. A prime example is all the beautiful flowers and greenery that adorned the Learning Resource Centre on Gala night.

Gala President’s Address There is something distinctly satisfying about presenting this award to our 2009 Partner of the Year, and it has everything to do with the unique qualities of that partner. This award was designed to acknowledge an individual, corporation or organization that has made a lasting contribution to Olds College, and in doing so, fostered the growth of our learners and inspired our faculty and staff. It has been presented in recent years to several notable individuals to which we are eternally grateful. But never, before tonight, have I had the honour of presenting it to so many individuals at once: Namely, the entire Olds College alumni community, our 2009 Partner of the Year. Over the course of 96 years, approximately twenty thousand, five hundred students have graduated from here and made their way out into new careers and new lives; quietly helping shape the world we all live in today. Through the course of that history, their combined advocacy, be it word of mouth or other efforts, has become a legacy no one partner can eclipse. As our body of alumni grows with each graduating class, we are, indeed, “growing the legacy”. I have always taken great pride in being associated with the field of education, for education is truly about the future; The future of people, and the future of the society they go on to shape. It is for good reason our theme this year is denoted by the phrase “There’s a future in our past.”

The Propagation & Bedding Plant class planted all flower plant material from seed in January through til Gala week and brought to the flowering stage for the event. Approximately 1000 small plants were potted up into mixed containers. Examples of this excellent work was visible on the main stage, hallway and rotunda area. Some plants were purchased, such as all tropicals, and were selected by the School of Horticulture with the vision of utilizing the plant material in their classrooms. Approximately $2200 worth of greens were purchased from the Gala budget and donated back to the School of Horticulture for study purposes. Apart from the florals, no other plant material was purchased and all materials were returned to the school.

As educators here at Olds College, we know well that the seeds of the future are sown in the past, growing from the work and support of those who have come before us. Undoubtedly, like the students before them, many of our future alumni will go on to add to our legacy -- perhaps through research they undertook with knowledge accumulated here, perhaps through support to our fundraising initiatives, perhaps by steering future students towards us. Or maybe, simply by influencing those around them with a life well-lived. We here, tonight, have the opportunity to be both part of the future and an important part of someone’s past. Sir Isaac Newton, legendary scientist and scholar, once said “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Tonight many of you here, through your support of our efforts at Olds College, will be able to count yourself such giants. We are all here to provide those shoulders Newton refers to because, truly, many of our alumni have seen – and many future alumni will see – further. I ask that you join me in celebrating them, all of our alumni, our 2009 Partner of the Year. Thank you.

Olds College fashion staff and students also lent a hand, preparing a dress donated by fashion alumni Cheri Milaney for display at the silent auction. As well they assisted with various elements of decor. Six students from the Fashion Club also put on stylish attire and spent the evening helping to sell raffle tickets for a Polar Bear diamond donated by Stevens Jewelers. Various other student clubs, staff and Faculty donated their time and talents to ensure that Gala was a success.

Apr 2009


% 87

reached of total goals to date

Community Lea Campus

Centre for the Horticulture Industr y Landscape Pavilion Facility Expansion Endowed Chairs

% 42 reached to date

% 61 reached to date

Botanic Garden and Treatment Wetlands

% 81 reached to date

% 93 reached to d



In June of 2005, Olds College embarked upon a four year targeted campaign to raise $30,000,0000 for facility expansion, endowed industry and research chairs, and student scholarships and bursaries. We have achieved over $27,300,000 of this ambitious goal – a fantastic sum that does not include some $55,000,000 in government of Alberta funding for the rural empowering Community Learning Campus (CLC) project. With the 2005-2009 Capital Vision Campaign growing ever closer to completion, we ask for your help in topping up of these totals. We’re so close and can use your generous support!

Scholarships, bursaries, endowments, support for research and operational funding

Canadian Equine Centre of Innovation

% 100 reached to date

% 104 reached to date

One of Designer Sarah Sugaldy’s fashions from the Darling fashion show at Open House.

Cheri Milaney, one of her fashions featured left.

The West has style Students, faculty and alumni in Olds College’s Fashion Apparel Technology and Fashion Marketing programs have had a particularly noteworthy late winter and spring season, drawing considerable attention to the college and their programs as a result. Things began heating up in early December of 2008, when Telio, a Quebec based textile company, selected student Sarah Sugandy as one of 25 finalists for their 2009 design competition. Sarah and Lisa Sorestad, Program Coordinator of Apparel Technology were on site in March for Montreal fashion week where Sarah’s designs were paraded down the runway. Judges for the event included included National Post style columnist Nathalie Atkinson, Fashion Television Channel reporter Glen Baxter, Stephane Le Duc, editor-in-chief of Dress to Kill magazine, and Ruth Ho, buyer for the Canadian by Design department at the Bay in downtown Vancouver. In the end another contestant’s design was chosen as the winner but Sarah considered the experience to be nothing short of great nonetheless. “To be here and be a part of it is an honour. I’m thankful for just that,” Sarah said from Montreal in an interview with the Red Deer Advocate. March saw plenty of other activity surrounding the fashion program as well. On March 11, the Calgary Campus fashion show took place. “It was fantastic,” said Anne Blackburn, Fashion Marketing Coordinator. “We had Mode Models supply models, which they do almost every year, and it’s greatly appreciated. We also had the Artists Within School of Makeup help out, a great example of two schools working together.” Drawing plenty of attention worldwide, alumni Cheri Milaney also announced that her Viola collection would feature women selected from “real life” (not runway models) at LG Fashion Week in Toronto, March 16-21. Cheri was featured as a notable alumni at Olds College’s March 13 Gala event and, though unable to attend due to fashion week preparations, said in a pre-taped video interview that Olds College had been instrumental in providing her with the tools for her success. She also thanked Olds College for being a major sponsor of her March presentation in Toronto. Her collection and presentation drew a large amount of media coverage including Reuters’ international news service, CTV and the National Post. Other happenings included February’s Fashion Industry day featuring guest speaker Sharon Cornwall of Fashion Has No Borders and a March visit from Ruth Clark of Prestige Health Care of Kamloops, B.C. who spoke with the students of both fashion programs on “Adaptive Clothing for People with Disabilities and those with health concerns”. Students and faculty were also interviewed on the CHCA TV show Live to Tape, for an in-depth feature about Olds College’s fashion programs.

8 Apr 2009

Top Apprenticeship Winner A 2008 Olds College alumni was recently honoured at the 12th annual Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Awards ceremony. On February 6, Steven Rose was recognized as one of 56 apprentices who have achieved the highest overall marks in their final period of training and received strong recommendations from their employers. The awards celebrate Albertans who demonstrate excellence and commitment to their trade. Rose trained at Olds College as a Heavy Equipment Technician apprentice for his last year of technical training, completing the program in 2008. Currently he is employed at Agro Equipment in Trochu. “The strength of Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system is reflected in the commitment, achievement and success of each award recipient,” said Brian Bickley, Chair of the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board. “Today’s recipients will become tomorrow’s leaders and contribute their knowledge and skills to better our system and province overall.”


Olds College Alumni Association Board of Directors 2008-2009 President Laurinda Parkinson ‘69 Vice President John Perry ‘63 Past President Sandra MacKinnon-Jahn ‘86 Honourary President Edith Edge ‘51 Treasurer Todd Morrison ‘01 Secretary Gary Coen ‘58 Directors James Burns ‘67 Bryan Dowell ’61 Glen Alred ‘58 Curtis Miller ‘03 Jason Finnigan ‘01 Ed Shaw ‘71 OCSA Rep Sean Hernandez Faculty Rep Heather Taylor Olds College President and CEO Dr. H.J. (Tom) Thompson

Here we are, four months in to 2009 and the months are going by far too quickly. I have had the pleasure of meeting with President Thompson and we’ve had some interesting discussions about the Alumni Association and its role in the College setting. OCAA are a society of past attendees, graduates, students, faculty and staff that support the objectives of Olds College by fostering relationships and opportunities among students, alumni, the College and the global community to enhance the strengths and continuity of Olds College. Our Vision is to be relevant, visible and respected by attracting and developing volunteers, communicating effectively, responding to change and stewarding resources. The announcement on January 29/09 by President Thompson, of the Olds College Alumni as Partners of the Year for 2009, honours each and every one of the Alumni members – young and old; near, across the country and around the world. We are all equally in this honour and no one alumnus stands out for recognition more than any other. Each of us in our own way contributes to the prosperity, advancement and distinction of our College. The Board has been working very diligently to get our affairs in order and up to date. I am very pleased to report that all Financial Statements have been completed and Annual Returns filed as of June 30/2008 (our year end). The Financial Statement for June 30/2008 is on the College website for those of you who are interested. We are also applying to hold another Casino at the end of 2009 in Red Deer. To date we have contributed $36,000 in Bursaries and Scholarships to the College since our first Casino, held in 2005. February 28, 2009 was the day we held our Class Agent Meeting. Hopefully we will be able to encourage more Alumni to plan to attend their Summer Reunion July 17 – 19, 2009. Brett Humphries outlined his ideas on forming Alumni Chapters in different areas of the province as a pilot project. The timing of our Class Agent meeting this year came under discussion, but the consensus was that February was an excellent month because it gets the Class Agents motivated early and gives lots of time for planning. At our regular board meetings, we have had discussions about the instigation of a new award, similar to the Hall of Fame, but have this award exclusive to Alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years at their time of nomination. Feed back on this idea would be most welcome, and even suggestions on who might be eligible for such an award would give us useful insight into some of the notable milestones of our younger Alumni. Our Board of Directors has undergone some changes since the new Board was voted in at our AGM. In November we welcomed Jason Finnigan, Class of ’01 Ag Mechanics to the Board, and in February we welcomed Todd Morrison, Class of ’01 Seed and Grain Technology. At our March meeting, Todd was elected as Treasurer of the Board, replacing Melody Cavin who has devoted many years to the Board in that position. It is very satisfying to know that the younger Alumni are enthusiastic and willing to contribute their knowledge and skills to our Board. At Open House in April, Brett Humphries, our new Alumni Officer, organized a “Meet & Greet” for any alumni who attended the Open House. The Museum was open, and welcomed many visitors who spent some time looking at our artifacts, and even donated some items as well. Thanks to Dave Cormack, Edith Edge, Glen Aldred, John Perry, Jason Finnigan and Curtis Miller who helped out at the Meet & Greet, and in the Museum, as well as sitting at the Alumni table in the main Rotunda. Quite a few members of the Alumni came forward to speak to us there. In closing I would like to remind everyone to look for their registration forms in the package with this edition of Horizons, mark the dates on your calendars, and plan to attend the Summer Reunion. Respectfully, Laurinda Parkinson President, OCAA

a t llege.c o t o d r a g e n@oldsc u o c n d e n niassociatio a d e t lum vi r e i n for more info a a i m n 9th 2009 u l a -1 Y 17 All JUL

A 9 0 0 2

Memorials The Alumni Board respectfully notes the passing of the following Olds College Alumni and staff, and extends its condolences to their families and friends. To review the complete obituaries which have been forwarded to our office, please visit the Olds College Alumni section of our website at

Yorath, Emily May Frances (Chilton) nee Laing Home Economics, 1937 ------- -------- -------Habberfield, Howard Agriculture, 1947 ------- -------- -------Husband, Henry Agriculture, 1944 ------- -------- -------Burns, Bob Agriculture, 1935 ------- -------- -------Hoveland, Donald Keith Agriculture, 1963 ------- -------- -------Steinbach, Peter Raymond Agriculture, 1960


N O I d EU N ten


Bowlen, Bernard J. PH.D. Agriculture 2 – 1, 1940 ------- -------- -------Thompson, Robert Dale Agriculture, 1957 ------- -------- -------Reich, Alleen Fraser – Home Economics 2 – 1, 1932 ------- -------- -------Scherger, Joseph (J.R.) Patrick Livestock Production, 1978 ------- -------- -------Kemp, Gavin Arthur, PH. D. Agriculture 2 – 1, 1947 ------- -------- -------Clayton, Joseph Raymond Agriculture, 1948

Apr 2009


Buck Godwin

Olds College’s School of Horticulture and Geospatial Technology will be acknowledging Buck Godwin’s contribution to Hort Week and the School of Horticulture at Hort Week’s Annual Floral Design Show – A Touch of Class this coming July. B.J. “Buck” Godwin was a popular instructor at Olds College during his tenure from 1963 to 1988, and is considered to be the father of the College’s horticultural programs as well as the founder of Hort Week. He retired in 1988 and passed away in 2008. Even after his long time with the College, Godwin remained actively involved in horticulture, still teaching students, collaborating with Olds College in research and donating both time and product from his nearby farm. He also contributed significantly to student scholarships and bursaries. Revered by students, both during his teaching stint and in retirement, he is much remembered for his selfless mentorship and relaxed teaching technique that challenged students to be at their best. One of the only things that rivaled Godwin’s stature among Olds College students and staff was his status within the horticultural industry and the province itself. At different times, he was Director for the Western Canadian Society for Horticulture, President of the Alberta Horticulture Association and a prominent member of the Entomological Society of Alberta as well as being involved with numerous other organizations. Among the many awards and accolades he garnered, Godwin received the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal (for service to the profession of agriculture), the Alberta Horticultural Association Centennial Gold Medal, the Alberta Greenhouse Grower’s Association Award, and Distinguished Agrologist Award from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists and the Allen Armitage Leadership Award from the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers of North America. Following his retirement, the Olds College Board of Governors awarded Godwin the College’s first ever Instructor Emeritus designation. To this very day, his floral crops and his floristry supply business are still run from his farm and are highly regarded in the floristry industry. Hort Week, one of his lasting contributions to the College and local community, runs from July 19-24.

The year 2013 will not only mark the centennial of Olds College. It will also be the 50th anniversary of the college’s office administration (OADM) program. To commemorate the anniversary students and staff will be creating a history book and planning an OADM reunion. The first part of the project will be to complete a history e-book of all the changes, students, instructors, and achievements of the program all the way back to the year 1963. In order to create this book, OADM is actively seeking stories and information from past students and instructors of the program. The project is due to be completed by February 2013.

The second part of the project will include the planning of a seminar and reunion for OADM graduates, 50 years back, as well as office professionals. It will be held at the Olds College Alumni Centre in April, 2013.

It is important to note the name of the program has been changed several times: 1963-1965: Commercial 1967: Academics 1968-1970: Business Education 1971-1991: Secretarial Arts 1992-present: Office Administration Over the years, OADM students have held various fundraisers to provide for new equipment and supplies for Room 130 including a colour laser printer, a refrigerator,

a microwave, and several desks. As well, students made a commitment to fund scholarships including the Lynne Henry Proficiency Award and the OADM Legacy Scholarship. This year the students held a Queen of Hearts Basket Raffle which raised funds to support the scholarships. This year, OADM faculty and staff received an Innovation in Teaching award, selected as a runner-up for the ACIFA 2009 Award. The award recognized contributions towards developing and facilitating a teambuilding course. Those wishing to share their stories about time spent in the program are asked to contact the OADM staff and students by emailing , faxing to 403 5564724 or contacting them by mail at 2013 OADM Project, Olds College, 4500 50 Street, Olds, AB T4H 1R6.

Looking for Submissions: Office Admin Students seek past stories

Compassion in art An Olds College alumni has generated up to $20,000 in support for charities through her art. Inge Sybrandi, a 2003 graduate from the College’s Equine Science program, has passion for drawing that dates back to her childhood. At school, she could often be found drawing in between school duties. “One instructor told me ‘Wow, that’s what you should do for a living.’ It was complimentary and kind of depressing at the same time,” she laughs. In 2008 she drew and sold a calendar that netted her enough proceeds to donate $10,000 to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. This year she has pledged $10,000 from sales of her 2009 Alberta Cowboy calendar to the Rainbow Society of Alberta, the well-known organization that helps finance wishes for chronically ill children. As one would expect from a person with a love of horses and a cowboy calendar to her credit, rural images and the surrounding lifestyle make up most of Sybrandi’s art. “I draw what I love and what I know,” Sybrandi said in a recent interview with the Edmonton Sun. This year’s calendar cover features renowned chuckwagon racer Dallas Dorchester, who passed away as a result of cancer last year. Those wishing to purchase a calendar can buy them for $20 each from the Rainbow Society or by contacting Sybrandi at (403) 704-5534.

10 Apr 2009

Central Alberta talent celebrated at Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre opening A lively celebration of community talent and collaboration marked February’s official opening of the Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre, the second facility to open on the Community Learning Campus (CLC) in Olds, Alberta. Student and community talent took centre stage at the official grand opening event, with nearly 200 people participating in a Community Arts Showcase.

Kristina Peters from Olds College Students’ Association and Co-Chair Peter Jakobsen from Chinooks Edge School District, host the event.

The Honourable Lindsay Blackett, Alberta Minister of Culture and Community Spirit, attended the grand opening event and commended the community collaborations that helped create the Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre. “This centre is an incredible accomplishment, and a testament to the spirit of this community,” said Blackett. “It’s also about opportunity. Our young people now have the opportunity to enhance their education in the fine arts, and the broader community is now able to participate in and experience art and culture in an exciting and dynamic new way.” The grand opening was also punctuated by a major gift announcement from TransCanada Corporation, who are investing $500,000 into the centre. TransCanada Corporation’s four-year investment began with the delivery of a $125,000 cheque during the grand opening event. In turn, the theatre and auditorium component of the Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre is now officially named the TransCanada Theatre.

Grand opening performances included the Deer Meadow School Band, École Elementary School Choir, Olds Community Choir, MusiCreations Orff Studio, 7 Fiddles Worth, The Polyjesters, Divine Dance Academy, Olds High School Drama Club, Wellspring Visual ArtNetwork Association, Olds Art Club and an Olds College fashion show. “The Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre opens up a vast range of opportunities to the faculty and students at Olds College and the surrounding communities,” said Dr. H.J. (Tom) Thompson, President and CEO of Olds College and Chair of the Community Learning Campus. “This new facility is designed to maximize the contributions towards community development in the Town, District and County to make use of synergies to provide a full scale, vibrant performing arts centre.” The centre is designed to serve a multitude of functions for Olds High School students, Olds College students and the strong arts community of Central Alberta. The $8.9 million facility includes a 390-seat theatre, an acoustically-sound band room, a cosmetology classroom and art room complete with kiln and separate stained glass studio.

Above: Jamie Niessen — Manager, Community Investment, TransCanada Corp, presents Jim Gibbons, Superintendent of Schools (CESD) and Olds College President Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson with a gift of $ 500,000.

Apr 2009


Coming Events May 2 & 9th 9:00am to 3:00pm Compost Sale May 11-15, 2009 GeoData Collection & Mapping Week June 1-5, 2009 Ag Lenders Workshop June 4-6, 2009 Spring Training for AutoDesk users June 20, 2009 Olds College Graduation Ceremony June 26 - July 3, 2009 Fibre Week

Olds College and University of Lethbridge Co-operate to Offer Unique Degree Program

June 26 - July 4, 2009 Fibre Arts Camp for Kids

Representatives of Olds College and the University of Lethbridge have signed off on an agreement that brings additional educational value to students and graduates of the Olds College Land Agent Diploma program, as well as bringing much-needed skill combinations to the Alberta workforce.

July 3 -12, 2009 Calgary Stampede July 14-15, 2009 Integrated Crop Management School July 17-19, 2009 Alumni Summer Reunion July 19-24, 2009 Hort Week August 10-14, 2009 Fun ‘n Skills Summer Day Camp for Kids at Olds Campus August TBA Broncos Volleyball Pre-season Camp September 16 Golf Classic For updates or more information, please visit

Land Agents (often called Landmen) are responsible for facilitating access to land and freehold minerals for activities such as exploration, development and transporting of onshore oil and gas, or constructing and maintaining power lines. An average of 40 students have graduated annually from Olds College’s Land Agent Diploma program over the last five years. Graduates of Olds College’s Land Agent Diploma program will be immediately eligible to enroll in the U of L’s Bachelor of Management Degree program. “This allows our graduates to take the real-life, hands-on education they received with Olds College and build upon it. Completing the Lethbridge Degree requirements will be a great fit for those interested in pursuing managerial roles by broadening their skills in areas such as financial analysis, business strategy and human resource management,” said Joel Gingrich, Chair of Olds College’s School of Agriculture, Land and Environment. Recent Olds College graduate and Calgarian Janelle Clark was the first student to sign on for the new program. “I had contacted several Universities inquiring if they would accept my two years from Olds College, and the university of Lethbridge counselors contacted me immediately,” Clark said. “This degree allows me to go into any industry. It teaches me the in and outs of business and gives me a general background into accounting, marketing, public relations and managerial skills so I can understand and be aware of all the aspects of business.” In as little as two and a half years, students can obtain a General Management degree from the U of L at its Lethbridge, Calgary or Edmonton campuses. They can choose from programs in Lethbridge or afternoon and evening programming in Calgary and Edmonton. The University of Lethbridge will accept block transfers of credits from the Olds College two-year program, with guaranteed admission for recent graduates with a 3.0 Grade Point Average or higher. Students with a GPA of less than 3.0 are admissible on an individual review basis. Students are admissible up to eight years after graduation from Olds College.

Outstanding Faculty Every year the Olds College Students’ Association invites students to submit nominations for the Ian Hall Outstanding Staff/Faculty Award, recognizing students and staff/faculty at Olds College who have had a positive effect on the students, are willing to go above and beyond for students, and are involved in out-of-class student activities. This year’s winner was Connie Burton, an Instructional Assistant in the School of Agriculture, Land and Environment. “I was overwhelmed, very surprised,” said Burton. Among her many activities at the college, Burton has devoted time to the college’s Judging Club and accompanied them to Denver, Colo. for the National Western Stock Growers show.

We’d like to hear from you! Please send us your comments, stories or suggestions for future articles. Let us know how we’re doing! Olds College Horizons is published four times per year by the Office of Advancement. Please email Rick Overwater, fax (403) 556-4704 or write 4500-50 Street Olds, Alberta T4H 1R6.

Check out for more details on these and other Olds College stories.

Named after an outstanding, highly respected instructor, the Ian Hall Award was presented at the OCSA Staff/Faculty Recognition & Awards evening on March 31. Nominees Marion Anderson Laurie Newsham Mike Schell Terry Brown Becky Taylor Tara Lloyd Connie Burton Peter Johnston-Berresford Jack Berggren

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12 Apr 2009

Recipient Connie Burton

Horizons April 2009  

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