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A Message

from the

Dear Brethren, As we enter Spring of 2022, our Ohio Masonic Home continues to evolve and innovate as we progress on our journey to become a leading Provider of Choice. One of the most profound changes over this time has been the richer understanding of, and commitment to, sustainability and growth. Building on strong commitments to our Brethren, Residents, and Employees, our leadership vision brings together what we believe are essential components to maintain The Ohio Masonic Home's long-term health and growth. The success of our mission requires that we constantly work to achieve our goals through integrated initiatives that place a high priority on moving us forward. At Western Reserve Masonic Community, we have been making tremendous progress on the construction project that will bring fifty-six new independent living apartments and a new state-of-the-art, fifty-bed nursing center to the Medina community. For our Browning Masonic Community, we have undertaken several projects to enhance the experience of our community members and their families. We are in the process of updating the corridors, renovating the dining room, and adding a small pub area, as well as refreshing and enhancing our Pathways memory care unit. These updates will allow us to provide a more enriched living experience for all. Springfield Masonic Community is currently planning to reposition skilled nursing and assisted-living services for the community, which will enhance our resident experience by consolidating services into a central location on campus. In addition, we have several projects underway to update corridors, care areas, and infrastructure. As we continue to grow and change, we took delivery of four new MedMizer beds in our skilled units that allow our staff and residents additional comfort and ease in use. These beds, designed to pivot and raise, will enable the resident to lift themselves out of bed and assist our staff in ambulation and transfer. For more information on MedMizer and the ActiveCare Bed, please visit www.med-mizer.com or www. youtube.com/MedMizer ActiveCare Bed. As we continue forward, we are excited about where The Ohio Masonic Home is going and what the future holds. The growth on our campuses and a focus on building a strong sense of community align with our vision of being a Provider of Choice while creating opportunities for greater collaboration and alignment across the organization and in the communities we serve. Thank you for your continued support! Fraternally, Brother Scott Buchanan CEO, The Ohio Masonic Home


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After much consideration, the difficult decision has been made to cancel Home Day 2022. Please stay connected with our Ohio Masonic Home on Facebook (@theohiomasonichome) and at www.ohiomasonichome.org.

SAVE-THE-DATE OMH Foundation Golf Classic June 13, 2022

Rose Society Ball September 24, 2022

A Message

from the

Hello Brethren! I have now reached the end of the second quarter of my term as Grand Master of Ohio – and it has certainly been busy! Grand Master’s Reception season is well underway, and I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling around the state to visit with the brethren and their ladies over the past several months. As I reflect forward on the months ahead, all I can think about is the long list of things that your Grand Lodge wants and needs to accomplish. The future of this organization is at the forefront of our thoughts, and we are striving to make our great Fraternity more vibrant, more relevant, and more meaningful to our members and to our communities. On April 19, I presented my second quarterly update to the brethren. We made great progress in the first quarter, and have accomplished even more in the second quarter – including the completion of our new centralized annual dues process. Our initial analysis shows that the new dues process has helped reduce our suspension for nonpayment of dues to the lowest level in a decade (which is GREAT news!). Your Grand Lodge will now be focusing on the second part of the annual membership cycle – which includes implementing a new process that allows members who were suspended this year to reinstate their membership (both online and via the mail). We will also be implementing a Grand Master’s Restoration Program that will allow members from previous years to rejoin our ranks as members in good standing. We believe that these efforts, combined with the new annual dues process, will help significantly drive down our membership losses over the years to come. Another successful accomplishment that occurred in the second quarter was the raising of more than 700 men at the Grand Master’s Class events that were conducted across the state on March 26. Additional Grand Master Class events are scheduled over the coming months – and we expect to have many more men introduced and brought into our great Fraternity during the summer and fall. I will be announcing (shortly) that I will be permitting Lodges to conduct stated meetings over the summer months (when they normally would be dark). We lost some time in the fall months due to some of our Lodges not meeting because of concerns with COVID – and I want to give those Lodges the opportunity to achieve the required

Find the 8-Ball

Congratulations to Robert Sochia II of Albany Lodge #723 in Albany, Ohio, the winner of last edition’s Find the Badge search! There were 4 Badges in the last edition. OMH Community Members lead the way in living their best lives. Our campuses listen and act to support them. One such example can be found on Page 12, 'What Do You Know About Playing Pool?' Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the 8-Ball graphic to the right (do not count the example graphic).

Grand Master

number of stated meetings (and give them more time to work on making Masons). This edict will allow all Lodges to continue the petition process, vote on candidates, conduct traditional degree work -- and conduct additional Grand Master Class events during this time. I will also be announcing that the date to qualify for the Grand Master's Award will be pushed out until the end of September (providing an additional two months for Lodges to qualify for the award). As you know, one of my goals for the year is to lay the foundation for our Fraternity to be able to turn the tide on our membership losses -- and start to grow our organization in the years to come. To do so, we must all try different ways of doing things -- and start to adapt our organization to support the future generation of younger men that will be knocking on our doors in the years and in the decades ahead. Our Fraternity must stop waiting for men to seek out our organization – we must go find them. We must start searching out, attracting, and actively recruiting the next generation of men who will fill our ranks when the scythe of time comes knocking at our door. We can no longer simply hope that society will change, and that men will come pouring into our Fraternity like they did after World War I and World War II. We must act now, and we must start taking decisive actions to move this organization into the future. To the brethren (and ladies) who are reading this, I ask that you push the envelope on what we can all do in the coming months and in the coming years. Do not accept what we have always done as a reason to keep doing what we have been doing. Reflect on the future of our organization – and take action now. The future of our organization really does depend on it. God bless you, God bless our country, and God bless our great Masonic family. Timothy S. Wheeland Grand Master Grand Lodge of Ohio Submit the correct answer along with your contact information (name/address/phone) and Lodge affiliation to The Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: OMH Marketing, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at OMHmarketing@ohiomasonichome.org by Friday, June 10, 2022, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of The Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) SPRING 2022 3

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

A Message


The Grand Secretary

Brethren and Friends all, Spring has arrived in Ohio, and in typical Ohio fashion it is snowing in Springfield as I write this column in April. It’s a good time to check in on your friends and neighbors. Living our tenets is a much-needed therapy for us all. With the greatest of these being Relief, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on our Fraternal legacy as Masons responsible for assuring the future of our great fraternity, as well as providing relief to our Brethren, widows and orphans when those needs arise. The brotherhood we share, the philanthropies we create and support, the alliances we build in our communities – all depend on our vision, leadership, and financial support. The Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation was established to offer support to both members and non-members at their time of need. Our deepest gratitude goes to those having the vision to create such a tool for Ohio Freemasonry to proudly support. There are five separate funds for you to consider when designating your giving: Relief - The Charitable Foundation Relief Fund was the initial vision our forefathers had when creating the fund to offer aid. Continue our tradition of providing relief to our Brethren, widows and orphans. It’s a great place to consider when making your charitable donations each year. Scholarship - Thank you to our Masonic License Plate program supporters. Because of you, the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund has received over $37,400.00 since Sep 2021. These funds are applied directly to the Scholarship Program for High School Scholarship recipients around the state.

Veterans and First Responders fund continues to grow since its’ inception thanks to your support. Initiatives are underway to provide aid where needed to thank your Veterans and First Responders for their dedication to serve and protect. Museum and Library fund is used to maintain and preserve our history as well as provide resources to share with our membership and community alike. Masonic Model Student Assistance Program fund is supporting programs around the state for both students and teachers. A recent MMSAP program in Columbus brought together Masonic Youth from around the state for a day of education and fellowship. For more information on any of these Charitable Foundation efforts, go to www. Freemason.com. Many Lodges also support charities at their local level. Hospice, Local Community Kitchens, Habitat for Humanity, groups that provide beds or food for children, and Special Olympics Ohio. If your lodge needs assistance connecting with your County SOO group to volunteer or make donations, you can find their regional map with contacts for your county at www.sooh.org/regional-map. It’s an honor to serve the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The office staff is committed to serve you, so please call on us if we can be of any assistance. It’s a Great Day for Freemasonry! Keith W. Newton, PGM, Grand Secretary

Grand Master Receives 60-year Service Award Congratulations Most Worshipful Brother C. Rolland Lattanner, Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, 1983-1984, who received his 60-year service award from MWB Timothy S. Wheeland on Tuesday April 5, 2022, at the Northwest Masonic Temple! In attendance (from left to right): DDGM Adam Michael, RWB Frank Carson, RWB Greg Brewer, MWB Doug Kaylor, MWB C. Michael Watson, MWB Steve Cokonougher, MWB Timothy Wheeland, MWB Ron Winnett, MWB Michael Himes, RWB Ebby Brewer, RWB Wayne Fischer, RWB Ward Weber, RWB Ken Cohen, RWB Cliff Nicol as well as Brothers from MWB Lattanner’s home Lodge New England No. 4 & Family.

4 SPRING 2022

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Grand Master's One Day Class March 26, 2022 Over 743 new Master Masons raised! Welcome to Ohio Freemasonry!


FALL GRAND MASTER'S ONE DAY CLASS September 10, 2022 – Dayton Masonic Center

B rothers & M asons ! How often do you have 208 years of Masonic Service in one picture with only four Brothers present? Not Often! This picture of the Well Brothers was taken last fall at a family gathering. They have been members of Harrisonville Lodge No. 411 combined for 208.5 years!! All are 50-year members with Bro. Larry Well being the longest Mason (54 years). The family has been active inside the Lodge during this time as well! Jerry is a Past District Deputy Grand Master of the 12th District, Past Master, and current Lodge Education Officer. Larry is a Past Master and the current Chaplin of Harrisonville 411. Although Vernal and Richard have not held a formal chair at Harrisonville, they have continued to be active and present at Harrisonville throughout the years! The Well’s Family Tradition will continue to hold strong in the future! Vernal’s son (Jackie) has been a Harrisonville Mason for 42 years, and Jerry’s son (Ryan) has been a Harrisonville Mason for 13 years! Pictured (from left to right): Bro. Vernal Well - 53 years., Bro. Richard (Dick) Well - 51 years., WB Larry Well - 54 years., and RWB Jerry Well - 50 years.



The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Father & Son Featuring WB James (Jim) Hieb, PDDGM, Current Junior Deacon, and Bro. Kyle Hieb, current Senior Steward of Stonington Lodge No. 503. Question for Jim: This is the 2nd time through the officer chairs at Stonington Lodge No. 503, what brought you back into the line? I’ve always believed that Past Masters have a responsibility to step back into the line when a vacancy exists. Too often, we see young officers feeling forced to skip officer chairs. That is unfortunate because they miss out on the experience of holding each office. I remember a wise Past Master (he happened to be my father-in-law and Kyle’s grandfather) telling me, “cherish each officer chair, learn from the experience, and don’t skip chairs because it will only cheat you in the long run.” Of course, learning that our Worshipful Master might be appointing Kyle as a Steward played a large role in the decision to accept the Junior Deacon chair as well. Question for Kyle: When you got appointed into the line, did you already know that your father would be serving as Junior Deacon? Yes, I did. I didn’t want to be appointed at the time, but when Dad said that he was going to do it too, that helped change my mind. Question for Kyle: When you found out your father would be in line with you, did that make you nervous? Is there any added pressure having your dad in the same line as you? It didn’t make me nervous, but there was added pressure. Sometimes pressure can be a good thing, and this is one of those times because it makes me try to be better. Dad was a deputy; he is well known throughout the district. Living up to his reputation is incredibly difficult, but even trying to do so makes me a better Mason. The Brothers of Stonington have all been understanding and supportive, and I am extremely grateful for that. Question for Jim: What does going through the line with your son mean to you? This might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. While serving the Grand Lodge as a District Officer for six years was special, serving with my son in the officer line trumps everything. Yet it is humbling to admit that Kyle is already showing signs of being a better ritualist than I ever hoped to be. I’m going to cherish every moment and pray the brethren allow us to continue on this journey together over the next few years. Question for Kyle: What does being an officer with your father mean to you? I am Senior Steward right now, which means that if everything goes according to plan, in 2027 (I won’t be skipping any chairs), I will be the third generation in my family to be the Worshipful Master of Stonington Lodge, which itself is cool. The fact that I will be Master the year after my dad only adds to that. I know that he’ll leave big shoes to fill, but as long as I remember to be myself and not try to be him, I don’t see it being a problem. Question for Both: How has your bond as father and son changed since you’ve both been Raised to Master Mason and more so since you’ve been working together? Jim: Now that Kyle is a college graduate and moved back to the area, being involved in the Fraternity

6 SPRING 2022

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The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Deputy Grand Master Bro. Steven M. Grindle

Rollout Schedule RW Brother Steven M. Grindle, Deputy Grand Master, has announced his schedule of rollout programs for the summer of 2022.

RWB Grindle’s rollout programs will be presented across the state starting on August 7, 2022. The rollout program presentation is designed to inform the Brethren and their ladies across the state regarding the details of the plans that will be implemented during the 2022-2023 Masonic Year! Date/Time

Sun., August 7, 1:00pm Sun., August 7, 7:00pm Mon., August 8, 7:00pm Tue., August 9, 7:00pm Wed., August 10, 7:00pm Thur., August 11, 7:00pm Sat., August 13, 1:00pm Sat., August 13, 7:00pm Sun., August 14, 1:00pm Sun., August 14, 7:00pm Wed., August 17, 7:00pm


Dist. 2, Huber Heights Lodge #777 Dist. 6, Amelia Lodge #590 Dist. 7, Scioto Lodge #6 Dist. 17, Paramuthia Lodge #25 Dist. 23, Guernsey Lodge #66 Dist 14, University Lodge #631 Dist. 10, Lima Lodge #205 Dist. 20, Ashland Lodge #151 Dist. 21, Canton Lodge #60 Dist. 22, Quarry Lodge #382 Dist. 11, Toledo Ft. Industry Lodge #144


7778 Wildcat Rd. Huber Heights, OH 45424 290 Judd Rd. Amelia, OH 45102 57 E. Main St. Chillicothe, OH 45601 12 W. Carpenter St. Athens, OH 45701 730 Wheeling Ave Cambridge, OH 43725 2436 W. Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43235 2165 N. Cole Street Lima, OH 45801 31 W. 11th St. Ashland, OH 44805 836 N. Market Ave. Canton, OH 44702 366 Eastland Rd Berea, OH 44017 5025 Secor Rd. Toledo, OH 43623

(Father & Son, Continued from Page 6) together has given us an opportunity to be together more. I’m not sure if our bond has changed or not, but I’d like to say that I hope he is learning from me. More importantly, I’m also learning from him – he is very good at what he does. Because I served as a District Officer, it was initially unfair for Kyle when visitors from other lodges attended Stonington meetings. Kyle would introduce himself as “Kyle Hieb,” and the response would be “oh, you are Jim Hieb’s son.” So for a short time, he just introduced himself as “Kyle,” and that provided him the opportunity to be his own man. I think he realized, though, that he is stuck with me, and others are realizing he has all the makings to be a great Mason in spite of me. But Kyle has something up on me that I will never achieve. I did not grow up with any Masonic connection in my family until I married my wife, Christa. Yet, Kyle can boast of being a 4th generation Mason because of my wife’s father and grandfather. I’m happy that he can say he is a 4th generation Mason. Kyle: I would say it has made us closer. If Dad wasn’t involved, I probably would’ve been one of those Masons that you never see after they get Raised. However, he prevented that by teaching me the rituals and encouraging me that I could do this job because I had people supporting me, both in my family and at Stonington. Jim: To all the fathers who have son’s considering becoming a Lodge officer, I can only say, ‘support your son in every way you can and if you can manage it, jump back in the line with them.’ The experience is priceless! SPRING 2022


T hursday T ech H elp W ith M argaret “Hey Margaret, are you going to be in the lobby again after lunch today?” a resident asks. “I don’t know why but I can’t get this app to work on my phone and I don’t know what else to do.”

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

“I sure will. See you there!” Margaret replies cheerfully. Walking alongside Margaret down the hallway at Western Reserve Masonic Campus (WRMC) another resident stops and thanks her for her help last week. Margaret beams to the resident and then quietly says to me, “We’ve fixed the same thing three times, but I think she’s figuring it out.” Putting her background in technology to use as a volunteer is just one of the ways Margaret is an asset to Ohio Masonic Homes. Each week she offers her expertise to friends AND staff in the lobby of WRMC so much so that we have coined the phrase, “Thursday Tech Help with Margaret.” She might troubleshoot a cell phone issue, assist with computer software, or provide document support, all skills she learned working in technology support during her career at IBM. Margaret would pick up third shift work to help support her family and learned a lot about helping others along the way. Experienced as a teacher, Margaret is a life-long learner and continuously educates herself on new technologies and software. Her motto, “If I am going to help others then I need to know how to do it myself.” More recently, she’s helping residents learn how to connect to and engage with K4Connect. This software was purchased through Foundation support to allow residents and staff across our three campuses to stay connected and enjoy simpler, happier, healthier lives. Residents can learn about programs happening on campus, sign up to be a volunteer, or just learn what’s on the menu this week. Additionally, they can connect with one another – consider it a private social media site like Facebook – just for our residents and staff.

Margaret Eiland (left) assists Anita Wamsley

Rose Society Duke Terry Posey, Sr. & Duchess Cheryl Posey cordially invite you to the Saturday, September 24, 2022 | 6PM – 10PM Westin Great Southern – Grand Ballroom 310 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio All funds raised benefit skilled nursing community members at the Western Reserve Masonic Community Crowning of the new Duke & Duchess | Hor d’oeuvres | Dinner | Dancing

Tickets: $250

www.OhioMasonicHomeFoundation.org/rose-society-ball foundation@OhioMasonicHome.org | (888) 248-2664 8 SPRING 2022


often should


review my


A commonly asked question with a simple answer. If your current Will no longer reflects your values and objectives, it’s important to review and revise it. Many people have outdated plans or no plans at all. Both internal and external life factors can impact your situation or goals, leaving your Will outdated.

Net worth changes savings or stock growth, receipt of an inheritance

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

Four Common Personal Changes: Family dynamic changes marriage, divorce, passing of family members and more

People change does your power of attorney still make sense for you?

Goals and objectives change as you feel more secure, your focus may shift to impact the world around you

External Changes from Our Environment:

Estate tax laws

these changes are outside of our control, often related to the federal government

Estate planning methodology

your advisor(s) can be a trove of information to keep you safe and intentional in your planning

A good rule of thumb is to consult with your advisers about potential changes every three to five years. During this review, your advisor might uncover internal changes you hadn’t thought about or tax law changes that could benefit you today. If you haven’t reviewed your estate planning documents recently, the time to do so is now! While OMHF does not provide legal or tax advice, we are happy to help connect you to planning resources that best fit your gift planning circumstances.

We are here to help! 937-525-5248

Y our

dollars in


Donations to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation are carrying out your intentions each and every day. See how your dollars are being put into action through the Resource Center! Use your phone to scan the QR code or type the following link into a web browser. www.YouTube.com/user/ohiomasonichome

Subscribe to our YouTube page for the most up-to-date stories about how YOU make the difference!




Loneliness Social Isolation

Resource Center

Older Adults experienced loneliness and social isolation before COVID, but now it is more prevalent. Did you know that loneliness and social isolation have health risks? Per the CDC, social isolation was associated with about a 50% increased risk of dementia and other serious medical conditions. Loneliness is the feeling of being alone, regardless of the amount of social contact. Social isolation is a lack of social connections. Social isolation can lead to loneliness in some people, while others can feel lonely without being socially isolated. Risk Factors for Loneliness and Social Isolation in Older Adults: Social: Living alone, loss of significant other, family separation, few friends, being a caregiver for a spouse Psychological: Depression, anxiety, and/or dementia Physical: Poor health, serious illness, decreased mobility, and loss of independence Economic: Limited financial resources Logistical: Loss of driver’s license or lack of transportation This is a real problem that older adults face. So, what can we do now that we know the risks of loneliness and social isolation? Our Masonic Family can help in the following ways: • • •

Utilize your Masonic Volunteer Committees to make visits, take meals, make phone calls, send cards, or help with transportation. If you don’t have a volunteer committee, let’s get one started! Contact your local Community Outreach Coordinator, and they can reach out and get them connected to the right resources in their community. Lodges can put together widow’s luncheons, provide care packages to shut-ins, and provide transportation to lodge meetings. By working together in partnership, we can make a difference in older adult's lives, and in turn, they will impact your life as well. “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others” -Audrey Hepburn

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center

The Resource Center is an extension of The Ohio Masonic Home. We offer a Call Center that connects clients to services, whether they live on one of our campuses, in another facility, or their own home. With six Community Outreach Coordinators located throughout the state, we can help clients clinically, financially, and socially, if they are a Mason, the wife or widow of a Mason, an Ohio Eastern Star member, or even a non-Mason. We do this by providing information and connecting clients to resources in their area. We make referrals and complete home visits to better assess our clients’ needs. We also give and receive support financially through our Foundation. Did you know that we have a financial assistance program that can help with emergency health and safety needs? Our off-site financial assistance program can also help pay for longer term needs like private duty home care to help people stay at home, or assisted living, including memory care, for those that qualify. Contact us for more information (877-881-1623). We also offer a Bereavement Program, a Masonic Volunteer Program, and the Masonic Youth Outreach Program.

10 SPRING 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month

Whether an individual is seeking one on one counseling and/or the support from a group there are resources available for anyone that finds themselves living with mental health related conditions through personal experiences and/or related to a family member or loved one.

Have you

received a survey from us?

What should I do? Where should I start? Who should I reach out to? Do I really need help? The list can continue related to the many questions you may have related to mental health; however, there are answers to these questions, and organizations that can help guide you to those answers. There is FREE and confidential outreach available through The Ohio Masonic Resource Center, where you have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and fears. In addition, you have the option to have your own personal Community Outreach Coordinator that can help connect you to resources that can help you answer these questions and more.

Resource Center

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it has raised awareness of the importance of matters related to mental health since it was established in 1949. It was at this time that an annual tradition began recognizing and promoting acceptance by providing awareness, support, and education related to the matter. Mental health conditions can stem from a number of reasons, whether genetic and/or as a response brought on by a traumatic event. Despite the stigma that has been associated with it in the past, through awareness, it has started to be more commonly discussed, and the realization for treatment has become more prevalent. Mental illness has been around since the beginning of time and will remain; as a result, knowing this and treating it is very important to ensure that everyone has the best quality of life possible.

Through the Resource Center, you are never alone, and a friend is only a phone call away. Although May is Mental Health Awareness month it is an ongoing topic and matter that we see and/or live every day. As a result, the Resource Center is available to discuss this and any other concerns that you may have.

We’ve been reaching out to our Lodges and volunteers to ask about the different needs you see in your communities. Completing this survey will help us better understand the needs in the communities we serve and expand our services to meet those needs. If you have not received a survey and would like one, or to call in your report, please contact Samantha Loy, Resource Center Director, at 937-504-4407 or email sloy@ohiomasonichome.org.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Resource Center please connect to the Community Outreach Coordinator in your area today.

Call toll-free 1-877-881-1623 or visit www.omhresourcecenter.org

Samantha Loy

Director, OMH Resource Center & NE Ohio Community Outreach Coordinator (937) 504-4407

Raquel Brown, LPN

Bobbi Schickler, CSA

NW Ohio Community Certified Senior Advisor® Outreach Coordinator SW Ohio Community & Masonic Youth Outreach Coordinator & Outreach Program Masonic Bereavement Coordinator Program Coordinator (419) 260-0855 (513) 567-1100

DeAnna Kinney, LSW

Dan Shirk

Trinity Davidson, BSW

Southern Ohio SE Ohio Community Central Ohio Community Community Outreach Coordinator Outreach Coordinator (937) 926-4305 Outreach Coordinator & Masonic Volunteer (740) 970-7903 Program Coordinator (740) 262-1974

Millie McNeal

Financial Assistance Coordinator (937) 525-3005



Springfield Masonic Community Opens a New Clinic in Partnership with Premier Health

Springfield Masonic Community

Monday, April 4th was a special day for Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) members. Premier Health chose to pair with SMC to open a clinic for community members. This is a first for Premier Health to partner with a retirement community. Community members in both Independent Living and Assisted Living will be able to take advantage of the clinic. People can schedule appointments or simply walk in. A Ribbon Cutting marked this special event. Community members started arriving well in advance to get a prime seat and meet their new health care providers. As the Ribbon Cutting ended, the community members had the opportunity to view the clinic and get all of their questions answered. Community members enjoyed talking with the health care providers and even offered suggestions for the potential growth of the clinic. As people were leaving with smiles on their faces, Tony Berardi, President of Springfield Masonic Community, summed it up perfectly, “We are thrilled to be able to offer our community members an opportunity like this!”

What Do You Know About Playing Pool? Community members at Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) are learning about the game of pool from Bruce Gardner. Bruce and his wife Betty Jane moved to SMC from Maryland about nine months ago. Bruce started playing pool at the age of 13 in his uncle’s basement. His interest continued, and at 18, he was playing pool with a friend at Andrews AFB. As time moved on, Bruce married and had a son. Bruce’s son followed in his father’s footsteps and developed the same love of pool. When they downsized to prepare for their move, they gave their pool table to their daughter. When Bruce and Betty Jane moved to Ohio, Bruce discovered that the SMC pool table was not in good condition. It needed some basic repairs in order to really be a good table. After speaking to Dave Flohre and then working with

12 SPRING 2022

SMC President, Tony Berardi the needed repairs were made. Tony approved the finances for the repairs, as well as a new light to be hung over the table. Bruce wanted to contribute to the project as well. He donated some new cue sticks and balls as well as “Kelly pills” that are used for determining the pairing of the players. Now that the table has been repaired, what comes next? Every Tuesday night, SMC members meet at the Community Center to play pool. The numbers vary, but there have been as many as 11 people, both men, and women, at all ability levels enjoying an evening of pool. Bruce keeps the evening running smoothly so everyone can enjoy themselves. He provides guidance to those that have questions, and he teaches those that are still learning or trying to hone their skills. Bruce was asked why he chose to get involved and bring the repairs and Tuesday evening pool night to fruition? His answer says it all. “It is fun and brings comradery among the community members. You can play as long as your body lets you, which for some people can be a very, very, very long time. Join us and give it a shot.”

Springfield Masonic Community



Greater Springfield Partnership Annual Awards The Greater Springfield Partnership recently held their Annual Meeting at the Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts and Conference Center on the campus of Clark State College. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards. The winners for 2021 are: Community Impact Award Clark county Combined Health District

Small Business of the Year Fire Manufacturing Innovations LLC

Ambassador of the Year Greg Rogers

Restaurant/Retailer of the Year Winan’s Chocolates & Coffee

Big Dreamer Banner Johnny Lytle

Minority-Owned Business of the Year Kes Harris Trucking

Safety Leader of the Year Thomas Mullins

Springfield Masonic Community

Business of the Year Springfield Masonic Community

All of the winners were excited to share its successes with those in attendance. Videos were prepared in advance so everyone could get a first-hand look at the businesses. Business of the Year CEO, Scott Buchanan shared, “Thanks, Springfield, for your support of the Springfield Masonic Community for the past 127 years.” Tony Berardi, Springfield Masonic Community President, said, “I look forward to the future and continuing to work with the Greater Springfield Partnership.” Springfield has been through some hard times, particularly during the last couple of years battling COVID. The business community has gone above and beyond to make investments in their city.



Community Center

nearing completion as

Western Reserve Masonic Community

construction continues at

Western Reserve!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the community members at Western Reserve Masonic Community are so excited to watch the construction and see how it is coming along. With the beautiful weather, the community members have enjoyed being outside and watching the formation of the new Community Center. What’s next in the construction? Be sure to follow our construction progress on Facebook!

14 SPRING 2022


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Browning Masonic Community

Masonic Community Browning Masonic Community (BMC) is three months into a major dining room renovation. The renovation will modernize the dining room while still keeping it family-centered and inviting. Amanda Majolo, Manager of Food Service, shared, “I have been here nine years, and I am so excited with the changes. The dining room will be very welcoming to everyone.” Community members returned to the dining room for their meals on April 11th. There is still some new furniture that is scheduled to arrive in early May. The Bistro, which is a new concept for BMC, will open in early May. The community members are excited to try some of the new recipes that will be featured in the Bistro. Just listen to the community members and you will know there is excitement in the air at Browning Masonic Community.

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More Appreciation for the Service of Our Brethren

Bro. William R. Barker Perry County, 13th District

New Lexington Lodge No. 250

Bro. Malcolm (Jamie) Patton Union County, 15th District

Mt. Carmel Lodge No. 303

In the last issue of The Beacon, The Grand Lodge highlighted our Brothers who serve their communities and districts as Elected Sheriffs. We discovered even more who served and would like to thank them for serving their communities.

Bro. Lanny E. North

Hocking County, 13th District

Mingo Lodge No. 171

Bro. Phil R. Stammitti

Lorain County, 22nd District

Black River Lodge No. 786 (President of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association)

Bro. Dalles Baldwin

Franklin County, 14th District

West Gate Lodge No. 623

Bro. Jeffrey D. Paden

Guernsey County, 23rd District

Guernsey Lodge No. 66

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