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4 Sea Star Charters: Celebrating 40 Years


Made in Oceanside: Beach House Winery

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Rising Stars Give Hope for a Bright Future


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Sea Star Charters: Celebrating 40 Years Made in Oceanside: Beach House Winery Oceanside Police Share Random Acts of Kindness Local Heroes: Honoring Those Who Serve our Community Stay and Play Local Workforce Development Updates Scholarships for Oceanside’s Rising Stars MainStreet Oceanside Team Members Share Why They Love Oceanside Economic Development Update Upcoming Community Events

By Scott Ashton CEO, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce The Chamber just finished its first Rising Star Student of the Month program in which we had the opportunity to recognize 21 of Oceanside’s most amazing high school seniors. The program culminated in a celebration event in which we distributed $23,000 in scholarships to 11 of the students (all 11 that applied). The scholarship funds were provided by Genentech and Tri-City Medical Center, two of Oceanside’s model corporate citizens. As I think back on the life stories that these students shared at our monthly breakfast meetings, the one word that continually comes to mind is “resilience”. It is the common thread that allowed each of these students to rise above some truly heartbreaking circumstances to be shining examples of how to live life under difficult circumstances. In my 26 years at the Oceanside Chamber, I cannot think of a program that has been more rewarding and relevant… rewarding because we were privileged to provide a platform for these incredible stories to be shared; and relevant because these students represent our future workforce. It gives me great hope to see the quality of individuals that will be working in our business community in the coming years. I need to give credit where it is due, as we brought this program to Oceanside after observing its success through the Vista and Carlsbad Chambers. Now other Chambers in the region are excited about the program and working toward implementing it in their own communities. It is truly exciting to see the North County business community stepping up to provide such an important opportunity for our students. We will kick off our next Rising Star Program with the new school year in September. If you’d like to join our efforts by attending the breakfast meetings, sponsoring the program or donating to the Oceanside Chamber Foundation scholarship fund, please visit www. In the meantime, I encourage you to read the full story about our scholarship celebration event on page 34.

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following Chamber Partners for their generous financial contributions to the Chamber’s program of work. EMERALD PARTNER




GK Asset Management, LLC

For more information about how your company can participate in the Partner Program, please contact Scott Ashton at 760-722-1534

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Capt. Joe Cacciola Celebrates 40-Year Anniversary with Sea Star Charters

Growing up on Long Island, Capt. Joe Cacciola’s love for the water started at an early age. Cacciola graduated from Villanova University, was commissioned in the Marine Corp as an Officer and in 1971 stationed at Camp Pendleton. His quarters were at Camp Del Mar located right next to the harbor, and he felt blessed to have such a beautiful view. While the Marine Corp brought him here, Cacciola decided to stay for Southern California’s great weather and Oceanside’s perks. At the time, Oceanside’s population size was much smaller meaning little to no traffic, easy beach access and overall affordable living. Cacciola landed himself a spot right on South Pacific Street where he stayed for 14 years.

in graduate school, Cacciola worked as a deckhand. He never ended up pursuing a job in counseling psychology. He worked as a crew member, eventually earning his captain’s license. In 1982, Cacciola purchased the Sea Star and started his own business.

Cacciola looked for opportunities to stay in Oceanside after the Marine Corp. He attended graduate school and studied two years in counseling psychology. While

With his many years of experience, Cacciola witnessed the industry change. When Cacciola first arrived,

4 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Working for other boat owners, Cacciola studied the fishing industry. Cacciola had a “fire in his belly” and his parents, having just retired, supported the entrepreneur. A true family-owned and operated business, Cacciola’s charter is unlike any other. He works tirelessly to maintain the boat’s appearance and the high-quality services offered abroad are personal and professional, earning him his respectable reputation in the community.

Summer 2022 |

Oceanside was still growing as a city. Boats were difficult to board, and many were lost in storms with no secure place to dock. Despite these difficulties, Cacciola saw the potential for Oceanside’s fishing industry. Years later, and with a new Landing Operator regulating and improving the Harbor, the fleet of boats grew and more locals partook in fishing activities. As the city grew, however, the industry changed. Locals were no longer the only interested clientele. Recreational activities competed with fishing and vacationers looking for an ocean experience became the new customer. Therefore, Cacciola learned the importance of evolving, adapting, and diversifying to remain successful in a very niche market. For the first 15 years, Sea Star Charters focused on sport fishing. Cacciola then added whale and dolphin tours. In 1996, he started a floating science lab program bringing students abroad to collect samplings of sea life creatures. Sea Star Charters has now taken over 15,000 students out to sea. However, most important to Cacciola, are his sea burials. Over the past 10 years, this part of his business has significantly grown, averaging about 150 burials a year. However, Cacciola views this as an opportunity to serve his community and has folded in his educational background. Beginning with the initial phone call, Cacciola takes time to counsel the families through the entire process. The opportunity to show support to these families is something Cacciola holds close to his heart, having scattered both his grandmother and father at sea, and he is truly thankful to be able to serve the community in this fashion. While his years in the industry have brought many wonderful memories, Cacciola has witnessed significant challenges as well. While agency regulations are consistent challenges, Cacciola specifically points to the effects of global warming and emission standards as the two biggest threats. Regarding these challenges, Cacciola had this to say: “There are some real challenges that affect not only our business, but residents in California. When we’re talking about the ocean, and you hear this all the time, “Climate Change”. Well, it’s real. I’ve seen it over my 50 years here. The ocean is a dynamic place and there are natural processes that are happening all the time. The abundance of water conditions, the water | Summer 2022

temperature, the weather in general, but you start to see things over decades that are not within that realm of being normal and there’s enough science to back it. We can see this climate change affecting the ocean. So, that’s a big challenge to us because we in the fishing industry, especially, we’re not so sure where we’re going to be in 10, 20, 30 years. As the water of the ocean warms there’s profound changes that can take place, and people say ‘Well, what’s one, two, three degrees?’ It’s a lot. The ocean is enormous. Covers 70% of our planet. For that much energy to be absorbed and to keep increasing, that’s a huge amount of change. Some organisms don’t adapt very well to higher water temperatures. But it also affects other things. Here locally I’ve experienced this loss of habitat, the giant kelp forest. They grow. They recede. But I’ve seen over the last 10 to 15 years, the kelp beds are not recovering the way they should. We’re down to probably 10–20% of the kelp that we used to have 50 years ago. When you lose that much habitat, then you wonder, ‘What’s happening to everything that lived there?’. Not only the fish, but vertebrates and some marine mammals depend on it. And that’s going to be a challenge. Climate change and loss of habitat. Then for the sport fishing industry in Southern California, the emission standards that the state and the federal government have. They’re going to get more stringent after each year and that’s a big challenge for these boats. We all want clean air. We want to reduce emissions. We strive to do that. But, right now there is a big push to go to tier 4 diesel Best of Oceanside Magazine | 5

engines. That’s not even physically possible on a boat right now. That technology for boats doesn’t exist and there’s lots of reasons for that. That’s a huge challenge. I personally want to get the Sea Star out of diesel engines. I want to go straight to hydrogen. I want to go to 0 emissions. I want to have one of the first hydrogen powered vessel in California. There’s a couple of them now, a water taxi and a ferry up in the San Francisco Bay. But that’s where I want to go. My challenge is getting the funding through the state and maybe the federal government and use this as a demonstration that this can actually happen. So emissions, yea, that’s a big challenge. How we get to lower emissions to meet the higher standards, that’s going to be a challenge. But we’re actively engaged in that now.” While Cacciola sees some threats to the industry, he remains excited about and thankful for all Sea Star Charters has done and continues to do for Oceanside. He believes Oceanside has done a terrific job redeveloping downtown, making the city a true coastal destination. Cacciola loves that while Oceanside has grown so much, it still has that smalltown appeal amongst its locals. He loves the personal 6 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

relationships he’s built with his regulars. He loves when the boat is at the dock and he hears, “Hey, Capt. Joe!”. He loves the partnerships he’s built with the Oceanside Sea Center and the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research (PIER). Currently, Cacciola is on a mission to bring public art into the Harbor. Thanks to Cacciola, the Harbor now has its first piece of public art, which he calls “Cetacean Celebration”. Donated by the Cacciola family, the bronze statue features two humpback whales and is located in front of the Oceanside Sea Center. Moving forward, Cacciola plans to continue to diversify his services focusing on increasing public education around marine life. With all the Sea Star has to offer and how the business has adapted to face very challenged head-on, Capt. Joe Cacciola has proven himself to be a pillar within Oceanside. Sea Star Charters is located at 315 Harbor Dr S, Oceanside, CA 92054. Give Capt. Joe Cacciola a call at (760) 966-0111.

Summer 2022 |

MADE IN OCEANSIDE Cheers to Beach House Winery For Kim and George Murray, opening a winery in Oceanside is a love story that ripened on the vine. Former colleagues were hobby vintners who later became business partners and a partners-for-life, establishing Beach House Winery in 2005.

wine tastings, a glass of red or white wine as well as pairings with treats such as chocolates crafted by a local, Vista chocolatier and, on occasion, a premium cigar by the Southern Draw Cigar company. And you might even hear a story or two of their experiences.

After a jaunt down winding Sleeping Indian Road in the South Morro Hills agricultural community of Oceanside and up a sloping driveway, visitors to the Beach House Winery are rewarded with a panoramic, picturesque view of the valley and ocean.

“Wine brings everyone together,” the Murrays said, in unison. “It’s our hobby on steroids.”

In the vineyard, there are Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes growing. It is maintained by the Murray family and their young adult son, Steven, who has been working the land and learning the business since he was 8 years old. The Beach House Winery produces and ages other kinds of wine varietals including Chardonnay, Sangiovese, Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Zinfandel. In their tasting room, open from Noon to 4 p.m. on weekends and by appointment, one is treated | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 7

Their enthusiasm and passion for providing fine wines produced with time-honored processes shows in everything they do in their vineyard and winery. Between the pair, they have 50 years of wine-making expertise. With experience of producing high quality grapes complimenting the grapes sourced for producing fine wines, the Murray’s ‘retirement’ small business has endless potential. They are keeping their business deliberately boutique, and not growing too fast. “We rush nothing,” says George, a self-described wine chemist. The process of creating flavor profiles takes time, and the dedication shows in the quality of their products. Each of their wines is barrel-aged for a

minimum of three years, and personally taste-tested by George and Kim. Wineries start harvesting grapes in September, with white and sparkling wine grapes going first, followed by red wine grapes into October. In the summer, it is a great time to visit the tasting room and ask George what he has aging in the back. What started as a hobby for both, in 1998, has grown into an award-winning winery. Having met at their previous jobs, George and Kim shared a vision, and went for it. They took classes at MiraCosta College, California State University in Fresno and San Marcos, and completed the Viticulture and Enology program at the University of California, Davis. They always lend a helping hand to friends and neighbors interested in getting into the business. “Once you see what the market can bear, whatever you’re doing, just do it,” George says. Beach House Winery, Inc. gets its name from the original location, their beach house, just blocks from the beach in Oceanside. There, they made wine in the garage, starting with a single, 30-gallon French oak barrel. Soon, the Murrays outgrew the space, and ventured to expand and grow their own grapes. The Murrays met with a group of local business and city leaders, shared their vision, and were supported in their plan. They had the ideal plot of land, where 257 avocado trees were converted into compost, providing essential nutrients in the soil for a vineyard. Nestled

8 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

Kimberly and George Murray Owners/Vintners

760-732-3236 in the rolling hills where Oceanside meets Fallbrook – they are physically located in Oceanside with a Fallbrook mailing address – with canyon and ocean breezes and the perfect amount of rainfall for a vineyard, in 2010, Beach House Winery opened its doors. This milestone made the Murrays the first “Vigna al Mare” (Vineyard at the Sea) and winery established in Oceanside’s ‘seaside’ community. They were really interested, and still are, in fermenting a model for mom-n-pop wineries in the North County corridor, an agri-tourism industry, Kim explains. While Oceanside may be well-known for its craft beer, the city has also expanded into the wine scene. The Murrays have thoughtfully created the environment and have helped Oceanside to become a destination place for boutique wineries like Coomber Craft Wines, Orfila Vineyards Tasting Room & Kitchen, and Carruth Cellars Urban Winery Oceanside. The Murrays, members of the Oceanside and Fallbrook Chambers of Commerce, look forward to sharing their passion for winemaking and wine with you in their rooftop or indoor tasting rooms or on a 90-minute monthly Oceanside Adventures Harbor cruise. Book a wine tasting cruise with George and Kim at product-details/0176/Oceanside-Harbor-Wine-Cruise. Make a reservation at: http://www. Join the wine club at: https://beachhousewinery.orderport. net/wine-club/. Purchase wine online at: https:// The Beach House vineyard and winery is physically located at 1534 Sleeping Indian Road, Fallbrook. Subscribe to their email list for their next event at | Summer 2022

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Best of Oceanside Magazine | 9

Oceanside Police Share Random Acts of Kindness

What started as a Secret Santa Operation in December of 2021 has grown to a year-long project aimed at spreading a little kindness around the city of Oceanside. Oceanside Police Department’s Random Acts of Kindness Project has been made possible by a twenty-thousand-dollar donation from the Fortin family, who established an Acts of Kindness Fund within Trauma Intervention Programs Inc. “My family and I enthusiastically support the Oceanside Police Department Acts of Kindness Project. We can think of no better way for us to provide acts of kindness to Oceanside residents than by partnering with Oceanside police officers who are on the front lines and encounter those who need kindness and a helping hand on a regular basis,” Wayne Fortin, Founder of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc.

Oceanside Police will spread the donation out in random acts of kindness throughout the year. Each month a different giving effort will focus on making connections between officers and the community. “It’s a cool experience to get out in the community and make people smile and serve in a different way,” Oceanside Police Officer Andy Gularte. For additional information about the Random Acts of Kindness Project, please contact Oceanside Police Department Public Information Officer Jennifer Atenza at (760) 277-5237 or email

Officers encounter people daily that could use a helping hand or just a kind gesture to brighten their day. Often providing meals, clothing, or even transportation assistance. This project will provide officers resources to further their ability to serve with compassion. “The more opportunities that we have to engage with people outside of crisis situations I think deepen relationships and deepen understanding,” Chief Fred Armijo.

10 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 | | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 11

celebration The Oceanside Chamber Celebrates Local Heroes Each June the Oceanside Chamber hosts its Annual Heroes of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Dinner to honor and celebrate local heroes. This year, we are celebrating representatives from the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside Police Department, Oceanside Fire Department, Oceanside Lifeguards, Healthcare Workers and Educators for their outstanding contributions to the well-being and advancement of our community.​ Below is an overview of our heroes and their outstanding efforts.

Fire and Lifeguard Awards Chris Kilmer, Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Kilmer is the epitome of what it means to go the extra mile. Throughout his career with the Oceanside Fire Department, Kilmer has never shied away from responsibility. He is currently a member of the OFD SWAT Medic Team and serves on multiple operations and training cadres. He previously served as the Fire Academy Instructor for several recruit academies. Assigned to the fire department’s truck company, Kilmer is highly skilled in the many technical competencies required for this assignment. Kilmer’s peers have called him a phenomenal paramedic. He is an example and mentor for others to emulate. He puts excellence into everything he does. Firefighter/ Paramedic Kilmer is a one of Oceanside’s best public servants. Gracie Ramirez, Administrative Secretary Gracie Ramirez holds one of the most public-facing positions at the Fire Department and serves as the Oceanside Fire Chief’s primary administrative support person. She receives and processes the many “Freedom of Information Act” requests received by the fire department. Ramirez is the point of contact for most customer service issues and ensures the inquirer always gets to the right resource needed to address the problem. Ramirez works closely with the Human Resources Department to ensure all personnel needs are met. She is always pleasant in her interactions, strives to answer all questions, and solves the community’s problems. Ramirez is an asset to the City and Department. Mitchell Frame, Lifeguard Lifeguard Mitchell Frame is currently finishing his second year of medical school and has been serving the City of Oceanside as a Lifeguard since 2012. Most notably in his 12 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

career, on February 26, 2022, Frame received a report on a construction worker who had been struck by a forklift. The injured man was laying down on the second level of the beach bathroom construction site near the pier. Upon arrival, Frame found the patient and provided c-spine stabilization while assessing for other injuries. With the assistance of Fire and Lifeguard crews, Frame stabilized the patient using a c-collar and a backboard. Personnel then extracted the patient safely. John Farmer, Lifeguard Lifeguard John Farner has served the City of Oceanside since 2019. On July 14, 2021, Farner was working at Tower 16. It was on this day that Farner performed an incredible 16 rescues. Two of the rescues were for two boys who had been swept out in a rip current and were not able to swim to shore. As panic set in, each boy was unknowingly pulling the other under water trying to stay afloat. Farner got to them in time and swam them to shore. This performance and dedication to the team is to be commended from this quiet, yet powerful, lifeguard.

Educator Awards Donna Contrado, Health Technician, Palmquist Elementary School Donna Contrado has been with the Oceanside Unified School District for 24 years. She is a health technician who has gone above and beyond, bringing positivity to her work every day. Contrado is known to be consistently kind and Summer 2022 |

patient. She works nights and weekends to make sure Palmquist families feel safe and supported. Kristina Vasquez, El Camino High School US History and Entrepreneurial Exploration Teacher Kristina Vasquez is a US History and Entrepreneurial Exploration teacher from El Camino High School who has been with OUSD for nine years. Her passion for teaching and desire to support student success are some of the many reasons she was honored. Her peers say she teaches with her contagious passion for her subject material. She is a collaborator at heart and is constantly learning and sharing ideas. She values and respects each and every student and lets them know every day that they matter. Carlos Rozo, Day Lead Custodian at Chávez Middle School Carlos Rozo is a Day Lead Custodian at Chávez Middle School who has been with OUSD for five years. Rozo was selected because of the pride he takes in his work along with the welcoming demeanor he presents to our students, staff, and families. Rozo is known to be polite and respectful to students and staff. He’s always upbeat and responds efficiently. Rebecca Miceli, Del Rio Elementary First and Second Grade Teacher Rebecca Miceli is a first and second grade teacher at Del Rio Elementary who has been in the district for 19 years. Her willingness to help others along with the warm, welcoming classroom she provides, are part of why she has made such an impact on the lives of those she works with. She’s known for going above and beyond for her students, teaching far more than the academic content. She strives to give her students a sense of ‘home’ in her classroom; her classroom home is where empathy and sympathy are modeled and explicitly taught.

Police Awards Kathleen Kreyling, Public Safety Call Taker Public Safety Call Taker, Kathleen Kreyling, has served the citizens of Oceanside since 2003. She began her career as a Community Service Officer where she worked at the front desk of the Oceanside Police | Summer 2022

Department. In 2014, Kathleen transitioned into Dispatch where she now serves as a Public Safety Call Taker. When one finds themselves in an emergency situation and are forced to call 9-1-1, there is a good chance they could be speaking with Kathleen. With her calm demeanor, caring tone, and compassionate heart, she has assisted thousands of people in crisis over the years. She can multi-task and gather pertinent information for first responders while assisting citizens through these emergency situations. There are dozens of examples just in this past year where Kathleen has demonstrated her competency and care when answering 9-1-1 calls. From elderly to children, she always seems to find a way to extract the necessary information and get it to the direct responders on scene. Officer Luke Rubish, Neighborhood Policing Team Officer Luke Rubish is currently assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Team (NPT). Officer Rubish enjoys the opportunities and challenges that come with his job. He seeks various ways to change the life of someone for the better no matter how small. He understands the impact that this can have on someone’s life. Officer Rubish was assigned temporarily as a School Resource Officer early in his tenure at NPT. While there he was an asset to the School Safety Enhancement Team and truly connected with the students and administration. Officer Rubish assists with the Oceanside Youth Program, a character building and mentoring program for teenage youth and aims to reduce juvenile delinquency, lower recidivism, and offer alternatives to street gangs, substance abuse, and a life trapped in the criminal justice system.

Healthcare Awards Sara Jayyousi, MSW, LPCC, LCSW, Operations Manager, Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Sarah Jayyousi serves as the Operations Manager for Tri-City Medical Center’s (TCMC) Behavioral Health Services, Intensive Outpatient Program and has been in the mental health field for the past 30 years. During that time, she has worked in county funded programs, hospitals, and outpatient programs. Dually credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Best of Oceanside Magazine | 13

and Licensed Professional Counselor, she has held a leadership position in hospital outpatient services for the past 23 years. Jayyousi led a team of clinicians to transform services to be evidence-based and recovery oriented, expanded the Intensive Outpatient Program at TCMC’s Behavioral Health Services and provided specialized services for individuals with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychosis and dual recovery needs. In 2006, she was named Clinical Social Worker of the year by the California Society for Clinical Social Work, was selected as lecturer of the year in 2021 at California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM) College of Education, Health and Human Services, and in 2022 she made the San Diego Business Journal list of Top Behavioral Health Professionals. Jayyousi helped immigrants from the Middle East, providing bilingual services for nine years and developing an internship program that helped with staffing. Jayyousi teaches at CSUSM in the master’s in social work program where she prepares students for a career in healthcare/social work and teaches clinical classes and field instruction seminars. Jason Taua, Patient Mobility Tech, Bed Staffing Jason Taua has worked at Tri-City Medical Center for over 20 years as a Patient Mobility Tech Dispatcher, also known as the Lift Team. As a Patient Mobility Tech, Jason is the “muscle” for patients who are immobile. He lifts and repositions patients who are on ventilators and helps patients that are unable to move themselves in order to minimize injury risks. His role is crucial in their care and healing as he transports patients from room-to-room, aids nurses in delivering care and helps with patient discharge. Many times, he has acted as the main provider of chest compressions during CPR for Code Blue emergencies, assisted the Security Officers with patients suffering from mental illness, or responded to a “Dr. Strong” code to help with unruly individuals. It is impossible to walk the hallways of TCMC and run into a nurse that doesn’t know his name. Taua might be the muscle for patients but he is the heart of TCMC. Taua says he loves being part of a special team that cares for patients and gets to help save lives because that’s what it’s all about! Outside of work, Taua coaches football at El Camino High School where he helps to coach the defensive line. He’s been a coach for 10 years now, 4 of which were with Pop Warner and 6 with High School football. He has also been happily married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife, Saufoi Taua, and has three amazing kids, Daesialeen (21), Desmond (20) and Darian (15).

14 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Julia Montes, Advanced Care Technician, Bed Staffing Julia Montes is an Oceanside native and has been serving her community through her work as a Nurse Assistant at Tri-City for four years. She provides care and support to patients through physical assistance, managing their dietary needs and recording vital signs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Montes volunteered at the Tri-City Vaccine Clinic as an observation aid, assisting anyone who felt sick after receiving their shot. Montes says the most important thing about her job is providing the best care for her community by providing a safe space for recovery. Montes serves on the Resource Float Team which covers all areas of the hospital, ensuring all patient needs are met. Montes was born at Tri-City Medical Center and considers it an honor to be providing care for her people of Oceanside. Jessica Shrader, MBA, Government Affairs & Community Engagement Manager Jessica Shrader is the Government Affairs and Community Engagement Manager at Tri-City Medical Center and has more than two decades of experience developing and managing programs for at-risk communities in education, social services, and healthcare sectors. In her role at Tri-City, Jessica manages all community outreach endeavors including the COASTAL Commitment (Community Outreach and Support Through Active Leadership), Tri-City Medical Center’s award-winning outreach initiative that boasts over 80 community partner organizations. Shrader is an emerging leader in North County and the co-developer of a major workforce development initiative called SOCAL—Student Opportunities for Career Awareness and Learning, which connects students and transitioning adults to local businesses for career exploration through online tools including virtual business and job tours, links to educational resources and more. As part of her thought-leadership in the area of workforce development and education, Shrader serves on the board of directors for the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, is a member helping develop their new Leadership Academy task force, serves on the Executive Committee’s Nominating Committee, and Chairs their Workforce Development task force which has brought programmatic innovations to the chamber such as the Rising Star student scholarship program. She also serves on the Government Affairs Workgroup and the Community Health Needs Assessment Task Force for the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. Shrader has won numerous awards for her leadership Summer 2022 |

and program design, including 18 Finest Awards from the Health Care Communicators of Southern California (HCCSC) in 2021 and 23 Finest Awards in 2022. Jessica completed her BA in Psychology from UC San Diego and her MBA from the University of Doane with a specialized emphasis in leadership, healthcare management and project management. She is also a graduate of the City of Vista Leadership Academy. Shrader lives in Vista with her husband and daughter.

Militar y Awards Corporal Fletcher D. Crockett, Military Working Dog Handler, Military Police Company, Security and Emergency Services Battalion Corporal Crockett was born in September 1999 in Gwinett County, GA. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and reported for recruit training at MCRD Parris Island, SC on February 19, 2019. Upon completing recruit training and Marine Combat Training, he attended the Military Police Basic Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and earned the military occupational specialty of 5811. While in Military Police Basic Course, Corporal Crockett was selected to be a Military Working Dog Handler, with the secondary military occupational specialty of 5812. He would then attend The Military Working Dog Basic Handler Course at Lackland Air Force Base, TX, where he earned “The Top Dog Award” for Block III, Patrol. In January 2020, Corporal Crockett reported to the Camp Pendleton Provost Marshal’s Office where he served as a Military Policeman with 4th Platoon. In June of 2020 Corporal Crockett was reassigned to the Military Working Dog Section, where he was assigned as a Military Working Dog Handler. Throughout his time as a Military Working Dog Handler, Corporal Crockett has validated twice on an explosive detection dog and twice on a drug detection dog. Corporal Crockett has served as a Squad Leader for the Military Working Dog Section and is currently serving as the Assistant Trainer. Corporal Crockett has attended the Inter-service Nonlethal Weapons Instructor Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, where he was certified as a Non-lethal Weapons Instructor. Cpl Crockett has attended the Advanced Military Working Dog Trainer’s Course at Hill Country Dog Center, Pipe Creek, TX, where he was certified as a Military Working Dog Trainer and E-Collar Instructor. In October of 2021, Cpl Crockett attended the Interdiction Mastermind course hosted by Placentia Police Department, CA, where he learned how to intercept the illegal distribution of narcotics. | Summer 2022

Corporal Shaina R. Jupiter, Combat Photographer, Communication Strategy and Operations, Marine Corps Installations West, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Corporal Jupiter was born August 2002, in Pembroke Pines, FL. She enlisted in the Marine Corps and reported to recruit training at MCRD Parris Island on August 31, 2020. Upon completing recruit training and Marine Combat Training, she attended the Defense Information School on Fort George G. Meade, MD, and graduated from the Mass Communications Foundations course and the Visual Documentation course to earn the military occupational specialty of 4541 Combat Photographer. Corporal Jupiter graduated as the honor graduate from the Visual Documentation course and was awarded a meritorious mast for her time as a platoon sergeant while at the Marine Detachment, Fort George G. Meade, MD. In September 2021, Corporal Jupiter reported to Marine Corps Installations West Communication Strategy and Operations, where she is still currently serving as a combat photographer. During her time as a combat photographer, Corporal Jupiter earned Communicator of the Quarter for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2022. Amber Hillbrown, HM2(FMF/SW) HM2(FMF/SW) Amber Hillbrown is currently assigned to the I MEF CE Staff and hails from Denver, Colorado. While participating in Exercise DESERT DRAGON. On her most recent deployment to Kuwait, Hillbrown conducted 25 CASEVAC briefs, 408 hours of live fire/crew serve weapons coverage, 12 CASEVAC/IED drills, 727 miles of day/night convoy coverage, and 5 combat life saver drills. Hillbrown was also credited with creating a new standard operating procedures for air and ground MEDEVACs, resulting in significant proficiency in her Battery Â’s casualty response and increasing the Battery Â’s medical posture while deployed in 4th/5th fleets. Jordan W. Lucas, HM3(FMF) HM3(FMF) Jordan W. Lucas, currently assigned to MAG-39, III MAW, and hails from South Haven, Michigan. He provides assistance to 9 Flight Surgeons for aviation healthcare for 3,800 Marines across 13 squadrons. Lucas demonstrated extraordinary commitment and supervised 12 Aerospace Medical Technicians (AVT) in the completion of 176 initial flight physicals, 160 PHAs, 420 sick call appointments, 322 audiograms, and 170 EKGs. As a TCCC-instructor, he facilitated four Combat Life Saver classes to 50 Marines. Motivated ACFL, Lucas led nine command PT events, 10 FEP sessions and 22 BCAs. Best of Oceanside Magazine | 15

membership NEW MEMBERS

Welcome to the following new Chamber members that joined from March 8, 2022 – June 4, 2022 AAL Transport Enterprise, LLC Oceanside, CA 92057 (760) 688-6428 Hauling / Freight Transportation Services Carlsbad Self Storage 2235 Palomar Airport Rd. Carlsbad, CA 92011 (760) 517-8430 Storage Coast SMP 909 S Coast Hwy., Ste. C Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 421-2040 Permanent Scalp Cosmetics CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC 206 N. Coast Highway, Ste., A Oceanside, CA 92054 (866) 316-5077 Carlsbad-CA-4026 Real Estate Loans, Mortgage Lenders Daniel Parra - New York Life 4365 Executive Dr., Ste. 800 San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 623-8617 Insurance Dunkin Donuts 1906 Oceanside Blvd. Oceanside, CA 92054 (951) 852-4425 Restaurants – Breakfast, Coffee Houses, Donut Shop EAVA Drains Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 829-0832 Drains/Sewer Cleaning Services, Plumbers Edge Home Finance/Veteran Mortgage Advisor Carlsbad, CA 92011 (619) 246-5525 Mortgage Loans, Real Estate Loans Excellence RE Real Estate 4760 Oceanside Blvd., Ste. B3 Oceanside, CA 92056 (619) 742-2957 Real Estate Commercial, Real Estate Sales Field Brothers Construction 224 Via Del Monte Oceanside, CA 92058 (760) 978-9890 Construction Jordan’s Upholstery & Manufacturing 917 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-6662 Upholstery 16 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Kimy Gets Skinny 2530 W Vista Way, Ste. F Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 500-4635 Bakeries Klash Supply Co. 155 Harrison St. Oceanside, CA 92057 (760) 470-4668 Clothing and Accessories Law Office of Sandra Bonds Hickey 580 Beech Ave., Ste. C Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 729-2327 Mountain Mike’s Pizza 2251 S EL Camino Real, Ste. A Oceanside, CA 92054 (442) 266-8162 Restaurants – Pizza, Fundraisers - Pizza New York Life Insurance Company (310) 691-9693 Insurance Oceanside Ace Hardware 263 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 231-1431 Home Improvement, Locksmith Pearl Laundry 2039 Mission Ave. Oceanside, CA 92058 (760) 696-3336 Laundry Services Peter Liss, Criminal Attorney 380 S Melrose Dr #301 Vista, CA 92081 (760) 643-4050 Attorneys, Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI PLANit Kids 401 N Coast Hwy., Ste. 107 Oceanside, CA 92054 (949) 300-2254 Financial Planners ProMedia Oceanside, CA 92057 Advertising

(619) 742-7357

Prosper Real Estate San Diego 3514 Conner Way Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 586-5268 Real Estate Sales Santianna - Oakmont Senior Living 2560 Faraday Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92010 (442) 245-3373 Memory Care, Assisted Living Terra-Gen 11455 El Camino Real, Ste. 160 San Diego, CA 92130 (916) 835-8119 Renewable Energy, Utilities

The Fin Hotel 133 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 279-6300 Accommodations, Hotels and Motels Tiptop Door Service 1491 Mountain Meadow Dr. Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 828-7831 Windows & Doors Tricity NOTARY Oceanside, CA 92056

(619) 436-9660

Workshops for Warriors 2970 Main St. San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 550-1620 Nonprofit - Veterans


Thank you to the following members that renewed from March 8, 2022 – June 4, 2022 55 Years as Member Mission Linen Supply 41-45 Years as Member Oceanside Marine Centre Inc. Tri-City Medical Center Waste Management of North County 36-40 Years as Member Frontwave Credit Union Harbor Fish & Chips 31-35 Years as Member KOCT - The Voice of North County 26-30 Years as Member Mastertech, Inc. Oceanside Marina Suites at Oceanside Harbor Oceanside Abbey Carpet and Floor Quality Inn & Suites 21-25 Years as Member Automobile Club of Southern California Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. Diamond Environmental Services, LLC Rockin’ Baja Coastal Cantina Truewood by Merrill – Oceanside Vintage Pointe Senior Apartments Walmart #2494 16-20 Years as Member BeachFront Only Vacation Rentals California Bank & Trust Fastsigns Vista Oceanside Rotary Club 11-15 Years as Member Children’s Physicians Medical Group First Team Real Estate – John Beran Group

Summer 2022 |

Greater Tri Cities IPA Medical Group Hobie Cat Company II LLC Motel 6 #679 Omni Financial S. D. Malkin Properties, Inc. Sizzler Restaurants TENTEN Oceanside The Super Dentists Veterans Association of North County (VANC) 6-10 Years as Member 101 Bagels & Subs Buffalo Wild Wings El Pollo Loco Frazier Farms Oceanside Kaiser Permanente – Oceanside Knockout Pizza Lawyer Referral Service of the San Diego County Bar Association LOL – Life of Liberty Marcy Browe Photography Oceanside Adventures Oceanside Broiler Pick Up Stix Printing CEO Southwest Strategies LLC Swami’s Café Upper Crust Pizza USA Imaging Supplies Yummie Fountains 1-5 Years as Member AAL Baptist Christian Counseling Americas Publisher, LLC Beyond Revenue

The Broken Yolk Café Bubbles By The Beach Business Payroll Services C2ITPROS Core Association Management Damon Sundberg Construction The Document People LLC The Draft Restaurant FoxFury, LLC H.G. Fenton Company JPI Companies Lennar Homes of California Inc. – San Diego Division Mayor Esther Sanchez McDonald’s Merrill Lynch Wealth Management – Hollman, McSweeny, Albert & Byrnes Group Milestone House Military Guides Military Veterans Affairs Officer / Agent Non-Profit Management Consulting Oceanside Healing Center Oceanside Tattoo “The Arcade” Renewal by Andersen of Greater San Diego Sea Hive South O Marketplace Studio ACE Tap That Draft Beer Services and Tap Room USO Camp Pendleton Vets’ Community Connections

Oceanside Chamber Ad November 2021



From Business and Computer Science, to Accounting and Engineering, MiraCosta has everything you need to promote employee growth and career enhancements.

Reach Out To Active Duty And Retired Military Personnel

The Military Appreciation Resource Magazine is designed exclusively to show Military personnel and their families businesses that support active duty and retired military personnel. If you would like more information on distribution and advertising in the Military Appreciation Resource Magazine, contact Jim Pruitt.

Phone: 760-717-7444 • | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 17


Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture events happen throughout the city, including your neighborhood! brought to you by the

City of Oceanside Arts Commission

District One

The Samoan Cultural Festival : 7/9 @ Civic Center Plaza Mo's K-Pop Summer Beach Fest : 7/16, 3-7pm @ Oceanside Pier Amphitheatre - Pop Smoke: A Veteran Art Exhibition : starting 8/13 @ Oceanside Museum of Art - Write On Oceanside : 8/13 @ Civic Center Plaza - Bless Local : 8/13 @ Rhythm Church - Movies in the Park presents Raya and the Last Dragon : 9/10 @ Junior Seau Pier Amphitheatre -

District Two

Crafter's Studio: We Are All Neighbors : 7/7, 10am-12pm @ Studio ACE - SUNsational Summer Camp @ Melba Bishop Recreation Center Figurative Sculpting July @ Studio ACE -

District Three

John Landes Resource Fair : 6/25 @ John Landes Recreation Center South O Car Show : 8/20, 9am-3pm @ South Oceanside Elementary School The Kruglak Gallery @ MiraCosta -

District Four

Oceanside Roller Skating: weekly on Friday 6-8pm @ MLK Jr Park - IG @oceanside_rollerskating Drumming with Aki : weekly on Saturday 1-3pm @ Muramid Art & Cultural Center Oceanside High School All Class Reunion : 6/26, 9am-4pm @ Heritage Park Movies in the Park presents: Encanto : 7/22 @ Mance Buchannon Park and Luca : 8/13 @ Wagner Aquatics Center -

Do You Have a Special Event Coming Up? Let us know what events are happening in your district October-December 2022 Email

Scan here to find out what district you live in.

18 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

M AY O R ’ S B U S I N E S S SPOTLIGHT Frontwave On May 4th, the Chamber along with Mayor Esther Sanchez, honored Frontwave Credit Union during the Mayor’s Business Spotlight segment of the City Council Meeting. Chamber CEO, Scott Ashton noted that Frontwave had played a critical role in supporting the Oceanside business community during Covid. When the pandemic hit, Frontwave reached out to the Small Business Administration for approval as an SBA lender and then quickly went into action to provide Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans to more than 300 small businesses.

Working to stop domestic violence and sexual assault as we revive courage and empower lives. WRC provides counseling, case management, supportive services and shelter to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and their children. Services are available 7 days a week • 24 hours a day at

(760) 757-3500 Visit our website at | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 19


their guests, partners and communities, while serving high-quality dishes. Hunter Steakhouse is located at 1221 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92045. Give them a call at (760) 433-2633.


Hunter Steakhouse has been serving the “Best Prime Rib in Town” for more than 40 years. The restaurant has embraced their decades-long tradition as a classic steakhouse while staying committed to small-town hospitality. Hunter’s hand-cut steaks, award-winning prime rib, fresh seafood and other homemade dishes are sure to delight. And above all else, their staff looks forward to welcoming patrons with a smile and are truly honored to have you as their guest. Owned by Mike Schneider, both the Mission Valley and the Oceanside locations were purchased and opened in 2008. Since then, the restaurant has remodeled, enhanced their menus, and reconnected with the surrounding communities. Hunter Steakhouse has catered many Chamber events and has remained a favorite amongst community members. As a locally owned and operated restaurant, they are committed to showing appreciation for 20 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Since 2001, the Oceanside Healing Center is a collaboration of diverse healers aiming to serve individuals in their personal healing journey. As a collaborative, they have created a healing arts center that celebrates inclusivity and diversity and a sacred space for giving and receiving healing. The incredibly talented staff performs an array of various healing modalities and strategically consults with every client to find the right practices to move through the entire healing journey. The center offers Acupuncture, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Medicinal Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Reiki and many other healing traditions right here in Oceanside Oceanside. Oceanside Healing Center is located at 310 S. Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92045. Give them a call at (760) 722-2330.

Summer 2022 |


Sea Hive is a locally owned, carefully curated store featuring vintage, new, and handmade goods. With over 100 vendors under one roof, this shopping experience offers a vast selection of interesting, unique items. Sea Hive Marketplace is a chest full of treasures in South Oceanside. Since it’s opening in 2017, the 13,000 square foot location excites vintage and modern shoppers looking for vinyls, old Levi’s, Mid-century Modern decor, jewelry, artisan pieces and more. Around every corner is something unique. Adding to the novelty of Sea Hive Marketplace, the store features a collection of small business owners, designers, vintage collectors, creators, etc. Birthday gifts such as succulent arrangements, handmade handbags and natural soaps all can be found within their walls. From vintage finds to contemporary merchandise, Sea Hive Marketplace has something for everyone.


Phenix Salon professionals are living the dream of owning their own salon. They are excited entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work and motivated to provide the best service available. With stylists who work for themselves, each client is treated with personal care. Supported by the Phenix Salon family, each stylist has access to free professional training by the Phenix National Education Team. Therefore, every stylist under the Phenix Salon roof is equipped with the last techniques in the industry. Additionally, these professionals have access to a superior line of luscious hair colors through Phenix and an exclusive selection of Phenix hair and skin care products. Phenix Salon is located at 2213 S El Camino Real, Ste. A. Oceanside, CA 92054. Find your next stylist by calling (442) 222-1562.

Sea Hive Marketplace is located at 1555 S. Coast Highway 101 in Oceanside. The spot is hard to miss with the eccentric, geometric sign and the “Greetings from Oceanside” mural. Open 11 AM - 5 PM daily. Give them a call (760) 547-5706. | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 21


blessed. And that’s how Blessed & Boujee Boutique was born! Blessed & Boujee Boutique is located at 4171 Oceanside Blvd. Suite 102, Oceanside, CA 92056. Give them a call at (760) 536-3163.


Did you know “Boujee” means luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character? Blessed & Boujee Boutique inspires women to shop confidently! The Boujee Boutique offers accessories, shoes, fun gifts, and stylish clothing for all women including those blessed with curves! Amanda Marie’s (owner of Blessed & Boujee Boutique) goal is to inspire other women to be strong and independent by providing a one-stop fashion boutique that meets all their needs. After spending most of her life struggling with her weight, Amanda came across a fun clothing line while browsing Facebook. The moment she tried on her first order, she knew she had never felt this good in her skin as a plus-size woman. Amanda was so excited about her new outfits and wanted to share it with fellow plussized women! She signed up to sell clothes as a side gig before leaving NY and that gave her an idea. Once Amanda found attire that made her feel amazing, she knew she wanted to inspire other women to feel the same in their skin too! She wanted them to feel as inspired and excited as she did the first time a dress fit perfectly. She wanted them to feel supported and 22 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Looking for a place where you can get a beautiful manicure or a facial? Design Hair, Nails and Spa is a superior salon that provides a relaxing experience. Design Hair, Nails and Spa offers a wide range of amazing services from men, women, and kids at reasonable prices. Their various beauty services include acrylic nails, gel and shellac manicures and pedicures, foot massages, waxing, facials, eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions, body wraps, and more. At Design Hair, Nails and Spa clients can get any color they desire and any nail design they can imagine! Come in to get pampered after a long and tiring day, enjoy a relaxing day with friends, or treat themselves to a nice spa day. With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Design Hair, Nails and Spa provides highquality services. They use only hand-picked products with long-lasting results. Whether you’re looking to get your nails done or take advantage of one of the many other services provided, you will leave feeling relaxed, confident, and beautiful. Design Hair, Nails and Spa is located at 1833 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054. Drop by or call to make an appointment at (760) 721-4876.

CINEMATIC ARTS AND SOUND Cinematic Arts and Sound is a world-class, state-ofthe-art film and recording studio located blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Oceanside. Their 5,000 sq. ft. creative hub offers daily and weekly studio rentals for their Green Screen of White Cyclorama sound Summer 2022 |


stage, recording studios, 14 seat screening rooms and classrooms. Cinematic Arts and Sound also houses a high-end camera rental company, Old School Camera, the only camera house in San Diego with a prep floor and the luxury of having a main office in Hollywood to support any size production. With a staff of talented artists and a united goal to support and elevate the quality of content their studio produces both in sound and visuals, Cinematic Arts and Sound treats their clients like family and their “open door” policy aims to make an impact and contribute to the arts in the Oceanside community. Cinematic Arts and Sound offers professional services including video production, photography, post production, sound design and recording studio services. Additionally, as the studio always seeks current, cutting-edge information and educational experience to showcase, they offer workshops held by talented, industry professionals in art, filmmaking and sound. Cinematic Arts and Sound is located at 302 Oceanside Blvd. Oceanside, CA, 92054. Give them a call at (760) 309-2303. | Summer 2022

Señor Grubby’s offers an experience for your whole family. With the “Food Forward - Family First” motto, the restaurant has created an atmosphere for all to enjoy. That includes a fun menu for kids, a street faire menu for all ages, and the #1 cocktail bar in North County! Come in and have a seat, order online and enjoy at home, or cater your whole party. No matter the order, Señor Grubby’s delivers with high-quality, tasty dishes. Señor Grubby’s award winning menu includes true authenticity and handmade fresh ingredients. Their breakfast menu offers an exciting fusion of Mexican and American breakfast plates ranging from chocolate chip pancakes to house-made chilaquiles. For lunch enjoy authentic Mexican Street Faire favorites, featuring tortas, burritos, “Best of San Diego” tacos. And bring the family in for a spectacular dinner menu that keeps tradition alive with hand-pressed corn tortillas, Baja style shrimp by the pound, award winning cocktail bar, and more. Señor Grubby’s is located at 311 N Tremont St. Oceanside, CA 92054. Give them a call at (760) 721-6040.

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 23

workforce development CHAMBERS’ WOMEN’S INCUBATOR PROGRAM GRADUATES THIRD COHORT, 100TH ENTREPRENEUR Women, especially military spouses and female veterans were disproportionately impacted by the Pandemic, with many forced out of the workplace. The National Veterans Chamber of Commerce, SCORE Mentors, and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce have responded to this call to action by hosting a free business incubator program. The Women Entrepreneur Incubator program, which launched last fall via Zoom, is helping to train entrepreneurs to develop their part-time or full-time businesses. The three organizations are providing training, technical assistance, mentorship, peer-topeer support, and financial information. Just in time for Armed Forces Day, we graduated our

third incubator class on May 19, bringing a total of 100 women who were trained during this school year. Each participant received certificates from the three program sponsors as well as from Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath. An added benefit of the incubator is that each entrepreneur receives inperson coaching and mentoring at the Oceanside Chamber’s office following the online training sessions. Internships with member businesses are also available to each incubator participant. The next women’s cohort begins in the Fall. This summer, a youth-specific business incubator for 8th to 12th graders will launch. For more information on participating as a participant, business owner, program trainer, or event sponsor of any of our incubator programs, contact victoria@

SUPPORTING STUDENT CAREER EXPLORATION AROUND TOWN The Chamber’s workforce development department promotes and supports student career education at every opportunity. Recently, the department was invited to present at Coastal Academy High School’s career panel and the Mission Elementary School’s career day (pictured are Oceanside Police Officers Beatriz Gonzales and Luke Rubish) as well as attending the Career and Technical Education program’s annual showcase (pictured are high school students and fishing club advisor and woodshop teacher George Zubieta) and presenting the SOCAL project with the CTE educators and representatives from 24 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

each of the Oceanside SOCAL representatives at the district’s virtual Parent Engagement Series. Special thanks go to educators Teresa Collis and Nicole Summer 2022 |

Commerce. The vision is to give middle school, high school, post-secondary students and transitioning adults an opportunity to gain insights into career pathways, while allowing businesses and local organizations to participate in these students’ career exploration.

WHAT’S NEW IN SOCAL? Student Opportunities for Career Awareness and Learning (SOCAL) drives economic empowerment by elevating student awareness of career and educational opportunities across multiple industries and provides a forum for students to take meaningful steps towards participation in the workforce of tomorrow. SOCAL is a collaborative program between education and industry created by Tri-City Medical Center, the San Diego North Economic Development Council and Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Greater Escondido, San Marcos and Encinitas Chambers of

We have partnered with a wide array of interested stakeholders including school districts, CTE’s, colleges, universities, career training institutions, businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and community members to make this a reality. Through this collaboration we aim to provide one place to host resources available to our community. Recently eleven new Oceanside videos were added from the City’s Water Utilities Department and the Oceanside Fire Department. For information about including your business, please contact Victoria Carlborg at 760-722-1534 or


Moersch and Michael Newton from the city’s water utilities department, Lucifer Keener from the city’s fire department, Claudia Torres from Olli Salumeria Americana, Aaron Byzak from Tri-City Medical Center, Angela Caires from Hydranautics, and Nazeli Dertsakian from Genentech for their participation. | Summer 2022

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the MiraCosta College Technical Career Institute and the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce to bring our members free, on-site training opportunities through funding from the state’s Employment Training Panel. Here are just some of the training topics our subject matter experts can provide to your company or organization: BUSINESS SKILLS  How to Effectively Motivate Employees  Financial Management  How to Create Effective Teams ... continued on page 26 Best of Oceanside Magazine | 25

Workforce Development ... continued from page 25     

How to Conduct Effective office Meetings Project Management Task Delegation Time Management Problem Solving Skills

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT  Process Improvement/Standardization  Quality Improvement  Problem Solving and Critical Thinking ​COMPUTER SKILLS  Microsoft Office  Publisher  Sales Force Program  Skype for Applications  Zoom for Business  Video Conferencing

MANUFACTURING SKILLS  Equipment Operations  Problem Solving Skills  Project Management and Goal Setting  Skills to Program Manufacturing Machines and Devices  Understanding and Programming Robotics If there is a training topic on this list that you don’t see, or if you are interested in registering for the Employee Training Panel, please contact the workforce development department at victoria@

The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department is Hiring! As the Water Utilities Department expands its operational capabilities, motivated new employees are needed to help ensure the continued delivery of quality service to Oceanside’s residents. The Utility is currently hiring across a wide range of areas of expertise including… Water and Wastewater Plant Operators Electricians Utility Workers Mechanics Environmental specialists The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department offers competitive pay, generous benefits, and the opportunity to serve your community through the collection, treatment, and distribution of our region’s most valuable resource.

To learn more about current job opportunities, please visit the City’s employment website at:

26 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

San Diego Gives is a six-month capacity building program for San Diego-based nonprofits that culminates in a 24-hour online fundraiser – Thursday, September 8, 2022. It educates the San Diego community about addressing the pressing needs of our region. The campaign raises much-needed funds directly for nonprofits and shines a light on their tremendous impact throughout our community. This year, 327 nonprofits have registered to participate, including many Oceanside Chamber members. San Diego Gives has some BIG goals: 

Raise at least $2 million for participating nonprofits.

Engage a minimum of 4,000 donors, with at least 40% of these new givers.

At least 75% of donors will report that the campaign positively affected their giving.

At least 75% of participating nonprofits will report increased learning in areas of fundraising and marketing by the end of the campaign.

Inform about local needs and nonprofit responses through stories of impact on the San Diego Gives website and on social media platforms. The campaign will share at least 50 stories.

Provide 25+ unique nonprofit and donor learning opportunities through San Diego Gives University.

“Our goals are to build the overall capacity of our | Summer 2022

nonprofit sector and to create a movement of local giving,” said Lauren Welch, Development Director of Urban Corps of San Diego County, and San Diego Gives project lead. “When you make a donation, you will know that every dollar of your investment will stay local.” San Diego Gives thoroughly vets every nonprofit to ensure they meet key criteria: 

Respond to San Diego community needs with a local-first approach and a demonstrated impact.

Represent a variety of populations and causes through programs and services, including but not limited to age, race, zip code, and diverse communities.

Commit to keeping all funds raised in the greater San Diego area.

Have a proven track record of strong leadership and fiscal responsibility.

Donors can choose to give to one or more nonprofits through the San Diego Gives platform. It is straightforward to learn about new organizations and their work. There are a diverse range of causes, from the arts, animal welfare, environmentalism, education, health, human services, equity, and social justice. To learn more about San Diego Gives, visit www.

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 27

S W E N Y T I N U M M O C D N A R E B M E M SU M M ER 202 2

MiraCosta College to Offer Certificate in Affordable Housing Management in Partnership with San Diego Housing Federation Beginning in Fall 2022, MiraCosta College will launch a new, free program leading to a certificate of completion in Affordable Housing Management, which will prepare students to enter the workforce at the management level in a quickly growing industry that is eager for more and diverse applicants. Findings from the 2022 California Housing Partnership’s (CHP) annual Affordable Housing Needs Report released today indicate trends that further justify the need for this program. The study showed that the number of affordable housing units built in 2021 increased by 43 percent compared to the previous year.

California Can Be Safer When Alcoholic Beverage Servers and Managers are Trained

SDG&E’s Offers Accessible Information, Resources and Services ​ DG&E is committed to supporting its customers S who have access and functional needs. Do you or does someone in your household have a disability or use an electronic medical device for health, safety or independence? Do you prefer to receive information in a language other than English? SDG&E provides certain communications in over twenty languages including American Sign Language (ASL). Billing statements are available in large font or Braille for those who are blind or have low-vision. Depending on your needs, you may also qualify for bill discount programs. Visit to learn more about SDG&E’s accessible resources, programs and services.

28 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Alcohol servers and managers at over 56,000 businesses must be trained by August 31, 2022, it’s the law California has one of the largest alcohol markets in the United States with over 56,000 businesses in California that sell alcohol on-site. These businesses have a sizable impact on the California economy. Beginning July 1, 2022, the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act will go into effect. The law requires that anyone who serves alcohol, manages servers, delivers alcohol, takes orders, or checks IDs at a business that serves alcohol on-site must be trained to serve alcohol legally and safely to the public by August 31, 2022. The law authorized the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to establish the Responsible Beverage Server Training Program (RBSTP). Under the program, every alcohol server and their manager must have a valid Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) certification from ABC. Summer 2022 |

S W E N Y T I N U M M O C ND A R E B M E M SU M M ER 202 2

Frontwave Credit Union Signs on as Official Financial Sponsor of the Beach Soccer Championships Frontwave Credit Union announced that it will become the official Financial Sponsor of the 2022 Beach Soccer Championships, one of the largest beach soccer tournaments in the United States. After being canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beach Soccer Championships returned to Oceanside June 3rd through the 5th. The annual festival draws over 10,000 participants and 50,000 attendees to the local beaches, and includes a Professional division attracting some of the best beach soccer players from around the world, including Mexico, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. Among various activities, the partnership includes naming rights for the Frontwave BeSoCha Cantina, a recent addition to the Beach Soccer Championships that enables attendees to enjoy food, beverages and entertainment while taking in all the beach soccer action.

Award-winning Journalist Discusses New Book Honoring Camp Pendleton Marines The Oceanside Public Library proudly hosted award-winning multimedia journalist and Marine Corps veteran Amy Forsythe who discussed her book, Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11. Amy talked about its inception and the war memorials and tributes located within the Base. Amy Forsythe is an awardwinning multimedia journalist and military combat veteran with more than 28 years of experience in | Summer 2022

storytelling, communications and multimedia content creation. Amy deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine Combat Correspondent and now continues to serve as a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Her imagery and articles have been published on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, Newsweek Magazine, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and many other news outlets. She recently released the book Heroes Live Here as a tribute to honor those Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton who served and sacrificed in wars since 9/11.

Oceanside Theater Company Takes Center Stage with Long-Term Lease, Renovation and New Leadership With a new 20-year Brooks Theater lease in place, Alex Goodman, a mainstay in San Diego Theatre, has been appointed Managing Director to chart OTC’s future. Now in its 11th year of operations, Oceanside Theatre Company (OTC), the resident professional performing arts company at the “Sunshine” Brooks Theater, has served as stewards of the historic, cityowned theater and adjoining Studio 219 on North Coast Highway in Oceanside since the organization’s inception. Located in the heart of downtown Oceanside, the Brooks Theater is the cultural center point of this North County region, uniquely recognized as only one of 14 inaugural Cultural Districts designated by the State of California. With a new 20year City of Oceanside Use Agreement approved last Fall, OTC is taking bold steps to chart an expansive future for the organization - and the building. The previously all volunteer management team has hired its first Managing Director and has plans for a multiphase, multi-year renovation of the 1930’s-era Brooks Theater to serve the cultural needs of a growing community in Oceanside and North County. The new agreement lays out required tenant improvements to the building, the first phase of which will be completed in the next 5 years. Best of Oceanside Magazine | 29


“Where Families Come First” • Pediatric Speech/Language Therapy • Pediatric Occupational Therapy • Pediatric Physical Therapy


760.529.4761 fax 3355 Mission Avenue, Ste. 123, Oceanside, CA 92058



Call today to learn more!

760.536.4753 • 3500 Lake Boulevard, Oceanside, CA 92056

Lic #374604404

• Finance for everyone • We finance bad credit • In House Financing • Warranty on all Cars

Visit us online at Contact us at or 760-400-3174 1638 S. Coast Hwy., Oceanside, CA 92054

30 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 | | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 31

SAVE MONEY On Your Trash and Recycling Are you paying for too much or too little of a service on your trash bill? Part of increasing the sustainability of your business is about keeping costs down. This means one size does not necessarily fit all. The City of Oceanside and Waste Management are here to remind businesses that they can improve their services by locking, cleaning, and right-sizing each stream of service. Ensuring that containers are property locked and placed in an enclosure is the first step to securing your services. All three streams of dumpster service for landfill, recycling, and food scraps should be contained with a lock service provided by Waste Management to prevent contamination, graffiti, and other unwanted issues. While carts cannot be locked, they can be placed inside locked enclosures. To set your bins or enclosures up with locks, simply call Waste Management at (760) 435-5457.

While you’re inspecting your bins, take a closer look inside. Are you filling up your dumpster completely, or is there air in there? If your bins are not being filled, you should consider downsizing. Is your recycling cart too small for all the boxes you get each week? Maybe a larger bin is in order. In Oceanside, recycling and food scraps services are cheaper than landfill services, resulting in savings when you minimize your landfill services and strive for zero waste. Being mindful of how much trash, recycling and/or food scraps you are generating can go a long way in keeping costs low. The City of Oceanside and Waste Management are here to help you manage your business’ waste so you can focus on running a business!

Whether your container is looking or smelling worse for wear, you don’t have to suffer with a grimy bin. As a commercial business, you are entitled to one free exchange per year of your receptacles. Plus, if you see graffiti on the bins, you can get it removed or covered up without counting towards your free annual exchange. If you see or smell something, let Waste Management know so they can provide you with a clean container. 32 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

The City of Oceanside is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and has a target of reaching a 25% reduction by 2030 through its Oceanside Climate Action Plan and strategies outlined in its 2020 Zero Waste Plan. To learn more about these initiatives, visit and | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 33



Nearly a Dozen Oceanside Rising Stars Received Scholarships A Total of $23,000 Awarded to Disadvantaged Students

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce hosted its final Rising Star Program student recognition breakfast of the school year May 24th to recognize 11 Rising Star scholarship recipients. Each student received at least $1,000 in scholarship money generously provided by Oceanside Chamber of Commerce members Genentech and Tri-City Medical Center. A total of $23,000 in scholarships were given. Congratulations to these Rising Stars who received scholarships: El Camino High School: Angela Hernandez Lira, Ariyan Perdue, and Nhi Ngo Oceanside High School: Daniel Cruz, Dianne Ibarra, Julissa Beltran, and Sabrya Mosely Surfside Educational Academy: Zitlali Valverde Gomez, Angel Gomez Galvan, and Jasmine Perez Pacific View Charter School: Jonathan Dolores The Rising Star program is hosted by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce to recognize high school seniors at the city’s five high schools who have overcome significant challenges in their life, but who have managed to keep, or get back on track with their education. Each school principal collaborates with his or her staff to nominate one high school senior per

34 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

month. The students must be college or vocational school-bound and they should emulate the program’s mission statement: “Convening the business and education community to honor Oceanside seniors for rising above adversity by demonstrating character, integrity, school and community engagement that make our city shine like a star.” While scholarships were awarded for a wide variety of fields of study, the Chamber and its Workforce Development Task Force kept in mind the emerging industries in the region including technology, biotech/ life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and hospitality. Scott Ashton, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, said they are hosting the Rising Star program as part of its larger workforce development initiative. “The primary objectives are student recognition, scholarships for higher education and building of relationships between the business community and K-12 educational system. We are focused on engaging with our educational partners to ensure a strong workforce pipeline for Oceanside businesses,” Ashton said. Julie A. Vitale, Ph.D., Superintendent of Oceanside Unified School District, has been a supporter of the

Summer 2022 |

Rising Star program from its initiation last fall. “We are grateful that the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce created the Rising Star Program to highlight and honor OUSD students. Recognizing scholars who have overcome challenges inspires their peers to never give up. I thank them for sharing their stories and for being role models to us all,” she said. The May breakfast featured remarks by Mayor Esther Sanchez and Congressman Mike Levin. “These Rising Star students have overcome incredible adversity to excel in their studies and contribute to our Oceanside community, and I am very proud of all that they have accomplished. Thank you to everyone with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and the OUSD for supporting these impressive young people,” Levin said. We would like to thank all of the Rising Star Program sponsors: Genentech, Tri-City Medical Center, Frontwave Credit Union, San Diego Gas & Electric, Wells Fargo, and North County Roastery. We would also like to thank Roberto Trada and the Joe and

Congratulations to all 21 of our 2021-2022 Rising Stars. Best wishes to each of you for your success! Surfside Educational Academy Vanessa Mendoza Jesus “Chuy” Rivera Zitlali Valverde Gomez Shanece Muses Angel Gomez-Galvan Jasmine Perez

El Camino High School Javier Murillo, Jr. Marlen Benites Venegas Angela Hernandez Lira Nhi Ngo Ariyan Perdue Gianna “Gia” Stafford Coastal Academy High School David Shively

Oceanside High School Julissa Beltran Ramos Angel Padilla Daniel Cruz Dianne Ibarra Sabrya Mosely Maya Juache

Pacific View Charter School Johnny Dolores Landen Anthony

Mary Mottino Family YMCA for donating a YMCA membership to each of our Rising Stars. Finally, we would like to thank all the elected officials, members, One Kitchen Collaborative, educators, and mentors for your participation in the program. Contribute to the scholarship fund, event or program by visiting our website at www.RisingStarOceanside. com. Contact for information on how to be a mentor to the Rising Stars.

4 simple steps to PLANNING REFLECT… RECORD… SECURE… SHARE Call TODAY to get your FREE Guide and take care of the 1st two steps.

ETERNAL HILLS Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory 1999 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054

(760) 754-6600 | Summer 2022

FD-234 Best of Oceanside Magazine | 35

Our City has so much to offer! Our friends at MainStreet Oceanside share why they love where they live and their passion for our community.

“Oceanside is a city of celebration. We celebrate our diverse, inclusive neighbors every chance we get! I don’t know of another city of our size that has as many cultural gatherings as we do in Oceanside. And when we’re not celebrating our unique heritage, we love to gather and enjoy each other’s company at the Farmers Market or the Sunset Market.”

Rick Wright

Chief Executive Officer “I love Oceanside because of its authenticity and prideful community. Our history has paved the road to today’s vibrant downtown district and the will to collaborate between existing and new businesses make Oceanside a place to be! I love the hot dining scene, unique retail storefronts and the positive happenings in the City of Oceanside.”

Gumaro Escarcega

Chief Operating Officer “I love the spectacular mix of people who call Oceanside home. It’s what makes our downtown Sunset Market so interesting for people to attend. There is no doubt Osiders love to get out and mingle. It’s a real “people” town. People tell you they were drawn to Oceanside by this magnetism. Every week I’m surprised by who I meet and the vast diversity who call Oceanside home. I love it!”

“One of the things I love most about Oceanside is the amazing people living in this community. Despite its size, Oceanside has a small town feel. Everyone supports and looks after each other, from supporting each other’s local businesses to always coming together in tragedy or need. I feel blessed to call Oceanside my hometown and to be part of such a loving and supporting community.”

Angie Leonard

Director of Finance and Human Resources “I love Oceanside due to its great weather, open and friendly people, diversity and all of the fun it has to offer. That’s why I rarely leave my Oceanside City.”

Cathy Nykiel

Director of Events “I love Oceanside because of its diverse culture, beautiful beaches, pier and harbor. Coming from a military family, I appreciate the support the community gives our military. For over 50 years I have watched Oceanside grow and become one of the finest coastal cities in Southern California. Oceanside is unique and full of opportunity for all who come to this fine city. I am an OSIDER for life.”

MaryAnne Bruce

Event Administrative Coordinator

Kim Heim

Director, Special Projects 36 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |







“I love Oceanside’s laid-back vibe,


“Born & raised in Oceanside, I’ve seen

community pride, and can-do spirit. I

our town grow and thrive yet has

especially appreciate our celebrations

still been able to keep its small-town

of diverse cultures and local flavors.

charm. I love the people, the diversity

The beauty of the ocean and weather drew me here, but the community has made it home.”

Bobbie Mills

Operations Coordinator

and all that Oceanside has to offer great food, drinks, entertainment and the arts of every type. I think my favorite thing to do is to grab some kind of local “to go” food and watch the sunset at our quaint Oceanside Harbor.”

Mary Jo Canaletti

Volunteer Coordinator

“I’ve got nothing but love for Oceanside. From the moment we moved here almost seven years ago for the coastal walkability of the Downtown Oceanside community, I’ve been amazed, inspired and uplifted by the natural beauty of the beach, by the charm of the pier and Downtown, by

“It’s not a small town, it’s not a big city. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold. Life is not too slow, but it’s not too fast. It’s not stuck-up, but it’s got a lot of pride. Oceanside is just right!”

Mary Ann Thiem

the city’s inconceivably perfect weather, and perhaps most of all, by the authentic, inclusive spirit of the local businesses and community. With its artisanal

Vice-chair, Board of Directors

shopping, handcrafted cuisine, abundance of arts and culture, weekly Farmers and Sunset Markets, and so much more, Oceanside captured my heart from day one and ignited a passion for local living in me. One of the things I’ve always loved most about Oceanside and have found truly fulfilling to see in action working at MainStreet Oceanside is how enthusiastically this community supports its local businesses, its Downtown and its own.”

Kristin Forbes

Marketing and communications Manager



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Collectables, Musicial Instruments, Celebrating 35 years in business Tools, TV's and Gaming Systems and more.... | Summer 2022


322Oceanside South Coast Highway Ca 92054

Collectables, Musicial Instruments, 322 Ca South CoastOceanside Highway Tools, TV's and Gaming Systems and more.... Oceanside 92054 Tools, TV's and Gaming Systems and more.... Ca 92054 Celebrating 35 years in business 760-722-2200 Collectables, Musicial Instruments, South Coast Highway Estate Jewlery Buyer35•Systems Watches • Wedding Gold & Silver Coins • On-Site Tools, TV's Gaming more.... Bands • 322 Oceanside Ca Jewlery 92054 Repair Celebrating 35Gaming years inand business 760-722-2200 Celebrating years in and business Tools, TV's and Systems more.... Oceanside Ca 92054760-722-2200760-722-2200 Celebrating 35 yearsand in business Celebrating Collectables, 35 years in business 760-722-2200 Musicial Instruments, 322 South Coast Highway

Best Tools, TV's and Gaming Systems and more.... Celebrating 35 years in business

of Oceanside Magazine | 92054 37 Oceanside Ca


R E P O R T: 7 Behaviors That Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk By Dr. Thomas Buchholz, Scripps Health Cut your risk by avoiding certain behaviors and embracing others The number of people dying from cancer has significantly declined over the past three decades, due largely to better treatments, early detection and preventive measures. Yet cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States — and the numbers continue to be alarming. This year, nearly two million new cancer cases and more than 600 deaths from cancer are expected to occur in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. The numbers should not be so high. Research shows we can do plenty to lower our risk of developing cancer. “It starts with knowing the risk factors, especially those that we can modify or change,” says Thomas Buchholz, MD, medical director of Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center and a Scripps Clinic radiation oncologist. While some risk factors for cancer, such as family history, age and race or ethnicity, cannot be changed, many behaviors that put you at risk can be modified. “A significant proportion of cancers could be prevented with lifestyle changes that improve your immune system function,” Dr. Buchholz says. “Our immune system is the first line of defense against cancer.”

SEVEN MODIFIABLE RISK BEHAVIORS According to a 2017 study, about 42 percent of cancer cases and 45 percent of cancer deaths were attributable to risk factors linked to lifestyle. The top risk factors linked to lifestyle were:       

Cigarette smoking Excess body weight Alcohol intake Poor diet Physical inactivity Sun exposure Not getting vaccinated for cancer-causing infections — such as human papillomavirus (HPV)

38 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Seven things you can do to lower your risk: Follow these tips to lower your risk of developing cancer. 1. STAY AWAY FROM TOBACCO If you smoke, stop. Avoid secondhand smoke as well. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the US, accounting for a quarter of cancer deaths. Smoking accounts for 80 percent of all lung cancer deaths. “It’s never too late to quit smoking,” Dr. Buchholz says. “No matter how long you have smoked, quitting can reduce your risk.”

2. GET TO A HEALTHY WEIGHT Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cancers of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), esophagus, pancreas and kidney, according to the American Cancer Society. “If you’re trying to get your weight under control, a good first step is to watch portion sizes, especially of foods that are high in calories, fat and added sugars,” Dr. Buchholz says.

3. LIMIT HOW MUCH ALCOHOL YOU DRINK If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. It can make a difference in your long-term health. Alcohol abuse is a leading cause of cirrhosis, which increases the risk of liver cancer. Heavy or regular alcohol use also increases the risk of developing cancers of the oral cavity (mouth), pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box), esophagus, breast, colon and rectum. People who drink alcohol should limit it to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. A serving of alcohol is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1½ ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits (hard liquor). “Remember, the more you drink, the higher your risk,” Dr. Buchholz says. “The risk is even greater when you drink alcohol and also use tobacco.”


Summer 2022 |

Protect your skin. Many skin cancers are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV radiation) from the sun.


“Go out but protect yourself from the sun as much as possible and avoid indoor tanning beds,” Dr. Buchholz says.

Diets that are high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains and low in red and processed meats have been linked with lower colorectal cancer risk.

If you’re going to be in the sun, remember the catchphrase: “Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap.    

Slip on a shirt. Slop on sunscreen. Slap on a hat with a wide brim. Wrap on sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin around them.

5. MOVE MORE, SIT LESS Exercise regularly. Physical activity helps cut your cancer risk by helping to keep your weight in check. It can help improve your hormone levels and the way your immune system works. Studies show it can help lower the risk of colorectal and endometrial cancers. According to federal guidelines, adults should do 150 minutes to 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity to get substantial health benefits. “If you’re overweight, it’s important to limit sedentary behavior, such as sitting, lying down, watching television or playing video games,” Dr. Buchholz says. “If you need help, talk to your doctor about how to lose excess weight safely and keep it off.” | Summer 2022

“Dark leafy greens and deep-colored vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants that can help reduce cancer risk,” Dr. Buchholz says. Instead of red meats that are high in fat, such as beef and pork, choose poultry and fish. “If you eat red meat, choose lean cuts and eat smaller portions,” Dr. Buchholz adds.

7. GET HPV VACCINE Protect yourself and your family against HPV. HPV is a common infection that goes away on its own in most cases. When it doesn’t go away, it can cause health problems, including cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis and anus. Most cancer-causing HPV infections can be prevented with vaccination. All boys and girls should get the HPV vaccine at age 11 or 12. It is available for people as young as 9 and up to the age of 45. Screening leads to early detection Even with the best preventive habits, it’s important to get regular checkups and not wait for problems to occur. Screening can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to cancer. “Screening gives your doctor the opportunity to catch some cancers early when treatment is more likely to be successful,” Dr. Buchholz says.

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 39

The Oceanside Young Professionals Continue to Grow The Oceanside Young Professionals have again shown their commitment to their mission and the advancement of the Oceanside community. Over the past few months, the group has hosted and participated in several networking and community events. Led by Porsche Copeland, Oceanside Chamber’s Events Coordinator, and OYP Chair Chris Weiner of Alphagraphics Oceanside, the group is working hard to become a top tier organization for young professionals. The purpose of the Oceanside Young Professionals (OYP) is to provide young professionals with unique opportunities to build connections and further develop their careers. The group aims to engage and inform young professionals in North County by holding casual meet-ups, identifying volunteer opportunities, organizing team-building events and hosting networking mixers focused on professional development. With opportunities for young professionals to interact and make valuable connections, the Oceanside Young Professionals are a pivotal part of the Chamber’s efforts in workforce development and in community engagement. Back in March, the Oceanside Young Professionals participated in Solis Team Real Estate’s Annual Beach Clean-Up. The day was extremely successful with a great community turnout and various Oceanside Chamber members including the Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen, The Privateer Coal Fired Pizza, and The Oceanside Arcade Tattoo sponsoring the event. The following month, Arrowood Golf Course hosted an Oceanside Young Professionals event at their new

40 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Flight Deck. Levi McLean, of CrossCountry Mortgage, walked away a big winner that night bringing home the Monster Energy Prize Pack. The Oceanside Young Professionals will continue to turn up the heat through the rest of the summer. A new networking group, the North County Young Women’s Empowerment Network, will host sessions with Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath’s office. The sessions will focus on professional development and include an exclusive, hands-on auto skills training class taught by Oceanside Chamber member Mission Auto Care. Still to come, the group plans to host a joint Mixer with Carlsbad Young Professionals later this summer. Be sure to check the Oceanside Chamber’s calendar for all upcoming events. All individuals interested in connecting with likeminded peers, engaging in the community and staying informed on local issues are encouraged to join the Oceanside Young Professionals. The network is open to all individuals in North County, not just Oceanside Chamber members. Please reach out to Porsche Copeland at porsche@oceansidechamber or follow the group on social media at @oceansideyoungpros.

Summer 2022 |

DEDICATION THAT GOES BEYOND THE CURB ///////////////////////////////////// We’re not just another waste company, we’re a trusted partner that’s with you along your daily journey, wherever it might take you. Because this is about more than just managing recyclables and waste, it’s about providing the solutions you need. To learn more, visit | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 41

SOCAL Workforce Spotlight Oceanside Water Utilities Department Explore career paths in a field that really holds water. Right out of high school or with just a few years of education, you could stay right here in Oceanside with a job at the city’s water utilities department. The Oceanside Water Utilities Department is responsible for the City’s water and wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and the implementation of solid waste recycling, and conservation programs. Working for a municipality also has its perks, including on-the-job training and professional development opportunities. Learn from employees Carlos Raymundo, Jonathan Monterozza, Mario Lopez, Ryan Williams, Daniel Parker, and Annika Andersen how they apply state-of-the-art technology, patience and precision to ensure all of us have clean water. Why water? Healthy ecosystems provide wildlife habitat and places to fish, paddle, surf, and swim. Our economy depends on clean water: manufacturing, farming, tourism, recreation, energy production, and other economic sectors need clean water to function and flourish. High school students may attend the Career and Technical Education’s Environmental Innovation & Engineering Academy at Oceanside High School.

42 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

For more future career pathways, please visit the California Department of Education career and technical education website. Find jobs available right now with the City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department. Open Positions may include: Utility Worker Trainee; Senior Environmental Specialist; Environmental Specialist I; Wastewater Plant Operator I/ II/III; and Water Plant Operator OIT/I/II/III. Interested in sustainability careers? Engage with the department’s Pure Water and Green Oceanside projects now. Watch the videos at https:// city-of-oceanside-water-utilitiesdepartment/.

exceptional care in a With firsthand knowledge of how family members and friends are affected by memory issues (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s related dementia, and mild cognitive impairment), Vista Gardens Memory Care is the community with the best care program based on the most current research and education in the field of aging. We provide quality service and comfort in a caring, compassionate, and innovative community... through personalized care in an environment that feels like home and enhances .the quality of life for our residents with the highest respect and dignity. Our senior care services are personalized for each of our community members to enhance their quality of life and to provide you, their family, with peace of mind. Call our team today to inquire about our two new pricing structures to choose from!


(760) 295-3900 | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 43


NETWORKING EVENTS The Oceanside Chamber is excited to host a variety of upcoming in-person forums, workshops, and networking events. Please check the Chamber calendar for all event updates.




The Oceanside Young Professional Network (OYPN) continues to host casual monthly lunch meetings! OYPN is vital to planning and executing events throughout Oceanside for young professionals to network with likeminded peers, engage in the community, and stay informed on local issues. Chamber members OCEA/ZOCE 919 Up to $/hr. /hr.and non-members alike in this age group are Up to $ 1402 Avenida Del Oro encouraged to come to committee meetings and Oceanside, CA 92056 contribute to the program’s development. The (760) 643-5703 INCLUDE: BENEFITS INCLUDE: BENEFITS group meets the first Thursday of every month • Tuition reimbursement program BENEFITS INCLUDE: •prCareer opportunities • Tuition reimbursement ograadvancement m at varying locations. Please check the Chamber’s • Tuition reimbursement p•roWeekly gram pay/direct deposit • Career advancement o p p o r t u n i t i e s • oBenefits • Career advancement opp rtunitieasvailable upon reaching eligibilityevent calendar for information on location. Please requirements • Weekly payp/ady/irdeircecttddeep register for the event prior to attending. The event • Weekly poossitit • Benefits lalbeleuup po on ityibility • Benefits avaaivlaaib nrreQUALIFICATIONS: eacahcinhginegligeibliilg is free with the only cost being the price of your uirementsBENEFITS • MINCLUDE: ust be at least 18 years of age meal! requirreeqm ents • Must be able to load, unload and sort packages,

OW HIRING ge Handlers Package Handlers

Up to $ 17.00 /hr. kage Handlers 17.00 17.00

NOW HIRING NOW Up to $HIRING /hr. 17.00 Package Handlers OW HIRING Package Handlers

age Handlers NOW HIRING 17.00 17.00 Package Handlers 17.00

ro 56

919 •OCEA/ZOCE Tuition reimbursement m as w ell as perform other rp elarto edgdrua tie s

Up to $

Up to $ /hr.


Contact Porsche Copeland at Porsche@ OCEA/ZOCE 919 QUALIFICATIONS: • Career advancement opportunities For more information and to apply, 1402 Avenida Del Oro to learn how to get QUALIFICATIONS: • Must be at leas•t 18Weekly years of ap ga e y/direct deposit 1402 Avenida Delvisit Oro scan the QR •code Musto t be able toOceanside, load, unload aCA nd so92056 rt packages, • Must absCA ewa tl ale ast 1•r8 yearrsreolafteaadgvdeauitla Benefits ble upon reaching eligiinvolved! bility Oceanside, el92056 s perfo(760) m othe643-5703 ies (760) 643-5703 BENEFITS INCLUDE: • M u s t b e a b l e t o l o a d , u n l o a d a n d s o r t p a c k a g e s , r e q u i r e m e n t s or text FXGFlyer to 33011 BENEFITS INCLUDE: SECOND TUESDAY COFFEE

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d to apply, as well as perform other related dutie•s Tuition reimbursement progr•amTuition reimbursement program advancement opportunto itiesjoin us for the You’re invited • Career advancement opportu•nitCareer ies t QUALIFICATIONS: irect deposit Chamber’s Second • Weekly pay/direct deposit • Weekly pay/dOceanside pply, on reaching eligibility ars of agaUp e OCEA/ZOCE 919• Must be at least 18 •yeBenefits vailable to upon r$ each•ingBenefits eligibility available up/hr. Tuesday Coffee! We invite you BENEFITS INCLUDE: • M u s t b e a b l e t o l o a d , u n l o a d a n d s o r t p a c k a g e s , r e q u i r e m e n t s r e q u i r e m e n t s 11 to our conference room on Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.


1402 Avenida Del Oro as well as perforp mroogth r related duties • Tuition reimbursement raem P to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. the second Tuesday of every inorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce. Oceanside, CA 92056 QUALIFICATIONS: • Career advancement opporQUALIFICATIONS: tunities • M u s t b e a t l e a s t 1 8 y e a r s o f a g e 643-5703 ation and(760) to apply, • Weekly pay/direct deposit • Must be at leasmonth t 18 years from of age 8 AM – 9 AM. INCLUDE: • Must be abBENEFITS le to load, unload and sort packages, • M u s t b e a b l e t o l o a d , u n l o adgreat and soropportunity t packages, Coffee is a for • Benefits available upon reachin asgwe elllig asib peilriftoyrm other Second elated dutieTuesday s eTextto visit • Tuition rreimbursement as well asppreorfgorrammother related duties STOP to 33011 to cancel. r e q u i r e m e n t s Oceanside Chamber members to connect with • Career advancement opportunities Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce. For more information and to apply, other Attendees will have a pay/dilocal rect debusinesses. posit For more information and• toWeekly apply, scan the QRQUALIFICATIONS: code to visit r to 33011 • Benefits a v a i l a b l e u p o n r e a c h i n g e l i g ibbusiness ility chance to introduce their and will have scan the QR code to visit r e q u i r e m e n t s • M u s t b e a t l e a s t 1 8 y e a r s o f a g e access to a participant list to stay connected after per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. tive action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) diverse workforce. or text FXGFlyer 33011 • Mustto becommitted able tto o alo ad, unload and sort packages, the event. Be sure to bring your business cards! FXGFlyer as well or as ptext erform other relatedto dut33011 ies QUALIFICATIONS: This event is free to Oceanside Chamber members Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. • Must be and at lea$20 stcommitted 18 y etoara sdiverse of workforce. age FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) for prospective members. Coffee and light and to apply, • Must be able to load, unload and sort packages, provided. as well arefreshments s perform other relwill ated be dutie s Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

visit For more information and to apply, 3011 scan the QR code to visit 44 | Best of Oceanside Magazine or text FXGFlyer to 33011

Tuesday, July 12th, August 9th, and September

xt HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. oyer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

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economic development update CONSTRUCTION UPDATES Carmax Auto Superstore is under construction at 3853 Plaza Dr. west of Thunder Dr., adjacent to the Oceanside DMV. The project consists of a sales and administration office, service bays, and car wash totaling 11,477 sq. ft. with associated surface parking and vehicle display area situated on 10.5 acres.

picked fruits and a dipping sauce. The Famous High Pie was the final piece of The Mission Pacific Hotel and sister hotel, The Seabird Resort. The two resorts are the largest hotel development in San Diego County in decades.

The 10,000 sq. ft. Super Star Carwash, is under construction in the Oceanside East Shopping Center. Oceanside East is a 23,700 sq. ft., six building project located at 3340 Mission Ave. Other signed tenants include a 2,100 sq. ft. 7 - Eleven and gas station. Construction is moving forward on Alta Oceanside, a five-story mixed-use residential and commercial project located at 1015 North Coast Hwy. This mixeduse project is configured as an apartment/commercial building wrapped around a five-level parking garage. Of the 309-residential units, comprised of one, two, and three-bedroom residences, 283-units are marketrate, and 26-units are affordable apartments. The commercial component will include approximately 5,422 square feet of restaurant, retail, and visitor uses on the ground floor along North Coast Highway. Parking will be provided via the parking garage and accessed off of Costa Pacifica Way and within a surface lot located on the southwest portion of the site and accessed off of North Coast Highway. A 2023 opening is anticipated.

NOW OPEN AND COMING SOON Beer Town recently opened at 507 North Coast Hwy. in Downtown Oceanside. Beer Town will serve beer, food, lunch and dinner. The Hangar76, a 17,500 sq. ft. production facility and tasting room by Carruth Cellars, is officially open at 3229 Roymar Rd. Also sharing the facility is Tipping Pint Brewing Co. The Hangar will be open daily from 3 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Noon to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and Noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays. Street Corner Urban Market, a grab-and-go market that recently opened at 115 N. Cleveland St. in the Pierside South Apartments.

BEACHFRONT RESORTS CELEBRATE THEIR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY The Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort celebrated their first anniversary with the grand opening of The Famous High Pie located in the “Top Gun House” at the Mission Pacific Hotel. The Famous High Pie serves signature hand pies filled with locally | Summer 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 45

Dunkin’ has recently opened their 2,012 sq. ft. drivethru restaurant located at 1906 Oceanside Blvd. in the Oceanside Village Square shopping center.

Goblin Shark Emporium is a locally made art, vintage, vinyl and gift shop recently opened at 109 S. Coast Hwy. in downtown Oceanside.

CVS Pharmacy coming soon to 501 Mission Ave. in Downtown Oceanside. Ben & Esther’s Vegan Jewish Deli is coming to 1904 S. Coast Hwy. in South Oceanside. Oceanside will be Ben & Esther’s fourth location. For business-related information contact Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager at 760-4353351 or The Friends of the Oceanside Public Library announces the opening of Jane & Evie’s Used Bookstore at 232 N. Coast Hwy. in Downtown Oceanside. The store’s name honors both the late Jane Cheadle and Evie Magaña, Friends who devoted many years of service to the Library and the community. The Friends of the Oceanside Public Library’s mission is to support and promote the services and resources of the Oceanside Public Library through community involvement, volunteer activities, and fundraising. Visit or call (760) 435-5560.

Visit our website at or social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @ oceansidebiz

Allmine Oceanside recently opened at 119 S. Coast Hwy. in downtown Oceanside. Allmine serves pizza, beer, and wine Beach Babe Swimwear, a pop-up opened at 1931 S. Coast Hwy. in South Oceanside. Open now thru August 2022. 46 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Summer 2022 |

s g n i t t u C n Ribbo PEARL LAUNDRY: WASHING THEIR WAY TO LITERACY New laundromat Pearl Laundry recently revealed its shiny, new facility off Mission Avenue in Oceanside. The member held a ribbon cutting extravaganza with its Free Laundry and Literacy Day on May 17th. Owner Mark Mariani invited the community for outdoor family fun with arts and crafts with chamber members Studio ACE and the Friends of the Library, resource information with the Oceanside Police Department and Children’s Paradise, and for educational opportunities with UEI College. Inside, while customers washed and dried, their children and grandchildren were read to by Oceanside princesses including Elizabeth Carlson. Laundry Cares Foundation past chairman Brian Grell, explained why the laundromat features a reading nook. “We’re changing the perception of laundry across the country by supporting literacy right inside the laundromat,” he said. “Non-profit agencies often have a hard time reaching people in underserved communities. As businesses who regularly serve these customers, we realized we could be a conduit. | Summer 2022

The time these individuals and families spend each week at our laundries could be used to connect them with much-needed resources, from books to food to housing information.” To donate children’s books to the foundation, visit

EXCELLENCE REAL ESTATE Excellence RE Real Estate, Oceanside, California is part of a network comprised of over 70 offices in California with 760+ agents and broker associates. Excellence RE Real Estate, Oceanside, California is the newest of these franchised offices owned by Robert and Marne Deponte. Chris Solberg and Dan Powell are the newest Realtors to join the Excellence RE Real Estate office. Excellence RE Real Estate has always strived to be the best in the business and maintains a high level of integrity to bring you the best service, expertise and experience when dealing with any transaction in real estate

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13th from 8 AM – 9 AM

MILITARY AFFAIRS FORUM The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Forum provides an avenue for Oceanside Chamber members to learn about key issues relating to Oceanside’s relationship with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and the servicemembers serving on the base. This meeting is open to all Oceanside Chamber members and invited guests only and will be held the second Thursday of the month (odd numbered months), from 8 AM to 9 AM in the Oceanside Chamber conference room. Thursday, July 14th and September 8th from 8 AM – 9 AM

upcoming signature events NORTH COUNTY HEALTH AND WELLNESS FAIR On August 11th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, the Oceanside Chamber will hold its 14th Annual North County Health & Wellness Fair. This event provides an opportunity for local health and wellness related businesses to promote their products and services and provide demonstrations for community members. The North County Health Fair is free to the public and a great way to receive information, meet a new health specialist, or learn more about healthy living. Located at the beautiful Oceanside Civic Center Plaza, the North County Health Fair will run concurrently with the popular Downtown Farmer’s Market. For more information contact Event Coordinator, Porsche Copeland at (760) 722-1534 ext. 104 or by email at Porsche@

OCEANSIDE HARBOR DAYS On September 17th and 18th the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce will host Oceanside Harbor Days at the Oceanside Harbor. The event will feature exciting vendors, great food and fun activities for the entire family. The event is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM both days. Two 48 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

event filled days of sun, sand, and surf provide an outstanding opportunity for residents and neighbors to experience fun activities such as a costume party for kids 12 and under (accompanied by parents) at Capt’n Junebug’s Kids Zone where they’ll meet local pirates and mermaids. Other activities include Arts, Crafts and Food booth areas, Military, Public Safety displays, music, a beer garden (patrons 21-years old and over with a valid ID showing proof of age required to enter) and more. Harbor Days is free to the public and is hosted by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and Oceanside Harbor District and presented in partnership with Genentech, T ​ ri-City Medical Center and the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.

THE OCEANSIDE SENIOR EXPO The Oceanside Senior Expo will be held Thursday, October 13th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at the Civic Center Plaza, 300 North Coast Highway, in downtown Oceanside. This popular event will feature health-related businesses, non-profits and senior-serving organizations. In addition, exhibitors have an opportunity to offer variety of free healthrelated screenings and demonstrations for the public. The event is free to the public. Booth space is available for businesses interested in promoting their products or services. For more information contact Event Coordinator Porsche Copeland at (760) 722-1534 ext. 104 or by email at Porsche@ Summer 2022 |

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce 928 N. Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054


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