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OCSI presence heightened in the Caribbean.


Legendary football player Normie Kwong reunites with old teams to open new park.


Continuing Education Department takes training to First Nations Bands.

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A 2010 Olds College Animal Health Technology Alum travels the world with ‘World Vets’ providing global veterinary aid and education. Seen here treating an emaciated pig at an isolated farm in the hills of Ambon, Indonesia.

Nov 2010

OCSI presence heightened in the Caribbean The overseas presence of the Olds College School of Innovation (OCSI) has swelled dramatically over the past year. Dr. Abimbola Abiola, OCSI Chair, has made significant headway in applying Olds College skills and know-how to problems currently faced in the development of sustainability in the Caribbean. As well, he has strengthened key relationships allowing for better research potential within the OCSI. Two of Dr. Abiola’s most impactful stops were in the Barbados and St. Lucia on behalf of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). The IICA had reached out through the Alberta Association for Colleges and Technical Institutes on behalf of Barbados Ministry of Agriculture and St. Lucia Ministry of Agriculture, seeking help with growing environmental problems stemming from waste generated by pig farms and other agricultural operations. “His expertise fit the situation perfectly,” stated The IICA September newsletter. During his week-long mission, Dr. Abiola visited 20 farms, a distillery, a fish market, a recycling facility and a sugar factory to assess waste-handling procedures.

(L to R) Ing. Rafael Perez Duverge, Executive Director for the IDIAF (The Dominican Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute), Dr. Abimbola Abiola, Chair of OCSI (Olds College School of Innovation) and Lic. Jesus Moreno Portalatin, Vice President of the Board of Directors for the UAFAM (The Agroforest University Fernando Arturo De Merino).

Numerous meetings took place with the Department of Environmental protection, the Department of Fisheries and the Barbados’ Minister of Agriculture, Haynesley Benn. Dr. Abiola will provide technical support to ongoing efforts in the future. In August Dr. Abiola visited the Dominican Republic along with David Bressler, Director of the

Biorefining Conversions Network. Senior government officials and researchers gathered with the two to address the Dominican Republic’s energy and reclamation strategies, as well as the country’s desire to increase research and development in those fields. “There are numerous countries such as Barbados and the Dominican Republic that are now very proactive in areas that Olds College has proven expertise in,” says Dr. Abiola.

Olds College staff recognized for leadership training 2

“I find it extremely gratifying that we are able to take the applied research we are doing within the OCSI and help others apply it in meaningful ways that ultimately benefit both their environment and economy.” Another workshop involving various experts from Alberta is planned for early 2011. The OCSI’s presence in

the Dominican Republic comes on the heels of a major development last year where Olds College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the nation allowing ease of access to their numerous research stations. As a result, the OCSI is better able to provide access to Olds College students who may be interested in tropical agricultural experience.

Two Olds College staff are being recognized for recent completion of the Academy for Leadership Training and Development program. Mary Jane Block, School of Environment Continuing Education Program Manager, and Becky Taylor, Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Medical Receptionist Program Coordinator, received certificates for completing the one-year program in June. “It certainly will help me because I work with so many teams,” says Block. “The training helps

Other recently successful OCSI missions included a stop in Mexico, where Dr. Abiola presented a keynote paper on The use of Phytoremediation for the combating Desertification and also finalized arrangements that will see three graduate students and two professors from Chapingo University, the leading Mexican agricultural university, come to OCSI as visiting scientists over the next nine months.

In the Dominican Republic at the Rosario Mine site where Dr. Abimbola conducted a research project to reclaim the mine tailings using compost and other organic amendments.

dramatically with understanding where people are coming from and improves our level of teamwork.” Over a dozen components of the leadership program were studied in the program including Hiring and Orienting for Excellence, Building Effective Work Teams and Leading and Managing Change. The Academy for Leadership Training and Development program is offered by the Arizona-based Chair Academy. For Block and Taylor, it involved year-long mentorship as well as two residency periods in Banff and Edmonton respectively.

Olds College’s Meat processing program has a new sausage stuffer, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends who support the Olds College Opportunities Fund. The new Handtmann stuffer allows operator’s to monitor and control functions using a computer and servotechnology for precise portioning, has a split hopper for simple and quick cleaning and easy filling of small batches, as well as the capacity to process a wide range of products. “The previous piston stuffer, which had been in use for many years, was an old technology that limited training to only basic sausage stuffing techniques that limited educational opportunities,” says Brad McLeod, Coordinator of Olds

College’s Meat Processing Program. “This new stuffer will help Olds College train students on new technology, develop new products, and better prepare graduates for careers in today’s modern meat processing industry.” In addition, spare parts for the old workhorse had been increasingly difficult to find, and this fall it became clear that this essential component of the meat processing program was no longer serviceable and needed to be replaced. With students set to arrive in a few short days, having a replacement ready to go in time for classes was critical. Thankfully, the Olds College Opportunities Fund was able to provide the money needed to purchase the program’s new state-of-art Handtmann sausage stuffing machine.

Outmoded equipment replaced thanks to Opportunities Fund About the Olds College Opportunities Fund The Olds College Opportunities Fund is supported by the generosity of donors who make it possible for Olds College to have the flexibility to respond to new, and sometimes unexpected, opportunities for students and faculty. For information on how you can support the Olds College Opportunities Fund, call 403-556-8232.

Olds College Instructional staff wins Prairie Tree Climbing Championship For the third straight year in a row, Ken Moore has claimed the title of Men’s Champion at the International Association of Arboriculture (ISA) Prairie Chapter Tree Climbing Championship. Moore, who graduated from Olds College with a Horticulture Diploma Majoring in Arboriculture in 2000, is currently an Instructional Assistant in the College’s Arboriculture program.

Louis, Missouri and Providence, Rhode Island. Competition at the international level, he says, can be very intense.

Next, Moore will journey to the ISA International Competition in July. The event took place in Sydney, Australia. In previous years he has competed in St.

Typically, Moore suits up for competition in the same gear Olds College arboriculture students are taught to use, including, among other elements, a specilaized

“It’s really tight from first place on down the board,” says Moore, who was also runner-up at the Prairie level in 2007, one year before taking his first prairie championship. “There’s not a lot of separation between competitors, it’s only a few points.”

climbing saddle and safety gear. Tree climbing is an important skill in arboriculture, fundamental for tasks ranging from tree pruning to hazard assessment to tree removal.

Instructional Assistant and Alum Ken Moore demonstrating his tree climbing skills at the (ISA) Prairie Chapter Tree Climbing Championship.


“This is the next major step in a new partnership that will enhance existing postsecondary options and add new opportunities for people living in central Alberta communities,” said Dr. Tom Thompson, President, Olds College. “We are extremely pleased to have these two immensely qualified individuals help us usher in a new style of education that transcends the

The media and public gathered at the Olds College Students’ Association HELP Centre in September to witness its 2010/11 opening as well as the launch of a fundraising campaign for the HELP Centre.

the community. Examples of student contribution to world events include the HELPing Haiti Campaign and Humanitarian Causes for Daffodils for cancer awareness and the local Christmas Angels.

“We are extremely proud of what we achieved and simultaneously The term “HELP” stands for “hands, elevating, leading and proud of the great work many community-minded volunteers providing”. undertook last year,” says Blair The HELP Centre works with Strocher, Help Centre Manager for the Olds College Students’ community organizations to Association. “Unfortunately, recruit student volunteers this year we are experiencing a to fill their volunteer needs. $5000 shortfall and are appealing Last year the centre placed to the local community for 132 students in 22 different donations toward this very worthy not-for-profit organizations within initiative.”



Olds College Students Association launches fundraising campaign for




The Central Alberta CollegeCommunity Partnership (CACCP) has hired its first two senior staff for the Executive Director and General Manager positions. As of October, Jean Madill took on the role of CAC-CP Executive Director and Jann Beeston began as General Manager of Community Programming.


Central Alberta CollegeCommunity Partnership Hires Executive Director and General Manager

traditional boundaries of physical to meeting the adult learning needs of our central Alberta campuses.” communities. Under the Campus Alberta vision, CAC-CP is a partnership As Executive Director, Madill brings a wealth of experience to between Olds College and the CAC-CP, garnered through Red Deer College created to roles such as President and bring post-secondary learning closer to home for many central CEO of the College of the North Atlantic, Vice President, Albertans. This partnership, Enrolment Management and formed last spring, will provide Learner Services at Lethbridge a broad range of programming College, and Vice President, to communities through the College Services at Grande use of the latest technology, including videoconferencing and Prairie Regional College. web-conferencing. Students will Beeston most recently served as be supported by sites in local communities that serve as hubs Executive Director of the Hanna Learning Centre and brings for services and support. experience from roles within Alberta Advanced Education and The regional stewardship provided by this joint effort brings Technology, iCCAN (innovative collaboration between local and Communities Connecting and Networking) and the Community provincial learning providers to Learning Network. ensure a coordinated approach





Total operating budget for the HELP Centre is estimated at $15,000, with $10,000 already pledged by the Olds College Students’ Association. “We were very pleased to find that the OCSA Student Executive believes so strongly in the centre and its benefit to the community and our students that they reallocated funds from OCSA budget to accommodate some of the centre costs,” says Strocher. Community members wishing to donate and assist these efforts are urged to contact Cindy Easton, OCSA General Manager at 403-556-4632 or ceaston@oldscollege.ca

OCSA President Brianna Maryon, addresses the college and community about the HELP Project.


s the snow begins to fall, we hope this letter finds you and yours healthy and happy. At Olds College, we have a new and enthusiastic group of students, and we hope as you look forward to the approaching holiday season you will remember that enthusiasm and the life-changing experiences, great relationships, and sense of family you developed while a student here. Over the past couple of years, with the generous support of our Alumni and Friends, the Olds College Opportunities Fund was established to help us respond to the needs of our students, whether it is providing awards, equipment or other resources that they need to complete their studies and enter successful careers. An example of how the Opportunities Fund benefits students and programs is the recent case of the Meat Processing program’s old sausage stuffer. Just weeks before the start of fall classes, after years of valiant efforts to keeping it running, the meat lab’s sausage stuffer stuffed its last sausage. The $61,000.00 replacement cost for this critical piece of instructional equipment was unanticipated and not budgeted for, and without it the program would not be able to fulfill its mandate. However, thanks to generous alumni and friends of the College support of the Opportunities Fund, the College was able to purchase a new Handtmann stuffer on short notice and have it in place in time for this fall’s classes. The effect your donations have had on our students cannot be underestimated.

“The $61,000.00 replacement cost for this critical piece of instructional equipment was unanticipated and not budgeted for, and without it the program would not be able to fulfill its mandate.

Donor Information (please print) Name:______________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________ City:__________________ Province:_____________________ Postal Code:______________________________ E-Mail:____________________________________ Telephone (home):__________________________ Telephone (business):_______________________ Pledge Information I (we) pledge a total of $_______________ to be paid: ____ now ____ monthly _____ annually (NOTE: monthly payments can only be paid through a bank account)

I (we) pledge a total of $_____________ annually to be paid for: _____ 1 year _____ 3 years _____ 5 years

There are many such pressing needs. As an alumnus or a friend of Olds College, your financial support of Olds College can help transform the lives of today’s students, just as your life was transformed when you attended this great institution. Best wishes for the holiday season, and thank you in advance for your gift to Olds College. Sincerely,

Cheque.Please make cheques payable to Olds College Visa Mastercard Card Holder Name: __________________________________________ Credit Card #: __________________________________________ Expiry Date: _______________________________ Authorized Signature: __________________________________________ Acknowledgement Information Please use the following name(s) in all donor recognition acknowledgements: ____________________________________________________ ____ I (we) wish to have our gift remain anonymous. My Donation in Memory/Honor of:_________________________

Laurinda Parkinson President Olds College Alumni Association

In honour of: ______________________________ (occasion e.g. Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) Name and Address of “next of kin” for In-Memory or person being honoured:____________________________________________ Signature(s):__________________________________________ Date:________________________________________________ Charitable Registration # BN107794158RR0001

Brianna Maryon President Olds College Student Association

The fundraising goal for this mailing is based upon participation. Costs are covered through a portion of the budget specially allocated towards fundraising by the Olds College Board of Governors. In 2009 the costs for this campaign was approximately $3,150. The money raised will be designated to the Olds Opportunities fund unless otherwise requested by the donor. This information is collected under the authority of the FOIP Act to document your gift, process your income tax receipt, provide donor recognition and update our database. If you have any questions, call us at 403-556-4641.

Football legends celebrate

(L to R) President & COO of the Calgary Stampeders, Lyle Bauer, President & CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos, The Honourable Norman Kwong and his wife Mary Kwong, Rick LeLacheur and Mike Vulcan, offensive linesman on the Edmonton Eskimos with Normie Kwong in the 50’s.

Official naming of Normie Kwong Park An age-old football rivalry was set aside in October as executives from the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos joined The Honourable Norman Kwong to celebrate the official naming of Normie Kwong Park. Located on the Community Learning Campus (CLC) within the Olds College campus, the existing athletic park was perfectly poised to honour Alberta’s former Lieutenant Governor. His two CFL teams invested $20,000 each into the development of the facility named for their former all-star and CFL Hall of Fame member. “This is a great day for football and perhaps the best kind of football: grassroots, amateur football,” said the Honourable Norman Kwong.

“Without youth football, there would be no professional football. The Eskimos and Stampeders are to be truly commended for investing in this project specifically, but also for all their other investments in the health of amateur football and community in Alberta. This is a day we will never forget”

“Normie Kwong has made an indelible impact on both professional sports and public office in Canada,” said Rick LeLacheur, Edmonton Eskimo President and CEO. “The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club is tremendously proud of its long association with Normie and is honoured to help make this special project a reality.”

Before serving in the role of Lieutenant Governor, the China Clipper launched his professional football career at the age of 18, becoming the youngest player ever in the Canadian Football League. Normie Kwong went on to win four Grey Cups with both Calgary (1948) and Edmonton (1954, 1955 and 1956). The athletic park at the CLC will allow the legacy of Normie Kwong to continue for a new generation of young athletes. Along with the current executives of his former professional football teams, Kwong was surrounded by CFL players from his era and current young bantam and high school players who were inbetween games on the busy field. Olds High School, part of the CLC, is uniquely situated on the campus and provides learning, cultural and athletic opportunities for students throughout Central Alberta.

“The Calgary Stampeders are extremely proud and privileged to support this initiative in honour of the legend, Normie Kwong,” said Lyle Bauer, Calgary Stampeder President/COO. “Normie’s performances certainly earned him his rightful place in Canadian Sports history and the ‘China Clipper’ will forever be remembered for bringing fans to their feet across the CFL.”


Olds College sees capacity enrolment first day of two-year Farrier Science Program Already at capacity enrolment, October 25th marked the first day of classes for students enrolled in Olds College’s new two-year Farrier Science diploma program. “Olds College was already commended by the equine industry for its one-year program, considered the best in the industry,” said Jeff Suderman, Director of Student Recruitment. “We are encouraged to see that the move to a more comprehensive program has been well received.” Previously, the program had been one year in length. But horses today, represent a significantly greater investment for owners and society calls for a heightened awareness of animal welfare and how it is achieved. By doubling the Farrier Science Program’s length, Olds College will ensure

its students graduate with increased knowledge of equine anatomy, horse handling and horse husbandry as well as increased proficiency with welding, basic blacksmithing, and advanced corrective and therapeutic horseshoeing. In keeping with the college’s emphasis on real-life, hands-on learning, program completion now requires a total of 8 months of Directed Field Study, split into fivemonth and three-month sections, respectively. Traditionally, the number of applicants for the Olds College program has exceeded its capacity, which caps at 16 students. Existing familiarity and aptitude with the farrier profession and horse and tool handling are just some of the areas of competency students need to demonstrate prior to acceptance into the program.

UPDATE The Olds College Broncos Athletics Program continues to increase its impact on Alberta, proudly taking the Olds College name along with it. This fall has seen many significant achievements by the Broncos. In August, the Broncos Women’s Basketball team signed two dynamic new players. Jerri-lyn Chisholm, the starting power forward for the 2010 Alberta College Athletic Conference (ACAC) Women’s Basketball Champion, SAIT Trojans, brought her prowess over to the Broncos. As well, Lexi Kambeitz from Red Deer’s Hunting Hills High School was on the court for the first day of training on September 7. The signing of Chisholm, a fully


“One thing that attracted me to Olds College was the fact that it offers more than just six-week training programs. The two year diploma stretches out learning to ensure we understand and develop the skills we need,” said Tyler Johnson, a first-year student in the new program.

established ACAC athlete, is considered a major coup for the Broncos, who hope to eventually move from the Alberta Colleges Athletics League (ACAL) to the ACAC. In September, The Olds College Broncos Women’s Volleyball team played an exhibition game with the Hokusho University Women’s team from Hokkaido, Japan. Currently, Hokusho University is a sister college to Red Deer College and has participated in the International Volleyball Exchange since 1985. The Japanese team, which competes in Red Deer approximately every 2 years, has only been beaten twice – the only two losses to an Alberta College Athletic Conference (ACAC) team in 22 years. In the end, Hokusho prevailed in both matches, winning against the Broncos. “In contrast to the North American style of play, Hokusho brought a very quick tempo playing style that we had to adjust to,” says Brittany Ehmann, Co-Head Coach for Broncos Women’s Volleyball.

“There is no doubt that this game provided us with some very valuable experience we can now bring onto the court in Alberta.” In October, the results of the Broncos Women’s basketball team recruitment and training were readily apparent as they defeated the NAIT Ooks of the ACAC at the Bob Day Invitational tournament in Edmonton by a score of 51-47. Any win is nice but this one is significant because, according to research on the ACAC archive, the Olds College Broncos haven’t defeated an ACAC team in basketball for over twenty years. “This is a quality win,” explained CoHead Coach Reg Carrick. “That is a better NAIT team than I have seen in a couple years. They return the all-time leading scorer in ACAC history and have made significant upgrades at the point guard and center positions. I expect them to be in the mix for a playoff spot in the North.”

Peter Johnston-Berresford pointing out that the flowers produced in this year’s wood become next year’s fruit.

Alexis Band member revels in the results of the first harvest, seen here with a Korean radish inside their high tunnels.

Continuing Education Department takes training to First Nations Harnessing the videoconferencing capabilities of the Community Learning Campus’ Bell e-Learning Centre, Olds College’s School of Environment Continuing Education Department successfully delivered a ground breaking horticulture program to three First Nations bands this fall. Beginning in early April, Marilyn Klatt, Program Manager, School of Environment Continuing Education and Peter JohnstonBerresford , Olds College Coordinator, Production Horticulture Programs and Greenhouse Manager for the School of Environment began working on specialized training for the Paul, Ermineskin Cree and Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation Bands to support organic greenhouse and field, fruit and vegetable production ventures they were embarking on. Specifically, introductory training was needed for band members working in the production operation. Training began in June and wrapped up in early September. “At the time of the course, each site had a single high-tunnel greenhouse set up with a small field plot growing various crops and they were erecting up to 10 additional high tunnels,” says Johnston-Berresford.

“The course was instructed from a video-conferencing classroom with the three bands attending via video conference from each of their three sites.” Teaching 60 students in total, Johnston-Berresford varied training days from two to four days per week with the students working in the greenhouse/field on the non-training days of the week. The total course comprised 23 full days (6 hours per day) of training and included 2 hands-on lab days at Olds College. In the process, Johnston-Berresford spearheaded the collection and donation of 40 boxes of agriculture and horticulture textbooks donated by School of Environment faculty, valued in the thousands of dollars. On two of the video-conference training days JohnstonBerresford instructed while on holidays from the Akwasasne Reserve in Ontario using their video-conferencing classroom linked through Olds College and connecting with the three sites in Alberta. Acting as lead instructor, he was also supported by Olds College faculty and entomology expert Dr. Ken Fry Coordinator; Environmental Horticulture and Plant Science Instructor Chris Fulkerth.

Chris Fulkerth Instructor in the School of Environment, demonstrating weed analysis.

All students received a course module plus online access to digital versions of the module, additional resources and an extensive list of relevant resources on the internet. Feedback from both the students and the three bands was extremely positive. “We are currently discussing possible additional training in the future,” says JohnstonBerresford. “I’m hoping to visit the bands in the future, possibly with some second-year students, and keep the channels between the First Nations Bands and Olds College wide open.”

Students testing soil structure and texture in our Soils Lab.

Peter Johnston-Berresford presenting the three Native Bands with 40 boxes of agriculture and horticulture textbooks donated by School of Environment faculty, valued in the thousands of dollars.


Olds College exchanges Faculty with German peers Following a similar visit to Olds College by a German contingent of educators, four Olds College faculty visited the Hessen District of Germany this past summer. Kim Wickwire, Gord Koch, Murray McKnight and Anne Blackburn visited a variety of technical colleges including, among many, Friedrich-ListSchule and Erasmus-KittlerSchule. “The idea was to explore a different system and see if there were possible opportunities for exchanges between students and staff,’ says Blackburn.”It was a fantastic trip, it is quite a different system there.”

While there, Blackburn observed instruction on numerous disciplines including a business simulation, customer service, and book binding and printing. Koch, Wickwire and McKnight were guests of the Landschafts-GruberSchule in Dieburg. “We had the opportunity to be in their newly opened Horticulture Building which was constructed with sustainable practices for the building, and the landscaping was to be completed using sustainable landscape techniques,” says Koch. “Their efficiency in land use and automation was very much an eye opener for all of us. We hope to further our partnership with the colleges in the Hessen District.”



Land Floristry lab at Sewing Lab at

a german tech

nical College


CLC Name this Space Winner Olds College extends its congratulations to Carol Valleau for winning the Community Learning Campus’ “Name the Space” contest. Her proposed name for the food kiosk, chosen from over 100 entries, was Centre Court, in reference to the Health and Wellness Centre and gymnasiums in close proximity. Valleau received a gift basket and a week of free lunches at Centre Court. The contest was sponsored by Chartwells. Carol Valleau recieving her prize from Susan Read, CLC representative and Steve Verdi, Chartwell’s Manager.


Sold Out Golf Tournament Leads To Largest Net Profit Ever

(Tom) President H.J Olds College e swing. takes practic


On Wednesday September 15, one of the warmest, driest days of an otherwise cold and soggy week, the annual Olds College Fall Golf Classic was once again an undisputed success. Spots for the event had been sold out since July.

Gold Sponsors Green Gate Centre having a fun time.

144 golfers arrived at the Olds Central Highlands Golf Course and readied for a 10:30 a.m. shotgun start. By the end of the day, following an excellent dinner hosted by student emcees in the Olds College Alumni Centre and a silent auction, over $47,000 had been raised, free and clear beyond expenses. Funds raised by the Golf Classic go towards the operation of the Olds College Broncos Athletics Program. Participants in the Golf Classic are instrumental in helping Olds College student athletes receive an education that ensures these students reach their true potential and become future leaders. Funds generated from the Olds College Fall Golf Classic become operating dollars that help sustain the infrastructure of our athletics programs. “The bright, energetic young men and women in the Olds College Broncos Athletics program are the reason we all gathered this week,” says Jordan Cleland, VicePresident, Advancement at Olds College. “Through the simple act of joining us on the golf course and participating in the silent auction, our generous guests have helped attract amazing new talent to Olds College and bring the best out of students through the participation in varsity sports.”

The 2010 Annual Olds College Fall Golf Classic also marks the final year of BFI Canada’s three-year term as title sponsor. “BFI Canada’s support has been nothing short of excellent” says Cleland. “We owe them a huge thank you and look forward to golfing with them alongside our next title sponsor.”

Gold Sponsors Chartwells in a snapshot with Olds College Students.

Title Spo ns three-ye or BFI Canada, proud to ar long s upport o have serv f our stu ed their dents.

Off with a shotgun start, Bill Quinney, Chair Olds College and Curtis Flewelling, Olds Agriculture Society President can’t wait to get golfing.


ALUMNI REVIEW Olds College Alumni Association Board of Directors 2010-2011 President Laurinda Parkinson ‘69 Vice President Jason Finnigan ‘01 Honourary President Edith Edge ‘51 Treasurer Marjorie Brewin’59 Secretary Gerry Coen ‘58 Directors James Burns ‘67 Glen Aldred ‘58 Curtis Miller ‘03 John Perry ‘63 Joan (Sandra) Hanson ‘59 (One Position Vacant)

The Summer Reunion of 2010 is behind us, and it was a very busy and well attended weekend. We ordered the beautiful weather especially for that weekend, and we were not disappointed! Marj Brewin and Sandra Hanson undertook the task of coordinating the Reunion, and they did a superb job. The tours were exceptionally well organized, and with the addition of two people movers from the Town of Olds and The Westerner, as well as our new six passenger cart, we were able to transport many people to various parts of the campus. John Perry kept the Class photo schedule on track , and Edith Edge coordinated the Silent Auction. We would like to encourage our Alumni to donate any items they wish to our Silent Auction on the Saturday evening as a fund raiser for the Alumni Association. The Olds College Students’ Association provided the Bar for Saturday evening, and they did a wonderful job. I think they were even enjoying our music!

OCSA Rep Brent Gillingwater

The Friday evening Hall of Fame was also a very popular event. This year we were proud to name Dave Cormack as our newest member. Dave was accompanied by his two daughters and many friends from his days at the Olds School of Agriculture. Many of the evening’s guests viewed the Hall of Fame on the lower floor by the Museum. The Annual General Meeting was held in The Crossing next to the Alumni Centre. It was a good venue for this meeting. The Association is looking for 4 new members, and Edith Edge accepted her nomination for a second term on the Board. Doug Jones, class of ’70 stepped forward to accept a position as Director. As of our September meeting, I have been re-elected to the President’s position for a third term, and Jason Finnigan has agreed to stay on as Vice President. Gerry Coen is agreeable to stay on as Secretary for one more term, and Marj Brewin has volunteered to take over the position of Treasurer. We do not have a Past President representative. Jim Burns and John Perry have agreed to remain on the Board until we can secure other nominations for those positions.

Faculty Rep Lyle Statham Olds College President Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson Alumni Officer Brett Humphries

Memorials The Alumni Board respectfully notes the passing of the following Olds College Alumni and staff, and extends its condolences to their families and friends.

Wayne Everett Duckett Class of 1969, Agriculture

Wayne was born on January 31, 1948 in Brooks, Alberta. He grew up on his parent’s dairy farm west of Brooks, attending Brooks schools. After graduation, Wayne worked at the Brooks Horticulture Station. He then went to Olds College where he started taking Horticulture, but decided to take Agricultural Mechanics instead. After graduating from Olds he returned to Brooks, and over the next few years he worked for Esso hauling fuel and Pan Canadian (then Encana) as an Operator. He retired at age 60 from Encana in January 2008. Wayne and Dorothy Tweedle were together for 18 years. During that time they travelled extensively, including trips to Thailand, Alaska, across Canada, Mexico, and many places in the US, touching base with family and friends along the way. Wayne is survived by Dorothy and her family, his mother Mary Duckett of Calgary, sister Karen McKnight and her family all of Calgary, daughter Shawna (Tup) Suklertdilokkul of Thailand, daughter Sheri Duckett of Medicine Hat, and numerous other family and friends.


Excerpted from gonebutnotforgotten.ca

We thank all of you who attended the Summer Reunion and hope you had as good a time reconnecting with old friends and touring the campus as we did planning the Reunion. This is our major fund raising event for the Alumni Association and we thank you for your support. The Alumni Proficiency Graduation Prizes are open to any student graduating, and there are two $500 prizes. Students must demonstrate proficiency, leadership, and participate in extra-curricular activities. They must contribute to college life, participate in clubs and sports, and be involved with the OCSA and Olds community as a whole. The recipients of this year’s Alumni Proficiency Graduation prizes were Cali Seater and Adam Spackman. The Good Samaritan Award was given to Jason Mattusch. I am looking forward to the upcoming year with excitement as the College begins to make preparations for its 100th Anniversary. Laurinda Parkinson OCAA President

Alumni Reuni on 2010

Class of 1959

Class of 1970 . Largest clas s size attending the Alumni Reuni on.

Class of 1958

OCAA President Laurinda Parkinson, with Hall of Fame recipient Dave Cormick.

on crowd Alumni Reuni


enjoying the pr

Class of 2000

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AHT Graduate embarks on Pacific Partnership trip Smiling, Rebecca Machuk in front of a refueling ship in the middle of the Java sea (between Singapore and Indonesia).

A 2010 Olds College Animal Health Technology graduate didn’t stick around long after June’s graduation ceremonies. Learning earlier that year about a U.S. based, not-for-profit organization called World vets, providing global veterinary aid in collaboration with animal advocacy groups, foreign governments and numerous military organizations, Rebecca Machuk had applied and been accepted for a mission dubbed “The Pacific Partnership Trip.” Machuk joined the mission at a stop in Singapore on June 28 and went on to work in Indonesia, Australia, Timor Leste and Guam. The Pacific Partnership mission takes place annually and is led by the U.S. Navy. The campaign originally evolved from the unprecedented international disaster response for countries devastated during the 2004 Asian tsunami. “I had first heard about World Vets when I was doing my volunteer hours at a clinic in Red Deer to get into Olds College,” recalls Machuk. “Then, while I was in school, the topic of World Vets was often brought up between us students and even sometimes the teachers.”


Machuk adds that she was ultimately inspired to go on the trip because she

wanted to help animals that were in unfortunate situations and help educate the public on how to better the lives of their pets and livestock. In order to do so, she raised the $700 deposit necessary to get involved as well as covering the costs of airfare and the occasional hotel room. Much of her time was spent residing on the USSN Mercy, a hospital ship that is part of the U.S. Navy Pacific fleet. It didn’t take long before her Olds College education was put to good use. As part of a larger team that included six veterinarians and three military technologists, Machuk performed or assisted with vaccinations on dogs and cats, dewormed all types of animals, provided advice in endemic situations and performed routine surgeries. Much time was also spent forging relationships with local veterinarians and leading subject-matter expert exchanges (SMEE). “An SMEE is what the locals need most but are not as much fun as field work,” says Machuk, explaining that they are lectures given to the local veterinary team, allowing a chance to exchange information. “We did them on dystocia, rabies, avian influenza, bio security, parasites and nutritional facts of meat. We made powerpoint presentations and had handouts translated for them and I spent several very late nights trying to get them finished on time.”

Machuk is currently studying to write her Veterinarian Technologist National Exam on Dec 1. “I missed the first writing session to go on this trip but I’d decided that this trip was a once-in-a life-time opportunity and that nothing would stop me from going on it,” she says. Once she writes her exam, she hopes to move to Edmonton to work in emergency. “I did my practicum in emergency and loved it there.”

Rebecca playing dress up with a girl from an Orphanage in Timor Leste with a dog they had just operated on. They played dress up with all the children and taught them about veterinary work.

A group photo of the World Vets team with locals in Ternate Indonesia, in front of a volcanic lake. Local Veterinarians and (from left to right) Toccoa Graves, Rebecca Machuk, Rebecca Echoles and Esther Kukielka.

Olds College’s 46th Annual Hort Week

took place in July. Highly successful, it brought many new faces onto campus as well as a sizable number of visitors who have attended many times over. (Below) The fresh aroma of herbs permeates a handson workshop. Participants of the Spaghetti Garden Workshop got their hands dirty creating herb planters with their favourite herbs for use in spaghetti sauce. (Right) Hort Week gets out into the Botanic Garden with world-class photographer Robert Berdan, who instructed the photography workshop “Moving from Snapshots to Photography.” Proving to be highly popular, Berdan is scheduled to return next year. His work can be viewed at www.canadiannaturephotographer.com

Fabric Land Awards In September, Fabricland generously donated two $250 gift awards to Karla Sager and Jessica McDonald, students currently enroled in Olds College’s Costume Cutting and Design program. Pictured here, left to right, is Karla Sager, Robert Laflamme, Olds College instructor, Jessica McDonald and Dr.Terry Males, Chair, School of Business.

Coming Events 3rd Annual Festival of Trees Public Viewing & Silent Auction Admisson is by Food Bank donation, cash or canned goods. November 12, 7- 9 pm November 13, noon - 3 pm Festival Social, Tree Auction & Silent Auction November 13, 7-9pm $15 per person TransCanada Theatre, Fine Arts & Multimedia Centre November 5/6 Second annual Olds Broncos Athletics Parent/Alumni Recognition Weekend

Olds College and Grant MacEwan University make science degree rurally accessible Rural students in Central Alberta will now have better access to a Bachelor of Science degree thanks to a new agreement between Olds College and Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan University. Commencing in fall, 2011, Olds College students will be able to take their first year of the Grant MacEwan BSc. Degree on Olds College campus. Olds College President, Dr. Tom Thompson, and Grant McEwan University President, Dr. Paul J. Byrne, signed the agreement at Olds College in September. This partnership is expected to enable students to begin their undergraduate studies in science at Olds — which will help students in making that critical transition into first-year university education. “This is very much the further fulfillment of the goals and aspirations of the Community Learning Campus promise, which reflects the ideals of Campus Alberta,” said Dr. Tom Thompson, Olds College President. “Our goal with the CLC was to create a universally recognized model that guarantees seamless, quality, accessible, and innovative education for all learners. Now, as part of our long tradition of providing science curriculum through programs such as our Bachelor of Applied Science, this new provision of Grant MacEwan’s Bachelor of Science curriculum will provide even greater benefit to rural students.”


Grant MacEwan University Bachelor of Science program offers a four-year degree with six majors. Academic advising and the student admission process will be provided by Olds College. Students will be admitted to Grant MacEwan University, following the provision of academic policy and tuition requirements. Upon successful completion of the first year of the courses outlined within the Bachelor of Science degree, students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 will be guaranteed admission to year two of the degree at the Edmonton Campus of Grant MacEwan University.

November 19 Business & Fashion Preview Day December 2 Surf & Turf Benefit Extravaganza December 3 Trades, Horticulture and Land Preview Day

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Olds College experiences increased enrolment for 2010 fall semester With students now well into the fall semester of classes, Olds College has officially seen an 8.8 per cent increase in first-year student enrolment over last year. First-year enrolment for 2010 brought 670 students to Olds College campus, up by 55 students from 2009. Total student enrolment for 2010 is 1320. “We attribute this growth to a number of things including an experienced student recruitment team, relevant programming, the completion of the Community Learning Campus and our participation in the Province’s Campus Alberta initiative,” said Jeff Suderman, Director of Recruitment. Additional elements such as online and video-conference programs have also increased Olds College’s visibility and reputation with future learners. Suderman adds that the College’s Land Agent, Veterinarian Medical Receptionist, Business Administration, Fashion Marketing and Turfgrass Management programs have been extremely popular this year. This can partly be attributed to elements such as a detectable rebound in the energy sector and the recent addition of a business administration diploma. First-year students took part in orientation activities including campus tours on September 7 and 8th. Classes officially began on September 9.

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