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BEACON Volume 24, Issue 1 Winter 2017

Do You Think You Know the Ohio Masonic Home? Page 4

Own a Piece of Ohio Masonic Home History Page 5

The Wood Shop of Western Reserve Page 7




Celebrating our 125 year journey of care, compassion and concern

Also in this Issue:

District Ambassador Program Update

Ohio Masonic Home Celebrates the Feast of St. John

Grand Master's Window Restoration Update

...and More!

Resource Center Success Stories

Grand Master's Florida Reception Wrap-up


A Message From the Grand Master The Gift that Changes Lives I remember when a friend of mine – a Past Master from another Lodge – said that becoming a Master Mason is or should be a life-changing experience. It was about fifteen or sixteen years ago. I was already a Past Master of my Lodge, but until that day, I had never put that particular thought into words, and yet, I immediately felt the truth of the statement. Becoming a Master Mason changed my life and set me upon a path of friendship, fellowship, and accomplishment that I would otherwise have never known. Our Tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth have become defining values of who I am as a man. Our obligations have become the contracts upon which I have built my relationship with my fellows. Through our lectures, I have expanded my knowledge and understanding, and through the charges of the three degrees, I have a better grasp on my relationships and responsibilities to God, the Craft, my neighbor, and myself. I thought about this today when a man I had never met before said that he and several of his lodge brothers went to the local YMCA three times a week to do water exercises. I spoke to him because he had a Masonic license plate. As I was walking across the parking lot of the Y, and he was getting out of his car, I simply said, “good morning.” He came over and introduced himself, and we struck up a brief conversation. He told me there were just about enough lodge brothers coming to the Y to hold a meeting. They support each other, and it is easier to get out and exercise on a cold winter morning when you are meeting others who are doing the same thing – mutual support and encouragement by friends you trust. He said, “I think this has saved my life.” So what saved this Brother’s life? Was it the Mason who encouraged him to come out and join the YMCA and who comes and exercises with him three times a week? Or does the credit go to the YMCA for making their excellent resources available at an affordable price? (Especially for Senior Citizens who are eligible for Silver Sneakers insurance benefits.) In truth, the answer is both. This is often the case when we talk about Freemasonry, because we are really talking about the moral, intellectual, and spiritual values of a man as they are expressed and realized in daily living. Men can be good Masons every day, whether they attend Lodge or not. If they are good men and true – if they treat others as they wish themselves to be treated – if they go out of their way to help or encourage a brother or friend – if they are law abiding citizens and good neighbors – if they are loving husbands and fathers – then they are being good Masons. They may use the tools and resources around them to accomplish activities of daily living, but they need the internal qualifications of a Mason to realize their full potential. Can a man be all of these things without being a Mason? The answer has to be yes, but…it will be so much easier and better if he has the support and friendship of others who share the same promises, values and common experiences – the Brethren of a Masonic Lodge. They can help him achieve and enjoy a better and happier life. They can encourage him to build friendships and establish connections and also respect and support him as he does his duty to God in his own way. If you know a man whose mind and heart is open to our values and who you believe would enjoy the benefits of brotherly love and reciprocal friendship, you should tell him that he would make a good Mason. Explain the process of becoming a member. Offer to sponsor him for membership, and then let him decide for himself. If he asks for a petition, he will receive a gift that will change his life. Douglas N. Kaylor Grand Master The Ohio Beacon is published quarterly. Please report all changes of address to your Lodge Secretary, who, in turn, will notify the Grand Secretary, who maintains the database that produces the BEACON mailing lists.

Chad Simpson Director of Program Development The Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Ohio One Masonic Drive Springfield, OH 45504 614-885-5318 csimpson@freemason.com

Kristen Hirschfeld Manager, Comm. and Mktg. Ohio Masonic Home 2655 W. National Road Springfield, OH 45504 937-525-3025 khirschfeld@ohiomasonichome.org

A Letter From The CEO Dear Brethren, I hope you and your families have enjoyed the holidays and are well in this New Year! We are off and running in 2017 and very busy in continuing our unwavering focus of ensuring we are serving the needs of our Fraternity in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Recently, we held additional training and are continuing to grow our District Ambassador Program to better serve the Fraternity. In January, we welcomed 12 new District Ambassadors to our team whose sole purpose is to visit Masonic Lodges and appendant bodies to educate the Brethren about the services available to them via the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. Speaking of the Resource Center, we continue to receive calls from worthy and distressed Master Masons, their wives, widows and children on a daily basis, and our Aging Service Representatives are travelling the state to meet the needs of the Fraternity through this outreach. Remember, it is through your generous support and donations to the Ohio Masonic Home that allows us to offer care and assistance to our Brothers in need, and as you will read later in this edition of the Beacon, one simple call to the Resource Center can truly mean a world of difference. I recently had the pleasure of visiting 200 Masons and their Ladies at the 2017 Florida Grand Master's Reception speaking to many Ohio Brethren now residing in the Sunshine State. What a remarkable opportunity to work alongside many officers of the Ohio Grand Line, delivering news from our Home and spreading the word about the OMH Resource Center and the many success stories that we have helped make happen along the way. As we know, Hurricane Matthew ravished many parts of Florida during this past October, and many of the Brethren in attendance at this year’s reception were contacted by our very own OMH Resource Center during this time to offer our assistance and support should they need it. I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to the Ohio Grand Line Officers for allowing me the opportunity to present at this year’s reception, and I thank all those who attended. 2017 is also proving to be a very momentous year for our Home as we begin celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the Ohio Masonic Home back in 1892. Our Home has seen and done great things in 125 years, and I look forward to the year-long celebration honoring those who have come before us and given us this wonderful opportunity to serve you, the Brethren. As always, make sure to visit www.ohiomasonichome.org for any and all updates regarding this year’s celebrations. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the raising to the sublime degree of Master Mason of our very own Springfield Masonic Community President, Brother Tony Berardi. I was very honored to be able to attend Tony’s Master Mason Degree in January, and welcome another fellow Brother to our great Fraternity. If you get the chance and are on our SMC campus, make sure to stop in and congratulate Tony on his accomplishment. Brother Scott Buchanan, CEO Ohio Masonic Home

Find the Coin!

Congratulations to Thomas A. Redmond, Sr., PM/32° of Niles McKinley Lodge No. 794 in Girard, OH, the winner of last edition’s Find the Black Paw Print search! There were 5 paws in the last edition. In this edition, we celebrate the Home's 125th Anniversary celebration by finding the 'Coin.' Search through this entire edition and count how many times you find the coin graphic to the right (do not count example graphic).

Submit the correct answer along with your contact information and Lodge affiliation to Ohio Masonic Home, ATTN: Kristen Hirschfeld, Beacon Editor, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45504 or via email at khirschfeld@ohiomasonichome.org by April 1, 2017, and be entered to win a prize, courtesy of the Ohio Masonic Home Print Shop! (Your participation serves as permission to include your name and Lodge affiliation in the next edition of the Beacon.) WINTER 2017


Your Ohio Masonic Home – Think You Know Us? Square and Compass Now the Glorious Day Has Come, Day of Dedication. Fair the Day and Bright the Air, Nature’s Seemed to Now Declare. Sound the Cymbal, Beat the Drum Over All the Nation: She is Tuned and Full in Touch, and Has Smiled Upon Us Much – Flash Your Swords, Ye Gallant Knights, Till the Daylight Glistens. For the Day Means One Vast Poem – Speak, And Springfield All is Yours - - - For Command. Our Superb Masonic Home. It Listens. ~Author Unknown, The Springfield Daily Gazette, Springfield, Ohio Wednesday Evening, October 19, 1892 - VOL. XXVII No. 130 In the early 1840s, The Grand Lodge of Ohio discussed plans to establish a Home for the Aged to care for elderly Masons. In 1888, William B. Hillman led a successful effort to establish the Ohio Masonic Home for the benefit of worthy, distressed Ohio Master Masons, their wives, widows and orphans.

have been served by the Home. The Masonic Fraternity is built upon the principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. Thus, it is with pride in our Fraternity and its heritage of brotherly love, relief and truth that we carry out our work every day and continue to partner with the Fraternity in a variety of ways.

“Nothing so clearly indicates an advanced state of civilization as the provision made …for the care and support of citizens who are so unfortunate as not to be able to provide for their own wants.” ~William B. Hillman

Today the Ohio Masonic Home has grown to three campuses: the Springfield Masonic Community campus in Springfield, Ohio; the Western Reserve Masonic Community campus in Medina, Ohio; and the Browning Masonic Community campus in Waterville, Ohio. We have also created a Resource Center to assist the approximately 96,000 Masons and their families living in Ohio in being their partner in supportive connections, products or services to embrace their aging journey.

The cornerstone of the Home’s first building, Bushnell, was laid in 1892 and the first resident was admitted in 1895. Since 1895, elderly Masons, their wives and widows

But did you know we also provide non-care related services to the Fraternity? Each of our communities provides entertainment venues available to individuals for parties, meetings, award and recognition events, dinners and more. In true Masonic fashion we invite the Fraternity to look to us as a partner for all Fraternal events, not just for the elderly but for all ages. Not only will you enjoy a well-appointed venue, you will also be supporting your local Masonic Community.

To reserve a venue at any of our communities, call 877-881-1623 today!

4 WINTER 2017

Own a Piece of Ohio Masonic Home History! The Ohio Masonic Home is celebrating 125 years of care, compassion and concern and you can own a piece of our history! Since the laying of the cornerstone of the Bushnell “Castle” building in 1892, Freemasons of Ohio have supported this great organization. With this opportunity we want to share with you the joy that comes from partnering with those who are on their aging journey. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have created an ultra-rare paired coin set (only a limited number produced), featuring a re-struck copy of the original coin. This memento was originally created by the trustees to commemorate the building dedication on October 23, 1895. The second coin in the set captures the spirit of the 125 year journey leading to the Ohio Masonic Home of today. For a $125 donation, this ultra-rare coin set will make a unique addition to your personal Masonic memorabilia collection. This coin set can also be given as a special recognition gift to someone in your Lodge or kept as a display for your Lodge archives. Don’t miss out on your chance to secure your piece of Ohio Masonic Home history, contact Dan Shirk today at (937) 926-4305 or dshirk@ohiomasonichome.org.

District Ambassador Program Update:

The Ohio Masonic Home is pleased to announce that we have completed our second round of District Ambassador Training. This will enable us to reach more Lodges and in doing so carry the Mission of the Ohio Masonic Home to Brethren across the state. As you’ll recall the purpose of the District Ambassadors are to visit Masonic Lodges and Appendant bodies to educate the Brethren about the services available to them via the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. This is in keeping with our Mission and speaks directly to helping individuals age respectfully how they want, where they want. Have you considered scheduling a District Ambassador to visit your Lodge? Are you aware of all the services offered by the Ohio Masonic Home? Did you know we have the ability to offer services and/or make referrals in your local communities? Do you think any Brother of your Lodge or a widow could benefit from services that could help them continue to live in their home? If your answer was "yes" or even if it was "maybe" please do them and yourself a favor and schedule a presentation in your Lodge about what the Ohio Masonic Home has to offer.

Invite a District Ambassador to speak at your Lodge today by calling 1-877-881-1623. We look forward to hearing from you!




$80,000 at

Grand Master’s Masonic Windows Restoration Project the Ohio Masonic Home - UPDATE! -

The cost to restore a window is $8,000. This figure includes removing the window, cleaning and repair in the studio and refitting it in the restored frame. Donors who pay for the restoration of a window will be recognized with a plaque placed by the window. Donations can be made in the name of a Lodge, District, Chapter, Valley, Shrine or individual member. A gift may be made in memory of someone the donor wishes to remember or in honor of a living person or organization.



Contact the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation at 937-525-5637. Keep the light and symbolism alive for residents and visitors of the Ohio Masonic Home.

Masonic Organizations Must Register with Secretary of State The Grand Secretary, MWB C. Michael Watson, has informed all lodge secretaries that due to changes in the Federal and State banking and investment laws, a local Masonic organization (be it a lodge, chapter or district association) will need to be able to provide its own certificate of good standing from the Ohio Secretary of State. In order to receive this, a Masonic organization must register as an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association with the Secretary of State. The filing fee is $25.00. Below is a link to the form that must be completed. Anytime that a Masonic organization wished to make a change in their banking or investments of any kind or nature, it will be asked to provide this certificate of good standing. Consequently, all Lodge Secretaries or Treasurers are urged to register as Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations as soon as possible. The webpage for registering as an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association with the Ohio Secretary Of State: http://www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/upload/business/forms/580.pdf

6 WINTER 2017

Nearly every morning, the Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) Wood Shop is filled with the sounds of saws and hammers as four friends gather to practice their craft. Founded in March 2002 by the late Bob Siegmyer ( John W. Barkley Lodge No. 621), the Wood Shop has served as an outlet of creativity for many WRMC residents. Currently Ken Riedel, Ron Matthews, David VanScoter and Bob Mindek use the shop and one of their current projects is a series of cutting boards, coasters and bowls pieced together from wood scraps. Ken Riedel (North Star Lodge No. 638), began working with his hands when he was young, learning from his father. When he moved to WRMC he was immediately drawn to the Wood Shop and set about updating the layout and building a sawdust collection system. One of the first projects he worked on was with the late Art Gifford (Wadsworth Lodge No. 385), refurbishing a pair of decorative lighthouses for the community pond.

Wood Shop Founders

Navy veteran Ron Matthews also began woodworking at a young age, working in his father’s wood shop in high school. Ron jokes about when he “refinished” the family’s old piano by painting it black, “No harm was done,” and the instrument is still played by his granddaughter. David VanScoter (Willoughby Lodge No. 302) moved to Western Reserve in June (L-R) Jesse, Bob, Ken & David display of 2016. In addition to personal projects, he has been wholly involved in the cutting a few cutting boards. board project. “It’s a wonderful outlet…a feeling of accomplishment to create something with your hands,” he says. Bob Mindek, an Army veteran, is known as “The Lathe Man.” Bob began learning woodworking when he was 56-years-old. When his wife told him that he needed a hobby for retirement, he enrolled in a woodworking class and made a violin! Bob agrees with David, saying that creating pieces from scratch is “self-satisfying.” Jesse Pertee, Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Fraternal Relations Associate, has developed a relationship with these gentlemen over the past year. “The Wood Shop gives the residents the opportunity to continue doing something they love to do, and give back to the community at the same time,” he says. In late 2016, Ron collaborated with David VanScoter on the newest pair of lighthouses. There are now six completed lighthouses at Western Reserve, thanks to the efforts of Ken, Ron and David.

(L-R) Ron, David & Ken proudly display a couple of the refurbished lighthouses.

Ron Matthews demonstrates using the electric sander. WINTER 2017


An original copy of the Springfield Daily Gazette article, which hangs in the Bushnell lobby, covering

the Cornerstone dedication ceremony of the Ohio Masonic Home, held in Springfield, Ohio

October 18, 1892. To read the entire article, visit: www.bitly.com/Gazette1892

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Shows Support for Brothers and Widows The Ohio Masonic Resource Center is equipped to help with a wide variety of problems, from large to small. If you or someone you know needs help, call us toll-free at (877) 881-1623 today. One simple phone call can mean a world of difference. Robert and Louise Smith were facing foreclosure on their home and a pile of pastdue bills. Although Robert had an income, medical issues, a tempting offer from a car dealership and poor budgeting skills had caused the couple to fall behind. Finally, Robert called the Resource Center to see if any assistance was available to help them catch up on their payments and save their home. An Aging Services Representative (ASR) set about the task of helping the Smiths get back on track through financial assistance, aid finding a car to fit within their means, budgeting classes and a credit-counseling service. After working with the Smiths for only a few months, the ASR noted definite positive changes in the couple, including a more cheerful outlook on the future! After a long stay in the hospital, Gary Jones came home to a refrigerator full of spoiled food. He called the Resource Center to see if there was any help available while he finished recovering and was supplied with a gift card to use for groceries. Shortly after, disaster literally struck in the form of a lightning bolt to his apartment building. Now, with his home destroyed, his cat missing and very little left to his name, he again needed help. An Aging Services Representative made sure Gary was set up with a hotel room while she worked with the building manager to secure a different apartment in his name. Calls were made to local Lodges and churches and donations of food, furniture and even decorations for the walls came pouring in. Additionally, the ASR was determined to find Gary’s beloved cat, Princess, and finally, after three weeks, she was found and brought home! Hoarding can often be caused by depression or a stressful life event, so after losing her husband and son, it was understandable that Marjorie Johnson began accumulating items in her home. A worried friend connected Marjorie with an Aging Services Representative who began working to help her realize that help was available. After many, many months, the hoarding was brought under control; however, Marjorie’s health had begun to decline, so the ASR helped connect her with cleaning and transportation services. Finally, with the help of Marjorie’s children, the ASR helped her settle into an assisted living facility. The Aging Services Representative remains in contact with Marjorie as well as the local Lodge and is always ready to provide support when needed. Stories like these have happy endings because Masons like you donate. Your gifts help us continue to help exemplify the ideals of care compassion and concern to Brothers in need as well as their wives, widows and children. Donations can be given to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation in a variety of ways. By mail, donors can send gifts to: Ohio Masonic Home Foundation 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, OH 45504 Online, visit: www.ohiomasonichomefoundation.org and click on the GIVE button. Or in person to any Foundation staff member. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and therefore tax exempt.

10 WINTER 2017

(Names have been changed for anonymity.)

The Ohio Masonic Home Celebrates the Feast of St. John Each year, just after Christmas, the Freemasons of Ohio celebrate the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. The Feast serves as a reminder that although the long, cold nights of winter are upon us, the longest night has passed. The sun will continue to shine a little longer each day and spring will come, bringing with it warmth and light. On December 27 and 29, Rubicon Lodge No. 237, Morning Star Lodge No. 795 and Medina Lodge No. 58 joined forces with Browning, Springfield and Western Reserve Masonic Communities to celebrate St. John in a trio of Festive Boards honoring the important ladies in a Freemason’s life. After a special speaker and a delicious meal, the Brothers offered five toasts honoring the ladies in attendance, the widows, the wives, the sisters and daughters and finally, the mothers. Each lady present received a red rose as a token of love and appreciation for their support and light they bring to our lives.


“And the light shineth in darkness; and darkness comprehend it not.” John 1:5


Ohio Lodge





Research Feasts



SMC Residents

The Ohio Lodge of Research held its January meeting as a Lodge of Table Instruction on the campus of the Springfield Masonic Community. Twelve of the Master Masons residing on campus joined for the afternoon of food, fellowship, and education. Several confessed that this was their first table lodge and that they would like to attend more. Brother Rich Frederick, of Arts & Sciences Lodge No. 792, shared a paper about his experience of becoming a Freemason, and Worshipful Brother Alan Cook, of Lancaster Lodge No. 57, shared a paper about the development of the life boat and the United Grand Lodge of England’s sponsorship of several such crafts. Both were elected to active membership of the lodge in recognition of their papers. WINTER 2017


Festival Green Clubhouse at

Springfield Masonic Community The solution for meetings, gatherings and special events.

May be reserved by all individuals, including Lodges, organizations, employers and more! When planning your next event, allow Springfield Masonic Community to help make it memorable and worry-free! Conveniently located on the campus of Springfield Masonic Community, the Festival Green Clubhouse was completed in the fall of 2016. Featuring a state-of-the-art design with vaulted ceilings and natural light, it is the perfect backdrop for many types of events, big and small, during all seasons of the year, including: FAMILY Gatherings & reunions Bridal & baby showers Anniversary parties Graduation celebrations

LODGES Meetings Education Training Recognition events

SCHOOLS Dress rehearsals Project groups Study sessions Awards banquets

PLACES OF WORSHIP Committee meetings Retreats Study circles Life celebrations

The Festival Green Clubhouse features outstanding on-site amenities to help make your event one to remember: • Seating for up to 150 attendees • Complete audio/visual capabilities • WI-FI • Serving station and full kitchen • Outdoor seating and grill • Outdoor performance area

• Full Catering available • Convenient parking • Fully air-conditioned • Handicapped accessible • Pet-friendly atmosphere • And much more!

For further information, including reservations, scheduling, fees, or to arrange a personal visit, call (937) 525-1755. Live closer to Medina or Waterville, Ohio? Call 877-881-1623 to schedule your next meeting or event in one of the beautifully appointed spaces located at the Ohio Masonic Home Community closest to you!

12 WINTER 2017

A HANDBOOK FOR TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GENTLEMEN George Washington's Rules for Freemasons in Life and Lodge (www.macoy.com)

Long before social concepts like political correctness or civility, formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech formed a normal, and indispensable, part of a gentlemanly education. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, students absorbed these lessons by, of all things, perfecting penmanship. Their copybooks, a set of blank pages with appropriate social lessons written on each page, would be copied in longhand by the students perfecting their handwriting and instilling valuable socialization at the same time. George Washington's Rules for Freemasons in Life and Lodge is based on George Washington’s own copybook and it forms an essential code of conduct for all Freemasons. Compiled and edited by America’s foremost Masonic scholar on George Washington, Mark A. Tabbert’s Rules highlight must-follow practice for every-day social encounters, as we see in Washington’s original Rule 39, followed by Tabbert’s commentary: In writing or Speaking, give to every Person his due Title According to his Degree & the Custom of the Place. THAT IS TO SAY: Begin all conversations, emails, letters and phone calls in a respectful fashion, until a familiarity is established or granted. Address strangers by a title such as Mr., Ms., Dr., etc., and with last name, or with Sir / Ma’am, and not by their first name or nickname. Tabbert also organizes Washington’s 110 Rules for lodge meetings and refreshment, all thoroughly modernized and adapted to twenty-first century Masonic life, like Washington’s Rule 11: Shift not yourself in the Sight of others nor Gnaw your nails. THAT IS TO SAY: During lodge meeting, sit still, pay attention, respect the work of the evening and do not chew your nails, look at your electronic devices, or otherwise distract your brothers. In addition to Washington’s Rules and modern commentary, the reader will also find, for the first time, an exhaustive chronology of Washington’s Masonic activities and lists of his Masonic letters, books, and artifacts, making George Washington’s Rules for Freemasons in Life and Lodge not only a handbook for the twenty-first century gentleman, but a boon for Washington aficionados everywhere.

Forest City Lodge No. 388 Hosts Annual Brotherhood Night It is a time honored tradition of Forest City Lodge in suburban Cleveland to

host an annual brotherhood night. Members of the local clergy, together with community organizers and the Grand Chaplain of Ohio, Right Worshipful Brother Elbridge H. Brewer, shared their thoughts on the brotherhood of

humanity and how one may serve God by serving those in the community. The Grand Chaplain’s talk addressed the need for civility in our lives.



Florida GM Reception Wrap-Up In January, Grand Master, Brother Doug Kaylor, visited our Ohio Brethren living in Florida. He, along with other Grand Line officers and Ohio Masonic Home staff members, hosted three luncheons meeting with more than 200 Masons and their Ladies. During each visit, Grand Master Kaylor shared news from Ohio and presented 50, 65 and 70-year service awards to those in attendance. Ohio Masonic Home CEO, Brother Scott Buchanan, shared news about OMH and how, even if you live in Florida, we are here to assist our Ohio Brethren wherever they live through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. Both he and MWB Kaylor encouraged them to call the Resource Center’s toll free number, 1-877-881-1623. The Grand Lodge officers and the Ohio Masonic Home staff thank everyone who was able to attend these luncheons. A big thanks also to our hosts for their assistance; RWB Jerry Hatton at The Villages, RWB Ken Gavins at Sarasota/ Bradenton, and MWB Steve Krekus at Fort Myers. 14 WINTER 2017

Grand Master Doug and Lady Diana Kaylor addressing a luncheon

Brother Kaylor presents a 70 year pin to Rodney Pence of Harmony Lodge #8

Doug presenting a 50 years of service award to Brother Virgil C. Hale, Butlerville Lodge No. 135, who was a family friend and personal mentor

Brother Kaylor presenting a specially created pin to Most Eminent Commander, Sir Knight William Koon

You Did It! Through generous donations made by residents, family and friends to the Aging Respectfully fund of the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, a brand new wheelchair accessible transport van was purchased for the Browning Masonic Community located in Waterville, Ohio. Your gifts have made it possible for residents to be transported to important life appointments, such as doctor visits, and also be able to attend social engagements and trips crucial to a well-rounded, active lifestyle. Please accept our sincere gratitude and the smiling faces of our residents for making this happen. Stay tuned to see the power your gifts have in changing the lives of residents across the state. How Can I Give? Without regular and generous gifts from residents, family, friends and members of the Fraternity, the Ohio Masonic Home would not‌and could not exist. Donations can be given to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation in a variety of ways:

By mail, donors can send gifts to:

Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, 2655 W. National Rd., Springfield, OH 45504

Ways to Give:



Or you may give in person to any Foundation staff member.

Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and therefore all tax exempt.

www.ohiomasonichomefoundation.org and click on the GIVE button.

Alembic Lodge No. 793 learns how the

Sausage is made

Members of Alembic Lodge No. 793, a petitioner, a prospective member, and special guests had a

great time taking a hands-on sausage-making class at Avril-Bleh Meat Market on January 29, 2017.

Each participant learned how to grind, mix, stuff,

and link sausages. They made ten different kinds of sausage, and each man came home with at least 17

pounds of fresh sausage made during the class. That is how the bonds of brotherhood are built the old-fashioned way – one link at a time!






2655 W. National Rd. Springfield, OH 45504-3698 www.theohiobeacon.com

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID OH Masonic Home




Celebrating our 125 year journey of care, compassion and concern

Scan code to learn more about the trusted partner to help people age respectfully

300th Anniversary Galas Each of the 25 Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a gala on June 24, 2017 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the formation of the premier Grand Lodge of England. Arrangements will vary from District to District. Some will hold events for Freemasons only, and others will be organized for the Brethren and their families.

Check with the District Deputy Grand Masters in your District to learn about their plans for the District gala.

Local Lodges Promote 300th Anniversary The Grand Secretary, MWB C. Michael Watson has shared a promotional news release with all Ohio Lodge secretaries as a tool for them to promote the 300th anniversary of modern Freemasonry through their local news outlets. Wood County Lodge No. 112 was successful in their efforts to do just that. Has your lodge given it a try?

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