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OKLAHOMA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Your trusted energy advisor

Volume 65, Issue 6

December 2016


Oklahoma Electric

2017 Youth Tour contest details announced; High school juniors encouraged to apply now – p. 6

2012 Youth Tour winners represented OEC on the weeklong trip to Washington, D.C.

Board of Trustees John Jensen, President

District 6

Percy Moreu, Vice President


Ronnie Grover, Sec. Treasurer


Mike Argo, Asst. Sec. Treasurer


Rusty Grissom


Shirley Idleman


Danny Watters


Bob Usry


Ronnie Tharp


Oklahoma Electric Cooperative 321-2024, FAX 405-217-6900 Co-op Manager.................................Patrick Grace Chief Financial Officer.....Preston O’Brien, CPA VP of Engineering.........................Thad Peterson VP of Operations.......................Randy Simmons VP of Administration........................Jonna Buck VP of HR and Legal Services.....Tracy Mowdy VP of Metering...............................John Spencer Oklahoma Electric Co-op News is published monthly by Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, 242 24th Ave. NW, Norman, OK 73069, (USPS865-700). Subscription rates: $6.00 per year for non-members, 50¢ per year for members. Periodical postage paid at Norman, OK and other additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Please send form 3579 to: Oklahoma Electric Co-op News, PO Box 1208, Norman, OK 73070.

“Co-op News” Editor Brianna Wall

Hidden Account Numbers Worth $500

Each month, OEC will pay $50 to the two co-op members who locate their hidden account numbers inside the Co-op News that month. The hidden account numbers will be placed at random within the text of each issue and not on the mailing label. The amounts will simultaneously increase in $50 increments until one or both account numbers are located by their respective owners or until the maximum of $500 is reached. 1. One of the hidden account numbers must be your own. 2. You must advise OEC by phone, mail or in person at the co-op’s office by the 15th of the month. If you find your account number call the Member Relations department at 217-6708.

From the top Patrick Grace, Chief Executive Officer

Giving back is the co-op way As some of you might know, Derec Janaway, returned from a cooperatives across the globe adhere service project in Bolivia, where he to the same seven cooperative teamed up with other linemen from principles that guide all of our Oklahoma and Missouri to bring decisions — from how we run the electricity to two rural villages for the co-op, to how we engage first time. with our local communities. So many families go Concern for community is without on a daily basis the seventh principle, and it and struggle to make ends is one that all employees of meet. This struggle can be OEC value year round. But especially hard during the during the holiday season, holiday season. concern for community There are many ways seems especially important. you can give back to the Electric cooperatives community that go beyond No matter dollar donations. Take some have a proud history of how great time to go through your giving back. OEC sponsors or small local fundraisers and closets and find clothes that events to help build strong no longer fit or have lost the act, communities, and employees every time their use. Bag those items up participate in charitable and take them to your local we give campaigns throughout the Salvation Army, Goodwill back, we or church clothing drive. year, as well. strengthen Volunteer for a local food OEC members help us give back, too. Through or toy drive, deliver meals our the Operation Round Up® community. to the sick and the elderly program, members round or simply make a meal for a up their electric bills to the neighbor in need. next dollar amount, and the No matter how great or extra change goes toward helping small the act, every time we give those in need, right here in our back, we strengthen our community. communities. So take the time to give back this Our commitment is global. In holiday season. You’ll be glad you August, one of our seasoned linemen, did.

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Applications for Leadership Summit due Dec. 5

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Rate adjustment taking effect Jan. 1 New website launching Jan. 1

Merry Christmas from our family to yours


2017 Youth Tour contest details announced

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Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average household owns 24 consumer electronics products, which are responsible for 12 percent of household electricity use. ENERGY STAR-certified audio/video equipment is up to 50 percent more efficient than conventional models.

OEC will be closed Friday, Dec. 23, Monday, Dec. 26 and Monday, Jan. 2, so employees may celebrate the holidays with their families. Call 321-2024 if you experience power interruptions or to report a safety hazard.

OEC Foundation, Inc. Financial Statement Beginning Balance 10/19/16......................................$163,051.16 November deposit.....................$19,379.85 Capital Credit Donation...........$862.91 Interest............................................$150.69 Checks issued.............................-$1,395.00 Approved, not paid....................-$7,478.67 Ending balance 11/10/16......$174,570.94 Financial statement by: Amanda Dierking

OEC Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors Jamey Allen • Leroy Bayliff Alan Davenport • Harlen Fipps Ronnie Fulks • Vivian Gibson Vickie Gray • Carla Kimberling Beckie Turner • Joyce Wallace

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016

Applications and deadlines can be found online at


Reminder: Rate adjustment taking effect Jan. 1


recent cost of service study revealed a wide gap between OEC’s true fixed costs and our rates’ fixed costs. As a result, the service availability charge will increase from 60¢ to 75¢ per day, effective Jan. 1, 2017. “According to that same cost of service study, our service availability charge should be $53 per month,” said Patrick Grace, CEO. “Currently, that charge is $18. When the increase takes effect, it will be $22.50, which is still less than half what it should be.” WHAT ARE FIXED COSTS? Almost all of OEC’s operating costs are fixed. Whether a member uses 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) per month or 1,000 kWhs, the same amount of infrastructure and materials are needed to provide electricity. In addition, linemen, bucket trucks and maintenance dollars are needed on a daily basis to ensure that infrastructure operates reliably and efficiently, which can be difficult in unpredictable Oklahoma weather. These are all fixed costs for OEC and, again, are all needed no matter how many kilowatt hours our members use. “Electric consumers in general believe we should pay only for what we

use,” Grace continued. “It takes a very big investment to provide electricity, but our rates do not currently reflect that.” WILL PART OF THE RATE DECREASE? In order to keep the rate adjustment from being a rate increase, other areas of OEC’s residential and small commercial rates will see price decreases. First, April, November and December bills will be considered part of the lower winter rate (they are currently part of the shoulder rate). Second, usage on the winter rate in excess of 1,000 kWhs will be reduced from 6.5252¢ to 6¢ per kWh. “Lowering the per kWh rate in excess of 1,000 in the winter will be huge for all-electric homes,” said Grace. “Plus, all members could see savings as a result of their April, November and December bills being part of the winter rate.” It’s important to remember — like all products, goods and services — costs will continue to rise: production costs, delivery costs, materials and maintenance costs, etc. OEC continually evaluates all options and works hard to ensure members are paying a fair and reasonable price for their electricity.



Leadership Summit applications due Dec. 5


EC is searching for two bright high school sophomores, juniors or seniors to award $250 scholarships and a trip to the 2017 Leadership Summit. An energetic and motivating day-long leadership program, Leadership Summit helps students hone their leadership skills with both self-reflective and teambuilding exercises. The workshop is held in the atmospheric boathouse district in downtown Oklahoma City. Two students will be chosen to represent OEC and receive a $250 scholarship. At the conclusion of the training, the students, along with their parents, will be treated to after-summit activities and a chance to win an additional $1,000 scholarship.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: • Students must submit a statement on their view of leadership, including skills they have and which they hope to improve upon, and what they hope to accomplish by attending this summit. • A resume must also be submitted, which lists students’ extracurricular activities, jobs, awards received and positions held. • Finally, a school teacher, administrator or community leader must provide a letter of recommendation for each applicant. • Applicants must live in or attend a school within OEC’s service territory.

Applications are due no later than Dec. 5 and can be found online at Only complete applications meeting all listed criteria will be considered. Applications postmarked or received in the office after Dec. 5 will not be accepted. Follow OEC’s youth and leadership outreach on Facebook (/YouthPrograms) or Snapchat (oec_learn). Contact Education and Outreach Coordinator Tory TedderLoffland, 217-6726 or tory@okcoop. org, with any additional questions about Leadership Summit or OEC’s array of youth programs. More information can also be found at

Leadership Summit is part of OEC’s youth development initiative, L.E.A.R.N.: Leading, Educating, Advancing and Rewarding the Next generation. L.E.A.R.N. encompasses the catalog of youth programs OEC offers to students, teachers and schools in our service area.

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHING JAN. 1, 2017 The new WWW.OKCOOP.ORG coming Jan. 1.

Introducing a more user-friendly platform and a more engaging online presence.




OEC seeking high school juniors for 2017 Youth Tour contest


erhaps OEC’s best-known and most anticipated youth program, Youth Tour is a weeklong, all-expenses-paid educational trip to Washington, D.C. in June of each year. OEC annually sponsors four delegates — all juniors — from high schools within its service territory to attend Youth Tour. Students travel with the Oklahoma delegation (70+ students) to our nation’s capital where they tour historic sites and national landmarks, meet Oklahoma’s congressional delegation and more. Youth Tour has earned a reputation as “a trip of a lifetime” by former participants.

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016

NEW FOR 2017 • • •


OEC has been sending students to Washington, D.C. on Youth Tour since 1964, and the contest continues to evolve. [1818134401] In addition to the four finalists chosen to attend Youth Tour in 2017, another four will be chosen to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) at Goddard Youth Camp near Sulphur. More information regarding this camp will be available soon.


The Youth Tour competition process is designed to reflect the realities of our society and its preference for dynamic, personal interactions. In today’s professional world, employers and thought leaders want to see presenters who make a connection with the audience while communicating a message. As such, students will be required to prepare a multimedia presentation.


Applicants must choose an energy related topic on which to present. Topics can range from “America’s energy future” to “alternative fuel sources” to “electricity education in schools.” The options are infinite.

NOT JUST AN ESSAY CONTEST • • • While there will always be a need for the well-researched and in-depth essay analysis, in this situation we want to see the student communicate a clear and insightful message using the visual tools most often used in public speaking. Applicants may utilize PowerPoint or Prezi* to create a 5-minute presentation on their chosen topic. While judges are interested in the students’ points of view, this is not an opinion piece.

Assertions are expected to be supported by research and evidence. Eight finalists will be chosen and must attend a half-day workshop with an expert on presentation organization and stage presence prior to the Youth Tour banquet. The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 25, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The Youth Tour banquet will be held Thursday, March 23, followed by the Youth Tour trip to D.C. (June 9-15, 2017) and the trip to RYLA (June 1923, 2017).


• High School Junior • Multimedia presentation, no longer than 5 minutes • Presentation must include: • an abstract giving a brief description of the topic and citing at least two credible supporting sources; • a printable version (.PDF, et al) of the presentation slides along with a script outline of planned presentation; and, • fully accessible links to the presentation. Applicants do not have to make their presentations public online, but they must be shareable.

*other platforms may be used with the prior approval of Tedder-Loffland. Youth Tour is part of OEC’s youth development initiative, L.E.A.R.N.: Leading, Educating, Advancing and Rewarding the Next generation. L.E.A.R.N. encompasses the catalog of youth programs OEC offers to students, teachers and schools in our service area.

• • • HOW TO ENTER • • • • Choose a topic. Choose an energy-related topic you are passionate about, but one on which you can speak succinctly and clearly. You will have only 5 minutes followed by a Q&A with the judges. • Create your visual presentation. Keep in mind your voice and intention. Do you want to persuade the audience to your views? Inspire them with the merits of your cause? Do you want to inform and teach them? • Complete the entry form. Before turning in your entry form, read the above information carefully and follow the directions fully. Address questions to Tory Tedder-Loffland at 217-6726 or • Email your entry form, abstract, a PDF and a link to your presentation to no later than Feb. 13 at noon. Materials may also be delivered to OEC’s office at 242 24th Ave. NW in Norman.



Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016



Left to right: HR Administrator Amanda Hardy, District 2 Trustee Percy Moreu, District 6 Trustee John Jensen, District 8 Trustee Bob Usry, District 5 Trustee Shirley Idleman, District 4 Trustee Ronnie Grover, District 1 Trustee Mike Argo, District 7 Trustee Danny Watters, District 3 Trustee Rusty Grissom, District 9 Trustee Ronnie Tharp, CEO Patrick Grace


Left to right: Controller Sara Thomas, Accounting Specialist Amanda Dierking, Accounting Analyst Sommer Nelson, Chief Financial Officer Preston O’Brien


Front, left to right: Control Room Operators Candace McManus and Lori Hulse; Back, left to right: Control Room Operators Justin Goss and William Green, Asst. Control Room Operator Kenny Bruehl, Manager of Maintenance Marty Hayes (Not pictured: Asst. Control Room Operator Dustin Kirk)



Left to right: Senior Billing Analysts Pat Brown and Cyndee Lewis, Manager of Enterprise Applications Jenni Smith, Data Analyst Andrew Dryanski, VP of Administration Jonna Buck, Application Developer Josh Langford, Billing Analyst Kari Manning

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016



Front, left to right: Work Order Coordinator Stephanie Canida, Senior Engineering Associates Brittany McCorkle and Christa Spears, Computer Mapping Coordinator Tina Serlo; Back, left to right: Electrical Engineer Cesar Alvarez Rosado, VP of Engineering Thad Peterson, Lead Field Design Frank Shepherd, Manager of Field Design Terry Henderson, Lead Field Designs Rick Beaulieu and Joe Anderson, Manager of System Engineering Nick Shumaker, Apprentice Field Designs Scott Ray and Weston Powell, Laborer Kolton Howry, Lead Field Design Wes White, Apprentice Field Design Brad Hunter


Left to right: HR Specialist Heather Herren, HR Administrator Amanda Hardy, VP of Human Resources and Legal Services Tracy Mowdy, HR Administrator Janet Maginnis


Left to right: Part-Time IT Support John Frashier, IT Systems Engineers Derek Looper and Brad Keener, Manager of IT Services Bob Rogers, Part-Time IT Support Mikey Hooper, IT Systems Engineer Vu Nguyen

Left to right: Lead Logistics & Transformer Technician Matt Montgomery, VP of Metering & Logistics John Spencer, Lead Logistics & Transformer Technician David Ellis, Logistics Technician Shawn McElhiney, Apprentice Logistics Technician Teddy Whitehead, Laborer Brian Back, Manager of Logistics Ryan Blackburn




Front, left to right: APL Travis Jones, JPL Jake Calvert, JPL Nathan Heft, APL Nate Hulse, JPL James Jeffries, JPL Ryan Frazier, Manager of Maintenance Marty Hayes, District Lineman Clifford Madden; Back, left to right: District Lineman Clifford Chastain, JPL Ryan Spears, District Lineman Jeff Daniels, JPL Brad Scott, District Lineman Gary Jones, JPL Clint Mobley, District Linemen Phillip Miller, Travis Beverly and Bobby Herring, JPL Randy White, District Lineman Kent Henderson APL=Apprentice Power Lineman; JPL=Journeyman Power Lineman

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016



Left to right: Editorial & Events Coordinator Brianna Wall, Key Accounts Manager Randy Harnsberger, Community Relations Coordinator Autumn McMahon, Energy Efficiency & Solutions Specialist Daniel Lofland, Education & Outreach Coordinator Tory Tedder-Loffland


Front, left to right: Supervisor of Member Services Linda Blackburn, MS Associates Liza Garcia and Maegan Bohon, Part-Time Clerk Karie Dyer, MS Associate Keela Clark; Back, left to right: Part-Time Clerks Chase Clark and Sarah Mitchell, MS Associates Amber Eichler, Seana Maloy, Erin McKnight and Chyla Hall, Senior MS Associate Jeanie Lee, Manager of Member Services Amy McElhany (Not pictured: MS Associate Chelle Danner)


Left to right: Chief Meter Technician Joe Bartram, Service Technician Shane Dominey, AMI Coordinator Brandy Miller, Chief Meter Technician Mike Hooper, Lead AMI Coordinator Cheryl Allen, Apprentice Meter Technicians Waylon McClellan and Kirk Gless, Manager of Automation Bryan Hurst (Not pictured: Journeyman Meter Technician Jimmie Turnpaugh and Part-Time Laborer Cody Greenfield)



Left to right: Auto Mechanic Buddy Byrd, VP of Operations Randy Simmons, Asst. Auto Mechanic Kyle Wines, Fleet Coordinator Frankie Hyde (Not pictured: Lead Auto Mechanic Jimmy Helm)


Left to right: Loss Control Coordinator Chad Morrow, Manager of Loss Control James Long

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016



Left to right: APL Brent Glover, JPL Travis Barton, Laborer Cole Hoffman, APL Mike Lee, JPL Casey Cochnauer, Manager of Overhead Construction Joe Tarp (Not pictured: APL Zaine LaFerney) APL=Apprentice Power Lineman; JPL=Journeyman Power Lineman


Back, left to right: JPL Derec Janaway, JPL Matt Caldwell, APL Chris Croslin, Groundman Tanner Tindell, APL Jeremy Hull, APL Clint Yeary, JPL Chris Slaughter; Front, left to right: Manager of Underground Construction Shane Stuart, JPL Tim Ferree, APL Tim Gilbert, Laborer Jonah McCorkle, JPL Marty Hyde, Locator Technician Thom Prince APL=Apprentice Power Lineman; JPL=Journeyman Power Lineman


Left to right: Vegetation Mgmt. Foreman David Moore, Manager of Vegetation Mgmt. Joe Torres, Journeyman Vegetation Mgmt. Jarrod Simmons, Apprentice Vegetation Mgmt. Andy Bills, Groundman Aaron Criswell, Apprentice Vegetation Mgmt. Travis Danley, Groundman Jared Voegeli (Not pictured: Vegetation Coordinator Shain Brown)


Tasty Treats By Brianna Wall

Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies by

Oklahoma Electric Co-op News • December 2016

ƒƒ 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened ƒƒ 1 cup sugar ƒƒ 1 large egg ƒƒ 1 large egg yolk ƒƒ 2 tsp vanilla extract ƒƒ 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour ƒƒ 1 tsp baking soda ƒƒ 1/2 tsp kosher salt


First, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with to-do lists and errands this time of year, so here’s to a stress-free holiday season. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line baking sheets with parchment paper. Place the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl and beat on medium-high speed until very pale and fluffy (about Have you ever struggled 3 to 5 minutes). Add the egg, and beat on medium-high speed until incorporated. Stir in the to find the perfect recipe for egg yolk and vanilla extract until combined. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl with a a certain dish you’ve always silicone spatula, then add the flour, baking soda, and salt. Stir together until incorporated. wanted to excel at cooking or Use a 1.5-tablespoon cookie scoop to drop balls of cookie dough on the prepared baking baking? That’s how I am with sugar sheets, allowing two inches in between for spreading. Bake the cookies (one sheet at a cookies. For some reason, the sugar time) in the center rack of the oven for 8 to 12 minutes, or until the edges are set and just cookies I have tried to bake have barely beginning to turn golden. (Take care not to over-bake, or the cookies will not be as soft.) Cool on the baking sheet and transfer to an airtight container for storage. turned out a little too crunchy for my liking. I like my sugar cookies to be soft and to melt in my mouth. At long last, erfect ugar ookie cing I have found a soft, chewy sugar cookie ƒƒ 4 cups powdered sugar recipe, and I thought what better time to ƒƒ 6 tbsp whole milk share it with you than during the Christmas ƒƒ 6 tbsp light corn syrup season? These are fun (and easy!) to decorate ƒƒ 1 1/2 tsp almond extract with kids and keep very well in a sealed container. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together powdered sugar and milk until smooth. Add The icing recipe I am sharing is a delicious in corn syrup, and 1 ½ teaspoons almond extract. You can use vanilla extract if you wish; but almond really tastes the best here. With a strong arm, whisk together until complement to the sugar cookies. Add a few the icing is shiny and smooth and drizzles off your whisk easily. The consistency drops of food coloring to give a pop of color you have at this point is what you’ll use to fill your cookies. Using a small bowl, to any cookie you’re decorating. pour in a bit of your thin consistency icing. Sprinkle in some additional powdered Thanks for following along; I hope you sugar and whisk again, until smooth and difficult to mix by hand. It’s going to have a blessed Christmas and a happy New look thick—this is a good thing! Use the thicker icing to outline your cookies and Year! the thinner icing to fill them in.





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• OEC headquarters, 242 24th Ave NW, Norman

# and OEC account # to

• ‘03 Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel Eng 7.3 liter 3/4 ton, Lariat, like new one owner, 84K miles, $9,200. 527-8639. • ‘02 Chevy 1500 Z71 w/extended cab, 4x4, toolbox 327 engine, 280K mi, Welders 3-skid mounted 3-phase action brand auto lift w/16’ ramps Centrifical pump on trlr w/35 hp elec motor. 308-5742 or 590-3394. • ’96 GMC disel Sierra, turbo, 169k mi, $4k OBO. 413-4339.

Farm & Equipment • ‘16 Husqvarna Zero turn 46” Mower bought in May, used for 26 hours, $2,400, ask for Keith. 388-2732.

• Structural pipe: H-posts, single posts, corner posts, cattle guards, sucker rods, will custom build, delivery available. 207-0101. • Secure Feed Storage: Used and 1-trip 40’ & 20’ shipping containers, low as $2,375, we deliver. $2,975. 783-4370. • Wanted tractors dead or alive, any kind any size, quick response. 641-7728 or 352-4816. • Wanted cylinder head for 600 Ford tractor, 134 cu in engine casting number eae 6090f. 7945047 or 760-8654. • Old Gravely tractor with plow 5 HP model “L”, $500. 381-3189.

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Jeffrey Fence & Welding

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Furniture & Appliances • Lovely vintage Duncan Phyfe dining table, 6 chairs, leaf, $450; Beautiful classic dining table, 8 chairs, leaf, $800. 366-6166. • ‘65 Massey Ferguson Tractor w/ box blade and a brush hog, $4,000; Sears electric cook stove, $300. 381-2702.

• Professional drafting table with extra accessories and lamp, 3’x6’, $850; Steve Murisak pool table 6’x5’, • w/extra sticks, racks, VGC, $650. 432-6343 or 626-6392. • Osburn 1100 wood stove, heat cap, 250-1400 sq ft, 50,000 BTUs max, 16” logs, stove to ceiling vent pipe included, new $1100, 3yrs used, $350 firm, Bridge Creek area. 623-9711. • Melody MH 14x70, 2bed 2ba, all elec, new AC, 1block from boat dock, Bumcomb  Creek  Lake Texoma; Whirlpool upright freezer 15 cubic foot, $150; Sewing machine, 2wood cabinet, $50. 485-9539. • 26 cubic foot Samsung side by side SS refrigerator, manufactured June 2011, ice in door, selling bc won’t fit in house, $695. 361-7005.

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18 December 2016 | Oklahoma Electric Co-op News

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5.25% Taxes



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• 4 Cemetery Lots, Resthaven, Western at SW 104th OKC, $2995 ea (value $4995), Garden of Devotion, walkway, Four, $2700 ea. 414-3004. • Two spaces and two open and close Sunnylane cemetery in Garden of Garden, Row 11 Space 10 with transfer fees $3,000. 386-7626. • 37 pounds 5/16x18x3/4inch bolts $25; small wood carving lathe and drill press and tools $75; Pendleton vest $50. 217-4215. • Saddle $125; misc tack by piece or all $30; dog groom blowdryer $35; ‘03 Ford Taurus approx 83K original miles $4,000 firm; pet door, microwave $10, lots more, call Leslie. 321-2813. • Ozarka cold water cooler with bottles, $40. 381-3189. • Handicap Invacare L-4 Scooter, exc cond, hardly used, $600. 392-3092. • Free felled Cedar Trees for posts, furniture, etc, Washington/ Goldsby area; 16’ cattle panels, $10 each. 255-5114. • Craftsman Radial Arm Saw, good clean saw, must see to appreciate, $100. 650-5471. • Sole F60  treadmill,  sold at Sears,  excellent cond,  $100. 329-4562.



Tinhorns R Us

• Fabrics and thread cotton and demins polyester wools $1/ yard, extra wide $1.50; King size sheets sets $5.50. 527-4278. • Concrete forms 2x4x8, assorted conduit, blk leather saddlebags, headset for ultra classic. 414-1965. • Stainless Ruger M77 Hawkeye, 25-06 Rem, with 6 boxes ammo, Synthetic stock, Nikon scope Buckmasters 4.5X40, $1275 cash. 570-6824. • 2 Cemetery plots, $6600: 2 adjoining burial plots at Arlington Memory Gardens, 3400 N Midwest Blvd, OKC, plots are currently selling $3495. 370-4483. • Mens sz 40 Pendleton jacket $100; Pendleton vest lg $75; Navajo headdress $50; Steiff and Hermann bears long case clocks. 217-4215. • Cemetery lots at Sunset Memorial Park, Veterans Section, overlooks pond, retails $6600 (with transfer), will sell $4950 incl transfer fee. 3605656 or text 326-8081 • Old barn sheet metal iron from old horse drawn farm equipment, will pay above scrap iron prices. 820-0618.


• Havamalt puppies, DOB Aug 13th, puppies will be well socialized in our home; 3/4 Maltese, 1/4 Havanese, current on vaccinations & deworming, raised with children $800males, $1,000 females; • Sarplaninac puppies, livestock guardian, $1,500, www. or call/text. 740-9218. • AKC Australian Shepherd puppies & AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies, well socialized, health guarantee, UTD on vaccine’s, on Facebook Lewis Aussie’s & Corgis, call/ text. 213-5125 or 306-1552. • Two male mini donkeys, one gelded, the youngest one not, friendly and make great pets and guardians, $300 for pair. 788-6003. • Needing a loving home for a sweet female Chihuahua, adoption fee of $125 covers her being spayed, shots, and micro chip. 620-5403. • Black Lim-Flex bull, born at our ranch July 2015, fertility tested, Trich negative, good natured, $1350, Lexington area. 3294316 or 641-0438.



(Fair Top Prices Paid) Rifles - Handguns - Shotguns We have over 2,000 New & Used Guns In Stock In Front MUSTANG PAWN and GUN of Water Tower


Tue-Sat 9-6 • 126 W Hwy 152



Classified Advertisements • Troy-Bilt 5000 watt portable electric generator, battery powered start, needs work, $100. 919-1419. • 5hp leaf grinder; antiques; clocks, lamps, gumball machines, old crocks, dishes, old records, collector dishes, yarn -3barns of antiques on going until sold. 381-4196. • White cast iron, claw footed tub, all accessories, matching lavatory, great cond, $2,000 obo; 1890’s pump organ, works, $700 obo, lv msg. 517-5958. • Double T Red Angus, taking orders for red and black angus butcher steers, certified angus grain fed beef, no hormones. 420-8757. • Two lots in    Resthaven Cemetery in south OKC, Garden of Everlasting Life, $2000. 387-2088. • 1200 Guns, 1000s Rounds Ammo, 300 Gold/Silver Coins, Structural Pipe, New Cable/ Wire Rope, fiberglass Post for Hi Tensile Electric www. • ACCU-TEK 380 pistol, comes with black and purple grips, two clips and box of ammo, 2.8” barrel, less than 20 rounds fired, $250. 823-8370.

• I have the Side Skin of Dick Trickle’s NASCAR ‘99 Chevy Monte Carlo from the NAPA 300 race, $250 or looking for Shortwave/Ham Radio gear or Ammo. 641-7582. • Crossbow, Parker F4Tornado, scope, sling, quiver, arrows, 340FPS, like new, cost was $900, asking $625; Darton Scorpion Crossbow, scope, arrows, exc cond, 330 FPS, $550. 233-3516. • Walther pk380 with extra mag $250, greener 12ga double $3500, Ithica 12ga double $800 cash only. 249-5405. • Generac portable generator, starting 6250,  running 5000,  used 6 hrs, asking $500 cash, paid $700. 527-8639. • Redwood hot tub (2) steps, $50; Sheep loading stalls divided w/ gates, $200; Camo hunting/ boating full life jacket,  sz M, $75. 640-4651. • 2½ gallons of Drexel MSMA 6 plus weed control, $65; NutraSol, 1qt $10; Pastora Herbicide, 5 oz $80. 620-1499. • Great Christmas gifts, concert sz Peavey Ukulele w/ Hardshell case, exc cond, $265; Good Times electric Banjo w/ case, exc cond, $275. 684-0348.

• Bar style Pool Table in fair condition, good felt with Ball and cues, $400. 473-5251. • Have trees to trade for tree spade work, Lake Eufaula lot, Enchanted Oaks addition; Wanted persimmons, prickly pear fruit for jelly, Wanted Rose Rocks. 802-4227. • Well bucket, 5”x36”, $20; 4 each 8’ cedar 4x4s, $10. 387-3798.

• ‘93 Stratus 250V 15 1/2’ Bass Boat, ‘93 Johnson 50hp Motor (started monthly), Trolling Motor, Depth finder, top & cover, 1owner, $3,000. 863-8848. • ‘98 16x80 Fleetwood 3bed 2bath w/metal skirting, $10,000 OBO. 317-6618.

Mobile Homes, RVs & Boats

• Structural pipe: H-posts, single posts, corner posts, cattle guards, sucker rods, will custom build, delivery available. 207-0101. • 6 acres, has well and electric, located east of Noble 180th & Maguire, $27,000. 899-4261. • Roommate wanted, male or Female, prefer 40+ years old, employed, to share my 3 bedroom home on acreage 2 ½ mi SW of Noble, $450/month all bills pd, high speed Internet/ wifi incl, large trees, garden, call Tom for more info. 294-4569. • 120 acres live creek some woods nice hay fields, 3bed brick home recently remodeled, all or split $4k to $6k per acre, Marty. 623-4685. • 40 acres in Goldsby on East Cottonwood Rd $8k per acre. 401-4012.

• ‘92 Stratus bass boat w/’85 Yamaha engine, Tracker bass boat w/older 50hsp motor, split window boat, ‘70 Mercury Motor, all lake ready! 872-0434. • ‘00 Bass Tracker fishing boat, good cond; ’73 Johnson motor, needs work, $1,000 for both; ‘00 Weekend Warrior, 26ft, toy hauler, $6,500. 579-3424. • ‘06 Surveyor SV302 travel trailer, clean & in great condition, air, heat, & enclosed underbelly, new tires, garaged, must see, $10,000 OBO. 664-8964. • 15ft Aliner solid wall folddown only 1200#, $11,650; ‘14 Nissan Xterra, 13K miles, $21,750, Tuttle. 550-0387.

Real Estate

Emerald Isle of the Midwest Spray Foam Insulation for 39 years

SPRAY FOAM ROOFING 2-POUND INJECTION FOAM Johnny Blue (405) 659-1607 Tim Kearns (405) 802-0092

20 December 2016 | Oklahoma Electric Co-op News

Classified Advertisements • 5 acres appx 1mile S of Draper Lake, Moore school district, perfect dream home site, $100k, call for details. 885-7283, lv msg. • FSBO 1 acre, commercially zoned, Tuttle, loc ¼ mile west of Mustang Road, fronting on Hwy 37, south side. 794-4612. • 5 acres, wooded, hickory, blackjack, cedar trees, fenced, 6½ miles from Little River State Park, Thunderbird Lake, $30,000. 899-7203. • FSBO, Lg metal building for a business, w/home to live in, so you can walk to work, loc on a little less than two acres, on a corner of I-35, call or text for photos. 650-2521. • 5 acres w/electric and water well, loc on dead-end street, $34,500 owner carry w/10% down, Peebly and SE 149th area. 306-0245. • 4 ac w/ 2619 sq ft 3 bed 3 bath 3 car garage w/30x35 shop building, in-ground salt water pool, $339k, Lexington, Seth w/ Pioneer Realty. 306-0245. • 2,041 sq ft home 4 bed 3 bath 2 car w/horse barn on 5 acres, Mid Del Schools, Seth w/ Pioneer Realty. 306-0245.

• 2,736 sq ft home on 5 acres 4 bed 3½ bath 3 car garage, $375k, Mid Del Schools, Seth w/ Pioneer Realty. 306-0245. • 5 acres w/ 2,366 sq ft home off Anderson Rd, Schwartz Elem, $285k, Seth w/ Pioneer Realty. 306-0245. • SE of OKC in Newalla 2675sf DW Mobile Home on 5 acres $9500/ down, $1,075/month includes tax and insurance, Lease Purchase call Alan. 818-2939. • SE Of Okc DW Mobile Home in Newalla on 5 acres, Barn for horses garage for your Truck $9500/down, payment with tax and Insurance $1,085/month, Lease purchase, call Alan. 818-2939. • Price slashed, instant equity, owner transferred, unique 3650+ house/business with 30x50 bldg acre, outside city, Tuttle, $265,000, call or text. 232-4455. • Nice property for sale in Washington School District, 2.85 acres in the Wolf Creek Estates, a place to build your dream home. 990-1380. • For rent, 3 bed home on 3½ acres, $875 a month. 306-0245.




Notices & Announcements • OEC will hold a sealed-bid auction on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to dispose of unused items. Call 217-6840 the day before for item listing. • Mustang United Methodist 34th Annual Christmas Bazaar, Dec 3, 9 am to 3 pm, 211 W State Hwy 152, Mustang OK, 55 booths, silent auction, bake sale, children’s shopping area, lunch Indian tacos and hot dogs, handcrafted items, great atmosphere. 640-9001.

Wanted • Need someone to help around home and acreage: Mowing, edging, cleanup, some repairs to sprinkle system, bunk room available, reference a must, Newcastle area. 580-421-6642.

We’re OK, so you’re okay.


Bus: (405) 329-1830

• Looking to adopt a small, indoor, house broken dog, breed or sex not really an issue. 249-2812. • ‘81 to ‘88 Monte Carlo, NOT running OK, need for a parts car, mainly the air conditioner stuff under the hood. 219-1111. • Craftsman lawnmower GTV/18 varidrive, any condition but preferably a good motor, or any Craftsman 8 HP horizontal shaft motor. 485-3724.  • Lawn mowers, running or not. 738-4138. • Ham radio gear, radios, amps, Morse code, antennas, etc. 641-7582. • Cars, trucks, SUVs, running or not, no titles OK. 537-9788. • I buy old cars, trucks, RVs & busses to scrap. 314-7877.

Business • Eichler Lawn Care: Servicing Moore/Norman area, commercial/residential, fall clean up, tree trimming, shrub trimming, leaf removal, free estimates. 496-3966. • Housekeeping: in Newcastle & SW OKC reasonable & trustworthy. 580-564-0528.

Mark The Junkman

Cash or free removal of cars, trucks, vans, & trailers. No tires, No titles, No problem. I Haul For FREE: appliances • batteries • copper • riding or push mowers • alum • iron • A/Cs • scrap metal • old farm eqpt • tractors–too much to list.

550-5652 573-0250

Your Friendly & Respectable, Junkman since 1993, Mark Grider



Office: Office: 800 SW 134th St 1311 N. Porter Avenue Oklahoma City, 73170 Norman, OK 73071

• Enchanted Oaks addition, Lake Eufaula, fenced lot w/ single wide trailer and detached garage, nice yard, 3 blks to lake, $29,500. 535-7593. • SE of OKC 2½ acres with well and septic $4,050/dn, $249/per month call Alan. 818-2939.

Winter Specials

Serving the metro since 1973 Construction and Repair

Are YOU or someone you know looking for a career? Bob Usry & Sons, Inc. is hiring! Journeyman plumber position available.

1800 Industrial Blvd. Norman, OK 73069

364-1001 or


Classified Advertisements • Complete Auto Repair: Quality work @ low prices w/33yrs exp; timing belts, water pumps, head gaskets, motors, trans, brakes, steering columns, headliners, some paint &body work & much more. 899-4221. • Argo Siding & Windows: Make your home ready for winter; Windows, doors, siding, patio rooms, carports, remodeling, room additions, tile, painting, roofing, we also do skirting and repair siding on mobile homes. 255-5553 or 329-0553, leave message. • Yard cleanup: Fence repair, fence installation, mowing, small tree trimming. 990-1084 or 360-8091. • Bowman’s Welding Service: Fences, corrals, entryways, alleyways, ornamental fence, any type of welding, shop or portable. 360-8091 or 990-1084. • Handyman service and carpentry work: doors windows drywall repair and painting earthquake repair no job to small free est. call Todd 239-9373.

• Brick&Masonry repair: 34 years exp. in tuckpointing brick and stone & earthquake damage mailboxes also. references free job to small. Todd 239-9373. • CL Williams Excavating Services LLC: Water lines, sewer lines, septic systems, storm shelters, footings, driveways, trenching and more. Accepts credit/debit cards, call for free estimate. 226-2930. • CnD Welding Services: metal buildings, carports, loaf sheds, pipe entry, horse stalls, fencing of all types, call for estimate. 226-2930. • Jim’s Painting & Remodeling: interior & exterior wallpaper, popcorn ceiling removal, sheetrock repairs, texture, power washing, free estimates, quality work, 20yrs experience & insured. 366-0722. • C&B Paint Co: 15yrs experience, insured interior/ exterior painting, drywall & texture services, call Cody for a reasonable yet fair price. 496-5265.

• Timber Tree Service: Beautify your property by trimming or removing unwanted limbs, trees & brush. We are fully insured & experienced in tree care. Call Randy McCarter for your free estimate, 821-1027 or 392-2399. • Structural pipe: H-posts, single posts, corner posts, cattle guards, sucker rods, will custom build, delivery available. 207-0101. • Stump Grinding: competitive prices, shrubs & some tree removal, call Danny. 779-5362 or 329-2230. • Masonry Work & Repair: brick, block, stone & repair. All size jobs: fireplaces, mailboxes, planters, tuck pointing, pavers, brick replacement due to erosion. 40yrs experience, competitive prices. Danny, 3292230 or 779-5362. • Meyer Masonry: BRICK, BLOCK, ROCK, 35yrs exp, free estimates. Keith, 527-4934. • Bob’s Dozer Service & Dump Truck: House pads, dirt, gravel, sand, concrete. Licensed, bonded & insured. 35yrs experience. 620-4371.

• Computer & Phone Lines: Off-duty fireman. Installation, repair, trouble shooting, etc. 245-5502 or 381-2007. • American Blinds & Shutters: Off-duty fireman, window treatments for home or business. Free estimates. 2455502 or 381-2007. • Handyman for Hire: off-duty fireman, remodel, painting, flooring (tile, laminates, etc), sheetrock, roofing, siding, fences, decks, custom made bookcases, shelving, cabinets, etc. General home repair. 2455502 or 381-2007. • Sloan Brothers Pest Control: Termites, bed bugs, ants, etc. Licensed. Free Estimates. Call 405-819-8671 or 918-857-9673. • American Gutters: Seamless guttering, off duty police officer, competitive prices, call for free estimate. 441-1175. • Tractor Work: Driveways, brushhog, boxblade, tree removal, tilling, privacy fences. Kevin, 365-6875 or 872-9576. • Dirt & Gravel Work: Tilling, brushhog, front-end loader, dirt & gravel work, boxblade, tree removal, yard clean-up, fences. Kevin, 365-6875 or 872-9576.

Classen Urgent  Care  Clinic   2824  Classen  Blvd.,  Suite  110   Norman,  OK  73071   405-­‐701-­‐7111  

J & J Livestock Commission Company

Open Everyday  7am  –  10pm    

For Selling or Buying Cattle at Oklahoma City National Stockyard in Oklahoma City

2824 Classen  Blvd.,  Suite  100   Norman,  OK  73071   405-­‐701-­‐3563  

Office (405) 602-5026 James Eaton (405) 685-1712 Jimmy Eaton (405) 682-6244 Mobile (405) 831-7692

Classen Family  Medicine   Open  M-­‐F  7am  –  5pm  

22 December 2016 | Oklahoma Electric Co-op News

Classified Advertisements • Jerry Richardson Ent. LLC: Tree trimming, cut down, haul off. Use 70 ft. reach bucket truck. Storm debris, estate/ general cleanup & removal. References. 850-0577. • Brushhogging: 808-8202. • Mowing: 808-8202. • Garden tilling: 808-8202. • Tinhorns: Installed, 808-8202. • Tree & Brush Removal: 808-8202. • Gravel Drives: Built, repaired. 808-8202. • Drainage Problems: 808-8202.

• Storm Damage? Tree trimming & removal. Bongala Tree Service offers veterans & senior discounts. Insured. 625-0797. • Weld Up Steel Buildings: 30x50 = $19,500; 40x60=$28,500. Cost includes concrete, financing available. 872-0338. • Bargain Barns: 18x21 steel carport=$795; 12x31 RV cover= $1,605; 20x21 garage=$3,510; 24x31 garage =$5,250. Financing available. 872-0338. • Rent to Own Portable Buildings: 8x12=$1,495; 8x16= $1,895; 10x16= $2,950. No credit check. 872-0338.

• Shipping Containers: Great secure storage. 40’ used HC, $2,975; 20’ used, $2,375; Onetrips available; We deliver. 405-783-4370. • Storage Buildings: 12x16 barn with loft, $3,620; 8x12 economy shed, $1,625; Many sizes, styles, delivery, payments available., 405-783-4370. • Tiny House Shells: 14x40 L-porch gable, $11,170 delivered, other sizes, styles, delivery, payments available. w w w. b e t t e r b a r n s . n e t , 405-783-4370.

• Diversified Quality Services: Barn style doors Residential & Commercial, made to order custom real wood barn style doors, call Matt, 312-9066. • W o n d e r l a n d Woodcraft:   custom wood projects, furniture repair, restoration and misc. Russell, 872-1294 or 887-5870. • Hardwood Floor Installer: 20 years experience, references, general construction, painting, lawn & tree work. 837-5799 or 410-7532. • Brush hogging and Box Blading Services: Also firewood. 760-1489.

Customized Cedar Pergolas, Customized Cedar Pergolas Pavilions and Gazebos Pavilion and Gazebos Building farm ponds & private lakes in OEC’s service area.

“Wealth is not measured in dollars.”

Farm Pond and Lake Construction Along with Fence Rows • Land Clearing Building Pads • Shearing

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space!

Quality and Integrity Free estimates

Bulldozers & Trackhoes Call Bruce 580-641-1952

Pergola Supreme Inc. Bill Herron, Sr. • 405-664-1913 Shawn Herron • 405-778-9880 Billy Herron, Jr. • 405-850-4564


Your trusted energy advisor

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