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Living Your Dream!

Ralph Sievert’s Double

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Masons Lead Better


Masonic Aging Resource Center Here for You


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How You Want, Where You Want Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

Pioneer Lodge Duly Constituted for Civil War Re-enactment


Freemasonry....A Timeless Treasure

Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Answers Your Questions


Road Rally

Of Freemasonry


I have often been asked how I decided to join Freemasonry and what did I expect to find when I joined. The answer really comes down to my exposure to men that were active in the organization on many levels. This inspired me to research the history of the Fraternity and, in return, brought about many questions. I saw that Freemasonry had its origins steeped in centuries of development of the world around them. I saw as Masons and world leaders, men whose names I recognized from my scholastic studies. I often reflect on the time when I realized that I, too, wanted to be part of this group of men who could make a difference in so many ways. Having worked alongside two Masons for over a year and hearing of their many activities in Masonry, I wondered why they had not offered me the opportunity to join with them in those activities. It wasn’t until I realized that one needs to come to the Fraternity of his own desire, that I asked my friends to sponsor me. Although these two Brothers are no longer with us, I will never forget them.

2 SUMMER 2014

Joining Hoffner Lodge No. 253 gave me the opportunity to understand the values and principles of Freemasonry. My new Brethren portrayed the ritual in a meaningful manner. I began to realize immediately that they had done this over and over, but they knew, with each new candidate, they had the obligation to make it special. These officers brought the lessons of Freemasonry to me and helped me to understand how to live them in my daily life.

It was then that I knew I could be part of initiating new members and influencing others with my enthusiasm. My one night a month turned into a Masonic career that gave me new opportunities to share with so many dedicated Brethren. Each new step along the way allowed me to realize that there is some area of this vast Fraternity that can appeal to all good men who seek knowledge and the desire to make a difference. In the exalted position that my Brethren have entrusted to me this year, I find myself wanting to be the catalyst for improving our Fraternity and influencing the world around us. Three of the most important things I want to share are: 1. Remember your obligation and seek to thoroughly understand its meaning. 2. Seek more Light – do not stop at the 3rd degree – there is so much more. 3. Always reach out to help a brother in need. I wish everyone would see what

I see in the members of this great Fraternity. I see learned members mentoring our new members and, in turn, gleaning valuable lessons in so doing. I see Lodges more involved with their members. I see our young men today looking for something to grasp onto that will allow them to make a difference in the world around them. As I rolled out my program last year, I asked our incoming leaders to hold a Table Lodge, an ancient tradition that involves the members of the Lodge in a festive board setting. The response was heartwarming as many Lodges did this for the first time and I was pleased to attend many of them. This type of internal activity will strengthen a Lodge and bring out leadership potential. Lois and I are extremely grateful for the support received from our Ohio Masons as they embraced the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation this year. In recognizing that we are our own Special Interest Group, and bringing awareness to that fact, the Brethren stepped forward, once again, ensuring that we will continue to look out for our members during their time of need for years to come. From my first exposure to our Masonic Homes, I have considered them to be our primary purpose, as we are obligated to in every Charter hanging in every Lodge; the care of our worthy and distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans. I asked a representative from the Ohio Masonic Home

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Into Reality

TURNING DREAMS the fullest, and should therefore pay attention to the butterflies that fly in our heads and hearts. Thus, we need to do that terrible task of planning. Most people do not like to plan, but without it our dreams slowly fade away. Planning takes discipline and time, but if we are to make our dreams realities it is worth it. I read something once that said, “Dreams are just dreams unless you have a plan. Plans turn dreams into realities.” Dreams are like butterflies that float around in our heads and our hearts; all of them are beautiful and bring smiles to our faces. The true dreams keep nagging at us like a butterfly that keeps landing, trying to tell us something. These are the dreams we need to put plans to and bring to reality. We all have dreams and if we are honest with ourselves, we often just let them stay dreams because we feel that they are unattainable. We use excuses like I’m too old, or I’m too tired, or the worst one… I don’t deserve it. These are limiting phrases we play in our heads that send us down the rabbit hole of just surviving life. I think we all deserve to live life to

As we take this time to plan our future, I encourage all of you to reflect on what your dreams are and plan how you would like to attain them. Most importantly, tell someone. You might find someone with a common interest and gain a partner who will encourage you while you pursue your dreams. Dreams can and do come true and we can all live the dream of caring for one another, being compassionate to each other, and expressing concern that we all do the right thing for the right reason.

We here at the Ohio Masonic Home, along with the board of trustees and executive staff are beginning a strategic planning process that will take us into the Enjoy the months ahead and next three to five years. This is the I wish you well on your time to take the dreams we all have of being the trusted resource to help journey to living your dreams. people age respectfully, and begin planning how we will bring them to reality over the next few years. We want to live our collective dream of being the largest expression of service and philanthropy for Free and Accepted Masons in Ohio. We dream of being your Ohio Masonic Home and serving as many of our brethren as possible as the partner in the aging The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly. journey. Please report all changes of address to your

Lodge secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing labels.

Chad Simpson Director of Program Development The Grand Lodge F&AM of Ohio One Masonic Drive Springfield, Ohio 45504 614-885-5318

Kristen Hirschfeld Manager, Communications & Marketing The Ohio Masonic Home 2655 W. National Road Springfield, Ohio 45504-3698 937-525-3025 SUMMER 2014


Worshipful Brother Ralph Sievert is shown receiving his 70-year Grand Lodge membership certificate from Right Worshipful Brother Eric Schau. Sievert is also a Meritorious Service Recipient from the Valley of Cleveland Scottish Rite. He received a 70-year membership certificate from the Scottish Rite at the same award presentation – marking this special double milestone.

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Available Again!

Foundation (OMHF) to bring comments in each of our districts and display to our members the work that they do for us and our families. At the last reception, our OMHF President, Mrs. Cathy Wigton and our Home CEO, Brother Tom Stofac, announced that this past year the contributions have set a new record. My hope is that we all continue to remember our Homes in donations with our dues and bequests, but most especially in our hearts. As we now prepare to close out another fiscal year, let us not close out our enthusiasm for our Fraternity. Rather, let us renew that fraternal spirit that has made Freemasonry strong for so long. Back to the earliest of times, that spirit will continue as long as the world is here. Our communities need what we have in our treasured values and principles. Our country was founded on these same values and it desperately needs us to bring it back to that standard that made this country a world leader. Remember, our Fraternity has survived these many centuries because of those who came before us and will continue because of your dedication to our Gentle Craft. Always remember…..Freemasonry is a Timeless Treasure.

4 SUMMER 2014

The Grand Lodge of Ohio has recently resuscitated the once common practice of providing hardbound Masonic membership certificates – often called a Masonic Diploma. For much of the 19th century, Masons carried these bound certificates as they travelled westward across the Great Plains, fought in the Civil War, and visited the distant shores of the world. They were the preferred method used to prove a man’s Masonic membership when away from home. However, the modern dues card put an end to this practice in the United States some time in the 20th century. Foreign Grand Lodges have never adopted the use of dues cards, which can cause difficulties for American Masons traveling abroad. The blue cover when closed will fit into the breast pocket of a sports coat, and when opened, it reveals a convenient clear holder for a current dues card and a certificate, bearing the owner’s name, signature, lodge information, and the signatures of the Grand Master and Grand Secretary. Those interested in obtaining one of these classic bound diplomas can do so by contacting the Grand Secretary’s office at 800292-6092. The cost of the personalized, bound diploma is $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Hamilton County, the Cincinnati Historical Society, the Cincinnati Police Museum, the University of Cincinnati Archives, Marietta College and the author’s personal collection.

Cincinnati’s Freemasons by Donald I. Crews will be published October 6 by Arcadia Publishing as part of their Images of America series. The book traces the history of Freemasonry in Cincinnati using over 200 images. The photographs were selected from collections of lodges, individual members, the Public Library of Cincinnati and


Worshipful Brother Crews is a Past Master of Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge No. 2, Cincinnati’s oldest lodge, celebrating 223 years this month. WB Crews is a reference librarian for the Washington-Centerville Public Library and the unofficial archivist for Nova Caesarea Harmony Lodge’s extensive collection of records going back to the late 18th century. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at this October’s annual session of the Grand Lodge.

Lead Better

The Grand Lodge of Ohio has announced a new Masonic experience for its up-and-coming leaders, called Masons Lead Better. It is designed to help an individual Brother take the Masonic ritual that he has heard many times and learn practical ways he can use it to improve himself, his family, his job performance, his Lodge and his community. A Brother’s Lodge, The Grand Lodge of Ohio and Masonry in general will benefit greatly by providing this method to improve the individual Mason and create more effective leaders. This experience will be offered in each Masonic District and will consist of a one day workshop, to be followed by ongoing coaching and instruction using online conferences. You can apply online or obtain an application

from your District Advisor. To apply online or to learn more, visit masonsleadbetter. com. This program will be facilitated by Mike Clevenger, a Past Master of New England Lodge No. 4. Mike is a founding partner of The John Maxwell Team, an international organization of coaches, trainers and speakers who all have been trained personally by Dr. Maxwell. He also is a founding partner of The Deeper Path Team, an international organization founded by Kary Oberbrunner that helps individuals realize their potential and live their passions.


at Findlay Msonic Complex Team USA Girls’ Fast Pitch Softball team visited Findlay, Ohio to practice for their exhibition games at the Lady Trojan ball diamond. The Findlay Masonic Complex provided them with some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The team included twenty-two girls, ranging from juniors in college to graduates, with a staff of an additional twenty. The girls had requested the use of the complex to have a getaway evening, and the Brothers of Findlay Lodge decided to share with them a taste of Findlay. The lodge provided the team and staff with a meal consisting of the famous Findlay Fern Cafe meatloaf with potato salad, coleslaw, chips, fruit, and drinks. The Ohio-known Dietsch Brothers ice cream was served for dessert. The team will be reduced in numbers following the two exhibition games from twentyfour to seventeen members. Then they will start their tour of the USA and Europe. SUMMER 2014

5 for you!

MASONIC AGING RESOURCE CENTER The past months at the Masonic Aging Resource Center have been filled with wonderful opportunities to learn about what types of aging challenges Ohio Masons are facing. We have received calls ranging from individuals needing to purchase shower chairs to families who do not know which way to turn when it comes to care needs. The range has been wide and it has taught us that we never know what we will be helping with next when the phone rings. Several weeks ago, we received a call from a Mason’s daughter. She was

On June 5, members of Benjamin Franklin Lodge put a very special twist on their regular family movie night. In addition to showing the crowd-pleasing Disney movie Frozen, their guest of honor was Livvy Steubenrauch, the voice of young Anna in the movie.

6 SUMMER 2014

overwhelmed because her mother was in the hospital and the hospital discharge planner had threatened to call Adult Protective Services if she took her mother home after discharge. The hospital felt that her father was unable to provide sufficient care for his wife in their home. She was in a panic, as anyone would be. After meeting, we discovered that her father was quite capable of providing excellent care for his wife as he had been for several years. All that he needed was the support of products and services. A Masonic Life Coach met with the family, made some simple recommendations and communicated the plan to the hospital discharge planner (at the request of the family). Several weeks have passed since this event and the couple is living in their home and doing well.

Little Livvy was truly the star of the event. She lives in Harrison, Ohio, and attended with her family. She has chosen to support the Dragonfly Foundation as her charity. This foundation assists gravely ill children, treated at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Over $200 was collected for this worthy charity. The Lodge invited Masons and their families, who were encouraged to bring along friends and relatives that were not members of the Lodge. There were over 200 people in attendance,

It is opportunities such as these that are the foundation of the Masonic Aging Resource Center. This couple has the right to make their own decisions about how and where they want to age. It is our privilege to be able to partner and advocate on their behalf. The Masonic Aging Resource Center is your go-to place for answers on any and all subjects related to aging. Whether you need advice on which brand of shower chair is the best, or need assistance caring for a loved one or want to know what you can do to maintain the current healthy path you are on….we are here for you.

and everyone shared in a picnic potluck dinner. The Lodge hosts family movie night because, “without the family being involved, we believe that we are not doing all we can to let people know what a great fraternity to which we belong,” explained Bud Haacke.

for Civil War Reenactment

Grand Master Norman J. Mick, with the assistance of Grand Lodge Officers and members of the 1st Masonic District, constituted Pioneer Lodge on Saturday, July 12 at the Heritage Village near Sharonville, Ohio. Pioneer Lodge is a special lodge of Master Masons, which was formed to allow its members to more fully reenact the history of the Civil War by holding Masonic lodge meetings as part of their reenactment experience. The Lodge will meet at Civil War reenactments around the state and may perform courtesy work at the request of regular Lodges – particularly for candidates who are Civil War reenactors. Worshipful Brother William “Butch” Foster is their first Master, Brother George Moore is their first Senior Warden, and Worshipful Brother Richard Helwig is their first Junior Warden. Those interested in learning more should contact Worshipful Master Foster at

to Support Special Olympics


“We’ve done it again,” explained Grand Master Norman J. Mick as he presented a check for $175,000 to Ohio Special Olympics. “This check is a token of the untiring support of Freemasons for Ohio’s Special Olympics athletes.” “I’ve chaired Special Olympics committee of our Grand Lodge for 15 years now, and it almost runs itself,” said Michael Cecil. “It’s a regular part of what many lodges do. Yellow Springs Lodge No. 421 contributed $2,000 this year, and they’ve been supporting Special Olympics like that for the last fifteen. They are just one example out of many that I could mention.” The crowd went wild when 380 Freemasons dressed in their traditional aprons, black slacks and white shirts led the parade of athletes into Jesse Owens stadium to officially start the 2014 Summer Games.

4th Annual Crooksville Community Celebration


July 4, 2014 marked the 238th anniversary of the Declaration of American Independence and the fourth consecutive Independence Day celebration hosted by Peerless Lodge No. 591 for the village of Crooksville. The celebration included a parade, car show, food and fun for the whole family and the customary fireworks show to cap off the day. “From about 1997 to 2011 Crooksville didn’t have a fourth of July celebration,” explained Christopher Mohler, Past Master of Peerless and president of the village council. “Members of Peerless Lodge started talking about reestablishing our community festival in 2010, and our first one was held in 2011. We have a number of Brothers who are active in area government, community organizations and local churches, so we were able to coordinate the effort and to get the word out.”

Peerless Lodge is well known in Crooksville for its community involvement. The Lodge works to raise money to support various projects and groups through its Saturday morning breakfasts. Each fall, they raise money to support the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams and each spring, for boys’ baseball and girls’ softball teams. Additionally, the Lodge has organized a Secret Santa program since 2009. The Brothers raise the money for the event, shop for all the gifts and wrap them. Families are also provided with a food basket when they pick up the gifts for their children. SUMMER 2014


FREEMASONRY Special O Fantasti c

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8 SUMMER 2014

State Secreta



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The Ohio Masonic Home is Your Trusted Partner... HOW YOU WANT Bob and his wife, Dorothy, have lived at Browning Masonic Community since 2008. Bob has many passions besides his beautiful wife. He enjoys woodworking and often has many projects going at the same time. Bob has won awards from Leading Age for some of his projects

and he is very generous with his time and talent when it comes to Sarah’s Kitchen. To date, Bob has created special picture frames for resident pictures from such events as our “Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon” and our “Side Road Travel Club” destinations; by the way, he also takes all the pictures. Bob is an avid photographer and is on the spot to take pictures for all the events. He then prints them out and puts them in photo albums every year. He heads up the committee for our vegetable garden, swims twice a week at Sunshine Children’s pool with the water exercise


class, is an active member of the Resident Council, heads up dominoes and billiards on a weekly basis and it would be very, very unusual for him to miss any event on the calendar! He does it all and he keeps thinking of new things to add to the Life Enrichment calendar. Who knows what he will come up with next? It sure is fun to wait and find out!

Bob is a wood worker, creating beautiful and imaginative canes for anyone who needs one. He takes on projects in the wood shop, turns out craftsman quality work and repairs beautiful old furniture. If someone likes what he does, he gives it to them! Bob is always looking for new projects. He is a kind, caring and generous man, always willing to go the extra mile to help someone out. He’s always there with that million dollar smile and a joke. You might find him in the lounge, talking to any resident who may be a little lonely. He is truly a champion at meeting new people! Bob is also an avid walker, bike rider and bird watcher, so spring, summer and fall are his favorite times of year. He is very much into nature and many of the “Side Road Travel Club” and “Browning Active Men” outings, visits to metro parks, beaches and other points of interest in Northwest Ohio, are of his design. He is always taking on new projects and coming up with new ideas to keep busy but he is never too busy to stop and talk and kid around.

10 SUMMER 2014

to Help People Age Respectfully WHERE YOU WANT Aspired living is more than just an idea at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC). Residents and employees are encouraged to pursue their various aspirations—big and small—and it is oftentimes a team effort to help make them a reality. We are proud to say that we have exceeded even our own expectations! Homer is a resident at WRMC. He has regularly attended church every Sunday for most of his life. Due to circumstances, his family is no longer able to drive him every week. Homer expressed his desire to continue going to a resident specialist. She wanted to make this happen for Homer, so she volunteered her Sunday mornings escorting and attending church with him each week. After several weeks, Homer is now comfortable enough with the routine that he is able to attend on his own, only needing the escort to and from the church. Blin spent years as a board member for the Akron Youth Symphony. During his years on the board, he was a major influence in having the Kiwanis, of which he is a member, donate to the Symphony. The Kiwanis continue to earmark those funds to this day. Blin was recently recognized for these incredible efforts by the Akron Youth Symphony at a concert performed in Medina. Julius is a resident who has always had an interest in art. He has taken watercolor and drawing classes at WRMC and wanted to expand that education. He attended drawing classes at the Medina County Career Center this past spring to further advance his skills.

Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) employees also strive to achieve their goals. Ashley is a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) for skilled nursing. In June, she competed in an essay and poster contest against other STNAs across the state in the Heart of Caring Program, part of the 37th Annual Career Nursing Assistants’ Week Convention & Recognition Program. Ashley won 1st place for her essay, which focused on person centered care, detailing what it means to her and how it has affected her, the residents at WRMC and her peers. Ashley was a part of Team WRMC that attended a four-day Ombudsman program on person centered care this spring. WRMC has sent a total of 12 staff members to this valuable program over the last several years. New opportunities at WRMC, such as open dining and the implementation of Point Click Care, have grown from this participation. Deb and Junelle, also STNAs, presented a lecture and demonstration of proper transfer and use of walkers at this year’s convention. It was a wonderful opportunity for WRMC employees to pursue their aspirations and share their knowledge and experience with others. We are very fortunate to have an organization filled with residents and employees who enjoy challenging themselves to reach their aspirations. It is never too late to set a new goal and WRMC is pleased to be the partner that helps make these ambitions come to fruition! We look forward to many more success stories in the years to come. SUMMER 2014


Laying Ceremony CORNERSTONE

Sunday, June 8, 2014 began as an overcast day with the promise of rain by mid-morning. Despite the weather hundreds of defiant souls gathered to witness the Masonic Cornerstone Laying Ancient Ritual taking place at Springfield Masonic Community. Following a processional, participated in by the Masons there gathered, the ceremony, presided over by Norman J. Mick, Grand Master and Grand Line Officers of F. & A.M., ushered in the pledge of a new undertaking in the form of the new Scottish Rite building to be constructed on the campus. Witnessed by the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Ohio, Master of Ceremony Most Worshipful Brother James M. Williamson, Honorable Mayor Warren Copeland, Chief Executive Officer of the Ohio Masonic Home Brother Thomas J. Stofac, and President of the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, Mrs. Cathy Wigton, the ritual bolstered the spirits of Ohio Masonic Home Day attendees and reaffirmed the importance of the Masonic presence that blesses the Ohio Masonic Home. Many thanks and much appreciation go out to those who joined us in person and spirit on this day and others.

12 SUMMER 2014



Helps New Officers

MASONIC AGING SERVICES PRINT SHOP It’s that time of year again. Lodges will be returning to labor, and new officers are making plans to take leadership of their Lodges and Districts. The Masonic Aging Services (MAS) Print Shop is here to help you make these transitions easier and economical. This time of year Lodge and District newsletters, directories and pocket calendars, business cards and other materials are mainstays to keep your officers and members informed and up-to-date. The MAS Print Shop also performs custom laser engraving, and we have all the logos and common colors for all the various Masonic organization name badges. The MAS Print Shop was created as an implement in the fraternal toolbox to help Lodges communicate with their members while being a little easier on the budget. Our professional staff and modern equipment are located at the Springfield campus and we would be happy to help with all of your custom design, printing and engraving needs. Visit the MAS Print Shop online today at

Oxford Lodge No. 67 recently celebrated the naval commissioning ceremony of Brothers Adam Schalk and Timothy Mangold, who were both NROTC Midshipmen at Miami University. They received their commissions as Ensigns in the U.S. Navy just prior to graduation from Miami. The commissioning was a public ceremony that took place in the city park directly across from the Lodge. A reception for the family and friends of the two new Ensigns was held at the Lodge. Brother Schalk will be stationed out of Naval Station Mayport, Florida, driving a guided missile cruiser, and Brother Mangold will be stationed out of Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, flying jets. Oxford Lodge is proud of these two Brothers for the successful completion of their degrees at Miami University and for their service to the Nation.

14 SUMMER 2014

Ohio Masons who are currently Verizon Wireless customers and who have a price plan with a monthly access fee of $34.99 or greater, can now receive an 18% discount from Verizon Wireless. Normally, this kind of discount is only available to employees of large corporations. However, the Verizon Wireless Employee End User Program is again available to all Ohio Masons. For the details on how to sign up for this discount, visit or call the Grand Secretary’s office at 800-292-6092.

Answers Your Questions!

OHIO MASONIC HOME FOUNDATION Over the past year, members from the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation have been blessed with the gift of visiting over 250 Lodges throughout the state of Ohio. While each visit afforded them the opportunity to share the mission and deeds of the Ohio Masonic Home and its charitable outreach, these meetings also brought to light various needs and questions within the Fraternity regarding the Home. In response to those frequently asked questions, this article has been written to share the answers with the Masons with whom we have not yet met. So please continue reading to see if any of your questions are answered below. Is there an asset surrender policy? No, none of the campuses or subsidiaries associated with the Ohio Masonic Home have an asset surrender policy. This holds true for all three communities and our home health. How do I make a donation to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation? Donations can be given to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation in a variety of ways. By mail donors can send gifts to: Ohio Masonic Home Foundation 2655 W. National Rd. Springfield, Ohio 45504 Online, visit: and click on the GIVE button Or in person to any Foundation staff member. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization and therefore all tax exempt and charitable contribution non-profit IRS guidelines apply.

to Your Events & Meetings!

INVITE US Cathy Wigton President (937)631-4821 Statewide Presentations

Mark Harris Northern Ohio Fund Developer (419)878-1814 Serving Districts: 4, 5, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25

Dan Shirk Southern Ohio Fund Developer (937)525-4973 Serving Districts: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 23


Donor Lapel Pins A little less than a year ago the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation (OMHF) designed an Annual Giving Program which began October 2013 and continues through October 2017. Donors giving $100 over the course of the first year (from October 2013 through December 2014) receive an OMHF Lapel Pin with a Hanger Bar for that calendar year. As we approach the end of the year, we want to remind donors that December 31, 2014 is the last day they are able to give $100, if they have not already done so, and remain in the running to receive the Ohio Masonic Home (OMH) 125th Anniversary Men’s Tie and Ladies’ Scarf Set. Any donor who meets this $100 level each year from 2014 through 2017 will be recognized at the OMH 125th Anniversary Celebration at Home Day in June 2017 and receive the OMH 125th Anniversary Men’s Tie & Ladies’ Scarf set. On Home Day in 2017, when the organization celebrates its 125th anniversary, donors will be acknowledged for contributions accumulated between October 2013 and Home Day 2017. Show your support today by contributing to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation and help us continue to be the largest expression of service and philanthropy of Ohio Freemasons for another 125 years. Note: Donations which were made prior to October 2013 will not be applied toward this program. After June of 2017, donor recognition gifts will likely be refreshed for future years. SUMMER 2014 15




Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID OH Masonic Home

2655 W National Rd Springfield, OH 45504-3698

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Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

Road Rally


Starting Points Across the State

AUGUST 23, 2014 It isn’t too late to come out and join us for the 3rd Annual Miracle Miles for Memory Care Road Rally!

All proceeds benefit Memory Care services and programming at our three communities in Medina, Springfield, and Waterville. We have again set the goal this year to raise $100,000. So whether you drive a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle or even a tractor, load up the family, choose a starting point or form your own, and come join us for a day you will not want to miss. For those who are unable to come out and drive with us, feel free to join us in spirit by visiting and sponsoring a driver.

Springfield Masonic Community @ 8:00am 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, OH 45504 Browning Masonic Community @ 8:30am 8883 Browning Dr., Waterville, OH 43566

Western Reserve Masonic Community @ 8:30am 4931 Nettleton Rd., Medina, OH 44256

All riders will meet at Competition Accessories @ 12:00pm 343 W Leffel Lane Springfield, OH 45506 Leave Competition Accessories @12:30pm Travel to Tailgate Party Featuring Izzy Stone Band at Ohio Masonic Home 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, OH 45504 Presenting Sponsor