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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014

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There’s more than enough food in America for every child who struggles with hunger. Help get kids the food they need by supporting Feeding America, anationwidenetworkoffoodbanks.

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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014


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6/24/14 7:25 PM

EDITORAL 25 YEARS OF TREND HOW DO WE GROW OUR BOYS TO MEN? I have seen it more times than I care to recall having worked in the New York City Public School system and watching the slow deterioration of a young mind. What happens that is so tragic and devastating to our youth that many times, before the age of 16, they By Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams, are suffering from a Publisher & Editor mentally related disorder. Emotional toil is devastating to the human mind, but to a child, with little or no reserve, the impact of tragedy, abuse, alcohol, divorce, death, poverty and instability can nearly destroy the healthy young mind. Society continues to push upon us that we should be tough, strong, impervious to pain or hurt, hardship should roll off our backs, because we are a strong people. Our women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, bolstering up a man who faces a world that would see him dead rather than see him soar. We women carry our children, their hurts and pain, our elders, through the aging process and never are we supposed to show any signs of weakness? Take a day in the life of living in our communities that are underserved, where heat or hot water is a luxury, lights are on sometimes, no access to the internet in the home, no laptops or desktop computers exist. Think about a day when you don’ t know which child is going to eat or will you continue to sacrifice your meal for your youngest? Of course you will. Now add to that violence surrounding your neighborhood, children stabbed in elevators, shot by stray bullets, gang warfare prevalent and one or more of your children is abusing drugs or hanging with the wrong crowd. Sound like I am being discriminatory and stereotyping an episode of “Good Times?” I am not. These conditions are also not exclusive to the underserved or lower class in our community. This could be your home or mine because conditions that we face each day in this society, when they are targeted and meant to prevent our progress rather than foster our success can attack the mind so devastatingly that all you can do is pray to draw strength to make it through another day.


Now think of a child, facing the same scenarios I have depicted, full of uncertainty, lacking stability, not equipped with the proper tools for success, like the internet, computers, attempting to compete against those who are well provided for to reach academic success. Think of children who go to bed hungry or afraid, cold or left alone to fend for them selves? And what about the children who are victims of incest or rape or violence against them from a parent who is a drug or alcohol abuser?

children are depressed more than two weeks and no one knows is frightening. We have prepared the package to look good, uniforms, charter schools, nice classrooms, new buildings, but we have neglected to survey the package inside to check for any “suffering, hurt, pain, neglect, feelings, emotional stability amongst other behavioral issues. We have for some, we have missed some and we now are finding out that in classrooms every day, teachers are looking at students who are don’t know how to ask for help…from anyone.

According to the new 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 27% of New York City public high school students reported that they felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks sometime in the past 12 months. Also, in the past 12 months, fifteen percent of public high school students reported doing something to purposely hurt them without wanting to die, such as cutting or burning themselves, and eight percent of New York City public high school students reported attempting suicide.

Emotional instability, depression, psychosis, suicide, these words scare us. We fear that if there is some tinkering needed to get us on an even keel, or recover from trauma or our brain is not wired like a “normal” brain. We have a hard time accepting the fact that just like other organs in our body, we might need a medication to balance our brains, address any dysfunction and with this small adjustment, have a healthy and happy life.

We have all heard of the term PTSD and like most people immediately equate this label to our returning soldiers. PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can touch any of us who have suffered through a substantial period of emotional upheaval, experienced a life changing event that removed the from their comfort zone, witnessed someone getting killed or faces the demons of flashbacks to the witnessing or remembrance of an horrific event. PTSD is not just for adults. PTSD can seep into the healthy mind of anyone, regardless of race, gender or age. To put it simply, it is an illness that is the result of trauma. This week a survey of New York City Public School children, “the new 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, revealed that, 27% of New York City public high school students reported that they felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks sometime in the past 12 months. Also, in the past 12 months, fifteen percent of public high school students reported doing something to purposely hurt themselves without wanting to die, such as cutting or burning themselves, and eight percent of New York City public high school students reported attempting suicide.” We should all be in a panic to hear such heart wrenching statistics from our youth because it means we are failing them. The fact that some of our

But the question still begs for an answer. With all that has been presented we still need to address the question, “how we raise our boys to men?” I recently posed this question to a young man who fell deep and has risen to great heights. This was his response to the question, “What can a mother do to help her son navigate his way through emotional upheaval, mental distress and PTSD?” His first answer was, “Mother’s should be nurturing and patient.” Allow your son the freedom to explore the creative process used as they struggle. This might mean that they have chosen a different area of study or sport. Allow them to find out their own passion, not yours. Secondly, mothers should not blame the son totally for his misstep. Recognize that we are a product of our upbringing and environment. Finally, please provide support. For most of us it is easier said than done when we watch our children in crisis. But this young man’s should ring true and it is also what I also pass along to you, patience, time, support, time and patience can and will bring healing if we seek the help of a qualified and trusted partner, therapist to navigate the storm. Make a promise to stay diligent, alert and unwavering in doing all you can to raise our boys into wonderfully healthy and happy your men.


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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014 3

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6/24/14 7:25 PM

BUSINESS DEF JAM PROMOTES NICKI FARAG TO VICE PRESIDENT In her new position, Ms. Farag’s duties will call on her to help strategize and coordinate the release of records at Top 40 Radio, to devise marketing plans, and to further develop and create awareness at Top 40 Radio for Def Jam artists across multi-media platforms. She will serve as a west coast liaison between the artist, their management, and radio to nurture and solidify strong, long- lasting partnerships. Ms. Farag, who will be based in Santa Monica, will report directly to Mr. Sackheim.

Vice President, Nicki Farag

Def Jam Recordings, a division of Universal Music Group (UMG) expands the reach of its promotion activities with the promotion of Nicki Farag to Vice President, Promotion, it was announced today by Rick Sackheim, Executive Vice President, Promotion, Def Jam Recordings.

“Nicki is a true Def Jam favorite, both among our artists and radio programmers across the board,” said Mr. Sackheim. “It has been an inspiration to work together with her in the Promotion Department for a decade now. We are pleased that Nicki will be able to move from New York to Santa Monica as she begins the next step in her outstanding career at Def Jam.” “I want to thank Steve Bartels and Rick Sackheim for this incredible promotion,” said Ms. Farag. “Becoming an executive at Def Jam has always been a career goal and I am very proud, thrilled and grateful

for this opportunity. I’ve been part of the Def Jam family for 11 years and I look forward to contributing even more to the development and transformation of our artists. With our newly assembled promotion team, I am eager to build and cultivate new relationships while promoting our brand and artists. There is a lot to be excited about.” “Nicki is a true Def Jam favorite, both among our artists and radio programmers across the board....” — Mr. Sackheim A Def Jam veteran, Ms. Farag came to the company in 2003, and has served in positions of increasing responsibility over the years, including Assistant, Promotion Manager, Director of Promotion, Senior Director of Promotion, and now Vice President. Prior to joining Def Jam, she spent just over a year as Promotion Manager at radio station Z100 in New York. Ms. Farag graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2001, with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

POLITICS HOUSING LAWSUIT SETTLES ERASE Racism, along with four other plaintiffs, successfully reached a settlement in a housing discrimination case filed against a Mineola landlord and property manager. The settlement to resolve the lawsuit ERASE Racism, et al. v. LLR Realty LLC, et al., filed before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Case Number 2:13-cv-04821-GRB, provides $165,000 in damages, attorney’s fees, and costs to plaintiffs regarding the rental of apartments at the 75-unit Town House Apartments. The settlement provides for substantial structural changes to the rental operations at the Mineola apartment building. Accordingly, Defendant LLR Realty LLC agreed to adopt and implement non-discrimination policies to prevent future fair housing law violations at the property pursuant to the Settlement Agreement and Order.

“We brought this case because we had compelling evidence of racial discrimination and African Americans cannot be denied housing choice based on race.....” - Elaine Gross, president of ERASE Racism. The case stemmed from an investigation jointly funded by ERASE Racism and the Fair Housing NewYorkTrendnyc 25 YEARS

Justice Center (FHJC). Testers were sent to the Town House Apartments on multiple occasions. Each test revealed troubling and significant discrepancies between the welcoming responses received by white testers and the discriminatory actions endured by African American testers who inquired about one-bedroom apartments for rent. Consequently, as the lead plaintiff, ERASE Racism filed a Complaint on August 28, 2013, with the FHJC and three African American testers naming LLR Realty, LLC and the building superintendent as defendants for engaging in housing discrimination. The settlement mandates that the defendant LLR Realty undertake crucial actions to prevent future discrimination, including employee training of the owner, building superintendent and other employees and/or agents involved in showing and renting apartments; record keeping of vital documents, including rental applications and denials; and proper advertising to ensure adherence to fair housing laws. The settlement grants ERASE Racism the power to examine records to help ensure compliance until the year 2017. Also, apartment vacancies must be advertised to the public through www.craigslist. com in a non-discriminatory manner as a result of the settlement. In promoting fair housing, the settlement requires that HUD Equal Housing Opportunity notices are posted at the property and visibly rendered on all rental applications. FHJC Executive Director Fred Freiberg stated, “This settlement should send a clear message to other rental housing providers on Long June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014

Island that housing must be made available on an equal basis to all people without regard to race.” Freiberg pledged that, “the FHJC will continue to work with ERASE Racism and other organizations to ensure that fair housing laws are vigorously enforced.” ERASE Racism President, Elaine Gross, remarked, “While many people would like to believe that this type of housing discrimination is no longer an issue, it is a shame that the burden falls on a small number of concerned organizations, like ERASE Racism, to document the discrimination and use the courts to stop it. Federal and local housing agencies should aggressively enforce the fair housing laws already in existence to prevent discrimination in the future.” The Settlement Agreement and Order signed by United States Magistrate Judge Gary R. Brown on June 12, 2014, resolves the plaintiffs’ complaint which alleges that Defendants, “violated federal and county fair housing laws by 1) representing that housing was not available for inspection or rent when in fact it was so available; 2) discriminating in the terms and conditions of rental[s] by quoting higher rents; and 3) making unavailable, denying and/or otherwise withholding apartments for rent because of race and/or color at the Town House Apartments, a residential rental building located at 225 First Street, Mineola, New York” according to court documents. The plaintiffs were represented by attorneys Diane L. Houk and Samuel Shapiro of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abby LLP.


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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014

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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014 300 Jay Street • Brooklyn, NY 11201



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WHO’S NOT ‘HAPPY’ WITH PHARRELL’S FASHION Many people have expressed their dismay over the recent Elle UK cover featuring multi-platinum producer/recording artist Pharrell Williams who is seen wearing a Native American headdress as a fashion statement. Among the comments which have swirled around the Internet is that this is “misappropriation of Native American culture.” Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Toni Ann Semple, a resident of Queens, New York, whose roots are from the Cherokee and Mohawk Nations, takes exception to the cover photo as well. “This is inappropriate. Only Native American Chiefs wear such regalia. Would he ever decide to wear other cultural regalia that distinguishes the leadership of that culture as a fashion statement? I think not, So why would he think that wearing a Native American headdress in the manner that he’s wearing it, which is obviously done on his part, considered to be

NewYorkTrendnyc 25 YEARS

Toni Ann Semple

okay? I feel that it’s important that we’re more mindful of our actions towards each other, that if not ponded long enough, can end up being insulting to us all,” she says. Williams has since issued a statement, “I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture,” he said, according to the New York Daily News. “I am genuinely sorry.” But clearly, Toni Ann Semple’s thoughts reflect the sentiments of fans who are not happy about Pharrell’s photo shoot.

June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014 7

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Photo Cap: Lance Clarke (r.) receives the Frank J. Santagata Distinguished Past President Award from then NCBA President, Peter J. Mancuso

NewYorkTrendnyc 25 YEARS

June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014


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June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014 9

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This month, the Health Department debuts a new television, bus and radio ad campaign called “Cancer Doesn’t Care.” The ads are running through June 29 and focus on those who may have cut back but continue to smoke, and encourages them to quit. In the last 12 years, New York City has seen progress in reducing smoking prevalence, but the decline has stalled since 2010. Almost 1 million adult New Yorkers are still smokers. However, those who still smoke are more likely to be light and non-daily smokers. Light and non-daily smokers make up over three-quarters of New York City’s current adult smokers. Even though many people have cut back on their smoking, they are still at risk for smoking-related illness. The ads feature the ways in which light smokers and non-daily smokers talk about the levels

of smoking as making them exempt from the health impact, warning that, “Cancer doesn’t care you don’t smoke that much; cancer doesn’t care you cut back…” “I encourage all NYC smokers to use this campaign as the opportunity to quit,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. “Even if you have cut back your smoking, you are still at risk for the devastating health consequences of smoking. Even if you smoke occasionally, you are a smoker. We want to help you quit for good.”

consequences like cancer. Even young people are at risk; every year nearly 15,000 people under the age of 55 die from smoking-related cancer. Smoking-related illness impacts more than just the smoker. It impacts family members and friends who must care for the smoker during their illness, and who are left without spouses, parents and children. As the ad closes, it warns, “The day you hear, ‘it’s cancer,’ you’ll care and your family will care.” While the focus of this campaign is on light daily and non-daily smokers, help is available for all New York City smokers.

Research has shown that many non-daily smokers don’t identify as smokers and do not believe they are at risk for smoking-related disease. There is no safe level of smoking, and any level of daily smoking has been shown to increase the risk of health

Quitting smoking is the most important thing one can do to improve their health. Within days of quitting smoking, health begins to improve and the body begins to heal. Help, including free medication, is available to all smokers who want to quit.


(LIP) Life Is Precious, is seeking to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic for young Latina women in NYC and recently held a Day of Action. The day highlighted LIP’s new Survival Guide for Wise Latina’s in Training and raise awareness to the public, parents, teachers and students. Focusing on LIP’s new slogan and theme Survive, Thrive, Strive, the Day of Action was comprised of three components: • Survive: Part of the Survive activities consists of health and wellness workshops that educate young Latina women on physical fitness, reproductive health, eating disorders, cutting NewYorkTrendnyc 25 YEARS

and domestic abuse. In line with this, in the morning, volunteers will hand out the new Survival Guide at schools across the City – a seminar on the Guide will take place at University Heights High School • Thrive: Part of the Thrive activities consists of special talks and exhibitions by Latina artists. To celebrate the arts portion of the program, in partnership with El Museo del Barrio, LIP program participant’s art work will be on display in a special exhibit at the museum this month.

June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014

• Strive: Part of the Strive activities consists of career mentoring and guest lectures. To highlight this portion of the program and the events earlier in the day he Day of Action will culminate in a press conference on the City Hall Steps at 3:30p.m. with parents, teachers, students and Elected Officials. Life Is Precious Day of Action, was attended by elected officials including City Council members Mark Levine, Inez Dickens, Ydanis Rodriguez and Annabel Palma, Comunilife President and CEO Dr. Rosa Gil, students, parents, teachers, community leaders, volunteers and supporters.


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Take time to recognize the good around you.

John Curry Managing Partner (646) 227-8105

Purpose. Passion. Pride. New York Life proudly celebrates the following Partners and Agents for their leadership and contributions to the African American Community Empowerment Plan.     business owners and build multigenerational wealth in the African American community. To learn more about creating an Empowerment Plan for your family, or to launch your purpose-driven career at New York Life, please visit or call 877-695-4226.         New York, NY 10170-0002

Steve Snipe Partner (646) 227-8424

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Marie Johnson Agent (646) 227-8342

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NEW YORK June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014



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3-point shots from Ray Allen and LeBron James, and a missed free throw from Kawhi Leonard; the Miami Heat were able to win the game and the momentum for game 7.

Congratulations are in order for the 2014 San Antonio Spurs as they win the NBA Finals in a surprising 5 games. Most NBA analyst had the series going to a full 7 games but in a surprising and almost poetic twist they got the job done in a dominating fashion. Stephen A. Smith, ESPN analyst and First Take co-host, had the Miami Heat winning the series in 7 games because he felt the teams were evenly matched but the Heat and specifically LeBron James had enough to win just like they had done the year before against the very same opponent. Skip Bayless, also a First Take co-host, felt Miami had no chance of winning again because he felt the Spurs were more of a complete team. He said San Antonio would win in 6 games, he was only half way right as they won the series in one less game.

to mention the Spurs were still feeling like they let the championship get away last year after a forth quarter collapse at the end of game 6 where San Antonio, with 28 seconds remaining on the game clock, were winning 94-89 and due to a combination of two

This year proved to be different. With the exception of game two where Miami desperately were able to pull out a 2 point victory, San Antonio completely dominated the Heat by winning all their games by 15 points or more. One of the league’s top defensive teams had no answer for the Spurs’ fundamentally sound game plan and as a result the Spurs were able to win the franchises fifth championship in a dominating 5 games. The finals Most Valuable Player award went to Kawhi Leonard, third year player from San Diego State University, who averaged 17.8 points on 61 percent shooting. Leonard is the youngest NBA finals MVP since 1999 when Tim Duncan won it, and the sixth player to win the award who was not named to an NBA All-Star team. The San Antonio Spurs effectively showed a great team can triumph over a great player.

This series had the build up of being a great series with all the drama surrounding it. It was rematch from the year before, Miami had a chance to win three NBA titles in a row, and there were speculations about the futures of many of the players on both teams(Tim Duncan, Manu Ganobili, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Dwayne Wade). Not NewYorkTrendnyc 25 YEARS

June 12, 2014 - June 25, 2014


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NYT Jun12-25, 2014 Issue  
NYT Jun12-25, 2014 Issue