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MiraCosta’s Biomanufacturing Program Produces Workforce Talent

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Game Changer: Pro Kids Serving the Underserved


Why I Love Oceanside


Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Endorses Ryan Keim and Peter Weiss

Open Fall 2020 Scripps Medical Center Trusted Care Right in Your Neighborhood Scripps Medical Center brings Scripps trusted care to you and your family at our newest North County location. From primary and specialty care to our urgent care and walk-in express clinic, we want to make it convenient and easy for you to get the care you need, when you need it.

Scripps Medical Center 2205 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92054

Services include: • Primary care, including internal and family medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology with Scripps Coastal Medical Center • Specialty care, including orthopedics, cardiology, perinatology, neurology, ophthalmology and more, with Scripps Clinic • Urgent Care

• Scripps HealthExpress walk-in care • Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center • Ambulatory Surgery Center (opening spring 2021) • Pharmacy • Laboratory and imaging services

Click. Call. Come See Us. With in-person and virtual appointments you can even schedule online, Scripps makes it easy to get all your care in one convenient location. Your health and safety are always our top priorities, and we have precautions in place to help prevent COVID-19. To learn more, call 1-800-SCRIPPS (727-4777).

If you’re looking for a luxurious senior living experience, look no further than Ocean Hills. Elevating Assisted Living & Memory Care to new heights with services and amenities like nowhere else. Schedule a Tour Today! 4500 Cannon Rd., Oceanside, CA 92056 | (760) 295-8515 www.oceanhillsseniorliving.com

Business Leaders Push Back Against County “Add-ons” to Reopening Requirements


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Proposition 20: Taking Back our Streets 6 Frontwave Credit Union Helping Small Businesses 7 Proposition 15 Threatens $11.5 Billion-a-Year Tax Hike 8 Virtual Networking Events 10 Future Talent: Yesenia Leon 16 Chambers Team Up to Enhance Business Advocacy Efforts 18 Game Changer: Pro Kids Serving the Underserved 20 Chamber Endorses Keim and Weiss for Council Seats 23 Member and Community News 26 One Step Closer to Zero Waste 30 Why I Love Oceanside 32 Celebrating Heroes of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton 4

By Scott Ashton, CEO Oceanside Chamber of Commerce In early September, San Diego County public health officials issued new health orders regarding the reopening of indoor operations for businesses. For many of our small businesses, including salons and other personal services, this was great news. But for others, especially in our restaurant industry, the orders created more confusion and frustration, to the extent that we have received feedback that several local restaurants will not resume indoor operations because of new burdens being imposed. At the center of the controversy are more stringent mask requirements and the requirement for restaurants to “maintain the list of names and telephone numbers (of guests) for three weeks”. When I learned that these requirements did not come from the State of California, but were added on by San Diego County Public Health Officer, Dr. Wilma Wooten, I felt strongly that we needed to push back on this. We pulled together a meeting of several Chambers in North San Diego County and agreed we would work together to urge the County public health officials to not increase the burdens on our small businesses and to reverse the “add-ons” that have already been put in place. Government officials have already throttled a thriving restaurant industry and crushed small businesses that give our communities their character and charm. Our small business owners have put their hearts and souls, and in many cases their life savings into their businesses to create something special for their community and their families, only to see it destroyed by a singular focus on the COVID issue, to the exclusion of the overall public health. I am proud to be a part of so many great efforts locally, regionally and nationally to provide a voice for our small businesses. As continued on page 8

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following Chamber Partners for their generous financial contributions to the Chamber’s program of work.





GK Asset Management, LLC

For more information about how your company can participate in the Partner Program, please contact Scott Ashton at 760-722-1534

Committed to helping you save energy and money.

SDG&E® is proud to be your energy partner. In addition to delivering renewable, safe and reliable energy, we also support many savings programs for our residential and business customers. To learn more visit sdge.com. © 2020 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. © 2020 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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Charlie Anderson Privateer Coal Fire Pizza Nazeli Dertsakian Genentech Kristen Huyck MiraCosta College Christine Lee California State University San Marcos Maria Mingalone Oceanside Museum of Art Ernie Prieto Oceanside Sea Center Katie Scanlan San Diego Gas & Electric Jessica Shrader Tri-City Medical Center Rick Wright MainStreet Oceanside


Col. Daniel Whitley United States Marine Corps Jonathan Borrego City of Oceanside Leslee Gaul Visit Oceanside Conference & Visitor Bureau

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Scott Ashton Chief Executive Officer Tracy Chin Finance and HR Administrator Kristi Hawthorne Director of Events Hana Gilbert Communications and Customer Service Coordinator Emerald Lowe Director of Membership and OYPN







Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 3

vote 2020 Prop 20 is an Important First Step to Taking Back our Streets The Oceanside Chamber recommends a vote of YES on Proposition 20 as an important first step in addressing the criminal behavior associated with homelessness on our streets… behaviors including violence and repeated acts of theft. These behaviors have been a tremendous burden on our small businesses, a distraction they can ill afford as they focus on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposition was designed to make changes to AB 109 (2011), Proposition 47 (2014), and Proposition 57 (2016)—three measures that were each intended to reduce the state’s prison inmate population. The initiative is a measured, common-sense solution to a growing problem in California that requires sexual predators and violent offenders to serve their full sentences in prison and holds criminals accountable for repeated acts of theft.

Fixing the Flaws in Proposition 57 • Recent changes to parole laws under Proposition 57 allow the early release of dangerous criminals by its failure to define certain crimes as “violent.” • Under Prop. 57, individuals convicted of sex trafficking of children, rape of an unconscious person, felony assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer, and felony domestic

4 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

violence are considered “non-violent” offenders. • The Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act will reform the law so that these so-called “nonviolent’ crimes are re-classified as “violent” — and that felons who violate the terms of their release can be brought back to court and held accountable. • The initiative does not put any new people in jail or prison — it simply requires those convicted of these violent crimes to complete their court ordered sentence. • At least 13 bills have been introduced in the legislature over the past 10 years to reclassify these so-called “non-violent” crimes as “violent” — crime like sex trafficking a child, murder for hire, rape of an unconscious person, etc. The legislature has rejected them all, so this initiative is our only hope to fix this injustice.

Addressing Prop. 47’s Crime Spree • Prop. 47 reduced certain felonies to misdemeanors, while also raising the threshold for felony theft from $450 to $950. • Since Prop. 47, California has seen an explosion of retail theft, smash-and-grab auto break-ins, and other misdemeanor crimes — where offenders are

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

typically not arrested, but given a citation, thus deceptively impacting arrest rates. • The retail, auto and property theft crimes that have increased since passage of Prop. 47 are so prevalent, many businesses and residents in communities around the state have given up reporting them, skewing crime data. • Approximately $78 worth of property is stolen

every second in California under these new laws — totaling $7.5 billion and counting since passage of Prop. 47. • The “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act” will fix the flaws created by Prop. 47 and restore accountability — revising the theft threshold by adding a felony for serial theft when a person is caught for the third time stealing with a value of $250.

Here’s what Oceanside’s Councilmembers are saying about Prop 20… Peter Weiss, Mayor “Safety of our people is among the City Council’s highest priorities. Proposition 20 is carefully designed to fix specific, but very serious and dangerous flaws contained in AB 109 and Propositions 47 and 57. Recent changes to parole laws allow for reduced penalties and even early release of dangerous criminals by the law’s failure to define certain crimes as ‘violent’ including individuals convicted of sex trafficking of children, rape of an unconscious person, felony assault with a deadly weapon, and felony domestic violence, to name a few. As a result, so-called ‘nonviolent’ offenders are back on the street sooner than they otherwise would be putting our cities’ residents, workers, visitors and law enforcement at greater risk. Fortunately, Proposition 20 will help fix these problems. Help us build a Safer California - join me in voting Yes on Proposition 20”. Jack Feller, Deputy Mayor “I support Proposition 20. Between 2011 and 2016, three measures were passed that allowed early release of state inmates and drastically increased our homeless population. Passage of Prop 20 would right a wrong, keeping criminals in prison and require a DNA sample

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

be submitted for certain misdemeanors. The safety of our residents, families, and businesses is my priority. The public’s safety first.” Ryan Keim, Councilmember “Proposition 20 is the first crucial step in an effort to address our rising crime and quality-of-life issues in California. The proposition will address some of the glaring issues and unintended consequences created by the passage Propostions 47 and 57 by ensuring violent and/ or career criminals are held accountable for their actions. Oceanside residents, businesses and law enforcement have worked together to bring our crime to historically low levels and we need Prop 20 to ensure it stays that way going forward.” Christopher Rodriguez, Councilmember “I fully support Yes on Prop 20. Prop 20 will fix flaws that Prop 47 and 57 plagued California with since 2014 that has greatly contributed to the homeless crisis. Crimes such as shoplifting, grand theft, and illegal drug possession will be treated as felonies again and law enforcement will have the legal tools to fight crime”. Note: All Oceanside City Councilmembers were invited to submit comments. Councilmember Esther Sanchez did not respond. Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 5

Frontwave Credit Union Helping Small Businesses Since announcing its approval by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to participate in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Frontwave Credit Union has helped to champion the cause of local businesses struggling in the COVID-19 crisis. They have funded 45 PPP loans for business located in Oceanside, totaling $1,882,096.35. The Paycheck Protection Program, backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, is a loan program designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. After running out of funds in its initial two weeks, the program was reauthorized and relaunched in late April, providing an additional $310 billion in loans to small businesses nationwide. The SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities. “We’ve always been inspired by the pull-yourself-upby-the-bootstraps passion of small business owners. They’re the backbone of our community. And we know that times are especially tough for them right now,” said Bill Birnie, President/CEO of Frontwave Credit Union. “Even though we have not been an SBA lender, we applied to participate in the Paycheck Protection

6 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Program because we wanted to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help local small businesses survive this crisis, and even thrive once it’s passed.” Frontwave is committed to helping Members find solutions that will help them stay financially stable during this uncertain time. In addition to Paycheck Protection Program loans, the credit union is also offering personal financial assistance loans, loan extensions and skip-a-payment options. Any affected Members are encouraged to visit frontwavecu.com/ wecare or call 800.736.4500 to learn more.

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com


The $11.5 Billion-A-Year Property Tax Hike on the November Ballot California is in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, and yet another threat is on the horizon for small businesses. Prop 15 on the November ballot will be the largest property tax increase in state history at $11.5 billion per year. Unless defeated by voters, the measure shreds longstanding Prop 13 protections that have kept property taxes affordable and provided every taxpayer that buys a home or operates business with certainty that they can afford their property tax bills in the future. Prop 15 repeals these protections for business property by requiring reassessment at current market value at least every three years. Prop 15’s higher property taxes will cause rents to skyrocket for small businesses and the cost of living to increase for all Californians. That’s why small businesses, farmers, social justice organizations, and taxpayer advocates across California oppose this massive tax increase. Local avocado grower, Louise Ravera Balma expressed her concerns about Proposition 15. “Being a farmer in California will be harder if Prop 15 is passed. California farmers are already paying the highest price for labor, water and environmental regulations. If Prop 15 passes farmers and ranchers will be exposed to steep property tax hikes on all fixtures and improvements, which includes fruit trees, nut trees, vineyards, fences, barns, dairies, irrigation systems, and much more. Farmers need our support not more taxes”. Mark Hughes, Managing Director, Pacific Commercial Partners Team, had this to say, “Prop 15 is an economic ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ for small businesses. It’s cloaked in misleading language saying the tax will not affect homeowners and will be used for schools and local infrastructure. The truth is that

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

the use of the educational funds are not restricted and could be used to fund pensions and increase salaries, as opposed to being spent on school facilities and equipment”. “The real problem is that whether you own or rent, there’s a good chance your expenses will increase. Tenants need to look carefully at their leases.. does your lease allow your landlord to increase your rent if their expenses go up? Landlords who have owned their buildings for many years could be looking at huge tax increases. Even if your lease doesn’t have a pass-through clause, it’s likely that your landlord will attempt to pass through those tax increases when you negotiate your lease renewal,” Hughes added. Why should everyone be concerned about Prop 15?

Threatens jobs. An estimated 120,000 jobs will be lost during a time of record unemployment.

Raises prices for consumers. Higher taxes on businesses will ultimately get passed on to consumers in the form of increased costs on just about everything people buy and use, including groceries, fuel, utilities, day care and health care.

Hurts small businesses. Prop 15 does nothing to prevent higher property taxes from being passed to small business tenants through higher rents.

Lacks accountability. Sacramento politicians can divert the new local government tax money for other purposes, just like they have done with the gas tax.

We need your help to defeat the largest property tax increase in California history. Join our efforts and sign up at https://noonprop15.org/join-the-coalition.

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 7

Business Leaders Push Back .... continued from page 2 a starting point in urging our County leaders to minimize the burdens on our businesses, our coalition of twenty San Diego County business organizations sent the following letter to the San Diego Board of Supervisors … Dear Chairman Cox and Board of Supervisors, As San Diego County business leaders, we are writing in regard to the most recent County Public Health orders. It has come to our attention that some of the specific requirements in the new order related to indoor dining were added by the County Public Health Department and not required by the State of California. We are specifically referring to more stringent mask requirements and the requirement for restaurants to “maintain the list of names and telephone numbers (of guests) for three weeks”. We believe that the county should not, as a matter of course, look to increase burdens beyond what the State public health guidelines have suggested in the absence of extensive outreach and dialogue with affected industries. Our business owners have “on-the-ground” operational expertise that would provide valuable insight and understanding to County public health leaders. This insight would help in the crafting of better policies that achieve public health goals and provide the County with efficiencies that may otherwise be missed by public health professionals. Our communities have already experienced the permanent loss of some of our most valued small businesses and we ask for your partnership in preventing further economic devastation. It is our request at this time that any additional requirements that were not ordered by the State be reversed. Thank you for your consideration. In addition to the coalition letter, the Oceanside Chamber and several of the other organizations are encouraging their members to engage in grassroots outreach to County leaders on this issue.


Networking Events

Virtual Networking Events are open to both Oceanside Chamber members and prospective members. We are offering these events free of charge, however, encourage attendees to enjoy local takeout. *Virtual events are subject to change. Please visit OceansideChamber.com for up-to-date information and registration.


Connect with like-minded businesses over coffee, tea or whatever your morning fix is on-the-go. Attendees will have the opportunity to share a 1-minute introduction and exclusive access to the participant list following the event. This event is currently powered by Zoom and is open to both members and prospective members.

Online Event via Zoom • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM October 6, November 3, December 1

Virtual Oceanside Young Professionals Network Meeting

The Oceanside Young Professional Network (OYPN) meets the first Thursday of every month from 10:00am-11:00am. The OYPN serves to allow local young professionals an avenue to introduce themselves, network with like-minded peers, engage in the community, and stay informed on local issues. Chamber members in this age group are encouraged to come to meetings and contribute to the program’s development.

Online Event via Zoom 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM October 8, November 5, December 3


Our New Member Orientation has moved online! New and old members alike are welcome to join us Friday, October 16th from 9-10am on Zoom. Our Oceanside Chamber team will offer an overview of programs and opportunities you can utilize to help your business grow this year. We encourage all our attendees to grab a bite from a local Oceanside restaurant, and enjoy a casual meet and greet with our Chamber staff! *Note: This event is only open to members of the Oceanside Chamber. If you would like to attend a virtual event, please contact our Membership Director, Emerald Lowe at Emerald@oceansidechamber.com.

Online Event via Zoom • Friday. October 16, 2020 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Check upcoming dates at www.oceansidechamber.com

8 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

www.oceansidechamber.com | Spring 2020

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 9


MiraCosta’s Biomanufacturing Program Produces Workforce Talent Never underestimate the power of an elementary school field trip. When Yesenia Leon visited a biotech lab with her sixth-grade class, she felt a sense of wonder and excitement. “The facility was amazing. I was eleven years old, and I was blown away. I knew I wanted to work at a place like that when I grew up.” But then she found out that everyone who worked there had a college degree. “I was devastated. I stopped dreaming about my future for a long time after that.” Leon’s family immigrated to the United States after their lives were threatened in Mexico. While her father wanted the best for her, going to college was not considered a possibility for Yesenia or her siblings. “My dad worked really hard. But the cost of going to school was out of our reach. We grew up knowing that wasn’t an option.” Once she graduated from high school her father

10 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

encouraged her to attend vocational school, and Leon became a massage therapist. “I liked that job. I liked knowing I could change the way a person felt. But after a while, I started thinking about doing something else with my life.” One day she and a friend were talking about going back to school, and they looked up MiraCosta online. “That’s when I saw their new Biotechnology Program, and I got so excited. I started looking into it.” MiraCosta College is one of 15 community colleges in California taking part in a pilot program that offers bachelor’s degrees to help students get jobs in high demand fields. In fall 2017 MiraCosta College

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

welcomed its first cohort of junior-year students to the college’s bachelor’s program in biomanufacturing. The program prepares students to work in biological production, the unique segment of biotechnology where science thrives in partnership with quality and compliance. Career options include research, development, quality control and assurance, manufacturing, analytical testing, and work as a lab technician. Biotechnology is an expanding field devoted to improving human health through the research, development, testing, manufacturing, and marketing of products related to the biomedical and agricultural industries. Courses provide both the theoretical background and practical experience necessary to gain employment in the biotechnology industry. While existing biotechnology degree programs in California focus on research and the early stages of product development, MiraCosta College’s biomanufacturing degree focuses on the process involved in the later stages of biotech development and production. With an estimated total cost of about $10,000 for the four-year degree, MiraCosta College’s biomanufacturing program lifts the burden of expensive tuition costs and makes college more accessible to students.

Hiring essential positions Up to $15.50/hr. to start Location Oceanside Colocation 1402 Avenida Del Oro Oceanside, CA 92056

On the front lines Fast-forward two years, and Leon has graduated from MiraCosta and gotten a job at Genentech, a global, ground-breaking pharmaceutical company—located in the same facility she toured in the sixth grade! “It’s a dream come true,” she says. “I love my job.” Leon plans to keep learning and growing at Genentech, where she is a biotech process technician. “Now that I’m here, I want to learn everything.” She has big plans, too—she hopes to earn her Ph.D. in the future. “When I was younger, I assumed college was out of reach, and that made me feel like I couldn’t make the choices for myself that I wanted to make. But now I know, that’s not true. You should always try to follow your dream.” www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

FedEx Ground is hiring team members to help us support the economy, handling life-saving medications and other items that keep our communities as prepared as possible in these uncertain times. Benefits, parental leave and flexible schedule options available.

To apply please visit groundwarehousejobs.fedex.com or text FXGflyer to 33011. Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text STOP to 33011 cancel. Text HELP to 33011 for help. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 11

membership NEW MEMBERS June 9, 2020 – August 31, 2020 Alignment Health Plan 1100 West Town & Country Road, Suite 1600 Orange, CA 92868 (657) 218-7436 www.alignmenthealthplan.com Healthcare Information American Freight 2505-B Vista Way #1 Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-0405 www.americanfreight.com Furniture and Appliance Bio-One of Oceanside 4225 Oceanside Blvd., H311 Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 429-0729 www.biooneoceanside.com Cleaning Services- Commercial Sanitation and Bio-Hazard Card Connect-First Data Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 473-7703 www.cardconnect.com Merchant Services Champion Medicare & Insurance Services Vista, CA 92084 (760) 473-1926 www.painlessmedicare.com Insurance Coit, Cleaning and Restoration 8510 Railroad Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (714) 737-3051 www.coit.com/san-diego Cleaning Services- Commercial Sanitation and Bio-Hazard Core Association Management 603 Seagaze Dr., #1023 Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 405-8595 www.core-mgmt.com Real Estate Management Eco Industrial Solutions 180 Roymar Rd., Ste. A Oeanside, CA 92058 (760) 994-8990 www.spillbully.com Environmental Supply

John Redford, Coldwell Banker Realty 7020 Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, CA 92011 (760) 560-6139 www.johnredford.cbintouch.com Real Estate Sales

RENEWING MEMBERS June 9, 2020 – September 7, 2020

Law Offices of Kristen M. Gates 380 S. Melrose Drive, Ste. #348 Vista, CA 92081 (858) 264-8388 www.gateslawoffices.com Attorneys

61 to 65 Years as Member Martha (Marti) Farris

Nimbletoad 6965 El Camino Real, Ste. 105-642 Carlsbad, CA 92009 (760) 814-1001 www.nimbletoad.com/locations/ oceanside Marketing

36-40 Years as Member Frontwave Credit Union Oceanside Sea Lions Club

Roots Craft Juice 631 S Cleveland St. Oceanside, CA 92054 www.rootscraftjuice.com Health and Wellness Soap Mat, LLC 3230 Waring Court, Ste. A Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 305-7528 www.soapmat.com Health and Wellness T-Mobile 10509 Vista Sorrento Pkwy., Ste. 207 San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 988-4015 www.t-mobile.com Telecommunications True West Facility Supply Oceanside, CA 92057 (760) 505-8198 www.truewestsupply.com/catalog/ Janitorial Services and Supplies University of Phoenix 9645 Granite Ridge Dr San Diego, CA 92123 www.phoenix.edu Education Program

(858) 650-4648

Wise Choices Realty Oceanside, CA 92057 (760) 908-8949 www.wisechoicesrealty.com Real Estate Sales

12 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

41 to 45 Years as Member Paradise By The Sea Tri-City Medical Center Waste Management of North County

31-35 Years as Member Beach Break Cafe P J Graphics 26 to 30 Years as Member Federal Heath McLain Properties Pacific Coast Real Estate – Doug Thompson Real Property Management Rodeway Inn The Salvation Army – Oceanside Corps 21 to 25 Years as Member Automobile Club of Southern California Oceanside Abbey Carpet and Floor Rockin’ Baja Coastal Cantina Southern California Edison 16 to 20 Years as Member AMAZEINC Internet Solutions North County Transit District Paradigm Special Effects Graphics Walmart #5075 11 to 15 Years as Member Carefree Spa, Inc. Fastsigns Vista Greater Tri Cities IPA Medical Group Hobie Cat Company Holiday Inn Oceanside Marina – MCB Camp Pendleton Area Johnson Interiors & More, Inc. Pollos Maria Primary Health Partners 6 to 10 Years as Member Big Bob’s Best Pizza Buffalo Wild Wings Calvary Chapel Oceanside Children’s Physicians Medical Group Domino’s Pizza #7751 Frazier Farms Oceanside Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

membership Goat Hill Park Graybill Medical Group – Oceanside Humana Industrial Prosoft Solutions Integral Communities Las Villas de Carlsbad Oceanside Timeshare Rentals Pacific Western Bank Pierview Properties Real Estate Pryor Products Red & White Superette Inc. Stone Brewing Co. – Stone Company Store Stratford at the Harbor That Boy Good The Eisendrath Team – Richard Eisendrath The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton The Super Dentists Tri-City Hospital Foundation 1 to 5 Years as Member AlphaGraphics Oceanside Americas Publisher, LLC Anita’s Fine Mexican Restaurant Assistance League North Coast Bliss Tea and Treats Blue Star Families

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

Boyce’s Roofing and Repair Breakwater Community Church C2ITpros CalPacific Marketing Group Don’s Country Kitchen Excell Research Extreme Power Gym FedEx Ground Felix’s BBQ with Soul Financial Advisor – Edward Jones, Chad Marentette Friends of Oceanside Parks Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) Go Be Rewarded GOGO Charters San Diego Health Right Insurance Heritage Hills iFLY Oceanside Jersey Mike’s Subs, Oceanside Kilowatt Brewing Lighthouse Fish and Seafood Market/ Oyster Bar MakeMyVacation.com Mangia e Bevi Mariposa Ice Cream Oceanside Pier Minuteman Press Oceanside Monterey Financial Services

New Song Community Church Ocean Hills Independent/Assisted Living and Memory Care Oceanside Adventures Oceanside Golf LLC Oceanside Sea Center Oceanview Dental Oside E-Rides P3 Leadership Solutions Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside Pick Up Stix Printing CEO PST Pool Supplies RE Electrical Training Reap & Sow ResCare Workforce Services SAC Accounting, Inc. SCAN Health Plan Scholarship Prep Southwest Strategies LLC Staples - Oceanside #0759 Stellar Solar Terry’s Auto Body & Paint The Avalon Management Group, Inc. UEI College Vets’ Community Connections

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 13

Colonel Daniel M. Whitley The Oceanside Chamber is pleased to welcome Colonel Daniel M. Whitley as our new Military Liaison and will sit on our Board as an Advisor. Col. Whitley will also attend our Military Affairs Forum and provide regular updates regarding Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Colonel Whitley graduated from high school in Edison, NJ. He received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in May 1997 after graduating from Trenton State College with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Following The Basic School and the Field Artillery Officer Basic Course, he was assigned to 2d Battalion, 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton, California. During this tour, Lieutenant Whitley served as the Fire Direction Officer and the Liaison Officer for Kilo Battery, 3/12 and as the Executive Officer for Fox Battery, 2/11 completing two deployments to Okinawa, Japan with the 31st MEU. Captain Whitley then reported to MCRD San Diego where he served as a Series Commander, Company Commander, and Assistant Depot Inspector. Captain Whitley then attended the Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and was

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subsequently reassigned to 1st Battalion, 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton, California. While at 1st Battalion, 11th Marines, he served as the Battalion Assistant Operations Officer and Fire Support Coordinator for 1st Marine Regiment. He deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 04-06.2 as the Fire Support Coordinator for Task Force 2/2. Upon return to CONUS, he commanded Battery C and also served as the Operations Officer, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines. Major Whitley deployed as the Operations Officer in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 06-08.2. He was the Commanding Officer of Recruiting Station Albany, NY from June 2008 to June 2011. He assumed the duties of the Executive Officer for 2d Battalion, 11th Marines in July 2011 and deployed in that capacity in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM 11.2. From June 2012 to April 2014, he served as the Operations Officer, Executive Officer, and Logistics Officer, 11th Marine Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Whitley commanded 2d Battalion, 11th Marines from April 2014 to June 2016. He attended the National War College from 2016 to 2017. After completing the National War College, he served as Action Officer and Division Chief, Special Projects and Innovation Division, Deputy Director for Global Operations (J-39), Joint Staff from June 2017 to July 2019. Colonel Whitley served as the Director of Training, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific, from July 2019 to July 2020. He assumed command of Headquarters and Support Battalion, MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton in July 2020.

recovery plans are comprised of a unique combination of traditional rehabilitation synergistically paired with holistic treatments, including Colonel Whitley earned a M.A. in Human Behavior As a fully accredited behavioral health outpatient clinic, we are our alternative treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. activities such as Meditation, Pilates, Art and Music Therapy. As a fully from National University in 2004 and a M.S. in We treat the whole you. Not just the addiction. Callaccredited or text us at 760 994-8846. Learn more about us at www.mindfulrejuvenationinc.com behavioral health outpatient clinic, we are well-staffed with National Security Strategy from National Defense well-staffed with experienced and licensed medical professionals. Atexperienced Mindful Rejuvenation we work with you, your family and your loved and licensed medical professionals. We work together with University in 2017. His personal decorations include together with you as a team to treat your addiction and the ones to customize a holistic treatment plan for yourand recovery. Our We work you as a team to treat your addiction the underlying causes. the Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, underlying causes. How do we start? With a visit to our our clinic. We customized recovery of aour unique combination at the whole you. justplans theare addiction. How do Not we start? With a comprised visit to our clinic. We areoflocated on Pier View Meritorious Service are located on Pier View Way in downtown Oceanside, just a few Medal with four gold stars, Navy traditional rehabilitation synergistically paired with holistic treatments, well-staffed with experienced and licensedjust medical professionals. ou, your family and your loved Way in downtown Oceanside, a few blocks from the beach. blocks from the beach. Please schedule a visit with us and learnMedal, about including such as Meditation, Pilates, Music We work together with you as a team to treat Art yourand addiction andTherapy. the t plan for your recovery. Our activities Commendation Navy Achievement Medal, Please schedule a visit with us and learn about our causes. How do we start? Withoutpatient a visit to our our clinic. We ed of a unique combination of underlying and alcohol addiction. As a fully accredited behavioral health clinic, we are our alternative treatment for drug Army Achievement Medal, and the Combat Action alternative treatment for drug andjustalcohol addiction. on Pier View Way in downtown Oceanside, a few paired with holistic treatments, are located including activities such as Meditation, Pilates, Art and Music Therapy. blocks from the beach. Please schedule a visit with us and learn about

Pilates, Art and Music Therapy.

blocks from the beach. Please schedule a visit with us and learn about

Call or textourusalternative at 760 994-8846. Learn more about us at www.mindfulrejuvenationinc.com treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

alth outpatient clinic, we are

more about us at www.mindfulrejuvenationinc.com

14 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Ribbon. He is married to Elaine Whitley from Nanuet, NY and they have three children, Amy, Ryan, and Dylan. Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

Oceanside Chamber and MainStreet Oceanside Partner to Manage City of Oceanside’s Small Business Grant Funds The City of Oceanside recently contracted with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and MainStreet Oceanside to administer a Small Business Grant program funded with CARES Act revenue from the Federal government. While MainStreet is managing grant applications for eligible Downtown businesses, the Chamber is managing a citywide program. As of this writing, the Chamber had received nearly 80 grant applications from small businesses and is in the process of distributing close to $150,000 in grant funds. Eligible businesses include independently owned, consumeroriented businesses engaged in retail sales and consumer/ business services located in Oceanside that have been mandated by government action or decree to close or significantly alter their business activity due to COVID-19. continued on page 17

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 15

Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista Chambers Team Up to Enhance Business Advocacy Efforts The Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista Chambers of Commerce have partnered to take their business advocacy work to the next level by purchasing subscriptions to OneClick Advocacy, the flagship advocacy software platform of OneClickPolitics. The platform includes innovative communication tools such as photo and video messaging, integrated text messaging, direct social media posts to legislators’ profiles, rotating email messages and auto-population of advocate data into its webforms among other features. While all three Chambers have prioritized business advocacy for many years, the COVID-19 crisis has brought this work to the forefront of their 2020 agendas as they have engaged with legislators at all levels of government in support of the business community. Collectively, the Chambers have approximately 2,300 members and a business network that extends way beyond just their membership database. It is estimated that the Chambers could reach 10,000 or more businesses in the Tri-City region with a “call to action” regarding critical business legislation. This platform is designed to offer a quick and efficient way for businesses to contact their legislators on items of concern.

While all three Chambers have prioritized business advocacy for many years, the COVID-19 crisis has brought this work to the forefront. The CEOs of all three Chambers are active members of the Western Association of Chamber Executives, an organization that places a high priority on their member organizations engaging in advocacy. “For the Oceanside Chamber, this is a very timely investment. At our annual planning session last fall, part of our plan for 2020 was to encourage our members to engage in advocacy on their own behalf. Throughout the COVID crisis, we have found our 16 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

business community to be more willing than ever to fight for what is important. This platform will make it easier and more efficient for our business owners to communicate their concerns to their legislators at all levels of government”, said Scott Ashton, CEO of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. “Advocacy has always been integral to the support the Vista Chamber provides for the business community. During the pandemic, the importance of this work became even more clear. We realize the value of collaboration with our neighbor Chambers and are thrilled to partner with them to further the impact of our advocacy efforts,” said Rachel Beld, CEO of the Vista Chamber of Commerce. “The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce has always placed a high priority on advocating for our members and helping them to mobilize when issues arise that affect them. The COVID pandemic has necessitated that we increase those efforts on all fronts. This platform will allow us to mobilize and activate legislative responses more efficiently than ever before”, said Bret Schanzenbach, CEO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

Small Business Grant Funds ... continued from page 15 Grants range from $1,000 to $5000. The selection process takes into consideration the year-overyear financial impact on the applicants, as well as the significance with which they have had to alter their business operations to comply with mandated government action. “Our local businesses have been hit hard by this pandemic with regard to closures and modifications to their operations. Well over half of our applicants reported a revenue decline of at least 50% from the first half of 2019 to the same period in 2020. We are pleased to partner with the City to bring a bit of relief to our small business owners”, said Scott Ashton, CEO of the Chamber. According to Ashton, the majority of applications received by the Chamber have been from restaurants, salons, barber shops, health care professionals and other personal service businesses. “These industries have been devastated by the closures mandated by the State of California”, he added.

A Unique Group Term Life Insurance Program Offered Exclusively to Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Members This special program allows business members of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce with 5 or more employees the opportunity to take advantage of a group term life benefit typically only available to large companies or unions.

Offers Guaranteed Coverage up to $50,000 for each employee; $20,000 for spouses; $10,000 for dependent children. Unique Features: • No Employer Contribution • No Health Questions • No Medical Exams

Joel Marcus Insurance www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

Highlights of This Plan: • Completely Voluntary • Males & Females pay the same rate • Everyone pays a non-smoker rate

(760) 804-6233 jmaflac@aol.com CA License # 0525206

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 17


g n i v r e :S s d i K ed v r Pro e s r e d n U e th By Kristi Hawthorne The mission of Pro Kids | First Tee of San Diego is to challenge underserved youth to excel in life by promoting character development, life skills, and values through education and the game of golf. They believe all kids deserve an opportunity to reach their full potential. Pro Kids offers impactful educational and enrichment services to vulnerable and challenged youth. The COVID-19 crisis has created new needs for families out of work, children home from school, and resources stretched thin. While having to close its facilities to the public, Pro Kids found ways to stay

engaged with local kids and their families and has continued to help feed and provide resources for children. Pro Kids in Oceanside, which is located at 821 Douglas Drive, has partnered with Feeding San Diego for two years, and this partnership has allowed them to continue to offer free meals for any youth ages 18 and under. Meals are distributed daily, Monday-Friday from 11:30am-2:30pm. The Staff at Pro Kids delivers meals to those in vehicles or to those who arrive by foot or public transportation, while maintaining safe social distancing. Families do not need to be members of Pro Kids to receive a meal. Twannia Baker, who grew up in Oceanside and is now the Program Manager at Pro Kids Oceanside Campus stated: “It’s important to Pro Kids to be one of our community resources during this hardship. We want all our community members, whom may be in need of food, to know that we are here to assist.” The Oceanside Campus serves any family in need, and passes out 80 to 100 meals a day. In the early days and weeks of the COVID-19 crisis, the need was so great that every meal or food item was distributed. When they don’t run out, any extra perishable foods are then donated to a local shelter so as not to go to waste. Pro Kids have served over 25,000 meals since March and they continue to serve and give. Additionally, Pro Kids received a large donation of books from the local library which enabled staff

18 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

to set up a “parade” or “drive by fair” with several stations wherein families could receive books, family resources, art supplies, backpacks with school supplies, beef jerky along with other snacks and juice boxes. Prior to the crisis, Pro Kids offered an After School Enrichment Program designed to provide opportunities for tutoring, workshops, and extracurricular activities. Knowing that kids kept at home all day by COVID-19 needed interaction with others and stimulation for their minds, the Pro Kids staff began providing virtual workshops. These workshops engaged kids in both educational and entertaining activities, including science, art, making easy food items and Lego building. Activities were fun and kept simple so as not to entail a lot of preparation for the families. Golf is once again being played at Pro Kids, practicing social distance and other safety protocols. Pro Kids is more than a sports program for youth; they endeavor to teach core values that will last a lifetime. If you have new items that you would like to donate, including school supplies, back backs and nonperishable items, please contact Twannia Baker, at Pro Kids Oceanside at (760) 547-8566.

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 19

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Announces Endorsements for the 2020 City of Oceanside Elections The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce recently announced its endorsements for the 2020 City of Oceanside Elections. The Chamber Board of Directors voted to support Ryan Keim for District 3 and Peter Weiss for District 4. Both candidates currently serve in appointed roles on the City Council, with Weiss serving as Mayor and Keim in an at-large Council seat. While the Chamber has been very vocal on local business issues for many years, this marks the first time in recent history that the organization has participated in candidate endorsements. Chamber CEO Scott Ashton explains why the Chamber decided to become engaged in the local political process, “The mission of the Oceanside Chamber is to ‘stimulate economic prosperity and foster a vibrant community’. For this to happen, it is critical that our elected leaders have a strong understanding of the importance of creating a business-friendly environment. The Chamber is viewed as an important thought leader on business issues in our community and therefore our input into the election process is critical”. As a 501(c)(6) the Chamber can endorse candidates, with or without a Political Action Committee. The Chamber’s Advance Oceanside PAC is the mechanism that allows the organization to back up its endorsements with financial support.

“The Chamber is viewed as an important thought leader on business issues in our community and therefore our input into the election process is critical.” The endorsements by the Chamber Board followed several months of work by the Advance Oceanside Political Action Committee. Much of 2019 was spent developing policies and procedures and seeking Chamber member input on what issues were most important to them. Chamber Board Chair and PAC member, Debbie Allen 20 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Ryan Keim for District 3

Peter Weiss for District 4

commented on the importance of the work that has been undertaken. “The prosperity of the City of Oceanside is critical and the Advance Oceanside PAC and the Chamber have worked very hard the past couple of years to be able to put into place policies and procedures, to interview and to ultimately endorse business friendly candidates. I am so proud of all the hard work that these men and women have accomplished. 2020 is the first year in many to come, to support those wanting to continue to have a healthy economic environment”. The Advance Oceanside PAC will now focus its efforts on fundraising and helping its candidates secure victories in the two district seats. Chamber PAC members noted that Keim has been diligent to keep open lines of communications with the business community, regularly reaching out to Chamber staff and leaders. He has participated regularly in Chamber events and roundtables and stays in close communication with business leaders. He has advocated for a streamlined permit and approval process for development, increased height allowances and density downtown, and a new program that makes it easier and more affordable for residents to build accessory-dwelling units. Keim has a deep understanding of the challenges that business owners are facing with the criminal behavior Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

associated with certain segments of the homeless population. He recognizes the need to proactively focus on property and quality-of-life crimes that have a tremendous impact on the livability of our City. Along those lines, he has proactively sought to end safe havens for criminal behavior by holding budget motels accountable for their impact on the community. He advocates for a two-pronged approach that connects homeless individuals with critical services such as mental health treatment, substance abuse recovery, and bridge housing while at the same time addressing crime and the individuals who choose to victimize our residents. The PAC noted in its endorsement recommendation of Peter Weiss that he has consistently demonstrated his support for business and overall economic development to expand the City’s tax base. Having served in various staff roles, including City Manager, consultant and now Mayor, Weiss understands our City from a wide variety of perspectives. Weiss has been consistently available to our business community, participating in the Chamber’s regular updates to businesses on COVID-19 issues, joining our small business roundtable forums last year and attending numerous Chamber events. Weiss has expressed recognition for the need for housing stock for all income levels. He has strong ideas for encouraging developers to build affordable housing units, advocating for a variety of opportunities including infill projects along the coastal corridor to “reasonable and planned development of South Morro Hills”. The Chamber has decided to not make an endorsement in Oceanside’s Mayoral race. The Advance Oceanside PAC interviewed several candidates and noted that Deputy Mayor Jack Feller and Councilmember Christopher Rodriquez both demonstrated that they continue to be strong advocates and leaders for the business community and would continue that support as Mayor. It was noted specifically that both Feller and Rodriguez have been instrumental in streamlining the permitting process for the development of much needed housing in Oceanside. “We have recently seen an unprecedented efficiency in the entitlement of mixeduse projects in our downtown area. It is incredibly important that we keep the City moving in the positive direction that these two leaders have been part of building in recent years”, said Ashton.

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

Seeking to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our community by spreading awareness, reviving courage, and rebuilding lives. WRC provides holistic, wrap-around support services to survivors of gender-based violence and their children.

Assistance is available 24/7 via our crisis hotline: 760-757-3500 Visit our website at www.wrcsd.org Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 21

Helping Elect Business-Friendly Candidates for Oceanside. Pro-Business is Pro-Community The quality of life in our community is directly impacted by the quality of individuals leading our City. That is why the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce actively endorses and funds local candidates with a strong vision and demonstrated strategies for creating a prosperous community.


The goal of our endorsement process is to support candidates that share the core values of the Chamber, including the support of free enterprise, a streamlined and predictable regulatory system and an overall environment in which business can thrive.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: It is critical that we back up our candidate endorsements with financial support in order to help our candidates successfully cross the finish line. Your contribution will help us build a broad base of supporters. Can we count on your support?

NOTE: It is important to note that Chamber membership funds or general funds ARE NOT used for contributions to candidates. Advance Oceanside Political Action Committee (AOPAC) will undertake fundraising campaigns in order to provide financial support to candidates.

Please make Checks Payable to‌ Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Advance Oceanside PAC PO BOX 424, Oceanside, CA 92049 FPPC # 1260474

DONATE ONLINE AT‌ www.AdvanceOceansidePAC.com 22 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

S W E N Y T I N U M M O C D N A R E MEMB FA L L 2020

Frontwave Credit Union Wins Six MAC Awards for Marketing Excellence

Frontwave Credit Union was recently honored with six MAC Awards for excellence in marketing from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions, which recognizes outstanding marketing achievements in the credit union industry. Frontwave received Gold Awards for its “Value Lasts a Lifetime” Comprehensive Campaign, Outdoor Media (train wrap), Online/Print Media, and Team Store Point-of-Sale Display. Frontwave also received Silver Awards for its General Awareness Campaign, and Business Development. In addition, for the second year in a row, Frontwave was among five credit unions nominated for the MAQUEE Award, MAC’s signature award for the best marketing campaign of the year.

Weathered Souls, a black owned brewery in Texas, and put their own spin on it all under the same Black Is Beautiful label. To date, more than 1000 breweries have committed to participating.

Oceanside Restaurant Blade 1936 Becomes Second in the County to Become AVPNCertified Blade 1936 becomes the 20th Californian restaurant and 10th restaurant in Southern California to become a member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). Blade 1936 is only the second restaurant in San Diego to receive the hard-earned certification, thanks to the efforts of Master Pizzaiolo John Carlo Ferraiuolo, who brought the art of Pizza Napoletana to San Diego. The AVPN certification shows Blade 1936’s pizza program meets the standards of a true, traditional Pizza Napoletana, in accordance with international AVPN regulations.


“Where Families Come First” • Pediatric Speech/Language Therapy • Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Ballast Point, Kilowatt Brewing and Friends Team Up to Brew Black is Beautiful Chicory Stout Ballast Point, Kilowatt Brewing, Mujeres Beer House, San Diego Beer News and several of their friends in the San Diego craft beer community have joined forces to brew their version of the Black Is Beautiful collaboration brewing project organized by Weathered Souls Brewing. The Black is Beautiful project is a nationwide collaborative effort to raise awareness for the injustices people of color face daily, social justice, equity, and inclusion. Each participating brewery is asked to brew an imperial stout recipe developed by www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

• Pediatric Physical Therapy


760.529.4761 fax info@oceansidetherapygroup.com 3355 Mission Avenue, Ste. 123, Oceanside, CA 92058

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 23


community with this crucial resource during the pandemic, and to provide consistency to youth by providing delicious, healthy meals each weekday. BGCO has provided over 19,000 lunches and snacks during the pandemic.

Kaiser Permanente Sponsors Mini-MBA Program

The regulations have strict specifications for every part of the pizza-making process, from sourcing, to ingredients, dough preparation, fermentation, ingredient presentation, and cooking temperature.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside Receives Oceanside Charitable Foundation Grant for Culinary Arts Equipment Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside (BGCO) has received a $5,000 grant from the Oceanside Charitable Foundation to purchase a commercial freezer for their Culinary Arts Teaching Kitchen. The freezer will increase food storage capacity for the Culinary Arts Program, which is especially important as the Club continues to provide an Emergency Food Program for youth. All BGCO meals are prepared by our accomplished Culinary Arts staff and are fresh, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious! Youth attending summer camp receive a daily lunch and snack. In addition, BGCO offers curbside pickup each weekday through the Emergency Food Program. Each pickup includes a lunch and snack for each child. We are proud to provide our

24 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Kaiser Permanente San Diego is partnering with the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) to support small businesses, with the goal of increasing highquality jobs and improving community health in underserved communities. ​ Kaiser Permanente sponsors the organization’s InnerCity Capital Connections (ICCC) program, which offers local business owners a tuition-free, 40-hour miniMBA program that combines executive education, webinars, coaching, and avenues to seek capital.

Cox Enterprises and the Trust for Public Land Launch National Cox Conserves Heroes Awards

Cox Enterprises and The Trust for Public Land recently accepted nominations for the Cox Conserves Heroes program. This year, the program has expanded nationwide, with nominees grouped into four regions: West, South, Midwest and Northeast. The Cox Conserves Heroes program serves to honor environmental volunteers who create, preserve or enhance shared outdoor spaces in their local communities. “Each year, it’s amazing to see how people across the U.S. are making a positive impact on the planet,” said Maury Wolfe, assistant vice president of corporate responsibility and public affairs for Cox Enterprises, parent company of Cox Communications. “From coordinating cleanups to reduce our impact on the environment to restoring seal life and regional fisheries, each volunteer’s contribution is vitally important to our ecosystem.”

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com


Her World was Falling Apart: Meet Sophia (Solutions Overcomers)

Sophia and her children joined Solutions for Change 3 years ago, after Sophia suffered through a mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive relationship. “I was falling apart on every level.” Sophia was in banking but found herself unemployed and at a crossroads with her career. She had a dream to be a hairdresser and “Solutions for Change allowed me to take the time to go to school and become a licensed barber and cosmetologist. Solutions for Change has made me feel like Sophia. I am still me, but wiser, stronger and better than when I began. Before Solutions, I felt like I was losing everything, but in the end, I gained so much more.”

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

David’s Harp Foundation Receive More than $60,000 from Cox Communications to Help At-Risk, Homeless Youth Connect to Music Education and Multimedia Production

Cox Communications awards a grant totaling more than $60,000 to David’s Harp Foundation, a San Diego nonprofit organization that uses music education, sound engineering and multimedia production to help teens and young adults achieve academic success. The grant will help David’s Harp Foundation create a distance learning hub at its facilities in downtown San Diego’s East Village so that at-risk and homeless students can have access to high-speed internet, academic accountability, and arts programs while social distancing during the 2020-2021 school year.

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 25

Oceanside is One Step Closer to Zero Waste with the City’s NEW Food Scraps Recycling Program The City of Oceanside is excited to introduce the new Commercial Food Scraps Recycling Program to our local business community! This program will recycle food scraps, often referred to as organics, and food-soiled paper into its own bin - separate from landfill, recyclable, and landscape materials. The Food Scraps Recycling Program supports the City of Oceanside’s Climate Action Plan and Zero Waste Strategic Management Plan’s goals of reaching 75-90% diversion by 2020, and the City expects to achieve over 80% of landfill diversion within the first year of implementation. Not only does this program ensure less materials are sent to our landfill, but it also allows businesses the opportunity to right-size or down-size their current services to mitigate cost impact, if not provide overall cost savings. In Oceanside, recycling and food scraps services are more affordable than landfill services, thus creating savings when you minimize your landfill services and strive for zero waste. By participating in the Food Scraps Recycling Program, businesses can receive technical assistance, find potential cost savings, and positively impact the environment.

reduce their food waste at the source. Food Service Businesses generate 11.4 million tons of food waste each year, equaling $25 billion worth of food! By reducing what goes to waste, businesses can save money and improve their overall operations. Did you know that as many as 1 in 2 Oceanside residents are considered food insecure and do not know where their next meal will be coming from?

What is the Food Scraps Recycling Program? Californians throw away nearly 6 million tons of food scraps or food waste each year. This represents about 18 percent of all the material that goes to landfill. There are new state regulations that requires each City and its businesses to divert food scraps and other organic material and combat this growing issue. The goal of this program is to reduce the amount of organics materials sent to our landfill to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and get our City and State one step closer to zero waste.

Does the Food Scraps program include waste prevention and food donation resources? Yes! The City has developed tools, guides, and offers technical assistance to help Oceanside businesses 26 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

If you find yourself with excess edible food that can be donated or recovered to feed people, not your food scraps bin, we are here to help. Visit GreenOceanside. org to find our Food Donation Information and Source Reduction Guide, or contact our Green Oceanside zero waste/food recovery team, by emailing us at OceansideFoodRecovery@oceansideca.org for additional support and resources.

What businesses are participating? All commercial businesses, including City Facilities, are required to participate in the Food Scraps Recycling Program. In Oceanside food scraps/food soiled paper represent roughly 30% of the waste going to landfills, and services are 75% of the cost of landfilling for commercial customers. Participation by all generators of all sizes allow the City to ensure compliance as well as meet our zero waste goals.

What materials will businesses be placing into the food scraps bin? Oceanside’s commercial food scrap recycling program accepts all food scraps and food soiled paper. This includes the following items: Meat Dairy Bread Fruit Vegetables Pits Peels Cobs Coffee Grounds Food-soiled paper Paper towels Napkins Paper cups Paper egg cartons Paper plates Paper takeout containers Pizzeria boxes

Where does the food scraps and food soiled paper go? Waste Management utilizes its CORe technology that will use the food scraps and food soiled paper collected in Oceanside to create an EBS organic slurry that will be used to generate renewable, green energy through co-digestion at municipal wastewater treatment plants.

How can Oceanside residents recycle food scraps? The City and its partners offer multiple opportunities and resources to support home composting, sustainability and zero waste. These resources include but are not limited to zero waste cooking classes, sustainability workshops, free backyard compost bin programs, virtual training, and more. For more information www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

regarding these programs and resources, please visit the Green Oceanside website at www. GreenOceanside.org.

How can I learn more about the Food Scraps Recycling Program? The City’s Zero Waste Team is here to answer any questions businesses or the public may have. Food Scraps recycling educational resources including FAQ documents, signage, and other digital training materials and videos can be found at www.business. wm.com/oceanside or www.greenoceanside.org. For questions or comments regarding service adjustments, bin deliveries or the program as a whole, or to schedule an in-person training or virtual oneon-one technical assistance appointment, please call the Zero Waste team at (760) 435-5457 or via email at oceansidefoodscraps@wm.com. Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 27


Save App-Based Jobs & Services Prop 22 on California’s November ballot is needed to save hundreds of thousands of jobs for app-based drivers, and app-based food delivery and rideshare services that millions now rely on. That’s because drastic legislation passed by Sacramento politicians puts these services at risk of shut down. More than 1 million Californians choose to work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare, food and grocery delivery platforms. Eighty percent (80%) of app-based drivers work part-time, fewer than 20 hours per week, and rely on flexible work to supplement income and provide for their families. They are parents who work while their kids are in school, family members who need the flexibility to care for aging parents or loved ones, students who earn income around class schedules, working families, or retirees. Access to these flexible earnings opportunities and the convenience and affordability of these on-demand services is at risk. Last year Sacramento politicians passed drastic legislation (AB 5) that makes it illegal for Californians to work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare, food and grocery delivery platforms - instead forcing drivers to be classified as employees. In multiple surveys, more than 70% of drivers say they want to remain independent contractors. They do NOT want to be employees. The Solution – The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce along with a coalition of small businesses, public safety groups, advocates for those in underserved communities and many more, plus nearly 100,000 Californians who drive with app-based platforms, are fighting back by supporting Proposition 22 – a November ballot measure that protects driver flexibility and provides historic new wage and benefit guarantees, like health care. Learn more and support Prop 22 by visiting YesOn22.com. 28 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

CA Legislative Session Wrap-up Following are some of the key bills impacting business and how your legislators voted.

SB1383 Significantly burdens small employers by requiring small employers with only five employees to provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of mandatory family leave, which can be taken in increments of 1-2 hours, and threatens these small employers with costly litigation if they make any mistake in implementing this leave. Chamber Position: Oppose How your legislators Voted: • Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath: Support • Senator Patricia Bates: No Vote Recorded

SB1731 Streamlining California’s Workshare Program. Streamlines the application process for California’s workshare programs, including shortening application timelines and guaranteeing initial approval, in order to make it easier for employers to voluntarily utilize the program to keep staff on at a reduced schedule. Chamber Position: Support How your legislators Voted: • Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (Bill Author): Support • Senator Patricia Bates: Oppose

AB1066 Shortens employers’ timeline to respond to inquiries from EDD and punishes employers who fail to respond with maximum benefits for all employees. Particularly punishes employers who use independent contractors by cutting short the ability to appeal any claims of “misclassification.” Also adds Attorney General enforcement to pursue employer contributions. Chamber Position: Oppose How your legislators Voted: • Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath: Support • Senator Patricia Bates: Oppose Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

North County Cares Gains More Support from Local Business Community Corporate and local sponsorships continue to assist North County families and our local restaurants through the North County Cares program. North County Cares was designed by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, the Vista Chamber of Commerce, and the San Diego North Economic Development Council. The purpose of the program is to support families in need while helping local restaurants who have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Recently Chase Bank, Walmart and Tri-City Medical Center have made sizeable donations to North County Cares. Monies are used to purchase gift cards “in bulk” at participating member restaurants, which provide much needed revenue for struggling businesses. The gift cards are then distributed to the local school districts and other organizations, who put the gift cards in the hands of those who need them most to feed their families. It’s a win-win situation. The program began with a generous donation from Genentech. With the continued support of corporate and local donations, nearly $40,000 in gift cards have been purchased, so far from local restaurants, with more to come in the near future. In turn, nearly 2,000 gift cards have been distributed to hundreds of families. Please visit the North County Cares website at www.sdnedc. org/north-county-cares/ to learn more about the program.

North River Farms Vote YES on Measure L to support San Diego County’s first farm community designed for Oceanside that preserves agriculture by creating a working farm within a neighborhood that will produce locally grown fruits and vegetables for thousands of Oceansiders. More than half of North River Farms’ 268-acre site is farmland and open space.

Venetos Cucina Italiana participated in North County Cares.

• Establish an agricultural education center for young children to learn about farming and the value of agriculture. • Create 10 miles of public hiking and biking trails. • At no cost to taxpayers, provide $7.5 million to widen North River Road and College Bridge, and improve all roads connecting to the site.

If approved by voters this November, Measure L will: • Produce locally grown fresh food for Oceanside, along with U-pick orchards. • Preserve agriculture with an 88-acre working farm – THE SIZE OF 67 FOOTBALL FIELDS. • Build a new fire station with funding for equipment and staffing.

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Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 29


San Diego County Credit Union Why do we love Oceanside? Well, first of all it is on the coast, second of all, we reside in Fire Mountain which feels like country and is walking distance to every great retail and restaurant we can imagine, and just over a mile to the beach and freeway close to both Interstate 5 and Highway 78! If that is not enough, we fell in love with The Oceanside community through The Chamber, local service organizations as well as belonging to a couple local churches. We have never met so many friends or felt so welcome in any community we have ever lived! Oceanside is like a friendly Mayberry by the Sea in the best way possible!

Cathy and Mike Ellis

Senior Care Options Placement and Consulting I love being part of the diverse Oceanside community. Our headquarters on Via Del Monte gives us access to a wide range of all that Oceanside has to offer. From the restaurants and breweries, to the local businesses that we utilize on a regular basis that help enable Stellar


VP, Branch Manager



Bonnie De Calonne


Oceanside is my home. I have lived here all of my life and could not imagine a better place to live. I have watched the city grow and develop to become one of the most sought after places to visit. There are many reasons why I call Oceanside my home. My favorite activities are visiting the San Luis Rey Mission, riding my bike to the pier or the harbor, and exploring all of the restaurants and breweries that line the coastline. Another perk about Oceanside is how dog friendly most places are. I can not only bring my two kids but I can also bring my furry kids too!


Our City has so much to offer! Our Members share why they love where they live and their passion for our community.


Solar to consistently be voted San Diego’s Best Solar Company in the UT Readers Poll. We love Oceanside!

David Boylan

Stellar Solar

“I love Oceanside because of the indomitable and endearing spirit of this town. Oceanside boasts family and community values while holding strong to its funky and edgy personality. We are not cookie cutter, and that’s what makes us special. The residents here take care of one another in deep and heartfelt ways. The diversity and spunk of those who choose to live here makes it my absolute favorite coastal paradise in all of San Diego.”

Katie LaLicata LTH & Kitchen Oceanside was the first place that felt like home after moving from my native country Australia. Oceanside is unique, with a lot of history, innovation, creativity and authenticity. I grew up in a beach town called Newcastle where I knew everyone. When I first arrived in the States I knew no one. When we moved to Oceanside, specifically South O, we were able to build the same sense of kinship I had growing up in Newcastle. Through my work at WRC I have witnessed firsthand how our community comes together to help those in need and support the vulnerable. Oceanside is a genuine, hardworking and compassionate community. That is why I love Oceanside!

Lauren-Jane Stephenson WRC

30 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

The restaurant scene is a huge reason I love living here, you can find me any given Friday night at Privateer Pizza. The Privateer represents what I love about many of the restaurants in town: it’s family owned and they use locally sourced food, with a friendly staff and lots of outside dog-friendly seating. It’s the perfect spot to come after a sunset surf session or to connect and get happy with my Oside tribe of friends.

Marcy Browe

Branding Photographer Why O’side? Easy – because it’s real, not trying to be like any other coastal cities. It has an independent spirit as well as independent businesses. Each area of O’side is unique. Inland vs South O vs pier/harbor vs neighborhoods - completely different, completely Oceanside. You see your neighbors, friends, family out supporting the community. You find out some of your friend are friends with each other and you didn’t know it. You are welcome to join them and enjoy experiencing Oceanside. Stay local, support small businesses, enjoy your community.

Michael C Brown

Barrel Republic/Jalisco Cantina As a young Marine, Camp Pendleton and the City of Oceanside was my first stop on the way to VietNam. In 1967, downtown Oceanside was a welcome doormat to a young 18 year old Marine from Cincinnati. Several tours of duty brought me back to Oceanside and the city was constantly evolving with new construction and rapidly growing. It’s a great place to raise a family because everyone treats you like family. The citizens

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

of Oceanside are the best and the Friday night High School football games are exciting! Proud to call it my home.

Richard Dinse

Flagkeepers, LLC I have made Oceanside my home for 35 years. In that time, I have been amazed by how we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our city. We come together multiple times per year to learn about and honor each other’s culture: Dia de los Muertos, Juneteenth, Fil-Am Cultural Celebration, Samoan Cultural Celebration, Noche Mexicana, LGBTQ Pride by the Beach, Dia del Nino, Operation Appreciation, and many others. This is truly a wonderful and unique aspect of Oceanside.

Rick Wright

MainStreet Oceanside I love Oceanside because it’s an authentic California beach town that gives off a laid-back home-grown vibe. Unlike the metropolitan beach cities to the North and South, Oceanside has maintained a local community feel with tailored activities and original culinary experiences. Everywhere I go I find residents and business owners that take pride in providing something authentic and who care enough to share their story and find out mine. Oceanside is about the experience.

Shanna Warr

On-The-Sand.com Vacation Rentals

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 31

events Heroes of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton On August 11th, 2020, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce held the 1st Annual Heroes of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Event virtually. The event was presented by Tri-City Medical Center and recognized representatives from the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside Police Department, Oceanside Fire Department, Tri-City Medical Center, and teachers and staff from the Oceanside Unified School District for their outstanding contributions to the well-being and advancement of our City. Additionally, this event was sponsored by Frontwave Credit Union, Chase and Genentech.

HEROES OF THE OCEANSIDE POLICE DEPARTMENT Detective Larry Weber is recognized for his tenacity which has led to several key arrests. He has been involved in numerous successful investigations. Most notably he was also involved in a statewide investigation with more than 35 burglaries of optometry businesses, 26 in San Diego County, several of which were in Oceanside, and resulted in $3 million in stolen goods and merchandise. Weber was able to identify suspects from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Chula Vista which resulted in multiple search warrants, apprehension of suspects and the recovery of both cash and merchandise. Christy Helm is a crime analyst who is skilled in identifying crime trends and suspects. She has been instrumental in dealing with significant crimes within the transient community due to Prop 47 and AB109. Partnering with the San Diego District Attorney, she has helped to slow down the cycle of arrests and releases by identifying those who are “chronic criminals”. She has spearheaded new technology and investigative tools.

City of Oceanside Recognized for Pure Water Oceanside and Green Oceanside Kitchen Projects The City of Oceanside was awarded two EPIC awards (Excellence in Public Information and Communications) and a Best-in-Show award from the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO). The City’s Pure Water Oceanside project was recognized for its communication and marketing plan along with the City’s Green Oceanside Kitchen for its grand opening launch event. The Green Oceanside Kitchen grand opening also took home Best-in-Show, and in the media event, large populations category, beating all other large population entries for the coveted title. The CAPIO awards honor excellence in public agency information and communications programs in California. 32 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

HEROES OF THE OCEANSIDE FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Captain Scott Bowers was responsible for writing a grant for nearly $100K and with those funds was able to bring the Fire Dept.’s nozzle inventory up to standard, which are the line tool of firefighters. He also has outfitted every fire engine with tents, MREs and all the out-of-town gear needed for strike teams dealing with wildland fires. Bev Shapiro, Accounting Specialist 2, handles Payroll for all Fire employees, whose number nearly doubled when the Lifeguards joined the Fire Dept. Along with her many duties and responsibilities; she handles the Fire Department’s accounting functions, FEMA reimbursements, Cal Card and new vendor packets and complicated schedules. After 31 years of service to the City of Oceanside, Bev is retiring later this year. Lynne Seabloom Nurse Educator/Assistant Trainer is responsible for all Emergency Medical Services within the Oceanside Fire Department. This year was especially taxing, as Lynne had to navigate the uncharted waters of a global pandemic on a local level. She was tasked with updating protocols on a seemingly daily basis, disseminating this information to staff, as well as tracking all City employee Covid-19 cases. She is commended for going above and beyond the call of duty.


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Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal | 33

HEROES OF HEALTHCARE Environmental Services Department: The Environmental Services Department is often considered the “unsung” hero in healthcare. The Department works to ensure both patients and staff are healthy and protected through proper and thorough cleaning and disinfecting. They are the first line of defense for infection control, identifying and taking care of patients as they would their own family.

Laboratory Department: The Laboratory Department quickly became one of the most important aspects to combating COVID-19. The Department developed new test menus and tracking methods for new clinical tests required for COVID detection, discovering new meanings of specimen processing and inventory control, none of which existed prior to the pandemic. Collaborating with other aerial lab facilities, the Lab was able to provide COVID-19 testing with 24 – 36-hour results.

Nursing Department: Nurses are one of the most trusted of professions, with an extreme care for other individuals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tri-City Medical Center’s Nursing Department worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment for all patients. They developed screening procedures to test 100% of patients for COVID-19 symptoms.

Supply Chain Department: During the COVID-19 pandemic, this Department identified affordable products and equipment that were essential to protect frontline workers. They designed and built patient upper body covers to protect hospital staff from patient coughs. Additionally, they worked with several non-medical manufacturers to design and produce PPE face shields for both hospital use and donation to the Tri-City Medical Foundation at no-cost. The Department even designed a plan to allow for Tri-City Medical Center to increase bed capacity in the case of an influx of COVID patients.

34 | Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Journal

Fall 2020 | www.oceansidechamber.com

MILITARY HEROES CPL Antoni S. Plocica H&S Battalion – MCB – Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2020 LCP Daleysha M. Martinez Lambert H&S Battalion – MCB – Marine of the Quarter – 3rd Quarter, Fiscal Year 2020

HM3 Taylor Dagg Outstanding Performance for 1st Battalion, 4th Marines

HM3 Mikalle Foster 1st MLG – Blue Jacket of the Year

www.oceansidechamber.com | Fall 2020

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HEROES IN EDUCATION Jennifer Cerda, English Language Arts Teacher, El Camino High School Ms. Cerda is a dedicated professional who thinks deeply about every lesson she facilitates for her students. She is just as committed to the mental health of her students as she is to their learning experience and she has long been a fierce advocate for struggling youth. Ms. Cerda’s approach to her profession adheres to the following three guidelines: Humans first, Foster empathy, and Literacy development. Suzanne Femia, AARC Teacher, Surfside Academy Ms. Femia is an outstanding teacher who believes every student has the ability to learn, achieve academic success, and graduate. She brings enthusiasm to the profession each day with her unique and dynamic personality. Her purpose here in OUSD is to give the “gift of knowledge, power, and confidence back to the students we serve. She encourages students by saying, “Yes, you can because I will meet you where you are at!” Cindi Donaldson, Health Clerk, Cesar Chavez Middle School Ms. Donaldson is passionate about her job as a Health Clerk and is always calm and professional. She creates a safe space for students of diverse backgrounds and cares for their physical and emotional needs. Ms. Donaldson has created such valuable relationships that former students will frequently come back to visit her. Amy O’Neill, Health Clerk, North Terrace School Ms. O’Neill has excellent problem solving and communication skills and is able to seamlessly maintain the records for the 900+ students at North Terrace. She has wonderful relationships with the staff and is approachable and speaks positively with everyone she encounters. Ms. O’Neill has a humongous heart. When a student at the school was going to be placed back into foster care, Ms. O’Neill and her family stepped in and eventually adopted the child into their family.





UNIQUE STUDENT SUPPORTS Reach Higher. Dream Bigger.


Visit bit.ly/enrollSPOS for more information.

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