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Winter 2013


Paying It Forward

By Tom Stofac, Chief Executive Officer, The Ohio Masonic Home me these actions are the essence of “paying it forward.”

Do you know that each and

every moment of each and every day you are etching your legacy? How much time do you spend thinking about it? Of course I do but I just live my life that way. I am sure some of you are thinking right now about your legacy, but do you on a daily basis? Every single person we touch will remember a gesture, a joke, a particular phrase or emotion from the interaction we experience with them. Yes, remember does mean the impression left once we are no longer in their presence. It may be that we will never see them again or that we will, but I firmly believe it is what they remember after we are out of their presence that counts. If we perform a kind deed or act and use kind words our goodwill creates a ripple effect that lasts longer and has a greater impact than we can imagine. For

At some point in our lives, each of us has run across a rough patch. Those who surrounded us with love and care by their kind acts and words were significant in our lives as we pulled through that situation or time. With no expectations of receiving anything in return, they gave us the basis for paying it forward. We as Masons take an oath and obligation to take care of our Brothers, wives and widows. We know that we also have a responsibility to all in our communities to help those we can without harming ourselves. But in order to truly live this mission each day there seems to be key aspects of life that must be in place or we will miss it. The first is to live AWAKE and ALIVE!! Be aware of your surroundings and watch for the opportunities that present themselves. Secondly BREATHE and SLOW DOWN!!!! If we are intent on moving fast and keeping a frenetic pace, we forget to breathe the same air as the people who could use our help. Are a few minutes too long to really listen to what this person needs? If we stay awake and slow

The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly. Please report all changes of address to your Lodge secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing labels. Chad Simpson Director of Program Development The Grand Lodge F&AM of Ohio One Masonic Drive Springfield, OH 45504 614-885-5318

2 Winter 2013

Kristen Hirschfeld Communications Manager The Ohio Masonic Home 2655 W. National Road Springfield, OH 45504-3698 937-525-3025

down during our days, we will see the world around us open its arms to receive our care and support. I want you all to know how proud I am to be a Mason, and how proud I am to lead an organization that is your expression of paying it forward each day. Thank you all for your support through this next quarter and year. Together we can make a difference in people’s lives that will last a lifetime.

Partners on a Path Have you met the CEO of the Ohio Masonic Home? Do you know what exciting plans are taking place at the Home? Would you like to be more connected to what is happening and why?

The Home is happy to announce that CEO and Brother Tom Stofac will be sharing its vision in short, informative videos on its YouTube channel Ohiomasonichome. In an effort to expand communication with the Fraternity, Tom has taken it upon himself to provide monthly updates of where the Home is and where it is headed. The philosophy to care for those in distress has remained the same for over 120 years, but the circumstances surrounding the ability to do so in an innovative and personalized way have changed. Tune in to see how the Home looks forward to the coming years and the changes taking place to allow a partnering in care by asking one question... Visit: ohiomasonichome

Together We Can By James Easterling, Jr., Grand Master

I would like to thank all of the

Brethren, their ladies and other guests who attended the Grand Master’s luncheons in Florida. It was a wonderful way to start out the New Year. The weather was cool but enjoyable. We had great fellowship, and it was certainly good to “catch up” with those who either winter or now live in the Sunshine State.

I recently visited a Lodge and was amazed at the excitement of the Officers and its members. This Lodge had been “treading water” for a number of years, and the Past Masters were holding the Lodge together. I noted that there were many new faces of Brothers that I had not seen before at the meeting. I commented to the Master that it was so nice to see this change. He told me that a community project, in which they participated, brought renewed interest and new members to their Lodge. It took some time for this to happen, but he also said that it was their

Calling All Writers!

way of “paying it forward.” Now these new members are looking for new and different way to help in their community and for new ways to get members involved that they had not seen in a long time. I’m always happy to hear this and similar stories. I have said many times that excitement breeds excitement, and I know it is working around the State. The Grand Master’s One Day Class is coming up soon, and I encourage all Ohio Masons and Lodges to get involved in their Districts. April 20th and May 11th are the two dates that I have selected for this year’s Classes. I have seen many Lodges benefit from a Grand Master’s One Day Class, and I hope that this will be the case this year as well. The new educational programs that are focused on our new members, I feel, will also be a move into the right direction. We have all heard for many years that we need to work on

The Ohio Beacon is looking for volunteer content providers for its online version. These authors will provide up to date information concerning the latest Ohio Freemasonry news. This is the newest in a list of improvements the Home has undertaken to join the Fraternity in strengthening the connectivity among its members. This opportunity is a leap into *Contributions will be published to www. upon review by an the age of technology, and will bring with it the ability to share editor.

our declining membership, and I agree 150%. However, no one can accomplish this alone. I believe that for Ohio Masonry, membership is our most important issue. Building a better Fraternity for future generations starts with each and every one of us. “Together – We Can” make a difference. I was very happy to sign a petition for a man who is joining his granddad’s Lodge. He couldn’t wait to see what “the Masons” were all about. The smile on his face lets me know that there are men out there who are excited to join our great Fraternity. My Brethren, please continue to support your Blue Lodges, be active and make a difference. Together – We Can… successes and information to a more widespread community faster. It will also allow for the works and values of Ohio Freemasonry and the Ohio Masonic Home to be readily accessible to potential new members. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer content provider please contact Kristen Hirschfeld at khirschfeld@ for more information or to get started today. Winter 2013


The Ohio Beacon Online Yes that is right! In order to

website for the Ohio Beacon will allow Masons the option better serve the Freemasons of of signing up for an electronic Ohio we are expanding the Ohio version as opposed to the print Beacon from merely a print publication. By signing up magazine to an online website to receive the Ohio Beacon capable of showcasing additional electronically, each Mason is stories to and for the Fraternity. helping the Ohio Masonic Home The Ohio Masonic Home views Foundation by freeing up the this as a unique opportunity to postage and print savings from allow a strengthening of the bond that magazine to be used toward already existing between the Home one of its charitable causes. and Ohio Freemasonry. In addition to providing frequent updates and stories, the new

be a place where Masons can connect with businesses run by like minded individuals who share the same values prevalent within the Fraternity. If you are interested in advertising your business, would like to sign up to receive the Beacon electronically, or just want to read the latest news happening in the Fraternity please visit

Finally in an effort to give back to the Fraternity, the new website will include a business directory where Mason owned entities will be able to advertise for a ridiculously nominal fee. This directory will

Scholarship Deadline Approaching

Applications are due by April 1, 2013!

The Ohio Masonic Home Scholarship Program is an endowment established by the Ohio Masonic Home to provide tuition assistance for eligible full-time students working toward a bachelor’s, associate’s or other undergraduate degree program at a qualifying institution. The application deadline for the Ohio Masonic Home Scholarship Program for the 20132014 school year is April 1, 2013. Upon meeting the criteria, applicants must complete a four-page application form. Students may access the scholarship forms at the Ohio Masonic Home’s website at under the Resources directory on the left side or by the link at the bottom of the page. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Application and supporting documents must be mailed; faxed or emailed applications are not accepted. 4 Winter 2013

Road Rally Gets New Website of captain. Once signed in the The 2nd Annual Michael T.

Puskarich Miracle Miles for Memory Care Road Rally website has a brand new look and feel. Along with the new look come quite a few features that will assist drivers in participating in the Road Rally this year. There are many fun tools added to the Road Rally site. To begin, the sign-up process offers the option of using a social media login, allowing the participant to share their involvement with fans, followers, friends and more! Each driver can register individually or start a team taking the role

participant is now the proud owner of their very own mini fundraising site. There is the option to add pictures, change text, and completely personalize the space. After finishing, share the website with friends and family, invite them to go online to the page or send an email directly from the site asking them to sponsor the drive.

are out in the open making it easy to navigate from one section to another. One could say it is a rather transparent set up. Join us today by signing up to be a driver or by sponsoring an existing driver on the new site at:

Although the functionality of the site seems to require a tech-savvy skill set, in truth it is easier than programming a TV remote. It is an intuitive space which guides the participant through it, allowing customization in a user friendly atmosphere. All of the functions

August 24, 2013

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for consideration: • Have graduated from a high school (or will graduate May/June 2013) or passed the GED. • Have made satisfactory academic progress in the preceding academic year(if applicable) as indicated by completion of required credit hours and a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. • Be at least 16 but not more than 25 years of age at the time of application. • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at a college or university on a fulltime basis. • Must be an Ohio resident (even if attending an out-of-state college). • Have a Masonic membership or affiliation by establishing that the applicant or the applicant’s father, step-father, grandfather or step-grandfather is a Mason in good standing verified by a copy of current dues card or, good standing at the time of death verified by Lodge Secretary or the Grand Lodge of F.&A.M. *Masons who are students may also apply with proper documentation For more information or questions, contact Vicki Slaughter at 800-564-9016

Winter 2013


Thousands of artifacts and

Reenactors Fight to Preserve Ohio’s Civil War History

documents that tell the story of Ohio’s Civil War history lie in museums and local historical societies across the state. Many of them are crumbly away due to the lack of the funds needed to preserve them. The Army of Ohio, organized in 1999 and composed of reenacting units from Ohio and surrounding states, has answered the call to help save some of the most telling artifacts – battle flags. The group adopted as its first project the flag of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. They were able to raise $14,755 of the estimated $29,000 needed for the conservation of the 150 year old silk regimental flag. The remaining funding was obtained through several grants and partnerships.

McKinley, initiated as a Mason on May 1, 1865, was a charter member of Eagle Lodge No. 431 in Canton, which changed its name to William McKinley Lodge following the President’s death in 1901. The Army of the Ohio has recently adopted the battle flag of the 25th OVI. Once more, an estimated $29,000 will be required for the preservation of this artifact.

Like so many units, both North and South, the 25th Ohio had

The 23rd Ohio included two future presidents: Rutherford B. Hayes and William S. McKinley.

on its rolls members with Masonic ties. Private Wallace Cooley of Company I was a Mason in Caldwell where he published the Noble County Republican from 1870 to 1898. Edward C. Culp, who rose through the ranks from private to lieutenant colonel, was a 33rd degree Mason and organized the Isis Shrine Temple in Salina, Kansas, where he served as its first potentate. Corporal Henry Moose of Company B, organized in Woodsfield, was raised a Mason and served in Lodges in Ohio, Illinois and Arkansas. He became a charter member of Lodge No. 35 of Guthrie, Oklahoma and later Lodge No. 37 in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he served as the first Master.

For more information about the Army of the Ohio and their preservation efforts you may contact Bob Minton at bminton@ or 419-4202673.

Cedarville Lodge celebrates Its Centennial Cedarville Lodge celebrated its centennial with a reconsecration of the Lodge by the Grand Lodge Officers. Grand Master Easterling presented a commemorative, framed apron to the Lodge as a memento of the occasion.

Past Grand Master James M. Williamson, a member of Cedarville Lodge, noted that he was proud to be a member of a small rural Lodge with a long and distinguished history. “The rural Lodges have been the life blood of Ohio Freemasonry.” 6 Winter 2013

New crop of Great Ohioans selected

By Alan Johnson, The Columbus Dispatch


ootball coach Paul Brown, President James Garfield and inventor Granville T. Woods are the latest crop of Great Ohioans selected by the state. The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board today announced the selection of the honorees based on nominations submitted by individuals and organizations statewide. To qualify for the designation, a person must have made a significant contribution to world, national or state history and have lived in Ohio at least five years. Brown, who was born in Norwalk, Ohio, was the coach at Ohio State

University before leaving to create the Cleveland Browns football team in 1946. His teams posted a 167-53-8 record and captured four All-American Football Conference and three National Football League titles. He later became general manager and coach of the Cincinnati Bengals of the thenAmerican Football League. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Garfield, born in Orange, Ohio, was the 20th president of the United States. He served nine terms in the U.S. House of Representatives before being elected president in 1880. However, Garfield served only four months in office before being assassinated, and dying on Sept. 19, 1881. Woods, a native of

Columbus, had a long record as an inventor, developing patents for a steam boiler furnace, telephone transmitter, automatic airbrakes, and numerous electrical devices. Fellow Ohioan Thomas Edison of Milan, challenged the validity of some of Woods’ invention in court – and lost. There have been 30 other Great Ohioans recognized since 2003, including Orville and Wilbur Wright, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, Edison, Eddie Rickenbacker, Denton T. “Cy” Young, and Ulysses S. Grant. Note: Woods was an Ohio Prince Hall Mason, and Garfield was a member of several Masonic Lodges, including Magnolia Lodge No. 20 and Garrettsville Lodge No. 246, where he served as Chaplain.

3rd Annual Symposium on Freemasonry & the Civil War

This year’s symposium will be held on Saturday, May 18th from

10 am to noon at the Cincinnati Masonic Center. Tours of the National Underground Freedom Center will be available after lunch. The keynote speaker will be Michael Halleran, author of the recent history of Freemasonry in the Civil War entitled, The Better Angels of Our Nature. For more information email

Winter 2013


Who packs your parachute? Many people believe they don’t have what it takes to make a difference in the world. They deem only people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and the like, are capable of making a difference. The truth is, every one of us is put in this world to contribute and change the world in our own unique way. It need not be anything extraordinary. It just needs to be something you do with the intention of ‘doing good.’ Charlie flew 74 consecutive successful combat missions. However on his 75th mission his F4 Phantom fighter plane was shot down by a surfaceto-air missile. The plane exploded with some 12,000 pounds of jet fuel, flipping the plane topsy-turvy, end-over-end, down toward a rice paddy below. Charlie was forced to eject. The only thing between him and imminent death was his parachute which he prayed would open… finally he felt the shock of the opening canopy. During the 90 seconds of descent he was being shot at. “The audacity of this enemy,” Charlie said, “they just knocked down my multimillion-dollar airplane and now they’re trying to kill the pilot!” Charlie made 8 Winter 2013

it down to the ground alive, but was then captured and spent 2,103 brutal days as a prisoner of war in a communist Vietnamese prison camp. Many years after being repatriated, Charlie, his wife and another couple were sitting in a little restaurant in Kansas City together before going to a theater show that night. Two tables over was a guy who kept looking at him. Charlie would look back but didn’t recognize the stranger. Repeatedly he kept catching this guy staring at him. Finally the guy stood up and walked over to Charlie’s table and pointed at him with a sort of a stern look on his face and he said, “You’re Captain Plumb.” Charlie looked up at him and said, “Yes, I am Captain Plumb.” The guy said, “You’re that guy. You flew jet fighters in Vietnam. You’re a fighter pilot, part of that ‘Top Gun’ outfit. You launched from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, you parachuted into enemy territory and you spent six years as a prisoner of war.” Somewhat dumbfounded Charlie looked up at the guy and asked, “How in the world did you know all that?” The man chuckled, smiled

and said, “Because I packed your parachute.” Charlie was speechless. The man grabbed Charlie’s hand and pumped his arm and said, “I guess it worked” and walked off. Charlie laid awake that night thinking about all the times he had walked through the long narrow room with the tables, where the men packed the parachutes below sea level on the aircraft carrier. How many times he must have walked past this man without even saying “hi,” “good morning” or “good job” or “I appreciate what you do.” “How many times did I pass the man whose job would eventually save my life… because I was a jet jockey, a Top Gun racing around the sky at twice the speed of sound, because I was a fighter pilot and he was just a sailor.” Think about this for yourself. How many times in life do you pass the people who help you out the most? The people who come out of the far corners of your life just when you need them the most and pack your parachutes for you? The people who go the extra mile, the people who don’t look for the

kudos or the accolades or the achievement medal or even the bonus check— the folks who are just out there packing parachutes? So I ask you: “Who’s packing your parachute?” Everyone has someone who provides what they need to make it through the day. It’s important to point out that Plumb needed many kinds of parachutes when his plane was shot down over enemy territory-he needed his physical parachute, his mental parachute, his emotional parachute, and his spiritual parachute. He called on all these supports before reaching safety. Sometimes in the daily challenges that life gives us, we miss what is really important. We may fail to say hello, please, or thank you, congratulate someone on something wonderful that has happened to them, give a compliment, or do something nice for no reason.

how different things would be without each of us. As you go through this week, this month, this year, recognize the people who pack your parachute; and remember that we may never be in the situation of Charlie Plumb and need a parachute to save our lives; but the parachute we pack may be just as important in the life of someone we may not even know!

The lives you touch are far reaching and we usually never know how far and

Winter 2013


Grand Master Easterling

Lodge, in support of the charitable efforts of Maumee Assembly No. 30, Rainbow for Girls.

recently joined the Brethren of the 11th Masonic District for their polar plunge into the frigid, mighty Maumee River. “I’m just fulfilling my promise to the Rainbow Girls,” explained the Grand Master with chattering teeth. A few months prior to the plunge, the Grand Master learned that the young ladies of Maumee Assembly No. 30 were raising money for “Operation Thank You.” He promised them that it if

they would raise $3,000 for this project, he would take the plunge. The Grand Master is a man of his word!

This was the 3rd Annual Polar Plunge, hosted by Northern Light

“Operation Thank You” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires America’s bravest by collecting and sending a variety of cards to current military service members, veterans, and wounded warriors. For more information visit:

Pay it Forward Program gives the Gift of Freemasonry Thea Pay It Forward program allows a person to donate up to $150 towards the initiation fee of a named individual to be used at any Ohio Lodge or of an unnamed individual at a specifically named Lodge. An individual donates up to $150 through a local Lodge and completes the Pay it Forward form, specifying either a specific future petitioner or a specific Lodge. The Lodge immediately forwards the donation and form to the Grand Secretary. 10 Winter 2013

Grand Master Easterling at the Inspection of Shelby Lodge, where Worshipful Master Darrell Porter announced he would pay it forward for his grandson, who is the son of the newest member of Shelby Lodge.

The Grand Secretary will issue to the donor a Pay It Forward certificate in the name of the specified future petitioner or a certificate to the specified Lodge for the unnamed future petitioner. Upon notification of the death of the donor or at any other time at the request of the donor, the Grand Secretary will send a letter and a copy of the certificate to the individual named on the certificate, notifying him of the wishes of the donor. Pay it Forward forms are available at

Help pave the path today

to outstanding Alzheimer’s and memory care at Browning Masonic Community (BMC) and Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC). The dream of a specialized facility on our northern campuses that will provide leading edge, compassionate care to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia is fast becoming a reality. We invite you to help us pave the way to complete the

construction by purchasing an engraved paver. The Connecting Realities Memory Care Center of WRMC will be a beautiful, serene home for its residents and the site of the future Tribute Patio that will be created with the pavers. The Memorial Path at Browning Masonic Community will be located in front of Pathways Memory Care Center and be visible to the thousands of visitors who come to BMC each year.

Engraved pavers are an excellent way to commemorate your Lodge, any special occasion, recognize family members or to provide a lasting memorial for a loved one. To order your paver today go to and click on the Memory Care “read more” link or call toll free: 1-877-679-4869.

Fourth of July will be a Centennial Celebration at Put-in-Bay

The Grand Lodge of Ohio will

mark the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial on July 4, 2013. This will be truly a grand celebration, and Grand Master Easterling encourages the Brethren of Ohio to make their reservations now. “We intend this to be a celebration for the whole family,” explains Grand Master

Easterling. The day’s festivities will include a naturalization ceremony, parade, reenactment cornerstone ceremony, veterans recognition, fly over by the Blue Angels of the USAF, a concert and of course fireworks. The general event chairman is Jim Adkins,, and the housing chairman is Robert Behner, Winter 2013


Introducing the New Ohio Masonic Home Foundation!

We are very pleased to

announce that the Foundation for the Ohio Masonic Home has a new look and a shortened name. What was formerly known as The Ohio Masonic Home Benevolent Endowment Foundation is now doing business as The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. Our legal name will remain the same as filed with the Secretary of State, but other than that our messaging materials will bear the new logo and reflect our new name. We see this as an important and great opportunity to clearly state the significant charitable work of the Foundation. For too long, we have all struggled and stumbled through trying to say and write a very long

name. In the process, the message frequently was lost before the previous name was spoken. These are exciting and dynamic times at the Ohio Masonic Foundation. Our recent efforts have been to clearly define our charitable causes and the immediate needs we have to raise dollars. We have become much more active in fund raising locally, regionally and statewide. We know that we cannot merely rely on the long standing generosity of Ohio Freemasons without making a clear case statement for our needs and providing multiple opportunities and means by which to give. With this new look comes a comprehensive marketing and messaging plan, along with a vibrant and focused, outcome measured fund development plan. Donors will be given the option to designate their gifts to our core

charitable causes which include Masonic Care, Resident Care and Memory Care. We pledge that your gift will always be used for the purpose that it was given. Please feel free to ask questions. My expectation of all Foundation Staff is that you will receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers. In a nutshell, you are going to be seeing and hearing from the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation often. Our active efforts will be to tell you the important stories about our charitable work and to give you numerous and easy ways to be involved in the great work and largest expression of service and philanthropy for Ohio Freemasons. Thank you for your continued gifts. We hope you like our new look!

“I am delighted the Foundation name will truly and

transparently represent what it stands for, and that is the largest expression of service and philanthropy for Ohio Freemasons.� 12 Winter 2013

-Cathy Wigton, Ohio Masonic Home Foundation President

What Do You Aspire to Do, Be, Live?

What do you Aspire

to do, be, live, accomplish? It is a thought-provoking question and at the heart of the culture shift happening at Western Reserve Masonic Community. Aspired Living encompasses the Whole Person Wellness of our residents; the social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. It also looks to our vision that a true community of successful aging is one where older adults are living at their highest level of health, well-being and engagement. To “Kick-Off ” the philosophy of Aspired Living for our residents, a week-long series of activities and engagement opportunities were planned each day. The theme of the first day of kick-off week was Social Day on January 21 and stemmed from the residents’

desire to volunteer and pay it forward. We partnered with the Medina VFW Post 5137 to prepare care packages for 129 soldiers of the 837th National Guard out of Lorain, the National Guard Units in Akron and the Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base’s Family Support Organization. Over 60 residents volunteered to pack a variety of candy, snacks, granola bars plus an assortment of personal care items. Residents also took the time to write a personal note included in each care package. Items for the packages were supplied by a donation from Bil Jac Corporation and a grant from the BeActive BeFriend project, an initiative founded by Kathy Goebel during her time as

Lady of 2010-2011 Grand Master Brad Goebel. BeActive BeFriend is an on-going project that raises funds to support opportunities for residents to create and participate in activities that spark their interests and improve their living environment. Our Social Day activity was an example of “paying it forward”, as many of our residents either served or had family members who served in the armed forces. They understand how important it is to support our troops in any way possible and how much that support is appreciated by our soldiers.

Winter 2013


I Aspire to...

On October 16th, 1890 MWB

Leander Burdick voiced his support for what today is known as the Ohio Masonic Home. MWB Burdick, along with Brothers Iredell, Akers, Chamberlin and Brommell led the Board of Trustees toward the advancement, building and reputation that is the Ohio Masonic Home. These men had a vision for the future and worked tirelessly, undeterred in bringing their vision into reality.

The world has changed a great deal since October, 1890. One thing that has remained constant is the need for visionary leaders who are willing to look at an ever-changing landscape, and find solutions to the diversity of people’s needs and wants. Unwavering over more than 120 years is the dedication, commitment and visionary leadership of the Board of Trustees and the executive team of your Ohio Masonic Home. They are continuing this legacy with new

and innovative thinking and taking the necessary steps to further define the future of aging. It started with the commitment to assist people to age “how” and “where” they want. The Ohio Masonic Home is transforming from a Senior Living company to an Aging Services organization; from Caring For to Partnering With; from Telling How to Asking What you Desire. This overall philosophy can be summed up as, “The Trusted Resource for Aspired Living”. Aspired Living is a philosophy that will be at the center of every action taken by the Home. It asks the question of anyone, “What do you Aspire To?” It allows anyone to answer, “I Aspire To…….” The goal is to encourage people to look within themselves and determine what is it they desire to live a life that is meaningful to them. As an Aging Services

“If the great army of thoughtful, prudent, considerate and charitably inclined Masons of Ohio could be made to realize how easily this lasting monument to the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons can be erected, the work would go forward with such energy and zeal that the necessary funds would be provided...I venture the proud assertion that there is not a true Mason within this Grand Jurisdiction who would not willingly, yea gladly, contribute this small sum toward erecting a Home that would provide shelter, food and raiment for those who are worthy and require the protecting care of an institution bound by an indissoluble choice to aid and assist each other, especially when in adversity or need”. -Leander Burdick 14 Winter 2013

organization focused on an Aspired Living philosophy the Ohio Masonic Home can develop meaningful partnerships with its residents and the people whose lives are touched throughout the individual aging process. This approach will continue to differentiate the Ohio Masonic Home from other organizations throughout the state and across the country; and this is only the beginning. The Board of Trustees and the executive leadership are committed to following the example of visionary leadership that was provided back in 1890 by MWB Burdick and Brothers Iredell, Akers, Chamberlin and Brommell. The executive staff and Board of Trustees are grateful for the opportunity to serve in respectful roles and look forward to positively advancing the great works of the Ohio Masonic Home in the name of Ohio Freemasonry.

Helping Others with Dementia

Many times when a person is

diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and begins to show signs of the disease, they are written off from society as no longer being a help to others. This is not a valid conclusion. The staff at Pathways of Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) has had the privilege to work with Crossroads Memory Care Unit from its conception and have watched as many of the residents have benefited from this programming. Following are the heartening results that you might find surprising. One of SMC’s independent living residents began to show signs of dementia. Her husband came to the staff and asked if they could find a way for her to occupy her time. She had worked in the gift shop but the cash register became difficult for her to use. In light of the situation the staff spoke with some of the volunteers who graciously said they would be willing to work with her. With the volunteers operating the cash register, she would still be free to bag the merchandise and straighten up the gift shop. The situation allowed her to continue living a full life while giving back to society.

Joy Lattanner wanted to engage in more activities at which she could be successful. Her background as a former school teacher led her to join fellow Crossroads residents in traveling to Rockway school to help tutor students. Helping the children to read or learn math gives them the opportunity to continue helping in the community. Another activity in which Joy participates is when she makes her way to Crossroads to lead the Reading Roundtables. Studies have shown that even after a dementia sufferer loses the ability to talk they are still able to read. The residents on Crossroads read every Monday and discuss the story. Joy as a dementia resident helped other dementia residents to maintain or improve their quality of life. SMC residents in Crossroads have made blankets for the Abused Women and Children’s Shelter program My Very Own Blanket. When a child is taken from an abusive situation, one of these blankets is given to bring them comfort. This is yet another way in which dementia residents are making a difference.

During the month of December Linda McNeal-White began to review the test results for Crossroads and was amazed at some of the results. Eighty percent of the residents either maintained or improved in their cognitive abilities. Upon reviewing the other twenty percent, it was found that some were on Hospice Services or chose not to attend on a regular basis. It is important to acknowledge that the credit needs to go to the SMC staff who worked so diligently each day with these residents. The goal for the coming year is to find interests that will help engage the twenty percent residents so they too can have a better quality of life.

Winter 2013





2655 W National Rd Springfield, OH 45504-3698

Scan code to learn more about the trusted resource to help people age respectfully

e v a S the Date Home Day June 9, 2013

Come out and support Ohio Freemasonry through the Ohio Masonic Home’s Home Day festival! A fun family friendly event, it’s located at the Home’s campus on the edge of Springfield, Ohio. Meet fellow Masons from districts around the state, and join the Home in celebrating the largest expression of service and philanthropy of Ohio Freemasonry. 16 Winter 2013