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March 2012


PASTOR CHRIS’ CORNER Aloha kakou, The month of April brought its share of challenges for Gary and myself. Although the Easter Weekend and the following weekend with Don Piper was awesome, our health took a strange turn for the worst. We sincerely appreciate all of your prayers, cards, calls, food and gifts as we recovered. I am happy to report that we are almost back to top speed again (although that may have been part of the problems!) and we are very blessed to serve you as we reach our community and our world together for Christ. We began a study on Wednesday nights following Paul’s missionary journeys. As we are moving through his first journey, join us to learn more about Paul’s methods of ministry and the incredible ways that God used him to reach his world for Christ. This is an engaging study and contains many practical tools for us as we grow in our lives of faith.

Also, I want to encourage you again with a portion of our Sunday morning study in Colossians – Paul prayed (1:9-10) for the church that they would be filled with the full knowledge of God’s will and that they would walk in a manner worthy of our Lord. This phrase gives us a beautiful word picture in the word ‘worthy,’ which is defined as “to weigh as much as.” The picture is of the sides of a set of balances or scales – what Jesus has given you is on one side; what you give over to Him is on the other side. Let your walk with Christ weigh as much as all that He has given you – strive to resist the lure of the world and let your life be consumed with the power of Christ! Now, that is a prayer! Mahalo again for the wonderful privilege that you have given me to be your pastor. I pray for God’s continued blessings on us all, as we grow closer to Him.


Until next month, Aloha in Christ,

A Lasting Legacy


5. Vicki Shoquist Don Sprinkle 9. Damian Bautista Shaylee Rabara 10. Hamylee Waiouhu 14. Ted Nichols 21. Barbara Webb 24. Lynn Becker 26. Andy DeMello

may Anniversaries:

What lasting legacy will we leave behind? Will our legacy exhibit the foundations of our belief? Moses lived his life as a man deeply committed to God and obedient to God’s commands. At the end of his life, he prepared the people to carry on without him. His life of faith and obedience was a legacy to the Israelites as they claimed the Promised Land. Each of these people also has a lasting legacy that endures today. In despair, Hannah turned to the God of hope and poured out her heart’s desire. God granted her prayer and continued her legacy of hope in Samuel. In faithful obedience to God’s direction, Abraham trusted God to provide the needed sacrifice. God met Abraham’s need as he stepped out in faith. In honoring God’s love for him, Paul was motivated to share the love of Christ with others. He made four missionary journeys, started many churches, and wrote much of the New Testament. What kind of lasting legacy are we building? Do our lives exhibit the hope we have in Christ, faithful obedience to God’s commands, as well as the love of Christ? Join us every Sunday at 9 in May as we learn how to build a lasting legacy that promotes hope, exhibits faith in God, and motivates us to serve and love as Jesus did.

Scripture for May: 1 Thessalonians 1:3 New International Version (NIV) We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

MCBA Youth Camp June 4-8, 2012

4. Chris & Wendy Martin

MCBA Children’s Camp Please call the church office if we have missed your special day, so we can update our records.

June 25-29, 2012

Please keep all the students in prayer as we get ready for camps this summer. If you are interested in going or need more information, please call the church office at 661-3725.



PASTOR G’S SPACE: Aloha Church  Family:

consequences that  come  with   those  choices.  The  Camp     As  you  know  the  summer   registra7on  fee  is  $190  and  that   is  one  of  the  most  ac7ve  7mes   covers  meals,  lodging,   of  the  year  for  a  church.  This   transporta7on,  and  Camp   year  is  no  excep7on  as  we  plan   Curriculum.  If  you  are   for  youth  camp  and  children’s   interested  in  joining  us  for  one   camp.  Let  me  thank  each  and   of  the  greatest  7mes  of  the   every  one  of  you  for  being  a   year,  come  on  in  or  call  the   member  who  cares.  Because   office  for  further  informa7on. we  have  so  many  loving,  caring   folks  here  at  Lahaina  Bap7st      Following  Youth  Camp  is   Church  we  are  able  to  do  many   our  Children’s  Camp  which  will   Biblical  task  as  the  Lord  leads   be  held  from  June  25-­‐June  29,   us.  Coming  very  soon  is  our   and  this  is  for  all  children  who   Youth  Camp  out  in  Ke’anae.   have  completed  grades  3  thru   The  camp  is  scheduled  for  June   completed  6th  grade.  Children’s   4-­‐8  for  those  students  who   camp  is  also  on  the  YMCA   th have  completed  6  grade  and   grounds  out  in  Ke’anae  and  the   who  have  completed  the  12th   cost  this  year  is  $135  per   grade.  This  years  camp  Theme   student.  We  believe  that  you   is  Living  Life  Between  the  Trees.   can  never  start  training  a  child   A  study  that  allows  the   in  the  way  of  the  Lord  to  soon.   individual  believer  to  see  the   many  different  choices  that   come  their  way,  and  the   Chris Martin, Pastor Gary Hamrick, Associate Pastor Sunday Schedule: 8:00AM Morning Worship 9:00AM Bible Study 10:15AM Mid-Morning worship Wednesday Schedule: 5:30PM DInner 6:30PM Bible Study/Student Ministry


Train a  child  in  the  way  he   should  go,  and  when  he  is  old   he  will  not  turn  from  it.   Proverbs  22:6   If  you  have  any  ques7ons   about  camp  this  year  please   contact  the  office  or  Pastor   Gary  any  7me  at  808-­‐757-­‐1296.  

Aloha Ke  Akua  and  a  Hui  Hou Pastor  Gary  Hamrick

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