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November 2012


PASTOR CHRIS’ CORNER Aloha kakou, As a response to “Pastor Appreciation Month” in October, I simply want to say “Mahalo!” for allowing me the joy and honor of being your pastor. Serving you is one of the greatest blessings in my life and certainly in my ministry life. I have truly enjoyed these past seven years with you and I look forward to the ones that God has ahead of us together. You have welcomed Wendy, Taylor and Zachary as your own and we have felt God’s presence through your love and support of us. This community has been impacted through your encouragement to me in reaching out and serving them. You have been very supportive of my role in Lahaina, Maui County and throughout Hawaii and the Pacific – I could not serve effectively without you. We have faced joys, sorrows, and challenges together with true compassion and resolve. But God has even greater plans for our

future at LBC! I am always excited to see what He will reveal to us and empower us to accomplish in His Kingdom’s work. We must remain focused on Him and strengthened by His Spirit to continue to celebrate the life that He has given us together. Mahalo again for the wonderful privilege that you have given me to be your pastor. I pray for God’s continued blessings on us all, as we grow closer to Him.


Until next month, Aloha in Christ, Pastor Chris

The Church:  Transforming  Lives  in  a  Changing  Culture          A#er  Jesus  went  back  to  the  Father,  the  early  believers  were  totally  


11. Zack Martin 16. David Hufalar 19. Sierra Kauffold 20. Angel Rabara 24. Ed Howell Deborah Rabara 26. Nancy Killett 27. Laura-Lee Hufalar

dependent on  God  and  each  other.    Despite  opposi=on,  they  con=nued  to   seek  God’s  direc=on  through  prayer  and  to  ask  for  boldness  to  share  the   message.  They  worked  together  in  love  to  meet  the  wide  range  of  needs.   As  the  church  grew,  God  impressed  on  the  early  church  to  separate  Saul   and  Barnabas  for  service  beyond  the  exis=ng  area  of  believers.          The  early  church  was  inten=onal  in  many  ways.    They  inten=onally   partnered  with  God.  They  inten=onally  related  to  each  other  to  support   and  encourage  each  other.      The  early  church  inten=onally  built  disciples   and  was  inten=onally  mission  minded.    Are  we,  as  individuals,    being   inten=onal  in  what  we  do  for  God?

       Join  us  on  Sundays  at  9  in  November  as  examine  ourselves  and   determine  where  we  are  in  the  process  of  becoming  God’s  servants. Learn  with  us  as  we  determine  what  we  can  do  to  be  inten=onal  in  what   we  do  for  God.

Scripture for  November: Acts 4:31 New International Version (NIV) After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

november Anniversaries: 02.Geroge & Nani Sweeney 03. John & Irene Hopkins

Christmas Choir Cantata Monday- December 17th 6:00pm - Cannery

Please call the church office if we have missed your special day, so we can update our records.

Thursday - December 20th 7:00pm Queen Kaahumanu Center Sunday - December 23rd 7:00pm - Whalers Village


Exalt Worship Conference Kihei Baptist Chapel November 13-15 Cost is Free! To register call 875-2112

exalt Worship Conference

November 13th -15th, Kihei Baptist Chapel

Guest Worship Catalysts: Austin & Cami Ryan

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Collection Nov. 12-19. If you need brochures or shoeboxes, please contact the office at 661-3725.

Please let the office know at 661-3725 if you will be donating and/or buying a turkey for a Youth Scholarship Fundraiser this year. They turkeys will be $45.00 and available for pickup Thanksgiving morning. [3]

PASTOR G’S SPACE: Aloha Church  Family:   I  would  like  to  first   extend  a  Big  Mahalo  to  all  the   wonderful,  kind  folks  who   helped  us  with  the  Halloween   Outreach  this  year.  I  want  to   send  a  personal  Thank  You  to   Andy  DeMello  who  took  the   =me  out  of  his  busy  day  to  help   set  up  the  tables,  chairs,  and   water.  We  also  need  to  say   Thank  You  to  all  the  church   members  who  came  out  to   support  the  church  in  reaching   out  to  our  Community.  This   year  was  especially  nice,  in  that   we  had  many  of  our  church   members  come  out  and   support  the  effort.  IT  was  really   nice  to  see  that  you  all  have  a   desire  to  reach  the  Lost,  and   reach  the  community  for  the   sake  of  the  Gospel.  I  believe  if   we  have  a  strong  desire  to  see   our  Neighborhoods  change,  to  

see our  Schools  change,  and  to   see  our  Islands  change  then  we   will  work  together  to  reach   those  around  us.                                Did  you  know  that  God   gave  His  only  Son  so  that  you   and  I  could  have  a  rela=onship   with  Him?  He  gave  His  son  so   that  we  might  understand  how   our  lives  should  be  lived  and   how  our  character  can  be   shaped.  God  gave  us  His  all  and   He  is  asking  each  and  every  one   of  us  to  give  our  all  to  HIM.  The   Bible  says,  “we  should  give  Him   all  of  our  Heart,  Mind  and  Soul”   in  all  we  do.  He  says  “we  should   put  Him  1st  in  our  lives”  and   that  we  should  not  have  any   god’s  before  Him.    I  think   Gala=ons  2:20  says  it  best   20  I  have  been  crucified  with  

Christ and  I  no  longer  live,  but   Chris Martin, Pastor Gary Hamrick, Associate Pastor Sunday Schedule: 8:00AM Morning Worship 9:00AM Bible Study 10:15AM Mid-Morning worship Wednesday Schedule: 5:30PM DInner 6:30PM Bible Study/Student Ministry


Christ lives  in  me.  The  life  I   now  live  in  the  body,  I  live  by   faith  in  the  Son  of  God,  who   loved  me  and  gave  himself  for   me. If  we  are  truly  dead  to   self,  then  our  lives  should  be   filled  with  HIM.  If  that  is  not  the   case  then  I  ask  you  today,  have   you  given  yourself  to  Chirst,  or   have  you  been  playing  church?   We  have  many  opportuni=es   that  will  allow  all  of  you  to  be   used  by  God.  If  you  are  not   currently  serving  in  Ministry,   please  pray  about  where  it  is   that  God  wants  you.   Please  call  the  Church   Office  with  ques=ons  about   Chris=an  Service.

Aloha Ke  Akua, Pastor  Gary  

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LBC November 2012 Newsletter  
LBC November 2012 Newsletter  

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