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January 2013


PASTOR CHRIS’ CORNER Aloha kakou, Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! I pray that you had a safe and wonderful New Years Day! As we enter the New Year season, many choose resolutions to hold throughout the coming year. I could get in better physical shape and save more money, myself! But, many also choose to hold a new area of commitment in their walk with Christ. If you are looking for a new commitment to Christ for 2013, I would like to present you with a few ideas and suggestions. Ideas: Begin the new commitment with a solid goal in mind. Usually, if we specify our goal, we will have a greater chance of success. Let your goal be attainable (not fantasy!) and on a time-table. Also, start small and continue to grow in your goal – do not try to do too much at the beginning! Suggestions: Take on a new ministry opportunity – you can check with me if you cannot think of anything new. There are many opportunities to serve others in small, but meaningful ways, such as serving dinner at the

resource center once a month or helping to wash clothes for the elderly. The ministry is a blessing to you and those you are serving! Also, you can gather with other believers on a regular basis to fellowship – a cup of coffee once a week or walking or biking together can be a wonderful way to help build each other in the faith. These ideas and suggestions are just a few of the many ways you can grow in a new commitment to Christ but there are millions more! Look for ways to love Christ, love His church and love the ones He has given you a chance to be around – either at home, in town, at your school or workplace or wherever He leads you. Be His hands and feet! Mahalo again for the wonderful privilege that you have given me to be your pastor. I pray for God’s continued blessings on us all, as we grow closer to Him in 2013.


Until next month, Aloha in Christ,

Minor Prophets:    Major  Messages          God  used  prophets  in  the  past  to  call  His  people  back  to  Himself.  

JANUARY BIRTHDAYS 1. Paulo VanBramer 10. Lei Hough 15. Brandon Waiohu 17. Tyra Kinnan 20. Mireya Disher 24. Page VanBramer 25. Daniel Sprinkle 29. Ralph Bautista 31. Larry Crouthamel

As part  of  a  country  that  has  wandered  “off  course,”  we  would  be   mindful  to  remember  that  God’s  messages  are  relevant  today.    God   used  Nahum  to  reveal  that  He  judges  naFons  and  leaders  as  well  as   individuals.    Habakkuk  called  out  to  God  because  of  injusFces  and   conFnued  to  trust  in  God’s  faithfulness  to  help  him  through  the   difficulFes.    God  used  Obadiah  to  remind  the  people  of  Edom  that   God  was  mindful  of  their  disregard  and  ill  treatment  of  the   downtrodden  and  they  would  face  the  consequences  of  their   acFons.    God  used  Haggai  to  challenge  the  people  to  look  beyond   their  own  needs  and  make  God’s  direcFves  their  priority  so  He   could  bless  them.    The  challenge  for  us  today  is  to  look  beyond   ourselves  and  apply  the  messages  of  the  prophets.    

       Join  us  every  Sunday  at  9  in  January  as  we  examine  the   scriptures  from  some  of  the  minor    prophets.    Learn  with  us  as  we   work  to  apply  these  messages  to  our  lives  as  well  as  in  our   intercession  for  our  country.

Scripture for  January:   Nahum  1:7  New  InternaFonal  Version  (NIV) The  LORD  is  good,  a  refuge  in  Fmes  of  trouble. He  cares  for  those  who  trust  in  him.

january Anniversaries: 6. Cornelio & Fanny Ancheta

Please call the church office if we have missed your special day, so we can update our records.


For six weeks beginning on Wednesday, January 9th, we will be having a dynamic group study titled , “When God Speaks, “ authored by Henry and Richard Blackaby. This study co-taught by Pastor Chris and Laura-Lee will help us recognize God’s voice and respond in obedience. It is a study to prepare ourselves for the He Is Alive Easter Outreach coming up in March. The cost is $11.00 for the workbooks.

Korean Students arrive in Maui!


PASTOR G’S SPACE: Aloha Ohana  and  Friends:   What  a  Wonderful  Year  it  has   been.  I  can’t  believe  so  much  has   happened  and  yet  so  much  has  ended.   We  started  the  year  off  with  a  bang  and   just  kept  moving  forward  with  the  Holy   Spirit  of  the  Lord  leading  the  way.  I  think   about  how  many  of  our  young  people   have  been  used  by  God  and  for  His   Glory.  In  February  we  went  to  Kahului   and  assisted  in  the  Evangelism   Conference  where  our  youth  worked   alongside  6  other  MCBA  churches  and   made  sure  they  gave  their  all  to  Him.  In   March,  our  Youth  used  Spring  Break  as  a   Fme  for  them  to  reach  out  to  our  local   people  and  give  a  helping  hand  to  those   in  need.  They  truly  were  the  hands  and   feet  of  Christ.  I  will  always  remember   how  they  work  so  hard  for  two  days  for   an  unfortunate  woman  dying  of  cancer.   Shortly  a^er  the  youth  completely   cleared  out  her  yard  the  Lord  called  her   home  and  grew  the  Faith  of  our  Youth   exponenFally.  In  April,  things  did  not   slow  down  as  we  pressed  on  to  help   grow  and  develop  our  Easter  Outreach   Program.  The  youth  worked  alongside   our  LBC  adults  to  help  to  others  about   the  Love  of  Christ.  We  had  around  300   people  aaend  our  Easter  program.  

May  began  with  the  youth   beginning  their  major  preparaFon  for   summer  camp.  This  year  was  filled  with   excitement  as  we  had  for  the  1st  Fme  in   7yrs  used  a  new  Worship  Leader.  The   Lahaina  youth  responded  well  as  we   maxed  out  with  the  number  of  campers   we  can  take  to  camp.  We  had  several   youth  make  life  changing  decisions  and   6  were  bapFzed  shortly  there-­‐a^er.  The   youth  really  came  together  and  decided   to  host  an  end  of  the  summer  event   “The  Back  to  School  Bash”.    The  BTSB   had  88  youth  come  out  from  5  different   churches  across  the  island  and  the  key   note  speaker  was  fresh  from  upcountry.   Once  the  students  got  back  to  the   school  thing  we  had  them  come   together  like  never  before  and  pray  to   their  God,  that  they  would  be  HIS   People.  This  year  we  had  a  pre-­‐See  You   at  the  Pole  Rally  and  the  next  morning   was  an  amazing  site  for  sore  eyes  or  all   eyes.  Staggering  numbers  coming  in   from  all  the  Schools  on  the  Island   reported  numbers  that  no-­‐one   expected.  What  a  great  Fme  of  Prayer.  

people that  night.  The  youth  really   showed  up  strong.  I  could  see  thru  the   year  that  the  young  fresh  faces  were   beginning  to  realize  before  their  very   eyes  that  ChrisFanity  isn’t  something   that  you  watch  others  do.  It  something   that  we  all  do  together,  we  are  beaer   together  and  there  are  strengths  in   numbers.  God  can  do  anything  and  HE   will  if  we  allow  HIM  too.     Lahaina  started  strong  and  they   finished  strong.  Every  single  young   person  that  came  through  our  churches   youth  program,  is  beaer  for  it  and   because  of  it,  because  IT  is  about  HIM.   “Give  All  You  are  to  All  HE  IS” Aloha  ke  Akua Pastor  Gary  Hamrick

For  Halloween  we  went  to  the   streets  with  the  young  and  experienced.   We  set  up  water  hydraFon  staFons,   Bibles,  Tracts,  and  church  informaFon   bulleFns.  We  set  up  on  the  same  corner   and  shared  Christ  with  at  least  10   Chris Martin, Pastor Gary Hamrick, Associate Pastor Sunday Schedule: 8:00AM Morning Worship 9:00AM Bible Study 10:15AM Mid-Morning worship Wednesday Schedule: 5:30PM DInner 6:30PM Bible Study/Student Ministry


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LBC January 2013 Issue  
LBC January 2013 Issue  

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