The Olana Partnership - 2019 Annual Report

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OUR VISION The Olana Partnership envisions Frederic Church’s OLANA, vibrant with the activity of visitors, students, scholars and artists, as the most widely recognized artist’s home and studio in the world.

OUR MISSION The Olana Partnership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

organization whose mission is to inspire the public by preserving and interpreting Frederic Church’s OLANA, a New York State Historic Site and a National Historic Landmark in the Hudson River Valley Region.

OLANA NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE J. Winthrop Aldrich Leslie Greene Bowman Bonnie Burnham Sarah D. Coffin Will Cotton Linda S. Ferber Stephen Hannock Eleanor Jones Harvey Inge Heckel Morrison H. Heckscher


Valerie Hegarty Franklin Kelly Elizabeth Kornhauser Katherine E. Manthorne George McDaniel Laurie Norton Moffatt Laurie Olin, FASLA Elizabeth Barlow Rogers Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. Alec Webb

National Advisory Committee Members and Trustees as of 10/31/2020

Meredith J. Kane, Chair Stephen Clearman, Vice Chair David B. Forer, Vice Chair Robin M. Key, Vice Chair Susan Winokur, Vice Chair Richard N. McCarthy, Treasurer Margaret Davidson, Corresponding Secretary Janet R. Schnitzer, Recording Secretary Joe Baker Sheila A. Bridges Elizabeth Broun Olivia J. Fussell Meyer S. Frucher Phoebe Gubelmann Christine Jones Belinda K. Kaye

Ricky Lark Elizabeth A. Mason Theodora Simons Jane Smith Sedgwick A. Ward Peter Warwick Kelly M. Williams Karen Zukowski



Daniel Bigler, Historic Site Assistant Anthony Cidras, Security Timothy Dodge, Head of Buildings & Landscape Dale Finch, Landscape Kevin Gavigan, Security Maddie Hermance, Collections

Robert Hills, Restoration & Landscape Jack Keller, Landscape Scott Krizar, Security Frank Munz, Landscape David Poole, Security Karl Weidel, Security Images: Cover & Interior: Beth Schneck Photography As of 10/31/2019

Back: ©Steve Cohen

FROM THE PRESIDENT Writing from the perspective of 2020, it is truly mind-boggling to look back on 2019 and the absolutely electric year of transformation that it was for Olana State Historic Site and The Olana Partnership. On April 1, 2019, a new cooperative agreement with New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation took effect and TOP assumed full responsibility for public engagement, tours and interpretive programming. This constituted the most substantial expansion of TOP’s mission-centered work in the past 20 years. To implement the new agreement, NYS Parks appointed Amy Hausmann as Director of Olana State Historic Site in May 2019. An experienced arts administrator and public art curator, Amy joins the leadership team at Olana, firmly committed to our shared goals of partnership, stewardship and expanding diverse and equitable access to this significant public site. The results of 2019 are clear. TOP excelled in our new responsibilities, while sustaining our longstanding development, fundraising, communications, curatorial, and landscape and viewshed protection work as well as producing our richest, most diverse year of education and public programs ever. An astounding 75% of visitors interviewed for our exit survey ranked their experience 9 or 10 out of 10. In 2019 we made great strides in our commitment to Olana’s future. We worked alongside our Parks colleagues to complete the first phase of Olana’s nationally-recognized Strategic Landscape Design Plan, the restoration of the Main House Environs, secured a mix of public and private funding to begin restoration of Olana’s historic farm, and initiated our capital campaign for the Plan’s linchpin, a new entrance and orientation facility. I want to express my immense appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and vision of our shared public-private staff and of TOP’s amazing Board of Trustees. Whether visitors, staff, or trustees, members, or donors, people drive the positive change we are experiencing at Olana.

With gratitude and warmest wishes, Sean E. Sawyer, Ph.D. Washburn and Susan Oberwager President


Sean E. Sawyer, Ph.D., Washburn and Susan Oberwager President Mark Prezorski, Vice President and Senior Landscape Curator William L. Coleman, Ph.D., Director of Collections & Exhibitions Melanie Hasbrook, Director of Advancement & Marketing Betsy Henson, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Amy Hufnagel, Interim Vice President of

Joyce Batterton, Executive Assistant and Office Manager Glenda Berman, Educator Mabel Bermejo, Development Assistant Stephen Blendell, Educator Elizabeth Bouyea, Education Coordinator Ida Brier, Librarian/Archivist Jacqueline Connolly, Visitor Services Associate Allegra Davis, Curatorial Assistant Katie Davis, Education & Engagement Manager Margot Isaacs, Membership & Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Irving, Museum Shop Cashier Victoria Juliano, Visitor Center & Engagement Manager Hui Lee, Visitor Services Associate Jonathon Nobile, Engagement Coordinator John O’Grady, Educator Krysta Phillips, Educator Bailey Reed, Bookkeeper Celine Smith, Museum Shop Cashier Julia Sternberg, Grants Manager Olivia Waldron, Communications Assistant

Visitor Services & Engagement Louise Kerr, Visitor Operations Manager Rachel Tice, Museum Store Manager



ABOUT THE OLANA PARTNERSHIP The Olana Partnership (TOP) is an educational non-profit organization that operates in a public-private partnership with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) to preserve and interpret Olana State Historic Site, the master work of famed Hudson River School artist Frederic Church and a National Historic Landmark. TOP’s predecessor, Olana Preservation, Inc., was formed in 1964 to save Olana from sale and destruction and in 1966 purchased the house, its contents and land and conferred them to New York State. TOP itself was organized as a 501(c)3 organization under the name Friends of Olana in 1971, adopting the current name in 2000. Over the past twenty years, TOP has worked hand-inhand with OPRHP to undertake the comprehensive restoration of Olana’s historic architecture and landscape and the protection of Olana’s integral viewshed. This has included: the installation of fire suppression and climate control systems in the main house; the replacement of the complex historic roofs of the main house; the restoration of Cosy Cottage, the Church’s original home on the property; the reconstruction of the historic Wagon House as an educational facility; and four major historic landscape restoration projects that have reopened landscape compositions that constitute the culminating master works of Church’s career. Throughout this time, TOP has led efforts to protect Olana’s integral viewshed that are a national model for such endeavors. Today, nearly 3,000 acres are protected for future generations. TOP is extremely proud of our record of achievement and of the exceptional cultural experiences TOP provides for the tens of thousands who visit and engage each year. Through guided tours of the house and landscape, special exhibitions, educational offerings and other public programs, TOP provides unparalleled opportunities to engage the imagination; encourage creativity; and explore art, architecture and the environment.

Images: Top: Beth Schneck Photography Left to Right: Storytelling with Tom Lee; Main House at Olana; Olana Summer Market; Panorama Summer Arts Program - Staff photos


VISITOR OPERATIONS & ENGAGEMENT 2019 was a landmark year for The Olana Partnership’s role in interpreting Frederic Church’s Olana. On April 1, 2019, TOP assumed full responsibility for all public engagement, tours and interpretive programming at Olana State Historic Site under the terms of our new cooperative agreement with NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP). TOP became responsible for providing all visitor services and regularly-scheduled public tours. The goals of this major shift are to expand interpretive programs and to integrate all tours with the larger strategic goal, shared with NYS Parks, of expanding site-wide access and interpretation. As a non-profit educational organization, TOP is best positioned to recruit and train interpretive staff and 5

volunteers. In 2019, we established a minimum starting wage for part-time seasonal interpreters of $20 / hour. This not only attracted highly-skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds to work with the public but also provided compensation that enabled them to contribute to our region’s vital creative economy. TOP also collaborated with the NYS Bureau of Historic Sites to design and implement a multi-day, all staff visitor operations and engagement training program in March, christened “Olana University,” which was repeated in an abbreviated form in September. The aim of this orientation was to develop the Interpreter’s ability to spark inquiry and curiosity by engaging visitors in dialogue based on a framework of essential questions. Starting in April, TOP

offered nine regularly-scheduled public tour options that holistically interpret Olana’s historic landscape and architecture and fine and decorative arts collections. Visitors could chose between 30-minute overview tours and 60-minute thematic tours (“Church & The Hudson River School,” “Architecture & Design,” “The Church Family at Home & Abroad”) as well as daily “Explore at Your Own Pace” hours (2-4:30 PM). Additionally, TOP offered an hour-long “Electric Carriage Tour,” which utilized our 5-passenger electric vehicles to transport participants through the entire 5 mile-long historic carriage road network. From November through December, TOP also offered a half-hour long tour of this main floor historic interiors of the Main House. During the period from April 1 – December 31, 2019, TOP served 27,928 visitors with interpretive tour programs.

TOP commissioned Christine Larouche, Audience Survey Consultant, to conduct an exit survey of visitors during the period from late August through early November. 270 visitors were interviewed, and the findings show that Olana visitors are culturally savvy, three quarters of them having visited 6 or more museums in the past two years. They visit mostly in adult pairs, three quarters of them age above 50. Forty-two percent of visitors are repeat visitors, an unusually high proportion for a historic site, often perceived by visitors as a one-time activity. About one third of the visitors come from the local region, another third from within 150 miles of Olana, primarily New York City. Visitors were generally very satisfied with their visit: three quarters of them rated their visit a 9 or 10 on a tenpoint scale - a very impressive 55% of the visitors actually rated their visit a 10. Left to Right: Olana Landscape Tour by Emiko Sasso; Olana Interiors by Emiko Sasso; Electric Carriage Tour by Zio & Sons


EDUCATION & PUBLIC PROGRAMS In 2019, TOP’s Director of Education & Public Programs, Amy Hufnagel, took the lead role in our assumption of visitor operations and engagement responsibilities. She continued to oversee our education programs with regional schools as well as special public programs. 2019 saw TOP serve 1,120 students with immersive field trip programs; 153 of these students came from the Hudson City School District, which is TOP’s primary focus for school partnerships. TOP raised private funds to enable HCSD students to participate in our education programs at no cost, and received support from NYS Parks’ Connect Kids Program for transportation. A major development in our 2019 educational program 7

work was the launch of Young at HeART workshop series for individuals 55 and older. Funded by a major grant from the Aroha Philantropies national Seeding Vitality Arts Program and inspired by Olana’s art, architecture, and landscape, TOP’s workshops teach skills through creative engagement. 2019 workshops were “Memoir Writing,” and “Painting the Landscape.” Each of these seminar-style programs concluded with a culminating event showcasing participants' work. TOP offered a full range of public programs for diverse audiences throughout the year. Ongoing program series included: Museum Storytelling family tours; Architects on Olana special exhibition-themed tours; Artists on Olana that



brought dancers, filmmakers, musicians, and visual artists to Olana; Pathways to Prevention landscape walks integrating health and nature in partnership with Columbia Memorial Health; and Yoga of the Earth. Highlights of specialized and seasonal programming include: “Frederic Church and the Music of the Gilded Age,” August’s “Mingled Garden Tour” and “ Fragrant Landscape Tour,” and October’s “Scary Storytelling.” The second year of our “Summer Market” saw over 3,000 people come to enjoy the landscape on a beautiful August weekend and enjoy the best of regional food, arts, and crafts. Left to Right: Panorama Summer Arts Program staff photo; Young at HeART Painting Workshop by Molinski Photography; Artists on Art by Emiko Sasso; School Field Trip staff photo


LANDSCAPE & VIEWSHED The Olana Partnership continued to develop and expand its public programming focusing on Olana’s historic landscape as part of the larger vision to provide visitors with an integrated, comprehensive experience of Olana’ as a work of landscape art and design. TOP’s viewshed protection efforts are ongoing and involve monitoring all development within the extensive viewshed of Olana’s National Historic Landmark 250-acre historic landscape. In 2019, the bulk of this work focused on TOP’s coordination with Scenic Hudson to petition the Town of Livingston, NY to conduct a full environmental review of the proposal for a communications tower on Blue Hill, a highly visible and significant location in Olana’s viewshed. 9

The ongoing planning and implementation of the 2015 Strategic Landscape Design Plan for Olana State Historic Site is the most significant element of TOP’s capital development work being undertaken in collaboration with OPRHP. 2019 saw the completion of the first major phase of the plan, the restoration and rehabilitation of the Main House Environs. Funded by OPHRP through Governor Cuomo’s NY Parks 2020 initiative, this $1.4 million project restored key historic landscape features surrounding the Main House, including the East Lawn and distinctive grass plinth below the south facade, and provided critical visitor infrastructure elements, including ADA-accessible parking and vehicular drop-off, a new ADA-accessible ramp access to the ADA lift, and subtle level changes to the historic Main House approach

road, making it ADA-accessible. The project also improved drainage around the house foundation and the historic Carriage House and restored the planted screen of native trees and shrubs along the historic approach. The Hudson River Skywalk opened in June 2019, connecting the homes and studios of Thomas Cole and Frederic Church, over the Hudson River and across the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Left to Right: Electric Carriage Tour on Ridge Road; Final Approach restored Carriage Road; Opening of the Hudson River Skywalk with the Thomas Cole National Historic Site and the NYS Bridge Authority by Olivia Waldron; View of Blue Hill


COLLECTIONS & EXHIBITIONS As the country’s most intact artist’s home and studio, Olana State Historic Site’s collections are wonderfully diverse and deep. For three decades The Olana Partnership has provided curatorial and archival staff to work alongside our colleagues at the NYS OPRHP Bureau of Historic Sites to conserve, research, and exhibit a collection of more than 40,000 items of fine and decorative arts, books, prints, and archival materials. In 2019, TOP completed a national search for our new Director of Collections & Exhibitions, welcoming William L. Coleman on June 1. Dr. Coleman came to TOP from the Newark Museum, where he served as the Associate Curator of American Art and had a primary role in the reinstallation of the museum’s 20th and 21st century galleries. He received 11

his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a dissertation on the architecture of the Hudson River School artists. TOP also welcomed Allegra Davis as the new Curatorial Assistant in December. TOP leads our public-private team in organizing Olana’s annual special exhibitions, which are presented in the Sharp Family Gallery as well as in the historic interiors and landscape. Olana’s exhibitions focus on the art and history of the Hudson River School and related topics in American art as well as on expanding on Frederic Church’s legacy of artistic enterprise that achieves international renown and crosses disciplinary and national boundaries. To these ends, TOP also seeks to engage the highest level of contemporary artists and designers in its exhibitions. In 2019 TOP organized the special exhibition In Frederic

Church’s Ombra: Architecture in Conversation with Nature, which ran from May 12 – November 1. Guest Curator, Barry Bergdoll (Columbia University and the Museum of Modern Art) invited a group of today’s most exploratory architects to respond to the transitional outdoor rooms at Olana that are so essential to the original 19th century design of Olana’s Main House. The exhibition featured the work of Steven Holl (Steven Holl Architects), Tatiana Bilbao (Tatiana Bilbao Estudio) with artist Arantxa Solis, Stan Allen (SSA/Stan Allen Architect), Amale Andraos and Dan Wood (WORKac), Jennifer Sage and Peter Coombe (Sage and Coombe Architects) with artist Chris Doyle, Mario Gooden (Huff + Gooden) with Walter Hood (Hood Design Studio). Left to Right: In Frederic Church’s Ombra: Architecture in Conversation with Nature by Peter Aaron/OTTO; WORKac exhibition image; Dr. William L. Coleman and Allegra Davis; Sage and Coombe Architects exhibition image


DEVELOPMENT & COMMUNICATIONS The Olana Partnership’s development and communication team raises funds and awareness of its mission to preserve and interpret Olana.and to inform the public of its programs and activities and those of OPRHP at Olana State Historic Site. To this end, TOP operates a membership program, undertakes annual fundraising events and appeals, and is responsible for all publicity and marketing communications.

In 2019 TOP exceeded its membership program revenue goal by 14%, and both the annual Olana Summer Party and Frederic Church Award Gala also exceeded their goals to contribute 37% of total unrestricted revenue. We were thrilled to present the 2019 Frederic Church Awards to former Commissioner of NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Rose Harvey, and to TOP’s former 13

Chair, Jazz Johnson Merton. TOP’s 2019 Critical Initiative conducted at the Gala raised over $150,000 to support projects to enhance public access to Olana’s collections and historic landscape, including the acquisition of a third electric vehicle, expanding access for visitors. 2019 was the second year of The Olana Partnership’s (TOP) capital campaign to fund the design and construction of a new visitor entry and orientation facility as part of Olana’s Strategic Landscape Design Plan. As December 31, 2019, TOP had raised $4,537,000 of the $10 million goal with 100% participation by TOP’s Board. TOP’s campaign is part of the larger capital development plan being undertaken with OPRHP. OPRHP remains committed to providing substantive capital funding for Olana projects through its annual budget allocations.

TOP continued to enhance its publicity and marketing communications, with substantial enhancements to Olana’s website ( and significant increases in our social media presence and engagement. In 2019, TOP’s Facebook page surpassed 10,000 followers and our Instagram account exceeded 5,000, 15% and 78% increases, respectively, over the year. TOP’s programs attracted national media coverage, including WMHT’s Aha! segment, the WAMC Roundtable, NRP’s podcast “Off the Path from New York to Boston,” The Magazine Antiques, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, CBS 6 and numerous local publications. Left to Right: 2019 Frederic Church Award Recipients Jazz Johnson Merton (2nd from left) and

Former Commissioner of NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Rose Harvey (2nd from right) with Gala Honorary Chairs Kate Gubelmann and Dr. Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky and TOP President Sean Sawyer by Beth Schneck Photography; Olana Summer Party by Beth Schneck Photography; Mark Prezorski, Susan Babcock, and Commissioner Erik Kulleseid, NYS OPRHP by Beth Schneck Photography; Members Mimosas and Hard Hats event in the Historic Quarry photo by Olivia Waldron



2019 MEMBERS & DONORS *Includes contributions to TOP’s Capital Campaign

$50,000 and up

Joe Baker* Renee and Steve Clearman* Margaret Davidson* The Durst Organization Gubelmann Family Foundation Gretchen and James Johnson Meredith J. Kane* Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation* Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky, M.D.* Pamela and Sedgwick Ward* Helen and Peter Warwick* Susan Winokur and Paul Leach*

$20,000 - $49,999

Anonymous* Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts Program* Mary and Brad Burnham Anne Heller and David de Weese* Jennifer and Joseph Duke David Forer* Bindy and Stephen Kaye* Robin and David Key* Beth and Ricky Mason* Jazz Johnson NYS Council on the Arts Emily Sachar * Richard T. Sharp Kelly Williams and Andrew Forsyth* Karen Zukowski and David Diamond

$10,000 - $19,999


Aroha Philanthropies Art Bridges Foundation Margaretta Bickford Serra and Glenn Butash The Educational Foundation of America Olivia J. Fussell Kristin Gamble Rose Harvey and Gaines Gwathmey Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation* James LaForce and Stephen Henderson Ricky Lark, Ph.D. and Rickey Shaum* Susan and Henry H. Livingston, III

Rick McCarthy and Jean Hamilton* Michael and Barbara Polemis* Robert Lehman Foundation Susan and David Rockefeller Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Thomas A. & Georgina T. Russo* Constance and Eric Silverman Theodora and Albert Simons* John Ben Snow Foundation and Memorial Trust

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous Regina Aldisert Betsy Broun* Christopher E. Buck and Hara Schwartz* Columbia Memorial Health Joan K. Davidson Georgia and Michael de Havenon Florence H. and Meyer S. Frucher* James A Gordon, Jr. Erin Hawker and Jon Furay Hawthorne Fine Art, LLC The Henry Luce Foundation Inc. Karen Howat The J.M. Kaplan Fund Christine Jones and Bert Goldfinger* Eugene Keilin and Joanne Witty Lindsey Boylan and Leroy Kim Mary and Sam Miller Elizabeth Gosnell Miller and Richard Miller Karen Murphy Sarah and Hank Slack Barbara and Donald Tober

$2,500 - $4,999

Albany Medical Center Architecture Research Office Phebe and George Banta William L. Bernhard Stephanie Bernheim Nanno Bienstock and Russell Gilmore Carolyn Marks Blackwood and Gregory H. Quinn Stuart Breslow and Anne Miller Andrew L. Busser

Paul Cassidy and Vernon Evenson Richard Gilder and Lois Chiles Sarah Coffin and Thomas O’Connor Matt and Amy Davidson The Donohue Family Foundation Christian Draz Robert and Eliza Beth Durden, II Linda S. Ferber and Joel Berson Alan and Judith Fishman Sara and Tom Griffen Ellen and Frederick Harris Fenella and Morrison Heckscher Alan Hilliker Steven Horowitz and Debra Kaye David Kermani Nizam Kettaneh Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou Daniel Kramer and Judith Mogul Sara MacFall* John McDermott and Victoria McManus UHY LLP Linda Payne Jeff Rosen and Daphne Hsu Sage and Coombe Architects Sean Sawyer and Michael Susi* Barbara Schatz and Frederick Schaffer Amy and Ira Schuman Elizabeth Jacks Scott and Alfred L. Scott* Cynthia and Thomas Sculco Katrina and Colin Stair Daniel Sternberg and Deborah Cooper Laurel Durst and Edward Strong Peter and Anna Tcherepnine Kay and Maynard Toll* van Beuren Charitable Foundation Leslie B. Vosshall and Kevin J. Lee Gretchen Stearns and Richard Weininger Thomas L. Woltz

$1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Michael Ayers

Brad Ballast The Bank of Greene County Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Inc. Jerry and Margot Bogert Terence Boylan and Illiana van Meeteren Brueckner Family Foundation C.L. King & Associates Bernadette Castro Alexandra Chantecaille Randy M. Correll and Paul Occhipinti Debra Force Fine Art, Inc. Hester Diamond Lois Dickson and Andrew Humphrey Divney Tung Schwalbe, P.E. Pat Doudna Nicole and Christopher J. Elliman Jean Cauthorne Ely* The Felicia Fund, Inc. Iona Fromboluti and Douglas Wirls Linda and Timur Galen James Gold Marjorie and Gurnee F. Hart Susan Hendrickson Marife Hernandez and Joel Bell Barbara Huseby and Sven Huseby Christy Johnson Gretchen Pearl Johnson Keith and Katherine Kanaga Martin Kenner and Camilla Smith Hela and Peter Kindler Kneller Insurance Agency Byron Knief and Rebecca Robertson Sarah and Victor A. Kovner Tom Krizmanic Victoria and Douglas Larson Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Lembo Isabel Church Livingston MacArthur Foundation Ronald Marten Rachel and William P. McMullan, III Christine I. Oaklander, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. David Offensend Purcell Scheu Palmer Hal Philipps and Greg Kendall Erik Piecuch and Alex Wright Anne and Joseph Pierson William and Laura Pietersen Mark Prezorski and Owen Davidson

Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation Monica Ray and Albert Key Karen and Thomas Robards Deborah Roberts and Al Roker Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan Deborah and Charles M. Royce Tim Runion and Vipul Nishawala Janet R. Schnitzer* David Schuyler Sam and Susan Schwartz George Sheanshang Drew Silverman Jane Smith and Jules Anderson David Sprouls and Kate Wood Sarah Hoe Sterling Stewart’s Shops Corporation Mark Strieter and Anthony Machado The Bee Cause Project Christabel and Paul Vartanian Arete Swartz Warren Paul Warren and Chris Chi Abigail Westlake Julia and Nigel Widdowson Jo-Anne Williams and Richard Bilotti Andrew Zobler and Manny Urquiza The Zweben Team at Douglas Elliman

$500 - $999

Geraldine and James Adams Didi Barrett Ruth Beesch Benevity Community Impact Fund Lynn and Peter A. Bienstock Annette and Stanley Blaugrund Senator William Bradley Robert A. Brooke and Sue Chapman Victoria and Elliot Brown Bonnie Burnham The Caldwell Gallery Lisa Camillieri PJ Carlino Blanche and Jim Christerson Abby and Peter R. Coffin Columbia Memorial Health Foundation Community Bank* Rosalind Daly and Glenda Ruby

Catherine Del Spina and Jerry Shereshewsky Andrew S. Dolkart William Douglas Chris Drago Charlotte and Phillippe Escaravage Evenerable Group, Ltd. Peter Findlay Fingar Insurance - Hudson Scott Frankel and James Joseph Kimberly Friday Joseph V. Garry Di-anne and Thomas V. Gibson Patti Gillette Carlos Gonzalez and Kathy Stewart Lisa Grabowski-Combs and Donald Combs Great Performances Jan and Lester Greenberg Lew I. Haber and Carmen Dubroc Conrad Hanson and Brendan Kelly Amy and Matt Hausmann Judith Filenbaum Hernstadt Harry H. Hill, III Lisa and Edward Hoe Gary Holder and Todd Whitley Jane and Robert Hottensen Josephine Lea Iselin Katchkie Farm Angela DeMello-Keesee and Thomas W. Keesee, III Joyce and Kenneth Ketay Harold Koda and Alan Kornberg Nancy Kyle and Jack B. Fraser Joshua Laird and Gail Wittwer-Laird Peggy Lampman and Ian Nitschke Jay Laudato and Tom Watson Linda Lavin Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Despina Leandrou and Michael Laudati Leah and James E. Lieber Arthur Lubow Peter Lyden Jeffrey S. Lydon R. Daniel Mackay Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz Hermes Mallea and Carey Maloney


2019 DONORS CONTINUED Michael and Alice Martell Lisa Fox Martin Edgar Masters and Deborah Cohen Nina B. Matis and Alan Gosule Orin McCluskey Roger and Jeanne McNitt Chas A. Miller, III and Birch Coffey Deborah and Stuart Minton Michael Moy and Joseph Sniado Lizbeth Neumark Peter and Susan Nitze Harold and Isabelle Oaklander David and Barbara Oliner Carsten Otto and DeWayne A. Powell Richard N. Philp Alice Platt Debra Pollard Pro Printers Marisabel and Jerry Raymond Renee Anne and Mark F. Rockefeller Tom Romich and Max Friedman Julia Rosenbaum and Gary Hagberg John Schobel and Daniel Schmeder Joshua Schulteis and Jimmy Asci Tatiana Serafin Allan and Julie Flicker Shope Craig S. Fitt and Bruce Shostak Silda Wall Spitzer The Stebbins Fund Nanahya Santana and Hume R. Steyer Marcus Teo Jane Trombley Eileen and James Wallace, Jr. Wheelock Whitney, III Williams Lumber and Home Centers H. Thomas Wilson Mary Young Up to $499 William Abrams Ruth Adams Carlo Adinolfi Rhodes Adler and Annick de Bellefeuille Viola Ago


Joseph Ahern and Leland Midgette Albany Public Library William Albertson Katheryn Allen Karen Allen Lynne and Armin Allen Brooke Allen-Aaron and Peter Aaron Frank Almquist Cynthia B. Altman William Ambler and Molly Ott Ambler Deborah and David Andersen Judith Anderson and Jeremiah Cosgrove Judith Anderson and Jeremiah Cosgrove Julia Aneshansley Carolynn F. Anklam Nancy Arcieri Eugene and Irene Arkimovich Gene Aronowitz and Linda Piester Lois and David Ashcroft John F. Ashe Josef Asteinza and Randall Bourscheidt Kevin J. Avery, Ph.D. Deborah Bachrach Kristin Backlund Jeff Bailey Lynn Bailey George and Pam Baker Svetlana Bakina Valerie Balint and Brock Ganeles John and Catherine Balli Craig Balmer Jennifer Barak Betsy Shack Barbanell Michael Barberich Joan Barker Paul Barrett Judy Barringer Marcia and Douglas Bateson Julia Kagan Baumann Elizabeth and James Bedell Rick and Candace Beinecke Michael Belanger and Jeffrey Hayenga David Berliner and Betsy Jacobs Katherine B. Berry Bethlehem Public Library April Bielefeldt Lawrence and Carol Biernacki Ann and Thayer Bigelow Matthew Bissell Blodgett Memorial Library

Linda and Gerald Blume Nancy Boehm Chip and Barbara Bohl Jennifer Carlquist Eva Bostek-Brady Bob Boudreau Jeanne Bowman Larry Bowne Cara Boyle Vanda Bozicevic Marilyn Bradley Graham Brady Jesse Bransford and Susan Aberth Marie-Louise Brauch Philip Brewer Susan Brissette Sally R. Brody Joseph and Sue Browdy Matthew Brown David Dew Bruner Adrian Bryan-Brown and Joan Marcus Susan and Coleman Burke Mary Burntitus Jack and Judy Burwell John W. Caffry Donna and James Campion Mr. and Mrs. Paul Canter Cape Ann Museum Joshua Cappell Philip and Miriam Carroll John B. Carroll John D. Carvey Steven Casabella Toni Marie Catucci Donna Cavanaugh Lawrence William Chakrin, Ph.D. Angelyn Chandler Chatham Public Library Beverly and Mark Cheffo Historic Artists Homes and Studios Lynn Cheung and Nick Frost Jane S. Childs Eliza Childs and Will Melton Blanche and Jim Christerson Eric Widing Mary and Ernest Chung Glenn Church Jacqueline and Phillip Cicione Korey Cieslinski Ann L. Clapper Louise K. Clark Sherman Clarke Claverack Free Library & Reading Room Assoc., Inc. Edward Cloke Suzanne Coffey

Douglas Cohn William and Maxine Coleman Sue Coleman Hayden A. Coleman and Donn-Evans Reichardt Viven and David Collens Alexandra Collins Colonie Library Mr. and Mrs. Steven Confair Susan Conforti Neilson Conner-Rosenkranz LLC Ann Marie Constanza Linda Cooper Charles Cooper and Sambatsophean Bo Cydney Cornell Wendy Costa Diana and Timothy P. Cox Kelly O. Creaser Nancy Crocker Jonathan Crook Carla Dago Susan Daniels and Lawrence Daniels Honora and Jonathan Dash Jerri Lynne Dedrick Kathleen Delaney John and Hope Della Ratta Elaine and Anthony Dellavecchia Berengere Denamur Lecoq Samantha Deutsch Laurel Devore Remmel T. Dickinson Ilma Dietz Laura H. Dillon Christopher Dlutowski Matthew Doering Mark Dominus Yourij Donskoj and Kathryn McCullough Niva Dorell Beth and Jack Dorer A.C. Dorrance, III Margot Dougherty David Draper and Janet Lanphier Jeff Dreiblatt Jacqueline and Stephen Dunn Diane Dunn Ilze and Laurence Earner East Greenbush Community Library Diane Eastwick Frank and Delphine Eberhart, III Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quinones and Jose Quinones Kamal and Kari Elias Jeffrey Embree

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Members Mimosas and Hard Hats event by Olivia Waldron

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View fromOlana’s Court Hall by Olivia Waldron

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Landscape Painting Workshop with Beth Rundquist by Olivia Waldron

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