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Calling all alumni, friends, partners and family of alumni. We are looking to YOU to tell us about Olds College over the last 98 years. Our centennial is happening in 2013! Send us your stories and photos, we want to hear about the life of our college.

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Farewell! Academic and Research Vice President Dr. Bob Wilson announces retirement after nearly 15 years of service to Olds College. See pg. 6 for the story.

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June 2011



School of Business Chair; Morgan Ross, MBA, M.A. (Ed), Bachelor of Commerce

School of Environment Chair; Doug Peters, M.Sc., B.Sc., Jnm. Land. Cert.

School of Trades and Career Studies Chair; Dan Daley, HET Jnm. Ag Mech. Cert.

School of Innovation (OCSI) Chair; Dr. Abimbola Abiola, M.Sc., B.Sc., Ph.D.

School of Agriculture Chair; Dalin Bullock, M.Sc., B.Sc.

Olds College is a busy place indeed, with new academic research and projects created to enhance the opportunities of learners beginning almost daily. Here is just a brief glimpse of the work happening at Olds College. School of Business

School of Environment

• The Olds College Student Business Team competed in the Deans of Business Case Competition at Red Deer College, taking third place. (See story on pg. 12)

• Peter Johnston-Berresford attended the ‘Meet Your Maker’ seminar in Sherwood Park, Alberta. This venue provided opportunities for making excellent contacts and proposals of ideas.

• Morgan Ross, the new Chair of the School of Business commenced work in April. (See story on pg. 4)

Academic and International Services • The Olds College Centre for Teaching & Learning is working with Cargill on developing training for the company as well as developing an online Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. • Instructor Neil French will be participating in an agricultural workshop in China organized by Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Beijing and Hohot, Inner Mongolia. • Olds College has hired a person to work in Mexico part time to follow up on student recruitment.


Johnston-Berresford also toured the First Nations Communities of Ermineskin Cree First Nation, Paul First Nation and Alexis NakotaSioux First Nation as well as Samson Cree First Nation. Priorities varied from location to location, but included the continuation of videoconference training that was started in 2010, establishment of career days, familiarization of students with horticulture, and discussions on how Olds College can help procure affordable on-site training in horticulture.

School of Trades and Career Studies • Students in the Ag & Heavy Equipment Certificate/ Diploma program are once again able to write their first and second year apprenticeship exams here at the College this year. In recent years, students had to go to their local Apprenticeship Office to challenge these exams.

• With evidence of the nation’s economic recovery appearing in the news and predictions of labour shortages cropping up once again, a media release on behalf of the School of Trades and Career Studies advised preparation ahead of time. Approximately 45 minutes out of Calgary and only 30 minutes from Red Deer, Olds College has been offering apprenticeship training to carpenters in central Alberta in a fully modern equipped facility for four years now.

School of Innovation

School of Agriculture

• Students from Olds High School utilized the expertise and the facilities at OCSI to find answers to a variety of scientific mysteries. The projects tied in with the ‘Science Happens Here’ and Mythbusters events hosted in Olds and Red Deer, designed to highlight the science happening in the area, in everyday life, and in industry and business. Projects included the microbial effect of double-dipping using various chip dips, the use of a new animal bedding product for its properties in controlling microbial growth, and the feasibility of producing algae for livestock feed and fuel using dairy manure as a nutrient source.

• Olds College and Equine Guelph, part of Ontario’s University of Guelph, have joined forces to create a new Olds College Certificate program. Beginning in July, students will be able to enrol in the College’s new one-year Western Recreational Rider Certificate program. (See story on pg. 12).

• Three students from Chapingo University, Mexico (Durango campus) were welcomed to Olds College to begin a five month stay in Alberta. Lirio Palacios, Cesar Bernabe, and Edith Cortez will continue their graduate research in the area of water and soils remediation, soil phytoremediation, and plant stress physiology from heavy metal contamination. Their research focuses on addressing the environmental impacts of mining in their local area. • February 8 was a busy day for the Olds College School of Innovation (OCSI) as the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-food visited the campus as part of a national study on the biotechnology industry in Canada. (See story on pg. 17)

• One short year after he claimed the title of Outstanding Apprentice Jockey at the 35th Annual Sovereign Awards in Toronto last January, Olds College Exercise Rider and Jockey program alumnus Omar Moreno now holds the continent’s highest award for an apprentice jockey. (See story on pg. 18). • This year’s Alberta/NWT regional Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year award went to an Olds College alumnus and his wife. Matt and Tara Sawyer were on hand in February for the 32nd annual awards banquet at the Olds College Alumni Centre. (See story on pg. 18) • For their Event Production Practicum course, several students were required to produce an equine-related event. This year they chose a Client Appreciation Day, inviting all of the clients that supply the various types of horses for the program to the College. Guests were treated to facility tours, riding demonstrations, a luncheon, and a short slide show about the Equine Science program and were presented with certificates of appreciation. • On March 30, prominent Equine Canada reining judge, Gary Yadghijan from Claremont, Ontario was present at the College to present a clinic to the Equestrian Coaching students on the process of judging reining events.

The role of the Olds College Board of Governors In accordance with the Province of Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act, “the Lieutenant Governor in Council may by order establish a public college or technical institute and shall designate the name of each public college or technical institute so established”. Thus, on February 15, 1978 upon the recommendation of the Honourable Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower, the Lieutenant Governor in Council established the provincially-owned institution known as “Olds College” and simultaneously established “The Board of Governors of Olds College”. The legislated eleven-member composition of the Olds College Board of Governors includes; one academic staff member nominated by the academic staff association, one student nominated by the council of the students’ association, one member of the non-academic staff, seven persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and the President of Olds College.

established by the Minister of Advanced Education and Technology, setting out the mandate of Olds College. The statement is submitted to the Minister for approval. The responsibilities of the Board are to: • Direct, control, provide leadership and inspire the organization through the initiation of policies reflecting the Board’s Values, Vision, Mission and Outcomes; • Ensure, through the monitoring of executive performance, that the organization adds stakeholder value and improves its levels of success; • Identify advocacy issues and participate in building specific external relations; and • Approve its own budget These are the areas in which the Board, and only the Board, has assumed full responsibility. By setting clear Board Governance policies, the Board has developed a consistent plan for its operation – compelling the Board to remain focused on the critical challenges of providing vision and leadership.

The role of the Olds College Board is to represent the Citizens of Alberta in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance. The Board deals primarily with facilitating the development of Values, Vision, Mission and Outcomes and then sets in place the appropriate measuring and monitoring mechanisms to ensure their achievement. The Board is required to prepare a statement in the form

Barry Mehr Chair Board of Governors

2010/2011 Olds College Budget Revenue The Olds College 2010/2011 budget reflects a 5.6% increase in revenue to $48.7 million. Virtually all of this growth is tied to $2.5 million in grants for provincially and federally funded infrastructure upgrades and “lights on” funding for the new Community Learning Campus (CLC) and Canadian Equine Centre for Innovation (CECI) facilities. The incremental infrastructure upgrade funding terminates March 31, 2011and is not reflected in future budgets. Minor grant increases are projected in the last two years of the Business Plan.

With the Capital Campaign successfully completed, the Office of Advancement has shifted their focus to fundraise for college operations. This new focus has resulted in a $1.0 million in cash and gift-in-kind fundraising target in the 2010/2011budget. This budget is exclusive of their ongoing commitment to fundraise for college endowments and annual student awards.

Olds College 2010/2011 Revenues Investment Earnings 1%

Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions Donations 6% 2%

Sales, Rentals and Other Services 13% Tuition and Related Fees 12%

Provincial Grants 61%

Other Grants and Training Contracts 5%


Focus on

Think, Learn and Know


Each edition of Horizons will introduce you to some of Olds College’s many talented faculty working to make Olds College a great place to learn. This issue features Carmel Maloney, M.A. (Ed), Dan Daley, HET Jnm. Ag. Mech. Cert., and Morgan Ross, M.A. (Ed), Bachelor of Commerce.

Carmel Maloney is the Program Coordinator and an Instructor for the Office Administration and Veterinary Receptionist Program. “My main responsibility,” says Carmel “is to see that the students in the program succeed.” A Masters of Arts in Education graduate of San Diego State University, Carmel notes that the “Office Administration Program gives its graduates the skills that allow them to work in any field anywhere in the world.”

For the past 15-plus years at Olds College, Carmel has been, and continues to be “proud of the students who have graduated from the program and who have made and continue to make positive contributions to their families and communities.” Outside of her duties as Instructor, Program Coordinator, and President of the Olds College Faculty Association, Carmel participates in on-going learning by planning and facilitating workshops.

Office Administration and Veterinary Receptionist Program Carmel Maloney, M.A. (Ed)

School of Trades and Career Studies

“I am proud of the fact that I started out in a six-month position, and twenty years later I am still here,” says Dan Daley, Chair of the School of Trades and Career Studies. Dan, a graduate of the Olds College Agricultural Mechanics program, worked for 15 years as an instructor and for 6 years as the Coordinator of the Apprenticeship Program before his appointment as Chair of the School. Dan is enjoying his responsibilities

Dan Dailey, HET Jnm. Ag. Mech. Cert.

Morgan Ross, Chair of The School of Business, comes to Olds College with a diverse and extensive background in business and education. He has an MBA from Saint Mary’s University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. Morgan also has a Masters degree in Education from the University of Alberta. Morgan’s hands-on skills were developed domestically at Lakeland College, Red

River College, and SAIT Polytechnic and internationally at Inha University in Korea and Stamford International College and Webster University in Thailand. His several years of senior management experience in industry have schooled Mr. Ross in “effectively balancing the interests of people and results while improving productivity and efficiency” in the business and commerce arena.

and welcomes the challenge of delivering up-to-date technology for the technicians of the future. Dan is also proud of the quality of instruction offered in the Trades area and the ongoing ability to keep up with everevolving technology so that graduates can enter the workforce as productive, successful employees. The mechanically talented Chair spends his time outside of Olds College working on motorcycles and enjoying the Car Club.

School of Business Morgan Ross, MBA, M.A. (Ed), Bachelor of Commerce


Ernest Mengersen (left), Dave Herbert and B.J.“Buck” Godwin (right) were honoured for their contributions to Olds College and their respective fields

Lives of three highly respected faculty members commemorated The Land Sciences Centre at Olds College became a place of reflection on March 10th, when friends, co-workers and family gathered to remember three highly respected members of the College’s faculty who passed on in recent years.

and humorous instructor, he entertained his students with strange facts about insect morphology and life cycles and was known for making learning come easily.

Mengersen’s legacy, said Fry, “is not encased in insect cabinets or stored on book B.J. “Buck” Godwin, Dave Herbert and Ernest Mengersen shelves, but resides instead in the hearts and minds of all were honoured for their those he has touched, directly contributions to Olds College and their respective fields. Doug in the classroom and indirectly Peters, Chair, Olds College through example.” A tribute print of Ernest Mengersen will reside School of Environment, acted as MC with families of the three near his primary classroom and his beloved collection of “Moths gathered nearby. from My Backyard” will remain as a reminder of his enormous Dr. Ken Fry, Coordinator, Environmental Horticulture, took contributions to Olds College. the podium first for a few words on Ernest Mengerson, who had Bill Souster, Olds College taught everything from botany to Coordinator of Land and Water insect taxonomy at the College Resources spoke next about the from 1976 to 2004. A passionate contributions of Dave Herbert

who worked at Olds College from 1985 to 2006. Among his many roles, Herbert served as Associate Dean of what was then the School of Land and Horticultural Sciences. He is credited with being a key driver behind the Landscape Gardener Apprenticeship program (LGAP), the College’s Applied Horticulture Degree, being instrumental in the planning of the College’s Botanical gardens, and acting as an unabashed ambassador for the horticulture industry.

McCullogh, a former longtime Olds College Landscape Instructor. Godwin was a popular instructor at Olds College during his tenure from 1963 to 1988, and is considered to be the father of the College’s horticultural programs as well as the founder of Hort Week. He retired in 1988 and passed away in 2008.

At different times, he was Director for the Western Canadian Society for Horticulture, President of the Alberta Horticulture Association and a prominent member of the “Dave’s legacy lives on,” said Entomological Society of Alberta as well as being involved with Souster, remembering him as numerous other organizations. a leader who “put team goals ahead of personal goals” and who Among the many awards and accolades he garnered, Godwin was “characterized by creativity, received the Queen Elizabeth demonstrating insight and Silver Jubilee Medal (for service to acumen.” the profession of agriculture), the Alberta Horticultural Association B.J. “Buck” Godwin was also recognized in a speech by Garry Centennial Gold Medal and the Alberta Greenhouse Grower’s Association Award. “Buck was a much loved instructor at Olds from 1963 to 1988 and had the ability to make horticulture exciting even for skeptical farmers,” said McCullough, adding that Godwin often taught “7:00 a.m. Entomology classes, Saturday morning classes till noon and seminar classes Thursday evening until 10:00 p.m.”

Garry McCullogh - one of the speakers at the March 10th memorial


Farewell! Academic and Research Vice President Dr. Bob Wilson announces retirement after nearly 15 years of service to Olds College.


On June 30 this year, Dr. Robert Wilson will retire from his current role as Olds College’s Vice President, Academic and Research. “By that time it will have been my great privilege to serve as a Vice President of the College for over 14 years,” says Wilson. “Much has been achieved over that period. In fact, Olds College, as it was in 1997, would be almost unrecognizable today. This is due to the vision, commitment and hard work of literally hundreds of people who held Olds College close to their heart. It has been an honour to count myself among that number.”

“It has been an honour” Education Policy at the University As the world evolves around us of Toronto in 2008. and the needs of both learners and industries change, what roles and direction do you see How has post-secondary Olds College taking? education changed during For those who are only your career and what do you Olds College has pursued a familiar with your time here, think the future holds? very careful strategy for the could you tell us a bit about last 17 years as it sought to your early background? Higher education has changed become the preeminent college drastically over the last 35 for education and training in I was born in Edmonton and years. When I began, the the niche areas in which we grew up in Calgary where I atmosphere was very much an specialize. This approach has attended Western Canada extension of the post-war civil enabled us to gain strong support High – a rather undistinguished service mentality, low pay and from governments, industry academic record I’m afraid. low expectations. Starting in and publics who have a vested Following high school, I the early eighties the degree interest in the areas where we attended the University of of public financial support for provide services. We have a Alberta for a year and then institutions became increasingly national reputation (international took some time off to work in undependable and colleges in many areas) and the success the oilpatch and traveled and and universities were required of this approach speaks for itself. worked in Europe. I returned to to become more and more the University and graduated entrepreneurial. This resulted Throughout my time in this with a B.Ed. in 1975. in a much greater focus on cost profession, the needs and control and revenue generation. expectations of learners are My first teaching position one of the rare constants; they was with the Community Accountability measures of have always required competent Vocational Centre program various kinds also became a instruction, relevant curriculum, in Fort Vermilion, Alberta priority as the public became fairness and compassion and where I instructed in academic more concerned with the value this will always be the case. The upgrading. After 4 years with of their investments in the mechanisms that Olds College the CVC (now Northern Lakes system. This led, in turn, to the uses to address these priorities College) I returned to university development of much more active will change, perhaps drastically, and completed an M.Sc in Rural management of operations, but the essential mission of our Economy at the University of the imposition of corporate enterprise will continue as it has Guelph. We returned to Alberta approaches to management for the last 100 years. where I spent time as a teacher and, ultimately, a system that at the Peace River Correctional was primarily concerned with the Institute before taking a position value of outputs. If you could do one thing in with the Government of Alberta your career differently, what as a training consultant based In the case of universities, this would that be? out of Grande Prairie. was represented by contributions to research, economic Perhaps nothing. I am a It was at this point that I productivity and innovation. great believer in the value recognized (as a deeply Where colleges were concerned, of serendipity where career unhappy minor government contributions to the needs of the development is concerned. official) that a career in postlabor market became paramount. Even the less agreeable positions secondary education was The commitment to serving our proved to be valuable as they my preference. I went on to students never changed, but helped me to develop the skills work as a faculty member and the context in which that service and knowledge that led to later administrator at Northwest was provided evolved rapidly. success. I have always believed Community College in Prince Most post secondary institutions that it is better to accept risk Rupert, Lambton College now earn more revenue than and pursue an opportunity for in Sarnia and finally as an they receive in grants and this change and development even if Executive Dean at Algonquin will continue indefinitely as (inevitably) you will make a few College in Ottawa where I was governments are increasingly mistakes. Complacency is the responsible for the operations of challenged financially. enemy of true satisfaction, at four rural campuses in the area least for me. surrounding the capital region. The good news is that schools I joined Olds College in 1997 that came through this transition and worked as Vice President of successfully – like Olds College What is the most fulfilling task Student and Support Services – are prospering and have you ever completed? until being appointed as Vice unlimited opportunity. Those that President Academic in 2001. did not are either gone already or There is no question that raising I completed a Ph.D in Higher in a state of continual crisis. two great kids (and miraculously Horizons took a few moments to ask Dr. Wilson about his time with Olds College and what the future holds for both him and the College.

sustaining a great marriage) is the best accomplishment I can point to. Doing that while working in variety of jobs all across our great country has been incredibly rich and fulfilling. My work has always been important to me and I’ve always tried to do my best but family was at the center of it all. What does the future hold for you personally? My wife, Kathy, and I will move to Edmonton to be closer to our grown children and new grandson. Kathy holds a senior executive position with Alberta Health Services so I’ll work to support her career for a few years – payback time. I also hope to pursue my interests in business, teaching and scholarship as well but, hopefully, on a less than full time basis. We are rapidly approaching our 2013 Centennial. If your counterpart in 2113 looks back at the role you played, what would you like him or her to surmise? Do you have any advice? Much of the work that I’ve done as VPAR at Olds College has been devoted to the – often mundane and somewhat painful – task of building the kind of flexible, yet solid, platform I believe will be needed to meet the needs of future learners and others served by the College. Our college is entering a time of increased competition, considerable risk and great opportunity for those few institutions capable of responding well. There will be no shortage of challenges for my successors, whoever they might be. My advice would be to have faith in the people at the college and their ability to rise to a challenge – I have never been disappointed in that regard.


Olds College Gala an unequivocal success, nets $95,000 in student support Sold out two weeks in advance, Olds College’s March 11 Growing the Legacy Gala was a tremendous success. Elected representatives from every level of government from municipal through to federal joined noted Canadian academics, leaders in industry and research, alumni and a wide range of College supporters to help raise $95,000 for the Olds College Opportunities Fund - an all-time Gala high. “This was simply the best Gala we’ve had so far,” said Dr. Tom Thompson, Olds College President. “We are especially pleased with the amount of interest and support we are garnering – locally, provincially and nationally – as we approach our 2013 Centennial.” The auspicious evening featured a lavish reception, formal dinner and entertainment from local jazzcombo the Polyjesters. All four of the declared Progressive Conservative leadership candidates as well as the leader of the Wildrose Alliance were at this event billed as “the place to be.” There were numerous highlights throughout the night including the launch of, the College’s new official Centennial website, a fashion show featuring designs by Olds College fashion students, a live auction and the introduction of Heritage, the College’s new signature wine – created for public sale to both celebrate the Centennial and raise funds for the College. The two most prominent highlights were the keynote address by the Honourable Gerry Ritz, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and the announcement of the Government of Canada as Olds College’s 2011 Partner of the year. Water engineer Dennis Westhoff was also announced as the recipient of an Olds College Honorary Degree for his extensive volunteer work and design expertise on the College’s Botanic Garden and Engineered Wetlands.


2011 Gala Student Ambassadors Tyler Jenkins and Sarah Code

Growing the Legacy Gala March 11, 2011

One of the many auction items was this autographed Don Cherry Jacket

Local jazz-combo The Polyjesters never fail to entertain

Dr. Tom Thompson with the Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Doug Horner, Alberta Progressive Conservative Leadership Candidate

A fashion show featured designs from Olds College students


Centennial Update Centennial Launched at Gala 2011 At the March 11th annual Olds College Gala, the Centennial Governance Team took the opportunity to make a number of major announcements:

Another major announcement was the official launch of the Centennial website. Please visit in the coming months for new content, photos and video.

The Committee put together an action-packed 10 minute segment featuring Red Deer College student actors in the roles of Mr. Frank Grisdale, Principal of the Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics in 1923 and Miss Dorothy May Houston, the first Dean of Home Economics and Dietitian and Instructress in Cooking and Nutrition.

The third major announcement was the introduction of the first two President Level Centennial Sponsors; Mountain View County and the Town of Olds.

Red Deer College Students portraying Mr. Frank Grisdale & Miss Dorothy May Houston

The segment started by showing black and white Olds College film footage from 1923. You can view the footage by going to the Centennial web site that is linked to the main page of the Olds College main site or visit You Tube.

For more information about centennial sponsorship opportunities please contact Kerry Moynihan, Olds College General Manager, 2013 Centennial at (403) 556-4762 or by email at Finally the Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, was presented with a limited edition Olds College 100th Anniversary Hockey Jersey.

Next was the official release of the 100th Anniversary Logo. The new logo will now see use across different applications at the College.

Honourable Minister Gerry Ritz

Unveiling of Olds College Centennial Logo

Aerial Photograph of the 2011 Ploughing Championship in Sweden (see story above)


100th Anniversary Celebration Book

Work is progressing well on the Olds College 100th Anniversary Celebration Book. Author Barry Potyondi from the firm CONTEXT has completed the research phase of the project. There now have more than 1700 pages of relevant notes and 500 photos. Over the next few months Potyondi will write the manuscript. Design of the Anniversary Book will begin this fall, followed by printing.

60th World Plowing Championships

Work progresses on the 2013 World Plowing Championship. The actual dates of the competition are July 19th and 20th, 2013. The official launch of the plowing web site coincided with the start of the 2011 World Ploughing Championships recently held in Sweden. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Centennial General Manager Kerry Moynihan attended the event in Sweden. Please visit the site at

2011 Ploughing Championship in Sweden

Feeding Canada & The World

One of the many Signature Events will be an International 4-H Conference called “Feeding Canada & The World� to be held at the soon-to-be-built Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (CIRE), located on the grounds of Olds College. The Conference will be organized by Olds College, the Canadian 4-H Council and Alberta 4-H in the first week of November, 2013. Stay tuned for up-to-date information on the conference in future issues of Horizons.

Olds College Heritage Wine One of the many highlights of March’s annual Olds College Gala was the unveiling of Heritage, the College’s own official brand of red and white wines. “As post secondary institutions turn to new and innovative ways to fundraise, the launch of a private wine label is being increasingly turned to as an excellent way to support education and enhance an institution’s brand awareness,” says Jim Ingoldsby, Senior Development Officer, Advancement at Olds College. “Several colleges and universities in Canada have also launched private wine labels as well, such as University of British Columbia, Mount Royal and Red Deer College.” In the case of Olds College, Ingoldsby adds, the primary reason for the launch of Heritage is the fundraising component. For every bottle sold, a portion goes to the Olds College Opportunities Fund, a flexible fund for response to new and sometimes unexpected opportunities for students and faculty, awards and research, and campus enhancement. So far both the concept and the wine itself have been well received. The Heritage red is a fruit-forward Merlot accented with black raspberry notes and hints of smooth mint and cocoa. The white is a Pinot Blanc with ripe pear and green apple aromas. On campus, the wine can be purchased by the glass (bottles are not for sale from the college itself) at The Crossing, the Olds College Students’ Association lounge. Bottles can be purchased at a number of regional liquor stores. Currently you can find it in Olds at the Olds Liquor Mart, Bob’s Cold Beer and Spirits, Olds Liquor and Beer, and The Olds Liquor Store. “It is our hope at Olds College that many other liquor stores throughout Alberta and Western Canada will stock this wine and make it available to our thousands of alumni,” says Ingoldsby. “This is a great way to support your alma mater and enjoy an excellent wine at the same time.” Heritage is bottled and distributed by Bounty Cellars of Kelowna BC. Interested merchants can contact Matt Reid, Bounty Cellars Winery, at (403)-667-0406 or email to


Student News Olds College and Equine Guelph partner for new Western Recreational Rider Certificate “This program is tailor-made to ignite and build a passion for horses like no other. Between the day-to-day learning and a breathtaking pack trip through the Canadian Rockies at the end of the program, there are very few ways a horse enthusiast could have more fun,” said Dalin Bullock, Chair, Olds College School of Agriculture. “It also serves as an excellent foundation for students who are interested in learning the fundamentals before going more in-depth and obtaining our Equine Science Diploma.”

A recent agreement between Olds College and Equine Guelph, part of Ontario’s University of Guelph, has yielded the formation of a new Olds College certificate program. Beginning in July, students will be able to enrol in the College’s new one-year Western Recreational Rider Certificate program. By completing two additional elective courses in that timeframe, students can also acquire Equine Guelph’s Equine Science certificate in addition to the College’s Western Recreational Rider certificate.

The program consists of one year of blended programming, broken down into four required on-line courses offered by Equine Guelph and six oncampus courses offered by Olds College. It begins this July with eight weeks of on-campus instruction followed by two semesters of part-time on-line instruction from September to April. The program finishes with eight weeks of on-campus instruction in May and June. Putting their new knowledge to practical use, students finish the program with the Wilderness Wrangler course, which includes the three-day pack trip through the Rockies – embodying the ideals and romantic imagery Western horsemanship is famous for. Program size is limited to 24 students per year. The on-campus portion of the programming will focus on recreational riding with an emphasis on safety and horse care. Students will follow the rider level certification as outlined by Equine Canada and will be required to perform a self assessment of both their physical ability and horsemanship skill. In addition, students planning to bring their own horse will be required to perform an assessment of its suitability for the program.

Olds College Student Business Team takes third place The Olds College Student Business Team walked away with some valuable experience – not to mention a third place finish and $1500 in prize money – at the Deans of Business Case Competition at Red Deer College in March. Over a period of nine grueling hours, the five-person team immersed themselves in a study related to fleet expansion and short-haul routes for WestJet. It was prepared by the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business. In an interview with the Red Deer Advocate, Olds College Instructor Jim Beatty expressed great pride in the ability of the Olds College students as they tackled it. “It’s probably an MBA level of case,” Beatty told the Advocate. “For a group of four or five students to get their heads together and spend that length of time working on one case, they were exhausted.” After receiving the case study, each team sequestered themselves in a designated room. Using two laptops with internet access, they were required to develop an analysis and recommendations by 6 p.m. The next morning, each presented an electronic copy to the judges. “This is the first time Olds College has placed in the top three of this competition,” said Pat Bidart, Olds College Associate Vice President Academic and International Services. “I was pleased to watch our team do their


From Left to Right: Patrick Quesnel, Judge from Servus Credit Union, Candice Li, Judge from WestJet , Amanda Wolf, Samantha Bruinooge, Erika Dowell, Tyler Jenkins, Rayelle Doolaege, Dr. Sandip K. Lalli, Judge from Travel Alberta, Geoff Stephenson, Coordinator, Olds College Business Administration Diploma Program

presentation in a well organized manner, with good solutions to the case and excellent answers to the questions presented by the judges.” The team consisted of Rayella Doolaege, Samantha Bruinooge, Tyler Jenkins, Amanda Wolf, alternate Erika Dowell and coaches Jim Beatty & Geoff Stephenson. Twelve post-secondary institutions competed in the event including Olds College, Lethbridge College, Red Deer College, Bow Valley College, Grande Prairie Regional College, Grant MacEwan University, Keyano College, Lakeland College, Medicine Hat College, Mount Royal University, NAIT and SAIT.

Busy March for Judging Club The Olds College Judging Club stayed busy this winter, yielding both valuable experience and some wins for the College. On March 12, the club hosted the Olds College Judge IT Competition, bringing close to 50 participants as well as parents, 4-H leaders and other family members to the campus. Classes judged included dairy, Friesian horses, Charolais bulls and ewes. As well, other classes were judged, specifically floral, fashion, ag mech, Plant ID and carcass judging. On March 18, several Ag Management students were among over 130 participants who attended the Lakeland College Judging Competition. Classes judged included dairy cows as well as heifers, yearling replacement ewes, light horses, beef heifers, hay, oats, saddles, plant ID and a mystery class of jams. Despite a high calibre of competitors, Olds College brought home the Third Place Team ribbon in Horse Judging and student Cougen Pegg took Third Place Individual in Horse Judging.

Awards Night The Alumni Centre was packed to nearcapacity as alumni, faculty, staff, students and donors all mingled for the 2011 Student Awards and Donor Reception held in April. “Olds College takes great pride in the creation of opportunities for learners of all ages, allowing them to find success in this world – which benefits us all in ways too numerous to count,” said Jordan Cleland, Vice President, Advancement. Members of the Olds College Judging Club: (L to R) Megan Rosso, Brittany Blakely, Stephanie Elzinga, Greg Borduzak, Cougen Pegg and Dan Skocdopole. Other active members in the club this year also included: Heather Robinson, Jennifer Dale, Suzie Spearin, Selim Schoepp and Joni Alexander

“Much of that hinges on the synergy we generate with our very important partners – the many awards donors you see among us tonight.” One of the highlights of this annual evening is the opportunity for students to meet and thank the donors they benefit from.

Ag Mech Club raises money for STARS Continuing a longstanding tradition of giving, the Olds College Ag Mech Club successfully raised $2000 for STARS this past year. STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) specializes in offering rapid emergency medical care and transportation via helicopter for critically ill and injured patients. “The Olds College Ag Mech club has been an incredible supporter of STARS over the years donating more than $22,000 in total,” says Cameron Heke, STARS Media Relations Manager. “We cannot thank the group enough for their continued support, and for the amazing generosity displayed by the students at Olds College and the residents and community of Olds.” Last year alone, STARS flew 1,453 missions including 19 missions directly to Olds. There are two pilots on every flight, as well as a flight paramedic and flight nurse who both have critical care skills. An emergency doctor also flies on approximately 20 per cent of calls. According to Heke, STARS relies on fundraising and community support for 75 per cent of its funding, with the remaining 25 per cent provided by Alberta Health Services. “STARS can only contribute to the health and safety of the community through the ongoing cooperation of local emergency services and healthcare providers, combined with the financial support from fundraising initiatives such as the Ag Mech Club.”

Seen here, Brain Kuhn of the Olds College Student Board of Directors offered a toast to all donors and spoke to the immense appreciation students have for support they receive

OCSA Members The Olds College Students’ Association has elected a new executive body who will serve for the 2011-12 academic year. The Olds College Students’ Association provides students with services such as Health Insurance, Clubs, Housing Lists, and Student Board of Directors. As well, it represents student needs, issues and priorities to College Staff, Faculty and Executive.

Left to right: Bradley Dowell- VP Communications Donald MacLeod- Internal VP Amy Cahill- President Jill MacPherson- VP Activities Jennifer Aarts- VP Academic

Sabrina Ali (far right), Development Officer with STARS, attended the recent cheque presentation


News from the The Community Learning Campus (CLC) is a joint, innovative approach to high school, post-secondary, and community education between Olds College and Chinook’s Edge School Division in collaboration with the Town of Olds, Mountain View County, and the University of Alberta. Consisting of five multiuse facilities complete with integrated programming, the CLC addresses specific rural needs by sharing resources.

Community Learning Campus celebrates successful first year It is now over one full year since the Community Learning Campus (CLC) was completed. Some of the year’s many highlights were:

Dual Credit program: Providing opportunities for high school students to earn credit at both the high school level and the college level – equipping them with a variety of course and career options as well as familiarity with post-secondary culture. Rachel’s Challenge: Four thousand junior and senior high students joined at the CLC to experience Rachel’s Challenge. The program was inspired by the writings and drawings of Rachel Scott, the first of 15 people killed at Columbine High School in 1999.

Dual Credit program wins another award

Partnering to create exciting opportunities for students has earned Chinook’s Edge School Division and Olds College a Mayor’s Excellence Award through the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation. The award was presented by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi at a gala event, in the category of School to Work Transition. Developing programs in which high school students can earn credit at both the high school level and the college level has been a focus at the CLC for the last few years. Earlier, the project met a milestone as every high school in Chinook’s Edge has now officially accessed at least one dual credit course for their students.

Normie Kwong Park: Executives and players from the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos joined. The Honourable Norman Kwong, a former Grey Cup-winning quarterback for both teams, to celebrate the official naming of the CLC’s Normie Kwong Park. Each CFL team invested $20,000 into the development of the facility. Olds College Graduation: When 670 graduates crossed the stage at the Community Learning Campus, it marked the first time a College event of that magnitude was held at the recently opened Ralph Klein Centre. Sharing the Space: Students from Cremona School warmed up in the band room prior to their performance at the Olds Rotary Jazzfest in the Fine Arts & Multi Media Centre on the Community Learning Campus.

Olds College Broncos now play within the Ralph Klein Centre

Olds College Broncos: Now housed in excellent new facilities within the Ralph Klein Centre, the Olds College Broncos have hosted numerous competitions with teams from as far away as Japan.

Rural Places – High Tech Spaces!

Discover the Community Learning Campus in Olds Your source for successful meetings

• Venues for meetings, conferences, weddings, tradeshows, banquets and more • Large and small meeting rooms with videoconferencing capabilities and SMARTboards • Computer and multi-media labs, 390 seat auditorium theatre • Overnight accommodation, catering services, licensed venues and recreational facilities


Call NOW for best availability General Inquiries: Telephone: (403) 556-8330 email: Corporate, Package & Group Sales: Connie Conley Telephone: (403) 556-8359 email: Community Learning Campus Located off Highway 2A at Olds College Campus 4500 - 50th Street, Olds, Alberta, T4H 1R6

UPDATE Curling Team’s Bronze Medal part of busy Broncos Season.  It has been another busy winter for the Olds College Broncos in a number of areas, with a particularly proud accomplishment taking place in early March at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. There, the Olds College Broncos Curling Team heated up the ice and captured the Bronze medal at the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Curling Championships.

It began as a tough weekend for the team in the round robin games. The players pulled together and made some fantastic shots throughout the entire Bronze Medal Game, coming out victorious against Augustana (Camrose Campus). This is the second straight year that Skip, Elliott Mansell has led his team to victory against Augustana in a Bronze medal game. This year’s team consisted of Kory Roberge as Lead, Connor Layton and Adam Wutzke as Seconds and Travis Paulgaard playing Third. “We would like to offer our congratulations to Kory Roberge who was selected to the ACAC All Star Men’s Team,” says Greg Lendvay, Director,

Olds College Health and Wellness. “The All Star team selections are made by the coaches from all the participating ACAC Curling teams and this is a great accomplishment for our first-year Lead.” Broncos Women’s Basketball also announced the signing of Keitlyn Williams of Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer. Keitlyn will be an impact player for the Broncos in the 2011/12 season and comes to Olds with a tremendous background including: Basketball Alberta Regional Training Centre, Canada Basketball Centre for Performance, All Star Selection in numerous games, and experience playing with the Olds College Junior Broncos.

Keitlyn Williams of Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer will be playing in the 2012-2013 Season

“I played club here and am familiar with the coaches and coaching staff,” says Williams. “I like the direction that the program is going and the opportunity to play and practice in the four gymnasiums. As well, Olds College has the Land Agent Program that I want to take.”

Williams may well be excited to know that in the months since she signed on, the available practice space at the college has now risen to five gymnasiums total. In addition to the triple gym in the new $32 million Ralph Klein Centre and updates to the Frank Grisdale Hall Gymnasium, Olds College has purchased an arena hardwood floor for its fifth gymnasium space. The arena floor will be used to re-purpose the Agriculture Mechanics lab during the summer months. Olds College has a significant history of hosting a large number of summer camp groups such as the NBC Basketball Camp that has seen more than 2000 summer campers. It is anticipated that the 2012 year would see more club tournaments in May and June. There are few facilities in Alberta that have five gymnasiums in one location, where accommodations are also available on site. Having five gymnasiums onsite and in one location will make the campus attractive for teams as they do not have to travel. Lendvay adds that the addition of practice space is even timelier as plans to expand the College’s number of junior varsity teams unfold. Currently Olds College has a men’s junior varsity basketball team. By fall, the College will have added a women’s team, along with men’s and women’s volleyball teams. Comprised mostly of first year students, the teams will compete in the Alberta College Athletic League (ACAL).

Olds College Broncos Curling Team heated up the ice and captured the Bronze Medal at the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Curling Championships


Olds College



The Olds College Opportunities Fund is supported by the generosity of donors who make it possible for Olds College to have the flexibility to respond to new and sometimes unexpected opportunities for students and faculty, awards and research, and campus enhancement. For information on how you can support the Olds College Opportunities Fund call 403556-8232.

New tractor thanks to Olds College Opportunities Fund Olds College’s 2000 acre-plus farm is now poised for lower operating costs and more timely crop seeding with increased yields and higher quality grades, thanks to a new tractor purchased though the Olds College Opportunities Fund.

was larger than what we currently to use operating dollars to rent a have.” tractor.

With seeding time right around the corner, the College needed to move quickly and Hamilton was able to procure a 1998 John Deere 9200 four-wheel drive tractor. Besides bringing enhanced savings, the ability to Farm Supervisor Trevor pull new larger implements and Hamilton says that without the less need for custom operators, purchase, the College would the tractor will be available for a have been unable to capitalize variety of uses including tillage on a unique opportunity that presented itself. “We were operations as well as packing approached by Morris Industries silage and plowing snow. Without its purchase, the College’s farm who wanted to donate the would have had to look at using use of an air drill for seeding other capital funding – taking operations on the farm,” says Hamilton. “In order to utilize the away from other needs of the air drill we required a tractor that department – or would have had

Needed Items purchased so far:

Handtman Sausage stuffer, $61,000– Olds College Meat Processing program 1998 John Deere 4WD 9200, $86,000 – Olds College Farm

“Having our own equipment also allows us to do more infield demonstrations that would normally be too time consuming for custom operators,” says Hamilton. “This information can then be taken in to the classroom.”

Nicholas Baier Memorial Scholarship A scholarship has been created in memory of student Nicholas Baier. Lost during tragic circumstances in 2010, Nicholas is remembered for his kindness, country roots and values, and genuine love of farming. Donors must provide Olds College their address and contact information so a charitable donation tax receipt can be issued in their name.


Illustration by Olds College student Joni Alexander

A donation can be made to the Nicholas Baier Memorial Scholarship by one of two means:

Cheque or Money Order – made out to Olds College in a letter indicating funds are to go to the Nicholas Baier Memorial Fund. Mail to: Olds College Attn: Ken Risi 4500 50 St. Olds, AB T4H 1R6 Credit Card – Phone Karen Viney, Advancement Financial Coordinator, Olds College, at 1-800-661-6537. Transactions will be completed over the phone.

Federal Biotechnology group visits Olds College February 8 was a busy day for the Olds College School of Innovation (OCSI) as the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food visited the campus as part of a national study on the biotechnology industry in Canada.

The tour stemmed from an invitation by Wild Rose Member of Parliament Blake Richards, who is a member of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. It

also included local manufacturer Banner Pharmacaps. “We have researchers and businesses right here in our own back yard who are doing cutting-edge work in the area of biotechnology,” said Richards. “I wanted the ???

committee to meet our talented people here and get the benefit of their input into the industry’s future in Canada.” The committee visited six provinces between Feb. 6 and 11 as part of the national study.

Focused primarily on the OCSI’s bio-fuels research facility, seven members of the committee were briefed extensively by Tanya McDonald, OCSI Bioenergy Research Scientist. In a brief interview with the Olds Albertan, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller, chair of the committee, stated that “Bio-technology and bio-fuels are the wave of the future and facilities such as those at Olds College are a key part of developing that future. If we want to be a big part of feeding the world … facilities like Olds College here and the things that they’re doing in bio-fuels for example … will help us to achieve what we want long term.”

Tanya McDonald, OCSI Bioenergy Research Scientist, explains the College’s biodiesel program to federal committee members

Energy Industry relations a benefit to all In the four years that he has been Olds College’s Chair of Energy & Utilities Sector Relations, Trevor Williams has assisted in implementing many changes to the way the province looks at the role of land agents and helped initiate many improvements. “The work we’ve done through Olds College has brought about significant benefits,” says Williams. “Not just to the college but to career-seekers, the energy industry, land owners and the country as a whole.” When he signed on to the newly-created position, a first in Canada, understanding of a land agent’s role and their somewhat tenuous reputation with land owners had remained virtually unchanged since the beginnings of Alberta’s oil and gas industry. Following a $1 million donation to Olds College from Encana, studies were initiated through 2006 and 2007. One thing flagged was a need for better professionalism among land agents as they negotiated with land owners regarding surface rights and

exploration. Other areas for improvement included written and oral communication skills, technical understanding and project management concepts. “Once we determined what was missing, we were able to make concrete changes to the curriculum including an added focus on alternative energy as it relates to landowners,” says Williams. “And there are other new factors such as a need for strategically located cell phone towers, additional transmission lines and increased emphasis on safety and environmental concerns.” Two years ago, another step was taken to ensure future students were enrolling in a career that was suited to them. A career investigation process was created in conjunction with the University of Lethbridge to give prospective students the information they needed as they considered a potential career as a land agent. Additionally, Land Agent graduates can now enter into the third year of a Bachelor of Management program at the University of Lethbridge. Williams, whose career spans four decades including stints with Texaco Exploration and Home Oil, currently operates Bectell Investments, his own private consulting company. Knee deep in what is supposedly his retirement years, he says his time as Energy & Utilities Sector Relations Chair has been satisfying. “The relationships between land agents and land owners is improving steadily and at the same time we have improved career options for a new generation of learners,” says Williams. “It’s great to be part of that.”


YOUNG ALUMNI Outstanding Young Alumni

Outstanding Young Farmer Award This year’s Alberta/NWT regional Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year award went to an Olds College alumnus and his wife. Matt and Tara Sawyer were on hand in February for the 32nd annual awards banquet at the Olds College Alumni Centre. “I was quite honoured to receive the award in the place where I basically started my career,” said Matt Sawyer from his farm west of Acme, AB. “It was the perfect place to learn. It gave me the building blocks to learn even more upon and got me headed in the right direction.” The Sawyers farm oilseeds, canola, grains, wheat and maintain a moderately-sized herd of Black Angus cattle. Matt is the fourth generation of his family on the farm, which was originally settled in 1903 by his great-grandfather T. M. Evans.

Among the many elements that helped them land the award, the Sawyers constantly strive to improve and enhance their land and surrounding environment through modern techniques such as no-till farming. Great effort is made to maintain the quality of the yard in which his grandparents pioneered. Matt is Chairman of the Alberta Barley Commission and a Director of the Canadian Wheat Growers’ Association. With three children of their own, Emmett, Cassidy and Quinton, both Matt and Tara are also active 4-H volunteers. “I always tell the kids, agriculture is changing all the time and the demand is going to be huge in the future,” said Matt.

Olds College Alumnus Matt Sawyer and wife Tara; Winners of the 2011 Outstanding Young Farmer Award

Well-known agriculture journalist Dianne Finstad emceed the awards ceremony. Also on hand was Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Jack Hayden, Olds Mayor Judy Dahl, Red

Deer MP Earl Dreeshen and Olds College President, Dr. Tom Thompson who applauded the winners for their “excellence and innovation.”

Olds College Alumnus now North America’s highest-winning Apprentice Jockey One short year after he claimed the title of Outstanding Apprentice Jockey at the 35th Annual Sovereign Awards in Toronto last January, Olds College alumnus Omar Moreno now holds the continent’s highest award for an apprentice jockey. In January, at the 40th Annual Eclipse Awards in Miami, Fla., Moreno was named the top apprentice rider in North America. In 2010 he racked up 146 wins and approximately $5.5 Million in purse money. Moreno is a graduate of Olds College’s Exercise Rider and Jockey program, and credits the program for much of his success. A former national junior boxing


champion forced to retire early due to injuries; Moreno got an unlikely second chance to be a champion and entered the sport much later than many entrants to the field. And also unlike many of his classmates, he did not have a background in horsemanship. “I didn’t really have much horse knowledge – anatomy, things like that. I had to study,” he said. “Olds College gave me the tools to get going. If I had gone about it a different way, I wouldn’t have been able to get the start I had and I don’t know if all this would have happened.” “We are extremely proud of Omar and couldn’t be more pleased with his success,” said Mark Fournier, Continuing Education Manager – School

of Agriculture. “To have one of our students take the reallife, hands-on learning we pride ourselves on all the way into the winners circle is one of the best rewards we could receive.” Moreno, who was born in El Salvador and came to Canada as a refugee around the age of seven, returned to Olds College in February. He was greeted enthusiastically by students, staff and faculty who congratulated him on his win. “The Exercise Rider and Jockey Program was a great class,” said Moreno. “I told my friends that I would pay the tuition just to do it again.” Presented annually, the Eclipse Awards are originally

named for Eclipse, a famous 18th century racehorse, and recognize horses and individuals with outstanding achievements earning them the title of Champion in their respective categories. The awards are co-sponsored by the US-based organizations National Thoroughbred Racing Association, Daily Racing Form and the National Turf Writers Association.

ALUMNI REVIEW Olds College Alumni Association Board of Directors 2010-2011 President Laurinda Parkinson ‘69 Vice President Jason Finnigan ‘01

By the time this edition of Horizons is delivered to your kitchen table, we will have had our Class Agents meeting. Our Class Agents are vitally important to the Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA). It is through them that we are able to bring classmates together to celebrate at Reunions and other functions held at the College.

OCSA Rep Brent Gillingwater

Class Agents are people who are interested in keeping in contact with as many of their classmates as possible. Their commitment is very valuable, and rewarding. The Alumni Association assists with providing a list of current addresses for classmates to a Class Agent, and from there it is just a matter of maintaining contact and trying to locate others from the class who might be “lost” from our lists. Once a year we call a Class Agent meeting, and invite the Class Agents to attend to get the latest information about events at the College, and learn of plans for the upcoming Summer Reunions. We also hope they will make suggestions on what we might provide as special events or tours, etc, at these Reunions or any other events.

Faculty Rep Lyle Statham

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact the OCAA

Honorary President Edith Edge ‘51 Treasurer Marjorie Brewin’59 Secretary Gerry Coen ‘58 Directors James Burns ‘67 Glen Aldred ‘58 Curtis Miller ‘03 John Perry ‘63 Joan (Sandra) Hanson ‘59 (One Position Vacant)

Olds College President Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson

at alumniassociation@oldscollege. ca or call 403-507-7952 and leave a message. You will find in this issue, the latest forms for Summer Reunion 2011 registration and we hope that you will make time available on the weekend of July 15 – 17 to attend. The proceeds from this reunion go to the Alumni Association and are our only source of income for the Association expenditures. Our Casino funds are used exclusively for Scholarships and Bursaries for the students. At the reunions, we also hold a Silent Auction on the Saturday. Articles provided for this Silent Auction are donated by members of the Alumni attending the reunion and are very much appreciated. We hope that Class Agents organizing their class involvement in a reunion would encourage those attending to bring with them an auction item. There is also a section at the bottom of the registration form where you may indicate your wish to contribute an item. A new service we are offering at the reunion will be the availability of breakfast in The Crossing on Saturday morning. This is not covered under the registration package and will be an added cost, but the Crossing is run by the Olds College Students’ Association (OCSA) and your patronage will help to support their organization. The OCSA also look after our Bar service on Saturday evening. We are looking for new members for our Board of Directors. We will be looking for people to fill 3 positions on the OCAA Board. As a student at Olds College, you may have shown your support for student affairs by being involved with OCSA, a club, team, etc. where you helped build lasting memories for you and your fellow

Memorials The Alumni Board respectfully notes the passing of the following Olds College Alumni and Staff, and extends its condolences to their families and friends. If you would like to honour a loved one or to recognize an individual’s life, please contact: The Olds College In-Memory and In-Honour Program, or Planned Giving, Charllotte Adkens-Weiler (403) 507-7716 or

students. Or you may have been a committed student who would like to give something back to Olds College. Now, as an alumnus/alumna, we invite you to continue building on the legacy you helped to create by considering a role with the Olds College Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. The OCAA Board of Directors meets one evening, once every two months, to discuss matters of alumni importance. As a Director, you’ll play an important part in such things as dispensing award and bursary funds and managing the annual summer reunion, as well as your choice of other opportunities to become involved as an alumni representative, such as attending Olds College Gala, the annual Golf Classic, and more, depending on your schedule and ability to participate. Most importantly, you will be helping to guide the growth and progress of the OCAA as it charts its course into a second century of representing the needs and interests of Olds College’s more than 20,000 strong alumni family. Want to try us on for size? Attend one of our board meetings or volunteer to help with one of our events. Your contribution of time and advice would be most welcome. You may contact the OCAA at for more information.

Laurinda Parkinson OCAA President

John James Patko Class of 1947, Agriculture

Muriel Isabelle Winter (Bauer) Class of 1953, 2-1 Home Economics

Alfred David Lawson Class of 1941, 2-1 Agriculture

Grace Katherine (Mueller) Nelson Class of 1935, 2-1 Home Economics

Joseph Androkovich Class of 1970, Agriculture

John Fajnor Class Unknown

Harold Forster Class of 1952, 2-1 Agriculture

Donald Keen Class of 1938, Agriculture

Russel Pickard Class of 2006, Land Agent

Dre Cooper Class of 2011, Landscape Gardener

Leonard Vernon Arnold Class of 1959, 2-1 Agriculture

Lydia Jean Doenz Class Unknown

Glen (Buck) Bredahl Buchwald Class of 1951, 2-1 Agriculture

Marion Alice Jensen (Wallace) Class of 1974, Secretarial Arts

Ralph Caskey Class of 1941, Agriculture

David A. Gould Class of 1976, Ag. Equipment Tech

Christopher Robert Larsen Class of 1995, Land Agent

Warren Bergdahl Class of 1972, Agricultural Mechanics

Roberta Laverne Ortwein Class of 1951, 2-1 Home Economics

Alfred (Fred) Kettenbach Class of 1981, Agriculture Production

Jim Greenfield Class of 1978, Agriculture Production

Norma Ellen Silbernagel Class of 1954, Home Economics

William Edwin Heaver Class of 1942, Agriculture

Frank Joseph Rice Class of 1934, Agriculture

Andrew Koster Class of 1950, Agriculture

Andrew Haig Young Class of 1942, Agriculture

Harold Mensinger Class of 1951, Agriculture


Pete Johnson - Alumni Profile To say “his life went down hill” is not a bad thing at all, especially if you’re referring to Olds College alumnus Pete Johnson. When he came out to the Banff area from his home in Montreal in 1948, he absolutely lived to go down hill. Skiing, that is. Just 22 years old, Johnson arrived to compete in the Dominion of Canada Championships at Mt. Norquay and ended up winning the senior men’s title with a course record time of 1 minute, 22.8 seconds. After that he led the enviable life of a Banff ski bum for a few years before entering the College’s 2-in-1 Agriculture program.

Graduating in 1951, he took a job with an Edmontonbased grain company before settling into a long career with International Harvester, starting out in the parts department and eventually holding a number of roles including District Manager.

youth. In January, he was featured in an article by the Edmonton Journal honouring the 100th Anniversary of the Edmonton Ski Club and participated in the corresponding celebratory race at Gallagher Park.

“My education at Olds College got me my first job,” says Johnson. “And it helped quite a bit in my contact with the farm community – they seemed to like that I understood what was going on.”

Though he doesn’t ski as much as he used to, he still plans a ski trip every year and also takes pleasure in woodworking and volunteering at St. Timothy’s Church. Even 60 years after graduating, he still keeps tabs on a few friends from his college days as well. “I really enjoyed my time in Olds,” he says.

Johnson married Margaret Clarke in 1956 and retired in 1987. Over the years he has remained active in skiing, including 10 years coaching

Class of 1960 Reunion The Class of 1960 celebrated their 50th Reunion last year. Besides renewing old friendships, observing the growth and change the College has gone through and just generally having a good time, they took the time to capture the visit in this photo.


Photo Courtesy of Nick Lees - Edmonton Journal

LOST ALUMNI Where Are They Now? We’ve lost touch with the people on this list. Can you help? If you know how we can contact anyone on this list, please let know by contacting our Alumni Office.

Alumni Office

Toll free1-800-661-6537 Direct 403-556-8283 Email at

Kelly Adams 1991 Gerard Amerongen 1991 Glen Andrews 1991 Kenny Antoniuk 1991 Natalie Bailie 1991 Brendan Bain 1991 Sarah Baker 1991 Sherry Bannick 1991 Donald Bartesko 1991 Shelley Beazley 1991 Tracy Becker 1991 Ralph Bell 1991 Laura Berlando 1991 Bruce Boyd 1991 Marylynn Brackley 1991 Liesl Bridge 1991 Brian Cadrin 1991 Robert Cairns 1991 Doris Cardinal 1991 Sonia Chaulette 1991 Gary Cheney 1991 Cara-Jean Corsiatto 1991 Paul Daniels 1991 Lonney Davidson 1991 Leslie Davies 1991 Marty Desjarlais 1991 Constance Dillabough 1991 Patrick Dodman 1991 Sally-Anne Downes 1991 Doyle Dreger 1991 Barbara Dufault 1991 Donald Dungate 1991 Ingrid Dunn 1991 Melanie Dyck 1991 Dallas Elliott 1991 Reginald Ernst 1991 Rachel Evans 1991 Lorelei Ewing 1991 Pauline Fiolleau 1991 Cheryl Fisher 1991 Launa Flint 1991 Shawna Fost 1991 Jonathan Freeman 1991 Joseph Froese 1991 Barry Furukawa 1991 Randy Gabel 1991 Michelle Gagnon 1991 Yuan Gao 1991 Jennifer Gardner 1991 Peggy Gibson 1991 Ken Ginther 1991 Dale Glover 1991 Robert Gollan 1991 Anne Greba 1991 Gordon Green 1991

Diana Hall 1991 Linda Howard 1991 Kandy Hubl 1991 Lesley Huegle 1991 Lonnie Hutchison 1991 Raeann Jackson 1991 Darla Jacques 1991 Annette Jensen 1991 Bonny Jespersen 1991 Bradley Jones 1991 Brenda Jones 1991 Chad Kanngiesser 1991 Marla Keer 1991 Vincent Keller 1991 Jason Kelly 1991 Christine Kelly 1991 David Kennedy 1991 Ronna Knaus 1991 Denise Knebel 1991 Lori Knock 1991 Anita Kuffert 1991 Lori Kurney 1991 Nick Kuszniryk 1991 Irvan Laslo 1991 Alan Law 1991 Barbara Lee 1991 Sheldon Leitch 1991 Karen Leonhardt 1991 Wesley Letkeman 1991 Keith Lightbown 1991 Zhao Limin 1991 Nicole Loeppky 1991 Cindy Lundy 1991 Victoria Lynn-Holsworth 1991 Lynnell Lyons 1991 Katiuzka Machuca 1991 Karen Mailloux 1991 Darin Malmberg 1991 Connie Martin 1991 Tanya Mason 1991 Donna Maxwell 1991 Brenda Maybank Adams 1991 Susanne McDonald 1991 Catherine Meikle 1991 Stephanie Mercredi 1991 Gerald Meyer 1991 Peter Mielke 1991 Joyce Milligan 1991 David Misfeldt 1991 Derlene Mohr 1991 Tamara Muise 1991 Patricia Myroniuk 1991 Shane Neufeld 1991 Jason Nichol 1991 Ward Nicholson 1991 Jasen Nielsen 1991 Christine Nielsen 1991 Jason Nordstrom 1991 Leslie Noval 1991 Elizabeth O’Hearne 1991 Glenn Oliphant 1991 Jacqueline Osborne 1991 Kerry O’Shea 1991 Timothy Padlesky 1991 Brenda Pawson 1991 Antal Pinter 1991 Daphne Podmoroff 1991 Orest Preece 1991 Frederick Rabb 1991 Ronald Reinhardt 1991 Leone Rendle 1991 Angela Robson 1991 Kathleen Rockel 1991 Michelle Ross 1991 Darrell Royer 1991 Denise Russell 1991 Carla Schlenker 1991 Travis Scott 1991 Mark Selent 1991 Michelle Setter 1991 Duane Sharpe 1991 Randy Shaw 1991

Garry Shinkewski 1991 Trevor Sissons 1991 Arnold Spoor 1991 Taralynn Stauffer 1991 Rhonda Stearns 1991 Lisa Stewart 1991 Gary Sturgeon 1991 Cameron Tatlock 1991 Kenneth Taylor 1991 Gerard Testa 1991 Nichole Timm 1991 Jonan Tryon 1991 Matt Tucker 1991 Janelle Turnbull 1991 Pam Vossler 1991 Marla Warman 1991 Linda Webber 1991 Rodney Werezuk 1991 Natanya White 1991 Ginette Whiteside 1991 Kevin Wittenberg 1991 Edward Woloshyn 1991 Carol Wood 1991 Leah Wright 1991 Gloria Zalesak 1991 Rudy Zalesak 1991 Dail Armstrong 1992 Tannus Assman 1992 Sylvia Baker 1992 Wendy Baker 1992 Chad Bateman 1992 Christopher Bell 1992 Janell Bennett 1992 Melanie Blackett 1992 Jonathan Boyle 1992 Daniel Braun 1992 Nigel Brayer 1992 Cathyanna Brink 1992 Cory Brown 1992 Kim Brown 1992 Clinton Buckler 1992 Brenda Cayley 1992 John Cherian 1992 Cynthia Christensen 1992 Colleen Cornish 1992 Annette Darou 1992 Barbara Davidson 1992 Christine Deal 1992 Bobbie Devolin 1992 Ronald Dickson 1992 Jeanelle Downey 1992 Carey Dueck 1992 Karen Dye 1992 Linda Erhardt 1992 Ryan Felesky 1992 Dagmar Fortmuller 1992 Jamie Foster 1992 Richard ‘Keith’ Gabert 1992 Allen Gamroth 1992 William Gibbs 1992 Michael Gibson 1992 Tracy Grose 1992 Lori Gross 1992 Wendy Hales 1992 Gwen Hanes 1992 Reid Hansen 1992 Jacqueline Harper 1992 Robert Harris 1992 Corrine Heinz 1992 Darcy Heon 1992 Lorna Horacki 1992 Laura Hughes 1992 Carla Jasper 1992 Bradley Jobs 1992 Brett Johnson 1992 Tyler Keer 1992 Pamela Kelly 1992 Gregory Klassen 1992 Aron Klassen 1992 Barbara Knudsen 1992 Cheryl Kowall 1992 Coralie Krieger 1992

Albert Kuipers 1992 Janet Kully 1992 Andre Laderoute 1992 Anja Landsmann 1992 Saibra Larden 1992 Sonya Larson 1992 Heather Leckie 1992 Sheilagh Lepine 1992 Rhonda Loewen 1992 Michael Longeway 1992 Harvey Ludwig 1992 Mary MacDonald 1992 Gerald Mallory 1992 Steven Martens 1992 Alexa McIntosh 1992 John McKechnie 1992 Tammy McKinnon 1992 Karin McSherry 1992 Heather Millar 1992 Kristi Miller 1992 Leanda Mitchell 1992 George Moir 1992 Donald Moodie 1992 Frances Morgan 1992 Norman Morrow 1992 Michael Mosiuk 1992 Kevin Mueller 1992 Alfred Muniaro 1992 Rhonda Nadrozny 1992 Rhonda Nickerson 1992 Thomas Nielsen 1992 Shawn Osborne 1992 Glen Ottewell 1992 Susan Palmer 1992 Martin Parry 1992 Stephen Paterson 1992 Dave Patrick 1992 Linda Patterson 1992 Tracy Pearson 1992 Justine Pearson 1992 Joseph Pfisterer 1992 Darlene Pierunek 1992 Jodie Porter 1992 Jason Quantz 1992 Shane Reber 1992 Debra Reimer 1992 Kimberly Ripper 1992 Elisabeth Ritchie 1992 Michael Rivard 1992 Tracey Robertson 1992 Hector Rodriguez 1992 Teresa Roebuck 1992 Beverley Roome 1992 John Rosner 1992 Carmen Roth 1992 Glen Rowden 1992 Keith Russell 1992 Shane Sanderson 1992 Murray Schaber 1992 Bernhard Schaloske 1992 Veronika Schlachter 1992 Shirley Scholz 1992 Yvette Sellars 1992 Anne Sheridan 1992 Kimberly Sherring 1992 Rose Siebeneich 1992 Annette Smith 1992 Anthony Smith 1992 Dan Spaans 1992 Jamie Speer 1992 Steven Staal 1992 Andy Stahl 1992 Patrick Stemmler 1992 Corinne Stevens 1992 Lance Stevens 1992 Angus Stoddart 1992 Greg Sugden 1992 Randy Svederus 1992 Brenda Swedish 1992 Keith Terretta 1992 Tim Tuck 1992 George Walter 1992

Brandis Warne 1992 Deborah Wattam 1992 Barbara Welsh 1992 Darcy White 1992 Kristine Whitney 1992 Heather Williams 1992 Ronald Williams 1992 Sherri Williamson 1992 Rajanne Wills 1992 Brad Wolstenholme 1992 Wallace Zimmerman 1992 Kevin Aitchison 1993 Jo-Anna Anderson 1993 Diane Anhorn 1993 Colleen Antpoehler 1993 Karen Armstrong 1993 Rena Arnold 1993 Ron Atsinger 1993 Tamara Austin 1993 Hope Barrett 1993 Serge Basarsky 1993 Michael Bell 1993 Valdonna Berglund 1993 Kathleen Blake 1993 Alexandra Blij 1993 Chester Block 1993 Dallas Block 1993 Leanna Bodie 1993 Jason Bogusky 1993 Corey Bolt 1993 Rosetta Bougerolle 1993 Alexa Boulton 1993 Beverly Brant 1993 Candice Brown 1993 Penny-Joy Brown 1993 Valerie Cadrian 1993 Wes Caldwell 1993 Ken Carlson 1993 Randall Carriere 1993 Kate Chapman 1993 Pamela Chase 1993 Greg Cherniak 1993 Gail Clayton 1993 Audrey Cohoe 1993 Naomi Cooper 1993 Laurie Cottrell 1993 Kent Coward 1993 Robert Cowling 1993 Robert Crawford 1993 Jessica Cropper 1993 Shannon Culver 1993 Mike Curran 1993 Dwight Dancsok 1993 Catherine DeGruchy 1993 Shaun Derrick 1993 Shana Dion 1993 James Dion 1993 Lavern Dobos 1993 Andrew Donald 1993 Dustin Downey 1993 Brent Dubois 1993 Norma Dunlop 1993 Penelope Dyck 1993 Lesley Dykstra 1993 Rachel Dziver 1993 Randall Egeland 1993 Emmanuel Erskine 1993 Jodee Farnsworth 1993 Tracy Feicht 1993 David Fettes 1993 Jeanine Fontaine 1993 Penny Gibson 1993 Tobi Giesinger 1993 Christopher Giffen 1993 Grant Gilbert 1993 Christopher Gillespie 1993 Sandra Gillis 1993 Jodie-Ann Graham 1993 Tara Green 1993 Gwen Haas 1993 Mark Hanson 1993 Alec Harper 1993


LOST ALUMNI Gary Hartl 1993 Annette Heppner 1993 Mysti Hodgson 1993 Margaret Hodgson 1993 Jason Hoffman 1993 Robb Holbrook 1993 Sandra Horner 1993 Cynthia Hortie 1993 Stephanie Hudey 1993 Lisa Irwin 1993 Gordon Jackson 1993 Brent James 1993 Christopher Jamieson 1993 Cori Januszkowski 1993 Dawn Johnson 1993 Cam Kalenchuk 1993 Wendy Kelbert 1993 Tracy Kilborn 1993 Gordon Kirwan 1993 Rosana Klvacek 1993 Cynthia Knapp 1993 Abigail Knorr 1993 Tracy Landry 1993 Gordon Lang 1993 Edward Lange 1993 Scott Lay 1993 Gloria Lehner 1993 Ian Lehr 1993 Stephen Lepp 1993 Monte Long 1993 Robyn Lunbago 1993 Darlene Lunn 1993 Robert Mahon 1993 Tammy Maki 1993 Michael-Anne Marks 1993 Donald Matheson 1993 Valorie McCallum 1993 Christopher McDonald 1993 Heather McInnes 1993 Ian McNary 1993 John McRae 1993 Brian McRann 1993 Suzanne Meadows 1993 Jill Moore 1993 Tyler Moses 1993 Derrek Muldoon 1993 John Muller 1993 James Munson 1993 Douglas Nazaruk 1993 Scott Nelson 1993 Lorraine Newkirk 1993 Wendy Parker 1993 Ruth Pascut 1993 Doug Pasula 1993 Jo-Ann Perschbacher 1993 Carolyn Pitman 1993 Peggy Plettl 1993 Heather Poirier 1993 Sheryll Pound 1993 Brent Purdie 1993 Mathew Quaedvlieg 1993 Yina Raisbeck 1993 Ryan Ramsay 1993 Claude Rathwell 1993 Sterling Remple 1993 Jill Richards 1993 Rachael Richter 1993 Reginald Robb 1993 Cindy Robinson 1993 Aaron Roland 1993 Haley Rootes 1993 Mark Rosgen 1993 Steve Roth 1993 Michelle Russell 1993 Theresa Ruttle 1993 Robert Sanders 1993 Evan Schaupmeyer 1993 Christina Schochenmaier 1993 James Schramm 1993


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Cherise Shalansky 1993 William Shaul 1993 Cindy Sheppard 1993 Gene Shrum 1993 Lloyd Shular 1993 Kevin Siemens 1993 Sharon Sieppert 1993 Jason Stadnyk 1993 Christopher Steiner 1993 Gordon Strange 1993 Douglas Stretch 1993 Glenda Suazo 1993 Craig Sutherland 1993 Michael Taylor 1993 Teresa Taylor 1993 Lona Thompson 1993 Elizabeth Thorsen 1993 Bradley Towle 1993 Rene Van Geerenstein 1993 Wilma Van Geerenstein 1993 Julie Verstaen 1993 Judy Vescarelli 1993 Tamara Vogt 1993 Mark Volk 1993 Ryan Walker 1993 Tannas Webb 1993 Morgan Webb 1993 Bernadine Weis 1993 Brady Westerson 1993 John White 1993 Shawna Whiteside 1993 Jody Wittich 1993 Tavia Wolcott 1993 Wai Yin Wong 1993 Jason Woodruff 1993 Amanda Wright 1993 Allyson Wudrick 1993 Mark Akitt 1994 Glenda Albers 1994 Valorie Alexander 1994 Ashleigh Allan 1994 Jonas Alm 1994 Marsha Anders 1994 Jason Andrews 1994 Marie Arsenault 1994 Colin Bartole 1994 Kimberly Bawtinhimer 1994 Jeannette Beauregard 1994 Jeffrey Bednarz 1994 Laurie Anne Benko 1994 Moni Blanchard 1994 Kim Bodner 1994 Richard Boucher 1994 Thelma Braun 1994 Jeff Brazeau 1994 Roy Brooks 1994 Carson Brown 1994 Mike Brown 1994 Cameron Buckler 1994 Glen Busse 1994 Dallas Butcher 1994 Dorothy-Jo Cairns 1994 Rhoda Canning 1994 Christopher Carroll 1994 Ryan Cartwright 1994 Linda Chambers 1994 Christine Chapman 1994 Lisa Charles 1994 Laura Cline 1994 Sheri Cooley 1994 Maureen Cooper 1994 Colyn Craig 1994 Caralynn Cullen 1994 Clara Davis 1994 Jeffry De Jong 1994 Patty Dowell 1994 Lesley Doyko 1994 Jennifer Dueck 1994 Chadwick Dueck 1994 Cindy Dunwoody 1994 Carmen Dutka 1994 Annette Elgert 1994

Kellie Emiry 1994 Beatrice Falconer 1994 Geoffrey Felske 1994 Michelle Fleming 1994 Sharon Fontaine 1994 Tracey Fossum 1994 Kathryn Franklin 1994 Lyle Franson 1994 Shannon Gehring 1994 Sam Gillespie 1994 Andrew Graham 1994 Heidi Gray 1994 Robert Gray 1994 Kenneth Groot 1994 Trudy Halvorson 1994 Jordan Hambler 1994 Christopher Hamilton 1994 Boyd Hanel 1994 Michelle Henneberg 1994 David Herrington 1994 Richard Herzog 1994 Elenore Hlookoff 1994 Lee Holman 1994 Marcie Hood 1994 Keri Hooper 1994 Geoff Horner 1994 Brett Houchin 1994 Darren Hutchings 1994 Leslie Jack 1994 Karen Jacobs 1994 Megan Jacobson 1994 Kimberley Johnston 1994 Blaine Jones 1994 Eric Kauffmann 1994 Mark Kendze 1994 Robert Kobzar 1994 Wendy Kolynchuk 1994 Cindy Krebs 1994 Lucille Lavoie 1994 Mario Lefebvre 1994 Kent Liddle 1994 Dallas Loewen 1994 Pamela Lyon 1994 Murray Marcinek 1994 Jason Marks 1994 Jason Marsland 1994 Shawn McGuire 1994 Terrance Melanson 1994 Glenn Miller 1994 Mark Miller 1994 Janice Mitchell 1994 Sharlene Mitchell 1994 Cynthia Monast 1994 Melanie Morgan 1994 Glen Motycka 1994 Nicola Murphy 1994 Valerie Neilson 1994 Dwyn-Anne Nelson 1994 Nicole Nielson 1994 Shauna Olson 1994 Debbra O’Neill 1994 Sheldon Oxamitny 1994 Gerald Parrott 1994 Jonathan Payne 1994 Tara Peach 1994 Douglas Peters 1994 Wendy Petkau 1994 Julie Petterson 1994 Tina Pickering 1994 Karen Pincemin 1994 William Pontes 1994 Nathan Powell 1994 Mark Price 1994 Elizabeth Price 1994 Jeffrey Primmett 1994 Carol Quilliam 1994 Megan Raaflaub 1994 Jean Rosenke 1994 Wayne Sargeant 1994 Lorree Sather 1994 Aaron Schalin 1994 Wilhelm Scheidegger 1994

Allen Scoffield 1994 Daniel Scott 1994 Robert Selke 1994 Michelle Senger 1994 Bradley Smith 1994 Lizamarie Strathdee 1994 Brian Thomas 1994 Colleen Thomas 1994 Howard Thompson 1994 Phyllis Tod 1994 Tammy Toma 1994 Christine Tournier 1994 Angela-Mai Tran 1994 Cara Tutton 1994 Julie Vantooren 1994 Garry ‘Laverne’ Vennard 1994 Kris Verhoeven 1994 Tanya Watson 1994 Patrick Watters 1994 Siegfried Wegewitz 1994 Jason Welbourne 1994 Theresa Welch 1994 Lori Wenger 1994 Leonard Wiens 1994 Renee Wilkins 1994 Lory Winter 1994 Sylvia Wolfs 1994 Penny Zabolotney 1994 Wesley Zazulak 1994 Tim Ziegler 1994 Cari Abbott 1995 Corey Achtymichuk 1995 Tanya Adams 1995 Jason Aman 1995 Todd Andersen 1995 Jenny Lee Anderson 1995 Jennifer Andreas 1995 Kimberly Andres 1995 Liza Anutooshkin 1995 Lee Armstrong 1995 Crystal Bakos 1995 Jayna Banfsund 1995 Lincoln Baptiste 1995 Randy Barker 1995 Amy Bartlett 1995 Patrick Bateman 1995 Mohammed Baten 1995 Gerald Beally 1995 Glen Befus 1995 Jonathan Bennett 1995 Charles Bergey 1995 Karla Bergquist 1995 Cherie Birch 1995 Jonathan Blair 1995 Daniel Blush 1995 Frederick Bodnarus 1995 Kelvin Bohlken 1995 Melinda Bollman 1995 Michael Bombardier 1995 Natalie Bownes 1995 Mary Boyce 1995 Karen Boychuk 1995 Richard Branchflower 1995 Liana Braun 1995 Sheryl Bresee 1995 Shelley Brew 1995 Catherine Bruce 1995 Kimberly Buchanan 1995 Evelyn Buining 1995 Tamara Bylsma 1995 Bryan Carew 1995 Lori Ann Carifelle 1995 Patricia Carleton 1995 Simone Carriere 1995 Deanne Chababa 1995 Nicole Chamulka 1995 Eric Chant 1995 Ross Charette 1995 Cindy Charette 1995 Dale Chenger 1995 Donald Chinell 1995 Vancy Chu 1995

Jeremy Clarke 1995 Douglas Clarke 1995 John Clemens 1995 Marlys Cooke 1995 Steven Cooley 1995 Trent Cottam 1995 Shawna Craig 1995 Paula Cregg 1995 Tania Cross 1995 Curtis Currie 1995 Richard Daigle 1995 Marcia Dalgarno 1995 Michael Delcourt 1995 Kori Doiron 1995 Shane Dorey 1995 Jason Dorey 1995 Dion Driedger 1995 Shelly Ewesiw 1995 Kevin Fair 1995 Maxine Fink 1995 Eldon Fipke 1995 Dale Firkus 1995 Holly Fotty 1995 Kirk Fowler 1995 Kevin Gagnon 1995 Dean Galloway 1995 Wendy Gano 1995 Randy Gehring 1995 Kathleen Gilchrist 1995 Jonathan Ginter 1995 Danielle Giroux 1995 Carmen Gray 1995 Cheryl Grutterink 1995 Donald Gunderson 1995 Kurt Gunderson 1995 Christine Gustafson 1995 Rhonda Hagen 1995 Curtis Heemeryck 1995 Leona Heitrich 1995 Travis Hewitt 1995 Kelly Hoare 1995 Kelly Dean Hodgson 1995 Keith Hodson 1995 Holly Hoglund 1995 Merletta Hollingsworth 1995 Melissa ‘Kim’ Hooey 1995 Steven Howard 1995 Ryan Huber 1995 Colin Hudson 1995 Thomas Hughes 1995 Cameron Hurd 1995 Richard Jack 1995 Russell Jackson 1995 Gaylene Jarvis 1995 Courtney Jarvis 1995 Patricia Jensen 1995 Clifford Jevne 1995 Kirk Johnson 1995 Laureen Jones 1995 Randal Kappel 1995 Kyle Kellgren 1995 Susan Kelly 1995 Erica Kelly 1995 Dean Kimball 1995 Carrie King 1995 Shawn Kleinknecht 1995 Valerie Kornelson 1995 Ron Lacombe 1995 Lynn Lancaster 1995 Vernon Lane 1995 Colin Lantz 1995 Christa Lavis 1995 Deborah Lazareff 1995 Jenni Leask 1995 Murray Lechelt 1995 Dan Legault 1995 Todd Leibel 1995 Lisa Lord 1995 Edmond Lord 1995 Aron Lundquist 1995 Ryan MacGillivray 1995 Melanie Mackenzie 1995

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LOST ALUMNI Murray MacLeod 1995 Lori Maisey 1995 Daniel Martin 1995 Bill Martinusen 1995 Peter Mason 1995 Ken Mather 1995 Betty McDonald 1995 Norma McLean 1995 Glenn McRae 1995 Monique Meloche 1995 Marian MIittertreiner 1995 Barbara Milburn 1995 Jody Miller 1995 Twyla Mitchell 1995 Judy Mitchell 1995 Anna Moar 1995 Maxine Moebes 1995 Flora Mogdan 1995 Jennifer Moore 1995 Mary Lou Moore 1995 Harold Murphy 1995 Erin Murray 1995 Jean Naciuk 1995 Arvin Nelson 1995 Joanne Nelson 1995 Ardith Neufeld 1995 Celeste Newman 1995


Steven Newsome 1995 Carol Norman 1995 Stacey Norman 1995 Marie Norris 1995 Elizabeth Novotny 1995 Walter Nunemaker 1995 Wes Oborne 1995 Billy Olson 1995 Linda Orr 1995 Dean Oster 1995 Adolpho Padilla 1995 Renee Pankewicz 1995 Meretta Pater 1995 Shane Pender 1995 Marla Petecki 1995 Bobbi Petrowski 1995 Daniel Philcox 1995 Jackie Plooy 1995 Edward Pochapsky 1995 Lesley Pohl 1995 Carmen Powell 1995 Roxanne Preedin 1995 Barry Proctor 1995 Murray Rau 1995 Christine Redford 1995 Judith Riggan 1995 Shawn Rimbey 1995

Benjamin Roberts 1995 Angela Robertson 1995 Andrew Rocks 1995 Tanya Rosebrugh 1995 Hugh Saunders 1995 Maurice Sauriol 1995 Jennifer Scarrott 1995 Carole Scheerschmidt 1995 David Scheidl 1995 Samantha Schneider 1995 David Schuring 1995 Cletus Sehn 1995 Amanda Serbu 1995 Bruce Sherry 1995 Jason Shoemaker 1995 Sylvia Sich 1995 Darryl Siemens 1995 Rebecca Stevens 1995 Edward Stojke 1995 Michael Straughan 1995 Dennis Streich 1995 Catherine Tait 1995 Michelle Tanton 1995 Robert Thiessen 1995 Kimberly Thompson 1995 Rolly Thomson 1995 Sheri-Ann Thomson 1995

Leonard Tomlinson 1995 Jason Torgerson 1995 Mercedes Towers 1995 Darlene Tymchak 1995 Martin Urquilla 1995 Shelly Marie Van Eaton 1995 Dorothy Van Koughnett 1995 Patricia van Roon 1995 Leif Wahl 1995 Steven Walburger 1995 Lynette Wall 1995 Chad Wester 1995 Kenneth Wicker 1995 Daphne Wigmore 1995 Nicole Wilkie 1995 Mitzi Williams 1995 Larie Wilson 1995 Lance Wilson 1995 Jeremy Wombold 1995 Duane Woodward 1995 Chantel Young 1995 Angela Yurkiw 1995 Crystal Zemlak 1995 Jason Zirk 1995 Cory Zoller 1995



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