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Letter from the CEO . . . . 2

The Importance of Community

Letter from the GM . . . . . 3

Dear Brethren,

IN THIS ISSUE Grand Lodge News . . . . 4 Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center News . . . 8 Ohio Masonic Home Foundation News . . . . . 10 Western Reserve Masonic Community News . . . . . 13 Browning Masonic Community News . . . . . 14 Springfield Masonic Community News . . . . . 15 Widows Program. . . . . . 16 The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly. Please update your information via Grandview, or report all changes of address to your Lodge Secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing lists. The Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Ohio One Masonic Drive, Springfield, OH 45504 614-885-5318 or 800-292-6092 Douglas Kaylor, PGM Program Coordinator dkaylor@glohio.com Ohio Masonic Home Marketing Department 2655 W. National Road Springfield, OH 45504 937-525-5609 OMHmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org If you would like to receive the Ohio Beacon electronically, send an email with your request to omhmarketing@ ohiomasonichome.org

I hope you and your families are having a wonderful summer full of sunshine, family and fun! The sense of community, friendship and concern for all within our reach, have long been the foundation that makes The Ohio Masonic Home a pillar in the communities we serve. Whether caring for our brethren, widows, orphans or today’s aging population, the care, compassion and concern provided to those we serve remains a vital part of our mission. Our residents and employees have a passion for creating relationships. Whether it’s attending a concert on the lawn, hosting a fashion show, playing bridge with friends or zip lining through the trees, the communities we have built provide opportunities to develop connections with one another that last a lifetime. We honor our traditions by fostering community relationships within Springfield, Medina and Waterville, and statewide through the work of our Resource Center. For example, our partnership with local American Red Cross Chapters has given us the opportunity to host blood drives across the state at each of our campuses. We are also home to the Springfield Red Cross corporate office. In addition, the partnership we have with the Ohio Arts Council provides an opportunity to bring new and deepening experiences for those in our community battling dementia, Alzheimer’s and other brain related diseases. These are just a few examples of how active The Ohio Masonic Home is in the communities we serve. We will continue to focus on building a strong sense of community within our organization and in the lives of those we serve. Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers or neighbors, the connections we build help to foster feelings of belonging and well-being. We believe that the foundation of a strong community is cultivated through our residents, clients, employees, collaborations and partnerships. Thank you for your continued support of our ongoing endeavors. Fraternally, Brother Scott Buchanan CEO, Ohio Masonic Home

With Gratitude

for your


Dear Brethren, As I reflect on the last ten months I am amazed by your investments in Ohio Freemasonry and I am so grateful. This issue of the Beacon highlights a few of the various investments happening across our great state. The new initiatives implemented by Lodges to invest in their communities are heartwarming to see. It also brings a smile to my face seeing Ohio Masons stepping forward to share their story, their "WHY I am a Freemason." Your actions combined with our successful “This Is Ohio Freemasonry” public awareness campaign is why Ohio Freemasonry is thriving! We have raised nearly 1,700 Master Masons since August 1, 2018, many in response to the series of Grand Master’s classes being held throughout the state. There are still opportunities into the future if you know of a man interested in joining. I appreciate all of you who made these classes a success and welcome our new Master Masons. If I were to provide one sentiment of advice it would be to continue investing yourselves in the Craft, for he who invests will experience the rewards of our wonderful Fraternity. Kelly and I are so thankful for the investments so many of you have made in the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program. These investments will undoubtedly provide positive support for our youth for many years to come. We are also appreciative of the gifts we received during the receptions but most especially we are thankful for the friendships we have made while traveling. The hospitality extended by the Brethren and their ladies certainly made our journey better. A Mason’s friendship is the greatest gift you can receive.

Find the House

Congratulations to William French of Argus Lodge #545 in Canfield, Ohio, the winner of last edition’s Find the Shovel search! There were 5 shovels in the last edition. In this edition, we celebrate community with a House graphic. Read through this issue and learn how The Ohio Masonic Home as well as your fellow Lodges are giving back. Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the House graphic to the right (do not count the example graphic).

I also express my appreciation to the Grand Lodge Officers and their ladies who continue to travel our state for the betterment of the fraternity. They invest countless hours and personal resources to keep moving Ohio Freemasonry forward. The next time you greet one of your Grand Lodge officers, be sure to thank him for his service. Finally, I thank you for the opportunity to lead this great fraternity. When I joined Valley Lodge in 1998, I never imagined I would one day be the Grand Master. I appreciate the men who helped to make me the Mason I am today and those who continue to have an impact on my life. To say I am enjoying this temporary elevation amongst the Craft is an understatement. I am having the time of my life sharing my passion for our great Fraternity. In closing, I share this quote from Ronald Reagan, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Thank you for all you are doing, keep investing in yourselves, your Lodges, your communities, and our Fraternity!

Sincerely and Fraternally, Jess N. Raines, Grand Master

Submit the correct answer along with your contact information (name/address/phone) and Lodge affiliation to Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: OMH Marketing, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at OMHmarketing@ohiomasonichome.org by September 13, 2019, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) SUMMER 2019 3

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Meet the new Faces of Ohio Freemasonry During the Spring, the Masons of Ohio were invited to nominate men who represented Ohio Freemasonry in all its diversity. After weeks of voting, five men were selected, and they appear below. Their names, photos, and stories appear on the Grand Lodge website as continuations of the This is Ohio Freemasonry public awareness campaign. Congratulations to all five Brothers. To see their interviews, visit Freemason.com

NICK THOMPSON Husband, Father, Brother, Freemason

Hometown: Holland Lodge: Northern Light Lodge #40 Occupation: Assistant VP of Banking “In Masonry, it doesn’t matter whether a man is a bricklayer, physician or the mayor of the city. All are on equal footing in the Lodge room. Freemasonry means forming deep and lasting friendships that transcend the boundaries of race, religion and culture.”

JASON SHORT Football Coach, Photographer, Cub Scout Leader, Freemason

Hometown: East Palestine Lodge: Negley 565, Jenkins 471, Allen 276 Occupation: Truck Driver “Becoming a Freemason was the best thing to ever happen to me. I’ve become a better man and have made life long friendships with my Brethren.”

GEORGE MOORE Attorney, Musician, Family Man, Freemason

Hometown: Celina Lodge: Celina #241 Occupation: Attorney at Law “My father always said that ‘There are no strangers in Freemasonry; only friends you haven’t met.’ He was my inspiration for joining shortly after his death, and it was the best decision I ever made. The “real secret” of Freemasonry is all the amazing people we meet while making good men better.”

JEFFREY SIME Husband, Father, Airline Captain, Freemason

Hometown: Northwood Lodge: Genoa Lodge #433 Occupation: Airline Captain Freemasonry is “a lifelong journey for self improvement and an unmatched brotherhood of friendship.”

RICK GABBARD Firefighter, Paramedic, Giver, Father, Freemason

Hometown: Franklin Lodge Name: Germantown #257 Occupation: Firefighter / Paramedic Freemasonry means “sharing the values of our nation’s founding fathers; men who believe in the brotherhood of man. It means becoming a better person while helping to improve the quality of life for others. Forming deep and lasting friendships that transcend the boundaries of race, religion and culture, as well as those of geography. But most of all, being a Mason means the kind of deep satisfaction that comes only from selfless giving; from doing for others without asking, or expecting anything in return. I became a Freemason for the same reasons I became a firefighter.”

4 SUMMER 2019



The Grand Lodge of Ohio


- The Masonic Model -

Grand Master Jess Raines and First Lady Kelly made MMSAP, the Masonic Model Student Assistance Program, their preferred Masonic Charity for the year, and the Brethren and our Lodges responded with many generous gifts. In every District in Ohio the Masons stepped forward with contributions. Also in every District in Ohio, the local chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Riders Association presented a check to First Lady Kelly Raines. This generosity was greatly appreciated, and in the coming years these gifts will be put to good use in schools across Ohio. All monetary gifts for MMSAP are placed in a designated fund in the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation. Grand Master Raines and Kelly made MMSAP their charity of choice after tragedy hit close to home – a neighboring student, who was a close acquaintance of their sons, committed suicide. They realized that they, like all good people, had to do something to help children in need and to make their schools and communities safer places to live. The Masonic Model is a program originated by the National Masonic Foundation for Children. It was first introduced to Ohio by MWB C. Michael Watson when he was Grand Master. Since that time, the Masons of Ohio have financially supported every MMSAP workshop and seminar in Ohio. MMSAP provides schools with professional training that can be directed at faculty, staff, or students in our schools, and it deals with today’s hardest issues: youth suicide, drugs, broken homes, bullying, domestic violence, gangs, and the like. The costs of the program run into the thousands of dollars for a single event with that cost borne entirely by the MMSAP Fund in the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation. At each district reception the Grand Master would encourage those present to tell their local school officials about the availability of this program. The Grand Master and Kelly have attended MMSAP training sessions during the year, and watched as their own son participated in a Unity Day seminar. Every student in the class participated in a series of exercises that helped them deal with the social problems faced daily in school and create a stronger culture of mutual support and caring and unity. Kelly wrote: “Having had the opportunity to observe the various MMSAP trainings I know firsthand Ohio Masons are making a difference. I have never been more proud of the Masons and the work they do then when I observed Unity Day and saw the impact the program had on the students. If you had witnessed what I did that day, you would want every student to take part in Unity Day.” The Grand Master and Kelly thank the Masons of Ohio for their support of MMSAP and urge them to continue to support this program in the future. By doing so, you will help save lives. What more can you do? Send your financial gifts to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation, tell your friends and neighbors about it, and ask your local schools to contact the Grand Lodge for more information. SUMMER 2019


The Grand Lodge of Ohio




Each year the Grand Master is invited to help Lodges celebrate important anniversaries, and 2019 has seen this trend continue. Grand Master Raines and the Grand Lodge Officers have crisscrossed the state to reconsecrate and dedicate Lodges and Lodge rooms to the purposes of Freemasonry. Over a dozen Lodges that are 100, 150, 175, and 200 years old were reconsecrated. One new Lodge room was dedicated. Of special note, in 2019 the Grand Master was invited to rededicate a Masonic cemetery in Steubenville. When a new Lodge is organized, it is erected to God and dedicated to the Holy Saints John. The Lodge Room, as a facility, is dedicated to Masonry, Virtue, and Universal Benevolence. The Craft or Brethren are consecrated to Faith, Hope, and Charity. These ceremonies go back hundreds of years. Brother George Washington is reported to have laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capital in a similar Masonic ceremony. The goal in reconsecrating a Lodge is to help the Lodge mark a unique time in its history and inspire the Brethren to renew their commitments to Freemasonry. On July 13th, the Grand Master conducted a public ceremony to dedicate the Masonic section of Fort Steuben Burial Estates. The Valley of Steubenville, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, completed a project to restore the Masonic monuments at the cemetery. They had fallen into disrepair over time, and the Valley organized the six Masonic Lodges in Jefferson County to assist in the restoration. This proved to be one time when our Craft, under the leadership of Brother Michael DiLeonardo, worked as both operative and speculative masons. The temperatures were in the 90s, and the Grand Master had traveled 200 miles that day between three events, but he and the officers conducted the dedication ceremony in due form. It proved to be an inspiring day for all involved.

2019 Deputy Grand Master Roll Out Schedule Date 8/5/2019 8/7/2019 8/8/2019 8/11/2019 8/11/2019 8/12/2019 8/13/2019 8/14/2019 8/15/2019 8/16/2019 8/19/2019 8/20/2019

Time 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Host Lodge Scioto #6 Huber Heights #777 Mercer #121 Wood County #112 Western Reserve #507 Tuscarawas #59 Medina #58 Bucyrus #39 Aerospace #800 Paramuthia #25 Milford #54 Grove City #689

Location 57 E. Main St., Chillicothe, OH 45601 7778 Wildcat Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424 111 S. Front St., St Marys, OH 45885 159 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH 43402 216 W. Main St., West Farmington, OH 44491 735 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, OH 44622 5931 Nettleton Rd., Medina, OH 44256 1224 S. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, OH 44820 875 Irving Wick Dr. W., Heath, OH 43056 12 W. Carpenter St., Athens, OH 45701 32 Water St., Milford, OH 45150 3558 Park St., Grove City, OH 43123

The Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Keith W. Newton, will roll out his plans and expectations for the 2019 - 2020 Masonic year on the dates and locations listed above. The sessions are intended to provide Brethren and their ladies an update on Grand Lodge acitivity and future plans for the coming year. Each roll out will be preceded with light refreshments and social time. The dress code for each session is business casual (no coats, no ties and no jeans please). We look forward to seeing you and your ladies at one of these events in August.

6 SUMMER 2019

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Profile in Excellence:

J. B. Covert Lodge No. 437 “Intentional Connection” is a term WB Dave Olmstead, Secretary of J. B. Covert Lodge, No. 437, uses to describe his very busy Lodge. Located east of Cincinnati in the 6th Masonic District, this Lodge has a membership of around 250 members. Over the last five years, they have raised more men than they have lost to suspension, and they have not had a repeat Worshipful Master in modern memory. In September, the Lodge will celebrate its 150th Anniversary with a reconsecration ceremony conducted by MWB Jess Raines. What is the key to this Lodge’s success? They choose to be active and involved in their community as well as in the Lodge room. They don’t always host or sponsor every event that they participate in, but they are visible and engaged as volunteers. Currently they are volunteering to help with the Union Township Police Night Out. They just held a joint event with the Boy Scouts to properly retire and dispose of used and worn American Flags (pictured above). This is the eighth year for the Flag ceremony. While the Lodge is not wealthy, it is generous in terms of time, talent, and treasure. Here is a list of giving by J. B. Covert Lodge since November 2018: • • • • • • • • • •

Van load of toys to Inner Parish Ministries Over $500 to The Ohio Masonic Home $200 to 6th District Sweats for Vets Program $1,000 to the Widow of Detective Brewer of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office thanks to directed gifts of several members $1,500 in Scholarship to Isaiah Brinson of West Clermont HS through the Kyle Adkins Memorial Scholarship Fund Over $400 to Masons in need nationally after catastrophic events through the Masonic Services Association - paid for by member donations and a portion of the 2018 raffle proceeds $400 to Brothers in Need $500 to Boy Scout Troop 443 for Camperships $1,000 to Special Olympics- paid for by member donations and a portion of the 2018 raffle proceeds Numerous bushels of Lettuce & Spinach, Cucumbers, Sugar Snap Peas, Tomatoes and Peppers to Milford Miami Ministries and Summerside United Methodist Church Food Pantry from our community garden Congratulations to J. B. Covert Lodge for a job well done. They are practicing Freemasonry in many ways – in the Lodge room and in the community.

Email? What Email? Does your Lodge know your current email address? Did you know that you can update your information yourself, through the Grand Lodge Member Portal?

Visit: https://oh.grandview.systems/users/sign_in For first time sign-ins, look at Member Registration in the upper right corner of the Screen. You will need your dues card with your member number to complete your registration. For returning members, sign in and click on your Profile. On your profile page, you can update your contact information: email, mailing address, and phone numbers. Keep in touch. Get information in a timely manner. Set your own communication preferences. You can be in control of your personal information. SUMMER 2019


Resource Center

NEWS FROM THE OHIO MASONIC HOME RESOURCE CENTER You may have heard of the wonderful things your Resource Center Liaisons do for our Masons, their wives and widows, and members of Eastern Star. You might read about a Mason who received services that allowed him to remain in his own home or you might have heard about a widow who is receiving Meals on Wheels to help meet her need for better nutrition. You may have read an article that highlighted the generosity of our volunteers in providing additional support for a client in a nearby facility. You may have heard that a chair lift or a ramp was installed for one of your Lodge brothers, thus preventing him from having to relocate to the home of a family member or to an assisted living facility. All of these highlight the nature of what the Liaisons do every day: coordinate care for our clients. In order to do this effectively across the state, the Liaisons invest time and energy in developing relationships within the community, learning the resources specific to the areas they each serve. Not all communities offer comparable services, with the rural counties often lacking in the resources found near the cities. On the other hand, the rural communities may offer more personalized services with a more personal touch at times than their counterparts in the larger metropolitan areas. It is the Liaison’s experience and ability to assess the needs of the client that allow us to coordinate assistance specific to the needs of those we serve, matching them with the services available in their communities, where they live. This may be on one of our campuses or in an area where there is no OMH facility. Not only does the building of relationships throughout the Liaison’s territory benefit the client in receiving the best care available, it also provides another avenue in making sure the masonic fraternity is aware of the assistance available through the OMH Resource Center. It is not unusual for a referral to come from a community partner such as a rehab facility or a home health provider. We recognize the importance of our relationships with the agencies and facilities that help us care for our clients. In the following articles, we would like to share a few recent success stories with you, as well as thank everyone who helped and continues to help those we serve. Together, we are making a difference.

8 SUMMER 2019

A Second Chance Before treatment

During treatment

Resource Center

My name is Guy Alexander. I am a member of Garrettsville Lodge #246. In September of 1997, I received the news that no one wants to hear. I had cancer, Leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to be exact, or for short, CLL. It's a slow growing cancer, and had been manageable for almost 22 years with chemotherapy. Then I received the news that a blood component was falling, and no matter what was tried, kept falling back. I was referred to University Hospital in Cleveland where I was told I was developing MDS, which turns to a more deadly form, and my only option if I wanted to live more than 2 years, was a stem cell transplant. After months of testing, I was determined to be an excellent candidate for the procedure. It was the toughest thing I've ever done! And then, through fellow brethren, the Grand Lodge of Ohio, along with my local Lodge, Royal Arch, Eastern Star, the Ohio Masonic Home, and Scottish Rite Masonry, all heard of my plight and stepped in to assist me in this long, arduous and extremely expensive procedure. Without the help of my fellow Brethren and Freemasonry, the burden would have been much worse. Thank you, brethren and companions, for your kindness and support of a fellow Mason. My family and I thank you! Another interesting thing is that a few of my doctors were Master Masons and I had the honor, from my bed, to sponsor another physician to the 1 day class in Painesville on May 18. I'm proud to call myself a Master Mason and be a part of this wonderful organization! Sincerely, Guy T. Alexander

Cancer FREE!

A Heartfelt Donation

While working with Gene (Muskingum Lodge #368) and Elaine Edgell, the Resource Center learned of a scooter that once belonged to a resident at Western Reserve Masonic Community and was donated by his family upon his passing. Liaison DeAnna Kinney was working with Elaine, and knew that she would benefit from a scooter as she had numerous health issues and the scooter was needed to allow for better mobility. A request was made to the 18th District Masonic Volunteer Committee and volunteers, Dave and Martha Purkey, made the 2 hour trip each way from Zanesville to NE Ohio, picked up the scooter and delivered it to this couple. Upon delivery, it was determined that the scooter, while in excellent condition, still needed a new battery. MVP Dave Purkey was able to coordinate with his Eastern Star Chapter, Muskingum #485, to secure funds for a new battery. The OES Chapter also purchased a scooter carrier for the back of the couple’s vehicle, allowing easy access to transportation for medical appointments and running errands. The Resource Center staff and the Edgells would like to thank and acknowledge the generous gift of this scooter from the Berteau family and the late Ronald White of Theodore Breck Lodge #714. Their kind donation is most appreciated.






The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals, Masonic bodies, foundations, businesses and organizations for their support between April 1 and June 30, 2019.

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

The individuals listed, along with hundreds of other donors at the $100+ level, are now FOUNDING MEMBERS of the CIRCLE OF ROSES. You too can join the Circle of Roses as a FOUNDING MEMBER by making a minimum gift of $100 before December 31, 2019.

Thank You! Red Rose Circle $10,000 + Alfred J Bjelke Irrevocable Trust Albert L. Freisner George K. Moss Trust Webster Sturdivant Trust

Montgomery Lodge #94, F&AM Betty H. Oberle Trust Anna L. Sine Trust Melvyn D. Swain Valley of Youngstown, AASR Randy A. & Debra Williams

Pink Rose Circle $5,000 - $9,999 Frank & Marguerite Colburn Trust George & Eleanor Cooper Trust Residents Association of WRMC Vivian H. Schulze Trust Dorothy T. & Myron T. Seifert Trust

Orange Rose Circle $500 - $999 Douglas & Nanci Allen Amelia Lodge #590, F&AM George D. & B.J. Arters Trust Isaac D. Demarest East Gate Lodge # 796, F&AM Fielding Lodge #192, F&AM William & Jacque Funk James Golladay Grand Court of Ohio, Order of Amaranth Harmar Lodge #390, F&AM Hiram Lodge #18, F&AM Bessie V. Hosler Trust Huber Heights Lodge #777, F&AM David M. Lewis Steve & Lori Petitjean Robert Rhoades Robinson Locke Lodge #659, F&AM Sharonville-Calvary Lodge #204, F&AM Sunrise Lodge #783, F&AM Craig & Jennifer Szczublewski JoAnn Whitacre Estate Robert E. White Estate Xenia Lodge #49, F&AM

Lavender Rose Circle $2,500 - $4,999 Estate of Ralph Daugherty Orlando W. Davis Trust Grand Chapter of Ohio, RAM Medina Chapter #266, OES Cyril & Dorothy Veinott Memorial Fund James E. Zemancik Peach Rose Circle $1,000 - $2,499 John Blemaster Blendon Lodge #339, F&AM Scott & Katrina Buchanan Gregory H. Essig Grand Chapter of Ohio, OES Martin L. Hall Trust Keneth L. Mason

10 SUMMER 2019

Yellow Rose Circle $250 - $499 13th Masonic District Association Augusta Lodge #504, F&AM Brookville Lodge #596, F&AM Delhi Hills Lodge #775, F&AM Elyria Lodge #787, F&AM Far Hills Lodge #784, F&AM Franklin Chapter #24, RAM Franklin Lodge #14, F&AM Fulton Lodge #248, F&AM Garfield Lodge #528, F&AM James A. Hallman Hugh L. Bates Lodge #686, F&AM Russell W. Klingler Moriah Lodge #105, F&AM Craig & Lisa Noble Oliver H. Perry Lodge #341, F&AM Robert E. Olsson Palestine Lodge #158, F&AM Sager Lodge #513, F&AM Charles Seely Harold & Josephine Shank Trust David & Joyce Subleski Summit Lodge #213, F&AM Martin R. Trent Unity Lodge #12, F&AM University Heights Lodge #738, F&AM Valley of Dayton, AASR Keenan Ward Wayfarer Lodge #789, F&AM Charles A. Wentz Frank R. Williams Trust

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Golf Classic Benefits Memory Care Centers

As there is no cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia, individuals and their caregivers desperately need support in managing the progression of this disease. Thus, golfers were given the opportunity to participate in a virtual reality demonstration of what it is like to walk in the shoes of an individual with dementia. “The Ohio Masonic Home prides itself on high quality care at all levels. We are blessed to be in a position to provide innovative technology, training and programming that enhances the lifestyles of our residents,” said Scott Buchanan, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home. We are very touched by the generosity displayed for this event and are very thankful for the support we have received. We wish to thank all sponsors, especially our naming sponsor US Bank; and presenting sponsors - Dinsmore & Shohl, Manning & Napier, and SEI.

1st Place Team: Jacobs Telephone Contractors, Inc. L-R Michael Jacobs, Brian Williams and EJ White Naming Sponsor US Bank

Lara Bentley, Brother Dave Flohre, Brother William Selsam and Cara Schuster


Presenting Sponsors Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP Manning and Napier SEI Primary Sponsors CHW Mechanical Services CNA Insurance Greystone PLANIT Studios Ridge Stone General Contractors, Inc. Sponsors Absolute Rehabilitation BrandMETTLE DataServ Enterprise Roofing Fazio Color Shop HealthPro-Heritage

Heather Herier and Brother Randy Williams, Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Board of Directors, Chairman

Sponsors (continued) JMM Architects, Inc. Marsh & McLennan Agency Medline Plante Moran PNC Bank Point to Point Systems RCS Construction Remedi SeniorCare Golf Genius Sponsor Jacobs Telephone Contractors, Inc.

Beverage Sponsor USI Insurance Services, LLC Lunch Sponsor BB&T Capital Markets Dinner & Awards Sponsor MVDConnect

Driving Range Sponsor Think Patented Putting Green Sponsor Cox Media Group Hole Sponsors 1st Masonic District 5th Masonic District 11th Masonic District 17th Masonic District 19th Masonic District 24th Masonic District A-1 Able Pest Doctors Alto Health Care Staffing Ameriprise Financial - Todd G. Lucius Angel Funding Consulting Gordon Food Service Interactive Health Ohio Living Republic Services Shanes Lodge #377 SUMMER 2019


The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

On June 3, more than 130 golfers participated in the sixth annual Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Golf Classic at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club in Powell, Ohio. Hosted by US Bank and the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, the golf outing raised $120,000 to enhance services and programs to residents, family members and caregivers battling Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain related diseases at our campuses in Springfield, Medina and Waterville.




The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

By Bro. Steve Petitjean, Executive Director The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

Just the other day, my wife and I were discussing our future and how we wanted to help those we love and hold dear to our hearts. We love our daughters and want to ensure that we provide for them and their future families. We talked about other family members and close friends that we would like to consider helping. Then Lori asked, “How can we best continue supporting the charities that we hold close to our hearts even after we are gone?” We had great dialogue and we both agreed that we want to leave a lasting impact on family, friends, and a few special charities while lessening the burden of taxes on our family and on our estate. We then discussed how best to distribute our assets to make this happen. Bequests are the easiest way to include individuals and organizations. We simply have to complete a form or contact our advisors to ensure our intentions. With the help of our advisors, we can include specific language in our will (or trust) specifying a percentage of our estate, a specified dollar amount, or a specific item to be given to family, friends, and charities as part of our estate plans. Did you know that certain types of property, such as retirement assets and insurance policies, pass outside of a will or trust? These assets require you to name a beneficiary by completing a Beneficiary Designation Form. We discussed our IRA accounts (a retirement asset) as being excellent bequests to charity, because if the IRA is given to our daughters, much of the value will be depleted through estate and income taxes. By designating a charity as the beneficiary of part or all of our IRAs, the full value of the gift is transferred tax-free at death, and the estate receives a charitable deduction. We talked about naming one another as beneficiaries on our IRAs while designating a charity as the secondary beneficiary of the account. To do so, we simply need to contact our IRA custodians to obtain Beneficiary Designation Forms to plan for the future bequest from our IRA accounts. Lastly, our insurance policies are an asset of our estate, and they are taxable at the time of our deaths. However, if the policies are gifted to charity, our estate avoids paying taxes on the value of the policy and receives a charitable deduction for the gifts. We can name anyone as beneficiary of our insurance policies and change our designations at any time. All we have to do is contact our insurance company to obtain Beneficiary Designation Forms and make a bequest of our policies. If you are having similar thoughts about those that you hold dear to your heart and wish to learn more, please contact the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation at 888-248-2664, or email us at foundation@ohiomasonichome.org, for a no obligation conversation. We are happy to help! The search for significance and the desire to plan for the future lead many to ponder their legacy. I ask,

“What kind of legacy will you leave?”

12 SUMMER 2019

CENTENARIAN OFFERS ADVICE FOR FATHERS, FINANCES AND LONGEVITY This article was published in Medina County Lifestyle Magazine on June 1, 2019 Article by Wendy D’Alessandro | Photography by Nicole Jones Turn 100 years old and inevitably you get asked, “What’s your secret?” For Medina resident George Lovelady, who turned 100 on March 25, there’s not much of a secret to tell. “I married a wonderful wife,” he says. Her name is Marjorie. Skeptical? Don’t be. George happens to have science on his side.

Jason French, the administrator at Western Reserve Masonic Community, where George and Marjorie moved to in 2014, says the science is true, but he also credits George’s longevity to a combination of good genes, a zest for life, a daily purpose and having friendships. “It’s not unusual for people who live alone—and age in place—to decline simply because they’re isolated, depressed and don’t have the resources or opportunities to participate in life or have fun with friends or family,” he says. “George is always learning; he’s curious, and he has a group of friends he spends time with each day. Not to mention, how many centenarians are texting on a cell phone and asking, ‘OK, Google’ for weather updates so they can plan their days?” George played tennis until he was 92, and today, he may be the oldest in his friend group, but he’s more techsavvy than most who are 20 years his junior. His Google Home plays his favorite Big Band music whenever he asks, he emails and texts people on his Android 5, and he is familiar with Instagram and Facebook. Days start early for George. Rising at 6:30 a.m., George makes himself a healthy breakfast and watches the news. He does the dishes and checks the activities planned for the day before heading out. Lunch with friends in the dining room, activities, perhaps a nap and some afternoon reading before dinner, George eventually returns home where he watches the news, catches up on reading and heads to bed. George and Marjorie’s marriage lasted 72 years, and together they raised five children: David, Lane, Dane, Jeff and Eric. Marjorie passed away in 2018.

Times may have changed, but looking back, George offers some sage advice. For fathers: “Give as much attention to your children as you possibly can. Play with them. My father once told me that when I went away to college, half of a college education is learning to live with people.” For life in general: “Stay active, and eat well. Control the use of a credit card. Pay it off the next month if you use it.” Most importantly, be sure to marry a wonderful woman. A Bit of Birthday Cheer George’s five children planned a birthday celebration that quickly turned into a family reunion. More than 60 family members traveled from Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and New Jersey to Medina to celebrate his birthday with friends and staff at Western Reserve Masonic Community. A slide show of photos highlighted George’s life, and a nearby table showcased family photos and military memorabilia. A Love Story from the Greatest Generation George and Marjorie Lovelady’s love story began like so many others’ of the Greatest Generation. They met at a dance at Cambridge City Park in Ohio just before the war broke out; they quickly became sweethearts. George joined the Army Air Corps in 1942, and although he had intended to propose to Marjorie before he shipped off for England, he never got the chance. Unable to meet up with Marjorie and his mother as planned before he had to board the ship, George asked his mother for a favor: take Marjorie and pick out an engagement ring together. And so she did, and Marjorie and George became engaged without George ever asking for her hand in marriage. For the next three years, George served at Thurleigh Air Base in Bedfordshire, England. While there, Marjorie worked at the FBI in Washington, D.C. When George returned home in 1945, Marjorie quit her job and moved back home to Cambridge to marry her beau on a fall November day. George said it was tough finding a job stateside, but with a good recommendation, he found work at Standard Oil Company in Ohio, where he stayed until he retired in 1979. SUMMER 2019 13

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According to an article published by Harvard Health, married people tend to live longer, have fewer strokes and heart attacks, have a lower chance of becoming depressed, are less likely to have advanced cancer at the time of diagnosis (and more likely to survive for a longer period of time), and even survive a major operation more often.

The Lovelady children recall memories from a bygone era when dinner was at 5:35 p.m. sharp, and everyone had better be there. There was fishing, camping, ice skating and school sports. Dad was the breadwinner, and mom stayed home.

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Browning Masonic Community

Browning Masonic Community

Browning Masonic Community (BMC) has been extremely active in the Waterville community, hosting a multitude of on-campus events. On July 2nd, BMC hosted its first “Made in America” celebration in honor of the country we call home. BMC community members, employees, and the local Waterville community gathered at the BMC campus to celebrate Independence Day. The event was a huge success featuring a fishing derby, pie tasting, all-American hot dog bar, wiffle ball game, and horse-drawn trolley rides. The highlight of the evening was strolling down Browning Drive under the command of two Belgian horses, Major and Charlie. Browning Masonic Community is already looking forward to hosting this event again next year!

Each month, Serenity Farms brings in miniature therapy horses into BMC’s memory support community, Pathways. Recently, Pathways community member, Mitzie, a former female jockey and lover of everything equestrian, connected with Thunder, one of the miniature therapy horses. “Seeing Mitzie light up when she saw Thunder was truly something special. At Browning Masonic Community we’re able to bring passions from our community members’ pasts into the present creating new beginnings for each of our community members,” said Molly Good, Community Relations and Sales Manager at Browning Masonic Community.

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The second Tuesday of every month, you can find community members of Browning Masonic Community joined by local community members eating, playing yard games, and socializing in the BMC parking lot! The menu consists of local cuisine provided by Rusty’s Road Trip and Eric’s Ice Cream food trucks. Attendees of the event can enjoy gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, freshly battered fish, and a wide variety of flavors of malts and milkshakes. Interested in joining in on the fun? Then stop by Browning Masonic Community Tuesday, August 13th for the next Parking Lot Party!

Springfield Masonic Community Hosts Local Events Home Day 2019 A Success Despite Rain On behalf of the Ohio Masonic Home, thank you for being a part of Ohio Masonic Home Day 2019. Even though the weather was not as nice as we would like, the day proved to be a success for our residents, the Fraternity and campus visitors. The estimated crowd count was just over 1,000. However, we had 10 different organizations selling food, and 22 vendors in our merchants tent this year either selling crafts or providing information. Visitors enjoyed a Dunk Tank featuring the Grand Master, CEO and various other members of the Leadership team, which raised money for The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. The Ohio Masonic Home Scholarships were awarded, Dayton Chapter #67 National Sojourners initiated 9 new members, and the parade successfully commenced during a break in the rain. As always, the food and entertainment excelled. Activities were super for kids and adults of all ages, including a Zip Line and a Petting Zoo. Campus tours were given throughout the day and, of course, the strawberry shortcake was a big hit. We hope you all had a very enjoyable day and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Springfield Masonic Community

Locals Enjoy A Delicious Food Truck Rally The Ohio Masonic Home 3rd Annual Food Truck Rally was held on June 15, 2019. Although the day was dampened by rainfall and attendance was lower than expected. We had 13 Food Trucks present, entertainment throughout the day and The Pink Ribbon Girls on site with their Pink Fire Truck. Everyone in attendance had a great time and all the vendors are looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you to all who came out and attended. We look forward to seeing you again next year!



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Attention All Secretaries! We hope that you are enjoying your summer. As a follow up to the last article on the Widows’ Program we want to remind you to send us your widows lists. By sending your lists, the widows/widowers will receive the newsletter, “In Touch with the Resource Center.” In the newsletter, there will be topics such as senior scams, Medicare benefits, estate planning, health and wellness tips and a featured recipe. It will also include events such as the upcoming widows’ luncheons at Browning

Masonic Community and Western Reserve Masonic Community in September (see below). If you know of a widow/widower that might be interested in attending either of these two luncheons, please pass along this invitation to them. Also as you hear of a new widow or widower, let us know. The Resource Center will reach out to them to let them know we are here for them and can assist with any needs they may have. Widow lists and new widows/widowers lists can be mailed to:

OMH Resource Center, Attn: Becky Cason, 2655 West National Rd., Springfield, OH 45504 or by e-mail: rcason@ohiomasonichome.org If you know of someone who needs assistance, whether it be clinical, financial, or social in nature, please contact our Resource Center at 877-881-1623. We are here to help.

2019 Widows’ Luncheon - You are cordially invited to attend! Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Western Reserve Masonic Community in the Chapel 4931 Nettleton Road, Medina, Ohio 44256

Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Browning Masonic Community in Harmony Hall 8883 Browning Dr., Waterville, Ohio 43566

For those of you that have not received a Masonic Widows’ Pin, there will be a Pinning Ceremony that will take place at each location at 11:00 am. When calling in for reservations, please indicate if you have not received your pin. R.S.V.P. to Barb Henz at 1-888-248-2664 press #3, or email foundation@ohiomasonichome.org Indicate what location you will be attending. Reservations must be made prior to September 4, 2019.