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4 California Welcome Center Oceanside’s New Look


Frontwave Credit Union: Giving Back Moves Us Forward

ALSO INSIDE: Made in Oceanside: Sparsha Pharma USA, Inc. Harbor to Install “Love Lock” Sculpture Local Authors Making an Impact

18 Stay and Play Local: 8 Businesses You Should Know A PU BL I C ATI O N O F T H E O CE A N SI D E CH A M BER O F CO M M ERCE

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Our Expanding Role in Advocacy and Political Action


By Scott Ashton CEO, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Best of Oceanside Magazine is published by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce in 4 editions: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. This publication is available at the Chamber office, local businesses, libraries, Sunset Market, and in digital format on the Chamber’s website.


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California Welcome Center Oceanside’s New Look Made in Oceanside: Sparsha Pharma USA, Inc. Member Spotlight: Frontwave Credit Union Harbor to Install “Love Lock” Sculpture Stay & Play Local Workforce Development Updates Oceanside Young Professionals Network Gains Momentum Genentech Team Members Share Why They Love Oceanside Local Authors Making an Impact OCC Member of the Quarter: Solis Team Real Estate Economic Development Update

A key role of the Oceanside Chamber throughout it’s 125 year history has been to advocate for the needs of our business community. We are frequent participants in regional, statewide and national coalitions, serving as a voice for business on important public policy issues. A few years back, we asked our members if it was important for the Chamber to help business-friendly candidates get elected to office. The answer was a resounding “yes”. So the Chamber’s Advance Oceanside Political Action Committee (AOPAC), along with the support of the Chamber Board, moved forward with endorsements in 2020, successfully supporting Peter Weiss and Ryan Keim in their Oceanside City Council races. Why does the Chamber engage in this process? It is simple. Since we want a pro-business environment for Oceanside, we need policymakers who understand the issues impacting our businesses. These include crime, homelessness, the regulatory environment, housing, workforce development and economic development to name a few. We support policymakers with the ideas and the resolve to effectively address these concerns. In the coming weeks, AOPAC will be interviewing candidates for Oceanside’s Districts 1 and 2 City Council races and making endorsement recommendations to the Chamber Board. This summer, we plan to announce our endorsements and work diligently to help our candidates get elected in November. While politics at all levels can become ugly and contentious, our commitment is that we will engage in this process with the utmost integrity and will steer clear of the mudslinging that frequently accompanies politics. We are committed to sticking firmly to the issues and putting our support behind candidates that are most aligned with the needs and perspectives of our business community. Regardless of who wins the Council races, the Chamber will pursue common ground and opportunities to collaborate with all our elected officials.

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following Chamber Partners for their generous financial contributions to the Chamber’s program of work. EMERALD PARTNER




GK Asset Management, LLC

For more information about how your company can participate in the Partner Program, please contact Scott Ashton at 760-722-1534

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Bob Waite AFLAC Chair

Bill Birnie Frontwave Credit Union

Joshua Van Orden Oceanside Therapy Group

Daniel Butler Waste Management of North County

Rick Wright MainStreet Oceanside

Nazeli Dertsakian Genentech Chair Elect Marva Bledsoe Nonprofit Management Consulting Secretary/Treasurer Robbie Calderon-Hass Hass Team Realty Vice Chair Ernie Prieto Oceanside Sea Center Vice Chair Kevin Witowich Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC Vice Chair ars 1 2 5 Ye

Joe Gabaldon San Diego Gas & Electric Rushell Gordon Bliss Tea and Treats Kristen Huyck MiraCosta College Maria Mingalone Oceanside Museum of Art Kevin Shin The Switchboard Restaurant Jessica Shrader Tri-City Medical Center

ADVISORS Jonathan Borrego City of Oceanside Leslee Gaul Visit Oceanside Captain Adam Knowland Oceanside Police Department Dr. Julie Vitale Oceanside Unified School Dist. Col. Daniel Whitley United States Marine Corps

Lauren Sweeton The Brick Hotel

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce 928 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-1534 • | Spring 2022

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California Welcome Center Oceanside Welcomes Visitors with Exciting New Look Inspired by Oceanside’s Surf and Skate Culture

The California Welcome Center Oceanside has always been about inspiring exploration in Oceanside and our surrounding region through a hyper-local lens. Part of the state’s official network of visitor centers, this popular trip planning resource typically serves more than 50,000 people annually and is often the first stop, and first impression, for visitors to our city. After more than 20 years of serving visitors, Visit Oceanside’s board agreed that the CWC Oceanside needed to keep pace with the dynamic changes happening in Oceanside. In late 2021, Visit Oceanside embarked on a renovation with the goal of creating a space that reflects Oceanside’s exciting evolution over the last decade while also delivering a more immersive experience that celebrates Oceanside’s unique history, adventurous lifestyle and enviable beach culture. “Ensuring that visitors discover the best of the destination through insider tips curated by locals has 4 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

always been our mission at CWC Oceanside,” says Leslee Gaul, CEO of Visit Oceanside. “The center’s new design better reflects this personalized, local experience through its destination-specific décor and enhanced amenities.” The new and improved CWC Oceanside has the feel of a throwback O’side beach cottage, complete with shiplap walls and distressed wood floors. As you step inside, a wall-size photo mural depicting Oceanside photographer Myles McGuiness’s image of a surfer duck diving through a wave provides immediate eyecandy. Oversized destination photography throughout the space showcases the cultural diversity and natural beauty of the area. Another striking addition is the custom skateboard display donated by Tracker Truck founder and Oceanside resident Larry Balma. The display showcases the progression of skating over the years through changing board styles and even includes Spring 2022 |

boards from legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and his son Riley, a professional skateboarder in his own right and co-owner of Oceanside’s Steel Mill Coffee. Signed copies of Balma’s book, Tracker, which documents 40 years of skateboarding history through interviews, photos and stories are also available for purchase. “From board styles to skate parks, Oceanside has always been at the epicenter of the skateboarding industry,” said Balma. “It was a blast curating an installation that documents the tremendous growth and progress of the sport so that we could share it with visitors and locals in a one-of-kind display that appeals to all generations from those who ‘remember when’ to young visitors just getting into the sport.” A historic surfboard on loan from the California Surf Museum Oceanside is another nod to Oceanside’s action-sports heritage. And, taking center stage in the middle of the space, is a 1977 convertible bug — with surfboard in the back seat— that has already become a selfie stop. Just as before, the inviting concierge desk is staffed by local volunteers to help with customized itineraries and tips for discovering hidden gems or the latest things to see, do and experience. The welcome center offers literature on local, regional and statewide points of interest and sells tickets to many Southern California attractions like San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. There is also a curated retail area featuring

locally made products such as jewelry, T-shirts, books and candles that make great gifts or home décor accents. “We are always happy to support our local businesses by sharing what they offer and encouraging visitors to check them out,” says center manager Lydia Petroff, an Oceanside native and graduate of Oceanside High School. “Through our services, we can also share tips on exploring responsibly and best practices for caring for our precious coastal resources.” Part of the state’s official network of visitor information centers, the CWC Oceanside was established in 2000 and was one of the first California Welcome Centers, which now number 21 scattered throughout the state. CWC Oceanside has earned a Traveler’s Choice Award from Trip Advisor for excellence in service and consistently receives top rated reviews on both Trip Advisor and Google platforms. “Our new space is not only more welcoming and easier to navigate, but it’s more reflective of the awesome experience you are going to have in Oceanside,” said Petroff. “We encourage locals to stop in and check us out.” The California Welcome Center Oceanside is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is located conveniently off Interstate 5 at 928 North Coast Highway, Oceanside. | Spring 2022

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MADE IN OCEANSIDE Sparsha Pharma USA, Inc. A Small Business with a Big Mission For Dr. Dange Veerapaneni and his business partner Nori Kuzumaki, it’s no pain, no gain to maintain a profitable business. “Our quality control and quality assurance team monitors production and the United States Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory compliance to ensure that our finished product meets our strict standards,” Veerapaneni says. That process can be painful, taking years, but it is all worth it for Sparsha Pharma USA. Veerapaneni, the company’s founder and CEO, and Kuzumaki, Chief Technology Officer, launched Sparsha Pharma USA, Inc. in 2014 in Oceanside. The new Oceanside Chamber of Commerce members join a growing biotech industry atop the Oceanic Drive business park. Sparsha is a privately held research and manufacturing company focused on developing Transdermal Drug Delivery systems. The pharmaceutical company specializes in transdermal/ topical film products. In other words, Sparsha’s mission is to relieve pain. Sparsha produces the Lidocaine 4% Patch for overthe-counter pain relief and supplies the patch for other brands such as Theracare, Asperflex, etc. in the United States. The patches can also be customized for pharmacy retailers’ needs such as for Walgreens. “Our mission is to develop clinically effective, innovative and affordable transdermal therapeutic products to improve the patient’s quality of life,” Veerapaneni says.

6 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

The unassuming headquarters reveals an indoor, state-of-the-art facility with capabilities for formulation, mixing, coating, slitting, cutting/ packaging, and serialization. Sparsha has the capability to take products from formulation development to commercial production. “Our manufacturing team works to ensure quality and excellence, from formulating the active pharmaceutical ingredients to packaging the final product,” Kuzumaki says. Sparsha’s objective is to manufacture products that meet the highest standard of quality, and they are dedicated to achieving this by monitoring quality at every step along the way, including full compliance with all regulatory requirements. The facility is divided into Research & Development and Manufacturing divisions. The most well-known and successful product that Sparsha Pharma USA has developed so far are transdermal patches that improve the absorption of medication through the skin. One of the patches is the Niravi™ Lidocaine Transdermal Patch. Niravi, which means, ‘pain removal’ in Sanskrit, are over-the-counter Lidocaine patches that are made right here in Oceanside. They provide maximum strength Lidocaine as a topical anesthetic wherever they are placed on the body with minimal medication, Veerapaneni says. The patches that Sparsha Pharma make can desensitize aggravated nerves and relieves pain for 1, 3 or even 7 days. The products can be used by anyone age 12 and older but are especially effective for those who may not be able to administer medication independently such as in nursing home facilities and for caregivers for the elderly.

Spring 2022 |

Find the company website: https://www.sparshausa. com

Other benefits of the product include:  Odor free  No mess  Flexible and comfortable  Minimizes local skin damage with longer application and breathable non-woven backing cloth  User friendly – Easily applied without direct touch  24-hour application duration makes application time easy to remember  Provides a consistent drug delivery  Fits on the body with ultra-thin, non-woven backing cloth  Earth friendly – High drug utilization and less wasteful after use What really sets Sparsha Pharma’s products apart, however, is the fact that users report no pain upon removal of the patch. This is accomplished because of the transdermal patch’s high quality, thin nonwoven backing cloth to support the drug adhesive formulation. It is a thinner patch compared with any other Lidocaine patch available on the market. This characteristic contributes to better adhesion and higher rate of drug delivery. A patch is placed on two release liners which makes application easier for users to avoid touching the adhesive. And, at a low price point — the Walgreens pack of 6 patches is under $20 — it’s easy to see why Sparsha Pharma USA has achieved so much success in such a short period of time. “As a scientist, I desire to provide pain relief, to get more products to society, and help people,” Veerapaneni says. His company is currently developing new medications, also to be Made in Oceanside. | Spring 2022

On the corner of Mission Avenue & Horne Street : 918 Mission Ave UPS7254


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member spotlight

Frontwave Credit Union: Giving Back Moves Us Forward

By Bill Birnie Frontwave President/CEO We’re celebrating our 70th Anniversary this year at Frontwave Credit Union – 70 years of serving the local Oceanside community and beyond. We got our start back in 1952 as Camp Pendleton Federal Credit Union, serving the financial needs of Marines, sailors, and civilian employees on base. Over the past seven decades, we’ve grown from just eight civil service employees and $40 in assets, to over 117,000 Members and nearly $1.2 billion in assets. As I reflect on our success, it is clear that our growth is driven by our steadfast commitment to our Members and the communities we serve. For our first 50 years of service, we were committed to making a difference for Service Members, their families and the communities they called home. In that time, we merged with credit unions at the bases in 29 Palms, Barstow and Marine Corps Recruit Depot – San Diego, expanding our financial offerings and community support along the way. Then in 2002, we rebranded as Pacific Marine Credit Union and opened our Membership to anyone living, working or worshiping in San Diego or San Bernardino Counties. In 2004, we added Riverside County as well. Today we serve Members across the globe, from local businesses and residents right here in Oceanside, to Marines stationed in Germany, Okinawa and beyond. Throughout our 70 years of growth and change, we have always fought to be a force for good in our communities. For example, when we helped create the Marine Recruit Depot Direct Deposit Program 8 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

in the mid-1990s, we saved so much government waste, we received a Hammer Award from then Vice President Al Gore. Fast forward to 2020, when we took the opportunity to become one of the first local financial institutions to offer Paycheck Protection Program loans. Through this program, we provided more than $12 million in funding to nearly 300 beloved local businesses. Among them are Mission San Luis Rey, KOCTV, the Oceanside Art Museum and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. In 2021 alone, we provided 44,694 hours of financial education, offering 58 financial workshops on everything from car and home buying, to estate and retirement planning. Our commitment goes well beyond financial savings, services and education. In 2021, we supported more than 180 military, community, and non-profit organizations in our community through sponsorships, events and volunteerism. Through our partnership with the Camp Pendleton Armed Services YMCA, we helped serve 42,258 military families aboard Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms with food, children’s services, education, gifts, and more. This included teaming up with Marines to help distribute 81,000 pounds of food and Christmas gifts for 4,675 individuals. Each time we reinvest in our Members and our community, we further strengthen our roots, allowing us to grow and dream bigger. Truly, giving back moves us forward, as individuals, as an organization, and as a changemaker in the community. Thank you, Oceanside, for giving us these opportunities. Here’s to another 70 years of growing stronger together!

Spring 2022 |

HEROES LIVE HERE The Oceanside Public Library is proud to host awardwinning multimedia journalist and Marine Corps veteran Amy Forsythe to discuss her book, Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11, in the Civic Center Library Community Rooms on Sat., May 14, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. In addition, following her three deployments to Afghanistan and two combat tours in Iraq, Forsythe curated an exhibit of her photography to “put a human face on war.” This exhibit will be displayed in the Civic Center Library for six weeks and will provide an opportunity for our community to reflect on the 20 years in which many of our Oceanside military members were deployed at least once to Afghanistan and/or Iraq. Amy Forsythe is an award-winning multimedia journalist and military combat veteran with more than 28 years of experience in storytelling, communications and multimedia content creation. Amy deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondent and now continues to serve as a public affairs officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Her imagery and articles have been published on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, Newsweek Magazine, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and many other news outlets. She recently released the book “Heroes Live Here” as a tribute to honor those Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton who served and sacrificed in wars since 9/11. Learn more at This free program supports the Oceanside Public Library’s Veterans Connect at the Library initiative and is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Libraries and Veterans National Forum. The Libraries and Veterans National Forum was born out of efforts from librarians at the Texas A&M University Libraries and their desire to better learn from others libraries’ efforts to support the veteran and military communities. For more information, please call 760-435-5600 or email | Spring 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 9

mayor’s business spotlight During the first quarter of 2022, the Chamber and Mayor Esther Sanchez had the opportunity to recognize two outstanding businesses during the Mayor’s Business Spotlight segment at the Oceanside City Council meeting. In January, the Chamber recognized Tri-City Medical Center for its 60 years of service to the community and for its leadership on the SOCAL Workforce Development project.

10 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

In February, the Chamber honored Institute of Healthcare for their important work in training local EMT’s and for their resilience in weathering the Covid crisis that hit only a couple of months after they launched their new business.

Spring 2022 |

exceptional care in a With firsthand knowledge of how family members and friends are affected by memory issues (including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s related dementia, and mild cognitive impairment), Vista Gardens Memory Care is the community with the best care program based on the most current research and education in the field of aging. We provide quality service and comfort in a caring, compassionate, and innovative community... through personalized care in an environment that feels like home and enhances .the quality of life for our residents with the highest respect and dignity. Our senior care services are personalized for each of our community members to enhance their quality of life and to provide you, their family, with peace of mind. Call our team today to inquire about our two new pricing structures to choose from!


(760) 295-3900

The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department is Hiring! As the Water Utilities Department expands its operational capabilities, motivated new employees are needed to help ensure the continued delivery of quality service to Oceanside’s residents. The Utility is currently hiring across a wide range of areas of expertise including… Water and Wastewater Plant Operators Electricians Utility Workers Mechanics Environmental specialists The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department offers competitive pay, generous benefits, and the opportunity to serve your community through the collection, treatment, and distribution of our region’s most valuable resource.

To learn more about current job opportunities, please visit the City’s employment website at: | Spring 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 11


Oceanside Harbor to Install “Love Lock” Sculpture If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that this community has heart! What better way to illustrate that sentiment than with a community sculpture? Soon, Oceanside residents and visitors will be able to cement their commitments with a “love lock” in the City we all call home. At its meeting on January 26, 2022, the Oceanside City Council approved the Love the O interactive sculpture proposal, to be created by Randall Art Ranch. The metal sculpture will be installed between the Oceanside Harbor and Harbor Beach for the community to create a lasting connection and celebrate a commitment by placing a personal lock on the sculpture. Engraved locks, or ones simply marked for sentimental meaning to celebrate a birth, a marriage, a loved one, or a special occasion can be hung and revisited.

12 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

The 10’ x 10’ sculpture will be fabricated with Corten steel. Sometimes called weathering steel, the metal is designed to develop a protective weathered surface which ages to a rusty, earthy look without losing its durability due to the salty sea air. The Love the O sculpture will be funded by donations. Visit Oceanside will be the local entity to accept donations of any amount for this community endeavor. Donations of $1,000 or more will receive a custom lock designed specifically for this site-specific sculpture. The front of the lock will have a 3-D heart and the back of the lock will show an engraving of the sculpture. Only 55 special donor locks will be made available and will never be reproduced again. These 55 romantic donors will be invited to an opening celebration, and will be the first to place their locks.

Spring 2022 |

This artwork will add to the eclectic and vibrant arts environment in downtown Oceanside, which was named one of the state’s first 14 designated cultural districts. The sculpture also aims to create opportunities for dramatic, fun photos, as the sun will be captured at sunset in the sculpture’s open-heart center. | Spring 2022

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 13

membership NEW MEMBERS

Welcome to the following new Chamber members that joined from November 30, 2021 – March 7, 2022 Andaman Institute of Massage 3108 San Luis Rey Rd. Oceanside, CA 92058 (760) 453-7277 Massage, Massage Therapy School Antonietta Russo - Realtor Oceanside, CA 92054 (408) 784-9485 Real Estate Consulting, Real Estate Sales Armed Forces Dispatch Newspaper 2604 El Camino Real, #B280 Carlsbad, CA 92008 (619) 280-2985 Market to the Military, Newspapers Attorney King & Associates 317 Ash St. San Diego, CA 92101 (360) 551-9319 Legal Services BP Diamonds & Loans 322 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-2200 Jewelry, Pawn Shop – Jewelry Retail BreakingThrough San Diego Physical Therapy 2424 Vista Way, Ste. 120 Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 696-3358 www.breakthroughsdphysicaltherapy. com/ Rehab Services, Physical Therapy California Business Advisors 4225 Executive Square, Ste. 600 La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 500-2999 Business Brokers Century 21 Full Realty Services 1523 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (800) 463-0977 Real Estate Sales Darin Selnick - Community Liaison Oceanside, CA 92058 (571) 345-6003 Consultants Flood Solutions, Inc. 3520 Seagate Way, #130 Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 642-1697 Fire, Water & Mold Damage Restoration HealthPRO Pediatrics 41769 Enterprise Circle, N Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 303-8255 Autism Information, Support, Services

14 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

iSquad Repair - Oceanside 1837 S Coast Hwy., Ste. A Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 613-2005 Electronics Repair JDog Junk Removal & Hauling North San Diego 2022 Victory Dr. Vista, CA 92084 (760) 291-8917 Junk Removal, Construction KingBenefits Insurance Solutions 5120 Avenida Encinas, Ste. 100 Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 438-8850 Employer and Employee Insurance Services, Insurance North County Roastery 129 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (442) 266-2781 Coffee Roaster Oceanside Gymnastics 1935 Avenida del Oro, #A Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 941-0202 Gymnastics, Gymnastics Training PRIDE Industries 7540 Metropolitan Dr. Ste. 105 San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 681-1999 Social Services Prime Point Contracting, Inc. 22287 Mulholland Hwy. #322 Calabasas, CA 91302 (855) 477-2669 Contracting, Construction Ryan Video Productions Vista, CA 92084 (760) 410-4443 Video Professional Services and Marketing Senor Grubby’s 311 N Tremont St. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 721-6040 Restaurants - Mexican StayCoastal Vacations P.O. Box 2014 Oceanside, CA 92051 (888) 897-2627 Real Estate Sales and Rentals, Vacation Rentals The Green House 212 N Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 529-4814 Restaurants - Deli The Green Room Hotel 2020 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 978-1191 Hotel and Motel

Turmeric Hut 125 Old Grove Rd., Ste. 4 Oceanside, CA 92057 (442) 266-8150 Restaurants - Indian Cuisine Western Sierra Law School 3548 Seagate Way, Ste. 110 Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 855-3137 Colleges and Universities, Schools Private


Thank you to the following members that renewed November 30, 2021 – March 7, 2022 81-85 Years as Member Premier Chevrolet & Kia 71-75 Years as Member Greenman, Lacy, Klein, Hinds, Weiser Road One/Carpenters Towing 66-70 Years as Member Hatter Williams & Purdy Insurance Services ORCO Block & Hardscape 56-60 Years as Member Mission San Luis Rey 46-50 Years as Member The Shoppes at Carlsbad Tri-City Medical Center 41-45 Years as Member California Business Solutions Cox Communications MiraCosta College San Diego Gas & Electric Women’s Resource Center 36-40 Years as Member Harbor Fish & Chips Oceanside RV Resort 31-35 Years as Member Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside Oceanside Police Officers’ Association 26-30 Years as Member Agri Service American Legion #146 Coldwell Banker Realty- Jeff Talani Oceanside Harbor District Oceanside Mortuary, FD-253 Vista Community Clinic Walmart #2245 Weese Family Trusts 21-25 Years as Member Elegance Talent Agency & Model Management Jazzercise Fitness Center MainStreet Oceanside Navy Federal Credit Union

Spring 2022 |

North County Cat Hospital Pacific View Charter School 16-20 Years as Member Angelo’s Burgers CompassMark D.A.V. Industries Elizabeth J. Graff Frazier Farms Market Center Genentech Kinane Events Law Office of Patricia L. Andel, A. P. C. Oceanside Beach Vacations, Inc. Oceanside Firefighters’ Association OneSource Distributors, LLC Pier View Coffee Co., LLC Prince of Peace Abbey Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort 11-15 Years as Member Action Research Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC – Kevin Witowich Anna’s Housekeeping Ashley’s Party Rentals Breakwater Brewing Co. Flagkeepers, LLC Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. MCCS Camp Pendleton North County Lifeline Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation Oceanside Florist Inc Oceanside Therapy Group Oceanside Transmission, Inc. Piazza D’Oro Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego/Oceanside San Diego County Credit Union Spirit of Sharing (SOS) T-Shirt Factory Visit Oceanside Conference & Visitor Bureau 6-10 Years as Member Anything But Ordinary Catering Chambers Electric, Inc. Coast News Group Conover Tires Wheels and Service Inc. DEGU Inc. Gilead Hello Betty Fish House KDG Aviation, LLC Killer Pizza From Mars Linksoul Masters Kitchen Cocktail Prohibition Brewing Company Inc. Shopoff Realty Investments , L.P.

Signs for San Diego Swami’s Café The North County Food Bank Walmart #5637 Neighborhood Market 1-5 Years as Member BASE Programs Booze Brothers Brewing Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Oceanside CardConnect Fiserv Cinematic Arts & Sound Coldwell Banker Realty William Shaffer Coomber Craft Wines Crownview Co-occurring Institute (CCI) Direct Carpet Unlimited Don’s Country Kitchen Dupaco Inc El Pollo Loco #3731 Fat Joe’s R & J Food Group Inc. GK Asset Management, LLC HealthRight 360 Intesa Communications Group Lamvin, Inc. Lived Experiences Inc Mathnasium of Oceanside North MD Commercial Cleaning Military Spouse Association of Camp Pendleton National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – North County National Community Renaissance NuPacifica Realty Oceanside Bluffs Properties, LLC Pacific Coast Spirits Right at Home In-Home Care & Assistance Rudy Van Hunnick Community Liaison San Diego County Water Authority Shores Hospice Steph Sells San Diego Sudberry Properties The Crimson Cake The Lightfoot Planning Group Tip Top Meats & European Delicatessen, Inc. YSR CPA Group PC | Spring 2022



From Business and Computer Science, to Accounting and Engineering, MiraCosta has everything you need to promote employee growth and career enhancements.

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 15

Arts & Culture brought to you by the

City of Oceanside Arts Commission Arts & Culture events happen


throughout the city, including near your neighborhood!


Scan here to find out what district you live in.

District One

Operation Appreciation: May 21, 11am-4pm @ Civic Center Plaza Artist Awakening - 2nd Saturdays, 1-8pm @ Artist Alley Veterans Writers Group - 3rd Saturdays, 11am-2pm @ Veterans Association of North County - Filipino Culture Celebration: June 4, 11am-4pm @ Civic Center Plaza Pride by the Beach: June 11, 12-6pm @ Civic Center Plaza

District Two

Celebration of Life: March 12, 11am-2pm @ Libby Lake Park (760) 433-6880 x3178 Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary Walk: 1st Saturdays, 8-10am @ Whelan Lake -

District Three

Freaky Friday: March 10-20, Flint: April 28-May 8, and Dance Break 2022: May 19-22 @ MiraCosta College - Latin Saturday: Saturdays, 8:30pm-1:30am @ VeDanza - Comedy Night: Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm @ Privateer Marketplace & Wine Bar

District Four

Wildcat Run Car Show: May 14, 8am-1pm @ El Camino High School Bingo: Tues and Sat @ North County Alano Club Spring Egg Hunt Extravaganza: April 16, 10am-12pm @ Mance Buchannan Park Do You Have an Event to Add? Email

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Spring 2022 |

Therapy Dogs at Pacific View Charter School At Pacific View Charter School, education comes with its own cheering squad -in the form of a few furry friends! Therapy dogs are on campus to provide students with emotional support and to help motivate them academically. In fact, many students report they will come to school specifically to see a friendly canine, and that they love having the dogs on campus to provide a distraction from their worries. One Pacific View high school student stated, “I think the dogs on campus are good when you are stressed out, because they provide emotional support and are funny.”

Canine collaboration is not the only benefit offered here at Pacific View Charter School. Pacific View Charter School offers onsite, hybrid, and virtual personalized learning for K-12 students. Pacific View Charter school is now enrolling for the 2021-22 school year. Stayed tuned for more information about 202223 enrollment. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Enroll now at

Staff members are encouraged to bring their fourlegged friends on campus, and they frequently bark out friendly greetings to hardworking students. All dogs on campus have passed the Canine Good Citizen training, and are therapy dogs exclusive to Pacific View. Therapy dogs are a prominent fixture at our school and can be seen daily around campus and at school functions. Some of our veteran on campus therapy dogs include Lola, Sir Spencer, Kiedis the Beagle, Daisy, Shiner, and Evie. Today, we are proud to introduce the newest and youngest member of our Therapy Dog Support Team: Beaker the Beagle. Beaker is a friendly dog who loves to chase away coyotes to help keep campus safe. He also happily sits with students to bask in their love and affection, and encourage them to keep up the great work. PVCS therapy dogs have become an important aspect of our school culture. In fact, our school mascot contest (created by one of our very own students) is inspired by therapy dog Shiner! | Spring 2022

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AlphaGraphics Oceanside is one of the most trusted printing, marketing & sign businesses in the area. The team at AlphaGraphics Oceanside provides print, graphic design, and marketing solutions that help local business owners get noticed and get business. They’re Located in South Oceanside and only blocks from the a full-service printing & marketing facility serving San beach, Cream of the Crop is a Natural Food Market Diego and Southern California regions. featuring the highest quality produce, clean label Locally owned and operated, owner Tom Guminski groceries and vitamins. Being one of the first natural and his wife Cindy have been in business since 2016. food stores in Oceanside, Cream of the Crop is a family They specialize in signs, vehicle wraps, banners, owned and operated store that has been in business marketing materials, website and graphic design, for over 25 years. vinyl decals, promotional items, business cards, Cream of the Crop window graphics, mailing, booklets, books, printing has the largest services, and more. With a dedicated staff of selection of organic talented Marketing, Graphics Designers, Print, Larger produce in all of Format Production and Installation professionals, Oceanside, and they AlphaGraphics Oceanside can assist businesses with strive to buy locally all your marketing and print service needs. as much as possible. Alphagraphics Oceanside is located at 1920 Oceanside Their extensive Blvd. #2, Oceanside, CA 92054. vitamin section is competitively priced with senior discounts and discounts for vitamin purchases over $50, $100 and $150. They carry a full line of natural cosmetics and toiletries. Don’t forget their full service juice bar and deli. Hearty, healthy sandwiches, smoothies, and fresh vegetable juices are perfect before or after a great day at the beach. They take great pride in their customer service 18 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Spring 2022 |

and welcome any feedback from the community. Their wonderful customers are what make this store feel like one family on a journey for health and knowledge!


Cream of the Crop is located at 2009 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054.


Dare To Be Fit is a 3800 sq.ft. Personal Training Studio that’s been in business for the past seven years. The company was founded by Coach R.B. Berry, a retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant. Coach Berry spent over 25 years serving our country as a United States Marine. In addition to his many duties as a Marine, Coach Berry started the Semper Fit Program which focused on health and fitness awareness to maintain good health. Coach Berry helped many Marines on weight control programs reach their goals. He has been training Marines and civilians for 30 years. His program works with all ages from 10 years old to 90 years old. Coach Berry recognizes that kids need exercise and support just as adults do. Coach Berry’s website features amazing client results and the difference in our the lives achieved here at Dare to be Fit Personal Training Studio. Dare to be Fit is located at 110 Copperwood Way, Ste. M., Oceanside, CA 92054.

Linksoul is more of a philosophy than a brand. More of an experience than a clothing company. Linksoul is the collective life’s work of people who care about each other and enjoy collaborating. They believe in creating products they value, with the people they love, for the good of their families and their community. Linksoul’s roots are in golf. They descend from a long line of golfers, craftsmen and artists. But now they fill their time with many interests, including surfing, skiing, hiking, yoga, travel, cooking, parenting, even dog walking. They believe that these everyday practices teach us the most about ourselves. The Linksoul Lab, headquartered on Pacific Coast Hwy in Oceanside, CA, includes their design center and community event space in which they host art shows, concerts, benefits, teach workshops and | Spring 2022

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screen local documentaries. In the past, Linksoul fought to save their local municipal golf course, Goat Hill Park. They spent two years refurbishing it and now present it as a model for natural, accessible public golf courses across the country.


Linksoul is located at 530 S Coast Hwy., Oceanside, CA 92054.


Mindful Rejuvenation combines holistic and traditional recovery treatments with the convenience of an outpatient clinic located right near the beach in Oceanside, California. They are a dedicated outpatient clinic and are staffed by an experienced group of accredited and licensed doctors and recovery specialists who believe in offering patient-centric and customized recovery treatments. Mindful Rejuvenation offers a fresh way of thinking for recovery. The clinic considers the art of Mindfulness, which is a healing and self-improvement technique for achieving calmness and self-awareness. Even daily activities such as pilates, music, hiking, and art can contribute to recovery. At Mindful Rejuvenation, they believe that everyone is different and deserves a personalized addiction treatment plan. They create a plan of treatment that will work with the individual’s personality, beliefs, and preferences. They act as a second home, a safe, comforting place of healing that provides the support, guidance, and wisdom needed to succeed in life. Mindful Rejuvenation is located at 717 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA. 20 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Pacific Coast Spirits is the culmination of a decade of passion, education and adventure. Family owned and operated, they create handcrafted small batch spirits with a balance of creativity, innovation and old world techniques. They use only premium ingredients, sourced as locally as possible to the Pacific Coast, and develop spirits representative of this beautiful region. Pacific Coast Spirits founded their distillery in the heart of the craft brewing mecca of San Diego and share a similar approach with their craft brewing neighbors in their crafting of spirits. They have amazing freedom in American craft distilling, and are not restricted to certain varieties of grape used in their brandy like France or on grain for whiskey like Scotland. They are in a truly craft environment and explore all paths of adventure with no boundaries. With spirits created through experimentation, creativity and adventure, Pacific Coast Spirits broadens their palate and craft by developing a wide variety of beverages. No batch of aged spirit they release is the same. Each is distinct and an adventure in its own right. You can visit Pacific Coast Spirits at 404 S. Coast Hwy., Oceanside, CA 92054. Spring 2022 |


family and co-workers to enjoy a game, grab a bite or sip on your ice cold beverage of choice. Rookies Restaurant and Sports bar is located at 2216 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054


This is where an adult can be a kid again! Throwback Gamez is your one-stop-shop for all new and vintage gaming needs! They love to delight our customers and bring them back to their childhoods with their retro games and systems. They also offer new games and consoles as well. From Atari to PlayStation 5 and everything in between, they’ve got you covered! Rookies is a friendly, locally owned neighborhood restaurant with a warm “Cheers-Like” environment. Considered to be an ultimate sports bar in North County San Diego, sports lovers can watch over 10 games at once on over 50 high-definition TV’s and 3 projector screens. From real back East-Style Deli Sandwiches to Grilled Ruebens and Philly Cheesesteaks, their full restaurant menu, which includes breakfast, has something for everyone! Additionally, Rookies proudly features 30 draft beers and over 150 types of liquor.

At Throwback Gamez, you can Buy, Sell, Trade and even Refurbish and Re-surface consoles and disks. More than just a game store, Throwback Gamez also sells gaming-related toys and accessories, Pokémon cards and merchandise, anime, books, board games, action figures and other retro toys. Throwback Gamez is located at 509 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92054.

With a capacity of 200, Rookie’s is able to entertain large parties with ease but also give a personal touch to those who choose to fly solo. Rookies Restaurant and Sports Bar is a great place for you and your friends, | Spring 2022

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workforce development

STUDENTS SEE THEMSELVES IN LOCAL JOBS THROUGH SOCAL PROJECT The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce recently spent the day with several professionals from the city’s Water Utilities department interviewing them on camera about their careers for the SOCAL (Student Opportunities for Career Awareness and Learning) project. The shoot was coordinated by Michael Newton, a Navy veteran and Management Analyst for the City of Oceanside. At the San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant, the team, filmed by chamber member Chris Ryan, featured Carlos Raymundo, Instrumentation Technician II; Mario Lopez, Water Utilities Plant Electrician I; Ryan Williams, Plant Maintenance Supervisor; and Daniel Parker, Wastewater Plant Operator III. At the City Operations Center, Utility Worker II Jonathan Monterroza, was interviewed. The day-long video shoot concluded with an interview with Annika Andersen, Environmental Specialist II. “I never have the same day twice,” Williams says. Raymundo agreed. He explained that he got his career start in classes in his Regional Occupational Program in high school. Businesses looking to partner with the Oceanside Unified School District’s Career and Technical Education program may be pleased to know there are pathways to careers not only at the water department, but in several other professions. Contact Coordinator Teresa Collis at The SOCAL project is a collaborative program between education and industry created by TriCity Medical Center, the San Diego North Economic Development Council and the Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista Chambers of Commerce. The vision is to give middle school, high school, post-secondary 22 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

students and transitioning adults an opportunity to gain insights into career pathways, while allowing businesses and local organizations to participate in these students’ career exploration. We have recently featured the stories of Chamber members Olli Salumeria, Hydranautics, and Genentech at https:// We are pleased to offer a variety of packages to assist your business in both short-term and long-term workforce pipeline development. If you are interested in participating, contact

CHAMBER’S INCUBATOR PROGRAM PROVIDES SUPPORT TO LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS Women, especially military spouses and female veterans, were disproportionately impacted by the Pandemic, with many forced out of the workplace. Many women desire to make a career pivot. The National Veterans Chamber of Commerce, SCORE Mentors, and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce have responded to this call to action by hosting a free business incubator program. The Women Entrepreneur Incubator program, which launched last fall via Zoom, is helping to train entrepreneurs to develop their part-time or full-time businesses in one of three tracks: Social Media Management Company, Virtual Assistant Company, and Business/Personal Coaching. The three organizations are providing training, technical assistance, mentorship, peer-to-peer support, and financial information. Spring 2022 |

We graduated our second incubator class Thursday, March 10th at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. Each participant received certificates from the three program sponsors as well as from Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath. An added benefit of the incubator is that each entrepreneur receives in-person coaching and mentoring at the Oceanside Chamber’s office following the online training sessions. The next cohort begins April 21st. There are also plans to launch a youth-specific business incubator this summer and business attire donations are also needed for student mock interviews. For more information on participating as a business owner, program trainer, or event sponsor, contact

HIRE OR GET HIRED ON THE CHAMBER’S JOB BOARD Member InterFaith Community Services, like nearly all of our members, are noticing the labor shortage. They are looking for social workers to prevent a disruption in services to the people who need it most in Oceanside and in North County, in general. They are offering incentives including a $500 retention bonus. Founded in 1979 in direct response to rising rates of hunger and homelessness in North San Diego County, Interfaith Community Services works to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness by Helping People Help Themselves. Interfaith is the most comprehensive social services agency in North County, providing both immediate safety net services and long-term, lifechanging programs designed to meet the holistic needs of people in crisis. Together, in partnership with 250+ diverse faith communities, more than 650 recurrent volunteers, and a growing staff of over 200, Interfaith provides a safe haven and pathway towards self-sufficiency for more than 17,000 community members annually. The social work position works with the Oceanside Housing Authority to provide direct services to homeless clients and recently housed individuals which include: intake, assessment and case management, and client advocacy (resources and referrals) with the goal of supporting client | Spring 2022

sufficiency and to support the mission of Interfaith Community Services. This position interacts with local service providers to coordinate client care and also interfaces with the Oceanside Police Department (POD) Homeless Outreach Team (HOT). This position works in collaboration with the HOT team and Housing Authority to implement and support the Oceanside Homeless Outreach program. The HOT team is a unique police outreach effort that connects homeless individuals with needed services in a focused effort to end homelessness. This position will work predominately with the Oceanside Housing Authority. Learn more at The Oceanside Chamber’s Job Board includes a space for employers to list their open positions, job seekers to upload their resumes, and a space featuring helpful resources for applicants, businesses, and organizations. Job listings are an added member benefit. The success of the job board depends on you, the members, so please visit the page to add your open positions at

You’ve Been Thinking About Your Future. The Home Depot Is Too. The Home Depot Is Proud To Invest In The Skilled Trades There will be over 3.5 million jobs available in home improvement related trades in the next decade. That means you have unprecedented opportunities to land a rewarding, in-demand career and competitve salary. Start your career on the right path with The Home Depot’s FREE training program. Upon completion of the Path to Pro Skills Program, graduates can create a profile on the Path to Pro Network that provides potential employers access to qualifications.

Program Benefits • • •

Free, virtual self-paced and instructor led training Discover construction industry career options Gain experience in basics such as jobsite safety, tools, team building and communication skills

High Demand Trades





and Many More Trades

Classes Offered Weekly Visit to Register today In partnership with the Home Depot’s national program, a Trades coalition is forming at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in participating as an employer looking to build your talent pipeline or an educational stakeholder with access to job seekers, contact

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Workforce Development ... continued from page 23

TERI EXPANDS ITS INCLUSIVE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES TERI (Training, Education & Resource Institute), a decades-old, Oceanside-based non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and a member of the Oceanside Chamber, last fall opened the Tom & Mary Tomlinson Vocational Center on its 20-acre Charles R. Cono TERI Campus of Life in San Marcos. The building is the second of eight additional centers to be built on site, following TERI’s Therapeutic Equestrian Center which was completed in 2015.

those whose own lives are directly enriched with its creation. Those individuals will then in turn share that impact with others, and those with others still, shining a light on abilities awareness, cultivating kindness, and believing in the individual potential within each of us.” For more information on working with or for TERI or to book a meeting space, visit Sheri’s – A Unique Boutique

A picture of the future plans of the TERI Campus of Life.

The new Vocational Center features a retail shop with a café. The retail shop, Sheri’s - A Unique Boutique, and Common Grounds Café and Coffee Bar provide vocational training to individuals with special needs. The building also serves as a community resource for local businesses and residents, offering space for meetings, clubs, and events. The kitchen and the adjacent farm will provide future workforce development training.

Samara White, Oceanside-based Community Relations Manager (right) visits with colleagues at the new Common Grounds Café and Coffee Bar on its vocational campus in San Marcos.

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CEO and Founder Cheryl Kilmer says, “To create a facility that is unique in the world and meets the holistic needs of developmentally disabled children and adults is humbling and exciting to say the least. TERI’s Campus of Life outreach will extend far beyond


Therapeutic Equestian Center

Therapeutic Equestian Center

Spring 2022 |

The Oceanside Young Professionals Network Gains Momentum Over the past few months, the Oceanside Young Professionals Network has been hard at work. Thanks to the leadership efforts of Porsche Copeland, Oceanside Chamber’s Events and Programs Coordinator, and OYP Chair Chris Weiner of Alphagraphics Oceanside, the group has found a new drive and increased in size. With opportunities for young professionals to interact and | Spring 2022

make valuable connections, the Oceanside Young Professionals Network is a pivotal part of the Chamber’s efforts in workforce development and in community engagement. The purpose of the Oceanside Young Professionals Network (OYPN) is to provide young professionals with unique opportunities to build connections and further develop their careers. The group aims to engage and inform young professionals in North County by holding casual monthly meet-ups, identifying volunteer opportunities, organizing team-building events and hosting networking mixers focused on professional development. Recently, the Oceanside Young Professionals hosted the first Meet-Up of 2022 at Solis Team Real Estate. The Solis team treated guests to wood fired pizza at their Oceanside location. The event was a huge success for the program with an incredibly engaged

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group of individuals excited to continue working on the program’s growth. The OYP Network meets the first Thursday of every month at various Chamber member restaurants. All individuals interested in connecting with like-minded peers, engaging in the community and staying informed on local issues are encouraged to join the group. The network is open to all individuals in North County, not just Oceanside Chamber members. Please reach out to Porsche Copeland at porsche@oceansidechamber or follow the group on social media at @oceansideyoungpros. 26 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Spring 2022 |


MEET THE CITY OF OCEANSIDE Join the Oceanside Chamber on April 28th from 5 PM - 7 PM for the annual Meet the City Reception! This event gives Oceanside Chamber members and guests the opportunity to connect with local elected officials, City of Oceanside staff members, other businesses, and community leaders. The Meet the City of Oceanside event includes appetizers and a no-host bar. This indoor/outdoor event will be held at the new El Corazon Aquatic Center. Attendees can enjoy both the conference center and the outdoor patio. The cost is $55 for Chamber members, and $95 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased at oceansidechamber. com/meet-the-city.

ARMED FORCES DAY OPERATION APPRECIATION On Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 11 AM - 4 PM the Oceanside Chamber will bring the business community and area residents together to provide a day of recognition to all active-duty military stationed on Marine Corps Base Camp Joseph H. Pendleton and nearby military bases. T ​ housands of active duty military, their family and dependents will be treated to a day of free food, entertainment and a children’s fun zone with inflatable jumps, rock climbing wall, kid’s crafts and face painting. The event will be held at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheatre. Free parking is available in the Civic Center Parking Structure as well as the Transit Center parking structure. Free shuttles provided by the Riverside County Sheriff Department. Whether you are a civilian who wants to show your gratitude and enjoy a day of fun, or a member of the military family, this is a day for you to show your appreciation or to be appreciated!

HEROES OF OCEANSIDE AND CAMP PENDLETON The Annual Heroes of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Dinner will be held Thursday, June 23, 2022 from 5 PM - 7 PM at Arrowood Golf Course. The event will recognize representatives from the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside Police Department, Oceanside Fire Department, Oceanside Lifeguards, Healthcare Workers and Teachers from the local school district(s) for their outstanding contributions to the well-being and advancement of our City.​ | Spring 2022

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S W E N Y T I N U M M O C D N A R E B M E M SPR I N G 202 2

Design Underway for New Arts and Media Building at MiraCosta College The new facility will serve as the campus’s arts hub with an art gallery, media arts lab, and display area for student works. The design of MiraCosta’s future new Arts and Media Building at the Oceanside Campus is underway, creating a state-of-the-art hub on campus and bringing together arts programs currently located in multiple buildings. The New Arts and Media Building will support certificate and degree programs in the arts, including art history, digital photography, museum studies, studio arts, and media arts and technologies, including graphic design and digital media. Demand for professionals in these fields continues to grow. The San Diego Workforce Partnership has identified digital media as one of the top career subsectors in San Diego County. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in arts and design occupations is projected to grow four percent through 2030. The median annual wage for art and design occupations is higher than for all occupations.

Shilpa Edlabadkar Promoted to Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer at Frontwave Credit Union Frontwave Credit Union is pleased to announce the appointment of Shilpa Edlabadkar to serve as its Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer. “This is a well-deserved promotion for Shilpa, who joined the Frontwave team in 2018 as our Director of Finance and Accounting,” said Bill Birnie, President and CEO of Frontwave. “Shilpa brings over 20 years of progressive experience leading and managing large teams in all aspects of corporate accounting and reporting in the 28 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

financial services industry. Her experience, drive and leadership is a tremendous asset to Frontwave Credit Union.” Prior to joining Frontwave, Edlabadkar served as the Assistant Controller of Revenue Accounting for LPL Financial, and held a series of accounting and finance positions of increasing responsibility at Capital One over her 15-year tenure with the organization. She holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a CPA Certification, and is a Chartered Accountant.

Law School Relocates to Oceanside, Providing North County Residents Access to Legal Education Western Sierra Law School has provided affordable and accessible legal education to students in San Diego since 1979. During the pandemic, like other institutions, the law school transitioned to online learning to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 and decided to close its central San Diego facility. Recently, as cities within the county began to allow businesses to reopen, the law school explored potential locations for its new physical facility and found the city of Oceanside to be a favorable location. “We believe the city of Oceanside has often made rational decisions concerning policies affecting local businesses, specifically during the pandemic,” said Joshua Schoonover, Dean of Western Sierra Law School. “When weighing our options, we were looking for a business favorable community, preferably one able to serve both San Diego and Temecula regions,” he continued. Schoonover added that “our law school seeks to provide quality legal education at an affordable cost of tuition, which requires relatively low overhead, and that is something we were able to find in the Ocean Ranch community of Oceanside.” Spring 2022 |

S W E N Y T I N U M M O C D N A R E B M E M SPR I N G 202 2

Oceanside Chamber Receives Special Merit Recognition for Website The Oceanside Chamber was recognized with a Special Merit for website excellence at the 2022 Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.) conference. In addition to educational opportunities, the annual conference recognizes the “best and the brightest” in the chamber industry through a variety of special individual awards. The website award was based on the following criteria:  Overall Design - overall impression of the look and feel of the web site, graphics, ease of use and navigation, support of chamber brand, photography, feature rich, content prioritized by use and importance, etc.  Content - overall quality, timeliness and relevance of information, clear concise text, high quality photography, no typos or bad grammar, addresses primary audience(s), etc.

of its national search for leaders who’ve gone above and beyond guiding peers and supporting entire communities as they strive to recover. Alignable’s network has chosen Chris Ryan of Ryan Video Productions Vista’s 2022 Business Person Of The Year! The 2022 contest is the most popular competition Alignable has ever hosted, marking a 64% increase in participation over last year. In all, 2,400+ small business owners were elected by their peers to be their Local Business People Of The Year across the U.S. and Canada. During the contest, which ran from Jan. 10 to Feb. 11, 2022, 160,000+ votes and 32,000+ testimonials were posted praising thousands of local leaders for helping their peers and communities through a turbulent year with many challenges: skyrocketing inflation, labor shortages, supply chain problems, and COVID variants.

 Search Engine Optimization - does the chamber website appear on the first page listing of major search engines like Google, etc. When asked about the award recognition, Chamber Communications Coordinator, Hana Gilbert, said, “This recognition is a huge accomplishment for the Oceanside Chamber. Receiving feedback from our chamber peers on how to improve the site was important to us. However, receiving the Special Merit Award truly sent us over the moon.” You can check out the Oceanside Chamber’s website at www.

Chris Ryan Of Ryan Video Productions Honored As 2022 Local Business Person Of The Year The largest online referral network for small businesses, is announcing the results | Spring 2022

• Finance for everyone • We finance bad credit • In House Financing • Warranty on all Cars

Visit us online at Contact us at or 760-400-3174 1638 S. Coast Hwy., Oceanside, CA 92054 Best of Oceanside Magazine | 29



DIAMOND SALES EVENT! Natural and Grown Diamonds 20-40% off

Grown Diamond Solitiare 1.07 Carat I.G.I Certified




Working to stop domestic violence and sexual assault as we revive courage and empower lives. WRC provides counseling, case management, supportive services and shelter to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and their children. Services are available 7 days a week • 24 hours a day at

(760) 757-3500 Visit our website at

Estate Jewlery Buyer • Watches • Wedding Bands • Gold & Silver Coins • On-Site Jewlery Repair

Collectables, Musicial Instruments, Tools, TV's and Gaming Systems and more.... Celebrating 35 years in business

30 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

322 South Coast Highway Oceanside Ca 92054 760-722-2200

Spring 2022 |


As a native born & raised in Oceanside, I take great pride and respect in the fact that I can live and work in the same city I grew up in. My most important milestones have occurred here; from meeting my wife at Oceanside High School to raising my children here in Oceanside. The city offers so much for families, including all of the city sponsored parks and family favorites such as the Thursday farmers markets. I look forward to watching my children grow just as fast as the city is growing the downtown and surrounding areas.



Jaime Gonzales Vallejo



I love oceanside because it’s a place where family, culture, and career organically combine and I get to call home. Being born and raised here in Oceanside it’s given me strong ties to the city. Not only because of Family but also working with great organizations such as North County Lifeline in order to give back to my community in many ways. Oceanside is a great beach city that has much to offer to anyone who drives by such as great friends and great food. The Sunset Market is a great way to see the diversity that Oceanside has to offer.



Our City has so much to offer! Our friends at share why they love where they live and their passion for our community.


Oceanside, a beautiful coastal city in SoCal. Since moving to the area recently, I found that there are so many things to love about this place, from the sunny beaches to the numerous local Farmers Markets, and everything in-between. An infinite amount of hobbies await everyone such as surfing, cycling, hiking, and beer tasting. With this charming landscape, it’s impossible to bore yourself! I am very happy to call Oceanside my newfound home.

Lejandro Lago

Matthew Cheetham

Military is what brought my family to Oceanside and I am glad it did. The past 20 years Oceanside has become my home, where my family and work is. It’s a choice to continue to live here. Location with its beautiful beaches combined with southern California weather and geographically a perfect in between SD and LA is one of the many benefits. There are must have local eateries and breweries too. Culturally, I’ve met some really amazing people including some lifelong friendships. I am proud to call Oceanside my home!

It’s been great to see how the city has really flourished over the years that I’ve lived here. The growth of both local businesses and larger companies is balanced and is foundational for a bright economic future. It’s hard to missthe strong sense of community in our neighborhoods and how we look out for each other. Lastly, wIth a true cornucopia of events – international surfing competitions, local markets, art exhibits, hiking, unique craft breweries and restaurants and of course the beach – there’s always something to do.

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA but was never really exposed to Oceanside until I started working for Genentech in 2013. When I think of Oceanside I think of all the great memories I’ve shared with some of the most the amazing coworkers and friends. Whether it be potlucks at the beach on the weekends or searching for the best happy hours after work at a restaurant or brewery, the options for things to do are endless.

Mike Gabrenas | Spring 2022

Rica Manalastas

Leslee Santos

Best of Oceanside Magazine | 31

Earth Day Serviceand Celebration of

Score a

FREE Stay Clas sy,O’side S H I RT while su pplies la


April 23 , 2022 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Join us at Buccaneer Park! Join the Green Oceanside Team for an Earth Day of Service, family-friendly community event! Check out booths hosted by local environmental organizations or register to pick up debris and litter from 1 of 5 locations along Loma Alta and Buena Vista Creek in coordination with the regional Creek to Bay cleanup by registering here. All ages welcome!

Scan with a mobile phone or visit for more information.

32 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Spring 2022 |


Earth Day All Year Long Make Every Day Earth Day There are many unique ways to take climate action to the next level and show your support for people and the planet. Whether you unplug items when not in use, use water efficiently, compost at home or take other sustainable actions, you can turn these everyday habits into civic action that last beyond Earth Day! Find easy-to-follow resources from Green Oceanside at

Harvest Oceanside Do you have surplus backyard produce? We’ll take it! Contact ProduceGood to schedule a FREE pick of your backyard produce for donation to local feeding organizations and keep it out of the landfill. It’s a win-win for everybody! Email for more information.

2022 WaterSmart Landscape Contest Entries due April 30, 2022

Are you looking to swap out your grass for drought-tolerant landscaping? Yards with low water-use plants deserve to be showcased! Enter the 2022 WaterSmart Landscape Contest by April 30 for the chance to win a $250 gift card to a local nursery, be featured in the City’s online magazine and show off your hard-earned, beautiful, water-saving landscape. To enter, visit for details on contest requirements and how to improve your chances of winning.

Keep Oceanside Beautiful The City of Oceanside promotes community cleanup events for residents and visitors to participate in throughout the year. You can help protect our environment by participating in a solo cleanup, community cleanup, annual waterway cleanup or private cleanup! Visit for more information.

Donation and Recycle Right Opportunities Do you have gently used items that are ready for a new life? Lucky for you there are many local organizations that accept donations of gently used clothing, appliances, toys, home goods and more! Visit for a full list of organizations and contact information. P.S. Save the date! Donation Weeks are right around the corner. From May 2 – May 13, you can call Waste Management at 760-439-2824 24-hours before your normal service day to schedule a curbside pick up of your gently used items. All items collected will go directly to the Oceanside DAV!

Shop Local The City of Oceanside recognizes Green Oceanside Businesses as environmental leaders that incorporate sustainable practices into their daily operations. By shopping local you are not only supporting our local economy, but benefitting the planet by reducing the amount of resources we use. Check out the list of Green Oceanside Business Network members at

Scan with a mobile phone or visit for more information. | Spring 2022

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Oceanside Students Recognized as Rising Stars by Local Business Community The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce honored eight more Rising Stars at its monthly student recognition program breakfasts during the past two months.

The Rising Star program is hosted by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce to recognize high school seniors at our city’s high schools who have overcome significant challenges in their life, but who have managed to keep, or get back on track with their education. Each school principal collaborates with his or her staff to nominate one high school senior per month. The students must be college or vocational school-bound and they should emulate the program’s mission statement: “Convening the business and education community to honor Oceanside seniors for rising above adversity by demonstrating character, integrity, school and community engagement that make our city shine like a star.” Honorees are then eligible to apply for higher education scholarships that will be awarded at the end of the school year. While scholarships may be awarded for a wide variety of fields of study, the Chamber and its Workforce Development Task Force will be asked to keep in mind the emerging industries in the region including technology, biotech/life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and hospitality. During the event, the school principals and the student’s parents and mentoring teachers share what sets their student apart from other students and provide examples of their character, integrity, passion, focus and perseverance that has made them such a Rising Star on their campus and in our community. Rising Stars are also presented with recognition certificates from Mayor Esther Sanchez as well as Senator Patricia Bates, Congressman Mike Levin, Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath, and Supervisor Jim Desmond. Scott Ashton, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, said they are hosting the Rising Star program as part of its larger workforce development initiative. “The primary objectives are student recognition, scholarships for higher education and building of relationships between the business community and 34 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

K-12 educational system. We are focused on engaging with our educational partners to ensure a strong workforce pipeline for Oceanside businesses,” Ashton said. Congratulations to January’s honorees: Daniel Cruz from Oceanside High School Zitlali Valverde Gomez from Surfside Educational Academy Marlen Benites Venegas from El Camino High School Johnny Dolores from Pacific View Charter School Congratulations to February’s honorees: Dianne Ibarra from Oceanside High School Shanece Muses from Surfside Educational Academy Nhi Ngo from El Camino High School David Shively from Coastal Academy High School Rising Star events are open to all community members who want to show their support for our students. Tickets are $25 for Chamber members and $40 for prospective members. Register for the event or contribute to the scholarship fund at The team will also accept donations for laptops for each Rising Star to ensure they have the tools for higher education. Mentors are also needed. Contact victoria@ to learn more. The Chamber thanks presenting sponsors Tri-City Medical Center and Genentech, as well as venue sponsor Frontwave Credit Union, food sponsor North County Roastery and event sponsor San Diego Gas and Electric. Thanks to OKC for their support too!

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“As the eldest of five children, Daniel Cruz works hard to serve as a role model for his younger siblings and strives to be the best that he can be to inspire them and others around him. Daniel is determined to move forward and achieve his dreams to make them realities.” — Skyler M. Garrahy, Principal, Oceanside High School

“Dianne Ibarra is one of a handful of students who have met the rigorous Oceanside Unified School District requirements to become an honors graduate. We are all proud that she will be representing Oceanside High School as our Rising Star.” — Skyler M. Garrahy, Principal, Oceanside High School

“Zitlali Valverde Gomez has demonstrated tremendous perseverance and self-direction in the face of multiple challenges. She owns her learning and has committed herself to purposefully advancing towards her academic and personal goals.” — Eric Frandsen, Principal, Surfside Educational Academy

“On rare occasions, we are fortunate to cross paths with an individual who is the personification of intelligence, kindness, strength, grace, and good character. Surfside’s Rising Star, Shanece Muses, is that person.” — Eric Frandsen, Principal, Surfside Educational Academy

“Marlen Benitez Venegas is an extraordinarily bright young lady who has persevered through some challenging times. Her determination, focus and character have led her to be the strong passionate scholar and leader she is today.” — Eileen Frazier, Principal, El Camino High School “Johnny Dolores is resilient. He is also a hard worker and always exceeds any goal he sets for himself. Johnny is one of the most polite, articulate, and devoted students his teacher has ever had.” — Gina Campbell, Founding Executive Director, Pacific View Charter School

“Nhi Ngo continued to be a resilient, strong and hardworking student, achieving above a 3.5 GPA since starting at E.C.H.S. Nhi will be attending MiraCosta College in the fall with plans to transfer to a 4-year university and study Graphic Design.” — Eileen Frazier, Principal, El Camino High School “Throughout his educational career, David Shively has faced a variety of social-emotional obstacles. He has courageously faced these head on and overcome them through perseverance and grit.” — Samantha Bartrom, Principal, Coastal Academy High School

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ETERNAL HILLS Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory 1999 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054

(760) 754-6600 | Spring 2022

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B O O K S BY T H E B E A C H S U P P O R T I N G O C E A N S I D E’S L O C A L A U T H O R S MIKE CASPER Life as a storyteller began with Mike Casper’s children. They loved their bedtime stories so much that they encouraged him to write them down. Those words found a page—and the stories flowed. Mike has been married thirtytwo years, and those aforementioned children are all grown up. He is a first-time grandpa and will soon tell stories to his first grandchild, a beautiful little girl. Mike grew up in Upstate New York. As a youngster, while his brothers were outside playing, he lost himself in the world of books. Free time was for reading. His mind was filled with rocket ships, airplanes, history, and sports heroes. He devoured every Hardy Boys and Danny Dunn book. As a teenager and into adulthood, he was captivated by authors like James Michener, Robert Heinlein, John Steinbeck, Diana Gabaldon, and Ken Follett. When Mike came to faith in Jesus, he found a desire to share the Gospel. Like Frank Peretti, author of the excellent This Present Darkness, writing would be his means of introducing Jesus to others. Mike flew thirty-eight years as a flight attendant. As he was traversing the Las Vegas airport on duty one day, he saw a boy with autism walking behind his mother through the terminal. Watching him inspired his first Christian novel, The Sing Song Child, a tale of weakness, love, and redemption. Stone Thrower was born in 2019 out of his desire to know more about God’s stories and the briefly mentioned biblical characters. This journey drew him even deeper into his faith. Mike’s books can be found on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or on his website at

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LESLIE CLARK Leslie Clark is a writers’ writer, who enjoys encouraging other writers as well as concentrating on her own writing. While teaching in Virginia, she started programs for student writers. After moving to Arizona, she taught creative writing and other writing courses at Cochise College. She also co-founded the Cochise Community Creative Writing Celebration and chaired its organizing committee for fifteen years. Leslie’s short stories, poetry, and essays have been published in many print and online literary journals and anthologies for more than thirty years. Her most recent publications are in the San Diego Decameron Project, Poetry Quarterly, and Persimmon Tree. Leslie is the author of two poetry collections, Cardiac Alert, and Ward Off the Night, both published by Finishing Line Press. In three different states, Leslie started writers’ groups, and organized open mic readings. From 2005 to 2021, she published and edited online poetry journal, Voices on the Wind, which featured work by poets from all over this country. After visiting San Diego County as often as possible, when she and her husband both retired from their jobs in Arizona five years ago, they happily moved to Oceanside. Leslie currently is moderator for a writers’ group, which meets the second Sunday of every month at 2:00, at the Mission Branch of the Oceanside Library. She also is a member of the committee which organizes Write On, Oceanside! Her books of poetry are available on the shelves at the Oceanside Public Library and from the publisher, Finishing Line Press.

DAVID V. DAUBENSPECK David V. Daubenspeck grew up in a small city in western lower Michigan. At age 16 he was blessed with an opportunity to serve as a part-time radio news reporter and announcer, where he continued working on through his college years while majoring Spring 2022 |

in communications and focusing on biblical studies. It was during these formative years that his interest in political/social issues from a Christian vantage point began to take shape. David’s knowledge and worldview were further refined while participating in a National Association of Evangelicals chapter as part of helping grow the ministry of K-LOVE radio on the West Coast. His ability to understand and apply biblical principles in relation to evangelism, disciple-making, and addressing social concern issues developed as he served in various pastoral roles in northern and southern California and Minnesota. David’s Book, The Shocking Disconnect – Why Christians Fail to Impact Culture and Politics and How to Make a Comeback, is his conviction that many Christians (knowingly or unknowingly) have inserted other values, philosophies, and personal opinions above the Word of God, too often ignoring or reinterpreting His clear commands and eternal truth. In short, men and women of faith must recommit themselves to living obediently and with impact under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the spheres of cultural and political engagement. What this looks like practically, and how it can apply to the worldviews, voices, and actions of beliefs in 21st-century America, is the focus and aim of this book! David’s book can be found on Amazon or at

JUSTIN GARY Justin Gary is an award-winning game designer, entrepreneur, and professional speaker. He started his career in gaming at the age of seventeen when he won the Magic: The Gathering US National Championships. He went on to play Magic professionally for several years, winning a Grand Prix, Pro Tour, and World Championship along the way. Justin started designing games working on the Vs. System trading card game and went on to lead-design the DC Comics: Infinite Crisis set. Afterwards, he created The World of Warcraft Miniatures Game before starting his own company, Gary Games, in 2010, which released its hit deck-building game Ascension that year. Justin’s book, Think Like a Game Designer teaches you how-to master the magic of the human mind: Creativity. Have you always wanted to be creative, make games, or start a company? Do you find yourself getting stalled and not knowing where to start? Do you get stuck half-way through and give up? Don’t worry, you are in good company! Justin wrote this | Spring 2022

book to break down the creative process in a simple step-by-step way that busts through creative blocks and gets you living out your creative dreams in no time! You can find Justin’s book, podcast and additional information at www.

JUSSTA Jussta began writing her autobiographies beginning with the series entitled JOURNEY OF A SOUL – HOUSE OF WOUNDED HEARTS in 1989 and worked on writing and being her catharsis for years, first of all speaking to a crowd of ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS in Laguna Beach, California. Over the years, she continued writing autobiographies while traveling the world, spending two years traveling and teaching firewalking and dancing on the fire to thousands of people across Australia. She lived in a VW Travel CombiVan and traveled all over the country. While traveling, dancing, and teaching firewalking, Jussta wrote JOURNEY OF A SOUL – PART V – MIRACLES FROM THE FIRE. This paperback book was published and bound at an Australian prison and they were given as many free copies as they wanted. She sold or gave away most of those copies and came home and it became a part of her autobiographic series. Jussta is currently creating a Kindle book entitled, JOURNEY OF A SOUL – SOUL SEARCH THROUGH SOUL CARDS. It will contain images on one side and her prose on the opposite page. This book was created over the past two years during SoulCollage therapy classes with Dr. Sibelia Chaiyahat. Her books can be found on Amazon or at jussta. com.

ALEXA KINGAARD Alexa Kingaard was born in San Diego and has lived most of her life in the area. She currently resides in Carlsbad and is the mother of a son and daughter who continue to be her biggest fans and cheerleaders. Her debut novel, KEEP FOREVER, was inspired by her late exhusband who battled the residual effects of the Best of Oceanside Magazine | 37

Vietnam War for decades after his return. The burden he brought home is shared by combat veterans of all conflicts, and her fictional account highlights the collateral damage encountered by family members and loved ones living with PTSD in their midst. As a Lead Volunteer with the USO Camp Pendleton, she has contributed to the successful start-up of their Military Spouse Book Club. Honored to have KEEP FOREVER chosen as one of their first reads, she continues to be inspired by the wives who support and provide encouragement to their spouses and families throughout numerous relocations and deployments. Kingaard says this is where she has “parked her heart” and intends to continue working as many volunteer hours as her free time allows. Her second novel, MY NAME IS ROSE, departs from her personal experiences and focuses on the collective memories of her generation. She loves writing about nostalgia and the human condition, the common denominator of our lives. Both novels are Amazon #1 Bestsellers and International Book Competition Award winners. She recently completed the first draft of her third novel, MIRACLE, and hopes to have it ready for publication in early 2023. Anxious to return to in-person book events, she is available to speak at book clubs, service organizations, and schools. To learn more about Alexa and her novels, please visit her at or email at

ANN ROBSON Ann Robson was born and raised in South Africa, where she worked as a newspaper columnist. Since moving to Oceanside, Ann has written three novels. They are available on Amazon as paperbacks or on Kindle. Africa in 1989.

GUADALUPE’S GIFT, set in Baja. KATE, a conscientious teacher, meets CARLOS, an impetuous sculptor. He persuades her to join him for a weekend in Baja. There, they discover a stash of drug money in the wreckage of a small plane. Carlos is ecstatic - a gift from Our Lady of Guadalupe. Kate is horrified, fearing cartel retribution. Kate is right. Never meddle in the workings of the drug trade! SEARCHING FOR A SHADOW, set in Mozambique. ZOE, 24, reluctantly follows her twin brother ZACK from San Diego to Mozambique to search for the father they never knew. There they encounter a deaf child, whom she rescues. Zoe came to Africa to search for her father. Instead she finds an orphaned child and a family of her own. A Submission to the SDSU Writers’ Conference received a First Choice Award.

ISABELLA STEELE Isabella Steele is a full-time novelist, living with her wife and dogs. She loves gardening and raises chickens, koi and roses in her backyard. Her characters are strong women, holding positions of power. LGBTQ fans will be thrilled. Fresh approaches to the main and sub-plots will hold the readers in a vice. Strong female characters and stories filled with action sequences that flow at a breakneck pace. Readers will be clamoring for the next installments. She has crossed genres with ease and approaches each with an excitement that allows the readers to become engrossed, losing themselves in each type of novel. Steel’s ability to create such a memorable, upbeat fictional realm, with a fast-paced plot line, drawing on all our favorite fantastical creatures makes for amazing novels.

MARULA RIDGE, set in South

SIMON, a 16-year-old black boy, leaves the farm where he was born to join Mandela’s underground army against Apartheid. SUSANNAH, a 13-year-old white girl is visiting her uncle’s farm while her parents are overseas. The tumultuous events these two young people experience will redefine their values and change the course of their lives. An excerpt won a Writers’ Digest short story award. 38 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Spring 2022 |

Currently she is at work on another horror novel using a biblical legend to put a new twist on the vampire myth. Isabella’s books can be found on Amazon or at

DR. GAIL L. THOMPSON Dr. Gail L. Thompson, the Founder and CEO of Inspirations by Gail LLC, provides professional development services to business organizations, schools, higher education, and prospective authors. Dr. Thompson has won numerous awards, and authored many articles and books, including the critically acclaimed The Power of One: How You Can Help or Harm African American Students; Yes, You Can! Advice for Teachers Who Want a Great Start and a Great Finish With Their Students of Color (coauthored with Rufus Thompson), Up Where We Belong: Helping African American and Latino Students Rise in School and in Life; What African American Parents Want Educators to Know; A Brighter Day: How Parents Can Help African American Youth, and Through Ebony Eyes: What Teachers Need to Know but are Afraid to Ask About African American Students. Dr. Thompson has given keynote addresses, and conducted workshops throughout the U.S., in Canada, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including NPR affiliates, and served as the Executive Director of Equity for a large corporation, Fayetteville State University’s “Wells Fargo Endowed Professor of Education,” a tenured professor at Claremont Graduate University, creator and Director of the “Black Men Teaching Program,” and member of the California State Board of Education’s “African American Advisory Committee.” Her latest book, Dear Beautiful! A Self-Empowerment Book for Black Women, was published in 2018. Her podcast “Inspirations by Gail” can be heard via her YouTube Channel. Dr. Thompson’s books can be ordered via or bookstores.

dependency and criminal cases before the courts. Her four books draw upon her dealing with broken families and disturbed children, and her background of being reared in an orphanage in the “hollers” of Kentucky. Her first three books are a trilogy. Naomi’s Place begins the narrative of a young woman leaving New York in 1935 to teach at a small, improvised mission in the hills of Kentucky. In time, Naomi finds herself running an orphanage of over 100 children. The tales of sorrow and joy she vividly tells are recounted by a home child Jennifer. The second book, The Charm Bracelet, follows Jennifer’s life from when she left the orphanage to the last days of her life. An elderly Jennifer reveals to a caregiver stories hidden in a charm bracelet. Beset by tragedies, Jennifer perseveres to achieve a fulfilled life. My Sister’s Keeper: Maude’s Story reveals heartbreak from the day Maude ran away from the orphanage to when she ended up in prison, a story about loyalty and sacrifice. Shadows and Silhouettes, her fourth book, is a collage of life events reflecting shadows of places and silhouettes of people who touched her life. One reviewer wrote, “Wardell has a superb gift for storytelling. The ability to take ordinary events and tell them in a way that makes them universal. It has something to do with honesty.” In telling the stories Dr. Wardell drew upon her own experiences of growing up in such an orphanage. Although retired, she expanded her life experiences to writing, playing the harp, world traveling, performing on stage, and numerous other activities. Her books are available from Amazon and on Kindle.

DELORES WARDELL Delores Wardell, a retired forensic psychologist, had a career spanning nearly 30 years as a therapist for | Spring 2022

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member of the quar ter Solis Team Real Estate

Solis Team Real Estate is comprised of eleven local agents and their mascot, a mini–Australian Shepherd named Ollie. Since its inception in 2015, Solis Team has helped over 350 families across San Diego County. With over 70 homes sold in 2021 alone, Mike Solis and his wife Jessica lead a top-producing team which has been recognized by the San Diego Union Tribune and San Diego Association of Realtors for their production. Solis Team has also been featured on HGTV’s “How Close Can I Beach?” and ESPN Radio - San Diego. Solis Team was founded by owners Mike and Jessica: Southern California natives, both raised in Encinitas. Solis Team’s love for their community and unprecedented market knowledge has allowed them to help over 200 clients sell or invest in real estate. The Team’s 30+ years of combined real estate experience allow them to provide a high level of representation, expert negotiation and modern marketing.

in keeping Oceanside beautiful. Annually, the team hosts an Oceanside City Clean Up, an event which brings community members together to clean our city. While the event typically focuses on a beach clean-up, this past year focused on cleaning Oceanside’s streets, ridding the city of discarded masks, take-out trays, and other accumulated trash. Volunteers were then treated to a complimentary barbecue, giveaways and an afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company. Solis Team’s goal is to advance the local real estate industry with their innovative and fresh marketing strategies, proactive and philanthropic presence in the community, and service-based mentality for each of their clients. They have been members of the Oceanside Chamber since 2017 and continue to remain active participants, most recently hosting a meet-up for the Oceanside Young Professionals. Stop by their brick & mortar location right in the heart of Downtown Oceanside at 206 N Freeman Street or check them out on their website at!

Besides focusing on growth within the real estate industry, Solis Team takes pride 40 | Best of Oceanside Magazine

Spring 2022 |

DEDICATION THAT GOES BEYOND THE CURB ///////////////////////////////////// We’re not just another waste company, we’re a trusted partner that’s with you along your daily journey, wherever it might take you. Because this is about more than just managing recyclables and waste, it’s about providing the solutions you need. To learn more, visit | Spring 2022

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Local Employment Opportunities City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department is blazing the way in San Diego County towards a sustainable, safe, and affordable future for Oceanside’s water resources. New and exciting technology is being leveraged as the Utility works to achieve the City’s goal of sourcing 50% of its drinking water from local sources by 2030. Spearheading this effort is the newly operational Pure Water Oceanside facility, the first of its kind in San Diego County. Through an advanced multi-stage purification process, Pure Water Oceanside uses recycled water to generate a new, local source of high-quality drinking water that will soon make up more than 30% of the City’s water supply. In a parallel effort, miles of new recycled water pipeline are being added to the City’s distribution system. The expansion of the City’s recycled water program means increased community access to a more sustainable solution for those customers with significant irrigation and landscaping demands such as golf courses, City parks, and HOAs, as well as the industrial and agricultural sectors. Additionally, upgraded WaterSmart meters are actively being installed throughout the City in support of the Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiative.

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These new meters, once installed, provide Oceanside customers with the ability to help improve water use efficiency, identify leaks more quickly, and ultimately better address drought conditions. Taken together, investment in these two major projects represents a noteworthy example of how Oceanside is on the cutting edge of both optimizing resiliency and preparing for both growth and future challenges. As the Water Utilities Department expands its operational capabilities, motivated new employees are needed to help ensure the continued delivery of quality service to Oceanside’s residents. The Utility is currently hiring across a wide range of areas of expertise including water and wastewater plant operators, electricians, utility workers, mechanics, and environmental specialists. The City of Oceanside’s Water Utilities Department offers competitive pay, generous benefits, and the opportunity to serve your community through the collection, treatment, and distribution of our region’s most valuable resource. To learn more about current job opportunities, please visit the City’s employment website at: https://www.

Spring 2022 |

Oceanside Therapy Group is an outpatient pediatric clinic where families come first. We service the needs of military and civilian children in North San Diego County. • Speech/Language Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy


760.529.4761 fax 3355 Mission Avenue, Suite 123, Oceanside, CA 92058 | Spring 2022

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NETWORKING EVENTS The Oceanside Chamber is excited to host a variety of upcoming in-person forums, workshops, and networking events. Please check the Chamber calendar for all event updates.




The Oceanside Young Professional Network (OYPN) continues to host casual monthly lunch meetings! OYPN is vital to planning and executing events throughout Oceanside for young professionals to network with like-minded peers, engage in the community, and stay informed on local issues. Chamber members and non-members alike in this age group are encouraged to come to committee meetings and contribute to the program’s development. The group will meet the first Thursday OCEA/ZOCE 919 Up to $/hr. /hr.of every month at varying locations. Please check Up to $ the Chamber’s event calendar for information 1402 Avenida Del Oro on location. Please register for the event prior to Oceanside, CA 92056 (760) 643-5703 attending. The event is free with the only cost being BENEFITS INCLUDE: BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Tuition reimbursement program the price of your meal! BENEFITS INCLUDE: •prCareer opportunities • Tuition reimbursement ograadvancement m • Weekly p a y / d i r e c t d e p o s i t • Tuition reimbursement program Thursday, April 7th, May 5th, and June 2nd from • Career advancement op•poBenefits o rtunities • Career advancement opp rtunitieasvailable upon reaching eligibility12 PM - 1 PM requirements • Weekly payp/ady/irdeircecttddeep • Weekly poossitit • Benefits lalbeleuup po on ityibility • Benefits avaaivlaaib nrreQUALIFICATIONS: eacahcinhginegligeibliilg uirementsBENEFITS • MINCLUDE: ust be at least 18 years of age requirreeqm ents • Must be able to load, unload and sort packages,

OW HIRING ge Handlers Package Handlers

Up to $ 17.00 /hr. kage Handlers 17.00 17.00

NOW HIRING NOW Up to $HIRING /hr. 17.00 Package Handlers OW HIRING Package Handlers

age Handlers NOW HIRING 17.00 17.00 Package Handlers 17.00

ro 56

919 •OCEA/ZOCE Tuition reimbursement m as w ell as perform other rp elarto edgdrua tie s

Up to $

Up to $ /hr.


OCEA/ZOCE 919 QUALIFICATIONS: • Career advancement opportunities For more information and to 1apply, Oro QUALIFICATIONS: • Must be at leas•t1402 8Weekly yeaAvenida rs of ap ga e yDel /direct deposit SECOND TUESDAY COFFEE 1402 Avenida Del Oro scan the QR •code visit Musto t be able toOceanside, load, unload aCA nd so92056 rt packages, • M u s t b e a t l e a s t 1 8 y e a r s o f a g e • Benefits a v a i l a b l e u p o n r e a c h i n g e l i g i bility Oceanside, CA 92056 You’re invited to join us for the as well as perfo(760) rm othe643-5703 r related duties (760) 643-5703 BENEFITS INCLUDE: • M u s t b e a b l e t o l o a d , u n l o a d a n d s o r t p a c k a g e s , r e q u i r e m e n t s or text FXGFlyer to 33011 BENEFITS INCLUDE: Oceanside Chamber’s Second

Up to $


program d to apply, as well as perform other related dutie•s Tuition reimbursement progr•amTuition reimbursement TuesdayopCoffee! • Career advancement portunitiWe es invite you • Career advancement opportunities t QUALIFICATIONS: • Weekly p a y / d i r e c t d e p o s i t to our conference room on the • Weekly pay/direct deposit pply, able up/hr. onTuesday reaching eof ligevery ibility month ars of agaUp e OCEA/ZOCE 919• Must be at least 18 •yeBenefits vailable to upon r$ each•ingBenefits eligibility availsecond BENEFITS INCLUDE: • M u s t b e a b l e t o l o a d , u n l o a d a n d s o r t p a c k a g e s , r e q u i r e m e n t s r e q u i r e m e n t s 11 from 8 AM – 9 AM. Second Tuesday Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.


1402 Avenida Del Oro as well as perforp mroogth r related duties • Tuition reimbursement raem P to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. Coffee is a great opportunity for inorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce. Oceanside, CA 92056 QUALIFICATIONS: • Career advancement opporQUALIFICATIONS: tunities Oceanside Chamber members to connect with other 643-5703 ation and(760) to apply, • Weekly pay/direct deposit • Must be at least 18 years of age • Must be at least 18 years of age INCLUDE: • Must be abBENEFITS le to load, unlbusinesses oad and sort pacthroughout kages, will • Must be able to load,North unload aCounty. nd sort pacAttendees kages, • Benefits available upon reachin asgwe elllig asib peilriftoyrm other related duties eTextto visit • Tuitionhave reimbursement ppreorgive as well asto fgorrammo th er related du ties a chance a 1-minute introduction and STOP to 33011 to cancel. requirements • Career advancement opportunities Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce. For more information and to apply, will payhave /directaccess depositto a participant list to stay connected For more information and• toWeekly apply, scan the QR code to visit after the event. Be sure to bring your business cards! QUALIFICATIONS: r to 33011 scan the QR code to visit • Benefits available upon reaching eligibility This requirem entsevent is free to Oceanside Chamber members • STOP Muto st33011 be a least 18 years of age per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text totcancel. tive action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) diverse workforce. or text FXGFlyer 33011 and $20 for prospective members. Coffee and light • Mustto becommitted able tto o alo ad, unload and sort packages, FXGFlyer as well or as ptext erform other relatedto dut33011 ies QUALIFICATIONS: refreshments will be provided. Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. • M u s t b e at leastcommitted 18 yApril etoara sdiverse of 12th, age FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) workforce. Tuesday, May 10th, and June 14th from and to apply, • Must be able to load, unload and sort packages, 8 AM – 9 AM as well as perform other related duties Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

visit For more information and to apply, 3011 scan the QR code to visit 44 | Best of Oceanside Magazine or text FXGFlyer to 33011

xt HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. oyer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

Message and data rates may apply. 1 message per request. Text HELP to 33011 for help. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer (Minorities/Females/Disability/Veterans) committed to a diverse workforce.

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economic development update CONSTRUCTION UPDATES Construction is on track for Arroyo Verde retail center, a 27,200 sq. ft., four building project located at the northeast corner of Oceanside Blvd. and Rancho del Oro Rd. Call Giltner Realty Advisors at 310-8880088 for leasing opportunities. The Freeman Collective is a project by FABRIC that will transform two buildings at 510 Vista Way and 1940 S. Freeman St. in South Oceanside. 510 Vista Way will be reimagined into a modern, warehouse-style building with three units, exposed bow-truss ceilings, private covered patios, and roll-up doors. 1940 S. Freeman St. will be transformed into an Art Deco style building paying tribute to its 1950’s charm. Signed tenants included Northside Shack, Artifex Brewing, Corner Pizza and Blackmarket Bakery.

NOW OPEN AND COMING SOON The Lab Collaborative, an American-style bistro, just opened at 201 North Cleveland St. in the Pierside North building.

Cotton Patch recently moved to their new location at 2925-B Oceanside Blvd. in the Pacific Business Park. Devil Mountain Nursery recently acquired DM Color Express at 5708 North River Rd. Mak Mak Organic, a Thai and Asian fusion eatery, is coming soon to 121 N. Cleveland St. in Downtown Oceanside. The Hangar, a large-scale production brewery, tasting room and beer and wine garden, will be opening soon at 3229 Roymar Rd. near the Oceanside Municipal Airport. Carruth Cellars Urban Winery will be the anchor tenant, along with Adam Jester’s Tipping Pint Brewing Company. CocoCabana, a rooftop Caribbean cocktail bar, is opening this spring in The Brick Hotel at 408 Pier View Way. Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar will be opening soon on the ground floor of The Brick Hotel. Serving New Orleans style eats and chargrilled oysters at 408 Pier View Way. Dutch Bros Coffee is building an 871 sq. ft. drive-thru at 1700 Oceanside Blvd. in the Best Plaza. HomeState, a Tex-Mex style restaurant has leased 2,004 sq. ft. at 510 Vista Way in the Freeman Collective. Gaja Korean BBQ has leased 8,000 sq. ft. at 2693 Vista Way in the El Camino North shopping center. Beer Town is opening soon at 507 North Coast Hwy

Jet Fuel Coffee recently opened at 201 North Cleveland St inside the Lab Collaborative. Vigilante Coffee Company recently opened at 1575 S. Coast Hwy. in South Oceanside. The Verve Studio, an outdoor cycling studio, is now open at 602-612 S. Tremont St. in the Tremont Collective.

Ethos Veterinary Health is coming soon to 2455 Vista Way in the El Camino North shopping center. The Kebab Shop has leased 206 - 216 North Coast Hwy. in the Pier View Plaza.

Share Tea Oceanside and Jerry’s Street Churros recently opened at 1006 Mission Ave. in the Mission Square shopping center.

For business-related information contact Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager at 760-4353351 or

Century 21 Real Estate has leased 1523 S. Coast Hwy.

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PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM FLAGS Flying high outside or inside YOUR business

Professional sports played during the week and on the week-end keep us glued to the television, whether at home or by joining family and friends at a favorite Hotel, Sports Bar, Restaurant or other venue to catch all the action on the big screen. If you’re interested in offering your customers a special preview on what teams are playing on any given day during the week or on the week-end, Flagkeepers has the answer. Flagkeepers is a full-service Oceanside flag rental company that takes care of it all. You simply place your flag rental order a week in advance and our customer service department will take care of the rest. Your order, for the date or dates specified, is set-up before you open your doors for business, and we take it down at the close of business or sooner if that’s what you prefer. Proudly fly the team colors of your choice outside or inside your business. The 3X5 ft nylon flag or flags receive high visibility because every flag is mounted on a 13 ft. pole and securely fastened to a 50 lb. steel stand. We’ll position the flag(s) wherever you designate. If you want flags displayed inside your business, we can take care of that as well. We custom design every request ,so you get exactly what you want. We offer a wide selection of professional sports team flags, to include the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS.

Proudly fly the team colors of your choice outside or inside your business. We custom design every order, so you get exactly what you want.

For more information, contact Richard

760-732-3560 • 760-583-3087 •

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2022 MLK Community Service Award Recipient Announced Each year, the City of Oceanside recognizes and honors a resident of Oceanside or Camp Pendleton who exemplifies the ideals and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and who has served our community through volunteer activities over a long period of time.

to work to ensure every Oceanside student graduates high school and college, ready for a career and a successful life. She also served on the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors for 14 years.

Oceanside Chamber Board Member, Robbie Hass was named the 2022 recipient of the City of Oceanside Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award at the annual commemoration celebration hosted by the North San Diego County Branch of the NAACP on January 17, 2022.


Ever since Robbie moved to Oceanside 22 years ago, she has been committed to giving back to the community. She has participated in numerous clubs and organizations, donating her time and energy in service to Oceanside and North County. The first club Robbie joined in 2000 was the North County African American Women’s Association which provides scholarships to young women. With her main focus on improving the lives and education of Oceanside youth, Robbie was a charter member of the Oceanside Promise Foundation,





Hawthorne Cat is proud to announce the opening of our new store in Oceanside, CA. Customers can rent or purchase equipment, get service done on their equipment, and order parts. Visit our Oceanside location at 2401 Industry Street, Oceanside, CA 92054. Hours of operation are 6:30 am - 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday. You can call our store at 760.529.4700.

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Military Affairs Forum The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Forum provides an avenue for Oceanside Chamber members to learn about key issues relating to Oceanside’s relationship with Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and the servicemembers serving on the base. This meeting is open to all Oceanside Chamber members and invited guests only and will be held the second Thursday of the month (odd numbered months), from 8 AM to 9 AM in the Oceanside Chamber conference room. Thursday, May 12th and July 14th, 8 AM – 9 AM

ings Ribbon Cutt

SEASIDE MEDICAL GROUP The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, elected officials and our community welcomed Seaside Medical Group, Tri-City Medical Center’s newest primary care clinic, to the Oceanside Community on March 1st. Seaside Medical Group offers a wide range of primary care services. They are also looking forward to supporting the community with Urgent Care services that will be available in the coming months. Check out their services at


$28.00 a yard installed

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Still here. Still got it. For all your banking, lending, saving and planning needs.

70 years of doing the work

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce 928 N. Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054


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