Orange County Women's Chorus: Annual Report 2021-21

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Our mission The Orange County Women’s Chorus creates and performs outstanding choral literature, engages and enriches our audiences, and celebrates women in music.

Our vision The Orange County Women’s Chorus is nationally regarded as an artistic and organizational leader in women’s choral music.

Our values • Excellence: We pursue excellence in ALL that we do. • Community: We value every member of our community. We are bonded to one another and to our patrons, donors, and volunteers. • Diversity: We embrace our differences, and celebrate different perspectives, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds. • Leadership: We advocate for women’s choral music and women in music, and we strive to be a leader in our field.

Our commitment to Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment where board members, staff, volunteers, chorus members and audience members feel respected and valued regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, disability status or educational level. We are committed to being nondiscriminatory and providing equal opportunities for employment, volunteering and advancement in all areas of our work. We recognize that pervasive cultural biases and historic and institutional racism— whether conscious or unconscious, past or present—have benefited some communities while limiting opportunities and outcomes for communities of color. As artists, we seek to communicate with our audiences—and with each other—in ways that will shape a more positive and equitable future for everyone. We respect the value that diverse life experiences bring to our board and leadership, and we strive to listen to and value the views and perspectives of our members and our audience.

Artistic highlights When the world first grew quiet in March 2020, we couldn’t have imagined that it would be nearly a year and a half before we would sing together in person again. The 202021 season wasn’t one that our chorus, or any chorus, cares to repeat. But innovation, adaptation, and community are the soul of the OCWC, and with a lot of hard work, a little frustration, and plenty of laughs, we managed to survive and thrive even during our year of Zoom rehearsals and living-room performances! Here are just a few of the achievements that made us proud....  While most volunteer choruses saw their membership (understandably) dwindle, ours actually grew! Not only did nearly all of our 2019-20 singers keep meeting on Zoom, but many of our far-flung alumnae took the opportunity to rejoin us online.  We produced two online programs, Something New in December and Zoom Out in May, that combined newly produced virtual-choir videos, live solos and small ensembles, text, and photos to create interactive online experiences that were enjoyed by thousands of visitors around the world.  We were one of the only choruses to commission a new composition during the pandemic, working with composer Dale Trumbore to create a piece (“What We Hand Over”) specifically designed for virtual performance. The world premiere video of the work appeared in our December Something New program.  In the spring, we collaborated with Dr. Mollie Stone and the University of Chicago Women’s Ensemble, composer Shergil Pirtskhelani, and Zedashe, an ensemble from the Republic of Georgia, to create a truly international choral experience and produce a recording of Shergil’s song “Mival Guriashi” for our Zoom Out program. You can enjoy these two videos on the following page, or visit to view the full programs!

Dale Trumbore: What We Hand Over (2020; world premiere) The Orange County Women’s Chorus Candice Carvalho, Claire Stoneman, Samantha Gossage, Carole Mintzer, quartet Video editing by Scot Hanna-Weir

People are always handing me things Cups, keys, pots, pain. Paradigms of blindness. Trauma. Clutter. Violence. Handled things. You’d be surprised By the things people hand over. I guess I’m a person who looks like they can hold a lot. I guess. I’ve learned memory outweighs most things [Matter made of wood. glass. Plastic. Rope.] Memory outweighs those things. These sensations that blister like something too hot to hold Or peel white right into the hand like a bright lightbulb These emotions that burn brown into the skin like a hot comb Feelings, wide like constellations, can be lost and found. Like keys. Or Hope. Or Home. Yes. You’d be surprised by the things people hand over. Maya Jackson (2020)

Shergil Pirtskhelani: Mival Guriashi The Orange County Women’s Chorus and the University of Chicago Women’s Ensemble Elizabeth Bjornsti, Adriana Gomez, Amanda Bistolfo, trio • Video by Mollie Stone

mival guriaSi mara sulma damicyo kleba erTi Cemi sayvaerli Cemi gulis mcvelia RmerTo mome wyaloba vai imas romelsac Tavi didi hgonia siyvarulTan Serkineba saxumaro hgonia

I’m going to Guria and my soul begins to shrink My lover makes my heart burn Refrain: Lord have mercy Shame on the person who thinks he’s special and believes that being in love seems very easy and simple, Refrain: Lord have mercy

A note from the Artistic Director Why, sure, I’d like to say a few words about the 2020-21 musical season: Thank goodness it’s over. It was a miserable year for our nation and our world, one filled with fear and loss and anguish. But wait, I have a few more words to say about it: Thank goodness there was OCWC. Zoom choir isn’t anyone’s preferred way to make music, but I know I’m not the only one who found a weekly oasis of company, kindness, and beauty in our Tuesday-night meetings. Not being able to greet one another with hugs or hear ourselves crafting beautiful sounds together was a drag, but the friendly faces on our computer screens and the persistent pursuit of creating art brought comfort and purpose to a year of uncertainty and disconnection. Our leaders and singers made the most of a terribly tough time—and our donors and supporters gave us the tools and the strength necessary to do so. Thank you, deeply and endlessly, for seeing us through our darkest season. Let’s never do it again. Eliza Rubenstein OCWC Artistic Director

Financial highlights We had no ticket revenue in 2020–2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic eliminated live performances. We are grateful to our incredibly creative and talented singers and leaders who brought our music to life online, and to our donors who sustained us through this challenging period.

Corporate Contributions 3%

How we’re funded 72% of our contributed revenue came from individuals, including singers and board members. Another 16% came from foundations, some of which manage donor-advised funds. 9% came from government funding—our $10,000 grant from the District 5 Small Business Grant (CARES Act Fund). The remaining 3% came from corporate contributions.

Marketing and Branding 2%

How we use our money 78% of our funding was spent on programming: artistic compensation, production costs, and marketing. The addition in 2018-19 of an Executive Director who divided her time between fundraising and general/administrative tasks increased those costs as a percentage of the whole.

Contributors to the Orange County Women’s Chorus • 2020-21 Dame Ethel Smyth’s Suffragist Army (Gifts of $2,500 and more) Archarios Foundation Janet Bratton and Tom Nichols County of Orange District 5 Small Business Grants (CARES Act) Cynthia and David Knell Mary and Bill Langsdorf Orange County Community Foundation, Robert J. and Doreen D. Marshall Fund for Classical Music and Dramatic Arts Orange County Community Foundation, Stahr Family Fund Ellen Quandahl and Larry Wheeler Clara Schumann’s Musical Family (Gifts of $1,500 to $2,499) Kathy and Nick Baldasari Laurel and Debashis Chowdhury The Horowitz Group Jennifer McLean Hildegard von Bingen’s Community of Vision (Gifts of $500 to $1,499) Anonymous Donor AYCO Charitable Foundation, Jeffrey A. and Susan L. Berkel Fund Marjorie Beale and Bill Meyerhoff Boeing Corporation Carole Browner Nancy Burke and Dominic Holzhaus Kristin Byrnes Dannette DeWeese Faith and Steven James Jill Johnson-Tucker and Larry Tucker Cheryl Knudsen Tracy and Barry Kogen C. Douglas Kranwinkle Daniel McCarthy Pat Morgan Morris Family Foundation Leslie and Robert Mulford Julie and Ben Roberts Lisa Roetzel and Alan Terricciano Jay and Helen Schlichting Laurie Soderberg Kristen Soderberg and Luke Goebel Heather Spickard and Alexander Demetrescu Dr. Sharon Stevenson Claire and David Stoneman Vanguard Charitable, The Newell Family Giving Fund Katrina Veldkamp and Michael Fischer Mary Watson Nick and Debbie Williams Fanny Mendelssohn’s Musical Salon (Gifts of $150 to $499) Sue and Nick Alexopoulos Erin and Jon Allen Amazon Kelly and Philip Arnold Jayne and David Baldwin

David Bean Benevity, Inc. Bryce Bishop Amanda Bistolfo Lizz Bjornsti and Christopher Persichilli Joan and Ron Breuch Michael and Susan Canham JoJo and Mike Caprini Candice and Kenny Carvalho Lisa and Robert Claborne Jessica Cosley Richard Cote Elizabeth Cowan and Rebecca Chadwick Braddie and David Dooley Jody Drew Ernest Duarte Boska and Joseph Dzida Maryloie and Norman Espinoza Renee C. Evans and Cory Oakes Julie Fischer Merrilee J. Gardner Pat and Dick George Janice and Paul Goodwin Elizabeth Guthrie Ako Harada Lindsie Hardy Lela and Scott Hardy Linda Hidy Allison and Nathan Hieger Randall Hodges John Holcombe and Jeff Whittiker Martha and Darrell Hughes Chardette Jameson Susan Jarratt Lynne Kabaczy Amy Komins Tommie Kozlov Felicia Lee Susan and Rich Liechty Kathy Lyttle Cheryl Maxson Shauna McFadden and Shanna George Barbara Metzger Michael Minard Carole and Alex Mintzer Joe Morgan Masako Morita Patsy R. Nichols Brian Noel Dolly A. Platt, Ph.D Emma Price Quentin Quinn Anne Rosse Melinda and Robert Salem Paul Sandorff PERC Water Martha Selby Carroll S. Seron Lynn Shipley Rachel and Joe Sosta Gai Spickard Cathryn Starr and Ronald Banks Mariko Takahashi Christopher Trela Barbara and James van Gaasbeek Petrina Walker Anne Walthall

Marie Washington Megan and Alec Waters Jessie Wirkus Stephanie and Keith Wright Anna Zara Chiara Margarita Cozzolani’s Chorus (Gifts up to $149) Lorna Adkins Libby and Prosper Aeschbacher Susan Anderson Jennifer Anne Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor Diane and Chimo Arnold Carole Arvidson Scott Aucoin Catherine Bailey Patricia Balen Ruth Ballenger Violette Balma Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart Sari Barron Betsy Bartholomew Linda and George Bauer Patricia Beck Sarah Ray Benson Kieran and Marilyn Bergin Susan and Jeffrey Berkel Nancy and Nick Beyer Ann and Deane Bistolfo Robert Bjornsti Jessica Blair Christopher Blank Marian Blatt Joshua Bloxom Sandie Borthwick and Gloria Souza Tina Bradley Lianne Bremer Andy Brown Gina Broz Emily Bruce Debbie and Kevin Bullat Samantha Burbidge Ali Burns Sherry Caldwell Geoffrey Carlson Leslie Carr Margaret Carrigan Kathryn and Lyle Cartelli Beverly Cartwright Danie Carver Jean Cayanni Luke and Carrie Cheng Helen Chenut Supriya Christopher Jikja Chung Linda Cintron Lindsey Clopp Chuck and Janet Coe Elizabeth Coffey Virginia and Dr. John Connolly Christopher and Marika Cook continued on next page

Vivian Cook and Chet Wescott Jon and Katie Cook Richard and Libby Cook Culverhouse Tom Davis Tom Day Deborah De Vries Agnes Demetrescu MJ Deocariza Melissa Diehl-Diaz Terrie Druehl Gail Dufour Andrew Dzida Stephanie Eckerman Linda Edey Shauna and Mike Eheler Beth and Bill Eldon Carolyn Estrada Diana Farrell Alison and Chuck Fay John Feeney Angela Fonnesbeck Shannon Fowler Lorraine Fox Lynn Francis Susan Gardner Susan Garrett George Gatus Alma Gayle Surina Geoffroy Allison Gibbons Giving Assistant, Inc. Kay Godfrey and Robert Dailey Keivan and Mincin Golchini Adriana Gomez Ruth Goodwin Samantha and Tom Gossage Nancy J. Gould Alex Grabarchuk Andrea Grater and Nancy Gray Alice Gresto and Matthew Kosman Aaron Griffith Sharlene Grover John and Stella Hacker Bonnie and Bill Hall Sharon Hansen Autry Harper Louise Hill Emily Horowitz and Chatom Arkin Patricia Hosokawa Joseph and Melinda Huszti Deborah Hutton and Fred Ebert Jessica Jablonski Kerry Jenness Karen and Jeff Johnson Dian Jonus Mike Kahrer Chuck Kamm Fran S. Kean Maryglen and Robert Kieckhefer Genie Kirchner Susan Klein Jenny Knell Lindsay Knell Leonie and Jay Kramer Kroger Kate and Tom Kush Barbara and Bill Lacey Diana Landis Arlie Langager Mary Eileen Langsdorf and Joshua Hanson Renee Laplume Elizabeth Leavell Peter Leschke Iris Levine

Yuxuan Li Thomas Lin Patricia Lixfeld Diana Lobel Lisa Lou Cheryl Lu Ashley Mac Kimberly MacKellar Lindy and Paul Mahlow Lynn Mally Grace Marcotrigiano Andrea Marr Mary Martin Matthew Martinez Lili Martinez Tim Mascarinas Janet Matranga Teri M. McCasland Katherine P McKalip Victoria McKinney Lisa McKowan Theresa McManigal Joseph McVeigh Kirke and Donata Mechem Howard Meharg Lauren Melville Pamela Melville Sally Menzel Carla Miali Emily and Luke Mizuki Darlene Moen Rohde and Alejandro Morales Stephanie Morgan and Richard Rotter Geoffrey Morgan Allegra Mount Carrie and Kaz Mulcahy Karen Mullally Susan Nace Michael and Joan Neuscheler Elaine Neuss Bryant Nguyen Chris Nhotsavang Susan and Clark Nichols Jeanette Norton Joy O’Connor Catherine Orfald Rebecca Otten Madge McCollum Parker Susan Parr Clara Paye Karen Pender Kim Pham Lindsey Philpott Tom and Maureen Pietryga Paul Pinkman Devereux Powers Kimberly Pressley Lucinda Prewitt Stephanie Price Linda and JT Price Keren Price Deborah Rabben Linda C. Radano and David Shuler Jane Ramsey Chris Rand Daniel Reed Dan Reed Alexandria Murray Risso Stephen Rochford Cheryl Rodi Julianna Roosevelt Elyse and Brad Rosborough Ann Rose Marti Rosenberg Eliza Rubenstein Meghan and Eric Ruggio

Mary Pat Russell Margie and Gary Sacks Bob Sagui Gerald Salomon Dorothy Lippman Salovesh Paul Sammon and Tom Hall Mary K. and William R. Sampson Krista Scharf Carolyn Scheer Eve Schleich Janice Schneider Sue Schulze Zoey Seely Sharon Sessoms Susan Shahidi Rita Shapiro Catherine Sharbaugh Sharon Sheffield Archana Sheth Susannah Shoaf Shana Siegel Tammy Simmon Sharon Smith Kimberley Smith Janet Smith Magen Solomon Connie Soves Phyllis and David Stageberg Nathan Staph Russ Stark Patty Stein and Jonathan Cartford Rachel and James Steiner-Dillon Maryruth Storer Matthew Struckhoff Dr. Laurel Sugden Joy Sweet Kathleen Sylvester Jaimee Tahsiri Tina Thompson Jerry Thornburg Linda Tilden Janet Tomiyama Kathleen Towner Judith Treas Melanie Trent April Ueoka Suzie Won-Speizer Marilyn Wright Norma and Patrick Yarbrough Lauren Zampa Allison Zema Gabriele Zimmerman

Our 2020-21 team Allison Hieger, Executive Director Board of Directors Eliza Rubenstein, Artistic Director Mary C. Langsdorf, President Sarah Hughes, Assistant Director Kathryn J. Baldasari Janelle Kim, Pianist Janet A. Bratton Tasha Miller, Conducting Intern Marjorie A. Beale Laurel Chowdhury Heather Spickard Katrina Veldkamp

Cary Ratcliff: I Will Wind Thee In My Arms The Orange County Women’s Chorus • Janelle Kim, piano Video by Julie Fischer and Eliza Rubenstein

This video combines a live 2015 performance of one of our favorite songs with videos and photos contributed by our singers to represent the moments of cheer and comfort we found during the past year, to thank the people and pets who have gotten us through the dark days, and to remember the loved ones who have left us during the pandemic.

23802 Avenida De La Carlota Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (949) 451-8590